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VOLUME 13 - NO. 43

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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Ariel Misick, QC

by Hayden Boyce Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


rominent Queen’s Counsel Ariel Misick told the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) corruption trial that there was nothing illegal about Belongers “flipping” land. “There is nothing illegal if someone who has acquired Crown land sells it off unless there is a restriction,” he told Mr. Justice Paul Harrison who is presiding over the case. “But you would have to look at what is the nature of the transaction and the arrangement between the government and the person who flips.” Misick added that acquiring land and selling it on at a higher price was “normal in the commercial world”. The issue of land flipping has been a major plank of the case of the prosecution which is being headed by Queen’s Counsel Andrew Mitchell. However, if there is a discount on a transfer and there is a sale within ten years, that would need to be repaid to the government, he said. Misick made the observation while being questioned by Richard Bendall, the lawyer for former Speaker Clayton Green, about a 5-acre piece land on Water Cay which the late Aulden “Smokey” Smith acquired under the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) government in 2002 and sold in March 2006 for $2.2million. Misick was the lawyer for Peter Wherli who bought the land from Smith. He said he had no concerns about the legality of the transaction as there was no discount to be paid to Government, nothing which restricted Smith from selling the land and there



Flow TCI Mission Day 2017 A Massive Success

low Turks and Caicos hosts a Return To Happiness Initiative with over 500 students and teachers at the Oseta Jolly Primary School. On Thursday, November 16th the entire staff base of Flow Turks and Caicos along with over 500 students and teachers from the Oseta Jolly Primary School observed the 3rd annual Mission Day. Mission Day is a companywide program where

was nothing shady about the source of the funds. He said he was totally involved in the mechanics of the transaction and was satisfied that it was all done above board. “It never occurred to me that the transaction involved the commission of a crime,” Misick said, noting that what happened after the transaction closed was of no concern to him. However, Misick told the court that Smith made it appear as though he was going to develop the land, when in fact there were

Thanks a million to FLOW for keeping us continuously connected throughout Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Your staff proved yet again that you’re the most reliable, caring, trustworthy telecommunications network and provider in the Turks and Caicos. From Management of Turks and Caicos SUN, Airport Hotel, Occasions Ballroom

employees come together to demonstrate the company’s mission to Connect Communities and Transform Lives by volunteering their time and efforts to a charitable cause in their community. Pictured here are Flow Country Manager, Delleriece Hall, staff members and some of the students of the Oseta Jolly Primary School having a blast at the events.

indications that he was going to sell it. Misick said the reason why Wherli paid Smokey such a high price, almost three times as much, for the land was land because it was right in the middle of the proposed development and had added value to the purchaser. Transfer of land carries stamp duty and transfer of shares also carries stamp duty but at a different rate. Responding to a question from Earl Witter, QC, the lawyer for Floyd Hall, about the granting


concessions to foreign developers, Misick said: “What I can state is that they quite often referenced other territories in which they had interest and which also had concessions of a similar kind to what TCI was offering.” The award of concessions to investors was an important feature of successive government to attract investment to the Turks and Caicos Islands. “Even before we had political parties we had those incentives,” he added.

We wish to express sincere thanks and gratitude to the management and staff of FORTIS TCI for restoring power to the Airport Hotel Plaza very shortly after Hurricane Irma. Our situation demanded great ingenuity, flexibility and resourcefulness and your workers demonstrated those qualities in abundance. From the management and staff of Turks and Caicos SUN, Airport Hotel, Occasions Ballroom, Tumble Totz Daycare.

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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600 persons living with HIV cases in TCI

By Todeline Defralien

There are approximately 600 persons currently living with HIV in the Turks and Caicos Islands, said Head of the National AIDS Programme, Aldora Robinson. She told The SUN there are 243 persons in the national program, 148 on mediation and 16 new cases so far for this year 2017. Robinson indicated that while there is not a high increase of HIV cases, most cases are from migrant population who come to the islands. The mostly affected age group with HIV ranges from 15-45

years old in the Turks and Caicos Islands. When asked by The SUN, what is the TCI National AIDS Programme doing to help prevent the spread of HIV in the TCI, Robinson noted that they educate the TCI community, hold training programs,, distribute condoms around the country and help with treatment to prevent transmission of HIV. “We want to encourage persons to join a clinic and take their medication to enable them to live a long, healthy, and productive life,” she said. “Also we want persons to be responsible and not infect others. Persons who carry out this type of

behaviour also put themselves at risk.” World AIDS Day takes place on the 1st December each year. It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day. World AIDS Day is also an opportunity to show solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV worldwide. Most people do this by wearing an HIV awareness red ribbon on the day. Head of the National AIDS Programme, Aldora Robinson.

Resumption of conch export season and closure of Nassau Grouper season The general public is duly notified that more shells requires a CITES permit, Wednesday, 15 November 2017, saw of which can be applied for through the resumption of the conch season. the Department of Environment & The open season allows the export of Coastal Resources (DECR); and conch meat and other derivatives of • Conch meat: once removed from the Conch e.g. conch pearls, conch shells, shell, of a total weight of 8 ounces and conch shell products etc. after the removal of the digestive gland. The public is reminded of the The DECR would also like following restrictions: to remind all fishers, hotels and restaurants that the final day for the • Conch shells: size restriction of a 2017 Nassau Grouper season will end minimum of 7 inches; export of 4 or on Thursday, November 30th, 2017.

The Fisheries Protection Ordinance (Amendment) Regulation 12(1A) states: “The close season in relation to Nassau grouper shall be from the first day of December to the twenty-eight day of February (inclusive) in each year or such other dates as may, from time to time, be appointed by the Governor in the Gazette”. During the closed season, any person who fishes for, purchases or is in possession of a Nassau grouper

will be committing an offence that is punishable by a fine of $5,000 or six months’ imprisonment or both. The DECR is seeking the cooperation of the public in the above matter. Please contact the department for clarifications pertaining to the above matter at Tel. 338-4170 or email . Please also visit our website to familiarise yourself with the Fisheries Protection Ordinance,

Great House Management Limited [Sailrock Resort] is seeking a qualified candidate for the position below: LAUNDRY SUPERVISOR •Ensures the Laundry Department is run in an efficient manner within a safe and clean environment, Attains and maintain Sailrock Standard.

Director of Education, Mr. Edgar Howell

Private school subsidy programme will cost TCIG $388,000

The Ministry of Education stated that it will cost the Turks and Caicos Islands Government in 2017/18, $388,964.00 to carry out its Private School Subsidy Programme. After some students were not successful in accessing some of the few spaces in the Government Schools in Providenciales they were turned away from the Government Primary Schools and placed into Private Schools. Director of Education, Mr. Edgar Howell noted that the Private School Subsidy Programme is a programme created to help children on Providenciales to access tuition at Private Schools.

Currently, there are six Private Schools participating in this Programme and twenty-five students receiving tuitions. “The Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, through the Ministry of Education, has a Private School Subsidy Programme which allows children who have registered with the Ministry but were unable to access the few spaces in public Primary Schools on Providenciales to access tuition at Private schools. There are six private schools in the programme. The Ministry pays the salary of a teacher for a class of 25 students. The programme budget for 2017/18 is $388,964.00,” Howell said.

RESPONSIBILITIES •Possess the ability to make independent decisions when the circumstances warrant such action. •Ability to operate the Laundry Equipment. •Excellent Customer Skills. •Monitor Laundry Expenses and cost. •Knowledge of Laundry Operation. •Ability to be on time and present for all scheduled shifts including weekends and holidays. •Inspects and evaluates physical condition of equipment. •Conduct periodic retraining with employees for learning of proper procedures •Must consistently display and model Sailrock Resort hospitality and behavior models. QUALIFIED CANDIDATES WILL HAVE/BE: •Previous housekeeping/laundry experience within the similar supervisory capacity is a must. •Must be able to speak, read, write and understand English. •Requires standing for extending periods, walking, pulling and lifting up to 50pounds. •Ability to be on time and present for all scheduled shifts including weekends and holidays •Musts be able to use commercial cleaning chemicals •Provide a High School Diploma •Able to relocate to South Caicos Island Salary Range •$17,500 yearly Please submit applications to the Human Resources Department: o Drop off: W104 Venture House, Grace Bay, Providenciales o Email: Interested Turks and Caicos Islanders must also submit copies of their application to the TCI Labour Board.

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Premier calls out the Opposition for reckless statements By Todeline Defralien Premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson called out the Opposition Progressive National Party (PNP) for reckless statements made in the media recently. Speaking during a press conference held on Thursday November 16th, Robinson said, “I must call out the Opposition for reckless statements that have recently been made. In the last House of Assembly meeting we had the representative for Grand Turk North say that the country is broke. Absolute nonsense! It is a reckless statement and what was so nonsensical about it was the fact that an international creditable agency had already said otherwise. We say to the people of the country, do not take our word, take the word even of an international agency and what our books show.” Premier Robinson told media houses the Turks and Caicos Islands has the funds to rebuild and all of the funding is going to be reprioritized and the schools will certainly take the chunk of it. “We have also seen from the (Opposition) Appointed Member (Hon. Royal Robinson) who would have been the Minster shortly after Ike hit and we would have benefited from the CRIFT fund; hear their suggestions that we share the CRIFT monies among the

citizens. (This is) another nonsensical approach,” she added. “At the end of the day, the level of damage in this country, the amount of money that we would be able to share did not come from CRIFT. We would need to share. CRIFT spending is $15.2 million and the idea of giving every citizen $20,000 may be a joke to those who have had their homes completely destroyed or who have had level 3 and in some of the level two (damage), $20,000 would be insufficient. At the end of the day the CRIFT monies appeared from insurance for TCIG and it’s this Government position that what is beneficial for the entire country is to make sure that our children are housed in environments that are conducive for learning and that are safe,” she explained. The Premier stated that this is their policy position which they will take while seeking to raise funding in other ways to assist the affected or impacted islands here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She added: “Another myth that I must continue to dispel again offered by the Opposition’s Appointed Member in the House, (is) the fact that the allegation is that we are blaming the storm for our deficit. The bottom line is if you are spending more money that you are taking in then you are running a deficit. The bottom line also is that



Medical Officer


Salary will commensurate with qualifications and experience




Chief Executive Officer

SUBORDINATES: Provider Services Manager/ Patient Services Representatives/ Clinical Services Manager SUMMARY / PURPOSE OF JOB: This is a managerial position, which has departmental wide responsibility for activities and direction of the Operations department and NHIP Emergency Overseas Treatment Programme; Providing technical leadership to the Insurance Operations team, the Medical Officer formulates policies and procedures to enhance the impact of the department; monitors patients overseas to assess their progress and report to the CEO; verify the eligibility of all claims, ensure staff is properly supervised and trained, customer concerns addressed; and ensures appropriate cost efficient health care services with best medical practices in place. RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES:  Manages the medical aspects of the NHIP Emergency Overseas Treatment Programme;  Manages all aspects of the Operations Department inclusive of all staff assigned to the department;  Manages and develops the Operations Department Budget with the view of ensuring that the Department expenditure remains within or below the budgeted ranges;  Develops policies, procedures, standards and controls for effective management of the Operations Department  Collection of statistics form ICL (the hospitals) and the private providers as required by management and the actuary  Liaises with the NIB to identify number of employment injury and occupational disease cases.  Enforces cost-reduction strategies and recommends initiatives in the management of patient’s care;  Prepares Quarterly Performance Reports and Trend Analysis  Recommends and monitors systems and procedures to facilitate achieving of objectives within the area of responsibility;  Verifies and signs-off on overseas provider claims in order to ensure veracity of claims as well as conducts value for money audits;  Advises on the adjudication of claims by beneficiaries in special circumstances, outside the scope of usual and customary benefits, including overseas claims  Makes recommendations to the Board on policy decisions such as but not limited to reimbursement and accreditation standards in line with the Health Practitioners Board or other authorized Agency.  Conducts sample surveys of health care providers and facilities to derive baseline

though he is saying that September is a slow month, Turks and Caicos Islands Government has fixed expenditure whether it is functioning or not, that it has to pay and of course would know automatically the highest trunk of that will be salaries. If we have a slow intake it doesn’t mean that we have a slow out pay, so we have to be seriously responsible in our comments.” Robinson said to the Opposition (PNP Party) that these sorts of worthless statements don’t hurt the PDM Administration but it hurts the Turks and Caicos Islands. “I would say to the PNP and the members of that party that at this time, this county is looking for serious, mature and sensible leadership and these sorts of worthless statements don’t hurt the PDM Administration but it hurts the Turks and Caicos Islands. We continue to ignore the fact that what we say is not said in a vacuum in the Turks and Caicos, but it is out in the very same international community to which we are reaching out now to look for assistance to help the people of our country.” The Premier noted that the situation in the situation in Turks and Caicos is not as bad as it could have been; it is certainly in a much better position than many of the other countries. “Nonetheless we do require

Premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson help and I would say again that we are not broke. We are not sitting our monies that could otherwise be used for the benefits of the people and just hogging it for ourselves, but it will be used for the good of our children and I would impress upon the PNP that they should continue to understand the importance of working together in the rebuilding of the Turks and Caicos,” she added. The Premier noted that people of the TCI have to be responsible in their comments, responsible in their actions because nation building is about everyone. “Rebuilding after storms is about everyone and it includes everyone,” she said.

data on the availability and quality of services as well as the capacity and readiness to meet the demands of the NHIB;  Coordinates activities and provides advice to the NHIB team charged with the specification and costing of the service benefit package and in the development of provider payment systems;  Convenes and takes the lead in meetings and other mechanisms aimed at defining criteria for inclusion in the NHIB provider network, as well as developing norms and protocols for quality assurance utilization reviews, access to overseas care, and modifications ( inclusion and exclusion) of items in the benefit package;  Collaborates with other members on the NHIB team in the design and implementation of activities related to accreditation of health providers;  Collaborates with other members of the NHIB team in defining and developing contractual agreements with local and overseas providers for services within the benefit package;  Assists in the development of detailed terms of reference and procedures for the activities of the NHIB Medical Review Committee.  May perform other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor or any other person authorized to give instructions or assignments  Any other duty deemed appropriate and consistent with the position, professional qualification and skill set as directed by the Chief Executive Officer WORKING RELATIONSHIPS:  Internal – Chief Financial Officer, Insurance Claims Manager, Nurse Case Managers, Claims Officers, IT, Registration and Accounting Officers  External - Members of the public, Ministry of Health and other TCIG Ministries, TCI Hospitals, International medical providers, Insurance Third Party Administrators MINIMUM KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED:  Principles, practices and techniques of medical case management  Principles and practices of strategic, long-term business planning  Principles and practices of effective management and supervision  Good Problem Solving Skills  Human Relations  Strong written and oral skills including computer literacy in the main processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics programmes. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE:  Medical Doctor with at least 7 years’ experience; full time practitioner in primary care and hospital settings with the necessary competencies to effectively respond to the challenges of the job.  Business post graduate Degree  Business Management Experience  Knowledge of the NHIB Ordinance and Regulations  Current (Good Standing) Registration with TCI Health Practitioners Board  Experience with health insurance operations such as member of medical review panel will be an asset.

Deadline for submission is November 30th, 2017. All Applications should be addressed to: Human Resources Manager National Health Insurance Board Salt Mills Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands British West Indies Email:

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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PDM government supports 12-storey Ritz-Carlton By Todeline Defralien The Turks and Caicos Island Government welcomes the development of the 12-storey Ritz-Carlton hotel in Grace Bay, adding that they support the project and welcomes it to the TCI brand. Speaking during a press conference held at the Premier’s office on Thursday November 16th, Minister of Tourism, Hon Ralph Higgs said, “From Government perspective we are obviously very pleased with the Ritz-Carlton brand and we’re looking forward to have it associated with brand Turks and Caicos. As far as I am aware and as the Ministry is aware the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that was carried out has been reviewed and has been presented publicly and we will await the official findings which will be presented to the Ministry and we’ll move accordingly.” Higgs said the findings can’t happen soon enough because the Government really would like to have the Ritz Carlton brand associated with brand Turks and Caicos, but he cannot state when the exact date the finding will be out. Also commenting on the Ritz-Carlton Project, Premier Hon.

Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson added: “I don’t know what clearer way to say that we welcome the Ritz-Carlton project. There’s no such thing as any members of this Government being in the ‘Grace Bay Boys’ pocket, whatever that means. I am a Grace Bay girl; I don’t live too far, but the bottom line is the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was completed and it was (Department of) Planning’s initiative through the laws to have a further consultation on the (EIA). We’re going through all of the processes that we need to and we wait advice from Planning before we make any further public statements.” The Premier was unable to state if the project will proceed as a 12-storey. “We cannot trump the findings of a consultation and we’re not able to do that, because at the end of the day certain processes have to take place and we have to be responsible and allow those things to happen but the best I could say is that we support the project. Of course we will allow the technocrats who have training in whatever particular area to see how best we can manage what it is that we are proposing. That’s the best that we can do,” she explained.

A rendering of the 12-storey Ritz-Carlton hotel One of the main findings of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which was prepared by Caribbean Environmental Design Associates (CEDA) and Applied Technology and Management (ATM), was that the development of the 12-storey Ritz Carlton hotel in Grace Bay would provide benefits to neighbouring developments and businesses in the form of increased mixture of jobs, retail stores, restaurants casino, entertainment amenities, public outdoors spaces and increased economic activities to offset possible negative impacts. “The proposed 12 – storey Ritz-Carlton Resort & Residences development will replace the Seven Stars as the most aesthetically

dominant high-rise structures on Grace Bay and would significantly impact the aesthetic quality of the area,” it was stated. The existing Seven Stars development at 7- storeys or 90 feet high are the tallest buildings in the Turks and Caicos. However, the proposed Ritz Carlton Resort & Residences will be constructed at 12 – storeys or 150 feet high and will replace the Seven Stars buildings as the tallest buildings in the Turks and Caicos. The EIS was submitted in accordance with condition 25 of the Outline Development Permission PR. 12462 for the Ritz Carton Hotel Development, granted on August 15, 2016.

