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FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2013

Cllr ashamed at arrest for alleged drink-driving By PADRAIG HOARE A MIDLETON town councillor, and favoured candidate to be the town’s final mayor, has said he is “ashamed beyond beliefâ€? after being arrested on suspicion of drink-driving. Sinn FĂŠin councillor Pat Buckley, DERYH was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving last Sunday morning and taken to Midleton Garda Station, where he gave a blood sample. He is awaiting the results, which could take up to a month to be returned. Cllr Buckley said he would now have to seriously consider whether or not to put his name forward for mayor at Midleton Town Council’s AGM next Tuesday. It is the final time a mayor will be elected in Midleton before town councils are abolished after the local elections next year. â—? Continued on P2.

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Munster star Simon Zebo, with the famous Sydney Bridge in the background, relaxes ahead of his debut for the Lions tomorrow. See Evening Echo Sport for more. Picture: David Davies

Dublin criminal hides in Cork Told by gardaí that his life is in danger A DUBLIN criminal hiding in Cork because of fears for his life is suspected of carrying out a series of burglaries in the city. The criminal has been living on Cork’s southside in recent months because he cannot return to Dublin after being told that his life is under threat from criminals in the capital. The man, who is in his early 30s and

By ANN MURPHY Security Correspondent

has convictions for burglary and aggravated burglary, has been identified by gardaĂ­ in Cork as a suspect for recent burglaries in the city. He fled from Dublin last September after an associate was shot on the South Circular Road in Dublin. GardaĂ­ told him after that shooting that

his life was in danger and he left the capital just days after. He moved to Tipperary, however it is believed that he also fled there after Shane Rossiter was gunned down in his home when he answered a knock on his door. It is believed that he knew Mr Rossiter. It was initially thought the Dubliner was the target in the hit, but that was later ruled out.


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