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master your grill handmade beef burger Prep Time: 10 min.

Total Time: 25 min.

Makes: 4 burgers

1 1⁄2 lbs (750 g) lean ground beef 1 egg 3 tbsp (45 mL) Sensations by Compliments Whole Grain Dijon Prepared Mustard 2 tbsp (30 mL) Sensations by Compliments Roasted Garlic Seasoning Paste 1 tbsp (15 mL) Compliments Worcestershire Sauce 1⁄4 tsp (1 mL) salt 1⁄2 tsp (2 mL) pepper

PER SERVING (1/4 OF THE RECIPE): 610 calories, 48 g protein, 27 g total fat (9 g sat. fat), 155 mg cholesterol, 41 g carbohydrates, 1 g fibre, 5 g sugars, 1,100 mg sodium Combine ground beef, egg, mustard, garlic and Worcestershire sauce in a large bowl. Mix until just blended, then shape into 4 large patties. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use. Pre-heat barbecue to medium-high. Season patties with salt and pepper on both sides, then grill with lid closed for about 10 min., flipping once.

taste of


Sensations by Compliments Whole Grain Dijon Prepared Mustard

OccasionsIFC_Sum2013.indd 1

Sensations by Compliments Roasted Garlic Seasoning Paste

Compliments Worcestershire Sauce

Find this and other recipes at

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Summer | 2013


occasions Occasions is a premier food and drink magazine published by Transcontinental Media for NLC and is intended for the enjoyment of Newfoundland & Labrador consumers. Publication Director: Greg Gill, NLC Food & Drink Editor: Mark DeWolf Editorial Board: Rob Simms – VP Sales and Marketing, NLC Greg Gill – Director, Marketing and Communications, NLC Vicki Young - Category Manager, Spirits / Beers, NLC Blair Boland – Category Manager, Wines, NLC Erin Brennan - Special Events Coordinator, NLC Mark DeWolf – Food & Drink Editor, Transcontinental Group Publisher TC Media: Fred Fiander Sales Manager: Sue Kosloski Account Executives: John Eagles, Mark DeWolf, Annie Langley Food & Drinks Editor: Mark DeWolf Art Director: john eaton Advertising Coordination: Meaghan Ferdinand Photography: Perry Jackson Food Stylist & Props: Mark DeWolf Contributing Writers: Mark DeWolf, Steve Riley, Andrew Facey, John Nowlan, Sandra Nowlan Copy Editor: Lori Covington

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Inside Welcome Undiscovered Treasures Drink of the Season Themed Celebration Beer Basics Featured Interview Q & A With Andrew Facey Liquid Lexicon Tasting Menu Mixology Restaurant Spotlight Grape Expectations Last Bite

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On the Cover On the Cover Nothing says summer more than an ice cold beer such as Corona Extra. Enjoy it straight out of the bottle, with a wedge of lime, or mix it up a bit by adding some Clamato juice and Caesar spices. Find our recipe for a Canadian Michelada in our Drink of the Season feature on page 8.


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WELCOME | The Summer Issue

let’s have some

Summertime! Bigger is Better The best parties require a minimal amount of preparation and fuss. This summer we’re recommending a number of pitcher drinks that deliver lots of flavour but can be prepared before guests arrive. When the party gets going, all you have to do is add ice and serve. Find our pitcher drink recipes in our Mixology feature on page 44. Inspired by Our Ocean, Lakes, Rivers and Streams We’ve been inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, our lakes, rivers, streams and the bounty of local ingredients to create a summer tasting menu highlighting fresh seafood. NLC’s Sommelier and Senior Product Knowledge Consultant, Andrew Facey, and Occasions’ Food and Drink Editor, Mark DeWolf, have selected a wine to match with each. Enjoy the recipes in our Tasting Menu feature on page 38.


Occasions Summer 2013

The Mediterranean Grill Outdoor grilling occasions don’t have to be filling or fattening. We’ve taken our cue from the diet of those living in regions along the Mediterranean coast. While the flavours are Mediterranean, most of the ingredients can be sourced from local farmers. When collecting your groceries for this or any outdoor celebration this summer, make a point of buying local. Find the recipes in our Themed Celebration feature on page 11.

Going Gourmet with Beer Take the dinner party outside this year. With our tips for beer and food pairings, all you have to do is light up the barbecue, fill a cooler with ice and a selection of new beers now available at NLC Liquor Stores. Find our tips and few easy beer friendly recipes in our Beer Basics feature on page 24.

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Mary Pratt, Salmon on Saran, 1974. Oil on Masonite, 45.7 x 76.2 cm. Collection of Angus and Jean Bruneau

MAY 11 – SEPTEMBER 8, 2013

MARY PRATT Renowned Newfoundland and Labrador artist Mary Pratt will be celebrated in a 50-year retrospective exhibition that will open at The Rooms in May 2013, then tour Canada until January 2015. A project by The Rooms and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage, Museums Assistance Program.

When you appreciate art. When you crave creativity. When you’re happiest being inspired, challenged, even surprised. There’s one place where your spirit can truly soar: The Rooms. Find out more today at | 709.757.8000 | 9 Bonaventure Ave. | St. John’s, NL

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Concha Y Toro Marques de Casa Concha Pinot Noir (Chile, $23.49)



“Savoury, herbaceous and silky smooth.” Enjoy slightly chilled with grilled salmon.

These ‘Undiscovered Treasures’ have us dreaming about summer entertaining.

Dreaming Tree Chardonnay (California, $20.47) “Like drinking apple pie. Creamy, spicy and lots of roast apple flavours.” We’re dreaming about this wine with some barbecued chicken. Lab Red (Portugal, $15.49) “Ripe berries and plum flavours and a hint of spice in the finish” This unpretentious red likes unpretentious flavours. Grilled sausages anyone?

Apothic White (California, $18.47) “Floral, spicy, fruity and impressively smooth.” Who needs food? This wine just needs some company.

Santa Margherita Chianti (Italy, $22.99) “Tastes like cherries and berries and finishes with lip smacking acidity.” This all-purpose red wine can be drunk with just about anything.


Occasions Summer 2013

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Hop City Barking Squirrel (473 ml, Ontario, $3.81)

Tempt No. 9 Cider Strawberry & Lime (330 ml, Denmark, $2.74)

“Nutty, caramel malt flavours and a little dry hop bite in the finish.” It may only be a squirrel on the packaging but this beer has a hoppy bite.

“Apples, strawberries and lime. Enough said.” We’re tempted to enjoy this one anywhere sunny.

Apothic Red (California, $18.47) “Sweet aromas and jammy fruit flavours” Great on its own and even better with ribs with a sweet barbecue sauce.

Guinness Black Lager (6 x 330 ml, Ireland, $14.85) “Roasted malt and coffee notes yet surprisingly smooth and easy to drink.” Set out some smoked salmon and enjoy this beer.

Breezer Spritzer Lime (330 ml, Ontario, $3.28) “Citrusy and spritzy.” Cottage anyone? A great summer’s day refresher.

Corona Extra (12 x 330 ml, Mexico, $26.19) “Light, fresh and thirst quenching.” All this beer needs is a cooler full of ice and a wedge of lime.

