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Math = Thinking: The State of Math Instruction at TCS

The ultimate goal of good math instruction is the development of critical thinking and problemsolving skills coupled with the math tools to solve real-world problems. Our math instruction maintains an intense focus on developing a solid understanding of number sense, place value, and strategies for efficient mental math. A consistent use of pictorial bar model drawings provides a unifying system that enables students to think symbolically and to solve real-world math problems. Our chief curriculum, Math in Focus: Singapore Math (MIF) provides us a framework for scope and sequence – in other words, what to teach and in what order. It also provides a wealth of materials and resources to work toward the ultimate goal of building the thinking capacity of students.

We are excited about the future of math learning at TCS, and with good reason! We are moving further into a method of instruction that is more focused on students doing and thinking. We are continuing to grow as a community of math learners, thinkers, and teachers. We are seeing students beginning to think about numbers and math differently and more positively, and we can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.