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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017

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by Hayden Boyce Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

lthough just over 1,200 of its utility poles were destroyed or damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria, and despite strident calls by several residents and businesses for underground power cables, Fortis TCI says that alternative is way too expensive. In an exclusive interview with The SUN, Talisha Simons, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at Fortis TCI, said the cost of burying electricity wires is higher, by five to 10 times more, than planting poles and having overhead wires. “However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems,” she said. “For example, with overhead wires and poles you are almost sure to have some damage to the transmission and distribution (T&D) network during a storm such as a Hurricane, but putting power lines underground also takes a long time to do because of the amount of civil work and additional equipment required. It is also true that locating and fixing a fault on an underground power line takes significantly longer to resolve than a fault on an overhead power line which will require digging before repairs can be done.” Simons noted that even today around the world and particularly in the USA, more than 80% of the transmission and distribution systems are overhead. Underground service in the TCI is available in some areas on Providenciales, including Grace Bay, Leeward, and parts of Chalk Sound. Simons explained that underground electricity wires in the industry are typically used for developments that want to achieve specific aesthetic appeal or criteria. Underground electricity is also used to compliment overhead power lines rather than completely replace them. During the back-to-back September 2017 hurricanes, 500 poles were damaged or destroyed in Providenciales, 450 in Grand Turk, 250 in South Caicos, 60 in North and


Seven Stars foundation donates 10 Ipads to TCI’s Snap Centre to help special needs children


he Seven Stars foundation has purchased ten iPads and have programmed all of them with the Prologue2go application for the Snap Centre to assist the children with their educational development. The presentation took place at the Snap Centre in Providenciales, on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

Middle Caicos and 25 in Salt Cay. According to Simons, those figures do not detail the amount of transmission wire and service wire needed to be replaced and restrung for a successful restoration process. She also pointed out that the damages to the recent investments made by FortisTCI, including poles planted along Leeward Highway and South Dock Road, were minimal. “The engineering and quality of the system was proven through Hurricane Irma. Where rebuilding of the system was required, FortisTCI has implemented the same design philosophy used to rebuild South Dock Road and Leeward Highway, which

Thanks a million to FLOW for keeping us continuously connected throughout Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Your staff proved yet again that you’re the most reliable, caring, trustworthy telecommunications network and provider in the Turks and Caicos. From Management of Turks and Caicos SUN, Airport Hotel, Occasions Ballroom

Officials from Seven Stars Resort stated that after speaking with the teachers, it was brought to their attention about an application called Prologue2go,which is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assistive technology tool that can help children dealing with a range of speech challenges better communicate and express both stood up well during the passing of Hurricane Irma,” she added. Simons made reference to an Updated Study on the Undergrounding Of Overhead Power Lines called “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” which was prepared by a Kenneth L. Hall, of P.E. Hall Energy Consulting, Inc. for Edison Electric Institute, which noted that following any major storm where a large percentage of the electrical grid is affected for an extended period, utilities, customers, public officials, and the media will undoubtedly study the performance response of any utility impacted by the storm, and it is not uncommon for this focus to turn to discussing whether plans on


their needs. Proloquo2Go’s easy to use touchbased functions make it a useful assistive technology for ages five and up. Pictured here are Seven Stars General Manager Grant Noble, Seven Stars Resort Team, Teachers, a student of the Snap Centre and Representatives from the Snap Centre and Minister of Health, Hon. Edwin Astwood migrating from an overhead (OH) to an underground (UG) electrical infrastructure would resolve or substantially mitigate, weather related outages. “Even when storms are not wreaking havoc on the electric utility infrastructure, there are many communities that express the desire to improve the aesthetics of their neighborhoods and roadways by undergrounding all utilities. There are many issues to consider before such a transition can be implemented because undergrounding the system has substantial implications for the reliability, cost, and aesthetics of the electrical system,” the study noted. Continued on Page 2

We wish to express sincere thanks and gratitude to the management and staff of FORTIS TCI for restoring power to the Airport Hotel Plaza very shortly after Hurricane Irma. Our situation demanded great ingenuity, flexibility and resourcefulness and your workers demonstrated those qualities in abundance. From the management and staff of Turks and Caicos SUN, Airport Hotel, Occasions Ballroom, Tumble Totz Daycare.

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


UNDERGROUND POWER CABLES TOO EXPENSIVE, SAYS FORTIS Continued from Page 1 Some measures of reliability overhead areas to underground,” it indicate that underground electric was stated. infrastructure has only a slightly “Potential criteria to apply better reliability performance than in selecting such facilities include overhead electric systems, while susceptibility to outages, number of other measures show a higher customers served, cost of conversion reliability factor for underground and ability to recover conversion costs facilities. One explanation may be from the customers that may benefit. that many underground facilities In some cases, the municipality are fed by overhead facilities which may be able to defray some of the can become disabled during storms. conversion costs or the utility may be But it is important to remember allowed to add the conversion costs to than repairs to underground facility the rate base for the customers within outages are often more complex and a localized district.” time consuming and such facilities The document also stated that are more costly to upgrade and new underground construction can be replace. And as recent experiences five to ten times more expensive than with Hurricane Sandy demonstrate, new overhead constructions, adding underground facilities are very that it is worth noting that although vulnerable to flooding and water the conversion cost per mile appears damage. to be less, much of the conversion cost The study noted that given is reduced by the salvage value of the the cost impact of converting existing overhead material being removed. overhead distribution facilities to “Despite the higher cost of underground and customer concerns underground construction, utilities about utility cost increases, a do find value in building underground wholesale move to underground most facilities,” the study added. “This existing utility distribution facilities is particularly true for new is probably prohibitively expensive. developments where undergrounding “ However, a few states and can be accomplished along with the utilities have developed policies and building of other basic infrastructure. procedures designed to encourage Thus, it is not surprising that nearly the utility and the local municipality all new residential and commercial to work together to convert select developments in the United States

Talisha Simons, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at Fortis TCI are served with underground electrical facilities. In fact, every year for the last 13 years, utilities working with communities and customers have committed over 20 percent of new distribution

construction expenditures toward the building of underground distribution facilities. In comparison, the portion of underground transmission construction has been much smaller and more varied, because undergrounding of transmission is much rarer and much more expensive.” It was revealed that the most significant obstacle to undergrounding utility infrastructure arises with efforts to convert existing overhead facilities to underground because of the high cost of making these conversions. “Conversion costs can vary significantly depending on locationspecific issues. While some recent data suggests that conversion costs are not much higher than initial installation costs (largely because of the salvage value of equipment), these numbers do not take into account other costs associated with conversions: the cost of converting individual customers’ services/metering points so they can be connected to the new underground facilities and the substantial disruption caused by the undergrounding construction process (avoiding conflict with or limiting the damage to existing trees, walls, fences and other underground utilities),” the report said.

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 LAUNDRESS/HOUSEKEEPER • Have experience in Housekeeping and Laundering processes • Be able to maintain and treat special fabrics per standard specifications • Have a basic understanding of chemicals used for cleaning

Chukka Caribbean Adventures (TCI) Ltd is about playtime! It’s about fun, laughter and a passion for life. Every single member of the CHUKKA team in Jamaica, Belize and Turks & Caicos contributes to helping their guests play; they get to wow them at every turn with all that the Caribbean has to offer. Chukka is always looking for new talent to add to our dynamic team. All successful applicants must: • Be at least 21 years old. • Be well spoken in English. • Possess excellent interpersonal & written communication skills. • Trustworthy & Reliable disposition with a clean criminal record. • Positive & disciplined work attitude in a customer service oriented business. • Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including weekends, public holidays as necessary to meet the challenging needs of cruise ship schedules and/or reasonable needs of the business. See below opportunities currently available in the Turks & Caicos Islands: DRIVER TOUR GUIDE • Have a minimum of 3 years driving experience. • Possess a valid Public Service Driver’s license • Enjoy nature, with a passion for people PHOTOGRAPHER GUIDE • Have a minimum of 3 years in a customer service or sales environment • Be able to operate a professional camera and utilize computers BOAT CREW TOUR GUIDE • Have a minimum of 3 years experience working on boats as a lifeguard or boat crew • Have training or certification in Lifeguard/CPR • Enjoy marine environment and have a passion for people BOAT CAPTAIN • Have a minimum of 5 years as experience as a Captain/First mate • Posses a valid captain license and certification in CPR ENTERTAINMENT COORDINATOR • Have a minimum of 3 years experience in entertaining groups of people • Very outgoing, active and engaging and confident speaking over a microphone WATCHMAN/SECURITY • Be vigilant and agile • Enforce safety and security standards effectively GROUNDS KEEPER • Have experience in landscape maintenance. • Be able to maintain grounds as per the standards in place


Alexandra Resort, Blue Haven Resort & Marina and the Beach House

Spa Manager Role and Responsibilities •Inform staff of Job responsibilities, performance expectations, client service standards and guidelines. •Plan or direct spa services and programs. •Train staff in the use or sale of products, programs and activities. •Assess employee performance and suggest way to improve work. •Check spa equipment to ensure proper functioning. •Coordinate facility schedules to maximize usage and efficiency. •Develop staff service or retail goals and guide staff in goal achievement. •Establish spa budgets and financial goals. •Inventory products and order new supplies. •Monitor operations to ensure compliance with applicable health, safety, or hygiene standards.

MARINE HOSTESS • Serve refreshments to clients onboard Catamaran vessel • Maintain cleanliness on vessel • Must possess an out-going and engaging personality MOTORIZED TOUR GUIDE • Possess a valid Public Service Drivers license at least 3 years aged • Knowledgeable about off-road units – a plus • Willing to assist in the maintenance of said units • Ability to take initiative and work under pressure HOSTESS/SALES AGENT • Be able to collate food and beverage orders accurately • Possess a very personable and positive attitude • Be able to work in a faced paced environment under pressure • Highly sales driven INVENTORY PARTS AND COST CONTROLLER • Conduct scheduled inventory of company assets and property • Negotiate industry rates with suppliers and liaise with Accounting department • Conduct ad hoc audits of each department that utilizes stock/supplies of any kind • Liaise with Purchasing department in replenishing inventory once it hits par level • Have a minimum of 5 years experience • Be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite • Possess a very flexible and positive attitude towards duties within and outside of scheduled scope CRUISE RELATIONS OFFICER • Posses a minimum of 3 years sales experience or working in a sales environment • Sales driven and oriented • Be able to work under pressure against tight deadlines whilst maintaining ones composure • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills • Very outgoing, active and engaging personality • World travel is a plus. HORSEBACK GUIDE • Must be an animal lover • Possess an outgoing and engaging personality • Possess the ability to manage horse care and maintainance • Previous work experience with horses is a plus • Must be able to work flexible hours Applications along with CVs/ Resume’ can be submitted via Email to:, please place the desired position in the subject line or deliver to the below address: CHUKKA HUMAN RESOURCES CHUKKA CARIBBEAN ADVENTURES (TCI) LTD South Base Lyndon Gardiner Boulevard Grand Turk, TCI

•Respond to customer inquiries or complaints. •Schedule staff or supervise scheduling. •Develop or implement marketing strategies. •Direct facility maintenance or repairs. •Participate in continuing education classes to maintain current knowledge of industry. •Schedule guest appointments. •Sell products, services or memberships. Salary Scale: $2000.00 – $2700.00 per month. based on qualification and experience Interested persons may contact our HR department Mon. – Fri. from 9am-3pm via telephone number 946-8054 or you may submit your resume with qualifications and experience to: Please also submit a copy of your completed application to our local labor department. Closing date ---- November 25th 2017

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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47 new cancer patients diagnosed at TCI Hospital By Todeline Defralien Forty-seven (47) new cancer patients have been diagnosed at the Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital since the last publication on cancer statistics released by the country’s main healthcare facility in October 2016, increasing the total number of persons diagnosed at the facility from 259 to 306 to date. This represents an average of 4 new cancer patients diagnosed per month at TCI Hospital. In an exclusive interview with the SUN, the Hospital reported that these statistics are sourced from Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital Cancer Registry, which was established in January 2014, and includes cases diagnosed and recorded on the hospital database since the facility opened in April 2010. The SUN understands that these statistics are limited to patients who have been diagnosed by TCI Hospital medical teams as there is likely to be other persons diagnosed who may have opted to seek treatment at an alternative treatment facility. “Of the 306 total cancer cases recorded, 204 of these persons are currently receiving treatment, support and/or follow-up cancer management at TCI Hospital Oncology Department. These current cases consist of 64 persons who have or had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer,

51 persons diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and the remaining 89 persons represent a combination of thirty-three (33) different cancers,” the hospital stated. “An oncology follow-up program continues for up to 5 years in accordance with international best practice guidelines once a patient has completed his/her cancer treatment at TCI Hospital. The remaining 102 patients on TCI Hospital’s Cancer registry who have been diagnosed by the health care facility are persons who have passed away from cancer or other illness/disease(s).” It was also stated that the age bracket with the highest number of cancer diagnoses recorded at the hospital is 60-69yr olds, followed by 50-59yr olds. Of these persons who fall within the 60-69yr old age bracket, 30% are Prostate Cancer and 25% are Breast Cancer. Of the 50-59yr old group, 51% of the total number are Breast Cancer diagnoses. “These trends do not eliminate persons outside of these age-groups from being at risk. For example, a patient diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at 40 is uncommon, however, other cancers may be more common within this age-bracket. Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes. According to the American Cancer Society, it is usually not possible to know exactly why one person develops cancer and


CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: The Successful Candidate must be able to: Provide leadership to position the company at the forefront of the industry. Develop a strategic plan to advance the company’s mission and objectives and to promote revenue, profitability and growth as an organization. Oversee company operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service and cost effective management of resources. JOB KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE 1.Experience in strategic planning and execution. Knowledge of contracting, negotiating and change management. Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures. Experience in formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures. Ability to develop financial plans and manage resources. Ability to analyze and interpret financial data. Knowledge of public relations principles and practices. Knowledge of communication and public relation techniques. Ability to develop and deliver presentations. Ability to identify and secure funding / revenue sources. 2.Work requires professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate and interact with officials at all levels of Government and to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community. Ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several projects. 3.A Masters Degree in Business Administration, Finance or Accounting and a minimum of ten years of leadership role for a large division or company. 4.Work requires willingness to work a flexible schedule and travel. Please send Resume to HR@

another person does not develop cancer, is believed to have played a significant however, research has shown that role in persons health across the certain risk factors may increase a region, resulting in earlier and more person’s chances of developing cancer.” aggressive breast cancers. Breast “Some of these risks can be Cancer in women and Prostate Cancer controlled by lifestyle choices while in men remain the two most common other risks including ageing or a cancers diagnosed at TCI hospital familial cancer history cannot be with Colorectal Cancer becoming more controlled. Some healthy lifestyle common in both men and women.” choices are eating a nutritious diet, The Hospital continued: no smoking, avoiding excessive sun “The three (3) most common cancers exposure, limited or no use of alcohol, diagnosed at TCI hospital are Breast, exercise and maintaining a healthy Prostate and Colorectal Cancer and weight. Only a small portion of cancers have been proven to have a direct are due to an inherited condition. correlation with improper diet including Early detection through screening is high sugar intake and carbohydrate always encouraged by the health care food products, obesity, smoking and provider,” The Hospital explained. lack of physical activity. These are Below are some general breast cancer all factors that increase the risk of statistics/facts specific to TCI: many cancers, but can be minimized if individuals take responsibility for their · Breast cancer is the most common own health and make positive lifestyle cancer in females in TCI; decisions. Simple lifestyle changes such · Ages range from 31-84yrs; as regular exercising for 30 minutes · 40-49yrs most common age bracket a day, 3 times a week, eating healthy, in TCI; cease smoking, avoiding excessive sun · This year so far, 7 new breast cancer exposure and weight control will help cases; reduce the risk of several cancers.” · In 2016, total of 13 new breast cancer TCI Hospital is in discussions cases; with the Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services The Hospital added that, on the development of a National Breast cancer is the most common Cancer Registry. The hospital also cancer in the Caribbean and this trend share its oncology statistical data with is also reflected in the data collated at the Ministry of Health Agriculture TCI hospital. and Human Services as part of its “A combination of genetics and contractual requirement on a monthly the adoption of more ‘western lifestyles’ basis.”

Great House Management Limited [Sailrock Resort] is seeking a qualified candidate for the position below: LAUNDRY SUPERVISOR •Ensures the Laundry Department is run in an efficient manner within a safe and clean environment, Attains and maintain Sailrock Standard. RESPONSIBILITIES •Possess the ability to make independent decisions when the circumstances warrant such action. •Ability to operate the Laundry Equipment. •Excellent Customer Skills. •Monitor Laundry Expenses and cost. •Knowledge of Laundry Operation. •Ability to be on time and present for all scheduled shifts including weekends and holidays. •Inspects and evaluates physical condition of equipment. •Conduct periodic retraining with employees for learning of proper procedures •Must consistently display and model Sailrock Resort hospitality and behavior models. QUALIFIED CANDIDATES WILL HAVE/BE: •Previous housekeeping/laundry experience within the similar supervisory capacity is a must. •Must be able to speak, read, write and understand English. •Requires standing for extending periods, walking, pulling and lifting up to 50pounds. •Ability to be on time and present for all scheduled shifts including weekends and holidays •Musts be able to use commercial cleaning chemicals •Provide a High School Diploma •Able to relocate to South Caicos Island Salary Range •$17,500 yearly Please submit applications to the Human Resources Department: o Drop off: W104 Venture House, Grace Bay, Providenciales o Email: Interested Turks and Caicos Islanders must also submit copies of their application to the TCI Labour Board.

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Immigration Officers at Providenciales International Airport sickout for overtime pay By Todeline Defralien Immigration Officers are pushing the Turks and Caicos Islands Government to address a number of serious concerns that led to a sick-out at the Providenciales International Airport, on Sunday, November 5th, 2017 when the inaugural Southwest flight arrived from Fort Lauderdale. Earlier this week, the Immigration Department held a meeting with staff members where they laid all of their issues and concerns on the table to be addressed. The SUN understands that some of the concerns include, not receiving overtime pay for up to four months and officers were not able to apply for a salary advance as the department was unable to pay outstanding overtime. Also, officers were very concerned that their concerns and issues were not being sent up to the command chain or taken seriously by supervisors. Hon Sean R. Astwood -Deputy Premier & Minister of Border Control and Employment told The SUN, “Several Immigration Officers stationed at the Providenciales Airport, reported that they were unwell and could not attend work. Management immediately took control of the situation and called on Immigration Officers from elsewhere in the Department to manage the entry of persons into the country. Officers from the Task Force, FBO’s and an Officer from North Caicos responded

Empty Immigration booths at the Providenciales International Airport on Sunday November 5th, 2017. to the call and were able to report to the Airport for duty before the arrival of International Flights thus avoiding disruption to the processing of passengers.” Astwood noted that Management will further engage with staff who reported being unwell to determine the underlying cause of such action and will work speedily to resolve any and all challenges. Also commenting on the issue, Mark A. Fulford said that the Government should not overlook the Immigrations Officers rights to overtime pay and added that withholding these officers’ overtime is


unlawful and the treatment of these officers is appalling. He said in a statement, “Nonpayment and unequal payment seems to be the growing trademark of the present Government’s administration. It is unfortunate that the entitlement of Immigration officers to their legitimately earned overtime pay had to be highlighted on the day of what the present administration hails as its biggest achievement to date – the inaugural flight of Southwest Airlines. Governments make the law but seem to not want to uphold it. The private sector faces serious consequences when it does not pay over-time due

•The applicant must have full qualifications as an instructor for Watersports (including but not limited to kiteboarding, waterskiing, wakeboarding). •A valid TCI boat captain license. •Open water instructor •Extensive teaching experience (at least 10 years). •Must be able to work without direct supervision and have reliable transportation. •Clean Police Record. •Able to generally manage day-to-day business operations. •Must be able to work weekends & Holidays. Salary – Negotiable Please Email: BUTTERFIELD GOLD GROUP OF COMPANIES POSITIONS AVAILABLE Two (2) Labourers Applicant must be physical, able-bodied individuals capable of lifting heavy loads and to assist the Mason & Carpenter. Wages: starting from $7.50 per hour One (1) Domestic Workers All aspects of cleaning & other domestic duties including preparing meals for the OwnerApplicant must be of excellent character and work ethics. Be able to work independently Applicant must be willing to work flexible hours Wages starting from $6.50 per hour One (1) Domestic Worker General cleaning & Relief Gas Attendant Wages: starting from $6.50 per hour Submit applications to by November 15, 2017 to: Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211

and owing to its employees, but who is going to bring the Government to bear when they disregard and delay the payment of overtime to many of its men and women in uniform, departments such as Customs, Immigration and the Constabulary. These immigration officers are expected to be away from their families from the wee hours of the early morning and also late at night awaiting passenger arrivals and because of this they are contracted to receive overtime pay. The withholding of these officers’ overtime is unlawful and the treatment of these officers is appalling.”


Is seeking a Watersports Instructor Applicant Requirements:

Hon Sean R. Astwood -Deputy Premier & Minister of Border Control and Employment.

Butterfield Gold One (1) Executive/Senior Procurement Officer Primary Duties Building Material Procurement Specialist Assistant to Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Operations Prepare and dispatch correspondence Assist with Financial Analysis, Budget & Project preparations Prepare various reports; take notes at meetings and prepare minutes Schedule management appointments Qualification, Experience & Abilities Minimum of five (5) years, work experience and knowledge in purchasing all types of building materials, including, but not limited to roofing prefab building structures for the Construction & Maintenance division for the company. A minimum of six (6) years, work experience in an administrative position with duties including Project preparation, Report Writing and assisting with financial projects management and evaluation. Five (5) CXC subjects or equivalent Approve must provide certified courses and/or diplomas relevant to above duties. Proficient in Microsoft Office Applicant must have excellent communications skills, both oral and written. Applicant must be able to work independently with minimum supervision. Applicant must be open to being on call outside of regular business hours to deal with and complete assigned tasks. Wages: Commensurate with experience starting from $2,250.00 per month Requirements for all Applicants:  Hardworking team player with excellent people skills.  Willingness to work, weekends and holidays as required.  In addition to the performance of the essential functions employees may able required to perform supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor. Only Belongers apply for these positions. Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Only applicants selected for interview will be notified. Submit applications to by November 15, 2017 to: Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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Theft case against principal of Long Bay High School adjourned to next year By Todeline Defralien The case against acting Principal of Long Bay High School, Hugh Adams was adjourned until January 15th, 2018, after senior crown counsel Leeana Brooks informed Chief Magistrate Chief Magistrate Mrs. Tanya Lobban- Jackson that she could not prosecute the case because she was conflicted, having known Adams personally and for quite some time. Adams has been suspended from the Long Bay High School after being arrested and charged with financial crimes contrary to Section 3 (1) of the Theft Ordinance Chapter 3.10. The charge is that Adams, sometime between August 2016 and March 2017, at Long Bay High School Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos Islands stole the sum

Vice Principle Mr. Hugh Adams appearing in court this week & Attorney Keith James

Senior crown counsel Leeana Brooks

of ($7,100.00) Seven Thousand One Hundred United States Dollars the property of the Long Bay High School, with the intention of permanently depriving Long Bay High School thereof. When Adams appeared in court on Wednesday, November 8th, his lawyer Keith James noted that his client had pleaded not guilty to the charges on October 16th, before Magistrate Jolyon Hatmin.

a matter she does not feel comfortable doing. A new Prosecutor will be assigned for the next court date and all witnesses are bound over to return and give their evidence on the 15th January, 2018 at 10:00am. This case is a joint investigation between the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force and the Integrity Commission

Six witnesses were present to testify in this matter including teachers of the school. Director of Education, Mr. Edgar Howell was also in court. Brooks told the court that she received the file about a day before and due to her schedule she was unable to look at the file until the morning of the trial, when she came to realize the person (Mr. Adams) is someone she knows very well since a child and it’s

Nine poachers sentenced Nine men from the Dominican Republic (Junior Orlando Nunez Quinones, Randy Pascual Nunez, Domingo Almonte Matos, Hilario Martinez Polanco, Yael Williams Hidalgo, Aquilino Reyes, Leandro Manurl Almonte Rivera, Deivi Manuel Barilotti Francisco, Jose Luis Eusebio) who were arrested and charged for two Marine offenses have each been sentenced to three

months imprisonment for each charge. The 9 men were found guilty of charges of taking marine products without a license and using an unlicensed boat for commercial fishing, after they were arrested on Friday 6th October 2017 at approximately 6:10 p.m. by members of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force Marine Division. The men were

Caribbean Cruisin LTD.

aboard a 45-feet vessel named MV Yaniret in the area of White Cay. This area is within the fisheries limits of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The charges will run concurrently. A disposable order was made by the Court for the vessel and its contents to be forfeited to the Government, and to be disposed of it as they please.


