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VOLUME 6 No. 32

By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

A GROUP OF ANGRY and frustrated Turks and Caicos Islanders stormed out of a meeting with British consultant Kate Sullivan on Thursday September 9, then proceeded to burn copies of a document containing amendments which she has recommended to this country’s Constitution. The drama unfolded during the Providenciales leg of the second round of Constitutional and Electoral Changes town hall meetings at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Complex, in Providenciales. It was estimated that approximately 200 persons attended.



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Burnt copies of a document containing amendments which British consultant Kate Sullivan recommended to the Turks and Caicos Islands’ Constitution.

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New draft of TCI Constitution burnt


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Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, Rodney Adams, told The SUN at press time that he was only briefed on the matter and could not report authoritatively on it before receiving the full disclosure of what transpired. The meeting was one of mixture of emotions and passion, flavoured with stout militancy, as the attendees were adamant that they would not accept any changes to the 2006 Constitution. Sullivan, who was eventually escorted out of the building by police officers, struggled to put her points forward, as each time that she tried to, was drowned out by sections of the boisterous crowd, which demanded that they be given the opportunity to chart their country’s future and not to be dictated to by operatives of the UK. Attendees expressed anger and disgust at what they described as the arbitrary manner in which the Interim Administration was going about introducing the new Constitution to the country. “We believe that the proposed Constitution is garbage and should be treated as any other piece of garbage ought to be treated – burned. It is disrespectful (for Sullivan) to just come here and propose a Constitution which, when they leave, we will be here to live under, without our full input,” one of the protestors said. Another protestor Llewellyn ‘Blow’ Basden served notice: “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” referring to the burning of the document. “Turks and Caicos Islands must return to Turks and Caicos Islanders. We need Turks and Caicos Islands to be returned back with our same Constitution. Maybe there are a few adjustments need to be made, but we will not accept that (propose Constitution).” Businessman David Been told the audience, to thunderous applause, that after reading the document he came down with a terrible because “…because I can’t believe that so much garbage was in it. It is an insult.” Euwonka Selver, the PDM Provo Branch Chairman, and who also spearheaded a petition to allow the media in the town hall meetings, remarked that Turks and Caicos should have a say as to what kind of Constitution they want to have govern them. “We have a constitution right in our country and they have no right to strip us of that right, because that is our right to our own determination,” Selver said. The chaos started during recommendation four of the proposed Constitution, where it is being proposed, among other things, that: the Governor should be empowered to both reject the advice of the Cabinet and exercise his or own legislative powers to ensure TCIG compliance with the governance


principles; the Deputy Governor does not necessarily, unlike the 2006 Constitution, have to be a Belonger, but Belongers should not be precluded from applying for the position in an open recruitment process; and Deputy Governor’s role should be clearly defined – being responsible for the civil service and supporting the Governor, while attending Cabinet but not having the right to vote; Some persons who attended the meeting complained that nothing was wrong with the 2006 Constitution, urging Sullivan to, if needed to make small adjustments, to tighten loop holes going forward in stead of sacrificing it altogether for a new one, which marginalises TC Islanders. “Turks and Caicos Islands Deputy Leader of the PDM, Clarence Selver, who was also at the meeting, was among those who backed the 2006 Constitution. “There was no fault found with the 2006 constitutional order; the failings were on the part of ministers and weakness on the part of the governor, who was sent here to have oversight. There was always the prerogative and the option in the Constitution for the governor to ask from any matter brought before cabinet to be deferred to be reconsidered later or to make any amendments to it, until such time that he was satisfied with it. “And he always had the benefit of the attorney general and the foreign office to refer to. So when things went contrary, it was never a failing of the Constitution, so there was no need for them, even after they suspended the Constitution, not reinstate the Constitution,” Selver said.


