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2012 – 2013 Handbook

“Mentoring Matters”

Tipton County Schools Building Level Mentors 2012-2013 The success of our new faculty members is not solely based on a new teacher orientation meeting held the week before school starts nor the assignment of two mentors as directed by T.C.A. 45-5-5606. New faculty members are successful when all teachers act as mentors to provide instructional, professional, personal and logistical support. Through Title II Part A, Tipton County Schools has established a building level mentoring program which provides a team of mentors who work together as leaders to offer the support needed to ensure the success of new and non-tenured teachers in that building. Those selected as building mentors should be recognized as role models who are supported by colleagues as well as experts in the policy and practices of their learning community. Selection criteria: o Each school may select up to five (5) mentors o One mentor needs to be a designated technology mentor Mentor Responsibilities: • Organize building level support sessions for new teachers and mentors • Regularly visit new teachers in their classroom • Lead by example • Engage colleagues in welcoming, supporting and collaborating with new staff members • Serve as an advocate and resource for new teachers • Maintain confidentiality of new teachers • Provide a variety of perspectives rather than only one • Keep colleagues informed about mentoring initiatives Other responsibilities include: • Provide a schedule of building level mentoring activities to the Title II Part A designee (Angela Christopher) by September 6, 2012 • Maintain appropriate and professional documentation of mentoring activities and timesheets o 1st semester paperwork is due to the central office by December 17, 2012 o 2nd semester paperwork (all hours accrued after December 1st) is due to the central office by May 6, 2013) • Participate in county-wide mentor staff development • Engaging in problem-solving with other building-level mentors • Make building-level administration aware of issues which impact new faculty members

Building Level Meetings for New Teachers 2012-2013 Schedule School: Building Mentors:





Mentoring Checklist Building Level Mentors should make sure that the following are covered with new teachers. Assessment: o Grading Policy (TC Policy 4.6000) o 9 weeks/Interim Report Dates o Semester Exams o State Assessment Dates o National Test Dates o Test Administration/Security (TC Policy 4.701) Classroom Management: o Tipton County Handbook/Student Discipline (TC Policy 6.300) o Rules posted/visible in classroom with copy submitted to appropriate administrator o Appropriate teacher/student interaction (personal & cyber) Curriculum: o State Curriculum Guides o Tipton County Curriculum Maps o Library/Media Center o Use if Instructional Materials Other than Textbooks (TC Policy 4.402) o Use of VCR/DVD (TC Policy 4.408) Evaluation: o Teacher Evaluation Policy (TC Policy 5.109) o TEAM Evaluation Model o Walk-throughs Other: o Exceptional Children (TC Policy 4.202) o 504 Students o Parent Teacher Conferences (TC Policy 4.601) o School Calendar/Events o Fire/Tornado/Earthquake Drills o Crisis Plan o Field Trips/Procedures (TC Policy 4.302) o Bell Schedules o Student Absentee Procedure o Guidance Counselor/Social Workers o School Nurse What else? o ______________________________________ o ______________________________________ o ______________________________________ o ______________________________________

Support Strategies

*Meet with each of your new teachers and explain your mentoring role, help them understand their role as a “mentee,” and begin building trust! Technology………….. •

Complete the Technology Checklist

Demonstrate a lesson with technology integration

Co-develop a lesson plan utilizing technology for learning

Assist the teacher in submitting a helpdesk request

Encourage the teacher to use technology in the classroom

Brainstorm possible ways to use technology in his/her curriculum

Share ways to manage the classroom when using technology

Arrange for the teacher to collaborate with someone in their department who utilizes technology

Explain how he/she should requisition ink for a printer

Show them where to get paper for the printer

Discuss availability of specific hardware and software in you building

Offer to assist setting up their Wiki or Google Site (& request a Google account)

Classroom Management………….. •

Review the Classroom Management Checklist

Assist the teacher with room arrangement

Provide samples of classroom rules

Suggest a teaching strategy that will facilitate academic growth as well as positive student behavior

Ask questions that help the teacher to prioritize issues/concerns related to classroom management

Discuss student behaviors that should be immediately referred to an administrator

Suggest a strategy to assist the teacher in getting students back on task

Engage the teacher in a reflective conversation about a classroom management issue

Curriculum………….. •

Complete the Curriculum Checklist

Demonstrate a lesson plan

Share a lesson plan

Develop a lesson plan for the teacher’s class together

Co-develop a lesson plan for use in both your classrooms

Assist teacher in grouping by skill for learning activities

Develop a unit together

Encourage the new teacher to try a new strategy

Brainstorm together possible ways for the new teacher to introduce a curriculum unit

