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Florida Fellowship News A publication of The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida Second Quarter Issue - Vol. 21, No. 2

2011 Tampa General Assembly WOW . . . What a Fellowship! Photo by J.V. McKinney

Fellowship Baptists came to Tampa from as far away as Indonesia to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The Assembly, which was held at Tampa’s Convention Center, extended from June 22-25. The festivities officially kicked off on Wednesday evening, June 22, with a banquet and celebration in the Tampa Convention Center. The evening’s program was highlighted by Molly Marshall’s powerful message. Marshall, the president of Central Baptist Seminary in Shawnee, KS, reminisced about the Fellowship’s beginnings in 1990 and 1991. She described the fellowship as “a place of healing, a new Baptist narrative, and a movement of the Spirit.”

Molly Marshall, president of Central Baptist Seminary, Shawnee , Kansas

She challenged Fellowship Baptists to engage questions about their future, including how to live the gospel more fully, embrace Jesus’ inclusive ministry, grow mature communities of faith and embrace the idea that God is always creating something new. More than 100 Floridians volunteered during the three days to greet, register, set up and take down the exhibit hall, usher during worship and serve during the observance of the Lord’s Supper.

Photo by J.V. McKinney

Karen Rooks, a member of Bayshore Baptist Church in Tampa, and John Daugherty, pastor of First Baptist Church in Ft. Myers, served as the co-chairpersons of the Local Arrangements team. That team had been meeting for more than a year to plan and enlist the volunteers and leaders for the meeting. “Without Karen’s and John’s leadership the General Assembly could not have been the success it truly was,” commented Ray Johnson, CBF Florida’s Coordinator. He continued, “I’m so grateful for the work of all of our volunteers. They stepped up in a huge way and graced the entire event with sunshine hospitality.”

Ken Medema performs during Friday evening’s worship service.

During sessions on Thursday, Christy McMillin-Goodwin challenged attendees during her moderator’s report to continue being the presence of Christ to the “least of these.” McMillin-Goodwin offered that, “If I had more time, I could tell you countless stories of how CBF is being the presence of Christ all around the world and even right here in the United States.” “So what is your story?” she asked. Later that same evening the Assembly was able see and hear the stories of 14 newly commissioned field personnel. In addition, several video presentations, along with personal testimonies, recounted the twenty year history of CBF missions around the globe, including one video on CBF’s and CBF Florida’s south Florida ministries at Touching Miami with Love and Open House Ministries. Ken Medema, the featured musician for the 20th anniversary celebration, capped off the message by Rob Nash, CBF’s Global Missions Coordinator, with “Running with the Herd” sung to

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(Continued on page 4) To serve and connect churches and individuals in their calling to be the presence of Christ

Floridians at the General Assembly Floridians accounted for more than 300 of the 1,664 people who registered at the twentieth anniversary celebration of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Tampa, according to figures compiled by the national office in Atlanta. Many of those 300 plus volunteered hours of time to assist during the historic Assembly. For anyone who attended the General Assembly, chances are that a Floridian helped registered them. If someone stopped by an information booth, they might have spoken to Gary McCall, the former Minister of Education at Bayshore Baptist Church, who led the hospitality team. Floridians also were a large contingent of the ushers during the worship services. Tommy Deal planned, along with Robert Dietz (past moderator of CBF Florida), Tuesday’s golf outing at Tampa’s TPC course. Of course, a number of Floridians, including Tommy and Susan Deal, Tom and Mary 1 Lois Sanders, and Barry Howard (pastor of First Baptist Church, Pensacola) played in the outing. More than a year ago Floridians began meeting with national CBF leadership to ensure the success of this historic General Assembly. It had been a decade since the last Assembly was held in the state, the 2000 Assembly being held in Orlando. Florida’s CBF led in planning and preparation of the youth and children’s assemblies. 2


