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By Todeline Defralien

ore money is needed to market the Turks and Caicos Islands if the country wants to retain its competitive edge in the Caribbean tourism industry. That’s the view of Director of Tourism, Ramon Andrews who told The SUN that at least $5milion is needed for marketing and promotion. In an exclusive interview, he said “A comfortable start would be $5million annually and this is exclusive of operational, expenses, so $5million to start and over the course of the next two to three years, we should be no less than between $7million to $10 million dollars in marketing budget. The key generator of revenue is tourism and we throw the least money behind it.” He added: “To effectively market this destination and break it out into the segments that it needs to be marketed, because we have a luxury segment this is Grace Bay, Grace Bay is all luxury very high end, we have the Villa segment that is coming and playing a huge role into this market and you have the locals that are coming into this market believe it or not, and they are entering very quietly, but they’re entering and then we have affordable options, the all inclusive options and we have the other islands.” Andrews stressed that they need to start focusing heavily on marketing the other islands in the Turks and Caicos Islands because there is so much culture and so much to do on them. “We’re just leaving it by the way side,” he said. “Not meaning to leave it by the way side but you don’t have the reach so you’re throwing the marketing budget that you have behind this engine right here to keep this running, but if you add a little bit more you can get South Caicos quickly operational. When we say quickly, we’re talking two to three years with some really aggressive marketing campaign.’’ Continued on page 2

Flow Country Manager, Delleriece Hall pictured with students from the Oseta Jolly Primary School.

Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation to give $290,000 to improve lives of Caribbean children The Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation recently announced that it will provide additional funding of over US$290,000 to projects that will improve the lives of children in areas of the Caribbean impacted by last year’s hurricanes. This follows the Foundation’s initial US$100,000 donation to ShelterBox for relief efforts after the hurricanes, as well as a clean-up of the CHANCES children’s home in Dominica as part of C&W Communications’ annual Mission Day. The new funding – made up of five individual grants – is a continuation of the Foundation’s plans to restore and rebuild affected countries. The grants will be used to support critical education services in some of the most badly impacted countries including theBritish Virgin Islands (BVI), Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), Dominica and Anguilla. Specifically, the Foundation’s

funding will be used as follows: • In BVI: o US$100,000 will be used towards replacing the roof at the sole secondary school - Bregado Flax Secondary School - on Virgin Gorda o US$25,000 will be used towards repairs for the EslynRichiezHenly School for Disabled Children •In TCI,US$100,000 will be used to provide computers, printers, desks and chairs for children in the Osetta Jolly Primary School •In Dominica,US$45,000 will be used towards refurnishing the computer lab of Roseau Primary School, providing essential equipment like computers, projectors, flat screens and printers •In Anguilla,US$22,500 will be used to provide supplies and repair the doors, windows and roof of Bethel Pre-School, working in partnership with Rotary District 7020. The Board of the

Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation chose these projects as it believed they would have a long-lasting positive impact on a great number of children and their families. The projects chosen also align with the Foundation’s strategic aims of educating and empowering communities. Gina Colesanti, Director of the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, said: “We’re delighted to provide these much-needed grants to improve the lives of children impacted by the 2017 hurricane seasonin the Caribbean. By rebuilding and furnishing schools in BVI, TCI, Dominica and Anguilla, we’re creating a better environment for these kids to learn and grow – giving them a great start in life and setting them up for future success.” Colesanti also thanked the major sponsors of the Foundation which includeSterlite; the Premier

League; Anixter; Evolution Digital; One Caribbean; Lorac; HBO Latin America; Advantage Communications; Deloitte and Telenet. Their generosity contributed to the US$1 million that the Foundation has raised so far – which includes the US$500,000 seed funding provided by C&W Communications at its launch. The Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation was set up by C&W Communications initially as response to the humanitarian crisis caused by devastating hurricanes in 2017. The Foundation is increasingly the company’s platform for advancing social development in the region, as it strives to fulfil its mission of connecting communities and transforming lives, by funding education and empowerment projects like these five initiatives. The Foundation has a number of similar projects in the pipeline and will announce more details in due course.


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You can start to get the interest into North and Middle Caicos with some very aggressive marketing campaign, Grand Turk and Salt Cay is just ripe for adventure tourism and that all takes money, because you can’t just say go over to North Caicos. No, you have to tell a story, to hire people and you need public relations,” he explained. Andrews told The SUN that from the Tourist Board standpoint they just don’t have enough marketing dollars to reach where they want to reach in the destination. He continued: “You can never have enough marketing dollars, from the Tourist Board standpoint we just don’t have enough marketing dollars to reach where we want to reach in the destination. Our arms are just not long enough. However, what we do to compensate is that we partner up, we’re partnering with Signature Travel, The New York Times, Turk and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA) and all of these partnerships will allow us to somewhat reach areas that we can’t get into. One of our new partners at

the moment is Invest TCI. Anyone can go and investigate Anguilla, which is a very small country, less than the size of Provo and their budget is bigger than ours.” In the meantime he stated that the TCI is a hot destination and have to maintain that but the TCI is going to build on what we have; it’s going to take a little bit more. Andrews said TCI is spending the most marketing money on the east coast of the USA. However, he said the Tourist Board under his leadership will be pushing into other markets. He continued: “The hoteliers spend a lot of time in the east coast market, so my opinion is rather than double dipping and going behind the same thing, (of course we’re not pulling out), we’re going to make sure that we manage that market because that’s our largest source market. However, now we’re going to start focusing heavily on the south. There’s a lot of money in the south and there are a lot of people in the south that are starting to travel. You have a lot of New Yorkers that are moving down

to the South now so they have their businesses in New York but they’re building these big mansions in the South and we want to go down there and attract these people and remind them that Turks and Caicos is one of the premier destinations and they should come and visit.” Andrews said: “We’re looking to see how we can really get into this market, whether by advertising on the airport or partnering with the agents inside of there. I have Pamela Ewing who controls our United States (US) market. She’s actually researching that for us now and then the West Coast is another big deal for us. I believe that we can get a lot more out of Canada. We’re going to be pushing heavily for that. In the United Kingdom (UK) Courtney Robinson is doing a great job over the for us. He’s not just looking at the European market, he is actually in Italy right now at a travel agent training, training over 200 agents.” Andrews noted that the TCI while does a phenomenal job over the winter months putting heads in beds; the summer months are where

Director of Tourism, Ramon Andrews. they’re weak. “Anywhere from June to early November we’re weak, so we’re looking to strengthen those months and we’re developing a strategy to get that done,” he said.

TCI student population nearly 7000 By Allie Capron The student population of the Turks and Caicos Islands is nearly 7,000. This is according to Hon. Karen Malcom, Minister of Education, Youth Library and Culture in a statement at the House of Assembly in Grand Turk on 27th March 2018. Hon. Malcom said currently, in the public primary schools there are 2,508 students enrolled, in public secondary schools there are 1,539 students, in private primary schools there are 2,294 students and in private high schools, there are 658 students. The total student population is 6,999 students. In response to Opposition Appointed Member, Hon. Royal Robinson, who questioned the minister about parents with children enrolled in private institutions that are unable to pay school fees, Hon. Malcom explained the options available to those in this predicament. “Parents of students who

CRIME REPORT Body Found Providenciales Police are investigating after a body was found on a beach in the North West Point area. The body of a male was seen by Helicopter patrols Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 and reported to the 911 Centre at 6:20 p.m. Police and Medical personnel arrived on the scene and determined the man was dead. The identity and cause of death are unknown at this time. Arrest On Wednesday, March 22nd,

find themselves in situations where they have outstanding fees at private schools are encouraged to negotiate a payment plan with the school to have the fees paid and their children’s education uninterrupted,” Hon. Malcom replied. “While the ministry is able to give assistance through the private school subsidy program, parents are required to provide evidence that they are settling their outstanding bills with the school. “ Hon. Malcom further explained that private school subsidy program is useful in cases where a student has outstanding fees but there is no space at the government school for that student to transfer. Through this program, parents are required to pay a small amount to assist with that particular school fee which comes to about $100 per month, Hon. Malcom explained. Regarding the issue of resources and support bring provided to schools and teachers in the wake of last year’s hurricanes, Hon. Malcom stated: “Immediately following the 2018, Police on Grand Turk arrested a 23-year-old woman on suspicion of attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice, following a report on February 21st, 2018. The woman was released on USD$5000.00 bail. Robbery Police on Providenciales are investigating a Robbery that was reported to the 911 Centre on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 11:00 p.m., at a Bar on the Old Airport Road. A woman was approached by two masked gunman who demanded money. Stolen was a black Samsung brand tablet valued USD$600.00. Both culprits fled by foot. Burglary There are reports of another burglary this week on Grand Turk. Police there are investigating the burglary of a hardware store. The incident is believed to have taken

Karen Malcom, Minister of Education, Youth Library and Culture passing of the storms, the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, provided 47 school-in-a-box and 89 recreation kits to schools across the country. The kits contained teaching resources and age appropriate recreation games that were made place between Wednesday March 21st, 6:00 p.m. and Thursday March 22nd, 6:00 a.m. The culprit(s) stole six rolls of peel and seal, valued at USD$158.00 each. Burglary Police are investigating a Burglary that occurred on the Lower Bight Road. The incident was reported to Police on March 23rd, 2018 at 11:03 p.m. According to reports, missing was a small Grey pouch containing $200 USD and a grey Cannon camera value $USD200. Investigations are ongoing into a burglary that took place off of South Dock Road. According to reports, the homeowner secured her home and upon return on March 23rd, 2018, a quantity of plywood and two by four boards were missing. Police in North Caicos is investigating the Burglary of the Bottle Creek

available to teachers. In addition, through the corporate sponsorship and donations, teachers and students in public schools benefitted from teaching and learning resources. Through the regular procurement process, schools are provided with office and cleaning supplies each term.” In response to Hon. Robinson, who asked what is being done to protect children crossing the busy street in the front of the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex before and after classes, Hon. Malcom responded: “The Oseta Jolly Primary School has a warden,” said Malcom. “In addition to the warden, a security officer has been retained to provide additional support and guidance to students as they cross the main road in the downtown area. In addition to providing assistance to the school warden, the ministry has entered dialogue with the road traffic department to repaint the pedestrian crossing from the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex.” Government Clinic. The incident was reported to Police at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, March 26th, 2018. Discovered missing is a fairly new washing machine valued USD$800 and a stack of shelves, value unknown. The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force continue to appeal to the general public who may have any information that can assist in the detection of any crime to come forward, or contact the Chalk Sound Police Station at 338-5901, 941-8082, 911 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-8477 The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force continue to appeal to the general public who may have any information that can assist in the detection of any crime to come forward, or contact the Chalk Sound Police Station at 338-5901, 941-8082, 911 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-8477.

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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12-storey objectors to pay TCIG $121,000 that the parties may refer to good terms of the withdrawal of the appeal, The Turks and Caicos Islands if required to do so. Government will be paid $121,000 Two condominium hotels, The in compensation following the court Venetian and The Tuscany, claim to case in which The Tuscany and The be adversely affected by Government’s Venetian sued to block the 12-storey decision to change planning policy Ritz-Carlton project. by increasing the allowable height This announcement was made of apartments, condominiums and by Premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright- hotel buildings from a maximum of Robinson during a House of Assembly seven floors (a maximum of 90 ft.) to a meeting on Tuesday March 27th, Hon. maximum of twelve floors (a maximum N. J. S. Francis Building, Pond Street, of 150 ft.) and increasing density from Grand Turk. 24 bedrooms per acre to 40 bedrooms The questions asked during per acre for condos and from 25 the meeting were: (a) what were the bedrooms per acre to 50 bedrooms per agreed terms between TCIG and acre for hotels. other parties for the withdrawal of The owners of Tuscany and the appeal from the previous council Venetian say that the increase in the by the Tuscany and Venetian strata permitted height and density allowed corporations? and (b) how much under the 2016 Amendment, saying money will be paid to TCIG as part of that the change in the permitted the settlement of the litigation. height will decrease the value of their In response, the Premier said properties and the value of rents and the agreed terms of this settlement income from tourists and residential were as follows: (1) that TCIG notes lettings provided by the Applicants. the development manual contains The grounds of their legal restrictions and in particular notes challenge are that section 39 A of that current setbacks outlined in the the Physical Planning Ordinance development manual as a member (PPO) CAP 9.02 (under which the legal notice (11) of 2016 are the 2016 Amendment) was promulgated setbacks currently enforced. (2) That a and the 2016 Amendment are sum of $121,000 will be paid to TCIG unconstitutional; and that there was within two months on account of all no adequate consultation leading the cost in this litigation and no cost up to the promulgation of the 2016 order to date will be enforced. The Amendment. Court of Appeal will be asked not to They took the matter to deliver ruling on cost.” court seeking an order prohibiting Premier Robinson added the granting of any development that it is not the intention of the permission prior to determination of its appellants or the respondents to make application for judicial review. Implicit any announcements except to confirm in this relief is the proposition that the withdrawal of the appeal having should they succeed, all development agreed terms, but it is acknowledged permission, of any nature whatsoever, By Todeline Defralien

Ariel Misick, QC

Premier Hon. Sharlene Robinson

Conrad Griffiths, QC should be placed on hold until there is an approved development plan. Queen’s Counsel Ariel Misick was the lawyer for Dessarrolos Hotelco TCI, the developers of Ritz-Carlton, while Conrad Griffiths QC and David Cadman, who are representing The Venetian and The Tuscany. The controversial issue of whether the construction of 12-storey buildings should be allowed in the Turks and Caicos Islands, was heading to the Privy Council in the United Kingdom (UK), but was subsequently withdrawn.

David Cadman, attorney In February 2017, the Turks and Caicos Islands Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal brought by the developers who had challenged Chief Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale’s decision to dismiss their judicial review into Turks and Caicos Islands Government’s decision to raise the building height and density in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The luxury Ritz-Carlton Resort broke ground in the Turks and Caicos Islands on Monday February 26th, 2018 on its Grace Bay construction site.

Grand Turk needs a more robust marine and fisheries department

By Ed Forbes

“We the people” especially in Grand Turk, have to come to grips with ourselves and realize that we cannot depend on government to solve our problems. Bureaucracy will fail you time and time again. We must take a stand on our own by creating meaningful initiatives to support our local efforts. With that being said; recently, the boat operators in Grand Turk, formed an association called “GT Watersports Ventures LTD”. It could not have been established at a better time and you will understand why. On March 1st, 2018, I received a call from a boat captain who informed me of a boating trip gone wrong. Two

local fishermen decided to do what they do best as a hobby and set out on a fishing trip less than 5 miles south west of Grand Turk. Little did they know, that it would be a night to remember. They got caught up in a strong reef current which overturned their small dingy. One of the captains swam for hours back to shore in search of help, while the other remained with the capsized boat. My first reaction was to contact the marine enforcement department to coordinate a search and rescue effort. Nothing was more disappointing than to learn they had no vessel to assist in this dire situation. A life was at stake, a grieving parent, a father who might not see his children again. All of

these thoughts ran through my mind. I frantically rushed to find help, as I knew time was of the essence. I contacted a few boat captains from the association, so a small group of boaters could cover a large square footage of the ocean to try and save this precious life. Captain Don Francis, owner of White Sands tours, searched the open seas for hours in an attempt to locate the missing boater, unfortunately to no avail. Myself and three other captains, Tony Mendez, Gary Astwood and Eric Forbes from Exclusive Escape tours set out to sea in a last ditch effort to find this lost soul. Less then 10 minutes from shore, I heard a faint voice screaming out for help.

We quickly spotted the flash light on him. It was a sigh of relief! There he was, bobbing in the open waters barely clinging on for dear life. We lifted him into the boat and drove as quickly as possible to seek medical attention. The ambulance arrived shortly thereafter, treated him for mild hypothermia and miraculously a life was saved. The million dollar question is: how many incidents, deaths, or near deaths have to occur before Grand Turk is provided the needed resources we deserve; namely, a more robust marine and fisheries department that is equipped with sea worthy boats, equipment and adequate staffing.

Error in Road Traffic Ordinance corrected by HOA By Todeline Defralien Attorney General Rhondalee Brathwaite-Knowles moved a motion in the Honourable House that the House of Assembly had to correct an error that was made in the body of laws in the Road Traffic Ordinance. This motion was moved during the setting of the seventeenth (17th) meeting of the first session of the 11th legislature of the House of Assembly of the Turks and Caicos Islands on Tuesday March 27th. She told Speaker Hon. Dwayne Taylor that it was recently

pointed out to her by the consultant doing the law revision that there is an error in the Road Traffic Ordinance in regulations which were made during the last administration. “Mr. Speaker I would wish at this point to move a motion in the Honourable House to seek the agreement of the House to correct an error that has been made in the body of laws for which is time sensitive. Mr. Speaker the law revision of the laws of the Turks and Caicos is currently on the way with a cutoff date of 31st of March, 2018. It has been recently pointed out to me by the consultant

doing the law revision that there is an error in the Road Traffic Ordinance in regulations which were made during the last administration, where the Cabinet approved the making of regulations to extend the age by which persons are able to obtain public service vehicle licences,” BrathwaiteKnowles said. Additionally, she added that the amendment was approved by the Cabinet, but the error is that the regulations were made by the Minister instead of being made by the Governor as required by the ordinance. “Under those regulations

Attorney General Rhondalee BrathwaiteKnowles licences have been issued and so there would be a need to validate the making of the regulations and also the issuing of the licenses so that those licenses continue to be valid,” BrathwaiteKnowles said.

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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$4.2million spent on the treatment a broad programme so far, says Minister of Health By Todeline Defralien According to Minister of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services Hon. Edwin Astwood, $4.2 million was spent on the treatment abroad programme so far this year. The Minister announced the figures following questions asked by Hon. Akierra Missick, Leeward & Long Bay MP during a House of Assembly meeting on Tuesday March 27th, Hon. N. J. S. Francis Building, Pond Street, Grand Turk. Missick asked how many persons were referred for treatment overseas pursuant to the treatment abroad program from January 1st, 2018 – March 6th, 2018, where were

they referred, what were the costs of these referrals specific to the countries they were referred to, and what is the expenditure of the treatment abroad program from January 1st – present. The Minister revealed that from the period of January –March 6th there were a total of 286 persons referred to the treatment abroad program. To The Bahamas – 24 persons in January, 27 in February and three (3) in March. Jamaica - 47 in January, 51 in February and 11 in March. Dominica Republic -36 in January, 58 in February and five (5) in March. Cayman Islands – seven (7) in January, seven (7) in February and three (3) in March. Haiti – One (1) in January, no referrals in February and no referrals in March. The

United States of America (USA) – three (3) in January, three (3) in February and none in March.” In addition, He stated that most of the bills for March aren’t in as yet, so the following figures will be much higher after they’re in. In response to the costs of these referrals, He added: “The Bahamas – we have expenditure $526,706 in January, $162,132 in February and in March $3,525. Jamaica – in January $518,288, February $241,724 and in March so far $19,655. Dominican Republic – in January $114,057, in February $85,304, in March so far $5,810. Cayman Islands – in January $47,888, in February $26,723 and in March so far $5,604. Haiti - $8,000 only in January. The United States of

Minister of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services Hon. Edwin Astwood America (USA) - $24,827 in January, $34,628 in February and nothing in March.” The Minister of Health confirmed that the total expenditure to date is four million two hundred and twenty seven dollars and seven hundred and eight cents.

Larry Mills returns to TCIG as new Director of Registration and Citizenship Following the successful completion of his study leave, congratulations and best wishes is extended to Mr. Mills on the successful completion of an MA in Law Enforcement and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom and on his return to the Turks and Caicos Government as the new Director of Registration and Citizenship within the Ministry of Border Control and Employment Services. Commenting on his return and new appointment, Mr. Mills said; “As the new Director of Registration and Citizenship, the skills and knowledge that I have gained will undoubtedly springboard our move to

more secure, digitalized documents for our products. I am keen on seeing a marked improvement in the standard of productivity within Registration and Citizenship and will look to implement a new approach to service delivery that can enhance the overall satisfaction with our customers, while positioning our registry on par with those regionally and internationally. “I am gratefully humble to have been afforded the opportunity to head the Department of Registration & Citizenship and, to continue being a part of the team in the Ministry of Border Control and Employment. In so doing I am looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues on matters pertaining to our mandate, thereby making my


Turks and Caicos Islands National Health Insurance Board(NHIB) Providenciales Position Title: Reports To:

Chief Executive Officer The Minister and Board of Directors

Job Summary: The Chief Executive Officer is the chief executive of the National Health Insurance Board(NHIB) and, has system wide responsibility for theeffective and efficient administration and day-to-day management and administration of the of NHIBin accordance with the National Health Insurance Ordinance and Regulations. Providing supervision to other professional and clerical staff. The CEO is expected to generate satisfactory results when the qualitative and quantitative output of the staff is at a high level, the expenditure of the NHIB is within the limits of the budget, and the services of the NHIP are provided to the Government and the beneficiaries in a timely and value for money basis. Key Duties and Responsibilities required to be performed effectively and efficiently: •Monitoring and administering the Plan; •Monitoring and administering the Fund; •Monitoring the collection of contributions under the NHIB Ordinance; •Advise the Minister on the policies relating to the health care needs of the beneficiaries •Advise the Minister on the policies and directions concerning the use of monies of the Fund; •Establish a quality assurance programme for the functioning of the Plan through monitoring of the health care service being provided to the beneficiaries; •Supervise and control expenditure from the Fund; •Financial and operational matters; •Developing administrative and human resources development manuals for approval by the Board; •Preparing regular financial and operational reports for the Board; •The administration and control of the staff of the Board; •Accounting for all monies collected, paid or invested under the

Larry Mills contribution in service to our citizens and my country.” Deputy Governor, Anya Williams joined in congratulating Mr.

Mills by stating; “Congratulations is extended to Mr. Mills on the successful completion of his studies and we are pleased to welcome him back to the Turks and Caicos Islands Civil Service. We are pleased to have assisted Mr. Mills in his studies through the Civil Service Professional Development Fund and would encourage other civil servants to continue to seek opportunities for development under this program as well. “Mr. Mills has returned to the civil service with great enthusiasm and a keen interest in improving and revolutionizing the service delivery of the Registration and Citizenship Department. We wish him well in his new role and look forward to working with him.”

Ordinance; •Contracting health service providers for the purposes of the objects ofthe NHIP; •Ensuring compliance by contracted health service providers with thequality standards as may be prescribed by the Minister from timeto time; •Make disbursements from the Fund; and •Perform such functions as are for the time being conferred on him or her by Virtue of the Ordinance or any other law or any Regulations and as the Board or the Minister may from time to time assign. Qualifications and Experience: •A Master’s Degree in Health Administration/Health Financing/Health Insurance/Finance or a related field; •A minimum of ten (10)years’ on the job experience in a senior management position in insurance or health related field to acquire the necessary competencies to effectively respond to the challenges of the role; •Certification in the Accounting/Finance field (such as ACCA, CPA, CMA or CGMA would be an asset). Salary and Allowances: Salary is in the range of US$115,000.00 to $130,380.00 negotiable based on qualifications and experience. A standard set of benefits and allowances are additional. Interested persons are requested to submit a resume, along with their contact information, cover letter, two letters of reference (one preferably from a former employer), copies of educational certificates, a Police Certificate and a copy of their Passport photo page. Additionally candidates should declare any potential conflicts of interest and the nature of such interest. Deadline for submission: April 13th, 2018 If delivering in person envelope, shall be marked “Chief Executive Officer Position” and addressed to: Mr. Delton Jones Chairman National Health Insurance Board Salt Mills Plaza, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands If by Email send to: the subject line in the email should read “Chief Executive Officer Position”. We thank all applicants for their interest but only candidates selected for an interview will be acknowledged

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Changes to Road Traffic Ordinance, says Wilbur Caley By Todeline Defralien Changes will soon be made to the Turks and Caicos Islands Road Traffic Ordinance, according to Wilbur Caley, Deputy Director of Road Traffic. Speaking during a call-in programme, ‘On the Streets with Road Safety’ on Tuesday February 20th, 2018, Caley said the document outlining the changes to the Road Traffic Ordinance is basically finalized and will soon go to Cabinet. The SUN understands that some of the changes will be related to fines and ticketable offences. Caley said: “One of those ticketable offences would be the whole issue with helmets, because (police) had expressed some concerns about some offences not being ticket-able. One of the things that we hope would come out in the new ordinance is that persons who are found to be driving a vehicle without insurance will not be able to leave from the scene once they are stopped by a police officer or an officer who is authorized, because there may be other persons authorized to do certain things on the streets if it is passed by the House of Assembly.” He added: “As it stands now, if a police officer stops you and you

do not have an insurance policy the law will hopefully be changed to say that if your vehicle is not insured and you’re stopped by the police officer you cannot move that vehicle once you’ve been stopped,” he explained. The Deputy Director encouraged persons who do not have insurance to get their insurance because it is becoming a serious issue with persons who are driving vehicles uninsured. He added: “That is one of the provisions that we are hoping that will pass into law, because we are having serious issues with persons who are driving vehicles uninsured and in some instances getting themselves into an accident, damaging other persons’ property and they are unable to assist that person with restoring their property back to the condition that it was in prior to the accident happening.” Also speaking on the programme was Sergeant Damien Mitchell of the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force who was recently appointed Head of Traffic. He added: “Insurance is a severe issue and more than anything else we want persons to have those vehicles insured, and not just insured,

Wilbur Caley, Deputy Director of Road Traffic. but even if the vehicle is insured it is insured for the person who’s driving it. What we find is that some people are driving vehicles that are insured, for example Heritage (Insurance) has a particular type of policy and you’re not covered under that policy and persons are still driving those vehicles. There are policies that would say you must

Sergeant Damien Mitchell of the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force be 25 years of age to drive and if you’re driving those vehicles and you’re not of that age then if you meet in an accident, you are not covered.” Mitchell noted that these laws were made for the improvement and protection of the public and therefore they want persons to know exactly they are dealing with.

