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Libya: a rough road ahead By Sir Ronald Sanders

Editorial Cartoon

For those governments that had been courting Muammar Gaddafi for the money that he handed out to spread his influence around the world, his fall from power in Libya is bad news. And, the news is unlikely to get better whatever regime replaces him. As this commentary is being written, Gaddafi is being sought in and near Tripoli. If he is still in the country, it is only a matter of time before he is caught. His treatment, if he is captured alive, will depend on who catches him. In any event, his almost 42-year rule as leader of Libya, which began when he seized power in a military coup in 1969, is at an end. Despite the recognition by several Western governments of the Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), it is by no means certain that as events unfold in the coming months, the Council or the persons who constitute it, will remain in charge. Indeed, confusion and chaos are likely to reign for some months to come. There are now large groups of people throughout Libya who are armed with heavy weapons and who feel that, having confronted the Gaddafi power machine, they are entitled to share in the spoils. They are unlikely to go quietly into the night. Perhaps it is in acknowledgement of this reality, that Western governments and commentators have been calling for no recriminations (except against Gaddafi and his sons) and to maintain in office the military and public service that served Gaddafi. They recognise that they made an error in Iraq by getting rid of the military establishment, police and public servants. There was no one in place, except the Americans and the British to take charge and they had little or no experience of Iraq. They also had to train a complete police force and rebuild a military capability. In the meantime, lawlessness was rampant everywhere. One thing is for sure, whether it is the NTC or some other body, Libya now needs a government urgently so as to bring order after months of chaos. And, whatever government it is, it will be a long time to come before it starts seeking influence and allies by spreading abroad the revenues from

Libya’s oil. The focus of any new government will have to be on rebuilding Libya’s damaged physical infrastructure and in building a democratic society. Building such a democratic society will be much more challenging that replacing physical infrastructure. Libya is not short of money now. Nor will it be in the future. The immediate problem confronting the NTC, which will seek to run the country, is that more than $150 billion of Libya’s assets are locked up abroad, much of it frozen as part of sanctions applied against Gaddafi. No doubt the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) who backed the uprising against Gaddafi will want to release some of that money to NTC to allow it to assert its authority in the country. Other countries, such as South Africa, where Libyan assets are also lodged, will want to be more cautious about to whom the funds are released. They will want to be sure that there is a de facto government in place. South Africa President Jacob Zuma is on record as saying he wants to see a government in place in Libya and his government has criticised Nigeria for recognising the NTC even before Gaddafi is officially no longer in any kind of authority. At the moment, many government salaries have gone unpaid, including the police and the army. The NTC will only persuade these people to work if they are assured of being paid, and they see an early sign of it. The NATO countries, themselves, are unlikely to release all of the frozen funds to the NTC at once. The United States, Canada and the European Union countries will be keen to see swift attempts at drafting a constitution for Libya and no doubt will expect to see it in the model of constitutions governing Western countries. They will also want plans to be put in place for general elections by which the people can choose a government from contending political parties. The latter will not happen overnight. A country with no history of political parties and general elections will require a great deal of information and training simply to put the necessary institutions in place. Forming political parties will be even more difficult because they are bound to be fashioned first

Turks and Caicos Sun Suite # 5, Airport Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: (649) 946-8542/ (649) 241-1510 Fax: (649) 941-3281 Email: Read us online at Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Senior Editor: Vivian Tyson Web Designer: Patrina Moore-Pierre Graphics Editor: Joleen Grant Office Manager: Dominique Rigby Distribution Manger: Kelano Howell Advertising and Marketing ManagerPatrina Moore-Pierre The Turks and Caicos SUN is a subsidiary of The SUN Media Group Ltd. We are committed to excellence in journalism, educating and informing our readers, serving and satisfying our advertisers and assisting in the overall development of the Turks and Caicos Islands. on narrow political and regional interests before those interests can be merged into bodies with a national reach, if that can be achieved. It can also be taken for granted that the NATO countries will be pulling strings behind the scenes and openly. The NTC will clearly do business with the countries and agencies that helped them to topple Gaddafi. Those countries that remained supportive of Gaddafi or assumed a neutral stance will hardly get a look-in. The only two exceptions to that rule would be China and Russia with whom Libya would want to continue sensible relations for strategic reasons related to security. The experts claim that Libya has Africa’s highest oil reserves. But, its national production has been reduced to virtually nothing because of the conflict over the last few months. They also claim that it will take at least a year before production reaches the level it was before the conflict. All the more reason why Libya will not be opening a cheque book to governments around the world any time soon. The spoils of oil are already well and truly in the hands of French, British and Italian companies and the US can be assured of supplies to meet its demands in the coming years. What is more the price of oil is showing signs of going down. The UN Security Council in giving NATO a chit to help save lives in Libya by protecting those, who rebelled against Gaddafi from his warplanes and bombs, also unintentionally provided a license for helping with regime change. Many will rightly ponder how to guard against a similar occurrence in the future. It appears that the majority of people inside Libya are pleased to see the back of Muammar Gaddafi and his reign of terror both inside and outside of the country, but the vacuum he has left needs to be filled. No one should expect Libya to be stable and well-ordered for some time to come – NATO countries had a role in the war; they must now play a significant role in ensuring the peace. In the meantime, Libya’s cheque book diplomacy is also at an end.

SIPT investigating lawyers


THE SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS and Prosecution Team (SIPT) will be investigating a number of lawyers to determine if the deliberate underpayment of stamp duty is widespread throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands, saidy Attorney General Huw Shepheard. Shepheard noted that on 21st June 2011 Mr Justice Martin delivered judgement in the matter of the Attorney General v Emerald Cay ltd and others. This was a claim brought by the Government against the named respondents in relation to a substantial


underpayment of stamp duty, arising from the sale of a property known as Emerald Cay on Chalk Sound. Shepheard said: “In the course of delivering summary judgement in favour of the Government, His Lordship commented on the involvement of the Attorneys involved in the transaction and invited me to conduct an investigation. I have considered the entirety of His Lordship’s judgement and the evidence in the case with care. The judgement has been widely reported and it is rightly a matter of considerable public concern.” “The payment of stamp duty is

one of the principal sources of revenue for the Turks and Caicos islands. I am therefore concerned, not only to carry out his Lordship’s wishes in this particular case but also to establish whether the practice of deliberate underpayment has prevailed more widely throughout the TCI and if so, whether there is evidence of the commission of criminal offences. If there is evidence of such conduct, it will be evaluated and a decision made in each case as to the appropriate course of action to be taken,” the Attorney General added. He said the investigation will require specialist resources, in addition

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to those that the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force can provide. “I have therefore asked the SIPT to undertake it. This will require only a relatively small increase in their staffing numbers, since issues concerning stamp duty have already arisen in the course of their work and is not expected to lead to any increase in cost above budget. Most importantly, I am confident that it will not affect the progress of the main investigation. I expect and have no doubt that all members of the TCI Bar will co operate fully and in accordance with their professional obligations,” Shepheard said.

WATER TAX WILL NOT BE Philippino in critical INTRODUCED NOW condition from knife attack

ACTING GOVERNOR MARTIN STANLEY said the Consultative Forum was strongly opposed to the introduction of the Water Sale Consumption Tax and he has accepted the Forum’s advice and this legislation will not be enacted at the present time. He said the Forum recommended the introduction of the Insurance Premium Sales Tax, which is projected to yield $1.2 million in much needed revenue during this financial year. “I will therefore make arrangements of this tax to be introduced on September 12th, 2011,” Stanley said in a release. He said the Forum raised several issues on the Financial Services Sales Tax Bill. These related in part to the definition of the transactions that would be subjected to the tax and to the exemption of International Financial Sector. By a narrow margin, with some abstentions, the Forum did not recommend the introduction of the Financial Services Sales Tax. This tax is projected to raised $1.5 million this financial year which is vital to our efforts to improve overall budget performance and build confidence in the government. “Given the importance of this potential revenue source I asked officials to make changes to the Bill to address the issues raised by the Forum, as well as the Advisory Council. They have now done so. I have therefore taken a decision that it would be in the best in of the Islands for me to assent to the Financial Services Sales Tax, with appropriate revisions, to come into effect on September 12th , 2011,” Stanley added. A meeting of the Consultative Forum was held on August 30 2011 to consider the following revenue measures: Financial Service Sale Tax, Insurance Premium Sales Tax and Water Consumption Sale Tax. These measures were intended to assist the government’s effort to achieve a surplus budget by 2012/13. There was a very passionate debate, in the Forum, on the need to introduce new revenue measures at this time.

TCI Student on scholarship for 16 years from the Turks and Caicos Islands spent 16 years overseas on a government scholarship. This was disclosed by an official from the Governor’s Office during a meeting with media houses on Tuesday. The name of the student was not released by the Government official said that the scholarship was terminated two years ago. The official also revealed that particular student received $300,000 in one year. That person’s name was also not disclosed.

By Vivian Tyson Sun Senior Editor

UP TO PRESS time, the male Philippines national who was viciously attacked and stabbed while in his place of abode in Five Cays in the wee hours of Monday, August 29, was still listed in critical by stable condition. A source at the hospital said the man is still very weak and making limited responses, but should pull through his injuries. Reports are that on Monday August 29, a man said to be in his early to mid 40s was at home when intruders invaded and attacked him. During the violent invasion, the householder was stabbed a number of times to his upper body. He was later rushed to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre, where he underwent emergency surgery. According to an InterHealth Canada spokesman: “The man suffered very serious stab wounds to his upper body and chest. The chest injuries were particularly serious and described by doctors as ‘life threatening’. Following emergency treatment, the man then underwent a surgical procedure and is now on the ward in a critical but stable condition.” Police Spokesman Calvin Chase has confirmed to The SUN that the incident did take place and said that police have mounted an investigation into the matter, but so far, the culprits have not been apprehended.

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David Smith returns to local prison


By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

CONVICTED PONZI-SCHEMER and fraudster David Smith is back in the Turks and Caicos Islands from the United States, to serve out the six and a half years sentence imposed on him by the local Supreme Court, after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to fraud and money laundering charges. Smith arrived on US Airways on Monday afternoon accompanied by a pair of US Marshalls. Reporters, who learned of Smith’s arrival, camped outside the airport. But immediately after he disembarked the aircraft, the local police, instead of marching him through immigration to the domestic aerodrome, where he


David Smith

could be seen by the public, stuffed him onto a flight destined for the country’s

capital Grand Turk, destined for Her Majesty’s Prison. One police official told The SUN that the move was “to avoid the level of excitement that his presence would generate”. Smith was sentenced to 30 years in prison in the United States following his guilty plea to 23 counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and money laundering. When he completes his time in the TCI, he has to return to the USA to finish his sentence. Smith has been accused of bilking thousands of investors out of more than $220 million. Following his sentence here, he will return to the US to begin serving the three decade prison stretch.

Before pleading guilty, Smith signed a plea agreement admitting guilt to four counts of wire fraud, a count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and 18 counts of money laundering. Each of the charge brings a maximum 20 years, but Smith had these sentences exponentially reduced. The Jamaican national was once regarded in his home country and the Turks and Caicos Islands as a philanthropist courtesy of his giving spirit. Florida prosecutors say more than 6,000 people from Orange County, Jamaica, the Turks and Caicos Islands and elsewhere invested in Smith's companies, which include the Olint Corp.

guaranteed refinancing package has enabled us to restore stability to the Government’s finances by reducing the cost of borrowing, repaying our creditors, and funding the deficits that will continue until we can balance the budget. This means raising revenues and cutting expenditure, while modernising the tax system to provide a sound basis for the future. “We’ve made a good start, but there is still a long way to go. The next two years will be critical in bringing revenue and expenditure into line. Once we’ve achieved a budget surplus then we can start to build the reserves we need to repay the TCI’s high levels of debt, and invest in building a prosperous and vibrant future for the people of these

islands. Some additional measures are due to come on stream in from September, and we’re on track to introduce VAT in 2013. All of this will help us to create an environment for sustained growth in future.” “There will continue to be challenges ahead but we must stay the course. Like any household we cannot live beyond our means. We have to remain focused on the goal of achieving a fiscal surplus by the end of fiscal year 2012/13, which is a key milestone towards setting a date for elections.” Ms Gardner will be returning to the UK to take up her next challenge, and will be replaced as CFO by Hugh McGarel-Groves who takes up the position on 1st September 2011 . Mr McGarel-Groves said: “I look forward to continuing the good progress already achieved and to getting to know the people of the TCI and helping to implement improved financial stability and growth for the islands.”

Outgoing Chief Financial Officer Caroline Gardner says TCI still has ‘a long way to go’

CHIEF FINANCE OFFICER Caroline Gardner has ended her one year assignment in the Turks and Caicos Islands. According to a Government press release, Gardner is satisfied that she is leaving TCI’s finances on a more stable footing, and that the foundation has been laid for a more sustainable growth path for the country.

Ms Gardner was appointed in September last year with a mandate to stabilise TCIG’s public finances, which were in crisis, strengthen the Government’s capacity and systems to manage its finances, and put it on track to achieve a fiscal surplus by March 2013. In reflecting on the past year Ms Gardner said: “The $260m UK-


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SUN Editor stands by his article on Doug Parnell

SUN Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Hayden Boyce says he is standing by the article which he printed about leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Douglas Parnell. Boyce, who said he received correspondence from Parnell’s lawyer Wendal Swann demanding an apology and threatening legal action for defaming Parnell, said he has official proof from the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, which clearly shows that there was a guilty plea entered by Douglas F. Parnell on April 3rd, 2008. “I’ve taken the decision to print the official court documents from page 10 to 12 in this edition of The SUN so that readers can see and judge for themselves,” Boyce said. “They will see from the court records that Parnell entered a guilty plea. They will also see that Parnell was also assigned to the fugitive list in January 2005 and that on April 3, 2008, a female by the name of Pamela Tucker-Ewing, offered a $300,000 property at # 5 Applewood Drive, Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, USA, as security and as part of release order which was also signed by Parnell.” Also published in this edition of The SUN,

People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Douglas Parnell

was the full list of Parnell’s USA victims who were paid a total of $200,000. In relation to the letter from Swann threatening legal action and which was also sent to Radio Turks and Caicos, Boyce dismissed it as a feeble attempt

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to intimidate him as a publisher, and more generally to silence the media. “Based on his long and rambling funny letter to me, Mr. Swann is behaving like a rookie lawyer who doesn’t understand law,” Boyce said. “He should be advising his client Mr. Parnell to come clean with the members of the PDM and also to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands, because it is patently clear that Parnell is having an exceptionally difficult time undergoing public scrutiny.” Boyce said he held no malice whatsoever towards Parnell, but he stressed that he has a responsibility and a duty to report to the public truthfully and accurately, without fear or favour. In relation to Parnell’s matter in the USA courts, the SUN publisher said that he found it most hypocritical that while Parnell was facing serious felony charges in the USA, he was a Turks and Caicos Islands Member of Parliament and spent a considerable amount of time, energy and effort acting as though he was washed in the blood of the lamb. “Isn’t it ironic that while all of this was happening to Parnell, he was criticizing and vilifying others here in the Turks and Caicos Islands as if he was the only one on the planet without sin?” Boyce added.