He noted that he would have no problems with what he described as necessary minor adjustments, but not for wholesale change. Louis Astwood, another of the attendees, accused the British of wanting to exercise autonomous rulership over the TCI, saying that British MP Andrew Rosindell, who was here recently, remarked that the UK wanted to adapt a French system for its Overseas Territories, where a presented for each of those overseas territories being represented in the UK Parliament. “But they are not doing that for the colonies, they are doing for themselves. They realized that their heavy Conservative base in London they have already lost them. So what they are doing now, they start to go in sweetheart arrangement with the colonies, who maybe have one or two million people living in London, so that the colony people in London will vote for them. That is the new deal for the election five years away. They are depending on the colonies to help them out, and God help us what they would do after,” Astwood said. In the Meantime, Ethlyn Gibbs, who was also in attendance at the meeting, said while she expected vociferous arguments from her fellow attendees, she never expected that it would have been aborted in chaos. She somewhat blamed the Interim Administration for not educating the populace through especially television and radio the various recommendations in the Constitution, saying that if proper education and promulgation had gone into it, while there would have been objections, the arguments would have been less

vociferous. “First of all, I don’t feel that the greater percentage of the population is familiar with the 2006 Constitution, to be engaged at this point to consider changes, because first of all, persons need to be familiar with the Constitution, and then if we are going to look at it to demand certain areas, we would go ahead with it. It would more advantageous for educational setting, like having radio shows and even televisions, where person, who could members of government or members in the community, including lawyers, who would come together and talk about the different areas in the Constitution, and helping the people to understand and become familiar with it before the consultation process starts,” Gibbs noted. Gibbs suggested that instead of Sullivan being the lone ranger on the consultations, there should have been a team, to also have local representation, which she believes would have been more acceptable by the people. “It would have been better for a team rather than just one person, because that was something that was a concern for most members of the (Consultative) Forum from the begin that Ms Sullivan was alone, and that Turks and Caicos Islanders should be involved. Following the meeting, some protestors took their grouses to Comfort Suites hotel in Grace Bay, whose management they accused of refusing to serve locals. However, no volatile incident was reported taken place at that location.


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TCI Bank’s future could be determined on September 22



By Hayden Boyce SUN Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

THE FATE OR FUTURE of Turks and Caicos Islands Bank (TCIB), whether it goes into full liquidation or gets new owners and financiers, may be known on September 22, 2010. That’s when Supreme Court judge, His Lordship Richard Williams, is expected to make a determination in a case which, on Thursday September 9, the five-month anniversary of the bank’s collapse, he sternly told lawyers representing interested parties in the bank saga, was taking much too long. “This is one of the longest winding up matters that I’ve dealt with,” Williams said in open court. “Patience is, understandably, running thing and this has dragged on for far too long.” Judge Williams made the remarks after one of the provisional liquidators Anthony Kikivarakis, of Nassau, The Bahamas, submitted his report on the court-sanctioned meetings of the creditors and shareholders of TCIB. In addition to Kikivarakis, the other chairman of the meetings was Norman W. Hamilton, a Turks and Caicos Islander and the last chairman of the bank. In his report, Kikivarakis stated that following meetings held in Providenciales, Grand Turk and North Caicos, 360 persons voted in favour of a “scheme of agreement” dated August 13, 2010, while three persons objected. There were 68 spoiled votes. The meetings in the named islands were held to facilitate holders of the 12.5 million ordinary shares of $1 each and the $71.6million dollars in deposits and credit balances in the bank. Some 98 shareholders, who held 9.7million shares, attended personally or by proxy, while 431 depositors whose money amounted to $41.9million, did the same. Under the Scheme of Arrangement, TCI Bank shall pay the costs charges expenses and remuneration of the Provisional Liquidators, pay the amounts owing ($5.5million) to the Debenture Holder (National Insurance Board) under the Debenture. All such payments shall be paid out of the sums to be provided as new capital for the Company or out of deposits procured by the Investor Banks under Clause 9 in priority to all other payments provided for herein.