Come and join our winning team at Seven Star Resort & Spa The following positions are currently available

LEAD SERVER Candidate will lead their section team and at times be responsible for opening or closing the restaurant including responsibility for end of day procedures. •Suitable candidates must have a minimum of 4 years’ experience working in a lead position at a five-star resort or fine dining restaurant in a lead position •Must be willing to work long hours and all weather conditions •High energy with excellent interpersonal skills •Excellent command of English language (writing/reading/speaking) •Experience with point-of-service system, prior cashier or banking experience preferred Wages: $7.60 per hour and position currently held by a work permit holder Crystallization Specialist: This individual will be responsible for grinding and leveling of floors with the required machinery. Responsible for all of the following: Travertine Cleaning , Marble Polishing, Marble Cleaning, Granite Polishing, Etch Removal, Stain Removal, Limestone Cleaning, Lippage Removal, Crack & Chip Repair and Marble Floor Maintenance Requirements: •Knowledge of working with chemicals used for floor restoration, polishing, buffing or crystallization on different stone floor types – Limestone/granite/ marble •Some math and measuring skills along with an eye for detail •Also requires a great deal of lifting, bending and squatting, so a reasonable level of physical fitness is needed. Salary range: USD12,000 to USD 13,500 per annum. Position currently held by a work permit holder

some positions are held by work permit holders. Requirements/ Job knowledge/Skills/Abilities •Suitable candidates must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working at a 5 Star Resort in a similar role. •Must be willing to work long hours and all weather condition •Must have a strong attention to details and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required. •Must have the ability to lift at least 50lbs. •Ability to work conscientiously, meets deadlines, follows instruction and directions, with minimal supervision and detailed oriented •Ability to stand, sit, kneel constantly to handle specific details or demands of quality and speedy guest services •Ability to work with cleaning agents by extending arms over head, bending and stooping •Ability and desire to handle the heat as the layout of the resort’s rooms dictate •Ability to push, lift and/or pull equipment up to or more than 100 lbs •Ability to scrub and scour surfaces, extend arms over head to perform cleaning tasks, and work in confined spaces •Additional language abilities preferred Salary range: USD12,000 to USD 13,500 per annum. LINE COOK: We are looking for a professional line cook to prepare food to the exact chef ’s specifications and to set up stations for menu. The successful candidate will play a key role in contributing to our customer satisfaction and acquisition goals.

Requirement •Proven cooking experience SPA THERAPISTS Candidates will join our team in our newly expanded award winning Spa and will be •Excellent understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment and procedures therapists as well as have opening and closing duties. •Accuracy and speed in executing assigned tasks •Familiar with industry’s best practices Duties and Requirements: •5 years’ experience as a therapist and relevant degree or equivalent combination of •Culinary school diploma Salary: USD16,800 to USD21,600 per annum. Position currently held by a work experience and education. •Knowledge of holistic concepts and treatments including facials, full body treatments, permit holder massages, physiotherapy, and manicures and pedicures. OTHER POSITIONS •Enthusiastic demeanor with excellent customer service skills •Public Area Cleaner •Must be able to work long hours and split shift. •Guest Services Agent Salary $6.31 per hour (plus commission). Position held by a work permit hold Salary range: USD12,000 to $17,000 per annum and is based on experience and qualification. Some position currently held by a work permit holder. HOUSEKEEPING ATTENDANT/ROOM ATTENDANT Candidates will be required to assist in all Housekeeping responsibilities, cleaning of guest rooms, stocking amenities and linens. There are new positions available and ONLY CANDIDATES MEETING ABOVE REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS WILL BE CONTACTED. Candidates should apply to Seven Stars Resort & Spa, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales via e-mail at for consideration or should leave CV’s at the security building for the attention of HR. Prospective applicants who are Islanders kindly send copies of your application to the board. Application deadline: November 30 2017

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Report from November 15th Cabinet meeting His Excellency the Governor, Dr John Freeman, chaired the meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday, 15 November 2017, at the Hon. Hilly Ewing Building in Providenciales and all Ministers were present. At this meeting Cabinet: •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the draft Companies (Amendment) Bill 2017 for forwarding to the House of Assembly for approval; •Noted and approved for publication the list of public holidays in TCI for 2018; •Received a briefing by Mr Richard Carpenter, a specialist drafter, on the provisions of a draft Insolvency Bill for TCI and advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the draft Insolvency Bill 2017 for forwarding to the House of Assembly for approval; •Received from the Hon. Premier, as Minister of Finance, an updated revenue and expenditure budget forecast for the remainder of the fiscal year following Hurricanes Irma and Maria and discussed savings offered up by departments and proposals drawn up by the Ministry of Finance to address current and projected revenue shortfalls following consultation with Ministers and departments. Cabinet approved a withdrawal warrant to be issued immediately to reclaim savings offered up by departments; •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the draft TCI National Refurbishment Policy for existing tourism-related properties in TCI; •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the National Insurance (Amendment) Ordinance 2017; the National Insurance (Contributions) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 and the National Insurance (Benefit) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 for forwarding to the House of Assembly for approval; •Approved the waiver of import customs duty on a consignment of imported marine items by the charitable organisation, The Reef Fund, to repair damage to environmental installations in TCI following the recent hurricanes; •Advised His Excellency the Governor to waive storage fees in accordance with Regulation 4 of the Customs (Government Transit Shed and Queens Warehouse Rent) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 for a consignment of building materials and relief items imported by Mr Derek Rolle on 3 September 2017; •Approved the waiver of import customs duty on furniture and appliances imported by applicants before the entry into force of an Order approved by Cabinet on 1 November

2017 allowing such appliances to be imported to replace items damaged by the hurricanes without paying import customs duty; •Approved amendments to the 2016 Immigration Regulations to permit the replacement of paper cards as identification and proof of status for work permits and other immigration documents with wallet size plastic cards. Cabinet further approved the implementation of regulations to guide the process for Business Visitors’ Permits as provided under the 2015 Immigration Ordinance with effect from 1 December 2017; •Received a paper from the Hon. Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Library Services on Local Scholarship Awards 2017/18 and noted the recommendations of the Scholarship Committee on the allocation of awards. Cabinet agreed that the remaining balance of the scholarships budget should be used to award additional international scholarships; •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the draft Maintenance Policy for TCI Government owned properties; •Noted the report and recommendations of a consultancy study to improve the regulation of water and sewage processing in TCI; •Approved the relocation of the Providenciales Fire Station to a new site on Block and Parcel 60602/414 on the old airport road, Providenciales; •Reviewed the recruitment of the CEO of the National Health Insurance Board (NHIB) and agreed that the position should be readvertised. Cabinet further called for the recruitment of a CFO of the NHIB to be concluded as a matter of priority; •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the draft Rehabilitation of Offenders (Amendment) Bill 2017 for forwarding to the House of Assembly for approval; •Noted the 2017 Valuation Report of the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) which has been submitted to the House of Assembly and called for data anomalies to be resolved before the next actuarial review; •Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve conditionally Planning Application PR 12869 by Mr Crayton Dale Higgs for outline development permission and change of zoning from Low Density Residential to Tourism Related Development over Parcel 60713/351 on Providenciales in accordance with the Physical Planning Ordinance 2014 for the development of a hotel and condominium complex; •Approved a proposal by the Hon. Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning to allow the Physical Planning Board, the Department of Planning and the Department of Environment and

Coastal resources to suspend until 31 December 2017 the requirement for a full Environmental Impact Assessment to be carried out when considering applications for beach re-nourishment and repair of coastal infrastructure that were damaged by the recent hurricanes; •Approved a proposal by the Hon. Minister of Tourism, Environment Heritage, Culture and Gaming to suspend the requirement for a full Environmental Impact Assessment to be carried out to allow for the immediate repair of coastal infrastructure that was damaged by the recent hurricanes in readiness for the start of the main tourist season; •Received an up-date from the Hon. Premier, as Minister of Finance, on recovery projects carried out in conjunction with Carnival Corporation following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Cabinet agreed to fund a number of island clean-up projects on the island of Grand Turk through the Carnival Infrastructure Fund; •Reviewed vacant positions across government and approved priority recruitments identified by ministries which would determine the recruitment programme for the remainder of the financial year. Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.

Turks and Caicos Sun Suite#5, Airport Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: (649) 339-5879 Fax: (649) 941-3281 Email: Read us online at Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Graphic designer Information Technology and Production Manager: Kelano Howell Todeline Defralien Reporter

The Turks and Caicos SUN is a subsidiary of The SUN Media Group Ltd. We are committed to excellence in journalism, educating and informing our readers, serving and satisfying our advertisers and assisting in the overall development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Margaritaville Grand Turk currently seeks to employ the following persons: •ENTERTAINMENT SUPERVISOR •STILT WALKER •STORES KEEPER •STORES PORTER •DINING ROOM & RESTAURANT CAPTAINS •SERVERS/WAITERS •HOST/ HOSTESS •HOUSEKEEPERS, BUSSERS & RUNNERS •BARTENDER S •BARBACKS •CHEF •STEWARD •KITCHEN HELPERS •COOKS •ASSISTANT COOKS •RETAIL MANAGER •RETAIL STORE CLERKS Persons must be able to work long hours, holidays and weekends and be willing to work as part of a team. Submit applications accompanied by a resume to the Human Resource Department at or by faxing to 649-946-1514. APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON 30TH November 2017 Whilst we thank every applicant for their interest in Margaritaville Grand Turk, only short-listed persons will be contacted. Only applications from Belongers will be accepted.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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All-Inclusive guests have access to all three Turks and Caicos Collection properties - Alexandra Resort, Beach House and Blue Haven Resort. All-Inclusive stays include all meals, premium beverages, drinks, snacks and resort activities. A free shuttle allows guests to dine-around with a choice of 7 restaurants and 8 bars.

turks and caicos collection all inclusive resorts

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Jay Saunders’ company DSS’ Safetynet takes gold at the Regtech Industry Awards – wins most innovative compliance as a service solution award., Domus Semo Sancus’ (DSS) Enhanced Due Diligence Cognitive Search and Crime Prevention tool, won “Most Innovative Compliance as a Service Solution” at the RegTech Industry awards, which took place on the 16th November 2017 in New York City immediately following the RegTech Summit for Capital Markets. The RegTech Awards “… acknowledges those companies who are creatively finding solutions to help with regulatory challenges.” On hand to collect the award for DSS was E. Jay Saunders, Chairman and CEO, and Rohit Trivedi, Head of Technical Development. Trivedi, who flew in from India for the occasion stated that “…this is a significant achievement for DSS. The way and the level that we’re utilizing Artificial Intelligence in breaks new ground for this industry, and I’m very proud of that.” Saunders, who was also a speaker at the summit, described the achievement as “…one that DSS is extremely proud of, especially when you consider the competition. Many of them are global brands who are giants in their industries, and we’re just a startup from one of the smallest places on the planet.” Thanking the A-Team, the organizers of the RegTech Summit and the Industry awards, Saunders commented that “We would like to

E Jay Kneeling with monitor thank the A-Team for including us in this summit. It was an amazing event and we had a great time.” CEO Saunders also congratulated all the other winners at the RegTech Industry awards and gave credit for DSS’ award to “our very talented and hardworking international staff who I look forward to working with every day. Each of them deserves this award…”, but further stated that “…after what the Caribbean, and particularly the Turks and Caicos Islands, went through this year with

E Jay Kneeling with monitor Hurricanes Irma and Maria, this award is going home with me to the Turks and Caicos Islands.” Domus Semo Sancus (DSS) Ltd, founded by E. Jay Saunders in November 2014, is a financial technology company that is building tools to encourage financial inclusion and bridge the e-commerce divide. is DSS’ award winning enhanced due diligence (EDD) cognitive search and crime prevention tool. It helps companies comply with KYC and AML rules and

regulations by utilizing an artificial intelligence engine to help companies spot and mitigate risks before they become threats. is cloud based and is offered in the following subscriptions: Lite, EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence), EDD Enterprise, Safe City, and Developer. For more information on Domus Semo Sancus (DSS), visit: For more information on, visit:

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Judith Garland admitted to Turks and Caicos Bar Judith Garland was admitted to the Turks and Caicos Islands Bar on November 15th, 2017, in a ceremony presided over by Chief Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale. Garland’s sponsoring attorney was her uncle Carlos W. Simons, QC and her tutelage is under Jonathan Katan. She is currently employed with Miller Simons O’Sullivan In her acceptance speech, Garland said she was deeply honoured and considers it a privilege to be added to the roll of attorneys. “My path to this point did not start within the field of law, but rather I started my career in the environmental field,” she said. “The study of law with its inherent discipline seemed so unreachable. However, during my career, I have always dealt with

matters that swayed me into the legal realm. Practising law however came into sharp focus when I read the LLM in Env. Law and Policy. However, the real inspiration came from my uncle Carlos Simons QC who has always led a distinguished career in law; and who serves as a model for me and so many others in our community today.” Garland said she is very excited about transitioning into this new career path; and even more grateful to be a part of the firm where Simons is a senior partner. “I wish to thank the partners of Miller Simons O’Sullivan for this opportunity, and I especially recognize Jonathan Katan for his skillful and thorough approach at imparting the law, which has so far been very rewarding.

Sandra Garland with her mother Mrs. Sandra Garland and Chief Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale

Sandra Garland with her uncle, Queen’s Counsel Carlos Simons and Chief Justice Margaret RamsayHale` Thanks also to the other attorneys, tutoring me throughout my LLB. I also Louise and Mark and the support staff recognize Gordon Kerr of Misick and of MSO for their helpfulness,” she Stanbrook in helping me realize this added. achievement.” Garland said she owed the Garland said she has had moment to her mother Mrs. Sandra many achievements in her career Garland “who is my rock and who has life, noting that alongside those stood by me throughout this journey”. achievements were an equal number of She continued: “ Added to her disappointments and setbacks. support have been my two brothers “However, I subscribe to the Mark and Anthony and my two lovely well-known quote “all misfortunes children, Olympia and Orrin, all of are but a stepping stone to fortune.” whom I owe a debt of gratitude. I also With that said, in my previous career express appreciation to my extended I had the good fortune of spearheading family, aunts, uncles, cousins; and my and contributing to several projects family at St. Monica’s Anglican Church of national interest, including the for their support and well wishes. National Parks System, the National Special thanks to my very Environmental Centre and the new close friends, Paula Brooks and Robert Land Registry in Grand Turk to name d’Arceuil. Paula for her unwavering a few. I am confident that my entry into friendship and encouragement; and this noble profession will be equally Robert for his selfless acts of kindness, rewarding and beneficial,” she added. particularly for staying many hours

JOB FAIR Where Passion, Creativity and Style come to life.

Currently seeking applications for the following positions. Food and Beverage: Cafeteria Cook, Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Restaurant Manager, Bar Supervisor, Bartender, Server, and Hostess

Date: Tuesday, November 21st 2017 Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm COMO Parrot Cay

Leeward Welcome Centre – Leeward Dock

Spa: Assistant Spa Manager, Spa Receptionist and Spa Attendant Activities: Excursion Supervisor, Excursion Attendant, and Children’s Activities Attendant Rooms Division: Housekeeping Supervisor, Rooms/Public Area/Laundry Attendant, Houseman, Butler, Boat Crew, Bell Person, Telephone Operator, and Boutique Assistant Engineering: Landscaping Manager and Plumber

Human Resources: Employee Welfare Coordinator and HR Coordinator Leadership: Regional Director of Finance, Regional Director of Engineering, Hotel Manager and Private Estates Manager

Blue Haven

Big Blue Columbus Drive N i n a L a n e

P i n t a L a n e

Please bring your resume, two reference letters, TCI Status Card and your remarkable smile.

NORTH CAICOS JOB FAIR Date: Thursday, November 23rd 2017 Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm Location: To be determined

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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Veganism gaining popularity in TCI By Allie Capron It’s a fact that the world is becoming increasingly health conscious and many people today are more concerned with what they are eating than ever before. This trend has made its way to the Turks and Caicos Islands where there is a rising demand for healthier food options across the country. Many restaurants have been making attempts to cater to these demands, offering healthier alternatives to island favorites like peas & rice, fried chicken and sugary drinks. In recent years, veganism has emerged as a popular pathway to improve health. A growing number of residents are experimenting with the vegan diet, sharing their experiences and recipes on social media through various TCI vegan groups. Local supermarkets are stocking and increasing their number of vegan products, dedicating small sections to vegan items. In addition to this, there is at least one fully vegan restaurant in Providenciales and many others that offer vegan and vegetarian options. Island Raw is a completely vegan restaurant that opened in late May. Located on the second floor of Grace Bay’s La Petit Place, the lunchtime eatery specializes in feelgood vegan meals, dairy-free artisan chocolate and batch brewed Kombucha (a lightly carbonated, fermented green tea that incorporates local fruits for a heavy dose of natural flavor and nutrients). The restaurant’s owner, Regina Radisic, believes that veganism is trending in today’s market for all the right reasons. She explained that it takes the body much less time to digest plants than it does for it to digest animal products so people that eat

plant-based meals feel more energized and need less sleep to recover from their daily activities. “Think of it this way: with a plant-based diet, you’re eating across the spectrum of nature,” Radisic added. “All of your minerals and vitamins come from different plant sources which gives you the maximum amount of energy. And it’s not just green vegetables; you need to have red, orange and yellow vegetables too. I always say when you eat, you should eat a rainbow! If you do, you’ll be better off. If you’re only eating white or beige foods, you’re not going to live a long life. I make sure that our meals contain a rainbow of natural food so it’s very nutritious and satiating and you feel fuller for a longer time. Part of the reason that people end up overeating is because they’re eating foods that aren’t nutritious so they don’t get the same trigger of satisfaction that you get with a nutrient-rich plant-based meal.” A vegan diet can help to lower blood pressure, lessen joint pain, alleviate inflammation and help with sinus issues, according to Radisic. It also lowers the chance of obesity by aiding in weight loss and maintenance because calorie restriction is not a concern, she noted. Operating for nearly a year, the sister-owned Retreat Kitchen (located on the second floor of Grace Bay’s Ports of Call Plaza) offers fresh, wholesome vegan meals with vegetarian add-ons like cheese, gee and organic honey. Fresh pressed juices, open-faced toast, rice paper tofu wraps and zucchini noodles are but a few of the items on their breakfast and lunch menu. The owners, Laura and Linsey Mensen, bring a holistic approach to Provo’s healthy-eating scene, believing that a person’s entire environment and lifestyle needs to be taken into account

Lindsay and Laura Mensen, owners of Retreat Kitchen

WHAT IS VEGANISM Ve g a n i s m involves eliminating all animal products from one’s diet. Unlike vegetarianism, this process is not limited to the elimination of meat, poultry and fish. Vegans also exclude dairy products, eggs, honey and any other substance derived from animals. The vegan diet is totally plant-based. A distinction can

be made between those who simply employ a vegan diet (dietary vegans) and those who apply the philosophy of veganism into all areas of life (ethical vegans). Ethical vegans refrain from the purchase or use of any commodity that involves animals. This includes items like fur, leather and animaltested health and beauty products.

when making decisions about nutrition. meals are already “People are looking for prepared and all healthier options,” Laura Mensen the work is done remarked. “It’s clear that we’re getting using locallysicker and sicker in our world today. grown fruits and There are constant assaults from vegetables makes pollution to pesticides and hormone use vegan eating on in foods that are practically nutrient- the island a lot deficient. Obesity and diabetes are easier.” really prevalent on the island among R e t r e a t other health issues. I think many Kitchen is open people want to get back to feeling good. Retreat Kitchen is an option for those who want to eat healthy and clean and not worry about the consequences. We’re not just putting a bandaid on the problem and saying everyone needs to eat these things across the board. We believe in finding specific things that work for the individual. There’s a lot of thought that we put in so that our food, dressings and juices are as health-beneficial and balanced as possible.” Though initial clientele Island Raw Owner Regina Radisic consisted almost entirely of expatriates, both establishments have witnessed Monday through Friday from 9am an exciting increase in the number of to 3pm and Saturday from 9am to local patrons overtime, prompting hope 12pm. They are launching a corporate for continued growth in the demand for delivery service, providing food plant-based eating on the island as deliveries to companies in the Grace time progresses and word travels. Bay area. They also provide specialty “The popularity of veganism is vegan, vegetarian and raw catering. going to continue to grow, it’s not going Look out for their cooking classes and away,” Radisic assured. “I think our workshops in the New Year. business will continue to grow and more Island Raw is open Tuesday vegan places will pop up. Especially in through Friday from 12pm to 2pm and TCI, where fruits and vegetables aren’t follow daily themes: Tuesday Tacos, cheap, if you buy all your ingredients, Wednesday Dragon Bowls, Thursday especially for intricate meals like Sushi and Friday Surprise. Island vegan tacos, sushi or walnut-lentil Raw’s meals range from 10 to 12 dollars, meat, you’d have a limited time a bottle of Kombucha is 7 dollars and period to prepare and eat it before it desserts are 3 dollars. Any customer goes bad. Not to mention having to that mentions this article will get a find time between work and home to free chocolate treat with purchase do it all. So having a place where the of a lunch.

