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Timber Creek Tribune Volume XII, Issue II February 2013

Timber Creek regains “A” school status Tyler Andreala Back Page Editor Timber Creek has once again reached the platform of the coveted gold standard; being an A-rated school for the 2011-2012 school year. With hard work from all parts of the school, Timber Creek was able to pull itself back up from its previous grade of a “B” in the 2010-2011 school year. The main things Timber Creek focused on to achieve its new and improved rating was making sure all students improved in the areas of math, reading,

and science. Assistant principal Kelly Paduano said, “These areas reflect on how each student is improving.” Other focal points were graduation rates, as well as increasing the number of students taking and passing A.P. and dual enrollment classes. An improved school grade reflects across-the-board improvement. Paduano said, “The school grade is a way to hold the school accountable for teaching every student on campus, however it is not the only way to measure an effective school.” The state Department of Education awards the grades by evaluating the school based off of information that five people, including Paduano, compile.



Timber Creek achieved an “A” ratTop News ing based on its progress during the last year, under former principal John Wright’s administration, which began 2-3 when the school opened in 2001 and Features ended in 2011. Gabriel Berrio, Timber Creek’s current principal, plans to 4 keep the grade “A” title by having stuOpinion dents and teachers alike working hard. Berrio believes that opportunities provided by the school, such as help5 ing struggling students and offerSports ing Saturday School, will keep Timber Creek’s status as an “A” school. 6-7 Berrio said, “It is important to have the programs that we do at Timber Valentine’s Day Creek, like Intensive Reading, which Special help contribute to our school grade.”

A dangerous Learn about AFJROTC

8 Brain Food

By Emily Barrios

9 Travel


Everyone has had an eye for someone famous at some point in their life. A time when they know everything that there is to know about that celebrity, from their favorite color to where they were born. This knowledge is generally accepted amongst the average population, but it can escalate too far. Too far is when it is no longer a short-lived fantasy but an obsession. This type of behavior has recently been displayed in groups of teenage girls who are swooning over the hottest boy bands and other popular stars. See the full story on page 4.

By Dejanira Fischer The AFJROTC mission is to develop citizens of character, dedicated to serving their nation and community. A common misconception of the program is that the instructors push the student cadets to join the military when the programs actual goal is to teach cadets responsibility, respect, leadership, life skills and how to serve the community. “At first I did not really want to join ROTC when I found out I would have



to cut my hair shorter than I like it, but now I don’t mind it because of how enjoyable the program really is,” said freshman Andres Martinez. Everything taught in the JROTC program at Timber Creek High School will help the student cadets later in life, no matter where their desired career path is headed. For three years Timber Creek’s JROTC program has been a distinguished unit with merit. Continued on page 2


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FEATURES TCHS’s debate team succeeds Reyna Perez Editor-In-Chief

Timber Creek High School students on the Speech and Debate Team traveled to Princeton University Nov. 29 to participate in the Princeton Classic tournament. Eight students placed: juniors Michael McAllister and Matt Laird placed 5th in the Public Forum Debate while seniors Jacob Alexander and Nicole Hewitt placed 17th, and juniors Xavier Ortega and Savannah Kirwan placed 25th. Senior Aaron Ramcharan placed 5th and sophomore Brandon Manbahal placed 9th in the Lincoln Douglas Debate. “There were 186 other teams, including some from our own school,” said Laird. Junior Tyler Richards mentioned there were primarily private schools. TCHS was one of the only public high schools who took part in the tour-

Lauren Trevino Front Page Editor

Winners of the Debate Tournament at University of Princeton holding their trophies after their successful wins. Photo donated

nament. Christopher Columbus Prep, Harrison Prep, Stoneman Douglas Prep, and Bronx Science Prep were competing. Laird said he has done well in previous tournaments. “Freshman year I placed. I was like 11th or 12th at the University of Pennsylvania Debate.” Although he placed very high out of 186 entries, he still believes there is always room for improvement. Richards debated about how the U.S. ought to guarantee universal healthcare for its citizens. Although he did not place, he was confident in the results. “I did well by leading my novices to success.” He led Ramcharan, Manbahal and senior Kelsie Ehalt.

Learn about AFJROTC Deja Fischer Photographer

The amount of responsibility expected from the JROTC cadets is easily matched with the freedoms they receive. The JROTC flights, or classes, are led by high ranking students, although supervised by instructors. Cadets are responsible for running class, keeping class on task, and most of the planning for their upcoming events. JROTC has many types of groups in which students can join, such as drill team, honor guard, static model rocketry, Kitty Hawk Air Society, and orienteering. Cadets also volunteer to help out the community around them. On Feb. 7, members from the JROTC visited Stone Lakes Elementary and participated in mentoring young students. Cadets relayed the message of patriotism to the kindergarteners and also did crafts with them. This year, Timber Creek’s JROTC drill team has competed in multiple drill competitions, all over the state. Over the course of the year they have repeatedly placed in the top three

Timber Creek Dance Club

teams. Drill team is a group of students in ROTC that perform specific commands as directed by a student commander. The students are chosen by the instructors to be a part of this team. This year’s team is comprised of 13 students, with their commander being junior Arnaldo Fernandez. They are sponsored by Sergeant Rudolph Lewis, one of the JROTC instructors. This team has done better than last year’s team, showing consistency in their performances that has not been seen in previous years. This may be due to the fact that the team trains hard and focuses on their tasks. Sophomore Farah Boodram said, “In my mind, I’m usually paying attention to what the commander is saying and the steps that we have to take, so I’m usually counting and paying attention to the inspectors.” While they are a solid team, they are also more than that. The team has a strong bond of friendship that weaves through it, connecting them all and making them stronger. “My favorite part about drill team is having a family unit, because we’re all really good friends,” said junior Brian Tang, “We hang out all the time, before practice, after practice, and on weekends.” The JROTC hosted a drill competi-

