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School Breakfast Week 2020 - Catalog catalog

With a healthy school breakfast

MARCH 2- 6

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Food and Nutrition Division School Breakfast Program



COMMISSIONER SID MILLER This product was funded by USDA. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


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Updated 03/2020

Dear Child Nutrition Director: Thank you for dedicating your talents and abilities to building a bright future for Texas children. As you prepare for School Breakfast Week (SBW), March 2-6, 2020, bear in mind that you and your school nutrition team deserve all the credit for turning nutritious meals into something to celebrate. Please use the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) resources in this catalog during SBW to recognize your accomplishments and reinforce the healthy-lifestyle messaging that you deliver throughout the year. TDA’s 2020 SBW theme — Save the Day with a Healthy School Breakfast — taps into the universal appeal of fictional superheroes while acknowledging the heroic qualities necessary to succeed in child nutrition. This year’s SBW resources feature completely original superheroes Texas students created for the most recent You Art What You Eat statewide student art contest. For information about next year’s contest, please visit Using this catalog, you can order photo backdrops, participation charts, and tri-a-rama ceiling displays. Remember, these materials are available at no cost, but quantities are limited. Submit your order today. This catalog also features a wealth of downloadable materials and creative ideas to help you transcend everyone’s SBW expectations in 2020. Downloadable materials include shopping lists, social media ads, Web banners and much more. Regardless of what you decide to access in the catalog, every child nutrition director will receive a shipment containing cafeteria posters for each of their schools. I look forward to seeing your creativity on display as you celebrate healthy school meals. The energy and excellence that you bring to SBW will help ensure Texas children continue to thrive by embracing the 3E’s of Healthy Living — Education, Exercise and Eating Right. Sincerely,

Angela Olige Assistant Commissioner | Food and Nutrition Division Texas Department of Agriculture


Table of Contents! Save the Day with a Healthy School Breakfast....1 Texas Agriculture and Local Products For School Breakfast Week......................................2 The Art of Breakfast and the Winners Behind the Posters................................3 Enter the 2020 You Art What You Eat Art Contest!.................................................3 Cafeteria Posters for SBW Celebrations.............4 SBW Participation Levels for Schools....................5 Inspirational Success Stories....................................6 SBW No-Cost Marketplace - Order Today!........9 Downloadable Resources.............................................11 Suggested Menu and Shopping List.........................13 Additional TDA Resources..........................................15 Farm Fresh Challenge Opportunities........................18 Farm Fresh Harvest of the Month...........................20


Save the Day with a Healthy School Breakfast TDA’s School Breakfast Week (SBW) theme for 2020 is Save the Day with a Healthy School Breakfast. The theme makes good nutrition and healthy lifestyles fun, exciting and relevant for students. It associates a healthy breakfast with the heroic qualities of fictional superheroes. Schools can use the theme to support engagement activities during SBW, March 2-6, 2020. Schools can also highlight local foods during SBW.

Mark Your Calendars for ... ... School Year 2020-2021 Pledge participation now for the month-long Farm Fresh Challenge in October 2020. The challenge overlaps National School Lunch Week (NSLW) and offers special recognition for schools using more Texas products in cafeteria meals during October. Participants also provide nutritional education and share their successes on social media. Click here to learn more about last year’s Farm Fresh Challenge and its participants. Mark your calendars to register for the NSLP Farm Fresh Challenge.


Texas Agriculture & Local Products for SBW SBW is a great time to make breakfast the focus of farm to school activities. Serving local foods in meals, offering nutrition and agriculture lessons, and using garden-based learning are some ways that you can bring farm to school and the Farm Fresh Initiative to your students. All these activities help connect children to Texas food and the farmers and ranchers who grow and raise it. One of the best ways child nutrition programs can support this is by focusing SBW menus on seasonally available Texas products, including Texas produced fruits, vegetables and meat products! Use TDA’s menu planning resources, online seasonality wheel and the Farm Fresh Network to learn more about buying and serving local foods when they are at their freshest each month. To find out more about farm to school and TDA’s Farm Fresh Initiative, visit Save the day with a...

Healthy school breakfast!! Join the Farm Fresh Challenge for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Operators Does your district or charter organization participate in CACFP? It’s not too late to register to for the CACFP Farm Fresh Challenge in March 2020. Serving local foods, teaching students about agriculture, and sharing about it with community members is a great way to connect afterschool program participants and early learners with Texas agriculture! Register online at and celebrate local products all month and during SBW.