Learning Environment/School Culture………….. •

Complete the Learning Environment Checklist

Identify the appropriate place for drills maps in the classroom

Explain the school procedure for field trips

Discuss school protocol and traditions

Share the purposes of alternate bell schedules

Introduce the teacher to the Consultation Teacher

Explain the “schoolwide” program in the Title schools

Explain “where to go” and “who to see” in your building

Assessment & Evaluation………….. •

Complete the Assessment & Evaluation Checklists

Discuss when grades are due at the end of a grading period

Offer assistance with Power Teacher

Offer suggestions for teacher grading policy

Explain what state assessments are administered

Identify the administrator in charge of evaluations

Offer assistance for planning lessons for evaluation

Explain “walk-throughs”

Getting to know‌ Technology in Tipton County Teacher Checklist Name ________________________

Date received _____________________

Mentor _______________________

Date due _________________________


Technology Question

Do you know who to contact regarding technology help in your school? Can you login to the local computer network with your username and password? Windows (PC)


username: __________________

username: ___________________

password: __________________

password: ___________________

Can you access the Tipton County Schools HelpDesk to log technology problems? *Note: helpdesk must be accessed from a school computer Do you know how to access your Tipton County email at school and at home? Do you want/know how to sync you Tipton County email to your smart phone? Do you know your email username and password? username:



___________________ Tipton County Schools 2012-2013

Mentor/Trainer Signature

Do you know who services the technology in your school? Who is the Technology Coordinator for Tipton County Schools?

Do you know the address of the Tipton County Schools web site? Do you know the address of your school’s homepage? http:// Are you familiar with the Tipton County Schools Acceptable Use Policy?

Do you know where to access and/or create your Wiki or teacher webpage? Do you know your Wiki login? User Name:


Do you know how to request technology training? Do you know who the Technology Mentor is for your school? Do you know how to enter grades in PowerTeacher? Do you know where to access Power Teacher at home? Where do I save my documents? Where do I print? What productivity software can I use and how do I access it (ex: word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)? How do I obtain a new printer cartridge? Tipton County Schools 2012-2013

What is the procedure for obtaining and loading software? What software programs are currently available for use in my curriculum? Can I take my students to a computer lab for instruction? If so, where is it located and how do I sign-up?

Are there any computer resources available for special education students and where are they located? What technology equipment is available on a check-out basis through the media center for use in my classroom? What are the Tipton County Teacher Technology Competencies and when should I be expected to demonstrate these? What information is available on the Tipton County School’s website?

Where can I find my State Curriculum Standards online? or What is my TVASS login? Username: ______________________

Password: _______________________

What is the procedure for obtaining/installing new hardware?

My Technology mentor is:

My Technology Committee representative is:

Tipton County Schools 2012-2013

Getting to know‌ Technology in Tipton County to accompany the Teacher Checklist

Technology Personnel Technology Coordinator

Marty Becton

Technology Support Team: Elementary Schools (MAC) Elementary Schools (PC) Middle Schools High Schools SPED ALC Central Office & CO II

Marla Phillips, Kindle Willis Marty Becton, Marla Phillips, Pete Jennings Pete Jennings Keith Ingram Beth Lockhart Keith Ingram Marty Becton

In addition to the Technology Department (located in the Media and Technology Center), each school has a building level technology contact that is knowledgeable in the area of technology and can assist in many technology-related concerns. Each school also has at least one person that serves on the County-wide Technology Committee. The building level technology contact may or may not be the same person as the Technology Committee member. The building level contact or the Technology Committee member(s) should be the first level of contact at each school in regards to technology concerns.

Tipton County Helpdesk The Tipton County Helpdesk is an online helpdesk where Tipton County teachers may log a technology related service request. The web address for the Helpdesk is Both the username and password are your school’s initials. For example, at Covington High School you would use chs (lowercase) for the username and chs (lowercase) for the password. In order to service the request more efficiently, please put your room number and name in the subject line. A member of our Technology Support Team is assigned to your school on a regular schedule. Please submit requests via Helpdesk prior to the scheduled date. It is recommended that you do not report a problem directly to the support team member. ALL requests for service must be made via Helpdesk.


Logging on to the Computer Network Tipton County Schools’ computers are networked and require a username and password in order to access all computer applications. Usernames and passwords are set at the Central Office by the Technology department. The typical format is (typed in lowercase): username-first initial followed immediately by last name password- first 2 letters of the first name lowercase, first letter of the last name uppercase, 2nd letter of the last name lowercase, last 4 digits of their SSN However, the format may vary depending on a few factors. Please see the building level technology contact or administrator to obtain network user names and passwords. PC schools will have a Windows username and password. MAC schools will have WorkGroup Manager where you will see a list of usernames.