Also, two CBF Florida congregations opened their facilities for auxiliary and special events during the week of the Assembly. Bayshore Baptist Church in Tampa hosted CBF’s partner ministry, Baptist Women in Ministry, for its worship service and meeting on Wednesday morning. Across the bay, First Baptist Church of St. Petersburg hosted the Tampa Sessions, the Assembly’s week-long collegiate event that included missions, discussion and participation in the Assembly. Floridians also were featured during Thursday and Friday’s worship services. On Thursday evening, worshipers were treated to a video on south Florida’s two ministry centers. (On page 1, scan the tag with a smartphone to see the video, or go to http://

5 4


Prior to the start of Thursday’s service, the assembly was treated to pre -service music by the worship team from Iglesia Bautista de Metropólis from Carolina, Puerto Rico, a CBF Florida congregation. Led by Freddie Diaz, the group also performed during Friday night’s celebration. On Friday evening, Kyle Reese was the speaker at the evening's worship service. Susan Rogers (one of CBF Florida’s two strategic church planters) and Doran McCarty (Florida CBF’s Assistant to the Coordinator) led the assembly in celebrating the Lord’s Supper at the service.



College students from Stetson University’s Cooperative Collegiate Fellowship (CCF), led by Ben Collins, volunteered to help with the Lord’s Supper on Friday evening. Workshops also utilized Floridians. Sam Hestorff (pastor of Logos Dei in Tampa), Susan Rogers, and Ben Collins led a panel discussion of church planting during one of Thursday’s workshops. In all, Florida’s Cooperative Baptist Fellowship provided much-needed support and added to the joyful celebration of CBF’s 20th anniversary. Page 2

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Tommy Deal, Susan Deal, and John Cothran Tommy Deal shakes hands with Barry Howard Tom and Mary Lois Sanders Robert Dietz Freddie Diaz Elisabet Rivera Deb Alexander (left) and Gloria Scarle (right)

Florida Fellowship News

Florida’s State Meeting at the GA Floridians gathered in force for their state meeting during the General Assembly. During the hour long meeting, participants heard from two missionaries from Florida churches, learned about new services that CBF Florida is able to provide churches, honored the 2011 winner of the Edge Leadership Award for Christian Education, and three people won Kindle® ebook readers. Mike and Brenda Harwood, members of North Stuart Baptist Church, related their work in Haiti where they are currently serving as CBF field personnel. In the early spring of 2010, Mike had just returned from a week-long mission trip to Haiti. He was invited to share his experiences at CBF Florida’s Spring Celebration, where he heard Rob Nash, CBF’s Global Missions Coordinator, preach. Brenda and he began conversations with Nash which eventually led to their appointment. The Harwoods shared with the Florida Assembly how they are purchasing goats that are distributed to local families by the church in Grand Goave. Karen Alford, a member of Bayshore Baptist Church in Tampa and an affiliate serving in southeast Asia, explained to the assembly her new work in Indonesia. She noted that one of her most pressing personal needs was for a newer, more reliable motorcycle to help her get from village to village.


Susan Rogers, CBF Florida’s strategic church planter in Jacksonville, reported on the progress she has made during the past year on planting a church in the Springfield area of Jacksonville. Most importantly, she shared that her husband, Kevin, had at long last found a job in the Jacksonville area. Attendees at the meeting heard reports from Ray Johnson, CBF Florida’s coordinator, on two new resources that CBF Florida is offering to churches. First, he introduced Michelle Sutter, who presented WorkLife HR, a human resources and payroll services provider that may save a church considerable finances. Sutter awarded the three Kindles® from WorkLife.


Second, Johnson revealed that beginning in September CBF Florida is partnering with The Columbia Partnership to bring professional coach training and services to local churches and CBF individuals. Professional coaches are skilled individuals who work with churches and individuals to move them forward into the future to which 4 God has called them.


Barry Wright was introduced to the gathering as CBF Florida’s newest strategic church planter. Wright, who is a graduate of Duke Divinity School, has begun planting a new congregation in Orange Park called Destiny Ministries. Island View Baptist Church in Orange Park has blessed Wright and the new church as its endorsing congregation. (For more information on Destiny Ministries, see inside, page 5.)




