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UNIFORM INFORMATION 2013- 2014 Montessori Uniform and Supplies All Montessori children will need a red smock, which is available at the school store. All smocks must have the child’s name on the back. Many parents use felt letters but others embroider or use other materials. We prefer the first letter of the name to be in a capital letter and the letters that follow to be in lower case (for example, Betty rather than BETTY). Parents are invited to decorate their child’s smock with various patches which should be peaceful, non-violent characters. Please avoid using characters such as Ultraman, Spiderman, etc. Every child will need a pair of indoor shoes which can be any color soft-soled sneaker-type of shoes that the child can put on and take off independently. They may be easy slip-ons or have Velcro straps. Once again, please avoid having the ‘rough’ characters on them. Shoe laces are not recommended unless the child can manage on his/her own. The school store carries red shoes for those who would prefer to purchase them there. Children who stay at school for lunch will need a cloth placemat, a toothbrush and a cup. The placemats will be kept at school and will be washed regularly. Children will need a bag to take home work on Fridays and on his/her library day for his/her books. As each class has a separate day for library, you will be notified of the class schedule after school begins. These bags should be separate from lunch bags. In addition to the above, all children will be required to bring in 1 box of tissues with the child’s name clearly written and a snack. We will provide information regarding snacks at a later date.

Elementary School Supplies (Grade 1) 2 boxes of tissues Smock or old shirt for Art A cloth bag (to fit the student's P.E. uniform on Fridays and the School uniform on Sports Club day) **All other school supplies are provided for.

(Grades 2 – 5) Small roll of tape Pencil case Small stapler & staples HB or No. 2(soft lead) pencils A4 size clear pocket folder White eraser Red pen for correcting Glue stick Black or blue pen (for Grades 4 & 5) 30 cm ruler Compass & protractor (for Grades 4 & 5) Pair of scissors Box of tissue Set of colored pencils Set of crayons (Gr. 2 & 3) Smock or old shirt for A Set of markers Please make sure all personal items are clearly labeled with your child’s name and that he/she has all the necessary items listed at all times

Purchasing for all School Levels •

Sogo Department Store: Plaid skirts, Plaid vests, and/or slacks may be ordered made to measure. th 8 Floor, 2-18-1, Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, 220-0011 Closest Railway Station : Yokohama Station TEL 045-465-2111 The School Store (located in the Montessori Building) Sold in the School Store: • P.E. Shirts, Shorts, Winter Sweatshirts, and Warm-Up Pants • Saint Maur Sweatshirts, Sweaters, and Vests • Saint Maur White, warm weather polo-type shirt with embroidered emblem (only this polo is authorized) • Red Neckties for boys • School Badge (large or small)


Elementary, Middle and High School Uniform

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BOYS GIRLS REGULAR UNIFORM REQUIRED (October 1 – April 30) Dress White shirt - long and short sleeves White blouse-long and short sleeves (plain) Red necktie School badge School badge Plaid skirt - about knee length Gray dress slacks (not cotton) Socks: White/gray/red/black Socks: White/gray/black (3” above shoe) Shoes: gray, red, brown, black, sneakers (nonShoes: gray, red, brown, or black sneakers marking soles, no leather shoes or boots) (non-marking soles, no leather shoes or boots) Note: Plaid vests and black leather shoes are Note: Plaid vests and black leather shoes are required for school performances. required for school performances. REGULAR UNIFORM OPTIONAL Round or V-neck sweaters: Solid gray/red Round/ V-neck sweater Solid gray/red (not (not maroon – no hoodies) maroon – no hoodies) Cardigan: Solid gray or red (not maroon) Cardigan Solid gray or red (not maroon) Sweater vest : Gray/red knit, V-neck or button Sweater vest : Gray/red knit, V-neck or button down (not maroon) down. (not maroon) Plaid vest Plaid vest Saint Maur sweatshirt Saint Maur sweatshirt Saint Maur sweater Saint Maur sweater Saint Maur sweater vest Saint Maur sweater vest Saint Maur gray blazer Tights: Gray/red/black (not leggings) Scarf (solid gray, white, or red) Gray dress slacks (not cotton) Saint Maur gray blazer Scarf (solid gray, white, or red) PE UNIFORM REQUIRED Saint Maur red T-shirt Saint Maur red T-shirt Saint Maur gray shorts Saint Maur gray shorts White Socks White Socks Athletic shoes/Sneakers (non-marking soles) Athletic shoes/Sneakers (non-marking soles) Saint Maur sweatshirts (for winter) (optional) Saint Maur sweatshirts (for winter) (optional) Saint Maur warm-up pants (for winter) Saint Maur warm-up pants (for winter) (optional)


