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Editorial If you’re able to read this, God has blessed you with another day. I am writing this as tornadoes touched down two exits from my location. The same storm system just yesterday tore through Mississippi and destroyed the home of historic Malaco Records. A day before, Japan was hit again with a 6.5 aftershock. Days before we watched TV as clip after clip revealed the latest wars and rumors of war in the Middle East. All bad news but we’re still here. Let’s flip the switch to some good news. I continue my campaign to spread good news and with this issue of TCP Magazine, we give you new resources to spread the good news. Our cover story features Mike Chandler formerly known for his influence in radio through Rejoice Musical Soulfood. We are pleased to reveal to you his new venture into TV. Check out his story of encouragement to inspiring entrepreneurs and learn about his acquisition of three TV stations from TBN. This is the official issue for the NCGAG Convention and I have pulled contributing writers from the organization to contribute to this issue. These articles are designed to educate you and Peggy Tatum and Mike Chandler encourage you to join the NCGAG and help us be an influence on what you hear on radio, see in print and TV, influence concerts and take control of the airwaves. Satan seems to have an upper hand. If you don’t believe me, just flip through your radio and TV channels, surf the net or visit the newsstand. As children of God, it’s time for us to use our influences to take back the airways and our media. Pastor Arvetra Jones, President of the NCGAG, has selected “Relationships With Integrity” as the theme for this year’s Convention. This is the key to all of us working together as we examine our relationship with God and man. Blessings, Peggy Tatum, Publisher, (919) 796-4724 Join us online @ or “Like” us on Facebook Volume 02, Issue Number 4 Publisher/Editor-In-Chief: Peggy Tatum Assistant Editor: Dr. Francene Hash Webmaster: Ted Tatum Photographer: Rick Crank - PIXBYRIC.COM Graphic Design & Layout: Denver A. Wright WIZPRO Creative Services, Contributing Writers: Dr. Francene Hash, Toni Arnold-McFarland, Zack Reynolds, Bobby Parker, Warren Caldwell, Jon Montague, Tonya Barksdale Public Relations:Terry Spicer, Ephiphany Public Relations Marketing: Katie Gailes, Smartmoves International Event Planning: Latonya Kearney, Plan Ahead Events The Connection Place, Inc. 181-104 Wind Chime Court Raleigh, NC 27615 Tel: 919-676-0263

Contents 5 - Editorial 6 - NCGAG Welcome 7 - NCGAG Convention Agenda 9 - Lifetime Achievement Recipient, Apostle Mary K. McKoy 13 - A-Z Gospel Radio Glossary – Bobby Parker 15 - Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Douglas Bynum 16 - Cover Story - Mike Chandler 18 - Deal Or No Deal 20 - A View of RaSheem “Kilo” Pugh 21 - Mrs. Rosa Belle Penny - Our Centurion 23 - The Birth of Quartet Headz 27 - Promoting Online

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Message from NCGAG President Greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Wow! Another year has come and gone! Surely the signs of the times are near. For the days, months, and years are going by so fast. It was only yesterday when I was twenty. With that said, as I sit here in my office and pen this letter, I want to share with all of God’s people that it’s really time to work for God’s Kingdom like never before. Our job as the North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild (NCGAG) is more important now than ever. At the time I’m writing this letter, the State of North Carolina just went through one of the roughest times in history as tornados came through and destroyed homes, businesses, cars, and everything in its path. We suffered loss of life, and there are so many families that are hurting right now because of the deadly storms that came through. We will never understand the will of God, but one thing for sure is that He will never put more on us than we can bear. We, the North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild (NCGAG), feel that God has a call on our lives, and we must work while it is day; for night comes when no man can work. God has placed every one of us that’s doing radio, TV, print, artist labels, and all that’s a part of this Gospel industry in a special place, and that is to spread His word with a relationship with Him with integrity. We are at a time now that God has placed people in positions now that will obey Him and trust Him. The job that you and I are doing in Gospel is more important now than it has ever been, because God is about to shift some things and people around. We have let too much starship enter in and have forgotten about GODSHIP, the KING OF KINGS, who is the head of everything we do. I’d rather have Jesus than anything in this whole world! So with that said, that is why we are in Gospel. You have artists who are depending on one source and not ‘the’ source. Radio announcers won’t get along and support one another. So many people seem to be in competition with the other, but I say it’s time for the real Christian to stand up and be counted. OK I need to close in a bit, because I can write a sermon as well as preach one and I think that’s what I am doing. This NCGAG Convention I feel will be one of the greatest in the country this year, because there are people now that are ready to gain knowledge and understanding on the business of Gospel Music. This week, we want you to SEEK after Christ first and watch everything else fall right in place. The NCGAG has become one of the most talked about conventions in the country, for we build RELATIONSHIPS WITH INTEGRITY. We want to welcome everyone who attends and want you to know that you are surely LOVED. This is the convention where we all are the same in Jesus Christ. So you all are special. We want to thank all the officers, Board of Directors, and every NCGAG member; for you all are the best! Thank you to the GMWA and the GMWA GAG for your support. Special thanks to my mentor and overseer, Pastor Lydia Jones of Pinehurst, North Carolina, and to my church family. Your co-pastor loves you dearly! To my beautiful wife of 31 years, Evangelist Ruth C. Jones. You know I could not do what I am doing now without your full support. Love you! To my awesome three children who support every move I make, Princess, Arvetra D., and Ruth Laontra and my extra heartbeats, my grand girls, Paris, Paradyse, Justin, and Kameron. God Bless you all. I love you and there is nothing you can do about it! Pastor Arvetra Jones Jr., President NCGAG LOVE YOU ALL OF GOD’S PEOPLE PASTOR ARVETRA JONES, JR., PRESIDENT NCGAG and Host of: “THE HOTTEST GOSPEL SHOW ON THE PLANET”, SUNDAYS FROM 6 -10 a.m. 91.9 WFSS FM LIVE AT WWW.WFSS.ORG

