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Cycle - Carlo 6-7


BODYPUMP 8 - 9Karen


6-7 6-7

Cycle - Jason

12 - 1 12 - 1

Zumba Toning 1 Fanchee

TNT - Mary Beth

Yoga - Jenny

Stretch & Roll (12:15 - 12:45) - Jacque 2




Yogalates Gemma

24 - 5

Athletic Conditioning

4 - 5Abs - (30 mins) Fanchee 5 - Vinyasa Yoga 1 5:30 Alli


5 - 5:30

Vinyasa Yoga Adrienne


3 1

Zumba - Fanchee



Zumba Fanchee Yoga - Jenny


1 2

Athletic Conditioning


Kickboxing Chris & Henry


Yogalates Adrienne


1 2

5-6 2 5 - 6Water Aerobics - Kirsten (5:30) DW

5:30 - 6:30 6 - 6:30

Cycle - Alice

Pilates - Jacque


R.I.P.P.E.D. Ashley



Restorative Yoga 1 Amanda





7 - 89 - 10

- Jacque 9 - 1010 -Pilates 11



Abs - (30 mins) 5 - 6 2 Adrienne BODYPUMP Rueben

6 - 7TNT1 Koy 6-7 7-8

Abs - (30 mins) 2 Adrienne 1

Frog50X- Koy


THURSDAY Cycle - Jason



11 - 12


1 12 - 1

Restorative Yoga Amanda 1

Athletic Conditioning


Yoga Alli


Aerobics/Cardio Pass

Cycle Mary Beth



Stretch & Roll (12:15 12:45) - Jacque 2

T.B.C. - Angie


Yoga - Lindsay


Mind & Body Pass Strength/Toning Pass Free Class


SPRING 2014 GROUP EX January 13 – May 7 *Group Exercise Pass & TCU ID required for admittance for all classes

Abs - (30 mins) Angie


Vinyasa Yoga Alli



Multi-Purpose Room 1

BODYPUMP express Kathy Jo (5:30 - 6) 1


Multi-Purpose Room 2

Water Aerobics - Kirsten (5:30) DW


Multi-Purpose Room 3 Cycle Studio

Cycle - Kathy Jo

DW 3

Diving Well

Note: Classes officially start 10 minutes after the hour and are 50 minutes in length.

CLASS INFO ABS Who doesn’t want a solid core? Here we will work on the entire core, which includes not only your abdominal muscles, but your back muscles as well. This class will teach you breathing and other techniques so that you can get the results desired.

ATHLETIC CONDITIONING Run faster, jump higher, and become a better all-around athlete with drills and movements that focus on speed, agility, quickness, and power. Led by our certified personal trainers and strength specialists, this intense class will take your game to the next level!

BODYPUMP BODYPUMP is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercises like squats, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for, and fast!

CYCLE This energy-packed class emphasizes intervals, drills, and race-day style indoor cycle workouts that are sure to “spin” you into shape! Come prepared with water and a towel because this class will definitely make you sweat.

FROG 50 X You’ve got 50 minutes? Want to see change? Join us for a body transformative workout focusing on high intensity interval training.

KICKBOXING Kickboxing is a mixed class involving cardio based boxing and kickboxing technique work. The class will include martial arts focused conditioning and will emphasize proper striking form. We recommend that you bring your own training or heavy bag gloves.

PILATES Uniformly develop the body by incorporating concentration, control, physical centering, flowing movement, precision, and breathing through mat training techniques.

RESTORATIVE / VINYASA YOGA Restore your mind and body to a place of peace and serenity using gentle yoga poses.

R.I.P.P.E.D. A 50-minute class with a series of high-intensity segments designed to burn calories and tone the body using resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics, endurance and diet. It’s a challenging, sports-based routine that is ideal for those looking to work hard and get the absolute most out of a workout in a short amout of time.

CLASS INFO STRETCH & ROLL This 30-minute class is great for improving flexibility or working out muscle soreness with foam rolling techniques. Free for all Rec Center members.

