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January 2014

Pre-Orientation Checklist ‰‰ Submit proof of meningitis vaccination. This must happen before you can register for classes or housing. We strongly recommend that you do this as soon as possible, as not doing so will delay enrollment and housing. See page 4 for more information. ‰‰ Review your degree requirements. ‰‰ Review placement information about foreign language study. ‰‰ Review placement information about mathematics. ‰‰ Check your TCU email! This is where we will be sending important information leading up to Orientation and throughout your time at TCU. Go to and use the same username and password you use for

Table of Contents Orientation

Dates and Arrival Times Tentative Orientation Schedule Meals During Orientation Packing for Orientation Degree Requirements Medical Requirements Health Insurance Requirement Traveling to TCU Parking on Campus Changing Majors Language Placement Mathematics Placement

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What’s Next?

Helpful Financial Information Move-In Information Transfer Connections University Post Office Box

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This booklet contains important specifics about First Year Experience and Transfer Student programs designed to help you prepare for satisfying experiences. All of the information in this booklet is also located at

Orientation Orientation Meals During Orientation Date January 9 - 10.....................................................................................................................Thursday - Friday

Tentative Orientation Schedule

Please eat breakfast prior to the orientation program on both days. Market Square and Chick-Fil-A in the Brown-Lupton University Union are both open for breakfast. Lunch on day 1 will be provided. The program will conclude prior to dinner on day 1 and prior to lunch on day 2. Maps of local dining options are available at check-in.

First Day 8 -8:45 am............................................... Check In in Brown-Lupton University Union 9 am....................................................................................................................................................Welcome Session

Student Activities

Family Activities

Group meetings with Orientation Leaders Faculty Expectations College Presentations Academics at TCU

Academic Advising Issues & Process Faculty Expectations College Presentations Living & Dining on Campus

6:00 pm................................................................................................................................Conclusion of day 1

Second Day 8 am...........................................................................................................................Morning Announcements

Student Activities

Family Activities

Academic Advising Registration Photo for Yearbook & ID card

Finances at TCU Student Wellness

1:30 pm.......................................................................................................................Orientation Concludes

Who Should Attend?

If you graduated high school in May 2013 and/or have only attended one full semester at another university, January Orientation. It is the only way to register for classes. If you have attended more than one full semester at another university, Orientation is optional, but strongly encouraged. There is only one Orientation option in January. Orientation is a full program, from check-in to the last activity on day 2. Do not plan to leave campus or schedule other activities during Orientation. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to attend Orientation with their students. The program is most beneficial when students and families attend together. Some activities are for students only, some for parents only, and some are for both. (Family members other than parents are welcome to attend, but please note that no activities will be planned specially for them, and many activities are not appropriate for small children.)

Packing for Orientation

Casual, comfortable attire is appropriate for all activities. Make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes. All alcohol/drugs (except prescriptions) are prohibited at Orientation for students and family members.

Packing Checklist

‰‰ Comfortable walking shoes ‰‰ Casual, comfortable clothes ‰ ‰ Pens for everyone in attendance! You will take LOTS of notes! ‰‰ Toiletries–– the bathrooms are down the hall! ‰‰ Alarm clock ‰‰ Snack food ‰‰ Umbrella ‰‰ Sweater or jacket- Texas weather is unpredictable, even in January ‰‰ Academic information explained on the next pages for foreign languages, math, and/or classes taken at other colleges/universities.


Degree Requirements While you are at Orientation, you will learn about the Core Curriculum as well as your specific degree requirements. You will also have access to course descriptions while you are advised and enroll for your fall classes. If you’d like to review course descriptions or print out your own copies, please visit the Academic Catalog at In the catalog, you will be able to see your specific degree requirements as well as course descriptions. You will have plenty of time during Orientation to fully review degree requirements, the Core Curriculum, and course descriptions, so there is no need to worry about fully understanding all of this before you arrive.

Mandatory Medical Requirements Texas state law requires that all entering (new and transfer) students, as well as students re-enrolling following a fall or spring semester break from TCU, must submit evidence of having been vaccinated against bacterial meningitis within the last five years. Students 30 and over are exempt from the law. TCU students wishing to reduce their risk of meningococcal disease can also choose to be vaccinated. Current proof of the meningitis vaccination must be presented to the Health Center before the student will be allowed to enroll in class or apply to TCU Housing. Delay in submission of acceptable vaccination documentation will delay enrollment and housing availability. In addition to the Meningitis Requirements, official immunization records must reflect the following: Two immunizations for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR). Students born before January 1, 1957 must submit proof at least one MMR vaccination. For more information, and to download the required meningitis forms, visit us online at

Report of Medical History

All new students must complete a Report of Medical History form. A copy of the Report of Medical History form can be found online at Please attach your immunization record to the Report of Medical History and submit them to the Health Center by mail, fax, or email.

