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I am Grateful for…FREEDOM! Julie Ayers, Editor-in-Chief

When I count my blessings they are so numerous that there is not space to list them all on this page. They include the three F’s: my family, friends and freedom (which is in peril as you read this). Our freedom is being defended on many fronts, not only by our military but also by the courageous men and women who are fighting a different kind of battle on the front lines of the liberty movement. As I meet each of these freedom fighters I am moved by their dedication and commitment to defend our constitutional rights and the personal sacrifices they make. Recently, a couple of people have asked me (rhetorically), “Why are there so many women in the liberty movement? Where are all the men?” I looked around and noticed they were right. The women do seem to outnumber the men. In our Founding Fathers’ day the women obediently stayed at home. Their contribution to the freedom cause was writing supportive letters to their husbands, fathers, and sons. Today, we are not just standing alongside the men, we are leading them. You go, girls! So, to answer that rhetorical question: We women are in the liberty movement because we care about future generations of Americans. Everyone knows of the “mama bear” phenomenon. We mothers

have seen the threat to our children’s and their children’s future. Like a mama bear, we will do what we must to protect them. We cannot sit on the sidelines. We must fight to give them a better future. In light of this, TCT has a new section dedicated to the Liberty Ladies. Each month we will feature a woman in the liberty movement who is fighting behind the scenes. She is not necessarily a recognizable name or face but her contributions are making a difference. She is a grassroots conservative. She is a freedom fighter. She represents you and me. She is a silent hero who does not seek recogni-

The Greatest Generation

Julie Ayers has worked in the journalism field for 13 years. As a former Army wife and great niece of five WWII vets, she is an avid supporter of our troops. She is the proud mother of two sons and strives to give them a better future.

About Our Content:

Lana Fore-Warkocz, Publisher We get so involved with the day-to-day activities of life that sometimes we forget to remember the blessings in our lives. As Thanksgiving approaches, we take the time to reflect on what’s important and the friends and family that we hold dear…I was reminded earlier than usual this year. The NCOA held a Legacy Medallion Presentation at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort honoring 58 men and women who served our country during WWII on October 23. Tears filled my eyes repeatedly as I witnessed the medals being presented to these brave men and women. My dad, James William Fore, Jr, 2005 Legacy Medallion recipient was honored to be at the event to watch his fellow comrades receive their medals and to be a presenter for Harry Runtzel, who served in the United States Army. There were 10 hon-

tion or the limelight. She is a true lady of liberty and we humbly honor her. TCT is grateful for all of the freedom fighters, women and men. Thank you for your contributions. If you would like to suggest a Liberty Lady for us to feature, please email:

orees who received their medals posthumous with their children, spouses or siblings accepting in their place. Ceremonies like this remind me to be thankful for the greatest generation that ever lived. I am proud to be an American, I’m proud to be the daughter of a WWII hero and I owe my thanks and my gratitude to all veterans this Veterans Day and every day. Please come and show your support and love to all veterans Nov. 6 at 10am, downtown Colorado Springs for our Annual Veterans Day Parade. For more information, please visit A military wife of 21 years and the daughter of a WWII veteran, Lana Fore-Warkocz is completely devoted to those who have served our country. She has been involved in the broadcasting and publishing industries for nearly 20 years.

The Constitutionalist Today provides a voice for freedom-loving Americans and urges them to action. Our aim is to educate citizens about our nation’s founding documents and to analyze current events based on their principles. At the present, we do not offer investigative, in-depth hard news reporting. While lovers of liberty share many common values, our opinions sometimes differ. This paper’s  staff and writers possess a range of worldviews from religious to secular and from conservative to libertarian. A diverse group, our Founding Fathers also had their differences. However, those who established the greatest free nation on earth were united in their love of liberty and resistance to tyranny. Today, we are likewise united in our love for those founding ideals. That said, the opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the staff of The Constitutionalist Today.

From Victory to Vitriol and Back Again Teddy M. Otero IV, Creative Director

It is said that history is written by the winners; in a few short days we will know who will be writing the history of the 2010 Colorado gubernatorial race. A victorious John Hickenlooper, however, would likely have little to say about this year’s Republican debacle, leaving conservatives to contentiously write and rewrite its history in the years to come. What defines a race “spoiler?” What are the repurcussions of a minor Republican Party or a major American Constitution Party? Was Tancredo right to “abandon

the GOP in order to save the GOP” and relentlessly wage a negative campaign against the Republican nominee? Does our current electoral system allow for the inexperienced citizen-candidate? These questions will be fiercely debated, and the future of conservatism in Colorado depends upon their answers. There is, however, a lesson we should have already learned from this perverse race: while it is natural to express a lack of respect for the opposing candidate, it is foolhardy to allow that disrespect to trickle down and be irresponsibly directed towards his supporters.

To assume that one’s fellow liberty-loving patriots were acting out of anything other than thoughtfulness and conviction is shameful; to spew vitriol in their direction is foolish and destructive. Split conservative tickets may now be a reality for the nation’s largest Tea Party state in the years to come. To survive as a movement we’ll need to seek the truth, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and keep tyranny in our crosshairs. Teddy M. Otero IV has held jobs across the spectrum of marketing, graphic design, and web development. | 3


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Gratitude for Impossible Courage, Commitment Aimee Holden, Assistant Editor

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Best of the Springs Winner 2009, 2010

ment. Since that time, I often find myself reflecting on those years and just how thankful I am to have had the privilege of living among men and women willing to sacrifice personal freedoms and comforts in hopes of making the world a better place. The impossible courage these men and women exemplify is the ideal I hope to embody in my own life and to hold up as an example to my children. If you ask me this Veterans Day, or any day, the story I’ll tell you is one of gratitude for our inspirational, incredible, impossible service men and women. It’s a story for which an entire nation should be thankful. Aimee Rush Holden is both a former Army brat and Army wife. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Kansas, and has worked as a freelance writer and editor for a variety of publications, including Military Spouse and Aimee has lived in 13 states including Colorado—to which she one day hopes to return! She currently lives in Fishers, Indiana with her husband and two daughters.

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Like most military spouses you’re likely to meet these days, I have a story of a long deployment to a far-away country: a story of fear and heartache and children’s tears. But like most military spouses you’ll meet, that’s not the story I’ll tell you. The story I like to tell about 23 years as an Army wife focuses on the impossible: impossible commitment, impossible courage, impossible pride. As a military spouse, I’ve watched in amazement as impossibly young men and women answer the call to duty without flinching, accepting that commitment to their country and their comrades supersedes all. I’ve silently wept as mothers who are also soldiers muster impossible courage, trusting their children to others while they ensure the rest of us live life uninterrupted. And my heart has overflowed with pride at the compassion and ingenuity of our service men and women during impossible times, when giving in or giving up would have been so much easier. My duty as an Army wife ended two years ago with my husband’s retire-


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Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. —Thomas Paine


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he nner 2010


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4 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

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Correspondence Illegal Immigration Insult to Legal Immigrants I want to cover three aspects of the immigration policy: amnesty,  illegal, and Arizona. The idea of amnesty to illegal immigrants from any country is an absolute slap in the face of all the people who have entered our country legally. That goes back to our forefathers who came to settle here. All the people who came through Ellis Island had to have a job, family or something that America needed. Also, if they were sick they weren’t allowed in. The word illegal means you have committed a crime. It doesn’t mean only if we find you. You are arrested and deported or put in jail. You are not covered by our constitution as our constitution is for American citizens only. America is based on laws going back to the Magna Carta and the moral beliefs in the Ten Commandments. Arizona has a right to protect its state borders if the federal government isn’t doing it. Regarding the Arizona law, if I am stopped for such an event that I’m required to show my driver’s license and if I don’t have proof of citizenship they can take me to jail. If I go to Mexico they check my papers and can also put me in jail if I don’t have them. If I travel to Saudi Arabia I must produce my passport and, while working there for two years, wherever I traveled I was stopped and had to show not only my passport but documents allowing me to  travel within the country. You should thank God you live in a country where you can travel clear across its great land and as long as you don’t break any laws you’re ok. -Rodney E. Hammond, Colorado Springs

Katrina vs. 9/11 As I watched the ABC Network on the anniversary of Katrina showing people on rooftops, being rescued by helicopter, and crowds of people in the football stadium, I wondered what the coverage of the ninth anniversary of 9/11 would include. To my disappointment, the anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers was only part of a clip of news for the day. There was a distant shot of the Twin Towers burning: No pictures of people running down the street away from the burning towers, people jumping from windows to escape the flames, or rescuers covered with ash. Twenty minutes plus per news segment for at least three days (Katrina) versus one minute per news segment for two days (9/11) was disappointing. The most heinous crime committed on US soil only warranted a short mention. No remembering of what drew our nation together as one in those days following the events of 9/11; however the news did show endless minutes of the dissension between those in favor of building a mosque by Ground Zero and those who are against. What was the purpose of this type of news coverage? I wonder if the news media is dictating the news and feelings of the citizenry: Unity of the citizens of this country vs. unsettled division of our nation; political correctness or the truth; upholding the principles and values as a nation based on the Constitution or perpetuating changing our way of life; dividing people by race, religion, economic status or unifying under the flag of our country that has done so much in its 200 plus years of existence. I pray the people will wake up and see what the media is trying to do with their presentation of the “news” before it is too late. Our existence as a nation is at stake. -Erna A. Haring, Colorado Springs

Conservatives, Don’t Be Fooled! Have you noticed the pattern developing across the country? Career Republicans, after losing their primaries, are behaving like spoiled brats. They’re so vindictive that they work to see a Democrat elected instead of the Republican voters’ choice. They and their high-powered buddies are breaking ranks with the party because they see their power slipping away and returning to the people. This pattern highlights an overall attempt to keep powerful progressives in office by sabotaging conservatives when a progressive version can’t get past the primary. Florida’s Governor Crist was clearly never a principled conservative, especially in light of his recent alliances. Robin Carnahan (D-MO), admitted that a big part of her strategy is to promote third party contenders, believing that “Glenn Beck listeners will go vote for them” instead of her Republican opponent. In Michigan a progressive candidate trying to siphon off votes tried to get his affiliation listed as “The Tea Party”; that failed, because the real Tea Party noticed and won a lawsuit. In the Colorado Governor’s race, Republican Dan Maes (not a career politician) won his primary.  This infuriated power brokers like Tom Tancredo, who left the Republican Party (like Crist) in an attempt to split the vote and ensure that a progressive candidate wins. Tancredo is not a conservative. Would a principled conservative vote for T.A.R.P., one of the most restrictive gun control bills ever (HR2122), more earmark money than John McCain, or lead the charge for term limits and then break his pledge at the first opportunity? Beware, people. Alliances that fear losing power are using every trick they can imagine to suppress your interference. Investigate the candidates and their records. If they have no record, look at who’s supporting them; that speaks volumes. -Brian Sutton, Colorado Springs

Reader Defends Representative I am extremely disappointed that you printed a letter from someone named Sara (October issue) who bashed Larry Liston in House district 16. I have worked extremely close with Larry for these last several months and I will tell you that you will find no harder working representative for all GOP candidates than Larry Liston. When he is not working his own district he goes out and helps Karen Cullen and Mark Barker canvass their  precincts  in order to take those house districts back. He has been out every day from morning until sun-down, for months, walking precincts and talking to all constituents and promoting all GOP candidates.  I know—I was there. Your paper owes Representative Larry Liston a sincere and complete public apology. Sara is most likely a Democrat. -Karon McCormick, HD district 16 (El Paso County), Precinct committee person of precinct 187

the paper is. The Republican deviation from constitutionalist principles is a chief reason I am an unaffiliated independent. Ms. Ayers says conscientious voters who do not vote for her candidate are throwing away their vote. A constitutionalist might say that someone voting for a party less supportive of the Constitution is throwing away their vote. Perhaps if the Republican Party would again embrace the Constitution, they would win without worrying about losing votes to 3rd parties that better support the nation’s founding document. Mr. Kelly takes on the American Constitution Party for what he calls its “dark side.” He cites the tariff tax base of our founders as being “mercantilist,” in seeming favor of our current horrendous income-tax based nightmare. Not only would tariff based taxation unburden the American people of the onerous income tax; its smallness would necessarily fiscally starve the obese mega-state that has displaced the founders’ design.  More ridiculous is Kelly’s criticism of ACP not being a “big fan of the Department of Education…” I am not sure where he thinks the Education Department is defined in the Constitution.  I would bluntly agree that parents are in charge of every aspect of their children’s rearing.  To think he supports federal involvement in any aspect of a child’s rearing certainly distances him from a more limited government, not to mention a Constitutional one.  I am not shocked that someone would criticize the ACP for actually standing for the Constitution. I am surprised that such criticism would come from someone advocating politics in the tradition of our Founding Fathers, and writing for a paper named for the Constitution. I will keep looking for constitutionalist content to replace Republican electioneering. -Matt Lasley, Colorado Springs Editor’s Response: We are a conservative paper that reflects conservative values based on our Constitution and founding principles. Our staff is comprised of  conservative Republicans, Libertarians, unaffliateds, and Independents. We are an opinion journal, therefore every writer’s political beliefs are reflected in their articles and editorials.

Send Letters to the Editor to:

Editor, The Constitutionalist Today P.O. Box 25155 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 or Letters must be 300 words or less and must include first and last names, and city. Letters from readers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TCT.

One Issue Voters We need one issue voters now, if we want to save this country as a free nation. The issue is the Second Amendment, “the right to keep and bear arms.” “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”—Thomas Jefferson. Every major anti-gun player has been elected to office, from the president on down. One of Obama’s questions for the applicants for campaign helpers was “do you own a gun?” His two recent appointees to the Supreme Court are both anti-gun, he only needs one more to give himself a majority anti-gun supreme court. Hillary Clinton is helping the UN draft a worldwide “small arms treaty.” Clinton told them we were interested in signing it! Mr. Bolton, UN ambassador under the Bush administration, told them we were not interested because he said that listening to the debates and discussions, it was clear the UN intends to disarm every citizen in every country! The Constitution clearly states that no treaty entered into that runs contrary to the intent of and the law of the constitution, may be ratified by Congress, and such a treaty would be null and void and non–enforceable by law! The Obama clan is hoping to get away with this by relying on the general ignorance of the American people, concerning what the Constitution says they can and cannot do by law! It’s ironic that the first black president wishes to re-enslave his own people along with all the rest of us! Tell your friends what they are doing and write Congress, the House, and even Obama himself, tell them we know they do not possess the authority to sign and implement such a treaty! Obama swore to uphold the Constitution, not just the parts he agrees with! -Jerry W. Stamps, Colorado Springs

Correction Our apologies to writer Pat Francomano. In the October edition, his article was mistakenly printed with the wrong picture and biography.

Editor’s Response: We welcome all letters to the editor regardless of opinion, beliefs and ideas, which vary. As with every publication, letters to the editor, such as yours and Sara’s, reflect the readers’ opinion, not those of the publication. We do not issue or owe apologies on behalf of our readers.

Looking for Constitutional Content Is this The Constitutionalist Today or The Republican Today? I must say, I am disappointed at just how Republican-focused | 5

We the People | Grassroots Perspective

Get Involved in a Local Liberty Group Now! Compiled by Joan Eich

Can I make a difference? How can I get involved? Which organization fits me best? These are the questions we hear most often from our readers, so we want to make sure it’s clearly answered online and in every issue. What follows is an alphabetical list of liberty-loving groups and organizations in our area. Also visit for a calendar of upcoming events. Sign up, step up, speak up! 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots • • An organization for like-minded Americans who believe in 9 principles and 12 values as they apply to our government and in our own lives. We provide members with the platform and resources to pursue any project or cause of their choosing: from education and discussion to community activities or action. The American Café • • 719.573.2193 This group gathers each week for Constitutional studies, political action and prayer. Please contact us for information on how to get involved. American Majority • • 719.573.2193 Attending a rally is no longer enough; from organizational structure to advanced new media, our Activist Training prepares you to make substantial changes in your community. Americans for Prosperity, Colorado Chapter • • 719.494.0797 Americans for Prosperity, Teller County Chapter • 719.684.2180 An organization of grassroots leaders committed to educating, engaging and mobilizing citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local state and federal levels. Clear the Bench Colorado • A grassroots movement to hold Colorado’s Supreme Court justices accountable to the Colorado Constitution and to the people of Colorado. Coalition for a Conservative Majority • • 719.351.6075 We unapologetically espouse the nation-shaping values embodied in the Constitution and detailed by the philosophies of our Founding Fathers. Colorado Springs Republican Women • 719.260.0283 This group wants to educate and inform all Americans about the principles and values which make the Republican Party what it is. El Paso County Tea Party • A local movement of American Patriots from all walks of life dedicated to uphold and defend the United States and Colorado Constitutions. Our goal is to give voice to the people and hold government officials accountable for their oaths to uphold those constitutions. El Paso Republican Headquarters • • 719.578.0022 The party of the open door; the party of liberty; the party of equality of opportunity for all and favoritism for none; the more socially conservative and economically libertarian of the two major parties, generally supporting lower taxes, limited government and more economic freedom. Elbert County Tea Party/9-12 Group • 303.601.7608 We work to restore constitutional government, control government spending, and to vet candidates to insure their goals and values match. Equal Justice Foundation • • • 719.520.1089 We are a non-profit 501(c) 3) public charity supported entirely by members and contributions. Our areas of interest and activism are the courts, civil liberties, prohibition, and open, fair and honest elections. For What Is Right • • An online community whose purpose is to educate the American citizen in matters of civic and political knowledge. Our intention is to have a well informed electorate who will keep and preserve the rights guaranteed us by the U.S. Constitution and by our Creator. Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH) • • 719.321.5123 A bottom-up organization without a platform; NOT a political party. A system allowing you and your neighbors to choose a true citizen representative, an independent candidate to represent their district. Green Dragon Tavern • • 719.330.1358 Our Founding Fathers met at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, MA to plan the Boston Tea Party. We work to re-establish the Founders’ vision of political and economic principles inherent in nature’s right by fostering understanding and respect for the Declaration of Independence and state and Federal Constitutions. Guffey Tea Party • We are a local movement of non-partisan American Patriots who uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States of America. Our core values include limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free market economy.