The North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild: Officers: Pastor Arvetra Jones, Jr: President Bobby Parker: Vice-President Peggy Tatum: Secretary Apostle J.A. McDonald: Treasurer Pastor David McShaw: SGT. of Arms Minister Elvin McShaw: Chaplain Terry Johnson, Raleigh, NC: Director Apostle Freida Cates, Raleigh, NC: Director

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Directors: Don “Q” Coney: Raleigh, NC Archie Swindell: Raleigh, NC Bishop J.C. Watford: Ahoskie, NC Mike Chandler: VA Beach, VA Bill Boykins: Chesapeake, VA Doris Diane Jones: Fayetteville, NC Doris Lea-Riley, Durham, NC Frank “K”, Jackson, NC - Honorary Member

2011 NCGAG Convention Agenda Tuesday, May 3 7:00 p.m. Dedication Service - Bishop Michael Blue, The Door of Hope Christian Church, Marion, SC Wednesday, May 4 1:00 pm – 5:00 p.m. Meet and Greet/Registration 6:00 pm Banquet Seating Open for Prestige Awards 7:00 pm until - 2011 Prestige Awards Banquet Hosted By: Troy & Emily Sneed, Emtro Gospel Thursday, May 5 9:00 a.m. Registration 9:45 a.m. Spiritual Nuggets, Pastor Elvin McShaw, NCGAG State Chaplain 10:00 a.m. Understanding The Importance of ALL Radio - Pastor Arvetra Jones, Jr. (President NCGAG), Mike Chandler (CEO Rejoice Network), Mike Gamble (SGN “The Light”), Alex Snipes (Glory Communications), Bobby Parker (VP NCGAG), Kimberly Durden, (Development Director, Fayetteville State University) and Chris Squire (CEO Wilmington Chester Mass Choir) 12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m. Lunch on Your Own 2:00 p.m. Marketing – Print, Internet Radio & TV - Peggy Tatum (Publisher TCP Magazine), Pastor Frank M. Henderson (XCEL Broadcasting) and Steven Walker (Fox 50 TV) The Business of Running a Record Label - Troy Sneed, Emtro Gospel New Artist Development Classes - Instructors: Garrett Johnson (Attorney - LA), Dr. Mark Williams (Voice Care Center – Nashville, TN), Earl Bynum (International Performing Artist -Virginia), Thomas Rollins (New Day Distribution) and Dominique Stroman (The Stroman Group) Nightly Showcases Friday, May 6 9:00 a.m. Registration 9:45 a.m. Opening - Spiritual Nuggets State Chaplain, Pastor Elvin McShaw Understanding The Importance of ALL Radio - How To Get Your Music Played on Radio Pastor Arvetra Jones, Jr., Mike Chandler, Alex Snipes, Mike Gamble, Bobby Parker, Archie Swindell and Jerry Smith Marketing - Sheilah Belle, Chris Squire and Troy Sneed 12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m. Luncheon with XBN Network 2:30 Afternoon Sessions for New Artist Developments - Attorney Garrett M. Johnson, Dr. Mark Williams, Troy Sneed All Day Hip Hop Segments (Friday Only) - Tawana Ross, Cedric Jones, COG, Arvetra D. Jones and Hood 7:00 p.m. Nightly Showcases AFTERNOON SESSIONS END PRIOR TO 5:00 P.M. NIGHTLY SHOWCASES START AT 7:00 PM AND ARE FREE TO THE PUBLIC

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2011 NCGAG PRESTIGE AWARDS NOMINEES Radio/Internet Radio of the Year Jamila Joy - I Shout For Joy Linda Greenwood - WRJD Michael Boykin – WBLA Shine 1440 AM Stephen Bullock - WUOM RADIO Choir of The Year Bishop Michael Blue & The Voices of Hope Sanctuary Choir Dr. Patrick L. Wooden & The Upper Room Sanctuary Choir Pastor H. E. Dixon & Truth Tabernacle Pastor J. J. Wilkins & Wake Chapel Church Choir Pure n Heart Teens Salvation and Deliverance Church Choir True Vine Mass Choir Television/Media of The Year Armundo Hancock Gospel CoCo Diggs Visions Inside The Music Promoting Purpose Magazine Spiritual Awakening Therlin Kerney Gospel Show Toni Mozingo - Positive Light Video Show Quartet Group of The Year Aris Smith & Made Men Cyndi McKoy and The Symbols of Faith Lamanuel Boykin & Company Little Ricky & The Mighty Golden Stars Lucretia Wooten & Promise The Christian Angels Announcer of The Year - Female Deborah Atkinson-Moore - WGTM 590 AM Wilson Elvin McShaw - WHNC WCBQ 880/1340, Oxford/Henderson Marcia McDowell - WBLA Shine 1440 Elizabethtown Millicent Haywood - 750 WAUG Raleigh Announcer of The Year - Male Amos J - WXKL 1290 AM Sanford Bobby Parker - The Promise 107.3 Rocky Mount David McShaw - WHNC WCBQ 880/1340, Oxford/Henderson George Majette - WNAA 90.1 FM Greensboro Tamlin Henry - WBLA Shine 1440 Elizabethtown Ricky Rhoda - WBLA Shine 1440 Elizabethtown Pastors of Excellence Award Dr. Nathaniel J. Wood, New Providence Baptist Church, Fuquay-Varina, NC Apostle Freida Cates, Word of Truth Church, Raleigh, NC Bishop Deryl Bowick, United for Christ Church, Durham, NC Rev. Claude E. Willie, III, Rush Metropolitan AME Church, Raleigh, NC Lifetime Achievement Award Apostle Mary McKoy, Healing Center Ministry, Coats, NC Female Vocalist of The Year Colandra McDowell Diana Washington Katina Rosemond Marshetta Parker

