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NANCY NIX EMBA Executive Director I want to wish all of you a happy New Year! As we are still thinking about those New Year’s resolutions and the challenges and opportunities 2013 will bring, let’s also look back at 2012 and the special milestone we achieved. In April, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first graduating class from the Neeley EMBA program – and we’ve seen 12 classes graduate from the program since then. You need not look any further than the following pages to see what an exceptional group of alumni you are! Since that first class, much has changed. In 2008, the program was compressed from 21 months to 16 months – and yes, that means no summer vacation! While we did eliminate electives, we also added a personal leadership development component that gives students the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional leadership coach to improve specific leadership skills. After four years of study abroad travels to Europe in the early years, students travelled to China from 2006 to 2012, and the Class of 2013 will be the first to visit South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Santiago, Chile). There are also many new faces among the faculty and staff. While we miss those who contributed so much to the program over the years, we welcome great new additions that are helping us continue to improve the program and the student experience. There is also much that hasn’t changed since that first graduating class. Our focus continues to be on strategic leadership – providing an outstanding educational experience that helps our graduates develop the perspective and capabilities required to be a successful leader in their organizations and achieve career goals. While many of our faculty members have taught in the program only in recent years, some have taught every graduating class – In-Mu Haw (Accounting), Rita Kosnik (Negotiations), and Rob Rhodes (Business Law) continue to bring excellence to the classroom and we’ve asked them to share with you their perspective on the evolution of the program as well. I want to thank all of you – faculty, staff, and alumni – who have worked over the years to make the Neeley EMBA program exceptional. I especially want to thank the Alumni Advisory Board members and our event sponsors for your support and for making our 10th Anniversary Celebration such an outstanding event! As a result of your generosity, several $10,000 scholarships will be available for exceptional candidates enrolling in the Class of 2014. As alumni, you can play an important role in building the Neeley EMBA brand. We encourage you to get involved, whether as an Advisory Board member, as an advocate, or by referring great candidates to the program, and to make a difference to your EMBA program. Finally, we look forward to seeing all of you at future EMBA Alumni events! Go Frogs!


Rita Kosnik Professor, Negotiations

Nancy Nix Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Supply Chain

John Bizjak Professor, Finance

Suzanne Carter Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Strategy

In-Mu Haw Professor, Accounting

Mark Houston Professor, Marketing

Larry Peters Professor, Leadership

Richard Priem Professor, Ethics

Ranga Ramasesh Professor, Decision Sciences

Robert Rhodes Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Business Law


Mauricio Rodriguez Professor and Department Chair, Finance

Ira Silver Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Managerial Economics

Ray Smilor Professor of Professional Practice, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Morgan Swink Professor and Executive Director, Supply and Value Chain Center

Nancy Nix Executive Director

NEELEY EXECUTIVE MBA LEADERSHIP COACHES Kevin Davis Director, Recruiting and External Relations

Linda LaCoste Associate Director, Student Services and Operations

Christina RangelBautista Program Specialist

Marnie Crawford Valencia Consultants, LLC

Martha Duesterhoft People Results

Ed Maier Think Straight. Talk Straight.

Jude Olsen, Ph.D. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Richard Best LifeNet Services, Inc.

Reginald Carney Lead Strong Inc.

Brooke O’Shea Brooke O’Shea Leadership Coach LLC

Paulette Turner Integrated Leadership Concepts, Inc.

10 YEARS OF DEVELOPING STRATEGIC LEADERS: THE FACULTY PERSPECTIVE BY KEVIN T. DAVIS Planning the 10th Anniversary Celebration gave the Executive MBA program staff an opportunity to research the story of how the program was launched and reconnect with the many alumni, faculty, and administrators that have contributed to making the Neeley EMBA program what it is today. In doing so, we became intrigued with answering two questions. Firstly, we wanted to know, “What theme(s) and experiences have been constant since the launch of the program?” Secondly, we wanted to know, “How have the program and its students changed over the years?” To answer these two questions, we thought that we would ask the three professors who have taught every Neeley EMBA student – Dr. In-Mu Haw, Dr. Robert (Rob) Rhodes, and Dr. Rita Kosnik. Dr. Haw is a longtime member of the Neeley faculty and is renowned globally as an expert in international accounting practices. He teaches students around the globe, having led undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate accounting courses in Asia, Europe, and the United States. In-Mu was a member of the faculty committee charged with designing the EMBA program in 1999. He teaches the Managerial Accounting course in the EMBA program and has been recognized as an Outstanding Professor by EMBA students seven times. “EMBA students make teaching exciting. Their devotion, dedication, and preparation make the experience rewarding,” said In-Mu when asked what has been a constant theme since the launch of the program. “EMBA students have a genuine interest in learning and changing momentum in their careers,” In-Mu continued. “The one thing that has changed over the years is the increased focus and value for globalization. EMBA students recognize the need to be in tune with global business markets and practices more today than before.” Dr. Rhodes is another longtime member of the Neeley faculty who has taught business law to undergraduate and graduate students since the mid-80’s. Rob was also a member of the faculty committee charged with designing the EMBA program. He has been recognized as an Outstanding Professor five times by EMBA students and currently serves as one of five members of the Admissions Selection Committee. “I am honored to have the opportunity to teach ‘the Execs.’ It is the most rewarding teaching experience that I have,” said Rob. “The level

