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©2010 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Optional equipment shown is extra. [Include your local and state required disclosures]

©2010 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Optional equipment shown is extra. [Include your local and state required disclosures]

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From the Editors William T. Gillin, Editor-in-Chief Securing the Blessings of Liberty for Tomorrow

P.O. Box 25155 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80936 719.260.7776 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lana Fore-Warkocz Publisher William T. Gillin Editor-In-Chief Julie Ayers Managing Editor Teddy M. Otero Art Director/Internet Manager Joan Eich Events Editor/Board Secretary SALES Lana Fore-Warkocz

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You can subscribe to our newspaper for $34.95/year. That’s less than $3 each for twelve right-to-your-front-door issues! Just send a check or money order, payable to The Constitutionalist Today, along with your preferred delivery address to: The Constitutionalist Today P.O. Box 25155 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 COPYRIGHT© 2010: The Constitutionalist, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Constitutionalist Today is distributed at over 900 locations in El Paso, Teller and South Douglas counties. Limit only one copy per person. This newspaper is for reading purposes only. Republication and/ or reproduced in whole or in part is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the publisher. The Constitutionalist Today makes every effort to insure accuracy in advertising and editorial content; however The Constitutionalist Today and/or any of the board members will accept no responsibility or liability on inaccurate information provided by the advertisers or from editorial submissions. One copy only per person, which is extremely expressed and enforced.

“I don’t care about politics!” “It’s just people yelling at each other!” “I’m too busy!” These are typical comments I hear from some of my fellow citizens. Sure, we get tired of the rhetoric and angry words thrown around. Sometimes the complex issues that bombard us seem overwhelming. We’d rather tune it out, turn on our favorite TV program or get away and enjoy the great outdoors of Colorado. The fact is, even if you don’t care about government, the government cares about you! We recently saw how the elites in Washington D.C. rammed through a massive healthcare bill that is a federal takeover of one-sixth of the economy. We are still learning about the loss of freedom we

will suffer, the massive tax hikes and the medical costs that will affect us all. When your insurance premiums double, you no longer have a choice in doctors, and you endure long waiting periods or rationing, will you care about who is running the country then? On the state level, if it costs you twice what it did last year to get your car tags, thank the rulers at the capitol in Denver. They also passed a series of taxes on businesses. When you see prices go up to cover the taxes, will you complain? When your favorite business can’t afford any more taxes and regulation and they close their doors, will you be upset? In Colorado Springs, are you tired of your car slamming through scores of pot holes on our streets? Do you wish that

the street lights were turned on at night? Maybe politics and government do affect all of us at every level! We all need to become better informed. It is a process, and we don’t need to be political junkies to understand important issues. That is why we urge people to learn our Constitution and the proper role of government. Know what the candidates for office stand for and whether they will respect the Constitution and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson said, “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” But he also warned us, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Julie Ayers, Managing Editor Am I the only one who is fed up with the obsession of political correctness? The final straw for me was a few days ago when a local talk radio show host wondered if a comment he had just made was politically correct. If a talk radio show host can’t even speak his mind without worrying about being monitored for political correctness, it’s gone too far! Why have we fallen prey to this ridiculous idea that we should analyze every word before we speak to ensure it won’t offend someone? How long will we continue to be stifled by this absurdity? What do we have to fear? Reprimand? Oh, no! Can you imagine how our Founding Fathers would have reacted to this PC obsession? I doubt they would have looked favorably on them—hence the First Amendment. I was curious when and why certain parts of our society became infatuated with PC so I did some research. I didn’t find the answer to my question but I did find this interesting tidbit alongside the definition of PC in Wikipedia: “…the term [PC] is primarily pejorative while the term politically incorrect has been used by some as an implicitly positive self-description. Examples of the latter include the conservative or libertarian ‘Politically Incorrect Guides’ published by Regnery editorial house and the TV talk show Politically Incorrect (host, Bill Maher, 1993-2002). In these cases, ‘politically incor-

rect’ connotes language, ideas and behavior unconstrained by a perceived orthodoxy and concerns about giving offense to or expressing bias regarding various groups of people.” (Note the part in bold.) Translation: people who are considered politically incorrect are demonstrating their First Amendment rights without being restricted by a perceived idea of what may or may not be offensive to someone. I’m sure that by this definition the Founders would wholeheartedly approve of politically incorrectness.

About Our Content:

Teddy M. Otero IV, Creative Director If you’re not liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative when you’re older, you have no brain. Author Unknown

I trudged through my twenties in familiar fashion, grappling with academics and work, pop culture and girls (and not necessarily in that order). All twenty-somethings of the last few decades have been exposed to a barrage of liberal thought—by professors and print, by music and movies—and my generation was no exception. However, the advent of the internet ensured that my generation was exceptional in at least one respect: its inability to unplug from this barrage. Ever on the cusp of technology, liberal thought was fed to us as effortlessly as a stream of consciousness, culminating in the presidential election of 2008. While my beliefs and values led me to seek out the conservative currents in the deluge of infotainment, my conservative upbringing was tested daily, bombarded on all sides, as it was, by larger liberal forces. If gut instinct was my strength and openmindedness my weakness, then ignorance was my Trojan horse. Recognizing my inability to intellectually defend my positions, I began to arm myself with knowledge: I watched talking heads instead of sitcoms and read political theory instead of science

It wouldn’t surprise me if one day in the not-so-distant future, certain words and phrases will be outlawed. My question is, who decides what is and isn’t PC? What gives them the authority to control our speech? They only have authority if we empower them by complying with their politically correct standards. This is still, for the most part, a free country. Speaking your mind is legal. We can choose to be stifled or choose to voice our opinions, our ideas, our opinions, our voice. It’s our choice. It’s our constitutional right.

fiction. (Thankfully, the two converged in Heinlein!) At first contrary to my desires, these choices of media became second nature when I realized that knowledge wasn’t just preparing me to defend my positions but to understand why I held them in the first place! I quickly came to recognize the urgency of America’s predicament and began to actively pursue the solution, which, a few years down the road, has led me to The Constitutionalist Today. My parents weren’t overtly political when I was a child, but they were keen to instruct my sister and me in the values that would one day blossom into our conservative philosophies. Your vote may count and your voice may matter, but your single most impactful civic responsibility is your influence on your children! They will be blown and battered by the opposition upon leaving home, but their belief system, instilled by you during the critical years of their youth, will help them weather the storm. Teenagers and twenty-somethings may already be adrift in the maelstrom, but they are not beyond reach; in fact, they are desperate for guidance (if notorious for suggesting otherwise). The current administration has made it easier than ever to start a political discussion with your kids, and The Constitutionalist Today makes it easier than ever to ground that discussion in American principles.

The Constitutionalist Today provides a voice for freedom-loving Americans who share many common values, yet have differing opinions on certain subjects. This paper’s staff and writers possess worldviews ranging  from Biblical to  secular, conservative to libertarian, and everything in-between. Our Founding Fathers were a diverse group. Some, such as John Adams and Patrick Henry, were devout Christians. Others, like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, were more secular even as  they acknowledged that our rights are given by our Creator. While they had their differences, all those who established the greatest free nation on earth were united in their love of liberty and resistance to tyranny. Likewise, we are united in our love of America’s founding ideals, our love of freedom and our distrust of big intrusive government. Our aim is to educate our fellow citizens about our nation’s founding principles and documents, to inform about current events, and to motivate Americans to action. That said, the opinions of the writers are not necessarily those of the staff of The Constitutionalist Today. | 3

Letters to the Editor Veterans as Elected Officials I think that our next elected officials should all be veterans from the enlisted ranks of our military. These folks do all the hard work. They have to think on their feet, they know the consequences of bad decisions and poor planning by someone else at the top. They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and jump in to get the job done. They have leadership skills and know the enemy well. They are willing to sacrifice it all if required. So the next time we have a national or local election let’s put our favorite enlisted military veteran into office. Remember it is the enlisted members of our military that do all the dirty work, not those sitting behind a desk making poor decisions for others to carry out. Wouldn’t you follow someone who is willing to be in the front lines and not sit it out in the back row? If we the people start taking back the U.S. state by state, when this mission is accomplished we could send all the politicians to China and Mexico. We could have less than 1% unemployment, be driving well-built U.S. made cars, and using U.S. made electronics. We could get our education back on track. We could give the hardened criminals in our prisons the choice of military service, being shipped off with the politicians, or doing time in a prison in Alaska. -Jim Gosse, Colorado Springs

Thank You Arizona Since the federal government has no desire to close the floodgates at the borders and continues to allow people who do not go through the proper channels to enter the U.S., one state had to do something. I am hoping that more states will follow suit and do what the federal government is not doing: protecting the citizens of our country.

The 50% of legal citizens who are paying taxes cannot afford to pay for any more illegal immigrants who are coming to this country and receiving free medical care, free education, subsidized housing, food stamps, etc. As for the accusations of “racial profiling,” fear not. Unless someone is caught committing a crime of any sort, I don’t think there will be any asking for papers. This is the scare tactic, fear mongering if you will, used by the press, the ACLU (who would be there in a heartbeat claiming this) or any other pro-illegal group. No, I am not anti-immigration, as I am a first generation American myself. My German father came to the States via steerage class on a ship. He went through Ellis Island and had a sponsor in Minnesota. Oh, yes, dear readers, at one time, a legal immigrant had to have $25.00 on his person, and a sponsor to take care of him so that he would not be a drain on society, nor a ward of the state. He got a job, learned English, and five years later became a U.S. citizen. He wrote that was the proudest day of his life. Arizona is fighting for the safety of its citizens. Hopefully, other states will fight for the safety of its citizenry, as well. -Erna A. Haring, Colorado Springs

Strong President, Weak Military Courage with audacity is a leadership quality that could backfire, or lay the foundation for centuries to follow. President James Monroe was a leader who gambled on his belief that the sorthern and southern continents in our hemisphere were not to be “easy pickings” by any nation in Europe. Monroe was president from 1817 to 1825. He had a broad and deep background in state, national and international political doings. He was, by experience,

“America, we forgive you for dumping our tea into the Boston Harbor because WE WILL be joining you for the Second Tea Party!”

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4 | The Constitutionalist Today

well developed to be our national leader. During the period of his presidency our nation was growing. The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 almost completed our geographical boundaries. We had boundary disagreements with Great Britain between our nation and Canada. Russia had designs on what is Oregon and California today. Most importantly to Monroe, the Latin American nations were struggling to be free from Spain. European countries realized the wealth to control should they govern or much to lose if the nations of the region became free. Control then as it has always been reduces to military measures. Monroe was aware of this and acted. We know his statement today as the Monroe Doctrine; no congressional ratification— just one man with power and a history of a nation behind him. On December 2, 1823 he sent a message to Congress knowing that the U. S. military was not powerful. He wrote, in part: “We owe it, therefore, to candor and to the amicable relations existing between the United States and those posers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety.” In neighborhood language, “Good fences make good neighbors.” -Ted Bell

Republicans Need Tea Parties Your paper is marvelous and a great gift to our city. Thank you for it. One article caught my attention and I strongly disagree with it. The article is “The End of the Tea Party” by Eli Bremer [April, p29]. Mr. Bremer seems to think all our problems will end if we can elect enough Republican senators and representatives in November to slow down the liberal agenda. He is so wrong. That will be only the first step. We must remember that President Obama and his massive socialist cabinet and advisors will still be in Washington bent on bringing down our wonderful country. While we will (hopefully) not be bashing the Congress, we still must be on the alert for what this president can do and the Tea Parties are a wonderful tool. No, we must not see their end. So please recognize that this last year has just been a wonderful beginning and we must continue the fight. The Tea Parties help us to stay organized and galvanized to fight corruption in our government. God bless the Tea Parties and all who are involved! -Lloyd Wasserott (Mrs. Bud)

A Proud History of Service All the men in my husband’s and my family served in uniform of our beloved country, dating back to the beginning. My husband’s family has a long, rich history in the United States. His 7x great grandfather was a Puritan who came from England to Massachusetts in the 1630s. Each generation after has fought for this country; commanding the Massachusetts militia at the Battle of Bunker Hill to answering Paul Revere’s alarm of April 19, 1775; enlisting in the Continental Army at age14 and serving at Valley Forge; and being present when British General John Burgoyne surrendered to American General Philip Schuyler. My late husband, David, was a U.S. Army office staff member for General George C. Marshall in the 1940s when he was in China on a special mission to work with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek regarding the Communists. He worked in the Pentagon for various general officers including retired General Dwight D. Eisenhower. My husband’s brother served in the U.S. Navy aboard the Black Hawk which was bombed in Pearl Harbor but was able to get to safety for repairs. One of my brothers was a pilot and served 29 ½ years in the U.S. Air

Send Letters to the Editor to:

Editor, The Constitutionalist Today P.O. Box 25155 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 Letters 250 words or less will be considered for print. Force. He served in Vietnam and the Bay of Pigs. My other brother served in Korea. Those who established our country, and especially those who fought to preserve it, can never be thanked enough by those who are enjoying its present-day blessings. I appreciate the fine work of everyone on the staff of this fine newspaper. I know that theirs is a labor of love for our country and our people. –Anna Palko Dow, Colorado Springs

Republicans Need to Unify Having just read the article “Republican Voters Needed,” [May] I have to agree with the overall point, but how [the writer] made it is proving the very problem he is talking about. Blaming the Democrats for the problems in our country, while fun and true, is not going to win elections. We need voters. But we also need a unified Republican party. The debate that he points out between the conservative values and the moderates of the party is why we are losing elections. As has been stated numerous times, we are a Right leaning nation. When Republicans lose elections in America, it is because we did it to ourselves. Democrats generally lose elections in this country by default. So-called conservative values voters who boycotted the last presidential election rather than voting for a Republican they only partially agreed with got a socialist elected. So, we need to fix our own house and stop blaming Democrats if we really want to get back to winning national—and Colorado—elections. Keep up the good work. I especially like the Memorial Day theme of this month’s paper! -Brian Soule

The Life and Times of Tea Bags Considering that the current Antichrist (Obama) has accomplished what the former one, FDR, didn’t, it’d appear that the members of the discombobulated GOOP (Grumpy Ornery Old Party), the Teabaggers and conservatives in general are wandering in the wilderness without a Moses to lead them, and possibly will for the next forty years. You see, the likes of Limbaugh, Palin, Beck, McCain, Boehner and Bunning ain’t no Moses and couldn’t fill the sandals once worn by the real one even if they managed to benefit from the Egyptian plagues of obstructionism, racism, partisanship, stubbornness, hypocrisy, greed and rumors of death panels. Still, the wilderness is paradoxically kind to them as a place where they’re tortured by the truth and find more than plenty of liquid to water board the rest of us with lies, but not enough to flood-out their weapons of mass deception. Compassionately, though, the wilderness also provides them with Katrina-sized bags of hot air, while due to a lack of lakes, they might want to lick their wounds—then go jump in a teabag. -Ralph Stevenson, Pueblo, CO.

Corrections & Clarifications May issue, page 16, “Kitchen Table Politics” “Such was the wreck of the Hesperus In the midnight and the snow! Christ save us all from a death like this On the reef of Norman’s [Socialist’s] Woe!” -“The Wreck of the Hesperus”, Henry W. Longfellow

The Constitution Made Easy

Seven Deadly Myths, #4 of 7 Mike Holler, Featured Writer It can not be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ! Patrick Henry

The fourth deadly myth, taught as fact in State schools, recited as a mantra by mainstream media, and parroted by the current President is that we are not a Christian nation. When progressives make this claim, they are not telling the truth about history; but rather stating one of their objectives for the future: a godless, Marxist America. For their dreams to be realized, God must be replaced by the State. In the words of the high priest himself, “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism,” Karl Marx. While it is correct to say that no religion in America may be coerced, and that not all Americans are now or ever were Christian; it is equally true that our union, and every state in it, was founded by mostly Christian men and entirely upon Christian principles. The people of the North American union and of its constituent states were associated bodies of civilized men and Christians…They were bound by the laws of God (which they all) and by the laws of the Gospel (which they nearly all) acknowledged as the rules of their conduct. John Quincy Adams

Since then, nearly every president, as well as many Congresses and courts (current officials excepted) have affirmed that we are a Christian nation. This column is too short to cite even a decent sampling,

but the inquiring mind can find hundreds of examples online. (I refer the reader to Here are some samples: Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And, “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. John Adams American life is builded, and can alone survive, upon . . . the fundamental philosophy announced by the Savior nineteen centuries ago. Herbert Hoover This is a Christian Nation.

Harry Truman

The great vital and conservative element in our system is the belief of our people in the pure doctrines and divine truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. United States House of Representatives Sincerely believing that no people, however great in numbers and resources or however strong in the justice of their cause, can prosper without His favor… yet encouraged in this day of trouble by the assurances of His word to seek Him… through Jesus Christ… United States Senate The legislature…may, and ought to countenance, aid and protect religious institutions. Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth Indeed, the right of a society or government to [participate] in matters of religion will hardly be contested by any persons who believe that piety, religion, and morality are intimately connected with the well being of the state and indispensable to the administrations of civil justice. Justice Joseph Story

It is because of the Christian faith which believes in honesty, hard work and free enterprise that America has become the most prosperous nation in the history of the world, has been (until lately) the freest nation in history, and has been a haven for people of other religions and no religion. Only a palpable ignorance of our history, or a deliberate revision of it, could mask these truths. So on to the deliberate revision. President Obama has declared to the world that in the land settled by the Pilgrims, we “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” (Wikipedia says that 76% of Americans consider themselves Christian). At about the same time, he said that the home of the Puritans and the Great Awakening was “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” (Wikipedia says that 0.6% of Americans consider themselves Muslim). Most media outlets repeat the president’s words without analysis or rebuttal. “A lie told often enough becomes the truth,” Vladimir Lenin. State schools teach the same lie, sometimes by simply not teaching the truth. Just ask yourself when was the last time your child came home from any public school or university talking about the faith of our Founders? How often instead have we heard them say that our Founders were Deists and Universalists and atheists? “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism,” Lenin. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future,” Adolf Hitler. “God bless

the America we are trying to create,” Hillary Clinton. So what difference does it make if we are a Christian nation or not? George Washington offered this concern: “Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice?” Several modern American Jews have weighed in on the ramifications of America losing its Christian character. Dennis Prager believes, “too many Americans do not appreciate the connection between American greatness and American Christianity.” Don Feder adds that, “Jews are safer in a Christian America than in a secular America.” Burt Prelutsky: “I say it behooves those of us who don’t accept Jesus Christ as our savior to show some gratitude to those who do, and to start respecting the values and traditions of the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens.” Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin sums it up thusly, “Without a vibrant and vital Christianity, America is doomed, and without America, the west is doomed.”

“Without a vibrant and vital Christianity, America is doomed.” -Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Mike Holler writes and speaks about freedom and the United States Constitution, is a frequent guest on talk radio, and travels with the Tea Party Express. Next month he will continue this series, “Seven Deadly Myths.” Contact Mike or view his recent book at:

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6 | The Constitutionalist Today

Freedom’s Victory

Hard-Fought Wins Show Triumph on Horizon Jeff Crank, Featured Writer Sometimes it is difficult to see through the fog of war. When you are on the battlefield, you focus on the next objective and you look tactically at how to get from point A to point B but you rarely lift your head out of the smoke and confusion to see if you are winning the war. During the last 16 months the battle has been so fierce that we have not taken note of the victories which show the inevitability of the triumph of freedom in our current struggle. Think back just 16 months ago to January 20, 2009. It was the day that Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States. Obama had a 65 percent approval rating in a Rasmussen poll and his top three legislative agenda items were health care reform, cap and trade and the union power-grab known as card check. Aside from his approval rating, the president had a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate and a commanding majority in the House. In short, the president could, by the numbers, have his way with us. After a bitter, almost Orwellian struggle between a president’s socialist view of America and a stubborn citizenry bent on maintaining the American way of life, where do we stand? After a year of a President and his rubberstamp Congress not just ignoring but ridiculing the American people, how far off is victory? Recall the words of Mahatma Gandhi as he was fighting British colonialism. He said, “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” Let’s take health care reform. It was a bitter defeat and one that will change the nature of American life. But this president—this self-anointed king—was unable to force his version of healthcare reform with a public option down the throat of his subjects. The damage this bill does is enormous and while his majesty may have gotten his bill passed, at what cost? Today the President’s popularity stands at 46 percent with only 29 percent strongly approving of his job performance. The imperial Congress stands with an approval rating of 11 percent. Ted Kennedy’s seat was taken by a historic Republican victory. Harry Reid stands very near the unemployment line and the utopian dream of the central planners in Washington is on the verge of ruin. The president’s cap and trade scheme can’t find the votes to get out of the U.S. Senate and the forced-unionization dream of labor unions, card check,

doesn’t stand a chance of getting through the House or Senate. This president has been so stymied by his puppets in Congress that the puppet master has resorted to using federal agencies to do the ugly work that elected representatives refuse. Whether it is the FCC regulating the internet, the recess appointment of Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board or the EPA regulation of CO2 as a greenhouse gas, the Obama Administration has chosen to trample on the Constitutional powers granted to Congress in Article I in order to pass his radical agenda while bypassing an unwilling Congress. In many ways, the America that Barack Obama knew on January 20, 2009 is gone. Recent Rasmussen polling shows just 30 percent of Americans believe we are heading in the right direction; far more believe private volunteer organization and not government programs will bring about the change needed in America. Americans are overwhelmingly worried about the massive federal debt, and similar polling shows 71 percent of Massachusetts residents believe in cutting all public benefits to illegal immigrants. This is not a portrait of Barack Obama’s America. A president can govern, but not for very long, from the far left when the mood of the country is where it is, undeniably, today. Obama has moved America, but he has moved them decidedly away from him and his leftist, blame-America-first, big government philosophy. America today stands at the precipice of something great. Once again her greatest asset—her freedom-loving citizens—stand ready to throw the shackles of an oppressive, overreaching government from their ankles. His majesty’s tea has been hoisted up and is ready for the heave into the harbor. Samuel Adams, while rallying his countrymen to fight their British oppressors said, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” Because of the sacrifice of men like Samuel Adams our fight is one, not of bloodshed, but of ballots. Our battle is to walk precincts, make phone calls, organize and vote. Our message is clear: November is coming and victory is near.