Timber Creek is known for its wide array of clubs and extracurricular activities. As of this year, it can finally add Dance Club to the long list. Not to be confused with Ms. Wright’s dance class, the dance club was founded by seniors Hope Anderson, Celicia Sinclair and Shamaria Motley. They had the idea in freshman year but never really committed to it until the 2012-2013 school year. Anderson said, “We decided to get serious about it senior year because it’s our last year and we wanted to do something big and go out with a bang.” After deciding that they wanted to be serious about this club, the girls set out in search of a sponsor. English teacher Michelle Kee agreed to take the position. From there, all the girls had to do was hold auditions, chose their team, and officially form their club. Since then, the girls have worked hard,

choreographing their dances and securing performances at school events, like basketball games and the talent show. The students schedule these events by themselves, with no help from their sponsor. “I’ve encouraged the group members to take responsibility to find opportunities to perform,” said Kee, “I encourage them to look for opportunities to showcase their talent.” The members of Dance Club do a variety of dances, from lyrical to hip-hop. Everyone in the club helped to put the dances together. “Everyone throws stuff in, like Cece [Celicia], our choreographer has, and I have too,” senior Brittany Reyes said. For many of the members, Dance Club was built on their love and passion for dance. The group has grown together throughout the year, and supported each other in performances and rehearsals.

Take a peek inside Drama Club Reyna Perez Editor-In-Chief

The dedication of the members of the Timber Creek High School Drama Club (DC) is evident through their long hours. It is not uncommon for students to commit a few hundred hours to the club over the course of the school year. “If I could sleep over at the school, I would because I spend so much time at Timber Creek; it’s not even funny,” said senior Amanda Milanetti. Some club members participate in more than one play at a time. Milanetti said that the rehearsing time is back to back; she could go from one play to the next and then back to the first one in the same day. “Right now, I’m involved in the spring musical Legally Blonde and in class the one-act I’m in is called ‘Jake’s Women’,” said junior Kaley Pharr. The DC is currently preparing them-

tion at Timber Creek High School on Jan. 26. More than 15 units attended the competition. There were 430 cadets at this event; some came from as far as Coral Springs High School, near Miami, Fl. At the competition there were a total of 30 judges from Patrick’s Air Force Base in Cape Canaveral. The JROTC program is available to all Timber Creek students. Students can join in any of their four years, and can stay in the program as long as they like.

selves for The Little Mermaid, and Legally Blonde: The Musical. In class, they prepare one-acts for competitions, which are directed by the students. Legally Blonde will be performed in April. “We go to district competition every November at Dr. Phillips High School,” said junior Natalie Willard. Often, club members help the TCHS DC advance to the states. They all come home with straight superiors in most of the works they perform. “This year I received superior ratings for all of the pieces I was involved and even received a best in show award for my large ensemble acting scene.” said Willard. In March, they will go to Tampa for the State Championships.

The ROTC program teaches cadets life skills that will be beneficial to them in any career choice, not just in the military. “Being in ROTC has taught me leadership and responsibility, while also helping me make new friends,” said freshman Alaina Scapicchio about how ROTC has furthered her high school experience.



New way for care Dejanira Fischer Photographer

A hospital designed by families, for families, was the plan for the new Nemours Children’s Hospital. On Oct. 22 the hospital opened its door to those who seek life-changing, innovative care that is closer to home. The hospital, located in Lake Nona’s Medical City, was created due to families’ requests. Nemours is like no other hospital based on its hospitality and vision of making each and every visit as comfortable as possible to every person involved. Nemours offers more than medical expertise to its patients, it also provides them with knowledge that the children can take with them after leaving the hospital. Nemours offers patients with chronic medical conditions and their families with KidsTrack during their time of need. KidsTrack is one of many Nemours programs created to make a

non-ideal situation less stressful and overbearing. It helps the family cope by offering assistance each step of the way. Families receive a care coordinator who acts as a single point of contact for families. This person will help by giving the families expert assistance and important information on their child’s care. KidsTrack assists the family in coordinating appointments for their child and connect with nonprofit insurance companies. The program also helps the family find equipment for home care and teaches them how to cook meals specifically for their child’s new strict diet. KidsTrack in the end helps the family adjust to their new way of life. The children themselves receive top care as well. As these children go through medical procedures Nemours makes them feel at home. With a clean facility that provides them with comfortable rooms the children are not as scared. There is 24 hour room service, sleeping accommodations for two parents in the same room as their child, family lounges, play rooms, and laundry facilities. Families can go about their everyday life even though their family may be enduring a life changing situation.

The art of Leu Gardens Deja Fischer


On Dec. 21 Timber Creeks AP 2-D and 3-D art courses went on a field trip to Leu Gardens. The field trips intended educational gain was learning how to install an art piece into an environment. These environmental installations that were brought to Leu Gardens will be placed in the student’s portfolio that they will submit to the AP College Board near the end of the school year. Upon arrival at Leu Gardens, students were met with tour guides. The tour guides brought the stu-

dents through the garden. They pointed out many plants that were not native to Florida, and many other unique types of plants and shrubs. Leu Gardens’ location in Florida allows a wide array of plants to grow, including tropical and temperate plants. Regardless of the season, Leu Gardens is still tamed and kept. Leu Gardens makes it easy to explore and learn about their plants, anyone with a camera phone or QR reader can easily scan QR images and collect information on the spot about a specific plant. “ A lot of the plant life looked familiar from a far view, but the tour guides brought us up close and showed us how the tiniest attributes of the plant completely makes it a different kind,” said senior Karina Pasarell about what she

Move over Pokémon, there’s a new kind of hologram now Ashley Duarte Entertainment Editor

