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THE DRESS Your Wedding, Your Way

Puppy Love NASCAR’s Krissie Newman And The Rescue Ranch

How Sweet It Is Mandie Miller Has Got What It Cakes

Oh, Valentine Sexy Spaces & Lacy Lingerie


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Crystal Durham, who drove over 4 hours to have PGR done is thrilled with the results.

Dr. Chris Bowman is among the first 20 dentists in the world licensed and trained to provide Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™. He is the first dentist in the Southeastern US to perform the procedure. Dr. Bowman is a leading Charlotte cosmetic dentist, a Six Month Smiles Clinical Instructor, and an international dental author and speaker. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

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Editor’s Note Calling Charlotte Home


10 Girl Power Eat, Shop, Drink & Be Powerful

16 The Queen’s List Goings On Around Town

18 Creature Comforts Krissie Newman Creates The Rescue Ranch

22 A Sweet Business Mandie Miller Has Got What It Cakes


28 Your Wedding Day Tips & Trends For The Big Day

42 Seen In The City Out & About In Charlotte

45 Style Lovely Lingerie

51 Business Spotlight Stylist Serena Woods Approaches Her Career Artfully

56 Dwellings Bedroom Basics

62 Health Flash An Apple A Day & Other Wisdom

66 I Really Think | February 2014 6

In Search Of Sexy

OnTheCover It’s all about the dress. PHOTO BY GLENN ROBERSON.


From The Editor » By Karsen Price

Calling Charlotte Home

Volume 17, Number 10 February 2014 Karsen Price Editor

Sharon Simpson Publisher

Trisha Robinson Sales Executive | February 2014 8

t hit me out of nowhere while proofing the February issue: We have a lot of Charlotte natives in this month’s edition of Today’s Charlotte Woman. There’s wedding and event planner Sikky Rogers, and Woo Cosmetics coowner Kara Campbell. Then there’s Mandie Miller, creator of Got What It Cakes, who just opened her first storefront bakery in Pineville. And those are only the ones I know about. There may be more! Regardless, that’s a lot of Charlotte natives in the pages of one issue of TCW. As a native myself, I often feel surprised when I discover that the people I meet — through life, or work — are from Charlotte. It is one of the natural assumptions around town: People are generally from somewhere else. I’m not exactly sure when it became the norm for Charlotteans to not be from Charlotte. But I imagine it was in the early ’90s, when the big banks took over. (I remember when NCNB was the biggest bank around.) Or perhaps this is simply when I became aware of the transient nature of the city. During this time, I transitioned from high school to college to the real world, and my horizons broadened fast. By the time I landed my first real job, it felt like a novelty to be a native of Charlotte who lived here, too. Because of this, I learned to develop a not-so Southern accent, which you would realize is quite a feat if you ever spoke to my father, who lived in the mountains of North Carolina before moving to Charlotte when he was 5. (When my dad says “dance,” it rhymes with “ain’t” … and I

can’t even begin to explain the way he pronounces the word “wrench.”) In Charlotte, people seem to meld their varying accents together, until it reaches a somewhat accent-less Southern-Yankese. Living in Charlotte my entire life also taught me not to blink, because in this city, the landscape changes fast. This is especially true in South Charlotte, where I grew up in close proximity to the airport. Landmarks have disappeared, and entire neighborhoods have been erased. One portion of I-485 used to be the farm of a family friend, and it always startles me to pass that section of interstate. The place where I once played soccer is now RiverGate Shopping Center, and entire sections of farmland are now devoted to strip malls and apartment complexes and tract neighborhoods. I know change is inevitable. Change is good. Because along with change comes diversity, and diversity is what makes life rich. That said, the one thing I truly love about Charlotte is that, despite never moving away myself (at least, not yet!), I know and enjoy a wide variety of people who hail from all over the country. And world! I have an amazing collection of friends who moved here from cities far and wide, including Atlanta, Detroit, Smiths Station, Ala., Jacksonville, Fla., Raleigh, Philadelphia, Orangeburg, S.C., Calgary, Britain and West Cross, W. Va., just to name a few. Bottom line, I love to meet a Charlotte native, but I also love my friends who, regardless of where they were born, are happy to call Charlotte home.

April Rozzelle-Woolford Sales Executive

Kerrie Boys Creative Director idesign2, inc

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What makes you

"Dr. Nash had a vision for my teeth that simply revealed my heart's desire. My smile is fuller, whiter and absolutely perfect. All I want to do now is smile!" Janie Shipley

Smile by Dr. Ross Nash

Of the nearly 8000 8 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ry members worldwide, there there are only 45 who ha have ave achieved the exclusive level le evel of Accredited Fellow. Fello ow. In all of North and South South Carolina, only one e dentist has earned this elite e status by illustrating ating the required level of excellence in the area rea of cosmetic dentistry: Accredited Fellow Ross ss W W.. Nash, DDS DDS. S.

Girl Power » In The Moment

GIRLPOWER Eat, Shop, Drink & Be Powerful

» By Karsen Price

A Creative Partnership Sikky Rogers Teams With Clarke Allen | February 2014 10

t first, you might not think you have heard of Sikky Rogers. But then you hear the words “The Buttercup,” and suddenly, bells begin ringing in your head. That adorable little stationery boutique on Providence Road, in the house painted a cheery yellow? By the time you hear Rogers and Gala Creative Partners, you feel certain that you know Rogers. She is definitely worth getting to know. In addition to being a founding partner of one of the most beloved stationery stores in town, Rogers has been the designer behind some of the most elegant events in the Queen City. Although many of her clients prefer to remain nameless, she has helped create weddings, galas and other special events for notables such as Sarah Belk Gambrell, Erskine and Crandall Bowles, Linda and Rick Hendrick, and Jeff and Ingrid Gordon. Rogers played a significant role in the inauguration of Carol Quillen, the first female president of Davidson College, and she helped plan the Wells Fargo golf tournament for the last decade. But she is most excited about her recent


venture — teaming with event management extraordinaire Clarke Allen, the man behind CenterStage@NoDa and Legacy Charitable Partners, in addition to his self-named event company, Clarke Allen. Career accomplishments aside, Rogers is a native Charlottean — yes, they do exist — and a true Southern belle, with a personality as unique as her first name. Ironically, the moniker came from her older sister, Carol, who at 19 months old could not pronounce her given name, Robbie. Their mother said to call her “sister” and, as Rogers explains, “Bless her heart, she couldn’t say that either, so she called me Sikky.”

Q: Where did you develop your flair for event planning? A: I developed my desire to design events when I was 6. Our backyard did not have any grass at the time, and I would make mud pies all day and decorate them with flowers that I picked (without their knowledge) from all our neighbors’ yards. I pretended that they were wedding cakes. The wedding cake is still one of my favorite parts of the reception. I take great pride in helping with the design. Q: Tell me about your merger with Clarke Allen. A: Clarke and I met at a photo shoot. I had heard about him for years, but did not know him. At the time of the shoot, my husband was ill, and I was working by myself from home. Clarke and I met at the shoot and things clicked. We went to lunch a few weeks later and discussed partnering. I knew he did beautiful events, and I was in awe of his mind, charisma and experience. We decided to work together to join my social events and weddings with his corporate and social events. He took me into his company when I needed to work, and I will always be grateful. Clarke also allowed me to bring my two Havanese dogs, Bandit and Butter, to work so I would not have to leave them home alone. They run in circles around the office all day, greet everyone who comes into the office, and beg for the

staff’s lunch or snacks. Q: What do you two have in common? A: Ironically, it is more about what we don’t have in common than it is about what we have in common. Have you seen Clarke? Have you seen me? We are as different as night and day. While he reminds me of my late husband, I scold him like my son. But we both love the excitement of the event through the planning and design. I plan with color; Clarke plans with storytelling and experience. Our differences in gender, generation and our unique design approach complement each other so very well. He thinks one way and I think another. We design amazing events of all kinds! Q: What do you love about the Queen City? A: I love the oak-lined streets of Myers Park and Eastover; I love the Levine Center for the Arts, the Bechtler Museum, Knight Theater, and the Mint Museum. The city is not as new as it appears, and I love the rich heritage of Charlotte. I love that there are so many self-contained communities where everything you need is there. What else do I love about Charlotte? The great restaurants, the change of the seasons and, of course,The Buttercup on Providence Road, a lovely upscale gift boutique.

TOLEARNMORE Visit | February 2014

Q: What about weddings appeals to you as a designer? A: I love to design with color, textures and flowers. Once I decide on those three things, I can see the event entirely in my head. Color is power. The color palette represents a cohesive set of colors that can be used throughout the event. I believe that color is the magic of all designs. I like to work with fabrics that have different textures. You don’t want your event to be only one layer, but to have many layers and textures to enhance the look and feel. There are as many different flowers as there are colors. Each flower has its own beauty, color, texture and scent. You can use a combination of colors and textures, a monochromatic look, a French look, an English garden look, a beach look, a country look. Combine the three — color, texture and flowers

— and you will have the start of a magnificent look.


Girl Power » Shop Talk » By Karsen Price » Photos By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma

A Thing Of

Beauty Kara Campbell Brings Woo Cosmetics To Town | February 2014 12

t’s not every day you meet a native Charlottean who has worked within the corporate ranks of cosmetics powerhouses Clinique and Chanel. Kara Campbell, co-owner of Woo Skincare and Cosmetics, was born in Charlotte, and attended Eastover Elementary before moving to Greenville, S.C., in the eighth grade. But it was a trip to the Big Apple that inspired her to embark on a career in the cosmetics industry. “My parents took me to New York City for my 18th birthday, and I was hooked!” Campbell says. “I had a passion for cosmetics and was hired by Clinique US as their first marketing trainee. I worked for Clinique in marketing for 12 years — six in the U.S. division and six in the international division — before joining Chanel as executive director of marketing cosmetics for the next seven years.” Campbell always knew that she wanted to one day return to the South, to be closer to family and raise her children. She made the return trek home 11 years ago, when her

second son was born. After working a year for Chanel from home, she decided to take time off to spend with her family. However, the cosmetics industry soon beckoned her. Three years ago, Campbell met Woo founder Woo Caroland through a mutual friend. Before long, the two had teamed up to find the perfect location for the cos-

Get a quo quote te ttoday! o ay! od

704-596-2886 704-596-28 886 9749 97 4 Northlake 49 Northlake Centre Centre PParkway arkw kway | CCharlotte harlotte gei Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features eatures are are nnot ot aavailable vailable inin all states states or all all GEICO GEICO companies. companies. GGEICO EICO isis a registered registered service service mark mark of of GGovernment overnment Employees Employees Insurance Insurance mpany, Washington, Washington, D.C. D.C. 20076; 20076; a Berkshire Berkshire HHathaway athaway Inc. subsidiary. subsidiary. © 2014 2014 GEIC O. Company, GEICO.


