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Bothered by Receding Gums? NEW Patented “Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation”™ Technique Provides Immediate Results As seen on

If you’ve been suffering from unsightly gum recession, you’re more likely to have tooth sensitivity and pain, root cavities, or even early tooth loss. Now there’s an easy, comfortable way to treat it here in Charlotte! The Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ (PGR) Technique is a patented, minimallyinvasive alternative to traditional gum grafting, but without all the negative side effects.

None of the hassles of traditional grafting • No donor site • No Incisions • No Sutures Instant benefits of PGR include: • Quick Treatment Time • Fast “Next Day” Recovery • Reduced Sensitivity • Beautiful, Lasting Results You don’t have to hide your smile... Dr. Bowman can help! Take action to stop your gum recession now. To learn about PGR and see Crystal’s reaction go Call Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte at 704-837-8261 for a FREE Consultation, and to see if you’re a candidate for PGR™!

Cosmetic & Family Dentistry • Dental Implants Invisalign & Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Orthodontics Sleep Apnea Treatment • Oral Sedation Dentistry

704-837-8261 1618 E Morehead St. | Charlotte, NC 28207

Crystal Durham, who drove over 4 hours to have PGR done is thrilled with the results.

Dr. Chris Bowman is among the first 16 general dentists in the world licensed and trained to provide Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™. He is the first dentist in the Southeastern US to perform the procedure. Dr. Bowman is a leading Charlotte cosmetic dentist, a Six Month Smiles Clinical Instructor, and an international dental author and speaker. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.






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“Yes, I am beating the odds. And – thankfully – With my family, friends and church close by.” In 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in my lungs and brain. According to statistics, I shouldn’t be here today, but my doctors in Monroe told me I could participate in an experimental treatment. That opportunity, and being close to my family through it all, is keeping me strong. Edwina was diagnosed at Levine Cancer Institute-Monroe. Oncologists there connected her to a leading-edge clinical trial at the Institute’s research headquarters in Charlotte while she was able to stay close to home for follow-up care. Today, Edwina is responding well to treatment and enjoying every moment with loved ones.

LEVINE CANCER INSTITUTE World-class cancer care close to home. See Edwina’s full story at More than 25 locations across the Carolinas 704-512-2194


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10 Girl Power Eat, Shop, Drink & Be Powerful

16 Seen In The City Out And About In Charlotte

18 The Queen’s List

34 Dwellings Make It Magical With Tips From Gray Walker

Goings On Around Town

44 Special Dwellings 20 Funny Lady Julie Scoggins Makes A Living Out Of Comedy

24 Rum Runners The Delaneys Bring Locally Made Rum To The Carolinas

28 Style Thankful For Texture | November 2014 6

Fine Rugs Equal Fine Art

52 Thankful Charlotte Women Give Gratitude

54 Wishes Do Come True Meet The 2014 W.I.S.H. Honorees


58 I Really Think Cutting Up

58 OnTheCover Make It Magical: Gray Walker creates party pizzazz. PHOTO BY DUSTIN PECK.

On October 18th a long lost land will be rediscovered. Nestled in the heart of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, between manicured gardens and old forest, is a place where children of all ages begin a new journey of fascination and adventure; here imagination is the key to discovering its beauty.

66500 500 S New New Hope Rd., Rd., Belmont, Belmont, NC 28012 28012 | 704 704 825 825 4490 4490 |



S UN DA M AG E VA NI S HED AS SEEN ON: CNN, ABC NEWS, Dr. OZ, and ELLE Magazine | November 2014 7


From The Editor » By Karsen Price | November 2014 8

Volume 18, Number 7 November 2014

Food For Thought t was a memorable Monday night in October. I had a full glass of red wine in my hand, two of my best writing buddies beside me, and I was getting to talk to a rotating lineup of fiction writers who had actual agents and editors and published books that sat snugly on shelves. Every 15 minutes or so, a bell would ring, and the writers would get up and move to another table. It was like speed dating for fiction lovers, and I was enjoying every minute. I had been invited to attend the Women’s National Book Association’s annual Bibliofeast, an event that my writing friends had attended last year on a whim. We were at Maggiano’s Little Italy in SouthPark, and I was indulging in the unique chance to play editor and simultaneously let my alter fiction-writer ego run wild. I stuffed my face full of mushroom ravioli and chocolate truffles. I bought $10 glasses of wine and drank them like they were water. I let my fiction writer self merge with my nosy journalist side, and began asking the writers any question that sprang to mind, including my favorite one: “Are you rich?” I did something I haven’t done since the Harry Potter series ended — I bought a $30 hardback book. At the table, my friends and I noshed on food while the writers sat with us like old friends, chatting and answering questions until a bell signaled they must move to the next

table. In between sets, I ate more truffles. I met many intriguing and gracious writers, including Wiley Cash, who hails from Gastonia and won awards for “A Land More Kind Than Home.” Charlotte writer Erika Marks, author of “It Comes In Waves,” felt like an immediate friend. But perhaps most intriguing to me was Joshilyn Jackson, who lives in Georgia and has written five books, including “Someone Else’s Love Story.” What boggled me most was learning that, during the making of her books, she routinely cuts 80,000 words — the equivalent to your typical summer read. It made my teeth hurt to think of it! I also learned that her writers group included Sara Gruen, author of “Water For Elephants.” My writing friends and I threw glances at each other when Jackson shared this, each of us thinking the same thing: Wouldn’t it be great if one day we were the famous writers dropping each other’s equally famous names to strangers? At the end of the night, I was slightly tipsy, full of hope, and buzzing with ideas. Two days later, I realized my credit card was still at Maggiano’s. It was that kind of evening. It was a lose-yourcredit-card-and-not-even-know-it kind of night. And it was exactly what I needed. A moveable feast, with plenty of food for thought.

Sharon Simpson Publisher

Trisha Robinson Sales Executive

Beth Packard Sales Executive

Taylor Buckley Sales Executive

Kerrie Boys Creative Director idesign2, inc

Social Media Director Michele Chastain Style Editor Stacee Michelle Contributing Writers Jackie Andolino Fogartie Melinda Johnston Lauren Levine Pat MacEnulty Contributing Photographers Ken Noblezada Andrea Perullo de Ledesma Glenn Roberson Mission statement:Today’s Charlotte Woman celebrates the lives, loves and endeavors of the women of Charlotte. Our mission is to inspire and motivate our community through well-written editorial content, artful photography and elegant design. The magazine will enlighten, engage and entertain its readers, ever seeking to spotlight the unbreakable strength that is the heart of Today’s Charlotte woman. P.O. Box 1676 • Cornelius, NC 28031 704.677.9159 Today’s Charlotte Woman is published by Venture Magazines LLC, and is distributed on a complimentary basis throughout the greater Charlotte area. Subscription rate is $20 per year for 12 issues. Copyright© 2014 Venture Magazines LLC All rights reserved. Copying or reproduction, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited. Today’s Charlotte Woman and Venture Magazines LLC do not necessarily endorse the views and perceptions of contributors or advertisers.

What makes you

"Dr. Nash had a vision for my teeth that simply revealed my heart's desire. My smile is fuller, whiter and absolutely perfect. All I want to do now is smile!" Janie Shipley

Smile by Dr. Ross Nash

Of the nearly 8000 0 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members m worldwide, there are only 45 who have achieved a the exclusive level of Accredited Fellow. Fellow. In all of North and South Carolina, only one de dentist ntist has earned this elite status by illustrating g the required level of excellence in the area of cosmetic dentistry: Accredited Fellow ss W Ross W.. Nash, DDS DDS..

Girl Power » In The Moment » Compiled By Karsen Price » Photos Courtesy Of The Arts & Science Council | November 2014 10

GIRLPOWER Eat, Shop, Drink & Be Powerful

Play Me Artistic

Piano Parking Brings Art To Town recent project by the Arts & Science Council worked to unite musicians with visual artists with the general public in uptown Charlotte through the month of October. The unique public art project, known as Piano Parking, took six salvaged, refurbished pianos, and transformed them into pieces of art with the help of three local visual artists — Tina Alberni, Sharon Dowell and Rosalia Torres-Weiner. The group project was created in the hopes that random passersby would step up to the piano and play impromptu musical performances. “Uptown Charlotte is prime for more gritty, pop-up, experiential art,” says Robert Krumbine, chief creative officer and senior vice president of events at Charlotte Center City Partners. “We are thrilled that the Arts & Science Council helped us bring this program to our streets.” Below, artist Alberni discusses the part she played in the project.