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Male Vocalist of The Year Calvin Suggs CJ Ballance Kenny Burroughs Marcel Anderson Songwriter of The Year Alphaeus Anderson Calvin Suggs Dennis Reed Dr. Patrick Wooden Kim Person Marcel Anderson Ray Braswell, Jr. Rodney Mills Warren Caldwell Will “Pooh” Purvis James “J.Q.” Quick Gospel Announcer Pioneer Award Bishop J. C. Watford Don Coney Francina Way Linda Greenwood Walter “Country Boy” Hatcher Group/Duo of The Year Eternity Hillian Sisters Mark Green & Friends Mercy & Grace The Yancey Family Todd Curry & Focus Holy Hip Hop of The Year COG Daymond Wilkins E-Fetti Israel Davis Rottis Bryant Tawana Ross Gospel Jazz Alphonzo Kee Marcus Anderson Samuel Jenkins Comedian of the Year Alcindor Hankins aka “Lasalle Lasalle” Anna Douglas D’Lo J. T. Hart Les Long Mother Spirit Rod of God Video of the Year Christopher Terrell and The New Journey Project CJ Ballance - “I Don’t Look Like” Gerald Hinton - “The Battle’s Not Over” God’s Image (GI) Revive The Jackson Sisters Live

2011 NCGAG Lifetime Achievement Award - Apostle Mary K. McKoy Apostle Mary K. McKoy has been preaching and teaching the Word of God since she accepted her calling on October 4, 1998. She is a native of North Carolina and a graduate of Shaw Town High School and Central Carolina Community College where she became and remains a licensed cosmetologist. Apostle McKoy has volunteered in various organizations such as the Girl Scouts, 4-H Club, local food banks, rest homes and nursing homes. She visits the elderly not only to bring the Word of God but has also brought food, medicine and wood for the winter months. She continues this giving through the birth of Healing Center’s Lord of the Harvest Food Bank. Several times a year, she and her members serve food, fresh meat and toiletries to more than 50 families and close to 200 people in one day food giveaways to the community. She has also been involved in many charity fundraisers to help raise thousands of dollars. She is also an active member of Coats Elementary School advisory council. Apostle McKoy has received a Spiritual Guidance Award and a Woman of God Award in addition to several certificates of appreciation. Through life experience, God has quickened in her spirit a clear focus on how to help nurture and mature the Body of Christ. Apostle McKoy allows the Holy Spirit to guide her and mold her by attending various Pastoral seminars, classes, workshops and conferences on a regular basis. Apostle McKoy is the founder and Senior Pastor of Healing Center Ministry’s Inc. located in Coats, North Carolina. Having obtained the help of God in addition to the dedicated labor and seed of faithful members, family and friends; she held dedication service on April 9, 2006 at the beautiful new edifice located at 1500 Brick Mill Road. Apostle McKoy and her late husband Co-Pastor Tommy McKoy have two adult children; son, Tim and daughter in law Jackie and daughter Tonya and son in law, Craig as well as three grandchildren, India, Leah and Adrian. They and other family members are active members of Healing Center Ministry’s. Apostle McKoy operates in an awesome healing and prophetic anointing. It is her hearts desire to see the Body of Christ come to complete wholeness, prosperity and revelation of who they are according to the life changing Word of God. She is a well sought after speaker with a “real” and humorous but heartfelt style that is a unique and effective gift of God. From her battle with cancer to the struggles of everyday life, she openly shares her heart so others can practically apply the Word of God and the powerful name of Jesus to their lives. As an obedient and loving servant of the Lord, Apostle McKoy doesn’t want anyone to leave the Healing Center the same as they entered. Her ministry holds fast these Scriptures: Psalm 103:3 “He forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases” and Revelation 3:22 which says, “He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” This Lifetime Achievement Award is being presented to Apostle McKoy for her works in the ministry, her commitment to the community, the ability to continue her ministry after the death of her husband and her battle and victory over the dreaded disease of cancer.

