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The Topeka Capital-Journal | Saturday, November 11, 2017 | 1B

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Honoring our heroes We asked readers to submit photos of their beloved service members. We received hundreds of responses, which covered the past century.

George W. Smith Army, 1917-1919

Harold Hoverstock Army, 1918-1919

George Clifford Anderson Army, 1938-1947

Henry Lierz Army, 1940-1945

Glen L. Nunley Army, 1940-1978

Gilbert Singleton Army, 1940-1944

Salvatore Joseph Amato Army, 1941 - 1946

Matias Borjon Army, 1941-1945

Floyd Burr Army, 1941-1945

James Cunningham Army, 1941-1945 / 1950-1953

Calvin W. De Lay Army, 1941-1945

Joaquin Guillen Army, 1941-1945

Aloysius Christopher Kaiser Army Air Corps, 1941-1945

William Neil Keddie Army Air Force, 1941-1945

SSgt Kenneth G. Kipp Army, 1941-45

Lloyd R. Lowther Army, 1941-1945

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Honoring our heroes

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Kenneth Owensby Sr. Army, 1941-1971

Russell L. Robinson Army, 1941-1946 /1948-1966

A. E. St. Louis and Charles St. Louis Army, 1941-1945

W. K. Sterrett Army, 1941-1945

Edward Theel Jr. Army, 1941-1945

Paul Wheelock Army, 1941-1945

Maurice Wilson Army Air Corps, 1941-1945

Kenneth Bales Army, 1942-1943

Melvin (Joe) Frendle Army, 1942-1945

Donald E. Hinshaw Air Corps, 1942-1945

Kenneth Jurey Army, 1942-1945

Jack W. Kepner Army/Air Force, 1942-1946

Dale Irwin Jackson Navy, 1942-1946 / 1953-1963

Cleveland Martin Navy, 1942-1945

Carl C. Nordstrom Navy, 1942-1945

Carvan G. Smith Navy, 1942-1945

William T. Trimble Navy, 1942-1946

James C. Zahourek Navy, 1942-1945

Dale N. Anderson Army Air Corps, 1943-1946

Doran Gardner Army, 1943-1946

Peter Vincent Haug Army, 1943-1945

Sylvester Lira Navy, 1943-1946

Harold Michaelis Air Force, 1943-1946

Bernard J Miller Navy, 1943-1946

Edward C. Moody Army, 1943-1945

Harold Press Navy, 1943-1947

Juventino Sanchez Sr. Army, 1943-1946

Eugene G. Smith Army Air Corps, 1943-1945

James Keith (Duke) Taliaferro Army, 1943-1945

John Cunningham Army, 1944-1945

The Topeka Capital-Journal | Saturday, November 11, 2017 | 3B

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Maurice Dultmeier Navy, 1944-1945

Charles Miller Navy, 1944-1945

Leonard Mueller Army, 1944-1945

S.G. Peerenboom Air Force, 1944-1967

Maurice Peters 1944-1945

John E. Rigg Navy, 1944-1945

Ralph Rose Army, 1944-1946

Lester L. Schneider Army, 1944-1946

Gerald (Jerry) Smith Army, 1944-46

Bernard “Barney” C. Apodaca Jr. Army, 1945

JD Bales Navy, 1945-1946

Frank Cooper Navy, 1945-1948

Dean E. Fleming Army Air Force, 1945

James F. Henry Sr Merchant Marines, Army, Air Force, 1945-1947 / 1951-1959

William Arck Sr. Army Air Force, WWII

Raymond Clark Coast Guard, WWII

Cipriano (Pania) Gutierrez WWII / Korea

George William Kohls Army, WWII

George William Watson Army, WWII

Nelson Young Army, 1946-1952

TSgt. Arlen (Bones) Brandt Air Force, 1947-1967

Master Sgt. Raymond Carlton Army, 1947-1978

Jack Elliott CSM Ret. Kansas Army National Guard, 1948-1991

William A Lucero Air Force, 1949-1970

Lloyd Ballou Kansas Air National Guard, 1950-1972

Raymond G. Fincham Army, 1950-1953

Staff Sgt. Donald Kuckleman Air Force, 1950-1954

Leo LaFontaine Army, 1950 to 1953

James Michaelis Army 1950-1952

Lt. Robert M. Bunten, Jr. Air Force, 1951-1956

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Kenneth Lloyd Burgen Navy, 1951-1955