Position: Office Manager A highly motivated and dedicated person is required to fill the above role. •The candidate will be expected to run a busy sales office keeping accurate records of all transactions and sales •Major part of the candidate’s responsibilities will be to keep all company books and accounts up to date and be able to produce accurate and timely sales figures and accounts. •Education and qualifications: Degree in Bachelor of Commerce, Management or Accounting. •Ten years experience in similar environment. •Five years extensive usage/experience of accounting software such as PTree, Intuit QB, Microsoft applications Software, POS system & trouble shooting (ability to provide this). •Capable of meeting budgetary targets and deadlines and produce accurate and timely reports to support. •Organized and detailed oriented. Highly level of understanding of the Tourism and Business graphic in the geographical area.

Needed: A hardworking person who has the skills and qualifications to perform the duties of a Boat Captain aboard a vessel. Must be excellent in mastering boats during excursions. Must be excellent in guest relations, good with children and a good swimmer for guidance in water activities, snorkeling etc. Must be trustworthy with the operation of the business and must speak English. Must be prepared to travel frequently aboard vessel and work long hours and holidays. Salary is based on experience, commencing at $28,000.00 per annum.

This is a hospitality service, required long work of unsociable hours including public holidays and Sundays.


Second language is a plus.

If you fit the above qualifications please send your resume to the following address:

Starting salary@ $20,000 per annum.

PO Box 560, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Submission for this job should be no later than November 30th, 2017. Send application to attention to the Managing Director.

Deadline for applications: 17th November 2017

NOTICE Regulation 7 of the Physical Planning (Development Permission) Regulations, 1990 An Application, REGISTERED PR 13217, by KH Capital Limited

NOTICE Regulation 7 of the Physical Planning (Development Permission) Regulations, 1990 An Application, REGISTERED GT 4728, by Eustace Stanforth Been And A-1 Business Machines And Electric HI-FI For the development of a

For the development of Solar Carport has been submitted to the Department of Planning for consideration of Development Permission on 60805/29 The Bight & Thomas Stubbs on Providenciales. The application as submitted seeks planning consideration for a Solar Carport On The Existing Parking Lot. Anyone wishing to make representation(s) may do so in writing to the Director of Planning, South Base, Grand Turk or through the Department of Planning, Emily House, Leeward Highway, Providenciales, within twenty-eight (28) days of publication of this Notice. Dated Posted:

Gas Station/ Store has been submitted to the Department of Planning for consideration of Development Permission on 10406/22, 23 East Suburbs on Grand Turk. The application as submitted seeks planning consideration for a Gasoline Station with Fuel Tanks, Pumps and Store. Anyone wishing to make representation (s) may do so in writing to the Director of Planning, South Base, Grand Turk or through the Department of Planning, Emily House, Leeward Highway, Providenciales, within twenty-eight (28) days of publication of this notice.

Date Posted:


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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Southwest Airlines Inaugurates service to Turks and Caicos Islands By Todeline Defralien Furthering its reach into the British West Indies, Southwest Airlines Co. on Sunday November 5th, 2017 begun operating new international services daily from Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport to Providenciales international Airport in Turks and Caicos Islands, which is the carrier’s 11th country served. In addition, Southwest began services between its South Florida gateway at Ft. Lauderdale and both San Jose, Costa Rica, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, giving customers nonstop access to eleven destinations across Latin America and the Caribbean. “Three new, nonstop routes bring Southwest’s needed value for Floridians hoping to hit the beach in Provo’s world-famous Grace Bay, hike up crater at Poas volcano near Costa Rica’s capital city, or have a carefree weekend in a resort in Punta Cana,” said Steve Goldberg, Southwest’s Senior Vice President of Operations & Hospitality who also serves as the Carrier’s Executive Sponsors of Florida. “With convenient connections for Orlando and Tampa, as well as dozens of cities across our domestic network, these international destinations are now reachable on Southwest where *change fees or bag fees never fly.” Premier Hon. Sharlene

Cartwright-Robinson, in an interview at the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, told The SUN, “I am more than excited, especially after what we would have gone through to have Southwest retained its commitment to come in post the two storms. It is certainly a shot in the confidence in our destination and it’s something that we all should be proud of.” Robinson stated that she is grateful that Southwest did not change their mind but that they feel confident that the TCI is recovering and this is going to be a profitable market for them. Minister of Tourism Hon. Ralph Higgs, commenting on the new flight, said, “To say that I am overjoyed would be an understatement. Southwest is indeed a very powerful brand in North America and to have Turks and Caicos Islands associated with Southwest is certainly a compliment to our brand, so I think this is a good thing. This is the win-win situation for the airline and for the destination. I am sure that the entire country is very pleased that we have Southwest adding service to the destination as it would provide options and competition is good.” Higgs noted that the timing is perfect, because it sends a very strong signal that Southwest has confidence in the TCI, not only as a luxury destination, but confidence in the TCI’s

ability to recover. He said it shows that they believe the country is on the right path to recovery. CEO of the Turks and Caicos Islands Airport Authority, John Smith, said: “It means a lot to us, because Southwest delivers a product that really fits in with the strategy and development of the TCI. The other carriers, they bring their dynamics to the market and Southwest brings something different to us in the TCI. The Airport Authority very much selects carriers and destinations that we would want to partner with. We don’t see them just as airlines, we see them as partners. JetBlue is a partner; American Airlines is a partner and Southwest was one that we lobbied for a long time.” First-time visitor Tammy Bailey who was always travelling on the Southwest flight to TCI said she couldn’t wait to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands and will continue to visit the islands in the future. Southwest is the only major U.S airline to offer bags fly free to everyone (first and second checked pieces of luggage, size and weight limits apply, some carriers offer free checked bags on select routes or in qualified circumstances), and there are change fees though fare differences might apply.

Turks and Caicos Sun Suite#5, Airport Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: (649) 339-5879 Fax: (649) 941-3281 Email: Read us online at Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Graphic designer Information Technology and Production Manager: Kelano Howell Todeline Defralien Reporter

The Turks and Caicos SUN is a subsidiary of The SUN Media Group Ltd. We are committed to excellence in journalism, educating and informing our readers, serving and satisfying our advertisers and assisting in the overall development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Hallmark Trust Limited (formerly Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd.) of P.O. Box 656, Courtyard Plaza, Suite 1A, Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following property pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands CAP 9.01: Parcel 60721/38, Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hills, Providenciales. The property has a two storey private residence approximately 6,886 square feet consisting of an entry foyer, two powder rooms, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a formal living room, breakfast room, formal dining room, studio, gourmet kitchen, pantry and laundry room. The area is a total of approximately 1.3 acres of land. Registered Proprietor: Neville Carl Bolton and Beverly Elaine Bolton The auction will be held at the offices of Karam Missick attorneys, P.O. Box 926, A 203 & A 205 Regent Village East, Grace Bay, Providenciales at 10:00am in the morning on the 17th day of November 2017. A reserve price will be fixed on the Property. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Margaritaville Grand Turk currently seeks to employ the following persons: •ENTERTAINMENT SUPERVISOR •STILT WALKER •STORES KEEPER •STORES PORTER •DINING ROOM & RESTAURANT CAPTAINS •SERVERS/WAITERS •HOST/ HOSTESS •HOUSEKEEPERS, BUSSERS & RUNNERS •BARTENDER S •BARBACKS •CHEF •STEWARD •KITCHEN HELPERS •COOKS •ASSISTANT COOKS •RETAIL MANAGER •RETAIL STORE CLERKS Persons must be able to work long hours, holidays and weekends and be willing to work as part of a team. Submit applications accompanied by a resume to the Human Resource Department at or by faxing to 649-946-1514. APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON 30TH November 2017

Terms and Conditions of Sale by Auction are available by request from Hallmark Trust Limited (formerly Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd.) (649) 941-5191.

Whilst we thank every applicant for their interest in Margaritaville Grand Turk, only short-listed persons will be contacted. Only applications from Belongers will be accepted.

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alexandra resort | beach house | blue haven resort

take an unplugged vacation. here’s how it looks at our resorts.


Face Time




Morning Commute


Board Meeting

Evening Commute

turks and caicos collection all inclusive resorts

Alexandra Resort +1.800.284.0699 +1.649.946.5807

Beach House Turks & Caicos +1.855.946.5800 +1.649.946.5800

Blue Haven Resort +1.855.832.7667 +1.649.946.9900

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Local fishing and restaurant industry still feeling effects of Hurricane Irma By Allie Capron Hurricane Irma not only battered buildings across the Turks and Caicos Islands, but it also affected the ability of fishermen and some restaurants to net their regular catches and profits. Many fishermen contacted by The SUN complained that waters have been muddy since the passage of the hurricane and this has hindered their ability to bring good catches back to shore. Ras Diamond, an experienced Phillippe Legagneur, owner of Mr. Grouper fisher and diver, said: “Muddiness impacts fishing significantly because currently the best catch for most number one: you can’t see! Visibility fishermen. is gone, and visibility is the most “A lot of fishermen prefer to important thing. If the water is muddy, go for conch right now because there’s you can’t see what’s happening at a lot of conch out there,” Been said. the bottom of the ocean so you can’t “But conch season doesn’t open until catch what’s down there. Lobsters 15th of November. You can sell conch are scavengers and they feed on the locally but you can’t export it yet. This bottom. Very seldom do you find them has affected the livelihoods of some on the shoal (sandbar). So you’ve got fishermen. But the government says to wait until the mud settles down to they want to see how things fared from catch them at the bank (shallow area the storm and to see what’s happening of the ocean). For the fish, the mud in the ocean so everyone has to wait. makes it difficult to find food so they But we know that the conch is still usually move on to a new area.” there, we just can’t sell it until the Several fishermen said that it fifteenth.” is simply too muddy to catch lobsters In mid-October, the on the bank. They are working the Department of Environmental and reefs for lobsters and having some Coastal Resources (DECR) announced success, but without the additional that the start of conch export season catches from the bank, it is not very will be delayed until 15 November in substantial. order to give DECR time to assess the According to Frank Been, potential impact of hurricanes Irma supervisor of the Fish Plant in Five and Maria on the fishing industry and Cays, Providenciales, conch is stocks of conch on the banks.

Western Union is spreading the joy this Christmas This Christmas Western Union is spreading the joy in Turks and Caicos; send or receive money at any of our Western Union locations ( Quality Your Choice and Sunny Foods) and you will receive free gift, promotion will begin week of December 11th while stocks last. Additionally, all customers sending or receiving money this holiday season can enter our Christmas Raffle come into any of our location’s and register to win phones, top-up credit, stay-cation and dinner gift certificates. Winners will be announced the week of Dec 4th during Christmas Appreciation Parties hosted at Sunny Foods and Quality Your Choice customers are invited to stop by to enjoy food and drinks and lots of other goodies. We are also delighted to add another location to our network in Providenciales, December 2017 customers can look forward to the Grand Opening of Connolly Services in Grace Bay join us for the official opening on Dec 8th 2017 between 3pm-6pm.

Business Network & Marketing Manager, Gemma Mcliughlin added “Western Union is delighted to give back to our customers this holiday season, we truly appreciate the loyalty of our customers and this our way of saying thank you we recognize that there are other choices when sending money home and Western Union is delighted to beable to serve the people of the Cayman Islands and look forward to introducing more services and added convenience.” “This is our way of saying thank you to our customers, we recognize that there are other choices when sending money home and Western Union is delighted to be able to serve the people of the Cayman Islands and look forward to introducing more exciting promotions and services in2017.” Western Union re-opened in the Cayman Islands in November, 2015. Gemma Mclaughlin Network Manager.


Meantime, Diamond expressed doubt at the recent hurricanes causing any significant destruction to marine life. Hurricanes often have a significant impact on marine environments. Their strong winds churn the surface of the ocean, causing underwater turbulence while heavy rains wash soil and sediment into marine environments and smother sea habitats with silt. This may be to blame for the current murky state of our waters, Diamond suggested, but not much else seems to have changed. “No fisherman can give you a full report on exactly what’s going on at the bottom of the ocean but most can see that nothing very serious happened to the bank,” he added. “The hurricane didn’t destroy the bank like Ike did. Irma just caused muddiness. It was a category 5 hurricane but it doesn’t seem to have done as much damage. With Ike, you couldn’t find conch for a long time. But last week, every boat that went out brought in conch. What’s holding everybody back right now is two things: one is lack of visibility and the other is that conch season isn’t open yet. A lot of boats aren’t even going out because of those reasons.” It is the opinion of many fishermen contacted by The SUN that the bank around the island is in perfect shape and the only lasting effect of Irma is muddiness. This makes catching lobster and fish more difficult but there is plenty of conch, much of which is currently being

Popular fisherman and diver Ras Diamond caught between French Cay and West Caicos. Phillippe Legagneur, owner of the popular restaurant, Mr. Grouper, is one of the business owners who has been affected by these conditions within the fish industry. “People know us for seafood and that’s what a lot of people come for but we haven’t been able to get as much seafood as we need,” Legagneur stated. “We’ve been able to get a little bit from different vendors downtown but they don’t have as much as usual. So it’s been affecting us a lot because customers complain that they want particular things and we don’t have it. So I’ve been running up and down, all over the island just to make sure I get something to sell to customers. We’re not making any changes to the menu but we are making customers aware that we don’t have certain things right now. But we hope to have it very soon.”

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Plans for Maskanoo 2017 in full effect

By Todeline Defralien The increasingly popular Maskanoo is expected to be even bigger this year, says Stacey Cox, Chief Executive Officer of the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA), one of the organizers of the event. When Grace Bay Road comes alive for the event on Boxing Day December 26th, 2017, Cox said one of the most exciting things to look forward to from this year’s event is the reuniting of TCI’s legendary Sagittarius Band. Cox said, “Maskanoo 2017 is an exciting and another epic event... we will be in our 8th year of hosting Maskanoo and we’re looking forward to yet another exciting community and visitors involved event. We’re over excited about the reuniting of the Band Sagittarius and we’re looking forward to that. As usual, David Bowen is handling all of the stage presence and we’re just excited to be hosting this event.” With a kick off time of 3 p.m. the free event will see persons mingling with vendors who will be on hand with a wide selection of items including handpainted arts and crafts made from local materials. The festivities will continue until midnight with entertainment

by Harbour Heights along with DJ Shakes and David Bowen’s with his rendition of local stories and dances from the stage presence and of course the sweet sounds of Kitch and We Funk Junkanoo. Cox noted that in the last couple months after hurricane Irma and Maria, it has been a slump for many people, so the organizing committee of the Annual Maskanoo event is hoping that people of the community will come out and just let their hair down. She stressed that there were never any plans to cancel this year’s event after the hurricanes. “The thought has been after the storms how can we make this better? How can we bring the community together so that there is a sense of normal for the local population; and Maskanoo is a sense of normal; it’s something that people look forward to the opportunity to celebrate and socialize with individuals and visitors alike. This year we’re hoping that people will get more involved; people would form their own bands, and parade groups. Hopefully we will get people out of Five Cays, the Bight, Leeward, Long Bay, their own neighborhood watch get together and form a group and participate in the Maskanoo,” she added

Ms. Stacy Cox, CEO of the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association Over the years Mr. David Bowen has led a group, Hotel and Tourism Association has participated with groups, the Haitian community, the Pilipino community all have participated and now the event organizers are pleading to the TCI community to come out and form their groups so that they can display all of the talents and all of the music that is in Turks and Caicos. “We are a melting pot with all these different nationalities and it would be great to see everybody just come out and showcase. Maskanoo is about you the Turks and Caicos and that’s inclusive of everyone; Haitians

Jamaicans, Dominicans. So come out and be a part of the vibe, of the culture and just displaying who you are and who we are as a destination or as a country. We’re made up of almost ten or more cultures here, so come out and display that. If you’re not able to join a group just come out for the comradery and the fun and to be entertained,” Cox added. Some of the Sponsors so far for this year’s event include TCHTA, Ministry of Tourism and Danny Buoys. Companies interested in becoming sponsors and persons interested in selling food, arts and craft, toys etc are asked to contact TCHTA at 941-5787.

JOB FAIR Where Passion, Creativity and Style come to life.

Currently seeking applications for the following positions. Food and Beverage: Cafeteria Cook, Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Restaurant Manager, Bar Supervisor, Bartender, Server, and Hostess

Date: Tuesday, November 21st 2017 Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm COMO Parrot Cay

Leeward Welcome Centre – Leeward Dock

Spa: Assistant Spa Manager, Spa Receptionist and Spa Attendant Activities: Excursion Supervisor, Excursion Attendant, and Children’s Activities Attendant Rooms Division: Housekeeping Supervisor, Rooms/Public Area/Laundry Attendant, Houseman, Butler, Boat Crew, Bell Person, Telephone Operator, and Boutique Assistant Engineering: Landscaping Manager and Plumber

Human Resources: Employee Welfare Coordinator and HR Coordinator Leadership: Regional Director of Finance, Regional Director of Engineering, Hotel Manager and Private Estates Manager

Blue Haven

Big Blue Columbus Drive N i n a L a n e

P i n t a L a n e

Please bring your resume, two reference letters, TCI Status Card and your remarkable smile.

NORTH CAICOS JOB FAIR Date: Thursday, November 23rd 2017 Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm Location: To be determined

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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Governor meets last surviving member of Ex-Servicemen’s Legion As the TCI, the UK and the Commonwealth, prepare to honour those servicemen and women who have fallen during times war, His Excellency, Governor Dr. John Freeman has met with Mr. James Fulford, the last surviving member of the Ex-servicemen’s Legion, in advance of Remembrance Day. During their meeting the discussion reflected upon Mr. Fulford’s time of service, his love for country, and his life then and now. “As we approach Remembrance Day, a day to recognize and reflect on the sacrifice of others on our behalf, it was an honour to meet Mr. Fulford. I wanted to

personally thank him for his service and sacrifice,” remarked Governor Freeman. Mr. Fulford commented that: “My time with the Governor was very good and enjoyable. I truly appreciate the invitation and I thank him for his time.” “Bobby”, as he is affectionately called, served in the Turks & Caicos Home Guard, and in the Army during World War II (19431945). He was also the recipient of TCI National Award honours. Mr. Fulford will be presented with a plaque, by the Governor, in recognition and honour of his service His Excellency, Governor Freeman and Mr. James E. Fulford and sacrifice.

Public Works awaits funding to commence repairs at Oseta Jolly Primary By Todeline Defralien The Oseta Jolly Primary School which was one the many schools that received extreme damages from Hurricane Irma, is yet to receive repairs to its buildings. Officials from the Ministry of Education told The SUN that the Public Works Department is awaiting finalization of the reprioritization of funding before requests for quotations or tenders can be issued. Although the Ministry was not able to state the cost

of repairs for the Oseta Jolly Primary, they indicated that the estimated cost of repairs is being finalized. “Students of the Oseta Jolly Primary School are currently attending school at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex and the Edward Gartland Youth Centre. No repairs have commenced at the Oseta Jolly Primary School buildings to date. Public Works Department is awaiting finalization of the re-prioritization of funding before requests for quotations or tenders can be issued,” the

Ministry added. When asked what damages the school sustained, The Ministry said, “Structural damages (roofing, ceilings) were done to the school buildings thus it is unsafe for students and teachers to occupy the facility or access the compound in this state. The Government intends to rebuild stronger and better so that learning spaces are safer and more resilient.” Classes will only resume at the school’s compound when the rebuilding and repair works are completed and clearance is This picture shows some of the damages sustained to the Oseta Jolly Primary School in Blue Hills. given for occupancy.


Intercaribbean Airways has the following vacancies:


1.Concierge agents: must have 1-2 years working experience in aviation industry, computer literate, hardworking, reliable and trustworthy with a valid police record and passport. Willing and able to work weekends and holidays.

Join relaxed and friendly 35 team workforces and enjoy one of the highest wage and bonus packages on the island. Our 98 – room resort popularity and occupancy are growing year after year resulting in high distribution of service charges and

3.Airline Executive: Possess a working knowledge of UK Aviation Regulations for Off-Shore Territories (OTAR), ICAO and IATA aviation practices and standards, US FAA Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), and Dangerous Goods Regulations.

NO SLOW SEASON LAYOFFS Resumes can be dropped off at the hotel or emailed to

2.Cashier: 1-2 years experience, computer literate, excellent commend of the English language, both verbal and written. Valid TCI driver’s license, police record and passport.

2.Past experience and knowledge of ramp and aircraft operations. 3.Other skills to be determined and evaluated by the Chief Executive Officer, based on prior experience and necessary skills, knowledge and training. 4.Must speak, read, write, and understand the English language. Additional requirements include the ability to physically carry out the work scope involved. 4.Laborers/ Baggage handlers: Must be fluent in English language, computer literate hard working, reliable and willing to work weekends and holidays. 5.Ramp agent: 2 years experience, valid drivers license reliable hardworking and willing to work weekends and holidays. Interested persons send resume to Belongers and PRC holders need only apply.

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Turks and Caicos Government welcomes new starters The Turks and Caicos Government is pleased to welcome its team of new Starters. “Following on from a successful recruitment exercise during the last quarter, we are pleased to welcome our new front line officers within the Road Safety, Fire, Environment and Coastal Resources, Environmental Health, Maritime and Employment Services Department,” stated Deputy Governor, Her Excellency, Anya Williams. “We welcome each and every one of you to the Turks and Caicos Civil Service and hope that you will find your time with us to be a most engaging and productive one. I encourage you to be professional and devoted to your duties and to strive to be the

best employee that you can be. We look forward to working with you and towards you helping us to build and to continue to improve the civil service.”