of preparation [of EMBA students] is at least three times greater than other students. I have never had to waste a moment convincing [EMBA] students that the subject [business law] is important. Students approach the program with a greater sense of intensity and professionalism,” said Rob when asked what has changed over the years. Rob thinks that students may be required to have a different approach given the decrease in employer sponsorship/ support and the growing desire to make career changes after graduating from the program. Dr. Kosnik is a visiting faculty member from Trinity University in San Antonio. Rita is an expert in corporate governance and negotiations. She was introduced to the Executive MBA program by Dr. Stuart Youngblood, another member of the faculty committee charged with designing the EMBA program. Dr. Youngblood asked Rita to teach Negotiations as an elective course for the Class of 2002. Thanks to the feedback from the Class of 2002, Rita was asked to return the following year to teach Negotiations as a required course. As they say, the rest is history. Rita has been recognized as an Outstanding Professor by EMBA students six times and has been credited many times for helping her students achieve a return on their investment in the program and growing their business. “The values and culture of the Neeley EMBA has been constant since the beginning. TCU offers a supportive and stimulating learning environment for EMBA students,” said Rita. “The ‘family feel’ to the program makes teaching more interesting because of the [increased level of] interaction versus other learning environments,” Rita continued. “I have had to upgrade my learning to meet the challenge of teaching the critical learners in the Neeley EMBA program. The motivation and the studious nature of the students are energizing,” said Rita. “I have met some fabulous people while teaching in the Neeley EMBA program. They make teaching easier.” There you have it. What has stayed the same? The quality of the people, that is, values-centered and team-oriented individuals who want to become better leaders, has been a constant. A supportive learning environment that enables and stimulates leaders to think and act differently has been a constant. What has changed? The evolving global economy and market conditions have required EMBA students, faculty, and staff to want and expect more from the program and themselves, short-term and long-term. What should we expect in the next 10 years? A world-class Neeley EMBA program and community that has continued to adapt and improve to ensure we develop strategic leaders equipped to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing business environment.

EMBA THROUGH THE YEARS Neeley EMBA program featured in the news and Neeley Magazine through the years.

Fall 2001

Spring 2003

Fall 2003

Fall 2003

Fall 2003

Spring 2005

Fall 2005

Spring 2006

EMBA THROUGH THE YEARS Neeley EMBA program featured in the news and Neeley Magazine through the years.

Fall 2006

Spring 2008

Spring 2008

Spring 2009

Spring 2010

Fall 2010

Spring 2011

Spring 2011



Class of 2002 o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

CHARLES BAMFORD RITA KOSNIK o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r


2002 Row 1: Elaine Vaught, Linda Price, Diana Weitzel, Barbara Cook, Felicia (Lathon) Williams, Mike Carter. Row 2: Mel Horikami, Carl Henderson, Zoran Solaja, Kent Backus, Bob Akin, Jon Kautz, Jim Salter. Row 3: Joe Murphy, Bob Montgomery, George Smallwood, John Plunkett, Scott Allen, Jim Dickson, Ranson Roussel, Richard Ott. Row 4: John Merrifield, Jyrki Keronen, Pat Wallace, Andy Lucas, Jeff Matthews, Mark Stanley, Mitch Lucas, Mike Doil. Not Pictured: Deborah Roe.

