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Editor’s Letter My Family’s Kind Of Art

10 Girl Time Tips,Trends And Fancies

14 Eventful Goings On Around Town

16 21 A Purposeful Life Focus This Fall With Goal-Setting

22 Cultural Awakening Artist Adrian Chu Redmond Enjoys International Success

16 The Art Of Restoration Filmmaker Therese Bartholomew Turns Tragedy Into Healing


26 Artfully Yours Charlotte’s 2013-14 Art Season


31 Gallery Crawl Explore Art In The City

32 Wine Up Pairing Wine And Food, Simply

36 Style www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 6

Chic Looks That Take You Around Town

42 At Home A Unique Inheritance Transforms One Woman’s Home

48 Wishful Thinking TCW & Make-A-Wish® Announce The 2013 W.I.S.H. Society

52 Health Flash What You Need To Know To Stay Well

58 The Final Word Pardon Me!

OnTheCover Model Kristen Schneider paints a pretty picture strolling the streets of Charlotte. Wardrobe information found on page 37.

Photo By Glenn Roberson.



My Family’s Kind Of Art here’s an old saying,“Everyone’s a critic.” I have a different version of the saying. I believe “Everyone’s an artist.” That’s not to say everyone can paint pictures worthy of a museum. Heck, most people aren’t even good at decorating their own homes. There are writers, and there are not. And certainly, not everyone can sing a tune (including yours truly). Still, I believe that everyone is blessed with a talent that has an artfulness to it. For proof of this, I turn close to home. My father is a body man. He works on cars for a living, and has for most of his 67 years. You might not consider someone who repairs sheet metal and works with grinders and body filler to be an artist … but you change your mind when you see his “art” in full, 3-D form. His most recent creation is a butteryellow 1931 Ford Model A Roadster he rebuilt from the ground up and finished this summer. This project is more important to my family than any Rembrandt could be. It’s his opus, of sorts. The Roadster was the car I heard about my entire life. My dad started collecting pieces of the car in 1976, back when I was 5 years old and he made about $200 a week. Against my mother’s better judgment, he bought two rusty Roadster body “hulls” for $350. In a year’s time, he doubled his investment by sandblasting, repairing and selling the hull he didn’t want. As my mother puts it,“Thus the saga began.” He spent years working, buying and selling, and sinking that hard-earned money back into parts for his dream Roadster. This went on for over three decades. The family joke for most of my childhood was that Daddy had an entire car in the attic. While that wasn’t exactly true, it was close. There were car parts in the attic, car parts in the garage … even car parts under


www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 8

Volume 17, Number 5 September 2013 Karsen Price Editor Karsen@todayscharlottewomanmag.com

Sharon Simpson Publisher sharon@todayscharlottewomanmag.com

my parents’ bed! Over the years, my dad worked on many projects, and finished many other cars. I admit I had moments when I didn’t believe he would finish the Roadster. I had moments when I didn’t believe he would start the Roadster! In 2008, he suddenly began work on the Roadster hull he didn’t sell in the 1970s. A few months into the project, he was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer that left my family shaken to the core. He underwent radical surgery, during which he was over-medicated and wound up in ICU for a week. Once home and back in his normal routine, Daddy focused on the Roadster with what could be called passion or obsession, take your pick. After watching his life flash before our eyes, we knew what we were seeing … his final large-scale car restoration project, not to mention the completion of a life’s dream. Still a working man, my dad toiled in his home garage at least three nights a week. It was an accepted truth that most weekends would be spent working on his car. Everyone in the family got to help, including my young daughter and nephew. For six years, we watched him craft together that car, until he had a piece of art that is absolutely showroom beautiful. After finishing the car this summer, the icing on the cake was my daughter’s 10th birthday party, during which my dad chauffeured kids and parents around the neighborhood in his dream Model A Roadster. For me, the best part was when my daughter turned to one of her friends and shouted, “Annabelle! My grandfather built this with his bare hands! Isn’t that incredible?” It is incredible. Incredible, indeed.

Fern Howerin Associate Publisher Fern@todayscharlottewomanmag.com

Trisha Robinson Sales Executive Trisha@todayscharlottewomanmag.com

April Rozzelle-Woolford Sales Executive April@todayscharlottewomanmag.com

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T I P S ,

Ana Lucia Divins uses her musical talents to unite the Latino community with Charlotte's art world.

Authentic Connections Ana Lucia Divins Engages The Community At The Mint na Lucia Divins is passionate about her position as the Latino community education liaison at The Mint Museum, funded by a grant from Duke Energy. Her job is no small matter: She is tasked with helping broaden and diversify the museum’s base of visitors and members, and expand its bilingual community engagement. Divins feels uniquely prepared for the job. In addition to being a talented musician and performer, she relishes the chance to unite the Latino community with Charlotte’s art world. Born in Colombia, Divins has extensive experience in the corporate world, handling everything from project management to marketing to communications for Bank of America and Wells Fargo. She has a bachelor’s of science in industrial engineering, and was selected for the 2008-2010 William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations, which is part of the Wildacres Leadership Initiative. She is married and has two children, and has lived in Charlotte since 2000.


www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 10

Q: Tell me about your position as Latino community education liaison at the Mint Museum. A: My position is an exciting one. I am leading a comprehensive initiative that provides cultural access to the

Latino community, while also creating opportunities for nonLatinos interested in Latin American art and culture to enjoy the diversity of the Latino programs. I work across all departments at the museum to ensure we are establishing authentic connections with the community, from overseeing the production of bilingual promotional materials, to building relationships with Spanish media and Latino community groups, to designing relevant bilingual educational programs for all audiences. Q: You have lived in Charlotte since 2000. Do you feel the community has upped the ante in the last 13 years when it comes to embracing diversity? A: Absolutely. I have seen tremendous progress. However, since diverse communities such as the Latino community have been growing extremely rapidly over the last couple of years — for example, the Hispanic/Latino population in the state more than doubled over the decade, making North Carolina sixth in the nation in Hispanic/Latino population growth — it seems like our community is still trying to “catch up” to understand the new dynamics, to be able to embrace effectively this wealth of diversity that we can find in our own backyards.

writing in my teenage years; it was my own therapy. However, I didn’t become intentional about my singing career until a few years ago, when I started developing several musical projects. I discovered that singing brings me back to my roots, and connects me with a heritage that I love to share with others through my voice. I love to explore Latin American folk rhythms, stories and origins of the music, and I perform frequently with a guitarist and good friend from Ecuador, Carlos Crespo. Together, we do acoustic bilingual performances — a combination of jazz, blues and smooth Latin American folk music. Since I have been spearheading several artistic and community projects in our community for many years, I believe there is a level of trust that comes with that. At the same time, I am passionate about art, sharing Latino culture and about the mission of the Mint Museum. I just combine all of that to do what is right for the museum and for the Latino community.

Q: Is it a challenge to bring art to Charlotte’s Latino population? A: It is more than a challenge, it is a great opportunity. The Mint Museum is one of very few large cultural organizations in the state taking the lead in this arena. The museum has been supporting the Latino community for many years through community partnerships, a foundation that has been very helpful. Now, we have a more comprehensive strategy including bilingual exhibitions, programming and advertising. Gaining the trust of the Latino community is a very difficult task, not only in the arts. But once the community understands that the effort is consistent, permanent and authentic, this audience is very loyal and we are witnessing this at the Mint. The response of the community has been extremely positive. Q: I understand you are a gifted singer and songwriter. How do you use your talents to help the Mint attract more people across Charlotte? A: Music has always been part of my life. Growing up in Colombia, I was always doing something related with music … at school, church choir, song contests, you name it. I began

Presented by Wells Fargo

ToLearnMore Visit Mintmuseum.org.


to benefit

Join us as our Look aatt Her er P Power ower event event climbs the cor corporate porate ladd ladder er and a is reinvented reinvented as The Ultimate P Power ower Lunch. Lunch.. Enjoy Enjoy networking, networ king, lunch and an inspir inspirational ational fashion hion sho show w featuring featuring Dress ffor or Success Char Charlotte's r lotte's clients www.dressforsuccess.org/charlotte. www w.dressffor success.or org/char lotte.

THURSDAY THURSD DAY | 26 SEPTEMBER 2013 | 111:30am 1:30 am -1:15pm -1:15pm

The Fillmor Fillmore ore at the NC Musicc Factor Factoryy INDIVIDUAL TICKETS INDIVIDUAL ETS | $50 tickets call 704-525-7706 to purchase tickets kboconnor@dressffor successchar cesschar lotte.org kboconnor@dressforsuccesscharlotte.org

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ommitted to making an impact in our patients’ dental health, Holt Family Dentistry delivers exceptional high-tech dentistry in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Our diverse and dedicated staff collaborates as a team to surpass expectations, putting patients at ease and earning their trust. We look forward to having you become a part of our dental family.