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The Financial Services Commission, a statutory body of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government responsible for the licensing and regulation of financial services businesses, is seeking qualified applicants for the post of

SENIOR BANK AND TRUST OFFICER DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES The holder of this position will carry out the following duties: • Manage a portfolio of licensees with the responsibility of all offsite duties as they pertain to the respective institution, including corporate governance reviews, financial analysis and ensuring compliance with the regulatory laws. • Assist in planning and co-ordinating on-site inspection as a senior member of the examination team. • Review policies, procedures and the practices of institutions to determine whether institutions are operating in a prudent manner in compliance with the laws and regulations of the TCI. • Examine banks and other supervised financial institutions from a group perspective to ensure conformity with rules and regulations governing established relationships between parent, subsidiaries and other related companies and assessing risk and management thereof on a consolidated basis. • Keep abreast of economic and political events (both locally and internationally), in order to liaise with the industry at an informed level as necessary. Identify and bring to the attention of the Head, Bank and Trust emerging trends and problems as they affect financial institutions, which will require enhancement/establishment of supervisory policy, methodology, legislation or guidelines as appropriate



• Assist in the review of market risk sensitivities and IT systems framework. • Process applications for mergers and acquisitions, branch openings and consolidation and new products/services of supervised entities. • Oversee the work of the Bank and Trust Officers and Junior Bank and Trust Analyst and provide guidance, supervision and training as necessary to achieve desired results. • Perform other functions as set out in the job description in relation to the post or as may be assigned by the Head of Banking and Trust or the Managing Director. SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED • Sound knowledge of banking law, trust law and AML regulations; • Sound knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS) and or US GAAP; • Sound knowledge of the workings of the Basle Committee on Bank Supervision and the related Core Principles; • Sound knowledge of international banking operations and practices and current developments in the financial sector. A very good appreciation of economics and asset valuations would be an asset; • Sound understanding of IT systems and their use in the financial services industry. EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE • Master’s Degree in Finance or other related discipline. • Five (5) years relevant experience. OTHER INFORMATION APPLICABLE TO THE POST This position falls within Grade 4 of the Commission’s pay scale. Actual salary payable will be determined by reference to the degree of qualification, experience, knowledge base and other criteria that the Commission may assess. The duties for the above post may be carried out at either of the Commission’s offices in Grand Turk or Providenciales. Applications should be received no later than August 31, 2011 and may be emailed to or faxed to 1-649-941-8379

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By Vivian Tyson



Kishco closing 9 of 10 TCI stores

keeping the employees, and paying PPC (Fortis TCI), and paying the water bills, it is impossible Kishco is to close nine of its 10 locations in the for us to survive,” Mahtani said. At the Airport here as a result of increase in utility costs, mounting Road store, two huge signs were erected at the monthly bank obligations and plummeting sales front of the building which houses a group of the associated with the mass migration of persons stores, signaling the company’s intention. from the country. “This is like a first step in cutting down The closure will affect up to 80 percent of expenses. If we closed down three stores or four the chain’s workforce. Fifty of 170 employees stores, unfortunately we will have to fire all of have already been axed from the company, and our employees who have been with us like for six according to Owner of the chain of stores Charlie years – ten years, and that has taken a back seat for Mahtani, at least another 90 could be issued pink us. So we have to take drastic steps just to make slips in the coming months. sure that we survive. Mahtani told The SUN that the painful “And the way things are right now we may decision was long and hard but became necessary have to close down a lot of our stores and try to as the combined operation was beginning to survive only out of the Five Cays location, because become insolvent. Charlie Mahtani, owner of Kishco that location is doing okay, because it sells things Mahtani said the closure will affect all the that people need on a daily basis, and that is what stores at its Airport Road complex, which include money from our pockets to pay the employees and keeping us alive,” Mahtani pointed out. the clothing store, Music Man, its shoe store to pay expenses. We tried to wait on see if things He said the closure of all the stores could be and its fragrance store. The Leeward Highway would turn around – to see if the construction averted in the event that projects begin opening enterprise and one of two stores in Five Cays are projects would open up. We had a population of up again in the construction industry and its stores also marked for closure. 50,000, and almost 30,000 people have already starts to be patronized again. Mahtani also blamed the company’s bad left. We had Mexicans. We had people from China, “We have stores in St. Martin, and we have fortunes on the level of joblessness that exists in Philippines and so on. The main market is gone, stores in Antigua, and we have stores in St. Kitts, the Turks and Caicos Islands, especially in the and there is no way we can survive on 10 to 20 and they are surviving because the cost of living area of construction, saying that his stores are thousand people,” Mahtani lamented. is very low. The salaries are flat salaries. Here, patronized by especially individuals who work According to him, the Kishco chain has been salaries are paid by the hour. And with electricity so within that industry. paying a combined sum of $40,000 for electricity high, water is so high. Over there (other Caribbean “The main thing is, for the past 18 months bill each month and close to $10,000 in water Kishco locations) the water (bill) I pay is $300 (per since the change of the Government, things have bills for the same period. He noted also that the month); here, my water bill is over $9,000. changed a lot. There is no construction, there are chain’s payroll per month is $160,000. He said Mahtani said if it happened that a final decision no jobs, and there is no cash-flow in the market. the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) has is taken to close the Leeward Highway location, We were doing good business in the earlier been added to its monthly expenses, as it costs the the plan is to open up a supermarket there since days because a lot of people were doing jobs – company another $8,000. that area of business appears to be striving. construction and jobs like those. And now all of “In the earlier days we could afford those He said if there is no turnaround in the that has come to a standstill. expenses because we were making money. But company’s fortunes by December, a decision “The main reason why we are closing down sales have dropped drastically. Our sales are would be made to sell its merchandise below is that we cannot survive in this economy. We almost down by almost 65 percent. So with market value so as to clear the facility to make way tried. For the last 18 months we have been pulling 35 percent sales, and dropping the prices, and for the food store.

Beaches TCI to close temporarily following Hurricane Irene

The Chairman of Sandals Resorts International, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart has indicated that following damage by Hurricane Irene, Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa will be temporarily closed for urgent repairs. In a statement, Mr. Stewart advised that structural and other repairs to the resort would require a period of closure of just over a month and that every effort would be made to have the repairs affected as speedily as possible. Mr. Stewart thanked the Government and people of The Turks and Caicos Islands for their support and resolve in the recovery process, following the damage caused by Hurricane Irene. Noting the effect of the hurricane on Beaches Turks and Caicos and the country at large, Mr. Stewart observed that the Islands

had taken a severe battering from the rains and winds which left roads and communities inundated, electricity supplies cut off, damaged roofs and a disruption of normal activities. However, he said that instead of having to confront a trail of disaster, the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands could take much satisfaction from their preparedness and effective teamwork which, in what he described as true Caribbean style, helped to mitigate the effects of the disaster. The events of the past week, he said, had proven that any disaster could be made into a triumph when a nation worked together in that indomitable spirit of the Caribbean. Mr. Stewart said that a great debt of gratitude was owed to the members of the Sandals team, many of whom volunteered to

remain on property to ensure the protection and comfort of the hotel’s valued guests, knowing that their own homes were under threat of flooding or structural damage. He commended their selfless efforts which made it possible for guests to weather the storm with minimal dislocation and to stabilize and protect the operations at Beaches Turks & Caicos. The Sandals Chairman gave the assurance that no effort would be spared to ensure that all the facilities of the resort were restored to the world-class standard which is the hallmark of Sandals Resorts and the beautiful islands of the Turks and Caicos. In the meantime, Mr. Stewart advised that the Sandals Foundation would be reaching out to local communities, which suffered damage, to provide possible assistance in the recovery process.

Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart

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Take a look around these islands and tell The Torch what is missing. Well, OK, yes, a Weekly News article on the indecent assault arrest and indictment of attorney, prominent TCI businessman and delegate to the London constitutional talks Beryn Duncanson, the son of the Weekly News publisher, is missing, but that's not what The Torch meant. Anyhow, it's not like the Weekly News claims to be the National Newspaper of the Turks and Caicos Islands. What? Oh, it does? Well, never mind. That's a different story. What else is missing? Again, yes, technically correct. The Brit High Command's “report on the quarterly budget,” promised for the early part of August is missing – at least as of this writing. Maybe they're trying to patch up all the holes The Torch told them would be in it. Jeez, c'mon guys. That's too obvious.Try again. Yes, yes and yes – also missing are: any mention that at the TCIG/Hartling Shore Club you have to walk out about a half mile from the beach to get knee deep in water; any prosecutions by the Special Prosecutor; self-reform from the two corrupt TCI political gangs; any useful economic plan from the Harold Wilson 1960's apparatchiks in the Brit High Command; any sense of responsibility from the Civil Service Association or individual civil servants that as many as 1500 unnecessary civil service welfare jobs are a direct financial bar to young deserving TCIslanders getting scholarships. Certainly all of these things are missing, but none of them is what The Torch meant. C'mon. The Torch has given you a clue. OK, forget it. OLD GUYS ARE MISSING! Look around. If you're not an Old Guy, maybe you haven't noticed. Maybe you even think it's a good thing that Old Guys are not here any more. Or you don't care one way or the other. If you so think, The Torch implores you to reconsider. Yes, The Torch is an Old Guy, so he is biased, but there are objective reasons we need and want more Old Guys. And no, The Torch is not sexist. He's talking about Old Gals too. Where would Old Guys be without Old Gals? Chasing young gals, and no, you probably don't want even to think about that. Consider. What do Old Guys do? They fish. They golf. They snorkel. They tennis and sail. They drink. They sit around. They snooze. They eat out about 10 times a week – but for dinner, they're done and gone by 7 PM. They buy houses and condos for cash. They pay their bills and fees on time and renew everything like clockwork. They tip heavily. They keep their houses and cars tidy. They sign up for everything and commit charity far more often than the recipients deserve. And they buy stuff. And then they buy more stuff because they've forgotten where they put it or even if they bought it in the first place. They tell their grandchildren and other Old Guys about the TCI so that there is an ever expanding group of desirable visitors that actually spend money outside of Beaches and other resorts. Old Guys don't take anyone's job or wife. They don't make trouble in bars. They don't burglarize or drunk drive. They don't throw stuff out the car window. It is true that they DO complain full time, but only to their wives and each other. In other words, Old Guys are the perfect immigration target for the TCI. There is no better target. The TCI and its economy would be in one heck of a better shape right now with the addition of one type of human only: OLD GUYS! Yes, they occasionally have heart attacks or strokes, but not often. And they can look around and assess in advance their chances of survival at the local health care rationing facilities. Maybe they'll appreciate the excitement – if they pull through. They die more often than others. So that's good! It puts their real property back into the pool more often, with consequent additional real estate commissions and stamp duty. And, perhaps most importantly, there will be a never diminishing supply of more Old Guys for at least the next 20-25 years – before the last of the Baby Boomers begin to drop off the vine – and probably then some. So this proposal is sustainable and controllable. This is not a ridiculous 8% per annum expansion

for 4 consecutive years without any supporting manufacturing or other realistic base. In other words, an Old Guy immigration category and marketing campaign is not a bubble that will inevitably burst with some future payback like the payback we're going through right now because Mike Misick began to drink his own Kool-Aid. OK, it is also true that very occasionally an Old Guy will fancy himself as a brilliant political and economic analyst, but you can just ignore him. If you accept the truism that we don't have enough people in the TCI to drive the existing dwindling number of very weak businesses, let alone the number of vibrant businesses we need in turn to drive scholarships, pay welfare checks to the 1500 unnecessary un-civil servants and repay the debts run up by the Misick gang under the comatose watch of Dick Tauwhare, then you must also accept that we should target the type of people want. If we don't target what we want, we won't get what we want. We'll get something else, as The Torch suggests is apparent from what we have now. We don't need any more middle-aged parole violators, child support dodgers, sex offender registry fleers, small criminal fugitives, bankrupts, business failures, small-time opportunists, assorted ne'er-do-wells and other bottom feeders. The low-quality, slipshod, money-grubbing immigration policies of the two local political gangs over the past 25 years have ensured that we're already full up on those. Think about an up-market The Villages marketing campaign. For those few readers who don't know, The Villages is an extremely successful Orlando-area group of retirement “villages.” They advertise how cheaply you can live there on your Social Security check. It's a good campaign and a good value for those who have not done so well in life. The TCI should aim higher, a lot higher. Where would the money come from to fund such a marketing campaign? That's easy. You know how Greenland doesn't have a government department to advertise snow and ice and how no Scandinavian government has a department to proclaim the number of blondes? The TCI doesn't need a Department of Tourism for the same epistomological reasons. Tourism happens. It has absolutely nothing to do with TCIG. Tourism expands and contracts according to free market forces that have absolutely nothing to do with government action by or through any Ministry or Department of Tourism. Tourism in the TCI works because of the marketing budgets and campaigns of Beaches, Club Med and numerous other private business entities that will continue to do their job far better than any government department ever could. Any claim by any TCIG tourism agency for credit or responsibility for the separate un-connected activities regarding tourism is completely bogus. In fact, any TCIG tourism agency merely drags down the net TCIG revenue from tourism to the extent of its public funding. The Brit High Command could walk into the TCIG tourim office at 0930 on Monday morning and tell any folks who just happened not yet to be “at lunch” that they were now the TCIG Department of Old Guy Retirement. If your brain is still irrationally stuck on absolutely having SOME TCIG tourism agency, then stick one young gal in a room and tell her that if any requests for money or attendance at any expensive tourism shindig show up, she just stamps them, “No Thanks - Call Beaches” and sends them back. The only public funding of tourism we need is to prevent any other public funding of tourism. Note that this is a separate complementary economic immigration proposal by The Torch. The Torch's prior ignored economic immigration proposal was for an Executive Residency (ER) program. In that ER program, targeted RIPE's (Rich, Investor, Professional Executive types) would be encouraged to come here and run their overseas businesses from here without a business license and without the ability to solicit or accept business from the TCI. They would have to meet criminal and health standards and purchase real estate to a level of perhaps $500K. ER status would specifically prohibit any future path to citizenship. However, RIPE's, by definition, are engaged in business and can be of any age greater than 21. Old Guys would be, by definition, over 60 and not engaged in any business – other than


perhaps management of any non-TCI based passive investments. Again, to safeguard the two TCI political gangs against any future increase in wise and honest voters, the Old Guy immigration status could also specifically exclude any path to citizenship. As a connected aside, readers will remember that The Torch recently exposed the TCI political gang underclass demagoguery of section 132 of the new Constitution, which permits ONLY Brit citizens and Brit OT citizens with specific connections to the TCI to pursue a defined path to TCI citizenship, which in turn permits voting. The Constitution provides primary conditions, including what is effectively a strict limitation on the availability of the defined path to Brit citizens. It then mandates the creation of an Ordinance that will provide more specific secondary conditions of that defined path. The Constitution specifies, “those conditions shall include, but need not be limited to” the conditions laid down in the Constitution, including the condition that restricts the path to Brit citizens. A rational analysis of section 132 reveals only a minimal possible long term effect upon the TCI electorate. This wasn't enough excitement for the demagogues. To control and excite the unthinking, they had to make section 132 seem to be a catastrophic end to TCI self-determination by and through an avalanche of new non-TCI voters. That was not a problem for the dishonest and xenophobic demagogues. They simply told the unthinking that because the secondary Ordinance had not yet been written, it could contain ANYTHING, including an expansion of the potential class of individuals who could take advantage of section 132 to include theoretically the entire world. The fear-mongers' ideology requires them to decline to recognize that such could not possibly happen. The Constitution permits additional conditions to be applied, but those additional conditions must be narrowing conditions, not expanding conditions. Expanding conditions would render the Ordinance un-Constitutional. Specifically, a putative expansion to include the entire world as potential beneficiaries of section 132, would be un-Constitutional because such would violate the Constitutional primary condition that the potential class of beneficiaries be limited to Brit citizens and Brit OT citizens from the TCI, a condition which the Constitution mandates the secondary Ordinance, “shall include.” The secondary Ordinance could add conditions limiting further the potential class of beneficiaries to Brit citizens who are also healthy, have not been bankrupt, do not owe an outstanding balance to the Brit Inland Revenue, have no criminal record, etc., etc. However, none of those additional conditions can violate the Constitution by expanding the class of potential beneficiaries. The Constitution is the supreme, and in this instance, enabling, law of the land. The idiot legislative construction theory of the political gang underclasses would permit any secondary legislation to violate the Constitution. It is difficult to know whether the political gang troublemakers and fear-mongers are just at the shallow end of the IQ pool or have such an overriding xenophobic ideology that absolutely requires control of unthinking TCIslanders through such intellectual dishonesty. Now you know what The Torch is going to say. Alltogether now. Repeat the words after The Torch. Economic recovery proposals such as The Torch's Old Guy campaign are of a type that should be coming to you, not from The Torch, but from your alleged leaders at the completely neutered nonconsultative panels or the completely corrupt and conflicted political gangs. The Brits have co-opted and neutralized the wide-eyed and slack-jawed members of the two nonconsultative panels. And the political gangs will not put forward any suggestions like this one, either themselves or through a non-existent bi-partisan TCI Economic Recovery Team because any program that is created during the Brit Occupation cannot be controlled and exploited for profit by members of the two political gangs. The political gangs' future benefit is far more important to them than the future benefit of individual TCIslanders. In any event, The Torch commends his Old Guy campaign to independent free-thinking TCIslanders for further thought and action. We need a lot more Old Guys and Gals!