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2011 Prestige Awards Ministers of Excellence Recipients

Rev. Claude E. Willie, III, Pastor Rush Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church 558 E. Cabarrus St. Raleigh, NC 27601

Apostle Freida Cates, Pastor Faith Assembly Christian Assembly Word of Truth 821 South New Hope Road Raleigh, NC 27610

Dr. Nathaniel J. Wood, Pastor New Providence Missionary Baptist Church 4813 Hilltop Needmore Rd. Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

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Gospel Radio & Music Industry Glossary A-Z When you come to an NCGAG monthly meeting, to our convention classday sessions or when you are at the nationals at GMWA-GAG sessions, you will hear some words or phrases that you may not know. The following are definitions for popular words and phrases often used in the radio broadcasting/music industry that will help you on your musical journey. A- ASCAP - The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, an organization. B- BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated, owned by a variety of stations and networks. C- Chart Eligibility - How many tracks are on the album, whether or not it has a barcode, how many b-sides are on a single and how long the release is. D- Daypart - A portion of a radio station’s broadcast day, usually split into Morning: 6-10am, Midday: 10-3pm, Afternoon: 3-7pm, Evening: 7-12 Midnight, etc. E- Electronic press kit - A traditional promo package in digital form. An electronic press kit, also known as an EPK, always contains bio info about the artists and info about releases but can also include press photos, videos, and info about upcoming tour dates. F- F.C.C. - The Federal Communications Commission is the federal agency that is responsible for issuing licenses, rules and regulations, and overseeing all radio-telephone and television originated signals. G- Gold Record - Awarded when an album reaches certain sales volume. In the US, 500,000 sales, equals a gold record - a number set by the RIAA. H- High Definition Radio or HD Radio - When technology transmits digital audio and data alongside existing AM and FM analog signals.

M- Manager -The person in charge of running the business side of an artist or group’s career, so that the artist is free to focus on creating the music. N- NAB - The National Association of Broadcasters, which is a trade group for radio and television license holders. There is also the NABOB, The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters. O- One Sheet - A sales sheet that gives information about a new release that may be helpful for labels and distributors in selling the album. It is helpful for radio as well as a press release. P- Payola - Refers to the act of paying an announcer or a radio station to play a song. The practice is illegal in all major markets. Also a popular P is P1 & P2 - Persons who listen to one radio station more than any other are P1 Preference listeners. Making that station a P1 radio station. Next in line are P2 Preference, P3 Preference and P4+ Preference listeners — groups of people who listen a lot to a single station but less frequently than P1s. Performance Rights Act is a bill before the US Congress that would require commercial radio stations in the US to pay a royalty to the musicians that perform on the songs that the stations play. Q- Queue - A number of commercials that are waiting to be played back in a specific, predetermined manner as in a station break. R- Remote - This refers to a broadcast that originates live on location, outside the station’s studio where the broadcast would normally originate. S- Syndicated - A radio program offered by a network or an independent organization that is for sale or on a barter basis to radio stations. T- TAG - A short addition added to a radio or TV commercial message. U- Unsigned - Artists do not have a deal with a record label. V- Voice Track - A pre-recorded voice of a radio personality or announcer that is recorded and stored in a computer to be played at a specific time in a pre-programmed sequence such as at the beginning or end of a song. W- W - The first letter in the call letters for radio and television stations broadcasting east of the Mississippi. (For example; WBOB). X- X - The first letter in the call sign for radio stations broadcasting south of the border in Mexico. (For example; XHOM).

I- Indie label - A record label that is independently funded and not connected to one of the Major Labels.

Y- Yabba Dabba Doo - What Fred Flintstone says when he’s happy? This was put in here to see if you were paying attention. Lol!

J- Jewel case - The plastic case that holds CDs. The slimline jewel cases are essentially the same, but thinner.

Z- Zero - The number of industry terms I could find that begin with the letter Z.

K- K - The first letter in the call letters for United States based radio broadcast stations located west of the Mississippi. W is used for stations east of the river. (For example; KTSU). L- Licensing - Transferring the rights to a piece of music - sometimes one song, sometimes a snippet of a song, sometimes an entire album - to another party for a set period of time for a fee.

Bobby Parker, Radio & TV Personality Host of “The Bobby Parker Sunday Morning Show” on WBOB- The Promise 1073 Rocky Mount, NC Associate Producer “New Dimensions In Gospel” TV Show Vice President of the NCGAG Email: Phone: 252.217.6820 Grace-n-peace!

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A Tribute to the Life and Legacy of

Douglas Bynum, April 26, 1964 – February 8, 2011 by Toni Arnold-McFarland, On behalf of the Thomas Dorsey Raleigh-Durham Choral Chapter Douglas Bynum will truly be missed by all those that knew him. He touched the lives of people across the United States. His involvement and leadership in the many facets of his life will be irreplaceable. “Doug” as he was known, knew how to organize and lead people. He served as the Events Coordinator for the Raleigh-Durham Choral Chapter of the Thomas Dorsey Convention, he served as a deacon at Cary First Christian Church in Cary, NC and he was employed at Frontier Communications (formerly Verizon Wireless) in Durham, NC.

Doug’s passion for gospel music spans from his childhood days in Wilson, NC to his relocation to Raleigh, NC as a student at Shaw University. Once in Raleigh, he became a watch care member at Smith Temple FWB Church and eventually joined Maple Temple United Church of Christ. Where ever God placed him, he directed choirs, led praise and worship, and also helped nurture the youth of the church. He served in various capacities at Cary First Christian Church until his untimely departure. Doug was also a consistent sponsor and supporter of urban services programs for the Garner Road YMCA. He made it possible for underprivileged youth to attend life enriching camps and programs and supported various efforts for the good of the community. Doug will be remembered as a devoted community servant, a prayer warrior, a confidant, a worship leader, a deacon and an encourager who was passionate for Christ. His bright smile, humor, style, kindness and loyalty are all a part of the legacy he left to keep his memory in our hearts. Anyone wishing to support Doug Bynum’s legacy and special interests can make donations in his honor to the following organizations: The Raleigh Durham Choral Chapter Attention: Brenda Long, Treasurer 6321 Guess Rd Durham, NC 27712 Phone 919-477-1461 Tax ID 56-2171087

