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Students show Lions pride at Spirit Week

Ashton Leber / Features Editor

The College welcomes students and alumni for Homecoming.

Every week, Features Editor Ashton Leber hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories. Each year, alumni and current students at the College gather for the most anticipated event of the year — Homecoming. The various events of Spirit Week 2017 began on Oct. 17, and prepped students around campus for the excitement of the football game that took place on Oct. 20. Lot 4 was filled with delicious food, music and games for all ages to enjoy. Alumni come back to relive their time in college for one day of the year. In 2001, Spirit Week had Greek organizations around campus participate in week-long competitions, similar to the events of Spirit Week today. Lions spirit for one week. It’s blue and gold, pride for the College, pride among alumni and pride for one’s team. While many students were away on fall break, Spirit Week 2001 The Magical World of TCNJ, began on Sunday, Oct. 22. Participating organizations took part in a week-long competition to show their Lions pride for the weekend’s homecoming festivities by competing in different events where each team is themed as a Disney movie. The Toy Story team, Delta Phi Epsilon sorority and Sigma Pi fraternity, were the overall champions, scoring 228.5 points, edging out Beauty and the Beast team, Kappa Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma with 227. Sigma Pi fraternity brother Keith Ritson was also named the homecoming king, and Dana Tsivikis, member of the women’s rugby team, was crowned homecoming queen. Homecoming began with a canned food

drive, which collected more than 3,500 cans for The Crisis Ministry Center in Trenton. On Monday afternoon sneak a preview was held, followed by pool events in Packer Hall that night. On Tuesday were the powder puff football and cheerleading competition (renamed the Tim Asher Cup after the founder of homecoming) and a tailgating where many of the participants enjoyed hoagies and snack. The finale for homecoming week was the football game and the parade on Saturday. “Homecoming is just fun,” said sophomore Mariano Pellegrino. “It’s a party.” Homecomings of the past have said to be too competitive. Some of the participants of the past have also been criticized for poor sportsmanship. This year’s spirit week was competitive but students were in much greater spirit. While the fraternities, sororities minority organizations and freshmen are usually the organizations that take part in spirit week, club sports, rugby and the ambassadors represented some of the organizations aiming to win the Lions spirit award. This year’s homecoming was combined with the alumni reunion weekend. The College’s alumni were invited back to enjoy the weekend festivities. The class of 1951 celebrated its 50th anniversary and about 2,000 alumni returned to support the Lions at the homecoming game. Mike Curry, director of alumni affairs, felt that “(homecoming) was highly successful and it was neat to see the alumni come back.”

The Culinary Club Presents...

By Julia Dzurillay Columnist

Sometimes, lunch on the go means a bowl of half-cooked ramen noodles from the C-Store. I remember being a freshman and feeling guilty with each bite of Kraft Easy Mac I scarfed down. But no need to fear unhealthy eat-

Left: Over-the-knee boots return as a popular fall trend. Right: Fauxfur coats are comfortable and stylish. By Jillian Greene Columnist It’s hard to believe Halloween is right around the corner, especially when this weather makes me believe we’re still stuck in September. In just one day, we can experience three different seasons. In the morning, I walk to class bundled up in my winter jacket. Around lunch time, it begins to feel like spring weather with temperatures reaching the mid ’70s. Before you know it, it’s dinner time and it finally feels like fall. Not only am I confused, but so is my wardrobe. The leaves are falling off the trees, regardless of the spring-like temperatures. As I’ve packed away most of my summer clothes, I’m wondering if that was the right thing to do. This weather frustrates me, as I’m sure it does for many others. Walking to class freezing in the morning and coming out only to start sweating is not ideal for anyone. My fashion advice to you

is to layer up — it’s the only way to be comfortable in this weather. You can’t go wrong with a short sleeve T-shirt or tank top and a zip-up. These past few days, I’ve seen students across campus in a variety of outfits ranging from boots, all the way to sandals. Before you know it, we’ll all be in our fall clothes — some of us wishing for warmer weather back and some of us loving every second of it. Although I adore my fall and winter boots, I can do without the cold weather. This fall, we’ll be seeing some new and old trends in the fashion world. Always remember that fashion comes full circle, so if you’re wondering about your clothes from last fall, I can guarantee you they will be “in.” There’s no need to go shopping and break your bank for new fall clothes. We’ll be seeing lots of fringe, faux-fur, oversized flannels and, of course, the classic overthe-knee boots. Once the weather starts to get chillier, what will you be wearing?

: Easy mason jar salads

Lions Plate

Mason jar salads are great on the go.


dessert, try making a mason jar parfait with layers of yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. When you’re done, rinse and fill the mason jar with water, lemon, cucumber and mint to cleanse your body. If you’re looking for something sweet to bring to class, blend a milkshake with one part milk, two parts cookies and cream ice cream and a little chocolate syrup. Think outside the jar! Flickr

ing anymore, because the Culinary Club is here with a healthy alternative: mason jar salads, a quick and easy meal for anyone on the go. Most of these ingredients can be found in Eickhoff Hall or in the C-Store, which is perfect for any student on a budget. If you’d rather have a healthy snack for

Black beans Corn Shredded cheddar cheese Ranch dressing

Directions: 1. Wash the vegetables and cut them, as desired. 2. Add dressing to the bottom of

the mason jar first to avoid making the leafy vegetables soggy. 3. Add a desired amount of each ingredient to a mason jar, leaving the leafy vegetables, (such a lettuce or spinach) at the top. Screw on the lid. 4. Keep salad refrigerated until needed. Enjoy!

Tomato and mozzarella salad ingredients: Cherry tomatoes Spinach Bocconcini Basil Balsamic vinaigrette dressing Southwest salad ingredients: Romaine lettuce Cherry tomatoes Crushed tortilla chips Avocado

Fresh fruit makes for delicious smoothies.


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The Signal: Fall ‘17 No. 8  

The 10/25/17 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper

The Signal: Fall ‘17 No. 8  

The 10/25/17 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper