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Leaders of the Pack: Looking Forward to 8th Grade

Many exciting things are happening for TCS’s first class of eighth graders next year, including a social entrepreneurship capstone, special eighth grade privileges, and more! The expansion marks a special moment in The Children’s School’s history, especially for our Middle Grades students who started their learning journey at TCS as a threeor four-year-old. These students are growing into a group of incredibly talented, compassionate leaders who embody the spirit of childhood, play, and immersive learning on our campus.

This year, our Middle Grades participated in a number of impactful project-based learning units including “What Nourishes Me” (focusing on food and water access); “Peace in Conflict” (focusing on social, environmental, and economic crises around the world); and “Investigating Sustainability” (focusing on research and investigative reporting).


As we come to the end of the 2017-18 school year, we asked all our current seventh graders to reflect on the successful year and what they’re looking forward to as an eighth grader.