6 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

Liberty on the Rocks, Colorado Springs Chapter • • 719.237.4598 A grassroots organization whose goal is to provide a social environment to unite libertyminded individuals with one another and with freedom-based organizations in their local communities. Tavern-style politics in the tradition of our Founding Fathers! Limited Government Forum • • 719.576.9055 Works closely with UCCS Center for the Study of Government and the Individual and Cheyenne Mountain Civic Solutions to promote the ideas of individual responsibility and freedom. Local Liberty Online • • 719.576.9055 An online community that focuses on local issues to expand freedom, opportunity and prosperity close to home. Our goal is to educate rather than indoctrinate, while conducting ourselves in the spirit of civility and good humor. Pikes Peak Economics Club We promote economic and civic literacy. It is our contention that you cannot have a controlled economy and maintain a free society. Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition • • 719.596.3921 A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. —Amendment II, U.S. Constitution Pikes Peak Young Professional Republicans • 719.213.3428 Network with other young professionals, ages 20-40, who share the same goals and aspirations. Please come and join us! Politics on the Rocks • • 719.533.0571 We link like-minded professionals together in a monthly power networking mixer where they can network, socialize and hear directly from prominent politicians and successful business leaders on matters of social, economic and public importance. Royal Gorge Republican Women (Fremont County) The purpose of our organization is to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through political involvement, to encourage women to run for political office, promote an informed membership and electorate through political education and activity and to work together for the election of Republican candidates. Southern Colorado Tea Party Committed to restoring our state and our federal Constitutions to our Founders’ original intent. Diligent in our restoration and preservation of freedom. We hold our elected officials accountable to their oath of office. Sunrise Republican Women • • 719.598.1305 We promote an informed public through political education and activity, and increase the effectiveness of women for the causes of good government. All ages are welcome! Teller Tea Party • A local movement of non-partisan American patriots who uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. We are dedicated to protecting freedom for all, promoting truth, limiting taxes and government, and preserving our inalienable rights UCCS College Republicans • 719.251.7765 Vote Trackers (Fremont County) • A nationwide group, providing free 1-page charts for each of the 50 states, showing how that state’s U.S. senators and representatives voted on the Banker Bailout Bill, The Stimulus Bill, Cash for Clunkers, Cap and Trade, and the Health Care Bill. No fluff. Just facts. These charts can be printed out and taken into the voting booth, lest we forget. We Are Change Colorado Springs • • 719.209.3118 A grassroots organization, neither left or right, dedicated to informing the public on matters of government corruption, malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance.

The Constitution Made Easy

General Welfare

Mike Holler, Featured Writer

With respect to the words “general welfare,” I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators. -James Madison

Nothing sounds more agreeable than the idea that Congress should work for our general welfare. Every effort they put forward would be for our good and we would be ungrateful if we did not appreciate their many kindnesses. Unfortunately, history teaches us that any government granted the power to provide for our welfare, would actually provide only for their own. Our Congress, to the degree that it has arrogated powers to provide for us, has predictably redistributed our wealth according to their whims du jour, and enriched themselves and their friends in the process. It will come as a surprise to many readers that the Constitution does not give Congress any authority to provide for the welfare of the people of the United States. It only gives Congress a short list of powers that fall under the heading of “general welfare,” and further the welfare spoken of is not the welfare of the people, but the welfare of the states. How can we possibly know this? The Supreme Court has never put it this way. None of us ever learned such things in

public school. We can know this for certain from two sources: English grammar and history. The grammar is straightforward. Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 says Congress will have power to lay and collect various kinds of taxes in order “to pay the debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States…” This sounds pretty broad, and it is.

connected with them (general welfare)” are enumerated as 1.8.2 through 1.8.9 and 1.8.17. In the same way, the detail of “common defense” powers are enumerated as 1.8.10 through 1.8.16 We also learn from history that “general welfare” means for the benefit of the states generally, as opposed to something that would favor one state or a group of states. This may be seen most clearly in the Articles of Confederation, Article III:

It will come as a surprise to many readers that the Constitution does not give Congress any authority to provide for the welfare of the people of the United States. If left there, the powers of Congress would be vague enough that no one would know for certain exactly what was granted, and what, if anything, was forbidden. In fact, Jefferson said that if these were the only words, “It would reduce the whole [Constitution] to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be good for the United States…” Fortunately, the framers of the Constitution were more specific, much more. As Madison said, these words are “qualified by the detail of powers connected with them.” Jefferson added, “Certainly no such universal power was meant to be given them.” “General welfare” and “common defense” are headings. The “detail of powers

The said states hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretense whatever.

When one looks at the “detail of powers connected with [general welfare]”, it is clear that borrowing money was to be for a purpose that benefitted every state. Making trade flow freely, standardizing naturalization and bankruptcy laws, coining money, punishing counterfeiters, running the post office, granting patents and copyrights, and creating a federal court system benefitted every state. “General benefits” do not require the precision of equal or pro-rata ben-

efits, but must at a minimum apply to all states in a general way. The phrase “United States” is actually a plural term. The several states created a government for themselves that would serve them, not rule over them. They were a union of nation-states, not a melting pot of counties, or a single unit. They had “general (or common) interests” (Articles of Confederation, Article V), and needed a common defense. The two purposes of common defense and general welfare are spelled out in enumerated detail. According to Madison, it is not sufficient for a law to reference one of these headings; it must also be consistent with “the detail of powers connected with them.” Over time, and with complicity from the courts, Congress has done exactly as Jefferson feared; using “a single phrase,” general welfare, to grant itself power to do whatever it thought was good. The gravamen of Jefferson’s complaint about this arrangement was that “as they would be the sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they please.” Hmm… Mike Holler writes and speaks about freedom and the United States Constitution, is a frequent guest on talk radio, and travels with the Tea Party Express. Contact Mike or view his recent book at:

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We the People | Grassroots Perspective

November 2: Just the Beginning Chuck Graybill, Featured Writer State and mid-term elections conclude November 2, then the fight really begins. A lame-duck Congress can still wreak a lot of havoc, as can a president determined to rule by executive order if the elections are a conservative landslide victory. We, the grassroots movement, must immediately begin to raise a proverbial war-chest of cash for the 2012 elections so we are not caught out-gunned and outmanned financially as we were this election, when we believed principle would win over party, and underestimated the extent to which the Republican establishment would go to protect their turf. Absolute power truly does corrupt absolutely! We erred when we believed our own grassroots groups were united, and were naive to think we could trust our supposedly like-minded “allies.” We were used, but discovered the GINOS (grassroots in name only) among us. We must now refocus and continue our makeover of the (new) Republican Party in the spirit and image of the grassroots movement, replacing elites with common folk more at home in the family room than the boardroom. If the polls are correct, we will spend the next four

years trying to block the liberal, progressive agenda of John Hickenlooper. Why? Because Colorado conservatives are too busy fighting each other to notice they are flushing freedom down the toilet and promoting Colorado as a bastion of progressivism for all liberals to behold. We have rightfully become the laughing stock of all genuinely effective conservative movements throughout the country, and the saviors of a heretofore demoralized progressive movement. We’ve given them back their hope and change. Was it just me, or were all the candidates reading from the same script? Why weren’t any wannabe elected officials talking about impeaching Obama for trampling our Constitution; stopping the government’s escalating land grab to control the country’s natural resources; halting the “corporatization” of American business; exposing and prohibiting governmental monetary intervention in private enterprise; and on, and on and on? Not one candidate talked about identifying and fixing the fundamental problems facing Coloradans and Americans today, settling instead for campaigning on the agreed-upon talking points and

surface issues that make for great sound bites and have always gotten unqualified, but smooth talking empty suits elected. We must expose the trickery, fraud, chicanery, lies and deceit perpetrated by Progressives to keep us in the dark and full of false hope. From unemployment (really 22+%, not 9+%), to an invisible recovery; from a non-existent mortgage aid program, to the ability to keep your own doctor and insurance; from nationalization of American industries, to orders not to secure our borders ( and lawsuits against states who try), this administration will stop at nothing, or be stopped by nothing, even a Republican shake-up of Congress, to implement its agenda against the express will of We The People. Is everyone ready for rule by executive order to bypass a potentially unfriendly and uncooperative Congress? It may sound cliché, but we must unite the grassroots movement to unseat the enablers, those all-knowing fixers who make or break candidates and, by default, our government at all levels. We must put an end to politics-as-usual and elections bought and paid for by the power brokers who have built governments into

willing partners and benefactors for their personal gain. The machine must be dismantled, then objectively rebuilt with the focus on liberty, freedom and prosperity for all individuals willing to work for these ideals. We must also expose the real oppressors in our society: the progressive elites posturing, maneuvering and manipulating the system to subjugate selected metropolitan neighborhoods via ever-increasing entitlement programs designed to conceal their desire to eliminate independent thought, ambition and self reliance. November 2 may be the end of the mid-term elections, and hopefully a conservative landslide victory, but it’s only the beginning of our quest to restore the Constitution, the embodiment of the vision and values our Founding Fathers had for America. Chuck Graybill is the owner of Maggie Maes Restaurant, a former financial executive with BP, and author of Cannibals of Capitalism.

The Case Against Three Colorado Justices Why Bender, Martinez and Rice Deserve a “No” Vote Matt Arnold, Featured Writer We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. -Abraham Lincoln

Since Colorado changed from contested elections for judicial office to a “merit selection and retention” system (appointing judges followed by periodic votes to keep or remove them), no Colorado Supreme Court justice has been voted out of office. Although some have left the bench voluntarily (Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey resigned so she will not have to face the voters this year), the people of Colorado have yet to exercise their right or responsibility to “vote ‘em out.” To a great extent, this is because of a lack of public awareness—both about the right to vote itself (a recent survey showed that only 65% of the population knew that judges could be voted out of office) and about the incumbents’ record of performance in office (the same survey showed that only 35% of voters knew anything about the three incumbent Colorado Supreme Court justices—Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, and Nancy Rice—seeking another 10-year term this November). Inexplicably, the State Commission on Judicial Performance (a 10-member group of political appointees charged with evaluating and reporting on the

job performance of statewide judicial incumbents) has routinely failed to conduct a rigorous evaluation and provide substantive information to the public on which to base an informed decision. The commission’s “reviews” (published and distributed at great taxpayer expense in the “Blue Book”) pretty much limit themselves to summarizing the incumbent’s resume and tabulating the results of surveys sent out to a select group of lawyers—and other judges. The reviews contain next to no information about actual job performance. Over the decades the system has been in place, the commission’s reviews have always recommended a yes (retain) vote on incumbent supreme court justices— that’s 100% of the time! Even Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein didn’t receive that level of “retain” votes! Although Colorado has plenty of good judges, at many levels, they’re not all that good. Most importantly, the reviews provide no information on how the justices actually voted in important constitutional cases, rulings which have had an increasingly negative impact on Colorado law and upon Colorado citizens. Reading the commission “evaluations” alone, voters would have no knowledge of the fact that the three incumbent justices appearing on the ballot (Bender, Martinez, and Rice) voted to allow: • Unconstitutional property tax increases (“Mill Levy Tax Freeze”)

8 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

• Unconstitutional elimination of tax credits and exemptions (tobacco tax, “Dirty Dozen” taxes) • Unconstitutionally re-defining taxes as “fees” (most notoriously, the ‘FASTER’ Colorado Car Tax) • Unconstitutional expansion of eminent domain property seizures (Telluride Land Grab) • Unconstitutional usurpation of legislative power (judicial redistricting, school funding) • Unconstitutional deprivation of Citizen Initiative rights (denying voters a say on illegal alien entitlements) Complete references, including the votes of each justice, case analysis, commentary, and the full text of the rulings, are available at the Clear The Bench Colorado website in an easy-to-read scorecard matrix: evaluations/ These three appointed (and, due to a managed lack of public awareness, practically unaccountable) supreme court justices have assumed political power, to which the court is not constitutionally entitled. These incumbents have consistently exerted this power without restraint or consideration for your constitutional rights—ruling consistently

against individual rights and protections in favor of expanded government power, in violation of what the Colorado Constitution allows. The demand for a return to constitutional limits on government power exemplified by millions of citizens across the country joining in rallies, events, and civic groups loosely under the banner of the “Tea Party Movement” is not limited to the executive and legislative branches. As more and more citizens have come to understand that “progressive” courts and judges have aided and abetted the growth of government power and the erosion of individual rights, they are pursuing the opportunity—and the right—to hold our judicial officeholders accountable at the ballot box. As a citizen, you do  have the  right  to vote “no” on these incumbent Colorado Supreme Court justices as they seek an additional  10-year term  this November. The ultimate responsibility—and authority—still rests with the voters. Clear The Bench Colorado urges Colorado voters to exercise their rights on the ballot this November. Stand up for your rights—vote “no” on these unjust justices, and Clear The Bench, Colorado! Matt Arnold is the founder and executive director of Clear The Bench Colorado, an organization working to restore accountability to the judicial branch in Colorado. For more information, visit

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We the People | Grassroots Perspective

Liberty Lady Kathy Schlegel Cindy Lyons, Senior Staff Writer TCT: When and why did you get involved with the liberty (Tea Party) movement? Schlegel: For me, it started when I saw the first stimulus bill. In February 2009, I went to a Tea Party event at the Denver Capitol. Jon Caldara (Independence Institute) said, “How many of you have ever done anything like this in your life?” Nobody raised their hand, as we were not activists. After that my husband and I have been at almost every major rally and Tea Party that we had at the state capitol and elsewhere locally. I live for those things because they feed me and keep me going. TCT: What is your role in the liberty movement? How and where do you volunteer? Schlegel: They call me the co-chair of the Elbert County Tea Party. But I’m just a citizen of Elbert County that believes in what we’re doing. I am very involved in putting the Tea Party events together. Our main mission is to help bring education to all of us who just took so much of this stuff for granted. We all have busy lives. We all want to focus on our families, our lives and on our jobs and businesses. When you start finding out what’s going on you just can’t sit back and doing nothing. Part of it is making phone calls so that people know that there is a Tea Party meeting. It’s helping put the agenda to-

gether. I used to be a meeting and event planner so I know how to put together a meeting to get the best experience out of it for everybody. My husband and I ran to be county delegates. He went on to become a state delegate. I went with him and ended up volunteering with the Dan Maes campaign. I got to see voters for the first time feel empowered that they were going to have an impact on their government. It energized me to see the people’s candidate win and not the party’s insider candidate. TCT: What is your perspective of the liberty movement? How do you think you can have an effect on our local, state and federal governments? Schlegel: In October, I started looking at the bigger picture beyond our local issues. Colorado was reported as the number one state in the nation with people who identified themselves as part of the Tea Party movement; therefore, we have to be the target. Progressives must be saying, “And how are we going to break the GOP? We’re going to create conflict within the GOP so that they split apart and loose their effectiveness.” This was happening in Colorado and people are falling for it. We’re seeing a coordinated effort. I see this as Blueprint II (Blueprint: How The Democrats Won Colorado by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer).

My focus and intensity has changed from supporting a single candidate to helping people understand that there is an all-out assault on the most precious right we have: the right to vote and for that vote to be counted! If one person can decide that he, and he alone, knows better than the 400,000 plus registered voters, we have no need for caucuses, assemblies, primaries, or even a general election. That is what is at stake. TCT: What advice do you have for your fellow conservatives? Schlegel: To get involved, to stay informed, and to hold them (legislators) accountable. For the first time we are watching their votes. That is how it should be. They work for us. And when someone tells me indirectly that everything I have done up until now and that the people’s vote doesn’t matter and they’re going to manipulate to their benefit, then I have lost all respect. The right to vote is the most precious right that we have. If we lose that, we are a Third World country. And that’s not America. This is also about

how politics and government affects every aspect of our lives. Politics is a game we are all tired of playing and it’s ruining our country. If we start talking about government and how it affects our lives, we can have these civil discussions and make progress. While Cindy Lyons would rather be writing novels or short stories, she despises being lied to by the sharply expanding federal government; as such, she has become a citizen blogger, self-trained out of deep concern for her nation and in passionate opposition to the current progressive onslaught.

November 3: Tea Party at a Crossroads A 9-12 Project Perspective Don Rodgers, Featured Writer “Government works for me, I do not answer to them.” This is the ninth value of the 9-12 Project and the foundation six others are built upon. While the 9-12 Project is separate from the Tea Party, we are part of that movement; a movement that finds itself at a cross roads. Will the millions who stood up in 2009 at Tea Parties all over the country demanding massive reductions in spending; those that took to the streets of Washington to demand the end of Socialist agenda of government health care, cap and trade and card check; those who claimed to understand that the massive expansion of government power being consolidated by both political parties is destroying our individual liberties and freedoms have the courage and conviction to carry the fight past November 2 when the “R”s win? The following is from an article by Ned Ryun, “The November elections: The Opening Salvo” “The 2010 primary season was, for the most part, a good one for limited government, freedom-loving conservatives. Most of the high profile challenges against the incumbent or establishment candidates ended with the grassroots candidate winning…But we need to put things into perspective: the 2010 primary season must be seen as simply the opening salvo in the American people’s war against statism.” Fine words and the truth, but the question becomes, “Will there be enough of us with the conviction to our stated beliefs to carry through with it?” Colorado is said to have the largest number of Tea Party members in the country, but are they members who truly believe the country is on the verge of economic col-

lapse and the people are in a struggle with a government that no longer requires the consent of the governed? Or are they people who, when all is said and done, just fear for their own lifestyles? Are they GOP members just angry the Democrats won in 2008? Recently, we have seen many in Colorado run from finding and supporting leaders who adhere to the principles we say we believe in for the safety and comfort of politics as usual; siding with politicians who have records that are blatantly giant government and who feel entitled to ignore the will of the people to retain their own power. We have also seen people standing firm knowing, that to ensure government works for us we must take control of the political systems from the political ruling class and their enablers. The republic is in grave danger for all the reasons we have called and written Congress over the past 18 months, but the danger doesn’t diminish when the R’s win; it is magnified. The blind complacency, which brought us to the brink of a slavery to government, may well threaten us once again. Many who found it easy to speak out when they saw Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at the helm of a government that threatened to hurt them financially will return to the couch and network TV on November 3 as the GOP sweeps into power. The Tea Party of 2011 may look very different from that of 2009 and 2010. What will remain of the movement will be those who always understood that a government for the people can only exist if the people are fully engaged and have the courage and will to demand true accountability.