The Statewide Student Art Contest and Current Winners Each year, TDA’s You Art What You Eat student art contest provides an opportunity for Texas students to artistically interpret TDA themes for NSLW and/or SBW. The first-place winning artwork inspires the designs of posters that are distributed to every Texas school for NSLW and SBW. This year’s winning artwork illustrates the theme Save the Day with a Healthy School Breakfast and is featured in all the posters and materials created for the week. The posters, materials and original artwork from the winners, runners up and the participants will be displayed in the State Capitol in spring of 2020. Specific dates will be announced in an email sent to all child nutrition directors (CNDs).

1st Place Winners for SBW! Middle/High School


Emily Mikolaycik | 4th Grade, Austin

Austlynn Quiroz | 6th Grade, Laredo Runners-Up for SBW

Elementary 2nd Place – Jose Hernandez, 4th Grade - Pharr 3rd Place – Maggie Li, 5th grade - Colleyville

All Texas Students Can Enter You Art What You Eat for 2020!

Middle and High School 2nd Place – Jose Luis Sanchez, 11th grade - La Joya 3rd Place – Azul Solis, 6th grade - Rio Hondo

TDA is currently accepting entries for the 5th annual You Art What You Eat statewide student art contest! Students are encouraged to create their own advertisement for NSLW and/or SBW based on the themes listed below. There is a maximum of two entries per student. If two entries are submitted by a student one must be for the lunch theme and the other must be for the breakfast theme. Artwork can be created using a variety of media. Entries must be received by April 3, 2020. More information about the contest, along with submission and entry forms can be found on

Below are the official themes students should use for their drawings.

Students will be creative with stars, planets, rockets and more as they suit up and blast off for a healthy school breakfast and lunch with TDA’s space-inspired theme!

Blast off with a Healthy School Breakfast

Blast off with a Healthy School Lunch


Posters for School Breakfast Week Celebrations TDA will mail SBW cafeteria posters to all Texas schools in January. To ensure cafeteria posters are delivered to the correct locations, please log in to TX-UNPS and update your address if needed. No ordering is necessary. There are three posters in a set. Each set is for either for elementary schools or middle and high schools. These posters will not include SBW dates, so they can be utilized throughout the year. The posters fit in the tri-a-rama three-panel ceiling display system. Everyone is encouraged to find high traffic areas in the school to display the posters.

Elementary School

Middle/High School


School Breakfast Week No-Cost Marketplace The Marketplace offers one-stop, no-cost shopping with a list of the items school nutrition professionals can use to enhance their SBW celebrations. CNDs listed in TX-UNPS should have received an email indicating materials were available to order. Materials may still be available if you did not order at that time. The button on the cover of this catalog offers viewers a second chance to order. An Out of Stock indicator will appear if an item is no longer available. All materials are available online for download via the SBW resources page at

Order Today!

Elementary School Tri-a-rama Hanging Kits for Cafeteria Posters*

TDA is including three-panel ceiling display mobiles called tria-ramas in the list of items schools can order. If you ordered a tri-a-rama last year, you can re-use it. They will not be available for order every year, so get them while supplies last and hang on to them for future celebrations.

Participation Chart*

Younger students will enjoy watching the participation chart change every day they eat a school breakfast in the cafeteria during SBW. Cafeteria managers can write each day’s total on the poster to show the entire school that students are eating breakfast. The chart encourages students to beat the previous day’s participation total! Take pictures of students in front of the chart and post them on your school’s social media sites using the hashtag #TXSBW.

* Items available to order at no cost from TDA this year. Go to to access the order form.


School Breakfast Week No-Cost Marketplace Middle/High School

Order Today! Photo Backdrop*

Students and staff can have fun and help promote SBW on social media by taking a photo in front of this backdrop and tagging #TXSBW. The photo backdrop artwork coordinates with the middle and high school poster sets but elementary schools can also get in on the fun by ordering the backdrop as well. Further instructions and prop cut-outs can be found online. Please Note: Hang the two TDA backdrop posters side-by-side to create one large photo backdrop so students can take group photos! Quick tip: If phones are prohibited on your campus, have a teacher set up a camera and take photos and post them throughout the week on social media and school TVs, if available.

Phot oP avail rops able!

