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Ten years equals a decade. A decade sounds like such a long time; thus,a decade is the time period that we are celebrating the anniversary of TCP Magazine. The usual response is, “Where did the time go?” Looking back at all of the issues of TCP Magazine, it seems surreal. From the ride down Interstate 40 when Godrevealed this vision, lookingat all of the contacts, relationships, experiences and lessons that I have encounteredleading to today; I can say the journey has been marvelous! This ten year journey was designed to make a difference in the lives of our people, to treat people the way we want to be treated, and to be a Godly example. I’m confident thatalong the way, lives were touched and the ability to listen instead of to preach was appreciated. As we featured artists, authors, Christian businesses, pastors, churches, and thousands of phenomenal events in the magazine, I marvel at the talent and gifts God has imparted into His people and applaud them to continue to reach for higher heights. The journey afforded me the opportunity to worship with different denominations and listen to other faiths. I learned that because someone doesn’t share the same faith doesn’t mean you can’t listen to their viewpoint. I’ve shared my lesson learned to “Not Alter the Vision” with the slogan on each copy of the magazine. I know that there is a God and if you just call on His name, He will answer. A personal thank you is afforded to everyone who shared the vision, shared your story, purchased a subscription or advertisement, prayed or participated in any way. To the many writers, team members, graphic designers and photographers who contributed, I say thank you. To the Intercessory Prayer Team revealing the power of prayer, I say thank you. To those who were there from the beginning, you are miracles. To my church family, thank you for your support. And most of all, to my family who experienced the transition of my hair color, I love you. To those of you who are reading this and didn’t fall into any category, thanks goes to you as well. As this journey continues under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the vision will not be altered. We will continue to touch the lives of millions. Stay tuned and connected to The Connection Place (TCP Magazine) to see where God in His magnificence will lead us in the next decade. God gets all the Glory! Contributing Writers Contents Dr. Francene Hash, Assistant Editor Anthony Vann P 11 - Global Economic Empowerment Engine Gaither Hawkins Launched in Durham Kimberley Basnight P 13 - Willie Mason and Friends Libra Boyd P 19 - 2014 Miss Black North Carolina USA Scholarship Melissa Wade Competition Kimberley Basnight P 23 - Wilson Idol Winner – WTT Majestic Choir P 25 - Lamplighter Awards Denver Wright, WIZPRO Imagineering Rick Crank Studios John Riddick, 421 Studios Joe Yancey, Ozion Media




TCP Magazine 10th Anniversary Gala January 31, 2014 Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown, 3415 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 6:00 p.m. Gathering, Registration and Seating Photo Ops and Interviews in the Lobby 7:00 p.m. Welcome Scripture Reading Prayer Music by Cynthia Jones Dinner 10 Year Reflection Years 1-5 Music by Nell Smith Spells Years 6-10 Reflection Recognizing our Hometown Heroes Salute to the Publisher Marketing Support Recognition Music by TheYanceys Closing ### Saturday Gospel Music Celebration February 1, 2014, 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Concert New Providence Missionary Baptist Church 4813 Hilltop Needmore Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 Maurice Lauchner New Providence Choir Willie Mason & Friends Michael Boykin, Mchael Boone & Lamanuel Boykin (Tribute to Howard “Slim” Hunt) Salvation & Deliverance Choir, Verizon How Sweet the Sound Winner Lucinda Moore Jared Payton &The Voices, Carolina’s Best Winner WTT Majestic Choir, Wilson Idol Winner United Gospel Community Choir Super Bowl Party Sunday, February 2, 2014, 5:30 – 11:00 p.m. The Balm Christian Restaurant 3400 Budda Avenue, Suite 120, Raleigh, NC 27610




