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Inspire. Uplift. Today's Christian Journal Vol. 2 Issue 1 Fall/Winter 2019

Releasing Heaven

Our Interview With Jenny Weave r

What Happens When Men Pray?

Divinely Inspired: Sista Girl Greeting Cards

Time To Set Boundaries


A Look At Faith In The Workplace

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Publisher's Pen times, it seemed that no amount of aspirin would soothe my discomfort. Thankfully, my doctor determined that I had endured nothing more than a muscle strain likely triggered while working out at the gym. Go figure....

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The Hebrew Year 5780

Faith in the Workplace .........................3

While we're moving forward to see that strong finish this year, I believe we should also keep in mind the Jewish year 5780, which began on Rosh Hashanah, at sundown on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

Sheri L. Stuart, Editor-in-Chief Greetings Friends!

The Hebrew letter for “80” is ‫ – פ‬pronounced peh, which is also the Hebrew word for mouth. As such, many biblical scholars and those who operate in the prophetic believe we are moving into a decade of declaration. One thing this means is that we need to discern when to speak and when to remain silent. If we're going to speak anything as we move into the homestretch, professing the Word of God over our lives is a wise decision. As Believers, we know that God watches over His Word to perform it. If He said it, it will come to pass.

I am overjoyed to share with you another edition of Today's Christian Journal Magazine. Our mission is to serve as a beacon of hope brought to life through informative articles and encouraging testimonies of faith. The Word of God is our compass, and Revelation 12:11 is our foundational scripture. It states, “And they overcame The Word I'm holding on to in this hour is found him by the blood of the Lamb, and by in Psalm 138:8 which states, "TheLord will the word of their testimony; and they perfect that which concerns me." loved not their lives unto the death."

We've entered the final quarter of 2019. Like you, I'm working diligently to see a strong finish. Earlier this year, I was sidelined by a back injury that rendered me barely able to walk for a couple weeks. At


Our Interview with Jenny Weaver .........4

Inspire Time to Set Boundaries..........................5

Sista Girl Greeting Cards ......................6

Uplift Entertainment News ................................7 What Happens When Men Pray? .............8

I'm believing God to do great and mighty things in my life. I trust that you have great expectations for your life too. Wishing you all the best and a strong finish! In Gratitude,

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What Faith Looks Like In The Workplace This article appears courtesy of The Barna Group In the famous Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, Jesus tells his followers to be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world.” But what does this look like in the modern workplace? How are working Christians, from the boardroom to the classroom, heeding this call from the New Testament? In Barna’s recently released study on vocation, produced in partnership with Abilene Christian University, we found encouraging signs that Christians are living out their faith with integrity. Previously on Barna.com, we’ve covered data about the sacred value Christians perceive in their professions, the challenges working parents face and the Church’s important role in encouraging faith and work integration. Here, we’ll look at the specific values and virtues that define today’s Christians’ work ethic.

professional integrity that represent the Church well. They are rooted in a conviction that Christians should act ethically (82%), speak the truth (74%) and demonstrate morality (72%). On an even more spiritual level, respondents say working Christians should make friends with nonChristians (66%), withstand temptation (59%) and do excellent work in an effort to bring glory to God (58%). Most believe people of faith should be guided by an attitude of humility (63%) and service (53%), while also looking out for others by speaking out against unfairness or injustice in the workplace (53%) and bringing grace and peace to others (48%). The trend is clear: most employed Christians want to do good in their places of work— but not always in a way that stands out. They appear less inclined to see it as their responsibility to be influential: Christian Workers Are Setting the one-third believes they should help mold the culture of their workplace Bar High Encouragingly, working Christians say (35%). In addition, only one-quarter says sharing the gospel is a they hold to standards and virtues of

responsibility (24%), pointing to a general wariness of speaking explicitly about faith, an attitude not uncommon in today’s climate. However, the more exemplary Christian workers in this study show more spiritual boldness with a higher willingness to share the gospel than the average Christian worker. Christian Millennials are the most likely generation to say it’s completely important for Christians to mold

culture (40%, compared to 35% of Gen X and 33% of Boomers) or serve others (58%, compared to 51% of Gen X and 51% of Boomers) at their jobs.

