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Using Commercial Stripping and Waxing Companies to Maintain Floors Posted on July 16, 2012 by admin 0





Keeping a business or a facility presentable is possible with the assistance of a professional waxing and floor stripping service. After a little while floors start to develop wax build-up, scratches, and begin to wear and stain. This problem becomes worse in areas with high traffic than other parts and can leave the surface looking less than attractive due to debris, dirt, and grit.

Depending on the amount of traffic and the type of business, a floor waxing and stripping procedure is often recommended once every year for industrial areas where foot traffic is heavy, whereas, for commercial areas with lesser volume of foot-traffic, normal cleaning can be done once every few years.   The procedure of stripping and waxing -


Stripping – by using a powerful scrubber, the previous coatings of wax are removed. Stripping the floors Floor stripping helps in eliminating grime and dirt, leaving a clean surface behind. can be performed on a variety of surfaces, such as marble, wooden, concrete, tile, slate, and the like.   Waxing – VCT waxing solutions are applied to give protection and shine to the floors. A good-quality wax can keep a floor shiny and clean for five to six years if applied professionally and maintained as advised.   Restoring floor surfaces, whether concrete, wood, or vinyl, is a kind of job best left to professionals. Remember, the look and feel of your premises, together with the floor surface, can say a lot about your company and the consequence it may have on your bottom line. One of the companies that offer comprehensive floor care T.C.S. Floor Care Inc services is . The provider boasts of a team of professionals that can handle regular floor care, complete wax and strip, deep scrub and recoat, basic incidental repairs, and the like. For more information, log onto or call 513-774-0800.

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Using Commercial Stripping and Waxing Companies to Maintain Floors