Class of 2003 o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

CHARLES BAMFORD IN -MU HAW o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r


2003 Row 1: Diana Miller, Debra Weaver, Michele Gagne, Paula Dowell, Revell Hicks. Row 2: Michael Bachand, Angie McCrary, Steve Pierce, Sean Choate. Row 3: Ed Scott, Paul Palek, Dave Johnson, Christopher DeTrempe, Chuck Thackston. Row 4: Johann Van Beest, Ron Davenport, Richard Miller, Brian Morel, Dave Cheney, Ovi Alfaro, Blaine Bilderback.

Class of 2004 o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

CHARLES BAMFORD IN -MU HAW o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r


2004 Row 1: Henry Chiarelli, Debbie Kidwell, Meera Neb, Becky Burke, Jody Hutchison, Eric Wolfe. Row 2: Alan Schultz, Jeff Askam, Dan Thompson, John Ornsby, Tracy Crowther, Greg Doherty. Row 3: Tim Powell, Kent Ash, Paul Curtis, Mike Scott, Mark Muller, Bart Boudreaux, Chuck Burriss, Jim Wilhoit. Not Pictured: Rick Price.

Class of 2005 o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

IN -MU HAW RITA KOSNIK o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r


2005 Row 1: Gary Tonniges, Dr. Will Lowe , Carol Klocek, Ellen Pitcher, RJ Blair, Margaret Tyson. Row 2: Scott Rose, Carey Bond, Ross Givens , Sam Arora, Ron Cook, Dave Martin. Row 3: Don Vietti, Mike Russel, Lettie Haynes, Jeff Robinson, Jerry Gladysz, Roberto Castro.

Class of 2006 o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

RITA KOSNIK ROB RHODES o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r s


2006 Row 1: Karen Skjolsvik, Sheila Ryan, Marion Mehagan, Lourdes Hassler, Beth Humphrey, Irene Kieweg. Row 2: Jon Rudy, John Ricciardelli, Tim Evans, Chuck Epley, Lance Sauer, Kortney Paul, Ruben Chalantte, Steve Slemmons, Scott Fitzgerald, Keith Meadors. Row 3: Bill Poteet, Jr., Charley Mock, Keith Bird, Larry Ruple, Dennis Feeney, Dewey Brooks, Brad Ballentine. Not Pictured: Michael Lannan, Dan Van Ackeren.

Class of 2007

o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

CHARLES BAMFORD IN -MU HAW o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r

STEPHEN BLOODWORTH o u t sta n d i n g st u d e n t s


2007 Row 1: Alicia Duran, Carlos Huertas Prieto, Gary Wicks, Jeanne Reese-Asmode, Kristi Radford, Sandy Martin, Danny Maldonado, Peter Liu. Row 2: Dorith Hakim, Robin Ahearn, Vern Bennett, Wayne Davis, Jon Stevens, Phil Laster, Dennis McTighe, John Skenesky, Steve Eason. Row 3: Glenn Wallace, Andy Giddings, Anthony Moreland, George Fassett, David Forbes, Vance Dell, Walker Wilson, Eric Davis, Jim Doyle, Tim Cummings, Stephen Bloodworth.

Class of 2008 (May) o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

IN -MU HAW ROB RHODES o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r

TODD BAILEY o u t sta n d i n g st u d e n t


2008 MAY Row 1: Eric Lawson, Percy Thompson, Martha Carnera, Mary Ann Williamson, Keith Briggs, Miguel Garcia, Jr., Mel Bailey, Paige Stauffer. Row 2: David Avila, Kenneth Cheung, Chuck Miller, Kathy McLean, Shnease Webb, Max Horne, David Isom. Row 3: Joy Ovien, Paul Marsh, Keith Jennette, Michael Stanley, Joe Vojtkofsky, Chuck Artymovich, Todd Bailey, John Stevenson, Sean Kerr. Not Pictured: Ch贸le Stauffer.

Class of 2008 (December) o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r

RITA KOSNIK o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r s

TOM CARNEY MICHAEL MILLER o u t sta n d i n g st u d e n t s


2008 DECEMBER Row 1: Neal Shields, Brian Horan, Sharon Clark, Todd Nicholson, Linda Livingston, Julie (Thigpen) Grimsley, Randy Rowles, Stephen Barrett. Row 2: Maricela Verduzco, Rob Odom, Tom Stallings. Row 3: Jason Vinson, Trey Wade, Mark Morgan, Marce Ward, Kim Trost, Jamie Folkmann, Heather Reynolds, Scott Shultz, Del Rudy, Ray Lleverino. Row 4: Matthew Shaffer, Chuck Gummow, Michael Miller, Jim Harris, Michael Fischer, Angelo Marvronis, Tom Carney, Andy Mathiesen, Troy Laird, Chris Bullen, Michael Mueller.