Garner Road Community Center, Cary First Christian Church, Cary NC Care of the Teen Scholars Attention: Trustee Ministry Attention: Mo Johnson, CEO 1109 Evans Rd, Cary, NC 27513 2235 Garner Road -Raleigh NC 27610 Phone: 919-467-1053 Phone: 919-833-1256 Tax ID 56-0556747

Top Gospel Songs for The Cut

1. William McDowell - I Give Myself Away 2. VaShawn Mitchell - Nobody Greater 3. Kirk Franklin - I Smile 4. Mary Mary - Walking 5. Troy Sneed - My Heart Says Yes

6. Rodney Posey - My Praise Is Waiting For You 7. Trin-I-Tee 5:7 - Over and Over 8. John P. Kee - Blessing 9. Deitrick Hadden - Well Done 10. Richard Smallwood - Trust Me

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Mike Chandler by Peggy Tatum Entrepreneurship is the basic element of taking control of your destiny. While it’s not for everyone, an elite few can make an everlasting impact. Such is the case with Mike Chandler who became interested in radio while attending college that eventually led him to the acquisition of Rejoice Musical Soulfood. While building his radio empire, Mike ran across the opportunity to venture into TV ownership. Let’s follow his journey of hardships, blessings and inspiration. In the Beginning Mike Chandler began his career in radio at WFSU-FM as he attended Florida State University. He continued his broadcasting journey in Cocoa, Florida at WMIE-FM, WJFX-AM and WRKT-AM shortly after he started a career as a Video Systems Engineer with RCA at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida. After the Space Shuttle Challenger’s accident, Mike moved back to Jacksonville, Florida and landed an engineering job at WJKS-TV and afternoon drive on WPDQ-AM. It was then that Bishop L.E. Willis of Norfolk, Virginia based WILLIS Broadcasting learned of his engineering talent and added him to his team as Director of Corporate Engineering. Mike’s directive was to build and acquire radio stations for Willis Broadcasting across the U.S. As Mike flourished in the broadcast industry he became a much sought after engineer for other networks such as Denver, Co based International Broadcasting Network and WORD Broadcasting. Mike acquired his first radio station in Virginia Beach, WCKO-AM. As WCKO began to grow, Mike was positioned to acquire three additional stations. His stations included WOBS in Jacksonville, Fl, WMIR in Myrtle Beach, SC and his first FM station in Virginia Beach, VA. WFMI-FM has been subsequently recognized as one of the best gospel stations in the industry. Mike and a small group of REJOICE Musical Soulfood Network affiliate stations’ owners and investors acquired the network from Walt Disney/ABC Radio Networks in 2005. Mike later acquired the network from his partners and grew the network to over 40 affiliate stations all over the U.S. The Next Big Step - Taking Over the Airwaves Multi-media conglomerate Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) had been very aggressive in acquiring TV stations over the years. They had 155 low powered TV stations of 50,000 watts or less that they gave away to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) who facilitated the sale of the stations for 10 cents on the dollar. Most were transferred to minority owners but not all buyers were faith-based. TBN said their gifting of the stations was just the right thing to do. The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving equal opportunity and civil rights in the mass media, telecommunications and broadband industries, and closing the digital divide. MMTC is generally recognized as the nation’s leading advocate for minority advancement in communications. They strongly believe that the breathtaking changes in communications technology and the new global forms of media partnerships must enhance diversity in the 21st century.

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Mike Chandler (concluded) Mike Chandler acquired three of the 25,000-watt stations from TBN with locations in Virginia Beach, Hampton and Myrtle Beach called Rejoice TV. The stations programming is family and faith based with family friendly movies, TV series, and game shows for the entire family. The official launch will be May 1. With both radio and TV entities, the company will be able to cross promote Rejoice TV with Rejoice Musical Soulfood Network, which will place Rejoice on a broader national platform. Mike states, “ Our plan is that once we perfect what we are doing, we will launch a national faith based network.” Mike is fortunate to have a friend of 23 years who is partnering with him and they have done several projects together buying broadcast properties. They are currently in negotiations with an FM station in Jacksonville, Florida and anticipate closing the deal within the next 30 days. Once the current stations go digital, they will have 12 stations available on the network. Each regular TV channel can be split into four giving Rejoice TV four stations each in Myrtle Beach, Hampton and Virginia Beach. Mike says, “The beauty of this is that with low powered TV, people without cable can pick up the programming.” Rejoice TV is teaming with The Parables TV Network and My Family TV Network for programming. They are currently building a team to work the stations. Sales will be handled by a national broadcaster as well as a Dallas-based company will be handling affiliate acquisitions and sales. Mike’s current goal is to increase to 100 radio stations within the next twelve months, which will double the current number. He credits no one but Jesus and being in the right place at the right time. Rejoice Musical Soulfood was not an easy journey and it kept him up nights and on his knees. Three years ago with the tight economy, the company had a decrease in revenue of 50%. “God has kept us,” says Mike. “We continued to grow in spite of the economy. “ Mike Chandler’s Words To Kingdom Builders “We have to become owners. We in the faith-based industry have to do something to recapture our airwaves. We need to own our own record labels, distributorship, TV stations, etc. and that is what I am trying to do. I decided to become an entrepreneur 15 years ago because I saw then how important it was to be an owner. We have to change our mindset. Our goal is to finish high school, go to college and get a job. I believe that there should be a paradigm shift to finish high school, college and start a business. We have to become consumers and become producers. It’s hard but we should persevere. It is absolutely necessary. If we don’t own anything and we have to go buy something, we’re making them rich. Any mid-size church should be using mass media to evangelize to spread the gospel to the uttermost part of the earth. I encourage folks to incorporate a spirit of excellence and make a significant impact to the kingdom, what ever your skill set.” The Continuation Mike Chandler is the President of REJOICE TV, LLC television broadcasting company. He is also President and CEO of the REJOICE! Musical Soulfood gospel music radio network. Mr Chandler is also co-owner of the multi-STELLAR Award winning gospel radio station REJOICE 100.9 WFMI-FM in Virginia Beach, VA and Elizabeth City, NC. Mike’s hands-on style of management will find him anywhere from addressing technical and programming issues to flying all over the country to do public relations for the network and for affiliate gospel radio stations. Mike continues his zeal to keep the Gospel spreading across our great nation. That zeal has led him to many churches and events as a passionate advocate of the Gospel Music & Ministry via radio. He continues to be a much sought after speaker and teacher in broadcast and Christian arenas. To learn more visit his website at or via email at or call 757 490-9364. Now you have The Connection. Let’s help Mike take back our airwaves.