The New Photo Frame*


The photo frame can be used as a prop to make an interactive photo booth, or the frame can be passed around the cafeteria to encourage students to take pictures while they eat their food. Students will hold the frame to create a picture of health and have fun showing off their healthy school meals!

* Items available to order at no cost from TDA this year. Go to to access the order form.


Online Resources for Download The following resources are available on TDA’s SBW resource page. Visit

Available in Spanish!

Elementary Activity Sheets

Fun, age-appropriate puzzles and games engage students in learning about nutrition and agriculture. Materials feature the winning artwork from the You Art What You Eat art contest elementary school division.

Punch Cards

Print and distribute punch cards to elementary school students to encourage them to eat a school breakfast each day during SBW. Work with each campus to reward students who get a full punch card!

Available in Spanish!

Parent Information Flyer with Suggested Theme Days

The flyer can be distributed via email or printed and sent home with students. The flyer gives parents a chance to support your SBW efforts and encourage their children to participate. The theme days help generate buzz around the celebration, especially for middle and high school students. Schools can document all the fun outfits for TDA’s success story features! An alternative to printing the flyer is linking to a PDF in an electronic school newsletter. You can also promote theme days using your school’s different communication platforms by simply copying and pasting the ad to your school’s website or asking teachers and staff to include this advertisement in all their communications to parents.


Online Resources for Download Site Button

To publicize SBW celebrations for the entire community, add this site button to the school’s home and social media pages. Teachers can also add the button to the bottom of their signature lines so it is visible with outgoing emails.

Social Media Ads

TDA’s high-quality social media ads are suitable for all the media outlets your schools support including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The ads focus on building curiosity for the upcoming campaign and announcing that the week has arrived. Consider linking your online post to the TDA suggested hashtag #TXSBW.

Facebook Cover Photo

To complement other social media outreach efforts, change your school’s Facebook cover photo to help market SBW all month long! Just upload the corresponding grade level cover photo and start telling all the school’s Facebook friends about SBW. This is another great way to inform parents of the upcoming celebration. Available in Spanish!

Morning Announcements

Daily SBW announcements combine learning about good nutrition with building excitement for the event. Students of all ages can participate in this activity and TDA encourages schools to involve students. TDA has tailored these announcements for an intermediate reading level (grades 4 – 8) so younger students should be able to read them over the intercom. Quick tip: a good way to encourage students to participate is to host a contest where the winners get to read the morning announcements during SBW.


SBW Celebration Participation Levels Each school can pick an SBW participation level that fits their goals. Remember, these are recommendations and choosing a participation level does not restrict schools in their promotions. All resources mentioned in the participation levels can be downloaded from the SBW online resources page at and printed by the school. Ideas on how to use TDA materials are in this catalog. After SBW 2020, CNDs listed in TX-UNPS will receive a survey asking them to summarize their SBW successes and challenges. To ensure delivery of the survey, please log in to TX-UNPS and update all contact information. We encourage you to take the survey and we appreciate any feedback you provide.

SBW Participation Level 1 • • • • •

Order and display the participation chart and/or photo backdrop. Display TDA cafeteria posters at least two weeks prior to SBW. Have students take turns reading the SBW morning announcements during the week and on the Friday before SBW. Encourage students and teachers to participate in all SBW activities. Teachers can incorporate food, agriculture and nutrition into lesson plans. TDA’s farm to school activity book is a helpful resource and the SBW activity sheets for elementary students offer great ways to teach the kids about healthy foods in a fun, creative way. Incorporate the SBW parent information flyer into your school newsletter, website or student report cards (electronic or print).

SBW Participation Level 2

Implement all elements of Level 1, AND • Print and utilize the photo station props (available online). • Post SBW information and ads on your school’s website and social media pages and include the hashtag #TXSBW in all your posts. • Learn more about the Farm Fresh Initiative’s Farm Fresh Challenge that occurs annually in October. Place it on your calendar as a reminder to sign up! • Utilize the punch cards TDA offers and incentivize daily participation with prizes or rewards. • Use the TDA suggested menu, shopping lists and recipe book. Quick tip: all recipes listed on the SBW resources Web page can be found in MENU Module. If you are not familiar with MENU Module, find more information in the back of this catalog. • Use recipes from the Cooking for the Seasons cookbook to incorporate seasonally available produce items into your menus.