Environmental Health Officer - PLS Tashy Forbes

New Recruits: Conservation Officers Dewandre Smith - GDT Curtis Been - PLS

Ministry of Border Control - PLS Shequida Williams - Customer Service Clerk Prenell Dean - Labour Inspector Ingrid Simons - Case Worker

Fire Officers - PLS Ricardo Forbes Roosevelt Glinton

Imperial Laundry PLUMBER We are currently seeking a passionate and dynamic Maintenance professional who pride themselves on their ability to deliver extraordinary levels of customer service and provide creative solutions. The ideal candidate should be self-motivated with a hands-on and flexible approach.If you are pro-active and reliable and will thrive working in a busy environment and can stay calm under pressure, have attention to details we are looking to hire you. Job Description As a Plumber, you are responsible for the maintenance of all kinds of laundryequipment and to ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes, whereby your role will include key responsibilities such as: •Performing general repair and maintenance duties regarding laundry plumbing, electrical systems and equipment. •Check and make minor repairs on general plumbing systems and fixtures such as pipelines, toilets and sinks •Checkand make major repairs to electrical systems such as power, low voltage troubleshooting and lighting systems •Perform chemical and water analysis and interpret the result; •Monitor mechanical electrical and water usages to insure effective energy management •Perform basic maintenance and repair of laundry equipment using manuals and their history •Monitor mechanical electrical and water usages to insure effective energy management •Maintain security measures by counting and making rounds through the laundry on a periodic basis •Ensure that the building, as well as the outside area designated for laundry, is kept clean and secure.

Liaison Officers - PLS Ashley Jennings Alisa Folkes

Maritime Department Yasmah Adams-Richards - Administrative Officer

The salary for this position is $19,000.00 - $28,000.00 per annum based on experience belongers only need apply. Pressers/Seamstresses Requirements: •2 – 5 yrs experience as a Presser •A minimum of 2 yrs working in a commercial laundry •Knowledge in Textiles and Chemicals •Makes garments, such as dresses, coats, and suits, according to customer specifications and measurements. •Discusses with customer type of material, pattern, or style to be used in making garment. •Measures customer to determine modification from pattern, using tape measure. •Alternations of garments. •Drafting standard pattern according to measurements of customer and adapt pattern to obtain specified style. •Be able to maintain productivity standards on a daily basis •Operational Knowledge of Machines •Ensure that dry cleaning standards and practices are used with client’s linen/garments. •Must be able to work on weekends and public holidays. •Ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs. •Must be able to suggest treatment care to clients •Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $6.50 to $7.00 per hr. based on qualification and experience.

Interested persons may submit Applications no later than November24th 2017 to: HR@WIHL.COM P.O. Box 270, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Please also submit a copy to the TCI Labor Department

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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Popular local restaurant Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl to re-open in two weeks By Todeline Defralien Famously known Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl Restaurant will be open for business in two weeks and ready to serve guests and locals alike at their beach-side seafood restaurant in Five Cays. After the passage of major hurricanes Irma and Maria in the month of September, Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl which has been operating since November 2012, was one of the many hot spots that received damages to their location and had to make repairs.

Restaurant owner Michael Stolow told The SUN it cost around $150,000 to repair the restaurant. “Our band stand blew away and we had minor roof damage to the main restaurant,” he said. “Our perimeter fencing and storage shed blew away and some of our interior restaurant equipment was damaged when salt water entered through leaks in the roof. At the moment we are sanding down all the furniture and decks to re-stain everything. Repairs commenced on the restaurant a month ago and we will re-open in

Famously known, Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl Restaurant after the damages from hurricane Irma and Maria

BIM PROJECT ARCHITECT We are looking for a qualified BIM Project Architect, minimum 5 year’s experience, to spearhead and be responsible for the Revit transition, with a proven background in BIM to assist in the development and deployment of in-house Revit processes, BIM standards adherence and digital team support.You will be working alongside the Development Team’s Architect, Civil, Structural and MEP Engineer providing one to one project trouble shooting and thus strong communication skills are paramount. It will largely be project focused where your core responsibility will be to implement BIM/Revit for the project, therefore familiarity with family creation, worksets, scheduling and overall competency in Revit are essential, as is experience in the delivery process at a construction detailing level. You will be undertaking audits of BIM models and content creation as well as assisting in development of core documentation such as BEPs and EIRs. A history of solid Revit use in the industry is required as is an indepth understanding of complex modelling, parametric families and worksets, demonstrating proverbial Revit and AutoCAD excellence is essential. Preferably you will have an architectural background and strong experience with Navisworks and Dynamo. Salary circa US$60,000 depending upon experience. Position open to all qualified TCI nationals. Please submit applications to: Veronica Rigby, The Regent Ltd, P.O. Box 124, Regent House, The Regent Village, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, Tel: (649) 946-5126; Fax (649) 946-5191; Email: Interested Belongers must also submit copies of their application to the Commissioner of Labour & Work Permit Board Zone 2. Closing date for application is 24th November 2017.

approximately two weeks.” Stolow stated that the issue for the restaurant was not the damage, but not having power for a month because they were unable to repair or rebuild without electricity. “The restaurant was not badly damaged. The issue was not having power for a month. We could not start to rebuild or repair without power. We have purchased a massive 65kw generator that is on its way to Provo. This unit will allow Bugaloo’s to operate with or without Fortis. So next time we will have power immediately

after a storm. It will also help us when there are “other” Fortis outages as well throughout the year,” he explained. With a staff count of 20 employees, Stolow noted that everything will be the same if not better at Bugaloo’s this coming season. Located next to Sunny’s Fish Plant in Five Cays, Providenciales, Bugaloos Conch Crawl serves lunch, dinner, extensive International Wine List, specialty spirits and cigars. Customers can also enjoy their daily Live Entertainment, outdoor fun games and horseback riding activities.

Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl Restaurant currently in Five Cays, Providenciales after repairs has been made

We are currently looking for an experienced Tour Guide to join our team. •If you are highly energetic •Have excellent public speaking skills •Can ride a scooter •Hold a current driver’s license •Have a strong sense of adventure •A sound knowledge of the Island Please contact us at (649) 242.7877 or send us your resume at Salary $7.00 per hour.

Intercaribbean Airways has a vacancy for an Airline Executive, the successful candidate must have the following: •10 or more years of experience in the airline industry with relevant certification in Customer Service and airport airside Management. •Proven experience in the Management and Retention of high performance teams. •Experience in developing policy and procedures impacting airport and administrative operations. •Strong experience in training. •Manage and coordinate all customer service, reservation and airport related projects. •Coordinate with regulatory bodies to ensure objectives are met and standards are kept. •Proven experience in instructing and relating to personnel from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. •Must demonstrate excellent team building skills. •Excellent problem solving skills. •Proficient user of Microsoft suite: Poerpoint, Project, word Excel, Publisher Adobe. Interested persons please send resume to

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Getting rid of Scabies By Dr. Marsha Barnett

Scabies is a skin infestation caused by a mite. After the initial exposure to scabies, it can take up to six weeks for symptoms to appear. If left untreated or incorrectly treated, these microscopic mites can live on your skin for months. Whilst there are times that there are outbreaks of the infestation in the society, it is estimated that there are approximately 130 million cases of scabies in the world at any given time! What Are The Symptoms Of Scabies?

having sexual intercourse and sharing clothing, bedding, or towels that have been used by someone with a scabies infection. Because it is spread through physical contact, the rash is usually spread to persons who live in close quarters such as family members and sexual partners. Additionally, outbreaks are often seen in schools, nursing homes and prisons. How Is It Diagnosed? In most cases, your doctor should be able to diagnose that you have scabies after listening to your complaints and doing a thorough skin examination. In a few cases, she may scrape the surface of the skin and look under a microscope for the mites and its eggs to confirm the diagnosis.

The hallmark symptom of scabies is an intensely itchy rash that typically gets worse at nights. Continuous scratching of the infected area can create sores that become How Is Scabies Treated? infected. Common sites for the rash to appear include the wrist, armpit, Treatment for scabies usually nipples, genitalia and between the involves getting rid of the infestation fingers. In many cases however the with ointments, creams, and lotions rash also involves the chest and back. that are applied directly to the skin. The rash usually looks like tiny bumps Your doctor will probably instruct under the skin, or as raised pimple- you to apply the medicine at night to like bumps. the entire body and you may need to repeat the treatment in a week. All How Did I Get It? of your close contacts should also be treated whether or not they have cabies is very contagious. It symptoms. And it is also important is spread through direct contact with to change all bedding and to wash a person or surface that is infested your clothing, bedding, towels and so with the mite. This therefore means on in warm water and dry at a high it can be spread by prolonged skin-to- temperature or in sunlight. Since the skin contact, such as holding hands, mite can also live on surfaces, wipe all intimate personal contact, such as surfaces in the home with bleach and

JOB POSTING - Mortgage Specialist What is the opportunity? In this role you are required to deliver an exceptional client experience, understand the needs of our clients, and anticipate what is important for them by recognizing and reacting to verbal and non-verbal cues and adapting to how clients choose to interact with RBC. What will you do? •Earn the business of new clients by developing relationships with RBC and community partners, represents the RBC brand and captures new business opportunities ensuring early anchoring of all new clients. •Lead a branch team in the retention and growth of existing business and personal clients’ business by focusing the team on advice and activities that encourage long-term profitable relationships. •Actively engage with and adapt to how clients choose to interact with RBC and leverage partners in the broader RBC network and across channels to match the clients’ needs with the right advice and solutions including fulfillment where applicable, ensuring that partners and specialists are introduced at every opportunity. •Champion digital enablement by becoming an advocate of the RBC mobile application and wallet and promoting regular usage. Stay at the forefront of all new features and digital application capabilities in order to educate clients and team members on ease of use and ensure clients leave activated, able to transact and aware of availability for additional support. •RBC local market leader who coaches, enables and performance manages employees to deliver full capability of RBC (human and digital) and grow your business faster than the competition. •Full responsibility for all aspect of your franchise: operational risk, capacity & capability deployment, talent management and community engagement. •Ensure a high level of employee capability and engagement through coaching and sales management, empowering team to reach their optimum performance. •Lead one or more retail branches to achieve business performance goals by successfully implementing strategies, driving strong sales and

Dr. Marsha Barnett warm water. embarrassed when given the diagnosis The itching can also be helped of scabies, but it is important to with oral antihistamine medications. understand that is a relatively If you have been itching profusely or commonly occurring condition and that for a prolonged period, you may have anyone can be affected. And although induced an eczema in the affected the itch can be quite annoying and skin and so steroid creams may be intense, it is generally easy to treat used after the initial treatment with and once appropriately managed, the anti-scabies medication. It is tends to resolve quickly. important to understand that the itching can persist for up to a month *Dr. Marsha Barnett is a general after the mite has been cleared and so practitioner who also specializes prolonged treatment may be necessary in dermatology. For questions in a few cases. If, however, the rash or comments, please contact at persists or your symptoms continue or at beyond 2 to 4 weeks after treatment, Associated Medical Practices - 946have your doctor review your case. 4242. Many persons feel

service performance and employee engagement. •Handle regulatory matters; ensure resolution of assigned audit/ compliance issues, supported by the Regional Operations Officer. •Act as RBC ambassador to multiple government and influential community leaders; promotes and engages the appropriate RBC market leaders based community forums; develops relationships with existing and potential community partners. What do you need to succeed? Must-have •Minimum – Bachelor’s Degree in Banking or a related field •10 or more years banking experience •Previous experience as a Lending Officer is mandatory •Strong Leadership & Coaching •In-depth Credit knowledge of Personal and Business lending •Strong communication skills (oral and written) and Negotiating/ Selling Skills •Relationship building & People Skills •Effectively Manage Risk Nice-to-have What’s in it for you? We thrive on the challenge to be our best, progressive thinking to keep growing, and working together to deliver trusted advice to help our clients thrive and communities prosper. We care about each other, reaching our potential, making a difference to our communities, and achieving success that is mutual. •A comprehensive Total Rewards Program of flexible benefits, unlimited commission pay, and pension options •World-class training programs and career development opportunities •The advantage of working with a dynamic, collaborative, and high performing team where initiative and hard work are recognized and rewarded •A flexible work schedule based on client preferences and your own work/ life balance •Innovative mobile technology to ensure your success Interested applicants should apply by _________________ at

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Page 17


TCIG welcomes Dominique Durham as new Senior Quantity Surveyor The Turks and Caicos Government is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dominique Durham as the Senior Quantity Surveyor within the Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning. As the Senior Quantity Surveyor in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Mr. Durham will be responsible for preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities and cost estimates and will undertake feasibility studies and cost analysis for repair and maintenance project works. He will perform risk, value management and cost control management in response to commercial risks and will serve as a member of the TCIG Project Management Team. Mr. Durham is a former student of the British West Indies Collegiate where he graduated in 2007 with 10 IGCSE’s (4 A’s and 6 B’s) and in 2009 with 3 A Levels in Mathematics, Geography and Business Studies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree (First Class Honors) in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management from the University of Greenwich (2012); a Master’s Degree in Quantity Surveying from the University of South Bank (2015) and in November 2016 was elected a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Beginning his career as a Site Labourer with Swann’s Construction in 2006 and then as a part time Trainee Quantity Surveyor with the

Express Construction Ltd

Labourer needed Salary Negotiable Contact: 941-3478

HAB Investment the opportunity to Group from officially welcome 2007-2012 whilst Mr. Dominique he pursued his Durham to the studies in the Turks and Caicos United Kingdom, Islands Civil Service. Mr. Durham on When this post completion of became available his Bachelor’s having at the same Degree took up time read of Mr. employment Durham’s successful in 2013 as RICS accreditation an Assistant and other Q u a n t i t y accomplishments, Surveyor at I immediately Bouygues in the contacted him and United Kingdom told him that it before being was time for him to promoted to the return home! role of Quantity “He was in Surveyor in Malta at the time October 2015. working on a multiA role he held million dollar project until March 2017 that far outweighs when he took up many of the projects employment as here in the TCI, but a Surveyor at Mr. Dominique Durham, Senior Quantity Surveyor I am pleased that his CBRE Limited within the Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and love and devotion to in the United Planning country steered him Kingdom, where in the right direction he served as a member of the Cost and was a factor in his decision to Consultancy Department which was return to the Turks and Caicos Islands responsible for advising lending and to join the civil service. institutions on projects in the range of “As the Senior Quantity £60m to £400m. Surveyor within the Ministry of Commenting on this Infrastructure Mr. Durham will appointment Deputy Governor and be an invaluable member of our Head of the Public Service Her Project Management Team and has Excellency Anya Williams said; “It already proven to be so as he took up is with great pleasure that I take employment on September 4th, 2017,

A² Fashions

Is seeking a Store Clerk To work 6 days per week Salary – Negotiable Interested persons may contact 231-2358 regarding employment.

SEE MORE TCI VILLAS & PROPERTIES LTD Seeking to employ: HANDYMAN: - Responsibilities To perform routine and extensive preventative maintenance including install, replace minor repairs to electrical appliances, plumbing issues, and air conditions. Experience: Minimum of 1 to 2 years experience in a similar role, a good understanding of English, both written and oral. Salary: Based on experience Contact: Email or call (649) 9416422

just a few days ahead of Hurricane Irma and has been heavily engaged since then in carrying out damage assessments and costing for our government estate. We are pleased to have him as a member of our team and look forward to great results from him!” Mr. Durham in response said; “I am pleased that the Turks and Caicos Government has acknowledged my most recent accomplishments and experience and has considered me for this appointment. I am very confident about the role and believe that I am fully equipped with the necessary skills and expertise for the given tasks. More importantly, I feel proud to be back home as a valuable asset to the Turks and Caicos Islands. “My appointment could not have been more perfectly timed as the past few weeks have kept me very busy and I am excited to be a part of rebuilding the Turks and Caicos Islands post Hurricanes Irma and Maria! “With the majority of my experience gained internationally, I am furnished with a lot of innovative thoughts, procedures and best practices that will assist in revamping the industry and the way things are done here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. My hope is to accomplish implementing the aforementioned that will hopefully contribute to a construction industry that is safe, efficient, dispute free and modernized in order to compete internationally.”

WHITE SANDS GRACE BAY LTD. A refreshing take on a Luxurious Beachfront Resort in Turks and Caicos…White Sands Grace Bay, LTD. Managed by Trust Hospitality, offers a full array of luxury hotel comforts for the ultimate Caribbean experience. Be part of this opening journey! IMMEDIATE Management Hotel Positions Available: 1.Executive Housekeeper 2.Director of Finance IMMEDIATE – All line front of the house and back of the house positions including: -EXPERIENCED Engineers -Housekeeping Supervisor -House Person / Bell Persons -Room Attendants -Lobby / Public Area Attendants -Laundry Attendants -Pool / Beach Attendant White Sands Grace Bay, LTD offers wages and benefits among the very best in the hospitality industry. APPLY NOW to!! Or drop off @ D – 103 Regent Village Grace Bay Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Page 18


NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017

We hire smiles!!!

The Resort will be holding a series of Job Fairs to find Talent for the season… we hire the personality and train the individual. Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond All-inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. We will be having multiple job fairs to staff for the upcoming season. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends (Saturday and Sunday). The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that applicants will be contacted for an interview via Text Message. Please forward your resumes by Friday November 17th 2017 to secure an interview date and time. Feel free to drop your resumes in our secure resume drop-box at the Service Gate, or email it to, or fax to 649 946 4870.

There are vacancies from Entry Level to Management positions: Below are some of the openings in our departments (this inviting Turks and Caicos Islanders applicants:

list is not exhaustive)

and we are

• Accounts (Accountant, Clerk etc.) • Bars (Beach and Pool Server, Bar Porter, Bartender etc.) • Concierge (Agent, Junior Concierge etc.) • Cost Control (Porter, Clerk etc.) • Dining Room (Server, Supervisor, Restaurant Manager etc.) • Engineering (Certified skilled technical persons.) • Entertainment (Dancer, Singer, Musician, Animator, AV Technician etc.) • Front Office (Agent, Bellman etc.) • Gift Shop (Assistant Manager, Sales Representative) • Grounds (Supervisor, Grounds man) • Gym (Gym Attendant) • Housekeeping (Houseman, Room Attendant, Linen Room Attendant etc.) • Human Resources (Human Resources Coordinator, Administrator) • Kids Kamp (Attendant/ Counselor) • Kitchen (Cooks Grade 1,2 and 3) • Laundry (Attendant, Shift-leader, Supervisor) • Photoshop (Photographer, Sales Representative ) • Projects (Assistant Project Manager, Construction Supervisor, MEP Engineer) • Sales (Junior Sales Executive) • Security (Officer, Supervisor) • Spa (Certified skilled therapist) • Stewarding (Steward) • Travel and Loyalty(Travel and Loyalty Consultant[returning guests bookings]) • Training (Training Coordinator) • Watersports (Towel Runner, Waterpark, Beach and Pool Attendant, Dive Instructor etc.) • Weddings (Wedding Planner, Wedding Steward) Applicants will be contacted via text only to confirm your interview Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn or dropped off in the 
 “Resume Box” at the Service Gate Or Employment Services- Labour Department and should reach not later than November 17, 2017.

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


FORM 1 NOTICE OF DORMANT ACCOUNT (Regulation 2) Name of Financial Institution/TIN of Financial Institution SCOTIABANK (TCI) LTD Address of Financial Institution 88 CHEROKEE ROAD LEEWARD HIGHWAY PROVIDENCIALES TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Change of name, if any, of the Financial Institution THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA The public is hereby given notice that (SCOTIABANK (TCI) LTD) holds the following dormant accounts

Account Type

Account Name


Daniel S. Simmons


Tessier Isabel V


Pennylaine Photos


Haitian Baptist


Regenesis Foundation


Chrishawn L Boyce


Kimona A Watson


Deondra A Wilson


Claudy Sainvil


Desmond Quant Jr.


David Devries


Predrag Krstajic


Tolani S/A Shingrani


Craig Alexande Shaw


Mark Piekarz


Christopher Taylor


Shoval Amnon


Jonathan Brown


Gordon Robinson


Adlaid Carter


Dengel Sieglinde


Atlas Contract


Island Sea


Turks and Caicos Equities Ltd


Provo Teen Club


Ricketts & Associates


The Grand Turk Crick


Yanely Thomas


Malike O Cummings


Simmons Daniel S


St Fleur Bremeus


Marie Victor


Lemitek/SSSI Limited



The public is also hereby given notice of the following– 1. Unless one or more of the following transactions are effected on a dormant account listed above on or before the November 30th, 2017 the monies in the dormant account will be transferred to the general revenue of the Islands without further notice(a) Increase or decrease the amount held or owed in the Financial Institution1; (b) Present the passbook or other record for the crediting of interest or dividends in respect to any general deposit, demand deposit, savings deposit or deposit for a fixed period, made in the Islands; 1 Interest paid, or account fees applied, by a Financial Institution on monies held or owed in the Financial Institution shall not be regarded as a transaction which increase or decreases the amount held in the Financial Institution pursuant to section 4(4) of the Dormant Accounts Ordinance. (c) Correspond in writing with the Financial Institution concerning the monies; or (d) Otherwise indicate an interest in the monies as evidenced in writing by the Financial Institution. 2. Subject to the Dormant Accounts Ordinance, on the transfer of the monies in the dormant account to the general revenue of the Islands, the dormant account holder will no longer have any right against the Financial Institution to the repayment of the monies transferred, but the dormant account holder will have against the Government such right to repayment of the monies transferred that the dormant account holder would have had against the Financial Institution. 3. Any interested person should contact the Financial Institution mentioned above to establish if that person is a dormant account holder. Dated this 24 day of October 2017

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Page 20


NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017

We hire smiles!!!

Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond All-inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. We hire the personality and train the individual. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that applicants will be contacted for an interview via Text Message. The Training Department requires: ✓

Assistant Training Manager

Reports to: • • • • • •

The Security Department requires:

Training Manager

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria. A Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management or Training and Development or any other related discipline Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher) Preferred - minimum two years’ work experience in a leadership position (Human Resources / Training, Food & Beverage or Rooms Division) Experience in Adult learning theories and instructional methodologies An eye for detail, the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines Ability to work flexible hours (including weekends)


Reports to: Security Manager Under the guidance and supervision of the Security Manager, and within the limits of established Sandals Resorts policies, procedures, ensures the safety of Guests and Staff. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Ability to generate reports and maintain logs • Previous experience in this or similar capacity These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

This position is vacant and the individual will join other Assistant Managers already in place. Recruitment to fill this position is underway at this time. The Spa Department requires: The salary for this position ranges between $ 25,000.00 and $35,000.00

The Front Office Department requires: ✓

Reports to:


Reports to:

Lead Therapist (Supervisor) Spa Manager

The Lead Therapist is responsible for maintaining all standards of the spa operation relating to the performance of treatments/services to guests; monitoring the performance of the Spa Therapists to ensure that all guest interaction from start to finish is done in a cordial, efficient and professional manner, maintaining a commitment to guest satisfaction and world-class service.