“The arts always have a way of bringing people together, especially interactive art. When people get to participate, they get even more excited about it because they aren’t just looking and admiring, they are also creating. In this case, creating music on a very cool piano!” — Tina Alberni

Q: What was your initial reaction when asked to be part of the Piano Parking project? A: I loved the idea, because the arts always have a way of bringing people together, especially interactive art. When people get to participate, they get even more excited about it because they aren’t just looking and admiring, they are also creating. In this case, creating music on a very cool piano! Expressing is something most people need to do, so I thought this was a great project to be a part of. Charlotte has come a long way with regard to cultural experiences offered throughout the city, and interactive opportunities like this need to happen more frequently — it brings communities together.

Sometimes the most genuine expression comes from a random moment, which often creates some of the best memories.

colorful! So, with that in mind, I decided to create fluttering butterfly-looking imagery with lots of great texture, for those who love to touch. I have always loved butterflies — they are colorful and beautiful, and fly freely through the course of their life, so I decided to use them as my departure point. Toward the end of completion, the flowing colors and streaming ribbons reminded me of the carnival spirit, hence my titles. Carnival always brings folks from all walks of life together, so with all that in mind, these panels came to fruition.

Q: Tell me about the panels you created for the pianos. A: I created two panels. I titled them Butterfly Carnival I and Butterfly Carnival II. The inspiration for all of my creative work always starts with the freedom of thought and expression about anything and everything. These pianos were made with the idea of having anyone and everyone play impromptu, without rules, without limitations, just a little inspiration. The only request given to me was that I make my panels fun and very

Q: What feeling or emotion do you hope to share? A: I hope to share that feeling of being in the moment and embracing community spirit. Q: Do you believe that the creation of visual art is uniquely tied to the love of music? A: It is for me. I am a very visual person, and when I hear music, I actually see it in my mind. The rhythms and movements, the words, the imagery it evokes sometimes spark my direction as to what to create next. In my experience, music “moves� me in certain ways and most certainly affects my creative experience.

Q: Where were your pianos parked? A: One of my pianos was parked by the Hearst Tower, and the other on Sixth and North Tryon. It was fun to see so many pictures of all the pianos circulate through social media. So many fun comments! Many expressed excitement when they found all six of the pianos.


Q: What do you hope Charlotteans gained from this project? A: Being the artist and art advocate that I am, my hope was that people let loose for a few moments and truly enjoyed a free, fun and sensory experience!

Follow the Arts & Science Council on Facebook at ASCCharlotte, or on Instagram and Twitter @ASCCharlotte. Videos, photos and stories about the project can be found on social media by using the hashtag #PianoParkingCLT.


When the one-siz one-size-fits-all e-ffits-all -all approach that con conventional ventional onal Phar maceuticals pro vide de isn't rright ight ffor or your your uniquee body y, Pharmaceuticals provide body, Ask yyour our doctor aboutt compounded alternativ e es. alternatives.



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And once you determine e if that' that'ss the right approach, approach, insist on Carolina Pharmacy.. W We're Car olina Compounding & Nutritional Pharmacy e're PCAB Accr edited, centrally-located, ated, and we accept insurance. ce. Accredited,








Carolina Car olina Compounding ngg & Nutritional ritional Pharmacy


Monda Monday ndaay - Fr Friday iday 9 am m - 5 pm m | WE E DELIVER D VE intersection inter section in ction of Ballantyne ntyne Commons mo Parkway Parr kwa kway & Rea Road oa inn South outh Charlotte Char lotte 5 Ballantyne t o ommons s Pkwy, Pkwyy, Suite S 230 3 7825 Commons Charlotte, tte, NC 28277 704.540.4330 04 4 30 ˆ JE\ JE

GGGRTV\ GSQ GGRT T GS TV\ GSQ | November 2014

& T




Girl Power » Happy Hour

r e g n a h C e m a G he Peculiar Rabbit won “Best Bloody Mary in North Carolina” on the Food Network’s show “Chopped” with this recipe for their Game Changer Bloody Mary Mix.

3 cups V-8 2 tablespoons Sriracha sauce 2 teaspoons mustard 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoons olive juice 2 teaspoons pepperoncini juice 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon granulated garlic 1 teaspoon granulated onion 2 teaspoons horseradish 2 minced fresh herbs 1 teaspoon salt Mix all ingredients together, and chill. Serve in tall glasses with ice cubes and garnish of choice. Makes one quart.

FINDITWHERE? Peculiar Rabbit is located at 1212 Pecan Ave. Visit

Where a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mouth Connect, a Beautiful Smile is Created. Comprehensive dental care dedicated to your health. | November 2014 12


Dr. Tiky Swain

Dr. Quiana Reid

8420 University Executive Park | Suite 805


A new spin on a local favorite includes all the bells and whistles.

Girl Power » Good Eats

y Burger a W All The

8 ounces of local grass-fed beef 3 tablespoons of spicy chili 1 large spoonful of creamy cole slaw Wallop of mustard Slices of onion 1 slice of American cheese 1 toasted Brioche bun Form the beef into a patty, and cook to your specifications. Assemble and enjoy!

FINDITWHERE? Q Tavern, a new craft tap concept featuring locally sourced food, is located in uptown’s Fairfield Inn & Suites, at 201 S. McDowell St. Visit

Thanksgiving Essentials from

Compassionate care for women Novant Health Carmel OB/GYN



5933 Blakeney Park Drive, Suite 100 704-316-2021

2000 Wellness Blvd, Suite 120 704-316-2146

Blakeney Shopping Center 9844-B Rea Road | Charlotte | NC 28277 | 704.542.5558 | November 2014

Two convenient locations for all your healthcare needs — from your teen years to motherhood and beyond. Our team is close by, offering you a lifetime of care.


Girl Power » Shop Talk » By Karsen Price » Photos By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma | November 2014 14

e c i Sp It Up

Amy MacCabe & The Savory Spice Shop

very good cook knows the meal is only as delicious as the ingredients — and that goes all the way down to the spices. One Charlotte couple loved spices so much that they decided to make it their business, opening the Savory Spice Shop in Atherton Mill in November 2011 after noticing an open niche in the market. It seems that Amy and Scott MacCabe were destined to bring a specialty spice shop to the Queen City. When living in Chicago prior to moving to Charlotte in 2001, they often frequented a specialty spice store for fresh herbs and spices. “Scott and I are avid cooks, and have always incorporated spices into our dishes,”Amy says. “In our previous hometown, we had a spice store we frequented for our fresh spices and herbs. In fact, when we were married, our wedding favors were spices from our local spice shop!” She adds, “You could say we’ve always been spicy, but we just turned the heat up a little more recently.” MacCabe notes that she never

dreamed of being a spice merchant. One evening during dinner with friends, the discussion turned to Charlotte’s burgeoning food scene, including the influx of food trucks and new restaurants around town. “Someone at the table asked,‘What’s missing?’ ” she recalls. “It was a lightbulb moment as they say, and we all said, ‘Spices!’ I had been pondering transitioning my career into owning a business and doing something I was truly passionate about. From that discussion, it took only about a year of research, planning and development before we opened our shop.” The Savory Spice Shop has since received a warm welcome. The store currently carries over 400 freshly ground spices and more than 160 hand-blended seasonings. There is a large baking selection as well, including specialty extracts, vanillas and cocoas. The shop grinds and blends spices in small batches off-site each week, and never has more than five to 10 pounds of the same spice on hand, to ensure freshness. The store sells “deli style,” which means the MacCabes handpackage everything, and you can buy in

a variety of quantities, from as little as an ounce to pounds. “Depending on the time of year, we receive anywhere between a couple hundred to a thousand pounds of spice a week,” MacCabe says. The shop has a wall of 30-plus chile peppers that range from the mild Ancho to the hot Ghost (Bhut Jolokia). She says customers are often surprised to find the shop offers a selection of freshly ground cinnamon. “Cinnamon has very volatile oils that evaporate quickly and it has a shelf life of only about six months once ground, so you want to purchase it in small quantities or use it quickly to get the highest level of flavor,” she explains. “We have four varieties of cinnamon, including three types of Cassia

in st yle


cinnamon and a Ceylon (true) cinnamon. Ceylon is a variety milder in flavor and is the primary cinnamon used in other parts of the world, including Europe and Mexico.” The Savory Spice Shop specializes in spices that are “clean,” meaning they have no preservatives or anti-caking agents added to them. They are also gluten-free, which MacCabe says is very important to many customers. The shop prides itself on offering freshness, a vast selection, and personalized service — helping it stand apart from the grocery store aisle. She says, “We had a good feeling that Charlotte would welcome the idea of fresh spices, but each day we are surprised and delighted when our customers thank us for opening. It’s such a pleasure to bring fresh spices to the community. They not only have an impact in the kitchen but also on overall health.”