SBW Participation Level 3

Implement all elements of Levels 1 and 2, AND … • Plan to Eat Local, Teach Local, and Be Social during the 2020 Farm Fresh Challenge. For more information, visit the Farm Fresh Challenge Web page! • Ask your teachers to include the You Art What You Eat student art contest as a project in their curricula for next year. • Use the Farm Fresh Seasonality Wheel to see what’s in season in February and March. Plan your menus around the fruits and vegetables that ripen in March. If available, consider incorporating fresh items from your school gardens into menus. • Have your students explore new food options by scheduling taste tests of local products and items from your school gardens. • Invite local farmers, the mayor and community leaders to participate in a special assembly at the school. • Get involved in the other TDA initiatives, contests and/or challenges mentioned in this catalog. • Submit a success story to TDA once the SBW survey arrives in your CND’s inbox. Success stories and celebration photos can also be submitted to Submission photos must have signed TDA photo releases with them or the photos cannot be utilized. Photo release can be found on the success stories page at


Inspirational Success Stories Burleson ISD

Try Their recipe!

Centennial High School students in Burleson ISD got a special treat during last year’s School Breakfast Week campaign – banana split parfaits. It was the second year to serve the parfaits and the students loved them. It was just one of the special menu items the school served during SBW.

1 oz granola

“Our participation was pretty steady, but they were very excited about the new items we did this week,” said Emily Jones, Burleson ISD. “Some of the new items we will keep on the menu and hope to drive up participation because of them.” The other special menu items were Spartan Breakfast Bowl, homemade French toast, chocolate or powdered sugar doughnuts and smoothies with a treat.

4 oz yogurt 1/2 banana 1/4 cup pineapple 1/4 cup strawberries

(commodity, frozen, sliced)

Garnish of whipped cream and chocolate sauce drizzle Served in an 8 oz ivex container The components are: 1 oz Grain, 1 oz Meat/Meat Alternate and 3/4 cup Fruit -14-

Inspirational Success Stories Magnolia ISD Eight schools in Magnolia ISD participated in last year’s School Breakfast Week challenge. They utilized TDA’s theme of Level Up with a Healthy School Breakfast in combination with the Start Your Engines decorations to create a fun game for students. School officials hung signs with healthy suggestions for breakfast and tied both promotions together with transportation stickers. “The students then placed the stickers on the poster like a race,” said Kimberly Ohlendorf, director of Nutrition Services for Magnolia ISD. “The kids went wild over the stickers and tried to ‘win’ on the posters.” Ohlendorf said the district used the posters, participation goals chart and artwork to develop the idea of a Pacman-type game for the students. She said the district is always focused on meal appeal and understands that there is a lot of competition when it comes to food choices. “We try to make our meals attractive to students as well as healthy,” she said. “Tying the race theme and level up theme to the meal and letting students have additional choices, as well as making school breakfast a convenient option, helps encourage participation.” While the district usually sees a slight increase in breakfast participation during School Breakfast Week, one of the greatest rewards is in the increased communication between the cafeteria staff and the students. “We are here for the students and always love to get their input as to what we are doing right and what we need to improve,” Ohlendorf said.


Inspirational Success Stories Irving ISD Irving ISD celebrated School Breakfast Week on 33 campuses. They used TDA’s cafeteria posters, participation charts, and social media resources to encourage students to “Level Up with a Healthy School Breakfast.” To increase student participation in the School Breakfast Program, Irving ISD went above and beyond to bring breakfast to the students. They offered a variety of traditional breakfast items on the hot line and Grab-n-Go items on hallway breakfast carts. School Breakfast Week “assisted in disseminating information on the importance of breakfast and brought students to the breakfast carts/lines that may not have otherwise participated,” said Olga Rosenberger, director of Food and Nutrition Services for Irving ISD. Rosenberger said that participating in School Breakfast Week had many positive impacts at the school and district level. School principals made daily announcements to remind students about the school breakfast promotions, and cafeteria staff interacted with students to encourage them to eat breakfast. Participation in School Breakfast Week was encouraged and rewarded. “This year we featured a breakfast participation contest where participation was tracked and those students enjoying a school breakfast were entered into a random drawing for prizes,” Rosenberger said.