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Feature Story

Our Interview With Jenny Weaver By Sheri L. Stuart When I chatted with Jenny Weaver earlier this year, I was simply awed by her sweet, humble spirit. I've interviewed dozens of people from all walks of life over the years, but I don't ever recall chatting it up with anyone who has undergone such a radical transformation as Mrs. Weaver. When I emailed her office to request an interview, she personally responded right away. 'What? No publicist. Wow, she IS different,' I said to myself. She granted me a telephone interview wherein she painted a vivid picture of what life for her was like before God stepped in to do that which only a risen Savior can do. "I don't just sing, I release heaven," Weaver told me. If you've seen Weaver on Facebook, you know this is true. Weaver is known for "Singing the Scriptures" live each week on her Facebook page - Jenny Weaver Worships. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world tune and are blessed as she ministers in song.

Continued: See Jenny Weaver on page 6

Photos Courtesy of Jenny Weaver 2019

“I don’t just worship…. I release heaven. " -- Jenny Weaver

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Sis, It's Time to Set Good Boundaries By TCJ Staff Do you know her? She’s the friend who seemingly always has a plate full of “projects” going on. You know the one – right? The one that’s always running around with ‘hair on fire’. The one that’s always at church and always tired when you ask how she’s doing. Does this scenario describe you? If so, Apostle Alicia . George has some advice for you to consider. "Women have to learn to set boundaries. Stop trying to be good little girls by saying yes to everything and everyone," said Apostle George. "Women have to learn to establish physical, mental and emotional boundaries. Anything less sets us up to selfsabotage our own lives," she said. "Sometimes women get to a place in life where they try to fix everyone's problems rather than taking care of their own needs first." Apostle George teaches women how to place value on their own well-being in her interactive workshops and series of books that she's written that talk about healing from emotional wounds and repositioning for optimum recovery. "We don't have to be good about everything. We have to learn to say no. Setting boundaries will eliminate a lot of selfsabotage." Selah.

Apostle Alicia M. George

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Jenny Weaver Continued from Page 4

Sista Girl Greeting Cards Divinely Inspired; Wildly Successful Find a need and solve it. That’s the advice often given to aspiring entrepreneurs. The most successful businesses solve problems and provide much-needed services to the community. Seasoned business leaders frequently attribute such a strategy as being one of the keys to their success. A perfect example is Sista Girl greeting cards. Rhonda Willingham, a Flint, Michigan native, is the founder and creative force behind the line, which she launched after discovering a void in the marketplace.

Life for this woman of God was not always this way, however. Weaver revealed earlier days of growing up in Sarasota, Florida where she spiraled into years of drug use, homelessness and became a self-curring Wiccan. In spite of all the odds that were seemingly stacked against her, God had other plans. He knew the ministry that He placed inside a once, broken vessel would spring forth at the appointed time. Weaver said she was at her lowest point when God stepped in to change the direction of her life. "I remember letting out this gut-wrenching scream, God help," she said. Not long after that encounter, Weaver said she was freed from her addiction to drugs. "The Lord began to speak to me through worship. I could hear songs being sung over me," she said. Weaver picked up a guitar that her father had given her when she was around 13 or 14-yearold and starting singing. Today, she is helping to transform lives through worship and an encounter with the Holy Spirit. "I was once a prodigal child, but I know God can turn your life around," she said.

“I was working on a thesis for my master’s degree. After completing a series of surveys and interviews with successful black businesswomen, I wanted to thank them for their time,” said Willingham. “The women told me that their faith in God is what fueled their ambition and made the difference in their careers. They were excelling in fields dominated by white males. I felt a genuine connection with them. They were smart, classy and thoughtful women. To show my appreciation for their help with my project, I wanted to send a thank-you card that reflected who they were to me as women and top business professionals,” she said. Willingham searched local retailers but couldn’t find cards that she believed were appropriate or even nearly reflected the dynamic women she had connect with during her research. She settled on basic book markers and sent those instead. Willingham said that experience planted a seed in her heart. Several years later she decided to launch Culturally Yours with Sista Girl greeting cards as the flagship product. “I started creating what I didn’t see. When I started the company some of my first customers where white males. They bought the cards to frame and display in their office. The company has evolved and today we’re also producing calendars, journals, t-shirts, and even coloring books, which we just launched last year,” Willingham said.

Sista Girl greeting cards are hand-crafted using fabric and other specialty materials. Custom orders are also available. Willingham said the cards have been purchased by a diverse client base, including leading influencers in the business and entertainment industry.

Rhonda Willingham, Founder of Sista Girl Greeting Cards

Sista Girl greeting cards are hand-crafted using fabric and other specialty materials. Custom orders are also available. Willingham said the cards have been purchased by a diverse client base, including leading influencers in the business and entertainment industry. “I’ve had women hug me and thank me for creating something that looks like them. From a spiritual aspect those moments are affirming. God is the author and creator. The cards are a reflection of what God has poured into me. It’s not just a Black woman thing. It’s a woman thing,” Willingham said.