Health Insurance

Undergraduate students registered for nine or more hours are REQUIRED to have health insurance through either the Universityoffered plan or an individual/family plan. International students, regardless of classification, are REQUIRED to carry the Universityoffered plan as a minimum standard of coverage. If the student is not otherwise required to carry the TCU Plan and has a family/ individual policy that will remain in effect throughout the 2012-2013 academic year, the student must access the elect/waive portal at 24 hours after registering for classes to enter the name of his/her private insurance company and group number. Contact the Health Center directly for specifics www.


Traveling to TCU Flying

There are two major commercial airports that serve the Dallas/ Fort Worth (DFW) area— Dallas Love Field and DFW International. Dallas Love Field is located close to downtown Dallas and Southwest Airlines flies into this airport. DFW International is closer to TCU and a number of major airlines fly into and out of DFW.

From the airports — Love Field and DFW International: TCU does not provide transportation to or from the airport.

Super Shuttle:

Super Shuttle is a commercial transportation system. Fares depend on the number of people in your group, beginning at $30 for one person, one way. For transportation to TCU from DFW, no reservations are necessary––simply locate the Super Shuttle phone in baggage claim and a van will come to pick you up. HOWEVER, reservations are required 24 hours in advance for either a trip from Dallas Love Field OR for the return trip to either airport. You can reach Super Shuttle at: 817-329-2000, 1-800-258-3826, or visit Super Shuttle online at

Public Taxi:

From the airport to TCU, a public taxi wil cost approximately $60.

Driving From DFW International:

Follow the South airport exit. Take 360 South to Arlington. Follow signs to I-30 west to Fort Worth. Travel past Six Flags and the Ballpark, through downtown Fort Worth, and exit going south on University Drive. TCU is two miles from the highway.

From the North or South:

Take I-35W to I-30 West. Travel through downtown and exit going south on University Drive. TCU is two miles from the highway.

From East or West:

Exit I-30 going south on University Drive. TCU is two miles from the highway.

Chisholm Trail Parkway Construction

Fort Worth is enjoying a lot of growth, including the construction of the Chisholm Trail Parkway just North of the TCU campus. It is highly recommended that you factor in time for traffic at all times of day. Please check this website for route information: https://www.ntta. org/roadsprojects/projprog/ChisholmTrail/Pages/default.aspx

Parking on Campus

Please refer to the campus map at the end of this booklet. We encourage you to park in Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitor Center lot 6 or lots 3 or 4. Be aware that construction projects may change traffic patterns and parking.

Check out

for more information

1. Students must have an established TCU GPA of at least a 2.5 and complete a minimum of one semester of coursework at TCU. 2. Students who enter the Nursing major after the first semester of their freshman year will be on a four and a half year plan. In this scenario a student would be able to complete all TCU core classes prior to beginning Nursing clinicals.

Changing Majors Some students start college knowing exactly what major they want, while others are undecided or tentative about a major. At TCU, you will have the opportunity to select from over 100 areas of study. Many students will change their major more than once before finally discovering the right one for them. If you are one of these students, you will have numerous opportunities to change your major before or after you arrive on campus. If you want to change your major prior to Orientation, you may do so by e-mailing the Office of Admission at frogmail@ Your email request must be received at least 10 days prior to the start of your Orientation session. Once you have arrived for Orientation, you can change your major at the end of the Academics at TCU presentation the first afternoon, when you register for classes on the second afternoon, or at any point by visiting the Registrar’s Office. If you have decided on a new major after you leave Orientation, you may change your major online through your portal. There are a few exceptions to these procedures. Because the schools of Biology, Business and Nursing have experienced unusual growth, they find it necessary to restrict the number of new majors this year. Students wishing to change to one of these majors should contact either the Admission office prior to Orientation or the department after they arrive on campus to discuss options that will allow them to stay on track toward graduation. If you are not able to declare Business, or Nursing as your major this year, please review the following options listed below. These options will help you to prepare to declare one of these majors at a later date.


Even though you may not change your major to pre-business at Orientation, you may still take some of the prerequisite courses that are recommended for first year pre-business students. You may then request to change majors to pre-business at the end of your first year (spring semester). Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to be considered for pre-business. Space is limited and acceptance is competitive and not guaranteed. Please visit to view the requirements and processes for application. You may take the following courses which are recommended for all first year pre-business students. • ENGL 10803 – Introductory Composition • MATH 10283 – Introductory Applied Calculus (MATH 10273 with a “C-” or higher serves as a prerequisite for MATH 10283) • ECON 10223 – Introductory Microeconomics • ECON 10233 – Introductory Macroeconomics

Here is a list of prerequisite courses that can be taken prior to declaring Nursing as a major.

• PSYC 10213 – General Psychology • SOCI 20213 – Introductory Sociology • NTDT 20403 – Nutrition • MATH 10043 – Elementary Statistics • BIOL 20233 – Basic Microbiology

We would recommend that students do not take a non-Nursing course to meet the Oral Communication TCU Core Curriculum requirement because one of the Nursing required courses meets that requirement. If the student does take the course, then the oral communication course would count as a free elective. *Please note that Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 20204) and Survey of Nursing (NURS 10043) will not be available to non-declared Nursing majors.

