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Saving LIVES restoring hope impacting community Since 1954 T r i - c i t y U n i o n G o s p e l M i s s i o n | PO B o x 1 4 3 3 P a s c o W a . 9 9 3 0 1 | www . t c ugm . o r g | A ugu s t Men’s facility 112 N 2nd Ave Pasco|Women’s Facility 110 n 2nd Ave Pasco

Soldiers Under God’s Command by Tim & Lisa


verything we owned was packed into our 1999 Chevy Blazer. As the road stretched as far as the eye could see, the only thing driving us was the idea that once we reached our destination things would be better. We needed that. We needed gas. We needed to keep going. We had been all over the country... Nashville, San Diego, and anywhere we thought there would be some way for us to get on our feet. We had just gotten married. . I looked at my husband, a 21 year veteran of the Army who had

fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, as I thought about the day we met. As soon as I saw him I knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, rich or poor, that was how it was going to be. Some of our family had thought differently; in a way, that’s what led us here. We had nowhere else to go. S o m e w h e r e along the line in our travels someone had told us about the Mission in Pasco, Washington. It was something. All we needed was a piece or a glimmer of some kind of

hope. The car kept breaking down, this was the fourth time in a very short time. Our future depended on this car. Would we make it? We were almost out of gas. Even when we got to the Mission, would it be worth it? Would we be able to get the help we needed to get out of this mess? We were worried that it might be another dead end. When we arrived I could tell this place was different. We had never seen a city with such resources. The programs at the shelter were greater than any we had experienced previously. It’s definitely not a vacation, but it is the shelter that will weather all storms. E very day is structured: the bed’s made and we’re up with our clothes on by 6:45 in the morning. Every night we have to plan what we need to do to get on our feet. We went out in the heat, riding buses to get from place to place with our list of resources and organizations that could help us get into our own place. The Mission is


To take a guided tour of our facilities, please call (509)547-2112 to set up an appointment with our Associate Executive Director, Andrew Porter between the hours of 9am-5pm. Andrew Porter

|Saving Lives | Restoring Hope | | Impacting Community | Tri-City Union Gospel Misssion, a Christ-centered ministry demonstrating God’s love by meeting physical, mental and spiritual needs of men, women and children in crisis. Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in word and deed. Our desire is to help men and women break the cycle of homelessness and become participating members of our community as they learn to follow Christ. PROGRAMS & SERVICES Meals, clothing and shelter for homeless and hurting men, women and chidren. Recovery programs to overcome addictions and dysfunctional lifestyles. Counseling, spiritual guidance, and referral services. Affordable safe housing for graduates in transition. Meals for individuals in the community. Weekly food boxes for the community. Clothing room for families in the community. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mike Richardson, President Mel Lacey, Vice-President Ward Hughes, Treasurer Bruce Harrer, Secretary Frank Aiello









providing three great meals a day.


really hope people

will keep giving to the sion





ment really does help people

in need to find their way.


family is not just sit-

ting around; we’re getting off the street!



like to say,

off your butt and

on your feet!’’



are getting ready to move

into our very own trailer.


husband has even been

given a guaranteed loan on a house!


just want to

say thank you to everyone

involved, from the kitchen workers to the volunteers in the

Chapel; staying here

has been ence.



a great experiis because of the

that we were able

to get the resources we

needed to get on our feet.


people here have be-

come our heroes.

They are

best described by the lyrics

Christian Stryper, as ‘’the Soldiers under God’s command!’’ They have helped us, honestly, through our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen! Not everyone who stays at the Mission is addicted to drugs or alcohol. There are many cirof my favorite band,

cumstances that can leave someone with nowhere else to turn.


August 2013 | P.O. Box 1443, Pasco WA 99301 | 509.547.2112 | | Fax: 509.545.9564

JUNE STATISTICS Nights Lodging Men:


Avg per day: 78

Nights Lodging Women/Kids:


Articles of Clothing for Men: 1082

Families Clothed in Community:

# Men Served: 282

Men Receiving Services:

Meals Served:

New Clients:47

Avg. Day: 189





e ask you to please remember that during



months the need for water

in those who live transient lifestyles increases greatly.


this basic neces-

sity to those who endure extreme heat daily can save

lives. If you are looking for other ways to impact the community, refer to our Im-

mediate needs list to the right of this




listed in descending order of priority.


ecently, we had an intern from China join us to see just exactly how everything works over here at the Mission. Trixie (right) learned everything from how to manage volunteers to handling donations.

SHORTAGES: Pantry: COFFEE, Tea Bags, Ground Beef, Black Pepper, Ketchup, Pancake Mix, Tuna Men: Socks, Underwear razors, briefs, boxers, T-shirts, shoes, jeans, work boots, laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels Women: Underwear (Small), Adult Size Socks Individual bus passes, ibuprofen, magic eraser, Disinfectant/ odor eliminating spray, razors, body wash, hypoallergenic laundry soap, 13 Gal. bags, Ziploc freezer bags, Make-up

Children: Thermometers, Kleenex, Bleach Wipes, Diapers (All sizes)

In Memory Of...

Gerald Richardson Florence Ames Betty McKay Emily Maurer Betty McKay Jerry Roth


by Joy


by Anonymous by Shirley

McCullough by Dixon & Terry Shoemaker by Irma Mercer by Nancy Roth

Facility: Construction and maintenance materials, fixtures, supplies, and tools of any kind. Our crumbling buildings are 100 years old! MEDICAL: Benadryl Cream, Disposable Nail Files, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Glucose Monitor Strips, Vitamins, Pain Relievers | P.O. Box 1443, Pasco WA 99301 | 509.547.2112 | | Fax: 509.545.9564



‘’The North Coast Electric Company recently held a supply drive that produced 53 packs of socks, 313 lbs of food, 118 lbs of detergent, and a 40 gallon barrell of personal hygiene items. It is a wonderful thing when a company unifies customers and employees into the action of impacting their community.


are immensely thankful once again to be able to form

a partnership with the members of our community to ultimately change the current state of impoverishment that is present in our area today. If you feel

the growing need to reach out and impact our community in any way that you can, we thank you.

You are the driving force behind the positive change that we see taking place every day here at the Mission.’’ - TCUGM Staff

To donate any kind of items, please bring them to 112 N 2nd Avenue in Pasco between the hours of 9 AM and 7PM! August 2013 | P.O. Box 1443, Pasco WA 99301 | 509.547.2112 |

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August 2013  
August 2013  

Take a look into the life of a married couple that has recently found hope at the Mission.