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presented by The Lamm | Stirrat Team The Lamm | Stirrat real estate team has been working together since 2010. Together they have a combined work experience of over 10 years in real estate. As a team and individually, Kimmie Lamm and Becky Stirrat have earned several awards due to their hard work and attention to detail. Together they strive to deliver personalized and professional service to all their clients. Their approach to real estate is that “a home is the heart of a family,� and they will strive to make certain that their clients find that special home.

Commendations Several Monthly Top Agent Awards both for listing & selling 2011 Service Excellence Award 2012: 5th in Highest Dollar Volume of Sales 2013: February 2013 Listing Excellence

The Lamm | Stirrat Team

2013 Statistics Average Sale Price: 95% of list price Average Days on Market: 21

INTERNATIONAL IS OUR MIDDLE NAME. WE LIVE IT. FEEL IT. BREATHE IT. Many buyers for Vero Beach properties come from other cities, states, or countries. We provide your home, no matter its price, with valuable points of exposure from the local market to the most far-reaching parts of the world. Sotheby’s has discreetly built its world class reputation upon a bedrock of refinement, comportment, and proven successes in all markets and in all market conditions.



eGALLERY | 740,000 visitors per month | launching soon Wall Street Journal | Chinese Wall Street Journal | Japanese Wall Street Journal International Herald Tribune | | Chinese Financial Times | South China Morning Post Yahoo! Real Estate | Luxury Properties Chinese Te Atrium | British Broadcasting Corp | Estates for Sale YouTube Facebook & Twitter Google +

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Instantaneously showcasing properties 1.5M+ in real time at each of the 90 Sotheby’s Auction Houses and SIR offices worldwide.

GLOBAL | NOT JUST LOCAL 13,000+ Sales Associates 10,000+ Referrals Every Year 660+ SIR Offices in 49 Countries, but more importantly there are multiple offices in our “feeder markets” where Vero Beach buyers tend to dwell: 35 offices in Florida, 23 in Connecticut, 35 in New Jersey, 49 in New York, and 21 in Canada.

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WE CAN MARKET YOUR HOME AT Cannes Film Festival Sotheby’s Global RE Conference Wimbledon Monaco Yacht Show MIPIM Asia | Real Estate Conference Dubai International Film Festival


1401 Highway A1A | 772.492.1002 | | | Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated

Sotheby’s InternationalRealty boasts over 13,000 sales associates worldwide with over 10,000 referrals every year. There are 660+ SIR offices in 49 countries, but more importantly there are multiple offices in our “feeder markets” where local buyers tend to dwell: 40 offices in Florida, 22 in Connecticut, 36 in New Jersey, 49 in New York, and 22 in Canada.

Since 1744, the Sotheby’s name has earned renown as a marketer for many of the world’s most valuable and prestigious possessions. There is no more powerful differentiation than the collaboration that exists between Sotheby’s Auction House and Sotheby’s International Realty. Allow us to leverage the history and sophistication of our rich heritage by incorporating our exclusive offerings into the marketing of your home.

Sotheby’s International Realty


2013 MARKETING PLAN ONLINE PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION The Wall Street Journal Digital Network International Herald Tribune Yahoo! Real Estate / (Luxury Properties Chinese) Te Atrium











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Delivering Over 700 milliOn impressiOns wOrlDwiDe Our branding and listing exposure elements will be served up on in a relevant, timely and individual basis providing a consistent and matchless opportunity to showcase your home to over 50 million global visitors each month. A common goal we share with the NYT is a mutual desire to continuously innovate, combining industry firsts with exclusivity across both print and digital platforms as well as deliberately integrating social media and video into everything we execute in order to reach the largest and most diverse global audience possible.

Our relationship with The Wall Street Journal provides the proper platform to market your home utilizing a unique and targeted approach, designed to appeal to buyers who are not only in the market to buy a home, but view real estate as a part of their overall investment strategy. With over 2.4 million consumers turning to The Wall Street Journal’s Digital Network to conduct their real estate searches, it’s only fitting that our brand has a significant presence within the real estate search results. Each property, regardless of its price, is featured on which reaches over 50 million monthly visitors, providing targeted worldwide exposure.