WATERLOO HOTEL MANAGEMENT LTD Alexandra Resort, Blue Haven Resort & Marina and the Beach House We are seeking to employ, suitably qualified and experienced hospitality professionals in the positions listed below. Our ideal candidates should have an outstanding command of the English language, written and oral, strong communication and excellent customer service skills with an all-inclusive background. FOOD AND BEVERAGE OUTLET MANAGER Reporting to the Director of Food & Beverage, responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following: Summary of Responsibilities: •Consistently offer professional, friendly and engaging service •Assist the F&B Director to lead and manage the day to day operations of the Food & Beverage Division ensuring all service standards are followed •Drive innovative promotions, menus and concepts; creating a destination of choice for both resort and external guests •Lead and support all F&B departments in the achievement of their financial and operational targets •Assist in the preparation of annual budgets and administer in a fiscally responsible manner •Implement effective control of food, beverage, labor and operating expenses throughout the F&B division •Assist in the preparation of the annual strategic plan and achieve the goals and targets therein •Ensure the implementation of standards in guest service and constantly seek out ways to improve product and service as well as increase volumes and profits •Assist and or oversee the selection, training and development of all colleagues to ensure timely recruitment and career growth •Follow department safety policies, procedures and service standards •Other duties as assigned Educational and Other Requirements: •Minimum of 3 years of previous Food & Beverage management experience in a leadership role •Computer literate in Microsoft Window applications required •University/College degree •Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities Salary range for this position will commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful applicant. PASTRY COOK Reporting directly to the Group Executive Pastry Chef, you will be responsible for the day-to-day preparation of quality pastry items such as breakfast items, desserts, breads, displays and special request items. Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: •Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment; use

equipment and tools only as intended, properly and safely •Inspect the cleanliness and working conditions of all tool, equipment and supplies •Establish priority items for the day •Prepare all menu items following recipes and yield guides, according to departmental standards. •Understand sanity food handling techniques •Direct hands on preparation •Daily recording and monitoring of kitchen inventory •Any other assigned duties REQUIREMENTS •Minimum of 3 years of experience within field. •Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities •Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment Salary range for this position will commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful applicant. LINE COOK Reporting to the Executive Sous Chef, responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following: •Must be knowledgeable of food preparation and presentation methods, •Ability to understand sanitary food handling techniques •Knowledgeable of the safe operation of kitchen equipment •Ability to increase staff awareness of proper personal and food hygiene policies and procedures as well as the safe operation of all kitchen equipment •Direct hands on preparation •Daily recording and monitoring of the kitchen’s inventory •Strong team leadership Good writing, reading, listening and computation skills are necessary •Exceptional communication, interpersonal and training skills are a must Requirements: •Must possess a 3-4-star background •Minimum of 5 years’ experience in same or similar position •Diploma from a formal culinary institution is required •Knowledgeable in health and sanitation standards Salary range for this position will commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful applicant.

Interested persons may contact our HR department Mon. – Fri. from 9am-3pm via telephone number 946-8054 or you may submit your resume with qualifications and experience to: Closing date ---- April 7th , 2018

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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Report from March 26th Cabinet meeting His Excellency the Governor, Dr John Freeman, chaired the 7th meeting of the Cabinet on Monday, 26 March 2018, at the Hon. Hilly Ewing Building on Providenciales. All Ministers were present. At this meeting Cabinet: •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the draft Rehabilitation of Offenders Order 2018; • Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the draft Law Revision (Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations) 2015 (Validation) Bill 2018 for forwarding to the House of Assembly for approval; • Endorsed a proposal by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for a programme of post-hurricane assistance to enhance resilience in the areas of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and post-disaster recovery. A more detailed report about the programme would be prepared for Cabinet’s consideration; •Approved the composition of the Project Steering Committee to oversee the implementation of the Climate Resilient Coastal Protection and Management Loan Agreement from the Caribbean Development Bank; •Approved the appointments of members to the following Boards under the Ministry of Border Control and Employment with effect from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 – Work Permit Board Zone 1; Work Permit Board Zone 2; and the Immigration Appeal Tribunal; •Approved the appointments of members to the following Boards and Committee under the Ministry of

Education with effect from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 – TCI Community College Board of Governors; Higher Education Advisory Board; and the Education Advisory Board/Scholarship Committee; •Approved the appointments of members to the following bodies with effect from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 – Prison Visiting Committee; Radio Turks and Caicos Board of Governors; •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the appointment of Mr Stephan Correy Forbes as a member of the TCI Tourist Board; • Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the National Parks (Amendment) Regulations 2018 to enable the inclusion of Half Moon Bay on the list of established navigational channels as per Section 3(7) of the National Parks Regulations; • Approved on a conditional basis with amendments Planning Application PA 196 submitted by Caicos Holdings for the emergency dredging of the channel between North Caicos and Parrot Cay in accordance with Section 55 of the Physical Planning Ordinance 2014; •Approved on a conditional basis with amendments Planning Application PA 197 submitted by Caicos Holdings for beach replenishment on Parrot cay in accordance with Section 55 of the Physical Planning Ordinance 2014; •Noted the recommendations of the Procurement Board to award contracts in line with the Public Procurement Ordinance 2012 as follows – TR17/11 Replacement vehicles for TCIG; TR17/12 Special transport vehicles for TCIG; TR17/19 Furniture and

Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services Is seeking suitably qualified applicant to fill the position as: TECHNICAL RECORDS ADMINISTRATOR: Interested candidate MUST have the following: In-depth knowledge of aircraft computerize tracking software and programs.  Adequate knowledge of Turks and Caicos aviation laws as it relates to OTARS Part 39, Part 43, Part 47 and Part 145.  Have knowledge of Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services maintenance organization exposition and documentation procedures.  Assemble and issue daily work packages with accurate continuous airworthiness data  Carry out aircraft maintenance planning with Engineering Manager  Collect all aircraft records / data daily for input into maintenance tracking program  Ensure records are available during certificate of airworthiness renewal  Record all maintenance inspections/checks in the log books and component changes and issue warranty notification forms for components failing within the warranty period.  Check all aircraft work records documents including technical logs, defect work cards, maintenance work packs etc for accuracy and completeness of contents and certification.  Highlighting any discrepancy noted to the Engineering Manager and/or Quality Assurance  Reconcile all anomalies with the Engineering Manager and/or Quality Assurance Manager  Record the daily and total flying hours, landings / cycles, line maintenance component changes through aircraft Technical Logs etc on each aircraft, engine APU and propeller log books on daily bases or within 7 days.  Ensuring that component change in the Computeised Maintenance System is correctly executed and reflects the transaction recorded on the Technical Log pages.  Maintenance and administer a filing system in an orderly manner preferably by ATA, Aircraft Registration, Document Serial Numbers and Document Type to ensure traceability (“traceable to the manufacture/vendor”) of both aircraft and components.  Work with delivery team to load the fitted listing of new aircraft, engines and equipment added to the Company fleet.  Review changes and new requirements to recording system and ensure that new procedures implemented contribute to and / or enhance the safety and security of all aircraft records.  Continuously reviewing the records administration systems and identifying and recommending changes to improve the way records are administered and kept.  Ensure that records for mandatory modification, minor modifications, and major modifications and any special inspections and changes to the aircraft configuration re clearly documented in the modification record book and filled properly.  Provide all necessary information requested by Engineering Manager and/or Quality Assurance Manager as per the checklist issued for the preparation of the application for Renewal / Issue of C of A for an aircraft.  Perform other record keeping responsibility not mentioned above as per company procedures but assigned by the Engineering Manager and/or Quality Assurance Manager as required and provide relieve for other Technical Staff in the department.  Provide accurate aircraft maintenance reports during maintenance planning meeting. Remuneration is $42,000 annually. Suitably qualified candidates should send their resumes to or contact HR office on 9464999

equipment for the Eliza Simons Primary School; TR17/28 Fencing project, Conch Ground, South Caicos; TR17/31 Road development Phase III, Grand Turk; TR17/32 Consultancy services for the redevelopment and modernisation of South Dock, Providenciales; TR17/35 Consultancy services for a review of Provo Water Company Ltd; TR17/36 Supply of furniture and equipment for the morgue; TR17/38 Supply of computer equipment for the TCI Ports Authority; TR17/42 Design and build of Government Office Block, South Caicos; TR17/43 Rebuilding works Marjorie Basden High School, South Caicos; TR17/44 Iris Stubbs Primary School repairs, South Caicos; PN 005127 Border Control Management Information System Phase 2; PN 005300 Sea Defence (TCIG’s contribution to the CDB loan); PN 005465 Special Project, Integrity Commission; TR17/41 Supply of LED light and light poles for the TCI Ports Authority; TR17/45 Design and build of the security gatehouse, South Dock, Providenciales; TR17/46 Lights installation and trenching excavation for South Dock, Grand Turk; • Noted the award of a contract for the construction of a new primary school on Providenciales; •Noted the budget submitted by Interhealth Canada for the provision of clinical services for the year 2017/18. Cabinet called for Interhealth Canada to prepare its draft budget for clinical services for 2018/19 before the beginning of the next financial year for the consideration and approval of Cabinet; • Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 for forwarding to the House of Assembly for

approval; • Advised His Excellency the Governor to grant approval for the execution of Contingency Warrant No.6 in relation to post hurricane expenditure which is to be submitted to the House of Assembly. Cabinet called for the Ministry of Home Affairs to prepare a policy on ancillary workers offering their services in times of emergency; • Received an up-date from the Hon. Deputy Premier and Hon. Minister of Health on a draft policy being prepared related to the treatment of patients abroad which will be submitted to Cabinet for approval; • Expressed its gratitude to the UK and the Cayman Islands authorities for the support provided to deal with the recent surge in arrivals of illegal sloops from Haiti; • Received an up-date from the Hon. Attorney General on drafting of the National Investment Policy; • Received an up-date by the Hon. Premier on work undertaken by TCIG with the EU Code of Conduct Group (COCG) to co-operate with the COCG on tax transparency; •Expressed thanks to the Contracts Management Unit for completing work on the awarding of contracts before the end of the financial year to enable capital projects to be progressed; • Was informed that a new Superintendent of HM Prison on Grand Turk has been appointed; •Received an up-date from the Hon. Attorney General on the provision of banking services on North Caicos. Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.

Hilltop Ltd. whose address is 100 Ocean Dr., Turtle Tail, Providenciales is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified person to the role of Property Manager. Fundamental to this role is an acute understanding and knowledge of operating high end properties. The well being of the guests is of vital importance to this position. Responsibilities Include: •Management of three high end properties •Ensuring and provide flawless upscale professional high class guest service •Ability to work weekends and holidays •Outstanding communication skills Requirements: •A minimum of 5 years proven work experience in the hospitality industry with significant luxury and international experience •Qualified as an emergency first response Instructor •Qualified as boat captain •Qualified as a diving instructor and •Security training to ensure guests safety, preferably military training. Salary for this position is $10,000.00 per month. Interested persons should send their CV/Resume no later than April 05, 2018 to: Marsha Blanche Email: Fax: (649) 946-4734 Tel. (649) 946-4732

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


Government seeking less expensive option to remove MV Mega One Triton shipwreck By Allie Capron TCIG is seeking a less expensive cost than the suggested $2.7 million to remove the MV Mega One shipwreck from Governor’s Beach in Grand Turk. During the House of Assembly in Grand Turk on 27th March 2018, while responding to questions posed by Leeward & Long Bay MP, Akierra Missick, Hon. Ralph Higgs, Minister of Tourism, Heritage, & Environment, explained that the administration has been made aware of less expensive options. “As it relates to budget, the honorable member will recall that an extensive consultation was done with regards to the removal of the Mega One Triton and in excess of $2 million was suggested as the removal cost for the vessel,” Hon. Higgs responded. “But this administration has received from reliable and qualified businesses and individuals in the salvage and removal areas that the amount of $2 million, in their opinion, was excessive. So this government is in the process of trying to assess the market now for a more current and if I may dare say, a more palatable figure than the $2.7 million that was formally highlights by consultant.” Hon. Misick requested clarification on how the administration received information and quotes from

Turks and Caicos Sun Suite#5, Airport Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: (649) 339-5879 Fax: (649) 941-3281 Email: Read us online at Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Graphic designer Information Technology and Production Manager: Kelano Howell

MV Mega One shipwreck at Governor’s Beach in Grand Turk businesses is the salvage industry when no tender is live in this matter. Hon. Higgs explained that the government has received numerous proposals with respect to the Mega One Triton project which illustrate that the amount of $2.7 million was in excess. “The honorable member will be pleased to know that we have received and continue to receive expression of interest and proposals to remove the Mega One Triton and all of those proposals and expressions of interest reflect funds well below the $2.7 million that was highlighted by the consultants,” Hon. Higgs responded. “It is correct that we have not gone out to tender with any revised amount but we are in the process of moving formally

now to establish official prices which we hope would be below $2.7 million and with that we’ll move through the normal procurement processes to go out to ITT to removed the Mega One Triton.” He added: “We are in the final days of this fiscal cycle, the tender with respect to the MV Mega One Triton will not be completed in this current cycle. However provisions will be made in the fiscal cycle 2018/2019 for the removal of the Mega One Triton. With respect to who will oversee the project, the removal of the MV Mega One Triton will be overseen by the responsible ministry with direct oversight by the DECR in consultation with the Ports Authority.”

Todeline Defralien Reporter

The Turks and Caicos SUN is a subsidiary of The SUN Media Group Ltd. We are committed to excellence in journalism, educating and informing our readers, serving and satisfying our advertisers and assisting in the overall development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

•Assist in the completion of key accounting functions such as reconciliations, manage and supervise the finance, compliance and billing teams. Minimum Qualification & Experience Required:


Turks and Caicos Islands National Health Insurance Board The Turks & Caicos Islands National Health Insurance Board (NHIB) invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of Chief Financial Officer. POSITION: Chief Financial Officer REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer LOCATION: Providenciales Job Summary The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for directing the fiscal functions of the NHIB in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and any other financial management techniques and practices appropriate within the health and insurance industry. Main Duties and Responsibilities •Plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the NHIB’s fiscal function and performance. •Participate in the development of the company’s plans and programs as a strategic partner. •Evaluate and advise on the impact of long-range planning and the introduction of new programs/strategies •Provide timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial reports and financial trends in order to assist the CEO and the Board in performing their responsibilities. •Develop, implement and enforce financial policies and procedures that will improve the overall operation, efficiency and effectiveness of the company. •Provide technical financial knowledge and advice to others within the financial discipline. •May perform other duties as assigned by theCEOor any other person authorized to give instructions or assignments. •Lead the timely completion of the financial statement audit process.

•Candidates should have a Master’s degree in Accounting or equivalent combination of education and experience • Preferably with professional qualification as a CPA or any equivalent accounting designation. • At least 7 years of experience in a senior finance management role is a must. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: •Experienced financial leader with appropriate industry experience, strong supervisory and mentoring skills, high ethical standards, exceptional analytical and problem solving, well organized and self-directed, excellent written/verbal communication, speak, read and write in excellent English language, proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheets and Pivot Tables, and Accounting software packages, effective time management skills. • Solid understanding of international financial reporting standards • Solid understanding of the NHIB Ordinance and Regulations • Experience in healthcare financing • Training in International Accounting Standards for Social Security • Experience In Microsoft Dynamics • Team worker who is willing to take a hands-on approach to the role. Salary Salary willbe commensurate with qualifications and experiencescale $82,200 to $89,310.00 per annum. A standard set of benefits and allowances are additional. Interested persons are requested to submit a resume, cover letter, two letters of reference (one preferably from a former employer), copies of educational certificates, a Police Certificate and a copy of the Passport photo page. Additionally candidates should declare any potential conflicts of interest and the nature of such interest. Deadline for submission: April 13th, 2018 If delivering in person envelope shall be marked Chief Financial Officer Position and addressed to: Dr. Hamlet Nation CEO Actg. National Health Insurance Board Salt Mills Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands British West Indies If by Email send to:

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


1954 message in a bottle found by tourist on West Caicos By Todeline Defralien Fort Wayne Indiana’s Jeff O’Brien was the very lucky guest who visited the Turks and Caicos Islands with family and found a 63-year-old message in the bottle while walking the sandy beach on West Caicos. The bottle was found by 51-year-old O’Brien on Friday March 9th and to date he is still at disbelief to comprehend that he was the lucky one to find such history. In an interview with The SUN, he said, “I was in Turks for a week of kite boarding and relaxation and the Silly Creek folks had dropped us off to beach comb. We started a conversation about what would you do if you were stranded on the island, I walked just 10 feet further and there it was. Total disbelief, especially as one of our group had suggested throwing a bottle in the ocean to get help. I must tell you that when we found the bottle there were six adults who were more excited than young children on Christmas morning.” He added: “Mine was certificate #38584; it’s truly amazing to think that the bottle had been in the ocean for 12 years before I was even born. To think about all the places it has traveled over the last 63 years, Wow. It is truly special to be a part of what was a mastermind marketing campaign in the 1950’s as well as to learn about the

history of the Guinness Bottle drop. It through 258 years of Guinness history is an incredible and one that finishes – a piece of which you now own a part at the end of a Caicos rainbow with a of,” it said. pot of gold in the form of free beer for a In 1954 A.W. Fawcett, the middle-aged Irishman.” managing director of GUINNESS and O’Brien told The SUN that a master at promotional advertising he decided to contact the company for his time, initiated the idea to drop and sent an email about his discovery. sealed bottles of Foreign GUINNESS Representative from the company ‘Jess’ from ships at various points around replied stating that they will send a the world’s oceans. crate of their fantastic beers from the The bottles contained Guinness Open Gate Brewery to him. messages for those lucky enough to “To celebrate your find, we’d find them washed up on the shore. like to send you a crate of our fantastic During the summer of 1954, beers from the Guinness Open Gate 50,000 bottles were dropped in the first Brewery. The Open Gate Brewery is and lesser of the two drops undertaken the home of brewing experimentation in that year. and innovation at St James’s Gate A numbered greetings in Dublin. Here, our brewers are message was enclosed which asked the given license to explore new recipes, finder to tear-off a part of the message reinterpret old ones, and experiment and return it to GUINNESS Exports, freely to bring new beers to life. I can reporting the location and date of the arrange to have this shipped over to find. Many did so and each received a you if you let me have the best postal personal reply and a small memento of address. Furthermore, if you find the event. yourself in Dublin at any point in Some bottles were found the future, we would love to welcome in Liverpool docks, others from the you and your guests to the Guinness Bahamas, Tahiti, the Azores and Storehouse for a VIP visit to the home Mexico. The success of the idea led to of Guinness, including an opportunity the decision to treble the scale of the to meet our brewers in a behind-the- drop to be done in the bicentenary year scenes tour of the brewery and a of 1959. connoisseur tasting experience with In July of that year, Guinness one of our Guinness Beer Specialists. I celebrated 200 years since the would personally be delighted to host establishment of the company. To you at the Guinness Archive for a trip mark the occasion, an unusual

Jeff O’Brien and the certificate publicity stunt was mounted, where some 150,000 specially embossed bottles were dropped into the Atlantic Ocean from 38 different ships over a period of 6 weeks. The 45 bottles per carton were dropped overboard and the carton was made so as to disintegrate in sea water. Unlike the first drop these specially made bottles had the outline of the North American continent on them. The bottles were sealed with a lead capping to protect the small number of documents they contained, the most interesting of these being a colourful certificate from ‘the Office of King Neptune’. In addition, there was a little booklet recounting the story of Guinness and a special gold-coloured GUINNESS® label attached to some instructions on how to turn the bottle into a table-lamp. Sometimes the bottles contained other items such as an advertisement for Ovaltine (who helped sponsor the bottle drop) or a notice about the ship concerned.


Are you kind, fun loving and patient? Do you love kids? If so, this Unique Opportunity is for you! •We are seeking someone to assist us with our two •We need someone to help us work with them using children who are mild on the Autism Spectrum. structured activities designed to teach them specific •You only need a willing heart and belief that anyone skills and behaviors. can overcome barriers with proper communication, •You don’t need previous experience, just good determination and a little faith. organizational skills and clear speaking and we •These kids have amazing potential, both are active, will provide training tools and programs designed non- aggressive, smiley and very sweet, and a delight especially for them. to be around, This is a full-time position

Please send your CV and any comments to

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018



THE NEW SPRING COLLECTION Reveal your unique style with hand-finished colorful jewelry


The Regent Village Grace Bay Road

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


Design new airport for the next 30 years, says Director of Tourism By Todeline Defralien Director of Tourism, Ramon Andrews said that the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) needs to hire an airport design company to assist in expanding the airport to better facilitate passengers. “I don’t know the history and I don’t have enough knowledge to speak to the size of the airport but what I would suggest moving forward, we need to hire an airport design company and that airport needs to be designed for the next 30 years and it can be done in phases,” Andrews told The SUN “I think everybody is naturally assuming that we should just drop $200million and just build one airport; that would just be madness. What we need to do is really find a piece of property, we need an additional runway, we need additional parking space and we need a proper terminal building.” He said, “My humble suggestion would be, the existing airport right now, make that domestic,

because that is a perfect size for domestic travel. Domestic travel is going to continue to increase and Government is not going to pull out of Grand Turk and South Caicos; is only going to get busier and eventually North Caicos airport will open up. Leave that as your domestic travel and then go on the other side where you have all of that vacant land and build yourself a proper terminal and give yourself an additional airstrip.” Andrews noted that there shouldn’t be over 20 planes coming in and only one airstrip, landing and taking off on the same airstrip. Andrews emphasized that the staff at the Turks and Caicos Islands International Airport are doing a great job, but if there is an idea to rebuild the airport authorities should do it the right way. He added: “The crew down there (at the airport) does a phenomenal job with the tools that they have on hand, but my humble suggestion would be, if you’re going to do it again I would not touch that existing airport unless

Director of Tourism, Ramon Andrews we’re going to it properly because to put a band-aid on that is not going to help this time around.”

“I think that the staff does a great job. I know that we had a situation with the Immigration Officers two weeks ago and I wished that it could have been handled better, because we should not be washing our dirty laundries in from of our tourists. I would never condone that. However, at the same time, we have to look at the side of the employee. They had a few valid points (and) the Government had a few valid points, but I don’t think that we should have found a medium ground in from of our tourist. I think that we should have done this behind closed doors. I am not the one who is going to point fingers. I would just urge and advise that in future, let’s keep that behind closed doors, because you can’t request something and then the people that are going to be able to give it to you, which is the tourists bringing the tourist dollars into the destination and you’re shutting them away. So what you’re asking for you’re not really going to get in the long run if we continue to take the approach that we took,” he explained.

• Candidates for these positions must be CVQ Certified Lecturers are required to teach across different academic levels from the G.C.E. Advanced level, Caribbean Advanced Proficiency and up to the Associate and Bachelor Degree levels. Multi-disciplinary candidates are particularly encouraged to apply for these positions. The ideal candidate must have knowledge and skills obtained through collegiate preparation resulting in a Master’s degree (Doctorate preferred) which must include eighteen (18) graduate semester hours in the area being applied for, from an accredited and recognized institution plus a Teaching Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma and no less than three years post qualification teaching experience. A Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of a second class honors or other postgraduate qualifications, teaching certificate/Diploma and experience in teaching at Tertiary level may be considered.

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE (TCICC) EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT THE TCICC Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced persons for the following full-time lecturing positions at the TCICC for the semester commencing Monday, August 27, 2018.

Salary is in the scale Level I: US$27,399.90 - $39,102.30 per annum. Level II: US$40,210.00 - $43,488.40 per annum. Entry point will depend on qualifications and experience. In the case of staff recruited from overseas, appointment is on contractual terms for an initial period of two years. A gratuity is payable at the end of satisfactory contractual service at the rate of 10% of salary drawn during the period of service. A housing allowance is payable at existing rates.

1. Faculty of Business Administration (BSA): •3 Positions: o Economics and Finance o Management o Finance and Management

Applications with copies of qualifications (including official transcripts), two character references, a police record and a recent testimonial from current place of employment should be sent to the:

2. Faculty of Education and Training (EDT): •1 Position: o Early Childhood/Primary Education 3. Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM): • 1 Position: o Culinary Arts 4. Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA): • 2 Positions: o Law and Politics o Social Work, Sociology and Psychology

PRESIDENT, TCI COMMUNITY COLLEGE, P.O. BOX 236, LIGHTHOUSE ROAD, GRAND TURK, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS to reach not later than April 20, 2018. Where possible applicants should e-mail or fax their applications.