Every year, California holds a three day music and arts festival known as Coachella. Although known for showcasing a range of mind blowing performances, Coachella did the unthinkable in 2012. Thanks to Digital Domain and Dr. Dre’s revolutionary vision, Tupac’s hologram joined Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in an epic and unforgettable performance. Due to the overwhelming reaction from fans at Coachella, there have been hopes about bringing back several iconic deceased celebrities as a hologram. With the exception of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley (who have already been made into holograms), Timber Creek students were asked which deceased celebrity they would want to see brought back. With no surprise, the most desired hologram was the notorious Biggie Smalls. Senior Danielle Kleinberg even said she would like to see a rap battle between the holograms of Tupac and Biggie Smalls because it would be “epic.” “I’d have to say Jimi Hendrix because he was an icon and had more to offer,” said senior Samuel Rios. Jimi Hendrix was an American musician who is considered to be one of the greatest electric guitarists saw at Leu Gardens. The tour occupied the students for an hour, which was not nearly enough time to explore the entire Leu Gardens property. After the tour, students grabbed their sculptures and art pieces to photograph them in the environment. Students could place their artwork anywhere they chose to as long as they did not harm the plant life. Some students even climbed a large stool to place their sculptures high in trees. “I had no idea where to place my installation because everywhere I looked was beautiful, so I took multiple pictures in different areas,” said senior Kevin Rabinowitz.

despite his short lived mainstream fame of four years. Junior Xavier Ortega claimed he would like to see a hologram of the late Whitney Houston because “she was an amazing singer and she wasn’t over done like Michael Jackson” and concluded with the statement “she was so real though.” Although she has been recently remembered for her controversial drug abuse, Houston was a national icon known as the “best-selling musical artist.” Female singer/song writer Amy Winehouse was wished to be brought back by sophomore Stephanie Borden. Winehouse’s hologram, however, was not to be created for her musical talents, but simply because “she was British.” Winehouse’s jazzy/soul eclectic voice had made her the first female artist to win five Grammy awards in 2006. Needless to say, many artists and celebrities are deserving of being showcased as holograms for the world to rejoice and remember their excellence once again. There will be plenty of opportunities, we just have to wait and see who is next.

The field trip was a success; all the students were able to see most of what Leu Gardens had to offer and were able to create their environmental installation in the wellgroomed gardens.

A trail inside Harry P. Leu Gardens. The students walked along this trail in order to get their inspiration. Photo Donated.




Gun control measures: well-intentioned but ineffectual Matthew Milewski Copy Editor

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, President Obama and several other congressmen have begun to push for additional gun control measures. These measures would include laws banning the purchase of assault rifles and more stringent background checks. I do not disagree with the motive for these policies; lowering the homicide rate is hardly a bad goal for a president to try and address.

The problem, however, is that these measures simply would not address the issue properly; the real reason we have a higher homicide rate than most industrialized nations lies not with our gun laws, but with the misguided War on Drugs. To explain what I mean, it is relevant to take a look at some statistics. In 1961, a full decade before the War on Drugs began in full, the homicide rate stood at 4.8 murders per 100,000, a rate similar to our present one. Upon the introduction of the War on Drugs in 1971, this changed for the worse; the homicide rate exploded, reaching a high of 10.2 in 1980. This is hardly a miscorrelation; the Prohibition Era is practically defined by its huge

upswing in crime following the ban of alcohol to all citizens. Time and again, it is plainly clear that banning substances does not solve anything. Black markets tend to breed little more than crime, corruption, and disease. The solution to this is simple: legalize drugs, and regulate them in a far safer and healthier environment. The impact of this would be far-reaching; cities all but defined by drugs and murder like Baltimore and Detroit would almost certainly receive huge drops in their crime rates. It is also worth noting that the homicide rate is far from the leading cause of death in America; things like corollary heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and even suicide cause far more deaths. One of the proposed mea-

sures would eliminate assault rifles, but assault weapons only amount to a fraction of the deaths per year: .012%. When far more effective actions can be taken to save a lot more lives, why are gun laws the focus? In a country where an active, responsible gun culture exists, it would be a shame to deny those who desire guns some amount of freedom in exchange for a token amount of safety.

Newtown tragedy prompts A dangerous obsession Emily Barrios school safety measures Staff Writer

Deja Fischer Photographer

On Dec. 14, 2012 the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, after the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech. On the morning of the shooting, Adam Lanza killed his mother at their home in the Sandy Hook neighborhood. He later drove to his mother’s place of work, Sandy Hook Elementary. The perpetrator took fatal shots at twenty children and six adults on campus. Two others were wounded including Natalie Hammond and one other still unnamed. “I feel so bad for those who lost someone out of this tragedy. I also hope nothing like this happens to anyone else,” said junior Natalie Lefler about what happened as a result of the shooting. Upon return from winter break, Timber Creek students have been welcomed back to a safer campus. Timber Creek has always followed protocol for security measures, but the school has focused on practicing skills that will be valuable in case of an emergency. On the second day back from break, the school grounds went into lock down. The lock down was just a drill, but now hopefully students will be familiar with what to do if a situation like that was ever to occur. “Staying on campus and

reporting any unusual behavior as information to administration and security will definitely keep our campus a safe place. Always make sure you are with good people in safe locations,” said John Quinones, one of Timber Creek’s lead security guards about ways students can keep themselves safe on campus. “I think students should also be aware of others behaviors and treat others with kindness,” said junior Kelsey Pittman about what she thinks would help prevent danger amongst students. Most shootings that take place at schools are led by individuals who may have shown behavioral indicators. Preventing a horrible situation like the one that occurred in Newtown is one of the only things that can be done. Taking the precautions listed above and avoiding putting people down, is a way to do a part in making every situation and location as safe as possible every day. In Memory Of:

Rachel D'Avino 29, Dawn Hochsprung, 47, Anne Marie Murphy, 52, Lauren Rousseau, 30, Mary Sherlach, 56, Victoria Soto, 27, Charlotte Bacon, 6, Daniel Barden, 7, Olivia Engel, 6, Josephine Gay, 7, Dylan Hockley, 6, Madeleine Hsu, 6, Catherine Hubbard, 6, Chase Kowalski, 7, Jesse Lewis, 6, Ana Marquez-Greene, 6, James Mattioli, 6, Grace McDonnell, 7, Emilie Parker, 6, Jack Pinto, 6, Noah Pozner, 6, Caroline Previdi, 6, Jessica Rekos, 6, Avielle Richman, 6, Benjamin Wheeler, 6, Allison Wyatt, 6.