TOLEARNMORE The Savory Spice Shop is located at Atherton Mill, 2000 South Blvd., Suite 150. Call 980/225-5419 or email [TCW]




Custom Designed Solutions for Your Home & Your Lifestyle

Closets | Pantries | Garages Home Offices | Murphy Beds Media Centers | Laundry Rooms 704.525.6515 1.888.THE.CLOSET | November 2014

Come Visit Our Beautiful Showroom 635 Pressley Road Suite N, Charlotte, NC


Seen In The City

SEENINTHECITY Out & About In Charlotte

he fifth annual Pink Boots Ball was held Sept. 13 at Carmel Country Club. The fundraiser raised over $100,000 for Carolina Breast Friends, which works to provide support for Charlotte women in various stages of breast cancer. Molly Grantham served as master of ceremonies, and Too Much Sylvia provided live music for over 225 guests.

Molly Grantham served as master of ceremonies.

These boots were made for raising money!

Survivors Anne Marie Moore, Rosalyn Hudson, Alethea Ramey, Kathy Goodman, Kim Martin and Milli Mann smile for the camera. | November 2014 16

Hague, Hanna Van Drempt, & Michael Hague.

Dancing to tunes by Too Much Sylvia.

CBF board & staff: Krista Barry, Jennifer Holley, Chris Ebel, Kelly Powell, Shelby Jenkins, Anne Marie Moore, Melonee Hostetler, Kathryn Pruett, Lisa MacDonald and Rosalyn Hudson.

he 2014 Women’s Inter-Cultural Exchange was Sept. 11 at the Charlotte Convention Center, and focused on the theme “Making Our Mark: Women Leading Change Around The Globe.” The event tied into the Southern Women’s Show, and offered good dialogue and a delicious lunch.

Moira Quinn gave the invocation, while WIE CEO Bert Harper waited in the wings.

Wynton Norvel-Dillard, Sabrina Brown & Maya Norvel.

Renee Milton & Julia Paul.

Holly Shaw & Paige Chesser.

Nancy McNelis & Marty Clontz.

Charles Bowman with Joan Zimmerman.

Joan Bradley Wages gave the keynote address. Advanced Laser and Microcurrent Technologies

Dr. Thomas Layton

Located in Elizabeth Near Uptown Charlotte 225 N Torrence Street

704.412.9029 Follow us: | November 2014



Queens’ List


Goings On Around Our Town

A Ball For Warhol Young Affiliates At The Mint he Young Affiliates of the Mint’s second-annual Fall Ball, held Nov. 7 at the Mint Museum Uptown, pays homage to the upcoming “Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede” exhibit. In honor of the exhibit, the 2014 Fall Ball will transform the Mint’s atrium into a Pop Art bash. Guests are invited to don their finest Pop-themed threads and enjoy 1960s-inspired décor and dancing, plus live music by The (919) Band. Tickets are $85 for members and $100 for nonmembers. Enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, access to the galleries, and more.

WANTTOGO? Mint Museum Uptown is located at 500 S.Tryon St. Visit

A Cinderella Story Express


xperience the Tony Award®-winning Broadway musical Rodgers + Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” at Belk Theater Nov. 4 through 9. The lush production features an incredible orchestra and all the moments you love — the pumpkin, the glass slipper, the masked ball, plus some surprising twists. Rediscover a few of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s most beloved songs, including “In My Own Little Corner,” and “Impossible/It’s Possible.”

Crown Artists’ First Exhibit


PHOTO BY CAROL ROSEGG | November 2014 18

Comes To Belk Theater


Holiday Happenings Get your celebration on early this year with these events:

Southern Christmas Show, Nov. 13-23 The Nutcracker, Dec. 5-7 Magic Of Christmas, Dec. 4-7

xperience the Crown Artists’ first exhibition,“Expressions,” throughout November at the Cornwell Center, 2001 Selwyn Ave. The exhibit features over 70 paintings in a rich variety of individual styles by award-winning artists, including Regina Calton Burchett, Bre Barnett Crowell, Judith Cutler, Angela Harker and Mona Vernona Hearne. An opening reception will be held Nov. 7 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. A portion of proceeds benefits Myers Park Baptist Church.

WANTTOGO? Contact the Cornwell Center at 704/927-0774, or visit [TCW]

Ask the Expert

Porcelain Veneers Dr. Ross W. Nash Ross W. Nash, DDS, is one of only 46 Accredited Fellows in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, meaning he has acquired extraordinary skills in the area of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Founder of the Nash Institute for Dental Learning, Dr. Nash is the epitome of “expert.” Here, he answers questions about porcelain veneers.

treatment Smile before rs with venee

Q: What are porcelain veneers? A: Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic material used to change the color, shape, or alignment of natural teeth. Also called “laminates,” they become a new surface for the natural tooth. They are made through various techniques from hand layering by a ceramic artist to computerized design and manufacture. The materials available are durable and stain resistant, as well as beautiful.

Q: How are veneers put on the teeth? A: Porcelain veneers are attached to the teeth with strong bonding agents and composite resin cements.The bond is very strong. Ceramic materials are inherently brittle, but supported by an underlying strong structure, they become quite strong. The bonding process in dentistry allows for this lamination effect, so the ceramic veneers are actually strengthened after bonding to the tooth and the tooth is strengthened by the same process.

Porcelain ven eers to be placed

Q: How long does it take to get veneers? A: The process usually takes two appointments only a few weeks apart. Sometimes, temporary veneers are used between appointments.

Q: Do porcelain veneers require special care? A: They should be treated like natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental cleanings and dental examinations are recommended. Ultrasonic scalers and course polishing pastes at the dental office should not be used to decrease the chance of scratching the porcelain. Chewing hard materials like ice and hard candy should be avoided.

Smile after porcelain veneers

Q: How long do porcelain veneers last? A: Longevity is different for each situation, but they are long lasting. Because porcelain has excellent wear resistance, color stability and durability, they have the potential to last for many, many years.

with new smile | November 2014

403 Gilead Road, Suite E • Huntersville • 704/895-7660




Mover & Shaker » By Melinda Johnston » Photography By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma | November 2014


Lady For Julie Scoggins, All The World’s A Stage harlotte comedian Julie Scoggins says the secret to comedic success — besides being funny — is standing out in the crowd. That’s something the 6-foot, 2-inch, Harley-riding Southern belle does quite well. The former truck driver is a Charlotte native — she attended Independence High School — and has been a comedian since 1997, ever since her husband encouraged her to try open mic night at The Comedy Zone. In addition to traveling all over the country, she is a regular on the John Boy & Billy radio show. Although Scoggins is on the road most weekends, she recently sat still long enough to answer a few questions for Today’s Charlotte Woman. Q: Were you always funny? A: Lord no! My parents tried to raise me right. My mother was a church secretary and my father was a life deacon. Growing up, I was respectful of authority and I made straight As. A good comedian is supposed to come from a totally dysfunctional family and I had an idyllic childhood. But I like to say that I made it against all good odds! Q: What did you do before you became a comedian? A: I drove a school bus in high school. I went to CPCC [Central Piedmont Community College] for a couple years and then I was a truck driver for a while. I drove cross-country several times for the adventure. Talk about something that | November 2014

“When my husband first urged me on to the stage, I was scared to death. But the first time out, I got laughs. That was Oct. 23, 1997. I started comedy at age 37 and I’ve been funny now for 17 years!” — Julie Scoggins


Mover & Shaker » By Melinda Johnston » Photography By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma | November 2014 22

Standing Up For Comedy Comedian Julie Scoggins travels to New York City Nov. 9 for the final audition of “Last Comic Standing.” If she makes it, the shows will air next spring. If you’d like to catch her performance in the Carolinas, she will be appearing in Greensboro on Dec. 5-6, and in Myrtle Beach Dec. 10-13.