Sew Artful Karen Ponischil Shares The Benefits Of Quilting aren Ponischil was known for many years as a dynamic partner at Moonlight Creative Group, but these days, the retired graphic designer is sinking her creativity into a passion that is directly tied to needle and thread. Ponischil began quilting in 2001 at the urging of her sister, an avid quilter and crafter. For a few years, she learned basic techniques and made traditional pieced quilts. When she made her first “art” quilt in 2008, her hobby became a full-bore obsession. “I’ve been hooked ever since,” she says. Quilting gives the native Charlottean an emotional release that she finds therapeutic. “I am a midnight quilter,” Ponischil says. “I do my best work late at night and on the weekends. When I’m stitching on my machine or free-motion quilting the quilt, it is very meditative, much like yoga. I feel a great sense of peace and calm, and time flies by.” Ponischil uses a technique called thread painting to create images using


www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 12

textile paint and fabric. “I bring images to life by thread painting. Thread painting is a process of adding shadows, mid-tones and highlights with thread to enhance the image and give it life,” she says. She points out that quilting is not just for your grandmother anymore. “I think the biggest myth is that all quilters are 90-year-old women handsewing squares together,” she says. “This is totally not the case! The face of quilting is changing and it’s getting much younger.” Ponischil explains that the modern quilt movement is a new form of quilting that began around 2009. “Modern quilts are functional, include bold colors and are inspired by modern design,” Ponischil explains. “Minimalism, asymmetric expansive negative space and alternative grid work are a part of the compositions, as well as improvisational piecing and solid fabrics.” There are many local resources for quilt enthusiasts. Ponischil belongs to The Charlotte Quilters’ Guild; Studio

Art Quilt Associates; The Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild; and a quilt bee. Despite the changes in the art form, quilt bees are alive and well. “Today’s quilter is similar in many ways to the quilter of the past,” she says. “There are certainly changes from earlier times, when quilters often repurposed scraps and old clothing to make utilitarian quilts, or made a special quilt for a dowry. But the pride in the work and the joy of sharing the love of quilting continues today, regardless of the style of quilting that is done. With any gathering, food and wine are always key!” At the end of the day, Ponischil quilts for the sheer love of it. “I make all of my art quilts for my own personal satisfaction,” she says. “Fabric is my medium because I understand it and it’s the most natural to me.”

ToLearnMore Visit karenponischil.com or email karenponischil@gmail.com.


ART - MUSIC - CUISINE - WINE Charlotte’s Most Anticipated Cultural Event

Teen Queen And Dreamer Of Dreams


ToLearnMore Hydeia Muhammad is available for appearances and speaking engagements by request. Contact her at northcarolinateenamerica2013@yahoo.com. [TCW]


SEPTEMBER 21, 2013 6-10 PM






all inclusive

2012 Was A Sell Out Crowd of 400! Buy Your Tickets Now At: www.sipandsavour.org Benefiting Melissa’s Voice Foundation 501c3

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

ou are never too young to dream big, and Hydeia Muhammad, 18, is proof. The selfproclaimed military “brat” and believer in dreams had her biggest dream come true last November, when she was chosen to wear the sash and crown of Miss North Carolina Teen America 2013. Muhammad was born at Fort Bragg, N.C., and began competing in pageants at age 3, when she became a titleholder. She competed again as a teen, and again found success. Her platform is the pursuit of dreams. “I believe that everyone has a dream,” she says. “My belief is never let anyone steal your dream. Always stay focused and stay in pursuit of that dream no matter what. It is yours to pursue.” Muhammad began training to be a ballroom and Latin dancer at age 14, and these days, dancing is her greatest passion. She works as a professional ballroom and Latin dance instructor for Queen City Ballroom, and is also a licensed Zumba instructor. “I am so honored that Queen City Ballroom owner Dana Glandon opened her doors and her heart to me as an instructor in her beautiful studio,” she says. “My clients range from young adults to adults.” And she isn’t done dreaming yet! Muhammad hopes to become a world championship dancer in ballroom and Latin dance, an Oscar-winning actress, and a talk-show host. “This will allow me a worldwide platform to discuss and share other people’s stories,” she says.


Eventful G O I N G S




Savoring Life Sip & Savour For A Cause n the mood for an artsy good time … for a great cause? Don’t miss the third annual Sip & Savour Myers Park Gallery Crawl Sept. 21, from 6 to 10 p.m. The brainchild of Lynn Dreyer, the event melds art, wine, music, and cuisine to benefit a worthy cause — arresting eating disorders in local women. Sip & Savour joins together four of Charlotte’s premier art galleries with local wine businesses, restaurants, musicians, and other community and corporate sponsors. Be sure to register in advance by purchas-


T O W N ing your $35 ticket; last year's event sold out quickly at 400 tickets. The event begins at 6 p.m. at Allison Sprock Fine Art, located at 600 Queens Road, and moves on to Providence Gallery, McColl Fine Art, and finishes up at Shain Gallery. Proceeds benefit Melissa’s Voice Foundation Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to giving a voice to those battling eating disorders. Dreyer created the foundation in memory of her sister, Melissa, who took her life following her lifelong battle with an eating disorder.

WantToGo? Visit Sipandsavour.org to register.

Get Your Poetry On With SlamCharlotte ind your inner poet Sept. 20 at the Booth Playhouse, courtesy of SlamCharlotte. Blumenthal Performing Arts’ monthly poetry slams are hosted by SlamCharlotte, Charlotte’s own two-time national championship team of spoken word poetry. A poetry slam is a competition among poets, who read original work and are judged on their


www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 14

poetic merit and delivery by the audience or selected judges. Winners in 2007 and 2008, SlamCharlotte strives to promote poetic growth, performance enhancement and increased camaraderie among poets and the community. General admission is $10.

WantToGo? Visit Blumenthalarts.org or call 704/372-1000.

Let’s Talk About It Fifth Annual Coffee & Conversation on’t miss the fifth annual Coffee & Conversation Fri., Sept. 20, from 7:30 to 10 a.m., at the Charlotte Convention Center, located at 501 S. College St. The creation of Belva Greenage, the former publisher of Today’s Charlotte Woman, Coffee & Conversation is an early morning dialogue about claiming your best life, featuring coffee, light fare, and great conversation. This year, speakers include Moira Quinn, of Charlotte City


Center Partners, and Dr. Russell Greenfield, of Greenfield Integrative Healthcare. Sponsored by Bank of America, all proceeds benefit the Belva Wallace Greenage Cancer Foundation, which funds holistic therapies for cancer patients to help increase their quality of life.

WantToGo? Tickets are $40, and available at Belvascancerfoundation.org. [TCW]

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Janet Cowell, N.C. State Treasurer “North Carolina Economic Outlook”

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October 1, 2013

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11:30 am - 1:15 pm Byron’s South End 101 W. Worthington Ave, #110 Charloe, NC 28203 What possibilities does North Carolina’s economy offer for your business growth? Come find out from Janet Cowell, the first woman to hold the office of N.C. State Treasurer!

For more information: NAWBOcharlotte.org 704.367.3454

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JOIN US NEXT MONTH Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 5 pm Possibility Leadership: “Turning Business Dreams into Reality” with Kim Romaner, President of Transworld Business Advisors.

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National Association of Women Business Owners, Charlotte Chapter, is a professional organization specifically designed to fuel the success of the 42,000 women-owned businesses in the greater Charlotte area.


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www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

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Filmmaker Therese Bartholomew Turns Tragedy Into Healing By Allison Futterman | Photos By Laurie Martin


A Place Of Grief The violent and unexpected death of her brother left Bartholomew grieving and detached. She left her job. Only three months into a new marriage that included a blended family, Bartholomew became emotionally distant from her children and her husband, Doug. Her feelings of anger, confusion and despair were not surprising. But what surprised both Bartholomew and those closest to her were her resulting feelings of compassion for Staton. Despite her grief, she had the ability to see him as a human being and not just the person who had killed her brother. The granddaughter of a Charlotte police officer, and a criminal justice major at UNC Charlotte, Bartholomew was perhaps uniquely qualified to come at the tragedy from a different angle. She was consumed by the desire to know all of the factors surrounding her brother’s death. She discovered, through reading case files, that Staton suffered a troubled childhood and operated from a damaged, broken place. “At no point did that

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

or Charlotte native Therese Bartholomew, it all started in 2003, with the phone ringing in the middle of the night. Those kinds of calls usually bring bad news and this was no exception. Bartholomew, a high school English teacher and the mother of two teenagers, was devastated to learn that her brother, Steve Leone, had been killed in an altercation with Karl Staton outside of a nightclub. That night marked an irrevocable change in Bartholomew’s life. She had always shared an indescribably close bond with her brother. They were best friends. The thought of life without him was unfathomable.



“There are different paths to get to a place of healing, and my path is not for everyone. There’s no hierarchy of victims. I’m not a better victim because of what I did. People have to find their own path, and we have to create a system that allows for that.” — Therese Bartholomew

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 18

excuse what he did, but I felt drawn to understand him,” Bartholomew says. She began thinking about other victims and offenders, and the larger issues surrounding crime. Her search for greater understanding led Bartholomew to pursue her master’s in criminal justice. It was in graduate school that she learned about restorative justice, which focuses on the harm caused by crime and how it can be repaired. “When I learned the term restorative justice, it was a very natural fit for me. I already had that viewpoint, I just didn’t know the name,” Bartholomew says.

Creative Healing As part of her need to heal, Bartholomew wanted to meet with Staton, who ultimately served eight and one half years of a 10-year plea agreement. The idea was entrenched in red tape and obstacles. Despite having no background in filmmaking, Bartholomew felt compelled to capture her journey in a documentary, which she entitled “The Final Gift.” Obstacles were faced along the way, from the learning curve of a novice filmmaker to funding issues, but there was never a lack of perseverance on her part.

In 2012, “The Final Gift” premiered. The film has been well received and generated a great deal of interest in a variety of arenas. It’s been shown at high schools and universities, victims’ right conferences, criminal justice and restorative justice conferences, as well as churches. The film has also been used in prisons and jails. Additionally, “The Final Gift” has been utilized as a training tool by several Department of Corrections, including in Germany. Viewers of the film might not find the meeting between Bartholomew and Staton to be what they expected.