Island Raw’s ‘pulled’ carrot taco over refried black beans with crisp vegetables, avocado and coconut sour cream

Retreat Kitchen’s Zucchini Noodle Bowl with crunchy and savory toppings

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Mission Day 2017 A Massive Success! Flow Turks and Caicos hosts a Return To Happiness Initiative with over 500 students and teachers at the Oseta Jolly Primary School


n Thursday, November 16th the entire staff base of Flow Turks and Caicos along with over 500 students and teachers from the Oseta Jolly Primary School observed the 3rd annual Mission Day. Mission Day is a companywide program where employees come together to demonstrate the company’s mission to Connect Communities and Transform Lives by volunteering their time and efforts to a charitable cause in their community. Flow Country Manager, Delleriece Hall, stated, “Our mission this year was simply to return happiness to the students and faculty of Oseta Jolly Primary after having been displaced since the passing of the recent storms.” Hall further stated, “Our team of 38 staff members came together to foster an

environment of joy and excitement amongst the student population. We also packaged and distributed lunch to over 500 students, donated over 100 books to help rebuild the school library and several fans and tables to bring a sense of comfort to our adopted school of 10 years.” The day’s agenda included a happy session with featured cartoon characters, mental health small talks with the various classrooms led by Dr Anya Gibbs, a spoken word selection themed a “Return To Happiness’, and a massive relief distribution with promises of much more to come for the Oseta Jolly Primary. “We feel so privileged that Flow has chosen us for another consecutive year to observe Mission Day 2017. Last year we had a blast at Oseta Jolly Primary, and this year we

anticipated no less because Flow always does things bigger and better. Our students are always ready to welcome our Flow family and the massive support they have shown over the years,” stated Rachel Handfield, Principal, Oseta Jolly Primary. Dr Malcolm, Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Mental Health and Substance Dependence, shared, “The kids are a very resilient bunch. I was able to give them some tools to help with stress that they can use throughout the day, as they are currently displaced, that I hope will help them to endure the rest of the school term.” We are also proud to announce that we have donated free broadband services to school with speeds up to 48Mbs that we hope will assist with the students being able to do research and complete their assignments efficiently.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017



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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Is it Strep Throat? By Dr. Marsha Barnett Many times, when persons have a sore throat and are seen by the doctor, as a reflex they may ask about it being strep. Strep throat is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and pain in the throat caused by a bacterium called streptococcus. Strep throat can affect children and adults of all ages. However, it’s especially common in children between the ages of 5 and 15 years. Symptoms of Strep Throat Some people experience mild symptoms like mild pain to the throat and discomfort when swallowing. However, other persons may have severe throat pain, headache, fever, chills, lethargy and general malaise. The symptoms of strep throat typically develop within five days of exposure to the bacteria. Not all sore throats are a result of a strep infection. A sore throat can be caused by other bacteria as well and, most commonly, viral infections are the cause of a painful throat. If, however, the sore throat lasts more than two days, your throat looks swollen, red and has white patches, you develop difficulty swallowing or breathing or have a fever that will not break, you should see your doctor. How Can I Know For Sure?

Your doctor will examine your throat, look for swollen lymph nodes, do a full respiratory examination and ask about other symptoms. If a strep throat is suspected, a rapid strep test can be done in the office. Of course, this tests only for that specific bacteria and so your doctor may opt to treat with antibiotics even if the test comes back negative if clinically she thinks you are having a bacterial infection or if blood tests are done in office to suggest that a bacterium is the problem. In certain cases, it might be very important to rule out a strep infection, and as such, if the office test is negative but your physician is very suspicious of a strep infection, a throat swab may be taken and sent to a lab for culture. This tends to pick up a few positive results that were not found in office but results take a few days to come back. Treating Strep Throat If you’re diagnosed with strep throat, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic to treat the infection. It’s important that you finish your antibiotic treatment course to completely clear the infection. Some people stop taking their medication when symptoms improve, which can trigger a relapse and can also cause them to infect other persons when they think they are better but still harboring the bacteria. Your doctor may

also suggest pain and fever reducers, gargles and other medications geared at improving any additional symptoms you may be experiencing. Potential Complications o f Strep Throat When treated, the symptoms will improve within a few days and the infections usually clears in a week or two. The big deal with a strep infection however is that, if left untreated, complications can ensue. The infection can spread along the respiratory tract Dr. Marsha Barnett and lead to abscesses around the tonsils, a sinus infection, ear infections months or even a few years to go away! The possible complications of and even penetrate the mastoid bone in the skull! The long-term sequelae a strep throat are really the reason aren’t limited to the respiratory why it is important to complete your tract however, as untreated strep is course of antibiotics. This is also why notorious for causing rheumatic fever if your doctor believes you are having which is an inflammatory disease a bacterial infection, she will tend to that affects the joints, the heart, and choose an antibiotic that covers strep, the skin. If this occurs, long term whether or not the test was done or heart valve damage usually results it came back negative. If your strep and antibiotics are indicated until the throat symptoms don’t improve within age of 21. An untreated strep throat 48 - 72 hours of taking your antibiotic, can also lead to kidney disease called revisit your doctor. glomerulonephritis. Even the skin can be affected by the streptococcal bacteria. *Dr. Marsha Barnett is a general A red rash can erupt days after the practitioner who also specializes infection called scarlet fever but this in dermatology. For questions usually resolves as the bacteria clears or comments, please contact at over a week or so. Rarely however, a or at type of psoriasis can also appear after Associated Medical Practices - 9464242. the infection and this usually takes

Seven Stars Foundation donates 10 iPads to SNAP Centre to help special needs children By Todeline Defralien The Seven Stars foundation has purchased ten iPads and have programmed all of them with the Prologue2go application for the SNAP Centre to assist the children with their educational development. The presentation took place at the SNAP Centre in Providenciales, on Friday, November 10th, 2017. Officials from Seven Stars Resort stated that after speaking with the teachers, it was brought to their attention about an application called Prologue2go,which is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assistive technology tool that can help children dealing with a range of speech challenges better communicate and express their needs. Proloquo2Go’s easy to use touch-based functions make it a useful assistive technology for ages five and up. Special Needs Teacher KeishaAnn Shaw told media houses, “With the new Ipads it reduces the tantrums. Many times children are unable to communicate their wants and needs, so they will throw tantrums and that’s how we feel even in our own state. When we’re not able to express ourselves we feel overwhelmed. This is what the app is supposed to do and we are extremely grateful to Seven Stars for giving us ten steps forward.” Currently there are 12 students on roll at the SNAP Centre. Director of Special Needs, Ms. Betty-Ann Been added. “These children have special needs, so these Ipads will assist them in building their abilities to communicate better. We

Pictured here are Seven Stars General Manager Grant Noble, Seven Stars Resort Team, Teachers, a student of the Snap Centre and Representatives from the Snap Centre and Minister of Health, Hon. Edwin Astwood would like to say thank you to Seven damage from Hurricane Irma and Stars for coming through for us and this prevented the students from giving our children the opportunity attending school. The Seven Stars to grow and develop to their full foundation went in and assessed the potential and also for the renovations building and advised the Ministry that that was done here since the passage they will renovate the Snap Centre to of Irma and Maria, the renovating of have it ready for the kids to attend the school and the separation of the their regular school schedule. To class room that we’ll be able to provide date, all of the renovations have been individualize sessions for some of our completed, with additional classrooms children that require one-on-one.” for the students and teachers to be Hon. Edwin Astwood, the comfortable. Minister of Health, Agriculture “The SNAP Centre offers an and Human Services thanked the individualize education program and Seven Stars for being an example for what we aim to do is to meet the needs companies that are operating here of each child. The Centre also caters in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He to children with different abilities, so added that Government cannot do it there are certain teaching strategies alone and he is happy that Seven Stars that must be done in a specific area. partnered with the SNAP Centre in Some children will not function well something that is so much needed and in a larger group and some children the ten iPads will go such a long way need that one-to-one all the time in for the students. order for us to make progress. These The Snap Centre had major rooms allow us to do that. There are no

sound distractions in terms of another class room so we are able to maintain the child’s attention throughout the teaching learning process,” Shaw explained. General Manager of Seven Star Resort Grant Noble, said:“We’ve been involved with the SNAP Centre for four to five years and after the hurricane they had severe damage and we sent our team down to fix that but we’ve also donated all of the computers that they have here and this is going to be an ongoing project. This is a lifetime project for as long as it’s needed I cannot think of anything more worthwhile than this. We have fund raising dinners at Seven Stars on a regular basis so we will continue to do this.” . SNAP Center (Special Needs Association of Providenciales) located in Kew Town, Providenciales provides intellectual and life skills opportunities for children and young persons with disabilities between the ages 4-24 years. SNAP caters to a range of disabilities including, but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Speech/ Language Disorder and Learning Disorders. The Center’s goal is selfdetermination for each child where possible allowing them to grow to their full potential. Individual Education Plans are designed for each student with the involvement of the parents, teachers, and a member of the Special Needs Unit management team along with the student where possible.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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Edwin Taylor appointed new Labour Commissioner

The Turks and Caicos Government is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Edwin Taylor as the new Labour Commissioner within the Ministry of Border Control and Employment Services. Mr. Taylor who officially took up employment on Monday November 6th, 2017, holds a Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management from the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, Florida and a number of professional certifications from the London School of Government, Florida International University and RIPA International in Human Resource, Leadership and Project Management. Having previously served as a Human Resource Officer with the Turks and Caicos Government from 2006 to 2010, as a Senior Human Resource Officer with Fortis TCI from 2010 to 2012 and as a Human Resource Manager with Inter Health Canada TCI from 2012 to 2017, Mr. Taylor has an extensive background in Human Resource Management and employment matters. Commenting on the appointment, Her Excellency, Deputy Governor, Anya Williams said; “I am pleased to welcome Mr. Edwin Taylor back to the Turks and Caicos Islands Civil Service and to congratulate him on his new appointment. “As a part of our efforts to continue to improve service delivery

For All you advertising needs contact TCISUN at 339-5879 Or email –

Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for Border Control and Employment Services, Hon. Sean R. Astwood, Mr. Edwin Taylor and Her Excellency, Deputy Governor, Anya Williams across government, key focus was placed on the restructuring of the Ministry of Border Control, in particular the Employment Services and Immigration Departments which led to both Director positions being restructured and re-advertised to fall in line with the new proposed mandate of the department. “As this role is vital to the proper functioning of the labour market and wider economy, we are confident that Mr. Taylor’s professional background and experience will be an asset and will help to continue on with the improvements that we have already seen in the department through the stewardship of Deputy Commissioner Mr. Aplheus Smith, Customer Service Manager - Mr. Emilio Seymour, Assistant Manager - Chrishanda Hall and other staff.” Also commenting on the appointment, Deputy Premier and

A² Fashions

Is seeking a Store Clerk To work 6 days per week Salary – Negotiable Interested persons may contact 231-2358 regarding employment.

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Paradise Smiles is looking to fill the following positions:

Job Duties:

Dental Nurse/Therapist

•Checking gums and teeth for oral abnormalities •Taking and developing dental x-rays •Educating patients on oral hygiene •Developing care plans for maintaining good dental hygiene •Providing dental Treatment to kids. •Fluoride administration and sealant applications •Administering local anesthetic •Removing stains and plaque •Preparing and maintaining dental instruments, supplies and equipment. Pay will commensurate with qualifications and experience. Please submit applications to email:

Minister responsible for Border Control and Employment Services, Hon. Sean R. Astwood said; “I welcome the appointment of Mr. Taylor as the Commissioner of Labour within my ministry. His role is a very critical one that will steer the department towards the full realization of the vision of the Government, that is, an efficient mechanism of regulation and support for a migrant labour force while maximizing and promoting the employability of Turks and Caicos Islanders. “This is a very demanding position, but with Mr. Taylor’s enthusiasm and wealth of experience, I am certain that he will be successful. I would like to commend the work of the Deputy Commissioner - Mr. Alpheus Smith, who has done a tremendous job of bringing about the improvements already visible within the department. I believe that together, Mr. Taylor and

Mr. Smith will be a formidable force and I am looking forward to great accomplishments from this team.” Mr. Edwin Taylor commenting on the appointment and his expectations for the role added; “It is with great pride and humility that I have accepted the position of commissioner of labour. I thank God for the opportunity to serve my country in this capacity, and look forward to working with everyone in the Ministry of Border Control and labour, as well as the employment services team in carrying out our mandate. “I am excited about the proposed changes the Permanent Secretary has brought to my attention in regards to the future plans for the department, and I am honored to be given the chance to contribute and play a major role in bringing about these changes. “Initially, I plan to focus on ensuring that timelines for processes are being met and that communication lines are always open to provide clients with updates to the service they are accessing through the Employment Services Department. We also plan to focus on ensuring that companies are following the proper procedures and protocols with regards to employee relations. I would also endeavour to educate everyone living and residing in the TCI on their rights and understand the role we play to ensure that those rights are not being violated.”

WHITE SANDS GRACE BAY LTD. A refreshing take on a Luxurious Beachfront Resort in Turks and Caicos…White Sands Grace Bay, LTD. Managed by Trust Hospitality, offers a full array of luxury hotel comforts for the ultimate Caribbean experience. Be part of this opening journey! IMMEDIATE Management Hotel Positions Available: 1.Executive Housekeeper 2.Director of Finance IMMEDIATE – All line front of the house and back of the house positions including: -EXPERIENCED Engineers -Housekeeping Supervisor -House Person / Bell Persons -Room Attendants -Lobby / Public Area Attendants -Laundry Attendants -Pool / Beach Attendant White Sands Grace Bay, LTD offers wages and benefits among the very best in the hospitality industry. APPLY NOW to!! Or drop off @ D – 103 Regent Village Grace Bay Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Electricity across Turks and Caicos restored less than 60 days after hurricane IRMA FortisTCI announced that electricity is now restored to all customers throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands that can currently receive it, bringing to a close all major electricity restoration efforts related to Hurricanes Irma and Maria. This announcement comes shortly after final work on rebuilding sections of the transmission and distribution networks on Grand Turk and Salt Cay, two of the hardest hit islands, concluded yesterday. Work to restore electricity to Turks and Caicos began immediately after the ‘all clear’ was issued by the government on September 8, and was quickly ramped up with the support and arrival of 58 Fortis emergency response employees on September 10. The full restoration included

FortisTCI linemen meet with Fortis Inc President & CEO Barry Perry and Executive Vice President, Corporate Services & Chief Human Resource Officer Nora Dukeon Providenciales. several hundred utility and has occurred in less than eight and the Caribbean and their contract workers locally, weeks. We have set a new employees that volunteered and from across Canada, standard in the Caribbean for to help us, and to the staff the United States, and the restoration from a hurricane. of FortisTCI for responding We would not have achieved with a sense of urgency to Cayman Islands. FortisTCI President this without the unqualified what was a devastating and CEO Eddinton Powell support of our parent company situation. Also, our success said, “I am pleased to say that Fortis Inc., and our sister would not have been possible the full return of electricity to subsidiaries across Canada, without the close working the Turks and Caicos Islands the United States, relationship with the TCI

government, their leadership, and the partnerships with other key stakeholders. The community has been patient and supportive which made our job easier. Thank you.” While electricity is now available to all customers that can receive it, persons with damages to their homes and businesses or those with isolated issues must have all necessary repairs completed before reconnection of service can be done. Once repairs are completed, the property must then be inspected by the Government Planning Department and a certificate for reconnection submitted to FortisTCI. FortisTCI again encourages all customers to contact a licensed electrician before undertaking any electrical repairs.

Ministry of Health welcomes a Medical Team from the Ministry of Health of the Bahamas The Ministry of Health of the Bahamas graciously offered medical support to the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) following hurricanes Irma and Maria. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Office for the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands which is based in Nassau, Bahamas facilitated the visits to the TCI.

By the beginning of this week, all three (3) Medical Officers had arrived in country and reported to their assigned locations. During their time in TCI, the physicians will provide primary care services in Government run clinics on the islands of Providenciales and South Caicos. These Medical Officers have been assigned to serve for approximately one (1) month and

Imperial Laundry PLUMBER We are currently seeking a passionate and dynamic Maintenance professional who pride themselves on their ability to deliver extraordinary levels of customer service and provide creative solutions. The ideal candidate should be self-motivated with a hands-on and flexible approach.If you are pro-active and reliable and will thrive working in a busy environment and can stay calm under pressure, have attention to details we are looking to hire you. Job Description As a Plumber, you are responsible for the maintenance of all kinds of laundryequipment and to ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes, whereby your role will include key responsibilities such as: •Performing general repair and maintenance duties regarding laundry plumbing, electrical systems and equipment. •Check and make minor repairs on general plumbing systems and fixtures such as pipelines, toilets and sinks •Checkand make major repairs to electrical systems such as power, low voltage troubleshooting and lighting systems •Perform chemical and water analysis and interpret the result; •Monitor mechanical electrical and water usages to insure effective energy management •Perform basic maintenance and repair of laundry equipment using manuals and their history •Monitor mechanical electrical and water usages to insure effective energy management •Maintain security measures by counting and making rounds through the laundry on a periodic basis •Ensure that the building, as well as the outside area designated for laundry, is kept clean and secure.

to provide support for the Primary Health Departments Medical Officers between October 29th, 2017-November 20th, 2017. Dr Kima Scott-Hall, Dr Madeleine Joseph-Petit and Dr Tiara Dorsett-Johnson all kindly gave of their time in order to support the Primary Health Care clinics in the aftermath of both hurricanes. The Ministry is truly

grateful for the dedicated service offered by the physicians of the Ministry of Health of the Bahamas and for the continued support and partnership provided by the PAHO Bahamas & TCI Office in facilitating this initiative. The Ministry of Health, Agriculture, and Human Services hopes that each Medical Officer has a rewarding stay in the TCI.

