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SPORT CLUBS fall 2013

3 Baseball 4 cycling 5 elite dance 6 fishing 7 golf 8 gymnastics 9 ice hockey 10 men’s lacrosse 11 Women’s Lacrosse 12 women’s soccer 13 men’s soccer 14 polo club

15 quidditch 16 men’s rugby 17 women’s rugby 18 tae kwon do 19 tennis 20 tri-frog 21 ultimate frisbee 22 women’s volleyball 23 men’s volleyball 24 water polo 25 wakeboarding

Baseball Contact: Jacob sailors

Website: TCU Club Baseball is a sports club for all TCU students. We compete in weekend series in both the fall and spring semesters against other schools across Texas and in the Southwest. We also host an annual tournament called Wood Wars in Richardson, Texas which will consist of 14-16 teams from all over the state.


Cycling Contact: Matt Sherman The TCU cycling club is designed to help students grow as cyclists. Whether you have been riding for years, or just starting, we will help you develop your skills and push you to become a better rider! Not all people have the same stamina or speed therefore we have two groups when riding; one that is faster paced and designed for the racers, and another that is a little more casual for those who don’t want to be as competitive. If you have any interest in riding your bike with fellow horned frogs, then this club is for you! 4

Elite Dance Contact: Claire Peters


TCU Elite is an all NEW competitive dance club. We will be focusing on technical dancing and competing at the local/national level. This will be a fun organization that continues your love for dance and being a part of a club! It is a great way to meet people, travel, and get involved at TCU. Dance experience required and seeking dancers with strong technique!



Contact: david nicholson

WEbsite: Dedicated to getting students interested and active in the sport of fishing, TCU Fishing Club is a student organization run by and for student anglers. Our goal is to offer something for all levels of fishing background, from beginning recreational anglers to experienced tournament anglers. In addition to club run and local tournaments, the TCU Fishing Club also competes in FLW and ACA collegiate level fishing tournaments throughout Texas and the surrounding area. If you have any interest in fishing, check out our Facebook page to get involved. Fish hard and tight lines!


Golf Contact: Memo Saldana T he TCU Cl u b Gol f team i s an o r g a n iz a t io n comm itte d to gi v i ng s tudents the o p p o r t u n it y t o pla y g o lf re c reati onal l y and c o m p e t it v e ly. We w i l l b e p r ac ti c i ng together a n d c o m p e t in g in t o u rn a m e n ts throughout the ye a r a g a in s t ot he r sch o o l s under the N ati ona l Co lle g ia t e C lub Go lf A ssoc i ati on.


Gymnastics Contact: lauren waldorf bethany schneider


As one of the more popular sports of the Olympics, we at TCU want to provide you the opportunity to learn about and participate in this exciting event. Whether you have participated in gymnastics your whole life or have no experience at all, gymnastics is a fun, unique way to express yourself and be physically fit. We compete in the Texas Gymnastics Conference and the NAIGC.


Ice Hockey Contact: Ryan Acuff


Established September 2012, the Horned Frogs step onto the ice with dreams of competing with many other major athletic programs with one common goal: to play the sport they love. Although ice hockey isn’t exactly the most followed sport in the state of Texas, let alone the entire southeastern region, enough men at TCU missed lacing up their skates and the thrill of face offs to join this club team in hopes to compete with major existing hockey programs around the country.


Men’s Lacrosse Contact: Website: This club travels and competes both within the state of Texas and around the southwest region. The club practices three to four times per week and consists of both experienced and beginning players.


woMen’s Lacrosse Contact: Catherine Sandusky The Women’s Lacrosse Club is a traveling team that competes against other Texas schools throughout the spring semester. The team practices year round in an effort to be constantly active and improving. Women’s Lacrosse is new to TCU this year and is committed to allowing women to work as a team and stay healthy through college.


Women’s Soccer Contact: Sofia Sidner


TCU Women’s Soccer Club is a great way to get back on your feet and show off your soccer skills at a fun yet competitive level. We welcome girls of all skill level to come and join us for tryouts at the beginning of the school year. This will be our 3rd year and we are very excited to have another successful season!