Global Economic Empowerment Engine Launched In Durham, NC Global Economic Empowerment Engine is a non-profit, faith-based organization that provides assistance to entrepreneurs from low-income communities both in the US and abroad through training, micro loans and other much needed resources. Juliette Alston, President and Founder of the nonprofit, found that the number one inhibitor that keeps many communities in poverty is a result of the people not being empowered economically with the resources to break the poverty cycle. While many entrepreneurs in poverty stricken communities may have lucrative business ideas and know-how, they lack the necessary resources and support to launch their business; thus stemmed the need for GE3. On November 16, 2013, GE3 launched its “People of Influence� Kickoff Luncheon, honoring three influencers of the local NC community. Honorees were Andrea Harris, Co-founder and President of the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development; Peggy Tatum, President and CEO of The Connection Place, and Publisher of TCP Magazine; and Wade D. Harris, owner and Founder of Raleigh Personal Training and The Boys Mentoring Network, Inc. These three People of Influence remind us that vision, hard work, and a strong support system, are key components needed to move forward in your kingdom assignments. GE3’s People of Influence Kick-off Luncheon not only recognized these super-breed entrepreneurs, but also served as the foundational gathering to launch the vision and raise funds in support of its mission. On that day, GE3 exceeded its financial goals, and gained a host of ambassadors that committed to stand in conjunction with the team to equip under-privileged entrepreneurs with startup and expansion capital, to provide opportunities to acquire business education, and to be a source of ongoing coaching and support to ensure entrepreneurial success. Global Economic Empowerment Engine is not your traditional nonprofit organization, but alternately a door of opportunity, hope, and a long-awaited expectation to the nations. For those interested in learning more about GE3 and serving as an Ambassador, please visit www.



Willie Mason and Friends

Since its founding in 2009, Willie Mason and Friends have performed across the country, sharing the Gospel through song. The group consists of some of Winston Salem Triad’s most dedicated and skilled vocalists and musicians, all of whom are dedicated to making a difference in music ministry. The Lord continues to bless the music ministry of Willie Mason and Friends. “I am excited to partner in this Kingdom endeavor with a dedicated and loyal group of people who love what they do but more importantly share a love and passion for our great God”, said Willie Mason, founder and director of the group. Then David spoke to the chiefs of the Levites to appoint their relatives the singers, with instruments of music, harps, lyres, loud-sounding cymbals, to raise sounds of joy. (1 Chronicles 15:16). The worship music includes both singers and instruments, and their purpose is to raise sounds of joy. Raising the sounds of joy is critical to the worship experience when Willie Mason & Friends are sharing in music ministry. In the months of April and May 2008, the Lord dealt strongly with Willie Mason through a dream. After having this recurring dream, Willie Mason moved swiftly as to what was instructed to him and that was to gather the people the Lord had ordained to be a part of this new music ministry endeavor. An e-mail was sent to several people throughout the Triad inviting them to join. After much prayer, many favorable responses were received from both family members and close friends. This God-given assignment to organize a group of talented and gifted vocalist, affectionately known as “WILLIE MASON & FRIENDS,” became a reality on Friday, June 5, 2008 at 6:15 p.m. It’s the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. Attending the first rehearsal were: Kim Barr, Joi Edwards, Linda Feemster, Justin Glaspie, Andrea Gwyn (now deceased), Paula Imes, Jamina Johnson-Zodi, Cory Jones (musician), Kenya Little, Willie Mason, Tonya McAdoo, Camille Wilson and Derek Wilson. On that night, four songs were rehearsed to share the next day as the group had an invitation to sing prior to being established. On Saturday, June 6 at noon, Willie Mason and Friends made their debut performance at New Bethel Baptist Church for their 119th church anniversary “outdoor” celebration. The group shared the following selections: “We Offer Praise”, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, led by Tonya McAdoo, “My Name Is Victory”, led by Justin Glaspie, and “I Am Souled Out”. Do not despise small beginnings. Over time, the group has continued to grow to include some of the most talented vocalists and an anointed group of musicians and ministries of helps who are enthusiastic and dedicated ministers of music. Since the ministry is not really connected to a specific church and serves as a community-based group, the group has been extended favor which resulted in “opened” doors throughout the city of Winston-Salem to house the group’s weekly choir rehearsals and other celebrations. The group is a loving aggregation of people who love the Lord and each other, which is evident when you are in their presence. Friends’ mission in this endeavor is to make a difference in music ministry wherever they have an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ through song. Thus, today, this anointed group has expanded from the Triad and is now traveling across the country sharing the greatness of God through song. Footnote: Article taken from dpuf . Edited by Dr. Francene Hash - author, speaker, and trainer.,