1. June and Randy Jones 2. Gail and Haywood Day 3. Caitlin Schall 4. Shaun King 5. Susan Rogers and Doran McCarty 6. Susan Rogers and Ben Collins Florida Fellowship News

Floridians also honored the 2011 Findley and Louvenia Edge Award winner. Doran McCarty presented the award to Rev. John McIntosh, who pastors Mount Hope Baptist Church on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas. McIntosh was honored for his work with the Abaco Theological Institute, a CBF Florida mission project. In addition, McIntosh has been instrumental in the formation of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of the Bahamas, which celebrates its formation this September. (See inside, page 5 for more information.) As the meeting concluded, the nearly 170 Floridians who attended the meeting (some coming from as far away as California) contributed nearly $1,400 to the work of Florida’s CBF.

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2011 Tampa General Assembly (cont. from page 1) the tune of Bringing in the Sheaves.

Photo by J.V. McKinney

“How do we ensure that our energies and passions are utilized in God’s kingdom to the greatest benefit of humanity?” Nash asked. “This is the question for our generation ‒ the opportunities and possibilities are as endless as the challenges. What is God saying to us in such a day about how we work together to enable the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdom of our Lord.” In response to the challenge confronting them, attendees gave more than $29,000 to the Offering for Global Missions over the course of the Assembly. Several people were recognized during the General Assembly and in auxiliary and special events. Babs Baugh, a board member of the Baptist Center for Ethics, was honored as the 2010 Baptist of the Year at the BCE’s luncheon. James Dunn was presented the J.M. Dawson Religious Liberty Award at Friday’s luncheon of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. The Whitsitt Baptist Heritage Society awarded its 2011 Courage Award to Daniel Vestal, CBF’s executive coordinator. The award is given annually to an individual who has made a lasting contribution to Baptist life, particularly in the face of strong opposition.

Kyle Reese proclaims Friday evening’s message

Christy McMillin-Goodwin, the moderator for the 2011 General Assembly, handed the gavel off to the new moderator, Colleen Burroughs, the executive vice-president of PASSPORT. Before business was completed on Friday, the Assembly had elected Keith Herron, pastor of Holmeswood Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO, to be moderator-elect.

In the final sermon of the Assembly, Kyle Reese, pastor of Hendricks Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla., told the gathering that the heart of the gospel was “how we treat the least” as recorded in Matthew 25. “Maybe this text is a suggestion to us that when we take a risk we will find friends that we never knew we had, and we will find the power of God at work in us,” Reese said. “That’s not just the story of the gospel, that is the story of CBF. I am convinced that we will be at our best when we are willing to risk and be part of the grace-filled mission of God.” Following worship on Friday evening, participants attended the anniversary celebration in the Exhibit Hall. Fellowship Baptists visited with one another, listened to the music of the Worship Team of Iglesia Bautista de Metropolis from Carolina, Puerto Rico (a CBF Florida church), and consumed 500 cupcakes. What a Fellowship!

Jim Smith (far left) and Rob Nash (far right) commissioned 14 field personnel.

Photo by J.V. McKinney

Walker named Advocate of the Year At the CBF Advocates breakfast, Jeanne Walker, a member of College Park Baptist Church, received the first-ever CBF Advocate of the Year Award for her role in helping her church to give more than $74,000 to the CBF Offering for Global Missions this year. Walker received a framed oil-on-canvas painting by Liberian artist John William-Diggs “I am overwhelmed,” Walker said. “I am just thrilled at all the energy and conversation around the tables today. I didn’t even know there was such an award. Thank you so much for this.” Shaun King, pastor of College Park, spoke to the General Assembly during Thursday morning’s business session. He shared how the church, by adopting the “Advent Conspiracy” and by focusing on CBF field personnel during Advent, was inspired to “worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all.” For more information on the Advent Conspiracy, go to To see Shaun King’s presentation before the Assembly, either go CBF’s website, or scan the tag to the left with your smartphone. Page 4

Photo by Carla Wynn Davis

Florida Fellowship News

Destiny Ministries: CBF Florida’s Newest Church Start Meet Barry Wright. Barry is a 1997 graduate of Duke Divinity School. Wright and his wife Angela came to Florida last summer from South Carolina. Last summer, after moving to Orange Park, Wright discovered a stunning fact. As he looked at the southwest portion of Greater Jacksonville, he found tens of thousands of African Americans living within ten miles of his home. Yet, Wright had to drive ten miles to find the nearest church ministering to fellow African Americans. Wright decided, then, to explore the possibility of starting a new congregation. He began to build relationships in his neighborhood by striking up conversations with neighbors and with strangers while he visited the local Panera’s or while in line at the grocery store.