5. Faculty of Technical & Vocational Education (TVE): •2 Positions: o Building/Constr. Engineering o Automotive Engineering Tech


649 946 1661 649 946 1163

䘀伀刀 䄀䰀䰀 夀伀唀刀 䄀䐀嘀䔀刀吀䤀匀䤀一䜀 一䔀䔀䐀匀 䌀伀一吀䄀䌀吀 ⠀㘀㐀㤀⤀ⴀ㌀㌀㤀ⴀ㔀㠀㜀㤀   漀爀   䔀䴀䄀䤀䰀㨀 猀甀渀䀀猀甀渀琀挀椀⸀挀漀洀 䄀昀昀漀爀搀愀戀氀攀 刀愀琀攀猀  簀  䠀椀最栀 瘀漀氀甀洀攀 琀爀愀昀昀椀挀  簀  刀攀氀椀愀戀氀攀  

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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TCI Hospital Launches Employee Assistance Programme Persons may experience situations every now and again that can impact their general wellbeing. InterHealth Canada - Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital has recognized these challenges and has introduced an Employee Assistance Programme to offer practical, real-world solutions to employee life issues that may derail productivity and satisfaction in the home and work environment. The support program is operated by Inova, a comprehensive, top-ranked international provider of employee assistance services with a team of Master’s level counselors. Inova offers the services of 60,000+ counseling providers in the U.S. and more than 10,000 providers in over 200 countries around the world. The Employee Assistance Programme provides an independent, impartial source of information and support. The service will also be accessible to household members close to employees, such as a partner or family member. Information can be provided over the phone, via email, or by post; and counseling is offered at a time and location convenient to the employee. The complimentary service is available 24

hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and - Maintaining physical health there is no cost to the employee. Each employee Counselors will provide an assessment of has access to 5 counseling sessions per issue, per year and confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed. the issue, recommend a short or long term solution, Personal information will not be disclosed and offer a referral (if necessary) to local or national InterHealth Canada will only receive utilization based resources and follow-up with the employee statistics and general information about work and/or user. In addition to contacting the service related issues to guide quality improvement via telephone, employees can also access online initiatives. The Employee Assistance Programme information and support. InterHealth Canada will provide counseling and advice on a wide range Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital employs nearly of work and personal issues. Some of these issues 300 persons. Commenting on the programme, may include, but are not limited to: InterHealth Canada TCI - Human Resources - Improving relationships Manager, Lorenzo Seymour said: “Persons may deal with one or more of the issues listed above - Parenting at some point in their lives. I am thrilled that the - Couples’ support organization has the vision to ensure mechanisms - Managing stress are implemented to provide assistance to employees - Managing life changes in their professional and personal environment. - Career success With such a diverse pool of employees, Inova was - Surviving the loss of a loved one - Managing workplace pressure ultimately the best option to render assistance in this area. The initiative is also a reflection of our - Improving esteem and confidence fundamental goal, which is to provide ‘Great Care’ - Referrals to local financial or legal resources to our most valued asset, our people.” - Pursuing personal interests

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


Police working to stem flow of illegal firearms into TCI By Todeline Defralien The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force is working jointly with partners to stem the flow of illegal items into TCI, particularly firearms, said Police Public Relations Officer Takara Bain. In an exclusive interview with The SUN, Bain said, “We are about to launch a major new initiative in relation to gun crime, which will be notified shortly and this will be allied to operational deployments, details of this will not be released.” In 2017, the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force recorded a total of four murders, as of today’s date (Thursday, March 29th, 2018) there is one murder for this year. Although crime overall is down, The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police also have been making numerous arrest with persons in possession of illegal firearms. She added: “It is important to recognize that crime overall is going down very steadily and has been for the

last three years. This is in major part due to our crime reduction strategy where we have been increasing patrols in hot spots and targeting violent criminals. We are bringing more offenders to justice than ever before and working jointly with partners to stem the flow of illegal items into TCI, particularly firearms. Changes to legislation, enhanced training for officers as well as new personal kits are all contributing to crime reduction.” Bain told The SUN that the CCTV system contract is signed and work is already underway on the installation. “I am hopeful for continued Government support to improve the management of vehicles on the roads in order that we may significantly improve our ability to detect offenders through their vehicles.” When asked why there are so many unsolved murders in TCI, Bain explained that murder cases are extremely complex particularly when they are perpetrated by persons not associated with the victim, they often

occur spontaneously rather than being premeditated which increases the complexity of the investigation. She added: “Each case is very different and brings challenges that are often unique requiring extensive periods to investigate. We have significantly increased our ability to carry out these investigations and when necessary seek assistance from international partners or specialist services. We never close enquiries into murder cases and they are reviewed in the light of new information or new forensic techniques.” Additionally, Bain expressed that it is very vital that the Turks and Caicos Islands community continue to support the Police Force in solving crimes. “The public is our main source of information when we make enquiries into any crime. It is vital that they continue to support in this. Rumour and idle speculation do not assist us, the victims of crime or individuals wrongly identified by social media as having some involvement in a crime.

Police Public Relations Officer Takara Bain Anyone who has information should report it to us in person, by email or phone call, if they prefer they can call crime stoppers anonymously at 1-8008477,” she ended.


Alexandra Resort, Blue Haven Resort & Marina and the Beach House

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Imperial Dry Cleaning & Laundry Centre apart of WIHL group of companies is currently seeking qualified individuals to become members of our Team. Laundry Administrator Job Description: •Directs the overall activities of the laundry facility through development and administration. •Manages departmental financial processes of forecasting, budgeting, and purchasing. •Payroll and inventory control •Analyze data and compile reports on expenditure and supplies. •Prepare financial statements and reports, including the profit and loss statement and balance sheet •Assist with budget preparations •Pay bills and maintain ledgers •Receive, approve, client invoices •Code payables for accounts payable clerks to input. •Make bank deposits and receipts of money. •Reconcile bank account and distribute money within departments •Weekly productivity report Requirements: •3-5 years’ commercial laundry experience •Team player •Ability to work with a diverse team •Knowledge of DCC System •Knowledge of Textiles and Chemicals •Knowledge ofQB, Word and Excel •Must have written and oral skills •Customer Service Focused Salary based on qualification and experience. Application giving full details of qualifications and experience should be addressed to: Director Human Resources 101, Governors Road Leeward Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI and should reach no later than April 14th, 2018 for further information/appointment you can contact us at Tele:649-946-5084 or email

We are seeking to employ, a suitably qualified and experienced hospitality professional in the position listed below. Our ideal candidate should have an outstanding command of the English language, written and oral, strong communication and excellent customer service skills. FRONT OF HOUSE SUPERVISOR Directly supervises all front office personnel and ensures proper completion of all front office duties. Directs and coordinates the activities of the front desk, guest services, and telephone areas. Prepare monthly reports and budget for front office department. Summary of Responsibilities: •Ensure that all employees are, at all times, attentive, friendly, helpful and courteous to all guests managers and other employees. •Ensure logging and delivery of all messages, packages and mail in a timely and professional manner. •Maximize room revenue and occupancy by reviewing status daily. Analyze rate variance, monitor credit report and maintain close observation of daily house count. Monitor selling status of house daily. •Verifies that accurate room status information is maintained and properly communicated. •Ensure guest satisfaction with the smooth and effective running of the day-to-day operation. •Maintains working relationships and communicates with all departments. •Check cashiers in and out and verifies banks and deposits at the end of each shift. •Enforces all cash-handling, check-cashing, and credit policies. •Resolves guest problems quickly, efficiently and courteously. •Upholds the hotel’s commitment to hospitality. •Maintains master key control. •Supervises workload during shifts. Educational and Other Requirements: •Minimum of 5-7 years of previous Front Office Supervisory experience in a senior leadership role. •Hotel Management/Bachelor Degree •Computer literate in Microsoft Office applications required •Knowledge of Visual One preferred. •Verbal and Written Communication Skills. •Highly responsible & reliable with the ability to work well under pressure in fast paced environment. •Must be able to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays. Salary commensurate of experience and qualifications. Interested persons may contact our HR department Mon. – Fri. from 9am-3pm via telephone number 946-8054 or you may submit your resume with qualifications and experience to: Please also submit a copy of your completed application to our local labor department. Closing date ---- April15th, 2018

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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TCI Native Promoted to Sandals Resorts International Group Manager North Caicos native Fedeline Julian has been promoted to Group Children’s Activities Manager for Sandals Resorts International and becomes the first Turks and Caicos Islander to be promoted to a regional level. The new role which was officially announced in January 2018 took immediate effect and gives Julian direct oversight for the supervision of all Kids Camp Managers and childcare programs for Beaches Resorts in Turks and Caicos, Jamaica and soon to be Barbados. Her role will include auditing of Beaches Kids Camp activities, ensuring safety standards are upheld throughout all Beaches resorts, implement Sesame Street Programs, raising awareness of the Kids Camp, increasing training for the Kids Camp employees and implementing Early Childhood Certification for team members across all Beaches Resorts. Speaking on Julian’s new role was the Director of Entertainment for Beaches TCI David Ellis, who has been a mentor to Julian for many years. “We are so proud of Fedeline’s promotion, I couldn’t think of a better candidate to take over the Children’s program for the brand regionally which will eventually impact our entertainment program here.” He

said, “This is a true success story, she the Beaches TCI Family for 18 years started here as a babysitter and has and our kids entertainment program worked her way up the rank to the has grown from strength to strength. local management team and now she Her remarkable leadership and is the first Turks & Caicos Islander to enthusiasm will certainly be an asset work with the regional management to the regional team. We are so proud team.” Ellis continued. of her and we are excited to see her “Under her direction, she work to develop programs that will be will tackle some of the major rolled out across the brand.” transformations in childcare that Commenting on her new role, we have not had the capacity to Julian said; “It is an honour to be undertake. recognized for the work that I do. It Julian began her career speaks volumes that they are really with Beaches Turks and Caicos in paying attention to the people who December of 1999 as a Babysitter are working and putting their best and Private Nanny. She was later foot forward. I’m also humbled by the promoted to Camp Counselor (2000), fact that Turks and Caicos Islanders Kids Camp Supervisor (2003), and can now look and say that’s one of us.” Kids Camp Acting Manager (2004). “There are a lot of great In 2005, Julien received a scholarship individuals that played a major role in from Beaches Resorts to pursue a my success. Barbara Lynn Missick is Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality from an example of such a person because the Hocking Technical Institute. She she brought me into Beaches Turks returned to the resort in 2007 where and Caicos for the first time. My she then trained for Room Divisions North Caicos family who took me in Training Manager Program and was from the time I was two years old and subsequently promoted to Kids Camp made me who I am today,” she said, Manager (2013-2018). “Special thanks and gratitude to my Managing Director Donald Managing Director Donald Dagenais, Fedeline Julian Dagenais, said that Julian has who believed in me and promoted the greater aspect of entertainment, I taken the children’s entertainment me through the ranks, my team at owe my success to all of you.” program here at Beaches TCI to a Beaches Turks and Caicos and of Julian will be primarily based new height, and he is excited to see course, the Entertainment Director in the Turks and Caicos but will her lend her expertise on a regional Mr. David Ellis, who has been my divide her time between the TCI and level, “Fedeline has been a part of mentor—thank you for showing me Jamaica to fulfil her duties.

ROLLE CONSTRUCTION LTD. VACANCIES Job Titles: 1 Civil Engineering 4 Multi Skill carpenters LOCATION: Grand Turk Job Summary: The successful candidate will be accountable to Rolle Construction Ltd manager. The post holder will be responsible for:

•Grocery Pickers / Van Loaders •Deli Clerks

Key Duties and Responsibilities: -Operate heavy duty construction machinery. -Excellent driving record on public roads with heavy duty machinery. -Transport materials, tools and machines from site to site. -Knowledge in general carpentry and concrete foundations. -Be able to erect form work partition -Able to remove old roofing materials. -Skilled/experience with dry wall roofing -Skilled/experience with door and window installation -Be able to read blue print. -Perform heavy labor. -Maintain a clean and safe work area. -Continually cleaned equipment after every job. -Proficient with hand and power tools. -Supervise construction laborers. -Work extended hours to meet project deadlines. -Make recommendations on any other matter as may be requested by the manager -Perform other duties that may be required by the site manager.

Essential Skills and Requirements:

Application procedure:

Only persons with TCI status requiring no work permits need apply for these positions

Resumes with current contact information must be accompanied by a cover letter. Copies pf qualifications (if any) should be submitted. Applications should be addressed to The Manager, Rolle Construction Ltd. Via email to: or kindly contact me at 649-247-9212 Application Deadline: April 13th, 2018

•Wholesale - Receivers •Delivery Drivers – Must have “B” Class Driver’s License •Tracker Head Truck Drivers – Must have “B” Class Driver’s License

•Must be friendly, hardworking and honest •Must have a clean Police Record •Must be able to work in hot / cold environment •Must be willing to work weekends and holidays •High school education preferred

Salary ranges from $7.25 to $13.00 per hour Interested applicants can visit our HR Office located, Leeward Highway, to complete an in-house employment application.

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


Benefits of weight training By Dr. Marsha Barnett When most of decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it’s known that regular exercise should become a part of our routine. Some type of aerobic exercise such as dance or step classes, volleyball or running is usually included in our fitness plan. Many of us however, neglect weight training, seeing it as an exercise reserved for persons who are fitness or gym buffs or who train to attain a particular type physique. But weight training not only boosts those “show muscles” but also improves many aspects of our health. LOWER YOUR DIABETES RISK We all know that living a healthy lifestyle by managing our weight and eating a healthy diet can help prevent diabetes and control the condition if we are already diabetic. But weightlifting specifically, plays a significant role in reducing your risk. A study by the National Institutes of Health found that men who lifted weights for about five 30-minute sessions per week had a 34 percent lower risk of diabetes. Adding regular cardiovascular exercise slashed the risk by 59 percent! STAY HEART HEALTHY Those weight training sessions are also a great way to condition the heart. It has been shown that blood flow after 45 minutes of moderate-intensity

strength training can cause up to a 20 percent decrease in blood pressure and this effect lasts for about 30 minutes after the end of a training session. In fact, in persons who lift weights regularly, the effect extended up to an entire day after their last session, rivaling the effects of antihypertensive medications. IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE Having well-toned, strong muscles improves our performance in sporting activities and everyday life. When we weight train, we don’t only work our larger muscles like our pecs but also smaller stabilizer muscles in your limbs and our core. This is especially important for people as they age as falls, partly due to poor balance, are the leading cause of injury-related death in adults over 65 especially when a fracture results from the fall. BEAT OSTEOPOROSIS As you age, you naturally lose muscle and bone mass. Bone loss starts in our 30s and physically inactive people can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30! This is of special concern for women. Weightlifting can help fight this. Just as our muscles adapt to the stress of weightlifting by becoming bigger and stronger, our bones also adapt by depositing bone in areas that are stressed by weights, thereby producing stronger bones.

LIFT YOUR MOOD It’s an accepted fact that when stressed, anxious or depressed, exercise is a good tool to help take the edge off. In fact, most persons are aware that aerobic type exercise such as running causes the release of endorphins which are mood elevators. However, when followed for 8 weeks, the effect of exercise on depressive symptoms in a group of women was assessed after regularly weight training or doing aerobic exercise. The effect on mood was the same for both groups. This suggests that the next time you’re feeling down, instead of going for a long run, maybe you could pick up that dumbbell instead. FIGHT WEIGHT GAIN Want to eat that extra piece of pizza or have that conch fritter without feeling guilty? Lift weights. Weight training is proven to increase overall body metabolism. The more muscle you gain in the gym, the more calories you burn doing daily activities. Of course, you should not believe that a diet high in calories and fat will all be counteracted by a half hour stint lifting weights, but improving your overall muscle density will help you stay lean even if you cheat on your diet now and then.

all the cardio in the world, without some form of resistance training to challenge the muscles, you won’t get very toned. Women tend to shy away because of fear of becoming bulky. However, lifting light to moderate weights will result in a lean body, not a bulky one. So, if you are looking to tone and shape your body, start lifting today.

*Dr. Marsha Barnett is a general practitioner who also specializes in dermatology. For questions LOOK AND FEEL BETTER or comments, please contact at or at Weightlifting is the best way Associated Medical Practices - 946to get a lean, toned, fit body. With 4242.


MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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Jay Saunders’ company DSS releases graphing tool for ICIJ databases Domus Semo Sancus (DSS), founded by E. Jay Saunders, recently announced the release of its “Visualize Connections for ICIJ Databases” link analysis graphing tool. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is a global network of investigative journalists and media organizations who focus “…on issues that do not stop at national frontiers: crossborder crime, corruption, and the accountability of power.” Their databases contain information on more than 785,000 entities that are part of the Panama Papers, the Offshore Leaks, the Bahamas Leaks, and the Paradise Papers investigations. The data covers nearly 80 years up to 2016 with links to people and companies in more than 200 countries and territories. Visualize Connections for ICIJ Databases is a customized version of Visualize Connections, DSS’ cognitive link analysis tool that can graphically display relationships between entities found within structured and unstructured data. It can graph the data within the ICIJ Databases within seconds, and with “one click”, while not requiring the end-user to download the data or install the application. Visualize Connections for ICIJ Databases is fully integrated with, DSS’ award-winning

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) cognitive search tool. Through this integration, end-users can quickly and seamlessly cross-reference data from within the ICIJ databases with internal files or data found on the internet. During a SafetyNet search, it scans global sanctions lists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) lists, and Persons In Public Life (PIPs) lists; and utilizing Artificial Intelligence tools from IBM Watson, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, along with custom proprietary code; it conducts multilingual scans across the Internet (surface web, deep web, and dark web). Some of the datasets that SafetyNet searches are: court cases, criminal registries, government records, curated news sources, image files, and more. “Visualize Connections is a very powerful, but user-friendly graphing tool, that greatly increases our clients’ ability to manage risk, and I’m happy that it’s now being made available across most of our plans” states Piyush Dubey, Lead Developer of Visualize Connections. Commenting on the release, Chairman and CEO of DSS, E. Jay Saunders stated “As the information within the ICIJ databases are now in the public domain, some of our clients want to know if they contain anything that they should be aware of, or that

Chairman and CEO of DSS, E. Jay Saunders could help them, or their clients, better manage risk. With Visualize Connections, our clients can quickly and easily see the connections between the data within the ICIJ databases, and if needed, use SafetyNet to seamlessly and securely cross-reference that data with their own internal company data

and/or data from across the internet.” Visualize Connections for ICIJ Databases is available free of charge to all subscribers to SafetyNet’s EDD (or higher) plans. A live demo of Visualize Connections for ICIJ Databases can be found at and Domus Semo Sancus (DSS) Ltd, founded by E. Jay Saunders in November 2014, is a financial technology company that is building tools to encourage financial inclusion and bridge the e-commerce divide. is DSS’ awardwinning enhanced due diligence (EDD) cognitive search and crime prevention tool. It helps companies comply with KYC and AML rules and regulations by utilizing an artificial intelligence engine to help companies spot and mitigate risks before they become threats. is cloud based and is offered in the following subscriptions: Lite, EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence), EDD Enterprise, Safe City, and Developer. For more information on Domus Semo Sancus (DSS), visit: For more information on, visit: For more information on Visualize Connections for ICIJ Databases, visit: demo/

BUTTERFIELD GOLD GROUP OF COMPANIES POSITIONS AVAILABLE CORAL QUARRY LTD One (1) Labourer Applicant must be physical and able-bodied individual capable of lifting heavy loads and to assist with various construction duties within the company. Wages: starting from $7.00 per hour

ROSIE’S DELIGHT RESTAURANT One (1) Domestic Worker For general cleaning & other domestic duties Applicant must be of excellent character and work ethics. Be able to work independently Wages: starting from $6.50 per hour Only applicants selected for interview will be notified. Submit applications to by April 6, 2018 to: Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


Seven Stars celebrates the life of Alan Duffy By Todeline Defralien Marking the first year anniversary of the passing of Alan Duffy, who was a staff member of Seven Stars Resort, on Saturday March 17th staff members at the Resort came together to celebrate his life and memories that will never be forgotten. For everyone it was very hard to believe that this was already the first anniversary of Alan’s passing, when just last year over 200 people along with his brother and niece sat on this beach and celebrated Alan’s life in a very emotional but perfect service. Duffy was remembered for many things such as his love of life, his humor, his generosity, his hospitality, his cooking, his ability as a mentor and manger of his staff, his professionalism and his pride for his restaurant. Duffy was 46 when he died and the staff at Seven Stars said they were blessed to have him working there for the last six of those years. In an interview with The SUN, Ken Patterson CEO of Seven Stars Resorts described Duffy as a person who consistently encouraged his staff to succeed and advance themselves and that was why they wanted to remember him in a way that he would be proud of and there would be a suitable legacy for his professionalism. To celebrate Alan’s life a special award for excellence and service will be given every year to a staff member who epitomizes what Alan stood for. “We decided to have this annual award for excellence and

Pictured here is the Alan Duffy Trophy service, where we would present one employee who epitomizes what Alan stood for which was a constant professional in service standard. We had nine nominations from all departments and then we sorted through all of those and we picked a winner,” he said. The Winner of the first Alan Duffy award went to Ranekia Lightbourne from the Front OF House Department. Patterson added: “She has been a multiple winner of other awards; she has been Supervisor of the year, ambassador of the moth several times, has perfect attendance awards, so she really is a model employee and she is also on our leadership program which was designed to fast track our young talents into management positions. It is our ambition to have more and more Turks Islanders in management positions at Seven Stars

Supermercado Dominicano Ltd. and E&R Supermarket Ltd., an affiliated group of whole sale and retail sales stores, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following positions: The successful applicants must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and public holidays, as necessary to meet the reasonable needs of the business and possess:  A Proven and unblemished track record of employment  A Positive and disciplined attitude toward work in a customer service oriented business  Excellent communication, inter-personal and customer service skills  Trustworthy and reliable disposition  Must be a team player and able to work in concert with others.  Be well-spoken with English as primary language.  A clean criminal record. In addition to the foregoing, interested candidates for the positions as: SHOP KEEPERS/SUPERVISOR/MERCHANDISER  Must have at least 3 to 5 years extensive experience and advanced knowledge in the Grocery sales and Merchandising business.  Must be proficient in the use and operation of relevant retail sales and merchandising computer software programmes, viz, Quick Books, Point of Sales Systems, etc.  Must be able to work under little or no supervision  Proficiency in another written and spoken language in addition to English will be a definite advantage. SALES CLERKS/CASHIER  Must have a minimum of 3 years general sales and merchandising experience  Computer literate HOUSEKEEPER/LABOURER/SHELF STOCKER  Must be willing and able to attend to general housekeeping and general maintenance duties, including stocking of shelves, keeping store and surrounding areas clean, habitable and presentable. BUTCHER  Must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in cutting, trimming, packaging and presentation of meats for retail sales.  Proven knowledge and familiarity with the various cuts of meats. Suitable candidates that do not meet the above requirements may, at the sole discretion of the Company’s management team, be eligible for consideration in circumstances where they demonstrate a clear willingness to embrace the Company’s in-house training initiatives and established standard operating policies and procedures. Preference will be given to documented Turks and Caicos Islanders. Written applications only and accompanying CVs/Resumes must be addressed to the Resident Manager at the following address: The Managing Director Supermercado Dominicano/E & R Supermarket Ltd. C/o EPIC Corporate & Consultancy Services Ltd. Cee’s Plaza, Suite No. 1

Church Folly, P.O Box 86 Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Islands Fax: 649-946-1571 Email:

From L-R: Megan Jolly, Owenta Coleby, Ranekia Lightbourne, Yolander Forbes and Minister of Education Karen Malcolm and we’re achieving that through know that this is acknowledged within programs like this.” me is amazing.” Patterson noted that the In addition, Lightbourne said award not only comes with a trophy but this was not something she expected it comes with an overseas placement because Mr. Duffy was in the Food for Ranekia Lightbourne, she will be & Beverage Department (F&B) so going to a very good 5 Star Hotel where she believed someone from that she will work for a number of weeks department would have won instead. and bring back that experience to the She added, “I think that Seven Stars and show her colleagues everybody was expecting for the what she learned. persons who won the first award Commenting on her win, to be from the Food and Beverage tearful Ranekia Lightbourne told Department, especially from The The SUN, “I feel ecstatic. I feel like Deck (restaurant) where he (Alan my hard work has paid off and I work Duffy) was working, but to know that with the motivation of having my I’ve shined from the Front of House own values and my own reasons and Department and to win this award is goals for working everyday and I try just an amazing feeling and I hope that to instill that in everyone else around no one feels discouraged and I hope me. It’s not easy because everybody that it’s a motivation for everyone to has their own personal issues and just know that sometimes you have to problems going on at home, but when not ambulate but watch people as they they come to work I try to keep them are working and it should motivate positive going through the day, and to you to want to do better.”


Assistant Manager

Summary The Arches Grand Turk is seeking an Assistant Manager to assist with the operation of this small family owned and operated business. The Assistant Managerwill be required to work irregular hours, based on the needs of the business, and is responsible for assisting in the general operation, maintenance, and record keeping of the property. Duties associated with this role include lease negotiating, marketing, and bookkeeping. As well as tasks associated with coordination of property maintenance, repair, regulations, and expectations. Salary for this position will be negotiable based on qualifications and relevant experience, initially payable at an hourly rate and commission subject the performance of the business. Skills •Accounting and finance background with extensive knowledge and ability to use QuickBooks and Excel •Strong communications and organization skills •Proficient in English both written and verbal •Ability to work flexible hours. Assistant Manager is expected to be available to guests 24/7 when scheduled. After hours work is expected. •Being positive and encouraging to co-workers, and courteous to guests Mandatory Experience •Post Secondary Education •Minimum of 10 years’ experience in customer service •Proven experience of assistant management and accounting •Health and safety training •First aid •Valid driver’s licence with a reliable vehicle Suitable candidates that do not meet the above requirements may, at the sole discretion of the Company’s management team, be eligible for consideration in circumstances where they demonstrate a clear willingness to embrace the Company’s in-house training initiatives and established standard operating policies and procedures. Preference will be given to documented Turks and Caicos Islanders. Written applications only and accompanying CVs/Resumes must be addressed to the following: The Arches Lighthouse Rd. Grand Turk 649-331-2399

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No time to say goodbye? by Lori Morris-Hughes and Brian Hughes (Recently) I drove my family of 6 to the Provo airport to send them back to Canada. They had a wonderful vacation here and return every year. What spoiled our departure was the policewoman at curbside departures. I pulled up to the curb as she instructed me and then my family unloaded.