2014 Miss Black North Carolina USA Scholarship Competition All roads led to the Capitol City for young ladies from across the state of North Carolina as they embarked upon the Capitol City to compete in the 2014 Jr. Miss/Talented Teen/Miss Black North Carolina USA Scholarship competition. The young ladies arrived on Dec. 20, 2013 to finalize the journey and see who would be crowned the 2014 Queens and continue the journey to compete for the National title in our Nation’s Capitol in August of 2014. Little did they know, but the ladies were in for the time of their life. The weekend was full of rigorous rehearsals and appearances throughout the city as they were greeted by thousands of well wishers. This year the young ladies had a special treat in that they were able to spend time with all three National Miss Black USA Queens: Amanda McCoy, Miss Black USA 2013; Jocelien Whitehead, Miss Black USA Talented Teen 2013; and Taylor Hunt, Miss Black USA Princess 2013. They had a special surprise when Jason Bobbitt from Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor” on the OWN channel, stopped through for a visit. The Miss Black North Carolina USA Scholarship organization is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. It is a service organization. Every young lady must have a platform concerning social, cultural, political, or educational issues faced in the African-American community. The organization serves as a platform for these young women to lift their voices for individuals who may not always have a voice. The organization promotes sisterhood and fosters networking opportunities. When the final day arrived for the competition, the young ladies had built a tight sisterhood that promoted healthy competition; they were all encouraging one another. The ladies started the day off with a closed interview with a panel of five distinguished judges that represented a variety of professional sectors. When show time arrived the ladies dazzled the audience with their opening number and opening introductions. They competed in on-stage question, health & fitness wear, talent, and evening gown competitions. The audience was entertained with a wide variety of talents from the contestants, as well as a performance by Ruth LaOntra, of Tyscot Records, singing her chart soaring hit “Count It All Joy.” While every young lady who stepped foot on the stage walked away winners that night, the 2014 titles went to Kennedy Byrd, Jr. Miss Black North Carolina USA 2014; Ashley Williams, Miss Black North Carolina USA Talented Teen; and Yasten Burton, Miss Black North Carolina USA 2014. The young ladies were joined by little girls four to eight years old. The Carolina Princess program is a mentoring program where each contestant is paired with a little sister. This gives them an opportunity to get an early start on their presentation skills. For more information on the Miss Black North Carolina USA Scholarship program and other programs offered by Noire Productions, Inc., please visit



Why Does Our Church Sound System Sound So Bad? Gaither Hawkins is a 22 year veteran of studying, designing, researching, installing and operating sound systems in the church market. Outlined below are some pointers to provide a smooth operating system in the church through the viewpoint of a fictional church, Mann’s Magnificent Miracles and Marvels/Hawkins Happy House of Holiness for All People Inc., better known as 4M 4H. EXPECTATIONS Just because the Bishop, Musicians and Praise Team visiting from 4M 4H said they couldn’t hear themselves in the monitors doesn’t mean you have a bad system. What it means is they do not hear what they normally hear at their mega-church. PERSONNEL Do you have qualified anointed people running your sound system? It is just as important to have an anointed qualified person at this position as it is to have anointed singers & musicians. They also need to be compensated, why? How many times do you go to work and 5 to10 people a day tell you how to do your job. You listen to them and are then told the work you did last week was horrible (the $2.00 cassette they bought) and you don’t know what you’re doing. How many times do you get there early, set up everything, and stay late to edit and run copies of the sermon using outdated inferior equipment to get something barely audible created with your name on it? I have experienced everything from a 10 year old operating sound to someone legally blind. Get the right personnel to do the job. And this also includes a contractor/installer that is right for your church’s make up and needs. EQUIPMENT There are over 450,000 churches in America, and most have a sound system. I believe that technology is the driving force behind modern day worship services where touring level productions are common. With current technology, there is no reason a church should suffer from bad sound due to the equipment,especially when you can readily buy a good digital system for $2,500 including install & setup. You get what you pay for except when a manufacturer clears out a new line of products for a better/newer model. These models never make it to the end user because the retailer gets them for pennies on the dollar and sells them to you for a 5-15% discount. They are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty because they are no longer made and you’re stuck with it if it breaks or needs repair. That’s why when you buy a product from a retailer; they will ask you at the end of the sale ”would you like to purchase an extended warranty?”. Before you do,read the terms & conditions carefully. After purchase, contact an installer who will visit your church during the actual service. Then you can make a highly informed and intelligent decision on your next move. The problem with buying from big box music stores for sound systems is they can’t consult, train, install or design and are not insured to do anything in your church. In some cases, churches will buy the equipment from the music stores and have Deacons, Trustees or jack legs, hang speakers, install the system and they’re done. The equipment you buy is vital. If most churches realized what was in their attics and walls and the impending liability, they wouldn’t turn on their sound system. If the wiring is wrong and it catches fire, the first thing the fire inspector will look at is all of the electrical components, which includes the sound system. For more information on improving your sound system, contact Gaither Hawkins, NC House Sounds @ 919-714-9553 or email



