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Wheat Ridge | Edgewater | DECEMBER 20, 2013 – JANUARY 16, 2014

Storm Clouds Ahead for 2015 Wheat Ridge Budget? BY J. PATRICK O’LEARY


s the City of Wheat Ridge rolls into a new year, its new budget will look about the same as the last, thanks in part to federal grants and transfers of excess funds from reserves. But with reserves leveling off at their council-mandated level and fewer grants, careful consideration and hard decisions may be ahead for the new city council as the 2015 budget planning process begins in March. “It’s a pretty status quo budget,” says Wheat Ridge City Manager Patrick Goff of the 2014 General Fund budget. “We’re projecting minimal increases in revenue (just under 2 percent) and slight decrease in budget (about 1 percent)…” The General Fund accounts for roughly three quarters of the total city budget. The city’s capital investment and eight special revenue funds make up the other quarter. In late October city council adopted the proposed budget, with minor changes, and the final version will be published this month. The business-as-usual budget is good news, but Goff points to current and future funding changes to the city’s Capital Investment Program (CIP) fund as reason for concern. While the expenditures and revenue for the general and most special funds match, CIP has relied heavily on General Fund reserves to pay for projects. City council adopted a General Fund reserve policy in 2011, requiring a minimum 17 percent reserve, says Goff. The city’s general reserve fund was much greater, so the excess funding was being spent to balance the budget. Funding for CIP comes primarily from those reserves. “We didn’t use any reserves to balance the (General Fund) budget, however to pay for capital expenses, we dipped into reserves,” says Goff. About $1.7 million will be transferred to the CIP fund in the 2014 budget, 41 percent of the $4.1 million needed. The balance comes from grants (54 percent, $2.2 million), lodging taxes (5 percent, $200,000) and interest (0.02 percent). “This will only allow us $1.2 million for annual preventative street maintenance… we should be putting in at least $2 million a year… That’s the biggest story of the 2014 budget. We got to the point where we reached the reserve level. This will be the last year we will get to (transfer those funds) to capital projects.” What will get funded this year are Kipling Street pedestrian improvements ($2.8 million, partially funded by grants), courtroom security improvements ($63,000) and Doud Overlook storm water improvements ($25,000). The funding for CIP dropped 60-70 percent from 2013, primarily due to the completion of the $5 million, grant-funded improvements at 32nd and Youngfield. This decrease also skewed the average change for funding for all funds to an overall 12 percent loss. So next year the city council will need to cut General Fund expenditures, find new revenue sources, or increase revenue from

existing sources. That discussion of longterm, sustainable funding will take place at council’s annual retreat, held in March, says Goff. Council could, of course, do nothing. According to Goff’s letter to the mayor and council accompanying the 2014 proposed budget, without additional funding, only $1.6 million over seven years (2016-2022) will be available for preventative street maintenance. Tabor Street improvements related to RTD’s Gold Line can be made, as that $740,000 price tag is funded by grants. “It’s been an ongoing issue, we knew this day was coming,” says Goff. “They (council) know it’s an issue, and know it needs to be addressed…” City council acted to put a sales tax increase to voters this fall, but then-mayor Jerry DiTullio vetoed it, and council declined to attempt an override.

CARRIAGE RIDES & GOOD CHEER WERE ABUNDANT AT THE WHEAT RIDGE HOLIDAY CELEBRATION on Sunday, Dec. 8 on The Green, 38th & Reed. Sponsored by Ridge at 38, the bash brought out 1,200 people for the lighting of a 25-foot-tall Christmas tree, Polar Express and refreshments. Despite the bitter cold, about 200 families had their pictures taken with Santa.. PHOTO: BLU IRON PHOTOGRAPHY