OUTDID OURSELVES THIS YEAR.” It’s e It’s easy asy to to get get a little lit tle carried carried away away over over the the h holidays. olidays. We’ll you on W e’ll help hel p y ou get get your your budget budget back bac k o n ttrack. rac k . C o n s o l i d a te y our d ebts, pay pay o ff b i l l s, c over u nexpected Consolidate your debts, off bills, cover unexpected expenses e xpenses and and llower ower your your total total payments. payments. T | 800.822.0382 800.822.0382

TOLEARNMORE Woo Skincare and Cosmetics is located at 2900-A Selwyn Avenue. Find them on Facebook at WooSkincareandCosmeticsCharlotte.

Truliant is Truliant is ffederally ederally insured insured by by tthe he National National Credit Credit Union Union Administration A d m i n i s t r a ti o n a and nd iiss an an Equal Equal Housing H o u s in g Lender. Must Allll loans approval. L ender. M ust meet meet eligibility eligibility rrequirements equirements to to jjoin. o i n. A loans are are ssubject ubject tto o credit c re di t a pproval. | February 2014

metics company in Charlotte. In October 2013, they opened Woo Skincare and Cosmetics on Selwyn Avenue, hosting a grand-opening event that raised nearly $1,700 for Freedom School Partners. “We were thrilled to partner with Freedom School Partners for the grand opening party. It is an organization close to my heart,” Campbell says. “The mission of Freedom School Partners is to engage, educate and empower kids to succeed in school and life. We are all about educating our customers here at Woo, and felt this partnership was a perfect fit.” Campbell says Charlotte is the ideal market for Woo. “Woo brings a fun alternative to the department store, mall and chain store,” she says. “We work hard to create a relationship with the customer in an environment that is fun and relaxing. We want to be their respite away from their busy lifestyles. The entertainment value is very important, along with incredible customer service from our talented makeup artists and esthetician. Our motto is,‘ Everyone leaves happy.’ ” Campbell may be the owner of a cosmetics boutique, but her definition of beauty is simple. “It’s what is on the inside that matters the most,” she says. “Smiling is one of the best beauty pick-me-ups — in addition to some concealer and a lipstick!”


Girl Power » Happy Hour

Fire Water his February, take a 180 away from all those chocolate martinis, and turn on the heat instead, with this spicy martini from Bistro La Bon.

The Jalapeño Basil Martini ••••••••••••••••••••••••• One lemon or lime Two jalapeño slices Few basil leaves Simple syrup Absolut Citron Vodka In a martini shaker, muddle 3 lemon wedges, 2 jalapeño slices and 5-6 basil leaves with a splash of simple syrup. Fill shaker with ice and add 2 ounces of Absolut Citron Vodka. Shake together and strain into a martini glass. Add a splash of soda water and garnish with lemon.

FINDITWHERE? Bistro La Bon is located at 1322 Central Ave. Visit


Valerie McMurray, NorthStar Consulting Group “Empowering Leadership Success”

March 4, 2014 11:30 am - 1:15 pm Byron’s South End 101 W. Worthington Ave, #110 Charloe, NC 28203 | February 2014 14

What possibilities exist for your business? In March Valerie McMurray brings her expertise in developing women leaders to NAWBO Charloe. Developer of WISE (Women’s Inventory for Success Empowerment) Profile™, a powerful evidence based behavior inventory to measure women’s career success factors, Valerie will present ways we can empower and enhance our own leadership abilities, to drive business success.

For more information: 704.367.3454


Join the conversation:

JOIN US NEXT MONTH Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 5:00 pm “Overcoming the Challenges of Growth” Judy Rose, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics UNC Charloe. National Association of Women Business Owners, Charlotte Chapter, is a professional organization specifically designed to fuel the success of the 42,000 women-owned businesses in the greater Charlotte area.

THE VILLAGE AT SOUTHPARK 4310 Sharon Rd Unit T13 Charlotte NC 28211 704-377-7955 facebook: ICLondonCharlotte

Famous Shrimp & Grits

For the Creole sauce:

For the grits:

1 yellow onion, diced 1 green pepper, diced 2 garlic cloves, minced 4 ounces chopped cooked bacon 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes 1 cup white wine 1 cup crushed tomatoes with juice 2 ounces chicken base 1 teaspoon Creole mustard 4 ounces butter

1 pound stone-ground yellow grits 1/2 pound butter 1 quart half and half 9 ounces shredded cheddarjack cheese

Girl Power » Good Eats

Leroy Fox’s

For the shrimp: 24 jumbo shrimp Creole seasoning

First, make the Creole sauce by bringing all of the sauce ingredients to a boil, and allowing it to simmer for five minutes. Make the grits by bringing butter, half and half, and water to a boil. Stir in grits and cook until done. Remove from heat and slowly stir in cheese. Lastly, grill shrimp to your liking. Top grits with shrimp and sauce, and enjoy! [TCW]

FINDITWHERE? Leroy Fox is located at 705 S. Sharon Amity Road, in Charlotte. Visit



ommitted to making an impact in our patients’ dental health, Holt Family Dentistry delivers exceptional high-tech dentistry in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Our diverse and dedicated staff collaborates as a team to surpass expectations, putting patients at ease and earning their trust. We look forward to having you become a part of our dental family.

exp. 3/14

exp. 3/14

Sheila Gordon-Holt, DDS Stonecrest at Piper Glen • 7868 Rea Rd. - Suite A


12105 Copper Way Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28277

704.542.2325 | February 2014

exp. 3/14


The Queen’s List

THEQUEEN’SLIST Goings On Around Our Town

Metal Works Jewelry Exhibit At CPCC

WANTTOGO? The exhibit is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. through 2 p.m., in Ross Gallery, the Overcash Center, at CPCC Central Campus. Visit

Fabulous Photography

Alton Brown’s Edible Tour

on’t miss the inspiring, photo-rich exhibit “Bearing Witness,” featuring The New York Photo League, at Mint Museum Randolph. Dr. Lili Corbus will discuss the work Feb. 21.

lton Brown is bringing his brand of quirky humor and culinary-science antics to Belk Theater Feb. 24. The twohour show is a mix of comedy, food experimentation, lecture, talk show and, for the first time, musical experience. Brown often calls upon the audience to participate, but if he offers you a lab coat, you should definitely take him up on it.





Bearing Witness At The Mint PHOTO COURTESY OF THE MINT MUSEUM | February 2014 16

What’s Cooking?


entral Piedmont Community College is hosting artwork by jewelry artists and metal smiths from North and South Carolina in the exhibit “Jewelry + Metals of the Carolinas,” located in Ross Gallery Feb. 6 through March 6. The exhibit includes a variety of techniques and materials, and work by seven emerging and established artists, including Eliana Arenas, Claire Avery, Mi-Sook Hur, Katie Poterala, Caitie Sellers, Courtney Starrett and Loring Taoka. Featured jewelry is created from a variety of materials, including enamel, plastic, resin, bronze, silver and silicone rubber. Pieces challenge the traditional perceptions of jewelry as body adornment, while exploring metal processes and techniques, and contribute to the academic dialogue surrounding jewelry and metalworking as an art form.

Orchids And Art DSBG Features Rick Lazes njoy the critically acclaimed work of North Carolina artist Rick Lazes in tandem with the beauty of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s orchids Feb. 1 through March 23. Lazes, also an accomplished inventor and the holder of several patents, has an art studio located in the NC Music Factory in uptown Charlotte. DSBG will feature works from two of Lazes’ collections — “The World is Bending” and “Liquid Art.” Due to the colorful nature of Lazes’ work, DSBG has designed orchid arrangements that complement his art. By using exotic plants and orchids with a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, the art and plants create a living art display that showcases some of the best orchids in the Southeast. “Art should be about the relationship between artist and art lover,” Lazes says. “Sculpture is meant to be beautiful, balanced and tactile. I see sculpture as an aesthetic wonder, finding balance with tension, structure with elegance and asymmetry.”

WANTTOGO? DSBG is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. Visit

Uncommonly Good Lark & Key Landscape Exhibit ark & Key is offering the group exhibit “Common Ground,” featuring contemporary landscapes by Donna Baldassari, Ellen Delaney, Katherine Meade and Ralston Fox Smith, Feb. 7 through March 29. In her tranquil oil paintings, Baldassari focuses on color to enhance mood and the use of brush strokes. Delaney, an architect, creates acrylic landscapes with clean lines, rough textures and color combinations that are often bright and energetic. Meade’s layered mixed-media pieces are deeply personal visualizations of thoughts, images and ideas that haunt her daily. Lastly, as an explorer and observer of nature, Smith infuses his oil paintings with personal experience, revealing a fascination with harmonies of form and color. [TCW]


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1-855-59-GROUP • • | February 2014

Our group tours offer safety, exploration and enjoyment with top quality service.


Mover & Shaker » By Melinda Johnston » Photos By Glenn Roberson


Comforts | February 2014


Krissie Newman’s Rescue Ranch Helps Animals Of All Kinds

hough her husband is a NASCAR superstar, Krissie Newman has made it her life’s work to cheer for the underdogs — literally. Thanks to Krissie and her husband, Ryan Newman, homeless animals in the Iredell County area now have someone advocating for them. Last fall, the couple founded the Rescue Ranch, a comprehensive animal rescue organization with a mission to promote and provide humane education to enhance the human-animal bond. The Rescue Ranch offers options for compassionate rescue, low-cost spay/neuter, and teaches responsible adoption in an effort to end pet overpopulation and its associated suffering.

