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National Congress 2011







EDMONTON, ALBERTA Dec 30, 2010 - Jan 3, 2011

The purpose of this delegate package is to ensure you have a general understanding of the type of content we will be covering throughout the conference. By reading this package, it will ensure that you are prepared to learn and contribute throughout the entire conference.

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OC Welcome Letter Hotel Information and Directions Regional Competition Agenda Session Description Night Events Opening Plenary Submission Guidelines Things to Know Things To Bring NC 2011 Conference Team NC 2011 Sponsors

NC2011 Delegate Package | OC Welcome Letter

Dear Delegates of National Congress 2011! AIESEC Edmonton is pleased to welcome you all to our lovely city and hope you will get to experience and enjoy our western hospitality over the holiday season! We are excited to celebrate our 40th year as an LC and ring in the New Year with the future leaders of AIESEC Canada. Come prepared to learn the leadership and functional skills you will need for the roles you will be taking on in your LC over the next year. There will be opportunities to network with over 300 AIESECers from across Canada and the world, as well as corporate partners on the national and local level. You will be challenged to think outside of the box and forge the path for AIESEC Canada’s future, not only in your LC’s but also by electing the new Member Committee President for AIESEC Canada 2011-2012. Through meeting new people, making friends, and challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone we hope that you will gain the confidence and inspiration to lead AIESEC Canada to greater heights than ever before in the coming year and to keep this great organization sustainable for future generations. As the Organizing Committee for NC 2011, we have worked hard over the last year to ensure this will be a successful and fulfilling conference for everyone who attends. It is an honour to have you all experience what we have been dreaming about for so long. We can’t wait to meet you all and witness the energy you will bring to this conference so don’t be shy and show us your spirit! AIESECly yours, Organizing Committee National Congress 2011.

NC2011 Delegate Package | OC Commitment


National Congress 2011 is committed to Acting Sustainably: Individually, Collectively, and Globally. As citizens of the world, we are responsible to each other by our individual choices and actions. And together, our collective pursuit for peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential is but an arm’s reach. As part of our sustainable commitment, we are hosting NC 2011 at a hotel, Radisson Hotel Edmonton South, that has taken the initiative to be green.

The Radisson: • has a 3 Green Key Rating. • recycles all bottles and cans from their catering events. • use bulk items such as cereals and yogurts as much as possible. • currently have water coolers in all of their small and medium size conference rooms. • have baskets of pens and paper available in each room rather than at each place setting. • is in the process of changing all light bulbs to energy efficient product • has paper recycle bins in their offices and all their guestrooms. • runs a linens-reuse program whereby guests can choose to keep their towels/linens. • make sure that lights and air conditioners are off in rooms that are not in use. The OC: • will be using online delegate registration and pre/post-conference hotel registrations. • will provide reusable Lululemon delegate bags. • will ensure there are recycling bins in all plenary/session spaces. • will be using whiteboards for sessions as much as possible to reduce waste from flip charts.

NC2011 Delegate Package | Directions

DIRECTIONS: Radisson Hotel Edmonton South 4444 Gateway Blvd Edmonton, AB T6H 5C2 AMENITIES: Swimming pool, fitness center, high speed internet, and free parking PARKING CODE: Dec 27, 2010 - Jan 2, 2011: 75865# Jan 3, 2011 - Jan 9, 2011: 17757# Those who require parking must register their vehicle with the hotel and may park in spaces designated for 'hotel guests'.

Transportation to hotel


SKY SHUTTLE Sky Shuttle will take you to and from the Radisson South - When you arrive in Edmonton there will be a SkyShuttle waiting outside of the airport. When you want to go from the hotel to the airport be sure to book a time by going to this website: $18.00/person one way, $30.00/person for return. TAXI COMPANIES A taxi will most likely cost between $25.00 $40.00 from the airport to the hotel so if you have a group of 3 or more it will be cheaper than taking the SkyShuttle.