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Turks & Caicos Islands Government



Financial Results for April to June 2011

THE INTERIM GOVERNMENT is committed to transparent reporting of TCIG’s finances. This is a cornerstone of good governance, and it also forms part of our commitment to report progress against two of the milestones that need to be met before elections can once again be held: • the establishment of robust and transparent public financial management processes to provide a stable economic environment and a strengthening of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government’s capacity to manage its public finances; • the implementation of budget measures to put the Turks and Caicos Islands Government on track to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 2013. Transparent reporting has not been possible until now. TCIG produced its last financial statements for the financial year 2006/07, and between then and 2010 the public finances fell into disarray, with large sums owed to local and international creditors, a failure to collect money due to the Government, and a complete breakdown in financial control. We have now moved into a new phase. The UK-guaranteed financing package completed in February has allowed us to refinance our existing debt on much more favourable terms, repay outstanding creditors, and finance the deficits that will continue until March 2013. We are working on the backlog of financial statements from 2007/08 to 2010/11, and we expect these to be audited and published early in 2012. And we have made a commitment to report on TCIG’s financial performance each quarter from the beginning of financial year 2011/12 onwards, in order to show the state of the public finances and the progress that is being made towards the milestones. This is the first of those quarterly reports, showing the first quarter’s performance against the budget that was agreed and published in early April 2011. RECURRENT REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE At the end of June 2011 recurrent revenue and expenditure showed a deficit of $4.1m, $0.7m higher than the budgeted deficit of $3.4m. At the same point last year, the deficit was $17.2m.

Government revenues at the end of June were $40.2m, up $200k (0.5%) on budget. The most important income streams, accounting for 85% of revenues, were as follows:

Import duty is the main revenue source for the year so far with receipts of $10.9 million, down $1.5m (12.4%) against the budget of $12.4m. We are investigating why receipts are lower than budgeted and will act immediately to deal with any under-declarations or under-collections that may be identified. Accommodation tax is performing well above budget for the year so far with receipts of $10.6m, 25.4% up on budget and 33.6% up on last year. Forecasts for the rest of the year are strong, with the tourist season expected to be longer than usual and with higher numbers of visitors than in recent years.

Stamp duty on land transactions is also proving to be a strong revenue source, at $1.9m (47.5%) above budget, and $2m (51%) above last year. This is another welcome indication of stronger economic activity in the Islands. Revenue from work permits and residency fees is $2.5m, $435k (14.8%) down on both budget and last year. Business licence fees are very close to budget. The new Customs Processing Fee, introduced in April this year as part of a package of measures to help bridge the budget gap until VAT is introduced in 2013, is an important contributor to TCIG’s revenues so far this year at $2.2m; we will look closely at receipts from this income stream as part of our work on import duties. The expenditure side of the budget stood at $44.3m at the end of June, up $0.9m on the budget of $43.4m. Personnel costs were very close to budget, at $16.7m. The most significant overspends were for rents, at $1.3m to the end of June, 25% above budget, and payments to creditors for old liabilities, including in particular $1.9m paid to PPC for past utility bills and subsidies. Capital revenue and expenditure Capital revenue for the year to date stood at $4m, $2.4m above budget due to proceeds from the sale of land. Expenditure on capital projects for the month was $627k, $15k below budget, predominantly due to timing differences. Capital expenditure forecasts are in line with the original year to date budget of $6.3m. Prospects for the rest of the financial year The first quarter’s results show that we have started to put the public finances on track to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 2013, reflecting our commitment to high standards of financial management; the immediate priority is to get fully back on track to meet this year’s budget. We have put in place new measures to ensure that the Government collects the revenues due to it, and to control expenditure and cut waste. There are still significant challenges ahead, but the UK-guaranteed refinancing and the first quarter’s results provide a firm foundation for the future. The Government is also committed to continuing to support the economy. In addition to the new runway at Providenciales International Airport, which has opened the Islands to more visitors from further afield, we are working with the thriving tourism sector to ensure that Government action supports its continued growth in the future. We are also keen to support new initiatives in the agricultural and other sectors of the economy to stimulate greater diversity for the future. In order to stabilise the public finances we have had to introduce new revenue measures this year to bridge the gap until VAT can be introduced in 2013. The preparations for VAT are going well, and we will consult widely on the new tax in the autumn. This will provide a chance to get the views of businesses and the public on how VAT will work, and to fine tune our proposals before draft legislation is introduced. In the meantime we are continuing to work on the new revenue measures introduced in this year’s budget. The Customs Processing Fee is the most important of these measures; it was introduced in April and is making a significant contribution towards TCIG’s revenues. It has a number of advantages; it ensures that all importers make some contribution to the Government’s finances, even where they benefit from exemptions and concessions granted in the past, and it is a flexible fee which can be adjusted downwards as well as upwards as the health of the public finances allow. We have carried out extensive consultation on the other new revenue measures announced in the budget, including new taxes on water consumption, financial services, and insurance premiums, and these are due to be considered by the Consultative Forum on 30 August. The introduction of the proposed carbon tax on electricity generators has been postponed until the Government-commissioned review of the regulatory framework is completed at the end of September. As well as modernising the revenue system we will also continue to bear down on unnecessary Government expenditure. The public sector reform programme is identifying ways of cutting the cost of the public service while investing in the public services required to ensure a prosperous future for the Islands, and we are reviewing all other areas of expenditure to cut out waste and make every dollar count. We are investing in the Government’s financial management capacity, both within the Ministry of Finance and across TCIG, to ensure that the problems of the past don’t recur and that public money is managed well in the future. We will continue to monitor the state of the public finances closely, and take well-informed decisions about both revenue and expenditure in order to stay on track to achieve a surplus by March 2013 while supporting economic growth and prosperity in the Islands. The next report will cover the Government’s financial performance up to the end of the second quarter, which ends on 30 September.

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Devcon TCI

is looking for suitably qualified persons to fill the following positions Form Technicians experienced with installation and adjustment of various flying form systems salary $8 per hour plus benefits siTe superinTendenT experienced with supervising form and structural crews ability to train local staff on the installation and adjustment of various systems salary $2500 per month

Belongers only

please conTacT or call 242 9218


LANDSCAPING MANAGER Requirements: • Minimum of 5 years experience in managing the landscaping department of a 5 star Luxury Caribbean Resort. • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience • Ultimate knowledge of Zone 9 Caribbean landscaping. • Vast knowledge in horticulture, native plant species and chemical usage towards the prevention of plant disease and insect control. • Must have extensive experience with Irrigation systems and landscape maintenance. • Must have strong supervisory skills and demonstrated experience managing a grounds department. • Must be able to give direction and expertise in areas of basic landscaping, tool safety, chemical usage and operation of lawn equipment. • Able and Willing to work all shifts and days Duties Include: • Impeccable maintenance of grounds and landscaping. • Assists in supervising and participating in grounds work. • Ability to identify areas for improvement and keeps abreast of latest trends in regards to plants, irrigation, landscape maintenance and chemical applications. • Ensuring proper utilization and maintenance of equipment. • Managing overall cleanliness of work, storage and space areas. Salary Commensurate with Experience Interested applicants should apply to The Regent Palms, Human Resources Department Monday through Friday, and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing, no later than Friday, September 9, 2011.


1 Babysitter Salary $5.00 per hour Please contact 246-9695

KENNETH PROSPERE SEEKS 1 LABOURER Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 242-7485

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Fortis TCI applies for review of electricity rates By Hayden Boyce Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Fortis TCI, formerly Provo Power Company (PPC), has applied to the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) for a review of its electricity rates in this country. A Government spokesman told The SUN that Fortis made a “rate variation application” on Monday. Government has 30 days to review the request, the official said. When contacted about the application, CEO of Fortis TCI, Eddinton Powell said: “The primary objectives of the variation application are (1) To end Government’s requirement to subsidise service on South Caicos; (2) To levelise rates across the Company’s service territory of Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos, and South Caicos; (3) To re-balance rates to ensure greater equity and cost-of-service fairness, and (4) To facilitate the continued development of the electricity infrastructure, which is one of the best in the Caribbean, as was demonstrated by the Country’s recent experience with Hurricane Irene.” According to Powell, the major tenets of the rate variation application are: * No change in Residential Rates * Change in the rate structure to a declining block structure * Overall revenues from Basic Rates, from Government and commercial customers will increase by 5.5% * Facilitate the take over of all street lights by the Company The Company is currently providing the Government’s appointed Consultants, Oxera

Consulting with all necessary requested information as they work to access the costs and tariffs (existing and proposed) of Fortis TCI and TCU in relation to appropriate regional and international comparators. Customers in the Turks and Caicos Islands have long been complaining about the rates which they have to pay for electricity, but the power company said it has to pass on certain charges because of what it has to pay for fuel. Last month, the second of two Wartsila 20V32 engines was officially handed over to Fortis TCI Ltd after receiving the green light for commercial operation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Back then, Ernie Jackson, Vice President of Generation and Engineering, said: “Fortis TCI has chosen to make this investment in order to reduce diesel consumption on our generating system as these engines consume less fuel per unit of electricity than the existing fleet. Residents can continue to expect the most efficient and the least costly electricity as we continue to build on our ongoing strategic capital investment programme.” He added, “These engines have the capacity to produce up to 8.7 MWs of electrical power from each engine and represent more than 50% of Fortis TCI’s peak load. Both engines are state of the art and signify not only a major step towards reducing diesel consumption, but will also reduce exhaust emissions and would have a lower environmental footprint.” Fortis TCI Ltd and Atlantic Equipment & Power Limited (AEP) became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortis Inc located in Newfoundland Canada in August 2006. Fortis TCI Ltd and AEP serve

approximately 9, 000 customers or 88% of electricity customers in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Fortis TCI Ltd owns and operates a fully integrated system providing for the generation and distribution of energy in Providenciales, North Caicos and Middle Caicos pursuant to a 50year licence that expires in 2037. It also owns and operates an independent generating station and distribution system on South Caicos and is the sole provider of electricity for that island pursuant to a 50-year licence that expires in 2036. The Company has a combined diesel-fired generating capacity of 48 MW and met a combined peak demand of 28 MW in 2007. Fortis Turks and Caicos owns and operates 325 kilometers of transmission and distribution lines. The utility‘s customer base increased 13 per cent in 2007, driven largely by strong economic growth in the country. Fortis Turks and Caicos invested US$24 million, before customer contributions, in capital projects in 2007 to meet current and projected growth in energy demand resulting from a rapidly growing customer base. Fortis Inc., the largest investorowned distribution utility in Canada, serves almost two million gas and electric customers and has approximately $13 billion of assets. Its regulated holdings include a natural gas utility and electric utilities in five Canadian provinces and three Caribbean countries. Fortis Inc. owns non-regulated hydroelectric generation assets across Canada and in Belize and upper New York State. It also owns hotels and commercial real estate in Canada.


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Youngest baby delivered at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre LITTLE ANGEL MISSICK is an 810gram miracle. The tiny bundle of joy became the most premature baby to be born at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre. And at just 27 weeks and 12 inches in height, she is one of the youngest and smallest arrivals on record in the TCI. Angel, who was delivered by emergency department staff after mum, Collene, was admitted on Monday (Aug 29) morning with stomach pains. InterHealth Canada pediatrician, Dr Lorena Soler, explained: “A 27week-old baby is very young but she was delivered naturally and both mum and Angel were in good health. “Angel was immediately put on a ventilator and placed under observation in an incubator in our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). But fortunately she was very active and all the signs were very encouraging. “Angel is a beautiful little girl and despite weighing just 810 grams (1lb 8ozs) she has a high chance of living a perfectly normal and healthy life, thanks to both the expertise of InterHealth Canada staff and the fantastic medical facilities here in the TCI.” After spending her first few hours in the NICU, Angel was flown with mum to Nassau for further treatment. “Angel will now undergo an extensive period of care in the Bahamas”,



Angel Missick was born at 27 weeks and weighed just 1lb, 8oz

added Dr Soler, “after which she will be allowed to return with Collene to Cheshire hall. “It is likely she’ll be in Nassau for five weeks and she will only be allowed back to Provo once she is breathing unaided and eating by mouth. “In total she will probably spend about 10 weeks in hospital between the Bahamas and here.” Once back at Cheshire Hall, Collene will be taught the revolutionary Kangeroo Care procedure that was introduced to the TCI by InterHealth Canada earlier this year.

Dr Soler explained: “Kangaroo Care is a way of teaching parents to bond with their babies through touching skin to skin. “Collene and Angel won’t have had that opportunity to bond in that way and so it will be absolutely perfect for them both. “Already we have seen it help bond many other parents and their babies, and in some cases it’s definitely greatly helped improve the health and wellness of infants.” She added: “Angel is a special little baby and we shall be doing all we can to support her and her family over

the coming months.” Meanwhile Dr Soler paid tribute to InterHealth’s emergency staff for their ‘brilliant work’. She said: "I am so proud of our emergency team, who worked so hard during Angel’s first few minutes of life. “Those first minutes are part of the ‘golden hour’, which has a direct impact on the baby’s quality of life. “They are unsung heroes and heroines in and I would like to thank all the team, especially nurse Sergio Azevedo, Mara Sanderson, Sue Howe and Dr Bridget Freeman.”

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Hospital staff helps with hurricane relief effort

Hospital Staff

A group of InterHealth Canada workers have been helping with the clear-up effort following Hurricane Irene. Doctors, nurses, facilities and administration staff gave up their weekend to volunteer with the TCI Red Cross in Provo. The big-hearted bunch headed

A Red Cross volunteer helping with hurricane relief efforts

“But it was no surprise to see to Five Cays to access damage to “Doing volunteer work for the people’s homes and hand out aid Red Cross was just one small way so many InterHealth Canada staff where needed and offer medical we could assist and I think we were out there helping because hospital advice.Engineering assistant, all very humbled by what we saw.” people are caring people.” He added: Stephen McDonnell, said: “Having “People’s lives have been turned “Credit too to the Red Cross for the got through the hurricane unscathed, upside down by Hurricane Irene and marvelous work they do.” The Red I think many of us just wanted to help it certainly makes you appreciate Cross distributed tarpaulin, water, food and blankets to those in need. those less fortunate than ourselves. what you have.