Two of my guests are handicapped and needed time to unload an electric mobility scooter and a wheelchair. This policewoman yelled at me “ not supposed to do that (unload all their luggage and disability devices curbside). Further, she said “ You sposed to go to the handicapped place for that and get to leave now!” I said it’s silly to drive to arrivals to drop off my departing family as that places undue strain on my disabled passengers to travel that distance back to check in.

She was rude and hurried us on under threat of making me move. There was little time for a hug and kiss as we sent them off. This is absolutely not the person I want working for me! She was dismissive, ugly to us, and in no way showed us courtesy to unload my disabled passengers in a manner that avoids struggle for them. Where is the love shown to visitors? Not even a moment to get a hug and kiss as we said goodbye. When I pulled out, not a single vehicle was behind me, to off load

people, so why the rush to throw us out of departures? It was a 4 minute stop, yet this mouthy policewoman wanted us gone very quickly. She needs to be educated that handicapped people might need a minute longer. We caused her no harm, yet this policewoman left a very negative impression on us all. What happened to being polite? Sincerely, Grace Bay

Electrician license applications The Ministry of Infrastructure Housing and Planning wishes to notify all electrical License applicants who have not collected their response letters, that letters for 2018 can be collected from the Planning Department Offices on Grand Turk and Providenciales. The Planning Department Office on Providenciales is located in Emily House, Leeward Highway, Providenciales. The office in Grand Turk is currently located in Government compound, on

Pond Street. Electricians on the other islands will be advised when to collect their letter from the Office of the District Commissioner for their respective Island. All new applications for electrical licenses will be reviewed and treated in accordance with the Electricity (Amendment) Ordinance 2015. The Electricity (Amendment) Ordinance 2015 which came into effect on March 1, 2016 states that, “no person

shall carry out electrical work of any nature unless he holds a licence issued by the Board authorizing him to do so and is licensed in one of the following categories; 1. Electrical Engineer 2. Master Electrician 3. Journeyman 4. Wireman 5. Linesman. 6. Apprentice or 7. Engineer-in-training

Hilltop Ltd. whose address is 100 Ocean Dr., Turtle Tail, Providenciales is currently seeking a Head Chef The successful applicant should have knowledge of food costing and controls, monthly inventory, Knowledge of proper hygiene and safety, menu planning and costing; plus knowledge and experience of cuisine worldwide, pastries, deserts and chocolates, Prepare Allergen and Vegan foods. Requirements: •At least 10 years experience as a Master Chef •Awarded at least one star by Michelin Guide •A member of the French Culinary Academy Salary - $5,000.00 Applications must be received by March 9th, 2018 and can be sent to: Marsha Blanche, Misick & Stanbrook, Leeward Hwy, Providenciales Email: Fax: (649) 946-4734 Tel. (649) 946-5978

LOCAL WATER UTILITY Is seeking an experienced Water Utility Accountant to provide accounting and financial support. •Candidate must be capable of performing daily accounting activities such as billing, collections, customer interaction, cash handling and banking, data manipulation from Master Meter Master Link RF systems. • Must be able to review and analysis of monthly financial statements to include variance explanation. •Four-year degree in Accounting required, along with a minimum of five years’ experience as an experienced Accountant performing the duties stated. •Strong preference for experience in a water utility environment. Interested applicants should submit a resume to for consideration.

IS INTERVIEWING FOR: FRONT DESK/NIGHT AUDITOR Join a relaxed and friendly 35 team workforce and enjoy one of the highest wage and bonus packages on the island. Our 98room resort popularity and occupancy is growing year after year resulting inhighdistribution of service chargesand NO SlOW SEASON LAYOFFS Candidates Must be personable,customer service oriented and have strong English verbal and written communication skills Resumes can be dropped off at hotel or emailed to Salary Commensurate with Qualification &Experience

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


At COMO, we create experiences worth re-living, experiences that inspire guests to travel and live differently. COMO Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos Islands GENERAL MANAGER The General Manager is responsible for achieving optimal guest satisfaction and a good working environment to attain all set objectives. To achieve this, the General Manager should run the hotel in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures and Policies as set out by the company. The General Manager shall see to the implementation of optimal and attractive products and services required to address the hotel’s target groups, based on preagreed marketing plans and budgets. The General Manager shall ensure the correct production and distribution of information and promotion materials as agreed to. Guard the efficiency/productivity and the company results:  Draw up plans and budget concepts (revenues, costs, etc.);  Safeguard the realization, tracing and adjustment of deviations;  Developing improvement actions, carry out costs savings;  Guard/ controlling of cost price;  Delivering of data and proposals for the budgets and investments;  Safeguard quality of operations (internal & external audits);  Coordinate planning of Department Heads and Assistant Managers with regard to time-tables, work schedules, employment of employees within the different services; solving of bottle necks;  Coordination of the execution of activities via instructions to the Heads of Departments/ Assistant Managers, supervision of the execution;  Determination of the workforce, recruitment and hiring of new staff, supervision of sufficient introduction, execution of performance reviews and training of staff.  Be accountable for responsibilities of department heads in their absence;  Implement the SOPs optimally in the hotel and act as a flag ship establishment for the brand.  Ensure an adequate administration, for the outgoing and incoming invoices, for the payment of invoices and for drawing up periodical management data. Justify deviations and differences. Other tasks  Handling complaints.  Other reliable to the above mentioned, tasks in order of the executive;  Handing over opinions and beliefs, decisions etc. to the executives;  Leading various internal and external meetings;  Supervise the fulfillment of the regulations of the employment  Correct use of Company’s corporate identity.  Maintain contacts with public authorities Qualifications / Experience/Requirements  College degree in Hotel / Business Management or equivalent training/ work experience.  Minimum of ten years Management experience working in a luxury, 5 star properties.  Must be proficient in hospitality revenue management, guest services and team development.  Experience in sales and marketing.  Must have strong knowledge of Residential management and/or Front Office management related experience.  Must be willing to live and work on Remote Island.  Must be able to work up to 72hrs a week if needed by Management Private Estates Manager The role of the Private Estate Manager is to manage the entire Private Estate Department. The Private Estates Manager is required to ensure proper maintenance of the Private Homes and manage all project works. Homeowner satisfaction and maximum profitability will be your major objective. Duties and Responsibilities  Managing All Private Homes.  Managing Private Estate own team of housekeeping, landscaping, pool maintenance and maintenance. Operations / Communication  Ensuring daily operation at the Private Estates is running smoothly.  Involvement in the sales rental & marketing of Villas in the rental pool.  Working closely with The Resort and Homeowners or their representatives and property managers in order to combine work on the houses with maximum rental sales.  Liaising closely with Estate Executive Housekeeper/Project Manager to ensure all work is completed as efficiently as possible.  Undertaking daily inspections of all Private Estate in the Parrot Cay rental pool and completing daily, weekly and monthly checklists for each property.  Undertaking twice a week inspections of all Private Estate property

on Parrot Cay – non rental pools and weekly report to the owner.  Managing total care maintenance of all building on the property associated with specific homes including, landscaping, pest control, pool & exterior services, interior and exterior furniture maintenance and cleanliness.  Preparing monthly billing statement and P&L for individual homes.  Proposing projects for the homes based on necessity and available budget.  Working closely with contractors and other outside vendors prior to and during and after projects.  Ensuring all the needs for Homeowners are taken care of prior and during their visit, this will include and not limited to spa appointment, excursion reservation, groceries, pet import license, organizing special events on their behalf, etc.  Adopt a flexible approach and demonstrate a “can do” attitude to those that you work with. Set an example that others can follow.  Assisting in producing a budget for your department with the Financial Controller and General Manager.  Generating financial and achievement reports as required by management.  Implementation of daily, weekly and monthly projects to maintain equipment, cleanliness and standards. Planning should include phased maintenance projects over the summer months when rentals are at their lowest levels.  Perform any other reasonable duties as required by the General Manager. Qualifications / Experience/Requirements  College degree in Hotel / Business Management or equivalent training/ work experience.  Bilingual in Italian, French and Spanish is a plus.  Minimum of three years Management experience working in a luxury, 5 star properties.  Must be proficient in hospitality revenue management, guest services and team development.  Experience in sales and marketing.  Must have strong knowledge of Residential management and/or Front Office management related experience.  Must be willing to live and work on Remote Island.  Must be able to work up to 72hrs a week if needed by Management OTHER MANAGERIAL AND SUPERVISORY POSITIONS Hotel Manager Restaurant Managers Director of Finance Spa Manager Financial Controller Food & Beverage Manager Cost Controller Asst. Director Finance Regional Director of Engineering

Chef de Cuisine Duty Manager Regional Director of Spa Head Butler Health and Safety Manager Asst. Air Conditioning Manager Asst. Financial Controller Employee Accommodation Executive

Salary range: USD36K to USD$90K per annum and is based on experience and qualification. Some position currently held by a work permit holder. OTHER POSITIONS: Private Estate Attendant K-9 Dog Security/Handle Commis Chefs Spa Receptionist Pastry Chef Food & Beverage Servers Electrical Technician Hostesses Recreation Attendants Spa/Gym Attendant Butler Turndown Attendant Spa Therapist Chef De Parties Kitchen Steward Demi Chef

Housekeeper Houseman Pool & beach Attendant VIP Coordinator Purchasing Clerk Bartenders COMO Play Attendant Excursion Attendant Boat Crew Guest Services Agent (Leeward) Plumber Public Area Attendant Boat Crew Assistant IT Manager IT Manager F&B Server Beach Club Receiving Supervisor

Salary range: USD13K to USD$36K per annum and is based on experience and qualification. Some position currently held by a work permit holder.

All applicants will be required to successfully obtain a clear background and drug test and for non-Turks and Caicos nationals will require a work permit. Experience in a similar or relevant position is a prerequisite; relevant educational and/or professional qualification is also a plus. To be considered, please visit our career page to apply for our current open positions Any other questions, you may also contact Human Resources

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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OASIS DIVERS is seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following positions.

The successful applicants must: CERTIFIED DIVERS / LIFEGUARDS/DIVE MASTER -Hold a valid diving certification of Open Water Diver or higher -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Have a valid passport -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Have at least 3 years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Other experience in the tourism industry would be an asset -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business TOUR DISPATCHER -Have at least 3 years’ experience dispatching tours -Possess the ability to remain calm in a high stress environment -Be well spoken with English as primary language -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business -Have a valid passport -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record TOUR GUIDES -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Have a valid passport -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Have at least 3 years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Other experience in the tourism industry would be an asset -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business CHEF/ RESTAURANT CAPTAIN -Have at least 5 years’ experience in a supervisory position as a chef/cook within a quick pace multiple kitchen operation. -Experience with Microsoft POS system required -Possess the ability to remain calm in a high stress environment -At least 25 years of age. -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business TOUR DEVELOPMENT TRAINER -Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in Tour Development /Safety Standards in a service oriented business. -Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the management, and training of staff and development of safety standards operating procedures for staff. -Valid Driver’s License -Highly Professional and Ethical standards of Leadership with a passion for nature and the environment. -Positive and disciplined attitude toward work in a fast pace, multi-tasking customer service oriented business, with ability to handle complaints and work under pressure. -Excellent verbal and written communication, with Networking skills -Excellent analytical, inter-personal and customer service skills. -Ability to recruit and appraise staff performance as well as have a strong track record of fostering team work and motivating staff with multi-cultural differences. -Must be willing and able to work outdoors, flexible hours, including on weekends and public holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business SAFETY DIVER -Strong swimmer, life guard training an asset -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Have a valid passport -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Have at least 3 years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Other experience in the tourism industry would be an asset -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business

STEWARD/GUEST SERVICES -Have at least 5 years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. -Competent in Microsoft Computer software with accounting expertise and knowledge in Quickbooks and other accounting software. -Possess the ability to remain calm in a high stress environment -Be well spoken with English as primary language -Have a valid passport -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business BOAT CAPTAIN -Have a proven and unblemished track record of employment -Have a valid passport -Have at least 5 years’ experience as a boat captain working in the tourism industry. -Possess a valid grade 2 boat masters license. -Have CPR and first Aid Certification -Basic knowledge of boat engine maintenance and repair -Have a clean criminal record -Positive and disciplined attitude toward work -Excellent verbal and written communication skills -Be at least 25 years old -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business SERVER/ BARTENDER/LABORER/KITCHEN ASSISTANT Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a similar position -Ability to stand for long periods -Excellent customer service and friendly disposition -Able to lift moderate weights -Speaks good English. WATERSPORTS OPRTATIONS COORDINATOR -High school diploma/ Bachelors -Dive Instructor or higher professional dive rating from an internationally recognized organization -Five years’ experience in a related position -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Extensive knowledge of all standards and procedures with regards to international dive regulations -Ability to repair scuba equipment. -Basic knowledge of boat engine maintenance/repair -Basic knowledge of compressor maintenance and repair -Detailed knowledge of dive shop and watersports operation, organization and recording/ logging protocol. -Knowledge of general operation process. Be at least 25 years old ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OFFICER -Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies or Biology -Two years’ International experience in a similar position -Teaching / trainer experience -Open water PADI certification or higher -Basic accounting background -Computer literate -Excellent written and verbal communication skills -Second language is an asset -Excellent organizational skills -Possess a valid driver’s license MECHANIC Two years’ experience in a similar position -Knowledgeable in mechanical repair and maintenance of All terrain Vehicles, boat engines, diesel engines, trucks. -Highly organized and able to work on own initiative -Excellent organizational skills -Literacy -Possess a valid driver’s license Preference will be given to documented Turks and Caicos Islanders Written applications only and accompanying CVs/resumes must be addressed to the Manager at the following address:

BOAT PAINTER -Have a valid passport -Have at least 5 years’ experience in boat repair, including working with fiberglass and other dangerous chemicals -Positive and disciplined attitude toward work -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business

Cee’s Plaza, Suite No. 1 Church Folly PO Box 86 Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Islands

OASIS DIVING, LTD. c/o EPIC Corporate & Consultancy Services Ltd. Phone: 649-946-1128 Fax: 649-946-1128 Email:

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018

We hire smiles!!! The Resort will be holding a series of Job Fairs to find Talent … we hire the personality and train the individual. Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond All-inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends (Saturday and Sunday). The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that applicants will be contacted for an interview via Text Message. Please forward your resumes by Friday April 13th 2018 to secure an interview date and time. Feel free to drop your resumes in our secure resume drop-box at the Service Gate, or email it to, or fax to 649 946 8001.

There are vacancies from Entry Level to Management positions: Below are some of the openings in our departments (this inviting Turks and Caicos Islanders applicants:

list is not exhaustive)

and we are

• Accounts (Accountant, Clerk etc.) • Bars (Beach and Pool Server, Bar Porter, Bartender etc.) • Concierge (Agent, Junior Concierge etc.) • Cost Control (Store Room Porter, Clerk etc.) • Dining Room (Server, Supervisor, Restaurant Manager etc.) • Engineering (Certified skilled technical persons.) • Entertainment (Dancer, Singer, Musician, Animator, AV Technician etc.) • Front Office (Agent, Bellman etc.) • Gift Shop (Assistant Manager, Sales Representative) • Grounds (Grounds man) • Gym (Gym Attendant) • Housekeeping (Houseman, Room Attendant, Linen Room Attendant etc.) • Human Resources (Human Resources Clerk, Administrator) • Kids Kamp (Kids Kamp Manager, Attendant/ Counselor) • Kitchen (Cooks Grade 1,2 and 3) • Laundry (Attendant, Shift-leader, Supervisor) • Photoshop (Photographer, Sales Representative ) • Projects (Assistant Project Manager, Construction Supervisor, MEP Engineer) • Sales (Junior Sales Executive) • Security (Assistant Security Manager, Supervisor, Officer) • Spa (Certified skilled therapist) • Stewarding (Steward) • Travel and Loyalty(Travel and Loyalty Consultant[returning guests bookings]) • Watersports (Towel Runner, Waterpark, Beach and Pool Attendant, Dive Instructor etc.) • Weddings (Wedding Planner, Wedding Steward) Applicants will be contacted via text only to confirm your interview Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn or dropped off in the 
 “Resume Box” at the Service Gate Or Employment Services- Labour Department

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Turks & Caicos Government host joint two day child protection workshop In an effort to educate and protect children against all types of crimes, the Office of the Director of Prosecutions along with the Department of Social Development, Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force and Gender Desk embarked on a two day workshop in Grand Turk entitled Child Protection, Law Awareness-Saving Our Children by Educating Everyone”. Teachers from all Schools on Grand Turk (Private and Public), members of the Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police Force, personnel from the Department of Social Development, Truancy Officers as well as School Crossing Guards were all privy to presentations about mental effects, social amenities’ available and the

procedure, laws and penalties relating to investigation and prosecution of abuse against children. Much emphasis was placed on the responsibility of persons who come in contact with children who have suffered some form abuse to report what they observed, were told or suspect to have taken place. A similar workshop will be held in Providenciales on a future date, the presenters are also scheduled to do school visits and talk with children and other teachers about Child Abuse. Child abuse is everyone’s business and no child wants a monster! If you believe or know that a child is in trouble please report the matter to your nearest social worker or the Department of Social Development.

Hon. Delroy WIlliams attends Telecommunications Conferences in Gibraltar and Spain Hon. Vaden Williams Gardiner, Telecommunications returned to the country on Friday, Engineer of the Telecommunications 2nd March after attending the Commission. Commonwealth Data Forum 2018 in Both Hon. Vaden Williams Gibraltar, February 21-23 under the and Mr. Kenva Williams were invited theme: Data Revolution – Maximizing to participate in this event. The Opportunities and Managing Risks Minister chaired a session on “Big also GSMA Mobile World Congress Data for Social Development” and Ministerial Programme, in Barcelona, participated in a panel discussion on Spain February 26-28, 2018 “Monetizing Data”. Mr. Kenva Williams This conference was participated in a panel discussion on organized by the Commonwealth “Data Centers”. Telecommunications Organization This was the first CTO event (CTO) and hosted by the University of that was attended by a delegation Gibraltar; it attracted delegates from from the Turks and Caicos Islands. various commonwealth countries from Due to the discussions derived from around the world. this forum and the important role Discussions were focused on that CTO plays in fostering the data platform with the aim of finding development of Information and solutions to facilitate economic and Communications Technologies (ICTs) social change and to examine how for social development within its better regulatory standards can help member states, Hon. Vaden Williams reduce privacy, security and other is committed to enrolling the Turks forms of data breaches. It also looked and Caicos Islands to full membership, at ways to leverage the use of data for and hopes to host future CTO events insights and to explore monetizing in the Turks and Caicos Islands. this growing resource. The GSMA Mobile World Hon. Williams was Congress’ Ministerial Programme accompanied by Mr. Kenva Williams, in Barcelona, Spain offered a unique Director of Technology and Mr. Russell forum for Ministers, Regulators,

Programme hosted delegations from 181 countries and international organizations, including 71 Ministers and 85 Regulatory Authority heads, with total attendance exceeding 2,000 delegates. The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organizations in adjacent industry sectors. The team took the opportunity to visit the exhibition halls where they explored:

Hon. Delroy WIlliams International Organizations, and CEOs from around the world to discuss •Smart cities solutions, in particular, key developments and policy trends in networks for CCTV and Wi-Fi services the mobile sector. in public areas; This year’s programme •EMF (Electromagnetic Field) highlighted topics including the monitoring equipment for RF evolution to 5G and the increasing radiations on cellular and broadcasting need for spectrum, privacy and cross- towers, to ensure the levels are not border data flows, sustainability harmful to human health; and and mobile for social good, and •Mobile solutions for a quick mobile in education and healthcare, assessment of national disasters using among others. The 2018 Ministerial drones.

National Honours and Awards Committee The National Honours and Awards Committee is inviting the general public to submit nominations for the fourth annual National Honours and Awards Program. The program recognizes outstanding citizens who have made exemplary contribution to the country’s development. The classifications of awards are:

The Patriotic Awards: The Patriotic Awards may be granted to a Turks and Caicos Islander who has demonstrated a keen sense of national consciousness and rendered exceptional sacrificial service to the islands and the people of the islands. This medal can be conferred upon a person during their lifetime or posthumously. It may be granted in classes of gold and silver:

The Order of National Hero: •The Cayos Medal (gold) The Order of National Hero is the highest •Mouchoir Bank Medal (silver). May award and may be granted to a Turks and be granted to a non-Turks and Caicos Caicos Islander for extraordinary and Islander as an honorary award for outstanding achievement and merit in demonstrating a very high regard for service to the Turks and Caicos Islands national integration philanthropic or to humanity at large. This award contribution to the development of the can be conferred during an individual’s islands lifetime or posthumously. The Long Service Medal: The Order of Turks and Caicos The Long Service Medal may be granted Islands: to a Turks and Caicos Islander who has The Order of Turks and Caicos Islands given outstanding and exemplary public may be granted to a Turks and Caicos service to the islands and its people for a Islander who has served with distinction minimum period of twenty years. in any field of discipline and may be National Young Achiever’s conferred to upon a person during his Medal: lifetime or posthumously. The National Young Achiever’s medal may be granted to a Turks and Caicos

Islander between the ages of twelve and twenty-five years who has performed exceptionally well on a national, regional or international level in the following areas (but not limited)•Culture •Academics •Performing Arts; or •Sports It is important that you nominate persons you believe are worthy to receive such honour with the classification of the award since the committee cannot nominate him or her for an alternative honour or awards. Nomination forms can be collected from the Premier’s Office in Grand Turk and Providenciales; District Commissioners Office in North Caicos, South Caicos, Middle Caicos and Salt Cay, Government Website and other areas throughout the community. Your completed nominations formed should be delivered in a sealed envelope to the Premier’s Office, District Commissioners office or any member of the Committee Marked: Ronlee James

Executive Director Office of the Premier Turks and Caicos Islands Re: National Honours and Awards Committee The form only introduces your nominee. You may add additional information regarding your nominee’s work, service and merits on an additional page to support your reason why your nominee should be so honoured; whether documents, newspaper clippings, letters, testimonials. Nominations must be submitted by June 30th 2018. Committee Members: Mr. Oliver Mills Chairman Mr. Sonny Forbes Member Mrs. Madeline Mills Member Mr. Samuel Handfield Member Mr. Albert Capron Member

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018

WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE BACK ON, At FortisTCI, we know the electricity we provide is vital to run your homes, power your businesses and fuel our economy.

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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COMMUNITIES CAN GET BACK TO LIFE. And the quicker electricity is restored after a hurricane, the better for all communities. We invested heavily, rebuilt strongly and restored electricity quickly and safely after Hurricanes Irma and Maria to help our communities can get back to normal. 2017 Winner

Allied Member of the Year | 649-946-4313

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


Beaches Hosted Annual Prestige Awards T

eam Members at Beaches Turks & Caicos took home top prizes at the Resort’s Annual Employees Prestige Awards which took place at the resorts French Village stage on Thursday March 22nd. Celebrated in Wonderland style with Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Heart, the annual award recognizes and rewards employees in 16 categories whose performance has consistently made a positive impact on the quality of services offered at the resort. The winning teams were: Mover & Shaker Talent of the Year (formerly Most Improved Team Member of the Year) – Guerline Guerrier, Entertainment Department, Legendary Talent of the Year (formerly Most Nominated Team Member of the Year) – Kady Ricketts, Butler Department, Circle of Joy Award of the Year (formerly the Smile and Courtesy Award) – Chritie Bajo, Kitchen, Sandals Earth Guardian Talent of the Year (formerly Sandals EarthGuard Team Member of the Year) – Winston Pasuris, Housekeeping, Sandals Foundation Sentinel of the Year Award (formerly Sandals Foundation Community Spirit Award) – Julianna Musgrove, Training & Development Department, Standing Ovation Award (formerly the Financial Controller’s Award) – Rocquiche Dixon, Photoshop Department, Money Maker Award (formerly the Revenue Earner Award) – Carlton Biggs, Stewarding

Department, Heart of the House Award (formerly the Hotel Manager’s Heart of the House Award) – Mario Ariza, Housekeeping Department, Pace Setter Award of the Year (formerly the General Manager’s Award) – Harriett Beeput, Off Sites Properties, All Rounder of the Year Award (formerly the Supervisor of the Year) – Georgetta Smith, Human Resources Department, People’s Choice Award - Patricia Talbot, Stewarding Department, MVP of the Year Award (formerly Manager of the Year) –Sheldon Wilson, Administration, The A Team of the Year Award (formerly Department of the Year) – Grounds Department, Platinum Talent of the Year Award (formerly Runner-up Team Member of the Year) – Princess Buchannan, Food & Beverage Department and Diamond Talent of the Year Award (formerly the Team Member of the Year) – Roosevelt Joseph, Maintenance. In addition to engraved trophies and certificates, winners were also presented with fantastic prizes which included all-expensepaid vacations, Laptop Computers, Home Theatre Systems, Xbox Games, Plasma Televisions, Beats Headphones, Cameras and lavish cash prizes.

Human Resources Team with Managing Director

The SUN captured these photographs at the event. Photo Credit: Todeline Defralien.

