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Инвеститор "АРТЕКС Инженеринг" АД Архитект "АРТЕКС Проект" ЕООД

Multifunctional Building AGAPEO AGAPEO brings us to one of the most well-connected spots in Sofia: mere meters away from the Mladost 1 metro station, with the added benefits from the generous gift of the nearby mountain – a healthy climate. You can live with joy, create, and do business in this multi-purpose building. It is furnished with apartments, studios, stores, offices, and underground parking

Конструктор "Структо" ООД, инж. Борис Христов Първанов Изпълнител "АРТЕКС Инженеринг" АД

lots. Their space offers flexibility and no compromises have been made with size. These are the living conditions you dream of, and the conditions to turn your dreams into reality! The charming AGAPEO building employs its name to remind about the most important ingredient of happiness: love. This ancient Greek verb provided ARTEKS ENGINNERING with the inspiration for a home which will surround its inhabitants with love, will offer them a world

Investor Arteks Engineering

Constructor Strukto

Architect Arteks Project Ltd

General contractor Arteks Engineering

of light, warmth, and tenderness. The ten-story building is ephemeral, seemingly weightless with the glass-clad facade which both reflects the sunlight and lets it inside. It catches the eye and turns into a symbol of its environment. AGAPEO is a symbol of unconditional love, passion, and yearning – the feelings which inspired and empowered the spirit of ARTEKS’s team from the first sketches of the design, through the construction stage and until

the point when the gossamer world of warm feelings materialized and illuminated the essence of this one-of-a-kind building. The team’s enthusiasm, the exceptional attention to every detail, and our full dedication and responsibility allowed ARTEKS to provide this opportunity for families to turn the building into their home and gift them what is most precious.


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Списание "ГРАДЪТ" - брой 6, 2018 г.  

Списание "ГРАДЪТ" - брой 6, 2018 г.

Списание "ГРАДЪТ" - брой 6, 2018 г.  

Списание "ГРАДЪТ" - брой 6, 2018 г.

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