Advertise with us today for the best rates

Call 946 8542


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The Indomitable Spirit of the Caribbean Sandals Resorts International would like to thank, wholeheartedly, the Government and people of The Turks and Caicos Islands for their support and resolve in the recovery process following the damage caused by Hurricane Irene. Our beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands took a severe battering from the rains and winds of Hurricane Irene. Roads and communities were inundated, electricity supplies cut off, roofs were damaged and life, as we know it, was disrupted. But instead of having to confront a trail of disaster, we can take much satisfaction from the fruits of preparedness and effective teamwork which, in true Caribbean style, helped to mitigate the effects of the hurricane. The events of the past week have proven that any disaster can be made into a triumph when a nation works together in that indomitable spirit of the Caribbean. We also owe a great debt of gratitude to the members of the Sandals team, many of whom volunteered to remain on property to ensure the protection and comfort of our valued guests, knowing that their own homes were under threat of flooding or structural damage. We commend their selfless efforts which made it possible for our guests to weather the storm with minimal dislocation and to stabilize and protect our operations at Beaches Turks & Caicos. We will work as speedily as possible and spare no effort to ensure that all our facilities are restored to the world-class standard which is the hallmark of Sandals Resorts and our beautiful country. However, this will mean a period of closure of just over a month to address some structural and other damage. In the meantime, through the Sandals Foundation, we will be reaching out to local communities which suffered damage, to provide possible assistance in the recovery process.

The Hon. Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart OJ, CD, Hon. LL.D Chairman Sandals Resorts International





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Former St. Lucia PM calls TCI Caribbean “secret gem”

By Vivian Tyson

Former Prime Minister of St. Lucia Dr. Kenny Anthony has confirmed what many have been saying over they years, that the Turks and Caicos Islands is one of little secret gems within the Caribbean. Describing his experience in the Turks and Caicos Islands as an eye-opener, Dr. Anthony who, was in the country with his wife Professor RoseMarie Antoine-Anthony, said that he was blown away by the impressive tourism boasted here. “Actually, this is my very first visit, and for me, it was an eye-opener. For one thing, I hadn’t realized that in Providenciales here that you had such a sophisticated (tourism) infrastructure. I heard a lot about it, I have never seen it before, and I am very pleasantly surprised. There are little secrets still left in the Caribbean and, it is an issue of discovering those secrets. TCI is a Caribbean secret, and I think it has great promise in the rest of the Caribbean. And what makes it special too, is that while I was here I met nationals from across the Caribbean. “I not only met people from the Eastern Caribbean, but I also met a few Haitians and we were able to dialogue in Creole, because we also speak Creole in St. Lucia,” Anthony said.


Based on the scale of development seen in the TCI, Anthony said he was convinced that recent local governments had done a wonderful job, especially to build and market the country as a high-end destination. “I spent a few hours in Grand Turk and, really, that was a very special visit. I thought that Grand Turk was very charming. Dr. Kenny Anthony and wife Rose-Marie with SUN Publisher Hayden Boyce (Photo: Vivian Tyson) “I don’t know whether a lot of it had to with the rigors of politics that I felt the need for some rest in a of Saint Lucia from 1997 to 2006 and now leader calm environment. But I liked the atmosphere, and of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), what struck me was the possibility of developing said before coming to the TCI his only contact was the Turks and Caicos such a way that you retain through the political directorate. He said he was particularly happy to have the distinct personality of each island. made contact with a number of former students “I particularly liked the old buildings. I liked the old architecture. I liked the sense of history and and political colleagues especially while on the absolute calm. And the people were very kind, Grand Turk. Among the political colleagues he very generous, very calm, very accommodating. It reunited with was former Chief Minister Derek is wonderful to be in the Caribbean and be able to Taylor. While in Providenciales, he also linked up with SUN Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Hayden live island life,” Anthony said. Anthony, who became the fifth Prime Minister Boyce, who has been his friend for many years.

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Hurricane Irene unleashed her fury on the Turks and Caicos Islands last week, drenching the country with unusually high levels its wrath through the night. of water, ripping shingles from roofs, snapping trees and utility poles, stripping trees and plants of their leaves and flowers Winds reached as high as 120 miles per hour, bending trees and vigorously shaking display signs, tearing away sheets of and stalling several vehicles. zinc and plywood from buildings and transforming the usually calm, turquoise sea into a murky, angry churning body of water. There were no deaths or any reported serious injuries, but several residences and businesses reported water damage. Power was off in most areas for several hours, and days in some cases, and there was disruption in some telephone services. The gigantic hurricane, which was an estimated 400-miles wide when it hit TCI as a category 1, inched its way over the These photographs capture some of the effects of Hurricane Irene. country for more than 12 hours at about 9 miles per hour, causing prolonged fear, panic and agony for many who had to endure

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The Grace Bay Club Annual Back to School Treat was held on Wednesday, August 31, on property and was attended by dozens of children, who parents are employees of the resort. In addition to being presented with school supplies, including backpacks, books and pencils, the children were feted with wide variety of food and drinks and snacks. The follow are photo highlights from the event. 1. Children enjoying a game of musical chair 2. Children enjoy themselves participating in the dance contest 3. Brenda Clare from of Grace Bay Club presents a basketball to the winner of the music chair contest 4. Children queue to receive their meals 5. This little girl won a Play Station in the raffle. She is being presented with the prize by Brenda Clare of Grace Bay Club. Looking on is one of her siblings at right 6. Mark Durliat, owner of the Grace Bay Club, hangs out with staff members at the event 7. This boy dons the Spiderman face-painting 8. Children lining up to get their faces painted 9. Brenda Clare presents a prize to this little girl for topping the dance contest 10. The face paintings were awesome














Carambola Grill and Lounge Birthday Club was pleased to celebrate with Mrs. Youthlyn Forbes who became Fabulous 50 on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011. With the assistance of Eunica Davol of Unique Party Kreations, the private dining room was transformed with fun yet elegant teal and purple decorations that helped to create a smashing party vibe. Family - including Youthlyn’s daughter, Tasha and friends, especially from her church surprised Youthlyn who burst into tears as she entered the room.

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Crowned Fabulous and Fifty, she was seated at the place of honor and treated to a night customized just for her with her favourite Carambola dishes and specially made birthday cupcakes. All the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each received a thank you gift box, provided by Eunica. Carambola wishes to congratulate Mrs. Forbes on such a milestone and wishes her every success! Thank you for making us a part of your special day.

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Rapper T.I. released from prison, set to star in VH1 reality show Currently untitled, the program will ATLANTA - Atlanta-based rapper T.I. has been released one month early focus on T.I.'s quest to redeem himself after from a federal prison, where he was serving an 11-month Federal prison serving a weapons violation sentence. sentence. It will include behind-the-scenes footage from the recording studio, as well Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke said the artist, whose real name as daily interactions with his his wife is Clifford Harris, was released at on Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and their two children. (T.I. has three children from August 31 from the Forrest City lowsecurity prison in Arkansas. previous relationships.) The rapper was sentenced to 11 "Viewers have always connected with months in prison in October for T.I. and we are definitely thrilled to show breaking his federal probation after he the next chapter of this incredible artist’s was arrested in Los Angeles on drug riveting life with this new series," Jeff Olde, charges. He was set to be released at EVP, Original Programming and Production the end of September, but prison for VH1, tells Us Weekly in a statement. authorities released him a month early. Rapper T.I. was just released from jail "T.I. is such a multi-talented artist and actor, and though he has had some setbacks, Hours after the 30-year-old rapper was released from prison Tuesday for a weapons violation there is no doubt he will use his considerable talents to get sentence, VH1 announced that the "Dead and Gone" back on top of both the music and film business." musician will star in a 10-episode reality series beginning The untitled T.I. series premieres December 5 at 10 December 5. p.m. EST.

Tests show no illegal drugs in Winehouse body LONDON — Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system when she died, and it is still unclear what killed the singer, her family said Tuesday. The family said in a statement that toxicology tests showed "alcohol was present" in the singer's body but it hasn't yet been determined if it contributed to her death. The 27-year-old soul diva, who had battled drug and alcohol addiction for years, was found dead in her London home on July 23, and an initial post-mortem failed to determine the cause of death. A statement released by spokesman Chris Goodman on the family's behalf said "toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy's system at the time of her death." The statement did not mention whether any legal drugs were found. It said the family awaited the outcome of an inquest that is due to begin in October. Winehouse's father, Mitch, has said his daughter had beaten her drug dependency three years before her death, but he admitted she was still struggling to control her drinking after several weeks of abstinence. Mitch Winehouse told mourners at the singer's July 26 funeral that she had said to him, "'Dad I've had enough of drinking, I can't stand the look on your and the family's faces anymore.'" The Winehouse family announced plans to establish a charitable foundation in the singer's name to help people struggling with addiction — although Mitch Winehouse has said the plans are on hold because someone else had registered the name Amy Winehouse Foundation. In her short lifetime, Winehouse frequently made headlines because of drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, destructive relationships and abortive performances. Her health often appeared fragile. In June 2008 and

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment on July 23

again in April 2010, she was taken to hospital and treated for injuries after fainting and falling at home. Her father said she had developed the lung disease emphysema from smoking cigarettes and crack, although her spokeswoman later said Winehouse only had "early signs of what could lead to emphysema." She turned her tumultuous life and personal demons into songs such as "Rehab," from her Grammy-winning album "Back to Black." Her death prompted an outpouring of emotion from fans — many of whom left flowers and offerings outside her house in north London's Camden neighborhood — and from fellow musicians. Her final recording, a duet with Tony Bennett on "Body and Soul," is due to released next month as a charity single. In Britain, inquests are held to establish the facts whenever someone dies violently or in unexplained circumstances. Winehouse's inquest is due to begin Oct. 26 in London.

Beyonce's baby bump reveal sparks Twitter record Beyonce's bump reveal at the end of her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards sparked a new Twitter record. As Beyonce finished performing Love On Top at 10:35 p.m. EDT on Sunday night, there were 8,868 tweets per second. Twitter said that rate was a record for the social media service. At the end of her performance, Beyonce unbuttoned her sequinned purple blazer to reveal her burgeoning bump, cupping and rubbing her tummy through her maternity tuxedo trousers. The 29-year-old singer is married to Jay-Z, 41, who was shown in the audience receiving hugs and back slaps from friend Kanye West as his wife's belly made its debut. The previous record of 7,196 tweets per second was set in July during the end of the Women’s World Cup final, when the U.S.A. lost a penalty shoot out. And Beyonce's bump didn't just break Twitter records. The VMAs drew MTV's biggest audience since the network began measuring its viewership and Sunday night's show attracted 12.4 million viewers.

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Gibson to pay ex $750K to settle nasty legal fight LOS ANGELES - Mel Gibson will pay $750,000 to his ex-girlfriend and continue to provide housing and financial support for their young daughter to resolve a bitter legal fight that followed sexist, racist rants attributed to the actor. The settlement disclosed Wednesday is intended to end the bickering and accusations that have permeated the case handled in mostly Oksana Grigorieva secret proceedings for more than a year, Judge Peter Lichtman said. Gibson's payments to Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva are dependent on a lasting truce. As part of the agreement, their daughter will receive support equal to what the actor-director provides for his other seven children. The former couple will split custody of the girl, who turns 2 in late October. In addition, Gibson will keep paying for a multimillion house he purchased for Grigorieva and their daughter. The house will be sold when the girl turns 18 and she will receive the proceeds. As a result of the settlement, Grigorieva cannot pursue a civil case against the Oscar winner, and both sides were ordered not to speak or write about their relationship or allegations of domestic abuse. Lichtman specifically said neither side could release

any audio recordings, an apparent reference to the series of rants that were leaked to the celebrity website "You look like a (expletive) bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of (N-word), it will be your fault," the voice is heard telling Grigorieva in one tape. "You provoked it. You are provocatively dressed." In another snippet Mel Gibson released by the website, Grigorieva is heard describing how Gibson hit her in the face, and she questions his manhood. The response: "You know what, you ... (expletive) deserved it!" Gibson has never publicly discussed the recordings and his attorneys did not refute they were the actor during a May court hearing in which Grigorieva agreed not to introduce them as evidence in the custody case. Grigorieva's payments were divided into thirds, with the final payment occurring in 2016 if the agreement is not breached. Gibson's attorneys are still working to finalize his divorce from his wife of nearly 28 years. Laura Wasser, who represents Gibson's wife Robyn, told a judge Tuesday that they were putting the finishing touches on the divorce judgment and it should be completed in a few weeks.


Nude MOdel ZOe WeSt buSted iN tiMeS SquAre While beiNG PAiNted by ArtiSt ANdy GOlub

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith say they are still together Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith responded to a report that they were splitting after 13 years of marriage. "Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact," the couple said in a joint statement Tuesday afternoon. Earlier, In Touch Weekly reported the "exclusive" break-up news attributed to an "insider."

Will Smith's rep Meredith O'Sullivan and Jada Pinkett Smith's rep Karynne Tencer would initially not comment. reported that a family member said news of a split was not true. "They're happy and married still," the unidentified family member said. Us Weekly quoted another insider close to the couple who knocked down the split story. "100 percent not true ... it's total bull----," the source told the mag. The Smiths have two children

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith

together, Jaden and Willow. The actor also has an older son named Trey from his first marriage.

Motown songwriter Nick Ashford dies at age 70 NEW YORK - Nick Ashford, one-half of the legendary Motown songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson that penned elegant, soulful classics for the likes of Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye and funk hits for Chaka Khan and others, died Monday, August 29 at age 70, his former publicist said. Ashford, who along with wife Valerie Simpson wrote some of Motown's biggest hits, died in a New York City hospital. He had been suffering from throat cancer. Though they had some of their greatest success at Motown with classics like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand" by Ross and "You're All I Need To Get By" by Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Ashford & Simpson also created anthems for others, like "I'm Every Woman" by Khan (and later remade by Whitney Houston). Ashford & Simpson also had success writing for themselves: Perhaps the best-known song they sang was the 1980s hit "Solid As A Rock." "His music is unmatched in terms of great

songwriting," Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire said after learning of his friend's death. Ashford and Simpson's relationship stretched more than four decades. They met in 1964 in a New York City church. Ashford, a South Carolina native, had come to the city to pursue a dance career. Simpson was a music student, and after connecting with her, they decided to start to write songs together. The duo, married for 38 years, helped sell millions of records for several artists. They continued to craft hits even into the new millennium: They are credited as co-writers on Amy Winehouse's "Tears Dry On Their Own." In 2002, Ashford & Simpson were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Ashford is survived by his wife and two daughters. Rosenberg said there is no information yet on funeral arrangements.

New York, the naked city saw a nude model busted in Times Square Tuesday with nothing on but a few swirls of body paint. Zoe West, 21, who was being painted by artist Andy Golub, was hauled by cops to a midtown precinct house once she bared her buff body to a shocked matinee crowd at the pedestrian plaza at 44th St. and Broadway. "It was wild," said the Ulster County actress, who shed an olive onesie and black G-string to be painted in public for 2-1/2 hours. "I walked into the precinct, and there were about six cops standing behind the counter. Everyone went, 'Whoa! What's this?'" After an hour in unclothed custody, West was released without charges. Golub, a Rockland County artist who has pulled off similar stunts before around Manhattan and Brooklyn, was not arrested. "New York State Law prohibits public nudity, except if it's part of a play, performance, exhibition or show," said Ron Kuby, Golub and West's lawyer. "This particular sergeant who arrested Ms. West didn't get the memo or simply didn't care."