The salary for this position is $19,000.00 - $28,000.00 per annum based on experience belongers only need apply. Pressers/Seamstresses Requirements: •2 – 5 yrs experience as a Presser •A minimum of 2 yrs working in a commercial laundry •Knowledge in Textiles and Chemicals •Makes garments, such as dresses, coats, and suits, according to customer specifications and measurements. •Discusses with customer type of material, pattern, or style to be used in making garment. •Measures customer to determine modification from pattern, using tape measure. •Alternations of garments. •Drafting standard pattern according to measurements of customer and adapt pattern to obtain specified style. •Be able to maintain productivity standards on a daily basis •Operational Knowledge of Machines •Ensure that dry cleaning standards and practices are used with client’s linen/garments. •Must be able to work on weekends and public holidays. •Ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs. •Must be able to suggest treatment care to clients •Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $6.50 to $7.00 per hr. based on qualification and experience.

Interested persons may submit Applications no later than November24th 2017 to: HR@WIHL.COM P.O. Box 270, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Please also submit a copy to the TCI Labor Department

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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Fishing banks will close if poaching is not controlled, say local fishermen By Allie Capron Government is being called upon to better police the Turks and Caicos Islands fishing banks in order to curtail poaching and help preserve the local fishing industry. The suggestion came from Ras Diamond, an experienced diver and fisher who told The SUN that such action was long overdue. “If you don’t close the bank, the bank is going to close itself,” he announced. “Everyone knows this. It only seems to be the government that doesn’t understand this. If the government doesn’t take the necessary steps to manage the bank and control foreign fishing, especially when it happens outside of the season, the banks are going to decline. Scientific research shows this. It’s just bad management on the government’s part.” It is Diamond’s belief that fishing seasons will continue to get

shorter and it will not be related to natural environmental causes like hurricanes but rather, as a result of overfishing due to lack of proper policing on the seas. “Seasons will open later and close sooner. And I think the reason is too many foreign fishermen. That’s where I see the problem with government. As far as local poachers, I think they’re doing a good job. But more needs to be done about allowing foreign fishermen to dive.” His sentiments were echoed by Frank Been, supervisor of the Five Cays Fish Plant in Providenciales. “The poachers out there, they catch everything. Everything that moves, they catch. So until they can gain control of the bank, only going after some poachers doesn’t really make sense. You’ve got local poachers and foreign poachers, when the season closes for lobster, people are still going out and getting it and the government has no man power to control that.

They can regulate it but the DECR needs to work with the police for more assistance to control the seas,” Been stated. In a ministerial statement on July 26, 2017, Minister of Tourism and Fisheries Hon. Ralph Higgs said Government was able to make several amendments to the Fisheries Protection Regulations to allow for seized products caught by spear guns (which is illegal in the TCI) to be sold to help mitigate the costs associated with the capture of poachers. Before this, he said, these products would have been dumped. I am also pleased to advise that a revision to the said regulation was made to allow the DECR to donate illegally caught marine product to charitable organizations and senior citizens throughout the length and breadth of our country. On Thursday, March 16th, 2017, Turks and Caicos Islands Marine Police, onboard the ‘Sea

Defender,’ intercepted a poaching vessel with a number of fishermen from the Dominican Republic with more than 39,000 pounds of sea food, mostly fish. At approximately 12:12 p.m. on that date, officers saw a white steel vessel bearing the name ‘Captain Blaze’, which was about 80 feet long and had a number of dinghies and over 40 men onboard. It was sighted southwest of White Cay, at a position within the territorial waters and fisheries limits of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The men who were formally charged and cautioned for use of breathing apparatus to take marine products, Possession of undersized Nassau Grouper, possession of Parrot Fish, using an unlicensed commercial fishing vessel, possession of a spear gun, taking marine products by use of spear gun and being engaged in commercial fishing in the Mouchier Bank without a license and taking Marine products without a licence.

BIM PROJECT ARCHITECT We are looking for a qualified BIM Project Architect, minimum 5 year’s experience, to spearhead and be responsible for the Revit transition, with a proven background in BIM to assist in the development and deployment of in-house Revit processes, BIM standards adherence and digital team support.You will be working alongside the Development Team’s Architect, Civil, Structural and MEP Engineer providing one to one project trouble shooting and thus strong communication skills are paramount. It will largely be project focused where your core responsibility will be to implement BIM/Revit for the project, therefore familiarity with family creation, worksets, scheduling and overall competency in Revit are essential, as is experience in the delivery process at a construction detailing level. You will be undertaking audits of BIM models and content creation as well as assisting in development of core documentation such as BEPs and EIRs. A history of solid Revit use in the industry is required as is an indepth understanding of complex modelling, parametric families and worksets, demonstrating proverbial Revit and AutoCAD excellence is essential. Preferably you will have an architectural background and strong experience with Navisworks and Dynamo. Salary circa US$60,000 depending upon experience. Position open to all qualified TCI nationals. Please submit applications to: Veronica Rigby, The Regent Ltd, P.O. Box 124, Regent House, The Regent Village, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, Tel: (649) 946-5126; Fax (649) 946-5191; Email: Interested Belongers must also submit copies of their application to the Commissioner of Labour & Work Permit Board Zone 2. Closing date for application is 24th November 2017.

Great House Management Limited [Sailrock] is seeking a qualified candidate for the position below: Guest Service Agent •Guest Service Agent is directly responsible for the prompt, efficient and courteous check in and check out of guest. Responsibilities •Engage each guest as a unique individual and listen attentively to their request •Answer the Telephone in a timely and professional manner •Escort all guest to their room •Listen to guest’s complaints or concerns and resolve their issue in a timely manner •Operate the Switchboard to ensure efficient communication within to and from the hotel •Assist guests with activities/excursion booking, restaurant reservation, and general information on the property/Island. •Update guests’ profile with any special request. • Complete all transactions and daily deposits. •Ensure guest is properly check in and checkout from the system. •Promote safe working environment •Keep work area neat and tidy Qualified Candidates will have/be: •High School Diploma or equivalent required, Bachelor’s degree preferred •Excellent communication skills both oral and written •Must have strong computer skills, epitome knowledge is a plus •Requires standing/walking throughout shift •Ability to work effectively in an innovative fast-paced and multi tasked environment •Able to organize, plan ahead and manage workload Please submit applications to Stacey-Ann Albert: •Drop off: W104 Venture House, Grace Bay, Providenciales •Email: Interested Turks and Caicos Islands must also submit copies of their application to the TCI Labour Board.

䘀伀刀 䄀䰀䰀 夀伀唀刀 䄀䐀嘀䔀刀吀䤀匀䤀一䜀 一䔀䔀䐀匀 䌀伀一吀䄀䌀吀 ⠀㘀㐀㤀⤀ⴀ㌀㌀㤀ⴀ㔀㠀㜀㤀   漀爀   䔀䴀䄀䤀䰀㨀 猀甀渀䀀猀甀渀琀挀椀⸀挀漀洀 䄀昀昀漀爀搀愀戀氀攀 刀愀琀攀猀  簀  䠀椀最栀 瘀漀氀甀洀攀 琀爀愀昀昀椀挀  簀  刀攀氀椀愀戀氀攀  

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


‘Return to happiness’ programme held in TCI to help children cope after hurricanes By Todeline Defralien The ‘Return to Happiness’ programme which is a psychosocial recovery programme for children who have been affected by a disaster and trauma, recently held its programme in Turks and Caicos Islands to train Teachers and guidance counselors to help children cope after hurricanes. Trained during this programme were 17 teachers and guidance counselors from Providenciales, 12 in South Caicos and 18 in Grand Turk. This was in order to feel competent to work with children, implement the programme and also to train others as well. In an interview with The SUN, facilitator for the programme and Social Worker from St. Lucia, Sherika Trim explained that the program takes children through a process of before, during and after (past, present and future) where they do different drawings, paintings and theatre. “It’s basically play therapy and fun having them to say what life was like before the hurricane, what happened during the hurricane, what it is now for them and trying to come up with a bright future and basically showing them what happened does not have to depict their future,” she said. Trim added: “The programme was well-received. Everyone seems very eager to implement and they really think that it is something that the children need. It is actually something that they need as well

Guidance counselors and teachers re-enacting how children reacted during the passage of Hurricane Irma because we had them actually doing She said, “We work in 12 hurricanes this year and we have exactly what we would be doing with different countries which is based in conducted this programme to the children when their implementing Barbados but we were in all of the Barbudan children. It’s being done in and it really brought out their artistic Eastern Caribbean Countries, Turks British Virgin Islands, its being done in skills and it was even an avenue for and Caicos Islands, Trinidad and Anguilla and we started in Turks and some of them who had never gotten to Tobago and Barbados. Earlier this year Caicos and we will commence soon in speak about the hurricane to actually we rolled out a training for persons Dominica. I think the most important do that.” throughout the Eastern Caribbean in aspect of the programme is the hope The whole idea of this the return to happiness methodology. and dreams. We’re not just stuck in programme is to give children an We had done it in Turks and Caicos the past in terms of what it was like opportunity to express what they’ve in 2008 after hurricane Ike and there or the present what it currently is as a been though, to allow persons to look are couple of people here who have result but we looking forward now to a for red flags and then to insure that been trained, at least three that I can future so that’s also a component of the those children who are in need of think of. This programme basically is program,” she explained. further psychological support can be to expand the pool of facilitators, those On Thursday October 19th and referred. persons who can train other persons as October 20th the ‘Return to happiness’ UNICEF Communication well as those who can implement the programme conducted a practical in for Development Specialist, Dr. Lisa programme.” order to implement the programme Trotman stated that the objective of Trotman noted that the sooner with children at the End Capron this programme is that after disasters the programme is started with the Primary School, in South Caicos at the there should be persons in the country children the more effective it is. Iris Stubbs Primary School and Ona who can take up their backpacks with “We had five of our countries Glinton Primary School in Grand Turk. their supplies and start the programme. that have been affected by the


Graceway Trading Ltd is a seeking suitably qualified applicant to fill the following positions:

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING MANAGER Job Requirements & Responsibilities: •ACA/ACMA/ACCA/CPA professionally qualified with a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience in a financial analysis/ financial reporting position. •Responsible for managing all transactional accounting processes within the Financial Accounting team, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, weekly payroll, cashing-up and sales. •Managing a team of four bookkeepers, ensuring that job responsibilities are being performed in a complete and timely manner as well as employee performance reviews being undertaken on a regular basis. •Responsible for reviewing, correcting and posting all journal entries to the general ledger prepared by members of the Financial Accounting team. •Detailed review and reconciliation of general ledger accounts on a daily basis to ensure accuracy of accounting records. •Comprehensive knowledge of general ledger accounting and the function of financial accounting systems is essential. •Implementing and improving accounting processes and procedures to improve team efficiency and drive profitability of the business. •Weekly reporting of KPIs to senior management and stakeholders. •Ad-hoc finance related projects as required. •Strong written and verbal communication skills essential. •Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple tasks. •Knowledge of SAGE accounting software beneficial. Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience

This position is responsible for overall management of supermarket retail / floor operations. Job responsibilities and requirements include: •Bachelor’s degree in Food Services Management with a minimum of (2) years Retail Supermarket experience in Culinary Arts with extensive knowledge in meat selection and procurement •Monitor overall management of the Food Service Department to ensure that food items are prepared and presented in an acceptable manner •Monitor overall store quality, cleanliness, stock levels, merchandising, sales growth, profitability (e.g., by analyzing operating reports, payroll sales reports, shrink reports, etc.), and taking appropriate action to improve performance •Wide-ranging knowledge in areas such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Inventory management programs •Must be Proficient retail and wholesale accounting and good business practices related to documentation and record keeping •Manage department inventories by tracking weekly sales reports, orders product and supplies so as to meet customer requirements along with the company’s gross profit goals •Skilled in ordering methods and practices for inventory control •Ability to utilize computer systems/information for improved operational results •Strong current product knowledge of the retail industry and knowledge of Supermarket facility management •Will be required to work nights, long hours, weekends, and holidays •Experience in ISS / Droste Operating Systems is an added plus Pay will commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Deadline for submission of applicants is December 1st 2017 Submit to Graceway IGA Supermarket main office complex or email: Please Note: Only short-listed applicants will be contacted to attend interviews.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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This is what smart health insurance feels like! Premier Health is a smart health insurance plan that does most of the thinking for you. From instant eligibility checks to 24/7 world-wide support, it allows you to feel in control of the choices that best meet your needs. More than half of claims are automatically adjudicated too, so

This is what it does. 63% of claims are settled automatically. 73% of claims are received electronically. 96% of claims settled in 5 working days.

paperwork is on course to be a thing of the past.

Ask about


individual health insurance

Now that feels good.

Ask for a quote! Call 232-9127 or 941-3195 or visit


Suite 3D-A, Courtyard Plaza, Leeward Highway, Providenciales Tel. (649) 941 3195

Premier Health is a product from Colonial Medical Insurance Company Limited

A member of Colonial Group International Ltd. insurance, health, pensions, life


Happy Day of







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Tyson T yso Chicken C hic LLeg eg Quarters 2 lb bag

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Assorted La Yogurt


Bar S Chicken Franks

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Essential Everyday Corn Cobs

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Essential Everyday Grated Parmesan







Pork Ribs

Cello Carrots

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Idaho Potatoes

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Sweet Potatoes

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Brussel Spouts

1 lb pkg

Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes




5 2/ Ocean Spray Cranberries

12 oz pkg

10 2/

Florida Oranges

4 lb pkg

2 lb bag

4 2/

7 2/




Yellow Onions

3 lb bag

Gala Apples

3 lb bag


3 lb bag

84¢ lb

produce department

2 7 prices effective saturday, novem november 18 thru sunday, november 26, 2017


59 Shoppers Value or S Essential Everyday E Ice Cream Ic

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128 oz pail, 1

ffrozen department



Essential Everyday Singles

Wrapped Slices

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Essential Everyday Spread

Tropicana Orange Juice


45 oz ctn



Essential Everyday Gallon Milk

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Hill Medium Eggs

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Smoked Picnic Hams ms

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Frozen Turkeys

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All Sizes!

We believe in Fresh, h, S Service ervice a and nd T Trust! rust!



Christmas Trees Arrive Saturday, December 2

Only the Finest Quality Produce, Deli and Meat will do!

Page 22 NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017









Essential Everyday Ultra Strong or Charmin Bath Tissue

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ERA Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Niagara Drinking Water

Brawny Paper Towels

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Colgate Toothbrush

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Cavity Protection

4 oz, Baking Soda & Peroxide and



Equaline Mouth Rinse

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Vo5 Shampoo or Conditioner

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12 bottles of still or sparkling wine




Place your orders early! 24 hrs.


10-12 lb avg with 2 lbs Stuffing, 1 lbs Gravy and 1 Dozen Dinner Rolls



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Turkey Dinner

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Pumpkin Pies

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Suavite Fabric Softener

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Bumble Bee or StarKist Tuna

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deli/bakery department

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DistinctionUHT Milk

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Riceland Rice

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grocery department

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017 Page 23

Page 24


NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US GET THE LIGHTS BACK ON! In less than 60 days after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, FortisTCI successfully restored power to the Turks and Caicos Islands. This remarkable restoration was made possible with the support of our parent company Fortis Inc., and the Turks and Caicos Islands Government, and the dedication and hard work of all our FortisTCI employees, who consistently went the extra mile. And we could not have done it without the collaboration and generous assistance of a number of persons, organizations, the business community and all our customers who remained patient and supportive throughout the process. We know how much electricity means to everyone.

Rebuilding. Restoring. Re-energizing Turks and Caicos Islands.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

Our deepest appreciation to: Turks and Caicos Islands Government, in particular: • • • • •

• • •


Turks and Caicos Airports Authority Turks and Caicos Civil Aviation Authority His Excellency the Governor,Hon. Dr John Freeman Ports Authority of the Turks and Caicos Islands Honorable Premier, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson Provo Travel Executive Tours Deputy Governor, Honorable Anya Williams Tropical Shipping Honorable Deputy Premier, Sean Astwood Cairsea Attorney General, Honorable Rhondalee Cargo Express The Shore Club Braithwaite Knowles OBE The Hartling Group Minister for Utilities, Honorable Goldray Ewing Alive and Well Resort Osprey Hotel Mr. Malike Cummings East Bay Resort Staff of the Ministry of Infrastructure, KJ’s Housing & Planning CBMS Ltd. FLOW Digicel

Scotiabank Williams E Business Boulema Human Resource Services Associate Medical Inter Health Canada InterCaribbean Airways Caicos Express Environmental Arts Projetech Members of the media TC Industrial Rolle Construction John Redmond Peter Kerrigan Kevin Cleaners Do It Center

Page 25

Jay’s Garbage Disposal Lew 1 Shipping Stanch Construction Provo Stevedoring (Provo & Grand Turk) Allen Dickerson Salt Cay Ferry G & H Enterprises Fresh Catch Mr. Grouper Alice Morley Mama’s Kitchen Catering In Da Kitch’n Catering Top of the Cove Deli My Dee’s Restaurant Aquatics Restaurant Miss B’s Restaurant Core gas station | 649-946-4313

Page 26





he Third Annual Sand Jam all day beach-party was a huge success in its third year. Held at Rickie’s Flamingo Café last weekend Saturday November 11th, 2017, this event attracted a massive turnout with a mixture of locals and tourists supporting this great cause. The most anticipated beach party of the year saw performance by recording artist “MDeez” from The Bahamas, also featuring performances by local performers such as V6 Band,

Q-Band Lynks, Tropical Breeze Band, Carl Lewis, DJ. Dayoh, Obstak Band, Noel Brown, Raj the Entertainer and the highlight of the event, performances by the Clement Howell & Long Bay Hills School Choirs. Hosted by “Tess” the entertainer, Organizers of the event said this year’s event exceeded their expectations. Co-Founder of Sand Jam

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

rd Annual

Sand Jam a Hit!!