A Sport With Heart – Boxing in Wheat Ridge BY CYNDY BEAL


oxing names and rules change, but the heart of boxing remains the same and beats in Wheat Ridge. In April, the Colorado Golden Gloves Charities (CGGC) Boxing gym moved to Wheat Ridge, and Head Coach Manuel Alvarado and Coach Bernie “Bern-dog” Alvarez began a new chapter as amateur boxing coaches. Their former gym in Westminster, and team name, was Colorado Chin Check. The definition of a “chin check” is to apply one’s fist to another one’s chin in creating a whiplash motion and or knocking them out. Amateur boxing is judged on a 10-point scoring system, more punches equals more points. “We do it more out of our hearts,” said Alvarez of himself and the coaches. Berndog is the name the kids gave him. All six coaches at CGGC are volunteers. Ultimately their boxing program needed more space for the boxers and equipment and CGGC could help. The boxing program is part of CGGC, Inc., part of the Colorado-New Mexico franchise of the nationally recognized Golden Gloves of America Inc. program. CGGC is a nonprofit, charitable organization and is always looking for sponsors. Both Alvarado and Alvarez are Denver natives with decades of boxing and coaching experience. The two have coached and ran boxing programs together for 19 years. Both started boxing in the 1960s. The boxing program is Christian based and includes group prayer – but all faiths and all persons are welcome at the gym. Registration for boxers and coaches is required through USA Boxing, which includes a background check for gym coaches. Boxers must be registered through USA Boxing to compete or to spar in the gym. Currently CGGC has 53 registered boxers. Membership at CGGC is open to anybody, boxers and non-boxers. It’s a family-oriented sport and gym and many

times families join together. “It’s all ages and sizes,” said Alvarado. It’s a sport where somebody can learn lifelong lessons about discipline, respect and sportsmanship, just to name a few. Boxing has been around for thousands of years and the earliest evidence of boxing dates back to Egypt around 3000 BC, according to the official website of the Olympic Games. Men’s boxing made its debut in the 1904 Olympics. Women’s boxing became part of the Olympics in 2012. The first Golden Gloves tournament took place in Chicago in 1923. Now called The Tournament of Champions, it’s an annual national event. In May 2014 it will be in Nevada. Colorado had its regional Golden Gloves Tournament in March.

Both Alvarado and Alvarez see their program as a way to keep kids off the street. Many times the kids bring their homework to the gym and are required to keep a minimum of a C grade average. They hope to start a homework program at the gym in the future. “Boxing is here to stay,” said Alvarado. For more information on the CGGC Boxing Gym at 6161 W. 44th Ave., please contact Coach Manuel 720-260-1658 or Coach Bern-dog 720-862-4912. The Gym is open Monday through Friday 4 p.m. till 8 p.m. For additional information about boxing go to or www. For questions or comments about this article email

Wheat Ridge Business in 2013: Growth, Grace or Grumbling BY GUY NAHMIACH


conomists will tell you that confidence in the market is the single most important factor in how well our economy is doing. I can still hear Mr. Ewart, my macro economics teacher, preaching: “If you think the market stinks....well then, it does.” We live in a world where one’s perception becomes one’s reality. When we moved to Wheat Ridge from New York, I just couldn’t get over how beautiful it was here and was convinced that the weather was the best-kept secret in the universe. And yet when I shared my thoughts with my neighbor, she quickly asked me not to tell anyone else about it. Somehow she perceived the concept of more people moving to Wheat Ridge as a detriment to the place she called home. Of course, I told her about the advantages of an increased tax base and access to more resources, but clearly this was not the road

she wanted to share. During our recent election we heard some people remember a time when we attracted visitors who came in by car as a means to raising revenues for our retail establishments. Today’s market is very much based on a walkability factor. The slogan “think global, act local” applies to the way of life many families are seeking. In fact it’s why most of my clients are choosing to move to, or remain in, our humble town of Wheat Ridge. They love to just walk over to the store or bike to a restaurant. High-growth neighborhoods across the country all boast high walkability numbers. Home values in Wheat Ridge have gone up 16 percent. The large lots and midcentury homes are attracting more buyers than ever before. Pocket neighborhoods such as Tech-Row nestled by Founders Continued on page 2