'(17$/ &$5(

'(',&$7(' 72 <285 +($/7+


“Viewers might not get what they would like, but reality is not like a ‘Lifetime’ movie. I wanted to sit across the table from him and look in his eyes and see that he’s a real person and let him see me and the harm he created,” Bartholomew says. She notes that she had forgiven Staton long before meeting him, and therefore her forgiveness was not predicated on his responses or reaction. “I have to recreate my life; he can’t do it,” she says. Bartholomew has done exactly that. The years following Steve’s death were the hardest of her life, but they were not without joy. Her son graduated from college and her daughter got married and had a baby. Bartholomew’s marriage, though tested in the aftermath of her brother’s death, has thrived. Her husband is her biggest supporter; he also was a producer on the film and shares her passion for restorative justice. In 2010, they gained custody of Doug’s four children, unifying the family even further. The film was meant to chronicle her quest to meet Staton; however, it evolved into much more. “It ultimately became the story of redefining myself and understanding myself and the interconnectedness of the human experience,” she says.

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Our highly qualified staff are certified to treat children, adolescents and adults and we are pleased to announce that we have minimal wait time in scheduling new appointments.



Since the film’s completion, Bartholomew has become a respected and sought-after voice in the restorative justice and victims’ right community. By sharing her story, she’s connected with many others who have been affected by crime. Bartholomew’s journey included forgiveness and meeting the man who killed her brother. She is not preaching the same for everyone else. She recognizes that restorative justice is not a one-size-fitsall approach. Her message is a simple one: She wants those who are suffering to know they are not alone and there is hope. “It’s about helping people come to a place of healing, and not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to,” Bartholomew says. “There are different paths to get to a place of healing, and my path is not for everyone,” she says. “There’s no hierarchy of victims. I’m not a better victim because of what I did. People have to find their own path, and we have to create a system that allows for that. Restorative justice allows the victims to claim their needs, to be heard, to have a voice.” She adds, “It allows space for the possibility of forgiveness, and for the offender it allows space for personal accountability. We need to listen to victims, to identify their needs and try to meet them.”

ToLearnMore Visit Theresebartholomew.com, or Thefinalgiftfilm.com. [TCW]

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 20

Freelance writer Allison Futterman first met Therese Bartholomew in graduate school, and has been inspired by her ever since.

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By Rosie Molinary

Goals Create Excitement


Extra Credit: Don’t be afraid to get the whole family involved. Is there a joint family project you’d love to take on — making a family yearbook of photos and quotes, or holding a big yard sale? Put something for all of you on that list, too. Make a “to-experience” list. Many of us are wonders at getting things done, but what we really need most in our lives are some fun challenges or adventures. Now that you have written down some to-dos, shift your energy to fun experiences. Is this the year that you finally camp out as a family? Do you want pull out all the stops with Halloween decorations or have a family theme for costumes? Put some fun and growing experiences on your list. Nail down the details. The ideas aren’t usually the challenge; it’s the follow-through. So take some time with your list — and calendar — to figure out what you can logistically make happen. If something feels like it is hard to accomplish, that might be an indicator that you don’t really want to do it, which is perfectly OK. Schedule items on your calendar, and then sketch out ways to make it happen. Extra Credit: Make sure your family knows what is coming. Whether it is an at-a-glance wall calendar with everyone’s schedules displayed, or an online version like Cozi, keep everyone up-to-date on the details of what’s to come, and their roles in all the fun. Enjoy your fall!

Rosie Molinary is an author, speaker and educator who empowers others to be intentional. Learn more at Rosiemolinary.com.

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

he back-to-school routine is starting to flow, you are drying off from the wettest summer you can remember, and you are already anticipating the cooler mornings and nights that September and October promise us. If the drier days, cooler nights and the promise of routine for the whole family isn’t enough to make you excited about fall, sitting down to make some plans will help you reap the benefits of all that back-to-school energy. Read on for a four-step plan for putting some focus and fun into your fall: Go old school. Remember that feeling of promise that fresh school supplies, a new school year and a few new backto-school clothing items provided? Well, you can harness that feeling even now, and without a big shopping spree. By sitting down and setting some goals, you give yourself that same back-to-school excitement that you remember from years ago and see in your kids right now. Extra Credit: It is not just good for you to have something to look forward to or work on this fall. It’s also great for your kids to see that, even in adulthood, you set goals and get excited about things. It powerfully models to them that life is a journey and we should always be working toward growth. Make a to-do list. You have likely talked to your kids about what they are going to be doing this year — how they want their classes to turn out and what activities they might try. Now, it is time for you to do that for yourself. What would you like to have done by the end of this year? Maybe there is a closet whose clutter has been driving you crazy or a professional project that you have been working up the nerve to take on. Claim your fall musts by recording them.




Artist Adrian Chu Redmond Enjoys International Success By Deb Mitchell | Photos By Glenn Roberson

hen you walk into the home of artist Adrian Chu Redmond, it’s not just the smattering of Chinese family heirlooms and the collection of her own stunning paintings that hint at her uniqueness. It’s the distinct sense that she weaves these elements simply and lovingly into her otherwise typical American life. Redmond is 100-percent Chinese. Both sets of grandparents immigrated to America from China in the early 1900s. She was born and raised in New York state in the predominantly Italian-American community of Tarrytown, N.Y., and her childhood was surprisingly un-Chinese. “My parents didn’t speak Chinese to us,” she says. “I tried not to be Chinese.” These days, she values her heritage. “I’m very proud to be 100-percent Chinese,” she says. “It’s unique!”


The Power Of Heritage www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

Redmond’s paternal grandfather came to New York alone, working as a shopkeeper for over a decade before sending for Redmond’s grandmother, who had been pregnant with the couple’s first son when he left China. “His son was 11 years old the first time my grandfather saw him,” Redmond says. “Can you imagine?” Among her treasured family heirlooms is a fabric shoe. Redmond’s paternal grandmother’s feet were bound from childhood in the manner of the infamous Chinese beauty ritual, leaving the need for a shoe with a mere 3-inch instep. “My grandmother was amazing!” Redmond says of the woman who died before she was born. Like many aspects of her family’s history in China, the details are fuzzy, but her grandmother is said to have come from royal lineage. Despite the obvious differences in their existences, Redmond doesn’t take pride in comparing her own liberated, modern American life to her grandmother’s seemingly oppressed one. “It’s two completely different worlds,” she says. “Our cultures, our challenges … there isn’t


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even a parallel.” Redmond’s mother was a trained artist who went to art school in 1947 and worked in the art departments of major magazines in New York City before having children. However, it was Redmond’s father — who graduated from high school at age 15 and became a practicing internist by age 21 — whose influences won out. “I don’t even remember taking art in school,” Redmond says. Instead, she earned a business degree from Boston College, where she met Michael, her husband of 27 years. She worked in marketing and advertising in New York before heading back to Boston, where they started a family. Three children later, the Redmonds moved to Charlotte for Michael’s job. She has been a Charlottean for 17 years.

Artistic Leanings Something shifted in Redmond once she settled in the Queen City. She recalls casually mentioning to Michael that she might want to take art lessons. “Fortunately, I have a husband who listens well!” she says. He got her a gift certificate to study with nationally recognized Charlotte artist and teacher Andy

Braitman, and the lessons soon ignited her inexhaustible passion for painting. Although Redmond’s subject matter and aesthetic reveal little if any influence from her Asian heritage, she signs each and every piece with the Chinese character that represents her maiden name. Working exclusively in oils (“Acrylics dry too fast!” she says), Redmond renders images that are neither abstract nor utterly realistic. “I see everything in light, shadow and shapes,” she says. “I always use a reference point, so people may wonder, ‘What is that?’ but then they can see it.” Redmond is inspired by anything and everything — a man’s white shoe; the Eiffel Tower; a rusty bucket — and likewise doesn’t bother with a niche. “I’m challenged by whatever inspires me, rather than a given subject. It would choke me to be known for just one thing,” she says. “Life is too short not to see the beauty in everything.” Redmond has only been painting for six years in total (life circumstances took her away for a few years), but she has already caught the eye of the international arts scene. Today, one of her pieces adorns the set of HBO’s series, “Banshee.” She’s also fielding calls from

galleries around the world and working only on commission. Locally, Redmond’s work can be seen Oct. 11 through Nov. 9 in a group show at Red Sky Gallery. The show, a collaboration between Redmond and eight other artists known as pARTners, features a collection of works representing the 18 Charlotte greenways over the course of four seasons, raising both awareness and funds for their upkeep. (For more information, visit pARTnersart.org.) Perhaps Redmond’s greatest achievement as an artist thus far is her upcoming show at New York City’s Agora Gallery. She recently completed 16 paintings for the show, which will feature Redmond and several other artists Oct. 29 through Nov. 19. “My mother is so excited — it’s like a wedding to her!” Redmond says. “She’s planned a 10-course meal for 80 people at a Chinatown restaurant after the artist’s reception. People from my childhood are flying in.” With all of this demand for her paintings, Redmond has been hard at work of late. “I’m like Edward Scissorhands in my studio,” she says. Her favorite painting so far is a recent

Perhaps Redmond’s greatest achievement as an artist thus far is her upcoming show at “I’m challenged by whatever inspires me, rather than a given subject. It would choke me to be known for just one thing. Life is too short not to see the beauty in everything.” — Adrian Chu Redmond

ToLearnMore Visit Adrianchuredmond.com for more information about the artist; visit the ecommerce gallery Art-mine.com to preview Redmond’s Agora collection. [TCW]

Deb Mitchell is a freelance writer and a great fan of the arts. She lives and works in Huntersville.

