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Special Edition

The Silver Lining:

Honoring a Legend

Dr. Earl Williams

The Silver Lining: Special Edition

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Dr. Earl Williams

Dr. Earl Williams was truly a pillar for Thomas County and surrounding areas. As pastor of Second Presbyterian Church in Thomasville, he utilized his strong foundation and faith to propel him to greatness in numerous capacities. In many areas, he was the first!     

Dr. Williams was the initial motivator behind The Salvation Army’s Can drive. Through his leadership, Thomas County Middle School continues to donate thousands to the cause each year! This year, our grand total was over 8,000!

1st Black Mayor 1st Black Commissioner 1st Black Principal (Thomas County Central Middle School) 1st Black to play on U.S. Marine Corp Baseball traveling team 1st Thomas County principal to successfully produce record breaking can drive numbers

Volume 1, Issue 5

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There used to be a popular saying about a certain basketball superstar that stated, “I want to be like Mike.” Our students never got the opportunity to live during the time of Michael Jordan’s greatness, nor do they reap many benefits from his accomplishments. For that reason, our students have started a new slogan that focuses more towards our community, “I want to be like Dr. Earl!” After watching Thomasville Today’s video on Dr. Williams, students discussed how his goals and life experiences were similar to theirs. Dr. Earl Williams was also a great man, and our community continues to reap numerous benefits from his achievements over the years. He dared to dream, put his faith in action, and overcame obstacles with grace and compassion. His niece, Ms. Pamela Cloud, stated that “He loved people, especially children and senior citizens. [A combination of] education, discipline, and love was the key to his success.” As we celebrate Black History Month, we salute a true humanitarian. Let us follow in his footsteps to strive for excellence as we attempt to live each day with Hustle & Harmony!

#BE LIKE DR. EARL! Dr. Earl joined his church! I joined my church! Austin D. Neveah Kemia Selena T.C. Takeva Hannabelle

Dr. Earl was in the Marines! I want to join the Marines! Caleb Heaven Gavin Roger Casyn Jaiden Doc

Math was difficult for Dr. Earl! Math is difficult for me! Emma Bradley Maddison Steven William Cole Essence

The Silver Lining: Special Edition

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Dr. Earl survived an accident! I survived and accident! William A.J. Roger Emily Jahmai Kenyada Tommy Sania

Dr. Earl played basketball & baseball! I play basketball & baseball! Tia Austin Stephen Jaiden A.J. Roger


Dr. Earl was a principal! I want to be a principal! Hayley Jahmai

Dr. Earl went to college! I want to go to college! Jakayla A’Leriah Zach Grace Robert Ty’won

Ms. LaToya Crawford’s interview

Dr. Earl had surgery! I had surgery! Ka’Mya Lorenzo Emma Bradley Keileigh Maddison

Dr. Earl was the Mayor of Thomasville! I want to be the Mayor of Thomasville! Bernard Madelyn Jaylen Jahmai Emily

Volume 1, Issue 5

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The Legacy Continues... Ms. Pamela Cloud, TCMS 8th grade teacher, is the niece of Dr. Earl Williams. The leadership and compassion for our community that Dr. Williams displayed continues to flow through her as she works to develop young minds throughout our region. Ms. Cloud sponsors several clubs and organizations throughout the region including FCA and ASCEND. She is always willing to support others and lend a helping hand. Thank you for your dedication.

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The Silver Lining: Special Edition

After returning from the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, students celebrated by reflecting on Dr. King’s dreams. They have witnessed how one person’s dream can impact a nation. In class, the students were challenged to develop dreams for the world, their community, our school, their families, and themselves. One group of young ladies asked if they could speak to our principal, Mr. Jamie Thompson, about their dream. They created a proposal and eagerly presented the information. We are proud of them for putting their dreams in action.

Volume 1, Issue 5

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The Silver Lining: Special Edition

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My dreams for my world...

Sean Kaylie Grace Cole Sania Emma Austin Casyn Bradley Fabian Ta’Nia Cam Tommy Kattie Madelyn Paige

World peace Get along with other countries Sin and hate will disappear and everybody go to heaven To make it peaceful To find missing children That people will clean and recycle That the Falcons win the Super bowl There was no racism End world hunger No bullying Crimeless Violence calm down Peace To be equal Peace To help people

Volume 1, Issue 5

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My dream for my community...