Tim Berland 303-995-2806 e-mail: 4385 Wadsworth Blvd., #140, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Publication date is the 15th of each month. Advertising: Vicki Ottoson 303-777-6144 or Tim Berland 303-995-2806 Copy Editing/Proofreading: J. Patrick O’Leary, Cyndy Beal & Sarah DiTullio

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GUY N 1/12 H

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2013 Business Continued from page 1

Park, the urban farms backing up to the greenbelt and the ever-popular Applewood are all being considered by homebuyers these days. We can celebrate the 198 new businesses that have registered in Wheat Ridge this past year. Only six have canceled their licenses. Seventeen hundred building permits have been pulled, almost 200 more than last year. The city is encouraging developers and homeowners to build and remodel. These statistics are very good news. If your business is not thriving in this new market, you really should consider changing your business model to suite today’s consumer. Sometimes you don’t know it’s broken – until it’s broken. With 38th Avenue under the microscope for so long, I have made it a point to explore the new areas in Wheat Ridge. On the west side of town we have 48 high-end homes going up near Kullerstrand Elementary. The strip mall on 26th and Kipling has new tenants, a wonderful restaurant called Little Brazil and the relocated Davie’s Chuck Wagon. The east side of town boasts the hugely successful West 29th Bar & Restaurant, with Twisted Smoothie and People’s Market right across the street. There’s Rickoli’s on Wadsworth. Another growing strip mall on 50th and Kipling hosts my new favorite, Real Thai restaurant – hot, spicy and very tasty – right next to State Farm’s amazing agent Sue Ball. That area is really growing! Also new to our town this year has been Oz Snowboards; you have to love this “100

FROM THE EDITOR Wrong Campaign Donor

Now is the time. Market is hot!

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In the November edition of the Neighborhood Gazette, it was erroneously reported that Citizens to Elect Jerry DiTullio provided District III City Council candidate Dick Matthews’ campaign with $144 of inkind donations. Those contributions were actually from Roger Loecher (party, $84, and signs, $40) and Matthews (office supplies and postage, $20). We stand corrected, and apologize for any trouble this may have caused.


Jessica Klingsporn

REALTOR, Wheat Ridge Specialist JESSICA

KLINGSPORN 303.845.2876 Jessica@ 1/24 H

percent wind powered operation.” Tommy Slalom has moved over from Denver, and CP Parts and Restoration on 44th has also relocated from Arvada. The construction and opening of the MCPN building on Wadsworth is important and so are the many other projects on the drawing board, including the old car dealership lot on Wadsworth and 38th, and the strip mall on Kipling and 38th. Investors have been negotiating for both – more news on that in future columns. The Ridge on 38th is a hot topic, and one can’t ignore the foot traffic and flow of customers in and out of the wonderful spots. Even in the freezing weather we’ve had, customers are hanging out at Colorado Plus and enjoying the evening fires at The Office. Do we still have a long way to go? Sure. Do we have some businesses that look like they are on their last legs? Yes. Are we moving forward? Absolutely. Are we optimistic about the future? Very much so. I can hear someone chanting, “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!” I think you get the point. In 1859 we were a rest stop for miners on their way to the gold mines. Today, skiers stop for their “supplies” at Applejacks or King Supers. We were once the largest producer of carnations. Could we be a center for brew pubs? Organic farming? The list is endless. We are a 9.5-square-mile city and yet we maintain 19 parks and four lakes, incredible schools and amazing citizens. Who wouldn’t want to invest here? 2013 was a year of growth, evaluation and anticipation. Let this new year be one of simply enjoying what we have. Guy Nahmiach can be reached at 303999-5789.