Breezer Real Jus Ruby Red Grapefruit (4 x 355 ml, Ontario, $13.62) “Tastes like ruby red grapefruit juice with a kick.” Let’s sit on the porch with this one and let the day pass us by.


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summer CANADIAN MICHELADA We’ve added a Canadian twist to Mexico’s classic beer cocktail by incorporating Clamato juice. Serves 1 Ingredients 1 lime, juiced 2 oz Clamato juice Dash Tabasco Dash Worcestershire 1 Corona Extra (12 x 330 ml, $26.19) Sea salt Directions 1. Rim a glass by wetting the rim of the glass with a lime wedge and inserting into a bowl or plate full of sea salt. 2. Place the lime juice, Clamato, Tabasco and Worcestershire in the glass. 3. Fill with Corona.


Occasions Summer 2013

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FOOD | Themed Celebration



GRILL The Mediterranean diet has become synonymous with a healthy approach to living. The cuisine of Greece, Southern Italy, Southern France and Southern Spain relies heavily on vegetables, fresh herbs, fish, poultry, olive oil and wine. These foods provide inspiration for an outdoor barbecue featuring dishes that are lighter than classic North American barbecue staples, but no less flavourful. As for the wine; you don’t have to open a big red to go with these dishes. Do as they do in Southern France and enjoy a chilled rosé. A number of delicious rosé wines, from both sides of the Atlantic, are available at an NLC Liquor Store near you.

Here are just a couple to look out for at NLC: Casal Mendes Rosé (Portugal, $11.18) Skinnygirl California Rosé (California, $14.98)

Grilled Sweet Potato with Hazelnut Pesto


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FOOD | Themed Celebration



Mediterranean GRILL

Grilled Fennel Serves 8-10 Ingredients 2 bulbs fennel, washed, fronds removed ¼ cup olive oil 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar Salt & pepper to taste 1 lemon, cut into wedges

Directions 1. Slice the fennel bulbs lengthwise into ¼inch thick slices. 2. Brush the fennel with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and season the slices with salt and pepper. 3. Place the fennel slices over medium heat. Close lid of the barbecue and cook for 5 minutes per side. 4. Serve the fennel warm and accompanied with lemon wedges. A squeeze of lemon juice helps balance the natural sweetness of the fennel.

Editor’s Tip: Grilling or roasting fennel brings out a wonderful sweetness in the vegetable and subtly subdues its powerful anise flavour. You can grill the fennel ahead of time. When ready to serve, place the fennel on a non-stick baking sheet and warm in the oven for 4-5 minutes at 400 F˚ .

Grilled Fennel 12

Occasions Summer 2013

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FOOD | Themed Celebration

Balsamic Marinated Grilled Mushrooms

Balsamic Marinated Grilled Mushrooms

Grilled Sweet Potato with Hazelnut Pesto

Serves 8-10 Ingredients

Serves 8-10 Ingredients

3 tbsp garlic, minced 2 tbsp fresh thyme ½ cup olive oil ¼ cup balsamic vinegar 6 large Portobello mushrooms, stem, gills removed Crumbled goat cheese for garnish

½ cup hazelnuts, ground 1 clove garlic, minced 1 ½ cups tightly packed basil ½ cup Parmesan, grated 1 tsp lemon juice Salt & pepper to taste ⅓ cup olive oil 3 large sweet potatoes, washed, sliced (¼-inch slices) 4 tbsp olive oil

Directions 1. Combine the garlic, thyme, olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a bowl. 2. Add the mushroom caps and marinate for up to an hour. 3. Grill the mushrooms over medium-high heat for 5 minutes per side. 4. Slice and serve with crumbled goat cheese.

Directions 1. Place the first six ingredients into a food processor and pulse 4 or 5 times until combined. 2. With the motor running slowly add the olive oil until a rough paste forms. 3. Brush the sweet potatoes with the Editor’s Note: remaining 4 tbsp of olive oil. Season with These grilled mushrooms have a great affinity salt and pepper. with goat cheese. Consider serving slices of toasted baguette and crumbled goat cheese on the side.

4. Grill the slices of sweet potato over medium-high heat for 3-4 minutes per side. 5. Serve accompanied with the hazelnut pesto. Editor’s Note: You can have some fun with the pesto accompaniment. A classic basil pesto works, but you can also try substituting walnuts for the hazelnuts, or mixing up the herbs. Try using a portion of watercress or arugula instead of the basil to give the pesto a peppery spiciness.

Roasted Tomatoes with Mozzarella Serves 8-10 Ingredients 5 firm tomatoes, halved, seeds removed Sea salt & pepper to taste 4 tbsp olive oil 2 cups fresh mozzarella, roughly torn 10 large basil leaves, chiffonade (sliced in thin strips) 13

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FOOD | Themed Celebration Directions 1. Place the tomato slices, cut side up, on large pieces of foil. We recommend 3 to 4 tomato halves per piece of foil. 2. Season the tomatoes with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. 3. Fold up the foil to create a tight package. 4. Place the foil packages on top rack of barbecue set to medium-high heat. Roast for 15-20 minutes. 5. Carefully remove the foil packages and, using oven mitts, cut open with scissors. Watch that the escaping steam does not burn you. 6. Carefully transfer the roasted tomatoes to a serving platter and top with equal amounts of fresh mozzarella and basil. Roasted Tomatoes with Mozzarella

Now Available

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FOOD | Themed Celebration Editor’s Tip: This works well as a component of an antipasto plate. You can also try roasting cherry tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and a touch of smoked paprika for a Latin inspired accompaniment to barbecued steak.

Grilled Zucchini Strips Serves 6 Ingredients 1 cup balsamic vinegar 3 medium zucchini, sliced lengthwise (¼-inch thick slices) ¼ cup olive oil 2 tbsp rosemary, finely chopped Salt & pepper to taste

Directions 1. Place balsamic vinegar in a pot and reduce over medium-high heat. When the balsamic has reduced by two-thirds, remove the pot from the heat and let cool. It should be a thick syrup. 2. Brush slices of zucchini with olive oil and season with rosemary, salt and pepper. 3. Grill the zucchini slices over medium heat for 3 minutes per side. 4. Place the zucchini on a serving platter and drizzle with balsamic syrup. Editor’s Tip: Leftover balsamic syrup can add a punch of flavour to salads, is wonderful drizzled over sautéed mushrooms or can even be drizzled over strawberries for a unique dessert.

Grilled Zucchini Strips

BAREFOOT MOSC ATO SKU# 9229 $ 12.47 Barefoot Wine and Bubbly has its roots in sponsoring local charities. For the past twenty years, we have been actively involved in helping various not-for-profit organizations and charities from the arts to environmental groups to educational organizations. Pouring more than 500,000 glasses of wine at over 600 events each year, we’ve been stepping it up and helping to put the “fun” back in fundraising.