Supreme Court judge, His Lordship Richard Williams

In addition, each Creditor of the Company shall access to a sum that will be made available by the Company within ninety days of this Scheme becoming operative, such sum not to exceed Fifty Thousand United States Dollars (US$50,000.00) from each and every account he holds with the Company as admitted established or to be established as the same would have been provable had the Company been placed in an insolvent winding up. Such cash composition shall be accessible by the Company in the following manner: A sum up to $25,000.00 within the first 30 days after this Scheme shall have become operative or after the debt shall have been established whichever is the later. A sum up to $12,500.00 within the second 30 day period after this Scheme shall have become operative or after the debt shall have been established whichever is the later, or an aggregate sum up to $37,500.00 within the first 60 day period after this Scheme shall have become operative or after the debt shall have been established whichever is the later. It was also stated that a sum up to $12,500.00 within the third 30 day period after this Scheme shall have become operative or after the debt shall have been established whichever is the later, or an



aggregate sum up to $50,000.00 within the first 90 day period after this Scheme shall have become operative or after the debt shall have been established whichever is the later. The balance of the debts owed to Creditors of the Company (all account holders other than NIB) shall be retained in the accounts of such Creditors for a period not to exceed five years from the operative date of this scheme, following which date the Creditors shall be free to withdraw the balance of their debts from their accounts with the Company. The balance of the Debts owed to Creditors of the Company shall earn interest at a rate of 1.75 percent per annum from the operative date of this Scheme to date ending at its five year anniversary. The Investor Banks (St. Kitts Nevis, Anguilla National Bank and the National Bank of Dominica) will contribute $12.5million to the capital of the company by subscribing for shares equivalent to 98% of the outstanding share capital of the company. To facilitate the issue of new shares in the Company to the Investor Banks, accounting for 98 percent of the issued and paid up capital of the Company, the shareholders of the Company shall agree to the adjustment of their $12.5million capital contribution in the Company to $255,102.00, or 2 cents for each existing $1 share in the Company. The Secretary of the Company shall cancel all existing share certificates in the Company and replace them with share certificates for 2 percent of the value of the amounts secured under the previous share certificates, and the Investor Banks will procure new deposits into the Company as from the operative day of this Scheme in a sum not less than $12.5million for a period not less than three years commencing from the operative date of this Scheme. Meantime, Jonathan Katan of the law firm Miller, Simons, O’Sullivan, and who represented the Financial Services Commission in the matter, told the court he was disappointed with the lack of progress in the case. He said there were a number of things that the FSC had asked to be done that were not done, including placing $12.5million in an escrow fund. Katan’s sentiments were endorsed by Judge Williams, who also stressed that the parties who were interested in taking over the bank must demonstrate that they were reliable and possessed the capacity and ability to run the bank. ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, the Environmental Health Department was alerted to a plume of thick black smoke emanating from what that department classified as a large unauthorized auto scrap heap in bushes in Five Cays, Providenciales. Many people down town Providenciales who saw the billowing smoke, thought, at first, that it was coming from sections of the Providenciales International Airport and began to follow it, only to realize that it was coming from sections of the Five Cays community. Some of them then thought it was coming from a house or some other building, but after negotiating a rough stretch of road leading to an area of vegetation in the community, saw a number of old vehicles on fire at the heap. An employee at the scrap heap told The SUN that the premises served as a preparatory station for the export of the scrapped metal to Japan. He said the fire started when sparks from a blow torch, being used by one of the workers on the site, escaped to nearby salvages, which apparently contained gas sediments, causing several of them to go up in flames. Kenrick Neely, Deputy Director for the Environmental Health, who was on the scene, said he had ordered the proprietor for the site to furnish that department with a report as to what caused the huge blaze and what kind of operation was being carried out there. The flames were eventually put out by members of the Providenciales Fire Department.

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Sir Ronald Sanders

OVER the years of the Commonwealth's existence much has been written about how it is perceived, how it can better project itself, how it can strengthen its institutions, and how it can remain relevant in a changed and changing world. The difference between what has been written so far by academics, think tanks, and parliamentarians, and the work of the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) is that the EPG's work has been specifically mandated by Heads of Government. They have asked for a report that, in the words of the Affirmation issued at their meeting last November in Port-of-Spain, will ensure that "the Commonwealth will remain relevant to its times and people in future" and will help to build "a stronger and more resilient and progressive family of nations founded on enduring values and principles". The group must present ideas that Heads of Government can collectively endorse and implement. They must be ideas that are visionary as well as practical; ambitious as well as achievable; standard-setting as well as opportunity-creating. We have to be mindful that the Commonwealth is not an organisation tied by treaty whose rules are binding on member states. It is a voluntary association of sovereign states who have decided that because they share certain traditions, there is benefit in working together. We must be heedful too that, in their association, Commonwealth governments have made commitments to democracy, human rights, human dignity and freedom, and that fulfilment of these commitments lie at the heart of the Commonwealth's credibility and its relevance. The EPG recognises that the Commonwealth should not and cannot attempt to tackle every issue that confronts mankind, and that focus should be placed on its strengths and how to make them more effective. We recognised the important inter-linkages between democracy, governance/human rights/rule of law on one hand and poverty alleviation, sustainable development/economic empowerment on the other. We acknowledged that just as democracy will