Obama has moved America but he has moved them decidedly away from him and his leftist, blame-America-first, big government philosophy.

America today stands at the precipice of something great. Once again her greatest asset — her freedom-loving citizens — stand ready to throw the shackles of an oppressive, over-reaching government from their ankles.

Jeff Crank is state director for the Colorado chapter of Americans for Prosperity and a talk show host on KVOR AM 740.

The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will, be recalled. —George Washington, 1787

Local Liberty Groups Compiled by Joan Eich

Can I make a difference? What can I do? How can I get involved? Which organization fits me best?

These are the questions we hear most often from our readers, so we want to make sure it’s clearly answered online and in every issue. What follows is a partial list of liberty-loving groups and organizations in our area; a complete list is available at our website, and offers a calendar of upcoming events. Sign up, step up, speak up! Americans for Prosperity, Colorado Chapter • • 719-494-0797 An organization of grassroots leaders committed to educating, engaging and mobilizing citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local state and federal levels. Clear the Bench Colorado • A grassroots movement to hold Colorado’s Supreme Court justices accountable to the Colorado Constitution and to the people of Colorado. Coalition for a Conservative Majority • • 719-351-6075 We unapologetically espouse the nation-shaping values embodied in the Constitution and detailed by the philosophies of our Founding Fathers. 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots • • An organization for like-minded Americans who believe in 9 principles and 12 values as they apply to our government and in our own lives. We provide members with the platform and resources to pursue any project or cause of their choosing: from education and discussion to community activities or action.

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Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition • • 719-596-3921 A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. —Amendment II, U.S. Constitution Liberty on the Rocks, Colorado Springs Chapter • • 719-237-4598 A grass-roots organization whose goal is to provide a social environment to unite libertyminded individuals not only with one another, but also with the freedom-based organizations in their local communities. Tavern-style politics in the tradition of our Founding Fathers! El Paso Republican Headquarters • • 719-578-0022 The party of the open door; the party of liberty; the party of equality of opportunity for all and favoritism for none; the more socially conservative and economically libertarian of the two major parties, generally supporting lower taxes, limited government and more economic freedom. Pikes Peak Young Professional Republicans • 719-213-3428 Network with other young professionals, ages 20-40, who share the same goals and aspirations. Please come and join us!

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Sunrise Republican Women • • 719-598-1305 We promote an informed public through political education and activity, and increase the effectiveness of women for the causes of good government. All ages are welcome! Colorado Springs Republican Women • 719-260-0283 This group wants to educate and inform all Americans about the principles and values which make the Republican Party what it is. UCCS College Republicans • 719-251-7765 El Paso County Tea Party • A local movement of American Patriots from all walks of life dedicated to uphold and defend the United States and Colorado Constitutions. Our goal is to give voice to the people and hold government officials accountable for their oaths to uphold those constitutions. Teller Tea Party • A local movement of non-partisan American patriots who uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. We are dedicated to protecting freedom for all, promoting truth, limiting taxes and government, and preserving our inalienable rights Southern Colorado Tea Party Committed to restoring our state and our federal Constitutions to our Founders’ original intent. Diligent in our restoration and preservation of freedom. We hold our elected officials accountable to their oath of office. Pikes Peak Economics Club We promote economic and civic literacy. It is our contention that you cannot have a controlled economy and maintain a free society. Limited Government Forum • • 719-576-9055 Works closely with UCCS Center for the Study of Government and the Individual and Cheyenne Mountain Civic Solutions to promote the ideas of individual responsibility and freedom. Local Liberty Online • • 719-576-9055 An online community that focuses on local issues to expand freedom, opportunity and prosperity close to home. Our goal is to educate rather than indoctrinate, while conducting ourselves in the spirit of civility and good humor. Green Dragon Tavern • • 719-330-1358 Our Founding Fathers met at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, MA to plan the Boston Tea Party. We work to re-establish the Founders’ vision of political and economic principles inherent in nature’s right by fostering understanding and respect for the Declaration of Independence and state and Federal Constitutions.

Politics on the Rocks • • 719-533-0571 We link like-minded professionals together in a monthly power networking mixer where they can network, socialize and hear directly from prominent politicians and successful business leaders on matters of social, economic and public importance. We Are Change Colorado Springs • • 719-209-3118 A grassroots organization, neither left or right, dedicated to informing the public on matters of government corruption, malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance. The American Café • • 719-573-2193 This group gathers each week for Constitutional studies, political action and prayer. Please contact us for information on how to get involved. Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH) • • 719-321-5123 A bottom-up organization without a platform; NOT a political party. A system allowing you and your neighbors to choose a true citizen representative, an independent candidate to represent their district. For What Is Right • • An online community whose purpose is to educate the American citizen in matters of civic and political knowledge. Our intention is to have a well informed electorate who will keep and preserve the rights guaranteed us by the U.S. Constitution and by our Creator. | 7

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We the People

Tea Party, Militia Connection Eli Bremer, Contributing Writer

In my last article (April, p29), I wrote about the end (or potential fulfillment) of the Tea Party movement being the upcoming November elections. This was not meant to belittle the Tea Party, but rather to set up this article as a follow-on discussion of the impact of the Tea Party. In a recent conversation, a friend of mine drew a connection between the Tea Party and a militia. The more I thought about it, the more I saw the truth in his statement. Historically, militias are grassroots organizations formed to stand up for their communities. They are the final defense against an invading force who seeks to impose their will on another entity. That’s what the Tea Party is doing, standing up against encroaching socialism in America. The problem is that historically militias don’t win. In fact, militias have a long history of getting demolished by the invading armies. Let’s look at our own history of militias. In the war for independence, we started with a militia. These highly motivated and well-intended farmers were willing to die for their homeland. And many of them did just that. The romantic side of all of us wishes that the Americans won fighting for their homeland, for freedom, and for liberty over the European mercenaries; but the truth is that having the moral high ground never stopped a bullet. As the winter of 1777 set in, the Americans had many deaths and precious few military victories to claim. The trained and equipped British and mercenary soldiers had nearly free reign over the American “forces.” It was at this time that George Washington made a decision that would change the course of history. He took his militia-style army to Valley Forge for training. Over the next number of months, Washington, with the expert help of Baron Friedrich von Steuben, converted the militia into a trained and, relatively speaking, well equipped army. The farmers who entered Valley Forge came out as soldiers. They knew drill, discipline, and war tactics. They were organized and

led by trained officers. They had training manuals with the most up-to-date military training from Europe. It was these soldiers who formed an army that would eventually break the will and the might of the strongest army on the planet. Does this mean that the Tea Party is a waste of time or resources? Quite the opposite! This “militia” is the starting point for building an army. But it will not happen by accident. People who have been energized by the Tea Party and are standing up to the well-trained and wellfunded army of the left, need to take the next step. Rallies and blogging serve their purpose to motivate people to action, but campaigns are won by trained and funded armies. So what does this mean for the average Tea Party activist? It’s a rallying call to move from militia to army, to get involved and get engaged with a more formal effort. Fortunately, there are already conservatives who are running armies and fighting this war. The army does not need to be created, it needs to be joined. New activists can work with the Republican Party to learn election mechanics, go to campaign schools, conduct fundraising, recruit and train good candidates, and work with political allies to elect the best conservative leaders around. Engaging with instead of fighting against the Republican Party also gives activists a seat at the table to force Republicans to start acting like conservatives again. While the Republican Party is far from perfect, it is our only hope of defeating the radical left agenda. The Tea Party is at a crossroads that will determine its legacy in history. It may be the militia with the moral high ground that is defeated by the superior army of the left. Or it may “go to Valley Forge,” join forces with the Republicans, and defeat the most powerful political army ever created in America. If you are the Tea Party, the choice is yours…what legacy do you want to leave?

Engaging with instead of fighting against the Republican Party also gives activists a seat at the table to force Republicans to start acting like conservatives again.

Eli Bremer was a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic modern pentathlon team and is Chair of the Pikes Peak Young Professional Republicans.

I have a message, a message from the Tea Party. A message that is loud and clear and does not mince words: “We’ve come to take our government back!” —Rand Paul, Republican candidate for Senate, KY

8 | The Constitutionalist Today

Revolutionary Flags, Past and Present Alfred C. Maurer, Featured Writer Right after 9/11 Americans went out and plastered their vehicles with American flags. Where are they now? Mine’s still there along with the words “United We Stand.” I see few others. Perhaps people have bought new vehicles; I haven’t. My Cherokee has more miles on it than Scott Brown’s truck. We are in the midst of a revolution, whether it is obvious to us or not. It is not a revolution of guns but of ideas. Every revolution needs symbols. The symbol of the left and their effort to fundamentally transform America is this: Notice that baby blue has replaced the

of the Gadsden Flag is the color that stands out most in photos from rallies:

dark blue of the flag. This new color makes a frequent appearance in the posters and signs of the left; the president himself often wears a pale blue tie. On the other hand, 21st century patriots have appropriated the flags, banners, and mottos of the original patriots. The yellow

This was flown in several variants, often with the motto “An Appeal to Heaven.” The Betsy Ross flag is the familiar one with thirteen stars arranged in a circle and thirteen stripes. As the number of states grew, so did the number of stars. Today there is another new flag. It is called the Flag of the Second Revolution.

It features the original thirteen stars and the Roman numeral “II” in the middle. The “II” stands for the Second Revolution as well as the Second Amendment. Designed by Jeff McQueen in 2009�, the flag is now seen at rallies across the country. It is pictured below at the 9-12 March on Washington D.C. in 2009:

There are many more appropriate flags that could be used. The Pine Tree flag is one:

The Revolution of 1776 was a conservative revolution against an out of control parliament; the revolution of today is a conservative revolution against an out of control Congress. May the revolutionary spirit never leave the American people!

Teller Tea Parties Same Destination, Different Paths Leah Hotchkiss, Senior Staff Writer As the Tea Party movement gains more and more momentum across the country, local partiers are deciding the course they will take in order to achieve the movement’s broader goals. Teller Tea Party (TTP) recently had a group split from the larger movement. This new group is called the Teller County Tea Party (TCTP). They formed their own Tea Party in February due to a difference of opinion about endorsing candidates. The TTP had assigned a group from among its volunteer supporters to interview candidates and to compile their findings. Dave Doll, of Woodland Park, led this effort and feels the months of meticulous work have been well worth it. The lengthy results were posted online, at a site unaffiliated with the TTP name. After about a week, the TTP began receiving email complaints about the endorsement of one particular local Teller County

The Colorado Chapter of Politics on the Rocks officially launched April 22, 2010 with a showing that ‘wowed’ those in attendance at downtown Colorado Spring’s Fratelli Ristorante Italiano. The festive atmosphere and positive energy was palpable as guests mingled and connected with like-minded leaders from throughout Colorado. Keynote speakers were Senator Josh Penry and radio personality Ross Kaminsky from Backbone Radio. The 50 or so guests came from as far away as Boulder, Crested Butte, La Junta and surrounding Colorado Springs areas. Nina Rodriguez, chapter president for Colorado, plans to expand to Denver later this year. For now, local members are enjoying a “different” type of grassroots group. The next event is scheduled for Thursday, May 27, 5:30-7:30pm at The Deco Lounge in the Fine Arts Center, 30 West Dale Street. The format is a monthly power networking happy hour for conservative business and community leaders. Cover charge, cash bar and tapas will be provided by Garden of the Gods Gourmet. Keynote speakers for the May event are State Rep Kent Lambert and Jeff Crank, KVOR Radio & Director of the Colorado Chapter of Americans for Prosperity. For more info, please call 719-533-0571. Join us!

candidate. The TTP then requested all of the endorsement information be removed from the group’s page. Strongly disagreeing about the endorsement of candidates, the two groups have parted ways. The Teller Tea Party will still be growing their grassroots movement with rallies, event organizing, and will not endorse candidates. Their events, bylaws, verbal membership agreement, and contact information can be found at: The Teller County Tea Party will not be planning rallies or events. Instead, they will continue to concentrate on their thorough question and answer interviews. Their interview process, answers, and reasons for endorsement will continue to be posted. The group hopes to expand their communication-focused website to a newsletter, and to form a volunteer hub for Colorado candidates. They can be found at:

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We the People

Citizen on the Street Compiled by Kayla Kirkland, Contributing Writer

How do you feel about people who desecrate and dishonor the American flag? What do you think their punishment, if any, should be?

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Tom Keller

Callie Baker, Colorado Springs: For more than 200 years our American flag has stood for our liberties, our nation’s strength and unity, and it has been an icon of pride. It has hung on baseball jerseys, in the front of the class rooms, in our churches, in the windows of our homes and over the coffins of our deceased service members. To have someone trample and burn the icon of our country is mocking our freedoms, our power and those service members who protect us. It is unconstitutional to pass a law that makes it illegal to desecrate our flag. People say that it would obstruct our freedom of speech, which is ironic because it represents our freedom. I believe that it [desecration] should be outlawed; it is a disgrace to this country. I wish there was a way to strip citizenship from an offender in the United States. The people that are burning the very symbol of the freedoms that they are abusing should at least get a fine. There are men and women fighting for our freedom, and someone is ignorant enough to burn the icon of our country because they are angry about some politician’s decision in Washington? Unbelievable. Michelle Hastings, Colorado Springs: Our flag is a beacon of hope. It has been that through every war. When I see someone burning the flag or disrespecting it, my blood boils. It represents the very freedoms we all enjoy and take for granted. I’m sure some people would say, “But, it’s our 1st Amendment right!”Yes, it is, but ‘respect’ is another word. I’d like to see those who burn our flag go to another country and try doing that to their flag! Kathy Schlegel, Parker: The American flag is the symbol of the greatest nation on Earth - one that offers liberty and justice for all who pledge their allegiance to it. It represents the country that offers “The American Dream” to anyone willing to sacrifice and work for their version of that dream. To desecrate the American flag is to profoundly disrespect the rights we are endowed with. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with ‘free speech’. It’s a violent act that destroys property, and that’s a crime in America.

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Natasha Laster, Colorado Springs: If someone burned and trampled the flag I think that should be treason. They should have the minimum sentence in jail and a heavy fine. If they did more than that they should have a life sentence in jail and/or the death penalty. I don’t believe in the death penalty but you have to follow the laws of the land. Joe Walker, Colorado Springs: I think it is appalling when an American burns our

beautiful American Flag! I’m almost 50 years old. I grew up pledging allegiance to the American flag in school. I not only saluted our flag for over 20 years in our great military, but also sadly saw it draped over the coffins of my brothers who died in combat protecting this nation and all it represents. I’ve held my hand over my heart at many ball games when the flag was presented. I love that flag and all it stands for. I still get goose bumps when our great flag is presented or raised at events. I think it should be against the law to desecrate our flag and there should be a penalty for those who do it. If you really hate this country and all we stand for so much that you feel you need to desecrate the flag, there are planes leaving for the Middle East and numerous other places around the globe every day, so LEAVE! James Marshall Sinclair, Colorado Springs: The American flag represents how our country was founded. It is a  symbol of pride, honor, and dedication. The Founding Fathers of our country had a vision of freedom and rights granted to the citizens.  The Constitution [guarantees] freedom  of speech, the right to assemble, freedom of the press, and the right  to bear arms. The colonists went to war for these freedoms. Many people lost their lives for their beliefs and the desire to have this freedom. This freedom applies to every person who chooses to live in the United States. I think any person has the right to burn the flag and not suffer any consequences. I didn’t say I  agree with that person’s decision. I think burning  the flag is wrong.  There isn’t a reason good enough for me to warrant our flag  being burned. Instead of wasting energy on burning the flag, a person can invest that energy in moving to another country. I’m sure whoever chose to take that option would move back to  the United States whenever the opportunity presented itself. America is not perfect, nor are the people who live here, but I am very thankful for the freedom we enjoy. If this country takes away our  freedom and our civil rights, then we aren’t any better than other countries that don’t share our views of the Constitution.  Without our  freedom, America loses the identity our founders fought so hard for. So the next time a flag is burning, don’t get angry or upset. Be sad  for the person who truly doesn’t understand the gift America has provided to them. The Constitutionalist Today honors Flag Day, June 14. To all those who have fought for and defended the Stars and Stripes, you have our most profound appreciation and respect. They can destroy our flag, but they can’t destroy our patriotism!

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws. —Tacitus, 55-120 AD

7 1 9 . 4 7 3 . 3 1 0 0

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. —Cicero, 55 BC

10 | The Constitutionalist Today

Just ask Randall & Rego about their favorite Founding Father! Compiled by Cindy Lyons, Senior Staff Writer

government. During his time you had either monarchs or no form of government. He was offered the opportunity to be king. How many of us if given the opportunity to be king, would have walked way? Washington had the foresight to have fought a war with a king and instead of becoming a king he decided to be a president, keeping it limited at an eight year term. The fact that he had the wisdom to have limited his own power is very important.

wanted a farmer to go to Congress to give his perspective and then go back to farming. They thought that if we had people run every two years that there would be enough successful challengers to incumbents to bring in new faces. Due to the fact that money is now so much apart of the mix, regular people are prevented from running. Now you need to be a millionaire to run in most cases.

None of their writings indicate the formation of a ‘nanny state’ government.

TCT: As you know Father’s Day is June 20. In remembrance of that day, can you tell us who your favorite Founding Father is and why? Richard: Thomas Jefferson, because he had vision and was able to create a document that 200 years later formalized how government and how humans should be. Jefferson said that God gave us a brain and a heart and he wrote that our emotions and our intellect are a part of the same equation.  But then there’s George Washington in whom you have a magnificent leader able to rally troops under the most difficult of circumstances and humble enough to understand that it wasn’t about him. We have had so many presidents, including the present one whom if they had taken some of this man’s lessons regarding humility, service to country and doing the right thing…we all would have been much better served.   Jarred: George Washington because he’s the original; the innovator of our form of

Richard: Jefferson was the ultimate Renaissance man. He knew a lot about a lot of things. A person could walk into his room and ask him to invent something and he would be able to do it.  TCT: How do you think they would react to what is happening in our government today? Richard: They would be profoundly disappointed and angered at what is happening in our government. They would never have envisioned that government would have grown to the size it is and be as intrusive as it now is. If they had witnessed the last year and a half, I think that their hearts would be breaking. They would not have liked that we have not been good stewards with the nation they gave us.  Jarred: They would be offended that people have made politics a career and that Senators are now directly elected. They had envisioned the Senate as a place to reflect upon legislation. They would have

Richard: The amount of money needed to run now would stun them. This is the reason that there is this gulf between the average person and the people they elect to represent them. I think that if they could see the amount of taxes/fees that people now pay they would roll over in their graves. TCT: What would they do about immigration and health care issues? Jarred: None of their writings indicate the formation of a ‘nanny state’ government. With immigration there would be lively discussion about adhering to the rule of law with some flexibility. But with the health care issue they would have given an absolute no to this massive type of entitle-

ment. They would’ve ended up supporting Arizona and have people adhere to the ‘rule of law’ that exists on the books. Richard: Just as Tea Party groups vary so did the Founding Fathers. Both also have united on the bigger fundamental issues. They would be shocked to see federal laws that have not been enforced for decades with over 11 million people here illegally. They would see this as anarchy. The race card is played by this administration all the time. We had a caller once who said, “If America is this bigoted and hateful country that some would have you believe because we would want to enforce laws on illegal immigration…then why is it that all these people want to come here?” Jarred: That caller also said, “When there truly was apartheid in South Africa, did you see blacks from other countries lining up to move into South Africa? No, you didn’t.” The Richard Randall Show airs weekdays in Colorado Springs from 8:30am to 10:00am on KVOR radio, 740 AM. The Jarred Rego Show airs weekdays in Colorado Springs from 10:00pm to 11:00pm and Sunday from 9:00pm to 11:00pm on KVOR radio, 740AM.

I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious. —Thomas Jefferson

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The Centennial State

City Hall’s Moral Collapse Douglas Bruce, Featured Writer

Just when you thought the mess at city hall could not get worse, four new examples of municipal mismanagement emerged. Each represents not only fiscal finagling, but moral myopia and the absence of accountability.


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12 | The Constitutionalist Today

Penny Graft, our former city manager, greatly overpaid at $210,000 per year plus perks, quit effective April 16. Her replacement was sworn in on April 13 for service starting April 16 at 5 p.m. Penny Graft decided her name, however apt, did not match her ambition, and went for one last big heist. She said she had been fired because the ritual predated the actual succession. Her demand? A mere $105,000, though she had only three days left at work. Like many governments, the city plays the golden parachute incentive game. Sly bureaucrats often demand contract clauses promising they will get paid for nothing. Sometimes they work, but they want payment in either case, so she sought a $35,000 per day bonus. The council had rated her highly the week before she submitted her resignation. What does this event say about the mental stability and judgment of those involved?

Actually, only six voted for the handout. Three others said it was a low budget priority. None insisted it is not government’s job to subsidize sloth and reward runaways from responsibility. Heaven forbid anyone in public office should ever draw a bright line against spending public funds on private problems. Conventional political philosophy is that government should do everything for everybody, if only stingy taxpayers would give the city “enough” money to redistribute.

SCAM #4 Despite passage of Issue 300 last fall, our infamous Storm Water Enterprise never dissolved. It now practices outright extortion on property owners, sending threats to those (like me) who have refused to pay those illegal fees (taxes). The city acts like gangsters in protection rackets. Cowering citizens pay money to avoid harm that thugs will otherwise wreak on private property. It is “insurance” against vandalism caused by the “insurance company.” Issue 300 ended the shakedown for fees on November 16, 2009, but the enterprise demands money through December 31. It makes gifts to fix city-owned property. It spends its $13 million in excess collections since 2005. It continues to bleed enterprises for about $10 million yearly in city-mandated services it forces on them. All these acts violate voter-approved Issue 300. The city has now hired a collection agency to try to squeeze property owners for $2 million in unpaid fees. It threatens to damage the credit of those 11,500 account holders who refuse to knuckle under. The storm water ordinance said fees were not property charges. Thus, they can’t be legally recorded as property liens or be paid in real estate loan or sale closings. Damaging someone’s credit by reporting he hasn’t paid an (unlawful) claim is grounds for a lawsuit. Both the collection agency and city would be liable. Citizens can see how to defend themselves at The agency was offered 30% of what it collects, but most accounts are under $200. It won’t sue in small claims, advancing up to $100 in filing fees and service of process costs, when their maximum net gain is $60. Our national image would be decimated if the city were to sue thousands of its citizens after passage of Issue 300. Remember, America was founded in a tax revolt. This time, instead of throwing tea into the harbor, we are throwing taxes down the drain. An ambitious lawyer should file a class action against our municipal mafia.

