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: March ’98

Campus Style

Dorm decor contest sparks creativity

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Spring cleaning inspires students to rearrange their rooms. Every week, Features Editor Jane Bowden hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories. With spring season just around the corner, students often feel inspired to clean out their closets and rearrange the decorations in their room for a change of scenery. In a March 1998 issue of The Signal, a reporter wrote that two students won The Signal’s “Cool Room Contest” after decorating their dorm with a couch and 10-foot, plastic bat. Amy Lopez and Lois Harper think they have one of the coolest rooms at The College of New Jersey. And now, after winning The Signal’s “Cool Room Contest,” they have proof. Lopez said that she entered the contest after seeing it advertised in The Signal. She remembers thinking, “Damn it, this room is pretty cool. Everybody likes it.” The rest is history. Some of the more notable features of the New Residence Hall room include a 10-foot plastic bat, a couch the roommates claim has an almost magical, sleep-inducing power and, of course, the presence of an imaginary cow. When asked about the origin of the cow, the two girls were somewhat uncertain. However, Harper seemed to think it all went back to one night when she mistook

the wind outside for a cow’s “moo.” Also in the room is a poster of Harper’s rendition of an angel gone bad. The poster originally depicted a couple of angels leaning on their elbows and looking toward the sky. However, the poster was slightly damaged while being stored, and now the angel, in the words of Lopez, “looks like it’s smoking a joint!” People “call (the room) ‘heaven and hell,”’ Harper said. After being in the room for more than two seconds, it’s not very hard to see why. Perhaps the most interesting design aspect of the room is the inadvertent contrast between the roommates’ decorating styles. Lopez’s section is Gothic. There is a black cat and bat garland, as well as miniature black trees. “For me, Halloween is everyday,” Lopez said. Harpers’ choice of decor is the opposite. Aside from her deformed angel poster, which blurs the line a little, her side is far lighter and happier than Lopez’s. The roommates signed up for the same room two years ago, hit it off and have lived together since. Sadly, however, this semester will mark the end of an era for one of the coolest rooms on campus.

Lions’ Plate

Left: Tuck your shirt into your skirt to show off your figure. Right: Infinity scarves add style and warmth to your look. By Danielle Silvia Columnist

As we journey deeper into the winter months, there have been a few days of warmer weather that have made me excited for spring. Before we know it, sunny skies and fresh air will be here, and if you’re anything like me, you sometimes struggle to find cute outfits as the seasons begin to change. When you clean out your closet this spring, be sure to keep these simple but key versatile pieces in mind for those days that are freezing in the morning and boiling by noon. 1. Stylish skirts. Skirts are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe because they can be worn every season. Personally, I prefer short skirts with flared edges. However, pencil skirts are coming back in style too, and they are perfect for a professional event or just enjoying a nice spring day. If it’s still a little cooler out, you can wear a pair of tights underneath. Whatever type of skirt you wear, you can tuck in your top completely or leave it half tucked in, which are great ways to compliment your figure.

2. Infinity scarves. Infinity scarves hold a really special place in my heart because they remind me of my grandmother. I really fell in love with infinity scarves because of the versatility they offer. They are perfect for a casual spring day and can add layers to your look. Some of my favorite ways to loop infinity scarves include braiding, crisscross or a loose knot. Infinity scarves come in many colors and patterns that can be incorporated into any outfit to add some extra style. No matter the weather, scarves are a fun way to keep your fashion up to par. 3. Open-toed shoes. After an arduous winter, your feet will be itching to jump out of your socks. Not only is this an ideal time to get a pedicure, but you can jazz up your style this spring with open-toed shoes. You can wear sandals or high heels –– anything that lets your feet breathe and that matches your outfit choice. I have a pair of chunks that I wear all the time in the spring. Having open-toed shoes in a staple color such as black, brown or dark blue are essential for putting together quick spring outfits.

Special Cinnamon Bedtime Drink

Left: Sprinkle cinnamon on top of warm milk for added sweetness. Right: This drink is perfect for cozy winter nights. By Shannon Deady Columnist

Whenever I had trouble sleeping as a little girl, my mother’s special trick was to give me a glass of warm milk before I went to bed. As I got older and moved off to college, the number of late nights either studying for an exam


or hanging out with friends threw off my regular sleeping patterns. Soon enough, I became a night owl who had trouble sleeping any time before midnight. To combat restlessness on early nights in, I always whip out this recipe of my mom’s perfect bedtime drink. Because I have sworn off cow’s milk,

I replaced the main ingredient with my favorite unsweetened vanilla almond milk as a substitute, and I tweaked it by adding cinnamon and a drop of sugar for a sweeter and richer taste. I have found it to be the perfect simple drink to share with roommates before bed on a cold February night. It can

also be made in a microwave instead of stove-top for those who live in dorms. Makes: 1 cup Ingredients: -1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond or vanilla soy milk -1 teaspoon cinnamon -1 teaspoon cinnamon sugar


Stove-Top Directions: 1. Pour vanilla almond or soy milk into saucepan, and add cinnamon and sugar. 3. Cook mixture on medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring until ingredients are mixed. 4. Pour mixture into favorite mug. 5. Let cool for 5 minutes. 6. Drink before bed, and enjoy!

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The Signal: Spring '19 No. 4  

The 2/20/19 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey's student newspaper

The Signal: Spring '19 No. 4  

The 2/20/19 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey's student newspaper