Music Festival, Donna W. Davis told The SUN, “Sand Jam Committee is super excited about the turn out adorn response to the festival. It was an awesome day and we well exceeded our charity donation from last year. It was truly our best event yet but each year we learn and try to make changes that will keep the festival growing bigger and better.” The SUN brings you these photographs from this year’s event.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017



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Page 28


NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Alexandra Resort, Blue Haven Resort & Marina and the Beach House We are seeking to employ, suitably qualified and experienced hospitality professionals in the position listed below. Our ideal candidate should have an outstanding command of the English language, written and oral, strong communication and excellent customer service skills. Director of Guest Experience and Operations In this key role, you are responsible the smooth operation of the properties including but not limited to: ➢Front of House of the Resorts, Housekeeping, Laundry, Pool & Beach, Loss Prevention and Maintenance operations ➢Handle guest concerns relating to experience, service and payments ➢Attends meetings to determine information and/or activities that have impact on Guest and Hotel operations ➢Prepares agendas and manages meetings as directed by the General Managers ➢Develops and implements new departmental policies and procedures to ensure smooth operation; maintains current departments’ policies and procedures ➢Reviews the payroll and work schedule for each of the departments ➢Reviews and ensures that all Operations Manuals and logs for each of the departments are maintained ➢Oversees hiring, training, and supervision of all Housekeeping, Laundry, Front of House, Loss Prevention and ➢Troubleshoots problem situations to assure procedures and processes are examined to prevent reoccurrence ➢Oversees counseling, performance reviews and terminations ➢Adheres to WHML Standards for Guest Service and all operations ➢Reports and documents any observed or known safety hazards, conditions or unsafe practices and procedures to management immediately ➢Performs other job-related duties as directed Requirements: ➢Must possess prior hotel management experience of no less than 10 to 15 years Front Office/Guest Services department head experience ➢Must possess 5 to 7 years’ experience as a Director of Operations

British Caribbean Bank Limited

SENIOR FINANCE EXECUTIVE We are looking for an objective Senior Finance Executive to add value and improve our operations by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The successful candidate will possess a thorough knowledge of accounting procedures and a sound judgement. LOCATION: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands EDUCATIONAL ANDPROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS Bachelors degree in business or other relevant subject UK Chartered Accountant qualified (or equivalent with a minimum of 5 years post qualification experience in auditing.) BUSINESS EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT Applicants should have a minimum of 15 years in a broad range of financial management roles at a senior level. Experience in the following area would be a significant advantage: financial and management accounting, business acquisitions and deposits, corporate restructurings, regulatory reporting, strategic financial and business planning, ability to interpret complex legal documentation. The salary for this position ranges from $60,000 to $ 100,000 per annum based on experience belongers only need apply. Interested persons may submit Applications no later than October 25th 2016to: HR@WIHL.COM/ Phone: 649-941-5028 P.O.Box 270, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Please also submit a copy to the TCI Labor Department

➢Must possess excellent organizational, written and verbal communication skills ➢Bilingual preferably English, French and Spanish ➢Must possess accounting aptitude with the ability to manage payroll and budgetary records. ➢Must possess a professional, outgoing, guest-service oriented manner ➢Must possess the ability to interact with a variety of people, and remain calm and professional in stressful situations ➢Must be able to work a flexible schedule to include overnights, weekends and holidays ➢Must be friendly, courteous, service-oriented, and flexible and enjoy working with a variety of staff and guests ➢Must have knowledge of the Engineering and Maintenance department in order to make proper decisions regarding Waste Water Treatment Plants, A/C, Electrical, among others ➢Must possess working knowledge of computers and software ➢Must be well versed in all areas of PMS and POS hotel systems, including but not limited to: Microsoft Office, Opera, HotSoS, Micros, Delphi ➢Must be detail-oriented and work effectively under pressure while meeting all applicable deadlines ➢Must be able to work independently and productively with minimum supervision;

Salary for this position will commensurate with qualifications and experience. Interested persons may contact our HR department Mon. – Fri. from 9am-3pm via telephone number 946-8054 or you may submit your resume with qualifications and experience to: Please also submit a copy of your completed application to our local labor department. Closing date ---- November 25th 2017

For All you advertising needs contact TCISUN at 339-5879 Or email


Bugaloo Conch Crawl Is seeking a Professional Bartender Willing to work 6 days a week Must have up to five years experience in mixing drinks and be able to work Flexible hours Salary Based on experience Please Contact: 332-0221

Island Steel


Is seeking Professional Steel Workers Must have knowledge in Rebar and all areas in aspect of Steel working. Salary is based on experience Please Contact: 347-1905

NEEDS A HAIR STYLIST Grand Turk To work 6 days per week Salary $6.25 per hour Please Contact: 331-6208

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

We are currently looking for an experienced Tour Guide to join our team. •If you are highly energetic •Have excellent public speaking skills •Can ride a scooter •Hold a current driver’s license •Have a strong sense of adventure •A sound knowledge of the Island


Page 29



Please contact us at (649) 242.7877 or send us your resume at Salary $7.00 per hour.


Is seeking a Watersports Instructor Applicant Requirements:

•The applicant must have full qualifications as an instructor for Watersports (including but not limited to kiteboarding, waterskiing, wakeboarding). •A valid TCI boat captain license. •Open water instructor •Extensive teaching experience (at least 10 years). •Must be able to work without direct supervision and have reliable transportation. •Clean Police Record. •Able to generally manage day-to-day business operations. •Must be able to work weekends & Holidays.

Join relaxed and friendly 35 team workforce and enjoy one of the highest wage and bonus packages on the island. Our 98 – room resort popularity and occupancy are growing year after year resulting in high distribution of service charges and

NO SLOW SEASON LAYOFFS Resumes can be dropped off at the hotel or emailed to

Salary – Negotiable Please Email:

JOB POSTING - Country Manager What is the opportunity? In this role you are required to deliver an exceptional client experience, understand the needs of our clients, and anticipate what is important for them by recognizing and reacting to verbal and non-verbal cues and adapting to how clients choose to interact with RBC. What will you do? •Earn the business of new clients by developing relationships with RBC and community partners, represents the RBC brand and captures new business opportunities ensuring early anchoring of all new clients. •Lead a branch team in the retention and growth of existing business and personal clients’ business by focusing the team on advice and activities that encourage long-term profitable relationships. •Actively engage with and adapt to how clients choose to interact with RBC and leverage partners in the broader RBC network and across channels to match the clients’ needs with the right advice and solutions including fulfillment where applicable, ensuring that partners and specialists are introduced at every opportunity. •Champion digital enablement by becoming an advocate of the RBC mobile application and wallet and promoting regular usage. Stay at the forefront of all new features and digital application capabilities in order to educate clients and team members on ease of use and ensure clients leave activated, able to transact and aware of availability for additional support. •RBC local market leader who coaches, enables and performance manages employees to deliver full capability of RBC (human and digital) and grow your business faster than the competition. •Full responsibility for all aspect of your franchise: operational risk, capacity & capability deployment, talent management and community engagement. •Ensure a high level of employee capability and engagement through coaching and sales management, empowering team to reach their optimum performance. •Lead one or more retail branches to achieve business performance goals by successfully implementing strategies, driving strong sales and

service performance and employee engagement. •Handle regulatory matters; ensure resolution of assigned audit/ compliance issues, supported by the Regional Operations Officer. •Act as RBC ambassador to multiple government and influential community leaders; promotes and engages the appropriate RBC market leaders based community forums; develops relationships with existing and potential community partners. What do you need to succeed? Must-have •Minimum – Bachelor’s Degree in Banking or a related field •10 or more years banking experience •Previous experience as a Lending Officer is mandatory •Strong Leadership & Coaching •In-depth Credit knowledge of Personal and Business lending •Strong communication skills (oral and written) and Negotiating/ Selling Skills •Relationship building & People Skills •Effectively Manage Risk Nice-to-have What’s in it for you? We thrive on the challenge to be our best, progressive thinking to keep growing, and working together to deliver trusted advice to help our clients thrive and communities prosper. We care about each other, reaching our potential, making a difference to our communities, and achieving success that is mutual. •A comprehensive Total Rewards Program of flexible benefits, unlimited commission pay, and pension options •World-class training programs and career development opportunities •The advantage of working with a dynamic, collaborative, and high performing team where initiative and hard work are recognized and rewarded •A flexible work schedule based on client preferences and your own work/ life balance •Innovative mobile technology to ensure your success Interested applicants should apply by _________________ at

Page 30



NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

MAY 10TH - MAY 17TH, 2014

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017



Page 31

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

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NEWS NEWS Former Bahamian PMs go from rivals to lunch partners

FROM doing battle in the House of Assembly, former prime ministers Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham were facing one another over the dinner table instead. The pair were snapped as they shared lunch at Olive’s on Paradise Island. And despite regular sparring over the nation’s finances, the ample “hog snapper” dish showed there’s no need for belt tightening after a life in politics.

Patient dies after complications from surgery in Cayman Islands Doctors who cared for Lisa Turner in the days before her death have told how she suffered “overwhelming sepsis” which they believed could be related to a recent surgery. In a series of statements read out at an inquest Wednesday, various doctors, nurses and health service officials from both the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital (now CTMH Doctors Hospital) and the Cayman Islands Hospital recounted the treatment she received. An autopsy report, already given in evidence, concluded the cause of Ms. Turner’s death on Lisa Turner Feb. 14 was complications due to involved in the surgery. surgery. Dr. Suzanne Muise, the But the exact nature surgeon who carried out the of those complications remains operation, had earlier testified unclear, according to the Cayman that Ms. Turner’s surgery had Compass. gone well and that she was able to Doctors at the Cayman be discharged the same day, Feb. Islands Hospital, according to 10. their statements, initially believed Several witnesses Ms. Turner may have suffered described how the patient a “perforated bowel” during the developed a fever and abdominal earlier operation, leading to an pain over the weekend and infection. But the autopsy report was readmitted to the Chrissie showed no evidence that this was Tomlinson Memorial Hospital the case. on Sunday evening before being Coroner Eileen Nervik transferred to the Cayman Islands spelled that out in a statement to Hospital after experiencing the jury. breathing difficulties. Tests “There is nothing in his showed the platelet count in her [the pathologist’s] findings that blood was critically low. shows any injury. There’s nothing Dr. Gillian Evans-Belfonte, here that shows some kind of the consultant gynecologist at injury to create this sepsis,” she the Health Services Authority, said. said in a statement read to Medical staff involved the Coroner’s Court that the in the initial surgery at Chrissie working diagnosis of the medical Tomlinson Memorial Hospital team at the Cayman Islands to remove a cyst from an ovary, Hospital was that Ms. Turner was testified that it had gone smoothly suffering an overwhelming sepsis with no complications. – a life-threatening complication “Everything went stemming from an infection. The according to plan and eventually sepsis had led to multiple organ the procedure finished and the failure and a condition called patient was transferred to a disseminated intravascular recovery room in a stable condition,” coagulation, which involves according to a statement from the formation of small clots Gina Lapena, one of the nurses throughout the blood system, she

indicated. She said the platelet count in the patient’s blood was too low for doctors to operate safely and they decided she would be transferred to Florida, where she could receive a transfusion. An air ambulance arrived Monday afternoon, but Ms. Turner suffered a cardiac arrest before she could be transported overseas and was readmitted to the critical care unit at the Cayman Islands Hospital. At that point, Dr. EvansBelfonte said her condition had deteriorated to such an extent that even with the necessary platelets for transfusion, which they had not been able to obtain at that point, it would have been impossible to do anything for her. She said she received a call around 5 a.m. the next day from a doctor in the emergency room that Ms. Turner had suffered another cardiac arrest and resuscitation had been unsuccessful. Friends of Ms. Turner earlier described how her condition worsened in the days after the cystectomy at Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital. Sandra Wilkinson described making regular checks on her friend over the weekend. When she called her on Sunday evening, Ms. Turner told her she was in terrible pain. She said she had found her lying on the floor at the foot of the bed, curled around her pillow, suffering from a severe fever. She described how she and other friends had taken her to the hospital and anxiously monitored her condition in the days that followed before being told she had died in the early hours on Tuesday. Her fiancé Alain Belanger, a police officer, said in a statement that he had been angry at the length of time it had taken for the air ambulance to arrive and to prep Ms. Turner for transfer.

New bill will allow Haitian to apply for permanent residency in USA WA S H I N G T O N – Three members of the US Congress are preparing legislation that will allow all Haitians with Temporary Proteted Status (TPS) to apply for permanent residency even as the Trump administration weighs whether to end the programme. The bill, dubbed the ASPIRE Act, would let all Haitians covered by TPS before Januanr 1, 2017 to apply for permanent residency by proving before a judge that they would face extreme hardship if forced to return home. “The Temporary Protected Status programme was created with bipartisan support to protect human

life,” said New York Democratic Congresswoman, Yvette Clarke, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, who plans to introduce the legislation with Miami Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Washington Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. “It advances American interests and values, and we must work in a bipartisan manner to do the right thing and protect hardworking immigrants from being sent back to countries, where their physical well-being could be cast into doubt,” added Clarke, who represents the predominantly Caribbean 9th Congressional District in

Brooklyn, New York. The bill also creates a new form of “protected status” for TPS recipients who have been in the US for at least five years. Under the proposed bill – instead of waiting for renewal or revocation of their status every 18 months, current TPS recipients would be able to stay in the US for a renewable six-year period, although they would not be eligible for permanent residency if they cannot prove extreme hardship. Clarke’s proposal is more expansive than a bill sponsored by Miami Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo that would provide a path to permanent residency for TPS recipients

from Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras who arrived in the US before January 13, 2011. According to the Miami Herald, Ros-Lehtinen and Miami Republican Congressman Mario DiazBalart have signed on to Curbelo’s bill. The ASPIRE Act would also correct what Clarke’s office calls an “error” in existing law that requires TPS recipients who arrived in the US illegally to leave the US and reenter to adjust their status, the Herald said. Instead, it said, a TPS designation would be enough of a reason to apply for permanent residency without having to leave the country.

Last week, the Trump administration announced that TPS for about 2,000 Nicaraguans will end in January 2019, while about 60,000 Hondurans will get a six-month TPS extension until July 2018, instead of the typical 18 months. The US Department of Homeland Security is yet to announce a decision for Haiti and El Salvador. A decision on Haiti must be made by November 23. Clarke said her bill could attract Republican support because it does not automatically give TPS recipients a path to permanent residency. A judge must find that a TPS recipient would face extreme hardship if they return home.

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


The Bahamas Speaker presses for pay increases for MPs House Speaker Halson Moultrie said the Judges’ Remuneration and Pensions Act could be used as a precedent for the establishment of a review committee or commission to bring parity to salaries of those in the parliamentary and executive branches of government. While he pointed to sections three and four of the act as a benchmark, it is unclear whether he was also referring to the pay scale outlined in the legislation governing judges’ salaries. According to the Judges’ Remuneration and Pensions Act from 2008 and onward, the chief justice is the highest paid of the judiciary with a salary of $110,000 per annum. Any senior justice or other judge receives a salary of $103,000 and $97,000 per annum respectively. Members of Parliament make $28,000 a year. “On behalf of my colleagues at this moment I take a step in the shoes of my predecessor as speaker down the path of courage. The public perception is too negative of politicians,” Mr Moultrie said at the start of yesterday’s Parliament session while he gave a tribute to former House Speaker Sir Arlington G Butler who died Thursday

Speaker of The Bahamas House of Assembly Halson Moultrie night. “The truth is, politicians make colossal personal sacrifices, as well as financial ones. There is an argument today that politicians knowingly signed up for the salary being offered. What is flawed about this argument is that every employee also knowingly signed up for the salary they were being offered at the time of their engagement. Notwithstanding no one who has just started work would agree to have their salary scale frozen for more than 30 years.

US sanctions on Venezuela hurting Jamaica, says Energy Minister KINGSTON, Jamaica – Energy Minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley says the sanctions imposed on Venezuela by United States administration, have had a negative impact on Jamaica. In a statement in Parliament earlier this week, Wheatley disclosed that over the past year Jamaica has been receiving “minimal or no crude products” from Venezuela, for the the government owned oil refinery, Petrojam. He said that based on this, the Andrew Holness led administration is considering buying back Venezuela’s 49 per cent share Petrojam. According to Wheatley, for over a year now Jamaica has not been receiving what it usually receives from Venezuela under the PetroCaribe agreement, as well as crude required for Petrojam. In 2006, Governmentowned Petroleos de Venezuela (PdVSA), bought 49 per cent of the shares in the refinery from in Petrojam. He said the executive order (EO 13808) issued by the US in August ,not only strictly restricted US citizens and entities

from transactions involving the Government of Venezuela, and this included the Central Bank of Venezuela and PdVSA, and any person owned or controlled by, or acting for, or on behalf of the Government of Venezuela”. He said due to EO 13808, payments to and from Petrojam have been subjected to increased due diligence by its primary financiers/suppliers of lines of credit. In addition to the disruption/delay of transactions for Petrojam, sovereign debt payments due by the Government of Jamaica under the Caracas Agreement 2001 and various other loan agreements which were due and payable to the Government of Venezuela were being withheld by the US Federal Reserve Bank, and others, in order to facilitate their own due diligence process. The PetroCaribe Energy Co-operation Agreement is a multifaceted arrangement, which commenced in 2005 seeking to promote energy security in the region, by guaranteeing supplies of petroleum products from Venezuela through an innovative repayment system.

“Perhaps sections three and four of the Judges’ Remuneration and Pensions Act Chapter 45 is instructive and can be used as a precedent in establishing a review committee or commission to bring parity for the parliamentary and executive branches of government.” His remarks come amid public uproar over Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ announcement that MPs would receive pay increases in the next budget. The prime minister also said a committee would be formed to review all salary structures for government entitles. Mr Moultrie’s comments also come the day after the prime minister’s Press Secretary Anthony Newbold suggested the Minnis administration has placed a stipulation on its pledge to increase salaries for MPs. The salaries will not be increased if the economy does not improve, Mr Newbold said. He would not say which economic metrics will be analysed to determine if a salary increase for MPs should take place. His statements came in response to questions about whether Dr Minnis regrets his 2014 position on raising the pay of MPs. Mr Newbold said there’s “no

intention to” raise politicians’ salaries so long as the economy is feeble and Bahamians are suffering. Asked if he meant the economy must considerably improve for MPs’ salaries to be raised, he said: “It’s the only way they will be raised.” Dr Minnis did not suggest when he announced the salary increase in Parliament several weeks ago that a raise is conditional on improvements in the country’s economy. At the time Dr Minnis said: “I want to put the country on notice that at the next budget I will come forth with a pay increase for the members of Parliament. I only want to put the nation on notice that the time has come when individuals are being paid by that government half a million dollars per annum, individuals are receiving contracts up to $800,000 and the members of Parliament are being paid $28,000…I will establish an independent committee who will look at member salaries, who will look at government structure salaries for this half a million dollar, these $800,000 and these contracts signed a few hours before the election. “All of that will be reviewed. (The committee will) review all salary structures for government entities.”