10 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

People like Mike Lee, Ken Buck, Joe Miller, and Sharron Angle will go to Washington with the best of intentions and they must know we will stand with them, providing they do what we sent them there to do. But as soon as they arrive in Congress, powerful forces will try and co-opt them. It is up to us to ensure that those we send to Washington, fear us far more than they desire the lure of power those co-opted forces will offer. Do we have the courage and the will to demand true accountability? We will find ourselves up against not only the Socialist Progressives and the Progressives of the GOP, but against those Americans once again happy and content in accepting the R’s as the ruling class. If we are not just as willing to stand in front of Ken Buck’s office as we were to stand in front of Sena-

tor Bennet’s and demand the dismantling of the Socialist agenda within six months of the new Congress taking over, the republic may be lost. The window to restore America is very short starting from the day the new Congress takes over and ending the day it begins to believe the majority of Americans are happy to accept “just words, just speeches” over true restoration. If the nation is to survive as a free republic, it will require all of us to recommit ourselves for the real fight ahead. If government is to answer to us, the November elections must be just the opening salvo. Don Rodgers is the organizer of the 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots.

The Centennial State | Colorado Issues

Red Light Cameras for Money, Not Safety Helen Sabin, Contributing Writer Kudos to our police department and city council, who often try to do what is best for Colorado Springs. Council members Randy Purvis, Tom Gallagher, Sean Paige, and Darryl Glenn, who is running for county commissioner, did so on June 22 when they voted NO on installing Red Light Cameras (RLCs) in the city. Too bad council members Scott Hente, William Herpin, Lionel Rivera, Larry Small, and Jan Martin didn’t follow their example. The five members who voted for RLCs claimed, disingenuously, that it was to improve public safety. The problem is that studies prove these devices don’t improve public safety.  These council members simply wanted the money the RLCs will bring to the city. Hallandale, Florida, for

Proud Supporter

case Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts has armed motorists with a greater ability to challenge the basis of automated traffic citations. Speed cameras, for example, depend heavily on legal faith in a certificate that claims to confirm the total reliability of a machine’s speed reading. In the Melendez-Diaz case, the high court ruled that merely producing such a certificate in court is insufficient. Defendants have the right to cross-examine any individual who claims to have certified evidence. This new ruling may spur more court cases and lawsuits on the basis of the right to challenge the human elements of the evidentiary chain.” Minnesota, Missouri and other state supreme courts also have ruled against RLCs. If the studies hold true, RLCs likely will cause an increase in accidents and generate other, unintended, consequences. Rather than being freed up to do other jobs, as our city council claims, the Colorado Springs police force will be more tied up dealing with increased accidents and court testimony. RLCs will clog courtrooms with attorneys and protestors claiming constitutional rights abuse. Businesses will lose money from workers performing jury duty more often. The city will incur increased costs for utilities, wear and tear of buildings, and equipment. City salaries for prosecuting attorney, support help, etc will go up. We may even lose money overall, which is typical for many cities with RLCs. The council five should vote to remove the RLCs and follow Sheriff Terry Maketa’s successful example of doing more with less. This egregious end run around taxpayers is unconscionable and unwarranted. We need money for the city, but not this way!  When the five members feign outraged protest at this article and claim that they were working for the good of the city, ask them to contact The National Motorist Association (NMA). This group challenges city councils who vote for red light cameras to prove it isn’t for money. Not a one has ever accepted their challenge. Want to bet these five city council members won’t, either?

Red light cameras fail to improve, and in some cases worsen, public safety. example, expects $1 million in revenue this year from their one red light camera. The council five wants the same here.   They claim that RLCs will be a deterrent to running red lights.  They aren’t. Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, 14th district, on March 3, 2010, wondered about the deterrent effect after nearly 800,000 tickets were written in one year, despite the use of RLCs. “…the myth that we apparently have held out …to dissuade people from violating the law is more a myth than anything else. [RLCs].. are a money machine, that’s all. Period.”   Additional examples of the ineffectiveness of RLCs in improving public safety include: A September 28, 2010 L.A. Times report stating, “Los Angeles’ much-debated red light camera program has bypassed some of the city’s most dangerous intersections, cost more than $2.5 million over the last two years and failed to adequately demonstrate an improvement in safety, according to an audit due to be released Wednesday by City Controller Wendy Greuel.” And a report from Portland Oregon noting that, “The city’s traffic numbers obtained by KATU News show a 140 percent increase in rear-end crashes at the intersections where red light cameras were installed.” Not only do RLCs fail to improve, and in some cases actually worsen, public safety, they also are illegal.  They crush the constitutional rights of citizens.  According to, “…The 2009 US Supreme Court ruling in the

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Helen Sabin is a retired college professor and former administrator who sees blatant subversion of America’s principles, values and ideals in educational curricula today and encourages parents to get more involved in their childrens’ education.

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The Centennial State | Colorado Issues

Amendments 60, 61, 101 To Vote or Not to Vote Steve House, Guest Writer As we near November 2 many voters are contemplating what to do about proposed amendments to the Colorado Constitution numbered 60 and 61, and proposition 101. The first thing most people ask is why they are always referenced together? Why isn’t each individual amendment analyzed on its own merit? The answer is because they were authored together to address a growing concern by the Colorado electorate that the state legislature has violated the Tax Payer Bill of Rights (TABOR) and the electorate wants their rights returned. I won’t task you with great detail on them. The simple perspective is Amendment 60 rolls back property tax increases to TABOR standards in 1992 and requires the state budget to fund the short fall in school funding that this would create. This is phased in over 10 years. Amendment 61 would eliminate the ability for the state and all local governments to acquire debt in any form without voter approval. Proposition 101 focuses on tax limitations. It reduces the license fees to $10 per vehicle, gives an exemption on sales tax to vehicles purchased for less than $10,000, reduces the state income tax levels, and makes changes to the telecommunication tax structure. At face value, I like all three because it would lower the cost of living. I also think the state budget is too high by at least $2 billion in order for Colorado to be job producing state we need to be. These three proposals would force the budget committee and state government to make

serious cuts. I do not, however, support them at this time. I believe in the representative government structure we have, therefore we should elect the right people on November 2 and challenge them to fix the problems as our representatives. If we pass these proposals we will force our legislators to act immediately and there is no doubt there will be draconian cuts to the budget to support the new law these proposals would create. I am willing to give the legislature one more chance to get this right. For those who would say this will have a dramatic effect on services the state supplies, they are right but it is time to do dramatic things to state services. We have promised too much in the past. Now it’s time to right the wrongs. The state of Colorado is in trouble financially. The budget is short at least $1 billion and PERA is probably bankrupt when you factor in the long term liabilities it has. The legislature that opposes these three measures should immediately realize that this is an opportunity and a call out. The opportunity is to look at what the state does versus what it should do. Phase out the things it shouldn’t do and let private enterprise handle everything it can. Newt Gingrich refers to this as the “Yellow Page” method. Anything that is in the Yellow Pages should be done by pri-

vate enterprise and anything not in there should only be done by the government if there is no other way. The call out is from the people themselves who are saying, “We have had enough from both Republicans and Democrats so either fix it or we

If we pass these proposals we will force our legislators to act immediately and there is no doubt there will be draconian cuts to the budget to support the new law these proposals would create. will control it.” The beauty of the Constitution is that it is a framework for a just society. In this case, that framework will allow Colorado citizens to make the right budget decisions if the legislators do not. For those who lack ideas on how our legislature can fix the state’s budget and improve our economy we need look no further than our neighbors to the northeast. North Dakota has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate and has proven that a low tax small government structure is the best way to create jobs, improve the tax base, and the quality of life for the citizens who live there. Governor John Hoeven created a strategic plan called Empower North Dakota that focused on cutting taxes for energy producers first, then when the state began to grow rapidly he cut taxes for the state’s business community and citizens. Amendments

60, 61, and Proposition 101 would indeed cut taxes like North Dakota but targeted tax cuts now, on our energy sector, will lead us to revenue growth through job expansion then we can deal with a significant reduction in overall taxation and improvement in fiscal policy. If we put these three initiatives on our books now, we will hamper the legislature’s ability to innovate the way Governor Hoeven did. These forced cuts are the right idea, in terms of smaller government, we just need to be sure that we create our own Empower Colorado plan in the process and allow it to provide the smaller government we need. Voting for these three initiatives now would be like deciding to stop buying foreign oil before you figure out how to produce the energy you need locally. While it would reduce your dependency on foreign oil, the pain you feel in the meantime would prevent you from creating the alternatives you need to end your dependency. Vote “no” on 60, 61, and 101 for now. Let’s see if the legislature is listening and if they are capable of following the best practices we know exist on how to solve our fiscal problems. Steve House is a 2010 graduate of Leadership Program of the Rockies and current advisory board member. He is an author and a student of economic and social history.

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Dateline: 1620. The Place: The Atlantic Ocean.

We join a stalwart group of Pilgrims as they journey across the ocean. Onboard this ship sailing from England are two groups of people. The first group is fleeing Europe in order to escape religious persecution. They are known as “separatists.” The other group is coming for profit, adventure, or simply for a new life. They are known as ”strangers.” After they land in the New World, and work together to start a new Colony, they will all be called Pilgrims. These Pilgrims have made an agreement with the London Virginia Company in England. The agreement says that the company will give them a ship and supplies, and land granted from the King. In return, the colonists will send products, like wood, from the new colony for seven years to pay back the debt. If you look closely at the back of the ship, you will see a name written there: Mayflower. This ship, flying over the waves, set out from England. Will the tall sailing ship make its way safely across the Atlantic Ocean with all 102 passengers? The weather is starting to get fierce, food is running low, and conditions on the ship are cold and damp. The last thing the people on the Mayflower want is a storm.

As the Captain looks out to the horizon, he sees the dark clouds forming. There is nothing he can do; they must weather the storm. As the storm approaches, the people on board are probably wishing they were still standing on solid ground. Throughout the journey the passengers have been below decks, but during the storm one man, John Howland, ventures to the deck. He is swept over the side of the ship, and as he grasps for anything that can save him, his hand finds a stray rope. The crew has seen him get washed overboard, and they now see him as the ship pulls him along in the water. The crew quickly pulls him back to safety. The storm finally ends. The captain and crew breathe a sigh of relief. The journey is taking longer than expected. They are growing hungrier every day. But they must save the food to

make it last as long as they can. Finally, after 65 days the Mayflower reaches the New World. There is one problem though: the storm has blown them off course, and they have not landed in Virginia as planned. They are too far north. The captain of the ship does not want to sail south because winter will soon make sailing almost impossible. If you listen over the voices of the men discussing what to do next, you will hear the cry of the first European born in what will become America. Her name is Peregrine White. As the arguments continue, many strangers are saying that since the ship is not in Virginia then they no longer owe the Virginia Company anything. The separatists are realizing that to get through the next few months, everyone is going to have to work together. With-

out cooperation, no one is going to live through the winter. So before they can even think about looking for a place to settle, they have to establish some kind of order. The Pilgrims write out an agreement, which they call the Mayflower Compact. It is the first document of government for the New England Colonies. In part it says: “… in the presence of God and one of another, Covenant and Combine ourselves together into a Civil Body Politic, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enact, constitute and frame such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Offices…” When the document is finished, 41 of the 44 men aboard sign their names. By signing they have made a promise to work together, to put aside small squabbles, to form good laws that will apply to all, and to form a small government that will organize the colony. Now the Pilgrims will land, and find a place to try to build a settlement. They had better be quick, because the snow is coming, and Massachusetts is really cold in January!

Solve the maze and sail your Mayflower around the globe, and to its final destination! Congratulations to American Minute Kid


Have fun at Bambinos! This month, solve the code on page 15 and send it in to: TCT Kids Contest, P.O. Box 25155, Colorado Springs, CO, 80936 Winners will be the first to get the correct answer to us, so put on those thinking caps and win yourself a free dinner at Bambinos! | 13

American Minute Kids | Ready to Defend the Constitution in a Minute! Did you

know that the holiday of Thanksgiving was

made a by a presidential proclamation? That is one of the duties not

given to the president in the Constitution, but it is used by our nation’s leaders on

important occasions. A proclamation is a political announcement that “states a condition, declares

a law and required obedience, recognizes an event, or triggers the implementation of a law.” That’s just a

fancy way of saying that the president has something important to say about a new law, or an event that the nation should know about. Until the time of President Harry S. Truman, presidents did not often make a proclamations. Since then, presidents have made hundreds in each of their terms in office. The first president, my fellow patriot, George Washington, made the first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789. We have an exact copy of it below along with what it means in today’s English so you can understand this historic proclamation.

Because it is important for all nations to acknowledge the blessings they have received from God Almighty, obey His rules, be thankful for His Blessings, humbly beg for His protection; and because both the House and the Senate, together, have asked that I suggest to the people that we commit to “A Day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer.” This day would be set aside so that we, as a nation, could, with thankful hearts, remember that Almighty God has given us many blessings, the most important blessing being that we have had the opportunity to create a new and

14 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

peaceful government, that ensures our safety and happiness. Therefore, I assign Thursday, the 26th of November, as a day when the nation will dedicate itself to the service of that Great and Glorious Being who is the Creator of all the good that was, that is, and that will be. On this day we will unite in offering Him our most humble thankfulness for His kind care and protection before we became a independent nation, when we fought for Independence, and for the peace and plenty that has come to us since. We will thank him for the peaceful and rational way we were able to create and vote on the Constitution, and our new form of government. We will thank Him for the civil and religious liberty that we are now blessed, and all the ways we now have of communicating useful knowledge to one another. We will thank Him in general for all of the bountiful ways in which He has been pleased to bless this nation. Therefore, we will unite in offering our humble requests to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations, and so that we can beg His forgiveness of our national and personal sins. We will request that He will enable us all, whether in public or private, to perform our jobs and duties properly and accurately. So that He will keep our national government a blessing to the people; and ensure that our government will continue to enforce wise, just, and Constitutional laws, faithfully put in place and obeyed. We will pray that He will guide all sovereigns and nations (especially the ones who have been kind to us) and bless them with good governments and peace, and they too will promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and increase the knowledge between all nations. We will also generally beg that all mankind will be given blessing as He sees best. Given under my hand, at the city of New York, the third day of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine. -George Washington

Washington: When I was young all children learned about something called “ virtues. ” Virtues are important for everyone to know. They help us know how to behave, how to treat other people, and how we should act even when no one is looking. In November we celebrate Thanksgiving in America, so I wanted to talk to you about two virtues that go hand in hand with our national holiday: gratitude and generosity. Henry: But Mr. Washington, what is “ gratitude?” Washington: Well, young Master Henry, gratitude is a thankfulness of heart for gifts received, either from God, or other men. Henry: Must we always be thankful for things? I mean sometimes I deserve the things I get. Why should I be thankful? Washington: It is our duty and a great virtue to be grateful. True gratefulness or thankfulness comes from a humble mind which understands that without the help and kindness of others, the good things in our lives would never come to us. Someone who does not feel grateful for the kind acts done for him by others does not deserve favors of any kind. When we are truly thankful for all kindnesses shown to us, by anyone, we become good neighbors, better citizens, and a true friend to others. Rose: Mr. Washington, I don’t understand. How does it make us better citizens, just to be thankful? Washington: That’s a good question, Miss Rose, but to answer it we must first understand thankfulness, generosity, and how they work together. Rose: Generosity? You mean like people giving money to charities? Washington: Yes, it can be that, but it means a lot more. Generosity is any act of kindness performed for another which strict justice does not demand. Henry: What does “ justice demands ” mean? Washington: That is a phrase we used in my time. To explain it, I will tell you a story: There was a man walking along the road. He had a nice home, a good family, and a good job. He was thankful for all that he had. He understood that it was through his own work, and the kindnesses of others, that he had a good life As he walked, he saw a woman and child sitting in the mud crying because they were so hungry. Now, the man had money, and justice demanded that he give these poor people a few coins so they could get a meal. But he did not simply hand them the coins. He asked them to come with him. He took them to his house where they were fed, their clothes were washed, and they could stay for the night. In the morning the man asked his friends if there was any work for the poor woman. He found her work that would provide her enough money to feed and clothe herself and her child. You see, justice demanded that he help the woman, but he did so much more because he was generous of heart. What if that man had not been thankful for all he had? He would have simply passed by the woman and thought to himself, “ I earned my money, no one helped me, let her find her own way in life. ” But the man was truly thankful and remembered those who had helped him. When he saw a need, he did more than he had to; he was generous with his time, money, and belongings. He was a true friend to the helpless. So it is like a circle. A few years later the once poor woman was thankful. She was walking down the street when she saw a poor child crying because he was hungry. What do you think she would do? Pass the child by or show generosity? Is her neighborhood better off for her generosity? Rose: So being truly thankful reminds us to be generous, and being generous helps those around us. Those people are also thankful, and then become generous, you’re right Mr. Washington it is a circle. Washington: So you see, Henry and Rose, we need to remember that our lives are full of things to be grateful for. We are truly blessed with peace and plenty. We should be very grateful. The gift of life from God, is itself enough reason to be thankful every day. With thankful hearts we ought to do good as we have opportunity, at all times and to all men, whether we expect a reward or not. If we do good, someone is the happier for it. This alone is reason enough to be generous. So as you eat your Thanksgiving meal, think of all the things you have to be grateful for. Then think of some ways you can be generous and give others even more reasons to be thankful.