Remember, America was founded in a tax revolt. This time, instead of throwing tea into the harbor, we are throwing taxes down the drain.

SCAM #2 Memorial Hospital has a citizens’ commission of council-picked stooges considering its possible sale. Memorial gave them $92,000 for public relations and expenses. Why does such a group need public relations experts? Now the rogue reviewers are interviewing two consultants to advise them on what advice they should give the city! So much for citizen input. That shake down is estimated at over $10,000 per month for eight months! Apologists for municipal socialism tried to justify this absurdity by saying no taxes were involved, just “hospital money.” We own the hospital. Has everyone at the city gone nuts?

SCAM #3 The El Pomar Foundation gave $100,000 to rent motel rooms for the transients, drifters, tramps, bums, hobos, vagrants, beggars, and other losers the politically correct now call “the homeless.” Bob Holmes, “homeless advocate,” then asked the council to give $50,000 to continue free rent for freeloaders. Our gullible councilors took the bait to prove they were “compassionate conservatives.” A solid definition of a “liberal” is someone who is generous spending other people’s money. That makes our nine ninnies “liberal conservatives.” No wonder they are confused.

Douglas Bruce is a former county commissioner, state legislator, and the author of The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). Contact him at

Nothing is easier than the expenditure of public money. It doesn’t appear to belong to anyone. The temptation is overwhelming to bestow it on somebody. —Calvin Coolidge

PERA Aces: Gambling with Retirement Leah Hotchkiss, Senior Staff Writer Senate Bill 10-001 is an attempt to fix Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) by gambling, Vegas-style. A class action lawsuit has been filed. Both Republicans and Democrats are being targeted for blame. Lawmakers say PERA will fall farther into an un-funded abyss if we don’t act now. Supporters and public employees are screaming that it breaks the Colorado Constitution! Everybody is upset over this bipartisan Senate bill. After reading about 500 pages figuring out this mess, it has become obvious to me that it is too complex to explain fully, so we’ll sum up: PERA is Colorado’s version of Social Security for state employees. In 1999 and 2000, the 73-year-old PERA attained fully-funded status. Lawmakers decided to reduce contributions and add benefits, making it no longer fully-funded, forgetting that fully-funded is a good thing. Between 2007 and 2008, PERA lost 25% of its net assets available for benefits. It currently takes in $1.7 billion in contributions, pays out $3.1 billion in benefits, and is 70% funded. The new changes might bring PERA within the reach of being fully funded, in 30 years…maybe. Changes, history, development pro-

cess, and explanations, can be found at: The class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of some PERA retirees. The group’s website,, lists the cost of living (COLA) reduction as reason for the suit. The bill reduces COLA from 3.5% to 2%. The group argues that their contract has been broken by this reduction and therefore breaks both the United States and the Colorado Constitutions. Colorado courts have upheld this argumentation in the past. In 2004, a formal opinion by Attorney General Ken Salazar said that the “member’s [sic] pension program becomes a vested contractual obligation that is not subject to unilateral change of any type by the general assembly.” This is becoming an all night Vegas-style poker game, complete with lots of off-thebottom dealing, big names, and big losses. On one side of the table, some of the 190,684 strong PERA members (118,547 of which are in the schools division), and on the other, the PERA board, legislature, and governor. It would be fun to watch if we could forget that both sides are playing with credit extended by the taxpayer. No matter which side pulls the most aces and wins, the Colorado taxpayer will cover all markers and all the juice.

No matter which side pulls the most aces and wins, the Colorado tax payer will cover all markers and all the juice.

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TCT | 13

The Centennial State

Norton Not Fiscal Conservative Bob Adelmann, Featured Writer

In March, when Jane Norton’s Republican primary campaign spent $18,000 to run 28 commercials on 9NEWS, the station also ran a “Truth Test” on the statements made in those ads. With every voter’s BF (baloney fudge) meter set on “high,” the results of that test were revealing. The most damaging to Norton’s campaign was this one: “In Colorado, she cut government spending.” When put to the Truth Test this quote turned out to be false. 9NEWS pointed out that the budget of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment consisted of

three separate pools of money: the General Fund, Cash Funds, and Federal Funds. During her administration, revenues into the General Fund fell by almost 50 percent, but revenues into the Cash Funds and Federal Funds accounts rose. Adding the three together showed that revenues actually increased during her command, from $226.8 million in FY 1999-2000 to over $258 million in FY 2003-04. But revenues were outside of her control. As Bobby Clark, Executive Director of, put it, “Norton’s budget at the Department of Health actually grew while she was the director. Her General Fund money may

Strong Mayor Debate

City Council Grapples with Mayoral Issue Lynda Jones, Senior Staff Writer Citizens for Accountable Leadership wants voters to change Colorado Springs from a city council-city manager form of government to a mayor-city council (strong mayor) form of government. The group presented its proposal for changes to the Colorado Springs City Charter at a town meeting April 27, and filed it with the city on May 11. The issue is expected to be on the November ballot. Proponents of the change said Colorado Springs should follow the trend of other U.S. cities by eliminating the city manager’s position and putting the mayor in charge of running the city. Former state Senator Andy McElhany noted that some mayors, such as New York City’s, do not accept salaries. He said the proposal calls for the mayor to be paid a salary that is 110 percent of a county commissioner’s salary. Using that formula, the mayor would earn approximately $96,000 per year, plus benefits. The mayor could not be employed elsewhere during his term. One goal of Citizens for Accountable Leadership is to structure the city following the U.S. Constitution by having an elected executive and legislative branch with proper checks and balances. The proposed charter changes gives the mayor executive and administrative powers granted to the city by Article XX of the Colorado State Constitution and defined in the city charter.

14 | The Constitutionalist Today

Council Member Scott Hente said he is “a huge supporter” of the mayor-council form of government because it makes the person who runs the city directly accountable to the voters. “There are times the mayor needs to be the mayor,” Hente said. He cited the example in 2007-08 when the mayor did not have the authority to ask for declaration of an emergency snow storm when the city was shut down due to large amounts of snowfall. “We need a strong decisive leadership position,” Hente said. “When you’re in the middle of the battlefield, you don’t want to stop and convene a committee to make a decision.” With the proposed charter changes, the mayor will have the ability to act in an emergency situation. The proposal reads, “The mayor may take command of the police and govern the city by proclamation in times of public danger or emergency.” Hente described the change as a good way to have checks and balances in the city government. The average citizen thinks the mayor runs the city, he said. Hente wants to codify that. The mayor currently has no veto authority over council. If voters approve the change, the mayor will have veto power over city council decisions. The city council will be able to override a veto with a two-thirds vote. Mayor Lionel Rivera attended the town hall meeting and said he is an advocate of the strong mayor form of government. Rivera said he would have liked more time

have gone down…but that was only a small part of her budget. And, in any case, her “spending” did not go down [emphasis added] even if some of her funding did. She’s being disingenuous at the least…” One issue that Norton is studiously avoiding is her support for Referendum C in November, 2005. According to the Cato Institute in its Briefing Papers, “Dispelling the Myths—The Truth about TABOR and Referendum C,” passage of Referendum C allows Colorado “to spend the tax revenue that is collected over and above the TABOR cap rather than rebate it [to the taxpayers]…it gives the state government the power to spend all the revenue that

comes into the state, without regard to the TABOR limit.” In other words, “the state legislature can spend all of that money without asking further permission from voters. It’s the equivalent of giving a blank check to the legislature…” Norton supported Referendum C. Nothing was said about that in her ads on 9NEWS.

during his term of office to be out recruiting new businesses to move to Colorado Springs and more time to be in Washington, D.C., working to get more resources for the city. Under the proposal, the mayor will not be required to attend city council meetings, which will be chaired by a president of city council who is selected by council members. Rivera said city council salaries should be addressed also. He recommended paying council members minimum wage for 40 hours per week. McElhany said the city council salary is not addressed by the proposed charter changes because of the need to stay in a single subject area on the ballot. Council Member Darryl Glenn, who is running for county commissioner, told a group of supporters he is concerned about the expense of the measure being on the November ballot. The city council eliminated election costs when it finalized the 2010 budget.

Referencing the city’s budget woes, town hall panelist Chuck Murphy said, “We’re suffering from a terminal disease. It’s called double TABOR.” McElhany disagreed that TABOR is the problem. Charles Guy, a town hall attendee, said the problem is the financial economic condition. “You don’t change the government, you cut services,” Guy said. Representatives of Citizens for Accountable Leadership anticipate a lengthy discussion and debate between now and November. The proposed charter changes are posted at Public comments can be posted on that site. Current comments express concern that the mayor will choose his family and friends for jobs and have too much power. One person posted this comment, “There is a big difference between the job skills of a good politician and a great manager and it is not often that the same person has both.”

Bob Adelmann writes for The New American magazine on economics, history and politics, and speaks to groups interested in these topics. His email address is:

Kitchen Table Politics Is it over yet? Leah Hotchkiss, Senior Staff Writer

The 2010 Colorado Legislative session has come to a close. Resolutions with broad implications, that in previous years would have seen intense debate, were pushed through the last days of session as Democrats seek to fortify their agenda and position their ground troops for the November elections. One can view these as strategic policies for a party that is uncertain of its future control of Colorado politics. To their credit, most Republicans stayed on the alert, put a few very bad bills and resolutions to their timely deaths, and offered a few of their own. Several of these political moves have far reaching consequences, and when viewed together, show us a plan to enable voter fraud, spend copious amounts of our money, and give us an overall look at increased government hubris. Here they are in no particular order: First up, the gerrymandering bill HB10-1408 “repeals statutory direction to courts to use criteria in determining the lawfulness of and in adopting changes to congressional districts.” Sounds pretty tame, until you realize every single rule has been repealed. The court is no longer prohibited from using political party registration and election performance when determining districts. They do not have to utilize a good faith effort to mathematically calculate population equality between districts. Each district no longer has to consist of contiguous whole general election precincts, and districts can overlap. The court no longer has to comply with the “Voting Rights Act of 1965,” and preserve previous district lines to minimize disruption. The legislature just handed the courts a free pass to do with our voting districts as they please, without restrictions. Can we say legalized election tampering? The legislature also saw fit to give government another easy way to propose direct changes to the state Constitution. SCR10-001, with voter approval, will create a Fiscal Policy Constitutional Commission. Made up of 19 people appointed by various state officials, the commission would review fiscal policy of the Colorado Constitution, make recommended amendments, and have those amendments presented directly to the voters in 2012. Under the current rules, a constitutional amendment is proposed by the General Assembly, a Constitutional Convention, or through the initiative process. With this added commission, government can directly target the state’s constitutional fiscal policy without having the legislative muscle or the citizens’ support to initiate amendments. Citizens did retain some semblance of power with the postponement of SCR10-003. This defeated resolution would have made it nearly impossible for citizens to petition their government. Sponsored by Tapia (D), White (R),

Heath (D), Penry (R), Boyd (D), Hodge (D), Keller (D), Kester (R), Romer (D), Shaffer, B. (D), this bill had bi-partisan support. It would have added to Section 1 Article V of the Constitution the requirement that petitions have signatures from each and every district equal to 5% of the total required. It stipulated at least 60% voter approval to become part of the Constitution. This would have allowed a single district to disqualify an entire constitutional amendment petition. Two tax resolutions were passed and both will be put before the voters. The first resolution, sponsored by Democrats, would add rules to Section 3 (1) (b) of Article X (Uniform Taxation Exemption), allowing adjustments (without voter approval) to taxation rates for possessory interests in real property with specified actual values. The second was sponsored by Republicans and would be a change to Section 20 of Article X (The Taxpayers Bill of Rights). This one requires any changes in the tax policy causing a net tax revenue gain to any district to be voted on by the electorate. Another tax disappointment was the passage of SB10-190, which repeals the property tax credit for qualifying seniors. HB10-191 was passed…surprisingly. This bill requires performance evaluations for teachers, which passed with a 35 “yes” and 0 “no” votes. Passing along side this education bill, Resolution SJR10-047 resolved that lawmakers push for more publicly funded early child care and preschool programs, promote the success of Governor Ritter’s socialist P-20 system, and ensure that we receive more federal grant money to attain these goals. Also for the kiddies, a newly created grant program, HB10-1131, doles out cash to groups who provide urban youth with fieldtrips, and HB10-1147 requires children under 18 to wear helmets. When riding any non-motorized vehicle, an un-protected child can be stopped and given a card preaching the dangers of not having a federally compliant helmet, unless it goes against your religion…then you’re exempt. No fines yet, but you can bet they will be added shortly. Finally, Resolution HJR10-1028 which voices Colorado’s undying support of all the green legislation Washington could ever wish to enact. With President Obama’s job approval in the toilet, I am sure he could use this kind of political hug-and-kiss from our legislature. Thankfully, this session has come to an end and we can start concentrating on elections. With rule changes, resolutions, and over-spending, the battle lines have been drawn. Election season is shaping up to be another heated salvo in the ongoing war against a growing nanny state government. Now is the time to read the bills, resolutions, and voting records ( before the first wave of attack-ads starts to spin political intentions and voting records.

The legislature just handed the courts a free pass to do with our voting districts as they please, without restrictions. Can we say legalized election tampering?

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Another tax disappointment was the passage of SB10-190, which repeals the property tax credit for qualifying seniors.

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The Centennial State

Grassroots Trifecta at GOP State Assembly

US Senate Ken Buck Cleve Tidwell Robert Greenbeck Steve Barton

77% 15% 2% 1%

Treasurer JJ Amendt Ali Hasan

79% 20%

Governor Dan Maes Scott McInnis

49% 48%

The senate race was somewhat crowded even though Jane Norton and Tom Wiens are petitioning on to the ballot, thus they were not present. Nevertheless, Josh Penry and a number of Norton supporters were waving signs in the morning outside the event center grounds as people arrived. Inside the event center, Ken Buck supporters were in the majority. The nominations began with Robert Greenbeck reading an uninspired speech. Given the fact that I’d never heard his name before and his poor showing overall, I have to wonder why he showed up. Steve Barton didn’t do much better.

Each candidate was given 12 minutes for combined nomination and acceptance speeches; Barton’s time seemed to go beyond the limit. Maybe it just seemed that way to me. The response from Cleve Tidwell’s supporters was fairly enthusiastic. Dick Wadhams kept track of the allotted time and promptly turned off the sound system at 12 minutes, cutting off three candidates. Ken Buck took it up several notches. He began with a short video featuring interviews of his family and a nomination from his wife, Perry. A number of tea party and 9-12 leaders followed Perry and seconded her nomination. That’s one difference I noticed at the county and state assemblies: establishment politicians have other establishment politicians nominate them. Grassroots and new candidates have family members and grassroots leaders nominate them. I like that. Buck had a rousing speech. He got a particularly large round of applause when he said, “If a foreign leader came to the White House and insulted our country or even a state in his presence, he’d get up and walk out.” Part of the game, I learned, is passing out campaign signs to wave in applause. The Weld County section of the arena was wildly in support of Ken but there was strong support from all the counties. The vote showed that support: the Buck campaign was looking for at least 71%; they exceeded that with 77%. Dan Maes was the first gubernatorial candidate to speak. He was nominated by State Senator Kevin Lundberg from Larimer County. The nomination was secASSEMBLY on page 17

Gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes addresses the crowd.

Photo by Jimmie Butler

The State Assembly in Loveland May 23 was an exciting event, especially for the many delegates there for the first time. A hand count in the 5th Congressional District Assembly on Friday, May 22 showed at least two-thirds were new to the process. The results were a trifecta for these newly-minted activists. The results of the three contested races were:

Photo by Jimmie Butler

Alfred C. Maurer, Featured Writer

Senatorial candidate Ken Buck and his family on stage.

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16 | The Constitutionalist Today

Democracy in Action Ryan Parsell, Contributing Writer

Certainly, there were some surprises. Maes narrowly edged McInnis, while the Ament and Hasan race wasn’t as close as many expected. As expected, Buck easily won a spot on the ballot, breezing past Tidwell, Barton, and Greenbeck. Candidates Norton and Wiens are petitioning onto the primary election ballot. This, my fellow conservatives, was democracy in action. People were given the equality of opportunity to make their voices heard through the Republican State Assembly, and the process worked without a flaw.

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Ryan Parsell is the acting Chair of the El Paso County Republican Party, and was the head of the 497 member El Paso Delegation to the Republican State Assembly.

Photo by Jimmie Butler

Yes, the hour was early; yes, the sun was already steaming up the air; yes, the air conditioning was already leaving something to be desired—the situation made worse by the 2,000 people assembled at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado. Yet, most there seemed not to mind. Spirits were high, and the anticipation was tangible. Republicans were gathered together to manifest their own destiny and to make their voices heard. I didn’t detect the bitterness or anger that the media seems to think defines the conservative movement. I didn’t see the “hate” that the media seems to think motivates us in our common pursuits. What I did see was people who love their country and were unified in purpose while occasionally disagreeing on candidates.

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Green Acres Granite Representatives from Colorado counties met in Loveland.

ASSEMBLY continued from page 16 onded by Lana Fore-Warkocz, a member of the El Paso County Tea Party and Silverio “Silver” Salazar from Pueblo, cousin of Ken and John Salazar and a former Hillary Clinton backer. Dan’s mother gave an emotional speech on behalf of her son. McInnis, like Buck and Maes, also did the video thing. The theme of McInnis’ video was that “help is on the way.” It was mostly black and white and featured an interview of him against a dark background. It struck me as odd because he was right there to speak: why the interview in the video? A few people I talked to were turned off by the 9/11 help theme which came across as “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Really? Isn’t too much government what we’ve been protesting for the past year? Maes’ upset of McInnis was stunning! The McInnis campaign has often boasted about the money in their coffers and his green color was everywhere. Maes, however, was clearly the people’s choice. The margin of victory was slim - 1741 votes to 1725 - but it was a David versus Goliath contest and David won. The third contested race was, to me, another surprise in the large margin of victory. Like the McInnis campaign, the Hasan camp has poured money into his race for ads, signs and t-shirts. They even provided golf carts for delegates to go between the hotel and the event center. In the end, the money didn’t matter. Ament ran away with 79% of the vote. My perception is that everyone—liberty activists as well as party regulars—liked and supported Ament. Hasan’s attack ads in the previous week

turned a lot of people off. A third candidate, Walker Stapleton, is petitioning onto the primary ballot. The voting closed at 1p.m. and we had to wait almost two hours for the results. In the meantime we heard speeches by candidates for the state legislature and from issue organizations. Many, perhaps most, of the delegates left before the results were announced as did many candidates. Ken Buck was first onstage after the results and showed his sense of humor by remarking that he was going to finish the speech that had been cut off earlier. Dan Maes pointed out that the tea party activists are a force to be reckoned with. Hasan and Ament spoke as well. All three winners were loudly cheered and applauded by those who had waited for the results. Maes is certainly right: grassroots-supported candidates made a tremendous showing on Saturday while McInnis and Hasan found out that it takes more than money to win this time around. Other candidates, such as Jane Norton and Tom Wiens, seem to have seen the handwriting on the wall and chose to petition on to the primary ballot instead of going through the assembly process. In the often-ignored race for state treasurer JJ Ament showed that it’s going to take the support of everyone, old and new, to win in November. That means healing the divisions between campaigns to unite for the good of the state of Colorado. Judging by the cooperation I saw between campaigns while stuffing the delegate bags on Friday, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

The results were a trifecta for these newlyminted activists.

Green Acres Granite | 17

The Centennial State

AMERICAN Sparring Precedes COMFORT “Historic” Vote on Water Rates Lynda Jones, Senior Staff Writer


Open Daily 11

2925 W Colorado Ave (at 30th St.) 632-4820

5905 Corporate Dr (I-25, Exit 148) 260-6555

Tempers flared as Colorado Springs City Council members sparred over disclosed and undisclosed information surrounding the Southern Delivery System, its total projected cost, and its associated water rate increase. On May 11, despite strenuous objections of Council Member Tom Gallagher, the Colorado Springs City Council voted 8-1 in favor of increasing water rates to launch the Southern Delivery System. The pipeline is expected to provide water to Colorado Springs for the next 50 years. Council Member Bernie Herpin described the vote to raise water rates as “historic.” Since Colorado Springs does not have its own water source, city founders purchased water rights on properties in rural areas. Herpin applauded the foresight of those who made that decision. He moved for approval of the increase in water rates out of consideration for generations to come. At the April 27 and May 11 meetings, Council Member Tom Gallagher said the public has inadequate information about the project. He requested information about phase two of the project arguing that a commitment to phase one is a commitment to phase two. On May 11, Gallagher came armed with his own research and said there is an abundance of contradictory information that has not been provided to the public. He questioned the feasibility of the proposed pipeline’s location. Gallagher also questioned what the total construction and operational costs of the pipeline will be. “Decisions based on bad information result in bad decisions,” Gallagher said. Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte echoed Herpin’s description of the vote as “historic.” The rate increase, 11 percent in 2011 and another 11 percent in 2012, are critical to construction of the Southern Delivery System between the Pueblo Reservoir and Colorado Springs. In his defense of the proposed rate increase and feasibility of the SDS project, Forte argued that years of studies involving thousands of pages of documents led to this point of the Southern Delivery System’s development.

Bill Cherrier, chief financial officer for Colorado Springs Utilities, said it is important to vote now. The plan will go to bond rating agencies this summer. The rate increase needs to be in place to show them how CSU will repay the bonds for the SDS project, he said. At the April 27 meeting, a parade of the city’s partners in the SDS project pleaded with Colorado Springs to join with the others so construction can begin. Those partners include the towns of Security and Fountain. Representatives of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO) also endorsed the SDS project and the associated water rate increase to fund it. A local car wash owner argued against the rate increase, citing poor economic conditions that already hurt his business. He said the last rate increase cost his business more than $10,000 forcing him to lay off an employee. When he spoke at the April 27 meeting, Colorado Springs resident Walter Lawson asked for more information to be made public. He concurred with Gallagher, “[Colorado Springs] Utilities has never stated the true cost of this project.” Lawson argued the cost of financing and the hidden costs in phase two are unknown. Forte said the SDS is “necessary for our community’s future.” He projected that 380 to 700 jobs will be created during the six years of construction. He predicted local businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, will be impacted by the construction project. Local economist Thomas A. Arnold contended the rate increase will reduce the purchasing power of Colorado Springs citizens, adding more stress to an already stressed economic environment. He advised council members on May 11 to find out what the people want, and to get away from the “father knows best” mentality. He urged them to consider the unintended consequences of the water rate increase. Council Member Darryl Glenn said, “When you sit here, you have to be a leader. When you look at the implications for the regional community…I’ll be supporting this historic vote.”