For as long as celebrities have been around, people have been obsessed over them. Craze over celebrities is a fun thing for most people until that fun craze turns into a dangerous obsession. About a month ago, there were rumors that teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was smoking marijuana. A large majority of Bieber’s fans consist of teenage girls and these teenage girls would go to the depths of the ocean for Bieber. When these girls heard about Bieber smoking, they went wild. Twitter was swarmed with tweets about him and pictures were even posted showing girls cutting themselves because of Bieber smoking. This was not the first time Bieber’s fans have taken it to the extreme. Last summer, another rumor about Bieber surfaced. This time this rumor stated that Bieber had cancer. So being the diehard fans that they are, girls went out and shaved their heads to support his supposed fight through cancer. Junior Mitchell Estrada felt very strongly about the whole ordeal. “I think it’s dumb because there are more tragic things in this world. He is a teenager and teenagers ex-

periment. You shouldn’t let someone dictate your life.” “I think what they are doing is dumb because they shouldn’t be worrying about Justin Bieber’s life, they should be worrying about their own. He’s not worrying about them is he? No he’s not.” said senior Maria Marquez While some students feel strongly, other students like senior Briggs Holshey have a different spin on things. “To tell you the truth I don’t care about Justin Bieber or his fans,” said Holshey. It seems like as time progresses, fans become more and more extreme. Stories about celebrities back in the day would have never consisted of fans shaving their heads or cutting themselves. Let’s just hope that no other rumors about Bieber come out or else who knows what his fans will do next.

SHE SAID “I think what they are doing is dumb because they shouldn’t be worrying about Justin Bieber’s life, they should be worrying about their own. He’s not worrying about them is he? No he’s not.” - Maria Marquez, senior



Alabama rolls to another National Title Ravens win first Super Bowl since 2000 Bryan Holmes Sports Editor

Alabama team players celebrating their final touchdown of the game. The Crimson Tide won their second straight national title. Photo donated

It is now safe to call Alabama’s football program a dynasty after they won their 3rd national title in four years Monday against Notre Dame. Just last year Alabama beat LSU in the national championship game, giving quarterback A.J. McCarron his second national title as the starter. The game was never close from the beginning. On the opening drive Alabama drove straight down the field and plowed through the Notre Dame defense for a touchdown. They also repeated that act on their second drive and the rout was on from there on out.

Notre Dame came into this game ranked #1 in the nation but played like the team that almost lost to an absolutely terrible Pittsburgh team at home. Many argue that Notre Dame had no business in this game due to the fact that they had not played a good team all year long. And the argument that Oklahoma and Stanford were good wins was disproven when Oklahoma did not beat a good team all year long, and Stanford almost lost to a Wisconsin team that lost to a depleted Penn State team. Many SEC schools rejoiced as their conference won their 7th straight National Championship. So did the state of Alabama as their state schools, Auburn and Alabama, have claimed the last 4 championships. Redshirt Junior, Eddie Lacy and freshman T.J. Yeldon led Alabama on the ground as they racked up 248 yards and 2 touchdowns combined. Freshman Amari Cooper from Miami, was vital on the receiving end with 6 catches for 105 yards and 2 touchdowns. Both of these power running backs and Cooper will return next season to make another run at the crown. Alabama football has been the premiere name in college football the last couple years and as long as Nick Saban is the coach there, you can expect it to stay that way.

Bryan Holmes Sports Editor

In a tale of two halves, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49er’s 3431, winning the Super Bowl XLVII. The Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis told his team before the postseason started that this would be his “last ride.” The Ravens’ last Super Bowl victory was in 2000 and the only player who returned as a part of their 2013 team was Ray Lewis. The controversial linebacker was the inspirational plug that the Ravens needed as it seemed that few believed the Ravens could win the Super Bowl. Some people did not like having to hear about Ray Lewis. Junior Jordan Chambers said “With a murder charge under his name, I find it very hard to cheer for him.” The Ravens’ run to the Super Bowl started with the Indianapolis Colts where they suffocated Andrew Luck and that young offense. Then they arrived in Denver as underdogs, and won in what some are claiming was the best NFL playoff game of this century. After defeating the Broncos, a lot of people started calling the Ravens a team of destiny and the Ravens carried that momentum into the next round as they dominated the Patriots. The 49er’s road was much different than Baltimore’s. San Francisco had a first round bye then easily beat the Packers. The 49er’s were faced with adversity when they fell behind to the Falcons in the NFC championship game. San Francisco rattled off an amazing second half comeback to sign for the rest of the tournament, the boys nip the Falcons and snatch a Super Bowl knew they had to come out the next day berth. just as strong. The next game was against Osceola. The boys started a little slow again, but still managed to pull away with a win, scoring seven goals on their opponent and shutting them out. With a series of wins under their belt, the team was ready to face the final game of the tournament against Ocoee, a team they had played before but were unable to defeat. The Wolves came out fighting hard against Ocoee, laying out their hearts on the field. They gave everything they had and worked as a unit. After an intense game, they were able to pull away with a 2-0 victory. Lauren Trevino The win in the tournament was great for the team but it was a little bittersweet. It Front Page Editor was the last chance for the team’s nine seTimber Creek is home to many of the top niors to play in that tournament. “We will sports teams in Orange County, though not lose a lot of key players this year,” said ju- all get the recognition they deserve. The nior Eli Lockaby, “but people will step up girls weightlifting team is among those for next year.” whose accomplishments fly under the

Timber Creek’s boys’ soccer team wins tournament Lauren Trevino Front Page Editor Over the 2012-2013 winter break, the Timber Creek boy’s soccer team played in the winter tournament against other schools in their district. Only the top district teams are invited each year, so it was a chance for the boys to show everyone what they could do. Going into the tournament, the team was confident in their ability to perform well as a team, and place high in the tournament. “I am always confident in my team,” said senior Connor Puckett. “We want to keep our heads in the right place, so we desire to play humbly but confidently.” Despite the slow start to the game, the team quickly regained their composure and went on to secure an 8-0 victory over Wekiva. While this win was an encouraging