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“Deal Or No Deal” by Zack Reynolds, Jr MAJOR RECORD LABELS LOOKING FOR TALENTED MALE AND FEMALE VOCALISTS TO ADD TO EXISTING ROSTERS! READ BELOW FOR INFO ON HOW TOAUDITION… Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, let’s discuss the realities of what a statement like this actually means in 2011. Start a conversation with a savvy, independent artist today while using the words “record” and “deal” in the same sentence and you may get a response like “No thanks”, “I’m good”, or “How about… NO?” However, one shouldn’t be so quick to turn down such a potentially lucrative opportunity right? Please continue. The label’s sole purpose is to create and sell records. Their staff is focused only on saturating the market with their artist roster. They’re responsible for doing all the work so the artist can focus on doing what they do best: being an artist. How could this possibly be a bad idea when the label agrees to provide the upfront capital to finance all recording and promotional expenses? Oh, and let’s not forget about the other 1,000 things involved in the process of taking an artist from “undiscovered talent” to “international superstar”. Well, there’s actually one small, tiny problem with this arrangement. The artist (insert “your friend’s’ name here) has to pay for this. I know what you’re thinking. “What do you mean the artist has to pay for it, when you just said the label agrees to provide the upfront capital?” Precisely. You are correct. However, the key words are “agrees to”, which imply there’s a written agreement to be enforced. All these items and many others that I don’t have room in this article to mention are considered “recoupable expenses” according to record deals. If you’re familiar with how artists get paid, you’ve probably heard of artist royalties. It’s a great concept in theory. The problem is you won’t see any royalties until expenses are recouped. Superstars typically have the greatest chance of repaying the label and becoming profitable via a loyal fan base and the incredible touring demands involved with releasing a new project. Furthermore, the current climate of the industry proves labels aren’t making as much money because music connoisseurs are more apt to buy singles today if they don’t like the entire project. This translates to less revenue for labels, which means fewer royalties for artists. So what types of deals are being offered today? One type is the 360-deal, a.k.a. “Multiple Rights Deal”, which is becoming the modern standard for today’s artist that signs on the dotted line. It’s an agreement that allows the company offering the deal to receive a percentage of everything the artist is involved with including revenue from album or track sales, ticket sales, merchandising, and even ventures such as books the artist writes and movie appearances. The flip side to having a record deal is remaining independent and functioning as the label. It’s a lot more responsibility, you need a lot more music business education, and you have to pick up the tab. The good news is that the only one recouping is you. You decide how much to spend and who will receive the funds. You’ll never be put on the backburner, allowing you to release product whenever you’re ready because you’re the number one priority. Having a successful independent campaign also makes you more attractive to the “majors” and gives you more negotiation power if offered a deal. So, what’s an unsigned or aspiring artist to do? The easy answer is to do what’s best for you. Remember, no one will ever believe in you quite like you do. Deal or no deal you ask? That’s for you to know and me to find out!

Zack Reynolds, Jr. is the co-founder of MoRey Entertainment, along with his wife Christal N. Reynolds. He is an emerging songwriter, producer, and music industry consultant based in North Carolina.

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The “Magnificents” of the World -

