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Over Nita Belk Belts Out The Blues

uring the day, Nita Belk crunches numbers keeping the books for Stocker Associates Inc., a general contractor. When the sun goes down, she becomes Nita B., belting out the blues at places like Café Monte and Lucciano’s. Belk’s musical career started with a song, a bass and a pot of soup. It was after a party and she was in the kitchen, helping to clean up after the festivities, singing as she worked. A friend noticed her voice and complimented Belk. “That was the trigger for me to try it. I bought myself a bass and taught myself to play it a little bit, and learned how to sing. I would hole up in my kitchen while I was cooking something labor intensive like soup, and that was my practice time,” she says. The surprise for Belk: People wanted to play with her. She formed a band, landed her first gig at Smokey Joe’s on Monroe Road, and met Tim Belk, the man who years later would become her husband and drummer. She adopted the stage name Nita B. after realizing that her name sounded like something you might find in your closet rather than on your iPod. “If you say my name real fast three times in a row, it sounds like ‘need a belt,’ ” she says. “A girlfriend was at a show, heard it and pointed it out to me. So I switched it to Nita B.”

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