Headquartered in London, the BBC’s 90 years of service include television, radio and their proprietary website,, where nearly 74 million unique visitors call on each month… and where our collaboration unfolds. Each home I represent is showcased on to this worldwide audience. Working in partnership, our Brand identified the most popular and desirable locations in the world and also developed full-length articles showcasing all the featured areas have to offer. These articles, as well as various custom designed ad units, are showcased within an exclusive microsite, “Living In,” created to drive over 6M media impressions throughout the year.

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2.1+ billion internet users 72% don’t speak English 200 billion videos are watched per month around the world 955 million users are on Facebook Women over 55 are the fastest growing Facebook demographic 175 million tweets per day Pinterest is the fastest growing website ever YouTube is the number one online video site, the second largest search engine, and the 3rd largest website in the world 90% of buyers are searching on the internet 800,000 visitors are searching on each month 38% of visitors are international 50% of those are searching by lifestyle has 55 million unique monthly visitors is the top referring website to also has 50 million unique monthly visitors seeking news & information We are on the WSJ China ipad app We are delivering 700 million media impressions worldwide

Since over 90% of buyers are starting their search online, our extraordinary internet presence is key. statistics Q4 2013 General Web  Site  Traffic     Average  Monthly  Visits1                                                                                                                                                  766,481     Average  Monthly  Unique  Visitors  2                                    508,644   Average  Monthly  Page  Views3                                                          5,515,051   Average  Length  of  Visit                      11:20   Percent  of  visitors  from  outside  the  U.S.                    42%  

Affiliate Data  Snapshot  on       Total  Properties  on                                  33,310   Percentage  of  properties  with  10+  photos              89%   Total  Agents  on      13,904   Total  Property  Detail  Views4                                                                  5,713,995  

Key Growth  Trends   The  impressive  traffic  growth  we  have  seen  on  can  be  attributed  to  improved  market  conditions  causing  higher  “real   estate”  related  search  term  volume  on  the  search  engines  combined  with  improved  performance  of  all  of  our  online  media  campaigns   and  search  engine  optimization  efforts.  Our  Search  Engine  Optimization  efforts  alone  resulted  in  a  34%  increase  in  organic  traffic  to  Visits  from  mobile  devices  increased  dramatically  with  tablet  traffic  up  91%  and  smartphone  traffic  up  121%   compared  to  2012.          

Visits   2 Visitors   3 Pageviews   1

Q4  2012   1,891,684   1,207,701   14,122,134  

Q4 2013                        %            I  ncrease                                                Full             Year  2012   2,299,444    !    22%                              7,231,332                     1,525,932    !    26%                              4,336,997             16,545,155    !    14%                              57,668,706              

Full Year  2013   9,843,791   6,049,325   68,390,172  

% Increase   !  36%   !  39%   !  19%  

Source of  Visits  

Top    10  Countries:  

1. United States   2. Canada   3. United  Kingdom   4. Italy   5. Germany   6. Spain   7. France   8. Australia   9. Russia     10. Mexico  

Top 10  Cities  :  

1. New York   2. London   3. Los  Angeles   4. Chicago   5. San  Francisco   6. Toronto   7. Washington  D.C.   8. Dallas   9. Denver   10. Sydney  

Top Referring  Sites:    (excludes  search  engines)  

1. 2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   9.   10.  

Top  10  Lifestyles  searched:  Mountain,  Waterfront,  Ocean-­‐Beach,  Country-­‐Living,  Historic,  Ski,  Privacy,  Equestrian,   Farm-­‐Ranch,  Beach-­‐Resort         Definitions/Notes:    Please  note-­‐  Statistics  reported  do  not  count  internal/corporate  traffic.   1

Visits -­‐  Number  of  visits  to  the  site  during  the  specified  time  interval.  A  visit  is  a  series  of  actions  that  begins  when  a  visitor  views  their  first  page  from  the  server,  and  ends   when  the  visitor  leaves  the  site  or  remains  idle  beyond  the  idle-­‐time  limit  (normally  20-­‐30  minutes).   2 (Unique)  Visitors  -­‐  Number  of  individuals  who  visited  the  site  during  the  report  interval.  For  this  monthly  report,  if  someone  visits  more  than  once,  that  person  is  counted   only  the  first  time  he  or  she  visits.     3 Page  View  -­‐  A  hit  to  any  collection  of  files  making  up  a  single  page.  This  number  reports  the  total  number  of  pages  viewed  by  all  users  within  a  given  time  frame.     4  Property  View  -­‐  The  number  of  times  property  details  pages  were  viewed  in  a  given  time  period.          

