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Mail - Adam Thomas Statement on Democratic False Attacks

For Immediate Release June 12, 2018 Adam Thomas Statement on Democrat False Attacks Olathe, KS - Adam Thomas, Republican of Olathe, released the following statement: "In a move more typical of Chicago-style Democrat politics, my liberal opponent Deann Mitchell, behind in support and failing to resonate with voters, is launching personal, baseless attacks at my family. Truly, Kansas deserves better. Like many American families, ours is growing – we have four kids with one on the way. With a family of seven, we outgrew our previous home on Apache in Olathe. My wife and I love Olathe. Apparently a lot of people see in Olathe the same quality of life we do, as our search for a new Olathe home took several months. In late May, we finally entered a purchase agreement to acquire our ‘forever’ home in Olathe, which is also in the Kansas 26th House District. We take possession of our new home on July 5th, which left us a few weeks between leaving our old home and moving into our new home. In the interim, as many families in our situation have done, we are staying at the home of a friend and have forwarded our mail to this address. Notably, this temporary residence is also in the 26th District and nearby our new home. Having many friends in the area, they encouraged me to run for State Representative as I share their values and the values of families in District 26. Given the baseless attack of my opponent and her lagging support, it is clear that she does not share our south Olathe and Spring Hill values. I am calling upon Ms. Mitchell to stop making up false accusations and spinning the rumor mill regarding my family’s Olathe residency. My wife and I have been proud to call Olathe home for 31 years, and we are proudly looking forward to making Kansas House District 26 our home for many more years to come. We will represent Olathe and Spring Hill well in Topeka."

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Miller complaint and Thomas response  
Miller complaint and Thomas response