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FOOD | Themed Celebration Grilled Vegetable Salad Serves 8 Ingredients 2 cups grilled sweet potato, roughly chopped 2 cups grilled fennel, roughly chopped 2 cups Portobello mushrooms, roughly chopped 2 cups roasted tomatoes, roughly chopped 2 cups grilled zucchini, roughly chopped 8 basil or mint leaves

Directions 1. Transform your vegetable antipasto into a colourful salad. Start by roughly chopping your grilled vegetables. 2. Place a layer of roasted tomatoes on the bottom of jar.

Grilled Vegetable Salad

The original Pinot Grigio


3. Add a layer of mushrooms, a layer of sweet potatoes, a layer of grilled fennel and a layer of grilled zucchini. 4. Garnish with a basil or mint leaf. 5. Accompany the salad with really good extra virgin olive oil and high quality balsamic vinegar and let guests add it to their salad as desired. Editor’s Tip: Another fantastic jarred accompaniment to a Mediterranean-inspired feast is marinated mozzarella. Simply place pieces of fresh mozzarella in a jar and fill with herbs such as rosemary and thyme, add a few squeezes of lemon juice and top with olive oil.

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FOOD | Themed Celebration Grilled Greek Chicken Serves 8 Ingredients 8 boneless chicken breasts, scored 4 tbsp rosemary, chopped 8 cloves garlic, minced Âź cup olive oil 1 tbsp caper juice (liquid from a jar of capers) 4 lemons juiced, zested 3 tbsp capers Pepper to taste

Directions 1. Combine the rosemary, garlic, olive oil, caper juice, lemon juice and zest in a large, non-reactive bowl. 2. Add the chicken and toss; refrigerate and marinate for 3 hours. Grilled Greek Chicken

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FOOD | Themed Celebration

Salad Niçoise 3. Remove the chicken from the liquid and season with pepper. 4. Grill over medium-heat for 8-10 minutes per side. 5. Remove the chicken and serve. Top each breast with a teaspoon of capers. Editor’s Tip: Score the top of your chicken breast before marinating it to help the flavours infuse.

Salad Niçoise Serves 8-10 Ingredients 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 shallot, minced 1 tbsp dried oregano 1 tbsp anchovy paste ⅓ cup red wine vinegar ¾ cup olive oil Salt & pepper to taste 1 ½ lb red potatoes, quartered, boiled 2 lb green beans, trimmed, steamed 1 small red onion, thinly sliced ½ cup Niçoise olives (If you can’t find Niçoise olives, substitute any black olive. Nicoise Olives are available at most Superstore or Dominion locations in Atlantic Canada.)

8 plum tomatoes, quartered 8 hardboiled eggs, shells removed, cut into quarters


Occasions Summer 2013

Directions 1. Place the Dijon, shallot, oregano, anchovy paste and red wine vinegar in a bowl. 2. Slowly whisk in the olive oil; season with salt and pepper. 3. Add the rest of the ingredients, except the eggs, to a bowl. 4. Add enough vinaigrette to the bowl to just cover the vegetables and gently toss. 5.Divide the salad amongst bowls and top each with the remaining boiled eggs. Editor’s Tip: Traditionally this salad would have tuna in it. We’ve omitted it as we intend it to be a side dish for the chicken. Transform this into a main course by adding grilled tuna.

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OYSTERS B E S T O R D E R E D I N M O N T H S that contain the letter ‘R’ and always best when local,

bracingly fresh and shared with the table. Sauces and garnish are a matter of personal preference but are best used sparingly. When accompanied by an icy shot, straight up, oysters are a wildly delicious way to satisfy the cocktail hour. FACEBOOK.COM/GREYGOOSE

Enjoy Responsibly


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FOOD | Themed Celebration

Greek Yogurt and Seasonal Fruit Parfait Serves 8-10 Ingredients 6 cups Greek yogurt 1 cup honey 6 cups seasonal fruit Mint for garnish

Directions 1. Combine the yogurt and honey in a bowl; mix well. 2. Place ¼ cup of the fruit in the bottom of a parfait glass and top with ¼ cup of the yogurt mixture; repeat until all the fruit and yogurt is finished. 3. Garnish with fresh mint. Editor’s Tip: Another interesting twist to this dish is to substitute fresh figs for local fruit. Add toasted nuts and you have another wonderful dessert recipe for your repertoire.

McGillicuddy’s Raspberry Liqueur (Ontario, $25.69)

Add a little fun to summer festivities with Dr. McGillicuddy’s Raspberry. This fruity schnapps delivers a fresh blast of raspberry aromas and sweet berry flavours. Blend it with fresh fruit and ice for a cold and refreshing summer cocktail.

Sensations by Compliments Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena This flavourful balsamic vinegar is produced by slowly reducing the grape must allowing carmelization to occur, giving it a much smoother finish. It is a must try for salads, grilled vegetables, grilled meats and fish. Sensations by Compliments Aged Balsamic Vinegar $4.69 Available at most Sobeys Stores

Greek Yogurt and Seasonal Fruit Parfait


Louise Sutton

Experience Newfoundland & Labrador

‫ﱾﱽﱼﱻ‬ 20

The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art

Jillian Waite

We carry some of the most important rising national and international artists living and working in Eastern Canada. The works range from realism to emotionalism to abstract symbolic work. We carry paintings, prints, and sculpture. We rent to buy, will do private consultations, and will ship anywhere. The gallery prides itself on its relaxed atmosphere and welcoming social and informative environment. 6 Clift's-Baird's Cove, off Water Street, St. John's, NL (709) 722 7177

Occasions Summer2013


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Canadian Club® Canadian Whisky Cocktails, 6% Alc./Vol. ©2013 Canadian Club Whisky Company, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada.

MX-CCW3507-RTD-OccasionsMag-fullpage-NL indd 1

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BEER BASICS | Gourmet Pairings

Going Gourmet with Summer Beer

Who doesn’t love entertaining outdoors with a cooler full of beer? With the new selection of beers available at NLC Liquor Stores this summer, no matter how gourmet the food, there is always a perfect beer pairing. When pairing beer with food, follow some simple principles and you’ll find a great match. Here’s a few tips to making the most of your summer food and beer pairings. • Light-bodied beers pair well with light food. Serve a crisp Pilsner with crudité or a lime flavoured Lager with tortilla chips and salsa. • Full-bodied beers pair well with fullflavoured foods such as barbecued meats.


and Food Pairings

A hearty Stout is a great match to smoky ribs or even grilled game. • Flavourful beers should be matched with flavourful cuisine. That’s why India Pale Ales (IPA) which often boast intense hop aromas and flavours are great matches to Indian cuisine. Try a hoppy IPA with grilled lamb chops rubbed with tandoori paste. • Sweetness in your food should be matched with a similar level of sweetness in your beer. Likewise, tart flavours in your beer (often found in traditional wheat beers) should be matched with a similar level of tartness in your food. Try serving a tart wheat ale with seafood enhanced with a citrus component Occasions Summer 2013

or with a summer salad. Alternatively, try a sweeter style of Stout or Porter with chocolate. • Treat hops much like tannins and acidity in wine. Hoppier beers tend to cut through the richness (the fat) of food. Try matching your favourite hoppy ale with a cut of meat with a little more fat content, such as grilled rib eye. On the following pages are a few of our favourite new brews available at NLC Liquor Stores and some summer food suggestions to go along with them.