Bermuda seniors to get pensions boost HAMILTON, Bermuda -Over 12-thousand s senior citizens in Bermuda are set to receive a pensions boost after parliamentarians approved a rate increase in time for the Christmas holidays. Both sides of the House of Assembly supported the Contributory Pension (Amendment of Benefits and Contributions) Order 2017 brought by Junior Finance Minister Wayne Furbert, who said the legislation fulfilled a Progressive Labour Party (PLP) platform pledge to institute annual cost-of-living increases for seniors. A 1.7 per cent increase for August 2017 will be retroactive, with a windfall in December’s pensions. A 4.3 per cent rise for pensions is set for August 2018. The former One Bermuda Alliance administration, ousted in July’s general election, introduced a five per cent increase for seniors last year — the first rise since 2011 when the PLP was previously in power. Shadow Finance Minister Jeanne Atherden gave her backing to the move but said the island might consider raising the retirement age from 65 given the increase in life expectancy.

That suggestion was supported by PLP MP Derrick Burgess, who said: “We must raise the retirement age for seniors. You will find in Bermuda today many seniors who are walking the streets with nothing for them to do and nobody to hire them, because they are over 65.” Grant Gibbons, the Shadow Minister of Economic Development, agreed that it would be “useful to look at” raising the retirement age to 67. However, he added that some might take a “dim view” if they had to wait longer to claim their benefits. The rise was welcomed by Charles Jeffers, deputy chairman of Age Concern, one of the island’s charities. “I’m sure every senior will be grateful for these increases. It’s good news with the way insurance costs and medication keep going up.We have to be happy but, on the other hand, we must ask if this is going to be sustainable,” said Jeffers. Jeffers said the island, which has a population of 65,000, needed to grapple with insurance premiums, copays and medication costs, which result in “horror stories” for Bermuda’s elderly.

BVI to benefit from CDB loan for cleanup TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands – The Barbados based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) will be lending the British Virgin Islands US$3million to clean up the territory in the aftermath of three major weather events earlier this year. Premier Dr. Orlando Smith told legislators on Monday that

US$600,000 of the amount is being given as a grant . “The monies that were advanced from CDB were given because this is the amount that they have for emergency response. One is called The Emergency Relief Grant and that is US$200,000 per event. There were three events, hence we

got US$600,000. The other is called Immediate Response Loan which was US$2.25 million,” said Smith who described the two million dollar sum as a soft loan. The finance minister said he did not know how much the territory will have to repay the CDB for the loan.

“I would not have that figure at this time. If you wish to have it, I can get it,” Premier Smith said in response to questions from Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie about loan repayment. The BVI was rocked by a tropical wave in August and two category 5 hurricanes in September.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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EIB and CDB commit $24 million to post-disaster reconstruction in the Caribbean

High-level officials during the event hosted by EIB at COP23 on November 13, 2017. From left to right: Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada, Chairman of CARICOM and Chairman of the Board of Governors of CDB; Jonathan Taylor, Vice President, EIB; Dr. Wm. Warren Smith, President, CDB; Hon. Allen Chastenet, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia. The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) have set up an emergency post-disaster reconstruction financing initiative to help the Region recover from recent hurricane events. The arrangement will support investments for infrastructure reconstruction projects in the Caribbean in the wake of the recent hurricanes. The new USD 24 million financing package is an addition to the USD 120 million Climate Action Framework Loan II signed in May this year, and which remains the EIB’s biggest loan to the Caribbean. Eligible investments under the new loan will include infrastructure reconstruction, with a focus on “building back better” and integrating climate risk and vulnerability assessments into the projects. This will help reduce the Bank’s Borrowing Member Countries’ vulnerability to future natural disasters and worsening climate change impacts. As well as infrastructure, financing to communities for low-carbon and climate-resilience measures such as improved water resource management are also foreseen. CDB President Wm. Warren Smith and EIB Vice President responsible for Climate Action, Jonathan Taylor, signed the new agreement during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 23) in Bonn, Germany. Small Island Developing States is a key theme for the event this year under the Fijian Presidency. Against this backdrop, CDB and EIB presented innovative solutions to climate challenges during an event focusing on climate action in the Caribbean, attended by the Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Allen Chastanet and other stakeholders. Jonathan Taylor, EIB Vice President said: “In response to the devastation caused by

EIB Vice President responsible for Climate Action, Jonathan Taylor (left) and CDB President, Dr. Wm. Warren Smith (right) sign the agreement in Bonn on November 13, 2017 hurricanes in the region in committed all of the resources recent weeks, the EIB and under the first Climate Action CDB rapidly agreed to commit Line of Credit - USD 65.6 million additional resources to support - for seven projects. This coreconstruction investment financing is associated with total projects in the Caribbean. The project financing of USD 191 USD 24 million post-hurricane million. reconstruction initiative comes in Since CDB’s Climate addition to the USD 120 million Resilience Strategy was loan to CDB for financing climate approved in 2012, 58% of change mitigation, adaptation projects financed have included and resilience projects which we climate change adaptation and/ signed earlier this year. We stand or mitigation elements in the committed to developing our climate-sensitive sectors of fruitful 40 year partnership with water, education, agriculture, CDB, to support climate-resilient and physical infrastructure projects in the Caribbean and such as sea defences, drainage, to help to adequately tackle the and roads. Using the Joint challenges related to climate Multilateral Development Bank change.” Methodology, climate financing CDB President Wm. represented 13% of total CDB Warren Smith said: “The 2017 project financing in 2015. In 2016, hurricane season was one of the CDB approved USD 50 million most devastating the Caribbean for projects with explicit climate has ever experienced, and resilience and sustainable energy underscored the urgent need for actions. investment in climate-resilient A pipeline of climate infrastructure in our region. action projects amounting to over The signing of this agreement USD 300 million and which may is another milestone in our be eligible for funding from this longstanding partnership with new loan has been developed EIB, and will facilitate CDB’s with financing of an EIB-funded increased support for resilient technical assistance programme. reconstruction in the Caribbean. The EIB has supported We remain committed to work development and economic with our partners to mobilise activity in the Caribbean with resources needed to ‘build loans and equity investment back better’ and, despite the worth EUR 1.6 billion (bn). recent setbacks, help the most The EIB is the world’s largest vulnerable countries of our region multilateral financier of climate to remain focused on meeting action with EUR 19 billion of their goals for sustainable lending for this sector in 2016, development.” including EUR 1.9 bn targeted To date, CDB has at developing countries.

Governor to expedite Cayman Islands citizenship bids

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick Recent permanent residence grantees who have waited more than 15 months to receive that immigration status may now apply immediately for naturalization as a British Overseas Territories citizen. Typically, those seeking naturalization in the Cayman Islands would have to wait for a year and a day after their permanent residence application was granted before applying. That wait time, for some applicants, can be waived at the discretion of Governor Helen Kilpatrick. The Cayman Compass reported that Deputy Governor Franz Manderson confirmed Tuesday that naturalization as a British territories citizen is still a required step for those ultimately wishing to obtain Caymanian status, known as the “right to be Caymanian.” Cayman operates a graduated residency system for non-Caymanians who have been in the territory for long periods of time. Those individuals, if they wish to remain in Cayman, must first obtain permanent residence after eight years of living here, then naturalization as a British Overseas Territories citizen, and finally Caymanian status after 15 years of residence. Mr. Manderson acknowledged Tuesday that at least a few hundred applicants for permanent residence had been waiting for more than 15 months for that application to be determined. “Some of those people have been waiting for three years,” Mr. Manderson said. “The governor feels very strongly that those people, who legitimately come to us and say ‘I don’t think it’s reasonable for us to be waiting another year,’ should be considered.” The Immigration Law gives Governor Kilpatrick the discretion to waive the “year and a day” required delay for naturalization in such cases where there have been unreasonable delays. Mr. Manderson said advice obtained from the U.K. Home Office indicates that a wait time of more than 15 months for a residency application would likely fall into the “unreasonable” category. The advantage to applying for naturalization early would be that the person has taken the next step toward seeking Caymanian status, Mr. Manderson said. The application process for those individuals who qualify to apply early is no different than the normal process and applicants are not required to pay any additional money, the deputy governor said. So far, Mr. Manderson said, only a handful of permanent residents have sought expedited applications for naturalization.

David Thompson’s wife quits politics MARA THOMPSON, the wife of former Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson, is not contesting the forthcoming general election. She dropped the stunning news as she entered the House of Assembly earlier this week. The St. Lucia-born Mara Thompson, who first entered Parliament in January 2011, has represented the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in what is considered that party’s most secure seat. That St John seat she will be vacating had been held by her late husband, former Prime Minister David Thompson, from 1987 when he was elected following the death in office of Prime Minister Errol Barrow. Thompson’s death in office in 2010 led to the January 2011 by-election which his widow easily won. Thompson’s disclosure ended weeks of speculation about whether she would be facing the poll constitutionally due early in 2018.

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Johnson & Johnson wins California lawsuit claiming asbestos in talc caused cancer

A California jury on Thursday ruled in favor of Johnson & Johnson in a lawsuit by a woman who said she developed the cancer mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos in the company’s talcbased products including J&J’s Baby Powder. The Los Angeles Superior Court jury’s verdict came in the first trial centering on claims that J&J’s talc products contained asbestos. J&J is separately battling thousands of cases claiming those products can also cause ovarian cancer. The verdict came in a lawsuit by Tina Herford, who said she developed mesothelioma after using J&J talcum powder products that her lawyers claimed contained asbestos. Reuters watched the verdict through an online broadcast by Courtroom View Network. The jury also found in favor of talc supplier Imerys Talc. J&J in a statement welcomed the verdict. J&J said it believed that setbacks dealt to individuals pursuing ovarian cancer cases had “forced plaintiff attorneys to pivot to yet another baseless theory.” “Johnson’s Baby Powder has been around since 1894 and it does not contain asbestos or cause mesothelioma or ovarian cancer,” J&J said. Chris Panatier, Herford’s lawyer, in an email cautioned against reading too much into a single verdict. “It is a matter of time before juries begin holding them to account,” he said. The verdict came as a federal jury, separately, ordered J&J to pay $247 million to six patients who said they were injured by defective Pinnacle hip implants. Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer closely associated with exposure to asbestos. It affects the delicate tissue that lines body cavities, most often around the lungs, but also in the abdomen and elsewhere. Herford’s lawyers contended that internal J&J documents showed the New Jersey-based company for decades was aware of the presence of asbestos in the talc that was used in its products but kept selling them anyway. J&J faces lawsuits by around 5,500 plaintiffs nationally asserting talc-related claims, largely based on claims it failed to warn women about the risk of developing ovarian cancer from the products. In five trials in Missouri involving ovarian cancer lawsuits, juries found J&J liable four times and awarded the plaintiffs $307 million. In California, a jury awarded a now-deceased woman $417 million. But in October, J&J scored major victories when a Missouri appellate court threw out the first verdict there for $72 million and a California judge tossed the $417 million verdict.


NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, coup chief meet with smiles and handshakes HARARE - A smiling President Robert Mugabe was pictured shaking hands with Zimbabwe’s military chief a day after the army seized power, throwing confusion over predictions that the 93-year-old’s nearly four-decade rule had come to an end. Mugabe unexpectedly drove from his lavish “Blue Roof” Harare compound in Harare, where he had been confined since troops took to the streets, to State House, where official media pictured him meeting military chief Constantino Chiwenga and South African ministers sent to mediate the crisis. President Robert Mugabe poses with General Constantino Chiwenga at State House in The official Herald Harare, Zimbabwe, November 16, 2017 newspaper carried no reports of the outcome of the meeting, political drama unfolding behind from highly skilled bankers to leaving Zimbabwe’s 13 million closed doors, the streets of the semi-literate farmers, emigrated, people in the dark as to what capital remained calm, with mostly to neighboring South Africa, was happening as night fell on people going about their daily where an estimated 3 million still Thursday. business, albeit under the watch live. Mugabe is insisting of soldiers on armored vehicles at After briefly stabilizing he remains Zimbabwe’s only strategic locations. under a 2009-2013 power-sharing legitimate ruler and is refusing to A priest mediating government, when Mugabe was quit, but pressure was mounting between Mugabe and the generals, forced to work with the opposition, on the former guerrilla to accept who seized power on Wednesday the economy has once again offers of a graceful exit, sources in what they called a targeted cratered, with dollars scarce, said on Thursday. operation against “criminals” in inflation surging, imports running Earlier, a political source Mugabe’s entourage, has made out and queues outside banks. who spoke to senior allies holed little headway, a senior political up in the compound with Mugabe source told Reuters. DOORS BLOWN OFF and his wife Grace said he had no Opposition leader Morgan plans to resign voluntarily ahead Tsvangirai called for Mugabe’s A fighter, both literally of elections due next year. departure “in the interest of the and figuratively during a political “It’s a sort of stand-off, a people”. In a statement read to career that included several stalemate,” the source said. “They reporters, Tsvangirai pointedly assassination attempts, Mugabe are insisting the president must referred to him as “Mr Robert may now have reached the end of finish his term.” Mugabe”, not president. the road. The army’s takeover The army may want With the army camped signaled the collapse in less Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe on his front door and the police than 36 hours of the security, since independence in 1980, to go once seen as a bastion of support intelligence and patronage quietly and allow a smooth and - showing no signs of resistance, networks that sustained Mugabe bloodless transition to Emmerson force is not an option. Similarly, through 37 years in power and Mnangagwa, the vice president he has little popular backing in built him into the “Grand Old Mugabe sacked last week Harare, where he is widely loathed, Man” of African politics. triggering the political crisis. and his influence in the ruling South Africa said Mugabe The main goal of the ZANU-PF party is evaporating. had told President Jacob Zuma by generals is to prevent Mugabe ZANU-PF youth leader telephone on Wednesday that he from handing power to his wife Kudzai Chipanga, a vocal Mugabe was confined to his home but was Grace, 41 years his junior, who supporter, publicly apologized for otherwise fine. The military said has built a following among the opposing the army after being it was keeping him and his family, ruling party’s youth wing and marched by soldiers into the state including Grace, safe. appeared on the cusp of power television headquarters to read Despite admiration for after Mnangagwa was pushed out. out a statement, sources at the Mugabe among older African The last of Africa’s state broadcaster said. leaders, there is little public founders still in power from the era He was then taken affection for 52-year-old Grace, an of the struggle against European back to the army’s main KGVI ex-government typist who began colonization, Mugabe is still seen (pronounced KG Six) barracks in an affair with Mugabe in the early by many Africans as a liberation Harare, where Finance Minister 1990s while his first wife Sally hero. But he is reviled in the West Ignatius Chombo is also being was dying of kidney failure. as a despot whose disastrous held, an army source said. Dubbed “DisGrace” or handling of the economy and Video footage obtained by “Gucci Grace” on account of her willingness to resort to violence to Reuters from the houses of two key reputed love of shopping, she maintain power pauperized one of allies of Grace Mugabe - cabinet enjoyed a meteoric rise through Africa’s most promising states. ministers Jonathan Moyo and the ranks of ZANU-PF in the Once a regional bread- Saviour Kasukuwere - indicated last two years, culminating basket, Zimbabwe saw its economy that the army was also prepared in Mnangagwa’s removal. collapse in the wake of the seizure to use force if necessary. Zimbabweans, including the of white-owned farms in the Moyo’s front door was Mnangagwa camp and the military, early 2000s, followed by runaway blown open with explosives, interpreted the vice president’s money-printing that catapulted scattering glass across the ouster as a move to clear the way inflation to 500 billion percent in entrance hall, while the inside for her to succeed her husband. 2008. walls of Kasukuwere’s house were In contrast to the high Millions of Zimbabweans, pocked with bullet holes.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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Scotland may give Labour another chance at British power GLASGOW, Scotland a meeting in the Highlands ski- Britain’s opposition Labour resort of Aviemore last month. Party is poised for a resurgence “But this is the beginning of the in Glasgow, raising its hopes rebirth of Scottish Labour.” that a recovery from a disastrous Scotland, where the SNP lost election performance in Scotland seats to Labour in the west two years ago can help its socialist and to the Conservatives in the leader Jeremy Corbyn win power northeast in June, is shaping up in London. to be a major battleground in the A Labour stronghold next British election, due in 2022. for decades until it rejected the Labour winning in party in 2015 in favor of the pro- Glasgow, a city of one million independence Scottish National people that backed secession from Party (SNP), Scotland’s largest Britain in a referendum in 2014, city is showing signs of returning would make the arrival of Prime to its political roots. Minister Corbyn more likely and With a 41.5 percent reduce the chances of Scottish share of the overall British independence by damaging the vote in recent opinion polling, SNP. Corbyn sees himself positioned Labour policies, such as to form a government if Prime renationalization of the railways Minister Theresa May’s divided and more funding for public Conservatives falter over services, appeal to Scots on the Britain’s exit from the European left though they may scare off Union. more conservative voters with Winning back some of higher taxes and controls over Scotland’s 59 parliamentary the free market. seats is key to his plan. With this Scottish Labour in mind, Corbyn toured target announces a new leader on Scottish constituencies after Saturday, after a contest between June’s national election left May’s trade unionist Richard Leonard, Conservatives severely weakened. whom many see as favorite “There are still many because his views align with people who need to be persuaded Corbyn, and more centrist Anas to put their trust in the Labour Sarwar, the Glasgow-born son Party once again,” Corbyn told of the UK’s first elected Asian

lawmaker. PUBLIC SECTOR WORRIES Margaret Young, a 50-year-old nurse, lives in Glasgow East, a central district which, until the 1960s, was an industrial powerhouse and is now one of Scotland’s poorest areas. Once the site of massive steel-works it is home to a shopping center called “The Forge,” and around half of residents here are classed by the government as incomedeprived. In June, Young switched her vote to Labour from the SNP, because she thinks Corbyn will loosen the government’s purse strings. The SNP held Glasgow East by just 75 votes, down from 10,000 two years ago. Young blames May’s Conservatives in London for poor public services and the SNP for failing to mitigate spending cuts. “Austerity is definitely what is hurting us,” she told Reuters, saying it was “disgusting” that struggling families on welfare were being penalized. Of a dozen people interviewed by Reuters in East Glasgow, 10 said they would vote for Labour or consider it seriously.