10-Creativiva Dance Number

Winner Patricia Talbot with Managing Director Don Daganais, Executive Chef Colin Manager of the Year-Manager of the year Winner Ira Chin with GM Jamie McAnally and Director of Entertainment David Ellis Watson and GM Jamie McAnally

Employee of the Year Roosevelt Joseph with Maintenance Team and General Manager and Managing Direcor

Sandals Foundation Award Winner Julianna Musgrove with PR Manager Elanor Krzanowski

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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Guerline Guerrier, GM Jamie McAnally and Director of Entertainment David Ellis Creativiva Dance Number

Managing Director Don Daganais with Rocky Dixon and Jennifer Lee with GM Jamie McAnally GM Jamie McAnally

EarthGuard Winer Winston Pasuris with GM Jamie McAnally

Financial Conptroller Award Winner Carlton Biggs with GM Jamie McAnally

Dance Number by Entertainment Team

Dance Number by Entertainment Team

Managing Direcor Don Daganais with Runner up Employee of the Year Princess Buchannan and David Wood

Department of the Year’s Ground Team with Managing Director and GM Jamie McAnally

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DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES Amanyara is looking for a dynamic individual to lead our employees in the Engineering department. Responsible for developing budgets and longrange facilities plans based on company growth and future facility’s needs. Oversees the functioning of all building systems including mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety, plumbing, and waste management. Monitors budgets and approves contracts. Oversees contractors involved in facility projects and delivery of services. Ensures building operations comply with all local zoning laws and regulations. Reports to top management. Manages a departmental sub-function within a broader departmental function. Creates functional strategies and specific objectives for the sub-function and develops budgets/policies/procedures to support the functional infrastructure. Deep knowledge of the managed sub-function and solid knowledge of the overall departmental function. Ensures the highest levels of quality across products, goods, and services to increase customer satisfaction and positions the organization for continual growth. Identifies issues in life, fire, and safety compliance, working with internal risk management and quality assurance teams to develop reporting platform to mitigate risks and create timeliness and accountability reporting. Responsible for maintaining standards and regulatory requirements. Directs the daily operation by defining duties and assigning workloads for the Engineering staff to ensure that a high standard of service is maintained. Prepares and controls the Engineering budget and monitor utilities consumption. Controls expenses in all areas of the Engineering department with innovative style of operation. Bachelor degree is required along with at least 7 to 10 years experiences. EXECUTIVE CHEF Amanyara is looking for a creative and proficient in all aspects of food preparation, executive chef. He/she will be “the chief” and maintain complete control of the kitchen. Proven working experience at a 5 stars Luxury Resort as a head chef, excellent record of kitchen management and ability to spot and resolve problems efficiently and capable of delegating multiple tasks. Good communication and leadership skills, also keep up with cooking trends and best practices. Plan and direct food preparation and culinary activities, Modify menus or create new ones that meet quality standards, Estimate food requirements

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018

and food/labor costs, arrange for equipment purchases and repairs, recruit and manage kitchen staff. Rectify arising problems or complaints. Give prepared plates the “final touch” Perform administrative duties, Comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards; Keep time and payroll records, Maintain a positive and professional approach with coworkers and customers. BS degree in Culinary Science or related certificate. SPA &WELLNESS MANAGER Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar position. Professionally trained in massage therapy or other spa/wellness disciplines and able to train therapists in all massage and beauty treatments. Good leadership qualities and the ability to train motivate, mentor multi-cultural staff. Must be creative and able to implement and market new treatments. Possess a polite, professional demeanor, able to converse confidently with guests on all levels of spa experience. Responsible for ensuring that customers’ expectations are met. Interacts with clients to get feedback about services and facility cleanliness, handles customer complaints and creates customer service tools such as comment cards and surveys.Creates and manages the Spa & Wellness budget by setting annual financial goals, reviews costs for spa procedures and services, oversees payroll and establishes budgets for advertising, sales campaigns and promotional events.Immaculate presentation and grooming required along with strong administrative & computer skills. IT MANAGER Candidate must have these qualifications: At least (5) Years’ experience, Cisco Unified Networking, Routing, Switching, Firewall, Bandwidth Management. Cisco Call Manager VOIP, Unified Wireless, Micros Opera PMS, Micros 9700 POS, IP CCTV. Active Directory, Windows Server Administration, Linux Server Administration, Copper & Fiber Optic Cabling. General User end desktop repair / maintenance and administration. SPA THERAPIST/ SUPERVISOR Minimum 3 years previous experience with working in a spa, preferably in a 5-star resort, providing massage and beauty treatments as well as manicures and pedicures. Must be physically fit and in good health. Immaculate presentation and fluency in English is also required. WAIT STAFF/ BARTENDER Minimum 2 year’s previous food and beverage service experience in a luxury/ 5 star resorts. Excellent verbal communication skills, immaculate presentation and friendly, professional demeanor. Micros skills advantageous, a team player and able to work under pressure. Flexible schedule hours including weekends, holidays and evenings.

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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Colon cancer screening rates vary widely across U.S. The proportion of U.S. adults who get recommended colon cancer screenings has never been as high as doctors would like, but a new study suggests that it’s much lower than expected in some pockets of the country. To catch colon cancer early, when it’s easier to treat and less lethal, physicians typically recommend that adults aged 50 to 75 get screened every 10 years with a colonoscopy or annually with fecal tests. Nationwide, only about 67 percent of adults in this age range were current with screening, the study found. At the state level, screening rates ranged from a low of 59 percent in Wyoming to a high of 75 percent in Massachusetts. Researchers found even greater variability within some states. Screening rates were lowest in one county in Alaska, at just 40 percent, and highest in one county in Florida, at 80 percent. The widest gap among counties was in South Dakota, with a 29-percentage point difference between the counties with the lowest and highest screening rates; the smallest gap was in Connecticut, with

about 4 percentage points separating the procedures. the counties with the highest and An alternative is fecal occult blood lowest screening rates. testing (FOBT), which looks for blood “We anticipated variations by - a possible sign of cancer - in stool county in colorectal cancer screening samples. Another option involves within the states because of different doing FOBT every three years along educational and income levels and with a sigmoidoscopy exam of just the geographical inequalities, but we were lower colon every five years. still struck by differences of more The U.S. Preventive Services than 20 percentage points between Task Force, a government-backed counties in some states,” said lead independent panel that assesses study author Zahava Berkowitz, of the the evidence for medical procedures, National Center for Chronic Disease recommends using any of these Prevention and Health Promotion, at methods starting at age 50 for adults the U.S. Centers for Disease Control who don’t have inflammatory bowel and Prevention in Atlanta. disease or a family history of colon “Although most providers cancer. People with those extra risk recommend colonoscopy, some people factors or other specific conditions refuse to undergo the preparation for may need earlier or more intensive the procedure and/or are afraid of an screening. invasive procedure,” Berkowitz said by For the current study, email. “Therefore, it is important that researchers modeled county level multiple screening options are offered screening rates by using CDC survey to match patients’ preferences.” data for 251,360 adults aged 50 to The most common screening 75 and looking at U.S. population method is a colonoscopy exam that estimates for 3,142 counties snakes a tiny camera through the nationwide. rectum to view the colon to search for Screening varied by ethnicity, abnormal tissue growth. Patients may with about 69 percent of white adults need to use laxatives or an enema to current on recommended screenings, empty the bowels before the exam, and compared with 57 percent of Hispanics, sedation is usually required during the study found.

Teva wins reversal of U.S. jury’s $235 million GSK drug patent verdict

A Teva Pharmaceutical Industries building is seen in Jerusalem December 14, 2017 A federal judge on Wednesday overturned a U.S. jury’s verdict that required Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd to pay GlaxoSmithKline Plc more than $235 million for infringing a patent covering its blood pressure drug Coreg. U.S. District Judge Leonard Stark in Wilmington, Delaware ruled that the evidence did not support the jury’s finding in June that Teva sales of a generic version of the drug caused doctors to infringe GSK’s patent. The jury had awarded GSK $234.1 million in lost profits and said the drug company deserved an additional $1.4 million in royalties. It also had rejected Teva’s contention that the patent was invalid, a decision Stark did not overturn. “We are disappointed with the judge’s decision and are reviewing our options,” British drugmaker GSK said in a statement. Israel-based Teva declined to comment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Teva’s generic version of Coreg, or

carvedilol, in 2007. GSK had alleged that while Teva’s FDA application had a carveout to address its use for treating chronic heart failure, which GSK said remained under patent, the generic drugmaker changed its label in 2011 to add that use. GSK said that as a result, Teva caused doctors to infringe its patent by selling a generic version of the drug and marketing it as a substitute for Coreg. But in his ruling on Wednesday, Stark said that the evidence did not support finding that Teva’s actions as opposed to other factors induced doctors into infringing the patent by prescribing generic carvedilol to treat chronic heart failure. “Without proof of causation, which is an essential element of GSK’s action, a finding of inducement cannot stand,” Stark wrote. The case is GlaxoSmithKline LLC et al v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc, U.S. District Court, District of Delaware, No. 14-cv-00878.

One limitation of the study is that researchers relied on survey participants to accurately recall and report their screening exams, and inaccurate responses might throw off the estimated screening rates, researchers note in Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. The study also doesn’t offer insight into why so many people are not current with their recommended screenings, and there are many factors that can contribute to this, said Electra Paskett, a cancer researcher at Ohio State University in Columbus who wasn’t involved in the study. Screening rates tend to be lowest in places that don’t have polices to cover these tests for everyone or don’t have providers in the community who can do the tests, Paskett said by email. Doctors also might not recommend screening, or people might not want it or want to travel too far to get it. “All of these act and interact in different ways to keep people from screening,” Paskett added. “It matters because colorectal cancer is totally preventable as is death from colorectal cancer if people get screened regularly.”

Losing sleep might make it harder to lose body fat Even when cutting calories helps people lose weight, they may have a harder time getting rid of excess body fat if they don’t get enough sleep, a small experiment suggests. Over eight weeks, researchers asked 15 overweight and obese adults to focus only on cutting calories and another 21 participants to both cut calories and get less sleep. Dieters in the sleep-restriction group lost about an hour of rest on each weeknight and then got an extra hour of shuteye on Saturdays and Sundays. By the end of the experiment, people in both groups had lost about 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms). But in the sleep-restriction group, people lost less fat tissue and more lean muscle. “People who want to lose weight, and lose fat in particular, need to avoid sleep loss during the week because you cannot make up for lost sleep on weekends,” said Kristen Knutson, a sleep researcher at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago who wasn’t involved in the study. “Of course, calorie restriction and exercise are both very important for weight loss and weight maintenance, but these results among others suggest that sleep also needs to be considered,” Knutson said by email. Sleep deprivation has long been linked to an increased risk of becoming overweight or obese, and inadequate sleep has been linked to difficulties with weight loss, Xuewen Wang of the University of South Carolina in Columbia and colleagues note in the journal Sleep. Wang didn’t respond to emails seeking comment. Most of the participants

in the current study were women, and more than half were AfricanAmerican. They were 45 years, old on average, and had a body mass index (a measure of weight relative to height) in the obese range. Before the experiment, people in the sleep-restriction group said they consumed an average of about 1,775 calories a day, and during the experiment they cut back to an average of 1,454 daily calories. In the other group, people started out on about 1,575 calories a day and cut back to about 1,389 calories during the experiment. Without sleep restriction, people typically got about 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep each night before the experiment and continued to do so once the experiment started. In the sleep restriction group, people got about 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep on weeknights and about 8 to 9 hours of sleep nightly on weekends. All of the participants picked up prepared lunches and dinners for four days each week and received sample meal plans and help from a registered dietician. Among the people who didn’t cut back on sleep, a much larger proportion of the weight lost was in the form of fat rather than muscle mass: For half of this group, at least 83 percent of the weight they lost was fat tissue and less than 17 percent was lean tissue. The people on sleep restriction tended to lose a higher proportion of lean tissue: For half of this group, at least 39 percent of the weight they lost was lean muscle and no more than 58 percent was fat.

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018

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Judge Ingrid Mangatal admits drunk and careless driving

Grand Court Judge, Justice Ingrid Mangatal (53), pleaded guilty Thursday when she made her first appearance in court to answer charges laid earlier this month of DUI and careless driving. The judge admitted being one and a half times over the limit when she crashed the car she was driving into a small concrete wall on the parameter of Governor’s Square at around 10pm on 4 September last year. Following her admissions the facts of the incident were outlined for the visiting judge, Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe, who was brought from Bermuda to hear the case. He handed down a 12 month ban and a CI$350 fine in relation to the DUI, plus a $250 fine for careless driving. The summary traffic case against the judge was presented by Cheryl Richards QC, the director of public prosecutions, who said CCTV had shown, and one eye-witness had seen, the white Suzuki being driven by Justice Mangatal, heading north on the West Bay Road shortly before the smash. The witness said the car was at times being driven erratically and

the brakes frequently applied before the vehicle made a right turn by Governor’s Square, and in averting a collision with another on-coming vehicle, hit a concrete curb then crashed into a concrete sign. The witness, who had been following the car, went to the aid of the driver and called 911. When the police and emergency services arrived, the judge declined medical treatment but submitted to a breathalyzer test, which gave a reading of 0.157. She was arrested and taken to Fairbanks detention centre before being released on bail. Ben Tonner QC, who represented Justice Mangatal, detailed her interview with police, where she admitted having consumed three glasses of wine earlier in the evening and that she had taken prescription medication before going to bed earlier because she was very tired. She had told police she had no memory of leaving home, still in her night-wear, and apparently visiting a fast-food restaurant before the smash. Evidence submitted in the case

Grand Court Judge, Justice Ingrid Mangatal indicated that the medications she had taken before retiring, mixed with the alcohol and the fatigue, could have caused the amnesia. However, Mangatal, whom Tonner described as talented, fairminded and well-respected, chose to accept responsibility and not deny the charges. The magistrate made note of

that when he handed down the ban and fines in line with the statutory minimums for DUI and authorities in relation to the careless driving. Magistrate Wolffe said there was no need to depart from the usual sentences for similar cases and that everyone should be treated the same in relation to the law. But he said that, given the unique nature of her work and her previously unblemished character, the sentence he handed down paled when compared to the “embarrassing and humiliating” situation for her as a judge. He noted that she had no previous traffic convictions, had expressed contrition and remorse, admitted the offence at the earliest opportunity and cooperated with the police. He also noted that, despite her knowledge of the law and the circumstances surrounding the incident, where she could have pushed for a trial and made the crown prove its case, she had chosen not to do so, which he said was an indication of her integrity and respect for the administration of justice.

Jamaica PM Andrew Holness reshuffles Cabinet

Cabinet changes announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Monday were greeted with acceptance by political commentator Shalman Scott and scepticism by the People’s National Party (PNP), whose chairman, Fitz Jackson said the Opposition was less than hopeful the move will bring about the change that the country needs. Jackson, the Opposition spokesman on national security, while congratulating the newly appointed and reassigned ministers, said that if the prime minister had been serious about the country’s business some reassigned ministers would have been sacked. “I want to congratulate the newly appointed ministers and I hope that those who have been reassigned will seek to do the best they can. Their respective successes will be to Jamaica’s benefit. However, I don’t think there is much to be hopeful for, given the case of those who were in other ministries before, and so I look forward to them doing better,” Jackson told the Jamaica Observer. “If the shuffle by the prime minister is about improving governance I would have expected him to act in his shuffling to deal with the person responsible for the blunder with the used cars. I would have loved to see him act with regards to the $600-million bushing programme. I would expect him to shuffle reflecting the blunder with the wage negotiations and the disrespect accorded to the various public sector groups. That [would be] a shuffle that reflects a fixing of those failures,” Jackson added. In contrast, Scott described the Cabinet shuffle as “prudent”,

Jamaica PM Andrew Holness noting that the timing is apt as the Government approaches the halfway mark of its constitutional term. Five Cabinet ministers, including Minister of Finance and the Public Service Audley Shaw, and five junior ministers are affected by the changes to the Cabinet. Shaw will be replaced by recently elected Member of Parliament (MP) for St Andrew North Western Dr Nigel Clarke, a business executive who has also served as deputy chairman of the Government’s Economic Growth Council and was a Jamaica Labour Pary (JLP) senator between 2013 and 2015. However, Clarke will retain the support of former minister of state in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Fayval Williams, who has been promoted to minister without portfolio in that ministry. Former trade union leader Rudyard Spencer, who was also a minister of state in the Ministry

of Finance and the Public Service, substantive minister and his Senate has been shifted to the Ministry of colleague, Senator Kamina Johnson National Security. Smith. Shaw, who returned to the Two of the ruling party’s island yesterday after attending an most promising young MPs — Alando annual meeting of the Inter-American Terrelonge (St Catherine East Central) Development Bank in Argentina, is and Xavier Mayne (St Ann South to move to the Ministry of Industry, Western) — have been appointed Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries. ministers of state. Current Minister of Industry, Terrelonge will be joining Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Olivia “Babsy” Grange at the Ministry Karl Samuda has been shifted to the of Culture, Gender, Entertainment Ministry of Economic Growth and Job and Sport, while Mayne will join Creation, where he will replace former another female minister, Shahine Minister without Portfolio Dr Horace Robinson, at the Ministry of Labour Chang, and join the other minister and Social Security. without portfolio, Daryl Vaz. Yesterday, Scott argued that in The other major shift was 2016, when the Government took that of Robert Montague, the minister office, Holness would not have been of national security, to the Ministry adequately aware of everyone’s ability. of Transport and Mining, replacing However, he said that the prime veteran parliamentarian Mike Henry, minister is now “fully in tune” with the who has been shifted to the Office of talents around him. the Prime Minister to fill the vacancy “What the Cabinet shuffle left by the resignation of former MP does, two years later, is to introduce for St Andrew North Western Derrick the benefit of hindsight and a greater Smith. knowledge of the entire team and Dr Chang, the general what they are capable of; inclinations secretary of the ruling JLP and veteran or the lack thereof. So the benefit of MP who represents one of the most hindsight is what is the catalyctic vulnerable constituencies in violence- factor that the prime minister had in hit St James, has been shifted to the the changes he made,” Scott said. Ministry of National Security. Scott said that he agrees It is expected that most focus with the decision to reassign Shaw, will be on the performances of Clarke noting that industry and commerce is and Chang over the next few months where he started his career. He also as the country continues to grapple said that he was expecting Johnson with the twin demons of anaemic Smith to be reassigned, but said that growth, and crime and violence. the additional assistance from “the Senator Pearnel Charles Jr, promising” Charles Jr will serve whose training in criminal law and to bolster the ministry, given her prosecutions was clearly an asset to workload. former national security minister He said that he welcomes Montague, has been shifted to the the move to assign Dr Chang to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and national security portfolio, noting that Foreign Trade, where he will join the he can wear just about any hat.

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Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation makes donation to community impact organization Curaçao Cares The Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation has today announced a donation of US$25,000to the community impact organization Curaçao Cares,thanks to the Foundation’s annual fundraising golf tournament. The tournament – held in Curaçao in its 11thyear and raising a total of US$125,000 for the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation - brought together over 90 participants made up of a variety of C&W’s technology, programing and administrative partners, and donors of the Foundation. The donation from the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation will be used towards CURA DOET, the biggest volunteer effort in Curaçao. Celebrated annually in March, the DOET weekend unites people who serve their communities across cultural and geographical differences. The activity consists of two national days of service whereby people in the communities are encouraged to get out and do something to help local worthwhile causes and NGOs. Since it was set up in 2013, CURA DOET has engaged more than 21,000 volunteers who have collectively participated in more than 100,000 hours of service. During CURA DOET, NGOs get an opportunity to spruce up their location and grounds, parks and schools get a makeover and elderly people and those with special needs are treated to a special day. The announcement comes one

Gina Colesanti, Director of the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, pictured with golf tournament participants (left to right) Brent Smith of Evolution Digital, Ken Brown of WNC and Jim Crownover of ProBrand International week after the Foundation confirmed funding of over US$290,000 to go towards rebuilding and equipping five schools in the most badly impacted areas of the Caribbean, following last year’s hurricane season. Gina Colesanti, Director of the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, said: “We’re extremely proud to give back to the communities we serve, and worked with our local team on the ground to choose Curaçao Cares as the deserving beneficiary of this year’s annual fundraising golf tournament. We’re very fortunate that we continue to have the assistance of C&W’s technology, programming and administrative partners, who support the annual fundraising event through

their participation and financial contribution.” The annual charity golf event has previously been held in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts and Nevis and Panama. Last year, in Panama, the funds were donated to three institutions that focus on supporting children: the Pro Niños de Darien, the San José de Malambo Orphanage and the Olga Sinclair Foundation. A variety of youth-centered programs have benefited from the tournament’s fundraising efforts over the years, including the SOS Children’s Home in Jamaica, the Sunshine Achievement Center for under-privileged children

in Barbados and the Rainbow Rescue team in Trinidad. The tournament has also helped fund orphanages in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and previously funded support programs for the Wilhelmina Fonds Breast Cancer Center in Curaçao. Lysaye de Windt of Curaçao Cares, said: “As Curaçao Cares continues to grow in its fifth year, partnerships are vital to its success. This generous contribution will help us fulfill our mission of cultivating active citizenship and creating opportunities for individuals to contribute their time, skills, talents and resources towards positive social development, and to connect communities and transform lives. On behalf of the entire Curaçao Cares team, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation.” The Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation was set up by C&W Communications initially as response to the humanitarian crisis caused by devastating hurricanes in 2017. The Foundation is increasingly the company’s platform for advancing social development, as it strives to fulfil its mission of connecting communities and transforming lives, by funding education and empowerment programs across the Caribbean and Latin America. To find out more about the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, visit, or follow C&W Communications on Twitter.

Regional governments urged to implement policies urgently to deal with EU concerns The St. Lucia-based The Caribbean Association of Banks Inc. (CAB) is calling on regional governments to “carefully assess the deficiencies” identified by the European Union for the reasons behind its decision to rate a number of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries as tax havens. In a statement, the CAB said that it is “deeply concerned” at the recent inclusion of Caribbean territories on the European Union Commission’s (EU) list of noncooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. It said the list names countries which have not displayed sufficient commitment to the tax standards identified by the EU. The EU finance ministers earlier this month named the Bahamas as well as U.S. Virgin Islands to its blacklist of tax havens, saying they had also decided to remove Bahrain, the Marshall Islands and St.

Lucia, from an earlier list that had also included American Samoa, Guam, Namibia, Palau, Samoa and Trinidad and Tobago. The EU had earlier removed Barbados and Grenada from the list. The EU finance ministers have also decided to add Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda to a socalled grey list of jurisdictions which do not respect EU anti-tax avoidance standards but have committed to change their practices. The blacklist was set up in December, but Caribbean islands hit by hurricanes last year were given more time to adapt their tax practices to EU requests. Earlier this month, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders who met in Haiti for the 29th inter-sessional summit, called on their finance ministers and central bank governors of the region to meet “expeditiously” to consider new

proposals as regional governments political commitment from the continue to react to decisions by affected jurisdictions to address the Europe in listing some countries as deficiencies identified by the EU’s Code of Conduct Group. tax havens. The CAB said that EU In its statement, the CAB said that blacklisting has debilitating has given the countries specific effects on Caribbean economies, time-frames to make high level specifically since it “exacerbates the commitments to address the perception of our region as ‘high risk’ deficiencies identified by the Code of and consequently, negatively affects; Conduct group. It said some of the deficiencies the risk profile of regional financial institutions and the willingness of identified in the various Caribbean correspondent banks to do business jurisdictions include existence of with them 9and) It severely reduces harmful and preferential tax regimes; critically-needed development funding non-application of base erosion and from the EU and limits the ability of profit sharing (BEPS) minimum Caribbean territories to pursue their standards, tax avoidance strategies which seek to artificially shift profits development goals”. The CAB said in addition, to low/no tax jurisdictions. blacklisting “makes the region It said the deficiencies also include vulnerable to future sanctions the non-commitment to signing and and financial penalties, which ratifying the Convention of Mutual Assistance -Tax may be levied against “blacklisted” Administrative information exchange agreements to jurisdictions”. It said removal from the fight international tax evasion. blacklist requires a high-level

Bermuda’s Shipwrecks to be featured on PBS In the coming days, some of Bermuda’s shipwrecks will be featured on PBS’s recurring News Hour Programme (Art and Culture segment). The topic is The Bermuda 100 Challenge, which is a joint initiative between the Bermuda Government’s Marine Heritage Section of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Look Bermuda and University of California San Diego’s Cultural Heritage Engineering Initiative (CHEI). It sets out to document digital reconstructions of shipwreck sites and marine conservation areas

using modern technologies. PBS News Hour’s Senior Correspondent & Chief Arts Correspondent Jeffery Brown spent two days in San Diego with project PI Professor Falko Kuester at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Virtual Engineering Labs and three days in Bermuda in February with local project PI and Custodian of Historic Wrecks Dr. Philippe Max Rouja. Mr. Brown was able to view the shipwrecks and artifacts in super resolution via virtual reality in San Diego and then experience them in

person in Bermuda, demonstrating the promise of this new and developing technology. Dr. Rouja said, “The aim of the Bermuda 100 project is to document 100 or more historic shipwrecks and distinct natural habitats in the waters surrounding Bermuda in order to enhance conservation efforts and open the sites to both real and ‘virtual’ tourism from interested students, researchers and travelers from around the world. “Local divers, scientists and archaeologists are teaming with students and faculty from University

of California San Diego’s (UCSD) Cultural Heritage Engineering Initiative (CHEI) to document and disseminate digital reconstructions of shipwreck sites and marine conservation areas using modern technologies to collect, process, analyze, visualize and disseminate 3D data and visualizations from known shipwrecks and still-to-belocated remains.” Dr. Rouja added: “PBS News Hour has an average 1.1 million viewers nighty and therefore this filming presents an incredible opportunity for Bermuda to showcase this work to the world.”