Al’yriah K. Garland Hailey Mary Allison Nadia Efren Thomas Emma Jaylen Essence Leslie Selena Casyn Keileigh Maddison Jaiden Sania Doc Skylar

Stop littering Have more places to go like the Fun Station Have more places for the elderly to have fun To have a beach That there was no highway A basketball goal A pool More stores To do more together To get along Make the streets cleaner More restaurants To have good neighbors A mall Starbucks A slime store More jobs Stop gun shooting No more crime Freedom

The Silver Lining: Special Edition

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My dream for my school... Emanuel Cam Allison Emily Samantha Ty’won Tommy Mahayla Medelyn Hailey Lorenzo

A big water slide P.E. for 2 hours No homework Free time everyday No bullying More options for classes A pool No dress code French class Chick fil a lunch Playground Leslie Austin Selena Eeman Maddison Sam Emma Matthew Skylar A’leriyah Kaylie

More exploratory classes Gymnastics More breaks A gaming class Phone free More sports Shorter school day Ice cream Game room Everybody make Honor Roll A volleyball team

Volume 1, Issue 5

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My dream for my family... Steven Kaylie Alex Treasure Doc Skylar Thomas Jay Jaiden Nevan T.C. Kemia Williams Neveah Antwan Samantha

Nobody hurt or sick Get a pool Always get along Go out to eat every Saturday To be more church like To get rich Spend more time doing things together To have more dinners together To go on vacation To be strong and healthy More time together would be ideal More vacations Dad have more days off Spend more time together Go to Disney World To see each other more often Other dreams‌ To have my own room That we love each other again No divorce For dad not to burn the food again For mom to cook To be peaceful towards each other 10+ (go on vacations) 10+(spend more time together)

The Silver Lining: Special Edition

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My dream for myself...

Tia Leslie Jahmai Jakayla Heaven Hailey Jaylen Nadia Ta’Nia Ty’won

Become more responsible Become a welder Play basketball in NBA Get rich and move to Las Vegas To be a better person To have all A’s and get along with my sister Be a football player and get that money To better myself and make good choices Achieve my goals Be a VERY good athlete Emily Hailey Pascal Emanuel Zhyria Diego Steven Casyn Emily Essence

To be a gamer To get along with my sister Get a car Be a professional soccer player To work harder Be rich and help people To meet Kodac Black To be a professional baseball player To become a singer Become a track runner

Volume 1, Issue 5

Second Nine Weeks Honors Assembly

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The Silver Lining: Special Edition

Volume 1, Issue

3rd Nine Weeks Mid-HONOR ROLL STUDENTS Eeman Dangi Emanuel Fabian-Marquez Hannabelle Fulgencio Lindsey Hiers Tommy Hires Oliver Perez Barrios Essence Wright Ashton Anderson Eric Ariciaga-Flores Nayeli Badillo Kattie Ty’won Christopher Selena Clark Austin Dyrcz Hailiegh Hathcock Tyler Laidman Neveah Lilly Emma Nicoll Kaitlyn Owsley Jeffrey Richardson Leslie Sadler Allison Scott Austin Stocker Emma Homesley Gabriel King Grace King Alex Poppell Sean Siddell Cole Snead Hayley Law Tia Floyd T.C. Cone Jaiden McLendon Paige Samantha Fowler Wyatt Kuhns

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The Silver Lining: Special Edition

Volume 1, Issue 5

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Spelling Bee Champ Hannabelle Fulgencio

1st Place-Sixth Grade 3rd Place – District

(For District)

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The Silver Lining: Special Edition

Volume 1, Issue 5

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Vocabulary Bowl: 2018

We have MASTERED Over 14,000 words!

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The Silver Lining: Special Edition

Vocabulary Kings & Queens

Each King and Queen received FREE M&Ms! Over 40 packs given away this year!

Volume 1, Issue 5

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The Silver Lining (Special Edition)  

Honoring Dr. Earl Williams

The Silver Lining (Special Edition)  

Honoring Dr. Earl Williams