HE SAID “I am always confident in my team. We want to keep our heads in the right place, we desire to play humbly, but confidently.” - Connor Puckett, senior

The 49ers almost repeated that act against the Ravens too. To start the second half the Ravens’ wide receiver, Jacoby Jones, ran back kickoff 109 yards for a touchdown to give the Ravens a 28-6 lead. It seemed as if the Ravens had all the momentum and the game was getting away from San Francisco when the power went out in the stadium. Half of the lights went out from what the NFL is calling an outside power source. This scared Senior Ben Vogelwede. “I could have sworn Bane was going to come out just like in the Dark Knight Rises.” After the lights came back on, San Francisco was seemingly a new team. The 49er’s scored 17 unanswered points to cut it to a one possession game. Baltimore responded with a field goal to extend the lead back to 8. But on the next drive, San Francisco Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, added a touchdown of his own to break the lead down to two. Joe Flacco would not allow Kaepernick to outshine him as Flacco led the Ravens back down the field for another field goal. That drive proved to be the major blow to the 49er’s as they were unable to get the ball across the goal line in the final minutes. Joe Flacco’s contract expired after the game, but he earned himself a big pay day as he won Super Bowl MVP and he likely will get an even bigger contract.

HE SAID “With a murder charge under his [Ray Lewis’] name, I find it very hard to cheer for him.” - Jordan Chambers, junior

Girls weightlifting goes on seven Many people would think that year streak weightlifting is an individual sport,

school radar. The girls were excited as they finished their seventh straight undefeated season. “We’ve done really well,” said senior Brandy Boetner, “We beat a team that beat us last year and it was just a wonderful feeling.” Timber Creek’s girl’s weightlifting team is one of the best in the state, and it shows through their hard work and dedication. Not only do they lift more weight than many girls could dream of, they also practice six days a week, meaning that they come to school on their weekend for this sport.

based on the fact that a person is judged on how much they can lift. Sophomore Kjayla Martin sees this in a slightly different way. “I think it can be considered both,” said Martin, “It takes the individual to lift the weight but it takes your team to help you by cheering you on. You really need that push from your team and all of what they have to say.” The girl’s have done well this season and they are proud of what they have accomplished. As for the seniors, they have enjoyed their time on the team and let the underclassmen step up to fill in their shoes. “Every year we try to go one up on the previous year, so that’ll definitely be a goal for next year,” said coach Tyrone Harvey.

THE HISTORY OF VALENTINE’S DAY The birth of St. Valentine’s Day

Conflicting stories exist as to the origin of Valentine’s Day, however most feature a sympathetic hero who wants to promote love. One of these stories began in Ancient Rome with two martyrs. Emperor Claudius II believed that single men were better soldiers than the men who married and had children. Valentine, a Priest, did not agree with Claudius, and in secret performed marriage rituals. When Claudius found out, he demanded that Valentine be put to death. Another story suggests that Valentine helped Christians escape Roman prisons where the outcasts were tortured. There was a letter sent to a young girl, perhaps one of the jailer’s daughters. It ended with “from your Valentine,” which is what people still use today to sign their love letters to their signif-

icant others.

Valentine’s Day origins

Some people believe that the death of St. Valentine fell in the middle of February, ca. A.D. 270. Others believe the Christian church chose to celebrate Valentine in the middle February to “Christianize” the pagan celebration, Lupercalia. Lupercalia was a fertility festival celebrated during the ides of February (Feb. 15) dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture and to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus. To begin this mystery holiday, the Luperci, a group of Roman priests, would go to the cave where Romulus and Remus had been taken care of by a she-wolf when they were babies, and perform sacrifices. For fertility, they would sacrifice a goat, and for purification, they would sacrifice a dog. Once the sacrificing was done, they would dip the hides of the goat into sacrificial blood and slap women and crop fields with the bloody hides around the city. As gross as it sounds, the women

would welcome the touch and pray for their fertility. In the evening, women would put their names in a jar, and the city’s eligible bachelor would pick a name. The lucky woman would be his significant other for a year, and if their love was true, they would get married.

The Boys Express Their Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

A day celebrated for romance

Eventually, Valentine’s Day was declared to be celebrated on Feb. 14 by Pope Gelasius. Written valentines started around 1400. The oldest known valentine was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans. He wrote it to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London. In the United States, Valentine’s Day was celebrated around 1700. As technology advanced, like the printing press, it was easier for people to buy cards and send them to their loved ones. Over time, this special date has become one of the largest card-sending holidays.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.” - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


Video games





LOVE IS IN THE AIR When looking at Valentine’s Day and the merchandise that come with it, anyone can tell that it is a holiday directed towards females. And women are more likely to enjoy the holiday based on the increased amount of attention they receive. But how do the guys feel about this day? For guys, the day only has meaning if they have a significant other. “It depends on the person really,” said junior Brian Tang. “If you have a girlfriend then you’re going to try to please them. If not then you’re just like ‘whatever.’” As for the single guys, their opinion towards the holiday is very straight-forward. “I think it’s stupid,” said sophomore

Eric Ellis. Others still have a different view of the day. “I think you should show the one you’re with how much you care every day, not just on the day that it’s expected of you,” said senior Shawn Henry. There does not seem to be one general consensus among the guys about how they feel about the day. Like Tang said, it depends on the person.

more Diana Jimenez. Junior Matt Laird said he spoils his girlfriend all the time, especially on Valentine’s Day. Laird proves that love can be celebrated every day. “Valentine’s Day is a nice concept, but this shouldn’t be something that you only do once,” said junior Valerie Garcia-Mosquera, “Celebrate love every day.” Another thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is not only meant for significant others. It can also be about celebrating friends. “It’s fun when people do things for their friends and not only the people they are in a relationship with,” said junior Annie Magee. Junior Bailey Grabenhorst agrees. She said that showing appreciation for everyone around you It is assumed that all girls are pro-Val- on Valentine’s Day entwines those relaentine’s Day. People believe that girls tionships strongly. in relationships wait around for their Take a look at the “Valentine’s Day boyfriends to show them how much Date Builder” for ideas on how to they love them, but in some cases, that ‘woo’ your boo! is not true. “I believe you should celebrate your love for someone every day, not just in day of the year,” said sopho-