While racing and rescue may seem an odd combination, it’s a natural for Krissie, who’s been rescuing animals since she was a young girl growing up in New Jersey. “I was taking care of animals before I really understood what animal rescue was,” she says. “My friend had a snake and I would sneak the mice home, and treat them like hamsters. My mom was not happy when she found out!” In college, Newman got her first taste of official animal rescue when she decided she needed a running companion. “I went to the shelter and adopted Digger over my landlord’s objections. He was a shepherd-dobie mix puppy and was absolutely fantastic. He was the smartest dog — he | February 2014

Puppy Love

could learn any trick and would teach us things, as well,” she says. After college, she and Digger moved to North Carolina to be near her grandparents. It wasn’t long before she fell in love with Ryan, moved into his Lake Norman home, and added Harley, a rescue lab, to the mix. Although Digger passed away in 2009, the couple currently has five dogs: Fred, Mo, Harley, Socks and Duncan; two cats that live at the office so the dogs don’t eat them; and Lola, a rescued teacup pot-bellied pig. When word of her love for animals spread, Newman was invited to join the board of the Humane Society of Catawba County, where she helped with the capital campaign to build a new facility. Soon after, at a race in Martinsville,Va., a fan handed her a note that changed her life. “A young girl handed me a letter and then disappeared into the crowd. The letter told the story of her dog that kept having puppies, and her family didn’t know what to do. They were borrowing bread from their neighbors to feed the dogs. But she wasn’t asking for help for herself. She wanted to know if I could come to her community and build a facility like the Humane Society of Catawba County that could help all the animals there,” Newman says. Searching the crowd, she found the girl, got her address, and drove to her home the next day with a car full of dog food, leashes and everything else pet related she could find at Walmart. She made vet appointments, got the mother dog and her puppies spayed and neutered, and helped the family



Mover & Shaker » By Melinda Johnston » Photos By Glenn Roberson

find homes for all but a few of the dogs through the Humane Society of Catawba County. However, Newman knew she was only fixing the immediate problem. “When I went home that night, Ryan and I had a long conversation,” she says. “I told him I wanted to do more, to make a real difference. NASCAR fans are loyal, and I wanted to use that platform to preach responsible pet ownership. I wanted to give the animals a voice.” They established the Ryan Newman Foundation to do just that. The foundation teaches responsible pet ownership, conservation and education. Through the foundation, they awarded grants to various animal charities for spaying and neutering. They helped take care of animals after Hurricane Katrina, even arranging delivery of a semi-truck full of dog and cat food to New Orleans. They worked with pets displaced by wildfires in Texas and the Midwest. And yet, Krissie wasn’t satisfied. “The Foundation had grown so big

NASCAR's Ryan and Krissie Newman broke ground on the Rescue Ranch in the fall of 2013.

and did so many things,” Newman says. “I really wanted it to be more centralized, to make it more efficient. I attended a seminar in California led by Mike Arms of the Helen Woodward Animal Center. He explained how they ran the animal organization as a business. I thought, ‘I can do this on the East Coast!’ ” She drafted the plans on paper, and when she came home she was so excited she kept her husband up half the

A Breath of Fresh

AAIR Welcoming new patients for: Nasal and Ocular Allergies/Hayfever Asthma Allergic Skin disorders Management of Sinus Disease Ocular/ Eye Allergies Food Allergy/Intolerance Stinging Insect Allergy Allergic GI disorders Immunodeficiency/Recurrent Infection Hereditary Angoiedema | February 2014 20

Call NOW to schedule your appointment: 704.910.1402 Dr. Maeve O’Connor MD FACAAI FAAAAI Board certified by the American Board of Allergy/Immunology and by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Integrative Innovative Individualized

Allergy Asthma & Immunology Relief of Charlotte 8936 Blakeney Professional Dr. – Charlotte 28277 (Across from the Blakeney Shopping Center)

night explaining the details. “He said, ‘Can’t we just go to bed and talk about this in the morning?’ I said, ‘No! I’ve got to tell you what is in my head right now!’ ” Soon after, they purchased 70 acres near their log home, and the Rescue Ranch was born. The rescue center’s total area has now grown to 200 acres. Newman became a mother in 2010, and things slowed down a bit while she was in full-blown “mommy mode.” When her parents, Jim and Joanne Boyle, moved to Iredell County from New Jersey, the Rescue Ranch was off and running again. “My dad was always a workaholic — a corporate banker who would never have the patience to retire. So I talked him into joining the board of the Rescue Ranch. I figured if I couldn’t trust my dad, whom could I trust? Besides, he’s probably the only person, other than Ryan, who can tell me ‘no’ as far as money is concerned and I’ll listen,” she says. Her father is now the numbers man and handles the business side of

things. Krissie excels in marketing and public relations, and Ryan holds it all together. “He will come over to the property and let me bounce things off of him,” she says. “He takes care of the fences, mows the grass, and makes sure everything is operational.” She’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty when necessary — as long as spiders aren’t involved. “I don’t like to garden because there are spiders out there!” she says. “But I can run a skid steer, drive a tractor, chase cows, and I have no trouble shoveling poop.” Though there’s still a lot of work to do to make the Rescue Ranch fully operational, the Education Center is up and running, and they are scheduling field trips for schools, Scout troops, 4-H groups and more. Critters Camps are coming this summer. Eventually, the Ranch will feature a boarding facility, an animal adoption center and a 24-hour emergency care vet hospital. They are currently cutting trails for walking and horseback riding,

and plans for a pet memorial garden are in the works. Newman is hands on with animal care as much as possible, purposely bringing her two daughters — Brooklyn, 3, and Ashlyn, 1 — along to help. “Real change starts with children. When kids grow up around animals, they have an enhanced level of compassion for both animals and people when they become adults,” she says. “If we can educate them about responsible pet ownership, then the mentality will change. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.” Krissie Newman will make sure of it. [TCW]

“Real change starts with children. When kids grow up around animals, they have an enhanced level of compassion for both animals and people when they become adults.” — Krissie Newman

TOLEARNMORE Visit Melinda Johnston has her own rescue ranch, of sorts: She has three dogs, a cat named Lyle, a leopard gecko, and a tree frog. | February 2014 21

Mover & Shaker » By Jackie Andolino Fogartie »

Photos By Old South Studios | February 2014


A Sweet Business Mandie Miller Enjoys Entrepreneurship One Cake At A Time

steady increase for years. A Got What It Cakes page on Facebook did what social media does best — spread Miller’s business at a rapid pace. Soon, business exploded. People were tagging, posting and tweeting her gorgeous confections, and Charlotte-area brides began coming in droves. In October 2012, the buzz hit an alltime high when Got What It Cakes was featured in The New York Times, Redbook, Huffington Post, and on Couric’s talk show. | February 2014

n Mandie Miller’s previous life as a broadcast journalism major and TV reporter, she idolized Katie Couric. Little did she know one day she’d be a guest on Couric’s talk show. The topic? Miller’s booming wedding cake business. Miller, a Charlotte native and mother of two, has been operating Got What It Cakes out of her home for five years. A self-taught baker, Miller’s business experienced a


Mover & Shaker » By Jackie Andolino Fogartie »

Let Them Eat Cake

Photos By Old South Studios

Miller admits that a lucky twist of fate helped her land national attention for her business. “My best friend, Jenn, was friends in college with a girl, Laura, who works for Facebook now,” Miller explains. “Jenn mentioned that she loved her new Facebook page for her photography business, and Laura mentioned that she loves hearing Facebook success stories. Jenn passed on my name, explaining that I had built a great following on my page. Laura contacted me, set up a conference call, and finally asked if she could pitch my story to different outlets. I had no idea those outlets would become Huffington Post, Modern Mom, Redbook, The New York Times, and then Katie Couric!” As part of the interview with Couric, Miller had to bring a cake on an airplane — and it remarkably made it to the studio in one beautiful, towering piece. Miller adds, “Every time I turned around, another reporter was calling. It was such a

“Never underestimate the power of great work, and people’s willingness and excitement to share your work on social media.” — Mandie Miller | February 2014 24

blessing and really catapulted my business. It’s been incredible.” In addition to social media and national coverage, Miller’s key to success was discovering an open niche in her chosen market. “Essentially, I figured out what niche Charlotte was missing in the cake market, and that was custom, carved, 3-D cakes,” Miller says. “When I launched, those were the cakes I focused on. I set a fairly high minimum-order requirement, and made sure I stuck to it. This gained me a great clientele, who were happy with my work, and passed me on to more great clients. They constantly shared my work and tagged themselves on my Facebook pictures of their cakes, and it spread like wildfire!”

Miller adds, “Never underestimate the power of great work, and people’s willingness and excitement to share your work on social media.”

Icing On The Cake Since then, Miller’s company has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. For years, she juggled her home and work life, but that has changed with the opening of her own bakery in Pineville in early January 2014. You could say that Miller is happy about the opening of her own store. “There are a million things I’m excited about,” she says. “I have only known what it’s like to run a bakery out of my home kitchen with two kids circling me like sharks!” She adds, “I’ve been making grilledcheese sandwiches on the stove top, while checking cakes in the oven, with a mixer making buttercream, a laptop on the island answering emails, while helping with homework at the kitchen table, and playing peek-a-boo with my younger daughter … all at the same time.” Miller counts herself lucky that she has a supportive husband and she doesn’t

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Get Glamorous!



Mover & Shaker Âť By Jackie Andolino Fogartie Âť Photos By Old South Studios | February 2014 26

require a lot of sleep. Miller’s cakes are what brides and grooms come to taste, but her gregarious personality is a large part of why clients select the bakery for their special day. “I’ve never met a stranger,â€? Miller says. “I think people are more alike than they are different, so I try to find a common denominator. Once I find it, and we relate to each other, we become more than bride and baker ... we become friends.â€? Miller prides herself on covering her cakes with smooth buttercream instead of fondant, and using fresh ingredients like scratch-made vanilla extract and strawberries from her mother’s garden. She often turns to subtle details to inspire her, such as mimicking the lace of the bride’s wedding dress and incorporating it into the cake’s design. Miller says getting to know clients’ families and seeing all the details come together is the proverbial icing on the cake. One such happy bride and customer is Allyson Colaço, who was married in October 2012.

