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Tanner Davis E n gl i s h C o m p os i t io n

Mrs. Cornell, Period: 1

Table Of Contents Meaning of Life, A Man, Relationships, What I Will Miss

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How I wish to be Remembered, What I’ve learned, Future Goals, Top 10

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Sr. Val, 20 May 2013

My High School Experience

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Interest: Sports Business God Family History Money

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A school picture from my senior year in high school sums up how far I have came in my high school experience. Getting older and much more mature, I now look back on all four years of high school and remember the good times and the bad times that made me who I am today. I can honestly say my experiences during high school changed my life and I hope my legacy will always be remembered by my peers.

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The Meaning of Life: Mark 8:34 says,

my life. The meaning of life

are living your life, there’s

“And when he had called the

is much easier than many

always positive repercus-

people unto him with his

people make it out to be,

sions to your actions. Living

disciples also, he said unto

but it is the action of life

your life morally and for the

them, Whosoever will come

where they falter. I try to

Lord are two goals you must

after me, let him deny him-

live my life everyday for the

strive for and that’s what life

self, and take up his cross,

kingdom of God and bare

is all about.

and follow me.” This verse

my witness to the best of my

means a great deal to me

ability. Although there is no

and it is how I want to live

indication of how well you

My faith has made me who I am today.

A Man: He was a lengthy biker-looking man

he would end up connecting it in about three years, until one

with the countenance of that which

some unpredictable way that

day what I had taken for

resembled something adventurous

would absolutely fry our minds

granted for so long was finally

and mysterious; a Sunday school

with wisdom. When I was just a

gone. When Ted moved away,

teacher that would shape many pre-

young boy trying to find my

I thought I would never be able

pubescent teens lives forever. Every

identity as a person, the man

to become the man I wanted to

Sunday I would look forward to com- named Ted changed my life

be, but I just couldn’t throw it all

ing to church just to listen to one of his forever. Without him I could on- away. My determination illustrious stories. This man would tell

ly imagine where I would have

the most grand of stories which some- ended up today. This routine of

stronger than ever, I vowed never to lose my witness until

times seemed to have nothing to do

going to church and hearing life the day I died.

with Christianity at all, but in the end

-altering stories continued for

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Roles of Relationships: Friends come and go, but it’s only the true ones that stick around. As a friend I personally try to be there for all of my friends whether they are close or not. I believe that no matter how close your relationship is with someone, you should always try and strive to better it. In high school particularly, friendships tend to come and go like seasons. Sometimes they are broken off because you start to make new friends and forget about that relationship you once coveted, or sometimes you just disagree and walk your separate paths. I believe my friends see me as a friend that they can count on and a person they can trust. I’m not saying I am the best friend out there, but someone that is true and will be there through thick and thin. An advantage of being a true and trusted friend is that you will receive what you gave to others. It may not be directly or right away, but in the long run, being a true friend will only benefit you in the end. Trusting someone might be risky at times, but the benefit of being true, honest, and humble will always work in your favor.

“To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

What I Will Miss: There is always something that you can

among their other peers that will have

ries and the irreplaceable friendships

take away from every situation, memories

no significance after the fact. After eve-

that were made. Looking back in 20

that can be obtained from every lesson,

ry passing year it seems as if the gener-

years I can see myself wanting to go

and lessons to be learned from everything.

ations are just getting progressively

back so that I can relive the priceless

In my high school experience, it is safe to

worse, and the broken laws of today

memories, and the other half begging

say that I have been through about every

are becoming the sad idiosyncrasies of

to never see the place where I was

cliché high school experience possible. I

tomorrow. Although I won’t miss a whole

tortured for four years.

will not miss the drama nor the bullies that

lot about high school, some of the things

try to put you down in order to gain rank

I will miss, is the priceless good memo-

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How I Wish To Be Remembered When my classmates look back

their selves. I on the other hand

class even at the end of the semester.

on their high school experience

tried to do the exact opposite. I fig- My hard work to fly under the radar

and recollect all the memorable

ured it out early that in a couple of

will soon pay off for when the mo-

stories, I want my fellow pupils

years after high school none of it

ment comes when I see an old class-

to not remember me at all. I have will matter anyway. This is the life- mate in an awkward situation and always been the quiet kid that

style I chose to live with and I

they don’t even remember my name

keeps to his self and doesn’t

might say that it has worked out in to make it weird. Reluctantly, I will

cause any confliction. It all start-

my favor. A lot of people in my

never have to deal with stupid imma-

ed out freshman year when eve-

class don’t even know my name

ture past classmates who peaked in

ryone was trying to put their foot which makes me smile. Teachers

high school and never amounted to

in the door and make a name for


still have trouble calling on me in

What I’ve Learned Life is a complex mechanism that can possibly never be mastered by anyone. I have learned a great deal of knowledge from my short time on the Earth but it all has a purpose. From my formal education I can say I haven’t learned too much. In twelve years of learning there is only so much you can learn. I say this because a person can only retain so much information. To be completely honest, formal education is a waste of time because you only truly acquire the basic skills from each topic. I remember only the broad topics because so much information is thrown at you at once from seven different teachers. All formal education boils down to be is how well you can remember something for a short period of time then regurgitate it back onto the test. Although the school system is flawed in many ways, I can always look back on the subliminal things I learned. You can take away life skills and common understanding rather than just what the teacher told you because you will most likely forget it by the end of the semester. In a nutshell, I have learned some basic skills necessary for my success in the future, but most of the material is unneeded and lost through time and forgetfulness.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Future Goals I plan to accomplish many things that I have dreamed about ever since I was a little boy. Most people grow up and want to be a firefighter or an astronaut, but I wanted to be a businessman. I plan to attend Ball State University where I will study Marketing. During my high school career I have taken a lot of business classes and it made me realize just how much I really loved the business aspect of life. My number one goal is to be a marketing manager for Nike, but any high marketing position for a big company will do. With my background in business from taking so many classes, and my time in the Army, these two achievements will only boost my readiness for my life long goal in the career of Marketing.