makes you old quick! Then I went into route sales for Frito-Lay. Q: Where are you from? A: I’ve lived here all my life except for a four-year stint living on a boat in the Caribbean. I graduated from Independence High School in 1978. Now my husband, Mark, and I live in Mint Hill. Q: How did you end up on a boat? A: We’d go to the Caribbean on vacation and not want to come home. One day, it occurred to me that we were doing it backward. We could live there and vacation here one week a year! We moved to St.Thomas and I worked for Frito-Lay and Mark made boat parts. But after three hurricanes on our boat we decided to move back to dry land. Q: How did you foray into comedy? A: We’d go to open mic night at the old Comedy Zone behind TGI Fridays on Independence Boulevard. Every week, it was the same guys up there, and they were terrible! I knew I was funnier than that. When Mark first urged me on to the stage, I was scared to death. But the first time out, I got laughs. That cinched it — it was on! That was Oct. 23, 1997. I started comedy at age 37 and I’ve been funny now for 17 years! Q: Do you have children? A: I never had children — not because I couldn’t, I just never got around to it! One day, I woke up and realized I would be the crazy old parent at the PTA meeting and I didn’t want that to happen. But I have a green-cheeked conure named Cheeky. My husband got her because I was gone all the time and he wanted somebody to talk to. She’s such awesome company and so smart. I took her to the TV studio and she fell in love with Larry Sprinkle — I almost didn’t get her back! Q: What’s the best thing about being a comedian? A: All of it. I love traveling and staying in a hotel and not having to clean up. I love riding my red 2004 Harley Road King Classic on tours when the weather’s good. And I love the people that you meet. People who are in the arts are creative and unique. About half of them are crazy and some have some serious issues, but they are out there taking chances and having genuine fun.


weekends. I try to work three weekends in a row and then take one weekend off for marriage preservation. Q: Do you write your own material? A: I do. I’m a real positive person. Every day isn’t perfect, but I really try to make it that way. When you get up each morning, you can choose to be happy or not. I choose to be happy. There’s funny stuff going on in whatever situation you find yourself in. There’s always something to laugh about. I get my show from day-to-day observations. Irony makes comedy, and when I see something ironic I write it down. I just carry a notepad around all the time.

Q: Does your husband go on the road with you? A: Sometimes — mostly to Florida in February! But he’s a routine-oriented sort, and being on the road as a comic is anything but routine. You’ve got to be flexible — two shows in one night and at the airport at 6 a.m. the next morning isn’t unusual. But I don’t work every day. Comics usually concentrate on the

Q: Is anything off limits? A: No — the comedy club is the last bastion of free speech in our country, and the audience is the barometer. I want them to get their money’s worth. Unlike some comics, I’m not particularly profane. I think people appreciate insinuations and can take it from there.

long time and you’ve cultivated a fan base, it’s not a performance, it’s something we all share. It’s not me talking to you — it’s us all just having fun. Tony Bennett once said, “Every single night when I take that stage it looks like there’s no place on earth I’d rather be.” That chokes me up each time I think about it. No matter what’s in my head or what’s going on in my life, there’s no place I’d rather be. Q: Do you have advice for other Charlotte women? A: If you want to do something in your life, then do it. Don’t wait. Do what you need to do to make it happen. If you are unhappy, do what you need to do to fix it. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Knock out that bucket list.

TOLEARNMORE For information, visit her Facebook page or [TCW] Melinda Johnston finds irony in everyday situations, but she is about eight inches too short to follow in Julie Scoggins’ footsteps.

Q: What is it like being on stage with all eyes on you? A: It’s amazing. When you’ve been at it a

Caring Dentistry... With a Gentle Touch! “As a patient, many times we do not look forward to a medical appointment. But at Cotswold Family Dentistry, the doctors and staff make it fun to return. I have always had a great experience there. I will continue to recommend them to others. The front office, the assistants, hygienists and the doctors all are great people to deal with. They are very honest and friendly. -Moises



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Muddy River Distillery Offers A Home-Grown Sip | November 2014



Runners | November 2014


“Working together has definitely made us closer. We’re having to deal with new problems, but we’re also enjoying new successes.” — Caroline Delaney

t’s no secret that the desire for locally brewed beer has grown in recent years. But when you think of liquor, you typically think of big-name brands like Jack Daniel’s or Absolut … and there’s no real connection between you and the people making them. Caroline and Robbie Delaney are changing all of that by bringing a homegrown twist to the rum scene with the creation of Muddy River Distillery, based in Belmont, N.C.


Mover & Shaker » By Lauren Levine » Photography By Ken Noblezada

flooded and muddy.” Muddy River is the first distillery in the state dedicated totally to rum production. Its product line includes Carolina Rum, a silver rum, and Queen Charlotte’s Reserve, which is a barrel-aged rum. You can buy Muddy River products in Alcoholic Beverage Control stores throughout North Carolina, although you might have to check in the “North Carolina products” section in order to find them. Muddy River products are also featured in over 200 bars and restaurants, including Fahrenheit, Heirloom, Pisces Sushi Bar, and Riverview Raw Bar. With a reach that big, you may assume that Caroline and Robbie Delaney are veterans of the liquor industry. Surprisingly, the couple knew next to nothing about making rum before they began their first foray into the industry. With a lot of research, practice and support from the North Carolina Distillers Association, the Delaneys have been able to run Muddy River full time for over a year and a half now. Muddy River came about practically by accident. Caroline has a background in accounting and Robbie was working in construction when he decided he needed a new challenge, one that would allow him to be closer to home. Caroline says, “On an airplane, he read a magazine article about how craft distilling is following in the footsteps of craft brewing. He came home and we researched it online. We had no background in it at all, but we read about it, and he built our first still.”

Making The Mash

Be Still The Delaneys are the founders of Muddy River Distillery, which operates out of an old textile mill right off the Catawba River — hence the distillery’s name. As Caroline explains, “When it rains, that river gets all | November 2014 26

There were permits that had to be obtained and paperwork that needed to be filed before Muddy River could become the full-fledged business it is today. However, now the distillery produces 300 bottles a day, with the still running two to three times per week. That kind of productivity calls for grueling hours, often with little sleep, explains Caroline. Since the Delaneys don’t have any full-time employees as of yet, this means that all of the other business-related responsibilities fall on the two of them, as well. Caroline does the accounting, marketing and social media for the distillery. She visits bars and restaurants in order to encourage them to place an order through ABC stores, because legally they can’t buy directly from Muddy River. She also has the premium job of being the distillery’s master taster!

Robbie hosts the distillery’s tours and tastings, and together the Delaneys run the still. Trying to keep a small business going without any employees is hard enough. Add in working with your spouse every day, and it seems like a recipe for tension. Fortunately, Caroline says the opposite has been true for them. “It could have gone either way, but working together has definitely made us closer,� she says. “We have to deal with each other, talk things out, and we’re both learning at the same time. We’re having to deal with new problems, but we’re also enjoying new successes.� Robbie is equally enthusiastic about working with his wife. “She’s my secret weapon,� he says. “Having her out there pushing our products and adding her personal touch makes a big difference.� Despite the excitement of taking on a business endeavor together, Caroline admits that there are a few challenges that make the situation unique. She notes, “It’s hard to establish boundaries. If we try to go on vacation, especially if we go anywhere in North Carolina, we’re probably going to try to go to some restaurants and sell as well. But that’s

true for any small business owner. You’re always thinking, ‘What can I do next?’ or ‘What’s the next big thing?’ � For the Delaneys and Muddy River Distillery, the next big thing is a more diversified product line, which requires significant amounts of tinkering in order to get the formula right. “We drink a lot of bad rum to get to the good rum,� Caroline says, with a laugh. “There’s not a recipe we can use. We just have to make it up!� And while the business of making rum can be fun, Caroline notes that it is also a lot of work. “People sometimes say to me, ‘Oh, that must be such a fun job!’ but it’s hard, long hours. You have to carry heavy barrels, and when you are running a still you have to sit there watching it the whole time. It’s definitely not just playtime!�

TOLEARNMORE Visit [TCW] Lauren Levine has written for USA Today and The Huffington Post; she promises no drinks were harmed in the making of this story.

The Glass Is Full Rum, Anyone? Caroline Delaney offers two recipes using Muddy River Distillery rum:

Carolina Basil Lemonade 2 large basil leaves Lemon slices 2 ounces Carolina Rum Sprite and ice Muddle leaves and lemon in a highball glass, and top with rum, Sprite and ice.