Council Member Bernie Herpin described the vote to raise water rates as “historic.”

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Electoral Suicide

Legislating Ourselves to Death Chuck Graybill, Contributing Writer We are committing governmental suicide. Every two and four years since we founded this great nation and began adding states (funding growth), we have elected what we commonly call lawmakers as our Representatives. Thus, we began the process of fueling our own demise. What a conundrum for a lawmaker: Once elected, you either screw up a well-conceptualized government by doing nothing at all, or you live up to your title of lawmaker and, through legislation and regulation, totally debase and demean the best governmental doctrine and system ever devised. Our Founding Fathers warned us that government was a necessary evil, not to be trusted, not our friend and certainly not the answer to our problems or prayers. They cautioned us to be ever vigilant to limit government growth. There is the constant incentive to overreach and intrude in the name of the greater good, for the betterment of the human race, to save the planet and in the name of social justice, but not equal justice. Had we followed the lead of George Washington who imposed his own term limits, we too would have required Congressional term limits. We would have eliminated career politicians and their temptation to believe that they transcend the office they hold and can ignore the will of the electorate. By allowing multiterm elected officials we have elevated the person above the platform. The platform, the core values, principles, goals and objectives have been wrongfully relegated secondary status to the officeholder. The platform, not the person, ought to be the enduring asset, the standard to be realized and prolonged. We just couldn’t leave well enough alone! While most people who believe in their Creator accept religious teachings on face value, we just can’t seem to quit trying to fix our Constitution, the closest thing to perfection most of us will ever experience. It never needed fixing, just better understanding, application and interpretation for modern times; certainly not subordination to case law from overreaching lawyers with social and political agendas. It never needed fixing, just more ardent supporters and protectors. It needed and needs an informed electorate to come to its rescue. It needs US! How do we cut the size of government and runaway government spending? Easy, let’s turn our elected representatives into part-time employees, either figuratively or literally. Let’s make them caretakers

and guardians, convening only periodically for housekeeping issues, for matters of national security, or at the behest of the states and an informed electorate. Radical, yes, but we could achieve the same effect by making it more difficult for our lawmakers to initiate and pass legislation. Once lawmakers, permanent employees all, take office, they feel compelled to start legislating to earn their keep and justify their existence. It seems nearly every piece of legislation has one enumerated or intended consequence and exponentially more unintended consequences via unforeseen and uninformed interactions with existing laws, rules and regulations. Hundreds of thousands of pages of legalese and the maze of combinations and permutations of potential interactions are too complicated for even supercomputers to understand, analyze and navigate, let alone mere elected representatives. Our classroom model for traditional education has not changed for centuries, but we continue to add exponential layers of complexity to the problems of our governance. Wanting to live up to their name, and, as Obama said, do something rather than nothing, lawmakers add to our problems daily in their attempt to solve them with more legislation. Simplification, not exacerbation is the answer. Our representatives are simply incapable of knowing, understanding or predicting the consequences and implications of their actions. We must stop trying to legislate away human shortcomings and inevitabilities or unforeseen occurrences, while instead legislating ourselves to death. We do not need more regulation of Wall Street. Wall Street’s greed, avarice and wanton risktaking was 100% regulated and supervised by the SEC, the Fed, the treasury secretary and treasury staff, internal and external auditors, ratings agencies, House and Senate committees and the list goes on, including Fannie and Freddie. More regulators and regulations would not, I repeat, would not have altered the outcome, only added more cost and complexity to the already mushrooming bureaucracy trying incompetently, inefficiently and incomprehensibly to do their jobs. But, they will try to do it anyway because they think it is their job!

Our Founding Fathers warned us that government was a necessary evil, not to be trusted, not our friend…

The National Center for Constitutional Studies presents

The Making of

AMERICA Saturday, June 19, 2010 • 8:30 am - 4:30 pm The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) 834 Emory Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 Sponsored by the 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots

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Lunch break

12:45pm-4:30pm “The Perfect Plan of Liberty” A refreshing look at the solid political and economic principles from the preamble through the amendments to the Constitution. You’ll learn, perhaps for the first time, how nearly every problem in America today can be solved by restoring these successful concepts.

Your family will see, hear, and learn with exciting, unforgettable stories, using fill-in-the-blank study guides that will be a lasting treasure for further study for years to come. Cost: $10 per individual • $30 per family (Please, no children under 12) Send check or money order (payable to 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots) to: The Making of America c/o 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots P.O. Box 25093 Colorado Springs, CO 80936-5093

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Chuck Graybill is owner of Maggie Mae’s Restaurant, former financial executive with BP and author of Cannibals of Capitalism. | 19

The Republic as it Stands

Alien Invasion The Consequences and Costs to America, Its Culture and Society Roy Thompson, Guest Writer

The illegal alien invasion of America is a serious and hot topic of discussion. The media is not providing enough details to make credible judgments. We must think in terms of the best interests of America. The outcome will drastically affect our country, our way of life, and our economy. It will alter our national demographics and our children’s future. “The US G o v e r n m e nt report, Immigration Policy in the United States reflects multiple goals. First, it serves to reunite families of legal immigrants by admitting those who already have family members living in the United States. Second, it seeks to admit workers with specific skills and to fill positions in occupations deemed to be experiencing labor shortages. Third, it attempts to provide a refuge for people who face the risk of political, racial, or religious persecution in their country of origin. Finally, it seeks to ensure diversity by providing admission to people from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States.” The US policy is to maintain a balance of immigrants to maintain our National Demographics and import people “to fill positions in occupations deemed to be “experiencing labor shortages.” The (mostly Hispanic) illegal aliens do not meet any of these goals. This alien invasion is costing us loss of jobs, transfer of financial resources, increased debt, and eventual financial disaster. It affects and strains our educa-

tion, health and support services, legalizes criminal activities, penalizes potential legal immigrants, weakens our security, changes our society and divides us as a nation. I keep hearing that these illegal aliens are filling jobs that Americans do not want. That may have been true a few years ago, but right now I know many Americans will take any job they can find. We have 30 million Americans without jobs. Illegal aliens send $17 billion annually to Mexico. If those jobs were held by Americans, all the money earned would be spent here, creating more jobs for Americans. The most important aspect of illegal immigration is seldom discussed. I call it the illegal multiplier effect. Once issued a green card, that person can bring in parents and siblings. These 9-12 million illegals can now become 40+ million; more to house, feed, educate and support. We have an obligation to those who have applied to legally immigrate and have been waiting for years. We believe our society is the best in the world. It is user friendly to any religion and any ethnic culture. This has worked well for all legal immigrants and cultures that have been assimilated into our communities, maintaining the American way of life. We have created a balanced mix of peoples, providing encouragement to succeed, produce and assimilate. Foreign cultures have actually enhanced our lives

This alien invasion is costing us loss of jobs, transfer of financial resources, increased debt, and eventual financial disaster.

in many ways. I love participating in the Greek festival in October, the Hispanic festival in May. All have taught me about other cultures and how to enjoy the festivities. The next day it’s back to the good old American way of life. Many illegals seem to want to maintain their way of life as well as imposing it on all of us. Some march openly flying the Mexican flag and want California to be part of Mexico. That is not assimilation. Some try to compare our immigrant forefathers of the late 1800s through 1950s with these illegal aliens. What an insult to our forefathers who came here legally, with a strong desire to assimilate into the new world. They created, with much hard work, the America we all enjoy. It’s amazing how many people in our country do not have a working knowledge of English. You cannot get a green card without passing the English test. I daily meet many that do not speak English and need a translator to converse. One state even provides drivers license tests in 15 languages. Our federal government has not closed the border, which encourages illegals to enter America. This has weakened our national security, and I am certain that terrorists are infiltrating. Border patrol agents have found Korans in the desert areas. Illegals from Egypt, Afghanistan,

Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and many other countries have been detained for illegal entry. I do not understand the rationale of denying the authorities the ability to question criminals including some who have entered the country illegally. There are 9-12 million illegal Hispanic aliens in America. So it seems natural to seek Hispanics who could be criminals. I am an olive colored person and could be challenged to prove my US legal status. I have no problem with that and will gladly show appropriate ID. The law is very specific. If you are a legal Green Card holder, you are required to carry this Green Card at all times and willingly present it when challenged. Is it not amazing how the President of Mexico complained about the Arizona law and is calling it racial discrimination against Hispanics? Mexico’s immigration law calls for all levels of police to ask for immigration papers at any time and any violation means a fine and possible jail time. Yet Senor Calderon criticizes Arizona with the blessing of our President and Congress.

Mexico’s immigration law calls for all levels of police to ask for immigration papers at any time and any violation means a fine and possible jail time.

Part 2 of this article will be printed next month. The entire article is available on our website. Roy Thompson retired from the Canadian Air Force and is now an American citizen.

  


 

 


 


 


  

    

 

  


 

20 | The Constitutionalist Today

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How Our President Became a Pirate

Now you can read and understand the whole Constitution in under 30 minutes! The Constitution Made Easy is an easy-reading Modern English version of the Constitution that makes the meaning of the original seem to jump off the page!

Sid Huston, Contributing Writer

Just out on the silver screen is a new Robin Hood movie. We all know that Robin Hood had a passion to redistribute wealth. Robin believed it was his calling and felt completely justified robbing from the rich to give the booty to the poor. I don’t believe our President is a Robin Hood type, even though his encounter with Joe the Plumber during the past presidential campaign made it clear that he likes to see the wealth spread around. Pirates have captured my imagination, they are everywhere, and this way of living is as popular today as when Cap’n Henry Morgan was terrorizing the Caribbean. Often we see pirates romanticized in the movies, but we fail to see what a cruel life they really lived, and rarely do we examine the twists they put themselves through to take on the identity of a pirate. Think of it, a pirate is a thief who can disregard laws and do whatever he or she wants to do. In real life they are takers only and serve no man. Oh, back in the day they tried to be regarded as a “privateer” by securing Letters of Marque from a legitimate government and would then serve kings and countries. They liked having these official papers but for the most part they were just a license to do what they darn well pleased, and went on behaving as pirates with papers. I have been thinking, how did Barack Obama become a pirate? I do not mean any disrespect of his office or toward him, but you can tell a tree by the fruit it produces. As far as I can tell it looks like we have a pirate at the helm of Pennsylvania Ave. In his first year in office he has looted the automobile industry, the banking industry and now he is taking over the insurance and medical industries with his health care bill. He is even using the oil spill in the Gulf to renounce and forbid off shore drilling. A pirate will never let a tragedy go to waste. I have no doubt about his desires for education, military, housing and even entertainment. With the recent Arizona decision to enforce the laws and secure their exposed border we see how he would like to usurp states rights. In his first year he has filled his treasure chest with a tremendous amount of loot, and he seems to love the power of it all. But what motivated him to become a pirate and sail this way? It has become clear to me that people choose the pirate way in response to a painful rejection, an injustice, and an offense or just by being slighted. Card sharks look for “tells” and in his campaign Barack tipped his “tell” with a 30 second spot called “Mother.” In this ad we see a snapshot of his mother Stanley Ann Dunham who died of ovarian cancer in 1995. The candidate then emotes: “I remember my mother. She was 53 years old when she died of ovarian cancer and you know what she was thinking about in the last months of her life? She wasn’t thinking about getting well. She wasn’t coming to terms with her own mortality. She had been diagnosed just as she was between jobs. And she wasn’t sure whether insurance was going to cover the medical expenses because they might consider a preexisting condition. I remember being heart broken, seeing her struggle

through paperwork and the medical bills and the insurance forms. So, I have seen what it is like when somebody you love is suffering because of a broken health care system. And it’s wrong. It’s not who we are as a people…” Many conservatives blame his liberal education at Occidental College, Columbia University, Harvard and the time he spent at the University of Chicago for his leftward leanings. And we can not dismiss his radical associations he developed while in Chicago; we all know that bad company corrupts good morals. But, it just might be the real pain, the pain he felt his mother go through that prompted him to become a pirate. Think about it, seeing her filled with cancer, and yet forced to take on the seemingly uncaring and impersonal insurance giants. We all know how they are so quick to snap up our premiums most of us have them on the auto-suck plan with our banks, but when it is time to receive payment as a result of our injuries we have to claw our way through levels of corporate beaucracy. This is a form of rejection and disrespect that can anger mere mortals. Unless a person is absolutely confident about their identity and feels secure in their advocates one can see why people go the pirate way. I have come to believe that behavior, attitude and passion flow naturally out of one’s sense of identity. I think our president felt such anger at this crisis time it marked him and shaped his future, a future of piracy. I have written about the results of rejection and have discovered that for most our first recourse is to get revenge and/or be filled with resentment. You will see that our president has been driven by these negative emotions into public service. One of the main attractions toward the pirate life is the sense of identity. Our president discovered that his new-found pirate identity gave him such pleasure he parlayed it into becoming a community organizer. With this position he was fulfilled and validated and in a position to do what pirates love the best—pay backs! In this role he experienced much pleasure taking on the corporations, and he reveled in their pain and loved to see them give up the loot. Pirates meet their own needs in their own way. Instead of hacking and slashing his way with a boucan knife, Barack mastered the use of public speaking and playing the media. His use of persuasion and the teleprompter enables him to get what he wants. We have all seen how it works for him, and how people roll over for him. Pirates love independence, power, prestige and popularity. Now that Pirate Barack has it all I think we will see more conservatives and corporations become his shark bait. So what are we to learn from this pirate story? First of all when you pick a leader look at their identity, try to understand how they think about themselves. Secondly, be wise and realize that behavior, attitude and passion will naturally flow out of their sense of identity. We also must take a good look in the mirror and see the error of our way, and face up to the possibility that our business practices, or the practices of some of America’s corporations, make people feel like victims and this painful rejection prompts a pirate-like response.

Pirates meet their own needs in their own way. Instead of hacking and slashing his way with a boucan knife, Barack mastered the use of public speaking and playing the media.

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Madison’s Constitution Ignored Today by the Powerful

Richard Eleuterio, Contributing Writer In one of the best-known written speculations of James Madison he wrote: But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature. If men were angels no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. The Federalist #51

The Federalist Papers were a series of essays written by Alexander Hamilton, Madison, and John Jay to convince some reluctant states to ratify the new Constitution. Why was Madison convinced in 1787 Enjoy Ten of your Homemadethat a new Constitution including a Favorites at a slightly smaller size stronger central government was necesEa rly aBe ar Specials!smaller price. sary? His observations lead him to conand considerably 4:00PM - 6:00PM Daily clude that the continued discordant strife among the former colonies under the ArEnjoy ten of your homem ade ticles of Confederation would result in the favorites at a slightly sm eventual collapse of the union. aller size and a considerably small months before the constitutional er price— Fish FryIn the Friday Night All-You-Can-Eat Only convention Saturday Night All-You-Can–Eat Ribs $9.99Madison prepared by reviewOpen 6am - 10pm Daily. ing, mostly in the original languages, the Breakfast served all day! of the many past confederacies. Join us for Breakfast, Lunch, orhistory Dinner. These included the confederacies of an(Open 6am—10pm. Breakfast all day.) As always, military members receive 10% off their meal! cient Greece along with the Holy Roman 975 A. N. Academy Blvd. C.S. CO 80909 Empire, the Swiss Confederation, and the 314-3616 United Provinces of the Netherlands. He Friday Nights: concluded thataweak ry unions were doomed Academy Blvd y! ays, Milit e lwfail. As ato iv All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fr e bers rec memMadison eir not the only American ff thwas : ts 0% owho 1leader Saturday Nigh saw the need for a new constil. mea All-You-Can-Eat Ribs! Murray Blvd tutional convention. He was joined by Alexander Hamilton, Only $9.99! George Washington, 975A N. Academy Blvd. • 314-3616 Benjamin Franklin, George Mason, and many other colonial leaders of the day. During the spring and summer of 1787, Madison was the unflagging catalyst and facilitator toward its contentious completion. The results were accepted by most of the assemblage. There were however, many holdouts. The addition of the Bill of Rights to the completed Constitution and the writing of The Federalist Papers were designed to bring these Blvd holdouts into the fold. Eventually the new Constitution was ratified by all the states. To many contemporary Americans Mr. Madison’s Constitution of limited government is under assault by our country’s leaders. The ancient Greeks used the Murray Blvd term “hubris” to describe man’s defiance of the Greek Gods. This was the most egregious sin a person could commit in that culture. Hubris would certainly describe our Federal Government’s continued defiance of Constitutional limits and the American people. In the Constitution, congressional powers are delineated in Article I, Section 8. The erosion of the power limits spelled out in the Section has been due to reinterpretations of its clauses here and elsewhere in the Constitution. 3315 W. Carefree Cir. 719-597-4189 From North Carefree, turn right on W. Carefree, one block on your left. Hours: M-F 7am-6pm. Sat 7am-2pm

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or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the “Supreme Law of the Land.” Starting with Marbury v. Madison (1803), the Supreme Court insisted that not only the Constitution but the Court’s rulings were the “Supreme Law of the Land.” 2. The General Welfare Clause as it is contained in Article I, Section 8, states: The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes… to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare (as opposed to special interests). In Heverling v. Davis (1937), the Supreme Court used the Clause to declare the Social Security Act constitutional. 3. The Interstate Commerce Clause is also contained in Article I, Section 8: [Congress has the power] to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States. The gross expansion of the intent of the Commerce Clause by Congress turned the original concept of making commerce between the states “regular”, into control of virtually all intra- and interstate commerce. The Supreme Court in Wickard v. Filburn (1942) sanctioned this power grab. In its decision the Court ruled that a farmer growing wheat on his own land for his family’s use” exerts a substantial economic effect on interstate commerce.”

The gross expansion of the intent of the Commerce Clause by Congress turned the original concept of making commerce between the states “regular”, into control of virtually all intraand interstate commerce.

Military , s y a w l a As eceive r s r e b m me their 10% of f meal.

1. The Supremacy Clause appearing in the second paragraph of Article VI: This Constitution, and all the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made,

4. The Necessary and Proper Clause, the last of Article I, Section 8, reads: [Congress has the power] to make all Laws necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the forgoing Powers…

This is perceived by Congress today as an enabling Clause allowing for any mischievous legislation it may desire well beyond any one facilitating the “execution” of the limited 17 legislative powers in this Constitutional Article. The special privileges and benefits Congress has continually voted for itself are light years beyond any that Madison could have even imagined. His warning words speak across the centuries: “The house of representatives…can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves, their friends, as well as the great mass of society.” We now know that the recently passed healthcare reform bill will, with a small fix, exempts Congress, their families, and staffers from its many evils. One congressman recently was heard to say, “Rules? We make them up as we go along.” Richard Eleuterio’s parents were Portuguese immigrants with limited formal education and means but Richard perceived in them a strong work ethic plus a deep and abiding love of this country and its incomparable opportunities. He has been intensely interested in politics and economics for many years, finding the current state of affairs cause for concern.

Resistance to tyranny is service to God. —James Madison 22 | The Constitutionalist Today

The Big Government Road Show Chuck Graybill, Contributing Writer Are new laws and regulations drafted and the villain convicted and sentenced before the cause of the oil spill is known? Does wanting to enforce a law in Arizona cause more outrage than breaking that law, resulting in our president assuming Arizona law enforcement officers are racists incapable of plying their trade without prejudice and in accordance with all other laws? Does Wall Street’s big dog get hauled before Congress as justification for more insidious regulations and de facto nationalization of America’s showpiece financial markets? It was as if Obama and his bobble head “yea-sayers” in Congress hired screenwriters to script, then execute their latest “big government gets bigger” road show.

viability in their quest to legislate 100% certainty and ironclad guarantees that no mishap, man-made or natural, will ever again occur? Or will this spill, its media- and administration-induced mass hysteria enable bigger government, more passthrough punitive damages and taxes on the oil industry and exorbitantly costly regulatory fixes? These will never prevent equipment failure, even of remote shutoffs or blowout preventers, or human errors or acts of God. We need offshore drilling as part of a comprehensive energy policy, but do not need $5 per gallon gasoline by summer’s end from regulatory fixes that won’t fix anything except progressives’ consciences and Al Gore’s wallet. Let’s instead ask all the right questions from industry “experts,” not vindictive political opportunists, and avoid a rush to judgment.

The oil gush in the Gulf of Mexico made Christmas come early for anti-drilling, progressive and green activists across our planet.