“From our first meeting with Mandie, to the delivery and setup on our wedding day, we remained impressed with her energy and passion for her craft,â€? Colaço says. “Always willing to build on dreams, she is able to time and time again create the perfect cake for any wedding.â€? In addition to baking cakes, Miller teaches girls’ night out baking classes, where she shares her tips and techniques. Four people can attend at a time. At her shop, Miller will be offering cakes by the slice, as well as shots of buttercream (yes, it’s that good) and coffee. She will also be baking her wedding/special occasion cakes at the shop. The only difference? She won’t be making dinner on the stove at the same time. Now that is truly sweet. [TCW]


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Jackie Andolino Fogartie, an event/ wedding planner and freelance writer, has tasted many wedding cakes. She can attest that Mandie Miller has “got what it cakes!�

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We’re We’re with with you you every every step step p of of the the way. waay. Contact Contact us us today today so wee ccan planning day! so w an gget et sstarted tarted on on p lanning your your special special d ay!  " "SSPXSJEHF SSPX XSJJEHHF #MWE #MMWE t $IBSMPUUF $IBSMMPUUF /$ /$  $BMM $BMM VT VT UPEBZ UPEBZ BU BU  8F 8F BSF BSF UIF UIF QFSGFDU QFSGFDU DIPJDF DIPJJDF GPS GPS FWFSZ FWFS F Z PDDBTJPO PDDBTJJPO w or or www.charlottecatering.neet

Tease Salon Services: Bridal hair and consults Extensions Cut & Color

Glow SkinWorks Services: Customized skincare Facials and peels with medical grade products No down time peel “you don't have to peel to peel” Full body waxing Eye enhancement – brow shaping, lash & brow tint Free skin consults Image skincare products

David and Robin both specialize in customizing their services for each individual client.

Tease: 704.335.1768 David Simpson Owner and Stylist 32 years of experience Located in Plaza Midwood for 15 years

Glow SkinWorks: 410.703.7190 Robin Deese, LE Skin Care Professional 1318 # E5 Central Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28205


Your Wedding Day Primer

k It’s All About The Dress, The Bride, The Flowers, The Cake, The Reception By Dana Durham | February 2014 28

h, weddings. No other day can conjure up such romantic feelings. However, romance alone does not a successful wedding make. Behind every good wedding is an enormous amount of work and attention to detail. Oftentimes, there’s a little blood, sweat and tears! Not to fear. The Queen City is host to a virtual mecca of wedding experts who can help create the perfect wedding day, whether it’s for yourself, your daughter, or a family friend. Enlist those experts to ensure the wedding you’ve been dreaming about is truly a dream come true.


The Dress Mecklenburg Bridal


The glam fashions of the Roaring Twenties were trendy in “The Great Gatsby,” but they’ve reappeared more recently in wedding fashions for 2014. Per Karen Chase at Mecklenburg Bridal, anything Gatsby-related is very much in the wedding mix, as are cage veils and lace. In fact, lace is now carrying over to the gowns for bridesmaids and mothers, as well. According to Chase, “In bridal gowns, we are seeing several ‘blush’ options in the color palette. Hi-lo gowns are making a statement, while the one-shoulder look is also being requested.” Located in Pineville across from Carolinas Medical Center, Mecklenburg Bridal is entering its 33rd year of offering a professional experience for thousands of brides. With a broad selection of gowns for brides, mothers and their maids, Mecklenburg Bridal has a variety of dresses available for the most discerning bride. Coming this spring, they will be offering a new line specifically designed for “curvy girl” brides. Visit

Classic Bride & Formals

Wedding Dress Me Wedding Dress Me, in Indian Trail, is a relative newcomer to the wedding dress market, but a popular one at that. Since opening 18 months ago, Katherine Maring says the boutique has experienced fabulous growth. Maring is well aware that brides want to look their absolute best and stay in budget. She prides herself on

Mecklenburg Bridal Gallery Since 1981

Celebrating 33 years Now Open in our Brand New Location! 9101 Pineville Matthews Rd (Across from CMC- Pineville Hospital)

Pineville, NC 28134

Join us on facebook 704.556.7789 | February 2014

Phaedra Flowers, owner of Classic Bride & Formals, offers an industry insider’s view on emerging trends for wedding gowns, and can offer expert fashion advice to those about to tie the knot. Her salon has an array of handpicked bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl’s attire, shoes and accessories, plus special occasion dresses. Attention to detail occupies pride of place at this fullservice bridal and special occasion boutique, located in Cornelius. Classic Bride & Formals offers innovative designer couture workmanship from top designers around the globe, at inviting prices. Flowers notes that blush, gold and champagne hues are popular now, as are sweetheart necklines, lots of lace, and materials such as organza and chiffon. “We take great care to ensure all your wishes are addressed,” Flowers says. “We also inject a bit of our own creativity into the process, to help you find the perfect attire.” Classic Bride & Formals offers custom alterations to any bridal gown, in addition to the hottest new styles. But, as Flowers puts it, “We offer you more than just the latest — we offer you the best!” Visit


are deeply discounted. We also offer layaway at prices that brides can afford, and we work with them so they can pay off the gowns of their dreams.” Maring says top trends include lots of lace, mermaid style dresses, and keyhole backs, in addition to a “vintage romance” style. “Everyone who comes to our shop is treated with white glove service, including family and friends,” she says. “We also offer private appointments where the store can be closed after hours for the bride and her party.” Visit

The Bride Rain By Melodi Salon offering a wide selection of dresses, many of which are reduced or deeply discounted. “We have over 800 gowns in the store,” she says. “Eighty percent of dresses are new, and reduced 50 to 70 percent off the retail price. The other 20 percent are consigned gowns that

Rain by Melodi Salon & Spa is an upscale hair salon in historic South End that was created nearly two years ago by Melodi Van De Mark, a stylist with over 15 years of experience. Steeped in both the salon industry and restaurant management,Van De Mark melded her talents to fulfill her vision of the ultimate salon and spa.

Your Sp Speciall E Event

Deserves D eservees the h Best Best! t! | February 2014 30

19901 SSuite uite A H Holiday oliday Lane L Corne Cornelius lius NC 28031 ' $$#()''' ” Y^V_0SSUSQb_\Y^QcS_] Y^VV_0SSUSQb_\Y^QcS_] ggg\Q[U^_b]Q^SQdUbY^WS_] ggg g\Q[U^_b] ]Q^SQdUbY^WS_]

“I wanted Rain to be upscale and inviting,” she says. “At Rain by Melodi Salon & Spa, we feel that finding a great stylist is all about the experience.” Rain offers a unique service for wedding parties. With a makeup artist on site and a partnership with photographer Brian Treffeisen,Van De Mark has created a way for brides and wedding parties to get styled, pampered and photographed, making her salon a one-stop-shop. “Our ‘go to’ photographer, Brian Treffeisen, is an amazing partnership for us,” Van De Mark says. “I have used Brian’s business for many projects over the years and always found his work to be amazing. When I opened Rain, it seemed like a natural fit for us to try to work together to make things easier for brides-to-be. Brides can come to the salon with their whole wedding party, or we can bring the party to them. Brian captures the whole thing forever.” According to Van De Mark, brides are letting their hair down for the big day. “Brides are getting a little fun and flirty these days,” she says. “They are getting away from some of the tight,

more formal styles and doing a lot of curls, braids, and side-swept styles, which typically look beautiful and sophisticated but allow the bride to feel like she still ‘looks like herself’ on her big day.” Visit

Tease Salon Before you walk down the aisle, consider a visit to Tease Salon, an urban chic salon located in Plaza Midwood. Tease Salon owner and hair stylist David Simpson specializes in bridal hair for both portraits and weddings. He agrees that formal up-dos are out, and soft, flowing hair is in. Glow Skinworks is located inside Tease Salon, where Robin Deese offers IMAGE medical grade skincare products, facials, peels, full-body waxing and eye treatments, including brow shaping, lash and brow-tinting eye enhancements. As brides trend toward a more natural look, great skin is in demand. Deese explains that skincare has made huge leaps in the past two decades.

“Medical grade skincare can correct, prevent and nourish your skin,” Deese says. “Many issues can be addressed, including sun damage, aging, acne, etc. I customize a skin regimen based on the individual client’s schedule and desired end result.” Both Tease Salon and Glow Skinworks cater to the client by listening to their needs and customizing services. “We want you to look and feel the best you can,” Deese says. Tease Salon and Glow Skinworks are located at 1318 Central Ave., Suite E5.

Savvy Salon & Day Spa Bridal beauty begins well before the big day. Pat Helmandollar, owner of Savvy Salon & Day Spa, is a veritable expert on what’s hot, and what is not. She outlines the latest hair, nail, makeup and tanning trends for soon-to-be brides to consider. Helmandollar says that for hair, loose braids, chignons on the nape, and half-up, half-down curls are in. Nails are almond shaped, and faces are fresh, nude, or with natural makeup. And when it comes to

tanning, real rays are out, and airbrush is in. Located in the lakeside community of Cornelius, Savvy Salon & Day Spa offers an array of beauty and spa services guaranteed to ensure a pictureperfect wedding day, all in a relaxing environment complete with soothing music, trickling fountains and areas designed for quiet meditation. Hellmandollar notes that trends come and go, but it’s always fashionable to relax for the big day by enjoying a spa day including a massage, facial and pedicure. Visit

M.E. Boutique Salon M.E. Boutique Salon is a full-service salon in the heart of Plaza Midwood dedicated to a personalized beauty experience. The salon offers professional hair services for men and women, spa treatments and bridal packages, including expert hair styling and makeup services. Owner Mandie English says, “The ‘boutique’ in our name is implied in the


THEY’LL LOVE. | February 2014 32

Furniture, Gift & Design Centers



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*Ę &9*5  "5 /035)$3044 4)011*/( $&/5&3 t ĘĘ

aWedding Dress Me b A Bridal Boutique that sells new and consigned formal wear & accessories. Discover hundreds of designers, styles and sizes at 50% off retail! You will get an amazing deal at Wedding Dress Me no matter if you are buying a dress or choosing to consign one.



Offering tuxedo rentals at very affordable prices.

Prom, Pageant, Mothers Gowns, Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Dresses.

JEWELRY: We carry modern and vintage jewelry along with several lines of bridal.



We offer in-house alteration with a guaranteed turn around service within 7 days. We will make your wedding ensemble fit perfectly.