Queen Charlotte’s Maple Cooler 3 dashes Angostura bitters 1.5 ounces Queen Charlotte’s Reserve barrel-aged rum 1.5 ounces fresh orange juice 1 ounce club soda .5 ounce maple syrup Stir, add ice and garnish with orange peel. Enjoy!

Lakeside Neurology

/DNHVLGH 1HXURORJ\ R͞HUV D PRUH QDWXUDO holistic approach to your medical problems. :H DUH QRZ R͞HULQJ DQ )'$ DSSURYHG PHGLFDO IRRG QDWXUDO VXSSOHPHQW FDOOHG $SS7ULPŒ IRU the dietary management of obesity. Make an appointment to discuss your weight loss goals. :H DOVR R͞HU

Our open house will open more than doors for your child





Lori Schneider,, M.D. New York University School of Medicine

Awards received last three years running unning “Patients’ Choice� Award ysicians AAward ward “Compassionate Physicians�


/LYHUSRRO 3NZ\ 6WH $ ‡ &RUQHOLXV ‡ 1& /LYHUSRRO 3NZ\ 6WH /LYHUSRRO 3NZ\ 6WH $ ‡ &RUQHOLXV ‡ 1& www.drlorischneider www

It will open a world of opportunities beyond their imagination. Our focus on students with learning differences and all types of ADHD means your child receives an education that helps close the gap and provides a path to educational success.

OPEN HOUSE DATES November 12, 2014 8:30am - 10:30am Kindergarten Open House January 15, 2015 8:30am - 10:30am

RSVP: 704-365-5490 or

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Crosland does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, marital status, disability, religion, creed, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions, financial aid policies or employment practices. | November 2014



Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson

Diane Von Furstenburg animal print blouse, $298, and fur infinity scarf, $238, Monkee’s Boutique; olive ankle skinny pant, $210, KK Bloom. Boots, stylist’s own.

Top right: Fur vest, $995, Denim House; floral blouse, $148, Tash Boutique; black skinny pants, $258, Denim House; necklace and earring set, $15, LaToya Stevens. Boots, stylist’s own. | November 2014 28

Middle right: Fringed sleeve top, $174, Tash Boutique; flared skirt, $168, KK Bloom; bracelet, $12, Handpicked; houndstooth clutch, $20, LaToya Stevens. Shoes, stylist’s own.

Far right: Mixed media bomber jacket, $156, The Mole Hole; ivory embroidered pullover, $500, Coral Boutique; black skinny pant, $258, and necklace, $275, Denim House. Shoes, stylist’s own. Styled & Directed By Stacee Michelle Photos By Glenn Roberson Makeup By Nou Yang Models: Alex & Vonda

Thankful For iving in the South, we only get a few months of cold weather living, so take advantage of the cooler temps while you can by adding the latest in outerwear to your ensemble. Put that old North Face fleece jacket down, and instead pick up the latest in fall styles, from textured sweaters and fun fringe, to leather, suede and even fur. Sophisticated? Sporty? There’s a look for every personality, and a little goes a long way. Mix and match items — a little here, a little there — into your current wardrobe as a statement piece. You’ll be comfortable, warm, and cool — looking, that is! | November 2014 29

Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson | November 2014 30

Black vegan leather jacket, $166, KK Bloom; soft leather leggings, $146, Denim House; velvet printed top with fringe, $200, KK Bloom. Boots, stylist’s own.

Top right: Flannel shirt, $98, leather leggings, $70, sequin jacket, $134, all at Cheeky Bean. Bottom right: Long fur jacket, $795, Denim House; printed arrow pants, $114, Tash Boutique; cashmere blend T-shirt, $185, Denim House; pendant necklace, $24, Handpicked. | November 2014

Village at SouthPark 4310 Sharon Road Charlotte NC 704-377-7955 Facebook: ICLondonCharlotte


Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson | November 2014 32

Floral jumpsuit, $172, and beige moto jacket, $109, Cheeky Bean Boutique; infinity plaid scarf, $24, Handpicked. [TCW]

Advertising feature that keeps the women of Charlotte in-the-know about what the Queen City has to offer

w h a t ’s h o t t o d a y !

Make Christmas Shopping A Breeze! Looking for just the right holiday accent for your home? Need that perfect accessory to finish a festive outfit? Perhaps a fabulous gift for a friend? Visit us at Lila HOME in Ballantyne for all your holiday home decorating, fashion and gifting needs!

Lila HOME 12206 Copper Way, Suite 128 Charlotte, NC 28277 877-583-0355

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Our Creativity Knows No Boundaries Are you one of a kind ... shouldn’t your jewelry be also? • Celebrating our 25th year in Matthews • Family owned and operated • In-house repairs • We specialize and believe in.... renovate, or recycle and redesign • Free cleaning and inspection of your jewlery Designs by Shirlee 163B South Trade Street, Matthews, NC 28105 p: 704-841-7602 • f: 704-841-1136 • Hours: Wed.-Fri. 11-5 • Sat. 10-3

All Sample Bridal Gowns and Special Occasion Dresses ON SALE! Bridal Gowns starting at $299.00. Hurry In! Sample Sale Extended through November 30, 2014. Bridal Gown purchases during November receive $100 towards alterations. Designing Brides 107 North Main Street Davidson, NC 28036 704-655-1009

Radiant Skin Awaits! La’Bella Body Scrub is an gentle exfoliant that sloughs away dull, dead skin. It cleanses, moisturizes and creates youthful glowing skin. Try Our Salt Glow, Deep Brown Sugar or Citrus Herbal Lemon Today for $10.00! La’Bella Organic Body Scrub & Salt Glow Call 980-230-0573 To Order | November 2014

Designing Brides Sample Sale!


Dwellings » By Karsen Price » Photos By Dustin Peck | November 2014


Make It

One Table, Five Holiday Looks

s e l b Ta & Tips

Garden Club | November 2014

Bring the outdoors inside with sprigs of holly, cuttings of magnolia leaves, and simple potted trees. “Mix your textures,” Walker says. “Here, I did that with a burlap table covering, woven placemats, sculpted salad plates, crocheted napkins, and shaped glasses.” Walker says to showcase the theme of your event by offering “visual cues,” like the greens and browns of this table setting. “The leaf patterns on the plates and glasses are perfect for a garden club event,” she says. “The lushness of the table — the way the decorations fill a lot of the table space — also fits the garden enthusiast theme.”

nterior designer Gray Walker knows special events, and she has made a successful business out of entertaining with flair. This holiday season, she encourages every hostess to make the mostest of their holiday tabletops by thinking outside the box, and mixing and matching for an eclectic effect your guests won’t likely forget. “As a designer, I love to mix things up, particularly between modern living and a collected heritage,” Walker says. “By mixing in things that are vintage and antique with lots of new and fun items, I weave in memories and stories from my own life, while making new memories from today’s holidays!” She adds, “The idea is to use what you have to create a magical holiday event, to mix things up by using different colors and themes for your holiday events, and to bring out that china that you’re saving for a special event — it is a special event!”


Dwellings » By Karsen Price » Photos By Dustin Peck

Dinner At Eight | November 2014 36

For an elegant evening event, make it metal … and the more the merrier. “Mix your metals! Gold and silver are beautiful together,” Walker says. She suggests combining all kinds of elements — including gold ribbon, silver servers, gold-rimmed plates and silver goblets — to offer an eclectic table that feels extraordinary. Thinking outside the box is a plus when it comes to party décor. Walker admonishes entertainers to break a few tried-and-true rules. “You don’t have to have a tablecloth to go more formal,” she says. “I love crisp linen placemats against the high polish of this tabletop. Also, simple florals make a chic and sophisticated statement.”

Ladies Who Lunch | November 2014

“Pink for the holidays?” Walker asks rhetorically. “Yes, pink! I love this china of my grandmother’s. What better way to use it than for a ladies’ luncheon?” Walker offers tips for making nontraditional colors festive for the holidays. “If you select an unusual holiday color, make it more festive with metal accents like silver and gold,” she says. She notes that small wrapped gifts make fabulous party favors, especially if you coordinate your wrapping to the table design. “By placing a gift wrapped in modern Italian paper, I created a juxtaposition that brings a pop to the antique place settings,” she says. “Feminine florals add the perfect touch of color and flair!” Lastly, celebrate your friends by bringing out the full formal place setting, even at lunch. It makes the occasion special.