Front Office Manager

Represents the company throughout the guest’s stay, ensures guest satisfaction by meeting and exceeding their expectations. To work closely with all department to ensure that Guests receive Standard Specifications: friendly, efficient service from the point of arrival until departure. To deliver the highest level of Qualifications and Experience: • professional and exemplary customer service to all guest. To conduct themselves with unquestioned Must have a valid License/Certificate in your field of expertise; integrity at all times while coordinating guest entire vacation experience through a seamless process. Ensuring the delivery of genuine service that enhances every vacation experience. This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • High School graduate • Computer literate • Excellent Customer Service Skills

Spa Therapist

Reports to:

Spa Manager

The Spa Therapist is responsible for the comfort of the guests of the spa while performing treatments. This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (note however more than one is required). Direct all efforts toward guest satisfaction achievement of Spa standards, and profit maximization. As Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time. part of the Spa Team it is imperative to work harmoniously to achieve the highest standard of service. ✓


Reports to:

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Must have a valid License/Certificate in your field of expertise;

Front Office Manager

Provide personalized guest services by providing luggage services between the lobby and guestroom.

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Physically fit with the ability to lift over 30 lbs. • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

The range for this position is $6.25 to $6.75 per hour plus commissions

The Stewarding Department requires:

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

The Kitchen Department requires: ✓ ✓ ✓


Reports to:

Chef Cook Cook Grade 1,2 and 3

Stewarding Manager

Under the guidance and supervision of the Stewarding Manager and Stewarding Supervisors within the scope of established Sandals Resort & Spa policies, the Steward will ensure that all aspects the stewarding operation are performed accordingly.

Reports to: Executive Chef

Standard Specifications: Under the guidance and supervision of the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef and Sous Chef, and Qualifications and Experience: • within the limits of established Sandals Resorts policies, procedures, oversees and directs all aspects Physically fit with the ability to lift over 30 lbs. • of the kitchen operation at the level of standard and quality established by the company. No allergies to chemicals • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders and persons with on-island status (note • Culinary institution or equivalent technical schooling or apprenticeship training; however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time. Should • Three to five years’ culinary experience hotel/resort. a suitable local applicant not be found a permit application will be submitted. These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). The Loyalty and Travel Department requires: Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time. ✓

The Off-Site Department requires: ✓

Loyalty and Travel Consultant

Reports to: Loyalty and Travel Manager Labour/Groundskeeper

Reports to:

The Loyalty and Travel Consultant facilitates the booking of our repeat guests and ensures all membership benefits of the programme are received according to the level.

Properties Manager

To perform cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of the Off-Site properties; and to assist in all other Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: maintenance activities as instructed by the Properties Manager. • Certification in Sales techniques preferred • Sales experience Standard Specifications: • Ability to go above and beyond for guests Qualifications and Experience: • Must be literate • This position is currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). Must be able to read and understand warnings and cautionary information • Must have detailed knowledge of various cleaning chemicals, their preparation, areas Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time. of usage and application along with health and safety precautions The range for this position is $6.25 to $6.75 per hour plus commissions These positions are currently held by a Work Permit Holder. The range for these positions is $6.25 to $10.00 per hour Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or placed in the secure drop box at the service gate or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and and should reach not later than November 10th, 2017

The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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Pay less for comprehensive car insurance! Low premiums (especially cars over $15000) FREE open driving Low deductibles from $250 (no extra premium required) FREE new vehicle replacement 12 months from new FREE $250* gift certificate with new home insurance policies 10% car insurance discount with home insurance policies

Not only do you benefit from low premiums with extra benefits for comprehensive insurance, it also costs you less to make a claim. You have a 1 in 10 chance of making a motor vehicle claim, so our low deductibles can really make a difference. If you add home insurance to your comprehensive cover, you can save even more.

Ask about


individual health insurance



WITH BUILDINGS INSURANCE *$250 gift certificate applies to new buildings insurance policies only

Ask Colonial for a Road User car insurance quote! Call 232-9127 or 941-3195 or visit


Suite 3D-A, Courtyard Plaza, Leeward Highway, Providenciales Tel. (649) 941 3195

Property and casualty insurance products are from Security and General Insurance Company Limited

A member of Colonial Group International Ltd. insurance, health, pensions, life


Page 22


NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Page 23


FortisTCI has worked around the clock to restore power to the Turks and Caicos Islands. And now, we are pleased to report that in less than eight weeks after Hurricane Irma, electricity is available to 100% of customers who can receive service. We know how much electricity means to you and to our economy.

Rebuilding. Restoring. Re-energizing Turks and Caicos Islands. | 649-946-4313

Page 24


NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Highlights from Southwest Airlines Inaugural flight to the TCI F

urthering its reach into the British West Indies, Southwest Airlines Co. on Sunday November 5th, 2017 begun operating new international service daily from Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport to Providenciales international Airport in Turks and Caicos, the carrier’s eleventh country served. In addition, Southwest began service between its South Florida gateway at Ft. Lauderdale and both San Jose, Costa Rica, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, giving customers nonstop access to eleven destinations across Latin America and the Caribbean. “Three new, nonstop routes bring Southwest’s needed value for Floridians hoping to hit the beach in Provo’s worldfamous Grace Bay, hike up the crater at Poas volcano near Costa Rica’s capital city, or have a carefree weekend in a resort in Punta Cana,” said Steve Goldberg,

Southwest’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Manager at the Operations & Hospitality who also serves Turks and Caicos Islands as the carrier’s Executive Sponsor of International Airport, other Florida. “With convenient connections for representative from the Orlando and Tampa, as well as dozens TCI’s Government office and of cities across our domestic network, local media. Activities included these international destinations are now reachable on Southwest where *change a cocktail reception at iHeart Radio Sound stage fees or bag fees never fly.” Steve Goldberg, Southwest’s Senior Vice Preside Team Turks and Caicos traveled to on Saturday November presents the Southwest airline model to Premier Ft. Lauderdale in huge numbers to welcome 4th, a gate celebration at Ft. Lauderdale Robinson the new Southwest flight to the Turks and International Airport before departure to Caicos Islands destination. In attendance Turks and Caicos on Sunday November were, Premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright- 5th, Arrive in PLS under Water Cannon Robinson, Minister of Tourism Hon. Ralph Salute and participated in local press brief, Higgs, CEO of TCHTA, Stacy Cox, Director a cocktail reception at the Seven Stars of Tourism, Ramon Andrews, TCIAA CEO, Resort and Southwest Team departed for Mr. James Smith, TCIAA Chairman, FLL on Monday November 6th. Gordon Burton, Junior Minister of Tourism Zaria Ingham, Mr. Norman Hamilton The SUN brings you these highlights from of the Tourist Board, Mr. Ronlee James, Southwest Inaugural flight to the Turks Lavern Skippings Reynold, Terminal & and Caicos Islands.

Very excited Premier, Hon. Sharlene CartwrightSouthwest Inaugural flight to TCI

InterCaribbean Chairman, Mr. Lyndon R. Gardin Premier, Hon. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson

Team TCI all smiles at the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

Mr. James Smith, TCIAA Chairman giving his remarks at the Providenciales International Airport after returning to the TCI.

Minister of Tourism Hon. Ralph Higgs giving his remarks at a media briefing at the Providenciales International Airport

Premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson shakes hands and thanks first time visiting family to the TCI.

Southwest Airline at the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport ready to board passengers.

Staff member of Southwest Airline boarding the

Steve Goldberg, Southwest’s Senior Vice President of Operations & Hospitality giving remarks to local media in TCI.

Winner of a Gift Ca

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Page 25


ent of Operations & Hospitality TCI’s very own entertainers showing off local music at a cocktail reception held r Hon. Sharlene Cartwrightat iHeart Radio Sound stage.

-Robinson ready to board

ner poses for a photo with

Minister of Tourism for the Dominican Republic enjoying TCI’s famous local dishes.

Junior Minister of Tourism Zaria Ingham, Lavern Skippings Reynold, Terminal & Marketing Manager at the Turks and Caicos Islands International Airport poses for a photo op with representatives from iHeart Radio and Southwest

Costa Rica displaying their famous local dishes during the cocktail reception held at iHeart Radio.

Southwest staff excited to check in passengers on the Southwest flight

Representatives from TCI and Southwest enjoying their evening at iHeart Radio Sound stage.

e flight to TCI

First time visitors to the TCI all pose for a photograph at the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

ard smiles for the camera

More first time visitors excited to visit the TCI.

Some of the attendees at the cocktail reception held at iHeart Radio Sound stage

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017

NOTICE Valued Clients of Guardian Group, Guardian General Insurance Ltd

Hurricane IRMA and Hurricane MARIA As Caribbean neighbors, we are all impacted by the recent passing of Hurricane IRMA and Hurricane Maria. At the Guardian Group, we are here to support you on your road to recovery. In order to ensure that your claim is efficiently addressed, we ask that you submit your Hurricane claim to our Agency Offices by Monday November 17, 2017.

3 Simple Steps to Report Your Claim Step 1 - Take Photos of the Damage to your Property

Step 2 - Send the Photos along with the following Information via Email.

1. Policyholder’s Name 2. Full/Detailed location of the affected property including directions 3. Contact Information including Mobile, Work, Home and Email 4. Description of the Loss e: e:

Step 3 - Contact Your Agent to confirm your information was received Grace Kennedy Insurance Brokers Ltd. Saltmills Plaza, Unit #25 Grace Bay Road, Turks & Caicos General Manager – Marie G Beckford t: 1-649-946-4823/4883 e:

Dickenson Insurance Services TCI Ltd. #83 Marby Drive, Juba Sound Providenciales, Turks & Caicos President – Louis Dickenson t: 1-649-246-8702 e:

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Page 27


Valued Clients of GK General Insurance Company

Hurricane IRMA and Hurricane MARIA As we recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Maria, we urge you to submit your Hurricane claim form for processing to our Agency Office by Monday November 15, 2017.

3 Simple Steps to Report Your Claim Step 1 - Take Photos of the Damage to your Property

Step 2 – Submit claim forms to your local insurance agent. 1.

Policyholder’s Name


Full/Detailed location of the affected property including directions


Contact Information including Mobile, Work, Home and Email


Description of the Loss


Step 3 - Contact Your Agent to confirm your information was received Grace Kennedy Insurance Brokers Ltd. Saltmills Plaza, Unit #25 Grace Bay Road, Turks & Caicos General Manager – Marie G Beckford t: 1-649-946-4823/4883 e:

Page 28


NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


Alexandra Resort, Blue Haven Resort & Marina and the Beach House We are seeking to employ, suitably qualified and experienced hospitality professionals in the position listed below. Our ideal candidate should have an outstanding command of the English language, written and oral, strong communication and excellent customer service skills. Director of Guest Experience and Operations In this key role, you are responsible the smooth operation of the properties including but not limited to: ➢Front of House of the Resorts, Housekeeping, Laundry, Pool & Beach, Loss Prevention and Maintenance operations ➢Handle guest concerns relating to experience, service and payments ➢Attends meetings to determine information and/or activities that have impact on Guest and Hotel operations ➢Prepares agendas and manages meetings as directed by the General Managers ➢Develops and implements new departmental policies and procedures to ensure smooth operation; maintains current departments’ policies and procedures ➢Reviews the payroll and work schedule for each of the departments ➢Reviews and ensures that all Operations Manuals and logs for each of the departments are maintained ➢Oversees hiring, training, and supervision of all Housekeeping, Laundry, Front of House, Loss Prevention and ➢Troubleshoots problem situations to assure procedures and processes are examined to prevent reoccurrence ➢Oversees counseling, performance reviews and terminations ➢Adheres to WHML Standards for Guest Service and all operations ➢Reports and documents any observed or known safety hazards, conditions or unsafe practices and procedures to management immediately ➢Performs other job-related duties as directed Requirements: ➢Must possess prior hotel management experience of no less than 10 to 15 years Front Office/Guest Services department head experience ➢Must possess 5 to 7 years’ experience as a Director of Operations

British Caribbean Bank Limited

SENIOR FINANCE EXECUTIVE We are looking for an objective Senior Finance Executive to add value and improve our operations by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The successful candidate will possess a thorough knowledge of accounting procedures and a sound judgement. LOCATION: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands EDUCATIONAL ANDPROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS Bachelors degree in business or other relevant subject UK Chartered Accountant qualified (or equivalent with a minimum of 5 years post qualification experience in auditing.) BUSINESS EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT Applicants should have a minimum of 15 years in a broad range of financial management roles at a senior level. Experience in the following area would be a significant advantage: financial and management accounting, business acquisitions and deposits, corporate restructurings, regulatory reporting, strategic financial and business planning, ability to interpret complex legal documentation. The salary for this position ranges from $60,000 to $ 100,000 per annum based on experience belongers only need apply. Interested persons may submit Applications no later than October 25th 2016to: HR@WIHL.COM/ Phone: 649-941-5028 P.O.Box 270, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Please also submit a copy to the TCI Labor Department

➢Must possess excellent organizational, written and verbal communication skills ➢Bilingual preferably English, French and Spanish ➢Must possess accounting aptitude with the ability to manage payroll and budgetary records. ➢Must possess a professional, outgoing, guest-service oriented manner ➢Must possess the ability to interact with a variety of people, and remain calm and professional in stressful situations ➢Must be able to work a flexible schedule to include overnights, weekends and holidays ➢Must be friendly, courteous, service-oriented, and flexible and enjoy working with a variety of staff and guests ➢Must have knowledge of the Engineering and Maintenance department in order to make proper decisions regarding Waste Water Treatment Plants, A/C, Electrical, among others ➢Must possess working knowledge of computers and software ➢Must be well versed in all areas of PMS and POS hotel systems, including but not limited to: Microsoft Office, Opera, HotSoS, Micros, Delphi ➢Must be detail-oriented and work effectively under pressure while meeting all applicable deadlines ➢Must be able to work independently and productively with minimum supervision;

Salary for this position will commensurate with qualifications and experience. Interested persons may contact our HR department Mon. – Fri. from 9am-3pm via telephone number 946-8054 or you may submit your resume with qualifications and experience to: Please also submit a copy of your completed application to our local labor department. Closing date ---- November 25th 2017

For All you advertising needs contact TCISUN at 339-5879 Or email


Bugaloo Conch Crawl Is seeking a Professional Bartender Willing to work 6 days a week Must have up to five years experience in mixing drinks and be able to work Flexible hours Salary Based on experience Please Contact: 332-0221

Island Steel

Salomon Morency

Is seeking Professional Steel Workers Must have knowledge in Rebar and all areas in aspect of Steel working. Salary is based on experience Please Contact: 347-1905

Is seeking a Labourer To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact 242-5459

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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We hire smiles!!!

Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond All-inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. We hire the personality and train the individual. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that applicants will be contacted for an interview via Text Message. The Concierge Department requires

The Administration Department requires: ✓

✓ ✓

Director Of Operations

Reports to:

Managing Director

Reports to:

The Director of Operations Manager ensures the resort meets the brand’s target of customer needs, team member satisfaction and maximizes the cost effectiveness of the company. Responsible for special projects and day to day operations. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: o Minimum Bsc. Preferably in Hospitality from a recognized institution; o Minimum eight (8) years’ work experience in the Hotel Industry; o Experience managing in a 400 room or more hotel; o Experience managing a team of minimum 1000 employees;

The Kitchen Department requires:

The range for these positions is $6.50 to $13.00 per hour

Executive Sous Chef Sous Chef Chief Baker

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Culinary institution or equivalent technical schooling or apprenticeship training preferred • Three to five years’ experience as supervisor in an international first-class hotel/resort. The Executive Sous Chef, Sous Chef and Chief Baker positions are currently held by a Work Permit Holder (however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time. The Dining Department requires:

Director of Food and Beverage

Under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Food and Beverage and within the limits of established Sandals Resorts policies, procedures, oversees and directs all aspects of the Restaurant operation at the level of standard and quality established by the company. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Minimum three experience as Restaurant Manager in an international first-class hotel/resort. • Experience managing a restaurant with over 300 persons seating area The Restaurant Manager position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

Is responsible for all aspects of guest care during stay, assisting in all areas of hotel and continual improvement of skills through training and practice; is instrumental to achieve our goal in providing the highest professional standards in Butler Service to our guests and thus exceeding the guest expectation. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Holder of a certification from the Guild of Professional English Butlers. • Physically fit with the ability to lift over 30 lbs. • No allergies to seafood

The Junior Concierge position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

✓ ✓

Carpenter Room Technician

Reports to: Chief Engineer To work closely with the Rooms Division to ensure that the physical appearance in and around the room is as per the Resort’s established quality and standards. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Physically fit with the ability to lift and bend. • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

✓ ✓ ✓

Photographer Shop Attendant/ Sales Representative Supervisor

Reports to: Photoshop Manager Responsible for the photographic experience, including the flow of guests through the photography, selection and purchase process.

This position is currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

The Laundry Department requires: Laundry Attendant

Reports to:

Understand ordering and receiving processes

The Photoshop Department requires:


Reports to: Butler Manager

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • High School diploma / certificate • Knowledgeable about inventory / accounting

These positions are currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

The Butler Department requires: ✓

Concierge Manager

To maintain an effective and detailed control on the movement of beverage items/guest supplies, from ordering to placement in rooms. Maintains standards of quality and presentation and assists with guest services. To work closely with Concierge and Housekeeping to ensure that Guests receive friendly, efficient service from the point of arrival until departure in regards to stocking and restocking of rooms, assistance with luggage, location of amenities, delivery of WOWs, and TLC calls, to assist in the Concierge when needed.

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

Restaurant Manager

Reports to:

Junior Concierge (formally Mini-Bar Stocker)

Reports to:

Executive Chef

Under the guidance and supervision of the Executive Chef and within the limits of established Sandals Resorts policies, procedures, oversees and directs all aspects of the kitchen operation at the level of standard and quality established by the company.

The Concierge Agent serves as the guest’s liaison for hotel services. Functions are an extension of the front desk with emphasis on the personalized services. Assist the guests in inquiries concerning the hotel or off-premises attractions, facilities, services or activities.

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

The salary for the positions indicated above is dependent on experience.

Reports to:

Concierge Manager

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Associates Degree preferred; • Minimum two years’ work experience in a similar or comparative position’ • Computer literate with computer application and software i.e. Windows/Excel/Access/ Outlook. Ability to input and access information from a computer and to adapt to new computer technology.

The Director of Operaton position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

✓ ✓ ✓

Agent Supervisor

Laundry Manager

The Laundry Attendant is responsible for the finishing process of linen ensuring the highest quality production is achieved.

All shop attendants/ Sales Representatives are Customer Service Representatives with additional responsibilities; therefore they should provide the highest level of customer service. Promote and sell all items in the shop including photographs while displaying pride and confidence in the product and the company. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Certifications in field or studio Photography • Sales experience and able to meet quotas • Two (2) years’ experience in a similar position (photographer) • Certification in the field of Retail • One (1) year experience in a similar position (Shop Attendant/ Sales Representative) The range for these positions is $6.25 to $7.00 per hour

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Physically fit with the ability to lift over 30 lbs. • No allergies to chemicals and ability to handle heat • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

Supervisor • Tertiary level education or any related certification • Extensive knowledge of photography • Must be sales and relationship driven, service oriented and passionate. • Able to close the sale and meet aggressive sales targets Reports to: Photoshop Manager

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or placed in the secure drop box at the service gate or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and and should reach not later than November 10th 2017

The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017

We hire smiles!!!

Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond All-inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. We hire the personality and train the individual. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that applicants will be contacted for an interview via Text Message. The Housekeeping Department requires: The Dining Room Department requires: ✓


Reports to:


Reports to:

Restaurant Manager

Executive Housekeeper

Assist the Executive Housekeeper in monitoring the day to day operations of the housekeeping Department, thus ensuring the satisfaction of the guests.

Is responsible to assist with Dining Room supervisor the coordination, planning, organizing and control the activities of the restaurant.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Minimum of 3 years supervisory housekeeping experience in a first class resort; • Knowledge of chemicals and other cleaning agents and there usage;

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • One year experience in similar capacity • Extensive food & beverage/wine knowledge;

The Supervisor position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

The Bar Department requires: ✓ ✓ ✓

The Gift Shop Department requires: ✓ ✓

Supervisor Shift Leader

Reports to:

Reports to:

Gift Shop Manager

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Two years’ experience within a casual restaurant setting preferred • Physically fit • No food allergies

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • High School Graduate; • Excellent Customer Service Skills; • Ability to communicate clearly both verbally and orally.

These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

These positions are currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

The Dining Room Department requires: ✓ ✓

The range for these positions is $6.25 to $14.00 per hour

Server/ Waiter/ Waitress Hostess

Reports to:

The Front Office Department requires:

Restaurant Manager

To provide prompt, courteous and professional service to all patrons; monitoring service standards and assisting where possible, ensuring the smooth flow of the restaurant operation and enhancing the guests’ experience.


Reports to:

Bar/Beverage Manager

Have a full knowledge of mixology and the use of all bar equipment, glassware and ingredients. Maintain a clean and efficient bar. Have an excellent command of guest service information and consistently practice excellent service with a friendly smile.

Assist with the supervision of all daily activities in the Resort Shop. This includes selling and customer service management, developing team members and visual merchandising. Also includes assisting the Manager and/or Assistant Manager in guiding the success of the store by presenting a clean, neat and organized shopping environment for customers. Assists in overseeing all activities related to merchandise flow, store maintenance, expense management, shortage prevention and store sales support.

Bartender Bar Porter Cocktail Server/ Pool and Beach Server

Front Office Manager

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Two years’ experience within a casual restaurant setting preferred • Physically fit • No food allergies

Supervises the Front Office operation and ensures personnel are executing their duties in accordance to SRI SOP’s. Directs and coordinates the activities and daily functions of the Front Office department according to standards of Sandals Resorts International. Creatively and innovatively foster, mentor and develop team members.

These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Minimum two years’ work experience in a similar or comparative position; • Computer literate with computer application and software i.e. Windows/Excel/Access/ Outlook. Ability to input and access information from a computer and to adapt to new computer technology; • Excellent Customer Service Skills;

The range for these positions is $6.25 to $11.00 per hour

The Entertainment and Kids Kamp Departments require: ✓

The Supervisor position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder

Player (Creativiva)

Reports to: Director of Entertainment The range for these positions is $6.25 to $13.00 per hour

To engage the guests and their children to participate in activities, attend shows and special guest events. Part of the responsibility as an Entertainment is to create lasting memories while on vacation. 