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“Water makes the beer.” We can’t help but agree.

Made with pure 25,000 year old iceberg water.


Stella Artois Steamed Lobster

Melville's Strawberry Craft Lager This isn’t infused with strawberry flavouring. This is a real beer, made with real strawberries. Its refreshing sweet and tart balance make it the perfect pairing to a summer salad. Make your salad with fresh salad greens, sliced strawberries, toasted almonds, brie and a citrus vinaigrette and serve it with Melville’s Strawberry Craft Lager.

Stella Artois Steamed Lobster Stella Artois continues to be one of the world’s most-loved premium lagers. Its distinctive flavour and dry finish make it a great accompaniment to local seafood. Serves 4 Ingredients ½ lb butter 2 bottle Stella Artois 4 1-½ lb lobsters

Directions 1. Melt butter in a large stock pot. 2. Add 2 bottles of Stella Artois and bring to a boil. 3. Add 4 1-½ lb lobsters and cover pot. Steam for 12-15 minutes. .

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BEER BASICS | Gourmet Pairings

Grilled Citrus Shrimp & Bud Light Lime

Konig Lüdwig Weissbier: This classic wheat beer is a little spicy and definitely very citrusy. It makes a great pairing to grilled scallops served with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

Boris Lager Ooh la la! Who said, “the French only know how to make wine”? This light lager from Alsace has a slightly hoppy finish. Try serving this thirst quencher with grilled cod.

refreshing character of a lager. What could be better with smoked oysters or barbecued salmon?

Magic Hat No. 9 The brewery describes this beer as a “dry, crisp, not-quite pale ale.” It is definitely distinctive, and while it has a little hop character in the finish, it isn’t as dry as classic Pale Ales. This beer’s mix of sweet malt character and light hop flavours make it a great pairing to blue-cheese stuffed grilled pork tenderloin.

Guinness Black Lager You have to try this beer to believe it. It offers the coffee and toasty aromas and flavours of Guinness, but the


Waterloo Traditional IPA A good introduction to the IPA style, but not as intense in flavour as the Muskoka Mad Tom IPA. Try this one with grilled chicken lightly seasoned with Indian spices.

Occasions Summer 2013

Grilled Citrus Shrimp & Bud Light Lime This super-refreshing brew boasts the easydrinking taste of Bud Light with a splash of natural lime flavour. Serves 4-6 Ingredients 30 large shrimp, peeled, deveined 1 cup lime juice ½ cup cilantro, chopped 1 tbsp ginger, minced

Directions 1. Marinate the shrimp in the lime juice, chopped cilantro and fresh minced ginger for 30 minutes. 2. Thread shrimp on skewers and grill over medium heat for 2-3 minutes per side.

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NOW AVAILABLE in12-Packs and 6-Packs!

*4% alcohol by volume. †Per 341 mL serving. ®/MD Anheuser-Busch, LLC.

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BEER BASICS | Gourmet Pairings

Muskoka Mad Tom IPA

Fullers London Porter

This dry-hopped beer is a bold, fullbodied ale with vibrant hop aromas and a lingering citrus hop finish. Be bold: rub some tandoori paste over lamb chops and throw them on the grill. A Canadian-made beer modelled after a classic British beer style and matched with Indian ingredients. Call this global cuisine at its best.

This is the world’s most popular Porter for good reason. It simply abounds with rich chocolate and roasted malt flavours. Interestingly, it makes a good pairing to oysters, but we suggest finishing off your next outdoor dining occasion with a pint of Fullers London Porter paired with planked brownies. That’s right, you can cook brownies on the barbecue.


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Occasions NL Summer 2013 2_1-843422087_1-843396397.e$S_Layout 1 13-05-16 5:58 PM Page 30


Wolf Blass Aussie Wine Trends with Chief Winemaker By Craig Pinhey Wolf Blass Chief Winemaker Chris Hatcher has been at the same company for a quarter century - impressive in any business - and thus is intimately familiar with the ever evolving wine industry and its trends. One of the biggest trends in the wine industry, including in Australia, is the concept of “somewhereness”. That is wines that reflect their region of origin. These are often made in cooler climates that better express terroir. Hatcher and Wolf Blass have become leaders in this move, as they were with creating multi-regional blends decades ago. “The only luxury/premium wines we blend are our icon Black Label and our Yellow Label. All of our other premium and luxury wines are regional,” explains Hatcher. One of his favourites is their Platinum Label Shiraz. “It has always been a Shiraz from the Barossa,” he notes. “and since the 2008 vintage it has been from a single vineyard.” Other excellent Wolf Blass regional wines, available at NLC Liquor Stores, include the Grey Label Cabernet Shiraz from Langhorne Creek and their Gold Label line including Eden Valley Riesling, Adelaide Hills Chardonnay, Barossa Shiraz and Coonawarra Cabernet. Although Wolf Blass’s biggest selling wines are blends, Hatcher has always made wines based on origin. “I have only ever blended if the resultant wine was superior to the individual components,” he explains. 30

Occasions Summer 2013

Chris Hatcher The industry’s understanding of viticulture has improved dramatically, so that single vineyard and regional wines can stand on their own. “Today, with balanced fruit picked at optimum flavour profile and a great winery,” says Hatcher, “we no longer need to blend across regions in our premium and luxury wines.” As for working with the legendary Wolf Blass, Hatcher knows where he stands. “As I have been working at the winery for 25 years,” he offers, “I understand the styles that made the winery so successful, and I am very respectful of Wolf's opinions and success. However, I strongly believe we must continually evolve our wine styles and make them relevant for today.” “I am a good custodian of the wines,” he concludes, “because I am respectful of our past but continually look to the future.” Meet Chris Hatcher at NLC’s Wine Show. October 24th - 26th at the St. John’s Convention Centre

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From the Makers of Guinness, new Guinness Black Lager is a perfect combination of refreshing flavour and that distinctive Guinness character. The lager like no other.

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New for Spring! Please check for availability.

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Q & A WITH Andrew Facey Recently NLC hosted a wine show titled “A Taste of North America”. One of the highlights of this event was the presence of winemaker Norman Hardie, or Norm as most people call him, from Prince Edward County in Ontario. Norm was born in South Africa, but has been living in Canada since he was 14 years old. His life in wine has taken him around the globe numerous times. For many years he “chased the grapes”, so to speak, traveling from Burgundy to South Africa, then Oregon, back across the equator to New Zealand, and north again to California. He’s finally settling into his adopted home, Canada. These wine meccas where Norm had the opportunity to ply his trade have a common theme. They are without a doubt the best places in the world to grow Pinot Noir, which is known as a particularly challenging grape. Not surprisingly, Norm’s Pinot Noirs are some of the best that this country has to offer. In fact, his are some of the best being produced in the world today. Andrew Facey (AF): How did you get into the wine business? Norm Hardie (NH): I fell into it. I was 20 years old and living in France at the time. I enrolled in a French course at the University of Dijon. Being in Burgundy you can’t help but get caught up in the whole

wine thing. One course led to another, with the final result being me receiving my Sommelier certification from the university’s esteemed wine program. This is where my love affair with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay began. AF: What distinguishes your winery from others? NH: First of all, we are located in Prince Edward County, but we are an Ontario winery! By this I mean we source our grapes from PEC, as well as from the Niagara area. This enables us to get the best that each region has to offer. Even though we are considered a New World winery we use Old World techniques. We use indigenous (natural, ambient) yeasts, French oak barrels, as well as, as little sulfur as possible. To achieve these low sulfur counts we uniquely encourage our malolactic fermentation (malo) to happen in the spring. A long, slow malo that spans for months means that the juice sits sulfur free until late August or early September. AF: What differences might the unique regions where you source your grapes mean towards the final product in the bottle? NH: Our grapes from Niagara are grown in heavier clay soils, thereby giving a more robust, gutsier wine. Some might say our Pinot Noirs from Niagara are close to those coming out of the Côtes du Nuits in