5519 Indian Trail Fairview Rd. • Indian Trail, NC 28079

704.578.1906 •



We have a large variety of veils and head pieces that are 50 % to 70% off of retail prices.

same sense as a boutique hotel or retailer, in that we provide specialized, unique services. Our team of stylists, barbers, massage therapists and estheticians are a close-knit group that focuses on making sure that with every detail, our clients look and feel their best.”

The salon handles the styling needs of brides from engagement photos to wedding showers to rehearsal dinner to ceremony ... and beyond. “Leading up to the main event, many brides take advantage of getting their skin as healthy as possible with regular facials,” English says. “Our team also

A NATURAL LOOK HAIR REPLACEMENT NON-SURGICAL Alopecia Solutions Cranial Prosthesis Full Lace Units Cancer Patients Skin Matrix Scalp Enhancers | February 2014 34

makes sure that their hair and makeup is consistent and flawless in all of their images, from engagement portraits to boudoir sessions to wedding photography.” English says brides are falling for vintage styles that mimic the Roaring Twenties, and lush, romantic hair and natural makeup are in. Couples are also trending toward wedding-day providers who offer a caring, close relationship, which helps the wedding itself become a very “personalized, authentic experience.” M.E. Boutique Salon is eager to fulfill this role. English notes, “We never overcommit our team during wedding season. We are all about quality and relationship with our brides. Most of our brides come by referral from previous bridal clients who have become our regulars.” Visit

The Food Creative Catering And Events Creative Catering and Events, in Lake

simply beautiful

ALSO OFFERING: Permanent Lashes Natural Hair Care and Chemical Services All Services are Private & Confidential A Natural Look Hair Replacement offers the most natural and advanced technology to date. Each hair is placed strand by strand to give the illusion as if it is growing straight from the scalp. Call 704-377-0383 today for a FREE consultation.

1720 E 7th Street Charlotte, NC 28204

704.377.0383 •

704.708.8549 11025 Monroe Road, Suite H Matthews, North Carolina 28105

A beautiful view of Lake Norman


PERFECT VENUE TO HOST YOUR SPECIAL EVENT All brides dream of the perfect setting to enjoy one of the biggest moments of their lives. With our banqueting team on hand, brides-to-be will experience heaven on earth alongside beautiful Lake Norman. All the planning and set up of your dream day will be taken care of to ensure the perfect start to your new life together as husband and wife.

Whether it’s a formal occasion or a fun family gathering, the staff at Queen’s Landing can help pull your event together. Our banquet room has a beautiful view of Lake Norman and seats up to 125 people. The Lady of the Lake yacht and the Catawba Queen, an original Mississippi River paddle boat, provide serenity and Beauty for an on the water wedding or reception.

1459 River Hwy Mooresville, North Carolina 28117 Phone (704) 663-2628

Norman, prides itself on offering creative cuisine for food lovers. Owner Mike Lachinski says, “It’s great to see couples expressing themselves at the reception through their food choices. Lots of people are trying to offer wedding guests a meal that really shows who they are, as individuals and as a couple.” Lachinski enjoys creating all types of dishes, and he personally loves great authentic Southern food. He notes, “The simple things done great are always the best. But for weddings, we go a bit more upscale, with great steak, chicken and seafood entrees, and a wide array of specialty appetizers. We aim to meet each bride and groom’s individual needs.” Visit

Wedding Planners Deborah Bell And Company Orchestrating the biggest day of your life is a tall order, but one that Deborah

Bell and Company can handle quite readily. Deborah Bell and Company incorporates planning as part of their services, and designs all manner and style of weddings, including traditional, living, green, modern, classic, trending, edgy, and more. As a local and destination company, Deborah Bell and Company garnered the Best Table Décor Winner award for the 2013 National Association for Wedding Planning, and the company’s seasonal décor has been hailed in local and regional magazines. “Building relationships with our clients and our brides is first and foremost a lifetime relationship, not just for the wedding day,” Bell says. “We only design one wedding on a weekend, so we can only give this special attention to one bride at time. It is all about you and your radiant day.” The company’s website is currently under construction, but Bell encourages brides to email or call her to schedule a consult of up to two hours at no charge. References are available upon request. Email:

Sand And Sea Weddings An increasingly popular wedding tradition breaks with tradition and puts the bride and groom on the beach. According to Jennifer Willis, of Sand and Sea Weddings, “Nothing could be more beautiful or more romantic than saying ‘I do’ on the beach. With the Atlantic Ocean in front of you, the wide sandy beach of North Myrtle Beach under your toes, the sun in the sky and an 8-foot-tall driftwood arbor as a focal point, your special day will be unforgettable.” When Willis got married a few years, she and her fiancé chose to say their vows on the beach, a decision that resulted in less stress and less expense, and a breathtaking setting to boot. As an ordained minister, Willis’ company currently works with clients on weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. With a home in Matthews and at the beach,Willis and her husband ultimately plan to relocate to the beach full time and grow the business to include receptions. She relies on her extensive experience working in assisted living facilities as an


Committed to providing a secure living environment to meet your family’s needs. | February 2014 36

ALL BRIDAL GOWNS ON SALE*! MOMS’ DRESSES TOO! Bridal Gowns starting at $399 and Layaway Available. With purchase of Bridal Gown,* receive 20% off Bridal Veil.

• On-site Rehabilitation Center • In-house staff for Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies • In-patient & out-patient services available • Medicare certified • Family training • Home visits are available upon request Offering: Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Skilled Care Unit, Short Term Rehabilitation and Independent Living Apartments

Hurry, Sale Ends March 1st! *In stock gowns only. N/A on previous sales.

514 Old Mt. Holly Road, Stanley, NC 28164 Call Kelly Reed 704-263-1986 ext. #417 107 North Main Street Davidson, NC 28036 704-655-1009 •

activities and life enrichment director to plan, organize and create joy for alterbound couples. Visit

Verdict Ridge Country Club Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club is located on the west side of Lake Norman, just 22 miles from downtown Charlotte. The club specializes in intimate weddings of 150 guests or less, and the clubhouse veranda overlooks an award-winning golf course. The club offers in-house food service, staffing and pricing that bring tremendous value to couples on their special day. “Many couples enjoy the view on the back lawn as the perfect backdrop for their ceremony,” says Scott Knox, owner of Verdict Ridge. He adds, “You can trust our food and beverage director, Debra Russ, to bring her wealth of experience to your wedding. She can help assist in creating the perfect event.” Visit


The Place

of original pieces, including modern, European designs. Owner Sami Tekin says the hottest trend in the bridal business for engagement rings is the Halo design and pavette sets. In addition to selection, Tekin says every upcoming bride should expect wisdom and friendly advice from her jeweler. “Brides should expect a good education about what they are buying,” he says. “Their jeweler should guide them in what the latest fashion is, and educate them on the differences about diamonds to make a smart decision.” Visit

The Gift BlackLion

The Ring

If you are looking for the perfect bridal gift, look no further than BlackLion, in South Charlotte. Julie Lee, a recent bride and the company’s graphic design and advertising manager, says that on-site engraving and monogramming make gift giving easy, offering

Ballantyne Jewelers Ballantyne Jewelers is known for its family atmosphere and exotic selection of jewelry. The company exhibits a craft in jewelry making, and a vast selection

Love Your Hair!





SERENA WOODS 12335 North Community House Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277 • 704-341-4242 Hours of Operation Monday - Friday: 10am – 7pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm

We have the perfect celebration jewelry to express your love and commitment. Visit our store to meet the experts who will help you select one of the most important purchases of a lifetime!

COSMETOLOGIST For Special, Please Mention Serena’s Ad When Booking Appointment. * one service per client

704.248.4141 The Spa at Ballantyne • The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge 10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy Charlotte, NC 28277 | February 2014

50% Off New Client Services*


bags, totes, tumblers, towels, sun hats and more,” she says. Lastly, BlackLion is the perfect place for newlyweds to shop. “Decorate your entire home with beautiful home décor and furniture from BlackLion,” Lee says. Visit

The Flowers The Flower Boutique

a wide variety of uniquely personal gifts. “Dustin’s Legacies offers elegant engraving on items that everyone from your mother-in-law to your ring bearer will adore,” she says. “Choose from wine glasses, beer mugs, knives, picture

frames, key chains, flasks, cigar holders, clocks and cuff links.” Or, for another thoughtful gift with a personal touch, take advantage of the on-site monogramming available at Letter Perfect. “Letter Perfect offers a bountiful assortment of robes, makeup

Tammy Barton and her husband, Steve, own The Flower Boutique, a fullservice, family owned floral boutique located in Matthews that specializes in custom arrangements, and creating relationships that last. “He’s the go-to guy and I’m the head designer,” Tammy explains. “We are not a cookie-cutter boutique. Each wedding we do is unique, designed to suit the personalities of the bride and groom.” Barton wants clients to feel like part of the family, and she says her industry is perfect for creating long-term

A unique styling experience. Our team of stylists and makeup artist are ready to accommodate your wedding party of any size, In house and on location. | February 2014 38

Our spa technicians offer a variety of packages to prepare you for you for your special event or pamper you on your wedding day. Spa packages include: • Couples massage • Couples massage classes • Full spa day options • Pre-wedding facial and waxing prep • Body refining wraps Visit Us At Our New Location! 2012 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte 28205

We also have an in house team for yoga, meditation, and life coaching to prepare you for your journey together.

704.644.0070 • •



True ambiance with a distinct classic style that will evoke a feeling of sophistication and refinement.

Vaulted ceiling and chandeliers are just awe inspiring and our mahogany and marble bar add a majestic touch to the room that is unlike anything you will ever see. 4017 Laurel Creek Dr | Rock Hill, SC 29732 803-366-8226 | | February 2014

A spacious 4,500 square foot ballroom that will truly take your breath away.


The First

Dance Hit the dance floor with confidence and poise. Have a custom wedding dance designed just for you. Your first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, or wedding party debut!