Road Show, Part 1

Photo by William T. Gillin

The oil gush in the Gulf of Mexico made Christmas come early for antidrilling, progressive Road Show, Part 2 and green activists across our planet. Oil Arizona just passed a drilling in general, and law, essentially a reprint offshore drilling in parof federal law, so that ticular, will be demonstatewide law officers can ized. BP, my former— enforce immigration law and at times ethically that hasn’t been enforced challenged—employer at the national level for will be labeled the devil decades, putting our naincarnate. The unfortional security at risk. It tunate confluence of is an affront and an unevents, whatever the exconscionable insult to all perts determine caused law enforcement officers the explosion, rig colfor their president and his Chuck Graybill speaking at lapse, failed blowout supporters to believe law the El Paso County Tea Party preventer and subseofficers will not legally quent leaks will heretofore be known as enforce immigration law, but will embark the BP Oil Spill. on a racist-motivated, ethnic purge. Tea Parties will be omitted from hisI challenge all American citizens who tory books and future classroom discuschoose to ignore the illegal portion of ilsions but the BP Oil Spill will live in inlegal immigration (not the movement of famy. BP may have undocumented workbeen lax and penny ers, an illegitimate wise and pound fooleuphemism and seish. Or they may have mantic nonsense), to been the unfortunate go live a season on recipient of bad luck the front-lines of our of Mother Nature, porous Mexican borequipment failure or der. Experience the human error. But in thrill of daily invasion every case it’s responof your property by sible for an out-oftrespassers and drug control gusher at the traffickers. Open your bottom of the Gulf. possessions to conFor a little perspecfiscation by those less tive, the spill is nowhere near the size of fortunate than you, migrants only looking the ecotastrophe in Kuwait following the to better themselves at your expense. WelIraqi invasion, then retreat, in 1991 with come our nation’s illegal newcomers with 876+ mmbbls (million barrels) spilled, or open arms while they threaten your safety as yet, the size of the 1979 Mexican rig and security. blowout in the Western Gulf (3+ mmbWalk a mile in border states residents’ bls). shoes before you pass judgment on their What do BP and Goldman Sachs have in tactics and solutions from your safe and common? Were both huge contributors to secure ivory towers. As an aside, the rest of Obama’s presidential campaign? Did the us legal American citizens want to know Department of the Interior issue permits when we will be issued our get-out-of-jail for and inspect BP’s rig? Did any governfree cards, since we must be entitled to ment agency have permission to execute federal authorities looking the other way oil spill burning but fail to have containwhile we too break the law in the name ment booms to enable the burn, and even of social justice. Me? I’m headed to Fort fail to admit the existence of a spill for Knox because it has more gold than I do days? Was our government as complicit as and I should be entitled to my share. BP or its partners or contractors? Chuck Graybill is owner of Maggie Mae’s, Will this enable green opportunists former financial executive with BP and auto successfully lobby the end of offshore thor of Cannibals of Capitalism. drilling or severely diminish its economic

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It is an affront and an unconscionable insult to all law enforcement officers for their president and his supporters to believe law officers… will embark on a racistmotivated, ethnic purge. | 23

The Republic as it Stands

Rule of Law, Rule Without Restraint, or What Makes a Good Judge? Matt Arnold, Featured Writer The announced retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and last year’s retirement of Justice David Souter, has focused attention on the desired characteristics and qualifications of a Supreme Court justice, given the enormous influence of Supreme Court rulings on many aspects of our lives. A number of decisions and actions by our own Colorado State Supreme Court—and the potential for “retiring” four of the current Colorado Supreme Court justices in judicial retention elections this November— raise similar questions about the desired characteristics and qualifications of the occupants of Colorado’s highest court.

ciary plays a central role in preserving the principles of justice and the rule of law.”

Rule of Law vs. Preferred Outcome (Judicial Activism) In our system of justice, judges are like referees at a sporting event: at least, that’s the view of the “Rule of Law” school of jurisprudence. Like referees, judges are supposed to be impartial: taking no sides, applying the rules equally to both teams and all players. Judges must not play favorites, let alone be players themselves. An alternative view holds that judges should not hold themselves above or outside the debate, but instead should be part of the process, influencing the results to reach a desired outcome. This view is not necessarily restricted to a particular political party or ideology; there are both conservative and progressive judges who rule based on what they personally feel to be “right” or “fair,” rather than the stated intent and letter of the law. In any event, a judge’s personal preferences or prejudices are not a reliable basis for a legal system. Imagine playing a sport in which the rules are constantly changing during the game, at the whim of the referee. Even worse, the referee is friends with

…a judge’s personal preferences or prejudices are not a reliable basis for a legal system. Imagine playing a sport in which the rules are constantly changing during the game, at the whim of the referee.

What makes a good judge? The American Bar Association (ABA)— an organization that may be politically suspect, but can at least be presumed to know something about judges and legal standards—has developed a Model Code of Judicial Conduct as a standard for “judging the judges.” From the preamble: “An independent, fair and impartial judiciary is indispensable to our system of justice…the judi-

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24 | The Constitutionalist Today

some of the players on the other team. Sound like fun? Not so much. Now imagine that you’re forced to play that sport and your earnings, your property, your freedom, even your life, might depend on the outcome. Welcome to the world of “Rule without Restraint,” or what is known as judicial activism, as defined by the Conservapedia website: …when judges substitute their own political opinions for the applicable law, or when judges act like a legislature (legislating from the bench) rather than like a traditional court. In so doing, the court takes for itself the powers of the legislative branch, rather than limiting itself to the powers traditionally given to the judiciary.

Sound familiar? American citizens are entitled to fair and even-handed treatment from their courts. All are entitled to assurance that the law means what it says, so that they can make personal or business decisions on a reasonable, predictable, and firm foundation.

So What Is The Standard? How Do We “Judge The Judges?” Among the key “rules” from the ABA’s Model Code of Judicial Conduct: RULE 1.1 Compliance with the Law—A judge shall comply with the law, including the Code of Judicial Conduct. RULE 2.2 Impartiality and Fairness—A judge shall uphold and apply the law, and shall perform all duties of judicial office fairly and impartially. COMMENT: [1] To ensure impartiality and fairness to all parties, a judge must

be objective and open-minded. [2] Although each judge comes to the bench with a unique background and personal philosophy, a judge must interpret and apply the law without regard to whether the judge approves or disapproves of the law in question. [Emphasis added] GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS (Rule 4.1): [1] Even when subject to public election, a judge plays a role different from that of a legislator or executive branch official. Rather than making decisions based upon the expressed views or preferences of the electorate, a judge makes decisions based upon the law and the facts of every case. [Emphasis added]

It is clear that the four justices who are up for retention on the Colorado Supreme Court fall short of meeting these important standards. This November, render your verdict: hold these unjust justices accountable for their judicial activism and their lack of judicial restraint. Vote “NO” – do not retain Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice, and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey on the Colorado Supreme Court. Matt Arnold is the executive director and primary spokesman for the grassroots effort to restore accountability to Colorado’s judiciary, Clear The Bench Colorado. Matt launched the effort following the Colorado Supreme Court’s violations of the Colorado Constitution, citizens’ rights under TABOR, and their duty to uphold the rule of law in the infamous “Mill Levy Tax Freeze” case. Since April 2009, Matt has sought to educate Colorado voters of their right to demand accountability of Supreme Court justices in the upcoming November 2010 retention elections.

Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm. —James Madison

Feminism vs. Conservatism Pro-Life Endorsements

Erika Chaves, Guest Writer Republican candidate for U. S. Senate, Jane Norton, has garnered the endorsement of The Susan B. Anthony Fund, an organization whose mission is to “Advance pro-life women in the political process.” Norton’s leading Republican opponent, Ken Buck, has received the endorsement of Eagle Forum, a leading pro-family organization which, in contrast to Susan B. Anthony, strongly opposes feminism in their mission statement. “To be endorsed by Susan B Anthony you need to be a prolife woman, or a pro-life man running against a pro-choice woman,” said Mallory Quigley, press secretary for the Anthony Fund. Phyllis Schlafly, president and founder of Eagle Forum, said any candidate endorsed by Eagle Forum needs to be 100% pro-life. Norton’s pro-life statement on her website states, “I am pro-life and believe abortion should be outlawed except in cases of rape, incest, or the life of the mother. I opposed all federal funding of abortion.” Buck’s view on the issue, as stated on his website, takes a firm conservative stand,

“I believe life begins at conception. I oppose abortion except to protect the life of the mother. Congress should not support federal funding of abortion or embryonic stem cell research or organizations that promote either.” When asked how candidates with similar pro-life views are chosen for endorsement by SBA, Quigley said, a pro-life woman would be chosen for the purpose of the political advancement of women over a pro-life man. The Eagle Forum, which selects candidates to be endorsed based on questions ranging from life and government spending, to healthcare and the Constitution, has chosen Ken Buck because of his strong conservative principles and his 100% prolife stance. The question facing Colorado voters is whether qualification for office should be based on gender, or if voters should set gender aside and look in depth at a candidate’s beliefs and principles on the issues. Erika Chaves is a Colorado native and a young conservative with a passion for truth and a commitment to defend it in the public arena.

Fighting for Parental Rights


Treon Goossen, Guest Writer Everyone who cares about America is aware what we face as a nation. The majority in Congress has consistently attacked our pocketbooks, healthcare, military, families, Constitution, and faith. I do not believe they have left a single stone of conservative principles and values unturned. And yet there is an even greater threat lurking on the horizon. It has been there for some time. The threat of its advancement is stronger than ever before due to the current president and the majority in Congress. I am referring to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). If the CRC is ever ratified, America as we now know it will no longer exist. Under the Constitution, treaties are part of the “supreme law of the land” overriding everything but the express language of the U.S. Constitution and its amendments. A treaty cannot override a constitutional right as long as that right is explicitly protected in the Constitution. The key words are “explicitly protected.” You may be surprised to find out what is not explicitly protected. In the Supreme Court decision of “Troxel v. Granville” (2000) only four of the nine Supreme Court justices expressly agreed that the Constitution “protects the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children.” Two of the six justices who voted in favor of the family in this case left us with an uncertain foundation. Neither justice recognized parental rights as a fundamental right. In order for the Supreme Court’s decision in a case to govern other courts, a majority of judges must agree on the same opinion. Only four out of nine judges on the court voted for the same opinion. Many lower courts have used “Troxel” to undermine parental rights, claiming that since the Supreme Court cannot agree, the lower courts are free to decide a case however they wish. I am convinced that the vast majority of Americans believe that their right to determine the care, custody, and control of their children is a fundamental right. Since this fundamental right is not explicitly protected in the Constitution, i.e. Bill of Rights – it would not be a protected right if the CRC were ever ratified. How devastating would it be? Remember that if the fundamental right is not expressly protected in the U.S. Constitution, it would be governed by the CRC. Even state

constitutions would fall prey to the CRC. Parents would lose the ability to make decisions for their children. At the very best, the government will have constant grounds to challenge everyday decisions parents make even in the privacy of their own homes. At the worst, the state will have the power to override the decisions of parents. Many courts are already ruling on Customary International Law (CIL). This is imposing the CRC upon us even though it is not ratified. Some ramifications of the CRC include prohibition of corporal punishment, expansive government oversight of home schooling, exhaustive collection of private information, a child’s right to make autonomous decisions as in choosing their own school, church, family rules, etc, and removal of children from the home. There is an effort underway to prevent this usurpation of parental rights. Since fundamental parental rights are not explicitly protected in the U.S. Constitution, we need to make them so. Only a constitutional amendment can ensure that parental rights will be honored in the United States, and protect these rights from the threat of international law. ParentalRights. org was formed for this very purpose. Legislation has been introduced in both Houses of Congress. HJR 42 sponsored by Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) and SJR 16 sponsored by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) constitute our proposed Parental Rights Amendment (PRA). There are currently 136 cosponsors in the House and 7 in the Senate. Passing an amendment takes supporters at every level of government – in Congress, in committees, and in the states. Every American can make a difference by becoming involved. Go to and read the proposed amendment. Sign the petition which will inform your Congressman of the large number of citizen cosponsors in their districts and in the nation at large. There are many links to pertinent information including the entire text of the CRC. Sign up for email updates to keep you informed on this vital issue. needs members. As Uncle Sam would say, “We need YOU!” Help us help you by informing as many people as you can about the CRC and This is the fight of our lifetime and failure is simply not an option.

Since fundamental parental rights are not explicitly protected in the U.S. Constitution, we need to make them so.

Treon Goossen is a Home Education Legislative Analyst/Liaison. She is actively involved in fighting the United Nation CRC.

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Senate Financial Reform A Bad Idea Made Worse

Bob Adelmann, Featured Writer Ryan Witt of the Political Buzz Examiner notes that the 1,400-page Senate financial reform bill is “a mixed bag of compromises.” “Liberals” want lots more government intervention in the economy while “conservatives” would rather have not quite so much. The idea of gutting existing institutions like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Reserve System wasn’t even on the table for discussion. Most careful examiners of the causes of the current great recession (Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, and others) conclude that it took a combination of political pressure, tight relationships between big banks and the US Treasury, and low interest rates provided by the Fed to set up the real estate bubble that burst in September of 2008. To save American citizens from future bubbles, just what hath the Senate wrought? The federal government can “break down large corporations that get into trouble,” as Witt nicely summarizes it. Exactly what “break down” means is something called “orderly liquidation.” With this extra-legal power, the government can determine just how large is too large, can define what kind of “trouble” deserves its intervention, install new management (government bureaucrats who no doubt know better how to run things), and then liquidate the company. The Department of the Treasury, of course, would be “authorized to loan money in order to accomplish this.” But this is not a bailout. Politifact claims that such loans would be different from a bailout in that “the funds could only be used to dissolve the corporation, not to keep it alive indefinitely.” Of course, those taxpayer dollars, not called bailouts, would be used to pay off the parties to the crime during liquidation. This neatly circumvents a bankruptcy court from getting involved and blowing the whistle on such payoffs. Another consumer protection agency is created on the federal level because, according to Witt, “most consumer protections are on the state level,” and the Senate wouldn’t want the states getting involved in something as serious as bad judgment by a big bank with close ties to the US government. This agency “would be set up to prevent fraud and deceptive trade practice by mortgage brokers (remember them?) and credit card companies. At issue in the Senate is just how much (not whether) power should be given to this agency. Democrats, according to Witt, “want to have broad powers

and be separate from (that nasty) Federal Reserve [while] Republicans prefer a more limited agency that is under the [control of the friendly] Federal Reserve.” A Financial Oversight Council would be set up “to oversee large financial institutions.” It’s not clear how large is too large, but once that wire has been tripped, this agency could force companies to “maintain a certain amount of capital in order to balance out risks [that] they are taking in other places.” In addition, the board could force a company “to sell off some of its more risky holdings.” In other words, the board would have the power to “time the market” and oversee and if necessary overrule the decisions the real managers of the company are making. Derivatives are those nasty unintelligible, highly-sophisticated investment packages that were OK to sell until they went bad. Witt notes that the reform bill would not outlaw derivatives, “but instead attempt to regulate them.” By creating an “open market” for trading, such regulators would be able to see, if not understand, what’s going on in plenty of time to intervene and prevent the next crisis from developing. Nothing is said in the bill about the rating agencies who led investors down the AAA-rated garden path, but these new rules will supposedly allow them to “monitor the risks financial institutions are taking on…” Witt concludes that “the basic idea is to increase transparency which will hopefully [emphasis added] keep the firms from taking on too much risk.” Audit the Fed? In a hat-tip, wink and a nod to Rep. Ron Paul’s House bill, supported by 320 members, to audit the Fed, Rep. Bernie Sanders, the self-described “democratic socialist” from Vermont, crafted a compromise that eviscerated the House bill, and put in place instead a “onetime release of data on [what the Fed did] during the crisis.” This is being called a “disclosure” rather than an audit. In a recent video, Paul said, “I had expected Bernie Sanders to offer…the Audit the Fed bill…[but] at the last minute he switched it and watered it down.” So much for efforts of the government to solve the problems the government created. The Senate Financial Reform bill is one more unconstitutional example of a bad idea made worse.

The Senate Financial Reform bill is one more unconstitutional example of a bad idea made worse.


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26 | The Constitutionalist Today

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Free Markets: Eye on Entitlements

Battle Against Obamacare Mirrors Ancient History JM Peterson, Contributing Writer It was a time of fear. Freedom was threatened by a tyrant on a rampage, who would stop at nothing to rule the known world. Those who had been fighting amongst themselves realized a threat to their liberty. They sought out those they hated the most, hardened men who would take a stand and stop at nothing to secure their own liberty, and everyone else’s as well. Many of their neighbors allowed the tyrant to take their property and liberty. The soldiers, however, refused all bribery and sent a stern message to the tyrant that such trickery would not be tolerated. These soldiers readied themselves for the coming battle. As intelligence came in they were told of how large the tyrant’s armies were. How the enemy army consumed everyone and everything in its path, torching villages and enslaving innocent people who wanted nothing more than to be left alone. The invading army was huge, but its size belied a fatal weakness. Most of the enemy soldiers had been bought and were fighting only as long as their money was guaranteed. Those who had not been bought were little more than slaves that were forced to fight. Due to societal traditions, the defensive army could not meet the enemy in full force because those in charge wished for the gods’ approval. The soldiers realized that the enemy would not wait, and were forced to fight. A small force banded together with their allies willing to march in this suicide mission. They soberly chose to meet their enemy head-on, in an effort to delay the inevitable. They realized they were greatly outnumbered, but if they could slow the tyrant’s advance long enough, they might be able to rally their troops left at home. This choice meant every soldier was killed after three days of incomprehensibly viscous fighting. The soldiers lost, but inflicted enough damage upon the enemy that it was weakened. A year later, the contemporaries of those courageous soldiers met the enemy once more, and this time with a much larger army. They repelled the tyrant from their homeland, and eventually rebuilt their towns and regained their liberty. However, they had to remain eternally vigilant for future invasions, and brave soldiers had to constantly be available in order to deter those who would try to wrest liberty from their land. This is a true story, accounts of which can be found in history books. However, before

I reveal the names, consider the following. Obamacare is a dire threat to our current liberties. It was created by corrupt leaders who used bribery and mysterious backroom deals to acquire the votes they needed to pass the bill. We are still uncovering what this bill entails. Though the bill passed, we must congratulate ourselves. First, in a rare show of true solidarity, not one Republican voted for this version of the bill. They stood together for their beliefs, despite the bickering over more trivial issues. Second, some Democrats chose to stand for liberty over oppression and joined the Republicans. These heroes realized that they would not likely win in the face of overwhelming— albeit, purchased—congressional support for the bill. However, they realized that the majority of Americans had made their disapproval known. This show of solidarity and the millions of voices that spoke out against the bill could not stop the political machine. However, it was delayed. This is a crucial piece of information that must not be overlooked. If the bill had passed last August, more damage would have occurred. It is even possible that people may have grown accustomed to it. However, by delaying the bill this long, we are now well into a crucial midterm election year. We who were involved have given ourselves the time to rally our supporters and to prepare ourselves for these elections. The battles mentioned earlier were the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 B.C. and the Battle of Plataea, 479 B.C., both part of the Greco-Persian Wars of the 5th century B.C. The Persian Empire, headed by Xerxes, had chosen to invade Greece. The 300 Spartans, some of the most well-trained, effective, and feared warriors of all time, engaged in an inspirational last stand to buy time for the Greeks to prepare themselves. This led to the Battle of Plataea, which drove the Persians permanently out of Greece. For a day, all of our elected Republicans and some Democrats became Spartans, fighting for those of us who could not be there. Let us hope they remain as willing to stand for us and as deserving of such a title in these times when we need them the most.

They realized they were greatly outnumbered, but if they could slow the tyrant’s advance long enough, they might be able to rally their troops left at home.

JM Peterson is currently studying psychology and military history in college and hopes one day to become a clinical psychologist specializing in working with veterans and their families.


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Free Markets: Eye on Entitlements

ObamaCare’s Patient Dumping Scheme Helen Sabin, Contributing Writer Seniors who depend on Medicare for their health care needs are in for a rude awakening. With ObamaCare stealing its funding from Medicare to pay for the millions of new patients coming on board for medical care, there simply isn’t enough money to provide quality coverage for everyone. Seniors, often considered expendable in the health care world, are at risk of being dumped. Lies about health care abound in the Obama household. One huge lie, called ObamaCare, is based on the Urban Health Initiative, 2007 program by the University of Chicago Medical Center. The initiative was devised by David Axelrod, President Obama’s current senior advisor, and First Lady Michelle Obama, who at the time was vice president for the University of Chicago Medical Center. It has, as its core, a patient dumping scheme. The Chicago project was a plan to drive away indigent and uninsured patients from the hospital so it wouldn’t suffer a loss of profitability treating them. ObamaCare is set up the same way. Seniors, low income persons and the poor will be “dumped” into clinics or medical facilities equivalent to the Urban Health Initiative centers, described by the doctors working at them as something out of a Third World country. There simply will not be money for quality healthcare for seniors and others, as Congress has already siphoned off $500 billion to pay for ObamaCare, and will

continue to divert money to pay for other programs they want to get passed before the November 2010 elections. Quality health care in the United States, according to Washington Post op-ed writer Charles Krauthammer, is fictional for these fragile income groups. “The nation is now $8 trillion in debt. The Congressional Budget Office projects that another $12 trillion will be added over the next decade. Obamacare, when stripped of its budgetary gimmicks -- the unfunded $200 billion-plus doctor fix, the double counting of Medicare cuts, the 10-6 sleight of hand which counts 10 years of revenue and only six years of outflows -- is at minimum a $2 trillion new entitlement,” Krauthammer states. The question is, who pays for the entitlements? The answer is Medicare funds and new taxes. ObamaCare was built on a house of cards funding structure that is poised to implode. Too many are dependent on the government while not enough taxes are coming in to balance the ratio. Hidden behind the false façade of ObamaCare as presented by the President and Congress are the same side effects suffered by the Urban Health Initiative: high costs, debt, poor health care, long lines, rationing and unequal access to medical personnel. Bruce Schobel, a health care expert and president-elect of the American Academy of Actuaries, states, “It’s no stretch to imagine sick seniors being turned away at

ObamaCare was built on a house of cards funding structure that is poised to implode.

the doctor’s door in the future. No cash, no service. Be sick somewhere else!” Schobel adds, “Rather than strip billions from Medicare, if the Obama administration and Congress doesn’t fix it immediately, the retirees by the millions coming up starting this year will have to buy their own private health coverage or promise to pay their doctors themselves.” Those who can’t pay outside what Medicare might cover will be sent elsewhere, but at this point no one knows where. Many doctors are closing their practices or are not taking Medicare patients. This includes the Mayo Clinic’s Outreach Clinic. The enticing myth of quality health care for all is just that - a myth. So is the claim made by the President proclaiming that ObamaCare is a “victory for common sense.” The “common sense” part of his statement is easy to figure out. Dump seniors and the poor to protect the bottom line. Save the money for those who are productive (pay taxes). The “victory” is for

Congress who desires, as Vice President Joe Biden explains, to “spread the wealth around.” His statement is echoed by other top ranking Democrats. Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, head of the Senate Health Committee, has said, “Health reform is ‘an income shift. It is a shift, a leveling, to help lower income, middle income Americans.” Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and DNC chairman, declared “The question is, in a democracy, what is the right balance between those at the top… and those at the bottom? This [health care bill] is a form of redistribution.” For President Obama and his compliant Congress who will control the purse strings, the juicy funds just sitting in the Medicare pot are as much of a temptation to use to control Americans and their health care as the money from insurance companies was an incentive for Michelle to dump patients. Mischief is alive and well in the Obama household, and so are the lies.