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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J’cans among 271 immigrants nabbed in US The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency says officers from its Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) have arrested a number of Caribbean nationals among 271 immigrants as part of an enforcement action targeting immigration violators and those who the agency says pose a threat to public safety. On Wednesday, ICE said that the enforcement action ran from March 18 – 22. ERO officers made the arrests across the state of Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (USVI). Those arrested represented 36 countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Anguilla, Bahamas, Bosnia, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Chile, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Jamaica, Kuwait, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. Of those arrested by ICE during the enforcement action, 99 had criminal records that included felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as 1st degree murder, attempted murder, vehicular manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault, attempted robbery, battery, burglary, child neglect, cruelty toward a child, domestic violence, drugs charges such as possession and trafficking, weapons offenses and abuse of the elderly. ICE said additional

convictions included driving one in Lake, one in Osceola, one in under the influence, fraud, Sarasota, one in St Lucie, one in harbouring immigrants, illegal Suwannee, 11 in Puerto Rico, and entry and re-entry to the United seven in the USVI. States, resisting an officer, On March 19, ICE said traffic offenses, trespassing and ERO officers arrested a Cuban workman’s compensation fraud. citizen in Miami Dade, who, in As part of the action, ICE said 2014, was convicted of attempted ERO officers apprehended 49 ICE murder. fugitives and 39 individuals who “The subject is currently were previously removed from the pending a removal hearing by an US, as well as two known gang immigration judge,” ICE said. A members and one individual with day later, ICE said ERO officers an Interpol Red Notice. from the Tampa office arrested a “ICE continues our Haitian national and Bloods gang commitment to making our member in New York. communities safer by removing ICE said the Haitian threats to our public safety,” said national has multiple criminal Marc J Moore, field office director convictions, including: burglary, for the ERO Miami Field Office, patronized prostitution, which oversees all of Florida, possession of marijuana, meth Puerto Rico and the USVI. and cocaine, criminal possession “Communities across of a weapon and rape in the first Florida and Puerto Rico are safer degree. today because of the hard work of The Haitian national was the men and women of ERO.” designated as a registered sex During the operation, offender for life and served five ERO was supported by ICE’s years in prison for rape. Homeland Security Investigations It said arrested (HSI), US Customs and Border individuals who have outstanding Protection and other US federal orders of deportation, or who and local law enforcement returned to the United States agencies, including the illegally after being deported, are Department of State’s Diplomatic subject to immediate removal Security Service. from the US. ICE said arrests took The remaining place in 23 Florida counties, individuals are in ICE custody including 76 in Miami Dade, 65 in awaiting a hearing before an Broward, 27 in Duval, 17 in Palm immigration judge or pending Beach, 14 in Hillsborough, 10 in travel arrangements for removal. Orange, seven in Seminole, five ICE said all the targeted in Manatee, five in Lee, four in individuals in this operation were Pinellas, four in Brevard, three in “amenable to arrest and removal Polk, three in Indian River, two in under the Immigration and Volusia, two in Bay, two in Martin, Nationality Act.” one in Escambia, one in Gadsden,

Man pleads guilty to smuggling migrants A 72-year-old man admitted on Friday in Magistrates’ Court to smuggling 21 migrants into the territory last April. Carwill Potter, a Virgin Islands native, also pleaded guilty to the charge of illegal entry. The second defendant in the case, Luc Eloi from Haiti, is accused of assisting Mr. Potter in the smuggling operation. He pleaded not guilty to illegal entry, smuggling migrants and possession of the proceeds of criminal conduct when he first appeared in court last July. During that appearance, Mr. Eloi told Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards that he was merely another migrant, not a ringleader of the plan. “I’m not guilty because I was a passenger just like everyone else on the boat,” he said through a translator. Law enforcement

officers discovered and detained found carrying $1,400 in cash, a group of migrants at Biras reportedly told police that he Creek in Virgin Gorda on April was picked up in St. Maarten 10, 2017, Police Information and transported to the territory. Officer Diane Drayton said at “If I work for money I the time. don’t see how it can be criminal The next month, Chief conduct,” he said in court. Immigration Officer Geraldine But during an Ritter-Freeman confirmed to the “identification parade” held by press that 27 migrants in total police, some of the migrants had been detained. The group named Mr. Eloi as one of the included six women and five men who transported them to minors, she said, and 23 of them the territory, the court heard. migrants had already been repatriated by Those late May. allegedly described a “Mr. Potter” Most of the individuals as the second man involved. On Aug. 12, Anguillan were from Haiti and a few hailed from Cuba, Sri Lanka, the authorities held and deported Dominican Republic and India, Carwill Potter, the court heard according to the CIO. on Friday. Some migrants also At the time, one of the positively identified Mr. Potter remaining migrants was in the during an identification lineup, process of being repatriated according to prosecutors. and three were being held He was subsequently for investigation, Ms. Ritter- charged with smuggling and illegal entry. Freeman reported. Mr. Eloi first appeared The 72-year-old will be in Magistrates’ Court on July 14. sentenced on April 20, and Mr. The defendant, who had been Eloi will go to trial.

䘀伀刀 䄀䰀䰀 夀伀唀刀 䄀䐀嘀䔀刀吀䤀匀䤀一䜀 一䔀䔀䐀匀 䌀伀一吀䄀䌀吀 ⠀㘀㐀㤀⤀ⴀ㌀㌀㤀ⴀ㔀㠀㜀㤀   漀爀   䔀䴀䄀䤀䰀㨀 猀甀渀䀀猀甀渀琀挀椀⸀挀漀洀 䄀昀昀漀爀搀愀戀氀攀 刀愀琀攀猀  簀  䠀椀最栀 瘀漀氀甀洀攀 琀爀愀昀昀椀挀  簀  刀攀氀椀愀戀氀攀  

Guyana welcomes American Airlines flights from the United States

American Airlines. The Guyana government Tuesday welcomed the decision of American Airlines to reinstitute flights to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country from December. “I am delighted that American Airlines will commence flying to Guyana in December. This will coincide with the launch of the newly expanded Cheddi Jagan International Airport and demonstrates a confidence in Destination Guyana not only as a desirable tourist destination but as an emerging oil economy as well,” said Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson. “The government has been working at various levels to provide more options to travellers to and from Guyana, to North America, with increased airlift, and American Airlines’ commitment to destination Guyana is a recognition of government’s work since coming into office in 2015,” he added. Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, noted that “this is good for tourism, good for business and good for Guyana.” He said only last week, the Antiguabased regional airline, LIAT, announced direct flights to Trinidad adding “this will give Guyanese and visitors to Guyana two additional travel options in this year alone”. American Airlines said that from December it would be expanding its presence in the region, with the addition of four new destinations including Guyana, Colombia, Argentina (COR) and Oaxaca in Mexico. The airline said tickets for the new four destinations will go on sale in April. “We’re creating a world-class customer experience and as the largest U.S. carrier in Mexico and South America, we are committed to offering more choices with the best schedules for our customers in the region,” said Vasu Raja, vice president, Network and Schedule Planning. “As we look to strengthen our network, we’re excited to add more nonstop flights to places like Buenos Aires, maximizing connections across our network,” he added.

OSPREY BEACH HOTEL Is seeking (1) Domestic worker & (1) Waitress To work 6 days a week For $6.25 per hour Please contact: 946-2666

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Video of police shooting unarmed black man sparks protests in Sacramento

Newly released video footage of police killing an unarmed black man in a barrage of gunfire in Sacramento, California, left the mayor “horrified” and sparked street protests on Thursday that gridlocked traffic in the state capital for hours. Police said the video, captured by body cameras worn by officers involved in Sunday night’s confrontation, showed the victim, Stephon Clark, 22, holding an object that later turned out to be a cell phone as he was shot 20 times. The video was released by police late on Wednesday and it soon went viral on the internet. Sunday’s shooting was the latest in a series of killings of unarmed black men by police across the United

Stated since 2014 that has sparked a national debate about racial bias in the criminal justice system and the use of lethal force. More than 200 demonstrators gathered on Thursday to denounce the shooting in a protest organized by the Black Lives Matter movement. The protests were orderly and police allowed a group of demonstrators to march onto Interstate 5 at the height of the commuter rush hour as they blocked all southbound lanes. Traffic was backed up on the highway, and through much of the downtown area, for hours. The crowd then marched on to the state capitol building before converging outside the Golden 1 Center basketball arena, preventing many

fans waiting to see a game between the Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks from getting in to the event. “It’s a loss of one night’s entertainment for me, but this family will feel this loss forever,” season ticket holder Frank Andersen, a 70-year-old retiree from Elk Grove, California, said as he walked with his wife to their car. The Kings later issued a statement asking those fans to return home and promising refunds for their tickets. Hours earlier, Mayor Darrell Steinberg told reporters he was appalled by video of the shooting. “Like any compassionate person, I was horrified by the death of a young Sacramento man who we later found out had two kids,” Steinberg

told a news conference. “What was my reaction? It was horrible.” Protesters marched into City Hall during the day shouting “It’s a phone, not a gun” and demanded to see the police chief. “I have four grandbabies who are black and I don’t want them taken,” said protester Tami Collins, 47, who is white. Sacramento police said the shooting stemmed from a report of someone breaking car windows in a residential area where officers later found three damaged vehicles. Police said the suspect was also seen from a helicopter shattering a glass door of a house before jumping a fence into a yard next door.

Doctors remove 30-pound tumor from man’s beer belly Kevin Daly was worried that even when he lost 34 pounds, his beer belly wasn’t going away. “I don’t even like beer,” he explained to the New York Daily News. “I was lean. I’m 6’3” and very athletic.” The financial planner shed the weight in 2015 after he had open-heart surgery, but he and his wife Rachelle were baffled when his stomach didn’t go down. The 63-year-old told the newspaper, “I thought they literally left stuffing and tools in me from “It’s one thing to see the picture. It’s another thing to actually have it in your hands,” Before/after: Doctors believe it took 10 to 15 years for the mass in Daly’s abdomen surgery.” to grow to the size it did. The 63-year old’s pot belly went down following surgery said Daly’s surgeon, Dr. Julio Teixeira It was Daly’s persistence that may have saved him. He convinced Dr. because patients may think they’ve Doctors believe it took 10 to 15 years The associate professor of Urology at Varinder Singh, at Manhattan’s Lenox gained weight, Memorial Sloan for the mass to grow to the size it did. NYU Langone Health added, “I remove Hill Hospital, to perform a CT scan, Kettering Cancer Center explains on Since the surgery, Daly’s retroperitoneal sarcomas several times despite the objections of his insurance its website. belly has gone and he said his organs a year. Most recently, a larger one in provider. “It was the largest tumor I’ve have returned to their usual position. 2014, which was over 20 pounds. It Doctors Successfully remove removed. It was a very challenging “Before the surgery, my left descending required removal of the spleen, adrenal 4-pound brain tumor, bigger than head operation,” Dr. Julio Teixeira, Daly’s colon was pushed under my sternum. I gland and the kidney. The patient is itself. surgeon, said in a statement. “Because could touch it through my skin to make alive and without disease.” The financial planner, from of the tumor size, there were organs my food digest.” According to the Mayo Clinic, Hoboken, N.J., was eventually out of position.” For more perspective on it’s not clear what causes the rare diagnosed with liposarcoma — a rare “It’s one thing to see the picture. It’s liposarcomas, Dr. William Huang told cancer, except that liposarcomas cancer that develops in the fat cells of another thing to actually have it in Fox News, “As they grow, they initially form when a fat cell develops errors soft tissue. your hands,” he said. displace or push away neighboring (mutations) in its genetic code and Typically, patients can gain He said the tumor was nearly organs. However, once they reach a grows into abnormal cells that form a 10 to 20 pounds because some tumors triple the size the surgical team size that results in compression or mass. can be very large, but a tumor in the expected it to be, and that it had involvement of adjacent organs, then abdomen may be tough to diagnose wrapped around one of Daly’s kidneys. they can cause discomfort or symptoms.”

Texas executes ‘suitcase killer’ for murder of prostitute Texas executed a man on Tuesday who was convicted of murder for suffocating a prostitute, placing her lifeless body in a suitcase and tossing it into a garbage dumpster in 2005. Rosendo Rodriguez, who turned 38 on Monday, was put to death by lethal injection at the state’s death chamber in Huntsville, a prisons official said. The execution was the seventh this year in the United States and the fourth in Texas, which has executed more inmates than any state since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Attorneys for Rodriguez had filed a last-ditch appeal to spare his life, seeking judicial review after they questioned the integrity and findings of medical examiners in Lubbock relating

to the autopsy on the victim, Summer “the suitcase killer” was arrested and Baldwin, 29. The U.S. Supreme Court confessed to police, prosecutors said. denied the appeal less than an hour In his last statement, he offered thanks before the planned execution. to prison staff and said the lives of his Texas argued the exact cause fellow death row inmates are worth of Baldwin’s death as determined by knowing about. “Today is the day I join my a medical examiner does not mitigate the fact that Rodriguez’s actions God and father. The state may have directly led to her death. my body but not my soul,” Rodriguez The body of Baldwin, was quoted as saying by the Texas described by the Texas Court of Department of Criminal Justice. “Lastly, I want everyone to Criminal Appeals as “a drug-addicted prostitute,” was found in a suitcase boycott every single business in the in a Lubbock landfill in September state of Texas until all the businesses 2005. A police investigation found the are pressed to stop the death penalty,” suitcase had been recently purchased he was quoted as saying. In a police statement admitted and paid for by a debit card belonging to Rodriguez, court papers showed. at trial, Rodriguez said he had sexual Baldwin’s blood was later intercourse with the victim and placed found in a hotel room where Rodriguez her in a choke-hold until she lost had stayed. Rodriguez, later dubbed consciousness and had no pulse. He

Texas death row inmate Rosendo Rodriguez appears in a booking photo provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, March 27, 2018 then purchased the suitcase, stuffed Baldwin inside and threw the suitcase into a dumpster, prosecutors said.

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Texas serial bomber made video confession before blowing himself up The serial bomber whose of Texas,” Travis County District deadly attacks terrorized Austin, Attorney Margaret Moore told Texas, for weeks left a 25-minute reporters. video “confession” on a cell phone Residents in Austin, a city found after he blew himself up on of 1 million people and a liberal Wednesday as officers closed in to enclave of university students and make an arrest, police said. tech companies, voiced relief that Mark Conditt, 23, an the hunt for the serial bomber was unemployed man from the suburb over. of Pflugerville, detailed how he “I am going to be leery and made all seven bombs that have extra careful tomorrow at work, been accounted for - five that but I feel relieved now,” said Jesus exploded, one that was recovered Borjon, 44, an employee of parcel before it went off and a seventh delivery firm UPS, who lives in that he detonated as officers Pflugerville. rushed his vehicle early on Austin was hosting thousands of Wednesday. out-of-town visitors for its annual But the video failed to South by Southwest festival of reveal a coherent motive for the music, film and technology when attacks spread over the past three Texas blast suspect Mark Anthony the first bombings occurred. Conditt weeks, police said. The trail of clues leading “He does not at all and addresses singled out as hundreds of investigators to the mention anything about terrorism, recipients of the bombs that were serial bomber ranged from store nor does he mention anything planted or shipped, Manley said. receipts and fragments of boobyabout hate, but instead it is the Police previously said trapped packages to surveillance outcry of a very challenged young they had considered the possibility video of the suspect in a hat and man, talking about challenges in that the attacks were racially wig. his personal life,” Austin Police motivated, noting that the first Experts scoured the Chief Brian Manley told reporters. several victims, including the two suspect’s home for further “I would classify this as a who died, were either African- evidence on Wednesday, removing confession,” Manley said. American or Hispanic. explosive materials and bomb Conditt, who had never Conditt likely recorded the components. before been in trouble with the law, video between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. “I wouldn’t call it a killed two people and wounded on Tuesday. According to Manley, bomb-making factory, but there’s five with a campaign of violence Conditt said he believed police definitely components consistent that began on March 2, authorities “were getting very close to him,” with what we’ve seen in all these said. and he was right. Authorities filed other devices,” Fred Milanowski, Based on their search of a criminal complaint and issued special agent in charge of Houston the suspect’s home and his video an arrest warrant around that office of the Bureau of Alcohol, statement, authorities said they time. Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, felt confident that there were no By Wednesday morning, told reporters. other bombs and that the public police had tracked Conditt to Investigators evacuated a was safe from further harm. a hotel and were waiting for four-block radius around Conditt’s FBI special agent the arrival of tactical units and house while they searched the Christopher Combs said equipment before they planned to home, which Conditt shared with investigators believe the suspect make an arrest, Manley said. But two roommates who had been would have continued his attacks then Conditt drove away. detained for questioning. Conditt had he not been apprehended. Police followed and moved in a year ago after leaving Police recovered a “target decided to stop him before he his parents’ home about a mile (1.6 list” of addresses for future got on the highway. Just as km) away, public records showed. bombings, the Los Angeles officers approached the vehicle, One law enforcement Times reported, citing U.S. the explosion went off, Manley official involved in the Representative Michael McCaul of said. There was also some police investigation but speaking on Texas, the Republican chairman shooting. condition of anonymity told of the House Homeland Security “This can never be called Reuters that some of the materials Committee. a happy ending, but it’s a damn found in remnants of the bombs Even so, the video gave no good one for the people of this were traced back to where they explanation for the individuals community, the people of the state had been sold.

UK royal wedding cake to be made by London-based California baker Britain’s Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle have chosen an east London bakery to make a lemon elderflower cake for their wedding in May, his office said on Tuesday. Harry and U.S. actress Markle will be married at his grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor Castle home and picked Claire Ptak, who runs Violet Bakery, to bake the cake. “It will be covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers,” Kensington Palace said in a statement. “They are very much looking forward to sharing this cake with their wedding guests on May 19th.” Ptak is originally from California and worked at Chez Panisse in Berkeley under chef Alice Waters before moving to London. She started her own business by cooking at home and selling cakes at a stall on east

Claire Ptak, owner of Violet Bakery in Hackney, east London, who has been chosen to make the cake for the wedding in May of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle poses for a portrait in London, Britain March 20, 2018 London’s Broadway Market. She set up Violet Bakery in 2010. “I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be chosen to make Prince Harry and Ms. Markle’s wedding cake,” Ptak said in a statement.

“Knowing that they really share the same values as I do about food provenance, sustainability, seasonality and most importantly flavor, makes this the most exciting event to be a part of.”

Alton Sterling

Louisiana will not charge police in Alton Sterling shooting Louisiana will not charge two white police officers who in 2016 fatally shot Alton Sterling, one of series of black men slain by police that sparked protests across the United States, because evidence showed their actions were justified, a state official said on Tuesday. Sterling’s death in Baton Rouge helped fuel the Black Lives Matter movement and inflamed a national debate over racial bias in U.S. policing. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, said Baton Rouge officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake had good reason to believe Sterling, 37, was armed with a gun and was resisting arrest. “Our investigation has concluded that officers Lake and Salamoni attempted to make a lawful arrest of Alton Sterling based upon probable cause,” Landry told a news conference. Civil rights activists contend the officers escalated tensions during the arrest in a convenience store parking lot, turning it into a deadly encounter. “He was murdered by two white racist police officers. He was murdered like an animal,” Sterling’s aunt, Veda Washington-Abusaleh, told reporters in video posted on social media by local media. Landry told reporters the two Baton Rouge officers gave verbal instructions and tried non-lethal methods to subdue Sterling, who did not comply. Sterling was shot outside the store on July 5, 2016, after a resident reported he had been threatened by a black man selling CDs. Police said Sterling was trying to pull a loaded gun out of his pocket when Salamoni opened fire. “There was never any criminal activity here. It was an unfortunate situation but it was a justified shooting,” John McLindon, an attorney for Salamoni, said in a telephone interview. L. Chris Stewart, an Atlanta-based lawyer representing Sterlings’ relatives, said the family was disappointed by the decision. “This case did not even go to a grand jury, which would have allowed the citizens of Baton Rouge to decide this. It takes courage and we just didn’t see that in this situation,” he said in a telephone interview. In June 2017, Sterling’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, alleging a history of excessive-force and racism toward African-Americans. Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said state prosecutors had followed the law in evaluating the case. He supported calls for the Baton Rouge Police Department to conduct a review to determine if disciplinary action should be taken. “We owe this final review to the Baton Rouge community and the Sterling family,” he said in a statement. The two officers are on paid administrative leave, Salamoni’s lawyer said. The Sterling shooting prompted nationwide protests, including a demonstration two days later in Dallas where five law enforcement officers were fatally shot by an African-American ex-serviceman.

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Porn star sues Trump’s personal lawyer for defamation

Stormy Daniels sued Donald Daniels’ “60 Minutes” Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen on appearance also drew a denial from the Monday for defamation, according to president’s personal lawyer, Michael court documents, escalating a legal Cohen, that he was involved in the battle between the American president alleged threat of violence against her. and the porn star that the White House Daniels originally sued Trump was struggling to contain. on March 6, saying he never signed Daniels, whose real name is an agreement for her to stay silent Stephanie Clifford, made the claim about what she called their “intimate” a day after her widely watched TV relationship. Monday’s filing in U.S. interview on “60 Minutes” on CBS. District Court in Los Angeles amended Daniels said she was threatened with the original lawsuit to say Daniels was violence to keep quiet about her alleged defamed. 2006 tryst with Trump. Her attorney, Michael At the White House, a Avenatti, said Cohen “meant to convey spokesman in a briefing with reporters that Ms. Clifford is a liar, someone who cast aspersions on her account. The should not be trusted, and that her White House has denied allegations claims about her relationship with Mr. that Trump had a sexual relationship Trump” were not true. with Daniels. Daniels’ defamation allegation CBS Corp said the show drew was based on a Feb. 13 statement by its biggest audience in more than eight Cohen that she said hurt her reputation. years, with 21.3 million Americans The latest filing also said tuning in, more than double the $130,000 Cohen paid Daniels in October previous week’s edition of “60 Minutes.” 2016 just before the presidential Presidential spokesman Raj election to secure her silence amounted Shah told the briefing, “The president to an illegal campaign contribution, doesn’t believe any of the claims Ms. and that the agreement should be Daniels made in the interview last declared void. night were accurate.” Cohen has said he paid Daniels Asked if Trump believed out of his own pocket, but has not Daniels was threatened, Shah said, explained why or if Trump was aware “No, he does not. ... There’s nothing to of the payment. corroborate her claim.” In filings with the Justice

Department and Federal Election demanded a retraction and an apology. Commission, watchdog groups have A copy of the letter was seen by Reuters said the $130,000 may have exceeded on Monday. campaign contribution limits, violating The letter said, “Mr. Cohen U.S. law. Cohen has denied this. had absolutely nothing whatsoever to California attorney Michael do with any such person or incident, Overing, who specializes in defamation and does not even believe that any such law, said it would be difficult for person exists, or that such incident Daniels to prevail on her defamation ever occurred.” claim because she is a public figure. Daniels said the threat of To prove libel, she would have harm was made by a stranger in a Las to show that a false statement was Vegas parking lot in 2011. made with either reckless or purposeful Avenatti said on NBC on disregard for the truth, Overing said. Monday that the man who threatened Trump attorney Cohen’s denial her while she was with her infant of involvement in the alleged threat daughter was not Cohen, but “had to be against Daniels came in a “cease-and- someone that is related to Mr. Trump desist” letter sent to Avenatti shortly or Mr. Cohen.” after “60 Minutes” aired that

Haiti installs new high command for planned 5,000-strong army

Rapper DMX sentenced to one year in prison for tax fraud

Haitian President Jovenel Moise and Chief of the army’s high command Jodel Lessage during a meeting at the Defence Ministry during the establishment of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Haitian Armed Forces (FAD’H) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, March 27, 2018. Haiti’s president on Tuesday installed a seven-member high command for the new army, pledging that the force due to have 5,000 soldiers will help the impoverished Caribbean nation recover from natural disasters and rebuild infrastructure. The country’s army was disbanded in 1995 by then-president Jean-Bertrand Aristide after he returned to power following a coup, leaving the national police responsible for security. The military’s return has been a divisive topic in a country still suffering from a catastrophic earthquake and a fierce hurricane in recent years. Critics express concern the armed forces would meddle in politics and plunder vital resources. However, President Jovenel Moise said on Tuesday the new army will respect the rule of law and serve the people. “We know the military we had left a lot of bad memories in the minds of many Haitians, but this army will be different,” Moise told Reuters after a

meeting officers at the headquarters of the army across the street from the presidential palace. Moise said the army would build roads, bridges, water dams, respond to natural disasters and promote economic development. Lieutenant General Jodel Lessage has been named as acting commander in chief, with Brigadier General Sadrac Saintil, and five colonels - Jonas Jean, Jean-Robert Gabriel, Derby Guerrier, Joseph Jacques Thomas, and Fontane Beaubien - holding the remaining posts in the high command. At present, the army consists of 150 soldiers and technical officers, trained in Ecuador, Defense Minister Herve Denis said. Eventually, the army would reach 5,000 soldiers, Denis told Reuters, saying he would travel to other countries to seek cooperation for developing Haiti’s military. He declined to name the countries. Initially, authorities plan to recruit 500 soldiers for the armed forces, officials say.