Solve the code by using the number and letter clues.

To find out more about the author of this famous quote, go to

This lesson was taken from The Blue Back Speller, by Noah Webster, 1824. This was the text for American schools for more than 100 years. It includes a comprehensive instruction in English grammar, spelling and composition. The Blue Back Speller taught the mechanics of our language through lessons on uniquely American social ideals, and the virtues of the Bible. | 15

American Minute Kids | Ready to Defend the Constitution in a Minute! The Tale of Squanto As you read on the first page, the United States had a rough start. The story of the Mayflower was an adventure all on its own, but there was one person living at that time who had done things no other person had ever done. His name was Squanto. He was a Native American from the Patuxet tribe. That in itself is unique since by the end of his life he was the only one left of his tribe. We need to start from the beginning. Pull up a chair to the fire and hear my story of the boy, Squanto, who saved America, before anyone knew it was going to be America, or that it might need saving! Squanto was born near Plymouth, Massachusetts. When he was about 10, he was kidnapped, put on a ship and carried thousands of miles away from his family. Men came ashore near his village and lured Squanto and some of his friends with food and smiling faces. The Patuxet boys followed these strange men. Suddenly the men took them, bound them and threw them into the dark, damp, and foul hull of their ship. Squanto and his friends were horrified and scared! In the darkness of the ship the captives spoke together. They tried to guess where they were being taken. The men and boys were not fed every day, which made it hard to count the days the journey was taking. The rocking movement of the ocean made it hard to keep in their stomachs what little food they got. After what seemed like forever, the boys were taken to the deck of the ship. The land had a strange look to it. They realized that this was not their home. This place was bright and harsh. People were moving like ants all over. Squanto had never seen so many pale people in his life. Chains were put on all the captives. They were marched off the ship. Lining them up on a platform, the pale men started yelling and screaming in a language the boys didn’t understand. As Squanto stood in confusion, something else was happening on the other side of the city. A group of friars was angry. They were angry because they had heard that a man named Thomas Hunt had just landed with slaves from the New World. Instead of crops and products for trade, Mr. Hunt (who was tired of not making enough money trading products from Jamestown. Virginia) was planning to sell slaves! At the low, low, price of $20, anyone would be able to purchase a human being. The Friars went to the dock where the ship was landing. They took the authorities with them. When the friars and authorities arrived at the dock, they saw Squanto. He was half starved, as were all of the would-be slaves. The friars were cautious--were they in time to stop the sale of these people? A few men had been sold already! Working fast, the friars were able to convince the authorities to let them take the others back to their monastery, where they would be safe. The friars took care of Squanto at their monastery for five years. They taught him Spanish and a little English. They taught him how to read. As time went on, Squanto convinced the friars that it was time for him to go home. They agreed. They found an Englishmen named John Slanie who would take Squanto in, and find a way to get him home! Squanto went to live in England. Five more years of waiting in England. Squanto saw all of London, learned more English, and dreamed of home. Then one day the news came that Mr. Slanie had found a boat headed for the New World on an exploration mission. They were able to get passage for Squanto in exchange for him working as a translator and guide. After 10 long years Squanto was headed home! Europe had been an adventure, and he had learned many new things, but what he really wanted was to see his family and his home, to hunt in his forests, and not to wear shoes. As Squanto approached his home, he imagined his friends and family running to meet him, but no one came. All was silent except for the sound of birds and the surf as it lapped calmly onto the beach. Squanto began to run as he passed the outer limits of what had been his tribe’s land. What he found was worse than anything he had suffered on the slave ship at the hands of Thomas Hunt. The huts were empty, the fields lay in confusion, and no one answered no matter how loudly he cried out! What had happened? Squanto went to a neighboring tribe, friendly with the Patuxet. What he learned from their chief was devastating. In the time that Squanto had been in Europe, a horrible sickness had come. Many tribes were gone. With nowhere to go, Squanto wandered from tribe to tribe, or spent time in the wild. One day Samoset, a chief of the Abenaki tribe, came to Squanto and told him of the settlement of Englishmen in Plymouth. They were not doing well. They didn’t know how to live in this new land, and Samoset hoped that Squanto would be able to help them. Squanto traveled to the site of his former village. There he found English men and women in desperate need of his help. Now, only 53 of the original 102 settlers were still alive. Squanto was able to speak with them in their language. He showed them how to hunt and fish and how to plant crops. With his help and the help of others like Samoset, the Pilgrims survived and celebrated the very first Thanksgiving, Squanto lived the rest of his short years as a go-between for the Pilgrims and the surrounding tribes. In Bradford’s History of the English Settlement, William Bradford wrote that Squanto’s death “was a great loss.”

The Iroquois League nations have gone missing among all these letters! They can be found going up, down, diagonal and across. The five original nations that made up this group were the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and in 1722 the Tuscarora joined. This League of Six Nations was a powerful trading partnership with a strict structure for their government. For more about the Iroquois League go to www. theconstitutionalisttoday. com/iroquois

16 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

The Centennial State | Colorado Issues

Colorado Amendment 62 Cons of Personhood Amendment Elliot Fladen, Guest Writer By the time this article is printed, Amendment 62, otherwise known as “Personhood,” should have already gone down in defeat. The purpose of this article is to convince the Personhood supporters to not try for a third failure. Not because such a failure is inevitable, rather because unless they drastically change the manner in which they draft their amendments, they do not deserve to succeed. The failed amendment read as such: Section 32. Person defined. As used in sections 3*, 6**, and 25*** of Article II of the state Constitution, the term “person” shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.

Basically, the proposition would have defined conception as when all societal rights attach. There were a myriad of problems with this amendment and the arguments used to justify it. First, its supporters said that “science” settled an ethical issue. Science cannot make normative (i.e. ethical) conclusions—it can only inform them.  Any contention that a scientific definition can settle a moral/ ethical debate is a contention thus made in utter ignorance of how the scientific process works. Second, the personhood folk often argued that their view was mandated under the U.S. Constitution by several odd

“right to life provisions.” Specifically, they cited to the U.S. Constitution’s preamble, Article 3 section 2, and the 14th amendment. These provisions in no explicit manner mandate or even speak to the notion that a zygote is a “person.” To reinterpret these provisions as doing so would embrace the very same “living constitution” view that we on the right have been fighting against.

you could have gone to jail. Lift a heavy object while pregnant and miscarry, and you could go to jail. Use your own fertilized eggs after multiple failed in vitro attempts instead of using a surrogate who had better success, and you could go to jail. Similarly, if Personhood had passed, a sexually active woman’s failure to have a medical checkup that would have reduced the risk of a zygote’s non-implantation would have made her a criminal.  Under C.R.S. § 18-3208, anybody who “recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious bodily injury to another person commits reckless endangerment.”  Under this latter statute, breastfeeding (which may reduce the chance for implantation) could be criminal with Amendment 62’s passage, along with drinking coffee. Moreover, common forms of birth control and infertility procedures would be banned under the same logic. Fourth, the personhood folk claimed that it was appropriate to push their moral views on others because such moral views are part of our Judeo/Christian heritage that involves our founding. However, (a) Our founders made clear in Article 11 of the 1797 Treaty with Tripoli that we are not “in any sense founded on the Chris-

Science cannot make normative (i.e. ethical) conclusions—it can only inform them. Any contention that a scientific definition can settle a moral/ ethical debate is a contention thus made in utter ignorance of how the scientific process works. Third, the personhood folk utterly dismissed the very real drafting problems that Amendment 62 has. C.R.S. § 18-3105 makes the death of another caused by negligence a Class Five Felony in this state. Importantly, and completely contrary to the erroneous contentions of Personhood’s apologists on its website, this statute requires only carelessness, not intent, as an element. Thus, if a woman miscarried due to negligence (i.e. carelessness), she could be criminally liable under this statute.  What does that mean?  Go skiing, fall, and miscarry—

tian religion;” and (b) Judaism, although generally hostile to abortion, does not view a fetus as the equivalent to a full human. With the proviso that with two rabbis there are three opinions, the Talmud states that until 40 days after conception a fetus is ethically “maya be’alma” (mere water). Because the personhood folk were pushing their own morality on others they were in essence trying to do the same thing as those who wish to enforce Sharia law. Fifth, the personhood folk are utterly indifferent to the fact that their proposition will be almost immediately enjoined the moment it is passed (meaning that it will have no legal effect). If the personhood folk want to get around the Roe v. Wade problem they need to help get more originalists on the bench that recognize that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. However, their actions are likely preventing this from happening. Only the president and senators have a voice in Supreme Court justices. For all of these reasons, I urge you not to accept the flawed logic of the Personhood supporters and to make sure that Personhood does not return to the ballot in the foreseeable future. Elliot is a libertarian graduate of Stanford Law School and a former DOJ attorney in the Bush administration. He writes on a variety of issues at People’s Press Collective, a group blog that can be found at

Colorado Amendment 62 An Issue of Life or Death Bob Adelmann, Featured Writer This article was previously published in the New American magazine online Oct. 13, 2010. The “personhood” movement began with Justice Harry Blackman’s opinion for the majority in Roe v. Wade in 1973: “The appellee and certain amici [pro-lifers] argue that the fetus is a ‘person’ within the language and meaning of the 14th Amendment. In support of this, they outline at length and in detail the well-known facts of fetal development. If this suggestion of personhood is established, [then] the appellant’s case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would be guaranteed specifically by [that] Amendment.” Gualberto Garcia Jones is a legal analyst for Personhood USA, a grassroots Christian organization that seeks legally to define every unborn baby as a person protected by the God-given rights as spelled out by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they an endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… Jones says that efforts to define personhood are timely considering the widespread success of the Tea Party movement, the states’ rights movement and voter frustration with what voters consider overreaching policies by the federal government. “We believe,” he says, “and a lot of justices on the Supreme Court agree

with us—that there is no right to privacy that would allow abortion. Since it’s not mentioned directly in the 14th Amendment, we could use the 10th Amendment and the states’ rights to police themselves and to pass laws regulating morality and health and safety to regulate abortion so it’s not permitted. Basically, it would

“We’re trying to end abortion right now,” says Jones. “All of [the efforts] we’re promoting are direct challenges to Roe v. Wade. If we can get a challenge up to the Supreme Court, then that’s the ideal thing. That’s what we’re trying to do.” The blue “2010 State Ballot Information Booklet” received by registered Colorado voters gives the arguments for Amendment 62: “[the a mendment] ensures that all human life is afforded equal protection under the law. Currently, this right is not recognized [in Colorado] until birth.” Opponents argue that Amendment 62 “may limit the ability of individuals and families to make important health care decisions. The measure could be used to prohibit or limit access to medical care, including abortions for victims of rape or incest, or even when a woman’s life is in danger.” Further, the amendment, if passed, would allow “government intrusion in the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship and could limit the exercise of independent medical judgment.” And the phrase “beginning of the biological development” cannot be easily and conclusively pinpointed, which would mean that “the legislature and the courts will have to decide how a wide variety of laws,

If the amendment is passed, it could be the first step on the journey back to the Supreme Court to force it to reconsider its unconstitutional and increasingly unpopular decision in Roe V. Wade. That alone makes Amendment 62 attractive. be treated the same way as a homicide, where a state can regulate how they punish it and how they try to prevent it, but they could never allow it. We believe respect for life is in the Constitution, so therefore a state could never say you can kill a person.” Jones has put his beliefs to work as the director of Personhood Colorado, the sponsor for Amendment 62, which proposes amending the Colorado Constitution to: apply the term “person,” as used in the sections of the Colorado Bill of Rights concerning unalienable rights, equality of justice, and due process of law, to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.

including property rights and criminal laws, will apply…” A gynecologist from Denver, Dr. Andrew Ross, wrote “Amendment 62 is an assault on women’s health care masquerading as an abortion ban…as a doctor, so much of reproductive health care helps empower women to have choices and take control of their lives. [It] incorporates a narrow political and religious agenda into the Colorado Constitution. It is bad law and bad medicine.” Jones responded by saying, “The truth about Amendment 62 is that Colorado has a long history of being a pro-life state, and no nightmare scenarios [women investigated for miscarriages, doctors prosecuted for performing life-saving procedures, legal hassles] have ever occurred. The opposition does not want people to know that from 1861, when Colorado was not yet a state but a territory, until [April 25, 1967, when Governor John Love signed the bill that caused Colorado to be the first state in the union to legalize abortion], Colorado actually banned all abortions. If the amendment is passed, it could be the first step on the journey back to the Supreme Court to force it to reconsider its unconstitutional and increasingly unpopular decision in Roe v. Wade. That alone makes Amendment 62 persuasive. Bob Adelmann writes regularly for The New American magazine and the online. He and his wife live in Colorado Springs. | 17

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Just ask Randall & Rego We’re Thankful For…


Cindy Lyons, Senior Staff Writer TCT: In these tough economic times it may be difficult for people to think of things to be grateful for. What are you thankful for and why? Randall: At the end of the day if a person would be to lie in bed and to say a goodnight prayer that included what they had to be thankful for they would have to start with waking up and being alive and getting one more day or to do right and become a good person; to work their way through living in America and all of our freedoms; then there would be their families and friends; having a job and having the opportunity to have a job. You would probably fall asleep before you went through all of the things that we have to be thankful for. We are blessed to have been born into this country. My Mom, when I was a little kid, instilled one thing in me, “Don’t ever think more highly of yourself than other people because of a station in life or race or anything like that.” I think there is a day ahead of us where there will be equality for race and for gender. But no matter what your race, gender, politics, or age is you are still better off having been born in the United States of America than anywhere else on the planet. Rego: I am thankful for my family, for my fiance (Ed. Yes, ladies he is officially off the market!), for my friends, to be able to work at KVOR-740 and work with Richard everyday and have the opportunity to help people think through things and to shape opinion at such a time and to talk about politics. There is down time in American politics where not much is going on but now is not such a time. I’m grateful to be able to talk to people every night and help people make the right decisions politically. RIGHT—in capitals! It’s like Richard said. I’m thankful to be an American. Thankful for the service of from the military. I have a father and a brother in the military. There are a lot of things to be thankful for. I think it is important that when people are reading this that they stop and be thankful for everything that has come into their life and it’s good to take a step back and not always focus on the negative.

Randall: Our freedoms and our system allow us to wake up the day after the elections, even if someone we disagree with won and still be thankful that we have a process in this country that allows us to decide. I think that for a long time, many of us took these things for granted. I think there has been a little bit of a wakeup call. Now we don’t take so much for granted. Sometimes you either have to lose something or come close to losing something dear to you before you know how much you value them. We have so much to be thankful for, we could fill your entire edition! TCT: The past few months have been ones of political upheaval in the Republican Party. Personally, I am more grateful than ever to be a Republican but there may be people who are considering changing their affiliation. What are your thoughts on that? Rego: People call in all the time and say, “Jarred are you a ‘party’ guy exclusively? Are you party over principle?” What people have to realize is that I am not a Republican just because I don’t have a “D” by my name or that my parents are Republican. Contrary to what people want to tell you, the Republican Party does stand for something. It does have principles, values, and a good platform. So I don’t mind supporting a party that stands for what I believe in.

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Randall: If everyone would go through the Republican platform plank by plank and ask if they agreed with each one, the average Republican would say that we are not all in lock step. That’s where the media get’s it wrong every time. If you would go to any Tea Party and see the people standing in the audience, you would find that they are very diverse. They are not in lock step but they agree on a lot of issues. There are some social issues that they may disagree on. But at the end of the day when I go through the races and issues, it is not a fluke that I end up circling “Republican, Republican, Republican.” The Richard Randall Show airs weekdays in Colorado Springs from 8:30am to 10am and on Saturdays from 6am to 8am on KVOR radio, 740 AM. The Jarred Rego Show airs weeknights from 10pm to 11pm on KVOR radio, 740 AM.

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Introduction to the Colorado Recall Statute Dusty Foster, Contributing Writer Naysayers will often complain that conducting a recall of an elected politician is a lot of work. Yes, but so is getting a good candidate elected or trying to keep a bad public employee from bringing the local economy to its knees. Fortunately, Colorado is one of the few states that have a recall statute, which explains all the rules for recalling an elected politician. The entire procedure is found in Volume 1, also called Title 1, of the Colorado Revised Statutes, which can be found online or in print at the public library. To read the recall regulations online, Google “Colorado Revised Statutes” and follow the links until you see “Title 1.” Then choose “Article 12.” The first part of this article (1-12-101) describes who can be recalled: basically any elected officer of the state or “or any political subdivision.”

This entire document details how to conduct a successful recall of any elected Colorado politician. For starters, the elected employee must have been in office for at least six months before the recall can officially get under way. There is plenty of preliminary work that can be done, however. For example, you can establish a committee of three voters who will oversee the recall work (required), prepare the petition as described in section 1-12-108, line up someone to take that office if the recall is successful and get people trained and ready to gather signatures. Surprisingly, reasons for recalling an elected employee can be anything you think is worthy of having him or her replaced. The statute expressly says that no one can invalidate your reasons for the recall drive. However, if your reasons are deemed frivolous by voters, you may not get many signatures.