not be upheld without development, development will not be sustained without democracy. We have begun to explore a number of ideas such as a Commonwealth Charter that expresses an ethos of Commonwealth community that reflects civil and political norms and through which member countries commit themselves to fundamental rights and freedoms, values and principles as contained in several declarations by Heads of Government. Discussion has also focused on the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) established to protect Commonwealth values and principles and to take action against member states that indulge in serious or persistent violations of them. The group regards CMAG as a bright jewel in the Commonwealth crown; one that should not be allowed to tarnish, but should continue to sparkle as a tribute to Commonwealth commitment to its values. The group would like to see further empowerment of CMAG to take up the full gamut of its remit to deal with "serious or persistent" violations beyond unconstitutional overthrow of an elected government. We regard the secretary-general's "good offices" role as equally important in addressing violations of human and civil rights before they become cancerous. Prevention is better than cure. But we recognise that this role is under-resourced and requires not only wider machinery to alert the secretary-general to potential problems. And we are not neglectful of the need to promote social and economic development or of the global challenges of the moment that have a great impact upon many Commonwealth countries. These include climate change which threatens the very existence of some Commonwealth countries; and the need for special and differential treatment for small states by the international financial institutions and the World Trade Organisation. We also recognise that to do its job effectively, the Commonwealth Secretariat requires more resources which cannot come from governments alone. They can also come from strategic partnerships with private sector groups and foundations even outside the Commonwealth. And, through these partnerships, the Commonwealth

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could make a big difference to inoculations against disease, improving infant mortality, and improving educational facilities. We would like to see youth brought into the mainstream of Commonwealth thinking and activity. Discussions have begun about the possible development of a youth programme aimed at promoting exchanges by young people between Commonwealth countries in which transfer of knowledge and volunteering would be underlying considerations. We see it as a movement of young people across Commonwealth countries to live, study and commune in each other's countries in a structured and organised programme that would leave each of them with a better knowledge and appreciation of each other's culture and circumstances. We are also considering the expansion of the four regional Commonwealth Youth Centres into larger Commonwealth regional offices for a wider range of activities. The question has often been posed: if the Commonwealth did not exist, would we invent it? The answer is: we are lucky; we don't have to invent it. It exists. It is a gift — an association of 54 countries, large and small, from all the continents of the world representing two billion people of all races and religions. Together, the countries of the Commonwealth are responsible for more than 20 per cent of world trade, about 20 per cent of investment and approximately 20 per cent of world GDP. According to the Commonwealth Business Council, "over $3 trillion in trade happens within the Commonwealth every year and the Commonwealth has seen over $200 billion worth of investment over the last 10 years". A common language and common laws have brought down the price of doing business among Commonwealth countries by 20 per cent. This demonstrates that there is enormous potential within the Commonwealth for delivering benefits to its people, but Commonwealth leadership — in government and the private sector — must do something about it. There is clearly an unlocked potential for boosting wealth in the Commonwealth. The key may very well be strict adherence to democracy and good governance by all Commonwealth countries that would encourage more trade and investment across the Commonwealth, improving the economies and social conditions of all its members. Responses and previous commentaries:

JetBlue coming to TCI from February 2011



By Hayden Boyce SUN Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

JETBLUE AIRWAYS HAS confirmed that it will commence flights to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands from New York and Boston, starting February, 2011. The announcement, which was made in New York on Wednesday September 8th, stated that final approval is subject to receiving government operating authority. The value carrier intends to launch daily service from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) commencing Feb. 17 and seasonal (November – April) Saturday only service beginning Feb. 19 from Boston Logan International (BOS). JetBlue's flights to the Turks & Caicos Islands are expected to go on sale in October at, according to a press release from the airline’s New York headquarters. Last month, The SUN newspaper first broke the news about JetBlue’s imminent entry into the Turks and Caicos Islands market. "JetBlue is proud to continue our successful expansion in the Caribbean with new service to the Turks & Caicos Islands," said Scott Laurence, JetBlue's vice president of network