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. —Winston Churchill



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Free Markets: Energy & Environment

Green Paradise or Green Hell? Brian Beck, Contributing Writer

Surely by now, everyone has heard of global warming, environmentalism, carbon and life-saving hybrids. What might not be common knowledge however, are the accompanying taxes, unchecked government power and manipulation of the capitalist system. Open up wide because with Cap and Trade, you’re about to get a forced dose of being green. What do we know about past climate change? We do know that it has been both much warmer and much colder in the past than it is now. At one time a good portion of the earth was covered in ice. Where did it go? The ice ages required a lot of heat to make the massive glaciers disappear. We do know that prior to the last ice age (referred to as the ‘mini ice age’) Greenland, now a frozen wasteland, supported a flourishing population of Vikings. The

English had a wine industry that was so successful that the French banned importation of English wine. This came to an abrupt end almost 800 years ago. We can clearly see that climate does change with or without human involvement. Where the religion of environmentalism came from can be debated, but what it did create was a fertile ground for failed communists and progressives to seize an opportunity to undermine the capitalist system and exert their power and control. Who is against having a clean earth and a blissful climate? The ignorant and factresisting ideologues are giving power to those tyrants with their faith in a well-

intentioned movement that has morphed into a political crime. We have been led to believe since the early 1970s that the earth is falling apart and that it is man’s fault. Decades of news, movies, and left-wing activism has produced a brain-washed culture which believes that control over the earth rests solely with the power of man. Recently exposed corruption in the politically-minded scientists cast dark shadows on the credibility of their work. Thirty years ago, we were facing an ice age and now all of a sudden the earth has been warming over the last 15 years. Now, yet again, it is cooling. We really need them

Decades of news, movies, and left-wing activism has produced a brain-washed culture which believes that control over the earth rests solely with the power of man.

to pick a climate change story and stick with it. Enter Cap and Trade, the bill currently in Congress. It is sure to get your attention if the health care debacle didn’t wake you up. Soon, if it is not stopped, you will be taxed on everything from BBQ grill emissions and refuse, to air conditioning and cattle “emissions.” Say goodbye to the American standard of living, because soon it will be taxed in the name of bad science for the sake of a massive political power play. Change is indeed coming, but there might be more political change than climate change unless the American public doesn’t wake up quickly. Contact your Representatives and urge them to abandon this crime that is about to be perpetrated upon the American people. Brian Beck is a local small businessman and Air Force veteran concerned with intrusive government.

Cap and Trade: The Death Knell of Freedom Chuck Graybill, Contributing Writer We must inundate Washington Senators and stop Cap and Trade or Climate Change legislation before it becomes the death knell of freedom in America. First the banks, then insurance and car companies, then Obamacare and proposed heightened regulation of Wall Street are meant to facilitate global takeover and control of all financial markets. All done for the good of America. Obama lied and freedom died! Now, Obama faithful, shadow Czars and confidants are working feverishly to quash free speech on the Internet; to convince us to put our IRA and 401K savings into government hands by purchasing bonds and government securities, enabling public control of our private funds; and to gain total and complete control of energy exploration, production and refinement for consumption. In my recently published book Cannibals of Capitalism, Devouring Our Rights, Futures and Freedoms (see review, page XX), I try to convince all of you in much greater detail to put down your video games, your fantasy league sports games and all other means of recreation that we have been convinced as a society are critical to our very existence. Instead, pick up the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and any other documents from our Founding Fathers and compare their vision for this country versus that of Obama, union leaders and the majority in Congress. This administration has a propaganda machine unparalleled in American history. It is trying to stifle and control free speech. It is trying to cripple the TEA (Tyranny Ends, America) Party move-

ment by seizing control of the messages and content of the internet, the lifeblood of this amazingly powerful and successful populist uprising. The administration and its extremely progressive financiers are trying to collapse our economy, with climate control or energy legislation that is not only unnecessary but economically unsustainable in that it will not only bankrupt families, but our government as well. It is no longer a secret but SHHH, I will whisper it anyway, THE WORLD IS OUT OF MONEY. ALL MAJOR GOVERNMENTS ARE RUNNING ON CREDIT BECAUSE ALL HAVE MADE PROMISES TO CITIZENS THAT THEY CANNOT DELIVER. Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and Europe’s bank, Germany, are all teetering on that infamous brink from which Obama constantly claims to have saved us. And, we in the USA are right there beside them. Our government lies to us every time it issues jobs data, economic indicators and overly optimistic sales data rhetoric. How can they expect us to believe that consumer spending is up when they tell us that income levels are down and so is credit card debt, hm? We are making less and using our credit cards less but are spending more? That must mean we are dipping heavily into our savings and that is not a good thing if it is true. Based on the methods used to calculate economic and jobs data before they became totally politicized and largely worthless guesses, inflation has been averaging about 10% for the last several years. We are still in a recession heading toward a worse

Every dollar given to any level of government in the form of taxes, fees, tariffs, duties or any other form of government extortion, is a dollar stolen from the private sector and stepping stone to another job lost.

downturn (i.e., GDP is not growing) and unemployment is really about 22%. Can you buy the same groceries today for $100 that you could four years ago? Another myth dispelled—the government cannot create jobs. So, quit asking it to and worse, expecting it to do anything except go deeper into debt. Every dollar given to any level of government in the form of taxes, fees, tariffs, duties or any other form of government extortion, is a dollar stolen from the private sector and stepping stone to another job lost. Every one of those stolen dollars leaves the productive private sector and enters the totally unproductive public sector.

We must put government at all levels on an immediate diet and de-fund them to shrink them back to their originally designed size and function. Our Founding Fathers warned us as best they could and gave us the tools to control our own destinies. Please do not let their efforts be wasted. All of us must quit recreating our rights, futures and freedoms down the drains of America and get involved to stop their tyranny immediately! It will take all of us to stop these cannibals of capitalism! Chuck Graybill is owner of Maggie Mae’s restaurant, former financial executive with BP and author of Cannibals of Capitalism.

If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin. —Samuel Adams, 1776 | 31

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If You Can’t Be Good, Be Lucky A Strategy That Can Only Protect America for So Long! Col Jimmie H. Butler, USAF Ret, Contributing Writer Think about the political spectacle in the first few hours after the failed Times Square bombing. The mindless spin left me tempted to dust off my April article (p31) on the incompetence of this administration’s terrorism policy. With minor updating, I could slap on a June date and submit it. Thankfully, I don’t need to update the body count of innocent Americans killed here since April. I admire the dedication of the many working-level investigators, law enforcement officers, etcetera, who reacted professionally and kept a potential mass murderer from escaping. If only our key national leaders had such dedication to keeping us safe from terrorists who work daily toward a goal of killing as many Americans as possible. Beginning on “Day 1” this administration and its apologists reacted politically to the threat of death and destruction on our soil. Focused more on limiting damage to the president’s reputation due to his irresponsible policy on terrorism, they struggled desperately to accuse villains among the president’s political enemies. Who made the most foolish comments? New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg excelled among some stiff competition. In his list of the liberals’ usual suspects, he mused about a lone wolf being “homegrown, or maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something.” Somehow the mayor of Target Number One couldn’t picture a radical Islamic terrorist with funding from overseas terrorist organizations being a significant suspect. Citizens of New York City need better leadership. Contessa Brewer of MSNBC earned a close second. She bemoaned how truth once again dashed liberal hopes of pinning the attempted bombing on an enemy of the Obama administration instead of on an enemy of America. “There was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country.” With anti-American talent like her on MSNBC, it’s no wonder that network isn’t in the same league with FOX. Lack of originality left Secretary Napolitano among the also-rans. Her initial suspicions that the perpetrator was acting alone was her standard response. Think Fort Hood and the Christmas Day Bomber. America needs a more competent Secretary of Homeland Defense. Senator Schumer (D-NY) was his predictable self, rushing before CNN cameras

in Times Square the following day. He concluded that the “Odds are quite high that this is a lone wolf,” and also that the bomber was not connected to a terrorist organization. That conclusion on Day 1 wasn’t unreasonable since he based it on the fact that our intelligence services hadn’t picked up chatter about such an attack coming. My main question for Schumer is whether or not he now accepts that people he represents can be murdered by a representative of Islamic terrorist organizations without us picking up communications directing such attacks. Speaker Pelosi did join in a few days later after the liberals were obviously stung by accusations that the Obama anti-terrorism policies are overly dependent on being lucky. Her insightful contribution to this discussion of the real dangers facing America? “The harder we work, the luckier we get.” I wonder if when luck finally runs out for 300 Americans on an airliner, or a few hundred Americans on the streets of New York City, or tens of thousands of American victims of an Islamic terrorist weapon of mass destruction, will Speaker Pelosi have the wisdom or the honesty to admit that this administration didn’t work hard enough to protect us? More predictably, she will conclude the deaths were Bush’s fault. Such insights by our liberal leaders would make the writers for Saturday Night Live envious—if they weren’t liberals, too. All that’s missing is Claude Raines’s Captain Renault character from the movie, Casablanca, declaring, “I’m shocked, shocked to find that radical Islamic terrorism is going on here in New York City.” We’re witnessing a deadly competition between incompetents. On one side are lowlevel militants who can’t quite seem to get it right over these last few months. Against them are incompetents at the highest level of our current government who obviously have risen beyond their level of incompetence when it comes to keeping America safe from terrorism. So far, this administration seems to be benefiting from the old adage, “If you can’t be good, be lucky.” Unfortunately, luck didn’t save our men and women murdered at Fort Hood by an Islamic radical who benefited from the unjustified protection of Political Correctness supported by American radicals. And we all know it takes more than luck to keep winning at anything.

And we all know it takes more than luck to keep winning at anything.

Jimmie H. Butler is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War and author of A Certain Brotherhood.

Hometown Hero


Immigrant Cherishes American Way of Life

A Fa m i l y ’s Fa m i l y P r a c t i c e 25 Years of Trusted Family Dentistry

Max Borysko in 1973

Julie Ayers Managing Editor Max Borysko became a hero at a young age by helping his family survive in post-war Germany and continued his heroism years later as a company commander in Vietnam. After World War II, the Reichs Mark was rendered worthless, so many Germans were forced to barter coffee, cigarettes and silver coins for food and necessities. When he was just seven years old Borysko and his sister “found” a carton of cigarettes in the British sector of north Germany. “Our family lived on those cigarettes for a year. It’s important to have materials on hand that you can trade during tough times,” Borysko advised. “If our economy collapses money will be worthless, people will need things to barter.” After years of struggling to survive the post war era, Max’s family immigrated to the U.S. in 1956. One year later the 18-year-old Borysko joined the U.S. Army. “I was proud to be accepted and wanted to contribute and serve my new country. I was proud to be a soldier.” In 1970, Borysko was given command of B Company, 1/61, a mechanized infantry unit in Vietnam, then a second unit later. In 1971 he became the CO of B Troop, 1/1 Cavalry, taking parting in the biggest battle since the Tet Offensive— Lamsan 719. “I was honored to be given the responsibility to command hundreds of soldiers and selected to command unit after unit successfully,” he said. “For me, Vietnam was the height of my military

career, to apply my training and what I’d learned to defend the U.S. and its principles.” Borysko was a successful commander because of his heroic acts. He earned the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Silver Star—the equivalent of our Silver Star— when he led his company against an overwhelming North Vietnamese infantry unit, killing hundreds of enemy troops with no loss to his own. He also received the Bronze Star for Valor for putting a group of enemy soldiers down in hand to hand combat, and defending wounded U.S. soldiers of another company from the enemy in a major battle. Later, Borysko received two more Bronze Stars as oak leaf clusters. The third award he earned was the Army Commendation Medal. “All the officers of that unit were relieved because they had lost 48 soldiers and the rest of the unit refused to take orders,” he explained. “I took command and turned it around. Then they accepted orders and fought like we expect American soldiers to fight. I commanded that unit for three months.” Borysko was offered a fourth Bronze Star but respectfully declined it. “Decorations were not that important to me. It was important to bring back my soldiers alive,” Borysko said. “Being a member of the military made me proud to contribute, to protect and cherish the American way of life.” Spoken like a true, patriotic hero.

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Conservative Hopes to Change Perception of Haiti Brad Kerstetter, Senior Staff Writer Haiti, January 12, 2010 4:53 p.m.: an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hit 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince leaving roughly three million Haitians homeless and in need of medical attention. Within 48 hours of the disaster, a search and rescue team from an organization based in Florida arrived in Haiti with Eric Miller, R.N. and Ginger Vaughn, M.D. in tow. Miller, an officer in the Colorado Air National Guard and a critical care nurse, had visited the nation periodically since 2007 as a member of several medical teams. After returning stateside from the rescue mission, Miller and Vaughn felt they could do more to help the recovery efforts in Haiti. Miller wanted to raise money to help provide the medical attention and relief that Haitians desperately need. The pair decided to coauthor a book, Hope in Despair, which was released in April. “I am always looking for creative ways to fund a project,” Miller said. The proceeds from Hope in Despair go to non-profits that work primarily in Haiti, but Miller said, they might find organizations in other parts of the world to help in the future. “None of the money goes into our pockets,” he said. Haiti is a country that has been wracked by hardships such as political violence, hurricanes and the recent earthquake. Many people view the nation as dangerous, but Miller and Vaughn have a different view after giving medical aid to the country for the last few years. Hope in Despair is a collection of poetry and photographs from the medical trips Vaughn and Miller have made to Haiti

through the years. Their goal is to change the negative perceptions many people hold about the country. “We want to educate people about pre-earthquake Haiti,” Miller said. Miller, a strong conservative, sees the book as an entrepreneur’s solution to humanitarian aid. He said there is a perception that many conservatives only care about their hard-earned money and are callous toward humanitarian issues. Conservatives do not want government to provide the aid, but sometimes they do not offer alternative solutions. “As conservatives we have to start putting together solutions from a private sector standpoint,” Miller said. Miller would like to see a concerted effort in this area, not only to stem the perception, but to help good causes as well. “I think we have an obligation to humanity, as people, to help each other,” Miller said. “We are our brother’s keeper.” The funds from the books sales are channeled through Miller’s own organization, The Rush Miller Foundation. Ninety percent of the funds go to various organizations working in Haiti, with 10 percent staying with RMF to help fund their own aid projects. Miller established the Rush Miller foundation in 2001 after a malignant brain tumor left his son Garrett visually impaired at five years old. Today, the foundation focuses on gifting tandem bicycles to families with blind children. It has an aggressive plan to purchase two tandems for every school for the blind in the country. The cost of the program will be roughly $100,000, Miller said. To learn more about the book visit To find out more about the Rush Miller Foundation visit

American Rights: Second Amendment

Firearms Fact Card

Bruce Nozolino, Contributing Writer You just never know when you might need a pocketsized version of the U.S. Constitution. I keep mine in the shirt or jacket pocket closest to my heart. I also augment my pocket Constitution on a yearly basis with another handy wallet card called the “NRA-ILA Firearms Fact Card.” I upgraded to the 2010 version in the last month. The “Firearms Fact Card” is printed on heavyweight paper and folds up to about the size of a credit card so that you can tuck it into your wallet (or pocket Constitution). While I’ve been able to recite the Second Amendment from memory for more than 20 years, I often find myself referring to this card for almost all other firearms facts. I regularly encounter folks who want to cite outdated (or just plain wrong) information concerning the Second Amendment. When I try to correct them, they usually insist that I provide my sources. That’s when I reach into my pocket for the card. Need a good Second Amendment quote? Just refer to your card, which lists Patrick Henry’s observation that, “The great object is that every man be armed.” Or, there’s this from Thomas Paine: “[A] rms…discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe.” If someone suggests to you that the number of firearms in the United States is declining, awe them with these statistics from your 2010 “Firearms Fact Card”:

“Studies…have found no evidence that ‘gun control’ reduces crime, suicides or accidents in the U.S. or abroad.”

• The percentage of American households that have guns is between 40% and 45%. • The number of gun owners in the United States is between 70 to 80 million; 40 to 45 million own handguns. • The number of privately owned firearms in the U.S. is almost 300 million, including nearly 100 million handguns. This number grows by 4 million annually. Wondering when else you might be in need of a “Firearms Fact Card?” Well, let’s say you are at a Tea Party and a heckler shouts that we need more gun control. Whip out your card and throw this fact their way: “Studies by or for Congress, the Department of Justice, the Congressional Research Service, the Library of Congress, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found no evidence that ‘gun control’ reduces crime, suicides or accidents in the U.S. or abroad.”

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Eternal Vigilance

Soviet Terms May Prove Useful Today Alfred C. Maurer, Featured Writer

Socialism succeeded, for a time, in the Soviet Union. It was spread after World War II by the Red Army as they advanced across Eastern Europe. The people under its domination persevered by understanding the system and adapting in ingenious ways. God forbid we should actually need them in the USA, but if we do, here are some interesting terms from that period. They were common knowledge at one time. Agitprop: a blend of Russian “agitation” and “propaganda,” originated in the 1930s from a shortened form of the Department for Agitation and Propaganda, which was part of the central and regional committees of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The department was later renamed Ideological Department Political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art and literature.

The Soviets believed that art and literature should serve the state, much like National Endowment for the Arts leader Yosi Sergant and White House Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement Buffy Wicks attempted to do late last summer. Since then, we’ve seen the entire administration organizing for healthcare and Hollywood is encouraged to weave health care themes into their regular TV series. Remember the CSI NY episode where a cancer patient was denied treatment and he went on a killing spree?

posts, as the Democratic Party is doing today. Where these positions are part of the civil service, “czars” are being appointed in the White House to set policy and thereby direction. In industry, the CEO of Government (General) Motors has been appointed by the White House. Samizdat: short for “publishing house,” hence “self published.” In the former Soviet Union, the system by which government-suppressed literature was clandestinely written, printed and distributed; the term also is applied to the literature itself.

Members of Organizing for Obama,, and the DNC could be referred to as apparatchiki. Nomenklatura: from the Latin nomenclatura meaning a list of names. In the former Soviet Union, a list of influential posts in government and industry that were filled by Communist Party appointees; collectively the holders of these posts were the Soviet élite.

Nominally the party was separate from the state, as it has been in the USA. In fact, the party controlled all the important

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* *

If one can imagine, works such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s The First Circle were copied by typewriter and passed around. Eventually some of these works made their way to the West and were published. Works so published were known as tamizdat. The internet today makes it pretty much unnecessary to smuggle opposition materials in this way. Or does it?

Members of Organizing for Obama, Moveon. org, and the DNC could be referred to as apparatchiki.

Apparatchik: name given the Communist Party machine in the former Soviet Union; an apparatchiki was a member of that party.

All your protection under one roof.

Useful Idiots: used to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that though the person in question naïvely thought themselves an ally of the Soviets or other Communists, they were actually held in contempt by them, and were being cynically used. The term is often attributed to Lenin but has not been proven to originate with him.

Today the term might accurately be applied to Keith Olbermann and the anchors at MSNBC who, although uniformly white, decry the Tea Party movement as too Caucasian. The list goes on but these are representative examples. Interestingly, some of these words have come into English usage: samizdat, for example, was in my spellchecking dictionary. I was taught some of these terms in the fifth grade but today, only twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, they are all but forgotten. Those who forget history may be condemned to repeat it. Credit goes to Wikipedia for the Russian etymology of these words. http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_English_words_of_ Russian_origin

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Politics and Ideology Why America Had No Guillotine

Jacek Popiel, Contributing Writer The American and French revolutions occurred within 14 years of each other. They were driven by similar motives and had, at least at the beginning, very similar goals. Both were initiated against the rule of an absolutist monarch who claimed a divine right to reign. Yet they had very different outcomes. The Americans and British fought long and hard, but they basically observed the rules of war at the time. The civilian population suffered relatively little from either adversary. Once the wars were over, there was little serious retribution against the loyalists who had fought for Britain. Many voluntarily left for Canada while the remainder rallied behind the new government. By contrast, the French upheaval took on many aspects of a civil war, with republican forces carrying out bloody reprisals and mass executions of civilians. The new government evolved into a police state (the “Terror”) which arrested, tried and executed thousands of innocent citizens on the flimsiest (if any) grounds. The administration was centralized, religious institutions outlawed and destroyed, and massive armies were sent against domestic and foreign opponents. The revolution eventually morphed into the dictatorship

of Napoleon Bonaparte, which kept Europe at war for the best of two decades. Once circumstances and national characteristics are set aside, one major reason for the difference in outcomes stands out: American revolutionaries were pragmatic, the French ruled by ideology. American Colonial society, even where it was well established, still kept much of its pioneer character. In such circumstances, reality and facts constantly intrude, forcing reasonable, feasible arrangements and attainable goals. The Founding Fathers knew the difference between the ideal and the possible, and were willing to settle for what they knew they could achieve. The French revolutionary core, by contrast, was primarily made up of intellectuals and philosophers, seeking to lift society to a new level of harmony and perfection. Living in the midst of a rich, powerful and long established state, they had little notion of what such an effort required and of the human reality involved. The beauty of their design blinded them to the difficulty of achieving it. It was practical politics in the United States versus ideology in Europe. Ideology is a mental construct which attracts and seduces by its inner coherence and completeness. No room remains for IDEOLOGY on page 37

The Founding Fathers knew the difference between the ideal and the possible, and were willing to settle for what they knew they could achieve.