T.B.C. Total Body Conditioning is a mix of cardio, strength training, and intervals using a variety of equipment including steps, dumbbells, and resistance bands. You’ll get to try a little bit of everything during this full-body workout.

TNT (TONE N TIGHTEN) This is the ultimate resistance training workout. It utilizes dumbbells, body bars, tubing and bands for a full body burn.

WATER AEROBICS Enjoy less impact on the joints, perfect for thse just beginning an exercise program or those who regularly exercise. Move at your own pace as the instructor provides a variety of movements. Water Aerobics will give you a complete aerobic & resistance training workout in the water!

YOGALATES / FUSION Release stress from your body and mind through a yoga and pilates fusion.

YOGA Perform a series of sun salutations, back bends, forward bends, inversions, twists and hip openers to lengthen and strengthen your mind and body.

ZUMBA Zumba is a mix of Latin and International dancing! The routines feature fitness interval triaining with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

ZUMBA TONING Zumba is a mix of Latin and International dancing! The routines feature fitness interval triaining with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Toning includes the use of free weights.


Allison teaches Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga. She is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher through CorePower yoga, in her home state of Minnesota. At TCU, she is a Modern Dance major. Allison believes that yoga is a form of exercise, meditation, and healing. In her classes, she strives to bring out the energy of students through guiding yoga sequences focused on safety above all and dedicated to helping students achieve a physical workout as well as a mental escape from the high intensity world we live in.


Carlo Capua received a BBA in Marketing with a Japanese minor from TCU in 2000. It is his 4th year teaching Cycle at TCU. He is also the owner of Z’s Cafe. He is AFAA cycle certified, CPR and First Aid certified. His goal is to run 100 miles wihtout stopping. Only once!


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acque loves and has practiced many forms of exercise and movement for most of her life. One of her favorite hobbies is to ake workshops and classes from other eachers. She contributes her overall health, strength and healing benefits to her pilates, yoga and Gyrotonics (R) practice. She teaches group exercise classes as well is available to teach private and semi private classes.Certifications and trainings nclude PhysicalMind Institute-mat pilates and equipment,YogaFit and Pria Yoga/ RYT500,AEA-Water Aerobics, Gyrotonics R) and Gyrokinesis (R) Apprentice Teacher, Balanced Body Barre, NCTMBLicensed Massage Therapist.


on has been teaching cycle for nearly ee years through TCU Rec with an AFAA le certification. He also has competed riathlons for the past four years up to half Ironman distance and is the current isor to the TCU Triathlon Club. When teaching cycle, Jason is either training a triathlon, coaching little league baseball kids in triathlons through the YMCA in ition to a full time job/being a dad. He eves fitness is built on the three key mponents of mental toughness, endurance fun. You can also get tips and suggest g choices through his Facebook group at 6am Cycle.

KIRSTEN GALLON Kirsten grew up in Oklahoma and has recently relocated here from San Diego, CA., where she was both a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She is currently teaching hiphop and water aerobics and has taught a variety of classes over the years. Kirsten has a background in dance, has played many sports and has participated in fitness competitions. She feels that she has been fortunate to work with both college and professional football teams, and she is currently certified through AFAA.

KOY GARRETT Koy Garrett has been teaching fitness classes for 22 years. She is certified through AFAA, and she currently teaches Frog50X.


Alice Carter has been leading cycling classes at TCU for six years. Her classes emphasize endurance training to the sound of oldies and classic rock. She is a recreational cyclist who especially enjoys touring by bicycle. When she isn’t on her bike or at the Rec, Alice is employed by TCU as the Director of Advancement Research.

ASHLEY BURBACH Ashley is a freshman from Orange County, California. She is a pre-major looking to study business and minor in nutrition. Ashley teaches R.I.P.P.E.D. classes and is studying to become a personal trainer. She loves to provide energy, assistance, and fun to a classroom and push everyone to their limits.