Bag for P.E. Kit

Bag for P.E. Kit

SUMMER UNIFORM (April 30 – September 30) The students have the choice of wearing their regular uniform or summer uniform. BOYS GIRLS Regular uniform with or without necktie Regular uniform Dress pants with school polo shirt Regular skirt or slacks with school polo “Low socks” may be worn shirt ___________________________________ “Low socks” may be worn Saint Maur white polo shirt with ___________________________________ embroidered badge Saint Maur white polo shirt with embroidered badge Khaki-tan or cream tailored long pants or shorts to about the knees (cargo shorts are Khaki, tan or cream tailored shorts, skorts, or skirts slightly above the knee acceptable)


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School Uniform Requirements – Notes

Hair: Hair Styles: Hair styles should be worn in good taste. Any hairstyle that tends to be “spectacular” or causes a distraction or embarrasses the school, will be required to be modified immediately or the student may be sent home to correct the situation. A. Should be neat and clean B. Only natural colors (one color) may be permitted, if dyed Boys: Hair should not be longer than one inch below the top of the collar. Beards and moustaches are not permitted.

Make Up: Should be worn in good taste and sparingly. If a student’s make up is exaggerated or distracting to others, she will be asked to remove it. Only light pink or colorless nail polish is permitted. Jewelry: Necklaces:

A simple, single neck chain without pendants, (except for legitimate religious purposes) will be permitted.


One wristwatch is permitted.


One simple, ring, on each hand is permitted. Rings with negative connotations will not be permitted.


One matching stud – or one hoop no larger than 1 cm in diameter, in the lobe of each ear. Boys do not wear earrings.

Other Amenities: Belts: Plain, dark colors only and not more than one inch in width. No attachments to the belts will be permitted. Suspenders: Plain, dark colors only and not more than one inch in width. They should not be worn hanging down on the sides of trousers or skirts. Hats, Headbands, Headcovers: Hats or head coverings are not permitted except in the case of legitimate religious beliefs that require wearing of such items. Simple, dark colored hairbands may be worn by girls only in order to keep their hair in place.


Dress Code For Approved Non-Uniform Days

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General Rules… 

Jeans & Shorts: Not frayed, baggy, ripped or cut-offs. Should not be pushed below waistline. Jeans shouldn’t touch the floor. Shorts should not be shorter than 10cm above knee.

T-Shirts, Shirts & Sweatshirts: Shouldn’t be offensive, baggy, skin-tight or sleeveless. Should be neat and clean. Should come below the waistline. Shirts and T-shirts shouldn’t stick out below the sweater/sweatshirt. Shirts should be buttoned except the top button.

Shoes: Should be safe and appropriate for the nature of the day. No flip-flops.

Caps, Hats, & Headbands: Allowed only during recess (headdress may be worn for religious purposes)

Hair Coloring: Should be of a natural hue as with the regular dress code

Specifically For Girls. . . 

Skirts, Split Skirts and Shorts, “Skorts”: Not frayed, skin-tight or micro-mini (no shorter than 10cm above knees). This includes Shorts worn over tights. The midriff should never show.

Tight slacks, tights, spats or biker shorts: as free dress items, can be worn only under skirts. Biker shorts should not be seen when wearing a skirt.

Blouses & Tops: No sleeveless, halters, tank-tops or tube-tops. Should not be see-through or sheer. No spaghetti strap tops or tops that are short and cause the midriff to show.

Jewelry: Should be in good taste and not excessive

Make Up: MS - no make-up; HS -make-up in good taste

Nail Polish: Clear or neutral-colored only

Specifically For Boys. . . 

No earrings for boys on Non-Uniform Days or school-sponsored activities.


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