John Bueltel Army, 1951-1953

John V. Chavez Navy, 1951-1954

Dale L. Clements Army, 1951-53

Donald De Barge Marines, 1951-1971

Sgt. Paul Dultmeier Army, 1951

Donald F. Jones Navy, 1951-1955

Gene E. Rosselot Air Force, 1951-1972

Leonard Schneider Marines, 1951

John Donald Achten Army, 1952-1954

John Delfelder Army, 1952-1954

Robert E. Karle Army, 1952-1960

Ken Butler, Brent Ketter (grandson) Army / Marines, 1953 / 2005

Lou King Air Force, 1952-1956

Leon R. Dultmeier Army, 1953

Otis S. Stroup Navy, 1953-1985

Lester Jasmer Air Force, 1954-1957

Jack F. Moore Army 1954-1956

James Arthur Peterson Air Force, 1954-1958

Roberto Vasquez Marines, 1954-1960

Galen Dultmeier Air Force, 1955-1955

Donald H. Overton Sr. Navy, 1955-1974

Henrietta “HANK” Adamek-Campbell Navy 1956-1960

Frank John Gerhardt Navy, 1957-1961

Gary Hisle Army, 1957-1960

Ramon Algarin Air Force, 1959-1979

John H. Isaacks Marines, 1959-1963

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Pablo Martinez Sr. Army, 1959-1962

Robert T. Cunningham Air Force, 1960-1964

Ronald G. Smith Navy, 1960-1980

Larry Eckert Navy, 1961-1964

Roger Matzke Army, 1961-1964

Roger Wilson Air Force / Kansas Air National Guard, 1961-65 / 1967-03

Royce Dial Air Force, 1962-1966

James Knedler Air Force, 1962-1969

Gerald L. Schweitzer Marines, 1962-1966

Thomas L. Tipton Sr. Army, 1962-1964

Chief Maurice (Lucky) Elton Towne JR. Marines / Navy, 1962-’66 / 1970-’90

John Trimmer Air Force, 1962-1966

Alan Barth Navy, 1963-1969

Harry Bryant Marines, 1963-1968

Robert “Bob” Spinner Marines, 1963-1966

Dennis M. Donahue Navy, 1964-1984

Belmont Evans Army, 1964-1984

Lawrence D. Christian Air Force, 1965-1974

Dave Epperson Kansas National Guard / Army, 1965-1969

David Feltner Air Force, 1965-1968

Jim Fox Navy, 1965-1969

H.W. “Bill” Schweitzer Marines, 1965-1967

Gerald A. Adcock Army, 1966-1971

Roger R. Belanger Army / Kansas National Guard, 1966-1968 / 1975-1995

Bert Degand Sr. Army, 1966-1968

Leonard Koci Navy, 1966-1970

Mike Pierson Air Force / Air National Guard, 1966-1998

Gabriel Ramirez Marines, 1966-1970

Raul Rodriguez Marines, 1966-1971

Linden R. Simmonds Army, 1966-1968

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Robert Stanley Army, 1966-1972