The Girls Express Their Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

86% said $0 - 15 9% said $16 - 29 5% said



Coupon book




Memory jar








Sporting event tickets

Stuffed animal






BRAINFOOD TCHS CROSSWORD PUZZLE Across 4. Costs $80 and available in room 567 & 560B. 8. Venue for graduation. 9. Black History Month. 10. Tickets for what go on sale in February? 12. Recent production by the drama department. 13. Club that holds Multicultural Day in courtyard. 14. Mrs. Gordon is the sponsor of this club. 16. What event in the PAC takes place on March 21st? Down 1. Club that holds the blood drives. 2. Program that has a field day for members. 3. Homecoming venue. 5. Principal’s name.

HOROSCOPES MARCH 21ST - APRIL 19TH An unexpected adventure is in your future, just make sure you have the right supplies or it may not end well for APRIL you. 20TH - MAY


Down 6. Offered every Saturday at 8 A.M. 7. One of the schools where students may dual enroll. 11. TCHS is a testing center for this assessment. 15. Senior Aerospace Science Instructor 17. How many principals has TCHS had?



22nd You often hide what you are really feeling. Don’t bottle up these emotions or you may end up exploding like a pimple.

Orlando Zip line Tours at Florida EcoSafaris

Heights as high as 55 feet and speeds up to 25 mph. You zip line through Pine Flatwoods and over wetland forests that are home to native wildlife like alligators, black bears, white-tailed deers, multitudes of birds, and many more creatures in their protected habitats. It begins with a short hike, up to the platforms where you zip between the trees, and go through two sky bridges. You view many wild creatures and flowers in the wetlands below. Your final zip is an Interaction Area designed to let you get up close and visual with many local reptiles, animals and birds, even a relative of the endangered Florida panther.

cat lady.

21- JULY 22 Money and love are close at hand but be careful with both. One wrong move and you’ll be poor and single and if you already are then that sucks… get over it.

JULY 23rd AUGUST 22th A past relationship will soon reappear. Instead of being stubborn, remember this… no one likes a grudge holder. Build a AUbridge and get GUST over it. 23rd SEPTEMSEPTEMBER 23rd OCTOBER


20TH Take a chance and let your walls down… Otherwise you may end up forever alone or a

MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH Be mindful of what others say. Don’t focus on your response because sometimes you talk too much about yourself, sorry.


BER 22nd You have many sides that don’t always show. Work on combining the good with the bad to create an even mixture, no one likes a two-face.

4755 N. Kenansville Road St. Cloud, Florida 34773

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre At Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show you can eat dinner while solving a murder. There are a variety of different plays. It may be a wedding, a tropical vacation, a family reunion or something else entirely, but no matter what, in the event someone will be murdered and it is up to you to decide who did it and how they did it. You meet the characters over drinks and appetizers. You can get to know them through a salad course and hear about the death of someone as well. During the main course, it is up to you to question witnesses and gather the clues you need to solve the mystery. After dinner is over, you question your suspects and by the time dessert comes, “who killed whom?” must be answered. 8267 International Dr. Goodings Plaza behind Ripley’s Believe It or Not Orlando, FL 32819

OCTOBER 23rd - NOVEMBER 21st An unexpected adventure is in your future, just make sure you have the right supplies or it may not end well for you.

NOVEMBER 22nd - DECEMBER 21st Although you don’t like letting others help you, let someone in to help you out, because let’s face it you can’t do everything on your own.

JANUARY 20th- FEBRUARY 18th You march to the beat of your own drum and make up the words as you go. Please don’t turn into a free style rapper or our ears may start bleeding.


Learn to be content with the things you have and stop beating yourself up about the things you haven’t. You’re starting to look like a zombie.

FEBRUARY 19th- MARCH 20th Soon you will be faced with a fork in the road that pulls you two different ways. Listen to One Direction to help you decide and pick up the fork to eat some cake.

Homosassa Springs

In Homosassa, Florida you can swim in the cool springs and a manatee might just swim right next to you. You can take a boat ride up the sparkling waters of the Crystal River or snorkel underneath the surface and see them float peacefully and playfully in the water. Homosassa State Park is one of Florida's most well-kept secrets. Go check it out today

! Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park 4150 S. Suncoast Blvd. Homosassa, FL 34446


ENTERTAINMENT Into paradise: an interview with Eden

Top 5 video games of the year

David Ryder Features Editor

Matthew Milewski Copy Editor

Eden, a progressive rock/improvisational band comprised of TCHS students, recently released a self-titled LP “Eden,” consisting of 50 minutes (6 songs) of funky, instrumental and improvised progressive rock. This reporter met with members Connor Tutins (guitar), Mitch Tutins (bass) and Benjamin Petersen (drums) to find out more about the band. David Ryder: Can you tell me exactly what type of music you play? BP: Well, we like calling it progressive improv. But really it’s a mix of a lot different styles of music…you know, like Jazz and Roc k. Mitch Tutins: Some Funk, too. Connor Tutins: The main idea is that I listen to a lot of Miles Davis, and what he used to do is he just would completely improvise everything he did, and we want to do something similar. We try to change it up, add different melodies or harmonies. But most of what we do is completely improvised on the spot. DR: What are some specific artists or bands that are an influence for the band? MT: I like a lot of the ambient such as Brian Eno, Flying Lotus, Tyco, various other artists. Most of them are independent. Benjamin Petersen: Well, the music I listen to while I’m alone doesn’t influence my drumming as much, but still, I guess Benny Greb is one of the most influential drummers I listen to. DR: So how often do you play li ve? BP: Well we kind of go in cycles with our playing. Like right now, we are playing at least once a week. DR: Where do you normally play? CT: Mainly we play at cafes in your local college town, places like Natura Coffee, near UCF. DR: Do you see students forming bands and promoting themselves, or bands looking for an identity? BP: I don’t really see it at all. CT: Or maybe they try but they just end up imitating what they’ve heard before, or something they know will be popular. DR: Any closing statements? CT: In our album we have a song that is 17 minutes long if you have the guts to listen to the whole thing.