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DISPLAYS YOUR HOME TO A GLOBAL AUDIENCE OF LUXURY REAL ESTATE CLIENTELE WITH: 1. Metric and imperial units of measure 2. Currency conversion with 50 currencies updated four times per day 3. 16 human-translated languages

IN A YEAR SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM INVITES • 7,000,000 visits • 12 focused minutes per visit • 45% visits from outside US

SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM attracts more customers to search, view, and inquire than any other luxury real estate website. Millions of visitors immerse themselves in our collection of over 3.5 million vibrant, quality controlled property photographs.

To increase the potential for your home to be found by the most qualified real estate consumers, we have partnered with the most significant media companies and real estate-focused websites in the world. Your home will be showcased in the light and distinction it deserves on a plethora of highly renowned websites. Allow me to bring this global marketplace to your door.

With over 90% of buyers searching online to find a home, it is essential that we employ a multi-channel digital marketing plan. Therefore, your home will receive targeted local exposure on that compliments the worldwide reach from Your home’s presence on will be carefully designed to provide an exceptional showcase experience to buyers searching for properties not only by location but also by their desired lifestyle and unique amenities. • Search by lifestyle including ocean | beach; riverfront; lakefront; golf; boating; and farm & ranch • Search globally or locally by location, map radius, or property type • Currency conversion 4x daily • Sitewide language translation in 16 languages • Instant video language translation • Share property pages via email, mobile, or social media • Each property showcased with exceptional professional photography • Featured communities • Area info • Open houses • Significant sales • History of an extraordinary Brand • Exclusive media partnerships • Brand advertising • Marketing efforts • Community involvement • & much more

SIR For those who seek the unique when on the road, SIR Mobile is the only luxury real estate mobile app that works anywhere and searches globally.

Features of SIR Mobile 1 GPS search, find the closest home 2 Search globally in 45 countries 3 Driving directions to the home of interest 4 Social sharing on Facebook and Twitter 5 Tap to connect; call or email

This year, worldwide, there will be more internet searches on a mobile device than on a computer.

Social media has massive global reach, the ability to engage and interact in real-time and creates lasting connections anywhere, anytime. We engage Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest to connect your home to our global community of real estate influencers to create meaningful conversations and emotional connections among those who value the unique.

Over 98% of homebuyers ranked photography as the most important feature on a real estate website. The hallmark of our success to market your home is our ability to create an extraordinary real estate website experience. Your home will be featured on utilizing the highest quality photography and online technology available today. offers an immersive photography slideshow allowing homebuyers to zoom in on ornate details or expand to full screen on 25 high resolution photographs.

Palm Beach Style Oceanfront Estate IntroducIng 1850 South Highway A1A in Vero Beach

Just Listed in sea Oaks 8811 Lakeside Circle

Typically, the greatest interest in a property happens within the first weeks that it’s on the market. To effectively capitalize on this attention, I will create a customized direct mail campaign to bolster interest in targeted key areas within your local neighborhood, surrounding area and to my sphere of influence. By employing a consistent, unique and customized direct mail campaign, I will be able to skillfully market your home to make the impact it deserves.

South Cove Vero Beach, Florida

Ocean Pearl

Vero Beach, Florida

We understand the unique value of your home and will develop a marketing plan that will provide the attention and exposure it deserves. One of our first initiatives will be to create a compelling professional marketing brochure printed on glossy cardstock. By combining professional photography and attention getting narrative details, your home’s brochure will act as an essential tool in attracting qualified buyers locally, nationally and globally. Our distinctive marketing process provides advantages for our clients that cannot be duplicated.

Finding the ideal buyer for your home is my goal. To achieve this goal I utilize the resources of the Sotheby’s International RealtyŽ brand and the avenues for exposure that only I can provide.

Brevard County Division 321.473.6001 | |

we take your property across the country & around the world

Oceanfront Estate | 6BR-5BA | $5,100,000 Features include marble floors, beautiful built-ins, and soaring ceilings. Great area offers a formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room, and sophisticated billiard area with wet bar. Enjoy a fitness room, workshops, pool/spa, and oceanfront gazebo.

Riverfront Point | 6BR-5BA | $1,999,000 Enjoy sunrises and sunsets from your own private point with 700 ft of waterfront and 2 docks. Located only 2 blocks from ocean with over 9,500 sq ft of luxury. Offers a gourmet kitchen, private in-law suite, rec room & pool.