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IDEOLOGY continued from page 36 uncertainty or doubt, nor is the frailty of human nature taken into account. To an ideologue, the superiority of his cause is the ultimate justification: he must succeed because he is right. Failure is never attributed to the ideology itself, but to those who refuse to believe. In other words, ideology always needs an enemy, for only malicious disbelief and opposition can explain the lack of success of an otherwise perfect goal. The leaders of the American Revolution did not seek a perfect state, but the freedom to live under institutions that maximized human potential and restrained human proclivity to evil. This goal was broad and realistic enough to unite them despite their differences. Disputes were expected, and so was their resolution by negotiation and compromise. What is the lesson of this for us today? To a considerable extent our situation is similar to that of the leaders of the 18th century upheavals. Our government has, in the eyes of many, become corrupt. It has arrogated to itself excessive and, some will say, abusive powers so as to pursue goals for which it was never designed. It is cumbersome, immensely expensive, and largely ineffective. Taxation is heavy, liberties are curtailed, and nationally divisive policies are being advocated. We hear echoes of the Intolerable Acts, or of the oppressive decrees and scandalous dissipation of the French monarchy at the end of the 18th century. At the same time our politics have become envenomed by aggressive criticism and personal attacks. Accusations fly, motives are vilified,

and “the other side” is painted as the enemy of the people. The political scene is presented as split between the Right and Left, each personifying evil or good depending on the side one is on. In the middle a vast growing mass of citizens wonder what is going on. This signals that, if unchecked, ideology could triumph over pragmatism, the opposite of what happened in Revolutionary times. The Founding Fathers did not deal in absolutes. They sought a reasonable and deserved dose of liberty, but were, at least initially, willing to remain under the crown provided this request was granted. Rather than splitting into pro-monarchy and pro-republic factions, they sought to override differences for the sake of what was to become America. We must take our example from them, and seek broadly acceptable common solutions rather than excoriating the enemies of the cause. Our Constitution was not designed to exclude, but to unify. It is in that spirit that we must resolve the current crisis. Politics can be driven by pragmatism or by ideology. The first leads to compromise and agreement, the second to radicalization. The U.S. is currently faced with a choice: return to its pragmatic tradition or embrace the ideological war between Right and Left.

…if unchecked, ideology could triumph over pragmatism, the opposite of what happened in Revolutionary times.



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Jacek Popiel was born in Poland and lived in Africa, Europe and North America. His career was in the military and in international business development. He is the author of Viable Energy Now.

Independence Day TEA Party

Saturday, June 26th 11am–1am Memorial Park

Join freedom loving citizens of El Paso County for an educational and uplifting event. Keep the movement alive and learn how you can make a difference! • Speakers will address current issues facing our Nation. • 2010 candidates will have information tables for meet and greet. • Voter registration will be available on-site. • Bring a sign and voice your opinion! Please be tasteful, this will be a family-friendly event.

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Eternal Vigilance

Beyond the ClowardPiven Strategy Pat Francomano, Contributing Writer Introduction





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s God Bles ! America

To get some sense of the motivation behind the present destruction, i.e., the fundamental transformation of America currently being carried on by the liberal left leadership in the White House and Congress, it is necessary to take a look at the “Cloward-Piven strategy.” It was conceived by Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven while both were with Columbia University School of Social Work. Their work was published in the May 2, 1966 edition of the far-left magazine The Nation, in an article entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” The strategy, simply stated, was to overload the welfare system at the local and state levels, bringing about a crisis that would force federal legislation to end poverty nationally. In fact, the authors’ ultimate goal was a guaranteed income. Others have described this as “the strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.” By crisis, the authors meant “a publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere. Crisis can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration…” At the time of the article the Civil Rights Movement was ongoing and many of President Johnson’s Great Society programs had been implemented. Among them was the Community Action Program (CAP) that supported communitybased, anti-poverty programs to help the poor through education and community development. This meant that under the ostensible banner of CAP, there were many full-time community activists funded by government and ready to be organized to implement this strategy. Indeed, the strategy called for the formation of “the basis for a convergence of civil rights organizations, militant antipoverty groups and the poor” in order to bring about a crisis that “could lead to legislation for a guaranteed income and thus the end of poverty.”

They enlisted black activist George Wiley to implement their plan nationally. Wiley founded the National Welfare Rights Organization, which turned out to be quite effective in growing the welfare rolls across the country. New York City provides a look at the strategy’s effectiveness. In 1966 there were approximately 600,000 persons on welfare with a budget of about $653.8 million. In April of 1975 there were over 1 million persons on welfare with a budget of over $2.828 billion. By October the city was literally on the brink of bankruptcy.

Connections A few connections among some of those involved in employing this strategy are worthy of mention. Cloward and Piven found encouragement in Saul Alinsky’s methods of community organizing. Alinsky, of course, is the father of community organizing. The strategy has been employed beyond the welfare system. It has been used by ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) in voter registration drives and more recently in bringing about the mortgage crisis. ACORN was started by Wade Rathke in Arkansas in 1970. Wade Rathke was mentored by George Wiley. And that gets right back to the ClowardPiven strategy.

The real goal of those using the ClowardPiven strategy is to destroy the traditional fabric of the United States of America and its social, financial, and political institutions.

Implementation and Effectiveness Cloward and Piven determined that there was a vast discrepancy between the numbers of people already on welfare and those eligible for it. This provided the impetus for putting their strategy to work to recruit new welfare recipients and thereby overload the welfare system. Of course, legitimacy for this crisis orchestration is gained under the cover of a campaign intended to “inform people of their legal rights under a government program.” But the authors’ real goal was the destruction of capitalism. They knew they would need an army of community organizers. They wrote that they needed “cadres of organizers … from the civil rights movement and the churches, from militant low-income organizations like those formed by the Industrial Areas Foundation (that is, by Saul Alinsky), and from other groups on the Left.”

Conclusion The real goal of those using the ClowardPiven strategy is to destroy the traditional fabric of the United States of America and its social, financial, and political institutions. They want America’s institutions to fail so they can replace them with their own brand of Statism, a system of progressive-corporate elitism. They truly believe that a ruling elite can better run the lives of individuals than individuals themselves. Never before have they been in a better position to do so than they are today. Just consider some of President Obama’s appointments and his many radical-Left associations. Among them are socialists and even self-proclaimed communists. They walk the halls of the government in positions of great influence and power. They are the enemies of this country’s founding principles. They constitute an enemy within, an enemy so well placed that America is funding its own destruction. An excellent source for connecting more dots can be found at www.american and_the_strategy.html. Pat Francomano is a freelance writer living in Colorado Springs, CO. He is a retired software engineer and holds a masters degree in mathematics. He is a CTM Toastmaster and focuses on social and political matters as they relate to individual liberty.

How strangely will the tools of tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words! —Samuel Adams 38 | The Constitutionalist Today

Demons, Demons Everywhere—Thank You, Rule 13 The fourth in a series on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals An American Patriot, Contributing Writer Remember when life in America was simpler? Electing a president whose basic training was in “challenging, insulting, agitating, discrediting” changed our way of life and not for the better. To achieve his goal of fundamentally changing America, he starts each new phase of his continuing campaign by demonizing his latest opposition. His list includes returning war veterans, patriotic Americans who attend Tea Parties, health care professionals, insurance companies, Wall Street, anyone who doesn’t believe in the man-made global warming hoax, talk radio hosts, Republican opposition, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, police officers, various foods, technology, Israel, automobiles, 70% of Arizonans who want border security, etc. In the president’s zeal to identify demons, he overlooks radical Islamic terrorists, public sector unions whose greed is bankrupting states, and Alinsky-ite legislators such as Congressman Frank and Senator Dodd, whose banking/housing schemes produced the mortgage meltdown that triggered America’s economic collapse. Such demagoguery is a staple of the Alinsky model. Rules for Radicals includes a couple of lists. Chapter two, Of Means and Ends, offers 11 rules of the ethics of means and ends. He declares as insignificant the basic question: Does the end justify the means? To Alinsky, the important ques-

tion was: Does this particular end justify this particular means? His rules are high sounding and written as if in a thoughtful discussion. The pre-ordained conclusion, however, is that for Alinsky-ites, their end always justifies the means. Conversely, they’ll never let their opposition make the same argument. The more revealing set of rules for radicals comes in Tactics, the seventh chapter. Alinsky lists 13 rules of Power Tactics. Here we see the battle plan that has undercut America and America’s values for half a century. He focuses on how the “Have-Nots” can take power from the “Haves.” The result is an expanding tyranny of the minority. Once Alinsky took his labor-organizing tactics nationally from the slums of Chicago, he called for a confederation of many minority special interest groups that radicalized the traditional Democrat party. Thus, minority views on such things as border security, gay rights, separation of church and state, abortion, welfare giveaways, etc., are continually forced on the majority of Americans. Almost daily, some new outrage links back to these rules. This administration, other hardcore Alinsky-ites, and their enablers keep the consequences of Rule 13 continually in the headlines. Therein lays the key to recognizing why America is overrun with demons—or so we are

The thirteenth rule: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

told. “The thirteenth rule: Pick the target, America through unconstitutional polifreeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” cies and unconstitutional laws. Alinsky-ites are vicious and have gotRemember the polarizing Alinsky-ite ten away with their shameless tactics for tactics used by anti-war protestors in the far too long. In their quest for absolute 1960s? “LBJ, LBJ, how many kids did you power, they gang up and try to destroy kill today?” Although President Johnson their political opposition. Think about was a member of the not-yet-radicalized good, honest, Constitution-loving judges Democrat Party, he was a Texan and not who have been targeted by Alinsky-ites in part of the northeastern elite. Alinsky-ites confirmation hearings. In 1987 Senator also targeted returning veterans, personalEdward Kennedy ushered in such unconized attacks on them as baby killers, and scionable tactics worked to polarwith his opening ize America against salvo against Judge those who had given Robert Bork. much to support and “Robert Bork’s defend this nation. America is a land We all carry some in which women of the shame and would be forced responsibility for into back-alley allowing Alinskyabortions, blacks ites to demonize would sit at segreso many good, paSaul Alinsky gated lunch countriotic men and ters, rogue police could break down citiwomen because their main “sin” was zens’ doors in midnight raids, children standing up for traditional American valcould not be taught about evolution.” ues. Understanding Rule 13 reveals why Notice the polarization and attempt to President Bush was attacked day after day, isolate an honorable judge from any supyear after year, and still blamed by a failport of freedom-loving Americans? That ing President. Had we known then what Kennedy’s personal attack was untrue we know now, we should have stood tomattered not to him, to other Alinsky-ites gether against the Alinsky-ites and said, on the committee, or to their enablers in “We will not allow your lies to isolate our the media. The end of keeping Bork off president.” From today forward, we need the Supreme Court justified the means. to stand together against each new attack The battle for control of our courts is critithat demonizes people who are far less cal for Alinsky-ites who want to change greedy and corrupt than their attackers.

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American Heritage

Honoring Our Fathers David L. Kelly, Contributing Writer

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Most of us have heard and know the names and stories associated with our Founding Fathers: George Washington, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to name a few. All of these men risked their lives and fortunes to birth a nation and help secure the freedom and liberty that we enjoy today. Recent events driven by a government bent on rewriting history have caused a renewed interest in our Founding Fathers and their impact on our nation and its history. We know their stories quite well, but our founders were not alone in their efforts. There were thousands of patriots who weaved themselves into various facets of the American Revolution. Many fought in battles such as Bunker Hill, Brandywine, Camden and Yorktown, spilling their blood and giving their all. They kept trade open with fellow patriots, supplying Washington’s Army; they manned the river ferries; they donated their food supplies and livestock; they risked their lives and their family’s safety in order to gain their freedom from King George’s England and the right to self-government. In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to share with you the story of a few patriots who participated in our nation’s founding, but whose contributions never made top billing in our history books. They are the ancestral fathers of thousands of Americans living today. Eleazer Callender of Fredericksburg, Virginia, was a merchant and captain of merchant vessels. He was the grandson of Ellis Callender, founder of Boston’s first Baptist church and a native of Boston. He left home and took to the sea to make his own way in life. He eventually settled in Virginia and established a profitable coastal trade and mercantile business. Shortly after the Revolutionary War began, Eleazer was commissioned into the Virginia State Navy. He captained the Defiance and supervised the building of the Dragon. Callender was the captain of both ships at various times during the war. He and his crew plied the waters of the Chesapeake and Virginian coast to fend off British Privateers, protecting trade in the tidewater region of Virginia. After the war he partnered with the clerk of his ship and future son-in-law, David Henderson, building a prosperous business in Fredericksburg. George Johnson ran away from home and enlisted in the Revolutionary Army

at Shepherdstown, Virginia at the age of 15, on April 7, 1777. He served as a fifer for three years in the 8th and 11th Virginia Continental Line. Johnson spent his first winter at Valley Forge with Gen. George Washington’s troops. His tunes surely helped lift the troops’ spirits and keep their minds off the harsh conditions they suffered. After his service to our new country, George Johnson settled in Berlin, Pennsylvania in 1782 and started the Berlin Fife and Drum Corps. This group, consisting of military veteran musicians and local recruits, is still active today and is the oldest such organization in America. Isham Burks of Wilkes County, Georgia, volunteered in 1778 to help protect the frontier settlers from Cherokee and Creek Indian attacks and to fight the British. He moved up the ranks quickly to a unit of mounted Georgia Volunteers. Burks participated in the Battle of Kettle Creek on February 14, 1779, which was one of the most important battles of the Revolutionary War in Georgia. The outnumbered Patriots attacked and routed a loyalist camp after three hours of desperate fighting. It was said after the battle that it was the severest check and chastisement the Tories ever received in South Carolina or Georgia. After the war, Isham fathered over a dozen children. His life’s journey ended in McNairy, Tennessee. By sharing these brief glimpses of the history of common everyday patriots, it is my intention to allow the reader to honor and respect their ancestral fathers’ love and commitment to their family and country. Some have made their marks that will live forever in history, and others live only in the minds and hearts of those who knew them. But they all have made an impact on our world in one way or another, so that is why we honor them. This month, as we celebrate Father’s Day, I ask you to not only honor your own father, but to also honor this nation’s Founding Fathers and your ancestral fathers. David L. Kelly advocates for Liberty, Freedom, Limited Government and Free Markets. He leads the Liberty on the Rocks, Colorado Springs Chapter, delivering “Tavern Style Politics in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers.” ( David is also the co-founder of For What is Right ( which will be bringing constitutional education opportunities to all in the near future.

Formula for Freedom= Vision x Virtue x Victory Michelle Morin, Featured Writer I hear this question a lot: “How can freedom possibly prevail when the organized and well-funded left is in power?” My answer: The same way it did during our nation’s founding. In any circumstance, we can learn best from those who have gone before us. After all, the colonists were up against the strongest, most organized, and best funded army of their time. George Washington led them to freedom using a formula with 3 simple elements: vision, virtue, and victory.


wise be bigger than ourselves. Freedom won’t stand on a single issue or candidate. Freedom’s supporting principles are a fabric comprised of many interwoven threads, including social, fiscal, and security issues, to name only a few. We must catch the whole vision and keep all the threads of freedom’s fabric intact. Consistent single issue or candidate focus will eventually unravel the fabric into singular threads, separate and useless by themselves. Once unraveled, the fabric of freedom exists no more. Washington’s long-term and broader vision held the fabric of freedom intact, as it must for us today.

Freedom was the vision, virtue was the foundation, and victory was the only option.

Washington had a vision for freedom that was bigger than himself. His long-term and unwavering vision inspired hope, and his followers caught it. Consider this order he issued on July 2, 1776: “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage of this army.”* We are those “unborn millions.” Although he would never know us, Washington knew we would be heirs to his sacrifice and effort, whatever the outcome. Today, the vision for freedom must like-

VIRTUE Doubtless, Washington was a man of virtue. Without it, neither his vision nor victory was attainable. His virtue was rooted in the then commonly held presupposition of a Judeo-Christian worldview, and of this Washington was unashamed. His words consistently reflected his virtue in his speech, writings, and prayers. He verifiably knew that without God, the nation he envisioned would never be born or sustained. On March 11, 1792, he wrote this to John Armstrong: “I am sure that never was a people, who had more reason to acknowledge a Divine interposition in their affairs, than those of the United States; and I should be pained to believe that they have forgotten that agency, which was so often manifested

during our Revolution, or that they failed to consider the omnipotence of that God who is alone able to protect them.”* Washington’s private prayer on the Hudson River, from June 1779, reads: “And now, Almighty Father, if it is Thy holy will that we shall obtain a place and name among the nations of the earth, grant that we may be enabled to show our gratitude for Thy goodness by our endeavors to fear and obey Thee. Bless us with Thy wisdom in our counsels, success in battle, and let all our victories be tempered with humanity. Endow, also, our enemies with enlightened minds, that they become sensible of their injustice, and willing to restore our liberty and peace. Grant the petition of Thy servant, for the sake of Him whom Thou has called Thy beloved Son.”* As Washington did, how many of us can honestly say we pray for both success and for our enemies’ convictions and sensibilities? Are we relying on the futility of our own strength, or are we honestly seeking Divine interposition? As freedom loving Americans determined to restore our founding principles, we would do well to follow Washington’s virtuous example and seek to mimic his humble heart.

tance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore to resolve to conquer or die.”* We are again at a juncture in history which will determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves. The unrelenting, creeping enemies of freedom leave us the same choices Washington faced: either brave resistance, or submission to the state. As did Washington, we must resolve victory to preserve freedom or her demise is imminent. Although it’s being put to the test while the ideological enemy has been incrementally delegitimizing it for years, we still have the Constitution, an advantage our predecessors did not. Because of this, we can bring freedom back to her rightful place with Constitutionally established and peaceful means. As was true in Washington’s life, so it can be in our own. Freedom was the vision, virtue was the foundation, and victory was the only option. Catch the vision. Hold the virtue. Resolve victory.

We would do well to follow Washington’s virtuous example and seek to mimic his humble heart.

VICTORY Failure was not an option for Washington. More from his July 2, 1776 order: “Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resis-

*Quotes from America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations by William J. Federer Michelle Morin, aka Mom4Freedom, is External Communications Chair for Coalition for a Conservative Majority. See her blog and sign up for alerts at

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American Heritage

John Birch, American Missionary and Martyr Bob Adelmann, Featured Writer

It was the soft southern accent that gave him away. “Anyone in there?” he asked. Lt. Col. James Doolittle and his crew, hiding under the boat’s cover, breathed a sigh of relief. An American! Here on the southern coast of China, just when things were looking very bleak indeed. Doolittle’s Tokyo bombing raid in April of 1942 did little actual damage, but buoyed the spirits of Americans still reeling from Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor just four months earlier. The sixteen B-25s involved in the raid ran out of fuel after the raid and most of them crashlanded in Japanese occupied territory in-

side China. Doolittle said later that he was afraid of being court-martialed because he had lost all of the planes. At the moment, however, he was more afraid that he and his crews were going to be captured by the Japanese, tortured, and shot. The southern accent belonged to an American missionary from Georgia, John Birch, who had learned the language and the customs and earned the trust of the local Chinese while evangelizing them for Christ. Because of his wide network of friends in the area, Birch was able to lead Doolittle and his crew (and nearly all of the other crews) to safety. Birch was born in China in 1918 to missionary parents and raised in Georgia

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where he acquired his accent. He attended high school and college, graduating with honors. He knew it was God’s will for him to return to China as a missionary, despite the risks. He knew about the dangers facing an American there, but said, “I know the big enemy is communism, but the Lord has called me. My life is in His hands, and I am not turning back.” After helping rescue Doolittle and his crews, Birch was inducted as a second lieutenant into the China Air Task Force which later became the 14th Air Force. He was the integral part of the information network providing vital information about Japanese troop movement to General Claire Chennault’s 14th Air Force, “the Flying Tigers.” Chennault wrote “Birch was the pioneer in our field-intelligence net…for three years he worked steadily in the field with only brief respites for medical treatment. He refused all leave or temporary duty in the U.S. with the comment ‘I’ll leave China [only] when the last Jap is gone.’” Near the end of the war, he was promoted to captain. For his efforts, Birch received the Legion of Merit and, posthumously, the Oak Leaf Cluster for “exceptionally meritorious service.” Ten days after the end of the war, Birch was on an official military mission to Suchow and was captured by Chinese Communists and, with his hands tied behind him, was executed with a single round to the back of his head. When his parents received word of his death, the initial reports indicated that he had been killed by a stray bullet. However, his mother Ethel discovered, quite by accident, that his murder had been covered up so that friendly relations between the United States and the communist Mao Tse Tung wouldn’t be thwarted by potential public outrage over Birch’s murder.

It was California Senator William Knowland who blew the whistle on the cover up in a speech on the Senate floor in 1950. That speech led, through a remarkable chain of events, to the investigation of Birch by an unknown candy manufacturer from Belmont, Massachusetts. What Robert Welch discovered in his investigation was the story of a humble, patriotic, Christian man who exemplified in his life the principles of the Founders in building the American republic. When Welch started an anti-communist organization in 1958, he named it for John Birch. At that founding, Welch wrote “If we rediscover some of our sounder spiritual values in the example of his life…and learn essential truths about our enemy from the lesson of his murder, then his death at twenty-six ceases to be a tragedy.” Four months before his death, Birch wrote “The War Weary Farmer” which included these lines: “I should like to find the existence of what my father called “Plain living and high thinking…I want to live slowly, to relax with my family before a glowing fireplace, to welcome the visits of my neighbors, to worship God, to enjoy a book, to lie on a shaded grassy bank and watch the clouds sail across the blue… I want of government only protection against the violence and injustices of evil or selfish men…I want to reach the sunset of life sound in body and mind, flanked by strong sons and grandsons, enjoying the friendship and respect of neighbors, surrounded by fertile fields and sleek cattle, and retaining my boyhood faith in Him Who promised a life to come.”

[Birch said], “I know the big enemy is communism, but the Lord has called me. My life is in His hands, and I am not turning back.”

