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What Wait Staff Will Need When Serving Customers It's 5:00 PM on Friday evening, the dining room is full to the brim, the meat truck is already 10 minutes late, and a line of impatient customers shuffle about the entrance as a voice from inside yells, "I said no pepper!" When it pertains to the busy restaurant industry, this is normal for popular establishments where people are trying to find great meals served to them accurately the first time. Servers integrate several things into how they take a customers order which is often based on the kind of restaurant it happens to be. Some standard items to adopt are waiter books, a pen, a corkscrew, spares, an apron, plus a clothing strap. Server Books As a server, it is very important have something to write on be it a sticky note or a comprehensive order pad. Writing helps commit items to memory and offers a resource if you happen to do forget. For servers who routinely cater to large groups, an itemized order template can be handy in keeping large quantities organized. The order book might have several slots to separate orders, keep notes about the menu or specials, track financial receipts as well as hold a pen for writing. Pen A pen is a quick and efficient tool to have at your disposal, for unlike a pencil, it doesn't need to be sharpened. To speed up the procedure and avoid losing the tops of pens, always opt for click pens so the ink is not leaking through the apron fabric. Simply because you never know when a customer could ask for something to write with, it is a good plan to keep a few extras in your pocket. Corkscrew If bottles refreshments are on the menu, you may want to keep on hand a corkscrew or bottle opener to open the beverages at the table within the customers view. Most people relish that moment when wine is corked and poured, but having to wait for a server to go back for a corkscrew can put a damper on the moment, specifically if the wine comes highly recommended or if it is celebrating a special occasion. Should your restaurant allow outside bottles, do not count on patrons also bringing their own corkscrew, especially if you charge a cork fee. Spares Additional items should always be nearby in order to play it smart. You never know exactly how many napkins will be needed for that stack of barbecue ribs, or even how many spoons a baby will fling from the table. At the conclusion of the meal, patrons value a good server over one who is sub-par and will reward them accordingly. Apron Should it go along well with your uniform, and your manager permits it, an apron can be the multiuse shield in your arsenal. For starters, it protects your clothing from that sudden wine spill or that surprising regurgitation. It can quickly be removed and replaced, thus keeping you looking your The Waiter Depot

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What Wait Staff Will Need When Serving Customers very best. Designed with cooks and waiters in mind, most varieties have large pockets in which to keep your waiter books, spare condiments, extra flatware, and napkins. Clothing Strap A clothing strap is another helpful item much like the apron to keep you looking nice, especially for those more formal eating establishments. Using a belt or pin to keep things tucked in really helps to avoid your shirt from ruffling up and going in the food that is getting served. Designed specifically for wait staff, customized straps can be worn underneath the clothing as special suspenders or belts. All servers should look nice and clean and reflect the restaurant in a positive manner. It might be a good idea to do a quick inventory of what you use now and make any adjustments if required. If you happen to be new and looking to join a profitable dining establishment, be sure to have all the necessary items to allow you to serve the customers adequately and bring in those big tips. It's 5:00 PM on Friday evening, the dining room is full to the brim, the meat truck is already 10 minutes late, and a li...

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What Wait Staff Will Need When Serving Customers