Stormy Daniels during her interview with 60 minutes

Rap artist and actor DMX was sentenced to one year in prison on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty in a federal case accusing him of dodging $1.7 million in taxes. DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan. He pleaded guilty to one count of tax fraud in November. Rakoff said he believed Simmons was “a good man” and that the sentence should be modest, explaining why he gave less than the five years sought by prosecutors. Nonetheless, the judge said, “It cannot go unpunished.” Before being sentenced, Simmons said he was sorry for having Earl Simmons, also known as the rapper failed to pay taxes. His lawyer also DMX, exits the U.S. Federal Court in played part of Simmons’ 1998 song Manhattan following his presentment “Slippin’” in the courtroom, describing on income tax evasion charges in New York City, U.S., July 14, 2017 difficulties he has faced. “They put me in a situation taxes for years by living a cash-only forcing me to be a man/ When I was lifestyle, depositing royalty checks in just learning to stand without a various bank accounts belonging to helping hand,” Simmons raps in the other people. When he pleaded guilty, song. Simmons said that those accounts His lawyers had argued in were held by multiple managers, court filings that a difficult upbringing his ex-wife and one of his children’s left Simmons unprepared to deal with mothers. the responsibility that came with Simmons has 15 children by financial success. multiple women. Prosecutors said he avoided Before the tax charges, taxes between 2000 to 2005 by shifting Simmons had an arrest record money among accounts belonging including charges of animal cruelty, to managers and associates, hiding reckless driving, drug possession, millions of dollars he earned from hit weapons possession and probation songs, including “X Gon’ Give it to Ya” violations. He has had several felony and “Where the Hood At.” convictions and served prison time in Simmons, 47, was arrested Arizona. in July. He has been in jail since Along with his rap career, January, when Rakoff revoked his Simmons has starred in such films bail after he failed a drug test and as the 1998 crime drama “Belly,” the traveled to St. Louis without a court- 2000 action movie “Romeo Must Die” mandated drug counselor. and the 2003 heist film “Cradle 2 The Prosecutors said Simmons avoided Grave.”

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China says North Korea’s Kim pledged commitment to denuclearization

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledged his commitment to denuclearization and to meet U.S. officials, China said on Wednesday after his meeting with President Xi Jinping, who promised China would uphold friendship with its isolated neighbor. After two days of speculation, China and North Korea both confirmed that Kim had traveled to Beijing and met Xi during what China called an unofficial visit from Sunday to Wednesday. The visit was Kim’s first known trip outside North Korea since he assumed power in 2011 and is believed by analysts to serve as preparation for upcoming summits with South Korea and the United States. North Korea’s KCNA news agency made no mention of Kim’s pledge to denuclearize, or his anticipated meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump that is planned for some time in May. China has traditionally been secretive North Korea’s closest ally but ties have been frayed by its pursuit of nuclear weapons and China’s backing of tough U.N. sanctions in response. China’s Foreign Ministry cited Kim in a lengthy statement as telling Xi the situation on the Korean peninsula was starting to improve because North Korea had taken the initiative to ease tension and put forward proposals for talks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, in this picture released to Reuters on March 28, 2018 “It is our consistent stand to be committed to denuclearization on the peninsula, in accordance with the will of late President Kim Il Sung and late General Secretary Kim Jong Il,” Kim Jong Un said, according to the ministry. North Korea was willing to talk with the United States and hold a summit between the two countries, he said. “The issue of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula can be resolved, if South Korea and the United States respond to our efforts with goodwill, create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the

realization of peace,” Kim said. Kim Jong Un’s predecessors, grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il, both promised not to pursue nuclear weapons but secretly maintained programs to develop them, culminating in the North’s first nuclear test in 2006 under Kim Jong Il. The North had said in previous, failed talks aimed at dismantling its nuclear program it could consider giving up its arsenal if the United States removed its troops from South Korea and withdrew its socalled nuclear umbrella of deterrence from South Korea and Japan. Many analysts and former negotiators believe this still

Parliament must have power to stop ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Britain’s opposition Labour Party on Monday demanded that parliament have the final say on the government’s Brexit deal, including an option to send ministers back to the negotiating table rather than leave without an exit agreement. After reaching a deal last week on a transitional period lasting until the end of 2020, Prime Minister Theresa May’s team must now negotiate Britain’s long-term trading arrangements with the European Union - perhaps the hardest stage yet in the complicated divorce talks. The government has promised to put that final deal to parliament for approval, but has made clear the choice is either to accept the exit agreement, or leave without a deal. On Monday, Labour’s Brexit policy chief Keir Starmer called for a different approach. “If Parliament rejects the terms of the Prime Minister’s deal that would not give her licence to crash out without an agreement. Far from it: that would be the worst of all possible worlds,” he said in a speech in Birmingham. In a separate speech, former Labour prime minister Tony Blair, whose centrist views are at odds with the current leftwing leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, will urge parliament to go further and insist on a referendum on accepting the deal.

The government argues that leaving open the possibility of more talks means that EU negotiators won’t give Britain the best deal possible during the current negotiations. The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill has tested May’s ability to rule, as her Conservatives remain divided on the best approach to Brexit and she is dependent on support from a small party in the province of Northern Ireland for a majority. In December she was defeated in parliament when 11 members of her party said her The leader of Britain’s opposition promise of a vote on the final deal Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, delivers had to be guaranteed in law. a speech at the official launch of Labour’s own internal Labour’s local election campaign in divisions on Brexit were exposed Manchester, Britain, March 22, 2018 on Friday when Corbyn sacked A so-called ‘No Deal’ exit his shadow Northern Ireland would likely cause upheaval on minister after he called for a financial markets, throw cross- second referendum on Brexit. border trade into confusion, and Later on Monday, Blair spark a political crisis in the will argue that the government world’s sixth largest economy. will fudge the terms of its final Labour will seek to give deal to ensure Britain actually parliament more options — leaves the bloc. including a return to Brussels for “Basically, we will have fresh talks — by amending the to take what we are given. By the legislation that will end Britain’s end of 2020, the transition will EU membership on March 29, end. The cliff edge will beckon. 2019. We can navigate a harder or “The amendment will easier descent; but retreat will be make clear that - should the prime impossible,” he will say. minister’s proposed Article 50 Blair has made several deal be defeated – it would then interventions seeking to build be for parliament to say what support for reversing Brexit, happens next, not the executive,” saying it will be regretted for Starmer said. generations.

constitutes North Korea’s stance and remain deeply skeptical Kim is willing to give up the weapons his family has been developing for decades. At first wrapped in secrecy, the announcement of Kim Jong Un’s visit soon became the third-most discussed topic on China’s Weibo microblogging site, although many state media outlets blocked their comments sections. Widely read Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times praised the meeting as proving naysayers wrong about Beijing-Pyongyang relations. “China and North Korea maintaining their friendly relations provides a positive force for the whole region and promotes strategic stability in northeast Asia,” it said in an editorial. Kim’s appearance in Beijing involved almost all the trappings of a state visit, complete with an honor guard and banquet at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. Kim and Xi also met at the Diaoyutai State Guest House, where Kim Il Sung planted a tree in 1959 that still stands. State television showed pictures of the two men chatting and Kim’s wife, Ri Sol Ju, getting a warm welcome from Xi’s wife, Peng Liyuan. China briefed Trump on Kim’s visit and the communication included a personal message from Xi to Trump, the White House said in a statement.

Heineken pulls beer ad after Chance the Rapper complains of racism Beer maker Heineken (HEIN.AS) said on Tuesday it had withdrawn an ad for a calorie-light beer after musician Chance the Rapper called the commercial “terribly racist.” In the latest example of a company misjudging its marketing, Heineken said it was pulling the video ad for Heineken Light from all global markets. “While we feel the ad is referencing our Heineken Light beer, we missed the mark, are taking the feedback to heart and will use this to influence future campaigns,” the company said in a statement. The video commercial, with the tagline “Sometimes, Lighter is Better” showed a bartender sliding a bottle of Heineken Light past a number of people of color, before it reaches a light-skinned woman. The decision to withdraw followed Twitter comments by Chicago-born Chance the Rapper that gained a wide social media following. “I think some companies are purposely putting out noticably racist ads so they can get more views. “I gotta just say tho. The “sometimes lighter is better” Heineken commercial is terribly racist omg,” the Grammy-winning singer tweeted on Sunday. The “Coloring Book” singer said he was not advocating a boycott, adding “im just noticing how often it happens.” Heineken said in its statement that it had a long and “positive track record for creating marketing that shows there’s more that unites us than divides us.” It says its Heineken Light beer has just 99 calories. Several companies have suffered accusations of racism in recent advertising. In January, fashion company H&M apologized for a poster that showed a black child modeling a hoodie that had the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” on the front.

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018



Facebook’s Zuckerberg to testify before Congress

Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg plans to testify before U.S. Congress, a source briefed on the matter said on Tuesday, as he bows to pressure from lawmakers insisting he explain how 50 million users’ data ended up in the hands of a political consultancy. Lawmakers in the United States and Europe are demanding to know more about the company’s privacy practices after a whistleblower said consultancy Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed data to target U.S. and British voters in close-run elections. Facebook said the company had received invitations to testify before Congress and that they were talking to legislators. Facebook shares closed down 4.9 percent on Tuesday and have fallen almost 18 percent since March 16, when Facebook first acknowledged that user data had been improperly channeled to Cambridge Analytica, which was hired by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The tech sector is down 5.2 percent for March and on track for its worst month since April 2016. The data breach has raised investor concerns that any failure by big tech companies to protect privacy could deter advertisers and lead to tougher regulation. House Energy and Commerce Committee spokeswoman Elena Hernandez said “The committee is continuing to work with Facebook to determine a day and time for Mr. Zuckerberg to testify”. On the same day, Zuckerberg turned down British lawmakers’ invitations to explain to a British parliamentary committee what went wrong.

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The company said it would advertisements in British and instead send one of his deputies, U.S. newspapers this week suggesting that Chief Technology Zuckerberg said the app built by Officer Mike Schroepfer or Chief a university researcher “leaked Product Officer Chris Cox had the Facebook data of millions of expertise to answer questions on people in 2014”. the complex subject. He apologized last week The head of the for the mistakes the company committee called Zuckerberg’s had made and promised to decision “astonishing” and urged restrict developers’ access to user him to think again. information as part of a plan to Christopher Wylie, the protect privacy. whistleblower who once worked The U.S. Senate Judiciary at Cambridge Analytica, said on Committee said on Monday it Monday that Canadian company had invited Zuckerberg, as well AggregateIQ had developed the as the CEOs of Alphabet Inc and software that used the algorithms Twitter Inc to testify at an April from the Facebook data to target 10 hearing on data privacy. Republican voters in the 2016 The U.S. House Energy U.S. election. and Commerce Committee AggregateIQ did not and U.S. Senate Commerce immediately respond to a request Committee had already formally for comment on Wylie’s remarks. asked Zuckerberg to appear at a Cambridge Analytica said it had congressional hearing. not shared any of the Facebook The U.S. Federal Trade profile data with AggregateIQ. Commission took the unusual step Cambridge Analytica of announcing on Monday that it has said it did not use Facebook had opened an investigation into data in Trump’s campaign, and the company - which it generally that it had deleted all Facebook only does in cases of great data it obtained from a third- public interest - citing media party app in 2014 after learning reports that raise what it called the information did not adhere to “substantial concerns about the data protection rules. privacy practices of Facebook.” In full-page

Trump escalates attack on Amazon, slams it on taxes, shipping U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday blasted Inc with a list of complaints, a day after news website Axios reported that Trump wants to curb the mega retailer’s growing power using federal antitrust laws and led its shares to fall almost 5 percent. “I have stated my concerns with Amazon long before the Election. Unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments, use our Postal System as their Delivery Boy (causing tremendous loss to the U.S.), and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business!” Trump said in a post on Twitter early on Thursday. Amazon founder and chairman, Jeff Bezos, also privately owns the Washington Post, which won a Pulitzer Prize last year for its investigation of Trump’s donations to charities. The probe found that many of Trump’s philanthropic claims were exaggerated and often were not charitable donations. Still, White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah shot down the notion that Trump’s criticism was part of a personal grudge. “A lot of people have made this, with respect to Amazon, about personalities and the CEO at Amazon - we’re talking about Jeff Bezos here,” he said on Thursday on the Fox News Channel. “It’s really about policy.” Shah reiterated that Trump was not making specific policy changes. “There are a number of proposals that have worked their ways through the House and the Senate or have been considered by the House and the Senate. He’d be supportive of such efforts,” he said. Trump’s claims about Amazon’s state and local tax payments have been met with skepticism. While the company was once criticized for attempting to skirt state sales taxes, it currently has a reputation as a leader in collecting the levies, which can vary from state to state. Legally pursuing Amazon could affect more than its share price, which was largely steady after Trump’s tweet. Amazon is currently in the process of establishing a $5 billion second headquarters which could bring 50,000 new jobs to the location it selects. In January, it winnowed the list of possible locations down to 20 metropolitan areas. Apart from nationwide goods deliveries, Amazon’s services include video streaming, a digital home assistant known as Alexa, and an online payments program.

NBA leaps on esports bandwagon with new league The inexorable advance Am mode before January this travel and food costs. NBA Commissioner of esports will break new ground year. Of the tens of thousands next month when the NBA who participated, the top 102 Adam Silver has kept one eye becomes the first American ranked players will take part to on online gaming with good professional sports organization the opening round of games in reason - there are an estimated May. 130 million competitive gamers to operate an esports league. Seventeen of the 30 The financial package of the who also watch gaming online, NBA franchises have confirmed NBA 2K League indicates how and esports is a huge growth they will own NBA 2K League seriously it is being taken - first- market currently worth one teams and the Draft Pick takes round picks will pocket $35,000 billion dollars a year globally. for a six-month contract while Lucrative tournaments place in New York on April 4. To be eligible for other players will be paid are springing up across the world and professional teams consideration for the new league, $32,000 basic. which will provide $1 million in Like their real-world compete for huge prize money prize money, players must be counterparts, the players will in front of millions of mainly over 18 and have purchased a be allowed to sign endorsement young viewers online. “We believe we have a copy of the game for their Xbox deals and will receive paid or Playstation. housing and relocation unique opportunity to develop They also need to have expenses. Every gamer will something truly special for our graduated from high school and also get medical insurance and fans and the young and growing have won 50 games in the Pro- a retirement plan along with esports community,” Silver said.

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


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Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘It’s Not True That the iPhone is Not Made in the United States’ On the topic of job creation “It’s not true that the iPhone is in the U.S. are shipped abroad, with and automation, Cook said that it’s not made in the United States,” Apple devices assembled by suppliers like important to “get comfortable” with CEO Tim Cook said this morning Foxconn and Pegatron in China. “the notion that education is lifelong.” Cook said “political pressure” in an interview with Recode’s Kara Jobs, he says, will be “cannibalized Swisher and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in doesn’t push Apple to add U.S. jobs, as over time and replaced by others.” a response to criticism about its ties to it’s something the company is already Continuously learning is important, doing. As Cook often says, Apple could China and other countries. which is why Apple puts such a focus “We have always made the “only have been created in the United on teaching students of all ages to parts here,” Cook said. “People just States,” and Apple wants to give back. code. “The jobs of tomorrow are heavily look at where the final product is “Businesses should be more than just software based,” he said. assembled.” In a global world, he building revenues and profits,” Cook “There’s an element of what explained, manufacturing and said. “They should be building people.” each of us do, which will be automated “We know that Apple could assembly needs to be done in a variety over time. That’s not bad. But we need only have been created in the United of places. to think about training for the jobs As Cook has said multiple times States. We know that. This company for tomorrow, which will be softwarein the past, key iPhone components are would not have flourished in any other based.” manufactured in the United States. country in the world. We love this He said he does not believe the Display glass for the iPhone and iPad, country. We are patriots. This is our narrative around “doom and gloom” is made by U.S. manufacturer Corning, country and we want to create as many correct, but he does believe government comes from Kentucky. The Face ID jobs as we can in the U.S. We don’t Apple CEO, Tim Cook and businesses need to work together module for the iPhone X comes from need any political pressure for that.” Texas. Various chips for Apple devices Apple in January outlined Apple has established an Advanced on job retraining and creation for are also built in the United States, a five-year plan to contribute $350 Manufacturing Fund, for example, to industries that are being automated. according to Cook, as is equipment for billion to the U.S. economy through invest in U.S. manufacturing. Apple “We should not all sit around waiting job creation, existing investments and has thus far invested $200 million in for government to tell us what to do,” manufacturing the iPhone. he said. Corning and $390 million in Finisar. Components manufactured manufacturing, and new investments.

SUVs to steal the New York International Auto Show Yes, there will be a few cars, but SUVs will capture most of the headlines at this year’s New York International Auto Show. Automakers will be shoring up gaps in their SUV lineups and revamping models that already are popular in the hottest-selling part of the U.S. market. Leading the way is Toyota with an all-new RAV4 compact SUV, which last year was the most popular vehicle in the U.S. that isn’t a truck. There are also new SUVs coming from Subaru, Volkswagen, Acura, Cadillac and Lincoln. There won’t be many cars. Nissan will show off a redesigned Altima midsize sedan, while Toyota will roll out a new Corolla hatchback. Kia will unveil a new K900 big luxury sedan, among others. But SUVs, which hit a record 43 percent of U.S. sales last year at just over 7.3 million, according to Kelley Blue Book, will steal the show. Here are some wheels to watch:

A five-passenger SUC concept is unveiled by Voltswagen at the New York Auto Show and starts at $35,790 including that the company says will give it shipping. better handling and a smoother ride. It’s also slightly wider and VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS a little lower. New looks are CROSS SPORT CONCEPT more chiseled and athletic, and the distance between the wheels Volkswagen broadens grows by 1.2 inches for more its growing SUV lineup with a passenger and cargo space. It five-seat version of the three- comes standard with Toyota’s row Atlas. The company calls the safety system that includes Atlas Cross Sport a concept, but automatic emergency braking. it’s almost ready to be built at It’s powered by a 2.5-liter fourthe automaker’s U.S. factory in cylinder engine and an eightChattanooga, Tennessee. The new speed transmission, or a 2.5-liter version is 7.5 inches shorter than gas-electric hybrid system the seven-seat Atlas. The concept with a continuously variable is powered by a 355-horsepower transmission. Horsepower, gas plug-in hybrid system with a V6 mileage and price weren’t released. CADILLAC XT4 gasoline engine and a battery that The new RAV hits showrooms in can take it 26 miles on electric the fall. The compact SUV is now power. The hybrid concept can go the largest part of the U.S. market, from zero to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, LINCOLN AVIATOR and Cadillac hasn’t had a product VW says. There’s also a “mild to offer — until now. The General hybrid” with 310-horsepower from Ford’s luxury brand Motors luxury brand rolled out a V6 and a smaller hybrid battery. finally gets an Explorer-like the new XT4 SUV at a pre-show The SUV is due in showrooms midsize SUV with three rows of event in New York Tuesday sometime next year. Mileage and seats to compete in the hot luxury night. It’s built on underpinnings price were not announced. SUV market. The company was specifically designed for the to unveil the Aviator Wednesday. Cadillac brand and comes with TOYOTA RAV4 Few details were given, except sculpted looks and an interior that it will have a twin-turbo that Cadillac says is luxurious Toyota sold almost engine of undisclosed size as well and spacious. The company says 408,000 RAV4 compact SUVs last as a plug-in hybrid option. Ford it will have segment-leading back- year, making it the new American says it will have tapered lines seat legroom. It’s powered by a 237 family car and the top-selling and a roomy interior. It also gets horsepower 2-liter turbocharged vehicle in the nation aside from standard safety features such as four-cylinder engine with a nine- Detroit’s popular big pickups. In automatic emergency braking speed automatic transmission an effort to stay on top, Toyota is and can be opened and started that will get an estimated 30 revamping the RAV for the 2019 with a smart phone. The Aviator miles per gallon on the highway. model year. The fifth-generation goes on sale sometime next year. The XT4 is available in the fall comes on all-new underpinnings The price wasn’t disclosed.

Atlanta still grappling with widespread computer hack Atlanta is still struggling with its ability to collect online payments of bills and fees, officials said on Monday, four days after a ransomware attack snarled the computer system of Georgia’s capital city. Hackers caused outages of services offered through the city’s website and broader computer system while demanding a ransom of $51,000 paid in bitcoin to unlock the system. “This is much bigger than a ransomware attack, this really is an attack on our government,” Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told a news conference. “We are dealing with a (cyber) hostage situation.” She did not say whether Atlanta would pay the ransom. Atlanta officials said they have determined the hackers’ identity but declined to elaborate. City representatives were not immediately available for further comment. Bottoms said only that the hackers entered the city’s digital system remotely as opposed having had internal access. Ransomware is a type of malware that infects computers or computer networks and then freezes them, with the attackers demanding a ransom in order to restore services. The initial assault often comes via a phishing link that someone within the network opens on their email. As the disruption in Atlanta persists, the city is losing out financially, Bottoms told an earlier news conference on Friday. It was unclear how much it stands to lose or when the city expects to get its computer system fully operational again.

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IS INTERVIEWING FOR: BEACH POSITIONS Join a relaxed and friendly 35 team workforce and enjoy one of the highest wage and bonus packages on the island. Our 98room resort popularity and occupancy is growing year after year resulting inhighdistribution of service chargesand NOSlOW SEASON LAYOFFS Requirements: Candidates Must have strong English communication skills and Valid Driver’s License Resumes can be dropped off at hotel or emailed to Salary Commensurate with Qualification &Experience

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018

CAICOS OIL LTD. SOUTH DOCK ROAD, PROVIDENCIALES TEL: (649) 941-7872 / 941-7873 FAX: (649) 941-7874 POSITION:

WELDER Full time position required for the repairs and maintenance of chassis and repairs to truck as necessary. This position requires also some mechanic experience. A commercial drivers license is a plus. You may be required to work outside of the welding experience.

WAGES/SALARY: $11.00 per hour Interested persons should submit their resume along with a cover letter to the following: The Manager Caicos Oil Ltd., P.O. Box 653, South Dock Road, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands The deadline for receipt of all applications is April 30th, 2018

Mission Statement and Guiding Principles through planning, scheduling, controlling project costs, and utilizing other available resources REQUIREMENTS: •Minimum of 5 years of project management experience including the management of contractors, engineers and architects •Must have CAPEX/MRO procurement experience of minimum 10 yrs. with excellent communication skills •Understanding and Experience of Strata Management •Diploma in International Hospitality Management •Computer Literacy ( Microsoft, CAD, OPERA) DATE OPEN: March 26, 2018START DATE: March 26, 2018 •Strong communication and organizational skills •Positive & pro-active attitude POSITION: Group Manager of Construction •References from previous employer a must Full time. Weekend and holiday work may be required. RESPONSIBILITIES: Qualified Islanders and Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: $48,000 - $55,000 per annum •Act as Owner’s direct liaison between Hotels, third-party Condominium owners and local construction firms •Act as liaison between Ownership and Design Professionals such as DATE OPEN: March 26, 2018 START DATE: ASAP Architects, Interior Designers and Engineer(s), General Contractor(s), Vendor(s), Government Offices and utilities POSITION: Cooks (2) •Planning and managing all capital expenditure projects as decided by the hotel ownership. Job Overview: A Line Cook’s major responsibility is to prepare food, help •Manage the project budget and schedule including the respective tasks the kitchen workers in the preparation of food items and set up allocated and activities on behalf of the Owner. Coordinate, attend and stations for menu, as instructed by Chef and compliant with standards. participate They also arrange, prepare and break down the stations while maintaining in all required pre-construction meetings on behalf of the Owner the uppermost hygienic standards. Shifts vary. Full time. Weekend and •Perform Design Development reviews in conjunction with and on holiday work may be required. behalf of the Owner. Insure that the contract documents are prepared and This position is currently held by an expatriate worker completed in compliance with Owner’s expectations. Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the •Prepare and present electronic project management reports, budgets, Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 cash flow forecasts and cost reports to the Owner utilizing photographs, Salary Range:$9.50 - $14.00 per hour schedules and other relevant documentation. •Coordinate and Supervise construction draw inspections and working together with the Group Director of Finance to ensure budget Interested persons can contact our Human Resources compliance Department no later than April 20, 2018 •Negotiating with international suppliers including existing suppliers @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1020 in Email: Asia and the USA Fax: (649) 946-5758 •Provide Consulting assistance to the Directors of Engineering at P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British Hotels West Indies •Oversight of all project direction, consistent with the companies


MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018


Wilma Dietsche


Is seeking to hire a Housekeeper. -Salary starts a $350.00 per week -Willing to work with kids -Must be able to work flexible hours This position is currently not held by anyone

Is looking for the following workers:

Arthur Pools & SPA Construction Co.

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Studio 90 Degrees Ltd

Anthony Forbes

Is hiring a Fitness Instructor •Minimum 80 Hours of Pilates teaching experience •Pilates certification through an accredited Pilates organization •Strong Communication skills, both written and verbal •Have a valid drivers license •Work flexible hours; days/nights/weekends and be available any time for mobile service •Have own cell phone •Have own computer and have the ability to work with online software, word, outlook, excel, and email. Please submit resume by email at

Please contact 331-6126

Plant Workers, Seafood Processors, Conch Peelers, Labourers, Bartender/Barmaid Chef/Cook Domestic Worker Pay is minimum wage Please contact: 242-4805

Bugaloos Conch Crawl

Claudemma Shop

Darell Forbes of Sunset Cafe

Delicious Dishes

Is seeking a Cleaner To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact: 347-2719

In South Caicos Is looking for a Domestic Helper Please Contact: 342-0160

Is looking for a Chef To work 6 days per week Salary $8.00 per hour Please Contact: 333-2550

Five Cays Providenciales

Is seeking to fill the positions of 2 Bartenders and 2 Waitresses Bartenders Salary starts at $8.00 per hour. Waitresses Salary starts at $6.50 - Split Sifts, hours are between 9am - 8pm - Professional and friendly. - Effective communication skills with guest and staff. - Basic math skills. - Great attention to detail. - Basic knowledge of beers, wines ...etc These positions are currently not held by anyone. Please Contact: 331-0221

Is seeking to hire a Mason -Hours are 7am to 5pm To work - 6 days per week Salary- $10.00 an hour. This position is currently held by a non Belonger All interested persons please contact 331-0221


Turks and Caicos Airport Hotel Turks & Caicos Airport Hotel is seeking an experienced Administrative Assistant to perform general clerical duties to include but not limited to: preparing correspondence, photocopying, faxing, mail distribution, filing and such other clerical and secretarial tasks assigned by Turks and Caicos Airport Hotel. Responsibilities: •Provide general administrative and clerical support including preparing correspondence, mailing, scanning, faxing, copying and other clerical and secretarial related duties. •Create and modify various documents using Microsoft Office. •To maintain electronic and hard copy filing system. •Assist in resolving any administrative problems. •Complete errands on behalf of the Turks and Caicos Airport Hotel whenever necessary. •Telephone receptionist duties. Qualification: •High School Degree would be a plus. •2+ years of hand on administrative support experience. •Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook a must. •Knowledge or operating standard office equipment. •Excellent communication skills – written and verbal. •Ability to prioritize projects and strong problem solving skills. •Good research skills and attention to detail.