Wishing you peace this holiday season and a New Year filled with prosperity and success The staff at Neighborhood Gazette

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teller st. 1/16 V – DECEMBER 20, 2013 – januaRy 16, 2014 – neighborhood gazette




neighborhood gazette – DECEMBER 20, 2013 – januaRy 16, 2014 –

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sponge soaking up words, numbers, fitness, attitudes and social behavior. Children without early skills trail behind their peers ello, citizens and friends! Early January through high school. I will sponsor bills means your lay state legislature will to track the effectiveness of public early convene in order to help build a better childhood centers by gathering data, which future for all Coloradans! It’s time to will likely show children in early childhood put partisan politics aside to support the programs will perform better academically, middle class. Jobs and the economy are will graduate from high school and likely attend college. on everyone’s mind and they Another priority is health are my top priority. I believe, insurance for people and for example, that Colorado their families. If you are companies should have first uninsured I highly recommend crack at state contracts in order Connect for Health. This to hire Coloradans who will is the bipartisan, Colorado produce profits and revenue. version of the Affordable Also we must build up our Care Act and can be found reserves to help the victims of at www.connectforhealthco. the vicious floods and wildfires com. Despite what you hear that ravaged our state this about federal and other states’ summer. problems, our exchange is As a teacher, I will focus on Sue Schafer working well with already 10,000 better financial support for our K-12 schools and keeping higher education more Coloradans receiving coverage. The affordable by placing a 6 percent cap on application deadline for 2014 coverage is tuition increases at colleges. Students March 30, 2014. As your state representative I will not should not graduate from college with huge student debt, and the governor’s engage in bitter debates of the past but will budget is proposing an extra $44 million in move forward to solve today’s challenges. financial aid for needy students. His budget Our economic forecast is positive, our adults also requests an extra $225 per student are well educated, and we have a precious in public K-12 schools. With the failure of environment to enjoy and protect. Let’s Amendment 66 our K-12 schools are still move forward and make 2014 a productive operating on a 2009 budget, $1 billion less year! Honored to Serve the Citizens of Wheat of where we would keep pace with inflation. Speaking of education, what about Ridge, Edgewater, and Golden. Contact the early childhood years? Researchers House District 24 State Representative Sue from Harvard and Stanford have found Schafer at that the brain of children age 0-5 is like a or 303-866-5522.


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For most of these children, these presents are a small joy in a difficult situation. Last year city staff was able to support more than ast night after the city council study 88 children through this program. I am session I went to check my mailbox at sure the number has grown this year. Please city hall. As I walked through the office I was join me in thanking the city staff for their surprised to see an entire hallway filled with generosity. Christmas presents. There must have been I am excited to see that city hall isn’t the over a hundred presents lining the walls. only place where the Christmas Is it possible that Santa spirit is alive and well. I was Claus is using Wheat Ridge impressed to see many of our City Hall as a drop zone? Why Wheat Ridge businesses take the else are there so many presents time and effort to participate in stacked inside city hall? similar programs. Upon inspection I learned It is with deep sympathy that that the reason city hall is I offer condolences to the Davis stacked with presents is family. Barbara Davis, wife of because our city has some of the Kent Davis and mother of current most generous staff around. In city council member Kristi Davis, partnership with Family Tree’s passed away recently. Barb was Adopt a Child program, Wheat a devoted mother, wife and Ridge city staff has collected Zachary Urban community member. She was presents for less fortunate the mother of four, proud grandmother children during this holiday season. of three, and proud great-grandmother of For over three decades, Family Tree has four. Please keep the Davis family in your provided innovative, life-changing services thoughts and prayers during this difficult designed to end child abuse, domestic time. violence and homelessness. Family Tree has Take a moment during this holiday recently undergone an organizational faceseason to enjoy time with your friends and lift. While their mission remains the same, family. Take an out-of-town family member they are refreshing the look and feel of up to Kataluma Chai for some hot chai. I their organization. Take a moment to look like a dirty chai. The Christmas season is a them up. Is there anything you can do to great opportunity to reconnect with family help them in their pursuit of the mission to and a chance to reconcile with others. help people overcome child abuse, domestic From our family to yours, may you violence and homelessness to become safe, have a bright and merry Christmas. If you strong and self-reliant? are looking for a good soundtrack for this Thank you to the employees of the City holiday season, might I suggest a classic of Wheat Ridge for your help in the pursuit crooner, Harry Belafonte. of this mission. I am truly impressed by the sheer volume of presents the staff was Zachary Urban can be reached at 720able to collect. Each one of these presents 252-5930 or represents a giant smile on a child’s face.