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y is currently teaching a yoga Fridy afternoons at TCU Campus ation.


Rogers has been a group exercise r for 8 years. She has her ions in Bodypump, cycle, and Piyo nd yoga). She enjoys exercising ch and loves helping others enjoy cal, mental and spiritual benefits of out. When she’s not at the gym, she a blast with her two fun boys and usband. Let’s have a great, healthy r at TCU!

GEMMA HOBBS Gemma loves teaching group exercise. Her cardio pilates class is a combination of aerobic, strength and flexibility conditioning set to a great soundtrack. She makes each class unique and well-rounded so that it feels like a one-stop shopping experience.

LEXIE WILLIAMS Fitness had been apart of Lexie’s life for as long as she can remember. She was a competitive swimmer for almost 12 years which fueled her passion to get her water aerobics certification. She currently teaches Aqua boot camp and has taught for at least two years. Following in her mother’s footsteps she decided to get her cycle certification and has taught that for a little over a year. She is also certified to teach a format called QiForze, that she hopes to bring to TCU soon. Currently Lexie is the Student Fitness Manager. Her main goal in fitness is to always want to do more to get better.

JENNIFER GUEST Jennifer has been teaching a variety of group exercise formats for six years. Certified in Pilates,Turbo Kick, BodyPump and Step, her best fitness advice is to find something you love to do and then DO IT!! Her favorite formats include anything that encourages body-awareness and a sense of centeredness.

KAREN HENDERSON Karen has been a Certified BodyPump Instructor since February 2010.After having her first son, she started to exercise. She was on an elliptical glider watching everyone setup for a BodyPump class.The instructor saw her and had her come in, helped her setup and calmed her nerves. After class she checked on Karen who told her she wanted to teach BodyPump one day - that was over 9 years ago! Karen loves the program! She is proof that it can (and will) change your body.And she loves helping others feel the same passion for BodyPump. Her certifications include Les Mills BodyPump, Les Mills BodyCombat & AFAA Group Exercise Instructor.


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g a Passion for Fitness and Inspired s Mills Instructors, he obtained cations in BODYCOMBAT®, YPUMP®, and BODYJAM® and loves xperience of teaching and motivating e to achieve their fitness goals. He’s been ntly teaching BODYPUMP® at TCU Rec years.When not teaching Rueben works TMARC the South Central Regional butor for the Les Mills Programs and ntly working on Bachelor of Fine Arts at niversity of Texas at Arlington as well as eting in Bodybuilding.


Originally from New Hampsire,Amanda became a resident of Fort Worth in 1995. A lifelong passion for dance and movement nspired her to obtain a White Belt in The Nia Technique®. She then began teaching lasses at the Aledo Yoga and Nia studio. Amanda earned a Nia Green Belt in February of 2009. She then completed Yoga raining at the Colibre School of Yoga in Aledo, studying the theories of Paul Grilley nd Yin Yoga.Amanda has been a licensed massage hterpaist since 2002 and offers nutritional counseling, private yoga classes nd meal planning.

ADRIENNE TAYLOR Adrienne is teaching yoga in the Spring. She also has taught (and can teach) abs, step,TNT, and circuit/boot camp. She has a BS and MS in Kinesiology and is ACE certified in group exercise as well as Yoga certified.

FANCHEE WHITAKER Fanchee is an AFAA certified instructor, who has been teaching Zumba for 5 years and is also licensed to teach Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, and Zumba Gold Toning. Fanchee has also been a professional belly dancer and instructor for 20 years.

All-Class Pass:


Mind & Body Pass:

10-Class Pass:


Aerobics/Cardio Pass: $60

One-Class Pass: $5


Strength/Toning Pass: $60

SPRING 2014 GROUP EX January 13 – May 7

no classes MLK Day: January 20th Spring Break: March 8 – 16 Good Friday: April 18 – 19

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Spring 2014 Group Exercise Schedule

Groupex sp14 flipbook  

Spring 2014 Group Exercise Schedule