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“Restoring Hope, Restoring Lives”

Since 1954


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ill was born in Seattle, Washington. Her parents adopted her when she was eight months old and raised her in Ephrata, Washington. Everyone grows up differently. For Jill, it was a good life in the church, ‘‘I’ve always believed in God and the trinity ...I got married young and had kids, which are now making me a grandmother with seven grandkids,’’ she announced with a smile on her face. Unfortunately, after high school she got involved in some negative relationships that led to some bad choices and situations. ‘‘Things just kept snowballing. I ended up being homeless in 2001 for the first time over in Seattle. I was homeless there until 2003...’’ she recalls quietly. After two years in Seattle she decided to move down to Los Angeles, where she came to rest on the infamous Skid Row. Fortunately, after a week she decided those seven days were good enough for her. From there she moved on to Hollywood where she found a job and was able to live comfortably for a short period of time. ‘‘I was there for a month, which was a little bit better. I did have a job... Unfortunately, while trying to escape my reality I was using alcohol and the drug scene is pretty rampant down there. It just helped me escape and forget where I was headed or what I was going through...’’ In 2006, Jill came to the conclusion that she’d had enough of the way she had ben living and quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey. During this time her aunt and uncle passed away within two weeks of each other, leaving part of their estate to Jill. ‘‘It was me, my brother and my other two cousins... they did not have children and that helped me move back up here and be closer to my older two children. I got off the streets and was doing ok, but unfortunately...’’ Continued on page 2 F I N A N C E D E N T I R E LY T H R O U G H G E N E R O U S G I F T S O F I N D I V I D U A L S

To take a guided tour of our facilities, please call (509)547-2112 to set up an appointment with our Assistant Executive Director, Andrew Porter between the hours of 9am-5pm. Andrew Porter

Nights Lodging Men: 2282 Avg per day: 74


Nights Lodging Women/kids:


Articles Clothing for Men: 1112 # Men Served:311

Families Clothed in Community:


Men Receiving Services: 164 New Clients: 43

Meals Served:


Avg. Day: 192

Oct. 2012

‘‘I ended up


being homeless in for the first time over in Seattle. I was homeless there until and then I went down to LA. I was on skid row for about a week, and that was good enough for me.’’


Yet another bad relation for quite a few years, it e This led her, in 2008, to t I felt comfortable.’’ At th her into the New Life P unfortunately. I got my a a year, then in 2010 I end really bad down there, an in the psychiatric ward i a shelter where she staye ticket back to Washingto nice. I mean, I love my k happened when I became mom. I couldn’t help her She did feel abandonmen there.’’ Eventually, Jill’s not taking showers and n baby-sit or felt she neede this, I finally told my dau change my life. I am sta

Jill told her daughter that she was going back to the Mission. She knew th thing she could do for herself. ‘‘It’s been wonderful. Everybody here ha feel like a person again. I have something to add to society. When I talk Program, how much it’s done for me, how much I enjoy being here and h family.’’ About a month ago, Jill underwent open heart surgery. ‘‘Thank was so determined to come back here that I did everything in my power me.’’ The Mission works to provide people another chance at a new life. W this chance to someone like Jill. ‘‘Even after I do move on... I will come ba they bless the community on a constant daily basis. It’s a beautiful thing, it

‘‘It’s been wonderful, everybody here has been so helpful and loving. I feel like a person again. I have something to add to society.’’ Page 2

I N M E M O R Y O F. . .

Luella Cannon Linda Groeber To make a donation in memory of someone, please fill out the enclosed response card, and write “In Memory of” and the name or names in a blank space on the card. Then place the response card and your donation in the enclosed blue envelope, and drop it in the mail.

nship followed Jill to Washington. Even though it did go pretty well eventually went sour and Jill fell back even deeper into her depression. the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission for the first time. ‘‘I really liked it, his time, the staff at the Mission was working with Jill to try to enroll Program; but she knew she wasn’t ready yet. ‘‘I was still in the world, apartment after two months of being here. In early 2009 I was there for ded up going to Arizona with this other friend of mine. Things went nd after a year I ended up having a total anxiety attack and ended up in the Tucson medical center.’’ From the medical center, she moved to ed for a week until her kids got the money together to get her a plane on state. ‘‘I was staying with my daughter which was kids and grandkids. Unfortunately with how things e homeless the first time, I felt like a total useless r; I was having a hard time with my own issues. nt issues, so we were having some rough issues depression hit again to the point where she was not coming out of her bedroom unless she had to ed to clean the kitchen. ‘‘After six months of ughter, ‘I can’t handle it no more.. I need to arting to think of suicide again.’’’

hat going there was about the best as been so helpful and loving. I to people I tell them about the helping here, and it feels like a the Lord I do heal quickly... I to do that. This is a home to With your help, you can give ack and volunteer because t’s a beautiful Program.’’

SHORTAGES: Pantry: Meat products (all kinds), sugar, Coffee Men: Men’s coats, razors, briefs, boxers,T-shirts, shoes, jeans, work boots, gloves, laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels Women:Denture care (glue, cream), hair care products, make-up, razors, body wash, shoes Children: Strollers, bassinet, girl’s underwear (sizes 2T & up), shoes, undershirts, diapers, clothing, boys socks, boys underwear Facility: ELECTRIC WEED EATERS, Construction and maintenance materials, fixtures, supplies, and tools of any kind. Our crumbling buildings are 100 years old! Almost anything will fill some need!


By donating almost any kind of food, clothing, toiletries, paper goods, or cleaning supplies, you can play an important role in helping the needy people of our community! These things are ALWAYS useful! FEDERAL EMPLOYEES CAN CONTRIBUTE THROUGH

s Phone 509-547-2112 Fax 509-545-9564 Follow us and donate at

Oct. 2012

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is right around the corner! Here’s to remind all of our donors that turkeys are in great need at this time to provide for our annual thanksgiving dinner.

Please keep us in your thoughts and

we thank you for all your continued support!

Thank You, Tri-City Union Gospel Mission Staff

To donate any kind of items, please bring them to 112 N 2nd Avenue in Pasco

between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM!

Restoring Hope... Restoring lives. Tri-City Union Gospel Misssion, a Christ-centered ministry demonstrating God’s love by meeting physical, mental and spiritual needs of men, women and children in crisis. Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in word and deed. Our desire is to help men and women break the cycle of homelessness and become participating members of our community as they learn to follow Christ. PROGRAMS & SERVICES Meals, clothing and shelter for homeless and hurting men, women and children. Recovery programs to overcome addictions and dysfunctional lifestyles. Counseling, spiritual guidance, and referral services. Affordable safe housing for graduates in transition. Meals for individuals in the community. Weekly food boxes for the community. Clothing room for families in the community. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mike Richardson, President Mel Lacey, Vice-President Ward Hughes, Treasurer Bruce Harrer, Secretary Bane Blankenship Frank Aiello

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Oct. 2012

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Tri-City Union Gospel Mission's October newsletter featuring a story on one of their Program members, Jill, and what the Mission means to he...

TCUGM Newsletter 10-1-12  

Tri-City Union Gospel Mission's October newsletter featuring a story on one of their Program members, Jill, and what the Mission means to he...