Andrew Facey is NLC’s Sommelier and Senior Product Knowledge Consultant

Burgundy. This differs from our Prince Edward County fruit, grown primarily in limestone, which is viewed more in a Côte de Beaune style – more feminine and delicate. Although located rather close together, these two grape-growing regions offer unique conditions. Our winery is unique in that dealing with these separate areas we are faced with things like staggered harvest times for similar grapes varieties. This actually turns out to be a benefit as our winery is rarely jammed like others tend to be around harvest time. AF: What are your goals as a Canadian winemaker? NH: The wine industry in Canada is relatively young, and for this reason our possibilities are endless. Our cool-climate growing conditions combined with some of the best soils for grape-growing means that there is huge potential in Canada. We cannot be scared! Only about 2% of the world’s surface is covered in limestone. As we have learned from centuries of grape growing in Burgundy, limestone is ideal for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Our 33

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Q&A WITH ANDREW FACEY | Norm Hardie limestone also contains clay – even better for us! When only a small percentage of the 2% of the world’s limestone is found in suitable grape growing areas, and only a small percent of that has clay to boot, we must take advantage of this unique situation. The Norman Hardie Winery considers itself to be at the forefront of this movement – we want to help place Canada on the map as a producer of world-class Pinot Noir, as well as Chardonnay! We have a great opportunity for global recognition as a great producer of the cool-climate, Old World style of wine. AF: What grape varieties are you working with at your winery? NH: Since we are in what is considered a cool climate area we tend to focus on grape varieties that do well under such conditions. For this reason we have tended to focus on varieties that are found in Burgundy, and north of Burgundy. We use Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, of course, as well as aromatic grapes like Riesling and Pinot Gris from Alsace, and even a little Melon de Bourgogne (Muscadet) from the Loire


Valley. We have found that these varieties, combined with Old World techniques, produce the best results with what we have to work with. We also dabble with a second red variety. Our cool-climate conditions led us to either Gamay or Cabernet Franc. We chose the latter. If you get a chance check out what we are doing with Cabernet Franc – I am quite pleased with it!

It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Hardie. He is the quintessential wine personality. I highly recommend trying any of his wines as they all are amazing. His view that “everything starts in the vineyard” is spot on. I look forward to meeting him again and enjoying his wines at every opportunity that I am presented with. Cheers!

AF: There has been a lot of talk lately about the use of lees (dead yeast cells) in white wine production. What are your views on this? NH: Quick and simple, I leave my whites in contact with the lees. Picture the lees in white wine making as the veal bones in a veal stock. They give unique flavours and aromas, as well as texture. Our lees sit sulfur free during the long, slow, summer-time, malolactic fermentation. We don’t sulfur our whites until the bottling stage in September – this minimizes the total amount of sulfur in our wines. You can smell and taste it in the wines.

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The following wines from Norman Hardie are available at select NLC Liquor Stores. Norman Hardie Niagara Pinot Noir (Ontario, $45.32) Norman Hardie Riesling (Ontario, $31.60)

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LIQUID LEXICON | Rum Cocktails

RUM COCKTAIL GUIDE Rum has always been an important part of Newfoundland & Labrador’s cultural heritage, but never has the selection been so diverse. Look at the shelves and you’ll find everything from colourless light rum to dark rums almost opaque in colour. With an ever- increasing number of spiced, aged and flavoured options, NLC Liquor Stores are now a cornucopia of rum styles, each with its own cocktail utility.


Light Rum (also known as White Rum or Silver Rum) About the Style: Light rum is most often made using a continuous still, which allows the distiller to produce a large amount at once, but also removes many of the volatile aromas of the spirit. The result is a fairly neutral spirit with a distinctive sweetness. Suggested Cocktails: Light rums are best suited to cocktails such as those made with light fruit juices, light sodas or citrus fruits. A classic is the Mojito. Example: Bacardi Superior Rum (750 ml, $26.48)

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Amber Rum (also known as Gold Rum) About the Style: Amber rums gain their distinctive colour from oak aging, although some producers may enhance the colour with the addition of caramel. Wood-aged versions will have some sweet spice, smoky and vanilla notes. Many amber rums are of Spanish origin and tend to be less powerful than dark rums; especially those from the Demerara region. Suggested Cocktails: Amber rums are well suited to a variety of rum cocktails. Given their Spanish origin, many do well in classic Spanish cocktails such as the Daiquiri. Example: Havana Club Anejo Rum (750 ml, $27.18)

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LIQUID LEXICON | Rum Cocktails

Dark Rum

Flavoured Rum

Spiced Rum

About the Style: Dark rums gain their distinctive colour from aging in heavily charred wood barrels. The aging process provides colour as well as intense spicy and toasty, smoky notes. Many, especially those from the Demerara region, are made from molasses, which lends its flavour to the rum. These are bold and distinctive rums. Suggested Cocktails: The intense character of these rums should be matched by their mixing partners. Dark rums make a great base for flavourful rum punches, or pair well with the spicy notes of ginger ale. A classic is the Dark N’ Stormy. Example: Lamb’s Navy Rum (750 ml, $26.19)

About the Style: With such a wide variety of flavoured rums on the market, making a singular statement about the style is impossible. Invariably, these rums are quite sweet in style; intended to be used in cocktails and other mixed drinks. Quite often, they are lower in alcohol than others rums. Suggested Cocktails: The sky’s the limit with this category of cocktails. When mixing with these particularly sweet rums, it is often important to incorporate a tart element such as citrus juice keep them balanced. Example: George Street Spiced Rum (750 ml, $27.68)

About the Style: Spiced rums are the hottest trend in the rum category. The best are made from amber or dark rum bases. Some producers rely on caramel to provide colour. The most common additions are vanilla and winter spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, although some of the best producers use a complex ingredient list. Suggested Cocktails: These boldly flavoured rums need similarly rich mixing partners. The exotic spice notes do well with tropical fruit flavours. Try blending spiced rum with chopped pineapple, ice and a little coconut milk. Example: Lamb’s Black Sheep Spiced Rum (750 ml, $27.95)


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TASTING MENU Inspired By the Water - Trout & Salmon

by Andrew Facey with Mark DeWolf watering acidity cleanses our palate after each bite, making each subsequent mouthful taste like it was the first. The tart red fruit aromas and flavours in the wine act as the perfect foil to the richness of the dish. Be sure to chill this sparkler prior to serving. Newfoundland & Labrador has a long history of inland fishing. This edition’s Tasting Menu has been inspired by our history of fishing with dishes featuring salmon and trout. NLC’s Sommelier and Senior Product Knowledge Consultant, Andrew Facey, finds partners for these dishes with a selection of premium wines, while Occasions’ Food and Drinks Editor Mark DeWolf seeks out matches that also deliver great value.