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neighborhood gazette – DECEMBER 20, 2013 – januaRy 16, 2014 –

A Message from Moncia Duran One of the greatest experiences of my life has been running for political office. It was not great because of the power winning entails. What made it special was meeting the wonderful residents of my community. The families, children, business owners, teachers and senior citizens that showed me what politics is all about. It is about helping. Helping to enrich, strengthen, and protect the needs of our community. After the election results were in, I took a private moment and reflected on the past year. Even though I did not win the race, I won in so many other ways. Our community needs leadership. It needs a voice. I intend on providing both. I would like to thank the voters of Wheat Ridge for opening their doors as I campaigned. I thank you for listening to my message. monica duranI thank all of those who placed my sign on their lawn at their businesses and for reading my campaign 1/8 H when I called you on the teleliterature. I thank you for taking the time to talk phone to discuss community issues. I am extremely humbled and grateful for all the support I have received. Your actions inspired me every each step of the way. Moving forward, I will continue to listen to our citizens. I promise to not give up on my campaign pledge. I will be back to fight for you – be it at the local or state level. Once again, from the bottom of my heart!

WHAT’S HAPPENING Superhero LEGO Building Camps Offered at Wheat Ridge Rec, Dec. 23-27 The Wheat Ridge Recreation Center will hold two popular Superheroes-themed LEGO Building Camps for youth, ages 5-11, Dec. 23-27. Superheroes Camp, for ages 5-6, focuses on building hideouts and vehicles of favorite Superheroes, and will be held 9 a.m. to noon each day. Superheroes Engineering Camp, for ages 7-11, explores how inventions such as SpiderMan’s web shooter works using the concepts of physics, engineering and architecture, and will be held 1-4 p.m. each day. Both camps are taught by an experienced instructor from Playwell Teknologies. Cost for each camp is $108 for Wheat Ridge residents and $113 for nonresidents. To register, call 303-231-1300 or visit

Thank you,

Monica Duran

Blu Hartkopp Featured at Meet the Artist, Jan. 16

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The 2014 Wheat Ridge Meet the Artist series opens Thursday, Jan. 16, with photographer Blu Hartkopp at Mike’s Camera, 3830 Wadsworth Boulevard. The event is free and open to the public and runs from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. Hartkopp spent his early school years in Wheat Ridge and received a scholarship to study at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. After graduating, he assisted photographers at the Maine Media Workshops, and returned to Colorado three years ago. He now operates a commercial studio in an old Tudor-style house at 32nd and Wadsworth. “I get to tell stories one frame at a time and sometimes at 24 frames per second, and it is awesome,” says Hartkopp. “I’m always looking to go beyond printing on

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Historical Society Looking for a Few Good Volunteers The Wheat Ridge Historical Society is seeking volunteers to help care for and present the city’s six historic buildings. People with any talent or skills are welcome, and are asked to commit to volunteer six hours per month or more. Training is provided. For more information, contact volunteer coordinator Claudia Worth at 303467-0023.

The Great Comeback: The American Cocktail

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n my opinion, there is no better time of the year to talk about cocktails than the holidays. Many of you started drinking cocktails back in the ‘50s and ‘60s and have continued to this day. I guess I’m showing my age when I say that raiding the bar with the assortment of hard liquor on a Friday or Saturday night, while the folks were out, was an accepted activity in my teens. (Especially filling the bottles back up with water in order to keep the level the same in the bottle.) When I actually came of age, cocktails began taking a back seat to wine and, more recently, artisan beer. But never fear, the cocktail is back and back strong. Nothing is more American than the cocktail. The evolution of the cocktail came during Prohibition when liquor had to be cut with other ingredients to make it palatable. The fruity flavors and frost colors also gave the appearance of innocence while disguising the high alcohol content. The cocktail gave us the cocktail hour, which is more of a mood than a time, although I have heard the saying “it is 5 o’clock somewhere in the world” as a good excuse to begin the libations. The cocktail party was the activity of the weekend. Plenty of shaking, stirring, ice-cube clinking and garnishing became the thing to do. Cocktails also became a fashion accessory not only as you held the glass, but also how it was served – bar carts became all the rage along with the martini shaker and all the different types of glasses. Just as red, white and sparkling wines are served