5. Little Inferno (PC, Wii U): What seems at first like a shallow match-two game gradually transforms into both a critique of social games and an uplifting meditation on mortality. The game play of Little Inferno is rather simple – you burn a variety of objects in a fireplace – but it contains some great social commentary. For example, when the game makes you wait minutes for more objects to burn, it asks if this is really the way one should be spending their time. I’d rather not spoil other aspects, but suffice to say that Little Inferno is one of the year’s smartest and most interesting games. 4. Mass Effect 3 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U): A disappointing ending aside, Mass Effect 3 serves as an excellent capstone to the acclaimed trilogy. Mass Effect 3 does well to provide satisfying conclusions to each character’s story, in addition to a smattering of highly memorable moments. This is not to mention the much-enhanced game play, which improves the more action-oriented focus from Mass Effect 2 while bringing some of the nuance in customization back from Mass Effect. 3. Spec Ops: The Line (PC, Xbox 360, PS3): Initially appearing to be little more than your standard military shooter, Spec Ops turns into a brilliant subversion of the genre. The game has Delta Squad, a three-person team of soldiers, descend into the madness of Dubai, where a series of sandstorms has damaged much of the area. Delta Squad (and by proxy the player) de-

Impossibly good Tyler Andreala Back Page Editor The Impossible came to United States theaters on Dec. 21, 2012. I had been waiting since its first teaser trailer to see this movie, and it was worth the wait. The Impossible was originally a Spanish disaster drama film, which was filmed in English and later released in the United States. The Impossible followed a family from Europe on their vacation in Thailand. The family consists of Maria, played by Naomi Watts, her husband, Henry, played by Ewan McGregor, and their three kids, Lucas, Thomas, and Simon. The purpose of this movie is to have you watch the family and experience the torture they lived through on an early morning in 2004. After a little bit of dialogue and back story of the family, they are all gathered by the pool one morning and feel a fierce shake followed by a deadly sized wave, as the family is swept away. The director Juan Antonio Bayona did a fantastic job of showing the pain someone hit by a tsunami goes through. The camera then follows Maria, as she hits various objects while underwater and

teriorate both mentally and physically over the course as they perform a number of atrocities that I refuse to spoil here. Suffice it to say, Spec Ops: The Line changed my perspective on modern military shooters in a big way, and also features no small critique of imperialism and the military as well. 2. The Walking Dead (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS): When most people think of The Walking Dead, the show is generally the first thing people think of. I’d like this to change, because The Walking Dead game is superior to the show in every conceivable way, and has one of the most engrossing zombie stories I can personally recall. It also is deserving of special mention for how it effectively allows the player to craft a distinct personality for its main character over the course of five episodes, providing a personal element that only games are capable of. 1. Hotline Miami (PC, Xbox 360, PS3): Similarly to Spec Ops: The Line, Hotline Miami’s differs in that its topic is more broad – violence in games in general. Presented as a top-down shooter soaked in 1980s hues and excess, Hotline Miami is unflinching in its depiction of violence, which is harsh and unrelenting. With its emphasis on multiple retries and it’s pulsing, fantastic, but ultimately distancing soundtrack, Hotline Miami pulls up the current on your swath of carnage at the end of each mission, with your terrible actions staring you directly in the face. Hotline Miami has a true point in mind, and it achieves it better than any other game this year.

then is contorted and twisted around in an uncontrollable fury. She is at the will of the wave, and as you watch this you can’t help but cringe as you see her helpless body being thrown around like a used napkin. With each major wound that the character encountered while watching, you just think “ouch.” The injuries aren’t the only things that are deadly in this movie. The cinematography is just plain beautiful. The shots are perfect and clear as bodies are being thrashed around. Besides giving you a front row seat to experience what being tossed around by a tsunami feels like, this movie also makes the death and destruction that happens on this day very clear and blunt with an abundance of dead bodies and destroyed buildings for miles around as the camera eventually goes up to give you a beautiful, but tragic, sky view. The Impossible does a fantastic job of showing you what really went on that day. As the movie eventually brings you to one of the few hospitals on the island you realize how many people were affected by this. The hospital is overflowing with injured people and families that are split up, resulting in a very solemn conflict. The Impossible does its job by detailing the struggle the family went through to

For the record

11 The “D” is silent Matthew Milewski Copy Editor

Ashley Duarte Entertainment Editor Once again, I am here to talk about up and coming/unknown artists and bands. However, this issue shines light on the Indie/Folk and Alternative side of music. At the very top of my list is the London native band Years and Years. The band’s front man Olly Alexander’s beautiful compilation of soft and soulful vocals that, when infused with the band’s electronic and acoustic elements, creates an enchanting track. Although they remain unsigned, they are making their mark around the music circuit. Solo artist J. Tillman made the smartest move in his career by taking on his new found identity as Father John Misty. Father John Misty takes a completely different route than J. Tillman would. His dramatic departure is a lovely medley of indie, folk, and rock. Father John Misty’s dark and mysterious vocals combined with melodic instrumentals straddle the line of simplicity and complexity, making it all the more worthwhile to listen to. Another London native Gabriel Bruce captivates you with every dark and dreamy lyric sung with his raspy, deep voice. His songs are like a dark fantasy that hits your soul just as the instrumentals begin to climax. He has a timeless style that makes him impossible to ignore. Brooklyn indie pop group, Haerts is a refreshingly new duo to embrace the scene. Their airy voices and enchanting tracks are what sets them apart from the rest of the industry today. Although they’re new to the scene, Haerts shows experience and maturity in their music. They set up an image in each song that makes their music easy to get lost in. These artists have been chosen for their individuality and style that sets them apart from the artists out right now. I feel these artists have the potential to be the next big thing, but only time will tell.