JetBlue Airways has confirmed that it will commence flights to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands from New York and Boston, starting February, 2011.

planning. "Thanks to the support of our customers, we are pleased to offer more destinations, great low fares and the award-winning JetBlue Experience to the places they want to go." The daily flight from JFK International Airport will leave New York at 9:10 a.m. and arrive in

Is looking for an experienced qualified and motivated person with an extensive background in project management to fill the post of Operations Manager Operations Manager • The Project Manager will provide leadership and direction in the implementation and completion of all Graceway IGA dba Kwatcha Trading Ltd Projects. • Maintaining all Building and Properties owned by the company. • Manages Projects status. • Meets with team members to assure delivery with time, scope and budget. • Drives project process from kick-off to project completion, • Employing project management and customer specific best practices for scope, Budget/billing, and schedule. • Formal documentation of project and all internal/external communications • Performs role of liaison, problem solver, and facilitator between Graceway IGA and contractors. • Develop and foster business partnerships with external customers and other management personnel. • Perform other task assigned as necessary Qualifications: • Minimum of eight (6) years progressive experience in Project Management required or same experience in related field. • BSC (Hon) Business Administration Bachelors Degree with at lest 12 month of industrial experience is a plus • Excellent oral, written communication, and presentation, and negotiation skills. • Ability to use various computer software programs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Salary ranges from $35, 000.00 to $45, and 000. Deadline for submission of applicants is August 30th 2010 Submit to: Edith Cox, Graceway IGA Supermarket main office complex or email: Please Note: Only short-listed applicants will be contacted to attend interviews

Providenciales at 1 p.m. Flights will leave Providenciales daily at 2 p.m. and arrive in New York at 5:40 p.m. The Boston flights will leave Logan International Airport at 11 a.m. and arrive in Providenciales at 2:45 p.m., then leave Provo at 3:40 and arrive in Boston at 7:20 p.m. John T. Smith, CEO of Turks & Caicos Islands Airports Authority, said: "The Turks & Caicos Islands Airports Authority has commenced the redevelopment of its Gateway Airport, Providenciales. JetBlue has impressed us with their success in the region and we are pleased to welcome their popular low fare, high value service to the island. We look forward to continuing the development of a mutually beneficial long term relationship." Providenciales would be JetBlue's 64th destination and its 17th destination in the Caribbean. With the addition of the Turks & Caicos Islands, the carrier would serve 40 nonstop destinations from Boston. JetBlue intends to operate its Providenciales service with spacious 150-seat Airbus A320 aircraft. The A320 offers travelers all of the amenities for which JetBlue has become well-regarded: complimentary seatback televisions including free first-run movies, comfortable leather seats and the most legroom in coach of any U.S. airline, unlimited free snacks and award-winning customer service. The Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA) held an extraordinary meeting regarding the proposed JetBlue service on September 3rd, 2010, at Beaches Resort & Spa. Chief Executive Officer of the TCHTA, Caesar Campbell said JetBlue it is very motivated in introducing this service for the destination, and they have had a number of meetings with key local tourism partners, including the Tourist Board, the Airports Authority, and the TCHTA. He said that as a result of these meetings, a marketing plan has been submitted by the airline to government and the TCHTA in order to support the