Trout Paté Serves 6-8 Andrew’s Pick: Codorniu Pinot Noir Cava Rosé (Spain, $20.47) When in doubt, go with bubbles. With this dish I have chosen a rosé sparkling wine which makes this pairing not only tasty, but also aesthetically pleasing. The wine’s effervescence and mouthOccasions Summer 2013

Mark’s Pick: St. Hallett Poacher’s Blend (Australia, $16.48) St. Hallett Poacher’s Blend combines classic partners Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc with a dash of Riesling to great effect. It is undeniably fresh and lively with its citrus filled finish making a great partner to the fresh herbs and capers in the dish.

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Ingredients ½ cup red onion, finely diced 2 cloves garlic, minced ½ cup, red pepper, finely diced ¼ cup dry white wine 12 oz skinless trout filets, steamed, mashed Dash Tabasco ¼ cup dill, finely chopped 2 tbsp capers ¾ cup mayonnaise (homemade preferred) ¾ cup cream cheese, room temperature Salt & pepper to taste Baguette, sliced, toasted

Directions 1. Sauté the onion over medium-low heat until soft, add then add the garlic and continue to sauté for 30 seconds or until fragrant. 2. Add the pepper and continue to sauté for 1-2 minutes. 3. Add the wine and cook until the peppers are soft and the wine evaporated. 4. Place the trout, red onion and pepper mixture in a bowl. Add the Tabasco, dill, capers, mayonnaise and cream cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly. 5. Fill ramekins with the paté; refrigerate before serving. 6. Serve with slices of toasted baguette. Trout Paté


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Lemon, Salmon & Asparagus Pasta

Lemon, Salmon & Asparagus Pasta Serves 6-8 Andrew’s Pick: Mondavi Napa Valley Fume Blanc (California, $27.48) Two things stand out to me about this dish. It contains one of wine’s biggest enemies, asparagus, and the rich


creaminess of the dish. Both of these issues are easily dealt with when paired alongside a richer style of Sauvignon Blanc from California’s Napa Valley. Depending on the vintage, this wine will usually have anywhere from 6-10% Semillon added to give it additional weight and structure. The fact that much of this juice was fermented and aged in French oak barrels only serves to further increase the body of a grape variety that otherwise produces wines that are usually light to medium at best. This pairing will be amazing; I guarantee it.

Mark’s Pick: Arboleda Sauvignon Blanc (Chile, $18.47) I can’t think of any varietal more suited to this dish than Sauvignon Blanc. Arboleda’s mix of herbal notes, green fruit flavours and biting acidity not only match the flavour of the dish but cut through its richer elements. Ingredients 2 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, peeled, finely diced 1 clove garlic, minced 1 quart heavy cream

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TASTING MENU | Pairings fruit flavours and Pinot Noir’s classic seductive texture. There is ample acidity in the finish to make this a good food wine and a great partner to our Prosciutto Wrapped Salmon dish. Ingredients

Prosciutto Wrapped Salmon 3 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 tbsp lemon zest 1 ¾ lbs fresh fettucine 1 bunch asparagus, washed, cut into thirds 2 tbsp fresh dill, finely chopped 16 oz salmon filets (skins removed), baked, roughly chopped

Directions 1. Fill a large pot with salted water and bring to a boil. 2. Meanwhile, place a large sauté pan over medium heat; add the olive oil and onion. 3. Sauté until the onions are soft and translucent, and then add the garlic. Continue to sauté until the garlic is fragrant (approximately 30 seconds). 4. Add the heavy cream, lemon juice and lemon zest. Cook for 10-12 minutes. 5. While the cream sauce is reducing, add the fresh fettucine and asparagus to the pot of boiling water. Cook the pasta until al dente (about 3-4 minutes). 6. Drain the pasta and asparagus into a colander. 7. Add the pasta, asparagus, fresh dill and salmon to the sauté pan and toss. 8. Serve warm.


Prosciutto Wrapped Salmon Serves 6 Andrew’s Pick: Mud House Central Otago Pinot Noir (New Zealand, $22.82) This dish just screams Pinot Noir! Meaty fish, like salmon and tuna go great with this varietal. Add in the sautéed mushrooms which are the perfect Pinot “bridge” ingredient and now we have a match made in heaven. Central Otago is the most southerly point in the world where grapes are grown to make wine, and in my opinion one of only about six places in the world that should be attempting to make this variety. This wine is all about sweet red fruits and ripe plums. There is a little touch of spice to the wine which works well with the slight saltiness of the prosciutto. Mark’s Pick: SeaGlass Santa Barbara Pinot Noir (California, $15.49) This little Pinot Noir consistently wins best value awards as it delivers lots of red

Occasions Summer 2013

6, 6-oz salmon filets, skin removed ¼ cup goat cheese, crumbled ¼ cup sautéed mushrooms 2 plum tomatoes, seeded, finely chopped 1 tbsp fresh mint, finely chopped Salt & pepper to taste 1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp olive oil 6 long strips prosciutto

Directions 1. Preheat an oven to 400 ˚F. 2. Using a sharp paring knife, cut a 1-inch slit in each salmon filet. Create a cavity in the salmon, being careful not to pierce through to the other side. 3. In a bowl, combine the goat cheese, sautéed mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and mint. 4. Carefully fill each of the salmon filets with an equal amount of the goat cheese mixture. Season the salmon with salt and pepper. 5. Place a large sauté pan over medium-high heat and add the butter and olive oil. When the butter melts, add the salmon to the pan. Sear the salmon on both sides. 6. Carefully remove the salmon filets from the pan and place them across the strips of prosciutto. 7. Fold the prosciutto over the salmon and place the filets seam side down on the baking sheet. 8. Bake for 6-8 minutes. 9. Remove from oven and serve with seasonal vegetables.

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BEVERAGES | Mixology This summer we say bigger is better. Enjoy our pitcher cocktail recipes that are easy to make and even easier to serve.

Occasions’ Rum Punch

Pitcher Drinks

Serves 6 Ingredients


½ cup Lamb’s Black Sheep Spiced Rum (750 ml, $27.95) ½ cup Lamb’s Palm Breeze (750 ml, $25.99) 2 oz McGuinness Cherry Brandy (750 ml, $24.65) 2 oz Rosa’s Grenadine 1 ½ cups pineapple juice 1 ½ cups lime juice 1 ½ cups orange juice 2-3 limes, cut in wedges for garnish Maraschino cherries

Directions 1. Combine all the liquid ingredients in a pitcher; stir. Refrigerate until ready to use. 2. When ready to serve add the lime wedges and cherries; top with ice.