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

rendering of her husband’s beloved 25-year-old winter coat. She lovingly titled it “What He Wore,” and gave it to him as a surprise birthday present. Her most difficult work is “Freedom,” an emotional-yet-optimistic take on the new Freedom Tower in New York. Now, as Redmond enters a new stage of life as an empty nester (her youngest child leaves for college this fall), she finds herself reveling in her identity as an increasingly recognized and revered artist, and a woman who is proud of her heritage. “I’m just riding the wave,” she says. “If it all stopped tomorrow, I’d say, ‘Boy, that was a great ride!’ ”

New York City’s Agora Gallery.



Matthew Bourne’s “Sleeping Beauty” is coming to Belk Theater Nov. 5 through 10.



Charlotte’s 2013-14 Art Season Compiled By Dana Durham


NC Dance Theatre offers “Othello” April 24-26, 2014, at Knight Theater.



Opera Carolina offers “AIDA,” featuring Othalie Graham, Oct. 19, 24 & 27.

Note: Visit each organization’s website for complete season information.

Actor’s Theatre Of Charlotte atcharlotte.org 704/342-2251 Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Sept. 12-Oct. 5, 2013 Venus In Fur

Oct. 31-Nov. 23, 2013 Hedwig And The Angry Inch

Jan. 8-25, 2014 By The Way, Meet Vera Stark

Feb. 20-March 15, 2014 Passing Strange

June 5-28, 2014

Bechtler Museum Of Modern Art Bechtler.org 704/353-9200 Appetite For Risk: Works By Emilio Stanzani

Through Sept. 30, 2013

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The Charlotte Symphony, featuring violinist Karen Gomyo, presents Tchaikovsky’s “Pathetique” Oct. 11-12.



ind your creative side this fall — and carry that creativity into 2014 — with the Queen City’s latest offering of shows, exhibits and performances.


Carolina Actors Studio Theatre

Some Enchanted Evening

nccast.com 704/455-8542

Feb. 14-16; 20-23, 2014

Elemeno Pea

April 4-6; 10-13, 2014

The Sunshine Boys

Aug. 29-Sept. 21, 2013 O Guru Guru Guru, Or Why I Don’t Want To Go To Yoga Class With You

Nov. 22-Dec. 14, 2013 A Tuna Christmas

Nov. 29-Dec. 22, 2013 Boeing Boeing

Jan. 16-Feb. 9, 2014 Reasons To Be Pretty

March 6-29, 2014 Gruesome Playground Injuries

June 6-July 12, 2014

Charlotte Concerts charlotteconcerts.org 704/527-6680 Emerson String Quartet

Sept. 20, 2013



The Van Cliburn Competition Gold Medalist

Oct. 18, 2013 The Moscow Festival Ballet

March 5, 2014


Charlotte Concerts presents “The Moscow Festival Ballet” March 5, 2014.

Charlotte Folk Society folksociety.org 704/372-3655

Charlotte Symphony Pops presents “Live And Let Die,” a tribute to Paul McCartney, Nov. 15-16.

Si Kahn And The Looping Brothers

Oct. 11, 2013 The Stray Birds

Nov. 8, 2013 Scott Ainslie

Feb. 14, 2014 Cuppa Joe & The Big Cigar Band

March 14, 2014 The New Southern Ramblers

Carolina Voices carolinavoices.org 704/374-1564

Charlotte Symphony

Shake Your Ghoul Thing 2

charlottesymphony.org 704/972-2000

Oct. 19, 2013

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 28

May 9, 2014

The 59th Annual Singing Christmas Tree


Sept. 21, 2013 Indigo Girls

Oct. 5, 2013 Live And Let Die: A Symphonic Tribute To Paul McCartney

Nov. 15-16, 2013 Magic Of Christmas

Dec. 5-8, 2013 Debby Boone — Swing This!

April 4-5, 2014

Charlotte Youth Ballet charlotteyouthballet.org 980/322-5522

Dec. 14-15, 2013 Bandstand Boogie! Hits From American Bandstand

May 9-10, 2014


The Nutcracker



Alice In Wonderland 2014

March 21-23, 2014

Central Piedmont Community College

The Planets

Sept. 27-28, 2013

Children’s Theatre Of Charlotte

arts.cpcc.edu/performing-arts/theatre 704/330-6534

Tchaikovsky’s “Pathetique”

Oct. 11-12, 2013

ctcharlotte.org 704/973-2828

CPCC THEATRE SHOWS The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds


Hansel & Gretel

Dec. 18, 2013

Oct. 26-Nov. 10, 2013

Brahms Symphony No. 2

Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood

Sept. 27-29; Oct. 3-6, 2013

Jan. 10-11, 2014

Feb. 21-March 9, 2014

Les Miserables

Symphonie Fantastique

100 Dresses

Nov. 15-17; 19-24, 2013

Feb. 28-March 1, 2014

May 10-11, 2014

Davidson Community Players

Hola Festival

The McColl Center For Visual Art

davidsoncommunityplayers.org 704/892-7953

Oct. 5, 2013 Gospel Shout! 2013

mccollcenter.org 704/332-5535


Oct. 15, 2013

Joseph Herscher: The Dresser

Nov. 9-17, 2013

Sept. 20-Nov. 16, 2013

Miracle On 34th Street

The Light Factory

Currencies: Real And Imagined

Dec. 5-22, 2013

lightfactory.org 704/333-9755

Nov. 22, 2013 through Jan. 11, 2014

Harvey B. Gantt Center For African-American Arts+Culture

The Light Factoryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sixth Juried Annuale

Through Sept. 15, 2013

ganttcenter.org 704/547-3700

Matthews Playhouse

The Identity Of A Master: Dr. J. Eugene Grigsby Jr.

matthewsplayhouse.com 704/846-8343

Opens Oct. 26, 2013

Little Shop Of Horrors

Oct. 11-27, 2013

Levine Museum Of The New South

A Classic TV Christmas Special

Dec. 13-15, 2013

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Evitaâ&#x20AC;? comes to Belk Theater March 4-9, 2014.

Mint Museum Of Art mintmuseum.org 704/337-2000 RANDOLPH North Carolina Pottery, Then And Now

Aug. 17, 2013 New Eyes On America: Robert Canton Woodville

Oct. 18, 2013


museumofthenewsouth.org 704/337-1887

Sweeney Todd

Explore History! Preservation NC

Shrek The Musical

Bearing Witness: The New York Photo League And Sonia Handelman Meyer

Sept. 29, 2013

June 13-29, 2014

Nov. 23, 2013 through June 2014

Feb. 7-16, 2014

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y pply usions ap Some excl



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Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty

Nov. 5-10, 2013 The Book Of Mormon

Dec. 26, 2013 through Jan. 5, 2014 Evita

March 4-9, 2014 Ghost The Musical

April 1-6, 2014 Peter And The Starcatcher

April 29-May 4, 2014 “Peter And The Starcatcher” comes to Knight Theater April 29 through May 4, 2014. UPTOWN Inventing The Modern World: Decorative Arts At The World’s Fairs 1851-1939

Sept. 22, 2013 through Jan. 2014 Searching For The Sacred In An Artist’s Life & Career: Elizabeth Bradford

Nov. 15, 2013

North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Blumenthalarts.org 704/372-1000 Potted Potter — The Unauthorized Harry Experience

Oct. 15-20, 2013


Sept. 30-Oct. 5, 2014

“Once” comes to Belk Theater Sept. 30 through Oct. 5, 2014.

North Carolina Dance Theatre ncdance.org 704/372-0101

Opera Carolina


operacarolina.org 704/332-7177

Oct. 17-19, 2013

Art To Poetry To Music


Dec. 13-22, 2013 Cinderella

March 6-16, 2014 Othello

Sept. 12, 2013 AIDA

Oct. 19, 24, 27, 2013 Il Trittico

Jan. 18, 23, 26, 2014

April 24-26, 2014

Theatre Charlotte theatrecharlotte.org 704/376-3777 Gypsy

Sept. 6-22, 2013 Arsenic And Old Lace

Oct. 25-Nov. 10, 2013 Driving Miss Daisy

NC Dance Theatre presents “Cinderella” March 6-16, 2014.

March 21-April 6, 2014 Hair

May 16-June 1, 2014 [TCW] www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 30

Jill Gardner performs in Opera Carolina’s “Il Trittico” Jan. 18, 23 and 26, 2014.