Four months before his death, Birch wrote: “I want of government only protection against the violence and injustices of evil or selfish men…”

Bob Adelmann writes for The New American magazine on economics, history and politics, and speaks to groups interested in these topics. His email address is:

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The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule. —Samuel Adams

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Responsible Fatherhood Critical to American Way Dave Skiver, Contributing Writer To learn the secret of America’s amazing success, French magistrate and political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville embarked on a discovery trip across the Atlantic in 1831. Four years later, he published his timeless classic Democracy in America, praising the stability of the American family and its positive impact on society. Tocqueville observed that there “is certainly no country in the world where the tie of marriage is more respected than in America, or where conjugal happiness is more highly or worthily appreciated.” Tocqueville contrasted American marriages with those of Europe: “In Europe, almost all the disturbances of society arise from the irregularities of domestic life.” The European’s disdain for “the natural bonds and legitimate pleasure of the home,” along with his widespread “taste for excesses, a restlessness of heart, and the evil of fluctuating desires,” regularly overflow into public and social life. The European’s “tumultuous passions” often translate into contempt for societal order and authority. On the other hand, Tocqueville observed that “when the American retires from the turmoil of public life to the bosom of his family, he finds it the image of order and of peace. There his pleasures are simple and natural, his joys innocent

and calm.” Whereas, the European seeks to escape his family problems “by agitating society, the American derives from his home that love of order which he afterwards carries with him into public affairs.” (This may well explain why Europe gave birth to such fine children as fascism and communism.) Sadly, Tocqueville’s assessment of 19th century Europe all too accurately describes America today. We are plagued with epidemic levels of infidelity, broken homes, out-of-wedlock births, pressure to legitimize unnatural passions, and even outright disdain for traditional marriage (one man, one woman for life). Such “irregularities of domestic life” threaten to destroy not only American families, but also the very fabric of our society. According to a 2009 Heritage Foundation report on family and marriage, children who are raised in single-parent homes “are more likely to fail in school, abuse drugs or alcohol, commit crimes, become pregnant as teens, and suffer from emotional and behavioral problems” than children raised by “two married biological parents.” Children from single-parent homes “are also more likely to end up on welfare or in jails when they become adults.” This same report also noted that

Tocqueville contrasted American marriages with those of Europe: “In Europe, almost all the disturbances of society arise from the irregularities of domestic life.”

if poor women with children out-of-wedlock were married to the fathers of their children, “nearly two-thirds would be lifted out of poverty immediately.” Liberals and progressives like to blame poverty and the rest of society’s woes on America’s economic policy, specifically capitalism. Yet they malign the very institution that is the foremost vanguard for good social order, harmony, and prosperity—traditional marriage. One of their most devastating assaults on marriage and the family has been the welfare state. When the politics of good intentions and wishful thinking meet reality, the consequences are usually disastrous. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that relieving people of responsibility for their actions only breeds irresponsibility. That’s exactly what the welfare state has done. Instead of holding fathers accountable for rearing and supporting their children, the welfare state steps in and takes over that support. Liberals beat the drum that we must do it for the children, while these very children remain trapped in misery at the hands of the state. Uncle Sam is a terrible father. Even if children from poor, broken homes don’t drop out of school, fry their brains on drugs, die violently, or go to prison, their worldview can still become

quite perverted. Predators of all kinds— from drug dealers and gang bangers, to community agitators and communist radicals—prey upon children. Thanks to their devastating home conditions, these young, impressionable minds are quite vulnerable to all manner of insidious indoctrination. As bad as crime, drugs, teen pregnancy are, there may be something far more dangerous to our way of life. These young, poisoned minds may grow up to gain great power. Like gasoline and fire, a tortured worldview and the political power to force it on others are a dangerous combination. What if, instead of community agitators, radicals, and communists, Barack Obama’s greatest influence from birth through early adulthood had been a loving, responsible father who was faithfully married to his mother? How different things might be today. If America wants to restore social order and harmony, if we ever hope to return to our traditional, constitutional roots, we must emphasize and actively promote the role of responsible, faithful husbands and fathers in the home.

Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that relieving people of responsibility for their actions only breeds irresponsibility.

Dave Skiver, a retired AF officer, is now a pastor, adjunct university professor, and freelance writer/editor.

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American Heritage

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Restoration by Repentance Randy Wilson, Guest Writer

It was not that long ago on a beautiful clear blue sky morning that a great tragedy was brought upon our great country. We were attacked by the enemy on our shores and the Twin Towers fell. What was our immediate response? We turned to our foundations. We looked back to where we came from. We remembered the words of Patrick Henry who said, “The great pillars of all government and of social life are virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor… and this alone, that renders us invincible.” History tells of our Founding Fathers who understood it was Providence, God’s Almighty hand that protected, brought unity and gave counsel as America laid down the foundations of who we would be as a nation. We looked to God for answers, which is where we need to look first as we face the daunting challenges today. The Ten Commandments hang in our court houses and are written into many of our state mottos. As the nations come and visit this great land, they witness and are impacted by what we believe as a people and define how we would act as a people. In the book of First Samuel God says, “Those who honor Me, I will honor.” And God has been faithful to His word. America has become the most prosperous nation in the history of man. We have been blessed with inventions in all categories

of life and living. Our medical achievements are unprecedented. And the world has looked to the USA as the beacon of hope for their liberty and freedom from their oppressors. We honored God by starting our meetings and gatherings with an invocation and closing in a benediction. We swear an oath, “so help me God.” Next time you are in our nation’s capitol look around at the buildings, monuments and inside the governmental chambers; you will see the Word of God etched in stone. Speaking of prayer, let’s go back for a moment, because if we are to take back what an enemy has stolen from us, it will be because God has heard our prayer as we humble ourselves and cry out to Him once again for help. Remember the day when the leaders of the Republic gathered to write out the Constitution and there was no agreement, no unity among these good men; not until Benjamin Franklin rose up to appeal for a time of prayer, which turned into hours of prayer. These men cried out to God for His wisdom and help to forge the great experiment that would bless the world and be the liberators again and again from tyranny. God answered their prayer. Look back to a time towards the end of George Washington’s second term as presREPENTANCE on page 45

These men cried out to God for His wisdom and help to forge the great experiment that would bless the world and be the liberators again and again from tyranny.

Pursuit of Happiness

Children Under 30 Should Not Be Allowed to Vote Jay Cadillac, Contributing Writer

It’s probably an apocryphal slander, the old joke, in the heyday of drive-in movie theaters, that every January police in any American city would find scores of teenagers frozen to death in their parked cars after they had crashed the theater gate to watch the movie “Closed for the Winter.” It most likely was only dozens, not scores. Parents since Adam and Eve have watched with amazement as their postpubescent children, seemingly operating with only partial brain capacity, managed to survive the trials of adolescence and young adulthood. Only until relatively recently did medical science understand that it’s not really the fault of teenagers they’re so, uh, so “challenged,” shall we say? (I include here those in their twen-teens). The frontal lobes in their brains simply do not completely mature, for most of them, until mid to late 20s, which explains not only why their auto accident rate is by far the highest of any age group, but also why so many of them voted for Barack Obama for president. Undeveloped lobes, according to the Internet’s democratic “encyclopedia,” Wikipedia, impair a person’s “ability to recognize future consequences and reality from current actions.” Thus, 66 percent of voters under 30 voted for Obama in 2008. Their young brains really gave their young fingers no choice, telling them they must mark an X on the election ballot next to Obama’s name. After all, the young’uns had been conditioned by years of Politically Correct indoctrination in the public schools and in a youth culture in which 99% instantly recognize the name Brad Pitt, but almost nobody has any idea who Winston Churchill was. Thus their easily confused brains tell them the most important qualifications for the president’s job are “hip and cool.” A recent survey confirms the appalling lack of discernment, judgment, and wisdom among “America’s Future.” Whereas 63% of Americans aged 50-64 hold a negative view of the term “socialism,” only 49% of the 18-29 age bracket do. A depressing 45% of the young view socialism positively. This contrasts dramatically with the “Greatest Generation” (age 65-plus), in which only 14% see socialism as a good thing. And it’s not only the frontal-lobe-impaired youth, but also a sizable proportion of Democrats of all ages (44%) who, depressingly, think socialism is a good thing. How can so many citizens, who are enjoying the liberties and prosperity made possible only by a free-market economy in the most exceptional republic ever devised in the history of mankind, be so ignorant about what socialism really is? Here’s a primer on socialism and freemarket capitalism for all you non-homeschooled Americans. Socialism says the government—that collection made up of too many unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats and assorted elites—knows best how to run things. It teaches that a large central government of planners and regulators can most efficiently manage the

means of production in a society and, indeed, should own just about everything. In capitalism, on the other hand, “an invisible hand” sweeps through a free market, lifting up everyone as it enriches specific individuals. Eighteenth-century economist Adam Smith observed that we can expect a fat, healthy dinner not because the butcher and the baker like us, but because it is in their self-interest to provide us with one. They prosper because others value their service or product. In a socialist economy, however, the guys in charge couldn’t care less if you, the consumer, are happy. Where there’s little or no competition, there’s little incentive to treat people better. Think of most government agencies, for example the Department of Motor Vehicles, where clerks snarl at you for bothering them. They know you can’t take your business elsewhere. In a (relatively) freemarket country workers produce a Toyota, a Ford, a Chevy, a Dodge, a Honda—all in a dizzying array of models. In a socialist country they produce a Yugo. Never in the history of the planet has a socialist country truly prospered. Cuba? No. Venezuela? Nope. The Scandinavian countries? You’ve got to be kidding. The main reason a relatively socialist Western Europe has managed to hang on as long as it has is because it didn’t have to foot the bill, during the long Cold War, of keeping the Evil Empire at bay. Uncle Sam’s rich capitalist economy held a very expensive defense umbrella over Europe until the socialism-on-steroids Soviet Union finally collapsed due mainly to the fact communism and socialism simply do not work. Today we are witnessing Europe implode as it figures out a socialist welfare state is not sustainable. Greeks, told they might have to take a cut in their pensions and perhaps privatize their public health-care system, riot in the streets. But still the U.S. president continues to march us down the path to socialism. Still, we see two-thirds of American youth telling a pollster they think, y’know, Obama’s doing great and nearly half of them view socialism fondly. Anyone for a constitutional amendment raising the voting age to 30? We geezers (anyone over 30, we were told by the baby boomers when they were swimming in the Fountain of Youth, is a geezer) outnumber the lobe-deprived youngsters (aged 18 to 30) by more than 4-to-1. I won’t go so far as Mark Twain, who supposedly said that children between 12 and 20 should be buried (today he would most certainly raise to 30 the age the youngsters can be dug up). But most surely we, as the leader of the Free World, cannot long survive if we continue to allow to vote citizens with only partly developed frontal lobes. And in some future year perhaps we can address that other big societal scandal, young motorists. Why on earth do we let anyone under 30 drive a car?

Their young brains really gave their young fingers no choice, telling them they must mark an X on the election ballot next to Obama’s name.

Anyone for a constitutional amendment raising the voting age to 30?

Jay Cadillac is a former newspaperman and currently a freelance writer and columnist.

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REPENTANCE continued from page 44 ident. It was said that the churches seemed unable to do anything about the moral decay among the people in these early days of America. All denominations were losing members, colleges were caught up in humanism, church membership was on the decline and there was a prevalent feeling of doom. John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, said, “It seemed as if Christianity were about to be ushered out of the affairs of men and the churches wiped out. Infidelity was making alarming progress in society, ungodliness prevailed, family prayer and all the duties of the Gospel were less regarded.” A poll was taken at Harvard in the early 1790s which found not one Christian in the whole student body. At Princeton, a poll found only two students who were Christians. Dartmouth College performed anti-Christian plays. The Nassau Hall at Princeton was burned down. A Bible was taken out of one Presbyterian Church and burned in a bonfire at the town square. This could be a story from our local paper today. At that same time a move of prayer began by a small group of pastors. They began to gather regularly to pray and fast for their country. It had been the pastors to whom George Washington, John Adams

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and the other Founding Fathers pointed as the most influential individuals of the day. Once again the pastors began to take their place as the spiritual leaders and get on their knees, humble themselves and call upon the Creator God for His help in those desperate days. This was the very beginning of the 2nd Great Awakening that brought order to the chaos in the land. If we are to see any restoration come to this most blessed nation on earth it will be when the pastors across the country turn to God once again, lead their congregations in prayer and repentance. We as a people must begin to turn from our selfseeking lives that ignore and dishonor the God of our great country. Only then will we see order re-established in our nation. I pray America will not have to face another catastrophe as we did on 9/11 for us to finally turn. I, like you, want to see America as beautiful once again. I believe God will be faithful to His word as we seek His providential guidance through prayer as a people and a nation. Randy Wilson is National Director of Watchmen on the Wall Initiative and the Founder of Generations of Light and The Father Daughter Purity Ball. See and

Have we now forgotten this powerful Friend? Or do we imagine we no longer need His assistance? —Benjamin Franklin The moral principles and precepts contained in the Scriptures ought to form the basis of all of our civil constitution and laws. —Noah Webster | 45

Pursuit of Happiness

A HOUSE OF FLAGS …Then It Hit Me! The Robbing of My Hood

Teddy Otero, Contributing Writer

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The name “Robin Hood” conjures up countless images of the legendary do-gooder. To those of us who came of age in the 80s, he was first an animated fox who ran through the forest with a jolly, if obese, animated bear. Later, he was an unkempt Kevin Costner in an epic action movie that we enjoyed at the time and wonder why it is now mocked incessantly. Finally, Robin Hood was the comedic lead in a movie of men in tights, this time able to, unlike Costner, speak with an English accent. In May 2010, Robin took on a new image: that of macho, mumbling, not-so-merry man Russell Crowe, who, for the record, wouldn’t be caught dead in tights. No matter the actor, however, every schoolchild knows that Robin Hood is legendary because he “robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.” While King Richard the Lionheart was away fighting the Third Crusade, so the story goes, his corrupt brother Prince John usurped the throne and ruled as a tyrant, levying unreasonable taxes upon the peasants. Robin Hood, along with Little John, Friar Tuck, and the rest of his Merry Men, resorted to thieving from the wealthy and giving their

spoils to the poor. Toss in the fetching Maid Marion, the mysterious Sherwood Forest and the sinister Sheriff of Nottingham and you have the perfect concoction for an undying myth. Robin Hood, risking life and limb for the downtrodden, was branded a criminal and lived as an outlaw; plain and simple, he was a hero. I enjoyed the movies, Costner’s in particular, but I never thought critically about Robin Hood’s situation; I certainly never juxtaposed it with modern politics. This all changed one evening a few years ago when, while playing some sort of board game, a liberal friend of mine asserted that if she could be one hero from legend, she would be Robin Hood. The politics behind her choice were transparent, and from that point on, I began to notice that liberal thinkers often associated themselves with the heroism of Robin Hood. At first, I oversimplified the trend and took smug pleasure that liberals were equating themselves with a criminal. After all, as Ayn Rand asserted in Atlas Shrugged, Robin Hood “practiced charity with wealth which he did not own,” making him immoral and contemptible. MY HOOD on page 47

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Ellis in Wonderland

A Rose by Any Other Name Could Be a Right Wing Nut Ellis Posey, Featured Writer Okay, I might as well just come right out and admit it. I’m completely out of the closet now. I gladly announce publicly that I am a Right Wing Nut. Since I’ve been called a Cyborg (and worse) already, what’ve I got to lose? If you suspect you may be a Right Wing Nut, it‘s time to take the plunge. So we’ll borrow a comic device from humorist Jeff Foxworthy to help you decide. • Here’s an example: If you think you know more about what’s good for you than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama combined, you are undoubtedly a Right Wing Nut.

• If you own a gun, and you wonder why your neighbor doesn’t, you’re definitely a Right Wing Nut. • If you are aware that the words “separation of church and state” do not appear anywhere in the U. S. Constitution, you’re probably a Right Wing Nut. • If you believe that all elected officials should have their salary reduced if they vote on legislation that costs taxpayers money, you may be a Right Wing Nut. • On the other hand, if you believe that all elected officials might deserve a raise if they vote on legislation that saves taxpayers money, you may be a Right Wing Nut.

• If you believe the right to “the Pursuit of Happiness” does not include a right to “Catching Happiness,” you may be a Right Wing Nut.

• While watching a TV news broadcast, you talk back, holler or scream at the TV more than ten times in an hour, you definitely are a Right Wing Nut.

• If you have ever even smiled while watching TV coverage of a crowd of 10,000 Tea Party attendees on television, you may be a Right Wing Nut.

• If a liberal friend accuses you of being a Right Wing Nut, and you say “Thanks” instead of denying it, you are without a doubt a Right Wing Nut.

• If you wear an American flag pin on the lapel of your pajamas, you may be a Right Wing Nut.

• If you read all the above and find yourself thinking how we conservatives are the ones who have the most fun, and wishing you were not a liberal, you need to seriously consider becoming a Right Wing Nut.

• If you believe any public official who swears to uphold and defend the U. S. Constitution should know what’s in the Constitution, you may be a Right Wing Nut. • If you hold the opinion that if it acts like a socialist and it talks like a socialist, it sure as heck ain’t a duck, you quite likely are a Right Wing Nut. • If you like the green of capitalist money more than you like the green of alternative energy rhetoric, you are probably a Right Wing Nut. • If you don’t own a gun, but don’t mind if your neighbor does, you may be a Right Wing Nut. MY HOOD continued from page 46 Despite this dose of solace, I continued to ponder how liberals had come to be the self-declared heirs to Robin Hood’s heroism. If “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor” is socialism on a small scale, then it’s obvious that Robin Hood was their hero for “spreading the wealth around.” After all, liberals believe that the rich do little more than extort their wealth from the poor through exploitation, and Robin Hood was merely restoring the social justice of his time. I’m not a collectivist who believes that the wealthy are evil, so I concluded that, criminal or not, Robin Hood was not my hero after all; the left could have him. Then it hit me! As so often happened during my twenties, a little critical thinking and a dose of reality shattered the conventional wisdom that I had been fed by society in my youth. The “rich” referred to by the legend were royalty and barons— the government, in other words—who grew fat on these ill-gotten gains. Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham represented an unjust government that had exceeded its mandate and was overtaxing its citizens. Rather than redistributing wealth in the socialist sense, Robin Hood was attempting to neutralize the economic tyranny of big government. Robin Hood was a conservative! Prince John was a liberal!

Still in the closet? Still afraid your liberal family or left-wing neighbors will find out how you really believe? Come on out. Conservative politics are liberating and beneficial to mental health. If there are enough of us we may have to start our own grassroots political movement. Welcome aboard, you Right Wing Nut you Humorist Ellis Posey is a columnist, author and retired speaker. Contact:

After my epiphany, the parallels between the legend of Robin Hood and our national state of affairs drew themselves: Our federal government bears a striking resemblance to Prince John, having usurped the legitimate government of King Richard or the Constitutional Republic bequeathed us by the founders. The Sheriff of Nottingham’s ruthlessness being legendary, I’m sure he would find gainful employment as our Secretary of the Treasury. Of course, who are Robin Hood and his Merry Men if not the Tea Party and other liberty groups that are fighting, albeit within the law, against tyranny? (Glenn Beck is our Friar Tuck, no doubt, but I’ll not go into detail.) I look forward to seeing the new movie, particularly in light of its cool twist: apparently it deals peripherally with the Magna Carta, the “great-granddaddy” of our Constitution. Until then, however, I will continue to lament the widespread misconception that the left owns the heroism of legendary Robin Hood, a small government conservative if ever there was one, and an activist at that!

After my epiphany, the parallels between the legend of Robin Hood and our national state of affairs drew themselves.

Teddy Otero is Creative Director and Internet Manager of The Constitutionalist Today. You can catch up with him online at | 47

Pursuit of Happiness: Book Reviews

Cannibals of Capitalism

Devouring Our Rights, Futures, and Freedoms by C.W. Graybill Reviewed by Alfred C. Maurer Contributing Writer

In Pursuit

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Are you bewildered by what is going on in Washington? Do you wonder why you’re angry or upset all the time? Perhaps, like Rip Van Winkle, you’ve been asleep for the past two years or have been working in the remote jungles of Central America. Maybe you’re just not a “political person” and don’t know what all the fuss is about. If any of this describes you, then you need to read Cannibals of Capitalism. Chuck Graybill covers a lot of ground in this 400-page book but it is not quite as daunting as you might think: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and all the Amendments are included in an appendix, leaving about 320 pages of text. The publisher’s description notes that “Graybill presents a critical view of politics, economics, and citizen apathy in an attempt to explain how this once-great nation lost its way.” In 10 chapters, he reviews developments with a broad brush that encompasses all the issues of our day, great and small. It is a lot to consider and the direction he’s going isn’t always clear. Currently a small-business owner, Graybill is at his best when recounting his personal experiences from his childhood or as a financial analyst in the oil and gas industry. My favorite chapter, “Our Culture Problem,” recounts his experience in changing schools from Ohio to Alabama in the 1960s. His “Yes” instead of “Yes, ma’am” landed him in hot water and underscores the subject of the chapter perfectly. It is also a pivotal chapter where he

3½ Star Rating begins to tell us what we most probably don’t really want to hear. In the words of the immortal Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” He asks the question, “What’s the rush?” in the next chapter. “Why so much change, so fast?” It’s an interesting question especially, as he says toward the end, because socialism has no timetable. Graybill says we founded this country in liberty but the history of the last century has been the sometimes slow, sometimes fast journey into a socialist state. Perhaps the socialists believe we have reached the tipping point; that now is the time to go the rest of the way. The next chapter tells us what everyone should know by now: we are at war. “We are at war with the majority of our own elected representatives in Congress and the White House.” Graybill tells us that we should, “…shun any label and look for the people—the individual candidates willing to do the job as intended by our Founders.” This is a great call to action. In the rest of the chapter he tells us exactly what we are at war against. It is perhaps his best chapter. Had I been his editor, I would have urged him to lead with it. The book ends with a chapter about what we were and what we are. He closes with another call to action, “We are America, let’s take it back and make it work for us!” If you read this book and are not inspired to get up off your couch and take action, you’re in the wrong country.

Uncle Eric books by Richard Maybury Constructive Solutions For Any Building Projects Budgeting Proposals Design & Planning General Construction



48 | The Constitutionalist Today

Reviewed by Zach Lee Wright Contributing Writer Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, one of the books in the ten part series, is well-known to homeschoolers across the country. These books tackle the complicated subject of economics from a Libertarian perspective that he calls “Juris Naturalist.” Maybury begins the books by explaining his points of view and beliefs in natural law and faith in the Founding Fathers. His books are riddled with quotes from the Founders and vignettes explaining economic principles that are lost on most non-economists. The fact that politics and economics are interwoven in a society is the basis of his principles. He explains several key concepts such as natural law vs. Roman law,

4 Star Rating inflation, democracy, and governmental infusion of cash with emphasis on historical evidence to predict future events. Originally written in the mid-1990s, some of the predictions could be ripped from today’s headlines as our lawmakers and other leaders have fallen into economic pitfall after pitfall. Begin your economics education with Whatever Happened to Penny Candy and read all 10 books for a better understanding of what our lawmakers are doing to our dollar and our country. They are a valuable resource for homeschoolers and all parents who want their children to learn about economics and government.

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Flags of Our Fathers | Jun2010  
Flags of Our Fathers | Jun2010  

Volume 1, Issue 5: Father's Day/Flag Day Edition