WITH A healthy SCHOOL BREAKFAST! CANNED GOODS Applesauce, Unsweetened ** Peaches, Sliced ** Pears, Diced ** Pineapple Tidbits Refried Beans Salsa, Low-Sodium **

meat/ meat ALT. Chicken Nuggets Nut or Seed Butter ** Eggs ** Turkey Bacon Turkey Sausage Links

Seasonings Cayenne Pepper Chipotle Cinnamon Spice Cinnamon, Ground Cumin, Ground Garlic Powder Garlic, Raw Ground Pepper, Black Paprika Pumpkin Pie Spice Salt, Table Sugar, Granulated




Food and Nutrition Division School Breakfast Program

Suggested Shopping List School Breakfast Week


DAIRY Cheese, Shredded, Low-Fat ** Yogurt, Low-fat, Vanilla **

WHOLE GRAINS Corn Muffin Mix Oats, Rolled ** WGR Tortillas ** WGR Waffles Whole Wheat Flour **


PRODUCE Apples, Fresh ** Bananas, Fresh Blueberries, Fresh Cantaloupe, Fresh Grapefruit, Fresh Green Onions, Fresh Hash Brown Potatoes, Frozen Jalapeño Peppers, Fresh Oranges, Fresh ** Strawberries, Fresh Tomatillos, Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Yellow Onion, Fresh

Baking Powder Baking Soda Brown Sugar Butter, Unsalted Gelatin, Cherry Flavored Honey Oil, Canola Pan Release Cooking Spray Pancake Syrup Vanilla Extract Vinegar, Distilled Water


# May be available through DoD Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Program > May be available from a local producer ** Available through USDA Foods Texas grown & in season



COMMISSIONER SID MILLER This product was funded by USDA. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Sugges t Menu ed

march 2-6

School Breakfast Week

MonledNaacyhos ORSushi

kfast g App Amazin harged Brea erries c r Strawb Supe , s a n , Bana Apples Fresh of Milk Variety



Bold B or Tomreakfast Que atillo Salsa sadilla w/ To mato Orange Variety Smiles, Refr ied Bea of Milk ns



Super Turkey Sheet Pan Pancak Bacon es w/ Syrup, Fruit S a l Variety sa (15),A pplesa of Mil uce k

Mega Cheese Muffin or Mega Spiced Muffin, Sausage Links Cantaloupe Wedge, Pineapple Tidbits Variety of Milk


Mighty Chicken & Wonder Waffle Sliders w/Syrup


Grapefruit Sections, Blush Pears Variety of Milk


Food and Nutrition Division School Breakfast Program



COMMISSIONER SID MILLER This product was funded by USDA. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Additional TDA Resources USDA Foods For the 2018-19 school year, USDA Foods helped offset food costs for Texas schools by 34.5 cents per meal. School nutrition professionals can choose from thousands of different USDA Food items that meet menu planning needs, student preferences, and school nutrition goals. Food items are available fresh, frozen, canned, dried, in bulk and in individual portions. Many USDA Foods can be sent to a manufacturer to be turned into processed food items that kids love. Schools must commit entitlement dollars for USDA Foods through survey requests to ensure desired foods are made available to them. It is recommended that schools commit as much of their entitlement as possible during the first round of surveys that usually occurs in February and March of the prior school year. Additional survey requests may be made available but with limited items. Additionally, schools may receive fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the Department of Defense (DoD). In Program Year 2019, TDA distributed $31 million of USDA Foods entitlement on fresh produce provided by the DoD Fresh program. Schools must opt in by Jan. 31 of each year to utilize a portion of their entitlement for DoD Fresh. Texas schools can also utilize a portion of their USDA Foods entitlement to purchase Texas-grown produce through DoD Farm to School. Six locally grown crops are available during their peak season for the DoD Farm to School Program — seedless watermelon, red apples, peaches, pears, grapefruit and oranges. Schools may opt into the DoD Farm to School program at any time. It is available to schools on a first come, first serve basis until funding is exhausted.

MENU Module Software The Menu Enhancement and Nutrition (MENU) Module is a Web-based system for menu planning, meal production, nutrition compliance, and meal cost analysis. TDA offers the software at no cost to any contracting entities (CE) participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs in Texas. In addition, MENU’s School Café online app offers students and parents easy access to their school’s menus and provides important feedback to child nutrition program staff. TDA and regional education service centers stand ready to provide the training and technical assistance needed to implement the MENU Module software. Competitive benefits 1. Improve nutrient content accuracy of meals served 2. Access expanding library of recipes and menus 3. Streamline the Administrative Review process 4. Engage students and parents via mobile app ... And much more! Learn more today! Visit Schools that have access to MENU Module can consider adding SBW recipes for future use.