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promotion of the service. The strategic marketing plan was modeled on another destination where JetBlue started up service recently, and was submitted to the TCHTA for directional purposes only, as the total spend is over $1Million. Noting that the destination is clearly not in a financial position to provide this kind of funding, Campbell said that in reviewing this plan, the government has made a commitment of $200,000.00, over a one (1) year, period, to the support marketing of this service, which will not only increase our airlift out of the these major gateways, but also increase the visibility of the destination in these vital market sources. “Given that the above-mentioned amount that the government is willing to commit is a faction of the total spend in JBA’s marketing plan, it was recommended that in the TCHTA’s attempt to provide additional marketing support for this service to be sustainable, which will increase our market share in this area, we would match the $200,000 over a one (1) year period by implementing the following method to raise funds,” he reported. Hotels in the luxury category would be assessed a special JBA marketing fee of $10,000 and hotels in the budget to moderate category would be assessed a special JBA marketing fee of $5,000. This special JetBlue marketing fee would not be assessed in one lump sum, but over a one (1) year period, that is, quarterly or bi-annual. “In principal, it was agreed that would move forward, as an association, with the above-mentioned recommendation with the support of government, in the interest of promoting tourism to the destination, which has been conspicuously absent over the past two years,” Campbell stated. Jet Blue was voted "Most EcoFriendly Airline" by Zagat's Airline Survey in 2008 and 2009, and it has created a new airline category based on value, service and style. In 2010, the carrier also ranked "Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Low-Cost Carriers in North America" by J.D. Power and Associates, a customer satisfaction recognition received for the sixth year in a row. Known for its award-winning service and free TV as much as its low fares, JetBlue is now pleased to offer customers Lots of Legroom and superspacious Even More Legroom seats. JetBlue is also America's first and only airline to offer its own Customer Bill of Rights, with meaningful and specific compensation for customers inconvenienced by service disruptions within JetBlue's control. JetBlue serves 61 cities with 650 daily flights. New service to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, DC and to Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT begins in November. With JetBlue, all seats are assigned, all fares are oneway, and an overnight stay is never required.

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New UK Government has more concern for TCI than previous administration, says Conservative MP LOCAL NEWS

THE UNITED KINGDOM (UK) coalition government will show greater respect and concern for the Turks and Caicos Islands over its predecessor – the Gordon Brown-led former administration, so said Chairman of the TCI Group in the United Kingdom Parliament Andrew Rosindell, while addressing a news conference on Monday, September 6. Rosindell who visited the TCI to meet with stakeholders, including members of the business sector, the church, as well as other members of the community, said his visit here was to get first hand feel of the current socioeconomic conditions and to make recommendations on his return to the UK, even though he could offer no guarantee regarding the outcome. “I felt that it was right for me to come here as soon as possible, and that the opportunity presented itself at this point. Clearly, there are many issues that TCI faces at the moment. And ultimately, the British Government has responsibility for this, the British Overseas Territory of the Turks and


Andrew Rosindell

Caicos Islands. “And so, I am here today, to meet with as many people as possible; to discuss with the business community; to meet the politicians; people from different backgrounds; the church community – everybody that has a view to express. And I, in turn, take those findings back to the UK parliament, and


I will be speaking to government ministers when I returned. Now, what that will about to, I can not predict, but this is the start, I hope, of a better relationship between the UK Parliament, the UK Government. “There is a new Government, the old government, I don’t think, showed the same concerns for the Overseas Territories as the new government would do. Now, I believe, is the time to start over a fresh relationship, and to try to get the TCI to get through the difficult period you have had in recent years,” Rosindell said. Rosindell said prior to the news conference, he had had a meetings with a number of stakeholders, and among the major concerns were to get the relationship between the Turks and Caicos Islands and Britain working closely again, as well as the fixing of the economy and the escalation in crime. “There needs to be, in my opinion, a stronger relationship, but a relationship based on equals. And I think the TCI and Britain need to have a stronger relationship. It should be clear what

Britain’s role as, as a sovereign nation and the responsibility the TCI or any Overseas Territories should have. “Secondly, there are many domestic issues. Firstly, there appears to be an unfortunate rise in crime, and it seems to be rather dramatic, in recent months, and there is a great concern. People need to feel safe and secure in their homes. Tourists should come here in the knowledge that they are going to be safe. “If businesses want to invest and come here, they need to know it is a secure place to do business. And, the crime rising as it has been, is obviously going to be detrimental,” Rosindell said. He said matters immigration and the shambolic state in which it finds itself was also a major concern, plus the number of people living illegally here, and the need to restore democracy as soon as possible, also came out of the discussions that he had conducted. He noted, however, that before local governance is restored a number of constitutional changes would have to take place.