Whether your wedding date is approaching or you’re going to be a guest, you’ll want to look and feel your best! Get fit... and fit into that stunning dress... with fun and effective exercise programs.

relationships. “What other industry can take a client from engagement, wedding, anniversary, births of children, and all of the life events that happen with families, to watching those children start the cycle all over again?” she asks. “It is the best career in the world and we love it!” As far as wedding trends go, Barton notes that vintage, rustic and garden themes have been and will continue to be popular for several more years. Burlap is the trendiest fabric there is right now. In addition, bridal bouquets are being designed with lots of textural elements, giving an airy look. Barton believes that flowers can make or break a wedding. “Humans have used flowers since the beginning of time to express our feelings, for a range of emotions from happy to sad,” Barton says. “Weddings are happy, festive times that we share with family and friends, and flowers add to that ambiance like nothing else can! Their color, texture and fragrance cannot be matched. I love when a bride loves her bouquet so much that she can’t put it down and carries it all night.” Visit A special thank you to the TCW advertisers who contributed to this feature. [TCW]

Pilates • Dance • Barre • Yoga Specializing in Fitness and Dance for adults and youth. 1111 Hawthorne Lane • 980.329.6683 •

k | February 2014 40

Brian Treffeisen Photography


Denver/Lake Norman Area 7332 Kidville Road, Denver, North Carolina, 28037 • 704-257-0100

Group USA Concord Mills Mall 8121 Concord Mills Blvd. Concord, NC 28027 Phone: 704-979-8000 Fax: 704-979-6052 Store Hours: Mon - Sat 10am - 9pm Sun 12pm - 7pm

Seen In The City Âť Photos By Stephanie Chesson Photography

SEENINTHECITY Out & About In Charlotte


he grand opening of the David Yurman Charlotte boutique in SouthPark was celebrated by a fun and festive crowd Dec. 19. Hosted by Yurman and photographer Chris Edwards, the event raised funds for Wind River Cancer Retreat, which offers a respite for those diagnosed with cancer.

Stephanie and Todd Townsend.

Travis Ngo and Nancy Carmody. | February 2014 42

From left, Maggie Currey and Brigid Hinds.

From left, Maggie Bratton, Jane Schwab, Shannon Carney, Chris Edwards and Cindy Smith.

From left, Chris Edwards, Joanne Joy and Joe Ciarlante.

Travis Ngo, Nancy Carmody and Janet Dalton. | February 2014

From left, Katie Hayes, Jan Henry and Shannon Carney.

David Pschirer and Shannon Carney.


Seen In The City » Photos By Scott Michael Williams


he launch party of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty was a virtual who’s who of Charlotte. Held Jan. 10 at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, the welcome reception featured more than 300 civic and community leaders. [TCW]

From left, Cay Moore, Carla Shober, Ashley Walker, Rachel Rempson and Courtenay Wardell.

From left, Simone Lutgert, Natasha Bechtler and Pam Furr.

From left, Martin Carstarphen, Vinay and Toni Sawhney, Jennifer Justice and Matthew Paul Brown. | February 2014 44

From left, Deborah Bell and Sharon Simpson.

From left, Matthew Paul Brown, Jason Gentry, Jennifer Barbin, Belinda Cohen and Katherine Rigdon.

From left, Nancy Daugherty, Joyce Shields & Barbara Jay.

Lovely Night Lingerie For You & Your Valentine mbrace the lace this February with elegant lingerie, just in time for Valentine’s Day! There is no better way to embrace your curves than to pick out something that makes you look and feel exquisite. Boutiques carry lingerie in all coverage levels, making it easy for you to find something that suits your style. Whether February 14 means picking up a Redbox movie or picking out a red dress, make sure you look sexy underneath whatever you’re putting on. Make it a night to remember! | February 2014

Photographer: Glenn Roberson | Director & Stylist: Stacee Michelle Hair: Erica Arcilesi | Makeup: Johnatha Camp | Style Assistant: Jania Massey Location: The Duke Mansion


Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson | February 2014


Opening page, black lace bra, $70, skirt slip, $34, both at I.C. London. Necklace, $39, K-la Boutique. Pyramid bracelet, $16, Opposite page, burgundy lace bra, $220, lace panty, $130, both at I.C. London. Green drop earrings, $10, Black and white dress, $396, laser-cut bootie, $185, both at Sloan Boutique. Above left, pearl and heart ring, $18, love stack bracelet, $18.95, both at K-la Boutique.

Right, burgundy lace robe, $120, lace halter, $108, panty, $44, all at I.C. London. Gold body chain, $22, pearl and heart ring, $18, love stack bracelet, $18.95, all at K-la Boutique. | February 2014

Above right, black maxi robe, $116, I.C. London. Rhinestone drop necklace, $78, Sloan Boutique.


Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson | February 2014


Opposite page, pink lace robe, $48, white lace bra, $92, panty, $40, all at I.C. London. Necklace and earring set, $40, Bevello. Above, lipstick, $15, Above right, white silk and lace nighty, $148, E. Martini. Pearl drop necklace, $40, rhinestone floral necklace, $48, both at Sloan Boutique. Fur coat, stylist's own.

Is In The Air...

Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories Boutique


Promenade on Providence • Beside Ann Taylor Loft 5341 Ballantyne Commons • Pkwy Charlotte, NC 28277 | February 2014



Style Âť Styled By Stacee Michelle Âť Photos By Glenn Roberson | February 2014 50

Black silk robe, $136, cream and black lace bustier, $148, panty, $38, all at E. Martini. Pink bra case, $28, I.C. London. [TCW]

Business Spotlight » By Melinda Johnston » Photo By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma


YOURS Stylist Serena Woods Enjoys Helping Clients Look Their Very Best

always educate my clients on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it so they can do the same thing at home,” she says. Woods can help tame even the most unruly mane, working with the hair instead of forcing it to do something unnatural. “I have a special connection with my curly haired clients,” Woods says. “I have curly hair myself, and I don’t believe that hair has to be straightened to be styled. Curly hair is not a problem!” When it comes to hair color, Woods

Serena Woods, Stylist The Salon at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge 10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway 704/248-4141

recognizes that there is no “one color fits all,” and likewise, she customizes hair color for each client. The six-year veteran cosmetologist recently moved to The Salon at the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge to give her clients a more luxurious experience. “Because it’s a resort, when a client spends a certain amount — say the cost of a cut and color — then they have access to the other spa amenities for the remainder of that day,” she explains. Though the hours can be long and she’s on her feet all day, Woods says she has the best job in the world. “I just love what I do,” Woods says. “There’s instant gratification for both my client and me. They may come in with a problem and I can solve it in just a couple of hours, or they just may want a change. People trust me with their hair, and that’s not something I take lightly. It means a lot to me, and I’m going to help them look their very best.” [TCW] | February 2014

ith a bachelor’s degree in art from Winthrop University, plus a degree in cosmetology from the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill, it is easy to see why stylist Serena Woods approaches each haircut and color as a work of art. “I grew up drawing and was really good at it, but my passion has always been to help people feel good about themselves by making them look their very best,” Woods says. “I tap into my knowledge of color theory and sculpture each time I create a color formulation or execute a haircut.” Not only does she ensure a perfect color and cut, she also makes sure her clients know how to replicate the look once they leave the salon. Woods has worked in art education and is currently a licensed cosmetology educator, and her skills at teaching help her instruct her clients. “Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher, but I


plaza Midwood Music Clothing Jewelry 1506 Central Ave 704-377-2782

Intuitive Creations from Divine Inspiration Niki S. Barber - Designer



Creating in Plaza Midwood since 2002 Located next to Harris Teeter

Visit our new expanded location,

to see a wide variety of jewelry making supplies,mixed media craft supplies, antique & vintage items along with works from local artists. Join us for a crafting workshop or create your own design in our crafting area. 1212 The Plaza • Charlotte, NC 28205

704-376-3331 •

We bring you relaxation and healing from the moment you step through our door. | February 2014 52

Our soothing space and kind staff will take care of you as the world busily drifts by outside.

Full schedule of yoga classes 2 weeks for $20 for new students 4 licensed massage therapists New client rate of $49 for a 60-Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue


embrace the of print

Conventional, Digital & Wide Format Printing with a continued commitment to both our customers and our craft.

Weekly alternative healing classes Guided meditation, breathwork, belly dancing, and more! Locally sourced tea & coffee lounge Open 7 days a week from 8am – 7pm Collection of Retail from Jewelry 1912 Commonwealth Ave. to Clothing featuring a variety of Charlotte, NC 28205 local artisans.

704.266.1443 •

1119 Clement Ave. | Charlotte, NC 28205 704-375-2474

plaza Midwood opened my business, Reggae Central, in Plaza-Midwood for many reasons. First, it just felt right.There was a sense of coolness in the neighborhood that you could literally see and feel. The community had a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit that truly welcomed me as a business owner.Also, the location was great for business because it was on one of Charlotte's most well-known, most diverse, most eclectic, and most highly traveled streets, Central Avenue. Since 1997, Reggae Central has been going strong in its original location, in the heart of Plaza-Midwood. Over time, the requests of Reggae Central’s loyal customer base prompted the addition of Aromis Jewels to our product line.We have found Plaza-Midwood shoppers to be supportive and encouraging of our products, events, and promotions. It’s a great place to do business in the Queen City. Come see us! – John and Carolyn Cook

NODA Helping NoDa residents buy and sell real estate in NoDa and surrounding communities since 2005 Ann Welchans 704.962.9896 Jodi Sosna 704.654.9995

Community Consciousness | Responsive Real Estate |

There is a quality and character in the old and used that is hard to find in the new. We hunt to find timeless pieces that need to be repaired, repainted or just rethought.



Furniture • Salvage Lighting • Chandeliers Artwork • Jewelry Pet Products • Gifts

2902 N. Davidson St.


Call 704-494-1919 today to take advantage of our move in specials. | February 2014

Edgeline Flats doesn’t just adorn one of Charlotte’s best-known streets, this off beat apartment community distinguishes itself with an industrial vibe. Our cinderblock walls, stained concrete flooring and chromatic exterior all speak to the culture of our community. Let your apartment reflect your personality. Check out our spacious new 1 & 2 bedroom apartments.


south End ost & Gray is celebrating its 5 year anniversary in March, which is huge especially since it opened in the midst of the economic recession. The Viereggs were the first occupants in Atherton Mill back in ’93 with Interiors Marketplace and have been an integral part of the growth of The Historic South End over the last 20 years.

7000 sq ft of eclectic interior accessories & home furnishings.