Double Majors

Students wishing to declare a second major may not do so until after meeting with their academic advisor during orientation.

Language Placement Students have several options for finding the appropriate level at which they should start their language studies at TCU. Various means of determining proper placement as well as obtaining credit for previous language study are outlined at orientation.asp under “Guidelines for Foreign Language Placement.”

Math Placement Are you wondering which math class you should take? Check out the Department of Mathematics’ website at to find out which math course is right for you. Students planning to take Calculus I, MATH 10524, (engineering, math, and science students, for example) should review this information and take the placement test if necessary BEFORE Orientation.


A student who wishes to change to the nursing major is eligible to contact the nursing department for information about changing his/ her major after they have completed one long semester at TCU and achieved a TCU cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Students who are not Nursing majors upon enrollment at TCU will need to be aware of the following requirements:


What’s Next? Helpful Financial Information Your first bill will be processed in early July and available for viewing on around July 10th. You will not receive a paper notice. If you attend a June Orientation session, you will see your tuition and housing charges on your July statement. If you attend an August Orientation session, you will see only your housing charges on your July statement. Tuition charges are processed only after you have registered for classes.

Move-In Information If you have a residence hall assignment for Spring, call Housing and Residence Life to find out when you move in at, 817257-7865 or .

If you wish to have others view your TCU Student Account, please visit for further instructions.

University Post Office Box

Academic Year Charges – estimated costs

During Orientation, you will have the opportunity to rent a TCU post office box. There is an annual fee for post office box rental of $55. The rental period begins May 15 and runs through May 15 of the following year. If you live on campus, you will have no other way of receiving personal mail.

Undergraduate Tuition $36,500 Room $6050 - $7600 Dining Plan Yearly $4280 - $4850 Books and Supplies $1,200 *Does not include travel (estimated $450), miscellaneous personal expenses (estimated $1,500), or health insurance ($1,788). Any Federal Work-Study wages earned are not credited toward your TCU amount due. These wages are paid directly to you on a biweekly basis.

Helpful Contact Information

TCU Mission

Scholarships and Financial Aid


Financial Services (Billing)


Housing and Residence Life


Admission 817-257-7490

Transfer 101 After attending Orientation the next step in making a strong connection to TCU is participating in Transfer 101. Transfer 101 is a co-curricular seminar designed specifically for new students transferring to TCU. During the first week of classes, you will be invited to a dinner program with other newly transferred students and several upper-class students who have previously transferred to TCU. They have designed a curriculum that will meet your specific needs as a student with college experience, but new to TCU. You will have an opportunity to register for Transfer Connections when you attend Orientation. Please check your TCU email and follow TCU Transfer Programs on Facebook at for more information.


To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

Student Development Services Texas Christian University TCU Box 297350 Fort Worth, TX 76129 817-257-7855 817-257-7285 (fax) Brown-Lupton University Union 2003

Circle of Excellence

Baugh Indoor Practice Facility− Cox Field

Lot 10



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Beckham− Shelburne

Worth Hills

o WH C Frances Sadler Moody


CM FS C B MC WH Bellaire Condos REC


King Tower

Air Force/Army ROTC

Volleyball Courts

Milton Daniel

MC Only

Lot 9



Waits Hays Theatre



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Sadler Mall





Mabee Foundation Education Complex

Bookstore Parking Only

Allan Saxe Garden

TCU Bookstore


Art Gallery


Print Shop

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Construction Zone




Tandy Statue



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West Bowie Street

Monnig Meteorite Gallery


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Clark Brothers Statue

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Teaching to Change the World Statue


Palko Bailey


Memorial Columns


Princeton Street RES Beasley C

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West Cantey Street Moudy North

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Veterans Plaza

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Plant Rifle Range VIS TBPW Visitor Parking

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Frog Fountain


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Frog Alley

No Overnight Parking Special Events

Bellaire Drive North

Morris Practice Fields


Kelly Center Visitor Parking

Lot 6

Daniel− Meyer Coliseum

sh x al le W mp o C

Meyer− Martin Complex



Kelly Lawn

Kelly Alumni & Visitors Center

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rive Stadium D



Range Duty Statue

North Drive South Drive


Mid Court


Ranch Management

Stadium Drive





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Cockrell Avenue

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Lubbock Avenue


Interior Design & Merch

2012 - 2013


Lubbock Avenue Visitor Parking

TCU Police






West Cantey S


Merida Avenue

Greene Av Greene Avenue Greene Avenue

Waits Av

Rogers Waits Avenue

Lubbock Avenue DIS

og Fr

Merida Avenue

ley Al

First Year Experience and Transfer Student Programs- January 2014  

This booklet contains important specifics about First Year Experience and Transfer Student programs designed to help you prepare for satisfy...

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