Manhattan jury convicts payday lender in $220 million fraud scheme NEW YORK - A time alleged in the indictment. federal jury in Manhattan on We believe the U.S. Attorney’s Wednesday found a Kansas office pursued [a] prosecution City, Missouri businessman in a manner that fundamentally guilty of fraud for running a violated Mr. Moseley’s right to $220 million payday lending due process.” U.S. authorities have scheme that charged illegally high interest rates and made for several years been cracking loans to consumers who did not down on what they consider abusive payday lending authorize them. The U.S. Department practices. Payday lenders offer of Justice said Richard Moseley, 73, was convicted on six counts short-term loans that can tide including wire fraud and over borrowers until their next aggravated identity theft, after paychecks. Critics say the loans a 2-1/2-week trial. Moseley, who had often carry high costs and can pleaded not guilty, faces up to trap borrowers in an endless 20 years in prison on the most cycle of debt. serious charges at his scheduled Prosecutors said that from 2004 to September 2014, April 27, 2018 sentencing. “We are disappointed Moseley’s businesses made with the verdict and plan a “predatory” loans to more than Americans, often vigorous appeal,” Moseley’s 620,000 lawyer Adam Perlmutter said in downplaying the financing costs an email. “The law in the area and charging effective annual was completely unsettled at the interest rates that could top 700

After Maria, US schools get influx of Puerto Rican students

percent. The defendant spent some of the millions of dollars he made from the scheme on a Mexico vacation home, luxury cars and country club dues, prosecutors said. “Moseley made it nearly impossible for those already struggling to make ends meet,” and after being convicted “can no longer take advantage of those already on the brink,” Joon Kim, the acting U.S. attorney in Manhattan, said in a statement. Moseley was charged in February 2016 as part of the federal crackdown. Scott Tucker, a race car driver charged at the same time over payday lending, was convicted last month by another Manhattan federal jury on all 14 counts he faced. The case is U.S. v. Moseley, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 16-cr-00079.

In this Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, photo, recent transplant from Puerto Rico, Arieliss Valencia sits next to her son Anthony, right, a fifth grader at Riverdale Elementary School after school supplies were handed out to the students in Orlando, Fla. Anthony left Puerto Rico with his family for central Florida after Hurricane Maria destroyed his home. He is living with relatives and has been welcomed into Orlando’s Riverdale Elementary School. ORLANDO, Fla. — Ten-year-old Anthony Valencia says that after Hurricane Maria destroyed his home in Puerto Rico he played video games for a month until he was sick of them. Now his smile stretches wide when he talks about going back to school — on the U.S. mainland. “I really wanted school back, because without it, it’s just ... bored,” Anthony said. More than 140,000 Puerto Ricans have left since the Category 4 Hurricane slammed into the island Sept. 20 and some experts estimate more than 300,000 more could leave in the coming two years. Many have gone to Florida, followed by Pennsylvania, Texas, New York and New Jersey, according to estimates. Some estimate 14,000 public school students are among the exodus. Last month, Anthony left the island with his family for central Florida, where he is living with relatives and has been welcomed into Orlando’s Riverdale Elementary School. On Tuesday, he clung to his mother during a school assembly, where students received free school supplies from the Kids In Need Foundation. Like most schools in the Orange County district, Riverdale Elementary has opened its doors to the students, taking 27 of them while the district has absorbed 1,888 overall. “Our No. 1 priority from Day 1 was to welcome our fellow American citizens into our community and into our schools, to bring normalcy back into their life,” said Orange County Public School District Deputy Superintendent Jesus Jara. The exodus from Maria has added to what already has been in influx of Puerto Ricans in the Orlando area of central Florida in recent years. And more are expected from the ravaged island, where widespread power outages are continuing and many still lack running water. Riverdale principal Bill Charlton has watched his school of 630 students grow quickly, and he is expecting a few more students by the end of the week. Charlton said class sizes have expanded some, but most of the classes were under state maximums prior to the influx. “It’s been such that we just want to make sure the kids get what they need,” Charlton said. Gov. Rick Scott made getting the students enrolled around the state a lot easier by waiving the mandate of immediately providing shot records and birth certificates. Combining the new Puerto Rican enrollees with students from island nations such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Bahamas, Orange County’s 194 schools have grown by 2,429 students since the hurricane. Schools in neighboring Osceola County have seen enrollment jump by 1,479 since Hurricane Maria, with 1,352 of those students coming from Puerto Rico. Anthony seems to be enjoying the experience and loving his new school. His mother, Arieliss Valencia, said she sees a joy every morning now in the eyes of both of her school-aged kids. “They wake up looking forward to going to school, they’re making friends. They actually like it here,” she said. “I think this is the best thing I could have done for them.”

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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Managing overtourism an increasing feature of global travel

LONDON — Venice is planning to divert massive cruise liners. Barcelona has cracked down on apartment rentals. Both are at the forefront of efforts to get a grip on “overtourism,” a phenomenon that is disrupting communities, imperiling cherished buildings and harming the experience of travelers and local residents alike. Tourism-phobia has become increasingly prevalent, particularly in European destinations where visitors crowd the same places at the same In this Sept. 27, 2014 file photo a cruise ship transits in the Giudecca canal in front of St. Mark’s time. Square, in Venice, Italy. Venice is planning to divert massive cruise liners while Barcelona has cracked The backlash has even given down on apartment rentals and initiated a holistic approach to managing its status as a tourism city. rise to slogans such as “Tourists go Both are at the forefront of efforts to get a grip on “overtourism,” a phenomenon that can disrupt the home” and “Tourists are terrorists.” community, imperil the state of cherished buildings and harm the experience of travelers. “This is a wake-up call,” Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the United packed beaches, locals priced out are becoming more innovative and Nations’ World Tourism Organization, of housing and congested streets increasingly tapping new technologies. told tourism ministers and industry in the narrow byways of European For example, apps can help tourists executives last week at the World cities dating back to medieval times. visit popular destinations at less busy Travel Market in London. Longer term problems include times. And while critics say Airbnb The resentment could rise environmental damage and the long- has priced out locals, its supporters as tourism increases. The UNWTO term sustainability of cities as viable say home rentals can ease pressure forecasts 1.8 billion trips by 2030, up places to live and work. on cities by spreading visitors far and from 1.2 billion in 2016. Add in the 5 For all these reasons, wide. billion domestic trips now, and that’s a managing tourism is a prominent topic Patrick Robinson, Airbnb’s lot of tourists. Cheap airfare is helping of debate in the industry and a central director of public policy for Europe, to fuel the growth, along with massive theme at the World Travel Market. Middle East and Africa, noted that last growth in international travel from Rifai, who leaves the UNWTO year 69 percent of the platform’s users countries like China. at the end of the year, dismissed in Amsterdam stayed away from the Yet many destinations rely the idea that growth is “the enemy.” city center. on tourism as a primary source of Pulling up the drawbridge, he argued, In some cases, tourist quotas jobs and prosperity. Tourism accounts would be irresponsible when tourism make sense. In the Galapagos Islands, for around 10 percent of the world’s accounts for one in 10 jobs worldwide. Ecuador has imposed a 100,000 annual annual GDP, bringing hard currency What is required, he stressed, limit on visitors. The Croatian city of into many countries that desperately is the need to manage tourism in a Dubrovnik, where visitor numbers need it, like Greece. “sustainable and responsible” way that surged after the Adriatic Sea resort But tourism can also harm the benefits local communities. was used as a setting for the series quality of life for residents, with Efforts to manage overtourism “Game of Thrones,” has mulled limiting

those entering the city’s medieval walls to 4,000 daily. Tourists visit the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. Spain. Other strategies include promoting offseason visits, opening up new destinations or tweaking marketing. Prague is pushing local walks off the beaten track, while London promotes neighborhoods such as Greenwich and Richmond. “There is no one solution for all, every destination is different,” said Gloria Guevara, the new president and CEO of the London-based World Travel & Tourism Council. Barcelona, which became a tourist juggernaut after the 1992 Olympics, has outlined measures to balance the needs of locals and visitors. The city has cracked down on unlicensed rentals and established a tourism council that includes residents, business, unions and government. The hope is that by listening to all the stakeholders, Barcelona can reduce the strains tourism places on the city and ameliorate tensions between residents and visitors. “Businesses do not want to put their customers in places where they are being treated as an unwelcome pest, and I think some of the language that we’ve seen that’s hostile to tourism verges on hate speech,” said Tim Fairhurst, head of strategy and policy at the European Tourism Association. Venice has witnessed a tourism backlash in response to the monumental increase in visitors, many of whom irk locals by going to the same spots at the same time.

FCC approves TV technology that gives better pictures but less privacy “That means every one of us WASHINGTON - The U.S. Federal Communications will need to replace our television Commission voted 3-2 on Thursday to sets or buy new equipment,” said allow broadcasters to voluntarily use Democratic Commissioner Jessica a new technology to improve picture Rosenworcel. “The FCC calls this quality and allow better reception on approach market driven. That’s right mobile phones and give advertisers — because we will all be forced into dramatically more data about viewing the market for new television sets or devices.” habits. The new standard, dubbed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ATSC 3.0, would allow for more defended the proposal, calling precise geolocating of television concerns about buying new devices signals, ultra-high definition “hypothetical.” He added five years is picture quality and more interactive “a long time. We’ll have to see how the programming. standard develops.” Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc Current televisions cannot carry the new signal and the FCC last month called the new standard only requires broadcasting both “the Holy Grail” for the advertiser signals for five years after deploying because it tells them who is watching and where. the next-generation technology.

Fastgrowing cyber crime threatens financial sector

Last month, Democratic U.S. and demand providers carry the Representative Debbie Dingell raised signals. privacy concerns about the data the The National Association of new TVs could collect about viewers. Broadcasters, which represents Tegna The standard uses precision Inc, Comcast Corp, CBS Corp, Walt broadcasting and targets emergency Disney Co, Twenty-First Century or weather alerts on a street-by- Fox Inc and others, petitioned the street basis. The system could allow FCC in April 2016 to approve the new broadcasters to wake up a receiver standard. “This is game-changing to broadcast emergency alerts. The technology for broadcasting and our alerts could include maps, storm viewers,” the group said Thursday. tracks and evacuation routes. Many companies have raised The new standard would also concerns about costs, including AT&T let broadcasters activate a TV set Inc and Verizon Communications that is turned off to send emergency Inc. Cable, satellite and other pay TV alerts. providers “would incur significant One issue is whether costs to receive, transmit, and deliver broadcasters will be able to pass on the ATSC 3.0 signals to subscribers, costs of advanced broadcast signals including for network and subscriber through higher retransmissions fees equipment,” Verizon said.

LISBON - The “remorseless” becoming good enough to really threaten growth of cyber crime is leading to parts of our critical infrastructure, 4,000 ransom attacks a day and gangs’ certainly in the financial, banking sector,” technological capability now threatens he told Reuters. And while not all those 4,000 critical parts of the financial sector, the head of Europol said on Wednesday. ransom attacks - which demand money Online criminals have become to restore access to files that have been so sophisticated that gangs have frozen or encrypted - are on banks, the created “conglomerations” with company financial services sector is seen as a key structures that specialize in different target because of the potential profits for criminal activities to carry out the attacks, the criminals. Even bank payment systems and Rob Wainwright, who leads the EU law enforcement agency, said. ATM cash machines fall prey, Wainwright “What really concerns me is the said. sophistication of the capability, which is The launch of ransomware

attacks such as Wannacry, which struck firms around the world in May and June, has changed the dynamic of such attacks, by propagating them more widely through companies’ computer systems, Wainwright said. The rapidly spreading extortion campaigns underscored concerns that businesses have failed to secure their networks from increasingly aggressive hackers, who have shown they are capable of shutting down critical infrastructure and crippling corporate and government networks.

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


Technology invading nearly all U.S. jobs, even lower skilled Forget robots. The real The report used U.S. transformation taking place in Department of Labor data to nearly every workplace is the assign a rating of zero to 100 to invasion of digital tools. each occupation, reflecting the The use of digital tools amount that each required use has increased, often dramatically, of digital technology. The average in 517 of 545 occupations since score for all occupations rose from 2002, with a striking uptick in 29 in 2002 to 46 in 2016, a 59 many lower-skilled occupations, percent increase. according to a study released Some jobs, especially Wednesday by the Brookings higher-paying service occupations, Institution, a Washington think have long used digital tools tank. and that continued to grow, the The report underscores study found. At the same, many the growing need for workers of jobs that had little or no digital all types to gain digital skills and content in 2002 have now become explains why many employers far more likely to require those say they struggle to fill jobs, skills. including many that in the past Warehouse workers who required few digital skills. There move around freight saw their is anxiety about automation average score rise from 5 in 2002 displacing workers and in many to 25 in 2016. These workers now cases, new digital tools allow one use handheld devices to track worker to do work previously inventories and devices that done by several. sound an alarm if they try to put Those 545 occupations a box into the wrong truck. reflect 90 percent of all jobs in The study found the the economy. The report found digital score for roofers jumped that jobs with greater digital from zero to 22, while for parking content tend to pay more and lot attendants it rose from 3 to 26. are increasingly concentrated in “What we found is that the more traditional high-tech centers like digital a job is, on balance the Silicon Valley, Seattle and Austin, better the pay—and also the Texas. less chance there is for total

displacement of your job,” said Mark Muro, a senior fellow at Brookings and coauthor of the report. Software developers, the top-ranked occupation for digital skills in both 2002 and 2016, saw their rating slip to 94 from 97. Muro speculates that as that field has matured, there are more rolls for software developers to work as managers of other software developers, which mean doing less direct programming work. At the other extreme are jobs like those done by Steve Engle, a 53-year-old factory worker at Cummins Inc’s engine plant in Seymour, Indiana. One of his tasks is to insert 56 bolts on the flywheel housing of each engine as it moves down the line and tighten the bolts in a certain sequence. He now uses a tool that is connected to a computer screen, which guides him to the right bolt and will not allow him to tighten the wrong one. It also knows exactly when the bolt is tight enough and then stops. “This tool won’t let me do it wrong,” he said.

Britain targets tech talent by doubling visa numbers LONDON - Britain is to double the number of visas available to exceptional workers in areas like digital technology and science to 2,000 to help retain an edge after Brexit. The digital sector has voiced concerns that Brexit, and in particular the ending of free movement, could threaten London’s status as the leading European destination for tech start-ups and investment by major internet groups. Companies including

Facebook, Google, Amazon and Snapchat have announced plans to expand in London since the Brexit vote, although they have said they need to be able to attract the best people. Prime Minister Theresa May said the digital sector had the full backing of the British government after she met digital entrepreneurs and innovators on Tuesday. “Technology is at the heart of our modern Industrial Strategy, and we will continue to

invest in the best new innovations and ideas, in the brightest and best talent, and in revolutionary digital infrastructure,” she said. “And as we prepare to leave the European Union, I am clear that Britain will remain open for business.” The extra visas were in a package of measures that also included a 20 million pound ($26 million) fund to help public services take advantage of British developments in technologies like artificial intelligence.

U.S. airlines sharply cut involuntary passenger bumping WASHINGTON - Major U.S. airlines are bumping far fewer passengers from overbooked flights after a high-profile incident in April prompted the industry to reassess its practices, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) reported on Thursday. The government reported the rate of involuntary bumping passengers among the 12 largest U.S. carriers fell to 0.15 per 10,000 passengers in the three months ended Sept. 30 the lowest quarterly rate dating back to 1995 - and down sharply from a rate of 0.69 in the same period last year. The involuntary bumping figure does not take into account passengers who agree to give up their seats in exchange for compensation. The DOT said the total number of passengers giving up their seats fell nearly 35 percent to 74,358 in the three months ended Sept. 30, down from 114,119 in the same period last year, even as the overall number of passengers rose. Eight of the 12 major airlines - including the four largest airlines - also reported cutting the number of people who voluntarily gave up their seats. United Continental Holdings Inc executives apologized in April after Dr. David Dao, 69, was dragged down the aisle of a plane in Chicago in an ugly incident that sparked outrage and prompted Congress to hold hearings to consider new passenger protections. In the wake of that incident, United increased its maximum incentive to $10,000 for volunteers on overbooked flights and vowed to decrease instances of involuntary denied boarding to “as close to zero as possible.” The DOT report said United has slashed its involuntarily bumping rate by more than 90 percent. In the three-month period ended Sept. 30, United involuntarily bumped 103 of 25.1 million passengers - a rate of 0.04 bumped per 10,000 passengers. By comparison, United bumped 1,074 of 23.4 million passengers in the year-ago period for a rate of 0.46 per 10,000 passengers. Southwest Airlines said in April it would no longer overbook flights. The company had the highest forced bumping rate among large U.S. carriers in 2016, according to DOT data. Southwest cut its number of overbooked passengers in the third quarter to 1,499 from 4,582 a year ago. Prior to the United incident, just one of the major U.S. carriers, JetBlue , had a policy explicitly stating it would not overbook flights. JetBlue overbooking fell to just 18 passengers in the threemonth period from 1,313 a year ago. Delta Air Lines also announced it would increase its maximum passenger incentive to $9,950. It had the lowest involuntary bumping rate in the most recent three-month quarter, bumping 29 passengers compared with 306 in the same period last year. American Airlines, the world’s largest carrier, bumped just 312 passengers in the recent three-month period, compared with 2,156 in the 2016 quarter.

T-Mobile to roll out U.S. 5G network by 2020 BARCELONA T-Mobile US, the thirdlargest U.S. mobile operator, will roll out its fifth-generation network across the United States by 2020, Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray said.

“We are committed to roll out 5G across the nation by 2020,” Ray said at the Morgan Stanley European Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference in Barcelona.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017


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\DATE OPENED: November 6, 2017


POSITION: Labourer

Job Overview: Perform tasks involving physical labor at work sites. May operate hand and power tools of all typesand a variety of other equipment and instruments. May clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, and clean up rubble, debris and other waste materials. May assist other craft workers.