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: As an entertainer/ player under the Creativiva umbrella they must have one or more of the following skills to qualified: • Singers - vocal and minor acting and dancing performances

The Dining Room Department requires: ✓

Shift Leader

Reports to:

Restaurant Manager

Is responsible to assist with Dining Room supervision this includes the coordination, planning, organizing and control the activities of the restaurant. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Supervisor certification • One year experience in similar capacity • Extensive food & beverage/wine knowledge; This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder (however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

Aerialists - performing aerial acrobatic tricks on apparatuses (i.e. aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial trapeze), which are rigged to the truss above the stage (min 5.5 meters)

Other type of circus artists - ground circus acts (i.e. contortion, cyr wheel, juggling, hand stand, hand-to-hand duo, other)

Comedians - comedy and physical comedy performances

Floor Acrobats - floor acrobatic tricks, tumbling passes (somersaults, rolls, handsprings, tucks, layouts, twists)

Dancers - dance performances of various genre (contemporary, jazz, modern, ballet, hip-hop, other)

• •

Actors - acting, minor singing and dancing performances Rigger - responsible for rigging and taking down the aerial apparatuses to the truss bar safely (includes climbing up the trussing while wearing a safety harness), and for bringing the apparatuses down and lifting them up during the shows

Recruitment on island is being undertaken for these positions, should suitable local applicants not be found permit applications will be submitted.

Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or placed in the secure drop box at the service gate or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and and should reach not later than November



The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


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We hire smiles!!!

Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond All-inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. We hire the personality and train the individual. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that applicants will be contacted for an interview via Text Message. The Entertainment Department requires: ✓

The House Keeping Department requires: ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Reports to:

Houseman Room Attendant Linen Room Attendant Public Area Attendant

Reports to:

Executive Housekeeper

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • 5 CXC or GCE subjects or equivalent; • Excellent Customer Service Skills; • First AID & CPR Certified; • CHS Certified (Or any recognized Hospitality Training Institute).

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Physically fit with the ability to lift and bend. • No allergies to chemicals or dust • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

The Senior Animator position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders and persons with on-island status (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time. Should a suitable local applicant not be found a permit application will be submitted.

The Entertainment and Kids Kamp Departments require: ✓ ✓ ✓

Linen Room Attendant

Reports to:

Director of Entertainment and Animation Manager

The Senior Animator is responsible for supporting, coordinating and directing the daily operations of the Sesame Street Characters based on directive by the Animation Manager. He/she is reports to the Animation Manager and The Director of Entertainment (Manager); together they oversee all the Sesame Street Programs in addition to working with the rest of the Entertainment Areas, Photography, Sales, Food and Beverage, Public Relations, among some others. The Senior Animator’s main responsibility is to ensure quality and quantity exposure of the Sesame Street Characters so that our Guests can enjoy during their stay at the Resort as well as look for revenue opportunities that will make us grow in within the Hotel industry.

The Room Attendant assumes primary responsibility for guestroom cleaning and servicing. The Housemen are responsible for delivering clean linen and clearing dirty linen from Room Attendants’ trolley. The general maintenance of all corridors and walkways on assigned floor/section are also the responsibility of the Housemen. The Public Area Cleaner/ Attendant is responsible to service all other areas and offices.

Senior Animator

Executive Housekeeper

Dancer Player Kids Counselor/ Counselor

Reports to: Director of Entertainment

To maintain order and cleanliness in the linen room and to assist with all of the activities related to the linen room, to record all items received and issued. Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Physically fit with the ability to lift and bend. • No allergies to chemicals or dust • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

To engage the guests and their children to participate in activities, attend shows and special guest events. Part of the responsibility as an Entertainment and Kids Kamp staff is to create lasting memories while on vacation. 

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Minimum of 4 CXC certifications. • Customer service experience

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder. The range for these positions is $6.25 to $13.00 per hour

These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time

The Grounds Department requires:

The Watersports and Catamaran Departments require:

✓ ✓

Grounds Man

Reports to:

Grounds Manager

Boat Captain Dive Instructor

Reports to: Watersports Manager

Grow and propagate plants; cultivating, and harvesting horticultural specialties, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, mushrooms, and other plants.

The main function of the Boat Captain is to supervise all activities of the dive boat while in operation. The Dive Instructors and Technician take care of the guest and equipment.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Physically fit with the ability to lift over 30 lbs. • No allergies to chemicals • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Certified PADI/NAUI Instructor; • Basic Compressor Certification (an asset) (MAKO);

The range for these positions is $6.25 to $6.75 per hour

These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders.

The range for these positions is $6.25 to $13.00 per hour

Irrigation Technician

Reports to:

The Watersports and Catamaran Departments require:

Grounds Manager

The Irrigation Technician landscapes or maintains grounds of property using hand or power tools or equipment. Typically performs a variety of tasks, which may include any combination of the following: sod laying, mowing, trimming, planting, watering, fertilizing, digging, raking, sprinkler installation.

Under general supervision, ensures the safety of patrons of an aquatic facility by preventing and responding to emergencies.

TheGroundsmand and Irrigation Technician positions are currently held by a Work Permit Holders.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • First Aid & CPR Certified;

The range for these positions is $6.25 to $14.00 per hour

These positions are currently held by Work Permit Holders (note however more than one is required). Recruitment to fill these positions is underway at this time.

The Dining Room Department requires: Dining Room Cleaner/Labour

Reports to:

Watersports/ Pool/ Beach Attendant Lifeguard Player (Watersports)

Reports to: Watersports Manager

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Three (3) years’ experience in a similar position.

✓ ✓ ✓

Restaurant Manager

Relief Boat Captain

Reports to:

Watersports Manager

Under the guidance and supervision of the Restaurant Manager within the scope of established Sandals Resort policies, the dining room cleaner will ensure that all aspects of restaurant cleansing duties are performed accordingly. Keep buildings in clean and orderly condition. Perform heavy cleaning duties, such as scrubbing floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish.

The main function of the Relief Boat Captain is to supervise all activities of the dive boat while in operation in absence of the boat captain. Will perform the duties of a Dive Instructor otherwise and take care of the guest and equipment.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Physically fit with the ability to lift over 30 lbs. • No allergies to chemicals • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

Standard Specifications: Qualifications and Experience: • Boat Captain’s license • Certified PADI/NAUI Instructor; • Basic Compressor Certification (an asset) (MAKO);

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder

This position is currently held by a Work Permit Holder.

Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or placed in the secure drop box at the service gate or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and and should reach not later than November 10th, 2017

The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017










HOUSEKEEPER Cairsea Services



Require one (1) Laborer Salary: $7.50 Must be reliable, hardworking & Honest Hours: 8-5 and some weekends & holidays Apply in person




Live-In Nanny/ Housekeeper Needed Negotiable Salary and Terms Call 231-4776











Sharper Image


Seeking 1 barber Salary $8 per hour Must worker 6 day a week contact: 232-6695


Desarrollos Hotelco JWM LTD.



# 304092




Requirements include: at least 5 years relevant experience Contact: llopez@




















NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017



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900 arrested for immigration offences in Cayman Islands

More than 900 arrests that immigration, police and come before the Cayman have been made since July customs officials seemed to be Islands court system, since 2016 for various immigration stepping up their enforcement the Immigration Department violations related to staying efforts within the past 18 was given the ability in recent or working illegally in the months or so. years to issue administrative Cayman Islands, Immigration Mr. McLean’s fines. In most overstaying Department officials there perception of more illegal matters, individuals pay a sum confirmed. overstayers may be correct. of money and then voluntarily According to the The 336 arrests for the offense removes themselves from Cayman Compass, a total in a little over a year [*] were the islands, the premier said, of 336 people were arrested more than the combined totals eliminating the need for a between July 1, 2016 and the Immigration Department “prohibited immigrant” order Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017 for reported for 2010 and 2011 from the governor’s office. overstaying or assisting (191 overstaying arrests for There is the odd case another person to overstay, both years). that does come before the Ministry of Immigration Chief However, Premier court, such as a man who was Officer Wes Howell confirmed. Alden McLaughlin said those imprisoned and then deported During Legislative arrests, while of concern, may in late 2016 who stayed in Assembly Finance Committee not receive the public attention Cayman a decade after his proceedings this week, previously given to the crime. work permit expired. lawmakers like East End “I think we’re doing The defendant in that case, MLA Arden McLean said more [enforcement] now than Charlton Hooker Powell, was illegal immigrants staying in ever before,” the premier arrested in September 2016 Cayman were a bigger problem said. “But I suppose, in the for driving without a license. than the territory has seen in grand scheme of things, sad to “If his bad luck did not kick its recent history. say, these offenses are … not in with a traffic offense, he “There are too many making the waves they once would still be living with rumors of people who are did.” us,” Magistrate Angelyn living illegally on this island,” Also, many Hernandez remarked at the Mr. McLean said, adding overstaying cases do not time.

St. Lucia Government urged to support local investors CASTRIES, St Lucia — Calls for local Investors to be treated more seriously and provided with a “Local Investor Window” were some of the sentiments emerging from a forum on the weekend with Investment Minister Bradly Felix. The Chamber of Commerce conceived Open Forum on Investment, brought the Minister with responsibility for Investment and his Technical Team to have an intimate conversation with Chamber of Commerce members on a sensitive and important subject. The President of the Chamber Martin Dorville in his opening statement called for Government to provide the requisite support to local investment to compliment Foreign Direct Investment. He pointed out that the local business community is not against the provision of incentives to Investors, but the Chamber

believed that all incentives and concessions be “performance based” and not open ended. According to one contributor, a small investor has a wait of 15 months for an approval – that is promoted as taking three months. Other firms noted that they had never been the recipient of incentives, yet they remained in business and continue to invest heavily in St. Lucia, while a plethora of foreign investors have entered the market over the years and have been recipients of incentives and concessions. Recommendations were also made on ways existing businesses could be incentivized and supported. Several other issues were also raised during the forum , prompting the Chamber and the Ministry agreed to continue their dialogue in pursuit of “Making St. Lucia the place of choice to do business.”

Such cases of deliberately overstaying for years at a time remain rare, Mr. McLaughlin told the finance committee on Tuesday. Work permits

Another 460 arrests have occurred since July 1 for work permit offenses, according to Mr. Howell. Again, most of these cases end up with administrative fines, rather than proceeding to court. These matters are sometimes the fault of the employee and sometimes the fault of the employer, the Immigration Department statistics show. For instance, 238 arrests were made in connection with someone being employed outside the terms of a work permit during the period. This can happen, for example, when a person is hired as a bartender, but is found working in another

occupation, such as a concierge or a waiter because their employer has instructed them to do so. Fines can be leveled against the person’s employer for this type of offense. Another 149 people were arrested for working outside the terms of their permits. This is an offense against an employee who takes up another job without receiving permission to do so. In addition, 73 arrests were made for individuals having no work permit at all. Any non-Caymanian taking up employment in the Cayman Islands is required to obtain a legal permit before starting the job. Other arrests for immigration offenses included making a false representation on immigration forms or to an immigration officer (93 arrests) and engaging in a marriage of convenience (18 arrests).

Trinidad Government to address upsurge in violence among students PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – A series of consultations will be held in the coming weeks to address an upsurge in indiscipline and violence among students across the country. In a statement on Sunday, Education Minister Anthony Garcia, said he is planning a series of consultations and urged educators to do more to reduce indiscipline and crime among young people. When we see our children with weapons, engaging in fights or any activity that is unbecoming of the type of citizen that we wish to produce in Trinidad and Tobago, we must remember that these children are but products of their environment and the examples being set by the adults around them,” said Garcia who added that the upbringing of the nation’s young

people is everyone’s responsibility. He also disclosed that the Education Ministry will continue to deal with instances of indiscipline and is “committed to working with all parties invested in education to change the current conversation nationally, to be more reflective of the positives that the young people have to offer.” “It is now critical that we move away from consistently focusing on the viral negativity that has been cultivated among a minority of our nation’s youth and shift focus to the major group of hard working, disciplined and willing young people that are working toward making Trinidad and Tobago a place they want to be in the future,” he said.

Powerful 5.7 earthquake rocks Trinidad and Tobago PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – A powerful 5.7 earthquake was felt in sections of Trinidad and Tobago and as far north as St. Vincent and the Grenadines last Sunday. The Seismic Research

Centre at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus says the quake was felt around 11:00am, approximately 68 kilometres northwest of Tobago and 84 kilometres southeast of Grenada.

The Seismic Research Centre centre says in the twin island republic the quake was felt in the towns of Arima, Carapichaima, El Dorado, San Juan, Barataria and Valsayn.

Elsewhere in the region, residents in St Vincent and Grenadines and Grenada reported feeling strong tremors. `So far there have been no reports of damage or injuries.

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NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017


IMF studies macro-economic impact of natural disasters on countries WASHINGTON – The “They also put International Monetary Fund considerable strains on (IMF) says in addition to government finances, frequently permanent damages to public demanding a swift reconstruction and private capital, natural of major infrastructures—yet with disasters cause temporary losses limited room to raise additional of productivity, inefficiencies revenues or curtail transfers and during the reconstruction process, other expenditures.” and damages to the country’s The paper assesses two creditworthiness. main policy issues, namely if the In a study that explored government were to fully rebuild the macroeconomic impact of the public infrastructure destroyed natural disasters, the authors by the cyclone in less than a of the IMF Working Paper titled decade, what additional resources “Building Resilience to Natural would the donor community Disasters: An Application to Small have to pitch in to ensure fiscal Developing States* note that and debt sustainability over the small developing states like those medium term?; and secondly if in the Caribbean are frequently the government were to invest hit by natural disasters that tend in resilient infrastructure and to leave long-lasting scars in the save financial resources in a economy. contingency fund, how fiscal and So far this year, several debt sustainability would be Caribbean islands, namely improved after the disaster? Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Using the Pacific island of the British Virgin Islands, the Vanuatu, severely hit by Cyclone Turks and Caicos Islands, Pam in March 2015, the authors Anguilla and St. Martin, have noted that the country could not been devastated by Hurricanes face damages alone and that Irma, and Maria. grant-fathering is key for debt In addition several other sustainability. countries like the Bahamas, Haiti “In spite of the moral and St. Kitts-Nevis have suffered hazard issues linked with such extensive damage as a result of a strategy, bi and multilateral the Category 5 storms. partners would have to In the Working Paper, the significantly scale up their authors, Ricardo Marto, Chris financial contributions following Papageorgiou, and Vladimir the cyclone if the donor community Klyuev, argue that in addition wants to ensure a smooth recovery. to deaths of a non-negligible “Second, the government can, fraction of the population, natural and should, invest in resilient disasters destroy public and infrastructure and build fiscal private infrastructure needed buffers that would attenuate the for the economy to function, impact of the disaster. However, disrupting economic and social these initiatives imply some policy activities with long-lasting effects. choices head-on: the government

would need to create fiscal space – raising taxes or reducing other expenditure- or resort to borrowing. “Finally, and more importantly, donors can help make these investments. This would help reduce the need for their financial contributions postdisaster” But they said recovering from a highly damaging natural disaster will still demand Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett significant financial contributions KINGSTON, Jamaica – Tourism Minister from donors, even with a Edmund Bartlett, says Jamaica should cement reasonable level of adaptation its place as a global conference destination when infrastructure—hence grantthe western city of Montego Bay hosts the ‘Global fathering is essential. Conference on Sustainable Tourism’ from November In using a dynamic small 27 to 29. open model to examine the macro The United Nations World Tourism economic impact of the disasters, Organization (UNWTO) conference is being held in the Working Paper notes that collaboration with the World Bank Group and the the results of the survey show Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) at the the important role the donor Montego Bay Convention Centre in Rose Hall, St community may play in sustaining James. a swift recovery in countries Bartlett also noted that the level of severely hit by natural disasters. collaboration for the conference underpins its value, “Possible extensions of quality and uniqueness, as this will be the first that this model could study the optimal “everyone involved in tourism in a global perspective balance between ex ante and ex post will be here in Jamaica and involved in discussing, policies for both policymakers and deliberating and finalising a UN Declaration”.At donors, or alternatively consider media briefing held earlier this week, Bartlett said different damage functions, which one of the key outcomes of the conference will be could include temperature or wind the Declaration of Montego Bay document, which speeds and assess the impact of will form the blueprint for sustainable tourism climate change on growth and development globally. debt sustainability. “The legacy from this conference will “On the other hand, the make Jamaica immortal, because we will become policy dialogue could revolve the centre for a whole range of discussions and around the following issues: applications in the future as we build out tourism incorporating disaster costs down the road,” he argued. into budget planning, for The minister said the conference is going to example, average impact on redefine destination Jamaica as the centre where growth, increased infrastructures’ the world can come on an annual basis to cerebrate depreciation rates and on matters relating to the development of tourism. maintenance costs”. Citing the importance of the involvement of the key multilateral financial institutions, including the World Bank and the IDB, Bartlett said this is aimed at “putting into strong focus the economic importance of tourism in global arrangements”. Monday also rejected the the Court of Appeal. That case is These deliberations, he pointed out, will policyholders’ claim that the yet to come up for hearing. focus on bringing ideas and capital together to appeal was a matter of public The Keith Rowley-led create products and to build out a strategy for importance and pointed out that it administration had made the stimulating economic growth and job creation was in the public’s interest for the application and a corresponding during the event, which is to be held under the company to be liquidated in order winding up petition for the theme ‘Jobs and Inclusive Growth: Partnerships for to repay Government for its bail- company in July after the Sustainable Tourism’. out of CLF’s subsidiaries in 2009. shareholders signalled their “It is the first time in the history of tourism In denying the intention to change the activities that these elements are coming together shareholders leave, the Appeal composition of the board which to discuss the future of tourism,” the minister Court ordered them to pay the had been government-controlled explained. State’s legal costs for defending since the multi-billion dollar Bartlett encouraged Jamaicans to register the application. CLICO bail out in 2009.‘ to attend the conference via the UNWTO website. Attorney Navindra As a condition of the He also said the ministry has made efforts Ramnanan, who is representing bailout, CLF had agreed to to ensure the conference offers a “more interactive former CLF chairman Lawrence honour its subsidiaries’ debt and approach”, and, as a result, the first plenary Duprey, said his client needed to allow government to select four session will include Ministers of Tourism and Chief challenge the initial appointment members, including the chairman, Executive Officers of tourism enterprises engaging as the shareholders were not to its seven-member board. The in dialogue about the make-up of successful, allowed to make submissions agreement, which was renewed replicable collaboration models. before Justice Ramcharan made 17 times after being first signed, Among the confirmed speakers at the his decision. expired in August last year and conference are Prime Minister Andrew Holness; He argued that his client the shareholders refused to agree President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo was unable to raise unique issues to a new deal. Medina; and UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb with the winding up, including The shareholders’ Rifai. the fact that the application was refusal was reportedly based made by government, which on the failure of the Ministry of had effective control of the Finance to consider a proposal company since 2009 through a from independent auditing firm memorandum of understanding PwC, which suggested that they and a series of shareholder are given control of the company agreements. and allowed to renegotiate its The attorney also repayment arrangement for the admitted that the shareholders TT$15 billion (One TT dollar had filed an appeal against =US$0.16 cents) still owed to Justice Ramcharan’s decision in Government.

Shareholders blanked on request to go before Privy Council PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad– The Court of Appeal has dismissed an application by a group of shareholders of the CL Financial (CLF) that sought permission to go to the Londonbased Privy Council to challenge a decision by the courts here to appoint provisional liquidators for the parent company of the troubled insurance giant, CLICO, earlier this year. The three panel judges – Nolan Bereaux, Gregory Smith and Andre Des Vignes – in an oral ruling refused the shareholders leave to go to the Privy Council, the island’s highest court to argue against the Court of Appeal ruling made in July. The Court of Appeal said that their application did not raise any arguable issues as the appointment of the provisional liquidators became academic after High Court Judge Kevin Ramcharan approved the Trinidad and Tobago government’s bid to wind up the company in September. The shareholders can now approach the Privy Council directly in seeking to challenge the appointment of a provisional liquidator. The Court of Appeal

Jamaica to define itself as a global conference destination, says Tourism Minister

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Event in Barbados marks closeout of EU-funded regional integration programme

Monica La Bennett, Vice-President (Operations), Caribbean Development Bank, speaks at the opening of the two-day closeout workshop for the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and CSME Standby Facilities for Capacity Building. Looking on is Joseph Cox, Assistant Secretary-General, CARICOM Secretariat. Regional integration through the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) is still the most efficient way for countries in the Caribbean to overcome the challenges posed by size, scale and limited capacity in the global markets, says Monica La Bennett, VicePresident (Operations), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). She was speaking at the opening of the recently held two-day closeout workshop for the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and CSME Standby Facilities for Capacity Building. “Here in the Caribbean, factors such as small size, limited capacity, persistent vulnerability to natural disasters, high energy costs, infrastructure gaps, and institutional and regulatory weaknesses make it difficult for our borrowing member countries to build the type of competitive advantages that could lead to economic diversification and sustained growth. Today in 2017 regional economic integration is still the most viable and logical developmental response to a persistently complex, intense and unpredictable globalised environment,” said La Bennett. In December 2012, CDB and the European Commission signed Contribution Agreements for the implementation of the EPA and CSME Standby Facilities, administered by CDB. The Facilities are supported by the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), which came to an end earlier this year. The two-day workshop was intended to facilitate a review of achievements and discuss the way forward. Ambassador Daniela Tramacere, Head of the European Union Delegation to Barbados noted that the EU is committed to the CSME and EPA, and that Caribbean countries must take final responsibility for the success of both. “I must underscore that we see the EPA and CSME as two interrelated dimensions of the region’s integration thrust… As we continue to transform our relationship with the region from one of donor-recipient to one of mature partners in development, it will become increasingly important that our investments at the regional level resonate at the national level. Indeed, national ownership is the single most important ingredient in regional integration,” said Ambassador Tramacere. Minister of Industry and International Business, Barbados, Hon. Donville Inniss, noted that while the achievements under the 10th EDF have been admirable, there is still work to be done. “There remains an urgent need to strengthen inter-agency collaboration between public, private sector and the EU institutions on national policy work with respect to the economic partnership trade agreements. And given the new level of complexity in the global economy, which is becoming more rapid and fluid, Barbados remains cognisant of the importance of having a balanced, sustainable and robust trade policy agenda that will assist in managing and navigating future growth and development.”