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TCI tourist arrivals increase during recession


DESPITE THE GLOBAL recession, tourist arrivals in the Turks and Caicos Islands increased by 25 for the first half of this year when compared with the same period last year. Ralph Higgs, Acting Director of Tourism for Turks and Caicos Tourist Board, said, “We are thrilled to see our arrival numbers for 2010 (first half) up 25% and we are optimistic that these numbers will continue to climb through the remainder of the year, except for the traditional slow months of September and October when many of our hotel partners close for repairs and refurbishment.” Tourism arrivals for the first half of 2010 show the Turks and Caicos welcomed 489,069 long stay and cruise visitors to our shores. This number represents 167,057 long stay visitors for the first six months of this year, compared to 131,352 for the same period last year.


Ralph Higgs, Acting Director of Tourism for Turks and Caicos Tourist Board

Between January and June this year, 322,012 visitors arrived by

Senior Field Technician Primary Duties: Installation and disconnection of Internet service to subscriber’s home or establishment. Respond to customer’s service calls and request in a prompt manner to resolve challenges identify ways and solutions, that will increase customer’s satisfaction Main Duties and Responsibilities Install, reconnect or disconnect internet service in customer’s homes or establishments in accordance with company procedures and standards. Install modems to TV sets and related subscriber electronics whilst fine tune using appropriate test equipment. Use of Signal Level Meter and VOM Demonstrate and explain Modem operations to subscriber Exhibit a positive image to subscribers Report any accident, losses, injuries or property damage to supervisor as incurred. Responsible for required paper work. Must be willing to handle special projects Perform al job functions with appropriate safety measures Must be capable of carry/lift heavy equipment and climb 32ft ladder Must be able to perform physical labor including but not limited to kneeling for long periods of time Must be able to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays if required Valid driver’s license and ability to operate a vehicle in a safe

cruise ship, as against 258, 495 for the corresponding period last year. During the first half of 2010, the TCI welcomed a total 125 cruise ships, 25% increase over the same period 2009, when the destination welcomed 113 cruise ships for the same period. The USA, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean remain the TCI’s major source markets. These markets have grown by 21%, 97%, 5% and 27% respectively. Higgs said, “We are impressed by these increases and we feel this speaks to the strength of our tourism industries; airlift, accommodation, attractions both natural and manmade; and the hospitable nature of our people working directly and indirectly in our tourism industry.” Additionally, officials in the Turks and Caicos Ministry of Finance confirm that increase tourist arrivals


correspond with revenue collected from the accommodation tax for the same period in 2009. The Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA) also confirms that unaudited occupancy figures amongst its members also show average increases of 11% for the first half of 2010, but admit that, room rates have been discounted as a means to attract more guests. Moving forward the Tourist Board will continue to increase its presence within the market place, embarking on a series of travel and trade shows, sponsor and promotional events in the US, Canada and Europe and continue working with wholesalers and hotel partners to sell the destination. The Tourist Board is working tirelessly to make the TCI more accessible from major gateways world-wide.

manner Clean maintain and stock vehicles and equipment in order to be prepared to perform require duties. Maintaining and repairing cable television transmission lines to accommodate internet service Communicating with other employees to coordinate the preparation and completion of work assignments Inspecting, testing and repairing modem signals and associated equipment at subscriber’s premises. Verifying that maintenance are made to the satisfaction of the customers and meet company standards. Liaise with WIV’s personnel’s in maintaining effective relationships in order for duties to be carried out effectively and efficient Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent 6 years of job related experience Computer skills (Excel, Word and Outlook a plus) Able to read, understand and create maps to assist with the ongoing upgrade of services Salary:

$25, 000.00 - $35,000.00 per annum Plus Benefits not limited to: Health Insurance Cable and Internet discount Company saving plan Contact: WIV Cable P.O. Box 73 Grad Turk Turks and Caicos Islands or fax 649-946-2896 No telephone calls please

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Providenciales Airport expansion ahead of target


CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER for the Airports Authority, John Smith said the Airport Expansion project is ahead of schedule and could finish well ahead of time, as work was progressing smoothly. Speaking at a news conference of the Advisory Council Meeting on Thursday, September 2, at the Hilly Ewing Building in Providenciales, Smith told media representatives that the project was also on budget, as close attention was being paid to budget overruns and other anomalies. “The Airport Development Project is very much on its way. It is slightly ahead of schedule, as it is a fixed price contract, it’s on budget. As a matter of fact, it is slightly below the budget. We have every intention of having it completed on time. “The track we are following currently – the current performance – providing we are not subject to having any hurricane experiences, would likely to have us finish before schedule, that would be sometime before early September next year,” Smith said. Dexter Construction of Canada was awarded the $100 million contract to carry-out the overhauling work on phase one of the two tier project. They were selected as the preferred bidder from a field of four second round finalists.