Men’s soccer Contact: nick Custis


facebook group Tcu Men’s Club Soccer

The TCU Men’s Soccer Club offers great opportunities to compete with other collegiate teams in the state. Anyone who is interested in playing competitive soccer is welcome. We play in the Lone Star North bracket of the Texas Collegiate Soccer League.


Polo club Contact: Danni Cruse


facebook group tcu polo club

The TCU Polo Club is for all those horse enthusiasts out there, who are looking for a little more excitement in a sport. We practice every week, learn to take on responsibilities with horses and excel in polo. We compete in the Central Region, including teams such as UT, SMU, OSU, CSU, Tech, OU, A&M, and NMSU. It is a fun and unforgettable experience that everyone should try out for themselves!


Quidditch Contact: Marcus Messamer


facebook group tcu quidditch

A club based off the sport of Quidditch in the Harry Potter series. Fans of the series can become a part of the magical world created by J.K. Rowling by participating in this real life, intense sport. Uniting book lovers and athletes alike, this club incorporates monthly meetings, socials, Quidditch tournaments, and TCU’s very own Horned Frog Quidditch team.


Men’s rugby Contact:

joe kizer


Anyone with the desire to learn the sport of rugby is eligible to be a member of this club. As a member of the Texas Rugby Union, this club travels and competes against other collegiate teams within the state.


Women’s rugby Contact:

Kim McCleary


facebook group tcu women’s rugby

Women’s Rugby is new on campus and looking for interested girls. Any skill level is welcomejust come out and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.


Tae kwon do Contact:

Farren Ballint


facebook group tcu taekwondo

Our goal is to provide members with an opportunity for physical and mental growth through the practice of Tae Kwon Do. The TCU Taekwondo Club is a University Sports Club through Campus Recreation. All students are welcome to join, whether you are a beginner or black belt, and get involved in martial arts. We currently have 11 members, and 3 are competing in local tournaments this semester.


Tennis Contact: evan cliff Website: facebook group tcu Club Tennis The TCU Tennis club is an active member in the United States Tennis Association’s Tennis on Campus program. We compete with other Texas college programs and at times with colleges nationally. World Team Tennis is the format that we use for competitions, which includes: one boy and girls singles and doubles and a mix doubles team. We play one set no ad. All skill levels are welcome to come out and play with us.


Tri-Frog Contact: TCU Tri Frogs is an organization that promotes the triathlon multi-sport lifestyle to students, faculty and staff of the TCU community. The organization will provide education, training and support for athletes of all athletic abilities seeking to explore and/or continue participation in triathlon training and competitions.


Ultimate Frisbee Contact: Website: facebook group tcu ultimate frisbee If you are interested in competing against other collegiate teams in this sport, you are welcome to join the Ultimate Frisbee club. Practices are held on campus twice a week and the team attends three to four tournaments per semester.


Women’s Volleyball Contact:

kelsey paulhus

This club is a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association, and competes against other college club teams within and around the state of Texas. If you love volleyball, love to compete, and love to have a good time, then this is the team for you! We practice twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday nights from 8-10pm, and compete in about 6 tournaments throughout the year. It is stongly suggested that players have high school and/or club experience, and are willing to work hard! 22

Men’s Volleyball Contact:

Karl Hoenecke


TCU Men’s Club volleyball is a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association. The club participates in multiple tournaments throughout the academic year, competing against other collegiate club teams throughout the state. This club also participates in a national tournament held in April. The club is looking for guys who are dedicated , competitive, experienced and want to have a good time playing volleyball!


Water Polo Contact: paul steel brendan daly Website:

facebook group Tcu water polo

The TCU Water Polo club is dedicated to the practice and playing of the great and rigorous sport of water polo. The club strives to not only excel in the pool but also build a community amongst club members. All levels of interest and skill are welcome!


wakeboarding Contact:

Taylor troth The mission of TCU WakeTeam is to develop and organize a team of collegiate wakeboarders to represent Texas Christian University. Our aim will be to promote and encourage wakeboarding and to provide a fun environment for students of any skill level while progressing their individual abilities. We shall support student wakeboarders by providing adequate facilities, competent coaching, and appropriate competitive opportunities.


TCU Sport Clubs  
TCU Sport Clubs  

Fall 2013