POSITION: Housekeeper (3)

Job Overview: We are looking for a professional Housekeeper able of attending to our facilities with integrity and attention to detail. The goal is to create a clean and orderly environment for our guests that will become a critical factor in maintaining and strengthening our reputation. Responsibilities: •Perform a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing •Ensure all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards •Protect equipment and make sure there are no inadequacies •Notify superiors on any damages, deficits and disturbances •Deal with reasonable complaints/requests with professionalism and patience •Check stocking levels of all consumables and replace when appropriate •Adhere strictly to rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any company-related practices Shifts varies. Full time. Weekend and holiday work may be required. This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $6.50 - $7.63 per hour DATE OPEN: August 1, 2017 POSITION: Strata Engineer

START DATE: December 1, 2017

Job Overview: Engineering course undergraduate or Vocational School graduate with good verbal and communication skill. With at leastfour years work experience in the field Hospitality. His main role is to liaise between the owner and supplier/contractorand Maintenance Department with regards to owner’s requests. He will ensure that owners unit are maintain to the highest standard and communicate to them any engineering concern in their unit. Job Requirements: •Must have excellent oral and written communication \ skill. •Highly knowledgeable on engineering aspects of the hotel operation • Knowledge on construction and other related discipline. • Knowledge on computer and its peripherals • Have strong leadership skills • Can maintain his composure while working under pressure • Punctual and discipline in term of attendance • Excellent planner • Fast learner Qualified Islanders and Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: $33,000 per annum

This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $9.80 - $10.20 per hour DATE OPEN: November 6, 2017


POSITION: Server (2) Job Overview: Prepare tables with special attention to sanitation and order. Attend to customers upon entrance. Present menus and help customers select food/beverages. Take/serve orders and answer questions or make recommendations for other products. Deal with complaints or problems with a positive attitude. Issue bills and accept payment. The individual must be well groomed, clean and polite. Previous experience is a must and should be able to speak and write English. Shifts varies. Full time. Weekend and holiday work may be required. This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $6.75 - $8.70 per hour DATE OPEN: November 8, 2017


POSITION: Room Service Supervisor

Job Overview: To assist the Manager in planning, organizing and directing the overall Food and Beverage operation and administration of Room Services as well as maintain quality standards in a manner consistent with LQA & Forbes Standards. Responsibilities: •To assist in the building of an efficient team of employees by taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and development. •To ensure that all employees provide a courteous and professional service at all times. •To assist in the training of the employees ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform their duties with the maximum efficiency. •To supervise the employees within the department ensuring that the correct standards and methods of service are maintained as stated in the departmental operations manual. •To ensure that the Department’s Operations budget is strictly adhered to and that all costs are strictly controlled. •To ensure that all employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Hotel’s Employee Rules and Regulations. •To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the hotel’s policy relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and safely. •To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned. •To actively cross-sell other Food and Beverage outlets. Qualified Islanders and Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: $27,000 per annum Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than December 9th, 2017 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1020 Email: Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

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NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017 LAUNDRESS/HOUSEKEEPER • Have experience in Housekeeping and Laundering processes • Be able to maintain and treat special fabrics per standard specifications • Have a basic understanding of chemicals used for cleaning

Chukka Caribbean Adventures (TCI) Ltd is about playtime! It’s about fun, laughter and a passion for life. Every single member of the CHUKKA team in Jamaica, Belize and Turks & Caicos contributes to helping their guests play; they get to wow them at every turn with all that the Caribbean has to offer. Chukka is always looking for new talent to add to our dynamic team. All successful applicants must: • Be at least 21 years old. • Be well spoken in English. • Possess excellent interpersonal & written communication skills. • Trustworthy & Reliable disposition with a clean criminal record. • Positive & disciplined work attitude in a customer service oriented business. • Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including weekends, public holidays as necessary to meet the challenging needs of cruise ship schedules and/or reasonable needs of the business. See below opportunities currently available in the Turks & Caicos Islands: DRIVER TOUR GUIDE • Have a minimum of 3 years driving experience. • Possess a valid Public Service Driver’s license • Enjoy nature, with a passion for people PHOTOGRAPHER GUIDE • Have a minimum of 3 years in a customer service or sales environment • Be able to operate a professional camera and utilize computers BOAT CREW TOUR GUIDE • Have a minimum of 3 years experience working on boats as a lifeguard or boat crew • Have training or certification in Lifeguard/CPR • Enjoy marine environment and have a passion for people BOAT CAPTAIN • Have a minimum of 5 years as experience as a Captain/First mate • Posses a valid captain license and certification in CPR ENTERTAINMENT COORDINATOR • Have a minimum of 3 years experience in entertaining groups of people • Very outgoing, active and engaging and confident speaking over a microphone WATCHMAN/SECURITY • Be vigilant and agile • Enforce safety and security standards effectively GROUNDS KEEPER • Have experience in landscape maintenance. • Be able to maintain grounds as per the standards in place


Alexandra Resort, Blue Haven Resort & Marina and the Beach House

Spa Manager Role and Responsibilities •Inform staff of Job responsibilities, performance expectations, client service standards and guidelines. •Plan or direct spa services and programs. •Train staff in the use or sale of products, programs and activities. •Assess employee performance and suggest way to improve work. •Check spa equipment to ensure proper functioning. •Coordinate facility schedules to maximize usage and efficiency. •Develop staff service or retail goals and guide staff in goal achievement. •Establish spa budgets and financial goals. •Inventory products and order new supplies. •Monitor operations to ensure compliance with applicable health, safety, or hygiene standards.

MARINE HOSTESS • Serve refreshments to clients onboard Catamaran vessel • Maintain cleanliness on vessel • Must possess an out-going and engaging personality MOTORIZED TOUR GUIDE • Possess a valid Public Service Drivers license at least 3 years aged • Knowledgeable about off-road units – a plus • Willing to assist in the maintenance of said units • Ability to take initiative and work under pressure HOSTESS/SALES AGENT • Be able to collate food and beverage orders accurately • Possess a very personable and positive attitude • Be able to work in a faced paced environment under pressure • Highly sales driven INVENTORY PARTS AND COST CONTROLLER • Conduct scheduled inventory of company assets and property • Negotiate industry rates with suppliers and liaise with Accounting department • Conduct ad hoc audits of each department that utilizes stock/supplies of any kind • Liaise with Purchasing department in replenishing inventory once it hits par level • Have a minimum of 5 years experience • Be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite • Possess a very flexible and positive attitude towards duties within and outside of scheduled scope CRUISE RELATIONS OFFICER • Posses a minimum of 3 years sales experience or working in a sales environment • Sales driven and oriented • Be able to work under pressure against tight deadlines whilst maintaining ones composure • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills • Very outgoing, active and engaging personality • World travel is a plus. HORSEBACK GUIDE • Must be an animal lover • Possess an outgoing and engaging personality • Possess the ability to manage horse care and maintainance • Previous work experience with horses is a plus • Must be able to work flexible hours Applications along with CVs/ Resume’ can be submitted via Email to:, please place the desired position in the subject line or deliver to the below address: CHUKKA HUMAN RESOURCES CHUKKA CARIBBEAN ADVENTURES (TCI) LTD South Base Lyndon Gardiner Boulevard Grand Turk, TCI

•Respond to customer inquiries or complaints. •Schedule staff or supervise scheduling. •Develop or implement marketing strategies. •Direct facility maintenance or repairs. •Participate in continuing education classes to maintain current knowledge of industry. •Schedule guest appointments. •Sell products, services or memberships. Salary Scale: $2000.00 – $2700.00 per month. based on qualification and experience Interested persons may contact our HR department Mon. – Fri. from 9am-3pm via telephone number 946-8054 or you may submit your resume with qualifications and experience to: Please also submit a copy of your completed application to our local labor department. Closing date ---- November 25th 2017

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2017 – NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017



U11 Inter-Island Football Festival

The Inter-Island Football Festival is just one of the many projects put on by the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) for the advancement and growth of the youth development football programmes, and it’s hoped to become an annual event. A round robin competition held on Saturday, November 11th, at the TCIFA National Academy, featured U11 teams from Providenciales, Grand Turk, South Caicos, and North/ Middle Caicos. The competing categories and winners for the morning includedthe following Girls 1stplace - South Caicos Girls 2ndplace – Provo yellow Girls 3rd place– Provo Red Boys 1st place – Provo Yellow Boys 2ndplace – Provo Orange

Boys 3rd place – Grand Turk “The goal of the Inter-Island Festival is to provide a forum within which our various island programmes can play each other and test their abilities. This is just another pathway to motivate our players and help them to become the best they can be. We are providing an experience of a lifetime!” said Olivia Graveley, Head Coaching Development Officer. To build on the success of the U9 and U11 festivals, TCIFA will stage an U13 InterIsland Football Festival on December 9th at 10:00am. General Secretary, Oliver Smith went on to say, “This is an opportunity to not only assess the progress of our players on the other islands, but also to integrate the talented players in our National Youth Teams”.

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De La Hoya says he can take out McGregor in two rounds

Oscar De La Hoya Boxing Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya remains confident that he still can handle himself in the ring. De La Hoya, who is nearly a decade into retirement, said on Monday that he has been “secretly training” and called out UFC star Conor McGregor. “You know I‘m competitive,” the 44-yearold De La Hoya said on “Golden Boy Radio with Tattoo and the Crew,” a daily digital radio show. “I still have it in me. ... I‘m faster than ever and stronger than ever. I know I can take out Conor McGregor in two rounds. I’ll come back for that fight. Two rounds. Just one more (fight). I‘m calling him out. Two rounds, that’s all I need. That’s all I‘m going to say.” De La Hoya publicly considered a comeback in June 2015, only to change his tune one week later. A 1992 Olympic gold medal winner and 10-time professional world champion, De La Hoya captured titles at 130, 135, 140, 147, 154 and 160 pounds. He won bouts against Hall of Famers Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. (twice), Pernell Whitaker and Arturo Gatti. He also fought other greats, including Felix Trinidad, Hector Camacho Sr., Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shane Mosley (twice) and Manny Pacquiao. De La Hoya has not fought since dropping a one-sided eighth-round knockout loss to Manny Pacquiao on Dec. 6, 2008. He went 39-6 with 30 knockouts in his career and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2014. De La Hoya also has battled drug and alcohol addiction and has been to rehabilitation multiple times, but he said in Monday’s interview that he is doing well now. McGregor, 29, lost a 10th-round knockout to Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26 when he crossed over from mixed martial arts for a boxing match. De La Hoya was quite vocal heading into that bout, saying it was a “circus” and a “farce.”


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Celtics finding ways to thrive in face of adversity The Boston Celtics’ hopes of making a run at an NBA title were considered to be over when one of their top players went down in the season opener, but the resilient group have not let adversity change their intentions. Instead, the Celtics were riding an impressive 13-game win streak heading into Thursday’s clash with the reigning champion Golden State Warriors, one of the more highly-anticipated matchups of the first month of a season. Even Warriors coach Steve Kerr, whose team have two NBA titles to show from three consecutive Finals matchups with the Eastern Conference’s Cleveland Cavaliers, knows the Celtics are the real deal. “It sure looks like Boston is the team of the future in the East, with the assets that they still have and their young talent and their coaching, and Kyrie (Irving) is amazing,” said Kerr. “That looks like a team that is going to be at the top of the East for a long time to come. Whether their time is now or the future, that’s to be determined, but they sure look like they want it to be right now.” Gordon Hayward, acquired in July, was expected to lead the Celtics along with Irving to contend for a title but was promptly lost for the campaign after he gruesomely dislocated

Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics injured forward Gordon Hayward address the media at Celtics Practice Facility his left ankle five minutes into his In doing so, Boston have Boston debut. proven themselves as legitimate The injury was one that contenders for the championship many pundits felt would change in June. Should they get that far the trajectory of the Celtics, who they may get an early look at their last season reached the Eastern potential opponent when they Conference final, and assure the host Golden State on Thursday for LeBron James-led Cavs a fourth their first true test of the season. consecutive trip to the NBA Finals. ”They’re really sound, and they’re But the Celtics, who boast the motivated,“ said Kerr. ”It’s a team NBA’s best record at 13-2, had that’s been on the rise the last other ideas and have shown no couple of years. They lost in the signs of slowing down. conference finals. They want to Irving, who requested a win a championship, and it looks trade from the Cavaliers during like it. the offseason, is playing some of “Even without Gordon the best basketball of his career Hayward and that awful injury, and the Celtics have used both a Boston is just crushing people. stifling defense and impressive So, it’s going to be really fun to rebounding to overpower go against them on Thursday. We opponents. know how tough it’s going to be.”

Jamaican sprinter Nesta Carter appears at CAS to appeal against doping test L A U S A N N E , Switzerland - Jamaican sprinter Nesta Carter appeared at sport’s highest tribunal on Wednesday to appeal against a positive doping test which cost his team mate Usain Bolt one of his nine Olympic gold medals. Carter refused to speak to the media and covered his face with his hood as he left the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) building and got into a waiting taxi. Carter retroactively tested positive for the banned stimulant methylhexaneamine at the 2008 Olympics and was stripped of his 4x100 gold medal along with team mates Bolt, Asafa Powell and Michael Frater. Bolt, considered the greatest sprinter of all time, had won an unprecedented goldmedal treble in the 100m, 200m

Jamaican sprinter Nesta Carter arrives for an appeal hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland November 15, 2017 and 4x100 relay in three straight ”Now there are some Olympics between 2008 and 2016 final submissions to be filed and until Carter’s test result. a panel will deliberate probably CAS secretary general at the end of this year for a Matthieu Reeb said the hearing decision probably next year,” he had lasted all day. told reporters.

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LeBron James says Draymond Green is ‘right on’ about playing fewer minutes CHARLOTTE -The Warriors’ Draymond Green isn’t a Cavaliers fan, but if he were, he said what would worry him most about this team is LeBron James’ minutes. James said he agrees with Green. James played 37 minutes and scored 31 points in the Cavs’ 115107 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, but his workload would’ve been even higher had he not picked up his fourth foul with 3:31 left in the third quarter. James, at age 32, is leading the NBA with 38.1 minutes per game. He’s fourth in the league scoring (28.3 points per game) and assists (8.7 per), but as Green told USA Today: “Yeah, he’s super human but eventually his super-human powers go away. “That would be more of my concern if I’m a Cavs fan or somebody with the Cavs or a player, is like ‘Man, he’s been playing a lot of 40-minute (nights) and it’s only Nov. 12,’” Green said, according to the USA Today report. Green and the Warriors take on Kyrie Irving and the Celtics Thursday in Boston. James, meanwhile, has already played six games of 40 or more minutes. “Draymond’s right,” James told, after Green’s comments were relayed to him. “We

LeBron James (left) and Draymond Green (right). want to get those minutes down for injuries, poor team play, and a desire sure. But as of right now, we’ve had to finish first in the East meant no two point guards out and we’ve had minutes reduction for James. some different lineup changes, so, This season, Isaiah Thomas I’ve had to play more minutes than has yet to play a single game and I would like, and more minutes than Derrick Rose missed his eighth game my teammates would like me to have.” because of a sprained left ankle. James’ minutes have been Tristan Thompson missed his seventh a frequent topic of discussion since game with a strained left calf. his return to Cleveland four seasons “The caliber of players that ago. The 38.1 are the most he’s played we have, you always would like to, since 2010-11 -- his first year with the you know, get a couple more minutes Miami Heat, when he logged 38.8 per here, couple more minutes there, and night. But James’ playing time spiked be a lot fresher down the stretch,” last season from the year before, up James said. “Draymond’s right, he’s two full minutes to 37.8. right on point with it. But there’s The Cavs thought they would going to be games where I have to taper his minutes toward the end of play 40. There’s going to be games the regular season last year, but where I can play 32.

Federer has no regrets at finishing year number two LONDON -Roger Federer says he does not regret passing up the chance to topple great rival Rafael Nadal from the top of the world rankings at the ATP Finals in London this week. It could be argued the 36-yearold Swiss has enjoyed a marginally superior year to the Spaniard, having won seven titles including the Australian Open and Wimbledon. But Nadal, winner of the French and U.S. Opens, was guaranteed finishing the year as number one for the first time since 2013 after Federer withdrew from the Paris Masters to rest his body. Nadal was presented with the year-end award immediately after Federer began his quest for a seventh ATP Finals title by beating Jack Sock 6-4 7-6(4) at the O2 Arena on Sunday. “He was better throughout the year. He played more tournaments. He was incredibly successful throughout. So, I don’t have any regrets because I feel like in my stage of my competition, my age, either it comes to me or it doesn‘t,” Federer told reporters. “He had more gas left in the tank than I did. I couldn’t play as much as I’ve wanted. My only regret was I would have loved to be in contention through the Montreal finals, Cincinnati, U.S. Open,” added Federer, who struggled with a back injury during the North American hardcourt swing. ”But things evaporated very quickly after he (Nadal) won the U.S. Open. That’s when he made his final push. “That was it for me really.” While 31-year-old Nadal, who plays his first match on Monday

The O2 Arena, London, Britain - November 12, 2017 Switzerland’s Roger Federer celebrates after winning his group stage match against USA’s Jack Sock against David Goffin, is the oldest end-of-year number one, Federer is the oldest to finish number two. “In some ways I‘m happy he clinched it because he deserves it. And like this, I can focus on playing the tournament, and not having to talk about that at the same time,” Federer said. “Sure, I would have loved to be it, but you can’t be it with that many tournaments, so it’s no problem for me.” After proving his fitness with a close-fought victory over Sock, Federer, who has not won the ATP Finals title since 2011, will also face newcomer Alexander Zverev, the world number three, and Marin Cilic in the Boris Becker Group. “I‘m happy that I was able to come out today and had actually good energy,” Federer, the oldest man to qualify for the ATP Finals since 1970, said.

“Hopefully it all evens out, especially when IT comes back, D Rose comes back, Tristan comes back, we get more firepower.” Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said Monday in New York that James’ minutes were so high because “he has to get in shape, he missed the whole training camp.” James told cleveland. com he’s regained his wind since missing all but one preseason game with a sprained left ankle suffered Sept. 27. The Cavs, after a stunningly poor start to the season, have quietly won three straight, four of the last five and five out of seven. Green, who of course has faced the Cleveland in the past three Finals, said there are “some glaring concerns” on the Cavs but acknowledged the absence of Thomas, a two-time All-Star who was third in the NBA in scoring last year. “I wouldn’t be pressing the panic button just yet,” Green said, according to USA Today. “At the end of the day, they know how to win. They’ve got a guy who knows how to win, so I wouldn’t necessarily press the panic button. I would see certain things and I would panic about those certain things, just because...I don’t think nobody should be playing 40 minutes a game in November.”

Cowboys’ Elliott withdraws appeal, will serve ban Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has withdrawn his appeal of his six-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, his agents announced in a statement on Wednesday. Elliott sat out the first game of his suspension in Sunday’s 27-7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. The 22-year-old will be eligible to return to the Cowboys (5-4) on Christmas Eve against the Seattle Seahawks. Elliott’s agents, Rocky Arceneaux and Frank Salzano, released the following statement on Wednesday: ”In consultation with the NFLPA and his lawyers, and after careful deliberation and review of the recent Second Circuit decisions, Mr. Elliott has decided to forgo any further appeals and will serve the remaining suspension. ”This decision arises from a practical assessment of the current legal landscape. Mr. Elliott’s desire for closure in this matter is in his best interests, as well as the best interests of his teammates, family and friends. This decision is in no way an admission of any wrongdoing, and Mr. Elliott is pleased that the legal fight mounted by him and his team resulted in the disclosure of many hidden truths regarding this matter, as well public exposure of the NFL’s

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Ezekiel Elliott for six games on Aug. 11 after a 13-month investigation concluded he was in violation of the league’s personal-conduct policy for an incident in the summer of 2016 mismanagement of its disciplinary process. “Mr. Elliott will maximize this time away from the game and come back even stronger both on and off the field. He intends to release a final personal statement in the upcoming weeks and until then we have no further comment.” Elliott had his most recent legal motion denied by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York last Thursday. Elliott, who was not arrested or charged in the case, maintains his innocence after being accused of assaulting former girlfriend Tiffany Thompson in Columbus, Ohio.

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