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Classroom Visits Observations of Experienced Teachers (at least 2): Mentors will assist their resident educator set up observations of experienced teachers, establish goals, and follow up with a reflection conference. o Observation #4 – content specific – by the end of October o Observation #5 – based on a specific strategy or skill of need – by the end of February Steps for Observation #4 1. Mentor and Resident Educator meet to discuss what the resident educator might like to see when he/she visits a classroom in his/her content area. Talk about possible classrooms to visit. 2. Decide what classroom to visit 3. Mentor helps Resident Educator make arrangements to visit a classroom in his/her content area (class coverage, finding the appropriate classroom, making arrangements with administration, etc.) 4. Mentor and Resident Educator meet to discuss the upcoming visit into an experienced teachers’ classroom. Use the “Setting Up the Observation” form to guide your discussion. When the resident educator has a focus or purpose for visiting the classroom, it will make the visit more productive and useful. 5. Resident Educator observes content area classroom 6. Resident Educator reflects on classroom visit using the “Reflection of Observation” form 7. Mentor and Resident Educator meet to discuss observation 8. Completed forms to turn into your lead mentor: • Setting Up the Classroom • Reflection of Observation Steps for Observation #5 Follow the above steps except instead of a “content” classroom visit; it will be a visit to observe a specific strategy or skill. Completion of the Resident Educator Reflection & Goal Setting Tool may be useful in selecting a strategy or skill for observation.

Resident Educator ______________________________ Mentor ________________________________________ Observed Educator ______________________________ Date ___________________Time ___________________

Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession: On which standard will I focus?

What is my practice regarding this standard?

What do I hope to gain from this observation?

Students Content Assessment Instruction Learning Environment Collaboration and Communication o Professional Responsibility and Growth o o o o o o

Mahoning County Resident Educator Transition Program Observation of Experienced Teacher

Resident Educator ______________________________________________ Mentor________________________________________________________ Observed Educator ______________________________________________ Date ______________________ Time ______________________

What did I see?

What didn’t I see, that I thought I might?

How might this affect my practice?

What are my next steps?

Observation Forms  

class visit set up and post observation reflection forms for early childhood mentoring program

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