Gallery Crawl


F.T.W. (For The Wind) • Lark & Key Gallery

BANDERAS DE NADIE XV Jerald Melberg Gallery

Lark & Key Gallery Specializes in emerging artists and artisans

128 E. Park Ave., Suite B 704/334-4616 larkandkey.com McColl Center For Visual Art Advances creativity for artists

721 N. Tryon St. 704/332-5535 mccollcenter.org New Gallery Of Modern Art Specializes in artwork that supports local endeavor

Allison Sprock Fine Art Specializes in eclectic, sophisticated art

Harris Holt Picture Framing & Art Consulting

Offers art and crafts from around the world

3202-A N. Davidson St. 704/335-8587 puravidaart.com The Queen’s Gallery & Art Center Provides aspiring artists a place to create and display work

1212 The Plaza 704/372-2993 thequeensgallery.com

Specializes in framing designs

1717 Kenilworth Ave. 704/373-9090 harrisholt.com

Charlotte Fine Art

Hidell Brooks Gallery

Specializes in a diverse mix of work

Specializes in contemporary narrative and figurative artists

RedSky Gallery Specializes in all mediums of fine art

1523 Elizabeth Ave., Suite 120 704/377-6400 redskygallery.com Shain Gallery

1910 South Blvd., Suite 130 704/334-7302 hidellbrooks.com

Specializes in consulting and acquisition assistance

2823 Selwyn Ave. 704/334-7744 shaingallery.com

Clayworks Studio & Gallery

Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy

Specializes in ceramic arts

Specializes in art consultation

4506 Monroe Road 704/344-0795 clayworksinc.org

118 E. Kingston Ave., Suite 25 704/334-3799 hodgestaylor.com

Elder Art Gallery

Jerald Melberg Gallery

Providence Gallery

Specializes in original and affordable artwork

Specializes in classic contemporary American art

Specializes in fine art and custom framing

1520 S. Tryon St. 704/370-6337 elderart.com

625 S. Sharon Amity Road 704/365-3000 jeraldmelberg.com

601-A Providence Road 704/333-4535 providencegallery.net

Wentworth Gallery CLOUD 4 Allison Sprock Fine Art

Specializes in a wide selection of art from acclaimed artists

SouthPark Mall 4400 Sharon Road 704/365-2733 wentworthgallery.com Note: This is not an exhaustive list of galleries. To have a gallery added to next year’s list, email Editor@todayscharlottewomanmag.com. [TCW]

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

600 Queens Road 704/705-2000 allisonsprockfineart.com

Carmel Village, 7510 Pineville-Matthews Road, 9A 704/541-0741 charlottefineart.com

435 S. Tryon St., Suite 110 704/373-1464 newgalleryofmodernart.com

Pura Vida Worldly Art



MAKING THE Simple Rules For BEST BETTER Pairing Wine & Food By Trevor Burton


rinking wine while dining has been going on for centuries, and with good reason. It’s one of those wonderful occasions where the combined effect of two things is greater than the sum of its parts. Who wouldn’t want that? But, it can sometimes be a bit daunting. Say you’re in a fine restaurant with friends or business clients, you’ve ordered your food and the sommelier asks you if you have decided upon a wine to go with the meal. No matter how nice the sommelier, you’re apprehensive.What if you make a bad choice? What are your friends or, worse, your clients going to think of your choice? Yikes! Honestly, it really shouldn’t be a concern. This isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is keep a couple of concepts in mind and you’ve got the whole thing pretty nailed down. The concepts are harmony and balance … a good goal when it comes to life in general, and an excellent way to approach food and wine.


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Let’s start with balance. What you want to do is match the “weight” of the food with the “weight” of the wine you’re pairing with it. A heavy food — a beef stew perhaps — needs a heavy wine to go with it. It needs a wine with lots of body and deep flavors, something like a Cabernet Sauvignon. At the other end of the spectrum, a light dish like oysters on the half shell needs a lighter wine, like Chablis or a Sauvignon Blanc. Turning all this around makes it obvious how this balance thing works. Imagine the beef stew paired with Sauvignon Blanc. The food would totally overwhelm the wine. You might as well drink a glass of water. Now, imagine the oysters paired with Cabernet Sauvignon. In this case, the wine becomes absolutely dominant. You might just as well be dining on chilled putty. I recall being in a restaurant where one of the diners was flaunting the size of his wallet and ordered expensive oysters and demanded an equally expensive bottle of Premiere Cru Bordeaux. Of course, the sommelier delivered the wine, but after pouring he went over to a corner and hung his head in despair.

Harmony Now, for harmony. It’s just like harmony in music: point and counterpoint. Here, we are dealing with tastes, not weights. Once

youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got the balance right, the next step is to decide whether to complement or contrast the wine and the food. Either way works. Complementing matches the flavor of the food with a similar flavor in the wine. The two enhance and amplify each other. An example would be a lobster in a rich, creamy sauce. A great wine to pair with this would be a nice, buttery Chardonnay from the Napa Valley â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a combination thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s almost sinful. Contrast goes the other way. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s much like the counterpoint harmony in music. Take that same creamy lobster, and pair it with a wine thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more on the acidic side. Here, the texture of the food and the texture of the wine counter-balance each other to produce a smooth culinary ride. Complement or contrast, either way youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in for a tasty treat. There is one special pairing case, and that is spicy food. Dishes like Thai food or barbecue, no matter what the weight of the food, just donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like hanging out with a wine that has tannins; a Cabernet Sauvignon, for example. The tannins in the wine crank up the heat in the food, making it hotter â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in many cases, too

hot. And that can ruin the whole meal. The answer, here, is to balance out the spicy heat with a wine that has a smooth, almost oily texture. The two standbys are GewĂźrztraminer and Riesling.

When In Rome One great rule of thumb for pairing is to match regional foods with wines from the same region. The world used to be a much smaller place, where people hardly ever left the region or even the village they were born in. They lived on foods that the local soil and climate could produce. Likewise, their wine was all created locally. Over time, winemakers developed wines in a style that was the best complement to the local food. The food and wine of the region literally grew up together. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one winemaker I know who takes this to an extreme. He goes out hunting close to his vineyards, he buys produce from nearby farmers, and then creates a meal to go with one or more of his wines. My wife and I keep hinting for an invitation. By far, the best way to test out this

Our open house will open more than

approach to food and wine is to visit a wine region and spend a day or two dining on local fare. I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think of any dining experience thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more enjoyable. A BĹ&#x201C;uf Bourguignon and a glass of Gevrey Chambertin would be a great combination. You could try that at home, but I find that wines always taste best when you drink them close to their home. So, never be intimidated when a sommelier asks you about wine â&#x20AC;&#x201D; after all, he or she is working for you, not the other way around. If you are really unsure, ask for a recommendation and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be shy about giving a price point. Harmony and balance will guide you in the right direction, but take advantage of a sommelierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s knowledge of his or her wine list and knowledge of the chefâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s style. Who knows, you might come up with a new favorite or two. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always good to meet new friends! [TCW] Certified by the International Sommelier Guild, Trevor Burton relishes the chance to discover a new wine.

Explore the Colors of Le Crueset

doors for your child. Special Pricing at



Seppt. 24th- 8:30 am Thurs. Sept. 12th- 8:30 am Tues. Sept.

RSVP 704-365-5490 or peley@johncroslandschool.org peley@johncroslandschool.o org

Blakeney Shopping Center 9844-B Rea Road Charlotte | NC 28277

JohnCroslandSchool.org J ohnCroslandSchool.org  0ARKWAY 0LAZA "LVD s #HARLOTTE .# #  s  s


Crosland d Crosland does oes n not ot d discriminate iscriminate o on n tthe he basis basis of of rrace, ace, ccolor, olor, ssex, ex, aage, ge, m marital arital sstatus, tatus, d disability, isability, rreligion, eligion, creed, creed, o orr n national ational o orr ethnic origin off iits educational programs, policies orr e employment practices. e thnic o rigin iin n tthe he administration administration o ts e ducational p rograms, aadmissions, dmissions, ffinancial inancial aaid id p olicies o mployment p ractices.


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It w It will ill o open pen a w world orld o off o opportunities pportunities b beyond e y o n d ttheir h e i r imagination. imagination. Our O u r ffocus ocus o on n sstudents tudents w with i t h learning learning d differences ifferences a and n d all a l l ttypes y p e s of of ADHD A DHD m means eans y your o u r cchild h i l d rreceives e c e i v e s an an e education d u c a t i o n tthat h a t helps h e l p s cclose lose tthe he g gap ap a and nd p provides r o v i d e s a path p a t h tto oe educational d u c a t i o n a l ssuccess. uccess.



 Now Dry Your Eyes THIS is the perfect bridal handkerchief! Not only for the bride, but also for all the ladies involved in your wedding, including bridesmaids, maid/matron of honor, mothers, flower girls, and grandmothers. Use them as part of your gifts or perhaps as a trendy gift tag! Mecklenburg Bridal 9101 Pineville-Matthews Road • Pineville, NC 704.556.7789 • Mecklenburgbridal.com

Desdimona Art

desdimonaart@gmail.com • 704-804-1077 www.facebook.com/desdimona.art

Leah & Co. Boutique Promenade on Providence • Beside Ann Taylor Loft 5341 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy. • Charlotte, NC 704.845.5466

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Hello, Love! You can’t resist taking a shine to the sheen of the gorgeous satchel and flap pouch from Brighton's My Flat In London line. They're fine leather trimmed in metallic and python-embossed leathers. Don't miss the embellished key on its zipper – a nod to the finer things!

Silky Designs Wrap yourself in the beauty of this one of a kind piece of art! Desdimona Art hand paints and dyes each silk scarf by hand, creating a truly stunning statement piece. You can visit facebook to see more designs then just message, call or email to purchase what you love. Custom orders are welcomed!

 Breathe In

The Beauty

kai captures the irresistible fragrance of the tropics in a full line of fragrance, bath, body and home care products. Experience the light and intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics that was awarded Editors Choice, “Best Light Fragrance,” by Allure Magazine and made Oprah’s Favorite Things. The Mole Hole Colony Place • 7741 Colony Road • Charlotte, NC • 704.543.9969

Clear the Air With the pure essential oil of Magnolia, this natural hand made soy wax candle will delight you for 20 to 30 hours! Each variety of Lavender Farm's soy based candles have unique and wonderful fragrances.

Fun and Function! Everyone loves the Lily Pad Silicone lid by Charles Viancin. The fun, unique design provides an airtight seal preventing spills and is reusable, safe at high temperatures and is even microwaveable!