Top Ten High School Classes: 10. Business Management (Lidy) – easy blow of class with funny people 9. Creative Writing (Rees) – Fun and entertaining in which I could be creative and expressive 8. Astronomy 1&2 (Clone) – Astronomy was very interesting and Mrs. Clone was fun 3. Entrepreneurship (Griffin) – Business 7. Ceramics (Osborne) – building hands on clas- and money is what makes me tick and it was an application class. ses is what I like 6. AP Biology (Banitt) - Although it was challeng- 2. Freshman Biology (Fagan) – Fagan is an awesome teacher and biology is one of my ing, I learned a lot favorite subjects 5. AP Art History (Osborne) – Art and History to1. Sports Marketing (Crull) – Crull is my fagether make for an interesting class vorite teacher, and Marketing is what I am 4. Co-Ed Rec. (Kelly) – I was able to relax and majoring in for college. have fun with my friends

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Time Capsule: State Championship Ring- This shows my 4. Watch- I think it would be neat to see a accomplishments in football during high watch on a stopwatch to see how much school and what this school was about. time had passed over the years it was in there. 2. IPod- My IPod would show all the music I liked and the musical interests of the time 5. The price of gas- I would write down period. what price gas was and then they could 1.


Family Photo- When people look at the picture they will see what my family was like and how people looked back then.

compare the price or even if gas was still around.

“Why America’s Youth Lack Basic Work Skills” In today’s society the majority of youth are growing up to become well-educated ignorant people. Spending on average 16 years of their lives in school and finishing only getting a minimal paying job. I understand that right out of college many people are forced to take an entry-level job, but I stand on the side that with a little bit of effort you can accomplish anything. The youth of the America is slowly starting to deteriorate into a lackadaisical dumb. Instead of mowing

lawns, taking out the trash, or working

part time at a fast food joint,

the youth are playing videogames,

waking up at noon, and disre-

specting their parents more than ever.

With all this wasted time and

the idea that this is how teenagers act,

is causing the youth of today to

miss all the important work/life skills

that are needed to make it in

today’s world. I see in the future that

is going to affect more than

just my personal life but the world as

a whole. The world will be-

come caught up in the subliminal mes-

sages of the politically incorrect and the corrupted. We will slowly sink into an endless slump and may never recover. These minute habits may cause the world of tomorrow to come to an end sooner than we may expect. Christakis, Erika. “Why America’s Youth Lack Basic Work Skills.” TIME Magazine. n.p. 01 May. 2012. Web. 28 January 2013.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Big Apple 2007 was the year when Apple, “reinvented the phone” and along with that came up with a revolutionary device that changed the world forever. Watching the 2007 keynote, nobody can deny that it was a device that was going to be in peoples heads for a long time. Steve jobs started the presentation by telling us how we could all “touch our music” and how the best app on the phone was the phone app. He compared the iPhone to other “smart” phones of the generation (Blackberry, Nokia TREO, etc.) and then said the problem was the bottom 40% of the phone. He said that it was plastic keyboards and tactile controls and that was a problem because every application used a different set of controls and interface. And that’s how the modern day smartphone with a gigantic screen came into existence. This is pretty influential on my life because I have an iPhone and I use it almost every moment. It’s the power of the internet in your hand and so many more things. It symbolizes the new “social network” movement some would call it. That’s why the iPhone is so important to me.

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My Favorite Art Both of these works of Art describe my personality. During my senior year, I took AP Art History and I learned a lot about Art

and what it means. The urinal by Du-

champ is what some might say

the easiest Art to make and it takes no

skill. Although it might be easy, it

is the deeper underlying meaning that

makes it great. It reflects who I

am because I am a simple minded in-

dividual with a deeper hidden

meaning that shapes my personality.

The piece by Monet is one of my

favorite works of Art. The thick impas-

to and the time period of Impressionism really depicts how simple yet complicated I am. I was attracted to this piece this

year when we were studying it be-

cause of overall craftsmanship

by Monet. It seems so simplistic and

easy to put basic shapes and

outlines on canvas, but in reality it is

one of the hardest painting

techniques in the Art world. Both

works of Art describe me be-

cause of their simple looking design

but on the inside they have a

much deeper meaning and value.

Volume 1, Issue 1

The Unseen Have you ever seen the wind? Neither you nor I, But it bullies the trees on a windy day. Have you ever seen love? Neither you nor I, But it conducts the hearts of the broken. Have you ever seen gravity? Neither you nor I, But it tethers us down you and me. Have you ever seen faith? Neither you nor I, But He is our hero.

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A poem that I wrote

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