Visit Sista Girl Greeting Cards online at www.sistagirlgreetingcards.com.


Final Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference Comes 'Home' to Atlanta in 2020 DALLAS – (Christian Newswire) –What began as a Sunday school gathering that quickly grew into one of the nation’s most popular conferences for women— helping turn Bishop T.D. Jakes into a household name— will take its final curtain call next fall in 2020. Jakes’ international best-selling book-turned-conference, film and global movement—Woman Thou Art Loosed!—will host its last conference on Sept. 10-12, 2020, in Atlanta.

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Entertainment News & Notes Lauren Daigle, John Crist, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Zach Williams and More Added to 50th Annual GMA Dove Awards, October 15

Woman, Thou Art Loosed! began as one of Jakes’ most popular books, which he transformed into one of the most successful global women’s conferences, elevating his profile and making him one of the most popular Christian leaders in the U.S. For decades Jakes has brought inspirational and motivational speakers to the stage to help women around the world be loosed from a myriad of strongholds, transforming them into revelations that helped women change the world. For years, Woman, Thou Art Loosed! has opened the doors for Jakes to highlight challenges and unique nuances hidden from the global narrative, emancipating women and their families from generations of being contained. The outcome of those moments from

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Gospel Music Association (GMA) has announced another round of performances for the 50th Annual GMA Dove Awards, including a tribute celebrating Bill and Gloria Gaither. Bill Gaither along with the Gaither Vocal Band, Matt Maher, Mark Lowry, Bart Millard, Michael English, Russ Taff, and David Phelps will collaborate for this special segment. In Woman, Thou Art Loosed! is still reverberating addition, there will be performances throughout the evening from all New Artist of the Year nominees, including Riley Clemmons, Aaron Cole, Austin French, Josh Baldwin and Kelontae around the world today. Gavin. “What a journey this has been. Woman, Thou Art Loosed! has been a catalyst for millions around the globe GMA also announced the first round of their star-studded presenter lineup, including Lauren Daigle, for empowerment, financial equity, spiritual growth and John Crist, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Zach Williams, Blanca, Brown Bannister, Don Moen, Evan Craft, a consortium of other issues for decades,” said Jakes. Gloria Gaither, Nicole C. Mullen, Point of Grace, Shirley Caesar and William McDowell. “We are proud that we have been able to help elevate and The awards show will be held ‘live’ on October 15 in Nashville, Tennessee and will air exclusively be an advocate for women in this space. on TBN October 20 at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST. Before Woman Thou Art Loosed! closes its doors, the conference will bring back some of the fans’ favorite guests to the stage. (Speakers and conference programming will be announced at a later date.)

Faith-Based Sports Drama FULL COUNT Available in Select Theaters and Over 100 Million Homes Via VOD/Digital Release on Oct. 25

MARIETTA, GA. (Christian Newswire) -The faith-based sports drama Full Count tells the story about an unfortunate chain of events that force a young baseball phenom to give up his dreams of playing college baseball and return home to the farm and town he fought so hard to escape. It has received a Dove Seal of Approval for its integrity and faith themes.

What Happens When Men Pray? By Samuel Mugabi, Contributing Writer, Mukono Disitrict God created man to be the head of the home, as well as the spiritual leader of the family. This divine appointment is to be considered of great value. We have many men around the world who question why things are not working out in their favor while situations appear to be working out for women. I believe the answer is men stopped praying. Well, what happens when men pray? When men pray, their prayers are answered. This does not happen automatically however. It happens ONLY when the man, as the head and spiritual leader of the home, returns to his rightful place and plays his part as expected of him by God. When men pray, God gives men the wisdom they need to lead their families. God expects the man to rely on Him for direction when life’s circumstances are getting difficult; when finances are lacking; when the marriage is on the verge of breaking up; or when proper child upbringing is becoming a challenge. There are many more reasons too. Since the beginning, God entrusted man to rule over the earth and subdue it. Once man chooses to turn back to God, repent for his disobedience, and talk to him about the situations that are challenging, God is faithful to answer every prayer. The Bible says in Mark 11:24, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” God is faithful to change a man's situation when he prays.

Pictured with his wife, Loyce, Samuel Mugabi is Executive Director at New Hope Rural Development Initiative, Director of Photography at Glorious Xpressions Photography and National Coordinator at Preacher's Kids Movement Uganda - PKMU. He studied Bachelor of Adult and Community Education at Kyambogo University. Samuel and Loyce reside in Mukono, a district in the Central Region of Uganda.

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