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Jamaican Kingpin “Dudus” pleads guilty in New York Christopher Coke, a Jamaican drug trafficker whose arrest last summer came after a monthlong manhunt that left scores dead in Kingston, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to racketeering conspiracy charges in Federal District Court in Manhattan. The guilty plea emerged during an hour of quiet dialogue between Mr. Coke and a federal judge, a proceeding that stood in sharp contrast to the violence generated last year as the Jamaican authorities searched for Mr. Coke, a neighborhood don, at the request of American prosecutors. Mr. Coke, a short, balding man of 42, pleaded guilty to trafficking large quantities of marijuana and cocaine, as well as approving the stabbing of a marijuana dealer in New York. He faces a maximum sentence of 23 years in prison; the plea deal does not require him to cooperate or to testify on behalf of the government in any proceeding. “I’m pleading guilty because I am,” he told Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. In seeking Mr. Coke’s extradition, Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, charged that for more than a decade Mr. Coke had controlled an international drug ring from his stronghold of Tivoli Gardens in Kingston. His organization often transported cocaine to Miami and New York, prosecutors said. A portion of the profits, they said, went to buy guns in the United States, which were shipped back to Mr. Coke, who wielded considerable political influence in Jamaica. His organization was so well armed that it “rendered the Tivoli Gardens area virtually off-limits to the local police,” prosecutors wrote in a recent court filing. The extradition and prosecution of Mr. Coke’s father, a leader of the same criminal organization, had been sought by the United States, but he died in a mysterious fire in a Jamaican prison

Christopher “Dudus’ Coke

cell in 1992. The manhunt for Christopher Coke last year led to more than 70 deaths; in some instances, the police executed unarmed men, according to relatives of victims. In the months before the Jamaican prime minister, Bruce Golding, acted on the extradition request, Jamaican leaders warned officials in the American Embassy that any move to arrest Mr. Coke could result in widespread violence or civil unrest because Mr. Coke was well fortified in Tivoli Gardens and had a measure of popular support, according to a review of secret State Department cables released by WikiLeaks. His plea deal came together in recent days after prosecutors told Mr. Coke’s lawyers that various confidential informers were prepared to testify that Mr. Coke had been involved in five murders, one of Mr. Coke’s lawyers, Stephen H. Rosen, said. One witness was prepared to testify that Mr. Coke used a chain saw to kill someone who had stolen drugs from him, according to a filing.

Under the original indictment, Mr. Coke could have faced a life sentence if convicted. Mr. Coke’s lawyers described him as a well-spoken man who had never cursed in their presence; they said he had approached his new life in federal custody, where he is held under unusually restrictive conditions, with stoicism. “He’s never been in bad spirits,” one of the lawyers, Frank A. Doddato, said. “Let’s just say he’s one of the last tough guys.” Dressed in a blue smock and orange socks, Mr. Coke was one of the first in the courtroom to stand when Judge Patterson entered on Wednesday, and he was the last to sit down. During a lengthy hearing in which he was asked routine questions, like whether his lawyers had provided effective assistance and whether he had recently consumed drugs or alcohol, Mr. Coke remained perched attentively on the edge of his seat, answering each question carefully. In giving a statement of his guilt, Mr. Coke remained vague as to the specific crimes he had committed. He

said that “a person gave someone narcotics on my behalf, on my instructions,” without offering any further details other than the year, 2007. Initially, Judge Patterson voiced skepticism that the vaguely described crimes to which Mr. Coke was pleading guilty met the standard for racketeering. When Mr. Coke pleaded guilty to approving the stabbing of a marijuana dealer in the Bronx in 2007, Judge Patterson asked whether the person had sustained serious injury — a component of the charge. Mr. Coke said he believed the person was stabbed in the face. “Was it something that required hospitalization or was it something he could go home and brag about?” the judge asked. Mr. Coke said that he was in Jamaica at the time and did not know the details, but that he was sure it would have required medical attention. He did not offer the name of the person who was stabbed. Asked for details about the violence, Ellen Davis, a spokeswoman for Mr. Bharara, refused to name the victim or the attacker. Mr. Coke acknowledged involvement in the distribution of more than three tons of marijuana and more than 30 pounds of cocaine. In addition to the confidential informers, prosecutors built the case using wiretaps the Jamaican authorities had been collecting since 2004, when they started eavesdropping on Mr. Coke’s cellphone conversations and on those of other members of his drug trafficking enterprise, according to a court filing. Mr. Rosen said that some 50,000 conversations had been intercepted in the investigation. Of those, he said, “there was only one in which there was discussion of violence, and I can tell you it wasn’t murder.”

No insurance payouts for countries hit by Irene The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) says there will be no payouts to any of the islands that Hurricane Irene affected as it passed through the Caribbean last week. That’s because, according to the CCRIF, while there was loss in six of its member countries – Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Haiti, St. Kitts and Nevis and the Turks and Caicos Islands – the damage was not enough to trigger the policies. Of the territories, the highest losses were determined for the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. According to Dr Simon Young, CEO of Caribbean Risk Managers, the Facility Supervisor of CCRIF, “based on reports from affected governments, we don’t see a major immediate loss of revenue to any of the countries impacted by Irene, which is what the CCRIF policy is designed to cover”. “While the Bahamas endured the largest modelled loss, the absence of major impacts in

Nassau and Freeport, where most of the economic exposure covered by the CCRIF policy is situated, meant that the loss was below the trigger level,” Dr. Young added. “However, we do recognise that significant damage has been done in some of the smaller islands in the Bahamas, and CCRIF has already contacted the government to see what other ways it may be able to assist, for example through CCRIF’s technical assistance programme.” Early damage reports indicate low to moderate impacts except for some southern and eastern islands in the Bahamas, which lay directly on Irene’s path. Critical tourism infrastructure, on which these countries largely depend for economic activity, was not badly affected. The CCRIF said that the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism had indicated that the major tourism areas of Nassau/Paradise Island and Grand Bahama have seen a quick return to normal operations.

It said the Turks and Caicos’ Financial Secretary also confirmed that the damage was not as significant as was expected and indicated that the damage was primarily associated with flooding. CCRIF’s current hurricane policy is specifically geared to wind and storm surge losses; impacts from rain and inland flooding are not included either in the premium calculation or the modelled loss. The CCRIF is a not-for profit risk pooling facility, owned, operated and registered in the Caribbean for Caribbean governments. It is designed to limit the financial impact of catastrophic hurricanes and earthquakes to Caribbean governments by quickly providing short term liquidity when a policy is triggered and is the world’s first and, to date, only regional fund utilising parametric insurance, giving Caribbean governments the unique opportunity to purchase earthquake and hurricane catastrophe coverage with lowest-possible pricing.

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Hurricane Irene causes up to US$1 billion in damage AIR Worldwide, a leader in the catastrophe risk modeling industry, has estimated that insured losses in the Caribbean from Hurricane Irene will be between US$500 million and US$1.1 billion, with the Bahamas accounting for more than 60 percent of the insured. AIR’s estimate includes wind and rain-induced flood damage to insured onshore residential, commercial and industrial properties and their contents, automobiles, and business interruption losses in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and other Caribbean territories. Hurricane Irene exited the Bahamas after weaving a path of more than 500 miles through the entire length of the archipelago. According to AIR, Bahamas was among the first Caribbean territories to adopt building codes, which are very stringent and highly enforced, and this limited severe structural damage to a certain extent. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd battered the northwestern Bahamas with Category 3/Category 4 winds, causing widespread damage and disruption to several islands. Reported insured losses, trended to 2009 dollars, were

hurricane irene exited the Bahamas after weaving a path of more than 500 miles through the entire length of the archipelago.

approximately US$400 million in the Bahamas. Like Irene, AIR said, Hurricane Floyd was a very large storm, with tropical storm force winds extending some 580 miles across but, unlike Irene, Floyd passed to the east of the islands, meaning that its strongest winds on the right side of the storm remained over water.

“Because Irene tracked west of several islands—including Abaco Island, which contains the third highest insured property value after New Providence and Grand Bahama—it is likely that losses in the Bahamas from Hurricane Irene will be higher than those from Hurricane Floyd,” said Scott Stransky, scientist at AIR

Worldwide. “Irene’s large size meant that almost all of the Bahamas was subject to strong winds for more than a day— a factor taken into consideration when modeling losses.” The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) said relief supplies from the CARICOM regional warehouse in Jamaica were shipped over the weekend to assist hurricane impacted Acklins and Mayaguana Islands in the southeastern Bahamas. The Turks and Caicos Islands, one of CDEMA’s 18 Participating States, has offered the use of its airport on the island of Providenciales as a forward staging area for transhipment of relief supplies to the islands of the southeastern Bahamas. Before hitting the Bahamas, Irene had passed through Puerto Rico at tropical storm/Category 1 strength, causing extensive flooding and triggering dozens of landslides. Later, the storm passed sufficiently to north of the Dominican Republic to keep wind damage minimal, but excessive precipitation caused several rivers to burst their banks, causing severe flooding and sweeping away many poorly-constructed houses.

New Caribbean Jamaica approves Digicel/claro Court of Justice Deal approveD with conDitions President takes office Prime Minister Bruce Golding has given the go-ahead for Digicel to acquire the Jamaica business of one of its competitors, but has insisted that Digicel maintain separate networks. He announced the decision in the Digicel/Claro matter in Parliament yesterday where he also outlined the conditions of the approval. The green light came five months after Digicel announced that it had struck a deal to acquire Claro in Jamaica and sell its own businesses in El Salvador and Honduras to Claro’s parent company, América Móvil. “I have approved the acquisition of Claro by Digicel and the assignment of the relevant licences without any modification to the licences and the obligations contained therein. This means that Digicel will be required to fulfil all of the obligations contained in the Claro licences with regard to the type of facility and specified service that must be provided, its interconnection obligations, licence limitations and network expansion obligations,” Golding said. The Prime Minister said Digicel had wanted to consolidate the core networks and integrate Claro’s existing subscribers. Its intention was to decommission the Claro network and operate both licences through a single network. But Golding said that would radically alter the existing configuration of the two networks and government did not agree to that. “Digicel will, therefore, be required to maintain a separate network and complete a separate build-out of 90 percent penetration of the island as required under the original Claro licences,” the Prime Minister said.

He said fulfilment of those obligations would be “vigorously monitored and enforced” and the Fair Trading Commission is considering specific steps that may be taken within its statutory functions to ensure that the acquisition of Claro by Digicel does not adversely impact on the consuming public. Golding noted that several issues arose in consideration of Digicel/Claro’s joint application for the acquisition to be approved. Among them were: the impact that the acquisition would have on the level of competition within the mobile telecommunications market and, in this regard, concern about the wide disparity in termination rates among the carriers; credible indication that Claro would have exited the market whether or not the acquisition was approved; the service options that would be available to the approximately 517,000 Claro subscribers; and the statutory provisions and limitations governing the exercise of ministerial discretion in relation to the application. He said the situation also brought into sharp focus the need to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework for the telecommunications industry “to bring it in line with contemporary best practices and ensure that the interest of the consumer is held paramount”. Prime Minister Golding said it was necessary to fast-track specific elements of amendments to the existing Telecommunications Act, to enable the Regulator to discharge its obligations more effectively. To this end, he said, efforts are being made to have the appropriate Bill brought to Parliament within the next six weeks.

Legal luminaries from across the region and beyond gathered in St. Kitts and Nevis to witness the historic swearing-in of Kittitian-born Sir Dennis Byron as the new President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Sir Dennis was sworn in on Thursday in the presence of Governor General Sir Cuthbert Montraville Sebastian; Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis and Current Chairman of the Caribbean Community, Dr. Denzil L. Douglas; the Chief Justices of the OECS, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados; the Chancellor of the Judiciary in Guyana, Attorneys General from across Caribbean, and scores of judges, barristers, friends and family members. He succeeds Mr. Justice Michael de la Bastide who retired on August 18. After 16 years of private law practice in the Eastern Caribbean, Sir Dennis served as High Court Judge, Justice of Appeal and then Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. During his tenure as Chief Justice, Sir Dennis led the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Judicial Reform Programme, which included the establishment of a Code of Ethics for Judges, the implementation of new Civil Procedure Rules and the establishment of a Judicial Education Institute, among other innovations. His special interest in judicial education activities has led to his appointment as President of the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute (CJEI), a position which he has held since 2000. In 2004, Sir Dennis Byron was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and he was appointed a member of the Privy Council. In that year, he also became a permanent judge of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). As President of the ICTR, Sir Dennis Byron was responsible for the overall management of the Court and the implementation of ICTR strategic policies, through liaison with member states and the United Nations Security Council. While at the ICTR, he sat on seven trial benches and served on a number of pre-trial benches

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State of Emergency extended in Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has announced that the State of Emergency will be extended throughout Trinidad and Tobago, with reduced curfew hours. But just how much longer it will be in place is not yet known. "We are considering and indeed we will extend the State of Emergency to a further period. We have not decided the length of that time but we continue to monitor it,” she said yesterday as a ceremony to formally commission a pipeline project. "What we want to do is also reconsider the curfew hours, as I have been advised by my national security teams and joint forces. We would want

to take their advice in terms of reducing the curfew hours so that there could be more normal business, but at the same time allow the protective services to do their job within the curfew hours and the State of Emergency throughout the land." The existing curfew hours are 5 pm to 9 am. Persad-Bissessar assured citizens there was a plan in place to deal with any acts of revenge from criminals at the end of the State of Emergency. "We have plans in place to deal with that after the State of Emergency. But first we go to Parliament on Friday to debate the statement of the President which was the rationale given for the

State of Emergency," she said. It will be during that debate that the government will seek to have the State of Emergency extended. The Prime Minister said it was significant that there were no killings since the measures were adopted. "That is a major, major breakthrough in the fight against crime. I want to give you the assurance as your Member of Parliament and of course as your Prime Minister that we will continue to do all that we can in this fight against crime,” she said. "It is a very hard time for all of us but it is also a very good time for all of us because we can sleep safer in our beds when the night comes."

trinidad’s prime Minister Kamla persadbissessar

Investors question Antigua Stanford liquidators Following a recent decision by a London court authorizing the Antiguan liquidators of Stanford International Bank (SIB) to spend up to US$20 million of funds frozen in the U.K, a US courtappointed investors committee has asked the Antiguan liquidators to account for all recoveries and expenses since the liquidation was initiated in February 2009. The Stanford Investors Committee asked Marcus Wide and Hugh Dickson of accounting firm Grant Thornton to provide a full accounting of all recoveries and expenses, both paid and unpaid; a comprehensive list of remaining assets in the SIB estate and the estimated value; and the action plan cited in their request to the U.K. court to obtain access to the frozen funds. “The investors deserve full disclosure of all details related to the Antiguan liquidation proceeding for Stanford International Bank,” said John Little, the U.S. court-appointed Examiner and Chairman of the seven-member Stanford Investors Committee that was appointed by the U.S. District Court in August 2010 to represent the interests of the

approximate 20,000 Stanford Financial Group investors from 113 countries. “The U.S. receivership proceedings for the more than 100 other Stanford entities are quite public and a number of reports on the receiver’s professional fees, recoveries and overall status of the estate have been filed with the court. We have not seen that from the Antiguan proceeding and we hope to see that change with this new liquidation team.” The Grant Thornton team had told the London Central Criminal Court that funds frozen for SIB’s depositors were needed to launch legal action against third parties, to pursue litigation to secure property and assets frozen in Antigua, and to develop and market the Antiguan properties. The request for access to the funds was opposed by the U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office and the U.S. Department of Justice, which stated the funds should be repatriated to the U.S. for distribution to Stanford’s approximate 20,000 investors around the world. However, the judge agreed to allow the liquidators access to an initial US$5 million and

