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Burnishing Your Floors for That Extra Shine Posted on July 23, 2012 by admin 0





If your building floors look dull and shine less, it may be the time to get them burnished. Burnishing is essentially a process that uses a high-speed machine to repair the floor surface and give it a glossy appearance. However, to perform such polishing it is crucial to have the right tools and equipment. The basic requirements include, ultra high-speed flooring equipment, cool water, a mop bucket, burnishing chemical, a measuring cup, putty knife, vacuum, safety glasses and gloves.   Steps:


The first step entails sweeping the floor so that it’s absolutely clean. Professionals make use of a putty knife to get rid of all the stickers, labels, gum and other elements that may be stuck on the surface. In the second step, the experts prepare a mop solution comprising of water and burnishing chemicals. Once properly mixed, the solution is applied to the whole surface, starting from the furthest point from the main door and working towards the main entry. The surfaces are left to dry thoroughly after the sweeping. The subsequent step involves setting the burnishing machine. There are a variety of buffer pads available in the market to polish different floors. For instance,

Aqua pads are apt for high gloss burnishing. White pads are for light buffing. Ultra champagne pads are for moderate to low burnishing. Natural hair pads, made out of synthetic fiber, work well for a variety of finishes. is one of the best ways to give your floors a clean, glossy look and extend the life of a floor’s finish. Apart from this, a well polished Tile burnishing in Ohio surface can also assist you in attracting new customers and making your business shine. So, if you too are looking for a provider that offers comprehensive commercial floor care, then get in touch with TCS Floor Care Inc. by visiting

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Burnishing Your Floors for That Extra Shine