The number of valid signatures needed is determined by a percentage of the number of people who voted for that particular seat in the last general election. Section 1-12-104 explains it clearly. For example, if it’s a state or county officer, then you need 25% of the number of original voters. That is, if 4,000 people voted in the last election in your county commissioner race, including all parties, you would need to gather 1,000 valid signatures. You should always collect more than are required because some people will sign when they are not registered to vote or will use an old address. Once you are ready to get under way, a copy of the petition must be filed and reviewed for all necessary documents. Also at this time, a designated election official is selected. These steps are described in section 1-12-107. Time frames for each step are stated in the statute so nobody can stall the process. Signatures are gathered on the petition and the pages are notarized. If enough valid signatures have been collected, the elected employee in question has an opportunity to file a protest — but his or her reasons for protest are limited to how the recall was conducted, not to whether or not he should stay in office. If he can’t prove the recall was conducted improperly, then a special election is called to let the voters decide whether to keep this person in office or to elect someone who is named on the ballot to replace him. The description for this procedure begins in section 1-12-110. This article is just an introduction to Colorado’s recall process; there’s much

more that could be written about it. The statute is well organized, not terribly lengthy and is written in language any Colorado citizen can understand, though study is required to learn all the details. Win or lose, the recall process has its benefits. Voters who may not have been aware of the unscrupulous actions of an elected employee are educated on the subject and that official’s chances of re-election are greatly reduced. The exposure alone of this scoundrel’s conduct may cause him or her to resign. Even a remote chance that the recall might be successful is enough to get most elected employees to curb their bad behavior in hopes of keeping their jobs. So win or lose, implementing a recall can prove well worth the effort — there have been several successful attempts throughout our state. Elected politicians work for us. If they are bad employees, they should be fired. In most states, voters have to wait until the next election. Thankfully, this is not the case in Colorado. As good citizens, we should use every tool available to ensure that honest, accountable people are working on our behalf. If that is not happening, the recall process is one of the tools an informed citizenry can use to remedy the situation. Dusty Foster lives in rural Fremont County and is the founder of the nationwide project, Vote Trackers, at If you would like to discuss the Colorado Recall Statute, you can email her at with the word “Recall” in the subject line.



20 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

Major vs. Minor Party Status

ble • Gourmet • Delivere a d r o f f A d

Andy Merritt, Guest Writer As we near election day, I have been asked by many voters about some of the more practical effects of their choices in the governor’s race, specifically clarifying major party verse minor party status and its implications. I hope this article will answer those questions for the broader audience as I think it is important that voters make their choice based upon complete and factual information. I am neither trying to address the qualifications of the candidates nor the importance of the office of governor as I think those have been, and continue to be, addressed by others rather effectively. Instead, I will focus on the issue of what happens to the party structure in our state based upon a few scenarios and why it matters. According to state law, the very simple dividing line for party status is whether a party received at least 10% of the vote in the governor’s race in the prior election. So for the Republican Party, our candidate, Dan Maes, would have to receive at least 10% of the vote in the general election Nov. 2. If he does, then nothing changes in our status. If the American Constitution Party (ACP) candidate gets 10% then the ACP would become a major party. Should both things happen, and current polling seems to indicate it will, then the impact on the Republican and Democrat Party would be that the order of ballot placement would rotate between three parties, rather than two. Given that the third party in that mix would be a conservative party, then it would make sense that the Democrats stand to benefit to some degree. While experts give varying importance to the top spot on the ballot, they do tend to assign some value to it. Should the Republican candidate not receive 10%, then the impact is more far reaching. First, the top two ballot spots would rotate between the Democrat and ACP candidates. The Republican candidate would be put into a rotation with all the remaining minor party candidates and would appear at the bottom on some

ballots each election. The full extent of the impact on votes is something that I think none of us could predict. The other big area that minor party status could affect Republican candidates is in fundraising. Minor party candidates do not automatically appear on a ballot in a primary. They only appear if they actually have a primary opponent, whereas major party candidates automatically appear on a primary ballot regardless of whether they have a primary opponent. If a candidates name is not on the primary ballot, then they cannot raise money for that election (in this case the primary election). The effect would be to virtually cut our candidates fundraising in half, as donation limits count per election, with the primary and general elections counting as separate elections for fundraising purposes. So imagine a John Suthers running for reelection to attorney general and not having a primary opponent, yet facing a general election opponent who is actively raising money and fighting for the seat. Suthers would be able to only raise half of what his opponent could in max donations. The only way to avoid that would be to find a nominal primary opponent who had no intention to try and win, ensure that person got on the ballot, and that they lost. While some would say that we could make that scenario happen, isn’t that kind of gaming of the system, no matter how legal it is, the very kind of thing that turns voters off? While you, the reader, will decide for yourself how you want to vote based on a variety of factors, I wanted to ensure that you at least have the facts for this confusing issue. If the Republican Party can provide you with any information to answer other questions you may have, feel free to call the El Paso County GOP office at 578-0022 and we will be happy to answer them. Andy Merritt is the El Paso County GOP Chairperson.

Taxpayer Heroes in the Colorado Legislature Pat Francomano, Contributing Writer Each year, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) rates the legislature from a fiscally conservative, limited government perspective. And each year, CUT recognizes those legislators who scored well enough to be considered taxpayer friendly. Here’s how it works: after scouring the hundreds of bills that have been considered by the legislature during the most recent session, CUT selects about 25 important bills to use in its ratings. The organization takes a position on each bill and gives a legislator credit for each bill on which he or she voted in accord with CUT. A percentage is then computed based on the total votes cast by each legislator. Two levels of recognition are noted: Taxpayer Champion and Taxpayer Guardian. At the 34th Annual Awards Breakfast in September, CUT honored this year’s taxpayer heroes. The following is a list of the winning legislators and their scores.

Senate Taxpayer Champions Bill Cadman, Colorado Springs, 100% Keith King, Colorado Springs, 100% Mike Kopp, Littleton, 100% Scott Renfroe, Greeley, 100% Mark Scheffle, Parker, 100% Dave Schultheis, Colo. Spgs., 100%

House Taxpayer Champion Kent Lambert, Colorado Springs, 100% Senate Taxpayer Guardian Kevin Lundberg, Berthoud, 96% House Taxpayer Guardian Spencer Swalm, Centennial, 96%

Congratulations to the above legislative heroes. If one of your legislators is on the list, be sure to let him know you appreciate his service. If not, ask him or her about their absence from the list. Special recognition is given to Senator Bill Cadman, who has consistently been either a Taxpayer Champion or a Tax-

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Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. —James Garfield, Twentieth President of the United States, 1877

payer Guardian in every session he has served since 2001, both in the Colorado House and Senate. It is not surprising, given CUT’s limited government perspective, that all of the above legislators are Republicans. Nor is it particularly unusual that in neither the House nor the Senate did any Democrat score higher than any Republican. What is notable is the large gap between the lowest Republican scores and highest Democrat scores: almost 19 points in the senate and more than 20 in the house. This is indicative of the huge political and ideological divide between the parties. The claim that “there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference” between the Republican and Democratic parties just doesn’t stand up. For the sake of completeness: CUT’s overall Senate score was 44%, (Republicans 91%, Democrats 13%); the overall House score was 43% (Republicans 87%, Democrats 12%); Governor Bill Ritter’s score was 8%. As a point of interest, CUT rated eight of the 12 House bills, appropriately dubbed the Dirty Dozen stealth tax increase bills because, with prior, and anticipated, help from the Colorado Supreme Court, they avoided a citizen vote as required by the Colorado Constitution under TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights).

The eight rated bills are HB1189-HB1195 and HB1199. The Dirty Dozen bills eliminate, suspend, or limit various sales and use tax exemptions, deductions and credits for businesses, agricultural items, industrial fuels, and grocery products. For example, under these new laws, Coloradans will pay sales taxes on candy and soft drinks, and on online sales by outof-state retailers. The cost of these bills, hundreds of millions of dollars, ultimately falls on consumers and taxpayers, who must give up more of the fruit of their labor; in this case, with no voice in the matter! Pat Francomano is a freelance writer living in Colorado Springs, CO. He is a retired software engineer and holds a master’s degree in mathematics. He is a CTM Toastmaster and focuses on social and political matters as they relate to individual liberty. To learn more about the bills rated by CUT, visit the Colorado Union of Taxpayers at For a national look at voting records of elected officials, scored from a similar viewpoint, visit the National Taxpayers Union at ntu-rates-congress/. | 21

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Where Have All the Conservatives Gone? Jeff Crank, Featured Writer What has happened to conservatives in America? Unfortunately, the days of smaller government are no more. The Republican Party lost control of Congress in 2006 because it decided to trade principle for power. The Republican Party that stood tall against Democrat excesses in 1994 acted out those excesses in 2004 and 2006 and the American people threw them out of office. Republican power brokers became addicted to the flow of pork—choosing to bring home the bacon rather than stick to principle. During my eight years working on Capitol Hill, I found myself constantly trying to reground myself. When you talk about millions and billions every day and every hour it is easy to forget from whence you came. When someone would say, “it’s only $1.3 million,” I often reminded

myself how many taxpayers—how many American families—it took to pay that $1.3 million in taxes. Too few people in Washington today ask that question. When it comes to members of Congress extravagantly spending their office budget or seeking earmarks, too many “conservatives” simply play the game. They decide it is more important to stay in power and win re-election than to stand on the principle for which they were elected and stand for the people who elected them. Too often we see members of Congress reward campaign contributors with earmarks or special favors. Often the transgressors are the “conservatives” that we look to for leadership. When I ran for Congress in 2008 I was the only candidate in the race who signed the “No Earmarks Pledge” vowing that I would not seek any earmarks. I signed that pledge not because it gave me politi-

cal advantage but because I couldn’t look into my children’s eyes and do anything else. Too few candidates and members of Congress take that pledge today. Here in Colorado, Congressman Mike Coffman stands alone in signing that pledge. We should demand that other members of the Colorado Congressional delegation sign the “No Earmarks Pledge” as well. We should not stop writing, calling and e-mailing our members of Congress, including Doug Lamborn until they sign. Why won’t Lamborn sign the pledge? Sadly we’ve come to expect it from Democrats but he is a solid conservative when it comes to fiscal votes so why not sign the pledge and quit the earmarks addition cold turkey? Lead by example. Show your colleagues that you didn’t just go to Washington to bide your time—you went there, in the traditions of Ronald Reagan, to change the way they do business. Change Washington—don’t let it change you. Washington must change its ways and so must Congressman Lamborn. While some of Congressman Lamborn’s earmarks are well vetted and provide for the public good, at least five of his earmarks are to benefit companies— companies that provided campaign contributions to Mr. Lamborn. Even if wellintentioned, earmarks cast a long shadow in Washington. We, as constituents of Congressman Lamborn, have a burden as well. We cannot simply forgive the earmarks that our Congressman supports while railing against the excesses of other members of Congress. See, isn’t that the real problem? Americans detest earmarks

and Congress yet love (and re-elect) their Congressman. It can’t possibly be him, can it? Yes, it can and yes, it is. Our Congressman seeks earmarks. It isn’t just the Democrats fault. It’s our guy. That’s right, the guy we sent to Washington to mind the store. There will be some who may say that my raising this issue is “sour grapes.” So be it—and never mind that they could bring it up as well. We have a country to save. If the price I pay is that some people think I raise this because of “sour grapes,” that is a small price and one I am willing to pay. If I must stand alone, then stand alone I must. I worked in Washington and know all too well how easily some can get sucked in. If you want to take the energy and power from the Tea Parties and take that next step, the time is now. For the sake of our children, we can’t let up. Take a moment this week and call Congressman Lamborn at (202)225-4422 and let him know that you are watching. Let him know that you expect him to sign the no earmarks pledge. Oh, and by the way, you might call Congressman Coffman at (202)2257882 and tell him thank you. If the “No Earmarks Pledge” is good enough for Congressman Mike Coffman, a true fiscal conservative, it should be good enough for Congressman Lamborn as well. No more excuses. No more explanations. No more posturing. No more earmarks. Jeff Crank is the Colorado Director of Americans for Prosperity and host of The Jeff Crank Show on KVOR 740 AM.

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A Crisis of Leadership Alfred C. Maurer, Assistant Editor At the end of last May’s legislative session, Colorado Senate Majority Leader John Morse sent out an email to his list under this quote from Rosalyn Carter: “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be.” His selection of this quote signals that he believes in the Progressive tradition of leadership. Statists of all types believe in leaders. Throughout history people from small tribes to great nations looked to leaders to save them from the crises of the day. Even the Israelites asked God for a king because all the nations around them had kings. What does a leader do? Of course, a leader leads as suggested by Carter’s quote. A leader must have a vision: after all, we don’t want out leaders leading us around in the desert for 40 years. Moses wasn’t a leader in the statist tradition. He was just following God’s instructions. Yet, Moses was a model of leadership for the founders. Bruce Feiler, whose book “America’s Prophet” has been recommended by Glenn Beck, shows how both Washington and Lincoln were compared to Moses in their day. Theirs is a model of what might be called servant leadership: a leader who might actually be reluctant to lead. Contrast this to the modern visionary leader. This person believes he ought to lead—perhaps even that he has a right to lead by virtue of his compelling vision. Professor Tom Krannawitter of Colorado Christian University makes the case that such visionary leadership comes from the socialist-progressive tradition rooted in nineteenth century German philosophy. Even the term “leader” comes from the German language. Consider leader in German is Der Fuehrer. Adolf Hitler was known as Der Fuehrer—a word, by the way, that isn’t used in Germany today. He had a vision. That vision was written in Mein Kampf (My Struggle). How do people know they should follow this leader? There may be competing leaders with differing visions. We see this in almost every electoral contest today. The real leader will have “empathy.” Sound familiar? A recent Supreme Court nominee was praised for her empathy as if it were an important job qualification. To progressives, it is. All you need do is watch or listen to Hitler’s speeches to understand that they are all about emotion, not reason. The resulting aura surrounding the leader with his vision and empathy leads to a cult of personality,

as Khrushchev called the cult of Stalin. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Castro, Saddam Hussein were leaders who cultivated this cult of personality. How about a presidential candidate who appears on a stage with Greek columns and has adoring fans who endow him with rock star status? Is that a cult of personality? Could be, but Americans soon tire of their American Idols. A progressive-style leader is not what we need in our republic. In this representative democracy we need citizens willing to take on the burden of government for a time. We the people are sovereign. We need representatives, not leaders. The legislator, not the chief executive, is the person we expect to govern on our behalf. The executive is a mere administrator. How do we want these legislators to behave? Representative government has produced two kinds of legislators. One kind, named after British statesman Edmund Burke, is a wise person who uses his wisdom to legislate in the best interests of the people. This legislator does not take people where he thinks they should go, but rather where he thinks they want to go. Thus conventional wisdom turns Carter’s idea of who a great leader is on its head. The second kind is named after French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. He believed that the truest from of democracy occurred when everyone voted, but recognizing the impracticality of that, a representative of the people should sort of channel the will of the people. In that case, the legislator need not have any special wisdom beyond the ordinary. There’s a danger in either kind of representative. Whenever the legislator begins to act in his own best interests instead of the People’s interest, he begins to rule instead of govern. Voting by an informed electorate is supposed to solve that problem but clearly in America we’ve had a massive failure: a failure in leadership by the true leaders of our republic, the people. The solution is clear, if difficult to achieve. We need again to elect servant leaders, those like Washington reluctant to take office in the first place and who view their positions as a sacred trust held on behalf of the American people. We know where we want to go; we don’t need a self-appointed elite to tell us. Al Maurer is a former military officer and political science professor called once again to serve the cause of liberty. He writes the blog and hosts a weekly Reclaim the Blue radio show Saturdays at 9am on 1460 KZNT.

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The Centennial State | Colorado Issues

Kitchen Table Politics Local Candidates Leah Hotchkiss, Senior Staff Writer

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24 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

El Paso County has a very good looking Republican ticket this election cycle. Locally we have 15 races. Seven candidates are running for re-election, four of whom are not new to politics, but are running for new positions, and four who are completely new faces. In speaking with these candidates, a few stand out as strong voices for the constitutional movement. Darryl Glenn has been on the Colorado Springs City council, and is now running for County Commission District 1. He has been one of the dissenting conservative voices among liberal posturing. When you see the Colorado Springs City Council pass a government growing measure 7 to 1, Glenn is always the “1.” When asked about county commissioner, he said that he feels the most important part of the job is to ensure that “the county works within the budget that the taxpayers provide,” and that government “use of tax money is a privilege, not a right.” He looks to create a long-term conservative water policy for El Paso County and work closely with the sheriff in matters of public safety. Glenn is, as he stated, “Proud to be a black Republican.” He is a prime example that “The Republican party has always been, and truly is, the party of opportunity.” Glenn’s constitutional understanding and his application of that understanding to local issues will reap benefits for our economy and our community as a whole. Peggy Littleton is running for County Commissioner District 5. She brings to the table a dedication to fiscally conservative policies, and 13 years of experience in government service. Littleton desires to “restore the confidence of citizens in their government” by “proposing creative and innovative solutions to the complex problems that confront us.” Littleton’s proven steady leadership will ensure that El Paso County maintains high quality public service and maintains its foundation of fiscal conservatism. Owen Hill is running for State Senate District 11. His vision for his time in the Senate is long term. He has his eye on the current destructive legislation coming from Denver. “We have created this large and overbearing government over the last 50 years, and setting it right will take time.” Hill would like to change the current ideas we have about government policy and return the power of self-governance back to the people of Colorado. Unfortunately, today “politics is about putting out fires,” Hill said. To offer immediate relief to the people of Colorado, he will tackle the “direct intervention of government into people’s lives.” He wants to quickly “reduce government regula-

tions and taxation” in order to create a climate of prosperity and new economic energy, and return jobs to Colorado. But that is not the limit of his vision. Hill would like to work with other conservatives in the Senate to create a long-term, responsible draw-back of all damaging policies from previous decades. Hill is a man in it for the long haul, not a quick fix. Hill, with a deep commitment to the principles of self-governance, is the prudent and intelligent candidate. Dr. Janek Joshi is running for State House District 14. This man will become one of hardest fighters for the American dream, but no one should take his gentle nature as weakness. As a physician, Joshi brings a new insight into our broken health care system. His goal for his first term in the House would be to “repeal the Dirty Dozen tax bills, the hospital tax, a reduction of government regulations that are killing our economy, and to regain control of the state’s spending.” Joshi is truly the good man who will not stand by and allow the triumph of progressive politics over our constitutional republic. Mark Barker is running for State House District17. With a background in law enforcement, Barker could not stand watching our government continue to grow larger and larger. Barker is especially concerned with the state adherence to TABOR and wants government to “bring tax issues before the voters, which is in line with our constitution.” No more “taxes” masquerading as “fees.” He too will work to repeal the Dirty Dozen, and would cast votes that would bring business back to the state, and correct the economy killing course that we now find ourselves on. Karen Cullen is running for State House District 18. Cullen has worked hard to understand the needs of her community. Like her fellow candidates she understands constitutionally sound policy, and wants to return our state economy to prosperity. However, Cullen wants to focus on being a voice for her community. She has done the leg work to be able to represent her neighbors faithfully at the State House. Truly, she is a voice of the people, which is what American politics should be about. All candidates and websites can be found at Leah is a native of Colorado, wife, mother of 3, and loves individual liberty and freedom. Her feelings on the current political atmosphere are summed up in the quote, “Why stand we here idle? What is it that we patriots wish? What would they give us? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!”