in different glasses to bring out their true nature, so the cocktail. The familiar ones to us are the martini glass, champagne coupe, champagne flute, low ball, high ball, tumbler and Collins, to name a few. A change you will have noticed, if you still have vintage cocktail glasses or collect them, is the size of the glasses. The Mad Men three-martini lunch was possible because those vintage glasses only held 3 to 4 ounces of liquor compared to the oversized glasses you will find at most bars today. And to add one quick note the red solo cup wasn’t available back then. Cocktails also influenced music. While jazz was popular during Prohibition, the cocktail hour and parties brought along the more relaxed lounge music which had more instrumentals with emphasis on percussion and rhythm. Today, we have seen the bartender renamed “mixologist” and a new repertoire of creative cocktails with exotic ingredients seem to be an urban trend. But if you’re looking for a classic cocktail you can always order the Martini, White or Black Russian and at Abrusci’s you can find the “old fashion” Manhattan that includes bitters. So...let’s raise a toast during this holiday season with the words from Hamilton Wright Mabie: “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” Happy holidays! Wheat Ridge resident Jeanne Nichols is the owner and Lead Designer/Home Stylist at modmood/RETRO Consignment at 44th and Wadsworth. She can be reached at or 303728-9497. – DECEMBER 20, 2013 – januaRy 16, 2014 – neighborhood gazette


MEdically spEaking

school crossing

Back Pain: The Uninvited Holiday Guest

Is the Right to Choose...Wrong?

the underlying physical, postural, emotional and lifestyle factors that put you at risk and to take control early. Research has shown he holidays are associated with many that people that have had physical therapy things, but an aching back shouldn’t within a few weeks of a back injury were less be one of them. Unfortunately, it is a prime likely to have the back pain return. time for people to experience back pain. If you experience back pain, here are a Winter holidays bring the perfect storm few simple guidelines: of cold weather, travel, shopping, outdoor • Avoid bed rest. It can make the activities, cooking, cleaning, decorating and problem worse. Try light walking and/or rushing around that can cause your back to gentle stretching to keep the muscles from be the Scrooge of your holiday plans. tightening. Winter. In Colorado, while cold • Alternate heat/ice. A hot bath and snow encourage fun or heating pad may reduce pain activities such as skiing and and stiffness; ice may help reduce snowshoeing, it also means inflammation. shoveling snow, which can • Try over-the-counter, antibe particularly hard on your inflammatory medications such back. The key to proper as ibuprofen or naproxen (Aleve), shoveling is to put the weight unless you have been advised to in your legs, not in your back avoid these by your physician. or arms; don’t overload the • Avoid strenuous activities shovel, and avoid twisting. including heavier lifting, repetitive Inactivity. Lack bending or twisting, and take of exercise is a major Byron Jones breaks from sitting or standing contributing factor to back every 30 minutes or so. pain. Strong muscles help protect your spine. During the busy holiday season, Contact your doctor if: it is important to stay active even if you • You suddenly lose control of bowel or simply walk indoors a few times a week. bladder function It’s also important to pace yourself. If you • You develop weakness, numbness or have a desk job during the week, be careful tingling in your arms or legs about being the ski warrior on weekends or • You become unable to stand or walk holidays. due to leg weakness, not just pain Stress. The hustle and bustle of the • You develop fever or night sweats with holidays can be stressful. The body releases your back pain stress hormones that can cause muscles to • Your pain becomes more severe over tense, which can increase the perception of time despite home treatment pain. So, if you are experiencing back pain, • Your pain continues beyond two weeks take a moment to check in emotionally. See despite home treatment if you can establish a link between your • Your pain awakens you from sleep emotional state and your pain. If so, start simple. Try treating yourself to a massage There are many options available to or taking a warm bath. treat back pain, and by far the majority of Procrastination. The holidays are cases do not require surgery or injections. a time to relax and have fun, at times putting things off until that New Year’s Dr. Byron Jones is the medical direcresolution. However, it’s not a good idea to tor of the Exempla Spine Center at Denver delay taking care of your back pain. While West. most back pain isn’t serious and doesn’t require surgery, it’s important to address