WTT Majestic Choir earns grand prize win in Wilson Idol Talent Search WTT Majestic Choir has talent—no question about it. Under the direction of Don’trell (Trell) Barnes, the aggregation has captured the attention of congregations throughout the city of Wilson and the state of North Carolina. In November, the energetic 27-plus member choir entered the Wilson Idol Talent Search, produced by Dr. Mildred Summerville, and emerged with top honors. The choir’s dynamic performance of “Let Everything That Hath Breath/Psalm 150” (composed by George A. Pass, II and popularized by Twinkie Clark) rattled the rafters of Wilson’s Fike High School, clinching them the win.

By Libra Boyd

Barnes describes it all as unforgettable. “Wilson Idol was a breath-taking experience,” he explains. “I really didn’t know what to expect at the time.” Accordingly, Barnes and the choir—which ranges from ages four to fifty-six—spent a great deal of time preparing for the contest. “[We had] rehearsals twice a week—one and a half to two hours or more each session. I also put the choir on a two week fast prior to this event. No distraction was needed and even though it was a competition, I wanted them to still focus and minister.” Sponsored by Summerville Promotion and Production Company (SPPC) and Teaching Academics for Life Learning Outreach Ministries (TALL-1 OM), the Wilson Idol Talent Search provides youth with opportunities to display their talents in music, dance, and acting. The WTT Majestic Choir’s win was complemented by a cash prize, as well as a chance to perform for “Queen of Gospel” Pastor Shirley Caesar and to appear in the onstage production of the award-winning gospel play, “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child,” written and produced by Dr. Summerville. The WTT Majestic Choir was organized by Barnes in 2005. The choral group performed under another name until about a year ago when its moniker was revised to honor its leader, Bishop Willie T. Thomas, “for his love of the youth,” according to Barnes. The choir employs a blend of traditional and contemporary repertoire, combining classic numbers with some of today’s popular tunes. In the near future, the choir hopes to add its own material to the mix. “[This year] we are looking forward to arranging our own music,” Barnes says excitedly. “My goal is to carry this choir to the highest level in ministry possible. As long as God gives me breath and strength in my body, I shall follow suit with my gift and what I’m anointed and appointed to do.” Currently, the WTT Majestic Choir is available for performances and can be booked by phone at 252-373-0551 or by email at



2013 Lamplighter Awards

In December The Light 103.9 celebrated its 12th Annual Lamplighter Awards. The event was held on Saturday December 7, 2013 at the Carolina Theater in Durham and it was absolutely fantastic. The Lamplighter Awards show recognizes local individuals, churches, organizations and businesses that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in our community through community service. This year we were blessed with performances from Erica Campbell, James Fortune, Tasha Cobbs, Twinkie Clark, William McDowell, Wess Morgan, Zacardi Cortez, Chanelle (from Trinitee 5:7) and LeJuene Thompson. As usual it was a star studded event. We are already working to make 2014 even better! by Melisse Wade