2139 S. Tryon Street | Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704.332.2252

Providing the Best Veterinary Care in Charlotte since 1948 The Ladies and Gentlemen of Long Animal Hospital will treat our clients, patients, and teammates with courtesy, respect and professionalism. We will uphold and advance the honor and dignity of the veterinarian profession. We are committed to improving our professional knowledge, skills and judgment so that we can provide the highest quality of medical and surgical care to our patients. We will encourage open and honest communication with our clients which allows them to make informed, educated and responsible decisions regarding the health and well-being of their pets. We are now offering 24 hr Emergency Services for Charlotte and surrounding communities

2523 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203

704- 523-2996 |

Experience a whole new you! | February 2014 54

Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Consulting Kourtney Keith • 762.233.8604 facebook: EzStylesPersonalShoppingWardrobeConsulting

The South’s Largest Home and Garden Event Belgard Gardens | Outdoor Living | Green Market | Decorative Arts & Crafts | Interiors | Kitchen & Bath Building & Home Improvement | Living Green | Taste & Travel | Marketplace Shopping

Carmen Johnston Garden Lifestyle Expert Appearing February 21-23


The Renegade Gardener Appearing February 21-23

Now Two Weekends


Brooke Thomas 360° Your Life Appearing March 1

The Park Expo and Conference Center 2500 E. Independence Blvd. | Charlotte See website for discount tickets, and a chance to WIN ONE OF TWO $1,000 Shopping Sprees!

TV’s: The Fabulous Beekman Boys 1-800-849-0248 A Southern Shows Inc. Production

Appearing February 28 & March 1

Dwellings » By Karsen Price » Photos By Dustin Peck | February 2014



Bedside Manner


Outfitting The Most Important Room Of The House | February 2014

t’s where you lay your head every night and begin each new day. You spend more time in this room than any other. And sometimes, new life is created within its very walls! Your bedroom. Isn’t it worth the time and effort to make it the most comfortable room in the house? Shannon McCarthy, with Carolina Design Associates, says certain elements can make or break a bedroom — from furniture flow, to the mix of bedding, pillows and rugs, to (eek!) tidiness.


Dwellings » By Karsen Price » Photos By Dustin Peck

Bedroom Basics | February 2014 58

“First off, furniture flow is very important,” McCarthy says. “Don’t cram too much in the space just because you have a large room. Let the traffic pattern of your daily routine decide how the furniture is set.” When creating the blueprint of your bedroom’s belongings, McCarthy urges homeowners to decide how to best use each piece of furniture. The practicality of a piece is key. “Bedroom furniture is often selected because of its functionality,” she says. “Perhaps the piece offers you more storage, and you need that.” For instance, a popular item for bedrooms is a nightstand that features a pullout tray over a drawer, which is great for holding drinks or other items such as books or tablets. Other times, the furniture helps you create the look and feel of your bedroom, even if the piece is rarely used. “At that point, your furniture becomes artwork in the room,” she says. Great pieces of furniture are best highlighted when combined with the right linens and accents, such as pillows and rugs. McCarthy says every bedroom should contain at least one cozy, gorgeous blanket. “A few nice pillows with a simple

coverlet or duvet really make the bedding look high end,” she says. “Add a nice large blanket to the foot of the bed for a pattern or pop of color and you will have a gorgeous bed.” And while you don’t have to break the bank when shopping for bedding, you might have to do some serious searching to find items that complement each other. “For bedding, you can rely on higherend products, which may be a pretty penny, but look breathtaking! When you want to get the look of a high-end bedroom with luxurious bedding, but don’t want to pay the thousands it may cost, start mixing and matching qualities,” McCarthy says. “It’s all about mixing in the right materials.” McCarthy points out that Mom was right all those years when she encouraged you to make your bed. “A made bed makes the biggest difference to the look and feel of a bedroom, and can make an otherwise messy room seem tidy,” she says. “When you walk into a bedroom that is completely made up, it just feels so polished and well-kept.”

Right Side Of The Room While luxury is important, McCarthy says functionality and comfort top the

list when it comes to bedrooms. “Luxury is definitely a wonderful perk to a bedroom,” McCarthy says. “Who doesn’t want the most elegant materials in their room? However, it is not the most important quality. Think about the daily function of making your bed and the comfort of this space when you are spending time there. The function and comfort of your bedroom are by far the two most important qualities.” Lastly, when it comes to your bedroom, don’t feel that you have to follow the pack or have a cookiecutter room. Identify what you want, and go for it. “I recently did a bedroom that was designed to feel like a luxurious hotel room,” she says. “My client wanted the calming feel of walking into a high-end hotel room after a long day, while still feeling cozy enough to flow with the rest of her house. We had a blast designing this room with mixed textures and finishes that completed a very soft look. When she told me her friends said this room felt like a nice upscale hotel, I knew we had nailed it!” [TCW]


in st yle

O RG A N I Z E D.. .

Custom Designed Solutions for Your Home & Your Lifestyle

Closets | Pantries | Garages Home Offices | Murphy Beds Media Centers | Laundry Rooms


20% 704.525.6516 1.888.THE.CLOSET


DENTAL CARE DEDICATED TO YOUR HEALTH 704 594-9250 Dr. Kimberly Anderson, Dr. Tiky Swain

Complete Health Dentistry Restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures. Our promise is to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Call today to see how we can completely transformyour smile with LUMINEERS® and INVISALIGN™ | February 2014

8420 University Executive Park Suite 805



Dwellings » By Karsen Price » Photos By Dustin Peck

s Bedroom Trends

Shannon McCarthy, of Carolina Design Associates, is seeing a range of trends for bedrooms in 2014, including: • Light and airy tones • Neutral materials in cottons and linens • Upholstered headboards • Lavender or blue hues paired with cream or taupe “We are definitely in the cycle of calming and fresh themes right now, and I personally love it!” McCarthy says. “It has such a fresh and inviting feel.”

s Cabinets that make you feel like a culinary genius... | February 2014 60

IInteriors nteriors

Exteriors E xteriors

KKitchens itchens & Baths Baths

Cedar C edarr Sh Shutters utters

Custom C ustom Home Home Storage Storage

Garage G arage Storage Storage

Wainscot W ainscot & Mantels Mantels

Pergolas Pe rgolas

Office O ffice & Built Built Ins Ins


>Lˆ˜iÌÀÞ " ÕÌ`œ œ œÀ

>Lˆ˜iÌÀ Þ

Nancy N ancy Martin Martin & K Kristie ristie K Knorr, norr, D Designers esigners

--…œÜÀœœ“ …œ œÜÀœœ“ …œÕÀÃ\ …œÕÀÃ\ œ˜‡/…ÕÀ œ˜‡/…ÕÀ ™‡{ ™‡{ >>˜` ˜` LÞ LÞ >««Ì° >««Ì°

--œÕ̅ ˜` œÕ̅ ˜` -…œÜÀœœ“\ -…œÜÀœœ“\ ÎÎäx äx œÃÌiÀ œÃÌiÀ  Ûi° Ûi°

…>ÀœÌÌi] …>ÀœÌÌi] ÓÓnÓäÎ nÓäÎ U ÇÇä{‡ÇÇn‡Èn£{ ä{‡ÇÇn‡ Èn£{ U w ww w.IMPACTdesignResources e .com

Ask The Expert

The Golden Proportion Dr. Ross W. Nash Ross W. Nash, DDS, is one of only 46 Accredited Fellows in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, meaning he has acquired extraordinary skills in the area of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

hat makes a smile look attractive? Is it the color of the teeth? Is it the shape of the teeth? Is it the alignment of the teeth? All are important. One important factor is referred to as the Golden Proportion. This proportion was discovered by Leonardo daVinci. The ratio of 1/1.618 appears in many areas in nature. It appears in sea urchins, plants, buildings and the human body. When the upper three front teeth (central incisor, lateral incisor and canine teeth) exhibit this proportion, it looks attractive to the eye. Dina, an aspiring model and actress, wanted to improve her smile. She had excellent dental health and her teeth were well aligned. However, she felt that her teeth did not look as attractive as they could be and she wasn’t sure why. By analyzing her smile, I discovered that the proportions of her upper front teeth did not contain the Golden proportion. In this proportion, the width of the upper front tooth (central incisor) is 1.618 times the width of the smaller incisor next to it (lateral incisor) while the front half of the next tooth (canine) is 0.618 times the width of the lateral incisor. Dina’s canine tooth was smaller than normal and her lateral incisors were wider than normal. By adding enhanced contours to the canines and lateral incisors through the use of bonded veneers, the Golden Proportion was established enhancing Dina’s smile.

ent before treatm Dina’s smile


Q: If the Golden Proportion does not exist in a person’s smile, how can it be achieved? A: Tooth reshaping can help redefine the shape of some teeth. Orthodontic movement of teeth can sometimes move the teeth into the proper proportions. Enhanced contours can be added to tooth structure.

The Golden Proportio n

and Dina’s new balanced proportionate smile

403 Gilead Road, Suite E • Huntersville • 704/895-7660 CosmeticDentistryofthe

Dina with her radiant new smile | February 2014

Q: How can one achieve enhanced contours for their teeth? A: Teeth can be reshaped by the addition of composite resin bonding, through the use of direct composite veneers, or placement of porcelain veneers or full crowns.


