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My psoriasis treatment worked


ORE than 80% of people with psoriasis are embarrassed by their condition. That’s according to recent research from, which showed that psoriasis has a dramatic and lasting impact on people’s lives, potentially affecting their ability to pursue careers, educational opportunities and relationships. For Kevin Carthy, 28, psoriasis showed up just as he made the transition from primary to secondary school. “From the age of 13 to 18, the psoriasis was on my scalp, so it was hidden by my hair and didn’t bother me too much,” says Kevin, a singer and wedding organiser with Dublin Gospel Choir. “But, at 18, it broke out, became red and inflamed and showed up on my face, legs, arms, back, chest, groin and joints, and even under my nails,” he says. Not surprisingly, his confidence was dented, despite the solid support of family and friends. “I wouldn’t go out that often, because people would look at me and I felt they saw a skin disease before they saw me. When I did gigs with the choir, I would leave the room to change my shirt, because I didn’t want people seeing me. It was the same on sun holidays, I’d wear a T-shirt and go for a swim at the quiet part of the day, when the beach was less busy,” he says. Kevin’s story is similar to that of thousands

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ACTIVE LIFE: Kevin’s previous shyness has been replaced by a busy social life.

MOSTLY MEN with psoriasis, according to the research from the Psoriasis Association of Ireland and Abbott. It also highlighted that 85% of Irish respondents felt their psoriasis negatively impacted on their enjoyment of life. Specifically, two-thirds cited a negative impact on their social life and relationships. Kevin was lucky. His mother had psoriasis, so he had lived with the condition as a child and she helped him to stay positive through different treatments. “I tried every cream and therapy, including light therapy, and none of them worked for me,” he says. When he was 22, he had a breakthrough, finally, when, after visits to numerous specialists, a dermatologist diagnosed him with psoriatic arthritis within five minutes of meeting him. That diagnosis turned Kevin’s prognosis around. Biologic treatment for this arthritis worked wonders. A biologic is a protein-based drug produced from living cells cultured in a laborato-

ry. While traditional systemic drugs affect the entire immune system, biologics target specific parts of the immune system. “Within two weeks, the psoriasis was totally gone, it was unbelievable. I had just been expecting that my joints would settle down, but this was brilliant,” he says. Today, Kevin happily goes swimming and to the gym and lives life to the full.

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A RECENT survey by hygiene expert Milton has revealed that one in three people in Ireland don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet. This leads to the spread of viruses, such as norovirus, rotavirus, colds and flu. All of these infectious viruses have a common enemy: clean hands. “To protect yourself, and your family, from picking up or passing on germs and viruses, it is important to be

thorough about hygiene,” says Dr Rosemary Leonard. “Keep your hands clean, and free from bacteria, by frequently washing them with soap and water, and using an alcohol-based hand disinfecting gel containing a minimum-stated 60% alcohol or ethanol, when you are out and about. Germs lurk on hard surfaces and fabrics, so make sure your house and work area is kept as clean as possible.”

■ Free copies of the new psoriasis patient information booklet can be obtained by writing to Psoriasis Uncovered, 15 Fitzwilliam Quay, Dublin 4, by email to, or by telephone at 01-6188408. ■ For information on the campaign visit:

DId you know...

At least 15% of strokes in Ireland are misdiagnosed

Source: Irish Heart Foundation

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Feelgood 15-01-2010  

Feelgood is a health and wellbeing supplement published by the Irish Examiner every Friday.

Feelgood 15-01-2010  

Feelgood is a health and wellbeing supplement published by the Irish Examiner every Friday.