Caribbean helps Virgin atlantiC return to profit Virgin Atlantic has reported a strong year of trading and a return to profit, thanks in part to its Caribbean routes. Despite the winter closure of London Heathrow and the ash cloud crisis costing the business a combined £40 million (US$64.5 million), strong growth in business traffic and solid load factors delivered a good recovery for the UKbased carrier. The airline said its routes to the Caribbean remained popular, with a total load factor of 83 percent, with Barbados a particularly strong performer. “Virgin Atlantic in the Caribbean has made a positive contribution to the overall 2010/11 results, performing well in very tough economic conditions,” said Regional Manager for the Caribbean Nick Parker. “We are particularly pleased with our results in Barbados, which has out-performed all other islands with a 10 percent year on year growth. The first quarter this year is proving to be a challenge, but we remain cautiously optimistic.” The overall 2010/11 performance includes: pre-tax operating profit of £18.5 million (US$29.8 million); a 13 percent increase in revenues to £2.7 billion (US$4.3 billion); cargo revenue increased by 39 percent to £224 million (US$361.7 million); an 82 percent load factor; and strong yearend cash

position of £562 million (US$907.6 million). Chief Executive of Virgin Atlantic Steve Ridgway said that since the turn of the year, market conditions had become tougher with increased capacity, faltering consumer confidence and high fuel prices. “We are also seeing softer trading in the areas that are hit hardest by the continued rises in Air Passenger Duty, particularly the Caribbean routes and Premium Economy cabins. Whilst business traffic remains strong, demand in the economy cabin is more challenged,” he said. This year, Virgin Atlantic will be reviewing and updating several aspects of its product offer both in the air and on the ground. A £100 million (US$161.5 million) investment, the arrival of new Airbus A330 aircraft and additional services to the Caribbean and Ghana will create 1,000 jobs across the airline including major recruitment drives for cabin crew and pilots. “Whilst we have been very focused on trading the airline back to profitability, we have worked hard to introduce new aircraft, new routes and extra rotations to the existing network where there has been high demand,” Ridgway said. “This year we are investing heavily in new product innovation so that we retain and enhance our leadership in customer service and experience.

subsequent amounts up to a total of US$20 million. The Antiguan liquidators had told the court that if the judge did not approve the application for access of up to US$20 million of the US$100 million frozen in U.K. accounts, they were considering alternative financing through a hedge fund using Stanford-owned properties as collateral. “The Committee is absolutely not in support of allowing funds designated for the victims to be used to finance the Antiguan liquidators who’ve yet to liquidate anything and whose legal authority is questionable at best,” Morgenstern said. “It is difficult to understand how after two and a half years, the SIB estate has not recovered anything and the liquidators would need to borrow the investors’ funds to pay themselves,” added Angela Shaw, a member of the Stanford Investors Committee and the Director and Founder of the Stanford Victims Coalition. “It is also difficult to understand why an Antiguan-appointed liquidator would have to litigate to secure Stanford-owned properties in Antigua. That litigation shouldn’t be necessary and the Antiguan government should be assisting in every way possible so that Stanford victims do not suffer further harm.” The Stanford Investors Committee has also asked Grant Thornton to agree to a cooperation protocol between the two proceedings in order to minimize the expenses and maximize recovery for Stanford’s victims. “The Investors Committee believes such a protocol is absolutely essential to avoid the continuation of the ‘turf battles’ that have characterized the proceedings and cost Stanford’s victims millions of dollars,” said Morgenstern. “The Investors Committee believes the liquidation of all Stanford entities, all litigation, and distribution of assets to Stanford’s victims should be supervised by a court in the United States and not Antigua, whose top officials have been accused of fraud, bribery, and corruption in connection with the Stanford scandal,” he said. “The same veil of secrecy and loose, unenforced laws that allowed Stanford to perpetuate a US$7 billion Ponzi scheme shielded the first SIB liquidators and Stanford’s investors cannot continue to be exposed to further victimization in a questionable jurisdiction.” Little said the Investors Committee is hopeful a cooperation agreement can be reached among the U.S. Receiver, the Stanford Investors Committee, and the SIB liquidators in Antigua in the near future. He said the first step in the process is for the new liquidators to provide a full accounting from the previous liquidators, Nigel Hamilton-Smith and Peter Wastell of Vantis Business Recovery, and agree to full transparency moving forward.

Napolitano: no 9/11 anniversary Qaeda plot seen

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U.S.Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Friday there was no credible intelligence that al Qaeda was plotting an attack for the September 11 anniversary, but the United States remained at a heightened state of vigilance. Security officials are being especially watchful as the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaches. Al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks in which hijacked planes were rammed into the Twin Towers in New York, struck the


Pentagon, and crashed into a Pennsylvania field. "While there is no specific or credible intelligence that al Qaeda or its affiliates are plotting attacks in the United States to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we remain at a heightened state of vigilance and security measures are in place to detect and prevent plots against the United States should they emerge," Napolitano said in a statement. The State Department issued a "Worldwide Travel Alert," saying


Americans traveling and living abroad should be aware of the continued threat posed by al Qaeda and its affiliates. No specific threats have been identified, the State Department said. "In the past, terrorist organizations have on occasion planned their attacks to coincide with significant dates on the calendar," it said. "While threats remain, our nation is stronger than it was on 9/11, more prepared to confront evolving threats, and more resilient than ever before," Napolitano said.

Former WikiLeaks partners condemn document release

Five prominent news organizations which collaborated with WikiLeaks have condemned the website and its founder Julian Assange for making public uncensored copies of more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables. The Guardian of London, the New York Times, Der Spiegel magazine, Spain's El Pais and France's Le Monde issued a joint statement on Friday deploring WikiLeaks' decision

to publish "unredacted State Department cables, which may put sources at risk." In a message posted on its Twitter feed, which Assange is believed personally to control, WikiLeaks confirmed on Friday it had released "251,287 US embassy cables in searchable format." Earlier this week, WikiLeaks issued a lengthy statement accusing a

Guardian journalist and a former WikiLeaks spokesman of having "negligently" disclosed top secret passwords to a copy of the cable database which had been floating, unnoticed, around the Internet for months. For its part, the Guardian said that it "utterly rejects any suggestion that it is responsible for the release of the unedited cables."

U.S.Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

New York Times editor Bill Keller told Reuters: "We've never kidded ourselves that we had any control over the behavior of WikiLeaks, and we have taken pains to keep the relationship arm's-length. ... It's sad that -- whether out of a craving for attention, or an absolutist doctrine of 'transparency,' or some more malign motive, I can't judge -- WikiLeaks has decided on this irresponsible course."

IMMEDIATE OPENING WASTE WATER PLANT MECHANIC Requirements: • Minimum 2 years prior experience in the Waste Water plant of a luxury hotel property. • Knowledge of water testing and reading sample results. • Proficiency with hospitality operating systems. • Strong organizational and time management discipline with ability to multi-task. • Solid judgment and ability to resolve conflicts effectively. Duties Include: • Take water samples and provide testing for sediment amount, chlorine and ph. • Ability to make adjustments to the plant equipment pending outcome of testing results. • Washing down of all floats, sidewalks, equipment and railings on a daily basis. • The technician will also be required to fill the chlorine feeder with the proper amount of tablets as needed. • Responsible to do all checks and repairs on plant equipment to include air compressors, pumps and filter equipment. • Ensure that proper backwashing is done on a regular basis or as needed. • Required to legibly record all discrepancies and testing information on a daily record log. Interested applicants should apply to the Regent Palms Monday through Friday and bring along an updated resume or by emailing, before Friday, September 16, 2011.

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Gadhafi quoted as vowing no surrender in Libya TRIPOLI, Libya — Moammar Gadhafi was quoted Thursday as warning that tribes loyal to him in key strongholds are armed and won't surrender to Libyan rebels, a blow to opposition hopes of a peaceful surrender of the ousted leader's hometown of Sirte. The Syrian-based Al-Rai TV, which has previously broadcast several audio statements by Gadhafi and his sons, comes as the rebels who have seized control of most of the country extended by a week a deadline for the surrender of Sirte — originally set for Saturday. Rebels have been hunting for the Libyan leader since he was forced into hiding after they swept into Tripoli on Aug. 20 and gained control of most of the capital after days of fierce fighting. Gadhafi's voice was not heard, but Al-Rai reported he would issue a statement in which he vows "we won't

moammar gadhafi

surrender again; we are not women; we will keep fighting." Rebel forces, backed by NATO airstrikes, have been advancing toward

europeans and us seek sanctIons agaInst syrIa UNITED NATIONS- European nations and the United States circulated a draft U.N. Security Council resolution seeking an arms embargo and other sanctions aimed at stopping the Syrian government's continued crackdown on dissident protesters. But the supporters faced immediate opposition from veto-wielding Russia. Asked whether it was the right time to slap sanctions on Bashar Assad's regime, Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told reporters, "No. We don't think so." The draft resolution calls for an asset freeze against 23 key Syrian figures including Bashar Assad, his younger brother, Maher, who is believed to be in command of much of the bloody crackdown, and his millionaire cousin, Rami Makhlouf, who controls the mobile phone network and other lucrative enterprises in Syria and has been the target of many protesters' rage. It also calls for an asset freeze against two companies controlled by Makhlouf — Bena Properties and Al Mashreq Investment — and the Military Housing Establishment and Syrian General Intelligence Directorate. The resolution would also impose a travel ban on 21 individuals including Makhlouf, but not Assad or his younger brother. British Deputy Ambassador Philip Parham told reporters after a closed council session Tuesday afternoon that the draft backed by his country, France, Germany, Portugal and the U.S. also calls for an end to violence against protesters. "There are things they can do that can stop the killing, release detainees, and allow access" for humanitarian aid, Parham said. "The focus of the resolution is to apply pressure to achieve that." Parham said the text also contains "a clear call for accountability," and its supporters hope that the final version will reflect the U.N. Human Rights Council's call Tuesday for Syria to cooperate with an international probe into possible crimes against humanity. "The solution lies in a Syrian-led political process," he said. The British envoy said council members would now consult with their governments and possible action could come in "the next few days." "We want to allow people time to look at it carefully and consult with capitals," Parham said. "But then we do want to move, if we can, as quickly as possible."

three regime strongholds: Sirte; the town of Bani Walid, 90 miles (140 kilometers) southeast of Tripoli; and Sabha, in the southern desert. All three places had been given a deadline of Saturday to surrender. While the deadline extension was officially only for Sirte, rebels said it would also include Bani Walid and Sabha. There has been speculation that Gadhafi is hiding in one of those three towns. Al-Rai quoted him as saying the tribes in Sirte and Bani Walid are armed and "there is no way they will submit." He called for continued resistance, warning "the battle will be long and let Libya burn." Gadhafi was last heard on Aug. 25 in an audio recording calling on supporters to defend Tripoli. The reported comments came on the

42nd anniversary of the coup that brought Gadhafi to power. "The regime is dying," rebel council spokesman Abdel-Hafiz Ghoga said late Wednesday, after two of Gadhafi's sons made conflicting statements on Arab television stations — with one vowing to fight until death and the other offering to negotiate a truce. "Gadhafi's family is trying to find an exit," Ghoga said. "They only have to surrender completely to the rebels and we will offer them a fair trial. We won't hold negotiations with them over anything." Ghoga said Thursday that the rebels had extended the deadline for Sirte's surrender, giving the loyalist forces there one more week. "There are good indications that things are moving in the right direction," he said, including that the rebels have captured a city near Sirte.

East Coast rocked by strongest quake since 1944 MINERAL, Va.The most powerful earthquake to strike the East Coast in 67 years shook buildings and rattled nerves from South Carolina to Maine last Tuesday. Frightened office workers spilled into the streets in New York, and parts of the White House, Capitol and Pentagon were evacuated. There were no immediate reports of deaths or serious injuries. The National Cathedral said its central tower and three of its four corner spires were damaged, but the White House said advisers had told President Barack Obama there were no reports of major damage to the nation's infrastructure, including airports and nuclear facilities. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake registered magnitude 5.8 and was centered 90 miles southwest of Washington. It was mild by West Coast standards, but the East Coast is not used to quakes of any size, and this one briefly raised fears of a terror attack less than three weeks before the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. "I thought I was having maybe a heart attack, and I saw everybody running," said Adrian Ollivierre, an accountant who was in his office on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building when the shaking began. "I think what it is, is the paranoia that happens from 9/11, and that's why I'm still out here — because, I'm sorry,

I'm not playing with my life." Two nuclear reactors at the North Anna Power Station, in the same county as the epicenter, were automatically taken off line by safety systems, said Roger Hannah, a spokesman for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. At the Pentagon, a low rumbling built until the building itself was shaking, and people ran into the corridors of the complex. The shaking continued there, to shouts of "Evacuate! Evacuate!" The main damage to the building, the largest single workspace for the federal government, came from a broken water pipe. The Park Service closed all monuments and memorials on the National Mall, and ceiling tiles fell at Reagan National Airport outside Washington. Many nonessential workers in Washington were sent home for the day. The Capitol was reopened by late afternoon for people to retrieve their things. The National Cathedral said cracks had appeared in the flying buttresses around the apse at one end. "Everyone here is safe," the cathedral said on its official Twitter feed. "Please pray for the Cathedral as there has been some damage." In lower Manhattan, the 26-story federal courthouse, blocks from ground zero of the Sept. 11 attacks, began swaying, and hundreds of people streamed out of the building.

Iran’s supreme Leader warns west not to seek advantage from the antIgovernment uprIsIngs Iran’s supreme leader admonished the West and Israel on Wednesday not to seek advantage from the antigovernment uprisings convulsing the Arab Muslim world, delivering the warning in a nationally broadcast speech that appeared to reflect new unease in Tehran over the course of events among its strategic neighbors, particularly Syria. The speech by the leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, given at Tehran University to commemorate Id al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday, was officially described in Iran’s state-run press as a respectful tribute to the revolutionary movements that have reawakened Muslim populations to “their genuine Islamic identity.” “The events taking place in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain and certain other countries today are decisive and destiny making for the Muslim nations,” the ayatollah said. However, he said, “if the imperialist and hegemonic powers and Zionism, including the

U.S. tyrannical and despotic regime, manage to use the ongoing conditions in their own favor, the world of Islam will definitely face big problems for tens of years. Elections are the manifestation of religious democracy,” he said. “However, enemies seek to misuse elections to harm the country.” The omission of Syria in his remarks was especially conspicuous, underlining Iran’s own ambivalence about how to deal with events unfolding there. Iran has been the strongest ally of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, throughout the five-month-old antigovernment uprising in that country. Iran relies on Syria to help facilitate arming and financing Hezbollah, the powerful political, social and military movement in Lebanon, as well as Hamas, the militant Islamist group that governs Gaza. Both are avowed enemies of Israel and are considered terrorist groups by Israel and the United States.

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Hurricane Irene ranked among costliest catastrophes in American history Hurricane Irene will most likely prove to be one of the 10 costliest catastrophes in the nation’s history, and analysts said that much of the damage might not be covered by insurance because it was caused not by winds but by flooding, which is excluded from many standard policies. Industry estimates put the cost of the storm at $7 billion to $10 billion, largely because the hurricane pummeled an unusually wide area of the East Coast. Beyond deadly flooding that caused havoc in upstate New York and Vermont, the hurricane flooded cotton and tobacco crops in North Carolina, temporarily halted shellfish harvesting in Chesapeake Bay, sapped power and kept commuters from their jobs in the New York metropolitan area and pushed tourists off Atlantic beaches in the peak of summer. While insurers have typically covered about half of the total losses in past storms, they might end up covering less than 40 percent of the costs associated with Hurricane Irene, according to an analysis by the Kinetic Analysis Corporation. That is partly because so much damage was caused by flooding, and it is unclear how many damaged homes have flood insurance, and partly because deductibles have risen steeply in coastal areas in recent years, requiring some homeowners to cover $4,000 worth of damages or more before insurers pick up the loss. This could make it harder for many stricken homeowners to rebuild, and could dampen any short-term boost to the construction industry that typically accompanies major storms, Jan Vermeiren, the chief executive of Kinetic Analysis, said in an interview. “Especially now that the economy is tight, and people don’t have money sitting around, local governments are broke, and maybe people can’t even get loans from the banks,” Mr. Vermeiren said. The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut sought expedited disaster declarations from the federal government on Tuesday, which would

A man manoeuvres his boat near a rescue team through a flood caused by Hurricane Irene in Wayne, New Jersey August 30, 2011.