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The Republic as it Stands | National Issues

New Amendments to Restore the Constitution Rep. Kent Lambert, Guest Writer

In his book, “Disrobed, The New Battle Plan to Break the Left’s Stranglehold on the Courts,” New York Times bestselling author Mark W. Smith documented dozens of examples of how activist leftist judges have abused their authority to redefine the text, the intent, and the spirit of the U.S. Constitution to their own political ends. Unlike some conservatives, Smith believes it is too late to turn back the clock on judicial activism. It has become too entrenched in the judicial system to simply erase. Instead, he suggests that conservatives actually embrace

judicial activism as a tool, and actively encourage the appointment of competent conservative judges who actually support original Constitutional intent, and who will act like activists to reverse the precedents set by politically-biased leftists over the past 60 years. In addition to trying to win presidential, gubernatorial, and legislative races alone, Smith calls for “Judicial Reagans” who will champion pro-Constitutional government using our most powerful legal tool, the words and intent of the Constitution itself. Of course, appointing those “Judicial Reagans,” presupposes that we elect proConstitutional presidents and governors

who are willing to do that. Obviously, a President Obama or a Governor Ritter or Hickenlooper won’t do that. Very few voters understand the process of how judges are appointed, or that their vote for a governor is directly connected to those appointments. While it is likely that Clear the Bench Colorado might help correct some past mistakes, the best way to assure good judges is to assure good presidents and governors. Unfortunately, despite a major popular shift away from leftist candidates this year, so much damage has already been done through activist judges that many people are discussing other options to reinforce and strengthen the original intent of the Constitution, including new constitutional amendments. It is now common practice for the national government to treat states as mere vassals of national power, and to exercise powers never granted by the Constitution. Several states, including Colorado, have introduced or passed resolutions to reclaim state powers and state sovereignty under Article IV, Section 4, and the Tenth Amendment. Unfortunately, the national government has typically been as tone deaf as King George III, with little interest in returning powers to the state level. Like Mark Smith suggests, it is time to use the Constitution to fix the abuses that threaten to bring it down. Last month, the Republican Study Committee of Colorado hosted a “State Powers Summit” in Denver. One of the most interesting proposals of reclaiming state powers has been called the “Madison Amendment.” The Madison Amendment gives two-thirds of the states the same power as Congress currently has to propose an individual amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Technically, states now have the power to hold a convention to amend the Constitution, but unlike the days of the Founding Fathers there is a great deal of fear that a “runaway convention” could modify large sections of the Constitution or even replace it entirely. The Madison Amendment could break that deadlock by allowing two-thirds of the states to offer identical and specific amendments, and only one at a time, without a convention. For example, if the Madison Amendment were passed, twothirds of the states could call for specific

amendments to limit federal unfunded mandates, or to eliminate unnecessary federal regulations under the guise of “interstate commerce,” or to impose term limits, or to require a balanced federal budget. If the process were limited to only one amendment with very specific language, the fear of a runaway convention could be eliminated, and the states would be more likely to offer amendments to restore their power and to control federal overreach. Final ratification of such amendments would still require the votes of three-fourths of the states. Of course, getting a pro-state powers amendment passed is not trivial. With all the special interests involved, Congress would be hesitant to initiate an amendment that could specifically limit its power. On the other hand, if the states actually call for an Article V Constitutional convention, it might scare the Congress into action. To pass the Madison Amendment though a constitutional convention, but

It is now common practice for the national government to treat states as mere vassals of national power and to exercise powers never granted by the Constitution.

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Kent Lambert is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and is currently a Colorado State Representative running for State Senate.


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to assure against a runaway convention, the states could all pass identical laws to legally restrict delegates to vote only for the language of the Madison Amendment, and prohibit any action beyond that specific, narrowly-defined scope. If constitutionalists want to restore the principles of our American constitutional heritage, it is time for the people to act. Constitutional changes should never be taken lightly, but when basic constitutional principles have been grossly undermined by small numbers of judges and politicians, new amendments to restore the powers of the states and the rights of the people are more than appropriate, they may be essential. Citizens should learn more about the Madison Amendment, and other proposed constitutional amendments, and exercise the powers the Framers originally envisioned for them to protect the intent of the Constitution.

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26 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

Thankful, Indeed

Brian Beck, Contributing Writer

We were born in a country that has afforded us many blessings and many gifts. As with any culture, we have our own faults and flaws. We cannot improve a country by dwelling on our imperfections, but by focusing on those attributes and qualities that are honorable and influence the newer generations to embrace duty and sacrifice to preserve and bestow this human experiment to future generations.

its citizens because they hold a different religious view. Let us be thankful that tonight the government will not knock on our door in the still of the night only to have a member of our family taken; never to be seen again because their political beliefs were a threat to someone in power. Let us be thankful that our wives or daughters will not be forced to have an abortion because the ill-functioning government cannot properly feed its own population. Let us be thankful that we may protest our government freely out in the open without fear of being gunned down in the public square. We need to reflect and remember the freedoms we enjoy and all too often take for granted in this country. We need to exercise duty and honor the sacrifice that was expended to give us these gifts. We need to do so that we may not have to tell out grandchildren or generations to come that we failed to preserve liberty and left them to exist in the afterglow of the last best hope for mankind. Stand up for your country and exercise the right this November that was dearly paid for with many lives. Vote this November and vote for your country.

“Improving your image one document at a time”

We need to reflect and remember the freedoms we enjoy and all too often take for granted in this country. We are free from much of the misery that the rest of the world endures on a daily basis. We do not have to walk for miles to gather water for drinking. We generally do not wonder from where our next meal is coming from; our farms provide much of the food the world consumes. Up until recently, we had several opportunities for employment and were not forced into one job or trade for the rest of our lives. Much of the basic necessities we do not even give thought to, but what about the freedoms that facilitate these things we take for granted? Let us be thankful that tomorrow morning we do not wake up in a country that allows the wholesale slaughter of

Brian Beck is a local small businessman and Air Force veteran concerned with intrusive government.

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Common Defense | Military Appreciation

Hometown Hero: Millicent Young WWII WASP William T. Gillin, Founding Editor For decades, female pilots were relatively rare in a male-dominated profession. A few women, however, had the determination and grit to make it into the fraternity—or sorority—of flight. Such were the Women Airforce Service Pilots, the WASPs of World War II. Millicent Amanda Peterson Young of Colorado Springs knew since she was a young girl that she wanted to be a pilot. Growing up on her family’s farm in western Nebraska, she had watched airplanes fly over as they followed the “iron compass,” the railroad between Denver and Omaha. When she was six years old, she had her first up-close encounter with a plane when it landed in their pasture. She was excited and couldn’t wait to fly one herself. She devoured books about flying

display when she made a refueling stop in Carlsbad, NM. A young male private drove up in the fuel truck and watched as Young slid back the canopy and fluffed out her hair. He was shocked to see a female pilot, and exclaimed, “What are you doing in the cockpit? I should be in there! I’m the man!” Young still laughs as she relates how she shot back with, “Honey, if you were, I would have noticed!” One day in Texas, some WASPs approached an Army airfield, and the tower announced that women pilots were landing. Men rushed out to the flight line to see if the ladies could handle the crosswinds or if they would ground loop. Young claims that their landings were flawless, and when they met the men, it was a contest to see who would take each WASP to dinner. The WASPs were disbanded in December 1944, and Young returned to Nebraska to finish college. She flew only occasionally after that, and enjoyed taking boyfriends up and scaring them with aerobatics. She met her future husband, William A. Young, at the University of Nebraska, but he claimed it was their second meeting. He had been watching at the Texas flight line, and was disappointed that he hadn’t been chosen for a date with her. The couple married in 1946 and began raising five children. Young decided to go into social work because she wanted to help people help themselves. She had just been hired with Colorado Springs Social Services in 1969 when her husband was killed in a mining accident near Buena Vista. She continued working to support the family, and retired from Social Services in 1990. On March 10, 2010, Young and 176 other former WASPs attended a special ceremony in Washington D.C. They were presented with the highest civilian award, the Congressional Gold Medal. Young will be honored again in Colorado Springs on November 6 when she will be the Grand Marshall of the Veterans’ Day Parade.

“What are you doing in the cockpit? I should be in there! I’m the man!” and remembers stories of aviation pioneers Charles Lindberg and Wiley Post. Young helped her father farm. At age 18 she rented farm land and harvested her own crop. With her profits, she took the bus to Ogallala, NE where she found a job and started flying lessons. After flight training and two years of college, she applied to the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots. Of the 25,000 applicants, Young was one of just over 1,000 who were chosen and completed training. The WASP organization was created in 1943 to free up male pilots for combat during World War II. The women flew training missions and ferried airplanes. Although they were civilians employed by the US Army Air Forces, they wore dark blue uniforms, similar to those of the future US Air Force. Young says, with a smile, that they were Air Force before the US Air Force was formed as a separate branch in 1947. Young spent most of 1944 in the southwest US flying training missions. One of her frequent duties was towing targets with an AT-6 single-engine trainer, giving fighter pilots something to shoot at. Occasionally, one of the tow planes would take some bullets, but Young came out unscathed. Working in a “man’s world,” Young was used to taking grief from men, but she gave it back. Her sharp wit was on

WWII Veterans Receive Legacy Medallions Jane Rodgers, Guest Writer We promised the WWII veterans at the Peak Grill that come heck or high water we were going to get them that beautiful Legacy Medallion that was around Duke Boswell’s neck and in Harvey Visnaws display case, and by jiminy we did it. The Legacy Medallion Ceremony, held in the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort’s ballroom, was wonderful. As you walked into the ballroom, the WWII reenactors stood by their tables showing all the WWII memorabilia they brought. Dining tables soon filled up with veterans in their uniforms from 65 years ago, suits and ties, fancy dresses on the ladies—it was a wonderful sight. The stage was set for the recipients of this beautiful award; I still can’t believe that we had 58 veterans that signed up for the medallion. Over 200 paid guest came to watch our “Greatest Generation of War Heroes” receive this Medallion; family and friends filled the ballroom. I had invited the Gazette, News 5, and Channels 11 and 13. I was thrilled to have the media cover this ceremony. Thank you, Channel 11, for staying almost all night, and News First 5 for coming out and interviewing these great veterans and making them all feel so special. We all owe these WWII vets so much for all they have done for us, and we can’t have people forget about them. Please come out to our upcoming ceremonies—we would love to have you. Dorothy Gunn, wife of medal recipient Jim Gunn, told about a waiter named Anthony who was so impressed with all the stories that he was hearing and especially Jim Gunn’s WWII story. She said that Anthony came over to Jim, opened his hand, and said, “I want you to have these.” He put four beautiful studs from his shirt in

Jim and Betty Hye

Jim’s hands, and then said, “please keep these because I am so honored and proud to be working tonight for all the WWII veterans.” What an unbelievable story about this young man being touched just by listening to all these WWII heroes as he was serving them dinner. Jerry Zoebisch, Secretary of the Air Academy chapter of the NCOA, read biographies of the recipients as their names were called. While most presenters were family members, others were teens from Widefield High School JROTC, WWII re-enactors and our special guest, Admiral James Winnefeld of NORAD/ NORTHCOM. Navy JROTC also conducted a flag-folding ceremony. This Medallion Ceremony was an event to remember, and one I know Colorado Springs WWII veterans will never forget . A monthly veterans luncheon is held the Peak Grill Restaurant on Centennial Blvd every 2nd Tuesday at 11 am. All vets are welcome. Jane Rodgers may be reached at 719-638-1770.

Young will be the Grand Marshall of the Veterans’ Day Parade in Colorado Springs. William T. Gillin is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and is a commercial pilot.

Recipients of the Legacy Medallion

Admiral James Winnefeld and friends.

28 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

Remember Those Who Served Reconnect with American Values, History Ralf Zimmermann, Guest Writer Once again we’re approaching Veterans Day, which for most people merely signifies another long weekend and mega-sales at the mall. Many don’t know what the day really means and what opportunity it represents to explore our rich American history and military traditions. World War I ended with the Treaty of Versailles in France on June 28, 1919. Fighting had ceased seven months earlier when an armistice between the allied nations and Germany was reached on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. For that reason, November 11, 1918 became generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.” In November 1919, President Wilson designated November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day. His speech included the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…” By statute in 1938, the 11th of November became a legal holiday known as Armistice Day. It was primarily designated to honor veterans of World War I. In 1954, after World War II and the Korea War, Congress, at the urging of the vet-

erans service organizations, amended the Act of 1938 by changing Armistice Day to Veterans Day. That year, November 11th became a day for honoring all American veterans, regardless of which war. Given its historic significance, I’d encourage all Americans to honor those who have served, sacrificed and are serv-

Bernstein’s fun venture place with automatic weapons in free-fire mode and flamethrowers roasting Bin Laden lookalikes. But I can tell you that this dedicated patriot, arms enthusiast, libertarian and hobby historian has indeed assembled a museum with rare displays that puts many official museums to shame. “Dragon Man” Mel’s museum can take you from the trenches of WWI on a journey that covers all our conflicts up to Operation Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. His dioramas are the real thing and his mannequins wear authentic period uniforms. They are armed with functional weapons—and even the ammunition is the real deal. Not only the American side is well represented but also the enemies from all eras, and with some of the rarest displays of equipment and action photographs. Mel, a personable, knowledgeable and technically most versatile host even maintains a full-fledged motor pool with nearly 100 operational vehicles. Included are jeeps, half-tracks, armored personnel carriers and an operational M47 Patton tank from the Korean War. Dragon Man’s displays not only cover the technical aspects of warfare but also show you why we fight, the logistical needs of warfare and the dire conse-

Given Veterans Day’s historic significance, I’d encourage all Americans to honor those who have served, sacrificed and are serving and to contemplate the origins, meaning and results of war in human history. ing and to contemplate the origins, meaning and results of war in human history. There are many ways to do that in our fine military-friendly community. Yes, attend the local veterans’ parades but also dare to venture out to visit some of our military installations and their museums. Go and actually talk to the troops—many of whom are hardened veterans of countless combat deployments and visit the various memorials for our fallen. Another great local opportunity to widen your horizon and learn about our rich military past could be an adventure excursion to the quite famous “Dragon Man Range.” Many locals associate Mel

quences of war. His Holocaust display with authentic prisoner uniforms and even soap made of human origins makes you shiver and reminds you that some wars are justified and necessary, especially when human dignity and values are at stake. Shipment crates for soldier remains from the WWII era are also a sober reminder of the casualties of war. Water containers, unopened cigarette packs, foot-powder cans, plus other comfort items show how soldiers have dealt with battlefield deprivations during all wartime deployments. These are but a few suggestions to celebrate Veterans Day and contemplate the importance of being prepared for conflict in order to achieve and preserve peace as the ultimate strategic end-state. George Washington recognized that in a letter he wrote in 1780. He wrote: “There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.” Have a good Veterans Day and thank you to all those fellow vets, citizens and neighbors who continue to serve to protect our great nation. Lt Col. (ret.) Ralf W. Zimmermann of Colorado Springs is a former US Army tank battalion commander and Desert Storm veteran. He writes and speaks on diverse military topics. You can contact him at


Colorado Springs Military Museum Where everything is fully operable.

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Tours start at 10:00 am - 12:00 am - 2:00 pm - $8.00 per person Call Dragon Man for more info (719) 683-2200 1200 Dragon Man Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80929

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Special Honor for 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots Dwan Rager, Featured Writer

Citation 1

Operation Freedom: The accompanying United States flag was honorably flown aboard an AC—130H Spectre Gunship, Tail # 69-6570 on 11 September, 2010 in support of Special Operations Forces over Afghanistan. Presented to the Pikes Peak Patriots

Citation 2

Let it be known to all: this flag was flown in the face of the enemy, illuminated in the dark and bears witness to the removal of terrorists forces threatening the

United States of America. It was flown with pride over the compound of our nation’s elite Task Force, in remembrance of all innocents who have lost their lives in terrorists attacks Flown on the 11th of September, 2010 Bagram, Air Force Base, Afghanistan in Honor of the Pikes Peak Patriots.