Whitemud Dr

1. Head east on S SERVICE RD toward AIRPORT RD. 2. Take 1st right onto AIRPORT RD 3. Merge onto QUEEN ELIZABETH LI HWY/AB-2 N via the ramp to Edmonton

Anthony Henday Dr

Ellersllie Rd SW

4. Continue onto GATEWAY BLVD NW ETA: 20 minutes drive

HWY 19 / 625

Popular taxi companies in Edmonton: EDM Airport Taxi Service Yellow Cab Prestige Cabs

1-780-890-7070 1-780-462-3456 1-780-462-4444

Airport Rd

Edmonton International Airport

NC2011 Delegate Package | Directions


Transportation in Edmonton (from the hotel)

Real Canadian Superstore 4821 Calgary Trail Northbound NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

TAXI to Whyte Avenue ~$15.00 to Downtown ~$15.00-$20.00.

Radisson Hotel to Superstore Superstore back to Radisson Hotel

BUS The cost of public transport is $2.75 and a transfer will last 90 minutes.

ETA: 3 minutes drive 51 AVE Real Canadian Superstore 48 Ave NW

You can take a bus to many locations such as West Edmonton Mall using Bus 33 or the LRT station which will take you to Whyte Avenue or Downtown. Bus trips can be planned here: TripPlannerAdvanced.aspx SUPERSTORE

45 Ave NW

Whitemud Dr

3 blocks away from the hotel is the Real Canadian Superstore and Liquor Store for your convenience. They have everything you could ever need. reId=500

NC2011 Delegate Package | Regional Competition


Yeah, yeah, we’ve got spirit ! (stick) So we have a Spirit Keg for the most Spirited LC in the West and a Spirit Oar for the most spirited LC in Ontario- Atlantic…… But we have never really seen whether the East can Beat the West. So Come on Quebec, Ontario- Atlantic and Western LC’s this time we have a competition putting you head to head with each other to see which region really does reign supreme. We will be judging based on Spirit! of course, as well as cheering, inclusiveness and participation in tracks, relevant feedback from LC Meetings, effort in networking, participation in night event themes and games and general attitude throughout the conference. The whole conference team will be keeping tabs to see which region really “Brings It” to NC 2011. The winning region will be awarded the Spirit Stick (Hockey Stick) which will be sent to the regional chair’s office for safekeeping as well as a surprise during the conference. So come ready to dive in to learning and fun at this year’s National Congress.

december 31st Legislation Discussion


LC Time



Evening Plenary

Connection Time

Functional Track II



Functional Track I

“I’m On A BOAT!”

LC Time

MCP Speeches


Opening Plenary

Check-in / LCP Legislation Fair

Travel Time

Morning Plenary


day two State of Association

december 30th

Check-in / LCP Summit

day one

Morning Plenary Functional Track III


Country Partnerships Break Price of a Chicken Evening Plenary Dinner

Regional Q&A

LC Time Legislation / “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

Lunch iLead

MC Feedback Session

Simulation Preparation

“Anything Glows”

MCP Elections



My AIESEC path

1-800 Transition Help Line

Impact Study for Ninjas

Inception: X + L Challenge

Morning Plenary

40th Birthday Soiree

Final Banquet

Prep Time

Closing Plenary


Planning for Success!


Corporate Lunch

CSR Challenge with The Co-operaors

Morning Plenary

day five


day four


january 3rd


january 2nd


january 1st

day three

NC2011 Delegate Package | Session Description


every day

day one dec 30th

MCP Elections:

This is your chance to elect the next leader of AIESEC Canada. At NC we will go through a rigorous election process involving speeches, Q&A periods, closing speeches, and the voting process itself! Please prepare yourself by reading the candidate’s application and starting discussions with your delegation.

Open/Evening Plenary:

A chance every day to get together to make announcements and re-energize the delegation! If you’ve been to a conference before, you know to avoid being late!

Night Events:

Planned by your wonderful Organizing Committee!

LCP Summit:

LCPs coming together to get an update on national team (MC + LCPs) issues

Legislation Fair: Opening Plenary:

Functional Tracks:

day two dec 31st

State of the Association: Connection Time:

LCPS coming together to discuss items that are being presented to legislate And so it begins! Your LC has 3 minutes to dazzle the entire country with your charm and enthusiasm.

Members will be trained in individualized portfolios. The MC will be reporting on its goals from its business plan. The LCPs will be presenting their exchange results to date. Members will be allowed to ask questions Taking everything we've learned in functional tracks and combining forces to get higher results by approaching projects in a cross-functional way.