This aerial photo taken during a helicopter tour on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011 with a group of federal and state officials shows a section of Highway 12 at the edge of Rodanthe, N.C. that was destroyed by Hurricane Irene.

pave the way for more federal aid. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York wrote President Obama that he had seen “hundreds of private homes either destroyed or with major damage and an

enormous amount of public infrastructure damage.” Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey wrote the president that “immediate federal assistance is needed now to give New

Jersey’s residents a helping hand at an emotionally and financially devastating time.” Flooding and widespread power failures tied to the storm continued to affect tens of thousands of people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on Tuesday. And rivers and inland streams were still rising in New Jersey and Connecticut, forcing the evacuation of thousands of homeowners. “I think this is going to end up being a bigger event than people think it is,” Connecticut’s governor, Dannel P. Malloy, said at a news conference. He added: “All of this is massive in scope. What the final dollar amount is, I don’t know.” Officials in states up and down the Eastern Seaboard said that it was far too early to tally up the damage, and that they were still focused on clearing debris, restoring power, trying to reopen flooded roads and bridges, and, in some areas, helping stranded people. In southern Vermont, the National Guard airlifted food, water and other supplies on Tuesday to hundreds of people who were stranded in 13 towns that have been cut off by floodwater since Sunday. Mark Bosma, a spokesman for the Vermont Office of Emergency Management, said most of the isolated towns had no electricity and none had potable water because floodwaters had overwhelmed local sewage and water treatment plants. “I think it’s probably a very scary thing to not know when you can get out of town and to have a water system that’s not working and a general store that has run out of bottled water,” Mr. Bosma said. “People are extremely nervous about being isolated.” More than 260 roads and 30 state bridges remained at least partly closed Tuesday because of the flooding, which in some areas remains a threat as larger rivers, like the Connecticut, are expected to continue rising until at least Wednesday as they gather runoff and flow from tributaries, officials said.

Obama virtually tied in re-election match-ups with Romney, Perry, Bachmann and Paul in new poll President Barack Obama is virtually tied in potential re-election match-ups with four Republican presidential candidates in a new Gallup survey. Among registered voters, the president leads Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann by 4 percentage points and Texas Rep. Ron Paul by 2 points. He is tied with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and trails former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by 2 points. The poll's margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points. Republicans most strongly favor Perry and Romney in a race against Obama, with 92 and 91 percent saying they would vote for those two candidates. But only 86 percent of Republicans say they would vote for

Bachmann, and only 82 percent say they would vote for Paul. Independents also favor Romney, Perry and Paul against Obama, but slightly favor the president when he's matched against Bachmann. The president's approval rating continues to hover around 40 percent--a dangerously low total, according to Gallup's calculations. "This is below the rating that any of the six incumbent presidents reelected since Eisenhower has had at the time of the presidential election," Gallup writes. But Obama has more than a year before his re-election race. Gallup notes that in August of the year prior to their re-election campaigns,

Mitt Romney , Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry

Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were each below the 50 percent approval mark. Additionally, the candidates in the Republican field have yet to capture many voters' attention. "More

Americans at the moment say they would vote for Obama than approve of the job he is doing--perhaps a reflection of the continuing lack of a strong front-runner on the Republican side," Gallup writes.

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US Moves to Block AT&T Merger with T-Mobile The Justice Department on Wednesday sued to block AT&T’s proposed $39 billion acquisition of TMobile, a deal that would create the largest carrier in the country and reshape the industry. “The department filed its lawsuit because we believe the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile would result in tens of millions of consumers all across the United States facing higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality products for their mobile wireless services,” said James M. Cole, the deputy attorney general. The complaint, which was filed in the United States District Court in Washington, said that T-Mobile “places important competitive pressure on its three larger rivals, particularly in terms of pricing, a critically important aspect of competition.” The complaint also highlighted TMobile’s high speed network and its innovations in technology, noting that it was the first to use Google’s Android operating system and BlackBerry wireless e-mail, among

other things. AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market,” the complaint said. “Thus, unless this acquisition is enjoined, customers of mobile wireless telecommunications services likely will face higher prices, less product variety and innovation, and poorer quality services due to reduced incentives to invest than would exist absent the merger.” Shares of AT&T dropped nearly 4 percent on the news, to less than $29. Shares of Deutsche Telekom, the parent of T-Mobile, fell 5 percent in trading in Frankfurt. In a statement, AT&T said: “We are surprised and disappointed by today’s action, particularly since we have met repeatedly with the Department of Justice and there was no indication from the D.O.J. that this action was being contemplated.” “We plan to ask for an expedited hearing so the enormous benefits of this merger can be fully reviewed. The D.O.J. has the burden of proving

alleged anti-competitive affects and we intend to vigorously contest this matter in court.” AT&T already has three highpriced law firms advising on the deal, including Sullivan & Cromwell, Arnold & Porter and Crowell & Moring. T-Mobile is receiving legal advice on the merger from Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz; Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton; and Wiley Rein. Ever since AT&T announced plans to buy T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion in March, the deal has proved controversial. Lawmakers, consumer advocates, and rivals have voiced opposition to the merger, saying it would significantly reduce competition. The deal would have left just three major players: AT&T, Verizon and the significantly smaller Sprint Nextel. The complaint also noted that AT&T and T-Mobile currently compete head to head in 97 of the 100 biggest wireless markets in the country. “Sprint urges the United States

government to block this anticompetitive acquisition,” Vonya McCann, Sprint’s senior vice president for government affairs, said back in March. “This transaction will harm consumers and harm competition at a time when this country can least afford it.” Shares of Sprint Nextel were up nearly 6 percent. The Justice Department’s complaint noted that while there are smaller telecommunications providers, none of their voice networks “cover even one-third of the U.S. population, and the largest of these smaller carriers has less than one-third the number of wireless connections as T-Mobile.” AT&T has moved to drum up support for the deal of late. On Wednesday, it announced plans to bring 5,000 call-center jobs back to the United States. “Does this shore up an issue that people have?” Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s chief executive, said in an interview on Tuesday. “Sure, I hope it does.”

Apple readies cheaper iPhone for growth markets Apple Inc will release a cheaper iPhone 4 within weeks, jeopardizing profit margins to win lowerend customers from rivals such as Nokia in China and other emerging markets. Asian suppliers have begun making a lowercost version of the hot-selling smartphone with a smaller 8-gigabyte flash drive that will arrive around the same time Apple unveils its muchanticipated iPhone 5, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. The world's most valuable technology company has long stuck to the higher end of a booming mobile device arena, but is now seeking out new markets to sustain the rip-roaring pace of growth that has enthralled Wall Street. It is in talks with leading Chinese carriers China Mobile Ltd and China Telecom Corp Ltd, both of which are eager to carry the device that defined the smartphone market when Apple launched it in 2007. "A lower-priced version of iPhone 4 seems to be a necessary evil at this point in the iPhone adoption cycle, especially in emerging markets where the average income of individuals is much lower," said Channing Smith, co-manager of the Capital Advisors Growth Fund, which owns Apple shares. Pat Becker, portfolio manager at Becker Capital Management, said Apple is looking to take a chunk of the market that is currently dominated by Finnish rival Nokia Oyj, which is widely expected to release a new phone running on Microsoft Corp's Windows software as early as end of the year. Nokia dominates the lower end, while Apple

An iPhone is seen in an Apple store in New York

has so far focused only on the premium market. "Your best defense is sometimes your offense," he said. A cheaper phone risks cannibalizing Apple's premium iPhone model and pressuring margins, but the California company needs one to expand its emerging market share, analysts say. The flash drive for the 8-GB iPhone 4 is being manufactured by a South Korean company, one of the sources said on Tuesday, declining to name the company. Apple currently sources its flash drives from Japan's Toshiba Corp and South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Apple, which demands high levels of secrecy

and security from suppliers and employees, would not comment. Samsung also declined comment. The iPhone 4 was launched June 2010 in black 16-GB and 32-GB versions, with white versions added to the lineup in April. The 8-GB version is expected within weeks, the sources said. "Apple may want to push into the emerging market segment, where customers want to switch to low- to mid-end smartphones from high-end feature phones, which usually cost $150 to $200," said Yuanta Securities analyst Bonnie Chang. "But I think for an 8-GB iPhone 4, the price is hard to go below $200, so Apple will still need a completely new phone with low specifications for the emerging markets." An iPhone 4 without contract commitments now costs over $600. In addition to the launch of the smaller iPhone 4, Apple is targeting an end-September launch for the next-generation iPhone 5, one source said, confirming earlier reports on Apple follower blogsites and industry websites. The new iPhone -- which some call the iPhone 4S because of its largely identical appearance to the existing iPhone 4 -- will have a bigger touch screen, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera, one source said. The iPhone 5's two manufacturers have been told to prepare production capacity for up to 45 million units altogether, the source said. The phone will be made by Hon Hai Precision Industries Co Ltd and Pegatron Corp, the person added. Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones in the second quarter versus an expected 17 million to 18 million, and is increasingly looking to Asia to boost future results.


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Air Turks and Caicos has vacancies for

Customers Service Agents

Must have a college diploma and have a good command of the English language, both written and Verbal. Possess training /skills/experience in airline check in systems. Must be have excellent customer service skills, service driven, and computer literate. Must have strong communication and organizational skills Must be willing to work on weekends and public holidays Should possess leadership qualities and are able to adapt to change and new situations Should have the ability to analyze and resolve problems and exercise good judgment. Persons should be 21 years or older and has a history of job stability.

Ramp Agents

Must be 21 years or older. Valid TCI Drivers License High School Diploma Ability/willingness to do strenuous work. Ability to read write and communicate well in the English Language.

Ramp Supervisor

5 or more years experience in Ramp duties Training/certification in British Airways ,US Airways push back and under wing loading Airline checking and Dangerous goods Awareness training/ certification. Please do not include my name in the ADS. The job title is sufficient.

Security Guards

Over 21 years High School diploma Training /certification in Airport security Must be computer literate and good command of the English language. Good record of job stability.

Belongers need only apply. Interested person should apply to Interested applicants should apply to or via fax to HR Department 649-946-4040. No phone calls please. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.


Imperial Dry Cleaning & Laundry Centre is currently seeking qualified individuals to become members of our growing Team.

LAUNDRY MANAGER Job Description: • Directs the overall activities of the laundry facility through development and administration. • Implementation and enforcing that universal accepted policies and procedures are adhered. • Manages departmental financial processes of forecasting, budgeting, and purchasing. • Payroll and inventory control • Analyze data and compile reports on expenditure and supplies. • Select, train, monitor and evaluate team members’ performance. • Ensures laundry facility and equipment are in optimum operating condition • Ensure over all cleanliness and sanitation of the laundry premise • Weekly productivity report Requirements: • 5- 10 yrs experience as a Laundry Manager • 3-5 yrs commercial laundry experience • Team player • Ability to work with a diverse team • Knowledge of DCC System • Knowledge of Textiles and Chemicals • Knowledge of new Laundry Equipment, Techniques and maintenance • Knowledge of QB, Word and Excel • Must have written and oral skills • Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $20,000.00 to $29,000.00 per annum based on qualification and experience. PLUMBERS Requirements: • Install, repair and maintain plumbing systems and components • Review building plans and specifications to determine the layout for plumbing and related materials

Servisair is a leading global provider of aviation ground services delivering an integrated range of handling solutions across 121 locations is in search of a

General Manager – International (PLS) Turks and Caicos Islands. The GM will report to the Regional Director, East, and is responsible for leading a team of Managers and Supervisors to effectively execute all company activity at the station. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Actively (through subordinate Managers) maintain a safe, efficient and consistent operation. Ensure that DOT, FAA, TSA, IATA, ATA, U.S. Customs, airport authority and Company rules and regulations are complied with. Analyze manpower requirements for branch functions and through subordinate Managers and Supervisors publish work schedules. Liaise regularly with all customers, airport authority, and governmental agency representatives. Negotiate or assist in negotiating contracts with customers and vendors. Direct promotion of services performed to develop new markets, increase market share, and obtain competitive position in markets served. Confer with branch administrative personnel and reviews activity, operating, and sales reports to determine adequacy of services or determines changes as required. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree (BA) from an accredited four year college or university; • Five (5) to seven (7) years progressive managerial experience and possess a thorough knowledge of all ground handling operations; or equivalent combination of education and experience. • Must be proficient with computer software applications. send/email resumes to: EOE/M/F/D/V/AA • Identify required tools and special equipment • Select the type and size of pipe required • Located and mark positions of connections and fixtures • Water distribution and waste water disposal in residential, commercial and industrial buildings • Relevant building codes, legislation, regulations, policies and procedures installation and maintenance • Analytical and problem solving skills • Effective negotiation, written communications skills Salary Scale: $7. 00 to $10.00 per hr. based on qualification and experience. SALES ASSOCIATE/RECEPTIONIST Job Description: • 3-5 yrs experience • Monitor and handle all telephone calls and response to queried • Arrange Meetings • Draft letters, memos and proposals • Maintain systematic filing system • Oversee outgoing and incoming correspondences • Assist in daily operations • Perform weekly bank deposit and record in QB • Must be able to work on weekends • Knowledge of QB, Word and Excel • Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $17,000.00 to $19,000.00 per annum based on qualification and experience. PRESSERS Requirements: • 2 – 5 yrs experience as a Presser • A minimum of 2 yrs working in a commercial laundry • Knowledge in Textiles and Chemicals • Be able to maintain productivity standards on a daily basis • Operational Knowledge of Machines • Ensure that dry cleaning standards and practices are used with client’s linen/garments. • Must be able to suggest treatment care to clients • Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $5. 00 to $7.00 per hr. based on qualification and experience.

Application giving full details of qualifications and experience should be addressed to: Office Manager or Fax to: 946-5627 Attn: Office Manager The Administrative Department Imperial Dry Cleaning and Laundry Centre P.O. Box 624 Long Bay Road and should reach no later than August 15h, 2010, for further information/appointment you can contact us at tel # 946-5633/941-8308.