I don’t think enough can ever be said to, or about, these brave young men and women who put everything on the line for our freedom. As a civilian, it is something I will never be able to fully grasp the depth of, yet I, as well as all the other 9-12ers in the room that night, are deeply grateful for their sacrifice and service. Our little gifts are so inadequate, yet they meant enough to them that they would fly the American flag in the face of the enemy and do it in our honor. What a testament to the character and heart of those soldiers and patriots! Here on this side of the world, we are patriots fighting a battle of a different kind yet our mission is the same, defending our liberty and freedom. We sacrifice so little in comparison but just maybe, one day soon, we might be able to send them a flag in return and the citation would read:

Flown on November 2, 2010 over the capitol building of the United States of America, as a testimony to our victories on the day we officially began to take our country back! Flown in honor of all those who fight the battle over there, securing our freedom to fight the battle here. To all the men and women currently serving and who have ever served in our military may God bless you!

Dwan Rager is an RN but is currently working to promote the values and principles so important to her and others in the 9/12 Project. She is a local leader with the 9/12 Pikes Peak Patriots in Colorado Springs and is excited about the impact they and so many others are having on the local, state and national levels.

Photo by Jimmie Butler

It was a humbling event for all of us. Little did we know that several months earlier when we agreed to be a part of the Adopt a Soldier program and send small gifts of appreciation to an Air Force unit fighting in Afghanistan, we would be so overwhelmed by their response of gratitude. At a recent meeting of the Colorado Springs 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots, an American flag sent all the way from Afghanistan was displayed before the group, while two accompanying citations were read. The following are the incredible words we felt unworthy to hear:

Pikes Peak Patriot 9-12 members display the flag they received from troops in Afghanistan.

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Eternal Vigilance | The Fight Against Tyranny

Billy Clubs and Scared Poll Watchers Mean Stolen Elections

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Hill said. The poll-watcher was afraid to testify because he lives in that neighborhood, Hill added. Hill also observed several white voters leave the polling place when confronted by the Panthers. Incredibly, Jerry Jackson, one of the black-shirts outside that polling place, was actually a credentialed poll watcher for the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign. After Obama’s political appointees in the Department of Justice (DOJ), over the objections of six career prosecutors, dismissed the case the department had already won against him and others, Jackson was free to once again watch the polls during municipal elections in May of 2009. Obama and his DOJ have clearly violated their oaths of office in choosing not to enforce the Voting Rights Act. They have emboldened the lawbreakers who would deprive us of our self-determination, and ironically have abetted the very bigotry the Voting Rights Act was created to stop. When our voting rights are usurped, our government is stolen from us. Today, historians and political pundits agree that the Chicago machine stole the 1960 election for John F. Kennedy, who won the pivotal state of Illinois by only 9,000 votes, but the city of Chicago by an overwhelming 450,000 votes. Helpful Democratic judges were everywhere, assisting voters, especially dead ones, and intimidating poll watchers like my mom in a colossal vote heist masterminded by Mayor Richard J. Daley, father of the current Chicago mayor. In a November 7, 2010 Washington Post article, Peter Carlson writes that reporters in 1960 witnessed so much voter fraud by the Democrats that the Chicago Tribune stated, “the election of November 8 was characterized by such gross and palpable fraud as to justify the conclusion that [Nixon] was deprived of victory. ” And that without the assistance of ACORN, or its slippery, recently renamed tentacles. Could it happen again this November, with the Anointed One’s entire imperial agenda reeling off a cliff? According to J. Christian Adams, the prosecutor who quit over the Panther outrage, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes last November told DOJ prosecutors that the “Motor Voter” law’s Section 8, requiring that local officials purge their rolls of relocated, ineligible and dead voters, will not be enforced. Adams says Fernandes, an Obama political appointee, stated: “We have no interest in enforcing this provision of the law. It has nothing to do with increasing turnout, and we are just not going to do it.” Ahhh, increasing voter turnout. President Obama, the civil rights attorney whose political power was born and bred in the town where “vote early and vote often” was coined in 1960, knows all about that.

Could it happen again this November, with the Anointed One’s entire imperial agenda reeling off a cliff?

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The small, blond woman rose at 4:30 a.m. the morning of the 1960 presidential election and dressed in a skirt and blouse and white tennis shoes, having learned from years of poll-watching that the day would not end with happy feet. Her fellow Republican poll watcher honked in the dark in front of the red brick home she shared with her husband and four children in a middle-class suburb of Chicago. It was more than an hour’s drive to the polling place assigned by the GOP leadership. She had worked elections in many suburbs, but never in Chicago, and never anywhere like Cabrini-Green, a notorious warren of urban renewal government housing festering with gang violence, rape, and drug murders that grabbed nationwide headlines. Steel fencing ringed the open balconies to prevent residents from throwing garbage, and each other, off the buildings, and acres of concrete made the place into grim prison blocks.

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People were already voting when the suburban poll-watchers arrived. The Republicans noticed they were the only white-bread folks at this picnic, and then they noticed how very helpfully the Democratic election judges led each voter into the booth and stood alongside in case there were any questions about how to vote. When the feisty, middle-aged blond lady in tennis shoes immediately objected, the judges responded. “They just very nicely escorted me out to the sidewalk, and walked back in and closed the door,” she recalls a half-century later. She’s still a feisty, rock-steady Reagan conservative, and at age 90 she’s still rising early, lacing up her tennies, and grabbing her “Stop the March to Socialism” sign to join the local Tea Partiers on a nearby corner. She’s my mom. This family story she’s recounted since we were kids came rushing back to me when I saw video of the New Black Panthers strutting and threatening voters in front of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008. It wasn’t just the billy clubs and racist rants, it was the very effective way these weapons of hate struck fear into even the election officials, poll watchers like my mom. Eyewitness Chris Hill testified before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission last April that his election-day team responded to a desperate call for help from a black poll watcher. The man and his wife felt endangered when a Panther thug called them “race traitors,” warning the poll-watcher that if he stepped outside the building, there would be “hell to pay,”

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The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. —Patrick Henry

Liberals Fear to Venture Where They Do Not Rule Jay Cadillac, Contributing Writer This is a recent e-mail I received (edited and condensed) from a non-fan of Tea Parties, conservatives, Republicans in general, and Jay Cadillac, in particular: “Do you ever watch anything but Fox News? Guess you want the rich to get richer and the middle class to become the poor … I love my Medicare …. Maybe you can pay for your own health care, but many of us can’t.” Written by a woman long active in “Democritter” politics, this short missive blasted me for sending her a YouTube link to a video parody of Obamacare. (Go to and type in “universal car care.” It should be the top pick, and you

rior medicine in the form of long waiting lines, indifferent caregivers, doctors abandoning the profession, higher premiums and/or higher taxes, rationed care, etc. It’s true that our health care and insurance systems need a lot of reforming. But even with its ills it’s America, not Canada or Britain or Cuba, that foreigners come to for medical care if they are fortunate enough to have that choice. Do I want the rich to get richer and the middle class poorer, as my non-fan charges? Liberals are notoriously selective readers of history. Liberals still believe, for example, that tax cuts hurt the economy. At least three times in modern history, tax-rate cuts led directly to a prospering economy: during the Harding/Coolidge administrations, the Kennedy/Johnson years, and, most famously, when Ronald Reagan cut top tax rates from 70% to 28% and for more than a quarter-century the Gross Domestic Product soared and joblessness shrank almost without interruption. To pay for the enormous future entitlements of Obamacare, the middle class will necessarily find itself increasingly impoverished by large tax hikes. There simply are not enough rich people around, even if you taxed them at 100%. If the middle class rebels, as indeed it might since we are generally not as herdable and compliant as Europeans and Canadians, health care will have to be rationed. What I want, ma’am, is for the rich to get richer and the poor to get richer, too. That’s precisely what happened under Reaganomics. Now, as to the charge that I view the world only through the filters of Fox News. No, I don’t. I scour the websites of the left daily.  I also reject the assertion that Fox is blatantly biased toward the right. Fox is nowhere near as conservative as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and your daily paper are reliably liberal. Fox has more liberal pundits than, say, PBS or NBC have conservative ones. But I strongly suspect that steadfast liberals, such as my e-mailer, recoil at the notion that it is they who should respectfully listen to the contrarians, to the non-establishment media of TV and the Internet. Perhaps they are subliminally frightened by what they fear they might find there: common sense and rational discourse that threaten to undermine their own prejudices. Who knows—they might stumble onto a parody of Obamacare that amuses at first, then scares the hell out of them.

Many people are incapable of examining plentiful evidence that nationalized health care, as in Canada and Europe, invariably leads to inferior medicine. must watch it.) It’s an ingenious parody which slyly begs the question, “What if the principles of Obamacare were applied to auto repair shops?” A fellow looking for a brake job visits his governmentassigned shop and finds a crew of surly, snarling mechanics, interrupted from their coffee break, who make him fill out a thick stack of forms before informing him the wait will be 13 weeks. When the head snarler learns that the car is a 1993 model, he deems it too old for such “major repairs,” and suggests society and the environment would be better off if the “otherwise great-shape, low-mileage” car were to be euthanized. I’m glad you love your Medicare, ma’am. You’re almost a generation older than I am, and it’s likely yours or mine will be the last to find Medicare very lovable. Changing demographics make the program unsustainable and ensure it will become insolvent in 2016. Apparently my e-mail communicant believes Obamacare will bring a form of Medicare to Americans of all ages. If she believes the mistruths spread during the law’s passage, it will offer topnotch care to rich and poor alike at lower prices and will also magically reduce the deficit. What’s more, it will not lead to rationed care. Best of all, if we like our present insurance coverage we can keep it. (Honest! The president said so himself.) Young children are expected to shed their fantasies about tooth fairies and Santa Claus as they grow older. By the time they reach adulthood, they should have attained some degree of sophistication while developing their BS detector. Sadly, many people seem perpetually stuck in childhood. They are incapable of examining plentiful evidence that nationalized health care, as in Canada and all over Europe, invariably leads to infe-

Jay Cadillac is a former newspaperman and currently a freelance writer. Contact him at

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The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing. —John Adams | 33

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Is it Time for Rebellion, Democrats? Col Jimmie H. Butler, USAF Ret, Contributing Writer As I write, the tsunami is days away from hitting the shores of Democratland. On November 2, maybe a loving God will show mercy to the Democratic Party that now has no honor or integrity—but I doubt it. Only two years ago Democrats were proclaiming the demise of the GOP. Yet the Democratic Party is about to suffer its biggest rejection ever by American voters. What happened? Short answer: the party was hijacked by a small minority of dedicated Alinsky-ites that has allowed that minority to seriously damage America and what used to be the Democratic Party. Though I was never a member or supporter, I miss the Democratic Party of my youth. I can only imagine how I’d feel today and on November 3 if I had invested my passions and trust in the hijacked party. I came of age in the 1950s. We shared the streets with many men who won World War II on battlefields around the world. Americans stood together in the Cold War against Communist expansion and the threat of World War III. Republican and Democrat leaders put the interests of America over the interests of their political parties. Politics ended at the water’s edge, and we showed a strong, united front to America’s enemies. I don’t advocate returning to the segregation policies of the Democrat-lead south of those years. If you’re younger and have fallen for liberal propaganda labeling Republicans as racists, I recommend you do some Internet research. Look up such Democrat segregationist governors/ senators as Orval Faubus, Robert Byrd, George Wallace, and J. William Fulbright (Bill Clinton’s mentor). Check out the Southern Manifesto, the 57-day Democrat filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever.” This is not a chapter of the Democratic Party history that should be repeated. For decades the Democratic Party of old has withered. Thanks to more Dems becoming disciples of Marxist Saul Alinsky, leftist protests attacked the American military during the Vietnam War. Americans on the left gave aid and comfort to the enemy, and Democrat leaders tolerated it. We had never seen that on such a scale before. If you’re a Democrat today, are you proud of your party’s anti-military leaders? Such stands would have pleased Alinsky, but they do a disservice to America’s men and women who fight daily against Islamic radicals. Alinsky taught that truth is relative and changing. So leaders of today’s Democrat party routinely lie straight-faced to the American people. That explains, in part, the leftist hostility to such traditional American institutions as the Boy Scouts. Long ago I learned “A scout is trustworthy. . ..” The Scouts were never an organization that preached the ends justify the means. The Alinsky-ites recognize that

such traditional American institutions as the Boy Scouts and Judeo-Christian churches must be undercut before Marxism-Socialism can replace America’s way of life. My Democrat parents and sister were common, hard-working Americans who believed in honor and integrity. If alive today, they wouldn’t look at serial liars in the leadership and say, “I guess that’s okay because they’re Democrats.” Such is the hypocrisy of today’s hijacked party. Most black voters support Democrats each year. Unfortunately, since radicals hijacked the party, such loyalty is rewarded with policies that have done much to destroy the black family unit. I’ve never been to Harlem, but I’ve heard the Harlem of today doesn’t compare to earlier years. Black parents yearn to remove their children from failing schools. One of the first actions by the 2009 national Democrat leadership was to cater to the wants of union leaders over the needs of some black school children in Washington, D.C. Democrat Senator Durbin was a leader in cutting off funding for a highly successful school voucher program that let those children go to some

Only two years ago Democrats were proclaiming the demise of the GOP. Yet the Democratic Party is about to suffer its biggest rejection ever by American voters. of the same private schools attended by children of Democrat elitists. Loyal black voters should be ready to rise up against the Alinsky-ites who pander at election time but implement policies that damage black families once the votes are counted. The Justice Department excuses voter intimidation—if done against white people. The National Organization for Women wing of today’s Democrat Party jumps on any real or imagined slur by a Republican but excuses real degrading insults by Dems such as Jerry Brown or Chuck Schummer. The list goes on of hypocrisy, corruption, and the ignoring of inconvenient laws and the Constitution by today’s Democrat party. If I were a Democrat, I would want honor and integrity returned to my party. I can guarantee you that my sister would have been rebelling long before now! I’m hoping that the good people who come from proud Democrat families soon—like maybe starting on November 3—will stand determined to take their party back. America needs you to right these wrongs. Jimmie H. Butler is a retired USAF veteran who flew 240 combat missions in Cessnas, mostly over the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Laos. He is the author of A Certain Brotherhood and two technothrillers. Jimmie H. Butler is a retired USAF veteran who flew 240 combat missions in Cessnas, mostly over the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Laos. He is the author of A Certain Brotherhood and two technothrillers.

Alinsky-ites On Display at Election Time Ninth in a Series on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals An American Patriot, Contributing Writer Houston, however, raises concerns. A late September Patriots for America posting ( forum/topics/more-on-houston-voterfraud?xg_source=activity) tells of considerable fraud uncovered by True the Vote. A group, Houston Votes, which is headed up by a SEIU employee, has reportedly submitted 25,000 new voter registrations. True the Vote has turned over information to the Texas secretary of state’s office and the Harris County district attorney claiming only 1,793 of those 25,000 registration forms appear valid. Voter fraud on that scale could reverse the will of the You’re display self-centeredness with people in many local/state elections. In an overestimation of your abilities. how many Democrat strongholds across You’re never wrong. You can readily see America are fraudulent registrations by yourself as a messiah who has come to the tens of thousands being absorbed save us from ourselves. You likely startinto the voter rolls? I expect the state of ed out with a small number of followers, Texas will handle this case—and maybe but your excessive need for admiration even jail some of those who are dedicated fuels your compulsion to be center-stage to stealing elections. I doubt the Obama/ to seek more admirers. You count on Holder Department of Justice will feel loyalty within your cult of personality to any compulsion to root out other attrump integrity. tempts at massive voter fraud. I picture Alinsky has further insulated you Alinsky smiling, shrugging, and saying, from any pangs of conscience. He set you “Hey, the ends justify the means.” free to make truth whatever you say it November 2nd can’t end our quest to is. You’re so important you’re above the take America back from the continuing rules and laws that apply to lesser beings. evil done by the Alinsky-ites. We must You corrupt good people, your party’s be forever vigilant. We need a network elitists, and others whose integrity isn’t of organizations like True the Vote to strong enough to stand up for what is make sure we can stop such outlandish right. When necessary, you rewrite your attempts at voter fraud if the existing nethistory and convince others to now parwork, known as the Department of Jusrot your new truth. tice, won’t. When you seek greater dominance In campaigns nationwide we see the through political office, Alinsky’s rule routine Alinsky-ite demonization of opbook gives you weapons to apply ruthponents such as the more publicized lessly. You focus on enemies who might examples in get in your C a l i f o r n i a , way. You urge Delaware, Coloyour followrado, Connectiers to isolate cut, Nevada, opposing canand New York. didates from The radical libtheir supporterals are desers and unleash perate to draw a daily barrage voters’ attenof character astion away from sassination on the terrible your chosen economy and enemy. It’s the the damage to big lie told over Saul Alinsky America done and over in the by the Obama Administration and the form of the new truth you are defining Reid-Pelosi big-spending congress. for everyone. You recognize the easiest The late mailing of ballots in states way to win your election is to force—if such as New York will likely invalidate possible—your strongest opponents to the votes of many brave troops deployed withdraw. If the lies in your new truth are in harm’s way around the world. Another discovered later, you don’t care. The ends smiley-face for Alinsky. justify the means. You don’t worry about Then there’s Michelle Obama elecwhat damage you leave behind for your tioneering in a polling place on the imparty and the electorate, because you portance of maintaining her husband’s deny anything is ever your fault. agenda. Was lawyer Michelle ignorant But enough about Tom Tancredo and of the law? Administration mouthpiece how much similarity we see between him Gibbs excused the violation of law by sayand Obama in their arrogant and selfing everyone already knows who she’s for serving quests for power. anyway. But then Alinsky-ites are above Alinsky’s legacy is alive—if not so well the laws that apply to us lesser beings. this year—in the Democrat attempts to Alinsky would be proud. limit the damage from the flood of anThe more you know about Alinsky’s gry voters eager to cast 2010 ballots. We tactics, the less this administration will hope the sentiment of “throw the bums get away with treating the American peoout” is so strong that even organized ple like ignorant sheep. ACORN-style election fraud won’t make Vote on November 2, if not before! any difference anywhere. News out of We’ve seen how the Marxist Alinsky’s rules for taking power have undercut America for decades. We’re witnessing destruction that results when a narcissist uses Alinsky’s tactics in a quest to take over and get more time in the spotlight. Let’s review some telltale signs you’ll display if you’re a narcissist employing Alinsky tactics against your enemies—real or perceived.

