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ARCHITECT The forgotten sounds of Architecture revealed with light and material

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NationalGallery Oslo-Norway

A curved LED screen frames the historic Vestbanen Nobel Peace Museum, engaging the town hall square with a canvas for video art while providing the museum with a message board, all on the scale of the city. Materials of stone and wood echo the Norwegian landscape and imbue the building with a timeless and dignified presence. Passive green technology include temperate zones surrounding all the public spaces, solid masonry walls with glass rain-screens that capture and retain heat, and green roofs that re-uses storm water while providing a pleasant outdoor experience for museum goers and administrative personnel. The contextual purpose of completing the definition of the town hall square further enhances this important urban place, the ‘Living Room’ of Oslo. 2 | tck A R C H I T E C T

Nasjonalmuseet 2009 competition entry View from Oslo Fjoren showing the stone monument, entry porch and video screen, forming a backdrop to the Nobel Peace Price Museum and city administrative offices

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Nasjonalmuseet – Vestbanen 2009 competition entry

View of main lobby from entry porch

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Concert Hall A 250 seat room for cinema and concerts with extensive engineering facilities to support broadcasting and recording

Gallery Space Exhibit spaces varies in size, and are surrounded by temperate spaces that provide staff with access and storage

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Proposal for dormitory and student center, Georgia State

A number of ideas proposed in this version were incorporated into the building, by Cooper Carry Architects, for Georgia State University. The dorm functions as a contextual urban design by extending the material and scale of the ‘Sweet Auburn’ historic district. Brick piers surrounding storefront continue the adjoining streetscape, while brick detailing and sidewalk landscaping further enhances the area. In addition to the 350 bed dormitory the building also forms a link in the GSU urban campus. A 300 seat restaurant and a landscaped protected plaza are prized additions. A study and student activities center takes up the north wing of the top floor, where panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline are taken in through full height glass walls.

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Freshman Dorms – G.S.U. 2008 design proposal

The GSU Freshman Dorms connect the campus centers and extend the scale and material of Sweet Auburn historic district.

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Dorm Room Built in storage and furniture expand the limited space of the dorm room. Wall mounted PTAC units heat and cool rooms individually

Dining Room The space frame roof is supported on an irregular grid of columns. Skylights filter light through the structure recalling the quality of an urban park.

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cROWn Townhomes - Ithaca, NY.


Crown Parkway – main transport link connecting access from City of Ithaca to retail, home offices and visitor parking. General parking for shops, restaurant, Home Offices and the Commons activities


Commons Circle - Parking and promenade for access to Home Offices, with outdoor seating and landscaping


Penny Lane - Access and parking for Live Work unit owners and the Crown Terraces


Circus Road – Each court groups 12 families with a shared round-about that has playground equipment and is monitored from the kitchens of each home.


1500 square feet Town Home, with garage and driveway parking. Each home includes a walled garden of approximately 1000 square feet. Community Gardens – 6 families each share a ¼ acre open site that can serve a variety of functions including resident’s gardens, retail agriculture or playground for daycare

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12 homes cluster around a Circus motor court with playground and recreational equipment. In addition 6 families share a Âź acre plot that can serve any number of functions, including gardens

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cROWn tH.15 Families require affordable homes that foster shared activities and private poetic speculation. Communities need a hierarchy of defensible spaces including parks, gardens, play grounds, sports areas and streets that encourage social interaction. Cities need transit oriented communities that promote density and reduce energy consumption by grouping living, working and shopping together. Business needs quality designed ‘destination’ neighborhoods, inspiring residents and the public to gather, stroll and shop.

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cROWn tH.15 – Ithaca

Version of the basic layout creates an interesting and varies residential community. Wooden boxes perch on masonry bases with tall glazing that takes in the sky while limiting window area.

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A Jazz composition that uses brick, hard stucco and cement panels.

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cROWn tH.15 –thaca Recalling turn of the century American cities that feel comfortable and familiar to the residents, the streetscape is comprised of brick and gables in a variety of forms. Large French doors open up on balconies that enliven the street, promoting neighborly interaction and community building 16 | tck A R C H I T E C T

For economy of scale the units are standardized in terms of layout and framing. 1500 s.f., with three bedrooms, provide an efficient use of space, and with the tall ceilings, a sense of roominess that belies the limited area.

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Rooms are stacked in this 7 bedroom mountainside retreat. The vertical arrangement places the master suite above the treetops in order to enjoy the sweeping panoramic views across the valley. The double height living room is level with the entry and takes in views of the surrounding forest. The five floors, including the roof terrace, are joined by a residential elevator

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The residence is banked into the hillside under a barn that provides loft space for fair weather entertaining and guest accommodations. An array of French doors takes in the panoramic valley views. 20 | tck A R C H I T E C T

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Banked into the hillside, a series of 15’ x 15’ rooms create a studio and residence for an artist. Passive technologies include thermal chimneys for cooling and greenhouse roofs, for heating. Earth sheltering further serves to maintain comfort without using energy. Variations on the layout include a translucent ceiling that brings in diffuse light through the roof greenhouse.

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Recalling the West Virginia farmhouse this residence offers porches and balconies that open up the interior spaces and takes in views of the countryside. Bedrooms and storage can be added to fit the individual need

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This reproduction Craftsman featured in a catalogue of spec home designs, and provides 3k s.f. of both formal and open living space, in addition to three bedrooms and a bonus room over the garage. The Great Room includes a curved array of French doors that open the family room to the deck and yard. 24 | tck A R C H I T E C T


Sidehall houses have been common in many cities were frontage is limited. This example recalls historic houses found in the Garden District, New Orleans. The formal entry features a framed view of the curved stair and opens through an arch to the formal Living Room. The shaped Dining Room is served by a Butler’s pantry. The Family side of the house is open and modern, with a screened porch that frames views of the yard. Upstairs the bedrooms all feature sleeping porches. An upstairs library includes an oversized fireplace.

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John Soane’s Saxlingham Rectory is recreated into a home featuring extensive moldings, colonnades and layering of rooms. The Great Hall ties in the Music room with the stair and formal Dining, while the Master Suite and screened in Porch flank each end. Upstairs three more bedrooms are part of the arrangement, which also includes a balcony overlooking the double height Music Room, and a roof deck over the Porch. The Breakfast Room is part of the Kitchen and forms the focus of the formal gardens, which it overlooks. 26 | tck A R C H I T E C T

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UPWARDMOBILITY 1400 s.f. manufactured homes mix material and orientation to create a varied streetscape. The ‘T’ shaped configuration allows for the creation of a walled garden, opening up the rooms to the outside and providing families with a private outdoor living room.

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Formal rooms and layered spaces create a comfort that is highly prized by the Independent Living community. The building would include amenities for the residents, including dining and recreational facilities. The condo market prizes open ‘Loft’ style spaces that maximize economy of construction. Exposed materials, wood floors, aluminum storefront window walls and sconce lights provide an urban life style much in demand.

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