Photo by Tommy Deal

Sylvia Byrd (left), Angela and Barry Wright (center), and Ray

Once Wright had built up a core of twelve to fifteen interested Johnson sign a covenant agreement following the CBF Florida and committed partners, he contacted Ray Johnson to discuss the meeting at the General Assembly. Destiny Ministries is CBF possibility of partnering to plant a new church. Johnson met several Florida’s second strategic church start. times with the embryonic group. He put Wright in touch with Kevin Collison, the pastor of Island View Baptist Church in Orange Park. Island View agreed to covenant with Wright and the new congregation, which was being called Destiny Ministries. Easter Sunday 2011, Wright decided it was time to offer a “practice” worship service. With help from Florida’s Fellowship Baptists, he was able to purchase sound equipment, a keyboard, and a drum kit. Worship on Easter Sunday exceeded everyone’s dreams with more than 75 people showing up at the Junior High School auditorium. Since that time, Destiny church has averaged more than 60 people each Sunday for the practice worship services. When asked what’s next, Wright is quick to share his vision. “We’re working for our official launch in the first or second week of October. On Veteran’s Day, I’ve invited a retired one-star general to be our guest speaker. In a year, I believe that God will bless with as many as 300 in worship.” It’s amazing what God can accomplish over a cup of coffee.

McIntosh named Edge Award winner Photo by Tommy Deal

Rev. John McIntosh, pastor of Mount Hope Baptist Church on the island of Abaco, was presented the 2011 Dr. Findley and Mrs. Louvenia Edge Christian Education Leadership award during Florida’s meeting at the Tampa General Assembly. In presenting the award, Doran McCarty, CBF Florida’s assistant to the coordinator, read from the nomination letter that, “Rev. McIntosh saw there was no theological institution *Abaco’s+ ministers could attend and, being bivocational, they could not leave Abaco to attend a school off the island. Realizing the need, Rev. McIntosh organized the Abaco Bible Institute and recruited Baptist ministers from Florida to teach week long classes in Abaco. ” Abaco is one of the outlying family islands of the Bahamas. Various pastors and clergy from Florida’s CBF travel to the island three times a year for one week in order to teach courses to the island’s pastors and church leaders. Edge Award winner Rev. John McIntosh (left) Beginning in 2011, the Institute was expanded to include the island of Grand with Doran McCarty (center) and Ray Johnson Bahama, which is home to Freeport, a common tourist destination. The next week of classes is scheduled for the second week in October. McIntosh joins a distinguished list of five other Christian educators who have received the award. The Edge award is named after Findley and Louvenia Edge, former members of College Park Baptist Church in Orlando. Dr. Edge was the Basil Manly Jr. professor of Christian education at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he taught from 1947-1987. Florida Fellowship News

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Cooperative Collegiate Fellowship Expands Ministry! By Tommy Deal Just around one year ago you made a commitment to maintain a Baptist ministry to college students at Stetson University. THANK YOU! Cooperative Collegiate Fellowship (CCF) under the leadership of Director Ben Collins is ready for its second year. Ben and some of the students actively participated recently in the CBF General Assembly in Tampa.