Lee Wallace Army, 1966-1969

Gary L. Biber Army, 1967-1970

Richard J. Carlson Army, 1967-1968

Douglas Gardner Army, 1967-1970

Alfred Gonzales Army, 1967-1993

Michael L. Martinez Marines / Kansas National Guard, 1967-1991

Spc. E-5 Darrel Schneider Army, 1967-1971

A.E. “Tony” Stattelman Marines, 1967-1971

David M. Appelhanz Sr. Army, 1968-1974

Paul S. Collier Army, 1968-1969

Gary Comstock Army, 1968-1970

Clyde E. “Butch” Grimmett Army, 1968-1970

Paul Moseley Army, 1968-1969

Phil Ortega Army, 1968-1974

Mike Smith Army, 1968-1970

Martin Allen Army, 1969-1971

Gary Centlivre Navy, 1969-1972

David E. Frederick Navy, 1969-1970

Thomas E. Frederick Navy, 1969-1970

Benito Gonzalez Marines, 1969-1972

Tom E. Hensley Army, 1969-1970

Jerry Lewman Army / Army National Guard, 1969-1972

Steven R. Williams Army, 1969-1971

Lawrence Cruz Gonzales Army, 1970-1973

Louis J. Parks Air Force, 1970-1973

Lyle Staley Navy, 1970-1974

Randy Frendle Army, 1971-1972

Terry P. Ralston Sr. Navy, 1971-1994

BM3 WILLIAM S. ROACH Navy, 1971-1975

The Topeka Capital-Journal | Saturday, November 11, 2017 | 7B

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Edward Burr Army, 1972-1974

Rebecca (Wheelock) Burr Army, 1972-1974

Leslie (Les) Money Air Force, 1972-2010

Raymond S. Ortega Army, 1972-1975

Daniel Sanchez Marines, 1972-1973

Dan Younger Army, 1972-1975

Samuel Dellenbaugh Army, 1973-1993

SSgt M. Wayne Hollis Marines, 1975-1983

David Owen Kansas Army National Guard / Air Force, 1975-1981 / 1983-2002

Dr. Richard E. Polly Navy, 1975

Mark Robertson Marines, 1975-1986

Jared Workman Air Force, 1975-1996

CWO 4 Bruce Johnson Coast Guard, 1976-2006

Greg Smith Navy, 1976-1980

SFC Rosetta Webb Women’s Army Corps / Army, 1976-2012

Annett Bynum Army, 1977-1997

Thomas Richardson Air Force, 1978-1988

Edward Andrew Anderson Air Force, 1979-1999

Mark Fahley Army, 1979-1991

Robert Ketter Marines, 1979-1987

Sgt. Connie A. Bailey Kansas Army National Guard, 1980-2017

Jeffrey Brewer Army, 1980-1984

MICHAEL D. PINEDA Army, 1980-1984

Paul Purdum Navy, 1980-1986

Tom Ballou Kansas Air National Guard, 1981-2009

Lazone Grays Jr Air Force, 1981-1985

Thomas A Kuckelman Army, 1981-1984

Joseph L. Delfelder Navy / Naval Reserves, 1982-1986, 1991-1993

Timothy O’Neil Kansas National Guard, 1982-present

Joseph Mulford Army, 1983-2003

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Spc. E-4 Steve Walker Army, 1983-1989