survive, and stay together. With a great on screen performance by all the actors it was a powerful movie that will open your eyes to a tragic event that split families apart and made people live through the worst the world had to offer. 5/5

Django Unchained is the next genre film from director Quentin Tarantino, whose previous works include the likes of Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds. A play on the likes of black exploitation and western films, does Django Unchained do enough to fit into Tarantino’s existing works? Django Unchained follows the journey of a slave named Django (played by Jamie Foxx), who is purchased (in a manner of speaking) by charismatic bounty hunter Dr. Schultz (Cristoph Waltz). Django is promised freedom if he assists him with his trade, and upon doing so, is aided by the doctor in an attempt to rescue his enslaved wife from a plantation owner by the name of Calvin J. Candie (Leonardo Di Caprio). It’s hardly Shakespeare, but Tarantino excels once more at delivering one entertaining, stylistic scene after another. Stylistic is the key word here, with Tarantino employing a number of his old tricks, like blood squibs and scrolling

ENTERTAINMENT text, to give the film his own flair. Django also gets many of its best moments from the anachronistic soundtrack, with a particularly enjoyable use of a rap song taking place late in the film. It’s also impressive to note that every single performance in the film is great, particularly Di Caprio’s character, who represents a refreshing change of pace for the actor. Tarantino is also known for giving his films memorable dialogue; fortunately, Django is no exception, with Waltz and Di Caprio getting the brunt of the good lines. Django also helps to give some of Tarantino’s characteristic violence some actual strong purpose, especially when done towards the enslaved people in the film. Perhaps it is over-the-top, but Django Unchained makes the brutality in slavery quite clear in ways many historical dramas fail to. Django Unchained also feels a bit too safe at this point in Tarantino’s career. The film is good in the way that Tarantino films are always good, but there is nothing that truly comes off as “bold”; an odd statement about a film that uses the N-word dozens of times, but I think it applies. Still though, this is as fun a movie as any Tarantino has made, and that is worth praising 4/5.

DIRECTED BY: Quentin Tarantino STARRING: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and more. OTHER REVIEWS: Rotten Tomatoes rates it 4.5/5 stars!



ANSWERS TO CROSSWORD PUZZLE FOUND ON PAGE 8 ACROSS: 4. Yearbook; 8. UCF Arena; 9. February; 10. Grad Bash; 11. Cinderella; 12. MSU; 13. Ebony; 16. Battle of the Bands; DOWN: 1. National Honor Society; 2. JROTC; 3. House of Blues; 5. Berrio; 6. Saturday School; 7. Valencia; 11. SAT; 15. Major Humphrey; 17. Two.

Chow Down BurgerFi(nally) Tyler Andreala

Back Page Editor After many of my friends told me that I “must� go to BurgerFI, I eventually decided to pay the restaurant a visit. BurgerFI, located in Winter Park, was much better than I anticipated. On my way to BurgerFI, I expected a little greasy shop that sells their burgers out of a window, but this was not the case. When I arrived, a modern, trendy-looking place stood before me, which already made me excited for what was to come. I proceeded inside, now with high expectations. The restaurant does a good job at presenting itself as a clean, nice-looking place to hang out and enjoy an amazing meal, and it does just that. With a name like BurgerFI, you could only imagine what they sell. The menu reminded me of the ones from the fast-food chains of the fifties, serving traditional burgers and shakes, but taking those original ideas and adding their own spin.

The key to their success, unlike other modern burger joints, is their fresh food. Everything you eat is made the same day. This is a concept many places have abandoned in recent years. I ordered my meal, which was a BurgerFI Burger and a chocolate shake. It only took a few minutes for it to come out. The staff was friendly and suggested menu items, and the restaurant itself just made me down right comfortable. The burger presented a rush of flavor; everything about this burger was tasty, from the condiments to the tenderness of the meat. Even though the star at BurgerFI is the burgers, their shakes and french fries are up to par, complimenting the fresh flavors of it all. And if you are craving some dessert, BurgerFI has got you covered. They serve these beautiful things called concretes, which are like ice cream but thicker, like custard. For around ten dollars you can get a fantastic meal at BurgerFI in beautiful downtown Winter Park.

Le Chow Down Tyler Andreala

Back Page Editor As you know I like to review local restaurants and give you the scoop on local great places to eat. This issue I expand my review to an international spectrum, as I went to France on vacation. While I was there I tasted many foods for the first time and had some great experiences that I may never have again. During my stay in France, I was on a cruise that went through various towns in the Normandy region of France (Northwestern part). Not only did I get to experience major cities like Paris and Rouen, I got to experience the food that they offer. An important fact about French cuisine is that it includes rich ingredients; every dish has some kind of sauce or glaze on top of it. They also use a lot of butter; many of the dishes I ate had a butter glaze added before it was served to me, which adds flavor.

Many of the foods that I ate I was trying for first time. The French, like many Europeans, eat all parts of the animal. Many of the parts that we would throw away in America are considered normal dishes. I ate several dishes that included liver and other organs that most people would turn and run from. To be honest, I did at first as well, but eventually tasted them, abandoning my preconception that they would be nasty, and opening a door to new types of food. One word that comes to the mind in regards to French cuisine would be fresh; everything on your plate was caught, killed, and/or cooked that day. Eating food that was prepared du jour just for me added a different level of flavor. I became a believer in the enhanced taste of fresh ingredients. During my vacation in France, I experienced the clean new flavors of French cuisine. Where presentation is everything and competition is everywhere, new techniques are being used in new ways every day, and it was good to be a part of it.

What’s your favorite food? Chimichanga!


Kaley Pharr junior

Joseph Seda senior

Fettuccine Alfredo

Alina Ripp senior


Nacor Maria senior

Timber Creek Tribune, February 2013  

Valentine's Day Special Edition

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