$4.5billion oil refinery for Grand Bahama

The Bahamas Government its Grand Bahama project, the it nearer to Freeport - and possibly is said to be “embracing” a Palm Beach Gardens-based Oban the original Williams Town site. potential $4.5 billion oil storage added: “With a location just 90 Oban Energies described terminal and refinery planned miles (145 kilometers) from the the project site as “east of Freeport for east Grand Bahama, Tribune US eastern seaboard, this complex along the Northwest Providence Business reported. is ideally suited as a merchant Channel”. Its storage facility is Details of the Oban facility for storing and blending designed to facilitate the transfer Energies project are buried in a liquid products, transshipping of crude oil and other products to recent presentation by the Central and terminal operations for the smaller vessels, which will then Bank of the Bahamas, which Arabian Gulf, West African and transport them to shallower ports describes a $1.5 billion first phase Northwest European trade to the in the US. investment in a 20 million barrel, US’ east coast and the Gulf coast, Explaining the project’s “multi-purpose” bulk storage as well as for North American rationale, the group said: “The facility for petroleum products. trade to Europe, Latin America Caribbean is made up of relatively The development, which and the Pacific. Total capital small islands with small ports. is expected to be completed in required for the development is There are limited sizes of liquid 2021, also involves a 250,000 $4.5 billion over four years.” bulk tanks, making logistics barrel per day oil refinery. This Oban Energies’ website with small vessels and delivery represents the potential return indicated it will adopt a phased complicated and expensive. of oil refining to Grand Bahama, approach, saying: “Phase One “As demand for fuels has and means Oban is envisioning a requires a $1.5 billion investment increased, there has become a grander project than the existing for development, construction and great need for large volume liquid Buckeye Partners-owned BORCO start-up operations. The project bulk storage terminals as strategic facility. will provide storage tankage for hubs with high throughputs for Tribune Business sources crude oils, residual fuel oils, middle the suppliers of various products.” confirmed that Oban Energies has and light distillates, specialty Oban Energies pointed out been working on obtaining the vegetable oils and heavy oils, and that BORCO was already engaged necessary permits and approvals will consider all other bulk liquid in similar work, such as storage, for its development, which appears storage requests. bunkering and blending. It added to be located outside the Port Area “The Project will launch that Grand Bahama was already in east Grand Bahama. with an initial capacity of four “a holding area for forwarding It is unclear how far the group million barrels, with plans to crude oil deliveries to North has progressed, but its inclusion expand capacity to 20 million America, and a ‘break-bulk’ point in the Central Bank’s September barrels by year four of facility for transshipment operations”. monthly economic developments operation. In addition, Oban Meanwhile, the oil refinery report indicates it must be Energies will construct a 50,000 will be “designed to process less progressing. barrel per day petroleum refinery, expensive heavy crude, with the Oban Energies’ website with plans to expand to 250,000 flexibility to process opportunity shows it has hired Bahamas- barrels per day by year four of the crude, as dictated by market based Islands by Design, facility operation.” economics. The refinery will be headed by Keith Bishop, as Given the scale of Oban designed to fully upgrade heavy environmental consultants, while Energies’ project and associated sour crude oil and produce quality another Bahamian entity listed investment, it represents a huge products in order to address is the Mosko Group, which will boost for the Bahamas - especially premium markets for oil products”. likely perform engineering and Grand Bahama’s struggling “The Bahamas is an construction functions. economy - should it come to excellent location for higher Oban Energies certainly fruition. netback product sales to the seems confident of receiving the Construction and full-time US, since the Bahamas is Minnis administration’s approval, jobs are likely to be in the hundreds, exempt from US product import stating on its website: “With a while valuable spin-off benefits duties as a member country current shortage of liquid bulk are likely to be created for a wide under the Caribbean Basin storage locations in the Caribbean, range of Bahamian companies Trade Partnership Act,” Oban this project is being embraced and entrepreneurs. The project Energies said. “The location also by the Bahamas government could reverse Grand Bahama’s provides the ability to compete in as providing needed services, economic decline, stemming from opportunity markets in Europe employment opportunities and its depressed tourism product, and the Caribbean Basin. economic growth. and fits in well with the island’s “The storage market is “Following the lifting of existing industrial base. large - more than 500 million the 40-year crude export ban in However, the area selected barrels in the US - and demand December 2015, the US could is likely to raise environmental is growing as available storage become a major exporter of light concerns, especially given capacity is declining. The market oil, providing long term value to the nature of Oban Energies’ for storage of petroleum/liquid Oban. Our relationship with the investment. It also raised fresh product and distribution products Commonwealth of the Bahamas questions about the Carnival is large and growing, but is lacking started with a vision for meeting cruise port project, approved by the sufficient capacity and state-ofthe energy needs of the Bahamas former Christie administration for the-art facilities with best-in-class and the surrounding area.” the same area, amid suggestions location or management.” Referring specifically to the Government wants to relocate

Partnering to enhance climate risk management and improve resilience in Belize The Government of Belize, with the support of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), is stepping up its climate change adaptation efforts. Belize’s Social Investment Fund (SIF), an implementing agency of the Government addressing the basic needs of the country’s most vulnerable, has set in motion plans to incorporate Climate Risk Management in its National Project Development Process. On October 26 and 27, the Bank funded a CRM training

workshop for SIF’s stakeholders. Recognising Belize’s high vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, including natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, flooding, earthquakes and erosion, the sessions focused on minimising their negative effects, which can both reverse and retard national development. The programme provided step-by-step guidance in undertaking climate risk and vulnerability assessments, proactive approaches toward

country risk management and design standards for infrastructure. By incorporating CRM in its project development, SIF will be better able to make climate considerations in its interventions, which are helping transform the lives of thousands of Belizeans in the areas of education, health, water and sanitation, institutional strengthening, infrastructure development, human development skills training and social transformation.

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UK’s May picks Brexiteer to replace scandal-hit aid minister LONDON - Theresa May appointed a strong Brexit supporter as aid minister on Thursday following a resignation that left the British prime minister struggling to ward off open conflict in a cabinet divided over leaving the European Union. May is grappling with crises on several fronts. Her team is struggling to make headway in exit talks with the EU, several ministers are embroiled in a wider sexual harassment scandal and her ability to command a majority in parliament is facing its most serious test. Penny Mordaunt, 44, who has previously held junior ministerial roles, had a short meeting with May at Downing Street during which her appointment as the new International Development Secretary was confirmed. Fellow Brexit supporter Priti Patel resigned from the position on Wednesday over undisclosed meetings with Israeli officials that breached diplomatic protocol. Patel’s resignation forced May into her second cabinet reshuffle in a week after Michael Fallon resigned as defense secretary in the sexual harassment scandal. Two other ministers, including May’s deputy, are also being investigated. Although May and her cabinet are united in their intention to take Britain out of the EU, her ministerial team is seen as a delicate balancing act between lawmakers who are still identified as ‘remainers’ or ‘leavers’

according to how they voted in the referendum. “Leaving aside Penny Mordaunt’s qualifications for the job, the main one is obviously that she’s a Brexiteer. It doesn’t seem now that any appointment can be made in this government other than on the basis of whether that person supported ‘leave’ or ‘remain’,” said Tim Bale, a politics professor at Queen Mary University of London. “That is indicative of the difficult position that Theresa May is in and you’ve got to ask whether that is good for the country.” Mordaunt campaigned for the ‘Vote Leave’ group during the EU referendum, and was criticized by then-prime minister David Cameron for inaccurately saying that Britain would not be able to stop Turkey from joining the EU if it remained a member. All EU states have veto powers on new members. The former junior defense minister was elected in 2010 to represent the southern English coastal city of Portsmouth, where she also serves as a volunteer reservist for the Royal Navy. In the early 1990s she worked in hospitals and orphanages in Romania, and recently spoke about the “medieval” conditions she witnessed there. Until Thursday’s appointment, Mordaunt held a junior ministerial post with responsibilities for disabled people, health and work

Priti Patel within the Department of Work and Pensions. INSTABILITY The instability in May’s top team adds to what is already a difficult political situation. An ill-judged snap election in June cost her party its majority in parliament and has sapped her authority at a time when she is trying to heal deep divisions within her own party and negotiate Britain’s departure from the EU. The European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator doused hopes that those negotiations were nearing a breakthrough, saying “major issues” must still be resolved on safeguarding citizens’ rights. A fresh round of negotiations between Britain and the European Commission began on Thursday. Progress in Brussels is vital to help May keep onside nervous

businesses who say they urgently need to know what will happen when Britain leaves the bloc; otherwise they will be forced to start triggering contingency plans. On Wednesday, EU envoys discussed delaying the launch of talks with London on a post-Brexit relationship to next year. Sixteen months after Britain narrowly voted to leave the EU in a referendum, opinions are still split over Brexit at every level from voter to minister. In replacing Patel, an outspoken leaver, with another Brexiteer, May looked to maintain her senior team’s balance. The promotion of a junior minister could also help placate younger members of the party, many of whom are angry at her mishandling of the snap election campaign and feel they should be given a chance to regenerate the party’s support. Failure to satisfy the party is seen as a risk to May’s future as leader. She is reliant on uniting all her lawmakers to pass legislation, including the laws needed to enact Brexit which will be up for debate in parliament next week. If she is unable to prove her ability to pass legislation and govern effectively, the Conservative party historically intolerant of weakened leaders - could seek to replace her, although there are currently no clear candidates to do so.

Pastor may demolish Texas church where massacre took place AUSTIN, Texas - The pastor of a rural Texas church sprayed with gunfire in a shooting rampage that killed 26 people is considering demolishing the building and putting a memorial in its place, a Southern Baptist Convention official said on Thursday. Devin Kelley, the 26-yearold gunman, stormed into the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church on Sunday and opened fire on worshipers with a semi-automatic assault rifle in the deadliest mass shooting in modern Texas history. Authorities said the attack stemmed from a domestic dispute. Pastor Frank Pomeroy met with Southern Baptist Convention leaders, who came to help console victims, and “expressed his desire to raze the building,” convention

Mexico gang leader killed at hospital during plastic surgery

spokesman Roger Oldham said in a telephone interview. The white-steepled church, located about 40 miles east (65 km) of San Antonio, was riddled with bullets. The building can hold about 75 people. Pomeroy said using it again could be emotionally painful, according to Oldham. After making a statement on the shooting on Monday, Pomeroy has declined requests to speak with the media. Pomeroy and his wife, Sherri, were out of town during the shooting, which killed their 14-year-old daughter. The pastor is considering planting a memorial garden on the site, Oldham said. A worship service will take place on Sunday in Sutherland Springs behind a community center

MEXICO CITY — A leader of a Mexican fuel-theft gang was shot to death at a hospital where he was undergoing plastic surgery to change his appearance, authorities said Thursday. Puebla state prosecutors said Jesus Martin, a woman and two other men were killed at the hospital Monday, apparently by members of his own gang. The killing comes amid an upsurge in bloodshed involving pipeline

Workers make repairs and paint the site of the shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, U.S. November 9, 2017 not far from the church, Sherri Pomeroy posted on Facebook on Thursday. The service will “show the world that we may be knocked down temporarily but WE ARE NOT DEFEATED,” she wrote. “Please come help us honor their lives doing what they died for: worshipping our sovereign God!”Authorities have

thieves in the state, where at least 16 people have been slain this week in apparent disputes between gangs. The most recent killings claimed four victims on a rural road Tuesday in Palmar de Bravo, a township known as a center for fuel thieves. Fuel thieves drill an average of 28 illegal pipeline taps every day in Mexico. State authorities have said the gang fighting has occurred in part because a police crackdown that has

said Kelley, found dead from a selfinflicted gunshot wound to the head after a failed attempt to make his getaway, was embroiled in a domestic dispute involving the parents of his second wife. One of the women killed at the church, Lula Woicinski White, 71, was reported to be the gunman’s grandmother-in-law. made it harder to steal fuel. The main suspect in Martin’s killing has also been implicated in the slayings of five people in the town of Tlaltenango, in a vacant lot that apparently served as a base for fuel thieves, officials said. Prosecutors also said that Martin had tried to have his fingerprints removed and that doctors at the hospital in the state capital were being investigated for possible complicity.

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Colombia seizes 12 tons of cocaine, its biggest ever haul

Sheep can recognise human faces

Ewe you look familiar: sheep have the ability to recognise human faces

Colombian police guard more than 12 tons of cocaine in Apartado, Colombia November 8, 2017. BOGOTA - Police seized more than 12 tons of cocaine from Colombia’s top crime gang on Wednesday, the biggest haul ever in the nation’s long-running fight against drug trafficking, President Juan Manuel Santos said. The cocaine, with a U.S. market value estimated by Santos at about of $360 million, was found stored underground on four farms in a banana-growing region of northwest Antioquia province, near Colombia’s border with Panama. “Thanks to a police operation with overseas intelligence, from friendly countries, the largest seizure in history was made,” Santos said at a police base where the cocaine was laid out in packages on display. Santos linked the

cocaine to the drug-trafficking gang known as the Gulf Clan, which has become one of the biggest threats to security since peace was signed last year with Marxist-led Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas. The seizure comes as the United States, Colombia’s staunchest ally in the fight against drug trafficking, has raised concern over an increase in coca cultivation and as the government faces criticism from opposition lawmakers for allowing new crime gangs to fill the void left by the FARC. Santos, who leaves office next year, has pledged to send 80,000 military and police to areas once controlled by the FARC in a bid to prevent new trafficking gangs from taking hold.

Four people were arrested during the three-day operation leading to the drug seizure, according to a police statement. The Gulf Clan is led by fugitive Dairo Antonio Usuga, known as Otoniel. The United States has offered a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to his capture or death. In addition to drugs, the gang deals in illegal mining and most if its estimated 1,500 members formerly served in the ranks of right-wing paramilitary groups. Colombia is one of the world’s leading producers of cocaine, with output of around 910 tons per year, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Anti-drug police have confiscated 362 tons of cocaine this year.

Cutting back on alcohol can prevent cancers, say experts A large organization of cancer deaths in the U.S. - about breast cancer awareness month. cancer doctors has issued a call 19,500 deaths - are alcohol related, They think they’re helping to fight to action to minimize alcohol according to the U.S. Centers for breast cancer, but nothing could consumption. Disease Control and Prevention. be farther from the truth, she said. With a newly released position The ASCO statement, Heavy drinkers of both paper, the American Society of published in the Journal of genders increase their risk of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) hopes Clinical Oncology, cautions that head and neck and oral cancers to draw attention to the strong while the greatest risks are seen by more than 500 percent because links between drinking alcohol with heavy long-term use, even tissues come into direct contact and risks for several types of low alcohol consumption (defined with alcohol carcinogens. cancer. as less than one drink per day) or ASCO also notes that “People are not aware of moderate consumption (up to two alcohol can worsen the impact this,” said Susan Gapstur, a vice- drinks per day for men, and one of smoking. In addition, alcohol president of the American Cancer drink per day for women because abuse can complicate outcomes Society who was not involved with they absorb and metabolize it among patients with cancer the position statement. differently) can increase cancer by contributing to prolonged In a phone interview, risk. recovery, longer hospitalizations Gapstur stressed that people Among women, light and increased surgical procedures. living with cancer remain at risk drinkers have a four percent All forms of alcohol, whether beer, for other cancers so it’s important increased risk of breast cancer, wine, champagne or shots, cause that they realize alcohol’s role in while moderate drinkers have the same cancer risk. cancer recurrence, too. a 23 percent increased risk of “Alcohol consumption is one of the The call to action from the disease. Heavy drinkers who most difficult dietary factors to ASCO follows a survey the group consume more than eight drinks accurately ascertain. Most people commissioned, which found that a day have a 63 percent increased don’t know how much they’ve 70 percent of Americans do not risk of female breast cancer drunk (in terms of ounces), or recognize drinking alcohol as because alcohol increases levels of how much alcohol is in what they a risk factor for cancer. In fact, the female sex hormone estrogen. drink. And most don’t accurately alcohol consumption is known Dr. Noelle LoConte, a recall how often they drink,” to increase the risk of several member of ASCO’s prevention Dr. Anne McTiernan, a cancer cancers, including head and neck, committee who is the lead author prevention researcher at the Fred esophageal, liver, colorectal and of the position paper, told Reuters Hutchinson Cancer Research female breast cancers. Health that “pink washing,” or Center in Seattle, told Reuters Alcohol is classified as a exploiting the color pink to show Health by email. McTiernan is carcinogen by the International a commitment to finding a cure also on the advisory panel that Agency for Cancer Research. for breast cancer, leads people to oversees the work of the World Approximately 3.5 percent of all buy pink bottles of liquor during Cancer Research Fund.

Sheep have demonstrated the ability to recognise familiar human faces, according to a study. Cambridge University researchers were able to train sheep to identify the faces of actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Watson, former US President Barack Obama and BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce. After training, the sheep chose photos of familiar faces over unfamiliar ones significantly more often than not. It shows that sheep possess similar face recognition abilities to primates. Previous studies had shown that sheep could identify other sheep and human handlers that they already knew. “What we did is ask whether a sheep could learn to recognise someone from a photograph,” the study’s lead author Prof Jenny Morton said. “We focused on whether or not an animal was capable of processing a two-dimensional object as a person.” Eight female Welsh Mountain sheep were trained to distinguish the four celebrity faces from pictures of unfamiliar people, using food pellets as a reward. The ruminants were shown different photos on two computer screens; the sheep made their choice by breaking an infrared beam with their noses to release the treat. After establishing the animals’ ability to recognise the celebrities, researchers set them a new task. They wanted to see whether the farm animals could correctly identify the same celebrities when pictured from different angles. Again, the animals’ performance on this task was significantly above chance. Finally, the researchers wanted to know if the sheep could recognise their handlers from a photo. Images of their custodians were randomly interspersed in a sequence of unfamiliar faces shown to them on the screens. On this task too, the sheep didn’t disappoint. The results show that the animals’ facerecognition abilities are similar to those of monkeys, apes - and humans. The researchers say it might be interesting in future to investigate whether sheep can identify different expressions on human faces. The work might even have implications for learning about neurodegenerative diseases, such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s.

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Netflix ending ‘House of Cards,’ says ‘troubled’ by Spacey allegation LOS ANGELES - Netflix Inc’s groundbreaking political drama “House of Cards” will end after its upcoming sixth season, the company said on Monday, one day after a sexual misconduct allegation emerged against star Kevin Spacey. Netflix also said in a statement that it was “deeply troubled” about an allegation made against Spacey by actor Anthony Rapp who said Spacey had made a sexual advance to him in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old. Spacey said in a Twitter post on Sunday that he was “beyond horrified” to hear Rapp’s story of the encounter, which he said he did not remember. He wrote that he owed Rapp a “sincere apology” for what he said would have been “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.” The streaming company suspended production earlier this week of the upcoming sixth and final season of the political intrigue drama, in which Spacey plays U.S. president

Frank Underwood. “Netflix will not be involved with any further production of ‘House of Cards’ that includes Kevin Spacey,” the company said in a statement late on Friday. Spacey, who has had a successful career in film, television and theater, is one of several big names in the entertainment business to be accused of sexual misconduct by people coming forward in the wake of allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Spacey apologized last weekend to actor Anthony Rapp, who had accused him of trying to seduce him in 1986 when Rapp was 14. CNN reported on Thursday that eight current and former employees of “House of Cards,” who were not identified, alleged sexual misconduct against Spacey. Reuters was unable to independently confirm any of the accusations.

Kevin Spacey Spacey, as part of his apology to Rapp, announced he was gay, which angered many in the LGBT community and beyond who saw his announcement as an effort to divert

Trump a victim of hackers years before election WASHINGTON — Four years ago, well before the furor over allegations Moscow meddled in the 2016 election that put Donald Trump in the White House, at least 195 web addresses belonging to Trump, his family or his business empire were hijacked by hackers possibly operating out of Russia. The Trump Organization denied the domain names were ever compromised. But a review of internet records by the AP and cybersecurity experts shows otherwise. And it was not until this past week, after the Trump camp was asked about it by the AP, that the last of the tampered-with addresses were repaired. After the hack, computer users who visited the Trump-related addresses were unwittingly redirected to servers in St. Petersburg, Russia, that cybersecurity experts said contained malicious software commonly used to steal passwords or hold files for ransom. Whether anyone fell victim to such tactics is unclear. A further mystery is who

the hackers were and why they did it. The discovery represents a new twist in the Russian hacking story, which up to now has focused mostly on what U.S. intelligence officials say was a campaign by the Kremlin to try to undermine Democrat Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and benefit Trump’s. It is not known whether the hackers who tampered with the Trump addresses are the same ones who stole Democratic officials’ emails and embarrassed the party in the heat of the campaign last year. Nor is it clear whether the hackers were acting on behalf of the Russian government. The affected addresses, or domain names, included, donaldtrumpexecutiveoffice. com, and They were compromised in two waves of attacks in August and September 2013, according to the review of internet records. The attacks took place as Trump was preparing to travel to Moscow for the Miss Universe

pageant, which was held on Nov. 9, 2013, at a property owned by a wealthy Russian real estate developer. Many of the addresses were not being used by Trump. Businesses and public figures commonly buy addresses for possible future use or to prevent them from falling into the hands of rivals or enemies. The Trump Organization and its affiliates own at least 3,300 in all. According to security experts, the hackers hijacked the addresses by penetrating and altering the domain registration records housed at, a seller of web addresses. Accounts at GoDaddy, like at any site that requires a user name and password, are often subject to malicious messages known as phishing attacks, which are designed to trick people to reveal that personal information to hackers. Computer users who entered or clicked on one of those Trump addresses probably would have had no idea they were redirected to servers in Russia.

Lift up your hearts, not your cell phones, pope tells priests, bishops VATICAN CITY - Pope Not only by the faithful, but also Francis chastised priests and by some priests and even bishops! bishops who take pictures with “The Mass is not a show ... so their cell phones during Masses, remember, no cell phones!” he said, saying they should focus on God prompting laughter and applause instead. “The priest says ‘lift up from the crowd. Francis, the leader of your hearts’. He does not say, ‘lift up your cell phones to take the world’s 1.2 billion Roman pictures,’” Francis told tens of Catholics, has regularly urged the thousands of people at his weekly faithful to be more spiritual and audience in St. Peter’s Square, his priests and bishops to be more referring to a communion prayer humble. in the Roman Catholic Mass. Shortly after his election In his improvised remarks, in 2013, he said it pained him to he called using cell phones during see priests driving flashy cars and Mass “a very ugly thing,” adding: eager to use the latest smartphone. The pope is driven around ”It makes me very sad when I celebrate (Mass) here in in a simple blue Ford Focus and is the piazza or in the basilica and not known to have ever used a cell I see so many cell phones held up. phone in public since his election. Pope Francis

attention from the accusation by Rapp. Spacey has sought evaluation and treatment, his representatives said in a statement on Wednesday, without providing details on the nature of the treatment. The announcement that he would seek treatment followed harassment allegations against him this week by Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, who worked in the London theater where Spacey was artistic director from 2004-2015, and U.S. filmmaker Tony Montana. MRC said in a statement on Thursday it had handled one incident in 2012 in which a crew member it did not identify “shared a complaint about a specific remark and gesture made by Kevin Spacey” and that immediate action had been taken and the issue was resolved. It said Spacey had “willingly participated in a training process” and that it was not aware of any complaints since then involving the actor.

Having the right name at the right, or sometimes wrong, time NEW YORK - When reporters descended on upstate New York to ask about a stunning prison break in 2015, state police spokesman Major Charles Guess took their questions. A dog named Trigger stepped on his owner’s 12-gauge shotgun during an Indiana waterfowl hunt just months later and shot her in the foot. Sometimes the name fits the news story. Correspondent Julie Weed writes about legal marijuana for Forbes. This month, a front-page New York Times story on obesity was edited by Hilary Stout. And former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner on Monday was sentenced to prison for sending explicitly sexual pictures of a certain body part to an underage girl. This phenomenon has secured its own line of scientific research, called nominative determinism. It even has a name of its own: aptronym. In some cases, it may be rooted in the tradition of a profession determining a family name, such as Baker, Smith or Taylor. Other times, it is a coincidence. But it nearly always raises an eyebrow or even a smile from those realizing the unusual pairing. Recent news stories have mentioned Jack Dagger, the U.S. director of the International Knifethrowers Hall of Fame. Then there is Detective Martin Speechley, the ever-quotable spokesman for the New York Police Department. Sometimes the odd connections can be horrifying. When a gunman at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, killed nine people, including a woman in a wheelchair, her service dog named Bullet survived. But strange synergies also can signal hope. Josh Outman now pitches for Mexico’s Triple-A Minor League Pericos de Puebla but was once with the New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics and other U.S. Major League Baseball teams. Perhaps a streak of no-hitters by Outman could get him back to the big leagues.