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Grenadian teenager Kirani James is new world champion in 400 metres Grenadian teenager Kirani James emphatically signaled his arrival on the international stage Tuesday, staging a major upset to claim gold in the 400 metres and deliver Grenada its first-ever World Championship medal. The sophomore at the University of Alabama, who turned 19 on Thursday, produced a late surge to beat defending champion LaShawn Merritt of the United States in a personal-best time of 44.60 seconds, and become the thirdyoungest World champion in history. James further tampered with the history books, installing himself as only the ninth athlete to win the World Youth, World Junior and World senior titles. His victory sparked off massive celebrations in the tiny Caribbean island with residents from Gouyave, James' hometown in the northwest of the country, taking to the streets in carnivaltype rejoicing. "I am incredibly happy. I am very proud to be here to represent my country," James said afterward. "You know, the people from Grenada are the most friendly people in the world and in this moment they also must be the most happy people in the world. It's carnival time back home." Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tillman Thomas declared a National Colours Day in support of their newly crowned

Understandably, Merritt was a little rusty. This was his first major meet since serving a 21-month suspension for using a banned substance that his lawyer said was the result of a maleenhancement product. He lost steam with about 10 meters to go, opening the door for James. "He (James) is a great competitor," Merritt said as the Americans failed to win gold in the 400 for the first time since 2001. "I didn't quite have a good day." Their next major meeting could come at the London Olympics. Provided, of course, Merritt is allowed to compete. The Court of Arbitration for Sport will deliver a verdict on the IOC's "sixmonth rule," which took effect in 2008 and prevents athletes who receive doping bans of more than six months from competing at the next Summer or Winter Games. A decision is expected to be rendered in late September. Grenada's Kirani James, center, crosses the finish line ahead of USA's LaShawn Merritt, right, to "I'm really not thinking about that," win the Men's 400m final at the World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea, Tuesday, Merritt said. "I'll deal with that when it Aug. 30, 2011. Merritt took the silver. comes." James ran a personal-best time of World champion. the blocks alertly along with Jamaican 44.60 seconds to edge Merritt by 0.03 "All Grenadians should be proud of Jermaine Gonzales, but the race seemed and win Grenada its first medal at the the performances of the Grenada team even over the first 200 metres. In the worlds. He said he's certain the folks in at the Championships and should wear final turn, Merritt in lane four emerged his hometown of Gouyave, a small their national colours to reflect that as the leader, only to be overtaken over fishing community, will be celebrating. support," he declared. the last 50 metres by James, who won "Everyone is happy," James said. "It Former Sports Minister Roland with a lunge at the tape. is Carnival back home now." Bhola said: "Kirani's outstanding He's even drawing comparisons to It's not like James is an overnight performance in the 400 metres is a boost Jamaican sensation Usain Bolt. success. He won the world junior title that the people of the country needed to "I don't want to be the next Usain last year and a U.S. college crown last help them cope in these tough economic Bolt," said James. "I'm happy in my June when he ran for the University of and recessionary times." own skin. I'm on the right track to great Alabama. Running out of lane five, James left things."

Former Barbados cricketer Elvis Reifer is dead Bridgetown, Barbados – Former Barbados all-rounder Elvis Reifer passed away suddenly last Saturday morning. He was 50. Reifer, a left-arm fast-medium bowler and a useful left-handed lower-order batsman, was one of four from his family that played in the regional first-class game. His twin brother George and older brother Leslie played for Barbados in the 1980s. His nephew Floyd played for Barbados and has been a fixture with the Combined Campuses & Colleges over the last four seasons, going on to captain West Indies, and his son Raymon made his regional debut for the CCC this year. Elvis Reifer was signed as a 23-year-old by English county Hampshire in 1984, although he had no first-class experience. He took 41 English County Championship wickets at 41.53 apiece, although his One-day form was more promising. In Barbados club cricket, he was a stalwart at the Pickwick Cricket Club and made a number of outstanding contributions with bat and ball in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1986 he played his one and only first-class match for Barbados against Trinidad and Tobago. He bowled 12 wicketless overs and made an attacking 51 not out, batting at Number 10. In all, he played 21 first-class matches, scoring 408 runs at 22.66, and snaring 49 wickets at 36.95 apiece.

WICB confirms WIPA US$20million legal action St John’s, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board confirms that it has received documents relating to legal action filed by the West Indies Players’ Association in the High Court of Justice of Trinidad and Tobago. The claim is related to the issuance of No Objection Certificates (issued to players by WICB) which require players to fulfill international duties for the West Indies team if selected. The claim seeks approximately US$20,000,000 in damages for WIPA and its members. The WICB’s legal team is studying the documents and a further statement will be made at the appropriate time. The WICB regrets that WIPA has taken this action in the middle of the MOU/CBA negotiations. Players who secure offers to play in domestic overseas leagues require NOCs from their home boards. The WICB has never refused to grant any player an NOC.

Ange Toussaint Is seeking a qualified applicant to fill the post of bAbysITTer. Interested applicants are asked to call Toussaint at 4418090

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Yohan Blake takes men’s 100m gold after Usain Bolt disqualified The shock silenced the stadium and for the briefest moment the bang of the starter's pistol echoed loud in the ears of the dumbstruck crowd. By that point Usain Bolt was several strides down the track. He had torn his top off and thrown it to the floor and was scowling at the sky. Everyone else was confused but he knew exactly what he had done. In the end the 100m final of the World Championships started without any of the eight fastest men in the world this year. Two were suspended for doping, two were injured, three failed to qualify and Bolt, the most important of all, was standing on the sidelines, racked with anger and disbelief. Bolt did not stop to talk. Once he found a way off the track he was almost as quick to escape the stadium as he had been to leave his blocks. Someone must have collared him in the car park, because later on the International Association of Athletics Federations released the briefest of quotes. "I have nothing to say right now. I need some time." He has five days, then he will be back on the track to defend his 200m title In his wake he left thousands of disappointed fans, hundreds of clamouring journalists and one very happy man: his 21-year-old training partner, Yohan Blake, the new world champion. He won in a time of 9.92sec, which was quick, especially into a headwind, but not so fast that anyone believed the silver medallist from the United States, Walter Dix, when he said: "It would have been about the same race," if Bolt had been running. Blake was in the lane outside Bolt, and he said that in the seconds that followed the disqualification he had

only one thought in his mind. "Keep focused. Get the job done for Jamaica." Dix admitted that he shared some of those sentiments. "I really didn't think they was going to throw Usain out because, well, it was Usain." Most people there were thinking exactly the same thing, apart, it seemed from Bolt himself. So why did it happen? It was not the noise in the stadium. Blake said it "was pretty much quiet". Nor was it the starters, though some commentators have complained that they have been making the runners wait on the blocks too long. "They did a very good job," said Dix. "They were consistent throughout the rounds." Collins concurred. "On the circuit sometimes you get a quick gun but at a championship the starter will always hold you because they have to be sure everyone is settled." In the end it seemed the blame lay with Bolt's desire to cure the one real weakness in his technique, his slow start. He ran 10.05sec in the semi-finals earlier in the evening and did not look as impressive as he had in the heats. Blake qualified for the final in 9.95sec, which would have added to the pressure Bolt was feeling after a season in which he has never hit top form because he has been struggling with his persistent back injury. As much as his height and the length of his stride the secret of Bolt's success has always been how relaxed he is before races. Tension tightens the muscles and slows a sprinter down but Bolt never seemed to suffer from that. On the start line he looked just as jovial as he had in Beijing and Berlin. But

E & V EQUIPMENT LTD. Driver/Labourer – Must be willing to work weekends and holidays; must have own vehicle and Turks and Caicos Drivers License; must be fluent in French and Spanish; Please respond to: E & V Equipment Ltd. Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Or Labour Department

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Must be a honest reliable individual With at least 3 years experience in baking bread & pastries Contact 331-1426

Usain Bolt

Yohan Blake

perhaps this time it was an act. He stopped to bump fists with the girl holding his kit, then pointed at the opposition on either side of him and shook his head. "It's all about me," he was saying. And it was. Which was a shame, because Blake's victory will always be a little devalued by what happened. He and Bolt train together under Glen Mills at the Racers Track Club in Kingston. The two of them are close and even sat down together to eat a few boxes of chicken nuggets – just like Bolt did in Beijing – on Saturday night. Blake said he would have run faster if Bolt had been in the race but we have to wait to see whether he really has it in him to beat his friend and mentor.

Either way it was left to the wily old Collins to give the most honest assessment of the race. "For me you really want to beat the champion. That's how you want to make your name. If Bolt had run, these medals would have been even sweeter." Men's 100m final results 1. Yohan Blake (Jamaica) 9.92sec 2. Walter Dix (US) 10.08 3. Kim Collins (St. Kitts & Nevis) 10.09 4. Christophe Lemaitre (France) 10.19 5. Daniel Bailey (Antigua and Barbuda) 10.26 6. Jimmy Vicaut (France) 10.27 7. Nesta Carter (Jamaica) 10.95 8. Usain Bolt (Jamaica) DSQ

Interhealth Canada TCI

FINANCE MANAGER Applications are invited for the post of Finance Manager at the Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital. The position becomes vacant at the end of September 2011. The Post The post holder will report to the CEO and be responsible for the management of staff and operations of the Finance unit provided within the Medical Centres of Cheshire Hall and Cockburn Town. The post holder will also be responsible for overseeing the financial planning, accounting, and internal audit functions for the Hospitals. The Post Holder The successful candidate will be a qualified with CPA or an equivalent qualification with five year’s post qualification experience of which at least the last two years must have been in the position of running/auditing a finance department at a hospital, preferably a for profit USA hospital. It is essential that the post holder knowledgeable of, and experienced in dealing with, Visual Dolphin a Middle East purchasing system. In addition the following are considered to be essential for the role:• Must be a proactive self-starter, with a strong work ethic, who understands the details within a much larger context and demonstrates good judgment. • Must demonstrate a client-service orientation and the ability to maintain strict confidentiality of the organization’s internal affairs • Must exhibit high energy, enthusiasm, positive attitude, poise, and confidence • Must be knowledgeable of and experienced in dealing with Insurers and revenue cycle management • Must be able to work effectively in a culturally and educationally diverse environment • Must have expert computer skills • Must have experience in managing at least three staff members • Dynamic individual who is extremely comfortable interacting with all levels of personnel, including management, clinical, and other support staff within the organization. Salary circa U$50,000 dependant on qualifications and experience. Closing date is Friday 8th September. Applications with an up to date CV to include contact details are to be sent to Suitably qualified and experienced Belongers are encouraged to apply.

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IAAF will not rush to change rule that ousted Bolt The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) will not be rushed into revising the controversial false-start rule that sent Usain Bolt crashing out of the world championships 100 metres, a top official said on Wednesday. The one-and-you-are-done rule has been in effect since January 2010 and most elite sprinters do not like it. But it was not until the lanky Bolt popped out of his blocks ahead of the starter's gun in Sunday's 100 metres final did the outcry for change spread to the general public. "There definitely has been feedback," IAAF competitions director Paul Hardy said of the mountain of e-mails that have poured into his and other IAAF departments. "It is big enough that it may be reviewed," he said. "But remember

we are always reviewing our rules." The IAAF Council, in extraordinary cases, has the authority to make interim changes to rules. It meets again on Sunday and while it may discuss the Bolt incident it is unlikely to consider any substantial changes, officials told Reuters. The group that is normally the starting point for rules changes, the IAAF Technical Committee, does not meet again until next year. Officials adopted the one-anddone rule after a decade of discussions in an attempt to speed up the competition but it can also reduce interest in the sport. The 100 metres was to be the highlight of the Daegu championships, at least in the public's eye, but it went off without the sport's biggest draw.

"I don't think anybody was happy to see Usain Bolt disqualified," Hardy said. "He is by far and away the biggest name in our sport. We need him," the IAAF official said of the 100 and 200 metres world record holder and Olympic champion. "But rules are rules, and rules are for everyone." London 2012 Olympics chief and IAAF vice president Sebastian Coe agreed. "These things happen," he said. "When they do, there are clear rules to be followed. We don't play fast and loose with them simply because you get high-profile DQs (disqualifications)." Women's 100 metres winner Carmelita Jeter said she had no problem with the regulation. "It's a rule. And like any rule you have to abide by it," Jeter said. New world 110 metres hurdles champion, American Jason Richardson,

Michael Vick strikes $100million deal with Eagles Michael Vick and the this league, but he'll be Philadelphia Eagles the first one to tell you agreed on a six-year that there is a lot of work contract on Monday that yet to be done by him again makes the Pro Bowl and this team as a whole. quarterback one of the "And there's no highest-paid players in doubt in my mind that he the NFL. will continue on that A league source told path." ESPN's Andrew Brandt Vick was due to earn the deal is worth $100 slightly more than $16 million and a league million this season after source told ESPN NFL the Eagles designated Insider Adam Schefter him the franchise player that it contains roughly in February. He'll make a $40 million guaranteed. little less, possibly giving Vick isn't the only the Eagles salary cap one who will benefit Michael Vick flexibility to give Pro from his new contract. Bowl wide receiver Vick still owes creditors in his bankruptcy DeSean Jackson an extension. case $19 million, according to Miami The 31-year-old Vick joined the businessman Joseph Luzinski, the man in Eagles in 2009, and played sparingly as charge of paying back creditors in Vick's the third-string QB behind Donovan bankruptcy. Luzinski told ESPN's McNabb and Kevin Kolb. "Outside The Lines" that if Vick earns the He started last year as the backup, but full $100 million over six years, those forced his way into the starting role with creditors should be paid in full but if Vick simply gets the guaranteed money in the his exceptional performances after Kolb deal, those creditors likely will not get got hurt in the season opener. Vick guided the Eagles to an 8-3 completely repaid. record in 11 games as a starter in his first Vick has come a long way since season playing full-time since 2006. He spending 18 months in federal prison on set career highs in yards passing (3,018), dogfighting charges. He led the Eagles to touchdowns passing (21), touchdowns the NFC East title last year, was the starting quarterback in the Pro Bowl and rushing (9), completion percentage (62.6) was the AP Comeback Player of the Year. and passer rating (100.2). Vick also rushed "I'm very happy we were able to reach for 676 yards. Vick, the No. 1 overall pick in the an agreement with Michael on this longterm contract," Eagles coach Andy Reid 2001 draft, once was a megastar with the said in a statement. "It's a product of all Atlanta Falcons. He signed a $130 the hard work Michael has done to better million, 10-year deal in 2005 that made himself over the last couple of years, both him the top-paid player in the league then. on and off the field. I'm very proud that he But Vick lost it all when he went to jail has been able to achieve success again in and he eventually filed for bankruptcy.

said he would not be opposed to a return to the old rule by which the first false start was charged against the field and the second eliminated the offending party. Richardson was awarded victory after world record-holder Dayron Robles was disqualified for tangling with China's Liu Xiang over the closing hurdles. The race could have been re-run but officials decided to reject Robles's appeal. "I understand everybody wants the big players to run the big times and get the big medals so everybody cries fouls and wants re-runs," Richardson said. "But that is pretty much why we have those rules." Richardson had simple advice for athletes wanting to avoid a repeat of the situations that cost two of the sport's biggest names the chance to win world titles. "Stay in your lane and wait for the gun," he said.

Venus vows return to tennis from chronic illness Venus Williams fully expects to return to tennis despite being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes fatigue and led to her shocking decision to withdraw from the U.S. Open. "Absolutely, absolutely. The good news for me is now I know what is happening after years of not knowing. I feel like now I can move on," the seven-time grand slam winner told ABC's "Good Morning America" program on Thursday. "I feel really positive about getting back on the court and at least being able to feel normal. I feel like now I can get better." Venus Williams Williams withdrew from the year's final grand slam on Wednesday with Sjogren's Syndrome, a chronic disease where white blood cells attack moisture-producing glands and can cause dysfunction of organs and body systems. The five-time Wimbledon champion said she felt some relief in finally being diagnosed so that she can now focus on getting better and resuming her career. "The best thing that could have happened for me this summer was to feel worse so I could feel better," she said. Williams, whose sister Serena is among the favourites to win this year's U.S. Open, said her problems with fatigue had puzzled doctors for some time after initially it was felt she had a kind of asthma. "I had trouble with stamina. I had swelling and numbness and fatigue, which was really debilitating. I just didn't have any energy and it's not that you don't have energy; you just feel beat up," she said. The two-time U.S, Open champion informed officials of her withdrawal from the tournament less than an hour before she was due to face Germany's Sabine Lisicki in the second round. "I had a tough practice, I was just sitting there and it was taking an effort just to lift my arms. I didn't feel like I had to put myself through that," said Williams. "I just felt like, 'OK, I could walk out on the court. I'm a tough woman, I'm a tough athlete, I've played through a lot of things.' But what kind of match it would be? It was a tough decision, but at the same time I've had to come to accept what I'm going through."

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