Dwellings » By Karsen Price » Photos By Dustin Peck

Wild Holiday | November 2014 38

Bring out your wild side! A playful tabletop is perfect for children or just those who are young at heart. “The holidays are all about whimsy, so bring fun to the table,” she says. “Animals are a quirky addition, but the gold accents showcase the sophistication, and perfectly complement the animal motif on the china.” To make this look work, mix your color palette to add to the playful vibe, like using green and purple mixed with gold tones. And consider using furniture that just happens to complement the theme. “These bamboo folding chairs perfectly fit the theme,” she says. “Answer the call of the wild with an animal print tablecloth!”

Play With Color

TOLEARNMORE Visit [TCW] | November 2014

Walker encourages hostesses to mix shades of similar hues for a look that pops. Saturation of color is especially dramatic. “I love mixing pink with coral and red,” she says. “It’s a different take on the traditional red of the holiday season.” When going for this infusion of color, it’s best to keep the other items more neutral — such as white and gold — to allow the range of reds to really shine. Use playful items for centerpieces, like nutcrackers, freestanding ornaments and colored glass.


Stay Warmer on Long Winter Nights The Escape Fir FireBrick eBrick inserts of offer fer KLJK HIĂ€FLHQF\ KHDWLQJ ZLWK D EROG Ă DPH DQG QDWXUDOLVWLF ORJ VHW 6HW WKH WRQH ZLWK WKH IXOO IXQFWLRQ | November 2014 40

rremote emote and designer options that PDWFK \RXU VW\OH


move make your

Read on to meet professionals who will help you take the next step to your new home

Real Experience Real Results

Scott Pridemore founded Pridemore Properties after being affiliated for 14 years with a large Charlotte real estate firm. In spite of the soft real estate market, Pridemore and his team have experienced their most successful years yet. With an aggressive marketing plan to get listings sold, Pridemore has found unique ways to guide his clients through a challenging real estate market. “A satisfied client is not enough. It’s about constantly striving to produce results beyond and out of the ordinary,� Pridemore says.

Kathy Kreshon Carver, of RE/MAX Metro Realty, has over 24 years of experience in the business. Her specialties include development land, farm and land, luxury homes, foreclosure properties and relocation, among others. Over the years, Carver has found that marketing is very important, and she has developed a team of experts to help her with staging, photography, and marketing. “With a team of experts to help me, we can get the job done in the least amount of time and for the most profit to the seller!� she says.

Jeff Lynch is the co-owner of The Premier Team at Re/Max Metro Realty, a full service real estate firm. With over nine years of experience selling homes in the Lake Norman and surrounding areas, Lynch epitomizes integrity, hard work and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction.

Scott Pridemore 704/562-0792

Kathy Kreshon Carver 704/714-6695

Jeff Lynch, SFR, CDPE 704/737-3404

He graduated from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and resides in Cornelius with his wife and 2 daughters. Personal referrals and repeat business form the foundation of Lynch’s career.

Looking to Buy or Sell?

Look no Further! Kathy Kreshon Carver RE/MAX Metro Realty | November 2014 42

704-714-6695-direct 704-451-5478-cell 704-625-2342-fax

CT! UNDER CONTRA 5118 Piper Glen Drive • MLS # 3030883 Sensational renovated home with salt water in-ground pool Overlooking the beautiful Piper Glen Golf Course !

REDUCED 5827 Bentway Drive • MLS # 2219182 Elegant stucco on Carmel’s golf course 10th green

6028 Bentway Drive • MLS # 3009887 Contemporary on 0.86 acres, Needs “T L Câ€?

When you sell or buy a home with Jeff Lynch and RE/MAX you’ve made the right decision. We take a more personal approach to real estate focused on the needs, concerns, hopes and dreams of our clients, providing unparalleled customer service. Î :RUOGZLGH PDUNHWLQJ WKURXJK WKH 5( 0$; EUDQG and websites Î 5( 0$; &ROOHFWLRQ ZHEVLWH IRU KRPHV RYHU N Î 6WDJLQJ VHUYLFHV Î 6WDWH RI WKH DUW YLGHR PDUNHWLQJ Î 3URIHVVLRQDO SLFWXUHV DQG EURFKXUHV Î 3OXV PRUH


Home interiors that reflect your personality and the stories you share.


Susan M. Committed to providing an Webber excellent lending experience usan’s extensive experience, commitment to excellence, caring, and compassionate style are her greatest strengths as a lender. Susan is a native of Charlotte and has over 44 years in the Charlotte market. She is a true sales professional providing the upmost world class concierge service. Her drive to provide Homebuyers with a fast, efficient and hassle-free lending experience has earned her years of recognition as a top lending professional. Susan specializes in creative solutions for self-employed and 1099 employees. Her unique “common sense� approach has helped her in working with all borrowers. Susan is the personal choice as a Mortgage Lender for several builders and numerous award-winning real estate agents.

Susan M. Webber

Vice President • Mortgage Division Direct: 704.408.1222 Email: Apply Online:

Melissa Benton Executive Assistant: 704.626.6970 Email:

10 day closing available! Ask me how! Big Enough to MATTER...Small Enough to CARE 5950 Fairview Road • Suite 150 • Charlotte, NC 28210 | November 2014

Susan enjoys being involved in the community, fundraising for ACS, breast cancer research and a local AAU Basketball team. She is the owner of two local gift shops in Pineville and Ft Mill and loves to draw and paint and decorate.


Special Dwellings » By Melinda Johnston » Photos By Ken Noblezada | November 2014 44

The Art Of

Fine Rugs Dress The Floor With Style & Quality good designer will tell you that you can hang the wreaths and deck the halls, but the decorating isn’t done until the floor is dressed. “The rug makes the room complete. Even if you go to a palace with a very expensive, unique floor, if there is no rug there, then something is missing. You need a rug to connect everything together and give character to the room,” says Vahid Zahabiuon, owner of Charlotte Rug Gallery. The rug business comes naturally to Vahid. He’s a third-generation rug maker, learning the craft from his father and grandfather in his native Iran, which is famous for creating floor coverings as art.


“A good quality rug will last for a long time. It can be passed down in the family to be enjoyed for many years to come.” – Vahid Zahabiuon or heirlooms. Vahid is aware that many consumers don’t know the difference, and he loves to educate people. “A good quality rug will last for a long time. It can be passed down in the family to be enjoyed for many years to come,” he says. Vahid and Leila travel overseas several times each year to hand-select only the finest rugs for the store. Some are old and some are new, but all are unique, hand-woven pieces that will stand the test of time. “Leila and I never compromise with quality, even with reproductions. All of our rugs are unique and use only natural dyes. Chemical dyes fade unevenly, the colors run, and the character is lost. With natural dyes, the fading is in balance, the character is retained, and the rug appreciates in price,” he says.

When purchasing an antique rug, Vahid advises his customers to look at the age, condition, quality and coloration. He loves working with experienced rug buyers, but also with people who are purchasing their first fine rug. “I love answering questions and educating customers,” Vahid says.

Tis The Season Fall is his busiest time of year, because children are back in school and homeowners begin to focus on getting their homes ready for the holidays. It also means that inventory is at its peak. The store currently boasts over 1,500 rugs in a variety of sizes, colors, styles and prices. Charlotte Rug Gallery features rugs that range in size from a powder room rug, about 2 foot by 3 foot, to a palace | November 2014

Fourteen years ago, Vahid and his wife, Leila, opened Charlotte Rug Gallery in the Myers Park Shopping Center. The business has thrived despite several downturns in the economy. “What makes us survivors in this market is that we always offer good quality merchandise at a fair price. We have an established company with a good name behind it, and we always stand behind the rugs that we sell,” Vahid says. The business continues to grow as more and more homeowners learn to appreciate the beauty and value of fine rugs. The market is filled with inexpensive rugs, known as commercial rugs, which can be cheap and low quality. Unlike the rugs available at Charlotte Rug Gallery, commercial rugs generally aren’t treated as treasured items


Special Dwellings » By Melinda Johnston » Photos By Ken Noblezada

rug, which can be 13 foot by 24 foot or larger, and many sizes in between. The showroom contains rugs from Turkey, India, Iran, and many other countries, and the rugs date from the early 20th century to modern pieces. Colors and styles range the spectrum. Although he still sells many traditional rugs, Vahid says more and more customers are choosing a transitional or contemporary look with softer, nontraditional colorations. Whatever style or color his customers select, Vahid insists they try it out before making a final decision. “I tell them to take it home and live with it a few days. See it in the daytime and at night. Make sure it is the right rug for you, because you will be living with it a long time,” he says. And if you buy or own a beautiful rug, be sure to keep Charlotte Rug Gallery’s number in your list of contacts, because they provide all services necessary to keep your rug looking its best. “We clean rugs, and if your rug is in need of repair, we offer a wonderful restoration department here in the store. We also offer free pickup and delivery. All you need to do is give us a call,” Vahid says.