Class of 2009 o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

IN -MU HAW RITA KOSNIK o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r

DAVID BASS o u t sta n d i n g st u d e n t


2009 Row 1: Paul Allen, Richard Butler, Erin Snell, Doug Lutz, Stacey Brewer, Jari Mema, Scott Roby. Row 2: Heath Rhodes, Jim Cherry, Jill Bass, Tony Lehew, Abel Palacios, Charlie Havis, Brad Wanek, Chris Crabtree, Derrick Pratt. Row 3: Don Mask, David Bass, Steven Sorrells, Jeff Range, David Pitre, Howard Blankenship. Not Pictured: Glenn Murray.

Class of 2010 o u t sta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r s

RITA KOSNIK ROB RHODES o u t sta n d i n g c l a s s m em b e r

WAYNE VAUGHN o u t sta n d i n g st u d e n t


2010 Row 1: Michael Paul, William McCall, Justin Spooner, Elsom Eldridge III, John Myers, Ellen Holditch, Nada Ruddock. Row 2: Rick Yoder, Brenda DeVore, Mervin Clermond, Michael Sherrod, David Smith, Stephen Eppinette, John Moore. Row 3: Barbara Kiss, Cathy R. Sheffield, Wayne Vaughn, Jr., Will Fulton, William Johnson, Bryan Lucas, Ben Daniels.

Class of 2011 o u t s ta n d i n g p r o f e s s o r

ROB RHODES DA N S H O RT o u t s ta n d i n g c l a s s m e m b e r

LI N DA O ’ B R I E N o u t s ta n d i n g s t u d e n t s


2011 Row 1: Rick Smith, Jamie Phillips, Susan Semmler, Alvar Diaz, Sondra Bowden, Angela Caddell, Jesse Peltier. Row 2: Bo Bobrowski, Dan Pitts, Jr., Ryan Jaggi, Greg Kajoian, Linda O’Brien, Ken Stephens, Aaron Ray. Row 3: Scott Jiles, Mirza Sarwat, Frank Cantwell, Mant Hawkins, Michelle Stefan, Nelson Knight, Greg Saltsman, Ty Mallard.

Class of 2012

f a c u lt y awa r d o f e x c e l l e n c e

ROB RHODES f a c u lt y awa r d f o r o u t s ta n d i n g lead er s h i p d evelo pment

S UZ A N N E CA RTE R o u t s ta n d i n g c l a s s m e m b e r

M I K E H A M BY o u t s ta n d i n g s t u d e n t


2012 Row 1: Terry Trofholz, Cori Bergeron, Michelle Meek, Ron Gomez, Erin Stover, Alicia Hicks, Jay Stegall, Joel Coleman. Row 2: Marcos Zamorano, Macy Hill, Mike Hamby, Jon Souder, Joel Friederich, Zach Fullerton, Timothy Hardman. Row 3: Isaiah Davis, Yancy Qualls, Chris Moore, Curtis Watson, Kathy Novak-Johnson, Tonya Veasey, Stanley Cone, Rick Mills. Row 4: Josh Harbuck, Archie Griffith, Jose Flores, David Rys, Clint Smith, Courtney Sartain, Scott Jimison. Not Pictured: April Harris.





Class of 2004

Class of 2005





Class of 2002

Class of 2006


Class of 2009

Class of 2003

Class of 2007


Class of 2010


Class of 2008 – May Class of 2008 – Dec.


Class of 2011


Summer and Michael Stanley Class of 2008 (May)


Nada Ruddock Class of 2010



Karen & Kent Backus Class of 2002

Tom & Linda O’Brien Class of 2011 Jim Salter Class of 2002


Bob Montgomery Class of 2002

Mike Carter Class of 2002

Mary Ann Williamson Class of 2008

Marion Mehagan Class of 2006



11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

City Club, Fort Worth

Preview Luncheon

Managing Risk in a Global Business Environment


Negotiate Success

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Las Colinas Club, Irving


Alumni Networking Event

6:00 - 8:00 PM

City Club, Fort Worth

Innovation Starts Here

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Las Colinas Club, Irving

The Economy, the MBA, and You

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

City Club, Fort Worth

Preview Luncheon


Preview Luncheon


Preview Luncheon

Neeley EMBA 10th Anniversary  

Overview of the last 10 years of the Executive MBA program at Texas Christian University.

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