teachers to use this technology in a classroom setting. In tough economic times it is crucial to believe what defines our country is the right to choose: to vote for whom we believe have a strong PTA to raise the dollars needed in and the right to express our opinions. The to provide these tools. Prospect Valley, for same goes with our choice of schools for our example, has amazing parents from all walks of life, offering their talents to organize events children. and mobilize families, raising Neighborhood schools have almost $40,000 per year. Maple evolved from “fairly equal” into Grove’s raise much more. Yet “good” and “not that great.” schools like Kullerstrand and The result is a constant flow Vivianne operate with less than 10 into better schools. After all, why percent of those amounts. They would you willingly send your have the same caliber of teachers, child to a low performing school? but a fraction of community Prospect Valley for example involvement. has an almost 70 percent If forced to send their kids to choiced-in enrollment with good their assigned schools, parents all scores. Yet just down the road, agreed that they would be just as we have Kullerstrand, a Title Guy Nahmiach involved and, in fact, work even One school with average grades and a 90 percent free and reduced-price harder to rally families to raise the needed lunch student population. Only blocks apart, funds. The dollars per student in Colorado are yet worlds apart. The same comparisons can be found in many neighborhoods all over much less than needed, without funds from straight donations or fundraising activities. Colorado. With both having experienced their share The success and performance of a school is of staff changes, including revolving doors at directly related to the amounts raised by the the principal’s office. Both have incredible community. Would you consider giving up that choice teachers and follow similar curriculums. So why do they represent opposite sides of the and accept the closest school to your home as the one your child would attend? After a spectrum? I have an awesome mechanic working on few years, would the distribution of wealth, my new car, but if he doesn’t have the latest volunteers and resources assure generations tools, he can’t do as great of a job. Teachers of equal quality schools? Do you agree? Contact me to share your are the same in many ways. Experience and creativity will only get them so far. Technology views. Until then I wish you all a very happy plays a dominant role in preparing students New Year – wealth, health and lots of laughter for tomorrow’s world. The job market does in each of your homes. Thanks for reading. not allow for on-the-job training. Education Guy Nahmiach can be reached at 303needs tools such as laptops, smart boards and mobile devices, not to mention training for 999-5789 or



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neighborhood gazette – DECEMBER 20, 2013 – januaRy 16, 2014 –

EdgEwatEr City nEws

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Ready to Meet 2014! BY BONNIE MCNULTY

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Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year Dr. Darren Bennett & Dr. Lisa Bennett

Lost Images Photography is the highlighted business this month. John and June Moreno have owned and operated the studio since 1977. This Edgewater familyoperated business is located at the corner of Harlan and 25th Avenue. In the last four decades they have shot over 10,000 high-school SaNTa CLaUS IS COMINg senior portraits, thousands of TO TOwN family portraits, weddings, prom In the past, the Edgewater dates and special events. In 2001 Volunteer Fire Department the studio made the conversion helped bring Santa to your home to digital photography. At Lost on Christmas Eve. This year the Images Photography everything Wheat Ridge firefighters have from a simple passport photo stepped up to do the same. If to a special family portrait will you would like Santa to come have an artistic blending that to your house on Christmas Eve anyone would be proud to own. please call Edgewater City Hall Bonnie McNulty Please call 303-233-5195 for more at 720-763-3012 or 720-763information. 3001 for details and to sign up. The deadline is Monday, Dec. 23.


ere we are, right in the middle of the holidays – weather changing, Christmas carols on the radio and holiday specials on TV. We are ready to meet the year 2014!