TOLEARNMORE Visit or call 704/332-1717. [TCW]


Research Study for Women with Endometriosis

Annual Holiday Party

The SOLSTICE study is evaluating an investigational drug to see if it is safe and how well it works to manage endometriosis pain. | November 2014 46

If you are 18 to 49 years old with moderate to severe endometriosis pain, you may be eligible to participate. The study may last up to approximately 20 months and involve about 14 study visits. Study participation is voluntary.

December 16, 2014 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Wells ells Fargo Center One W 301 South College Street 41st Floor

abulous hors ho holiday social, with fabulous d’oeuv everages, holidayy tunes, d’oeuvres, beverages, . ’oeuvres, b etworking raffle prizes, silent auction, ne networking and much, much more!

J a n u a r y 66,, 22014 014 January for details Log on to

or call

888-633-8914 A822523

ϳϬϰ͘ ϯϲϳ͘ ϯϰϱϰ :ŽŝŶ ƚŚĞ ĐŽŶǀĞƌƐĂƟŽŶ͗ :ŽŝŶ ƚŚĞ ĐŽŶǀĞƌƐĂƟŽŶ͗


To learn more, visit


NAWBO® Char lotte is a professional professional organization organization NAWBO® Charlotte designed tto o fuel the success success of the specifically designed women-owned businesses in the g reater 42,000 women-owned greater Charlotte area. area. Charlotte

A NATURAL LOOK HAIR REPLACEMENT NON-SURGICAL Alopecia Solutions Cranial Prosthesis Full Lace Units Cancer Patients Skin Matrix Scalp Enhancers ALSO OFFERING: Permanent Lashes Natural Hair Care and Chemical Services All Services are Private & Confidential

Dec 4 - 7 8 pm – Belk Theater Don’t miss this seasonal tradition as conductor Albert-George Schram leads the Symphony, the Oratorio Singers of Charlotte, and spectacular guests including American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle and the Charlotte Children’s Choir in this festive program, complete with sing-alongs and surprises.

A Natural Look Hair Replacement offers the most natural and advanced technology to date. Each hair is placed strand by strand to give the illusion as if it is growing straight from the scalp. Call 704-377-0383 today for a FREE consultation.

1720 E 7th Street Charlotte, NC 28204


704.377.0383 •

Let’s Build Your Dream Kitchen ffine ine cabinetry cabinetry ccustom ustom sstorage torage specialized milllwork milllwork specialized

IInteriors nteriors

Exteriors E xteriors

Kitchens K itchens & B Baths aths

Cedar C edar Shutters Shutters

Custom Garage C ustom Home Home Storage Storage G arage SStorage torage Wainscot W ainscot & Mantels Mantels

PPergolas ergolas

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Call for a FREE consultation SSouthEnd outhEnd SShowroom: howroom: 305 305 FFoster oster Ave. Ave. Charlotte, Charlotte, N NC C 28203 28203 • 704-778-6814 704 -778 - 6814 • w w w.IIM M PACT C | November 2014

View View current current projects projects aat: t: w w


n u p s e m o H

Make It A


Shop Local This Season t’s that time of year … time to tackle the holiday shopping for your loved ones. But this year, how about doing things differently? Forget the Internet, and toss those shipping costs (and forgettable presents) aside. Instead, why not conjure years of lore — when shopping was done local, and holiday memories were made? That’s right. Toss your to-do list, and go for the experience instead. Call up your best girl friends or your favorite family members, and make a day of it. Or a month! Explore boutiques, shops and salons around the city for unique presents only the Queen City can offer. Then, celebrate your discoveries with a mug of cocoa or a glass of wine shared with good friends and plenty of laughter. Remember the reason for the season, and celebrate local this holiday.


embrace the of print

Conventional, Digital & Wide Format Printing with a continued commitment to both our customers and our craft.

Perfectly Styled

Salon & Spa

1119 Clement Ave. | Charlotte, NC 28205 704-375-2474 48


1910 South Blvd Ste 110 704.778.6392


shop local

Tour De Food Gourmet Food Tours

skinworks skin works

Explore Charlotte through its culinary artisans Taste 6 local restaurants and meet the chefs Tours run every Sat or book a private tour any day In Charlotte and throughout North Carolina




Call now for a complimentary consultation (704) 421-3088 @QueensOfClutter

Queens of Clutter

Suite Suit e D-1, D-1, Matthews Matthews NC 28105

Specializing in de-cluttering, organizing and managing homes and businesses. Children’s Rooms Closets Wardrobes Kitchens & Pantries Home Offices Furniture Placement First hour of organizational services complimentary with purchase of at least 2 hours

We bring you relaxation and healing from the moment you step through our door. Our soothing space and kind staff will take care of you as the world busily drifts by outside. glo ph/txt ph/txt 410.703.7190 410.703.7190

10931 109 31 E. Independence Independence Blv Blvd. d.

Full schedule of yoga classes 2 weeks for $20 for new students

Don’t be ordinary this holiday season, be Peculiar!

Call on the Peculiar Rabbit and let us handle all your holiday needs.

4 licensed massage therapists New client rate of $49 for a 60-Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Weekly alternative healing classes Guided meditation, breathwork, belly dancing, and more! Locally sourced tea & coffee lounge Open 7 days a week from 8am – 7pm

Collection of Retail from Jewelry 1912 Commonwealth Ave. to Clothing featuring a variety of Charlotte, NC 28205 local artisans.

704.266.1443 •

Clip this ad and redeem it at the Rabbit for a complimentary appetizer.

We offer full on and off-site catering for any type of event. 704-333-9197 | 49

shop local

Welcome to Yarnhouse

Please visit our unique and creative space to purchase fabulous yarns and fibers.

Here everyone can share ideas, inspirations, patterns, stories, and advice. Our community atmosphere creates an exciting environment for project ideas.

2424 N. Davidson St. Suite 106-A • 704-335-8531 •

Large selection of fine, unique yarns & fibers. Wide variety of knit & crochet notions, patterns, supplies & gifts. Knitting & crocheting classes for all levels. Free knitting & crocheting circles Sundays @ 1 p.m. & Thursdays @ 6 p.m. Located next to Amelie’s in NoDa, Charlotte’s Historic Arts District.

The Ultimate Training Experience A great Christmas gift for everyone on your list Aerial Silk or Kettlebell classes 2 for $20 trial sessions. Call to today to schedule your class!

Local, handcrafted jewelry, gifts, clothing, home decor & more from over 40 Charlotte artisans.

One discount per customer. • For new customers only. Must be used by March 1, 2015. Not valid after March 1.


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Thankful Charlotte Women Are Grateful For The Little Things

s women, we are exquisitely in touch with our emotions, which makes us geniuses at being grateful. Although we are the first to tell you that our friends, family and spirituality mean the world to us, we can also admit that it’s the little things that take a day from good to great. Here is a smattering of thoughtful “thankful” quotes from women around the city.

Ramona Holloway,TCW’s favorite radio personality and co-star of “The Matt & Ramona Show” “I’m thankful for the friends who’ve mentored me as a caregiver. From Teri, the scheduler who helps me get appointments for my mom, to the wonderful friends who offer advice and a listening ear. Watching our parents age is not fun. Watching my friends and cousins care for their parents has been inspirational.” Caroline Simas, licensed artist and owner of Multiple Blessings by Caroline Simas “I’m thankful for the gift of creativity, which allows me to combine two passions — art and faith.” Debra Plousha Moore, chief human resources officer, executive vice president, Carolinas HealthCare System “I am thankful that I am a great cook. My house is always full of family and friends waiting for the next apple pie!”

Tonya Price, owner of Poprock Photography “I’m thankful for afternoon wine, unexpected flight upgrades and daily small kindnesses.”

Brooke Heid, 4 years old “I’m thankful for God and little animals.” | November 2014 52

Reena Powers, mother, wife and businesswoman “I am thankful for my legs carrying me through many morning runs/workouts, which helps to keep me happy and sane in my busy life!”

