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L E A D T H E WAY 8 picks to help you navigate your travels


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ant to consolidate your vacation travels into a single itinerary? Or maybe you’re on the road and want to know where to buy the cheapest gas or dine on local cuisine. Several apps that can help you navigate your vacation or business trips are no further away than your fingertips. The Travel Channel, CNN and Techradar recommend these travel-related apps, which are all free and available for Android and iOS devices.


Google Trips combines the travel bookings and itineraries from a person’s Gmail account and then sorts them into specific trips. Google also provides suggestions on local sites and attractions based on a destination.

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Google Translate can translate more than 100 languages using several methods, including text translation, which allows an individual to type in a phrase to be translated into a designated language, and conversation translation, which allows two people to talk to each other as the app translates in real time.


Don’t be caught out in the rain on a nature hike or stranded in a snowstorm ever again. AccuWeather provides real-time local forecasts in more than 100 languages.


XE Currency provides conversion rates for nearly every currency in the world. The information is continuously updated and stored offline, which means a person can use the app when their Internet connection is lost.


Expedia, one of the world's most popular travel apps, can help book flights and hotels, rent a car and reserve tickets to tourist attractions.


This app allows a person to download a visitor guide for more than 100 cities and then ask for information in a specific category, such as restaurants, shopping, hotels, bars, maps, attractions or recreation.

Many apps are available that can help individuals and families navigate their vacation or business trips. [METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION]


TripAdvisor has collected more than 500 million critiques of hotels, restaurants and events by those who have used or experienced them. After a person chooses a place to visit, TripAdvisor allows them to make reservations.


A person can forward emails confirming bookings of flights, hotels and attractions and the app will organize them into a trip itinerary that can be shared with others. Tripit also provides flight notifications and packing advice based on the user’s travel plans.

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