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The all new Lamb’s ® Black Sheep Spiced Rum. Now with a pure vanilla flavour. It’s as strong as it’s smooth.

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BEVERAGES | Mixology

Malibu Breeze Serves 4-6 1 cup Malibu Caribbean Rum (750 ml, $25.69) 1 cup lime juice 3 cups cranberry juice 3-4 limes, cut in wedges for garnish

Directions 1. Combine all the liquid ingredients in a pitcher; stir. Refrigerate until ready to use. 2. When ready to serve add lime wedges and top with ice.


Occasions Summer 2013

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Try Try a



AR RITTAS twist on MARGARITAS twi tw


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BEVERAGES | Mixology

Cool Melon Serves 8 ¾ cup Polar Ice Vodka (750 ml, $25.49) ¾ cup McGuinness Melon liqueur (750 ml, $21.69) 4 cups white cranberry juice ¼ cup lime juice 1 honeydew melon, cubed*

Directions 1. Combine all the liquid ingredients in a pitcher; stir. Refrigerate until ready to use. 2. When ready to serve add a couple handfuls of melon cubes or melon balls. *Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Cut the melon into cubes or make melon balls using a melon baller. Place in the freezer until ready to use. The melon balls will act as ice cubes.


Occasions Summer 2013

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SPOTLIGHT | Dining Out

Newfoundland & Labrador’s

Great Outdoor Dining Rooms Scrunchions at The Bay Roberts Hotel The Bay Roberts Hotel has been steadily acknowledged as the premium hotel on the North Shore of Conception Bay, just 55 minutes from St. John's. The owners and staff obviously take great pride in the hotel, as the rooms, which boast wonderful views of the ocean, are immaculately clean and the hotel has been recently updated to include three new mini-efficiency suites.

Of particular note is the newly developed "Scrunchions" restaurant, aptly named to honour Newfoundland’s rich culinary culture. The restaurant offers multiple views of a very distinctive patio and garden area from its three sun rooms and is a mere 20 feet from the pristine waters and wildlife of the North Atlantic. A 2500 square-foot patio snuggled up to the restaurant has over 500 trees, shrubs, and flowers for your pleasure. It is hard to imagine a better spot in


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SPOTLIGHT | Dining Out

Newfoundland to sit and watch the world, or perhaps an iceberg, go by. Of course, we would be remiss to ignore the food. If it's fresh seafood you want, then "Scrunchions" is the place to be this summer. Naturally, the restaurant sources all of its fresh seafood locally focusing on simple preparation to ensure the essentials flavours of the fish are on the plate. General Manager, Rod Delaney expresses it this way, "This is not just another place to stay. We want to provide our guests with a hotel and restaurant experience which is affordable, unique, memorable, and fun."

beyond." It all sounds like the perfect weekend retreat for St. John’s urbanites in search of rest, relaxation, great food, good drink and a glorious view. Most popular menu item: Not surprisingly the most popular menu item is the “Fish”. If you are visiting from away, Delaney explains, “When visiting Newfoundland and Labrador, always remember that fish is cod, everything else is identified by its name. Fish & chips is deep fried cod. Pan-fried fish is pan-fried cod. Salt fish is salt cod. Fish & Brewis is a traditional cod dish.” Insider's tip: When asked about an insider’s tip, Delaney replied succinctly, “nada”. We’ll take that to mean there’s nothing to hide.

He continues, "As with most people, we feel that a good restaurant should be more than Drink's tip: Try the restaurant’s signature just a place to eat. A good restaurant will cocktail known as Bob’s Gardentini. It provide an overall experience worth features Amaretto, raspberry vodka, green remembering. Music should be part of that experience, so we provide live evening music melon liqueur and cranberry juice. every weekend throughout the summer and 52

Occasions Summer 2013

The Gypsy Tea Room’s Courtyard Restaurant Located in the historic Murray Premises building in the heart of downtown St. John’s, The Gypsy Tea Room has become a cornerstone of the St. John’s upmarket dining scene. The restaurant made the successful transition from its original to its current location, expanding its loyal client base along the way. With its main restaurant now often packed to the rafters, the only logical conclusion was to expand outside. In 2011, The Gypsy Tea Room opened its courtyard restaurant, which seats 120 and boasts an open-air kitchen and bar. The outdoor dining space has been a great success. General Manager, Grant Fowler attributes some of its success to, “being surrounded by the historic Murray Premises building which gives us a different “resort feel”. We are outside, but separate from the business of downtown traffic... it’s an

Occasions NL Summer 2013 2_1-843422087_1-843396397.e$S_Layout 1 13-05-17 8:49 AM Page 53

SPOTLIGHT | Dining Out awesome summer venue”.The atmosphere certainly plays a major factor in the restaurant’s success, but it’s supported by great service and an appropriately upscale casual menu. There’s nothing quite like sitting outside, soaking up some sun on one of those precious few summer days, and enjoying a great meal. Add in a cold beer or a bottle of wine – The Gypsy Tea Room offers more than 400 selections, stored in temperature-controlled cellars – and you’ve got the makings of a great afternoon or evening. Speaking of the wine, there is even one cellar for red wines and one for whites to make sure your wine, whether you are eating outdoors or in, is served at the right temperature.

This summer, there’s no better place to spend an afternoon than The Gypsy Tea Room's courtyard. The only problem? You may never want to leave!

expertise? This is one of the reasons why the evening features are so inspired. Drink's tip: The draft beer towers in the courtyard are awesome to share.

Most popular menu item: The handmade burgers; barbecued in front of guests and offering a number of gourmet toppings to choose from. Here’s a hint: many of the cheeses are made locally by Five Brothers Artisan Cheese. Insider's tip: Did you know that The Gypsy Tea Room has more than 10 different nations represented in the kitchen, all of whom contribute unique cooking styles and


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SPOTLIGHT | Dining Out

Take the Alfresco Restaurant Experience to Your Own Backyard It can be quite easy to take the restaurant experience outside. All you have to do is dress up your outdoor table a little. We suggest adding some elegance to the evening by setting with your best plates and good wine glasses. As for cooking the steaks to restaurant-like perfection, the first step is choosing a well-marbled piece of beef. Cook your beef over a medium-high heat and if you want to get perfect grill marks be sure to set the beef on the grill at a 45 degree angle and then turn the steak 90 degrees halfway through the cooking process. Don’t forget to let the meet rest before serving.

Grilled T-Bone Steaks Pairing: Jose Maria Fonseca Periquita (Portugal, $13.17) Serves 6 Ingredients 2 T-Bone steaks, cut 3" thick 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil Coarse sea salt & cracked pepper to taste

Directions 1. Massage both sides of steak with olive oil and season with a generous amount of cracked pepper. Marinate covered for several hours. 2. Grill for about 7 minutes per side, crusting it almost black, and then salt generously. Turn the steaks at intervals to get a crisscross pattern. 3. Let rest for 10 minutes. 4. Carve into slices and place on a warm platter to serve.