of the burden of sustaining momentum, that I report to you that not only is the historic Baptist Ministry at Stetson ‘surviving,’ it is THRIVING!” Would you like to know more about CCF at Stetson and Daytona Beach and how you can support the ministry? Contact Ben Collins, (386) 822-8940, or Tommy One dream of the formative Steering Committee a year ago Deal, (863) 682-6802. You can also find was that perhaps one day this new way of doing Baptist ministry Stetson CCF on Facebook. on college campuses (supported and funded by friends and alumni) would be a model that would take hold elsewhere. Well, guess what? It will. It has! Already . . . in less than one year after its inception! With a strong commitment from Central Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Ben Collins will begin to replicate this Cooperative Collegiate Fellowship (CCF) model in Daytona Beach! CCF will have a presence not only at Stetson University in DeLand, but at Daytona State College, Embry-Riddle University and Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach! As Ben Collins put it: “We dare not look back on this year thinking that we've merely ‘made it through’ the transitions in directors, sponsoring organizations, infrastructure, and less-than -secure funding. A little over a year and a half ago, we were faced with the question, ’Can Baptist Ministry at Stetson survive?’” Collins continued, “It is with great joy, and an equal measure

Ben Collins (far left) along with several CCF students from Stetson University at the General Assembly.

CBF Florida Income Summary

CBF of Florida Welcomes!

CBF Florida Receipts (Thru 2nd Quarter)

Dr. Chris Cadenhead as pastor at Bayshore Baptist Church in Tampa. Chris and his wife Heather and daughters Ashlyn and Addison moved to Tampa in June.

North Stuart Baptist Church welcomed Dr. Bob Searl as pastor in July. Bob is joined by his wife Debbie.

Thank You! 

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida has received a gift from Kay Searcy, in memory of her friend of many years, Jane Dorris.

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Florida Fellowship News

BULLETIN BOARD Opportunities EMPLOYMENT - Compass Community Church seeks parttime Administrative Assistant Compass Community Church, Apopka is seeking candidates for a part-time Administrative Assistant. The Position is 8 - 10 hours per week. Please send electronic resume to care of Mark Mattingly.

EMPLOYMENT - First Baptist Church, Laurens, SC seeks Senior Pastor The First Baptist Church of Laurens, SC, a dually aligned church (CBF and SBC) is seeking a visionary leader to supervise a full-time ministerial staff of three, to lead the church in the worship of God, and to achieve the purposes to which God is leading the church. Send resumes no later than August 31 to FBC Pastor Search Committee, 300 West Main St, Laurens, SC, 29360.

EMPLOYMENT - Temple Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC seeks Senior Pastor Temple Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC has commenced the search for a Senior Pastor who will administer a staff of 5. Temple is a moderate Baptist congregation with traditional worship that averages about 150 each week. Submit resume and references to Pastoral Search Committee, Temple Baptist Church, 1801 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28403, or email to

EMPLOYMENT - North Broad Baptist Church seeks Pastor

PROFESSIONAL COACH TRAINING Sign up NOW! CBF Florida along with Eddie Hammett (author of Making Shifts without Making Waves) and The Columbia Partnership have joined together to bring professional coaching to Florida’s Fellowship churches. WHO: Anyone who is interested in becoming a professional coach. (To discover if coach training is for you, view the Quick Start Guide at http:// WHEN: Take the Quick Start guide anytime prior to September 9. The first class is September 9, 9:00 a.m.—2:30 p.m. WHERE: College Park Baptist Church, 1914 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL HOW MUCH: The cost for the Quick Start online tutorial is $10.00. The cost for the first class, Sept. 9, is $150. Contact the CBF Florida office today at (863) 682-6802 to register.

North Broad Baptist Church, Rome, Georgia has commenced the search for a pastor. Resumes will be accepted until Tuesday, November 15, 2011 and should be submitted via email to (note the missing t) or mailed to 1309 North Broad Street, Rome, Georgia 30161.

Connect your college students to CBF ministries and churches! If you and your church are concerned to connect your new college students to a good church that will honor the faith and values cultivated among Fellowship Baptists, then here is a great way to put CBF college students in touch with CBF churches in college communities, even across state lines! Simply have your college-bound students, your youth minister, or other appropriate person register the student by completing an online questionnaire at The information will be gathered and shared with CBF churches near the student. (If you’re reading this electronically, highlight and right-click on the web address and select “open hyperlink.”)

Global Women 2011 Global Voices Summit Check out the Global Women website for all the details. (If you’re reading this electronically, highlight and right-click on the web address and select “open hyperlink.”)

Florida Fellowship News

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