When you seek greater dominance through political office, Alinsky’s rule book gives you weapons to apply ruthlessly.

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If you examine the current political races there is a common theme: elitists are going down. Last January, Massachusetts’ perennial elite senator, Ted Kennedy, passed away. His seat was taken by Republican Scott Brown. In California we see career politician Jerry Brown in an ugly battle with Meg Whitman the former CEO of Ebay and Barbara Boxer who is known for loving her title is in a title fight with Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard. These contests are delivering a blow to their egos. Nancy Pelosi, the current speaker of the House, is known as a San Francisco liberal and to many is the picture of elitism. She is being confronted and sufficiently challenged by conservative John Dennis; we have our hopes. In Nevada Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed is being upstaged by upstart Sharron Angle; this makes some of us giddy. In fairness, Republicans are quick to shame their own Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski for her elitist attitude and refusal to bow out of the race gracefully, having lost the primary. Elitism is a weird sickness as it makes everyone who comes in contact with it sick, yet the carrier seems oblivious to their plague of conceit and privilege. Elitism is the belief or attitude that some individuals can form an elite or select group because of their wealth or their education or their address as the entrance criteria. This group is then deemed to be the group with extraordinary skill and rendered as the ones fit to govern. Elitism refers to special privileges, a snobby social class and a hoity-toity attitude. You will notice that most of the elite have a law degree from some prestigious institution which seems to make them out to be a blue blood of sorts. I believe that most of this class believe in social Darwinism and feel that they are in this position because they are the fittest and they have survived. This attitude is all the more reason to disassociate ourselves from any of Darwin’s theories. The truth is clear: the Tea Party has had a powerful impact on turning our prodigal country back to our core values, and

like the Prodigal Son Jesus talked about in Luke’s gospel Chapter 15, we are coming to our senses. If conservatives can prove that we, as individuals and again as a corporate movement, are truly altruistic and sincerely care for hurting people, then the majority of voters will ask conservatives to serve in leadership. Social Darwinism is a quest for power and control, while true altruism is a sincere self-less concern for the welfare of others. Altruism in reality is the opposite of egoism. I once heard a Christian

Social Darwinism is a quest for power and control, while true altruism is a sincere selfless concern for the welfare of others. speaker define EGO to mean: Edging God Out. At the heart of this new change you can believe in is a deeper look into our Declaration of Independence. In the second paragraph we read: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” In these dear words we witness the cure-all for the disease of elitism. The precious antidote to elitism is the reality that in God our Creator all people have value and that we derive our dignity and worth from Him. Therefore, it behooves us to live as if there are no little people, because before God there are none. If anyone had the right to act like a privileged person, it was the Son of God Himself. Yet, when He came to us, He came humbly, and demonstrated a selfless concern for the welfare of others. I am not talking about a government instituted welfare program; I am talking about each of us sincerely caring for the poor and the needy. If we can show that we truly do care, then we will earn the trust of the people and the responsibility of leadership. To me the word CARE stands for Character, Attitude, Responsibility and Effort. In a world that acts as if it couldn’t care less, let us be people who couldn’t CARE more. Sid Huston is an inspirational speaker and counselor.

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38 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

members may find themselves feeling like Sam Adams, but in reality risk very little. The vast majority of our founders and members of the Sons of Liberty knew all too well that everything they had, all that they loved and cherished, including their lives, was at risk. Death by a hangman’s noose was a potential reality. The one comparison that is equal to our founders is that today’s grassroots activists and liberty movement members share the desire to live free with liberty and to end the tyranny of a hubris infected government. Our founders’ fight against the crown began years before the shot that was heard around the world on that bridge in Concord. The grassroots have just begun to fight and the establishment

This freedom movement that was once called the silent majority is now yelling from the mountain top and making a difference by changing the course of our nation. is not going to give in and step aside. It is going to be a long hard fought battle for power and control of our republic’s future political makeup. Like our founders in Boston in 1765, the conservative movement is a force to be reckoned with and will leave its mark. Like it or not. If they fail, our grassroots compatriots can sleep well knowing that there will be another day and another election. Not that their efforts are any less than our founders; it is the simple fact that our government has yet to reach a level of tyranny to match that of British Crown during the Revolution. Without the Tea Party and their active effort to make a difference in this year’s election, we could easily see tyranny from our government taking hold and the terms of engagement radically changing. If that ever happens, how many will stand tall like Sam Adams and Patrick Henry? How many will be willing to lose all that they have to preserve Liberty and Freedom for all? That would be a true comparison. David L. Kelly advocates for liberty, freedom, limited government and free markets. He leads Liberty on the Rocks—Colorado Springs Chapter, delivering “Tavern Style Politics in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers.” ( David is also the co-founder of For What is Right (, bringing Constitutional educational opportunities to all, young and old.

Freedom That is Good

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Michelle Morin, Featured Writer The 2010 elections are almost over, and we are qu ick ly approachi ng Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. While I earnestly try to remain actively thankful for my daily blessings year-round, Thanksgiving is exceptional, because it is both a Christian and a patriotic holiday. It is a celebration that embodies what I believe and live. I savor the season to reflect on many blessings.

I Was Born Here First, I am thankful to be born in this greatest of all nations. I could have been born anywhere, but my Creator deemed that it be here. Nowhere else in history have people, particularly women, been raised to such high status, favor, and protection in society. Nowhere else does any citizen have the opportunities to reach his or her fullest potential as here in America. Nowhere. As a citizen and as a woman, I can (and often do) speak out freely and strongly about whatever is important to me. Feminists can decry my comments, but the facts don’t lie.

Those Wonderful Ones Who Came Before Second, I’m thankful that both the Pilgrims and our Founding Fathers never let that God-given spark of freedom extinguish within them, and they never succumbed to the powers of their day, pow-

founding documents and freedom pillars of the United States of America. Those men displayed an incredible understanding of human nature, their Creator, and events both historical and current. They strived to and did birth a nation unlike any other, one that reflected freedom in its truest sense. They gave us a nation like no other in history. A nation whose governing documents and principles value individual life, liberty, and happiness. A nation where freedom rings and is inherently protected by the rule of law. A nation where the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. Even though these roles have been reversing for the last 100 years, and have recently hit turbo mode, we are still the freest nation in the world.

You, the Modern Day Patriot Third, I am thankful for the hundreds, if not thousands, of modern-day, freedomloving people I’ve been privileged to meet in our current freedom revival. These are the patriotic heroes of our day. These are the ones who sacrifice personal time, finances, and energy to fight for freedom and return America to its precious founding principles. Perhaps you are one of these patriots. Whether you “simply” pray for this country, sign petitions, or forward emails... whether you speak to your neighbors, speak at rallies, or run for or hold elected office... whatever you do for freedom, I personally am thankful. It takes each of us, contributing in our own unique and very American way to protect and defend the freedom we’ve been given.

If times are tough for you and yours, I pray that as you read this you might receive just a little bit of peace and comfort in the broader blessing and gift that is freedom. ers that sought to squelch it. The freedom choking “-isms” (i.e., socialism and communism) of our history have been thoroughly successful in extinguishing that inner spark within the masses, proving how difficult it is to keep freedom alive. I think of the Pilgrims. This courageous band of people left family, friends, homes, and all property other than their Bibles and the clothing on their backs. They literally escaped tyranny as they yearned for religious and personal freedom. Their numbers dwindled to half. They endured starvation, filth, disease, emotional loss, and hardships that you and I might never know. Even after they lost almost everything, and when presented with the opportunity to go back to the home land, not one got on the ship. They stayed in America, and they did it for freedom... it was that good. Forward years later to our Founding Fathers, those many men who assembled, served, fought for, and developed the

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

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In His sovereign plan, God gave this greatest of all nations to us. It is a gift, and it is extraordinary from spiritual, historical and a personal perspectives. As such, I believe we are to be good and responsible stewards of this gift. If history proves correct, it’s not likely another United States of America will rise again anytime soon. It is worth protecting and celebrating this season. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. If times are tough for you and yours, I pray that as you read this, you might receive just a little bit of peace and comfort in the broader blessing and gift that is freedom. If only for a moment that is in this season of Thanksgiving. Savor and reflect. Freedom is that good.

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Michelle Morin is Mom4Freedom, a blogger, and a conservative activist for freedom and America’s founding principles. Sign up for freedom updates at www.

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Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature. —Benjamin Franklin

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American Heritage | Our Founders’ Legacy

An Aroused Citizenry and the Vote Richard Eleuterio, Contributing Writer

For many years civilized man has fought desperate, bloody battles for the right to vote. The multitudes involved in these perilous struggles had the perception that if they could vote their freedom would be assured. However, the history of direct-voting democracies has not been reassuring. James Madison, a crucial founder and scholar regarding ancient democracies, discusses in Federalist # 10 the concept of direct democracy in the following way: …such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths…

Most of the founders at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1787 concurred with this sentiment so they developed a representative republican form of government with many checks and balances. There were three countervailing branches of the Federal Government. These were executive, legislative and judicial. The limited powers of each were delineated in the first three articles of the Constitution and any pertinent Amendments. Any powers not specifically delegated to the Federal Government were to be retained by the States and the people. This careful balancing and dividing of authority provided the infrastructure

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upon which the dangers of direct democracy were to be diffused. In this elaborate system the citizens were to be the watchdogs. A free and independent press along with a politically active and educated electorate was to provide the people’s veto power. The idea was not to replace one set of ruling class overlords—the King of England or the British Parliament—with another but to choose their own candidates from amongst the people. Over these last 234 years since the Declaration of Independence many Americans have sensed that there has been an accelerating erosion of their liberties. Many citizens resent the now limited choices that our self anointed betters have allowed us. The people’s ability to exercise their veto as a check on the excesses of government control must be reaffirmed. Our Founder’s system is broken, but it is still not beyond repair. The balanced countervailing authority between the three Federal branches must be reinstated. Now each of our branches conspire with the others to mitigate the differences in their assigned limited Constitutional responsibilities. Congress now delegates its legislative authority to such bureaucracies as the EPA, FCC, SEC, etc. The Executive issues edicts such as oil drilling moratoriums and forced bankruptcies and the Courts continually legislate. The States must reassert their jurisdictional limited power by rejecting Federal CITIZENS on page 41


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40 | The Constitutionalist Today, November 2010

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CITIZENS continued from page 40 mandates. The only State powers that the Federal Government should enforce are

The “ruling class” must be reminded that the people are sovereign and that they, our hired leaders, serve at our forbearance. We must again as a people exercise our sovereignty through our veto power. We ordinary Americans must use our votes in order to reverse unconstitutional and undesirable legislation such as nationalized healthcare. Then demand that our elected employees obey the Constitution. We intend in this way to alter our government’s relentless path to freedom’s devastation. It’s getting late but Americans are aroused and righteously indignant at their government with an intensity not seen since our founding. On November 2nd we will speak loudly at the polls. This is just the beginning. To the self-anointed despots now greedily grasping for more control over us, be forewarned: this uprising will not end until all our fundamental rights are fully restored!

“BRAIN TUMORS” INCREASING from Cell Phone Radiation!

The “ruling class” must be reminded that the people are sovereign and that they, our hired leaders, serve at our forbearance. our inalienable individual rights as strictly delineated in the Constitution. The above are some of the many reforms consistent with the original intent clearly stated in our founding documents that must be undertaken in order to assure our survival as a free Nation. The 10th Amendment to our Constitution states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The people’s veto, the secret ballot vote, can be a check on the powerful arrogance of our ruling class only if an informed citizenry freely chooses their representatives from a slate of candidates they have also chosen. The people’s choices, for good or for ill, must be upheld and respected by our leadership or our Constitutional check on the authority of government will no longer be viable.

As a child of Portuguese immigrants with limited formal education and means, Richard perceived in them a strong work ethic plus a deep and abiding love of this country and its incomparable opportunities. He has been intensely interested in politics and economics for many years, finding the current state of affairs cause for concern.

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“Brain Cancer surpasses leukemia as #1 Cancer Killer in CHILDREN—linked to increase in cell phone use!”



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Christian Principles of Voting A Declaration from Heaven Rex Louth, Guest Writer When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. -First Paragraph, Declaration of Independence We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed… -Second Paragraph, Declaration of Independence We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right out to be Free and Indepen-

dent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown… And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. -Final Paragraph, Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence, known as the birth certificate of the United States of America, laid the foundation for all other documentation. It established the official name for the nation, declared its purpose for existence, and presented the rights of self determination secured as its own sovereign country.  Every tenant of the document was reviewed in detail prior to its passage.  No concept placed into the phrases of its text was passive or inadvertent.  When King George and members of British Parliament received this piece of parchment, there was no confusion as to its intent. Continental Congress drafted the Declaration of Independence believing that they were merely acting as the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitled them to act. In their collective understanding, they were using this text to declare the causes impelling them to the separation. It is important to understand what our Founding Fathers believed was God’s place in the process. The King of England believed that he alone had the blessings of God on his side, and the up-

start nation wished him to realize that in truth he was on the wrong side of the hand of Providence. First, our Founding Fathers believed that we all possess equally the rights of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” These rights are not granted by any past, present or future government entity, but instead are derived from the God who is Creator of all things. The obstruction and outright violation of these rights granted them not only the right, but the absolute necessity, to remove themselves from the government which desecrated these principles. The leadership, however, was not to bring a higher sustenance for themselves at the peril of the people. In fact, through Samuel, God warned the Israelites of the evils of having a king rule them: …he will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots…He will take your daughters to be perfumers, and to be cooks, and to be bakers. And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your olive yards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.  And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants.  And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your choicest young men, and your [mules], and put them to his work.  He

will take the tenth of your sheep; and ye shall be his servants. -I Samuel 8:11-17

Continental Congress called upon “the Supreme Judge of the world” to preside over their intentions. In their pronouncement of independence, they placed their “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence” for support.  With that reliance, they pledged to each other their “Lives…Fortunes and…sacred Honor.” In this Declaration of Independence, the founders of our nation began with a reasoning based on God’s granting of rights that are naturally endowed. Throughout the document, violations against those rights are cited. And in the conclusion of the matter, God presides over the intentions and is compelled to provide the protection upon this new allegiance of states. With God prevailing in every aspect of the document, it was presented, without deviation, as a Declaration from Heaven. Rex is pastor of Peakview Church of God in Colorado Springs and is active in the conservative movement to restore America to its original Constitutional roots. He has presented the intricate place of Chrstianity in the founding of the United States for many years, and is presently involved in the formation of a new book publishing group related to the topic.

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Thanksgiving Lives! Jacek Popiel, Contributing Writer Today we think of Thanksgiving in terms of family reunions, a table overloaded with food, and possibly a football game on the TV. Throw in the ubiquitous turkey images and a bit of shopping. The last two years such abundance has been out of reach for many Americans. We face a severe recession and an uncertain future. Thanksgiving in such a setting is not out of place. In fact it is more “normal,” closer to the original1621 celebration in the Plymouth Colony. Arriving in late November 1620 on an overcrowded ship, the colonists known as Pilgrims had no chance to plant crops. They lived on the anchored Mayflower on short rations, while whatever could be done on land was carried out by the few men still capable of heavy work in the harsh winter. By spring 1621 nearly half of the original settlers, including most of the women, had died. Yet the remainder did not lose courage, and persevered. Much help came from an unexpected quarter, the native inhabitants. The settlers had the wisdom and foresight to gain their friendship and profit from their knowledge of the land. The first Thanksgiving was thus not a feast of unlimited abundance, but a celebration of survival, hard work and enlightened policy towards members of a vastly different race. We should take note. We too are in the midst of difficulties—not nearly as harsh as their circumstances, but daunting nevertheless. We face some degree of economic penury, with possibly more to come. We disagree about what is to be done. Our relations with other nations and peoples are far from smooth, and our security is in jeopardy. To deal with our issues we will need hard work, a realistic assessment of our situation, and the will to overcome. We must accept to change our preconceptions and receive assistance from others. Most of all we must recognize that we need unity of purpose and the establishment of common goals. Like the Pilgrims we start with a longstanding yearning for liberty and the gifts she brings with her. At heart we still believe in the future and in our nation’s destiny and we possess the institutions of the republic; the seeds of which were planted by the first settlers in the soil of New England. This is our heritage. This is what we can be thankful for. This is what we

need to carry into the future, regardless of obstacles. Jacek Popiel, author of Viable Energy Now, spent his career in the military and in international business development, with business experience ranging from the Soviet Union to Japan. His work in advanced automotive technology has brought him in close contact with world-class automotive companies as well as the U.S. Department of Energy, with which he organized an international symposium on fuel March 2004 in Washington, DC.

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We Are Thankful | Nov2010  

Volume 1, Issue 10: Thanksgiving/Veterans Day

We Are Thankful | Nov2010  

Volume 1, Issue 10: Thanksgiving/Veterans Day