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No one is immune from hacks, says former Yahoo CEO WASHINGTON — Former Mayer said Yahoo successfully Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told defended itself against a barrage of lawmakers Wednesday that the state-sponsored and private hacks threat from state-sponsored hackers over the years and even employed has changed the playing field so hackers to test the company’s defenses. dramatically that even the best- In the end, she said “Russian agents intruded on our systems and stole our defended companies can fall victim. Mayer joined former and users’ data.” Mayer is part of a long line current CEOs of Equifax in testifying before a Senate committee examining of company executives and former recent data breaches that affected executives who have made their way millions of Americans. Lawmakers to Capitol Hill in recent years to said they hoped to use the information explain how their company fell victim to a cyberattack. She was joined by learned to shape future legislation. In Yahoo’s case, stolen the interim CEO of Equifax, Paulino information for billions of users Barros, Jr., who took over after hackers included names, email addresses, exposed the personal information of phone numbers, birthdates and 145 million Americans. Barros told the committee he security questions and answers. Mayer said the thefts occurred during has focused on improving customer her nearly five-year tenure and she service and revising the company’s wants to “sincerely apologize to each structure so that the company’s chief security officer reports directly to and every one of our users.” “As we all have witnessed: him. He also said the company is on no company, individual or even schedule to release a computer app in government agency is immune from January that will allow consumers to these threats,” Mayer said. lock and unlock their credit data.

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., the committee chairman, said 48 states have separate laws governing how and when companies must notify consumers of a breach. He said a federal law should replace that patchwork of laws. “A single federal standard would ensure all consumers are treated the same with regard to notification of data breaches that might cause them harm,” Thune said. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., said lawmakers need to have the political will to hold corporations more accountable for breaches. “Only stiffer enforcement and stringent penalties will help incentivize companies to properly safeguard consumer information and promptly notify them when their data has been compromised,” Nelson said. Some of the most pointed questioning came from Thune when he asked Mayer how the company for so long failed to recognize that data for all 3 billion of its user accounts were

British newspaper got mystery call before JFK killing LONDON — A British newspaper received an anonymous phone call about “big news” in the United States minutes before President John F. Kennedy was shot in 1963, newly released files on the assassination say. A batch of 2,800 declassified documents includes a Nov. 26, 1963 memo from the CIA to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover about a call received by the Cambridge News on Nov. 22, FILE - In this Nov. 22, 1963 file photo, President John F. Kennedy waves from his car in the day Kennedy was killed in a motorcade in Dallas. Riding with Kennedy are First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, right, Nellie Connally, second from left, and her husband, Texas Gov. John Connally, far left. Dallas, Texas. The National Archives released the John F. Kennedy assassination files on Thursday, Oct. The memo from deputy 26, 2017. CIA director James Angleton says the caller said “the Cambridge and the timing coincidental. conspiracy theorist Michael News reporter should call the The CIA memo says several Eddowes. In the 1980s, Eddowes, American Embassy in London for people in Britain had received a British lawyer, claimed to have some big news, and then hung similar anonymous phone calls a CIA document mentioning the up.” “of a strangely coincidental call. The memo says Britain’s nature” over the preceding year, In a video on the MI5 intelligence service “particularly in connection with Cambridge News website, chief calculated that the call came 25 the case of Dr. Ward.” reporter Chris Elliott said minutes before Kennedy was That is an apparent Eddowes “was convinced that shot. It said the reporter who reference to osteopath Stephen there was some kind of conspiracy” took the call “is known to them as Ward, a key figure in the “Profumo and believed the call was one of a sound and loyal person with no affair,” a sex-and-espionage several made to newspapers at security record.” scandal that almost toppled the the time of Kennedy’s death. Anna Savva, a current British government in 1963. Eddowes, who died in Cambridge News reporter, said The memo was released 1992, wrote a book alleging that Friday the paper does not know by the U.S. National Archives Kennedy’s assassin was not Lee whether the call ever happened. in July but went unreported Harvey Oswald but a Soviet “We have nothing in our archive — until a bigger batch of material impostor who took his identity. As we have nobody here who knows was declassified in the U.S. on a result of his efforts, the killer’s the name of the person who took Thursday. body was exhumed in 1981. An the call,” she said. The phone call to the autopsy confirmed that it was It’s unclear whether the Cambridge News was first Oswald. call was merely a prank reported decades ago by Kennedy

Man tries to open beer with pepper spray, it doesn’t go well BERLIN — It’s legal to drink beer in German movie theaters — but it’s probably not a good idea to try to open your beer bottle with a pepper spray canister. However, that’s exactly what a thirsty moviegoer tried doing at a cinema Monday night

in the northwestern German dpa on Wednesday that it was town of Osnabrueck. “chaos.” Still, he kept his head, Instead of opening his calling police, offering beverages beer, the 29-year-old man broke to moviegoers and opening the his pepper spray container and windows. He says the movie was some 200 people had to quickly restarted after 30 minutes. leave the theater in tears. Police say so far no The cinema’s manager moviegoers have complained told the German news agency about eye or breathing problems.

Former Yahoo! Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer waits to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017, during a hearing on “Protecting Consumers in the Era of Major Data Breaches” after the 2013 data breach at Yahoo! that affected 3 billion user accounts. compromised. She said Yahoo still has not been able to identify the intrusion that led to that theft. “We don’t exactly understand how the act was perpetrated,” which explains why there are some gaps in information, she said.

Wounds sustained at night heal twice as slowly, scientists find LONDON - Body clocks cause wounds such as cuts and burns sustained during the day to heal around 60 percent faster than those sustained at night, scientists have discovered in a finding that has implications for surgery and wound-healing medicines. In a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday, the scientists showed for the first time how our internal body clocks regulate wound healing by skin cells, and optimize healing during the day. Burns that happened at night took an average of 60 percent longer to heal than burns that occurred during the day, the scientists found. Night-time burns - sustained between 8pm to 8am - were 95 percent healed after an average of 28 days, compared with only 17 days if the burn happened between 8am and 8pm. Body clocks – known as circadian rhythms – regulate almost every cell in the body, driving 24-hour cycles in many processes such as sleeping, hormone secretion and metabolism. The key to accelerated daytime wound healing, the scientists found, was that skin cells moved more rapidly to repair the wound and there was also more collagen – the main structural protein in skin – deposited around the wound site. “This is the first time that the circadian clock within individual skin cells has been shown to determine how effectively they respond to injuries,” said John O‘Neill, who coled the research at Britain’s Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology. “We consistently see about a two-fold difference in wound healing speed between the body clock’s day and night. It may be that our bodies have evolved to heal fastest during the day when injuries are more likely to occur.” Treatment of wounds costs health services worldwide billions of dollars a year in Britain’s National Health Service alone, the costs are estimated around 5 billion pounds ($6.56 billion) a year. Experts say this is partly due to a lack of effective drugs to speed up wound closure. John Blaikley, a clinician scientist from Britain’s University of Manchester, said these new insights into the circadian factors important in skin repair should help the search for better wound-healing drugs. It could also help doctors improve outcomes by changing what time of day surgery is carried out, or when medicines are given, he said.

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SURFside’s Open Water Swim and Fundraiser Massive Success!

This past weekend, on Sunday, November 5th, TCI’ s leading swim club and school, SURFside Ocean Academy, hosted a fall open water swim race for the community. The open aquatic event was created to celebrate a new swim season, and also to help raise funds to assist with the rebuild of the primary school on Salt Cay, as well as for travel funds for the Club’s athletes looking to venture off to a swim meet in Jamaica in December. The successful event saw 50 swimmers from various clubs participate in either (or a combination of) an 800 meter (1/2 mile), 400 meter or 100 meter sprint. Numerous adult and youth swimmers from the community, SURFside’s swim team, Parrotfish swim club and also Swim & Surf gathered for the festive swim affair on Sunday. TCI’s own swim legend, Dan Redmond, took home two first place finishes in both the 800 and 400 meter races, followed by 15 year old Jack Parlee (SURFside) and Ben Stubenberg (President of TCI Swim Federation/Parrotfish Swim Club) with 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the Mens800 meter. In the Women’s 800 meter, SURFside’s swimmers 14 year old Georgia Greatrex, Alex Maclaren

and Lillian Taylor raced for the top 3 finishes. In the Mens400 meter, 2nd and 3rd place finishes went to Ben Stubenberg and Swim & Surf ’s Leon Cummings, swimming his rookie race! In the women’s 400, SURFside’s Masters swimmers Janine Taylor and Caren Castillo placed 1st and 3rd, with Megan O’Reilly taking 2nd. The 100 Meter Race was divided by age group, with the 10 and overs and was lead by Jack Parlee, Leon Cummings, and Georgia and Alex Maclaren (tied for 3rd place). In the 9 and under category, top finishes were

by Maddox Zaiden-Jones (SURFside), Roman Brake (Swim & Surf) and Ethan Gardiner. First place men and women finishers in each event won an entry into either the SURFside Spring Sprint or Race for the Conch, as well as choice of swimming gear from Arena. Lead fundraisers, Jessica Soderquist and Morgan Luker, stated that the Event was able to raise over $2300 in just a few hours. Turk’s Head Brewery were also on hand and donated all funds from beverages sold

to the cause. Power 92.5 helped to spread the message to the community and several volunteers also helped to make the event smooth before, during and after. The SURFside Swim Club plans to donate half of the money raised to the Turks & Caicos Rebuilding Fund, spearheaded by H A B I T A T Construction and Domino Creative towards the Salt Cay primary school rebuild. The second half will go towards proper competitive Arena swim team suits for SURFside athletes for their December swim meet in Jamaica. “This was the first annual open water swim race that we have held in the fall. Each Spring we also host a Spring Sprint and there is the Race for the Conch EcoSea Swim in July, hosted by CaicuNaniki. We now have plans to host similar open water swim races every other month, so will have our very own TCI open water swim series!”, says Luker. She added, “The sport of swimming is growing quickly throughout Provo, our hope is also to have the means to outreach to our sister islands to help develop the sport for everyone in TCI.” Race Results are as follows:

800 m 1


Dan Redmond



M 40 - 49



Jack Parlee



M 9 - 15



Georgia Greatrex



F 13 - 15



Alex Maclaren





Ben Stubenberg





Lillian Taylor



M 40 - 49



Lillian Taylor



F 9 - 15



Caylen Castillo



F 9 - 15 F 9 -15



Selin Kilic





Eric Derosa





Janine Taylor



F 40-49






F 40-49



Mark Wilson





Sophie Taylor



F 9 - 15



Bruce Twa



M 55 - 59



Ronin Maclaren





Jack Whent





Carson Greatrex





Sam Slattery



M 10 - 12 M 50 - 59

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TECHNOLOGY Wal-Mart gears up to compete on Black Friday

Sales of iPhone X begin - Can Apple live up to the hype?

A customer hands over cash as she pays for an iPhone X at the Apple Store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, Friday, Nov. 3, 2017

Wal-Mart leaving nothing to chance in Black Friday test Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Thursday its U.S. stores will feature color-coded sections for different product categories on Black Friday, as it prepares to compete for shoppers on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Toys, electronics, apparel and other departments will be color-coded in store for the first time so that shoppers can easily find deals. The codes will be available on the retailer’s Black Friday circular and store maps. For years, Black Friday has marked the start of the holiday shopping season in the United States with retailers offering steep discounts. But its popularity has been on the wane with the rise of online shopping and inexpensive deals throughout the year. The holiday shopping season, which runs through Christmas on Dec. 25, can account for as much as 40 percent of retailers’ annual sales. Steve Bratspies, Wal-Mart’s chief merchandising officer, told reporters on a conference call that the retailer is prepared to draw in shoppers this holiday season. “We know the categories and items customers are looking for, have focused our assortment on those top items, pricing them so we cannot be beat and buying deep to ensure more availability,” he said. Wal-Mart will kick off Black Friday deals at 12:01 a.m. EST online on Thanksgiving morning and at 6 p.m. local time in its stores.

SAN FRANCISCO — iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come out in Apple’s iPhone X went on sale the final weeks. Sales could have Friday, as the company scrambles been higher if many customers to meet demand for a marquee hadn’t been waiting for the iPhone device that sports a lush screen, X. facial-recognition skills and a As with recent quarters, $1,000 price tag . one of the main sources of Apple’s Most analysts have growth is coming from its services, predicted Apple won’t be able to which are anchored by an app catch up with demand until early store that feeds the iPhone and next year. other devices. But the company is Revenue in that division optimistic. “As we approach the surged 34 percent to $8.5 billion holiday season, we expect it to be during the July-September period. our biggest quarter ever,” CEO All told, Apple earned $10.7 Tim Cook told Wall Street analysts billion on revenue of $52.6 billion, Thursday. He added that the compared with a $9 billion profit company is increasing its iPhone on revenue of $46.9 billion a year X production capacity every week. earlier. Apple is now giving Nonetheless, the justdelivery times of three to four ended quarter largely became an weeks, down from five to six weeks, afterthought once Apple decided for those ordering online. Lines to release the iPhone X six weeks formed outside stores in New York, after the iPhone 8. Chicago, Hong Kong, Milan, Italy, “The Super Bowl for Apple and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the iPhone X,” GBH analyst among others, as customers came Daniel Ives said. “That is the to pick up orders or to grab one of potential game changer.” the limited numbers available for But it also brings a same-day sales Friday. potential stumbling block. While Shares rose 2.8 percent to conspiracy theorists might suspect $172.89 in midday trading Friday. that Apple is artificially reducing Apple had said Thursday that supply to generate buzz, analysts iPhone sales rose 3 percent, to 46.7 say the real reason is that Apple’s million, in the July-September suppliers so far haven’t been able quarter, a period that saw the to manufacture the iPhone X

Twitter to roll out 280-character tweets worldwide Microblogging website Twitter Inc, known for its iconic 140-character tweets, said on it would roll out 280-character tweets to users across the world. Twitter said it ran a test on 280-character tweets in September that showed users spent less time editing their tweets and were less likely to

abandon them. User posting in languages including Japanese, Korean and Chinese, which do not face the issue of “cramming”, will continue to have a limit of 140 characters, Twitter said. The company did not say when it would start allowing users to post 280-character tweets.

quickly enough. Making the iPhone X is proving to be a challenge because it boasts a color-popping OLED screen, which isn’t as readily available as standard LCD displays in other iPhone models. The new iPhone also requires more sophisticated components to power the facial-recognition technology for unlocking the device. Even with the iPhone X’s delayed release, Apple is still struggling to catch up. Apple is counting on the iPhone X to drive even higherthan-usual sales during the first nine months of next year — a scenario that might not play out if production problems persist and impatient consumers turn instead to phones from Google or Samsung. “What Apple needs to do is manage consumer expectations so they don’t get frustrated having to wait for so long for a new phone,” Ives said. Analysts believe Apple can pull off the juggling act. Forrester’s Julie Ask said would-be buyers aren’t likely to switch to Android just because they can’t get an iPhone X right away. At most, Ask said, it will delay when Apple gets revenue. They are expecting the company to sell 242 million iPhones in the fiscal year ending in September 2018 — the most in the product’s history. The previous record was set in 2015 when Apple shipped 231 million iPhones, thanks to larger models introduced just before the fiscal year began. By comparison, Apple shipped nearly 217 million iPhones in its just-completed fiscal 2017. If Apple falters, investors are likely to dump its stock after driving the shares up by 45 percent this year on the expectation that the iPhone X will be the company’s biggest hit yet.

World’s biggest shipping company counts cost of cyberattack COPENHAGEN, Denmark — The world’s biggest shipping company, Denmark’s A.P. Moller-Maersk, has fallen to a quarterly loss due partly to the cost of a cyberattack. The Copenhagen-based group reported a $1.5 billion loss for the third quarter, from a profit of $429 million a year earlier. Revenue increased to $8 billion from $7 billion. The company, which

also produces oil, said the cyberattack in June, which mainly affected its shipping unit, Maersk Line, cost the company between $250 million and $300 million. The group expects “a positive underlying profit” for the full year, up from a loss of $546 million in 2016. It said that excludes the recent acquisition of Hamburg Sud, the German container shipping company.

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Snapchat and Twitter adopting new looks to gain more users

SAN FRANCISCO — Struggling socialmedia darlings Twitter and Snapchat are taking on new looks as the services seek wider audiences in the shadow of Facebook. Twitter is rolling out a 280-character limit for nearly all its users, abandoning its iconic 140-character limit for tweets. And Snapchat, long popular with young people, will undergo a revamp in hopes of becoming easier to use for everyone else. Both services announced the moves Tuesday as they look for ways to expand beyond their passionate but slow-growing fan bases. Twitter has said that 9 percent of tweets written in English hit the 140-character limit. People ended up spending more time editing tweets or didn’t send them out at all. By removing that hurdle, Twitter is hoping people will tweet more, drawing more users in. German bureaucrats — notorious for their ability to create lengthy tongue twisters consisting of one single word — celebrated Wednesday. Germany’s justice ministry wrote that it can now tweet about legislation concerning the transfer of oversight responsibilities for beef labeling. The law is known in German as the Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwac hungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz.

Munich police, meanwhile, said that “at last” they won’t need abbreviations to tweet about accidents involving forklift drivers, or Niederflurfoerderfahrzeugfuehrer. In Rome, student Marina Verdicchio said the change “will give us the possibility to express ourselves in a totally different way and to avoid canceling important words when we use Twitter.” Others were not impressed, including at least one who quoted Shakespeare: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” And, as Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel noted, change does not come without risk. “We don’t yet know how the behavior of our

Snap’s stock was bludgeoned Wednesday, falling 15 percent to $12.83 in midday trading. The Venice, California, company went public in March at $17 a share. Snapchat needs to grow its user base beyond 13 to 34 year olds in the U.S., France the U.K. and Australia, Spiegel said. This, he said, includes Android users, people older than 34 and what he called “rest of world” markets. Meanwhile, Snap said Wednesday that Chinese internet company Tencent has acquired a 10 percent stake in the company. Tencent runs the WeChat messaging app, as well as online payment platforms and games. Earlier this year, Tencent bought a 5 percent stake in Tesla Inc. Twitter and Snapchat logo As for Twitter, the move to 280 characters community will change when they begin to use our was first started as a test in September. updated application,” he said. “We’re willing to take “People in the experiment told us that that risk for what we believe are substantial long- a higher character limit made them feel more term benefits to our business.” satisfied with how they expressed themselves Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, did not provide on Twitter, their ability to find good content, and details on the upcoming changes. Twitter overall,” said project manager Aliza Rosen During the third quarter, Twitter averaged in a blog post . 330 million monthly users, up just 1 percent from The expansion to 280-character tweets will the previous quarter. Snapchat added 4.5 million be extended to all users except those tweeting in daily users in the quarter to 178 million, which Chinese, Japanese and Korean, who will still have amounts to a 3 percent growth. The company does the original limit. That’s because writing in those not report monthly user figures. languages uses fewer characters. Those numbers pale next to social media The company has been slowly easing behemoth Facebook, which reported that its restrictions to let people cram more characters into monthly users rose 16 percent to 2.07 billion. a tweet. It stopped counting polls, photos, videos “The one thing that we have heard over the and other things toward the limit. Even before it did years is that Snapchat is difficult to understand so, users found creative ways to get around the limit. or hard to use, and our team has been working on This includes multi-part tweets and screenshots of responding to this feedback,” Spiegel said. “As a blocks of text. result, we are currently redesigning our application Twitter’s character limit was created so to make it easier to use.” that tweets could fit into a single text message, His comments came on a conference call back when many people were using texts to receive with industry analysts after the company posted tweets. But now, most people use Twitter through the lackluster user-growth numbers and revenue its mobile app; the 140-character limit is no longer that fell well short of Wall Street expectations. a technical constraint but nostalgia.

U.S., AT&T at odds over CNN in Time Warner deal NEW YORK/ Donald Trump, a frequent critic WASHINGTON - U.S. antitrust of CNN, attacked the deal on the regulators and AT&T Inc sparred campaign trail last year, vowing over whether the wireless carrier that as president his Justice would be required to sell Time Department would block it. He has Warner Inc’s CNN cable network not commented on the transaction as a condition of approval of its since taking office in January. deal to buy the media company. In a statement, White The U.S. Department of House spokesman Raj Shah said: Justice has demanded significant “The president did not speak with asset sales in order to approve the attorney general about this the $85.4 billion deal, sources matter, and no White House told Reuters on Wednesday, and official was authorized to speak asked AT&T to sell CNN-parent with the Department of Justice on Turner Broadcasting or its this matter.” DirecTV satellite TV operation in The head of the Justice discussions on Monday. Department’s antitrust division, AT&T offered to sell CNN, Makan Delrahim, said in a the sources said. AT&T denied that statement: “I have never been version of events of the meeting instructed by the White House on with Justice Department officials. this or any other transaction under “I have never offered to review by the antitrust division.” sell CNN and have no intention of AT&T wants to buy doing so,” AT&T Chief Executive Time Warner, which owns the Randall Stephenson, said in premium channel HBO and movie a statement on Wednesday. studio Warner Bros along with Stephenson is set to appear at Turner Broadcasting, so it can an event in New York City on bundle mobile service with video Thursday and will likely face entertainment and take online questions about the deal. advertising from Facebook Inc and Reports that the Alphabet Inc. Justice Department is pushing Both companies have for significant asset sales struggled to keep younger viewers and conflicting reports of its from flocking to online services discussions with AT&T cast new like Netflix Inc and doubt on the deal on Wednesday. Inc’s Prime Video. Shares of Time Warner closed down 6.5 percent at $88.50. CHANGE OF COURSE The dispute is the latest twist in a deal which took on Until recently the vertical broader political significance deal - which in theory should not immediately after its inception reduce competition among the in October 2016. U.S. President two companies’ direct rivals - was

considered by antitrust experts as likely to be approved with no major concessions. But regulators’ desire for asset sales will complicate negotiations. AT&T said earlier on Wednesday it was now uncertain when the deal would be completed. It had previously said the acquisition would close by the end of this year. The discussion of a potential sale of CNN has politicized the situation. Trump has repeatedly tangled with CNN, calling the network’s coverage “fake news.” Senator Al Franken, a Minnesota Democrat, said on Wednesday he opposed the megamerger but was also worried about political implications of any divestiture of CNN. “I am deeply concerned with the notion that the Justice Department may be pressuring the companies to consider spinning off CNN’s parent company Turner Broadcasting as a path forward toward approval of the acquisition, given the president’s repeated public complaints about CNN’s coverage of him,” Franken said. “Any indication that this administration is using its power to weaken media organizations it doesn’t like would be a profoundly disturbing development.” On Sunday, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told CNN that the White House would not interfere with the merger review.

