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A BANG UP JOB y friend Julie Haack (of Donald Haack Diamonds fame) always looks fantastic. When she somehow started looking even better than usual, I had to know what was different. Come to find out, she had a big birthday approaching and wanted a change in her life, so she switched salons. I immediately wanted to go see whoever made her look like that … but wondered how to break the news to my stylist of five-plus years. I bravely made the appointment with Pooran at Poza Salon in Myers Park. Julie’s disclaimers — ranging from,“Don’t mind how direct she is” to “You have a tough skin, you’ll be fine” — had me worried. After all, I’ve had the same bangs and bob hairdo since age 5 (with the exception of one disastrous home perm that is still brought up at class reunions). What if Pooran wanted to change my signature look? Appointment day came, and I was nervous. Pooran turned out to be one of those beautiful people who wears a pixie cut and looks like a supermodel. She sat me in her chair, ran her fingers through my hair, circled like a shark, then slowly began to speak. “Whose idea were the bangs?” she said in a serious tone that wasn’t really a question. “They are not right for your face shape or small forehead.

Let’s grow them out.” What?! Not my bangs! I almost left then. Something made me stay. “Now, let’s talk about your color,” she said. I informed her it was my natural color with a little help to hide the gray. She did not hold back. “Well, it’s dull and doesn’t add anything to your look,” she said. “Let’s brighten it up. Make it shinier and more youthful.” Then Pooran delivered the crushing blow. “You know … if I saw you across the room at a party, I’m not sure I’d find you interesting enough to talk to.” Ouch. As someone who practices public relations for a living and attends many events, I was wounded. She explained that my style for the past 40 years just didn’t match my personality, which I found disturbing, considering she had known me for only 10 minutes. “Too conservative” was the diagnosis. She added playfully, “The inside of your purse is very much like you.” I glanced down at my plain black Kate

Spade with a rainbow-striped lining and begrudgingly realized she was right. This woman was the hair whisperer. Intrigued, I decided to let her do her thing, from cut to color. And, while I didn’t notice a dramatic difference, the positive comments I received about my hair over the next few weeks made me a believer. For the same reason we hire accountants, attorneys and dog trainers, we should all remember to trust the hair experts. Since my visit, I’ve sent friends, my husband, 10-year-old daughter and 75year-old mom to see Pooran. With the same brand of blunt psychology and Edward Scissorhands skill, she gave each of them new looks that have generated rave reviews, including positive comments from strangers on the street. As for me, Pooran and I compromised on the bangs. I get to keep some of them — as long as I sweep them to the side and promise not to comb them straight down. And, rather than let my former stylist think I was running around town with roots from hell, I did the honorable thing and delivered the 2014 version of the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech. She was surprisingly fine with it. [TCW] Colleen Brannan owns Branstorm PR and has been named to Mecklenburg Times’ 50 Most Influential Women in Charlotte list twice (in 2010 and 2014).

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