Traci Zeller, designer/owner of Traci Zeller Designs “I am grateful for my Fitbit … not because I want to exercise, but now I will finally know exactly how much walking I do at furniture market.”

Compiled By Jackie Fogartie

Rachel Sutherland, owner of Rachel Sutherland Communications “I am thankful for high heels. A minimum of 3 inches, no more than 5!” Kalle Stinson, mother to three kids under the age of 5, wife to a pastor, and a writer and counselor “I’m thankful for Trader Joes’ dark-chocolate covered almonds with sea salt, that there is always something to laugh about, and for family and friends who believe it ‘takes a village.’ ” Stacee Michelle, fashionista and TCW’s Style editor “I am thankful for rolling racks! In only two clicks I can transport entire wardrobes through the dirt, mud, gravel, snow, up hills, across highways and down mountains!” Ashley Maness, front office manager of Carolina Veterinary Specialists “I am thankful for my two Great Danes, Belle and Boone, who together (so far!) are a combined weight of 170 lovable pounds. They literally keep me on my toes … and their noses on my counter!” Karsen Price, editor of TCW “I am thankful for my horse trainer, Karen Capps, who doubles as my therapist, makes me take risks, and never gets grouchy when I spend over 30 minutes saddling up a horse.” [TCW]

Want to share what you are thankful for? Visit us on Facebook the month of November and tell us what quirky thing makes you the most thankful.

Meet Officer Kenia Medrano Sister, Role Model and Dog Lover

An 11 year veteran of CMPD, Kenia began her career as a high school student in the Police Explorer program. She is assigned to the Providence Division and very active in the Latino community.

Have You Considered A Career with CMPD? We offer a challenging and rewarding career with numerous possibilities for you to make a difference in our community. To Apply or For More Information visit: or call 704-432-1603 | November 2014

“I choose to be a police officer because it’s one of the most rewarding fields out there and for me it was the best way to directly impact my community in a positive way. I am thankful to live in a country where women have the freedom to choose any career. I believe women have all the skills necessary to be a successful police officer and should not feel deterred in any way from exploring the field of law enforcement. Being an officer is not about who is strong or fast, it’s about compassion and understanding and willingness to work hard in order to keep our communities safe.”


Today’s Charlotte Woman Believes In The Power Of A

WISH The 2014 W.I.S.H. Society | November 2014 54

oday’s Charlotte Woman believes in wishes … and in the power of women to make wishes come true. Likewise, TCW happily sponsored the second annual W.I.S.H. Society for Women Inspiring Strength & Hope, in conjunction with Make-A-Wish® Central & Western Carolina. Meet the 2014 W.I.S.H. Society Honorees who have chosen to make a difference in children’s lives by helping raise funds to grant the perfect wish. And not just one wish, but hundreds of wishes!

The 2014 W.I.S.H. Society Honorees Lori Reese Patton Employer: Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge and Rice, LLP Fun Fact: Lori passed the Bar in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Courtney Van Wingerden Charity Involvement: Ella Foard Foundation Fun Fact: Courtney likes to volunteer at her sons’ school, finding new ways to expand the minds of our youth.

Adriene Pattie Charity Involvement: Better Half Dash, Cookies For A Cause Fun Fact: Adriene served as PTA president for two years.

Mardee Woodward Employer: Southern Spring Home and Garden Show Fun Fact: Mardee loves bronze sculptures and impressionist paintings.

Stephanie Daniel Doranda Brown Montgomery Employer: HDR, Inc. Fun Fact: Doranda constructed a community center in the Dominican Republic.

Employer: Kirk Palmer & Thigpen, P.A. Fun Fact: Stephanie is a founding member of the Women’s Impact Network in Wilmington, N.C.

Lori Crowder Employer: Fifth Third Bank Fun Fact: Lori was the 2013 President’s Circle winner.

Anjali Arnold Employer: The Ballantyne School of Etiquette Fun Fact: Anjali has been married to her high-school sweetheart for 29 years.

Holly Norvell Employer: Johnston, Allison & Hord, P.A. Fun Fact: She has received awards including being named a “Rising Star” by North Carolina Super Lawyers and “Legal Elite” by Business North Carolina.

April Smith AnneLeigh Twer Employer: Posh Pet Care and Babysitting Services Fun Fact: AnneLeigh, 10, is the first-ever Junior Honoree.

Julie Mills Employer: Progressive Pilates Fun Fact: Julie was happy to team up with Make-A-Wish® because she loves to inspire and to be inspired.

Employer: Social Ape Marketing Fun Fact: April owns her own social media marketing company — Social Ape Marketing.

Stay Tuned The winner of the 2014 W.I.S.H. Society will be featured in the December issue of

Sara Lincoln Employer: Lincoln Derr, PLLC Fun Fact: Sara is one of the top 50 women lawyers in North Carolina.

ToLearnMore Contact Amy Brindley, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish® Central and Western North Carolina, at, or call 704/339-0334.

Employer: DickensMitchener Real Estate Fun Fact: Kari raised over $30,000 for Make-A-Wish® with her Tea-For-Three event.

Leah Maybry Employer: Elliott Davis, PLLC Fun Fact: Leah received the Charlotte Business Journal’s Women in Business Award in 2014.

Sara Meredith Employer: Charlotte Pediatric Clinic Fun Fact: Sara completed an Ironman race in 2013. | November 2014

Employer: McReynolds Creative Concepts Fun Fact: Brooke owns her own interior design firm.

Employer: Home Technology Solutions Fun Fact: In her spare time, Fatima drives through uptown and gives food to the homeless.

Employer: The J.M. Smucker Company Fun Fact: Erica has a master’s in business administration from the University of Akron.

Kari Bourg

Brooke McReynolds

Fatima Robaina

Erica Miller


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I Really Think » By Pat MacEnulty

Cutting Up | November 2014 58

hen I tell people I’m a professor at Johnson & Wales, they often assume I’m a chef. I shake my head and explain that the school is a four-year university, and students need to learn English as well as menu planning. Although I’ve always been a mediocre cook at best, I have had the good fortune to learn a thing or two about cooking from some of my students. For about six months, one of my former students, Jake, rented a room from me while he figured out his living arrangements. I offered free Wi-Fi in exchange for a few cooking lessons. The first thing I learned is that I didn’t even know how to use a knife properly. And most of my knives were dull as a televised checkers match. Jake, of course, brought his own knives. He had two sets: one for the house and one that went back and forth to work with him. You should have heard the scolding I got when he caught me cutting something directly on the counter. “Always use a cutting board,” he admonished. Another rule: Don’t wash

the good knives in the dishwasher. When Jake’s friend Curtis would come over, Jake put us to work chopping herbs or vegetables. Once we made mango salsa with yellow bell peppers, onion and mango. To die for! Now the first rule of thumb, so to speak, is not to chop off your thumb. I’m sure it’s the first thing they learn in culinary class. Jake showed me how to form a C with my fingers as I chopped the vegetables. “That way you won’t chop the tips of your fingers,” he explained. “If the knife touches anything, it will only graze your knuckles.” As Jake chopped away, he would stop and regroup the vegetables using the edge of the knife, to get the ends even. “This is called spanking the vegetables,” he said. I laughed and proceeded to spank a few vegetables. “Use the whole blade, when you cut,” Jake said. “I notice you like to use the point of the knife.” Another chopping faux pas I committed was to follow the vegetables around a sliding cutting board. Jake quickly snatched up a piece of mesh cloth and put it under the cutting board

to stabilize it. (You can use a wet paper towel, as well.) “You don’t need to move around,” he advised. “Instead, move the cutting board or the vegetables to suit you.” So with some practice, I got better. When Jake moved out to live with his own kind (i.e., young people) he left me a present: his sharp Johnson & Wales chef knife. He showed me how to sharpen it on the wet stone, which is supposed to soak for 15 minutes. Who knew? Then you hold your knife at an angle of about two pennies and you move it back and forth, back and forth. Never in a hurry. Except when you eat. In the kitchen where he worked, Jake generally had about three minutes to eat his dinner. “Well, that’s one thing you do like a chef, Pat,” he told me. “You do know how to eat fast.” But that was only because everything he made was so delicious, I couldn’t help myself. [TCW] Excerpted from, When The Teacher Is Ready: What I Learned From A 20Year-Old Chef, by Pat MacEnulty, and containing recipes by Jake Shisoff.

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