Riverfront Multi-Family | $1,799,000 Great location for multi-family building near Eau Gallie Causeway and beaches. This property offers 174 feet of river frontage with 12 rented apartments that will give income until ready for future development.

Beverlee Pulling

Tom LaRocca

Jim Gregg



Prepared by Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers Classified Advertising Department in cooperation with the Realtors Association of Indian River County • Oct. 7, 2012

Susan Williammee


Kimberly Hardin | Broker Associate | Co-Owner | 772-532-5233 Michael Thorpe | Broker | Co-Owner 772.532.0449 TREASURE COAST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY

SUMMERPLACE OCEANFRONT | VERO BEACH e understand the ofultimate lifestyle This Key West-style cottage offersimportance endless ocean views and the beachfront lifestyle. Enjoy upside-down living featuring two bedrooms and two baths downstairs. The second floor offers an the search forceilings. theWatch perfect open in kitchen and living area with volume the gracefulhome eye-


level pelicans gliding by your windows and the ever-changing murals of sea the azure Atlantic from your living room. Step out on the covered balcony and listen to the serene sounds of the sea. This perfect beach hideaway is offered turn-key. Paradise awaits for $949,000. For additional information Just Reduced and exquisite photos, visit For a virtual tour, scan the QR code to the right.

Titusville Golf Home | 4BR-3.5BA | $799,000 River Oaks | 3BR-2BA | $795,000 This stunning home offers new construction with This Key West style home offers a spacious living Old World charm. This home is located in a gated room with fireplace and Mexican tile floors. Enjoy a community and offers over 5,000 sq ft of living space. gourmet kitchen with Wolf & Sub Zero appliances, walk-in pantry, glass encrusted bar. Relax the - 4.5BA | $2,750,000 Enjoy custom wood work, gourmet kitchen,John’s energy Island GolfandCourse Estate | on 3BR multi-level or is byprofessionally the black bottomed pool.& decorated with elegant furnishings. efficiency, and beautiful golf course views. John’s Island’s newestdeck home designed The residence features a private upstairs office & 2 additional guest suites. The master Janyne Kenworthy 772.696.5110 Joseph Janson 321.338.5833 suite enjoys beautiful views of the 2nd green. Professionally designed and decorated.

Ashcroft | Smith

Enjoy the Florida lifestyle in this spectacular oceanfront home offering privacy and comfortable living. Located on .6+ acre in a sought-after and convenient location, the home features five bedrooms, four baths, and incomparable ocean views. Entertaining is a breeze with a large family room open to the kitchen. The second floor master suite offers a balcony with panoramic views of the azure Atlantic. A rare coral stone patio is also entertainmentfriendly with covered lanai and tropical pool and spa, all overlooking the wide accreting beach. This oceanfront retreat is ready for your enjoyment, offered at $2,499,000. For fine photos, additional information, and a visual tour, visit or scan the QR code to the right.



Just Reduced

Oceanfront Paradise | 5BR-2.5BA | $1,075,000 This resort-style paradise offers Thermador stainless appliances, granite, Brazilian cherry floors, and amazing ocean views. Relax in the heated lagoon pool with waterfall grotto or walk to golf and tennis.




This waterfront home was beautifully remodeled in 2008 and offers three bedrooms, three full and one half baths. Stunning features include Brazilian walnut floors, crown molding, and plantation shutters. Enjoy a gourmet kitchen with stone, granite, solid wood cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances. The screen-enclosed lanai includes a heated saltwater pool and spa. An additional patio overlooks the waterway and deep water dock with lift. This paradise is situated in a tropical setting with pristine landscaping including over 25 palm trees. Take advantage of everything the waterfront lifestyle has to offer for $1,075,000. For additional information, exquisite photos, and a visual tour, visit or scan the QR code to the right.