Lavender Farm Shop

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Healing Hands Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic

Healing Hands Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic can help! The premiere Chinese Medicine clinic in Charlotte offers experienced, individualized, hands-on care with Licensed Acupuncturist Andrea Perullo de Ledesma, L.Ac., M.S.

401 East Boulevard, Suite 110 | Charlotte, NC 28203 704.578.7683 | thehealinghandsclinic.com | AndiPerullo@aol.com Andrea Perullo de Ledesma, L.Ac., M.S.

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

Looking to achieve and maintain optimal health?


www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 36

Grey ombre blouse, $218, black harem pants, $178, black suede booties, $300; all Eileen Fisher. Clutch, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own.

Uptown Girl


Trés Chic In The City


Photos By Glenn Roberson • Directed & Styled By Stacee Michelle Hair By NaToya Williams • Makeup By Aysia Renee • Styling Assistant Erica Dunn

ou don’t have to live in the city to be uptown chic. A chic woman is smart and stylish. She can take timeless pieces and mix them with trend-forward items to keep her wardrobe modern, fun and exciting. And you can, too! Stretch your style envelope this fall by incorporating new patterns, colors and accessories into your classic palette. Let the Queen City be your canvas, and paint the streets with style!

Yoana Baraschi ruffle tank, $225, Fresh Boutique; paisley pants, $198, and crystal ring, $32, at KK Bloom; gold earrings, $18, wrap bracelet, $30, open pyramid cuffs, $22, chain necklace, $48, all at Bevello; foil clutch, $52, K-la Boutique; pumps, stylist’s own.

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

Printed panel maxi dress, $68, and black bandeau, $14; both at K-la Boutique; Yoana Baraschi leather jacket, $875, Fresh Boutique; bronze cuff, $125, Darrel Roach; black t-strap heels, $98, Bevello; belt, stylist’s own.



Yoana Baraschi mixed media hi-lo dress, $673, Chezelle; green bag, $85, green earrings and necklace set, $42, both at Bevello; wrap metal cuff, $150, Darrel Roach; wrap booties, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own.

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Colony Place, 7741 Colony Road â&#x20AC;˘ Charlotte, NC 28226


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Graphic sweater, $74, pink pleated maxi, $96, aztec necklace, $46, gold bangle, $36, mint bangle, $18, shell bracelet, $30, teal aztec clutch, $62, all at KK Bloom; black suede booties, $300, Eileen Fisher.

Mecklenburg Bridal Gallery



Moschino printed cardigan, $595, and printed slim pants, $425, Coplons; handbag, $89, K-la Boutique.

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Blouse, $42, printed skirt, $54, gold chain necklace, $34, all at K-la Boutique; iPad case, $40, earrings, $15, both at Bevello; gold cuff, $50, Darrel Roach; BCBG handbag, $78, KK Bloom. [TCW]

Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories Boutique

704.845.5466 Promenade on Providence Beside Ann Taylor Loft 5341 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy Charlotte, NC 28277


Charlotte Locations



Huntersville Location


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK waxcenter.com

Ladies: Bikini line, eyebrow or under er arm. Upgrade to a Brazilian Brazilia for $21. 21. Gents: Eyebrow, Eyebrow, ear or nose. First-Time First-T rst-Time Guests only only.. Must be NC state tate resident.

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ARTFUL HEIRLOOMS A Unique Inheritance Transforms One Woman’s Home

By Melinda Johnston Photos By Andi Perullo de Ledesma


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hen Vicki Moreland’s 81-year-old aunt passed away this March, the Charlotte writer’s home décor transformed from genteel Southern to Technicolor … and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The walls of her two-story traditional home are now lined with abstract art painted by her beloved aunt, Barbara Pennington, an award-winning artist. Wonderful abstract landscapes, trees and designs are tangible reminders for Moreland of the amazing lady who saw beauty in all colors and shapes.



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“Aunt Barbara grew up poor,” Moreland says. “I remember my dad talking about six kids in one bed. But she didn’t let that stop her. She received her master of fine arts degree from the University of Alabama, and moved to New York to try and make her mark in the art world.” While up north, Pennington’s work was featured in a number of exhibits and shows in the Big Apple, and she taught in Connecticut, producing student after student who won award after award. When she developed health problems in the late 1970s, Pennington moved back to Alabama and opened Valley Ranch Studio in a newly constructed space on family land built to resemble a one-room

schoolhouse. Pennington settled into rural life, operating an antique shop in town, where she also sold her paintings. Though Moreland only saw her aunt once or twice a year, Pennington was a role model to her, particularly as a young Southern female growing up during the women’s liberation movement. “She was always so much fun and I thought she was so glamorous, living in New York City and all. She was living her dream the best she could, and she always inspired me to reach beyond what I thought I could do and live my dreams as well,” Moreland says. Pennington bequeathed her paintings to her niece, with the idea that some would be sold to help finance college for her 12-year-old great niece, Olivia. Moreland knew her aunt was a

talented artist. But it wasn’t until after her aunt’s funeral in Gordo, Ala., that Moreland and her husband, Robert, realized the volume of work involved. “I was surprised and overwhelmed,” Moreland says. “From the time I was very young, when I would go visit her, she would take me to her studio, and it was like a mini art show. She would pull out a few pieces to show me. But I had no idea how prolific she was. There were at least 500 pictures — 200 oils and 300 watercolors, inks and pastels. There were also mixed media pieces, a few sculptures and more.” With the help of other Gordo artists, the Morelands corralled all of the art into a big Budget truck, and Pennington’s life work traveled to its new home in Charlotte.

Instant Art Gallery Moreland’s bonus room was transformed into an art gallery. Her husband built supports to hold the framed pieces, and the couple purchased a large metal art cabinet with lots of drawers to house the unframed pieces. After over 100 trips up and down the stairs carrying paintings in various shapes and forms, the room was immersed in Aunt Barbara from floor to ceiling. “I always had some of her paintings on display, and I always thought about opening an art gallery. I just never thought it would be in my home! But that’s what my bonus room has become,” Moreland says. She has picked out her favorite pieces, and they hang in every room of the house. Daughter Olivia selected her favorites, too. Moreland then decided to sell the majority of the work. This summer, she has been searching for the perfect gallery home for her aunt’s artwork. In August, she signed with Charlotte Fine Art Gallery to sell Pennington’s work, and Moreland is currently working out the logistics.




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AtHome “I had no idea how prolific she was. There were at least 500 pictures — 200 oils and 300 watercolors, inks and pastels.” — Vicki Moreland

Moreland is also dealing with some unexpected emotions that surface when she thinks about letting the paintings go. “It surprised me when someone asked for her paint brushes, and I thought I could let them go ... and suddenly, I couldn’t. Aunt Barbara has trusted me with her work. This is a big responsibility, and it’s not really about the money. It’s about sharing her work and her legacy. It’s what she wanted,” Moreland says. “I miss her terribly, and I tear up talking about her. But through her paintings, she lives on. Even though I lost her, I brought her home.”

ToLearnMore View Barbara Pennington’s work online at Bpenningtonart.com. Visit Charlottefineart.com for information about Charlotte Fine Art Gallery and Pennington’s work. [TCW]

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& ANNOUNCE THE 2013 W.I.S.H. SOCIETY By Dana Durham


oday’s Charlotte Woman and MakeA-Wish® are bringing an exciting event to the Charlotte community — the 2013 W.I.S.H. Society, for Women Inspiring Strength & Hope. The fundraising and all-star event, slated for Nov. 5, is a unique opportunity for women to inspire others in our community, network with amazing individuals, and make a difference in the lives of local children. Most people are aware of the good work Make-A-Wish® has accomplished in the last 30 years for children fighting life-threatening medical conditions. Today’s Charlotte Woman is excited to join forces with Make-A-Wish® Central & Western Carolina and sponsor the 2013 W.I.S.H. Society. TCW publisher Sharon Simpson says the partnership makes perfect sense. “We all know that women spend most of their

time making wishes come true for those they care about, and we honor them each month within the Dates To Remember pages of our magazine,” says Simpson. “Today’s Charlotte Woman is proud to partner with the The 2013 W.I.S.H. Society Make-A-Wish® Foundation in honoring these Kickoff Launch: Sept. 12, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., at women who are choosing to make a difference in Chima Brazilian Steakhouse the lives of children throughout our region.” ••• The benefits of granting a wish have been The 2013 W.I.S.H. Society proven to extend beyond the actual wish. For many, Fundraising Deadline: it marks a turning part in their fight to live. In 2013, Oct. 22 Make-A-Wish® Central and Western North Carolina ••• will grant the wishes of nearly 240 children, The 2013 W.I.S.H. Society however 200 children in the community will still be Awards Presentation: waiting for their wishes to come true. You can help, Nov. 5, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., by supporting the 2013 W.I.S.H. Society on Nov. 5. at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse Below, meet the first installment of W.I.S.H. ••• Society honorees … and don’t forget to check back Visit Ncwishsociety.org with us in October to meet other honorees. Make a to purchase tickets, difference, with Today’s Charlotte Woman and or to learn more. Make-A-Wish®.

Wishful Thinking

INTRODUCING THE W.I.S.H. SOCIETY CANDIDATES Jamey Harlow www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013 48

Jamey Harlow is a Virginia transplant who has found professional and personal satisfaction in the cheerleading industry. After opening her own cheerleading gym in 2006, she was approached in 2012 to become part of the Charlotte Allstars Cheerleading gymnasiums and asked to be the director of the new Charlotte Allstars South. Harlow brings the same passion and dedication that she sinks into her career to multiple charities

around town, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Safe Alliance, Waxhaw Weddington Rotary Club, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. But Harlow’s experience with the Make-A-Wish® Foundation has a personal connection. The generosity of an extended family member allowed Harlow’s family to go on a family cruise before her younger sister, Jacqui, passed away from cancer. “I will never forget that trip,” Harlow says. “I am forever grateful for those memories, and I want to pay it forward for another family. The MakeA-Wish cause is personal for me. I am just grateful for the opportunity to help another family the way that some very special people helped mine.”

