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ll successful women know you’ll get more out of work — and life — if you’re healthy and happy. We asked three Charlotte life and wellness coaches for tips on what little actions can make the biggest impact when it comes to being satisfied with your life. According to these experts, successful women:

That is true whether it’s swimming, running, kickboxing, yoga or just walking around the block. And you don’t have to commit to one long session, Carlomagno says. “Ten or 15 minutes here and there is enough to keep your heart healthy,” she says.

Don’t diet. Start the day with breakfast. “Eat a healthy breakfast to get the day started and keep your energy up,” advises Maureen Carlomagno, a Charlotte health and wellness coach. “Your body has been in a state of rest and repair. Eating breakfast helps to restart metabolism.” In fact, studies show eating a morning meal helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Schedule downtime. “Taking regular breaks for self-reflection and relaxation helps prevent burnout,” says Carlomagno. “Research shows if you don’t give yourself breaks, you’re not as creative or flexible. Plus, taking a break from work improves your productivity. You need to give your brain a chance to disconnect and look at projects with fresh eyes.”

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“Some form of physical activity will provide the benefits that are needed to stay in shape and essentially healthy,” says Crystal Green, Ph.D., a Charlotte-based career and health coach. “You don’t have to think of it as a formal routine — think of it as having fun and simply moving.”

“Successful women realize that diets simply don’t work,” Green says. “What does is purposefully selecting healthy food that will sustain you, not only through the day but throughout your life.” That means cutting out sugary and fatty snacks and choosing more nutrient-dense foods. “Although it sounds like a lot, eight or more half-cup servings of vegetables and two pieces of fruit a day is commonly recommended,” says Jennifer Tremblay, a certified health coach in Charlotte. “Half of your plate should be comprised of fruits and vegetables.”

Make time for sleep. “Sleep plays an important role in recharging both our physical and mental

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Today's Charlotte Woman  

A Charlotte NC magazine targeted to women.