Additional TDA Resources Texas Eligibility List Management System (Texas ELMS)

To ensure more children in need have access to school meals, TDA offers a Web-based direct certification system that helps a CE determine which LIST MANAGEMENT enrolled students are eligible to receive ELIGIBILITY free and reduced-price meals.SYSTEM This software system is called the Texas Eligibility List Management System (Texas ELMS).


CEs in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs use the system to match their enrollment records with the names of students in households receiving assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or some types of Medicaid. These students are categorically eligible for free and reduced-price school meals. Matched households do not need to submit applications to receive these meals.



HART Health Ambassadors for a Ready Texas: Building Student Engagement for Child Nutrition Programs TDA created Health Ambassadors for a Ready Texas (HART) to provide the opportunity for high school students to champion healthy eating and wellness within their school communities. The Health Ambassadors are encouraged to engage with school nutrition staff, administrators, students, their School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) and other school partners to achieve the following goals: 1. Promote TDA child nutrition programs 2. Improve their school health environment 3. Provide feedback to TDA TDA encourages school nutrition teams to engage with students throughout the year. Students can provide valuable feedback about meal enhancements and promote school nutrition programs among their classmates. Learn more about HART, student successes and the application timeline at


Additional TDA Resources Meal Appeal Initiative TDA’s Boost Meal Appeal resources provide child nutrition professionals with the tools they need to create fresh, vibrant cycle menus and comply with school nutrition guidelines. To learn more about meal appeal and its benefits, visit If you would like to share quick tips, ideas or resources for how to boost meal appeal, please email



ex nT




ti n

g Gr

e at P late s i

Menu Calendar Templates TDA’s menu calendar templates provide a fun and engaging format for providing families with a preview of the month’s meals. A set of 12 templates for the next school year is released every January. The menu calendar templates align with the Farm Fresh Initiative’s Harvest of the Month project and help inform parents, students and school staff about dates for important events such as NSLW, SBW, the Summer Meals Program, the You Art What You Eat art contest and the Farm Fresh Challenge. Templates are available as PowerPoint documents for easy editing.



FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO PARTICIPATE: • Take the online Farm Fresh Challenge participation pledge. Pledge by July 15, 2020 to receive a Farm Fresh Fridays toolkit of support materials. Participation pledge should be completed by the CE, not an individual school campus. • Visit for helpful resources to use during the challenge.



• Complete the challenge during October 2020. Eat Local. Teach Local. Be Social.

Eat Local. Serve local foods sourced directly from a farmer, a farmers market, school garden, or distributor that works directly with local producers. Teach Local. Host activities that educate students about local food and

agriculture. Examples include taste testing local products; field trips to a farm or farmers market; Meet the Farmer days; garden-based learning activities; or classroom lessons focused on local food and agriculture. You may use one of TDA’s Farm Fresh Friday resources or create your own celebration.

Be Social. Share on social media using #FarmFreshFriday to build

community awareness of your Farm Fresh Challenge participation.


MISSED THE ORDER DEADLINE? If you missed the order deadline, you can download and print all of the materials and additional promotion items by visiting Second chance ordering is available but please order as soon as possible by clicking on the button located on the front of this catalog.









N O TT BU Button mushrooms grow out of the ground and don’t need sunlight. Despite being mostly water— about 90 percent—mushrooms are sometimes thought of as the “meat” of the vegetable world. They are a lowcalorie food that can be eaten raw, cooked or part of a larger meal. There are a few mushroom varieties, called toadstools, that are very poisonous. So if you find a mushroom growing in the woods or the yard, don’t eat it.

did you know? Button mushrooms were first grown in France nearly 300 years ago.

fun fact There are more than 30 species of mushroom that actually glow in the dark. People have been known to use these fungi to light their way through the woods.

1 2

Button Mushroom Growing Regions 1. East Texas

2. Central Texas

This catalog provides fun and easy ideas to help make your SBW celebration successful and planning easier. read this catalog for more information about the SBW resources TDA is offering this year.


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School Breakfast Week Catalog 2020  

School Breakfast Week Catalog 2020