A View of RaSheem “Kilo” Pugh

Many people are highly intelligent and can pick up a book to learn how to do most anything; however, there are those unique and distinctively different individuals who have a divine, supernatural gifting beyond comparison that is rooted within their souls and within every fiber of their being. I call them the “Magnificents”. They can be found throughout the globe just doing what they love to do until someone like RaSheem “Kilo” Pugh comes along with an eye and an ear to see and hear the “Magnificents” of the universe. Most are unknown, yet they are the true artists that have been planted by God throughout the world. They can be found in every race, every culture, amongst the rich and more often amongst the poor. Grammy award winning artist, RaSheem Pugh is one of those “Magnificents” in his own rights. Although his career has lauded him to work with some of the top performers in the music entertainment industry such as Lauryn Hill, Dante Thomas, Faith Evans, and the list goes on, RaSheem has always had a love for visual arts. http:// A New Jersey native son, RaSheem recently moved his family to the Piedmont Triad in Greensboro, North Carolina. When asked why Greensboro, RaSheem responded with a statement that depicts his character of a loving and caring family man. He wants his sons to experience the atmosphere of a small town where people speak to each other and can be in an environment that provokes them to excel. Plus in partnership with the Carolina Arts Council in Greensboro, RaSheem is able to pursue his vision to showcase unknown visual artists. Birth of Save the Arts Foundation Realizing that sculptors, painters, architects, photographers, and graphic artists see the world with a different eye, RaSheem fed the desire within him to showcase them to the world by producing the first Save the Arts Awards Show. The show connects art genres and builds a bridge of communication between artists, galleries, museums, art collectors and art lovers. It is his desire for Save the Arts Foundation to be the focal point in the world for acknowledging visual artists. World renowned Galleries and Museums are contacted to nominate three of their favorite domestic and international artists in the following categories: painters, sculptors, and photographers. Architectural Institutes nominate their favorite architects in the same manner. The artists and architects who receive the most nominations from the participating Galleries, Museums, and Architectural Institutions are the recipients of the prestigious Save the Arts Awards which include: the Quintessence Award, the Arts Museum Choice Award, the Arts Gallery Choice Award, the Grand Architect Award, and the People’s Choice Award. The Future Save the Arts Center The Annual Save the Arts Awards Show is produced to raise funds to cover construction costs and future operating expenses for the Save the Arts Center. Once the center is completed, future funds raised from the annual awards show will be used to pay for arts education programs and equipment. The Save the Arts Center is a place where youth of all ages can learn to appreciate the wonderful gifts of art expression in all forms. The Save the Arts Center is to become an environment where learning experiences in the arts will help youth develop discipline, problem-solving and communication skills while at the same time fostering creativity and team building that helps to increase self-esteem; all important foundations for success in school, employment, and personal relationships. Follow RaSheem on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Myspace.

Interview by Dr. Francene Hash, TCP Magazine Assistant Editor in Chief –

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Mrs. Rosa Belle Penny - Our Centurion of the Raleigh Triangle Area, Aunt Rosa The world has Mrs. Rosa Parks who in 1955 by refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama, inspired the Montgomery bus boycott which was the event historians call the beginning of the modern Civil Rights Movement. In the Raleigh Triangle Area, we have our own Rosa – Mrs. Rosa Belle Penny. She is a 106 year old phenomenal matriarch who has seen it all, experienced it all, done it all, and is a living, walking, history book. From family matters, to grass root political movements, to both rural and urban community changes, to economic recessions, and beyond, she can tell this generation how it was, what it felt like when she saw the first television, when she saw the first man on the moon, when the stock market crashed in the 20’s, the music, the theatres, the pageantry, the arts, presidential inaugurations, assassinations, computers, technology, and more. Can you imagine how many artifacts, momentous souvenirs, and keep-sakes are in her possession? What a life! What a story! Mrs. Rosa Penny is the first 106 year old with whom I have ever spoken. Anything she has to say would perk my ears to listen with great anticipation. She comes from a breed of survivals who weren’t afraid of hard work. Her parents were farmers who produced such crops as tobacco, cotton, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, and potatoes. While tobacco, cotton, and cucumbers were sold for family income, other products were used and preserved for home use and provided food for their family from one season to the other. Her family also raised their own livestock. Mrs. Penny, who is also affectionately called “Aunt Rosa”, attended church during her early childhood in Chatham County and later joined Hanks Chapel Christian Church as a youth. She taught Sunday School there for many years. In the early 60’s, Mrs. Penny received word from an aunt who lived in Raleigh, that someone was looking for a person who could work for them. She recalled that she was eager to come to Raleigh, however, before she could leave home, there was a large snowstorm and by the time she was able to get to Raleigh, the job had been filled. Although a little discouraged, she continued to seek employment until she eventually found a job. Aunt Rosa told that even though she was nearing ‘Old Age’ in her life, getting married was the last thing on her mind. That remained true until she met Simon (now deceased), who changed her mind and became her husband and the love of her life. Upon relocation to Raleigh, she joined Maple Temple United Church of Christ where she has remained a member throughout the years and is the oldest living member there. Although Mrs. Rosa Penny’s steps may be a little slower, her eyes a little dimmer; she is still active, prepares her own meals, cleans her own apartment, and takes care of her own finances. This lady is sharp as a tack and is a living example of faith and love. We salute Mrs. Rosa Penny, ‘Aunt Rosa’! by Dr. Francene Hash, TCP Magazine Assistant Editor in Chief –

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The Birth of Quartet Headz!!