NC2011 Delegate Package | Session Description

Sleep-in Time: Country Partnerships:

Price of a Chicken:

Inception – X + L Challenge:

For our delegates to sleep a bit more and recover from the new year's eve party CEEDers will lead discussions around partnering internationally.

Members will get in groups, facilitated by LCPs and VPs and will receive a X+L challenge that, together, they will find a solution. An introduction to the newest and coolest tools in alumni relations and how they can get results for your LC.

1-800 Transition Help-line:

LR – Connection time around transition challenges. Get LCPs and VPs to facilitate.

MyAIESEC path: MC Feedback Session and Simulation Prep: Simulation:

CSR Challenge: JFDI:

TR – This block will consist of a variety of soft-skill sessions delivered by NTtT trainers! TR – How to get the best return on your AIESEC investments and raise TNs.

day four jan 2nd

A session for incoming/outgoing LCPs… the title says it all. A glimpse into your upcoming AIESEC term, you will be faced with challenges and opportunities – may the best LC win.

Session delivered by the Cooperators Getting inspired to take action!

Planning for success!:

Session for the Incoming EB to receive training / orientation for Year Planning and guidance from outgoing EB

TNACC 2.0:

Next steps of the TNACC campaign…winners of first one will be announced at banquet

Final Banquet:

jan 1st

Surprise Session…

Impact Study for Ninjas:


day three

A dinner to celebrate our year achievements

day five jan 3rd

NC2011 Delegate Package | Night Events

NIGHT EVENTS Everyone should bring two pieces of government ID to get in the bar. One has to be photo ID. Quebec health care cards do not work. Please see list below for reference: - Driver’s License (recommended) - Provincial Identification Card with Photo - Passport (recommended) - Permanent Resident Card - Canadian Citizenship Card

day one - december 30th

***Legal age limit in Alberta is 18. Non Alcoholic Events: day one – december 30th : Pool Party day two – december 31st : New Years’ Dance Party day three – january 1st : Movie and Popcorn! day four – january 2nd : Games Night day five – january 3rd : Sugarcubes!

Come dressed like you would on a boat! Don't forget to grab your anchor, sailors cap, mermaid and flippy floppies. at OIL CITY ROADHOUSE - (country music and top 40s) $3 drinks all night

day two - december 31st

day three - january 1st

day four - january 2nd

Wear anything that glows, or will glow under a black light!

Ugly Xmas Sweater or Just Plain Ugly Sweater.

at LUCKY 13 - $3 drink specials all night, private party (aiesecers and invite only)

at THE RACK – (billiards, lounge, and dance floor) $4 drinks

day five - january 3rd

Celebrate our 40th Birthday! Banquet night. Dress in your best for our Fab 40 BDay. at Radisson Hotel

NC2011 Delegate Package | Opening Plenary

PLENARY SUBMISSION GUIDELINES If your LC is planning on having a presentation for opening plenary, please ensure you adhere to the following guidelines or your presentation will not be shared with the rest of the delegation. Accepted Media Formats • • • •

Media Presentations must be no longer than 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, we will end your presentation and move on to the following LC. The filename of the presentation must be as follows: • LCname_nc_2010 Media Presentations must be in one of the following formats: • PowerPoint (.ppt), Flash, Quicktime (.mov), Windows Media (.wmv), Real Player (.rm), Music (.mp3, .wav, .ram, .wma) All Audio and Video must be embedded into your presentation. • They must play automatically with your presentation. • We are not responsible for synchronizing music/video to your presentation, nor are we responsible for selecting music for your presentation.

How to submit your presentation files for Opening Plenary •

Opening Plenary Presentation files must be submitted during LCP Summit. If it is not received by the beginning of LCP summit, your presentation will not be played during opening plenary. NO BUTS! • Media Presentation files must be submitted via memory stick or CD. • Your LC name must be written/taped onto your memory stick or CD. It must also be claimed back at the end of opening plenary. • If there are special instructions on how the presentation is to be played, for example, if the presentation needs to be paused at certain points, writtenout detailed instructions must be provided during LCP summit, along with your presentation files. A member of your LC should be present 1/2 hour in plenary room before opening plenary to test run your LC's presentation file. • We are not responsible for presentation files correctly playing. In order to ensure your presentation is working correctly, it is a good idea to test it before hand on multiple computers.