772.633.6587 Just Reduced

David Ashcroft | Luxury Sales Consultant | 772.633.6587 TREASURE COAST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY To promote your listing on this page, contact your Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers advertising representative. Indialantic One | 3BR-3BA | $495,000 Incredible beach views from this remarkable 2,000 sqft oceanfront residence. Tastefully furnished and decorated with crown molding, stainless appliances, granite, and cherry wood fireplace. Enjoy 2 community pools and spa. Walk to shops & restaurants. Eva Meyers


Tralee Bay | 4BR-3BA | $329,000 Lockmar Estates | 4BR-3BA | $169,000 Grand Harbor | 3BR-3.5BA | $945,000 Beach | 4BR-3BA | $749,000 This Tuscan inspired pool home is well appointed Beautiful 2-story home with large Central kitchen and condospacious boasts wood floors throughout, This fireplace stunning waterfront home offers a with granite, stainless appliances, bar, and This designer breakfast nook. A double sided custom doors, a 70’ living private dock, remodeled cabinetry. Sliders empty from main living areas onto glass accents the formal room and family room withgranite kitchen, den/office, builtcourtyard pool,bar.and separate fireplace, 3 car garage, screened pool, and the screened lanai with heated salt system pool. wet Enjoy a screen“Captain’s enclosed patioins, overlooking Quarters”. the Enjoy Intracoastal views from fenced side yard. Enjoy a deep water dock Gated community with clubhouse, pool & tennis. expansive backyard. with lift and easy access to the Intracoastal. a romantic covered patio with balcony. Debi Vaughan 321.508.7419 Lauren Merrell 321.987.3328

Mittag | du Pont


Hardin | Thorpe 772.532.5233 Just Sold

BOUGHT The Anchor at The Moorings | 5BR - 5.5BA | PROPERTY $1,499,950 REALTORS ASSOCIATION This spacious and total living ANDofSOLD Seestunning page 9waterfront masterpiece boasts over 6,000 square feet space. Remodeled in 2005, this prestigious Anchor home features dramaticSee 30 foot ceilings, RAIRC is planning to conduct pages 21-23

crown molding, twoNov. master hardwood a custom blood closets, drive on 9 suites, to a gourmet island kitchen, fireplace, Real estate transactions can floors, and your own our private elevator. The open floor plan offers amazing water views inside from this section. honor fallen heroes. be found most rooms. Multi-vessel dockage on deep/wide water allows for easy Intracoastal access.

Kelly Fischer Team

OPEN HOUSE See pages 10-12

Check out all the great real estate deals. Attend an open house this weekend.

772.539.7706 New Listing

#tcsir Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated

Sea Oaks | 3BR-3BA | $695,000 Exceptional riverfront penthouse offered fully furnished and completely turn-key. Home features coffered volume ceilings, crown molding, granite kitchen counters & stainless steel appliances. Enjoy a 500+ sq ft balcony.

Indian Trails | 3BR-3BA | $385,000 This splendid home offers over 3,400 sq ft and two additional rooms adaptable as a den/office or large family room/guest suite. The gourmet kitchen features stainless steel Bosch appliances and granite counters.

Baytree Villa | 2BR-2BA | $339,000 This charming residence is offered fully furnished and features a granite kitchen, wet bar, tile throughout living areas, cathedral ceilings, separate office/den, and a large garden courtyard with heated pool & spa.

Fran Smyrk

The Pate Team

Linda & David Riley




Cobblestone | 4BR-3BA | $239,900 This exquisite home rests on nearly one half acre overlooking the lake. The home offers a large den/office, formal dining room, and crown molding. Relax in the screen enclosed patio offering a covered porch and pool.

Scott Carson


Unique to Sotheby’s International Realty® is the experience that comes with searching for a home based on an extraordinary lifestyle. Our global resources allow us to artfully unite your home with those who seek its coveted Florida lifestyle. We showcase your home on, a cutting edge website with over 700,000 visitors each month. Global buyers search by lifestyle including Ocean/ Beach, Island, and Beach Resort Community, all of which apply to your Vero Beach barrier island gem. With language translation, currency conversion 4x daily, and stunning professional photography, your home is showcased in the light it deserves. Since over 90% of buyers start their search on the internet, this online presence is key. 3402 Ocean Drive | 772.492.1002 | | | Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated


An individual plan will be custom-tailored to market your home and will include a combination of key elements. Our reach is local, national and international and it is a proven approach that our cumulative marketing and advertising efforts will generate results for you regardless of a specific advertisement. To that point, we will employ regional publications such as Vero Beach 32963, Scripps Press Journal, Indian River Magazine, Vero Beach Magazine, Riverside Theatre Playbill, Sunrise Theatre Playbill, Brevard Homes & Land, FL Today, Homefinder, and eCampaigns.

The Lamm Stirrat Team  
The Lamm Stirrat Team  

The Lamm Stirrat Team