Mobile-app errors expose data on 180 million phones Up to 180 million smart phone owners are at risk of having some of their text messages and calls intercepted by hackers because of a simple coding error in at least 685 mobile apps, cyber-security firm Appthority warned on Thursday. Developers mistakenly coded credentials for accessing services provided by Twilio Inc, said Appthority’s director of security research, Seth Hardy. Hackers could access those credentials by reviewing the code in the apps, then gain access to data sent over those services, he said. The findings highlight new threats posed by the increasing use of third-party services such as Twilio that provide mobile apps with functions like text messaging and audio calls. Developers can inadvertently introduce security vulnerabilities if they do not properly code or configure such services. “This isn’t just limited to Twilio. It’s a common problem across third-party services,“ Hardy said. ”We often notice that if they make a mistake with one service, they will do so with other services as well.” Many apps use Twilio to send text messages, process phone calls and handle other services. Hackers could access related data if they log into the developer accounts on Twilio, Hardy said. The mistakes were caused by developers, not Twilio, Hardy said. Twilio’s website warns developers that leaving credentials in apps could expose their accounts to hackers. Twilio spokesman Trak Lord said the company has no evidence that hackers used credentials coded into apps to access customer data but that it was working with developers to change the credentials on affected accounts.

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\DATE OPENED: November 6, 2017


POSITION: Labourer

Job Overview: Perform tasks involving physical labor at work sites. May operate hand and power tools of all typesand a variety of other equipment and instruments. May clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, and clean up rubble, debris and other waste materials. May assist other craft workers.



POSITION: Housekeeper (3)

Job Overview: We are looking for a professional Housekeeper able of attending to our facilities with integrity and attention to detail. The goal is to create a clean and orderly environment for our guests that will become a critical factor in maintaining and strengthening our reputation. Responsibilities: •Perform a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing •Ensure all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards •Protect equipment and make sure there are no inadequacies •Notify superiors on any damages, deficits and disturbances •Deal with reasonable complaints/requests with professionalism and patience •Check stocking levels of all consumables and replace when appropriate •Adhere strictly to rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any company-related practices Shifts varies. Full time. Weekend and holiday work may be required. This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $6.50 - $7.63 per hour DATE OPEN: August 1, 2017 POSITION: Strata Engineer

START DATE: December 1, 2017

Job Overview: Engineering course undergraduate or Vocational School graduate with good verbal and communication skill. With at leastfour years work experience in the field Hospitality. His main role is to liaise between the owner and supplier/contractorand Maintenance Department with regards to owner’s requests. He will ensure that owners unit are maintain to the highest standard and communicate to them any engineering concern in their unit. Job Requirements: •Must have excellent oral and written communication \ skill. •Highly knowledgeable on engineering aspects of the hotel operation • Knowledge on construction and other related discipline. • Knowledge on computer and its peripherals • Have strong leadership skills • Can maintain his composure while working under pressure • Punctual and discipline in term of attendance • Excellent planner • Fast learner Qualified Islanders and Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: $33,000 per annum

This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $9.80 - $10.20 per hour DATE OPEN: November 6, 2017


POSITION: Server (2) Job Overview: Prepare tables with special attention to sanitation and order. Attend to customers upon entrance. Present menus and help customers select food/beverages. Take/serve orders and answer questions or make recommendations for other products. Deal with complaints or problems with a positive attitude. Issue bills and accept payment. The individual must be well groomed, clean and polite. Previous experience is a must and should be able to speak and write English. Shifts varies. Full time. Weekend and holiday work may be required. This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $6.75 - $8.70 per hour DATE OPEN: November 8, 2017


POSITION: Room Service Supervisor

Job Overview: To assist the Manager in planning, organizing and directing the overall Food and Beverage operation and administration of Room Services as well as maintain quality standards in a manner consistent with LQA & Forbes Standards. Responsibilities: •To assist in the building of an efficient team of employees by taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and development. •To ensure that all employees provide a courteous and professional service at all times. •To assist in the training of the employees ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform their duties with the maximum efficiency. •To supervise the employees within the department ensuring that the correct standards and methods of service are maintained as stated in the departmental operations manual. •To ensure that the Department’s Operations budget is strictly adhered to and that all costs are strictly controlled. •To ensure that all employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Hotel’s Employee Rules and Regulations. •To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the hotel’s policy relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and safely. •To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned. •To actively cross-sell other Food and Beverage outlets. Qualified Islanders and Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: $27,000 per annum Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than December 9th, 2017 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1020 Email: Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

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tracking systems from initial contact to aftercare. 10.To develop and manage a programme of legislation review and reform for various developmental programmes that encourage Inward Investment and seek opportunities for expansion and extension of Investment potential though variousagreements. 11.To carry out any other related activities as deemed necessary by the Board as essential to the organisation. PERSONAL SPECIFICATIONS Education and qualifications:

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

The preferred candidate should have a master’s degree in finance, business administration, economics or related field, from a recognised institution of higher learning and a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience or a combination of education and experience sufficient to meet the requirements of the position of CEO at Invest Turks and Caicos.

Reporting to: Board of Directors

Experience and Knowledge:

Location: Invest Turks and Caicos Offices - Providenciales

Minimum of ten (10)or more years of senior management experience at a public or private enterprise/company/agency engaged in investment development and/or promotion/marketing. Clear evidence of strong leadership skills, demonstrated management skills, track record of successful lead generation and marketing along with a proven ability to mentor and grow staff.

Invest Turks and Caicos - Vacancy

Job Summary: The Chief Executive Officer is the chief executive of Invest Turks and Caicos and is responsible for the success of the organisation. Together with the Board, the incumbent is expected to lead the implementation of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Government’s economic development vision, attract significant investments to the various inhabited islands, oversee services for Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) businesses and support expanded sustainable development throughout the entire Turks and Caicos Islands. These investments will be expected to build a successful, sustainable economy and provide improved opportunities for employment and growth. As well, the Chief Executive Officer will be actively engaged through the Agency in supporting trade and small business development. The Board has delegated responsibility for day to day management operations to the Chief Executive Officer and s/he has the authority to carry out those responsibilities in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Board. The incumbent will ensure that the organisation has motivated staff who produce positive results using international best practices. The position involves overseeing a staff of up to fifteen persons who are predominately highly trained investment professionals. The incumbent is expected to be a systems thinker who is customer-focused and goal-driven. The Chief Executive is expected to be a strong leader who can develop a cohesive team within the organisation and across TCI to drive new investment to the country. Key Objectives: 1.To manage the day to day operations of Invest TCI through planning, organising, coordinating, directing and controlling the functions of the Agency. This includes developing and implementing a rolling five-year Strategic Plan, complete with annual marketing plans and budgets;monitoring financial and operational performance; and ensuring that the organisation has a full complement of operating policies and procedures for both internal operations and for dealing with prospective investors and dailyoperations. 2.To facilitate the approval of qualified investment from existing applicants and “shovel ready” projects. 3.To ensure the development of an outstanding lead generation system, along with a strong due diligence programme, a market intelligence capacity, investor outreach and network maintenance and enhancementusing international bestpractices. 4.To ensure the effective, efficient and economic use of human, financial and physical resources. 5.To engage constructively with various government Ministries, other relevant organisations and agencies and the private sector, both locally and internationally to support quality investment projects and to market thecountry. 6.To generate significant foreign direct investment to the country and to support and encourage domestic investors to participate in theeconomy. 7.To generate significant domestic investment through various small business programmes, including the MSME programme and financial assistance provided to the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). 8.To lead investment promotion and trade missions to various locations andconduct awareness marketing to raise the profile of TCI as an investmentdestination. 9.To develop and install a client relationship management and

Skills: 1.Track record of excellence in current and previousemployment. 2.Proven skills in investment promotion, strategic planning, project management and execution, especially as related to development projects. 3.Understanding of budgetary procedures and operational budget development/ implementation. 4.Strong track record of leadership, sales success and investment facilitation. 5.Strong track record of staff management and successful programme/ projectimplementation. 6.Consistently displays integrity and modelbehavior. 7.Proven ability to motivate and developteams/people. 8.Strong writing and presentationalskills. 9.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills-innovative,creative and for ward thinking 10.Adept inuse of MS Office, particularly Powerpoint, ExcelandWord, and ideally Accessor similar database to basic level, internet and email. Other Requirements: 1.Fluent English 2.Understanding of the social, economic, cultural and historical issues facing the TCI. 3.Commitment to travel by air, land and sea. 4.Willingness to work outside normal office hours. Salary and Allowances: Salary is in the range of $100,000 to $120,000, negotiable based on qualifications and experience.A standard set of benefits and allowances are additional. Deadline Date for Applications The deadline date for applications is November 17th, 2017Turks and Caicos time. Application Procedure Interested persons should submit a resume, along with their contact information, cover letter, two letters of reference (one preferably from a former employer), copies of educational certificates, a Police Certificate and a copy of the Passport photo page. Applications can be submitted by courier or delivered directly to Invest Turks and Caicos at Unit 2D, Courtyard Plaza, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, prior to the deadline. The application should be addressed to TheChairman - Invest Turks and Caicos and envelopes should have the words “Chief Executive Officer” clearly marked on the front. Alternatively, applications can be emailed to chairman@ The subject line in the email should read “Chief Executive Officer”. We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only persons selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Ambris replaces Kyle Hope in WI Test squad for NZ tour Batsman Sunil Ambris, in Bulawayo, Hope managed who made his international only 60 runs. debut against England earlier Courtney Browne, this year, has earned a call-up chairman of Cricket West Indies’ to the West Indies Test squad for selection panel, urged Hope to the tour of New Zealand, which turn in strong performances starts from November 25. Ambris in the ongoing first-class was picked in place of Kyle Hope, competition to boost his chances the only change to the squad of a recall. that beat Zimbabwe 1-0 in “Sunil has the Test series in Bulawayo replaced Kyle Hope earlier this month. in the squad, and this Ambris’ prospects is on the basis of his were boosted by consistent consistent performances performances in the across formats and his four-dayers against the outstanding returns for touring Sri Lanka A side. the Windies ‘A’ Team The batsman, who has in the ‘Test’ series played only one ODI, against Sri Lanka scored two hundreds in ‘A’,” Browne said. three first-class games. “This type of In both instances, his consistency centuries came when is very West Indies A had lost most of their top order and Ambris was left to bat with the tail. In the series decider, he struck welcomed 101 in West Indies A’s Sunil Ambris by the panel. first-innings total of 181, “Kyle is encouraged after the side were 35 for 5. to return to the first-class Overall, he scored 278 runs in championship and turn in the five innings - the highest in the strong performances his talent series - at an average of 55.60, suggests he can deliver.” even as West Indies A lost 2-1. Browne also said that Hope was left out the team’s success in Zimbabwe following a lean run since his helped the selectors back debut in June 2017. His highest continuity in the side. international score after 13 “It [series win in innings was 46, and he couldn’t Zimbabwe] was a strong team hit form on the tours of England effort and highlighted by those and Zimbabwe. In three innings players that did not do as well

as expected on the recent tour of England, playing critical roles in the team’s success. Their success augurs well for the selection process and the philosophy of continuity, which has underpinned our selection for the tour of New Zealand, and not the chopping and changing mentality.” West Indies will prepare for the New Zealand tour with a training camp until November 21 in Brisbane. They are scheduled to play a three-day tour match against New Zealand A in Lincoln, before the two Tests in Wellington (December 1-5) and Hamilton (December 9-13). The three-match ODI series, which starts from December 20, includes a Boxing Day fixture in Christchurch and will be followed by three T20Is, between December 29 and January 3. West Indies were earlier scheduled to play three Tests on the tour, but this was revised after New Zealand Cricket looked to get the itinerary in line with the likely schedule of the Test Championship. In August, David White, chairman of NZC, said funding Tests was becoming a challenge. New Zealand are also set to play two Tests at home against England, including the first day-night Test in the country, in Auckland.

Amnesty not enough without better salaries for West Indies players, says former captain There is no point offering “amnesty” to West Indies’ freelance T20 stars if the board does not pay them better. This was the opinion expressed by Darren Sammy, the former West Indies captain, during an interview at ESPN’s Bristol headquarters recently. In July, when West Indies faced the growing likelihood - since confirmed - that they would not qualify directly for the 2019 World Cup, Cricket West Indies (CWI) offered to temporarily relax their ODI selection policy of only picking players who featured in the domestic 50-overs tournament. This, they hoped, would pave the way for the likes of Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard and Sunil Narine to play ODIs and strengthen the team’s chances of getting through the World Cup Qualifier in March 2018. West Indies are left to play just one further ODI series, against New Zealand, before they head to Zimbabwe to feature in the World Cup Qualifiers next March. Sammy was critical of the selection policy, especially when allied to how little money the players stood to make from domestic cricket as against playing in franchise T20 tournaments around the world. “That’s the problem,” Sammy said. “When it all started with the past CEO [Michael Muirhead] and (former) director of cricket Richard Pybus, he said ‘West-Indies-first policy’. But you say West Indies first, but the first thing you do you cut the salaries. That doesn’t work. “You telling guys ‘don’t go and play elsewhere [where] they pay much better, stay at home,’ but the first thing you’re doing is you cut the salaries playing at home.” In this environment, Sammy felt the temporary amnesty would not solve the standoff between the board and the T20 freelancers, and that CWI would need to draw up flexible contracts to allow players to represent West Indies while also featuring in their choice of T20 leagues.

UCF’s Tacko Fall is 7-foot-6, and his game is still growing ORLANDO, Fla. — Tacko He took a look at the NBA this Fall can never hide. past spring, visiting with five clubs to The tallest man in college get their feedback on his game. basketball was walking from the The critiques weren’t often University of Central Florida student kind. But he listened and learned. union to his dormitory one recent “They showed me things,” morning, waiting for the light to said Fall, who is listed at 295 pounds. change at an intersection when a “I was able to see it, not just hear driver — perhaps under the illusion about it, but see it. Skill-wise, I added that there’s more than one 7-foot-6 kid a lot to my offensive game. Defense is enrolled there — hit the brakes and probably going to be the biggest thing yelled a question out the window. for me because of my size and how I “Yo,” the man yelled. “You can affect the game, but the game has Tacko?” changed a lot. There’s versatile bigs Fall waved, shrugged and FILE - In this Jan. 8, 2017, file photo, Central Florida’s Tacko Fall (24) stands above his team in now and I need to keep up.” smiled as the driver shot him a a huddle during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, in Hartford, Conn. The tallest They need to keep up with thumbs-up and drove away. him, too. player in college basketball strolls the campus at UCF _ not your traditional basketball power. But “I think he knew who I was,” anybody in the NBA or college hoops who doesn’t know 7-foot-6 Tacko Fall should get up to speed Fall might be an unusual star, Fall said. but a star nonetheless. Walk with him on the 21-year-old from Senegal. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File) This is an everyday thing for around campus, and one of two things Elhadji Tacko Sereigne Diop Fall, a who he is yet, they might Fall is a quick study. He’s the often happen — either fellow students 21-year-old from Senegal who grew soon. reigning defensive player of the year yell his name and wave, or they try up playing soccer, couldn’t stand “He’s learning things now that another in the American Athletic Conference, to act cool while sneaking a selfie. basketball when he first started player might have learned five years a blocker of 164 shots in his first Fall doesn’t mind in either case. And playing five years ago and now has ago, by no fault of his own,” UCF coach two college seasons and a changer yes, he’s heard every joke imaginable hopes of an NBA future. He bows his Johnny Dawkins said. “He just picked of countless others. He’s made 73 about his height and his name. head to get through doorways, prefers up the game later than everybody percent of his field-goal attempts in “He’s very comfortable with sandals to shoes because they’re else. He’s super-intelligent, speaks college, since most come around the who he is,” said Dawkins, who played easier on his size 22 feet, and has multiple languages, he’s just off the rim. Defenses last season started with 7-7 Manute Bol and 7-6 Shawn found that even first-class airplane charts. He just needs more experience. pushing him more and more away Bradley in the NBA and tries to seats don’t give him enough leg room. And how do you gain experience? from the basket, so Fall added a few impart wisdom to Fall on what he If everyone at UCF — and in There’s only one way. You’ve got to get pounds of muscle this offseason in learned from their experiences. college basketball — doesn’t know out there and do it.” hopes of pushing back.

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UCLA basketball players suspected of shoplifting in China confined to hotel

SHANGHAI - Three UCLA men’s basketball players, detained in China on suspicion of shoplifting ahead of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump, have been confined to their hotel pending legal proceedings, sources with knowledge of the matter said. The three students freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill - were taken into police custody on Tuesday morning for questioning and released at around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, one of the sources said. Ball, the younger brother of National Basketball Association rookie Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers, declined to comment when reached by phone at his hotel on Wednesday. The others could not be reached. The University of California, Los Angeles, team is in China for its season-

opener against Georgia Tech official approval for a formal arrest, Margaret Lewis, a on Saturday in Shanghai. Ball, Riley and law professor at Seton Hall Hill were questioned about University in New Jersey stealing from a Louis Vuitton who researches China’s legal store during the team’s visit system, told the Los Angeles to Hangzhou, home of the Times. An arrest would game’s sponsor, e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding prompt an investigation that Ltd. could take up to two additional The sources said months before prosecutors police had released the bring formal charges, Lewis three on condition that they told the newspaper. From there, the remain at their luxury hotel in Hangzhou while the legal process could stretch out much process plays out. It was not longer, and convictions are made clear, however, how long a near certainty in Chinese courts, which are controlled that would take. “There is a lot of by the ruling Communist uncertainty around how long Party. however, they will need to be in that Often, position before there’s some China will deport foreigners of having update on the situation,” suspected said one of the sources, who committed relatively minor without going declined to be identified due to offences the sensitivity of the situation. through the whole process. The U.S. State Chinese authorities and UCLA have up to 37 days to Department decide whether to pursue Athletics officials declined

FILE PHOTO: Dec 16, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Chino Hills Huskies guard LiAngelo Ball (3) dribbles against the defense of Clark Chargers forward Jalen Hill (21) on the second day of the Tarkanian Classic at Bishop Gorman High School. to address how long legal Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss trade, North Korea proceedings might take. A U.S. State and other topics. A White Department official said the House official said the issue of department was aware of the detained players did not reports of three American come up between Trump and citizens being arrested in Xi. In a video posted China and stood ready to provide assistance but had Wednesday on Twitter by no further comment due to ESPN writer Arash Markazi, LaVar Ball said his son privacy considerations. The Chinese LiAngelo would be fine. The players will government reported the incident to U.S. officials, not play in Saturday’s game Chinese foreign ministry against Georgia Tech, UCLA spokeswoman officials have previously said. Athletics In Beijing on Shana Wilson said. Thursday, Trump met

LeBron James says Cavs can’t expect Isaiah Thomas to fix all problems HOUSTON -- The Cleveland Cavaliers’ slow start has been linked to such things as a shortened training camp, roster turnover, roster age, a defensive efficiency rating that is last in the league and a string of injuries. So maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that LeBron James isn’t counting on Isaiah Thomas to fix everything when he returns from a right hip injury. “To be honest, I don’t think it’s too much expected [of Thomas],” James said before shootaround Thursday morning, ahead of the Cavaliers’ game against the Houston Rockets. “I don’t think we’re relying on IT to come back. We want him to take his time. When he feels he’s ready, he’s going to fit right in. “We can’t rely on just one person. We can’t rely on just one person for us to be as good as we want to be, whether it’s IT or myself or Tristan [Thompson] being out. We have guys who have to step up.” The Cavaliers said in September that they expect Thomas, a two-time All-Star point guard, back on the court by January. Thomas has progressed in his rehab, however, and there have been recent clues that suggest he will return even sooner.

LeBron James (left) and Isaiah Thomas Yet James is quick to alleviate any pressure that Thomas might feel to be the savior for the uneven Cavs, just 5-6 on the season, when he makes his debut. “IT is definitely a big piece of what we want to do, but IT hasn’t stepped out on the floor in a Cavs uniform yet,” James said. “We know what he’s capable of doing, but he hasn’t played with us, so we don’t want to put that type of pressure on him, even though he loves it.” While Cleveland waits on Thomas, James is leaning on his past experiences with the Miami Heat as a road map while the Cavs navigate this rough patch. “I would say probably since

process and being very patient and understanding what this season is. Every season is different. I’ve always said that. This season is a different challenge, and it’s good to be a part of it.” Coach Tyronn Lue said the Cavaliers may have turned the corner, coming into the Rockets game having won two of their last three. “I think defensively we’re really locked in, we’re really making the effort of getting back transitionmy first year in Miami [this is the first wise,” Lue said Thursday. “Offensively, time] having this many new bodies,” running with pace, all five guys are James said. “For me, my first year in running. And, just, got a good feel Miami, I hadn’t played with any of about ourselves right now. We’ve got those guys up until that point. to continue to keep building, keep “I’m a big cohesiveness and playing well and keep getting better rhythm and camaraderie guy, and every day.” this year we added [eight] new guys James and the Cavs have to our roster. We’ve had some different work to do, whether Thomas is in the lineups and guys in and out, including lineup or not. myself in the preseason. It kind of “I think it’s just a different slow-tracked what we want to do as dynamic, but like I said, my first year a unit. So every game is like a high- in Miami, we had to figure that thing intense opportunity practice for us out too,” James said. “At one point we to try to get better and better versus were 9-8. You just got to try to figure it great competition, no matter who out. You watch film, you get better, you we’re playing. get out on the floor, you compete and “It’s been challenging. But figure things out.” I’ve always kind of fell in love with the

Former Namibian sprinter Frankie Fredericks suspended by IOC ZURICH - Former Namibian rejected allegations of corruption. sprinter Frankie Fredericks was The IOC said in a statement that suspended by the International its executive board had decided Olympic Committee on Tuesday to suspend Fredericks after after being placed under formal “considering the gravity and urgency investigation in France in a probe of the situation and its impact on the into allegations of vote buying to win reputation of the IOC.” the 2016 Summer Olympics for Rio Fredericks is already being de Janeiro. investigated by the global Athletics Fredericks, who won four Integrity Unit over payments he silver medals at the 1992 and 1996 received from Papa Massata Diack, Games, is suspected of receiving the son of former world athletics chief bribes and laundering the money Lamine Diack, on the day Rio won through Paris, a source close to the the vote to host the 2016 Olympics. inquiry in France said on Friday. He Fredericks has previously said that a appeared before a French magistrate payment of $300,000 to his company was recompense for legitimate work. on Thursday. Fredericks has previously Fredericks also sat on

the IAAF Council, world athletics’ governing body, until he was suspended in July pending the outcome of the Integrity Unit probe. Rio was awarded the games in 2009, beating Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid. Last month, the IOC suspended the head of Brazil’s national Olympic committee, Carlos Nuzman, after he was charged in Brazil with racketeering in connection with alleged vote buying to win the Games for Rio. Nuzman is accused of arranging more than $2 million in bribes to get the IOC to pick Rio. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Salomon Morency

Is seeking a Labourer To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact 242-5459

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