Health Flash » By Melinda Johnston

HEALTHFLASH An Apple A Day & Other Wisdom

Something To Smile About A New Alternative To Gum-Grafting Surgery | February 2014 62

f your dentist has warned you that your gums are receding, you are probably dreading the day when you have to schedule gum-grafting surgery. The good news is, you don’t need to make that appointment just yet. A new solution for gum recession patients offers an amazing alternative to invasive periodontal surgery. It’s called Pinhole Gum RejuvenationTM, and Charlotte dentist Dr. Chris Bowman is one of the first 20 dentists in the world to be trained and licensed to provide the procedure. Pinhole Gum RejuvenationTM is a patented technique that repositions the gums to their proper location without a scalpel, incisions or sutures. It was developed and patented by Dr. John Chao, a California dentist. In 2013, Dr. Chao started training fellow dentists, and Dr. Bowman immediately qualified to be in the first class. “This is a true game-changer,” Dr. Bowman says. “It’s a brand-new technology unlike anything that has ever been offered before in dentistry. Dr. Chao has perfected PGRTM over the last 10 years to make it as minimally invasive as possible. His patients have lasting results that go back up to decade.” To perform the procedure, under simple local anesthetic, a pin-sized entry point is made where the gums and cheek meet. Through that opening, special curved instruments gently lift the gum tissue away from the teeth and reposition it where it should be. Sterile collagen strips are then inserted through the “pinhole” to keep the gums in place. Then a new gum attachment forms at the correct levels. Unlike traditional gum grafting, multiple teeth can be treated at one time. Treatment times are typically only 30-60 minutes, and post-treatment discomfort is so minimal that prescription pain medications are not required. PGRTM eliminates many of the pitfalls of traditional gum

grafting. Traditional gum grafting can be performed on only one or two teeth per appointment, and it requires two surgical sites — the roof of the mouth and the gums where the graft is placed. Grafting also requires incisions and stitches, and it has a painful recovery time of 10 to 14 days. Dr. Bowman says, “When I first read about Dr. Chao’s work, I was amazed that receding gums could be resolved this way. But it absolutely works. It blew me away.” The lasting results speak for themselves, and word about the procedure is starting to spread. Patients are coming to Dr. Bowman’s office from all over the southeastern United States for the procedure. Just ask Wilmington resident Crystal Durham, who was suffering from receding gums due to aggressive tooth brushing. As a result of her receding gums, she was suffering from extreme tooth sensitivity. Durham knew something had to be done, but she was turned off by the thought of gum grafting. “It was getting worse and I knew I had to get it fixed,” Durham says. “I went for a gum-grafting consultation and got scared away by the lengthy procedure and the time it would take to heal. When I saw the video about pinhole gum rejuvenationTM online, I immediately called the dentist in California and he referred me to Dr. Bowman.” She adds, “It was wonderful. It wasn’t painful, and other than a little swelling, it was fine. This procedure is a tremendous advancement compared to grafting, and there is little to no downtime. I would highly recommend it.” [TCW]

TOLEARNMORE Find out more about pinhole gum rejuvenationTM by visiting To find out if you are a candidate for the procedure, call Dr. Bowman’s office at 704/847-8261.

Give us your fitness goal. We’ll get you there.

Caring Dentistry... With a Gentle Touch! Delivering the Highest Standards of Dental Care

Personal Personal training. training. Rebooted. Rebooted. Our technology Our technology designs designs an an e xercise and and nutrition nutrition p ro g r a m exercise program p recisely ttailored ailored tto o yyour our body body precisely a nd goals. goals. Our O ur p atented ccardio ardio o and patented a nd strength strength machines machines kknow n ow and yyour our body body and and guide guide you you e ver y step step of of tthe he way. way. All on every your schedule. S ee h ow at See how ww

“As a patient, many times we do not look forward to a medical appointment. But at Cotswold Family Dentistry, the doctors and staff make it fun to return. I have always had a great experience there. I will continue to recommend them to others. The front office, the assistants, hygienists and the doctors all are great people to deal with. They are very honest and friendly. -Moises




Limited L imited time o offer ffer S See ee club club forr details. details.


Photo by Brian Osbourne with The Professional Photography Group


South Charlotte Charlotte 704-544-1774 704 -544-1774 C

Cotswold Plaza • 135 S. Sharon Amity Rd. | Suite 204 • Charlotte, NC 28211

Matthews Matthews 704-845-9878 704 -845-9878


704-365-2765 New Patients Welcome



For F or more infor information rmation reg regarding arding the best new new residences in town to own please call 704-620-1286 -1286 WWW.MYNICHEAPARTMENTS.COM WWW W.MYNICHEAP AP PARTMENTS.COM | February 2014

A stunning ne new w apar apartment partment home option option in the the h heart eart of My Myers ers P Park ark is offered att the corner corner of Queens Road Road West West and Sel lwyn A ven nue. 2100 2100 Queens is refreshingl y different diffeerent and distinguishable, distinguishable, offering ring luxury luxury 3-bedroom / 3.5 baths ths homes with Selwyn Avenue. refreshingly ameniti es including ng top le vel fi nishes, open and spacious floorplans, floorplans, and plenty y of storag amenities level finishes, storagee space space..






THE WELCOME COMMITTEE Acupuncture & Herbal Experts From China With 29 Years Clinical Experience Dr. Jeffery (JiFei) Wang (OMD; L.Ac. & CH) Dr. Mary (Qing) Ren (OMD; L.Ac. & CH)

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡



If you are a business or professional wanting to target new households, contact The Welcome Committee.


We get there first and in person to deliver your advertising message. You’ll receive a prospect list, so tracking results is a snap. For sponsorship information, please call 704-660-1155.

Çn£ä >Â?Â?>Â˜ĂŒĂžÂ˜i ÂœÂ“Â“ÂœÂ˜Ăƒ *ÂŽĂœĂžÂ° U -Ă•ÂˆĂŒi Îää




Certified with 12+ years of experience

Board Certified Sexologist

Permanent Facial Make-up by Judy



Judy Fairchild

Call for complimentary consultation 704 543-6269

• Sexuality issues

Brows, Eyeliner, Lips & More!

Don’t wait any longer to have a happier relationship and a more fulfilling sex life.

• Relationship conflicts • Alternative & Healthy life styles

DESIGN MAY 2013 VOL 17 | NO 1


MamBraa’s nd Got A

New Bag That Fancy Gibbs &

Melissa The Queen City’s Mom Prom

N a nc y M Nancy Martin, art r in, D Designer esigner Sho owroom hou rs: Showroom hours: M on-Thur 9-4 aand nd b ppt. Mon-Thur 9-4 byy aappt.

7704-778-6814 04-778-6814 www w.IMPACTdesignResou o

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Charlotte’s only magazine dedicated to you!

Arden McLaughlin, Katie Tyler & more

With 500 distribution locations plus direct delivery, you’ll never have to miss an issue. Visit for your convenient location.

Skills and willingness are vital to improve any relationship.

803.415.1582 Aleida Heinz, Ph.D (English & EspaĂąol)

10801 Johnston Rd. Suite 121, Charlotte, NC 28226

803.415.1582 • 65

I Really Think » By Aleida Heinz, Ph.D. | February 2014 66


IN SEARCH OF t’s the month of amour, and I know the burning question on your mind is: What does food have to do with sex? OK, so maybe you never put much thought into the correlation. But it is a good question! The truth is, there is a huge connection between sex and food. Be honest with yourself, forget about others, and think about this for a second: How do you feel when you lose weight, eat healthily and exercise? Do you feel sexy? I do. I feel that way when I discipline myself by eating good foods, drinking plenty of water, and working out. Now, when you feel sexy, what do you do? Maybe you buy new clothes, and in smaller sizes. Maybe you wear high heels. I bet you attract your partner, which will increase the desire to have sex! As a board-certified sexologist, I help people develop fulfilling relationships, which includes sexual satisfaction. Did you know that low or no desire for sex can be triggered by medical conditions or hormone imbalance? However, for a lot of women, a big libido killer is their own self-image or self-esteem. Hormone imbalance can have a lot to do with what you eat, and what you eat affects your self-image. You might be unhappy sexually simply because you are not eating well, and likewise you feel tired, stressed out, fat or too thin, and depressed. Studies show a strong correlation between a fulfilling relationship and sexual satisfaction. Your feelings about your relationship, your partner, and

most importantly, yourself have a great impact on your sexual response and satisfaction. Recent studies show that moderate weight loss through healthy eating significantly improves sexual functioning and satisfaction. Similarly, it has been shown that people who exercise regularly and eat nutritionally have high levels of sexual desire and greater ability to get aroused and reach orgasm. Sounds great, right? Take a look at your life. How healthy is your diet? How active and satisfactory is your sex life? The healthier I eat, the better my sex life is … and the more active and pleasant my sex life is, the healthier my diet! It’s a true Catch-22, but a good one. Do you know why? According to a report by the Archives of General Psychiatry, poor diet and excess weight literally clutter the brain, causing all kinds of issues, including sexual problems. In other words, great sex comes from a healthy brain, and a healthy brain comes from a healthy diet. Metabolic-enhancing foods that nurture your brain and your body can also nurture your sex life. The good news is, you can live fully, healthily and have good sex — all by eating healthy. And you don’t have to make radical changes to improve

your diet. Start small. Try to avoid eating your kid’s snacks, your husband’s dinner, and all the garbage that tastes so good. (That’s what I do.) See where that begins to lead you. My dear friend, there are no magic pills for good sex. But the truth is, you have the power and the right to eat well and to have a great sex life. The real aphrodisiacs are good foods full of nutrients that allow optimal sexual performance. Dr. Aleida Heinz is a board-certified sexologist in Charlotte. Visit for information.

You know what they say …

Everything old is new again.

Acupuncture. There’s a reason it’s been around for over 2,000 years.

Find out why celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow have their Acupuncturist on speed dial. Acupuncture works. It treats 40 different conditions, including: • weight loss • arthritis • migraine headaches • infertility • chronic pain • anxiety Acupuncturist Andrea Perullo de Ledesma was trained in the most prestigious Chinese Medicine School in New York City, as well as interned in various hospitals in China and South Africa. With over a decade’s worth of experience, she can help you with any of your health concerns.

Try something new this year. Try good health. Try acupuncture.

Healing Hands Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic Andrea Perullo de Ledesma, L.Ac., M.S. 401 East Boulevard, Suite 110 | Charlotte, NC 28203 704.578.7683 | |

SSouth outh End

Boulevard evard Bazaar Home me Furnishings

The Ultimate in High-End FURNITURE CLOSEOUTS! Dealers De ealers W Welcome! elcome! lcom me!

n o i t c e l e S e l Unbelievab eekly! W s l a v i r r A w Ne Authorized Outlet For:

Open Weekends Only, Fri - Sat, 10am-5pm & Sun, 1pm-5pm ၻၸၺၹ ¡“ŏ¤’ ¤¢ŽŽ¤ ျ ’Š¡—œŴŽထ œ¡¥’ Š¡œ—“šŠ ၺႀၺၸၻ ျ ’œšŽဓ ၿၸၼဖၽၺၿဖၼၺၺၻ

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