School Web Sites Tipton County Schools AES ATES BES BMS BHS CIAA CES CMS CHS DES MES MMS MHS Tipton County Preschool


Tipton County Email Each teacher is provided a web-based ENA email account through Tipton County Schools. An Acceptable Use Policy is signed by each teacher at the beginning of the school year which addresses the appropriate use of technology within the workplace.

Email access:

Tennessee Curriculum Standards You may access your grade or subject level curriculum frameworks or the Blueprint for Learning online at

Training Teachers should direct training requests to the technology mentor. If the technology mentor is unable to assist with a specific training need, please use the Help Desk to request training. Training materials and other technology-related resources may be found at under Technology Resources.

Tipton County Teacher Technology Competencies Tipton County Schools’ county-wide Technology Committee has set forth technology competency guidelines that are a minimum requirement of each certified teacher in Tipton County. Each teacher is expected to demonstrate these competencies within a year of being employed by Tipton County Schools. These competencies may be accessed at:

Entering Grades All schools will use PowerTeacher to report their grades to the office. An online version of the “Tipton County PowerTeacher Manual” is available for downloading as a Word or PDF document at PowerTeacher is also accessible from home at


Internet access and subscription services All computers attached to the Tipton County Schools’ network all have access to the Internet. After logging in, you should see an Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome icon among your other accessible program icons. By double-clicking, the browser window will open and you may begin to surf the web. At Mac schools, you may have the added choice of Safari or Firefox as your internet browser.

Wiki ____________________________________________________________ Each certified personal has access to create a Wiki. Each teacher is encouraged to have a web page and some schools may require them. Please check with your building level administration. The Wiki server can be accessed from home at Be sure to update your teacher web page regularly!

Hardware and Software at each School Each school may have different hardware and software availability. In general, all schools have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Laptops, projectors and other technology equipment may be available in your classroom or on a check-out basis through the media center / library. Please check with your Media Specialist to find out if your school has such items available.


TCBOE Technology Department Policies & Procedures Requisitioning ink cartridges for printers 1. Obtain an “Equipment/Supplies Requisition” form from your front office 2. Fill out completely including the ink cartridge number 3. Return to your Principal for approval 4. Send to the Media Center at the Media and Technology Center or Fax to: 622-8243  Media Center contacts: Nita Blanchard  Phone number: 622-8232 Obtaining and installing software 1. Any software program that a teacher or school wishes to purchase must be approved by the Technology Committee. a. Submit the following software program information to your school’s Technology Committee member i. Software program name and brochure/web address ii. Specifications (i.e. operating system required, RAM required, network/stand alone, hard drive space required, etc.) iii. How the software will address your Tennessee State Standards b. The Technology Committee will consider all requests based on software compatibility, relevance to State Standards and existing software available at the school. 2. All software must be installed by a member of the Technology Team or designee.  Please submit all software installation requests via HelpDesk ( Obtaining and installing equipment (hardware) 1. Any new hardware MUST be ordered through the Technology Department. a. Contact the Technology Department at 837-5681 to place order b. All technology equipment is ordered via State Contract or similar contract, which provides us with warranties and service not available to the general public. c. Any drops that are ordered must be approved by Marty Becton, Technology Coordinator, and cannot merely be ordered due to the rearrangement of a room. These drops are expensive and it is not prudent to order another for convenience. 2. All hardware must be installed by a member of the Technology Team or designee.  Please submit all hardware installation requests via HelpDesk (


Mentoring Record Sheet 2012-13

Mentor Name Date

Teacher’s Name

School Focus

Teacher’s Signature

This form should be used as a log of activities by each mentor.

Time Sheet Building Level Mentor 1st Semester 2012-13 Name


Social Security Number *

Hours 35/year


Time In

Time Out

Total Time (00:00)

Ex: 9/2/12





Number of Teachers Served

Supervisor Initials*




*Please be sure that your social security number is written legibly and the supervisor has initialed each block. Please complete the total boxes. This form should be submitted by December 17, 2012.

Time Sheet Building Level Mentor 2nd Semester 2012-13 Name


Social Security Number *

Hours 35/year


Time In

Time Out

Total Time (00:00)

Ex: 2/2/13





Number of Teachers Served

Supervisor Initials*




*Please be sure that your social security number is written legibly and the supervisor has initialed each block. Please complete the total boxes. This form should be submitted by May 6, 2013.

Tipton County Schools Mentoring Log Transitional License Teachers 2012-13 Teacher School



Focus/Format of the Interaction

Total Time Spent


Total Time this page Each transitional license teacher must maintain a form which records their mentoring hours. This form should be sent to Angela Christopher at the Central Office by Monday, May 13, 2013.

Mentor Handbook  

Through Title II Part A, Tipton County Schools has established a building level mentoring program which provides a team of mentors who work...

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