Salary will commensurate with experience.

Interested persons can call our Office at 946-4701 or 333-6695.



Seeks to employ an Assistant Photographer In Grand Turk At a salary of $300.00 Per Week Contact Anthony at tel. no. 331-8821

Dream Construction Services

Is seeking a Labourer To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact: 332-3866

MAITRE D’ POSITION AVAILABLE Fine dining restaurant in Providenciales requires a qualified experienced Maitre D’. •Minimum 15 years restaurant floor experience with a minimum of 8 years in a Supervisory position. •Classic silver service training and experience a must with exemplary knowledge of world wines. •Must be familiar with RPE software. •Minimum 3 professional and personal references required. Pay $10.00 per hour plus gratuities. Must be willing to work 50+ hours per week including holiday’s and weekends, six days per week. Email resume’s to: POSITION OPEN TO BELONGER APPLICANTS ONLY

SUPERMERCARDO DOMINICANO/E & R SUPERMARKET is seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following position. The successful applicant must:

IN HOUSE AIR CONDITION/REFRIGERATION TECHNICIAN - Have a proven and unblemished track record of employment - Have a valid Driver’s Licence. - Have at least 5 years’ experience and proven track record in refrigeration repair maintenance, will be responsible for maintenance, servicing repair and installation of the company’s refrigeration systems, equipment and supplies. - Positive and disciplined attitude toward work. - Trustworthy and reliable disposition. - Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, and readily on call as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the company’s businesses and affiliated companies. Cee’s Plaza, Suite No. 1 Church Folly PO Box 86 Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Islands

Supermercardo Domincano/E & R Supermarket c/o EPIC Corporate & Consultancy Services Ltd. Phone: 649-946-1570 Fax: 649-946-1571 Email:

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MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROGRAMME OFFERING FOR 2018/2019 BACHELOR’S DEGREES 1. Four/Two Year Bachelor’s Degree in: o Social Work (Grand Turk Campus) 2. Four/Two Year Bachelor’s Degree in: Business Administration with concentration in: o Accounting o Finance & Management o Human Resource Management o Marketing 3. Two-Year Bachelor’s Degree in: o Information Technology o Management Information Systems 4. Four/Two-Year Bachelor’s Degree in: o Early Childhood Education (Both Campuses) o Primary Education (Both Campuses) 5. Four/Two-Year Bachelor’s Degree in: o Hospitality Management o Tourism Management and Entertainment ASSOCIATE DEGREES Two-Year Associate Degree in: o Environmental Science (Grand Turk Campus) o General Studies (Sciences) with concentration in any three of the following: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology (Grand Turk Campus) o Marine Biology (Grand Turk Campus) o Clinical Nursing (Grand Turk Campus) o Criminal Justice (Grand Turk Campus) o General Studies (Humanities) with concentration in any three of the following: Economics, Govt. and Politics, Law, Sociology (Grand Turk) o Paralegal Studies (Grand Turk Campus) o Performing Arts (Music) (Grand Turk Campus) o Social Work (Grand Turk Campus) o Business Studies (Both Campuses) o Public Sector Management (Grand Turk Campus) o Computer Studies (Both Campuses) o Computer Electronics Engineering Technology (Grand Turk) o Electrical Engineering Technology (Grand Turk Campus) o Early Childhood Education (Both Campuses) o Primary Education (Both Campuses) o Secondary Education:  English/Social Studies  Math/Computers  Math/Business  Computer/Business  Music English/Math/Social St. (Both Campuses)  Math/Science (Grand Turk Campus only) o Automotive Engineering Technology (Grand Turk Campus) o Architectural Design and Building Technology (Both Campuses) o Culinary Arts (Provo Campus) o Tourism Management (Both Campuses) ADVANCED LEVEL GCE o Biology (Grand Turk Campus only) o Chemistry (Grand Turk Campus only) o Physics (Grand Turk Campus only) o Law (Grand Turk Campus only) o Psychology (Grand Turk Campus only) o Sociology (Grand Turk Campus only) o Accounting (Both Campuses) o Business (Both Campuses) o Economics (Both Campuses) o Computer Science (Both Campuses) o Information Technology (Both Campuses) o Mathematics (Both Campuses) CERTIFICATE COURSES One-Year Certificate Program in: o Business Studies (Both Campuses) o Construction, Carpentry and Joinery (Both Campuses) o Hospitality Studies (Both Campuses) o Computer Applications (Both Campuses) o Industrial Engineering Technology (Both Campuses) IN COLLABORATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES, SCHOOL OF CONTINUING STUDIES Two-Year Certificate (Both Campuses): Administrative Corporate Secretaryship Administrative Professional Secretaries Human Resource Management School Administration SHORT TECHNICAL/VOCATIONAL PROGRAM Duration: 6 Weeks Accounting Information System, Business Communication (Theory & Practice) Cake Decorating Conversational Spanish Customer Service, Dining Room Management English as a Second Language Introduction to Building Services, Introduction to Estimation and Costing Mixology PRC Courses (TCI Studies and English) Restaurant Operation Team Building Duration: 60 contact hours AutoCAD,

Automotive Maintenance, Surveying Students may also access one semester courses of their choice from any Associate Degree programme and obtain credits. Applicants for the Associate Degree must satisfy the following minimum requirements: Five GCE or CXC subjects including English A and Mathematics at the General Proficiency Level with Grads I, II, and III or GCE Grades A, B, C. Students without CXC/GCE Mathematics and English must complete the College Foundation Math: MTH1110 and MTH1120, and ENG1111 and ENG1122 (at additional cost) For the Certificate Programmes, the minimum of three GCE or CXC subjects, one of which must be English at General Proficiency level 1, 11, & 111 or GCE Grades A, B, C. Students applying through the Mature Student Entry policy should be twenty one (21) years or older with relevant experience in specific areas of interest. Note that students may be required to complete a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) portfolio. For the Bachelors Degree, the minimum of an Associate Degree from the TCI Community College or another recognized institution. The deadline for applications is June 1st 2018. Any application received after this date would be deemed as LATE. Applications should be fully completed and then submitted to the Registrar, TCI Community College, P O Box 236, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands or to TCI Community College, Providenciales Campus for the attention of the Registrar. An application fee of $25.00 should accompany the application form. Late application fee is $50.00 For further information contact: Grand Turk Providenciales Telephone: (649) 946-1163 Telephone: (649) 941-3210 Fax: (649) 946-1661 Fax: (649) 941-8380 Email: Email:

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROGRAMS AND FEE STRUCTURE COST OF PROGRAMMES/COURSES OFFERED BY THE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE – 27th August 2018 A. SHORT COURSES Courses are for fifteen days for two hours per day (except for AutoCAD, Automotive Maintenance & Surveying). Credits earned could be transferred into the College programmes. Students may audit the courses and not participate in the examination. Students should indicate at the commencement of the course whether or not the course is being audited. No credit will be given for those courses which are audited. B. ONE SEMESTER COURSES Courses run from September – December, January – May; concentrated summer semester May – early July. C. FULL TIME PROGRAMMES Two years, two semesters per year for the majority of the programmes. Some programmes are for five semesters with compulsory summer courses during the first year. Additionally students may access summer courses from May – early July. TUITION FEES ARE AS FOLLOWS A. Short Courses Courses which require the use of laboratory facilities $400 per course Courses which do not require the use of laboratory facilities $300 per course Cake Decorating $500, Mixology $450 (these include cake tools, alcohol, etc. needed) B. One Semester courses CXC and Upgrade Computer modules Associate Degree/GCE “A” level

$150 per course $250 per course $360 per course

C. Full Programmes (two Semesters) Sept – Dec; Jan- May; Student category Courses Annual Fees Semester Fees TCI Nationals/ Certificate $1,000 $500 Resident Associate Degree/A-Level $2,000 $1,000 Bachelor’s Degree $4,000 $2,000 Non- Nationals Certificate $1,500 $750 Associate Degree $2,500 $1,250 Bachelor’s Degree $5,000 $2,500 Overseas Students Certificate $3,000 $1,500 Associate Degree $5,000 $2,500 Bachelor’s Degree $8,000 $4,000 D. OTHER PROGRAMMES UWI Advanced Certificates $2,000 $1,000 OTHER FEES Application Fees $25.00 Late application $50.00 Registration Fees $25.00 Late registration $50.00 Transcripts $30.00 for initial transcript and 50% discount for others when applying for multiple transcripts. Facility fee $40 (ALL STUDENTS PAY THIS ANNUAL FEE) Transportation Fee $50.00 per month (Grand Turk) Graduation Processing Fee $50.00 (prospective graduates ONLY) NB: ALL FEES ARE PAYABLE AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION. Fees are subject to change.

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FORTIS TCI Continues Partnership In The 2nd Edi-tion Of The Youth Football League, Providenciales An opening ceremony was held at the the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) National Academy, on the morning of March 24th, 2018, for the 2nd Year of the FORTIS TCI Youth Football League, Providenciales. The ceremony began with a parade consisting of the teams in full uniform, coaches, and referees. This was followed by remarks from TCIFA President, Sonia Fulford and Fortis SVP, Ruth Gadiner. After all the speeches , the teams played several small-sided football games. These games were engaging and equally, very competitive. There was the annual FORTIS TCI Penalty Power kick for Boys and Girls. The winners were Louis McCabe and Jodee Harvey. The League is scheduled to kick off on April 7th at 8:30am, will last through early No-vember 2018, with a summer break coinciding with the public schools’ calendar. It will involve all players from the Providenciales Youth Development Football Programme, ages 9-13 years old, assigned to teams with names that correspond with electrical

ener-gy. The league was first announced at a joint press conference on February 6th 2017 with FORTIS TCI and TCIFA. Since the leagues’ introduction in 2017, the TCIFA Youth De-velopment Football Programme has seen an increase in its young players. Fortis TCI is the sole provider of electricity in the Turks & Caicos Islands, serving al-most 14,000 electricity customers, and is one of the most reliable utilities in the region. Fortis TCI and its group of companies operate under one vision: Leading Today. Investing in Tomorrow. They strive to be a responsible corporate citizen by supporting social and economic development in the TCI, such as the development of our youth through sports. FORTIS TCI is committed to being a hands-on partner, remaining engrossed in the organization of the entire experience. For more information, please contact TCIFA Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Can-dia Ewing, at 946-5532 or

FIFA Men’s International Friendly versus the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 4, Turks and Caicos Islands 0 Seven young Turks & Caicos Islands players made their international debuts as National Football Team members in the FIFA International Friendly, Dominican Republic versus Turks & Caicos Islands. This game was played on March 22nd at Estadio Olimpico Felix Sanchez in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Three of the seven young players opened the game, including 17-year-old goalkeeper Pendeino Brooks who competed in the latest FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifiers, the Concacaf Beach Soccer Championship. The team gave up two early goals during a rocky first ten minutes as this new squad found their feet on a bumpy pitch, and the studied Dominican Republic’s speed of play. Brooks made a number of very good saves and had a great game throughout. The team steadily became

more competitive and snatched a couple of chances through the pace and power of returning captain Billy Forbes, one a shot on the turn and also a breakaway. TCI became tighter in the second half, and although players had to weather a lot of Dominican possession, the defense was on point. Again, there were a couple of breakaway chances and a shot over the bar from Fred Dorvil, and a goal at this point could have given TCI a foothold. In the end, it was not to be, as a late fourth goal from the Dominican Republic came from an unstoppable shot. During the course of the match, Herby Magny received a dislocated shoulder from a hard blow, but the hasty response of Team Doctor, Matthieu Yeghiazarian, meant a quick recovery allowing Magny to the opportunity to continue. Marcdonald

Starting 11 Fenelus, additionally, suffered a knee injury during the first day of training, resulting in his exclusion from the game. This match was the first step in a new journey for TCI football, on an international level, with a mostly very young squad. The TCI Men’s National Football Team will now prepare for

the CONCACAF Nations League, scheduled to begin in September with their first game against Cuba. For more information, please contact TCIFA Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Candia Ewing, at 946-5532 or cewingtcifa@

The Second Annual Commonwealth Day Race The Second Annual Commonwealth Day Race was held on Sunday March 11 th , 2018. This was the first race of the 2018 Cycling Season. The day consisted of three races; Category one was for advance level cyclist and category three for intermediary level and a children’s category. Eleven cyclists competed in category one, while category three saw six competitors, and five children. All three races started and ended in front of Zanzi Bar on Leeward Highway. Category one made five laps between the Tropicana and IGA roundabouts (25 miles). Category two made six laps

between the Tropicana and Beaches roundabouts (20 miles) and the children made two laps between the Beaches and Tropicana Roundabouts (5 miles). The Winners in the Children’s Category were as follows: In 1 st place Ethan Gardiner, 2 nd Kymani Ewing and 3 rd Audrey McAnally. The Winners in Category three were as follows: In 1 st place David Hernandez, 2 nd place Mathew Williams and 3 rd Gabriella Hegedus. The Winners in Category one were as follows: In 1 st place Friedise Registre, 2 nd Shanwell Gardiner and 3 rd Joe Rousseau, who was

visiting the islands from Canada. Next on the agenda for the Turks and Caicos Cycling Federation is the First Circuit Race on April 28th , 2018. The Turks and Caicos Cycling Federation wishes to thank the event participants, the management of Zanzi Bar for allowing us the use of their grounds, the public who came out to support the event, the Royal Turks and Caicos Island Police Force who kept us safe during the event. A special thank you also to all of our volunteers who assisted in making this event a success.

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Isaiah Thomas having surgery on hip; Lakers interested in summer talks

Despite a looming surgical procedure on his right hip, the Los Angeles Lakerscontinue to hold an interest in exploring a free-agent deal with guard Isaiah Thomas this summer, league sources told ESPN on Wednesday. The Lakers announced that Thomas, 29, will undergo a scope on the problematic hip Thursday in New York and is expected to have an extended rehabilitation process. Beyond the recovery process on his hip, Thomas’ future with the Lakers would depend largely on the franchise’s success in recruiting Cleveland’s LeBron James and Oklahoma City’s Paul George into the organization’s salary-cap space. If the Lakers are unsuccessful in those recruitments, it would significantly increase the front office’s interest in exploring one-year deals for the 2018-19 season to preserve future salarycap space, league sources told ESPN. The Lakers are pursuing James and George with two maxcontract salary slots and would need to renounce the rights

to several players -- including Thomas -- to create the room to sign both All-Stars. Because of the ongoing issues with his hip, Thomas is unlikely to get a significant longterm financial commitment on the free-agent market. The Lakers represent the possibility of a bridge season to show his ability to return to health and a high level of performance. Thomas will spend time between his offseason home in Seattle and Los Angeles rehabilitating the hip over the next few months, and the Lakers have told Thomas that he will be welcome to use the team’s practice facility throughout his rehabilitation program. Thomas joined the Lakers as part of a trade deadline deal with Cleveland, where he had Isaiah Thomas has averaged 15.6 played only 15 games this season. points and 5.0 assists since being He previously sat out eight months traded by Cleveland to the Lakers after electing against surgery for a the court will be missed. torn labrum. “He has been a really Brandon Ingram, who will good leader for us,” Ingram said. return to action Wednesday after “He has kind of been our vocal missing 12 games with a groin guy going into every single game, injury, said Thomas’ leadership every single day, giving us pieces and ability to draw attention on of advice how to be better.”

Those belts are mine, Parker tells Joshua as big boxing fight looms Joseph Parker went face to face with Anthony Joshua on Tuesday and said he had yet to decide how he was going to win the unification battle of the undefeated world heavyweight champions. New Zealander Parker (24-0) had no doubt he would do so, however, in front of 80,000 people at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium on Saturday. “I feel it’s my time,” the bespectacled WBO champion, looking sharp in three-piece suit and tie, told a crowded news conference at Sky television’s London headquarters. “I’m here to take those belts back. I’m here to be part of history. “I haven’t decided how I want to beat him yet. I don’t know if it’s a knockout or points or a decision. I’ll see how I feel on fight night. Those belts are mine.” The taller Joshua, Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker the WBA, IBF and IBO world said the chiseled Briton. of arrogance and said he was no heavyweight champion, boasts “But let’s say I’ve got 20 stepping stone for someone else. a 20-0 record and is the quid (pounds) in my pocket and “Of course he can be overwhelming favorite. I’m looking at Joseph Parker beaten,” the New Zealander said. The 2012 Olympic and Anthony Joshua. I believe “He’s not a god. He’s a human champion was equally certain Anthony Joshua will knock being.” he would emerge triumphant, Joseph Parker out for sure.” Despite his status as the portraying Parker as another Joshua, who had said on poster boy of a division whose step in his own life journey and Monday he expected Parker to other big name is American not even the toughest opponent. be overwhelmed, has won all his Deontay Wilder, the undefeated That was Ukrainian previous fights by knockout and WBC champion, Joshua spoke Wladimir Klitschko, whom he has boasted that no human can also of the fear of losing. beat at Wembley in April last stop him. “It keeps me motivated,” year. Parker, who said he he said. “One minute you’re the “I’m definitely preparing would be surprised if Joshua man, and the next you’re not.” for a 12-round fight, 110 percent,” could catch him, detected a whiff

MARCH 31ST, 2018 – APRIL 7TH, 2018

Powell left out of Jamaica’s Gold Coast team because of injury

Asafa Powell Former 100 meters world record holder Asafa Powell was left out of the Jamaica team for next month’s Commonwealth Games because he was injured, the head of the country’s athletics association said on Friday. Powell, who won 100m gold at the last Commonwealth Games to be held in Australia in 2006, had expressed a desire to race on the Gold Coast despite heading towards retirement at the age of 35. The Olympic sprint relay champion was not among the 30 men named earlier this month to take part in the track and field at the April 4-15 Games, however, and the island nation’s top athletics official said the reason was straightforward. “We had a credible report that Powell had sustained an injury and therefore could not be selected,” Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association President Dr. Warren Blake told Reuters. Jamaicans have won the men’s 100m at the last four Commonwealth Games as the nation enjoyed a golden age in men’s sprinting spearheaded by the now retired Usain Bolt. With 2014 Glasgow champion Kemar Bailey-Cole also failing to make the team for the Gold Coast, 2011 world champion Yohan Blake will be a strong favorite to continue that run. Blake, Bolt’s former training partner and the third fastest sprinter of all time, is already in Australia with team mate Julian Forte, who ran the third fastest 100m in the world last year behind American Christian Coleman and Blake.

High cost remains biggest barrier to diversity in golf African American professional golfer Mariah Stackhouse on Tuesday said the high cost of playing the game remained the primary reason for the lack of diversity in the sport. Speaking at the ANA Inspiring Women in Sports conference ahead of the first women’s major of the year at Rancho Mirage this week, Stackhouse said the cost of travel alone makes it hard for people from low-income backgrounds to turn pro. “Quite frankly golf is a very expensive sport to participate in,” said the 24-year-old Stackhouse, who is just the eighth African American woman to play on the LPGA tour. “If you want to compete at high junior levels, high amateur levels, you are traveling well outside your state and you have to have the funds to do so. “We have to make golf more accessible to people in communities that just don’t have the resources,” said Stackhouse, who urged cities to open driving ranges to expose the game to a wider audience. Stackhouse said mentorship from fellow Stanford alumni and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had helped her make the leap from college, where she was a four-time All-American, to the professional ranks.

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Cricket Australia loses major sponsor FIFA probes over players’ ‘conspiracy’ to cheat racist abuse at RussiaFrance friendly

Axed Australian cricket captain Steve Smith is escorted by Police officers as he leaves the O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa

Newly appointed French Sports Minister, Laura FlesselColovic FIFA said on Wednesday it was probing racist abuse directed at French players by Russian fans during a pre-World Cup friendly between the countries. A Reuters photographer at pitch level for France’s 3-1 win on Tuesday night in St Petersburg heard monkey chants directed at French players on several occasions, including when N’Golo Kante came to the sideline for a throw-in. “FIFA is collecting the different match reports and potential evidence in regards to the discriminatory incident reported in the media, including the one from the Fare observer who was present at the game,” FIFA said in a statement, referring to a network that combats discrimination in soccer in Europe. The incident sparked calls to persevere in the fight against racism in soccer with less than three months before the World Cup. French Sports Minister Laura FlesselColovic wrote on Twitter: “Racism does not have its place on soccer fields. We must act together at the European and international level to stop this intolerable behavior.” Russia has pledged to crack down on racism as the country faces increased scrutiny ahead of this year’s World Cup, which it will host from June 14 to July 15 in 11 cities including Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi. Racist and discriminatory behavior is not uncommon in the Russian Premier League, including among fans of Zenit St Petersburg. UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings against the club last week for racist chants during a recent Europa League match against RB Leipzig. Zenit last year were ordered by UEFA to partially close their stadium after fans displayed a banner praising former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic, a convicted war criminal, during a 2-1 home win over Macedonian side Vardar Skopje also in the Europa League.

The Australian cricket team lost a major sponsor and a host of large companies tore up branding deals with individual players on Thursday as the fallout of a ball-tampering scandal tore into the financial core of the country’s favorite pastime. Fund manager Magellan Financial Group Ltd binned a three-year team naming rights deal, which was only seven months old, while sports apparel giant ASICS Corp and Commonwealth Bank of Australia joined other firms in dropping players caught in the scandal which has shaken cricket. The quick financial fallout to the ball-tampering last Saturday in South Africa, 11,000 km (6,835 miles) away, shows the eagerness of the corporate sector to distance itself from scandal at

a time when the internet and social media can keep public criticism alive seemingly indefinitely. “A conspiracy by the leadership of the Australian men’s test cricket team which broke the rules with a clear intention to gain an unfair advantage during the third test in South Africa goes to the heart of integrity,” said Magellan CEO Hamish Douglass in the statement. “These recent events are so inconsistent with our values that we are left with no option but to terminate our ongoing partnership with Cricket Australia.” A day earlier, Cricket Australia slapped captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner with 12-month bans from international and domestic

cricket for their role in an episode that has earned condemnation from leaders all the way up to the prime minister. Cameron Bancroft, who was caught on camera attempting to scuff up the ball with improvised sandpaper during a test against South Africa in Cape Town, was banned for nine months. All three were sent home from South Africa. Magellan has not put a price on the sponsorship deal and did not immediately return calls seeking more details, but Australian media reported it was worth about A$20 million ($15.30 million). The relatively low profile company’s 2017 annual report said it struck the Cricket Australia deal to improve its familiarity with Australians and forecast a “material increase in its currently modest marketing expenditure” in part because of the sponsorship. Morals clauses are commonplace in sports sponsorship deals, allowing both parties to exit if the other engages in conduct that might negatively impact on the image, goodwill and reputation of their partner. More than 52 percent of Australians thought suspending players for a season was the most appropriate punishment for ball tampering, a poll by Australian cable television network Sky News found. Nearly a third supported a lifetime ban.

Italy puts forward bid to host 2026 Olympic Games The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) has put forward a proposal to stage the 2026 Winter Olympics jointly in Milan and Turin, it said on Thursday. CONI said in a statement that it had written a letter of intent to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) putting forward the two northern cities as potential hosts. It added that a feasibility study had already been carried out and would be handed to the new Italian government when it is

eventually formed, this month’s “dialogue phase” which the IOC election having produced a says allows potential hosts “to hung parliament. explore the benefits of hosting Turin staged the an Olympic Games.” The IOC session in Winter Games in its own right in 2006. October will invite candidates Sion in Switzerland to formally bid, with final a and Stockholm have also decision on hosting rights to be expressed interest in the taken in September 2019. The bid process has Games as well as cities from Austria, the United States and been overhauled after a string Canada, among others. of cities pulled out in previous However, one Austrian bids, fearful of the Games’ cost, city, Innsbruck, abandoned its size and environmental impact. Rome was among plans to bid after they were rejected in a referendum. four cities which pulled out of The 2026 bidding the process to host the 2024 process is in the so-called summer Olympics.

Stephens dominates Kerber to reach Miami semis American Sloane Stephens needed just over an hour to cruise past Germany’s former world number one Angelique Kerber 6-1 6-2 and reach the Miami Open semifinals for her first time on Tuesday. The U.S. Open champion fired her 22nd winner on match point to dispatch the 10th-seeded Kerber and set up a showdown with either Karolina Pliskova or Victoria Azarenka, who

play their quarter-final later on Tuesday. The win guarantees that 25-year-old Florida native Stephens will make her debut in the top 10 when the WTA rankings are released after the tournament. Tuesday’s win was Stephens’ second straight triumph over a former world number one after she defeated third-seeded Garbine Muguruza to reach the Sloane Stephens celebrates after her match against Angelique Kerber of Germany at the quarter-finals on Monday. Miami Open

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