THaNk YOU CITY COUNCIL RETREaT Edgewater City Council just had its semiannual retreat. One of the highlighted topics was how elected and appointed officials respond to citizens when questioned about property improvements. If you’ve ever pulled a building permit you know the process can seem overwhelming. Please remember that those of us on council, as well as boards of planning & zoning, and adjustment, can help answer questions about the city’s procedures, but sometimes we cannot talk with you about the specifics of your project. During each retreat council evaluates our goals and our progress in achieving those goals. Communicating with citizens is always a priority. As a result of council’s efforts the city is getting much better. An improved website, water bill inserts, the Town Cryer, Coffees with the Mayor, block parties, citizen-sponsored websites, and the Neighborhood Gazette have all helped us keep you informed. Don’t forget, our city staff is one of the best sources to get answers to your questions or address a concern. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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Edgewater mayor Bonnie McNulty can be reached at 303-233-6216 or

The Spirit of the Season teams and community theater groups who create great things with very small profit margins. is the season – snow is falling, Remember community organizatemperatures are dropping, festive lights tions that work to improve your neighborhood are up and trees are decorated. Christmas and contribute to their efforts. As an music is playing in stores. This year brings Edgewater resident, I appreciate another opportunity to share the the mission of organizations such true spirit of this holiday season. as the Edgewater Optimist Club Yes, it can be hard to resist the (“Bringing out the best in kids”) pull of deep discounts offered and the Edgewater Collective by retailers, but don’t forget to (“Cultivating partnerships for also give of yourself – your time, thriving Edgewater families”). friendship and support to others. Consider supporting I had a funny exchange your local businesses. Walk at work the other day, which down the street to the store inspired me to think about this where someone nearby makes topic. A friend came up to me, soaps, breads, smoothies, excited, saying, “I’m ready for Janka Flaska or offers services such as Christmas!” Although I knew haircuts or pedicures. Meet people in your what she meant, I couldn’t help but think neighborhood, just like Mister Rogers about the implications of that statement. taught you. Have we really come to this, that buying and Say “Love.” And, when you get home wrapping and mailing is all we need to be at the end of the day, channeling the spirit doing? Surely this is not what Christmas is of all of those gestures that say “love”, about! remember to say that very word to the There are so many ways to celebrate the people who matter most to you. spirit of the season, and, at risk of sounding As a new council member for the excessively cliché, here it goes: City of Edgewater, I am excited about the Share yourself. Share your time, share opportunity to serve. If you happen to see a meal or make a gift. Go for a walk with me pushing my baby and my wiener dog your family, even those who drive you crazy. around Sloans Lake in a stroller, please stop Instead of going out to dinner, offer that and say hello and let me know about any value to an organization that makes meals ideas you may have. for others, so that many may benefit from Happy holidays! your single concession. Think of groups who Contact new Edgewater City Councilhave added meaning to your life. Consider member Janka Flaska at jflaska@edgewavolunteering or making a donation to the schools, churches, nonprofessional sports


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On a personal note, I want to acknowledge, and thank, John and June Moreno for all they have contributed to the city and the citizens of Edgewater. The Morenos have always demonstrated a true commitment and passion for Edgewater and the people who live here. Most recently they both served on the Charter Review and Compliance Commission, with John as Chairman. The CRCC completed a thorough assessment of our charter and made recommendations to council. Council and the citizens of Edgewater have embraced the CRCC’s work by passing all of the commission’s recommendations. I wish you all a happy holidays and a prosperous new year! As usual, on Wednesday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m., at the Edgewater Coffee Company, 5224 W. 25th Ave., I will buy your coffee (or tea) just for stopping by to chat. If you can’t make it on Wednesdays call me and I will make arrangements for a time that does work for you.

EdgEwatEr City CounCil BY JaNka FLaSka

sloanside 1/4 V


Neighborhood Gazette December 2013  

The December 20, 2013 – January 16, 2014 issue of Neighborhood Gazette, serving Wheat Ridge and Edgewater, Colorado.

Neighborhood Gazette December 2013  

The December 20, 2013 – January 16, 2014 issue of Neighborhood Gazette, serving Wheat Ridge and Edgewater, Colorado.