NC2011 Delegate Package | Things to Know

THINGS TO KNOW: Dinner on the 30th If you have been to a conference before you know that dinner is not included on the first night. We will be arranging pizza for you through the hotel so we will coordinate orders through the LCPs of each Local Committee, we will be billing the OC for the number of pizza’s ordered. Your LCP will let you know how much you owe for your portion please ensure you coordinate payment before the conference. LCP’s – we will send you an invoice for the pizza order, please bring cash or a cheque to pay at registration.

Pre/Post Conference Hotel Reservations We have arranged a special deal with the hotel so you can get a room pre or post con for $85.00 / night. If you share with three other people that is just over $20.00 each. If you wish to book the hotel please contact the Radisson and let them know you are with the AIESEC conference to get this reduced rate. ( Room Service During the conference, you will not have access to room service, but will be required to pay by cash on delivery – you will not be able to charge anything to your room.

Alcohol and Outside Food As always, you are able to drink in your rooms but it is prohibited to have alcohol in any open spaces including the plenary room. It is also forbidden to bring in outside food unless it is just snacks kept in your room. For the two night events held in the hotel we will have a cash bar where you can buy liquor. Please bring cash if you want to buy drinks. Any outside liquor you bring to the party will be confiscated by hotel staff or by the OC.

Conference T-Shirts If you ordered a conference T-Shirt through registration please bring $18.00 cash or cheque to registration.

NC2011 Delegate Package | Things To Bring

THINGS TO BRING: Session related things: •This delegate package •Pen and paper or notebook •Opening plenary presentation (CD, memory stick or live!) •Minimum Standards Documents •Water Bottle, there will be water coolers in the breakout rooms bring a water bottle to stay sustainable!

What to Pack •Comfortable Clothing for sessions •Business attire for Corporate day on January 3rd •Formal Attire for the final banquet •Swim Suit •Warm Clothes for the journey to Night Events •Fun costumes for the Night Events! •Personal Toiletries, there will not be shampoo and conditioner in the hotel rooms in an effort to stay sustainable, If you need them during the conference the OC will have a supply in their office. •Any medications you need (Advil, Pepto Bismol) •Snacks for your room •Energy drinks, if you want •Cell phone charger •Camera

IMPORTANT Payment for Delegate Fees As you know we have been using the new registration system, the OC will be sending each LC the invoice for delegates registered by December 16th. Please send a cheque for the amount due to: AIESEC Edmonton Room 2-04H School of Business University of Alberta Edmonton, AB T6G 2R6 by December 22th or bring your cheque to registration. The OC must have your cheque before your members can check in. Please make all cheques out to - National Congress 2011

NC2011 Delegate Package | Conference Team

NC2011 CONFERENCE TEAM ORGANIZING COMMITTEE OC President: VP Logistics: VP PR / Finance: VP Sponsorship: Corporate Liaison: Delegate Servicing:

Tiarra Keim Stephani Daoussis Siao Chin Roma Sobieski Mark Neufeld Ijaz Rahim


Florent Meiyi

SECRETARY VP Logistics NLDC2011:

Natasha Lamoureux

@ Ottawa

2010 – 2011 MEMBER COMMITTEE MC President: VP Communications: VP Corporate Relations: VP Corporate Relations: VP Exchange: VP Org. Development.:

Vitor de Avelar Jérôme Gagnon-Voyer Pier-Etienne Coulombe Peter Gallivan Rochelle Eng Rafael Pilliard Hellwig

(MCP Candidate) (MCP Candidate)

FACILITATORS Communications: Talent Management: Finance: Outgoing Exchange: Corporate Relations: Alumni Relations: Simulation: Organizing Committee: IT Director:

Shree Govindarajan Laura Kalily Merve Ergin Julie Park Simon Sywanyk Ena Cimic William Humphrey Diana Gaviria Derek Vollebregt Bruno-Clément Boudreault Remi Daviet

@ Edmonton (MCP Candidate) @ Guelph @ Turkey @ Calgary @ Saskatoon @ Edmonton @ Windsor @ Edmonton @ McGill (MCP Candidate) @ Laval @ Laval

NC2011 Delegate Package | NC 2011 Sponsors

AIESEC NC2011 Delegate Pkg  

NC2011 Delegate Package - AIESEC Edmonton, AIESEC Canada

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