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Introducing I nttrttrod odducing ucing A WHOLE NEW WAY TO COCKT CKTTAIL AIL TM/MD Jim Beam Brands Co., Deerfield IL, U.S.A. 60015

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GRAPE EXPECTATIONS | Chile. Chosen by Nature

CHILE. CHOSEN BY NATURE By John and Sandra Nowlan


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GRAPE EXPECTATIONS | Chile. Chosen by Nature


Limari Valley Aconcagua Valley Casablanca Valley Maipo Valley Rapel Valley


Chile has now become the fifth-largest exporter of wine in the world, and for good reason. The wine regions of this long, skinny South American country stretch over 1,300 kilometres. In the north, it benefits from a hot, dry climate; to the south, cool and wet conditions prevail. Yet no matter where the wine regions lie, each is defined by its proximity to the moderating effects of sea and the mountains.

Concepcion Chile's thriving wine industry dates back to the 16th century, coinciding with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. But in recent years, wine production has evolved with a greater emphasis on quality, which improves every year. In fact, a 2011 Wine Advocate tasting gave marks of more than 90 to more than 200 Chilean wines. Leading the quality charge is the country’s largest winery, Concha Y Toro. Long regarded as one of the finest producers of value-priced wine, it is increasingly gaining an enviable reputation for its premium wines, using grapes sourced country-wide in an effort to create the finest expression of each grape. The success of Concha Y Toro’s premium wines has led others to focus on regionally distinctive styles.

Coastal Cool Casablanca and Leyda Valleys Only a short drive from Santiago, near the port city of Valparaiso, is the Casablanca Valley. This lush area between the Andes and the coastal mountain range has a climate strongly influenced by its proximity to the sea and the cold Humboldt Current. Although serious grape growing didn't start here until the 1980s, it’s become recognized as an ideal environment for white varietals such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and – increasingly – Pinot Noir. Just south of Casablanca are the San Antonio and Leyda Valleys. Some of Chile’s most cutting edge wineries and vineyards are located here. Regional Star: Sauvignon Blanc: The Sauvignon Blanc from these coastal valleys are typically made in a lively, zingy, highly aromatic style, with citrus, green apple, pear and grassy notes. Featured Wine: Concha Y Toro Marques de Casa Concha Sauvignon Blanc (Chile, $23.99)


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GRAPE EXPECTATIONS | Chile. Blessed by Nature

Between the Mountains and the Sea Maipo Valley While the Casablanca Valley is one of the newer growing areas, the Maipo Valley, just south of Santiago, is the oldest in the country. While much of the Maipo, which lies in the foothills of the Andes, has a totally different climate than the seacoast area – with its hot, dry summers and short and mild winters – increasingly, producers are planting vineyards in its western edge to find a balance between cool coastal influences and the warmth of the Chilean sun. Others have opted for high-elevation vineyards that benefit from the cool air that slides down the mountains at night to infuse sun-loving red wine varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Malbec with structure and elegance.


Carmenére is also increasingly popular. The most famous vineyard is Concha Y Toro’s home vineyard known as Puento Alto. Don Melchor, representing the pinnacle of Concha Y Toro’s red wine production, is made from grapes sourced exclusively from this vineyard. The vineyard’s gravelly sub-soil encourages Cabernet vines to dig deep for nutrients and reduces yield, leading to additional concentration and complex flavours in the grapes. Regional Star: Cabernet Sauvignon: Look for big, bold, red wines with berry, black currant and fig aromas and flavours, with some from the Maipo boasting a distinctive eucalyptus edge that lends freshness. Featured Wine: Concha Y Toro Trio Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz / Cabernet Franc (Chile, $15.49)

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GRAPE EXPECTATIONS | Chile. Chosen by Nature

Altitude with Attitude


Aconcagua Valley

Limari Valley

Just to the north of Santiago, the Aconcagua Valley (named for the country's highest mountain) includes some of the warmest areas in Chile, plus cool, highaltitude sections. In the heart of the wine region, daytime temperatures are high; but at night, cold air from the Andes pours into the Valley, producing high levels of acidity in the grapes and a unique flavour profile in the wine. The Aconcagua Valley is justly famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon, but white wine production is on the rise as wineries explore its western extreme, where the vineyards are cooled by Pacific breezes.

Farther north, the desert-like Limari Valley receives less than four inches of rain a year, causing roots of the vines to reach deep into the mineral-rich soil. Distinctive wines with a slight mineral taste are produced. Both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay do very well in this climate. Regional Star: Pinot Noir: Look for excellent, cool-climate Pinot Noir from Limari, showcasing red berry and cherry fruit flavours and bright acidity. Featured Wine: Concha Y Toro Marques de Casa Concha Pinot Noir (Chile, $23.49)

Regional Star: Syrah: Look for lots of juicy blackberry flavours, with some floral, cracked black pepper and rosemary notes. Featured Wine: Arboleda Syrah (Chile, $21.49)

Great Summer Wines brought to you by Innovative Beverages Cool Red (Germany, $14.23)

Relax Riesling (Germany, $13.84)

Make a Statement

The Crowd Pleaser

“A Beaujolais-like red with sweet berry and plum flavours and no bitterness.” Keep it simple. The ultimate burger and pizza wine.

“Sweet orchard fruit flavours & vibrant acidity. A surprisingly refreshing white wine.” Great with grilled seafood and summer salads.


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FOOD | Themed Celebration


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 &( %**"

$"/  % *) %**") -( ,( &(%+ $ %$"/  $+" *+""/ # * *% $0 $"+ $ "" %+( *"$*  (%, $) -( * ) +(($*"/ , "" %( &+()  &&"*%$ )** #  $&$$ )(, ) * ,(/  $ * %$ %  %$ $  " * # .&* %$" .&( $


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1 2 • I N T ER 2 0






1 2 • I N T ER 2 0










• G R 2 1




















Tempranillo Cabernet



1 2 • I N T ER 2 0











































Discover the distinct palate of 3,000 hours of bottled Spanish sunshine in every glass.


Tinto de Verano Verano Cooler

½ cup Verano Shiraz ½ cup lemon-lime soda Lemon slices

4 oz Verano Tempranillo Cabernet 2 oz lemon-lime soda, chilled 2 oz ginger ale, chilled

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add wine and soda and garnish with a lemon slice.

Mix the wine, soda and ginger ale.

Verano Sangria

Verano “Fiesta” Cocktail

2 bottles Verano Shiraz 1 ⁄3 cup fresh orange juice ¼ cup Grand Marnier 2 tbsp sugar 2 cups club soda Orange, lemon and peach slices

4 oz Verano Tempranillo Cabernet 1 tsp fresh lemon juice 1 tsp superfine sugar 2 oz soda water, chilled

Mix the wine, orange juice, Grand Marnier and sugar together in a large pitcher and refrigerate for several hours. Just before serving, add the club soda, fruit and ice.

Place the sugar and lemon juice in a wine glass and let the sugar dissolve. Add the soda water, crushed ice and wine. Stir gently.


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FOOD | Last Bite


Angel’s Share

1. 2.






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© 2013 The Dreaming Tree, Geyserville, CA | DRTNAT14002-SP

Please enjoy our wines responsibly.



A collaboration between acclaimed winemaker STEVE REEDER & DAVE MATTHEWS WWW.DREAMINGTREEWINES.COM Find us on


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