Keith Adams Kansas Army National Guard, 1984-present

Stacey A. Newsome Army / Navy / Coast Guard, 1984-1987 / 1990-2014

Rochelle A. Walkenford Coast Guard, 1984-2005

Lt. Col. Michael Slusser Army, 1985-2015

Capt. Cale Miller Army, 1986-2006

Lt Col Kimberly L. Smith Air Force / Kansas Air National Guard, 1986-2012

Esau Bonner Jr Army, 1987-1996

Gilbert Garcia Army, 1987-1991

Blake James Army 1987-2007

Howard Montalvo Army, 1987-1993

SFC Terry Clark Army / Army National Guard, 1988-1992 / 1999-present

Daryl Johnson Army, 1988-1991

Ricky Steinhauer Army, 1988-1991

Christopher Cunningham Air Force, 1989-2011

Col. Kirk Decker Army Reserves, 1989-present

SSgt Randy Main Army, 1989-2013

Brian Murphy Army, 1989-1992

Michael W. Peck Army / Army National Guard, 1989-2000

Vincent Tetuan III Army, 1989-1992

Christopher Bookman Sr Army, 1991-2011

Lawrence Clark Jr. Army 1991-1994

Dave Sayyae Army, 1991-1997

Raymond Davey Marines 1993-2001

Phillip Money Air Force, 1993-2013

James Adams Marines, 1994-1998

Christopher A. Carter Army 1994-1997

Sgt. Mark Reedy Army, 1995-1999

Anissa Gonzales Army, 1996-2016

David B. Isaacks Marines, 1997-2001

Michael J. McGinley Army, 1997-1989

LTC Anthony Randall Army, 1997-2014

Russell Staley Navy, 1997-2017

Danny L Cheatham Kansas Army National Guard, 1998-present

Joseph Duncan III Army, 1998-present

Michael Money Air National Guard, 1998-present

The Topeka Capital-Journal | Saturday, November 11, 2017 | 9B

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David Villanueva Air Force, 1999-2005

Michael McFadden Army, 2000-2004

Louis Toenjes Marines, 2000-2005

Brian Bell Army, 2001-2004

Corey Schiller Army, 2002-2008

Joseph Krivenko Marines, 2003-2015

Jamie Lynn McGuire Air Force, 2003-2017

Kristen Dinkel Army, 2004-2013

Staff Sgt. Justin Root Marines, 2004-present

Kyle Waldy Sr. Marines, 2004-2008

Sgt. Nicholas S. Hines Army, 2005-2009

Sgt. Kenneth Nichols Army, 2005-present

CPT Nicholas J. Scott Army, 2005-2011

Capt. Mike Hollis Army, 2006-present

T. K. Adams Marines, 2008-2017

Scott Andrews Navy, 2008-2012

Cody Mason Marines, 2008-2012

Sgt. GAVIN S. ROACH Army, 2008-present

SSgt. Brandon R. TILLEY Marines, 2008-present

Sgt. Anthony Escobar Marines, 2009-present

Douglas Highlander Army, 2009-2016

Tyler O’Neil Air Force, 2009-present

Ciara “Cunningham” Travis Air Force, 2009-2012

Jeremy Smith Army, 2010-present

Adam C. Miller Army National Guard, 2011-2017

Aaron M. Rigg Air Force, 2011-present

Pfc. Ashton Michael Carl Holtz KS Army National Guard, 2013-15

Dylan C. Shelly Air Force, 2013-present

Devonta Hooks Army, 2014-present

Blake Roush Army, 2014-present

10B | Saturday, November 11, 2017 | The Topeka Capital-Journal

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Ashleigh Wallace Army, 2014-present

Caitlyn J. Brucker Navy, 2015-present

Austin McCoole Ashley Marines, 2016-2017

Braden Johanning Air Force National Guard, 2016-present

Ryan Matzke Kansas Air National Guard, 2016-present

Howard R. Bradley Navy

John J. Browne Army

Stanley Earl Clark Marines, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom

John E. Everett Air Force

William F. (Frank) Everett Navy

Erthel Franklin Grant Korea

Shelly Jordan-Howell Marines

SR Daniel F. Kuck Army

Rory William Lang Marines

Derek Lightfoot and Danielle Lightfoot (Pratt)

Marc Limon Kansas Army National Guard

SEC Richard McGuire Kansas National Guard

Maj. Douglas B. McNary Air Force

Wilfred ‘Willie’ Nicklin Army

LeRoy O’Neil Army, Korea

Gordon Schmid Air Force

William Forrest Sipes Marines, Korea

James Spencer Army, Vietnam

Christopher Wendland Army

SMSgt. Christiana Wickline Air Force, Air National Guard

Thank you, veterans, for your sacrifices and service to our country. SFC Nick Churchill, SSG Derek Redenius, Cpl. Thompson Kansas Army National Guard, 1996-1999 / 2003-present

God bless America.

Honoring our Heroes