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Form No. 2-7



I declare that I meet the following requirements: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)


, 2011.

I am a Canadian citizen; I am or will be on general voting day, age 18 or older; I have been a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before today; I have been a registered owner of real property in for at least 30 days immediately before today; ; I am not entitled to register as a resident elector in I have not registered as a non-resident property elector in relation to any other parcel of real property in ; I have received the written consent of the majority of individuals registered as owners of the real property to be registered as the non-resident property elector for this property (if applicable); and I am not disqualified by the Local Government Act or any other enactment from voting or am not otherwise disqualified by law.

Full Name (surname)


Residential address


Mailing address


Last 6 digits of social insurance number

(given names in full)


Birthdate day/month/year /


Address or legal description of the real property


If name changed since previous registration, give former name in full


Signature of applicant

(9) (10)


Signature of witness Residential address of witness

(11) Please complete the attached “Non-Resident Property Elector Consent Form”, if applicable. (12) ELECTION OFFICIAL USE ONLY – Registration on Voting Day Nature of documents produced for identification of person making this application: 1. 2. See form completion instruction on the reverse.

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The form must be completed in ink. Pencil is not acceptable.

(1) You must meet the requirements in this section in order to register as a Non-Resident . Property Elector in (2) Print applicant’s surname and given names in full in block letters here. (3) Print the address, municipality and postal code of applicant’s residential address. (4) Print mailing address. (5) This is information required pursuant to the Local Government Act. (6) Print the street address or legal description of the applicant’s real property in relation to which the applicant is registering. (7) This information is to identify persons who have had a name change since the last election and who were on the list of electors. (8) Applicant must sign here. (9) A person who was present when applicant signed his/her name on line (8) must sign here. (10) Witness’ address here. (11) You must attach the “Non-Resident Property Elector Consent Form” if the land title registration of the real property in relation to which a person is registering under this section indicates that there is more than one individual who is the registered owner of the real property. The person registering must do so with the written consent to the number of those individuals who, together with the person registering, are a majority of those individuals. (12) If person is registering at the time of voting, 2 pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity are required.

Section 52, 56 and 57.1

RDOS Electoral Application  
RDOS Electoral Application  

(surname) (given names in full) (8) Signature of applicant (9) Signature of witness (4) Mailing address (3) Residential address (10) Residen...