by Jon Montague

Embracing social media, I started a group on Facebook with the purpose of reaching out to unite, preserve and advance Quartets. I named it for a slang term used in Quartet circles for someone such as myself. We are referred to as “Quartet Headz”. The vision for Quartet Headz is to foster a discussion on how Quartets missed the boat in technology advancements, to unite and share information, and to connect Quartet Headz all over the world. The vision will expand not only to include Facebook, but into an online community with a blog, discussion forum, online radio station and Music Store. Growing up in Raleigh North Carolina in the 1980’s, some of my fondest memories were of Sunday afternoon Gospel singing programs. Whether it was a building fund program at a local church or an anniversary program, the cornerstone of these gospel singing programs was good ol’ quartet singing. The spirited, high energy delivery of the message was as moving as it was exciting. I remember Labor Day weekend concerts presented by the Late Brother James Thomas featuring Willie Banks and the Messengers, The Highway QC’s and The Swanee Quintet at the Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Raleigh. These great gospel singers would belt out songs that my brother, cousins, and I would try and emulate later at home. Over the years, concert attendance started to decline. In the late 1980’s, the shift in radio programming and ownership, combined with corporate interests buying into gospel music, somehow hid quartets from public view. Corporations like McDonald’s sponsored the “McDonald’s Gospel Fest”, a predecessor of Verizon’s “How Sweet the Sound”. Infusing gospel radio with the much needed advertising revenue gave a face on television to gospel music; however, Quartets were still left out. Quincy Jones and Oprah Winfrey began long term relationships with the Winans and other artists. These relationships continued to fuel gospel music’s rise to a bona fide mainstream genre peaking with Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin crossing over into the play lists of R&B and even Hip Hop stations. This advancement was great for Gospel Music but it still left some wondering, “Where are the Quartets”? Now in 2011 with record companies, radio stations and the entire entertainment industry scrambling to figure out its place in the world of new technology, old promotional and distribution systems have been nullified by the ease of access to everything on the internet. So I looked at this and realized that not only is this a good climate, but it is an opportunity for everyone who will take the time to embrace 21st Century technology. Being actively involved in writing and performing in Quartets for close to 20 years, if there is one thing that I fully understand is that Quartets connect with their audience and supporters on a personal level that is unrivaled. Quartet supporters are diehard. Now, through the internet, we hope to connect the artists that are lesser known with new audiences with a personal experience empowered with information about the artist, where their music can be purchased, and where they can catch them in concert. Quartet Headz will keep you posted here at TCP Magazine on the status of the Quartet industry. We have lost several of the Quartet legends in recent years and it has left Quartet Headz wondering where is the new generation of Quartets like the Williams Brothers and Lee Williams to carry on the rich history going to come from? To this question, I say keep an eye on Youtube. Remember Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube.

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Promoting Online by Warren Caldwell How to do it the correct way from the start. Recently, I received the following question from a relatively self-aware subscriber of my twitter page ( The question was, “How do I get my music blog out there (as it is fairly new) and make it accessible to my friends without looking like the pretentious over the top promoter and try to make them realize that my taste in music and judgment in music is worth the listen? I thought that was a good question for the music blogger, but I also thought it was good for online and independent radio stations that are trying to grow their listening base as well as their business base. Putting aside the fact that said capital-letter averse typist has decided to start a music blog in this overly saturated world we call the Internet, what we’re really talking about here is the delicate art of self-promotion. If you want to earn eyeballs, buzz or cash dollar bills for something you’ve dreamed up, using social media is pretty much a must (and a topic taken on by plenty of writers before me). “Self-promotion is an art, not a science, because it takes a bit of instinct and talent to tiptoe across the tightrope between tooting your own horn and sprinting down the street at 6 a.m. There are some basic principles and laws of physics that underlie every successful feat of balance. Keep these highlights in mind to publicize the heck out of your Etsy store/new pottery studio/music blog/band/esoteric literary journal essay/whatever without annoying potential fans. Start with the low-hanging fruit, I’m talking about your family, those apple-cheeked acquaintances who, through genetics or just low standards, seem to care about you. Send a carefully pruned list of contacts a polite e-mail informing them of whatever you’re orbiting your PR campaign around. Proofread the dang thing. Now proofread it again. (‘Cause you know, nothing says “Don’t take me seriously” like a terribly written ad or blog.. Ask recipients to check your site out and either give you feedback or let you know if there’s someone helpful they could connect you with. People are much more likely to engage if you give them a specific to-do, rather than just a “Hey, my new online zine exists!” notification. Only reach out when you have something to say. Are you on any online mailing lists? And how do you feel about their happy little droppings in your inbox? Gmail’s new Priority Inbox even sifts out those non-urgent newsletters from actual missives. But a funny thing happens when you yourself are thinking about starting a newsletter. “It’ll be the best thing in everyone’s mailbox!” you’ll think maniacally. “It will be clever and fresh and interesting. Everyone will love it!” NOT!!!!!! Face-slap from reality: If nothing interesting happens biz-wise in a given seven-day period, then for goodness’ sake, don’t have a weekly e-newsletter. Just pick a realistic schedule, or only update fans when you have news or a discount to offer them or something. Be upfront in each mailing about how often you’ll bomb their inboxes and please, please make those e-newsletters unboring -- include super links, use your trademark satirical droll tone. Thank your fans. This is a smart tactic. Be a connecting force. Be sure that your fans know you care that they support….. And at the end of the day you will receive the results..

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Bishop Leroy McKenzie, the visionary for Faith City Youth Ranch, wants to take kids out of the juvenile correction system and teach them useful trades, organic farming, how to have healthy relationships with others and many more life skills that will help them lead happy and successful lives. Bishop McKenzie has 14 non-denominational churches in the southeast that share his vision along with his Board of Directors. Recently, the Bishop started a regimen of Essentials through Akea, a dietary supplement that has changed his life forever. He credits Akea with giving him his life back after substantial weight loss, increased energy and a much healthier blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Financial benefits that he receives from Akea are benefiting the Faith City Youth Ranch. Dr. M. O. Harrison, Board Member for Faith City Youth Camp has this to say: “I’ve been working with children with behavioral problems for nearly 10 years. I have observed a lack of service to nurture the soul and spirits of our young men and women. I believe the vision of the Youth Ranch will provide a tremendous benefit for this needy population. The biblical function will serve to cultivate a sound work ethic that will encompass the resilience they need to overcome the challenges they have experienced in life.” The organization is looking for partners and philanthropists to help with this endeavor. Quarterly events will be held on the site and entertainment is needed. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of our youth, please contact Faith Assembly Christian Church at 919 687-2763.

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