Julianna Patterson Julianna Patterson’s connection with Make-A-Wish® comes from a place of tragedy, but also one of purpose and hope. She recently lost her boyfriend, NASCAR driver Jason Lefler, in a racing accident. Despite the loss, she sees the W.I.S.H. Society as an opportunity to give back and begin to heal. “By being an honoree, I can help these children and their families make a wonderful memory, which is one of the most amazing gifts

you can give someone — an unforgettable moment,” Patterson says. “Being an honoree is not only humbling, but a healing experience. Focusing all of my energy on these children gives me a purpose to keep going, doing it in memory of Jason and in honor of Charlie, his son.” The Ohio native has a bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University in applied health science, and she currently lives in Huntersville, where she works in physical therapy. She spends her spare time with friends and family, cooking and baking, working out and traveling.

Kathryn R. Habluetzel

An active member of Charlotte’s philanthropic community, Parker is the mother of three children, and a loving wife. She portals much of her time, energy and enthusiasm into good works around town, including Make-AWish® Central and Western North Carolina’s annual black-tie gala, the Wish Ball, and as a member of several nonprofit organizations’ event committees. She has contributed to the successful planning of the Humane Society’s Inaugural Ties & Tails Gala, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year campaign, and the Wounded Warrior Project’s annual Patriot Gala. In her free time, Parker loves to practice yoga and enjoys music, reading and spending time with her family and friends. She views her role as a W.I.S.H. Society Honoree as an opportunity to fulfill the needs of others. “To be able to give back is the greatest honor,” she says.

Lana Lamkin Illinois-born photography maven Lana Lamkin owns and operates two businesses in the Charlotte metro area. She started Divine Promotional Products in 2008, and the success of this business allowed her to open Divine Images by Lana in 2012, and thereby pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer. Her passion for photography is second only to her love of family, which includes two daughters, two stepdaughters and a loving husband. Giving back to her community is a top priority for Lamkin. She established The Closet Ministry Inc. in 2009 as a nonprofit with the vision of collecting clothing

and giving it to families in need in the community, and the ministry has grown to seven locations across the U.S., providing over 600,000 pieces of clothing to nearly 8,000 families. Lamkin feels blessed to have been chosen as a W.I.S.H. honoree. “I have accepted the role of honoree to help bless families who are facing such difficult circumstances, by giving them an opportunity to create lifelong memories with their loved ones,” she says.

Lee Ann Riggins A native of both Pittsburgh and Kansas City, Miss., Riggins earned a bachelor of science in psychology, with a minor in business administration from Kansas State University. She utilizes more than nine years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry. An expert in her field, she’s developed state-of-the-art services that support the safe and effective commercialization of prescription therapies. Currently, Riggins holds the title of director for new business development at HealthBridge, an Express Scripts Company. The Make-A-Wish® Foundation is special to her family. “My niece Emily has mitochondrial disease, and was granted her wish to go snow skiing in Colorado. The care, thought and effort that went into the family’s experience were amazing. The gift goes far beyond an escape for the wish child, but is a gift and blessing to an entire family. I only hope that I can provide the same experience for numerous families through volunteering and fundraising for Make-A-Wish.” Humbled by her role as an honoree, Riggins would like to raise awareness of the impact a disease has on an entire family, not just the diagnosed individual.

www.TodaysCharlotteWomanMag.com | September 2013

A New Orleans native, Kathryn R. Habluetzel earned her bachelor of science in accounting from Louisiana State University before earning a master’s in accounting science from the University of Illinois. In addition to her current role as a managing director of MBL Advisors Inc., Habluetzel is recognized as an active member of Charlotte’s civic community. A past recipient of the ASWA Educational Foundation Individual Balance Award for the Southeast region, her strong commitment to improving the community earned her a “Top 25 Women in Business” award from the Charlotte Business Journal. She is a member of Women Executives, the Foundation for the Carolinas Professional Advisors Cabinet and the Queens University Planned Giving Council. Habluetzel also was recently appointed to serve as the next board chair for Make-A-Wish® Central and Western North Carolina, which she accepted due to her passion for children and Make-A-Wish®. Habluetzel is married and has two boys, and in her spare time she enjoys yoga, volunteering at her church, reading and watching her sons’ sports activities.

Brandi Parker


Leigha Smith A proud “Mountaineer,” Leigha Smith is a graduate of Appalachian State University, where she earned a bachelor of science in marketing. Since joining Wachovia in 1989 as a bank teller, Smith has advanced to her most recent role as a Wells Fargo community banking area president, where she focuses on sales and service at branches in southern Mecklenburg County, Union, Gaston, and Cleveland counties in North Carolina, as well as York and Lancaster

counties in South Carolina. In addition to her career, Smith is committed to her husband and two children, and her passion for community outreach is abundant. Smith feels driven to make a difference. One of her many philanthropic leadership roles included serving as a campaign chair for the United Way, where she motivated others by stating, “It’s important for those of us who are employed and have the means to give, to give generously.” At home on her family’s dairy farm, Smith enjoys the simplicity of cutting grass with the riding lawnmower while listening to the Black Eyed Peas.

Paige Brockmann Paige Brockmann, a native of St. Louis, graduated from the University of Illinois with her bachelor’s in business administration. As a senior vice president at Bank of America, Brockmann finds time in her busy schedule to be an active volunteer for both her PTA and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district. She is the recipient of several American Marketing Association Direct Marketing awards and has been



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recognized at Bank of America with various internal achievements. A mother of two, Brockmann’s life and family were personally touched by the Make-A-Wish® Foundation when her daughter’s wish was granted in 2005. The family enjoyed a few relaxing days at Disney World, Sea World, Universal studios and Give Kids the World. Brockmann gladly accepted the role of honoree. “Make-A-Wish is a wonderful organization with a mission I not only support but that my family and I have benefited from,” she says. In her free time, Brockmann is an avid football fan, and she enjoys attending her children’s sports activities and exercising.

Make a difference,with Today’s Charlotte Woman and Make-A-Wish® Sarah Henshall Growing up in a small town outside Pittsburgh inspired Sarah Henshall’s passion for traveling. The graduate of Bethany College in West Virginia, Henshall is currently vice president of travel and branch operations for AAA Carolinas. Influential in the travel community, Henshall was named one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Travel by Travel Agent Magazine in 2001. She was honored by the Charlotte Business Journal as a Woman in Business award winner, and recognized internally within the AAA Carolinas organization. The busy mother of three and grandmother to five spends her free time traveling, reading, gardening or watching her beloved Carolina Panthers play football. Reflecting on the good

fortune of health in her family, she is excited to help Make-A-Wish® grant the wishes of children in the community, an experience she witnessed firsthand when she led AAA Carolina’s efforts to award a wish on the Panthers field from Mickey and Minnie. “The honor to me is in supporting such a wonderful organization and being able to see a smile on the face of a child I can help!” Henshall says.

Shawna Allen Midwest native Shawna Allen grew up calling both Oklahoma and Chicago home. She currently lives in Charlotte with her two children and husband, Dr. Marc Allen. A self-proclaimed homemaker, Allen fills her days caring for her children, helping out at her husband’s orthodontic practice and

serving as chair of the family events committee at The Children’s Circle Preschool at Myers Park Methodist Church. An exercise enthusiast, she spends her spare time biking, walking and attending barre and yoga classes. Her connection to Make-A-Wish® began when she attended her first Wish Ball. She is excited to be an honoree, and hopes to inspire her children and teach them the value of life. “After attending eight Wish Balls, it has become clear to me that this is my calling. I have realized the value of donors. I am fortunate that the scope of my friends and family is extremely diverse. I know I can help enrich Make-A-Wish families’ lives,” Allen says.

ToLearnMore Want to make a wish come true? Contact Amy Brindley, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish® Central and Western North Carolina, at abrindley@ncwish.org, or call 704/339-0334. [TCW]




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The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Artificial Sweeteners f you grab a diet soda to lower your calorie intake, you could be doing more harm to your health than good. So say researchers from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. When they culled recent data on sweeteners, including sucralose, aspartame and saccharin, they found surprising results: Compared to people who don’t drink either diet or regular soft drinks, diet soda drinkers have elevated risks for heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, a constellation of symptoms that puts people at higher risk for both conditions. In fact, the health effects of diet and non-diet soda seem surprisingly similar. Researchers believe the taste of artificial sweeteners primes the brain and the gut for the digestion of incoming calories. But when the calories don’t show up — as happens with artificial sweeteners — metabolic responses don’t fire as they should. Insulin doesn’t increase, hormones that signal your brain that you are full aren’t triggered, and the brain doesn’t get the dopamine surge that sugar brings. Over time, the brain and gut don’t respond normally, even when you eat real sugar and calories. Calories don’t make you feel as full as you should, and you’re more likely to overeat. Researchers say artificial sweeteners may also tempt people to overindulge. If you’re “saving” calories by choosing a diet soda, you may be more likely to eat an ice cream cone later. The bottom line: It’s best to drink water or milk and make soda — whether sweetened with sugar or an artificial substance — an occasional treat.


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Don’t Get Down! Surprising Sources Of Depression


hen it comes to the sources of depression, there’s nature — genetic factors out of your control — and nurture — those you can control. Here are some you may not be aware of:

Smoking You know smoking is bad for your physical health. You might not know that it can wreak havoc on your mental health. Smoking more than doubles a person’s risk of developing depression, according to research in the British Journal of Psychiatry. Blues Buster: Depressed smokers who want to quit usually need extra help to tackle their mood issues, such as standard smoking cessation techniques coupled with medications and/or therapy.

Processed Foods A British analysis of food habits and mood over a five-year period showed that people who lean more toward processed foods — refined grains, sweet desserts and fried and/or processed meats — were 1 1/2 times more likely to experience depression than those who favored whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish. Blues Buster: Cut back on “to-go” foods and pledge to cook more from scratch.

depression-related behavior. Some high blood pressure medications and statins may cause depression. Blues Buster: Talk to your doctor

about alternative drugs or other treatments. For instance, antibiotics, such as tetracycline, may improve acne without triggering mood changes.

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Although the Pill stabilizes mood in many women by balancing the hormone shifts that naturally occur throughout the menstrual cycle, for some, it’s a big downer. Australian researchers found that Pill users were two times more likely to be depressed than non-pill users. Blues Buster: If you suspect the Pill is responsible for your mood woes, ask your doctor about changing the type of oral contraceptive you take or using a different type of birth control.

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Restless No More Non-Drug Relief For RLS or people with restless legs syndrome, bedtime can be their worst nightmare. Their legs begin to burn or feel prickly — sensations that are only relieved when they move their legs. Medications can help, but they don’t work for everyone, and some people can’t tolerate the side effects. Since symptoms strike mostly at night, patients are robbed of precious sleep. Now, data suggest a different approach: pneumatic compression devices designed to prevent deep vein thrombosis. Researchers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington randomly assigned 35 patients to use the devices (or similar-looking “sham” leg wraps that did not cause pressure) for an hour a day. The best time to wear the device is about an hour before bed, when symptoms tend to strike. Result? After one month, not only did patients using the real devices have less severe RLS symptoms, they also fared better on other measures of well-being, including fatigue, sleep quality and mood. About half of patients had a complete resolution of symptoms, and a third went off their medication. The pneumatic devices are designed to inflate for a few seconds every minute, delivering intermittent pressure to the legs. The devices may stimulate nerves and muscles and improve blood flow. Researchers aren’t sure exactly how they work against RLS, but they may relieve symptoms by boosting circulation. Using the devices isn’t as easy as popping a pill, but the results speak for themselves. Some patients who didn’t experience complete relief were able to reduce their medication use. And the majority of those who used the devices wanted to keep them after the trial was over. Patients wear the devices while reading or watching TV — things they might be doing anyway. The devices are not appropriate for people who have already been diagnosed with blood clots in the legs or have soft tissue wounds. Researchers used medicalgrade compression devices in the study, but units available online to consumers work the same way. Check with your doctor … it may be just the solution for a good night’s sleep.


After one month, not only did patients using pneumatic compression devices have less severe restless leg syndrome symptoms, they also fared better on other measures of well-being.

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H20 A New Cavity Culprit? ottled water may seem like the healthy choice when it comes to your kids. But according to health experts, this source of drinking water could be contributing to soaring rates of tooth decay in children. It’s not what is in bottled water that’s the problem, per se. It’s what it often lacks: fluoride. Although fluoride is naturally present in all water, additional quantities of the element are typically added to community water supplies to bring the concentration to the level recommended for optimal dental health — around 1.0 ppm (parts per million). According to a study in the Archives of Pediatrics, about 45 percent of parents primarily give their kids bottled water. In other data, nearly 70 percent of parents reported their children drank bottled water at least some of the time. Other research shows that rates of cavities are rising sharply. Although no data definitively link the use of bottled water with higher rates of cavities, researchers believe children who live in a fluoridated area but who are getting primarily bottled water are likely to be getting insufficient fluoride to protect them against cavities. Drinking water with fluoride is your family’s best bet. If you are concerned about the safety of tap water, Rhea Haugseth, DDS, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, suggests you pour it through a filter, such as a Brita system, before drinking it. Or purchase bottled water brands that contain added fluoride. And be sure to use a toothpaste containing fluoride.


The Skinny On Skincare Prescription Strength Is The Way To Go ost women have a collection of potions, creams and serums at their fingertips to help arm them against the dreaded crowfeet, age spots and sagging skin that come with sun exposure and increasing age. Occasionally, an expert pops up on the radar saying that all of it is a waste; we are simply spending thousands of dollars a year on expensive moisturizer. Aging is inevitable, they say. According to Dr. Robert Graper, F.A.C.S, skincare products aren’t all hype. There truly are products that can help you keep skin youthful and healthy-looking. “Skincare products absolutely slow the aging process by protecting the skin using antioxidants that remove damaged DNA, so they don’t produce damaged skin,” Dr. Graper explains. “They also protect from the damaging rays of the sun. This is just half the story. The other side of skincare is the stimulation of the skin to make new collagen and elastic fibers that erase/prevent wrinkles. This is done with Retin-A and with the more modern and effective peptides and epidermal growth hormones to turn on the cells in order to generate the new tissue. It absolutely slows down aging. In other words, yes, it truly matters what you put on in the morning and at night.” Dr. Graper explains why women should choose products from a trusted skincare source instead of a drug store or department store when possible. “Products you buy at the department store do not have prescription strength chemicals,


or professionals to manage those active ingredients,” he says. “Department store products generally are mild enough that they really can’t hurt patients. But they really can’t help them, either. Likewise, over-the-counter products don’t give anywhere near the same results, nor are they regulated by the FDA the same.” He adds, “Products sold at physicians’ offices are strong enough that a patient can have lasting and corrective effects, if used properly … and can have harsh effects if not used properly under supervision.” Dr. Graper advises those serious about skincare to use professional grade skincare products. One of the newest products in his arsenal of anti-aging defense is created by ZO Skin Health Inc. “ZO has a variant of Retin-A that produces the skintightening effects without as much irritation or a prescription for Retin-A,” he says. “Its pigment-relief product has no hydroquinone, so the potential harmful effects of prolonged bleaching cream are avoided, and again no extra cost for a prescription for hydroquinone.” According to Dr. Graper, ZO Skin Health identified new bioengineered complexes and utilized plant-stem cell components with antioxidants to create unique formulations in multi-therapy delivery systems that have not been available until now. For information, visit Grapercosmeticsurgery.com. [TCW]


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PARDON ME This September, Take Time To Apologize By Allison Futterman


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elebrated annually on Sept. 8, “Pardon Day” is meant to encourage politeness and graciousness, such as saying “pardon me” when you bump into someone. While those niceties certainly create positive, ripple effects, there is a more profound aspect of Pardon Day. It is a day to remedy hurt feelings, to seek out people you have hurt and apologize to them. For the person receiving an apology, their mission — should they choose to accept it — is to be willing to accept the apology and practice forgiveness. The origin of Pardon Day dates back to 1974, when President Gerald Ford granted a pardon to former President Richard Nixon. Although that pardon was used to address political scandal, there is hardly a person among us who can’t think of a way to participate on Sept. 8. You shouldn’t need a specific day to encourage you to be pleasant to others by doing small things such as saying “please” and “thank you,” or holding the door. However, having such a day provides the starting point for someone to be more considerate. In my opinion, the apology part of the holiday holds great potential for impacting our lives. Apologizing, at its core, is an incredibly simple concept. It is good for the soul to express remorse or regret for something you’ve done that has hurt someone. Maybe it’s something simple and superficial — you borrowed a piece of clothing from a friend and brought it back without washing it. On the surface, it’s a small infraction, but to your friend it indicated selfishness or inconsideration. Or there could be a very serious matter you need to address, something that caused an estrangement with a friend or family member. Maybe this infraction has bothered you for a long time and you have wanted to apologize, but haven’t been able to work up the courage. Now, because of Pardon Day, you have an opening. Perhaps the conversation could go

like this: “So, today happens to be Pardon Day … no, I never heard of it before, either. But since it’s here, I’d like to discuss something that’s been on my mind. I’d like to say I’m sorry.” An apology carries a lot of power, for both the giver and the receiver. To admit you were wrong, that you didn’t handle a situation the right way, that you caused pain to another, offers life-changing possibilities. It can strengthen good relationships and help repair those that are troubled. There are some key components that must be part of an apology to make it effective. It must be genuine. People can tell when you are just going through the motions, but don’t really mean the words. Don’t bother if you aren’t sincere in your motivation. You must take responsibility. There is a time and place for open discussion, where both parties own up to their role in the matter. This is not it. If you truly harmed someone, then saying, “I’m sorry that you took it that way,” or “You’re just too sensitive,” is nearly as harmful as saying nothing at all. If you’re going to do this apology thing correctly, don’t deflect or minimize your part. Finally, don’t do it again. Being contrite only works if you don’t keep repeating the same transgression. So, in the spirit of “Pardon Day,” I’ll kick it off. I apologize. To those who graciously endured my tofu burgers. To the guy who asked me out and to whom I never responded, because I didn’t have the guts to say I wasn’t interested. And to those readers who already live their lives taking accountability when needed, I offer a sincere,“I’m sorry.” [TCW]

Allison Futterman is a freelance writer living in Charlotte. She can be reached at aliwrites10@gmail.com.

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Today's Charlotte Woman Sept 2013  

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Today's Charlotte Woman Sept 2013  

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