Chief Executive Officer for the Airports Authority, John Smith

Dexter was said to have offered the best overall value for money, coupled with its plan to contribute to the TCI economy and to train locals at the same time. Cove Construction and CBMS have been selected as major subcontractors for the project. CBMS will provide the aggregate and concrete needed, while Cove will be in charge of personnel to work on the site. The overhauling of the Providenciales International Airport will see the expansion of the runway, to accommodate larger craft mainly


A section of the Providenciales International Airport expansion project

from Europe and Asia, the construction of a two-storey state-of-the-art terminal completed with chutes, which would, in part, eliminate tarmac boarding and disembarkation. Groundbreaking of the project was done in July. In the meantime, Smith said the expansion project boasts a large percentage of Belonger employment, possibility the largest local employment on a construction project in the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands. According to him, approximately 95 percent of the employment is local. “Ninety four plus percent individuals on the project are

Belongers. All of the contractors who are involved, the sub contractors are one hundred percent Belonger companies. We set ourselves a target of a minimum of 70 percent and, we have exceeded that pretty much from day one. “We know exactly who is where, of any foreign person who is there; we know exactly why they are there, what they are doing, and we also know exactly how many Belongers who are there. That information is always available and always will be available from the Airports Authority,” Smith said.

PNP Leader Clayton Greene wants harsher measures against criminals


PROGRESSIVE NATIONAL PARTY (PNP) leader Clayton Greene is calling for harsher punishment for criminals, especially those who commit serious crimes such as gun and robbery infractions. Greene’s comments at a news conference last week at the PNP Headquarters on Providenciales, came amidst mounting concerns about the escalating crimes taking place in Turks and Caicos Islands in general and Providenciales in particular. “In the midst of our unabated economic downward spiral and a demoralized public service, the scourge of violent crimes has reared its ugly head in our society and is on the increase. The British response had been to increase the (police) force by four at the management level. While I appreciate the attention that is being paid to the force, I believe that there must also be increased police presence on the streets where the crimes are being committed,” Greene said. According to Greene, based on the short sentences that serious crime offenders are being given at current, this could very well be an opportune time to explore the possibility of imposing longer and specific prison confinement times on those individuals for certain level of

PNP Leader Clayton Greene

crimes. He also hinted that the issuing of bail application was too easy to obtain, stressing those charged with more serious crimes should face stiffer measures when applying for bail. “Perhaps the time has come to take a look at imposing mandatory sentencing for gun crimes.

110 Lighthouse Road Over Back Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands B.W.I. Phone: 649-242-5038 Email:, POSITION: DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND SALES

TAC Air International, Ltd., a newly formed start-up locally owned Airline is looking for a highly motivated individual to join our executive team. As Director of Marketing you will be reporting to the Chief Operations Officer, you will play a key role in the growth of the Caribbean, Central and South American market. You will be expected to think strategically and work in partnership with the Country Managers. Key Responsibilities:

Build robust business units capable of delivering growth in the short and medium term. Implement a recruitment strategy in line with the company growth plan Carry out structured research into potential new geographic areas. Manage grow and develop an effective team

The successful Candidate will be stationed in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands and should be of graduate caliber or equivalent with strong commercial awareness, and previous marketing experience in Start-Up Airlines. Must understand the concept of marketing and have a good understanding of placing commercial aircraft into different international markets. Must have a previous track record of delivering success and have the ability to manage a budget, be a team player and have an excellent understanding of all aspects of aviation, as well as exceptional communication and organizational skills of a Start-Up Airline. Working closely with the executive team will be a golden opportunity to take this locally owned Airline to new heights.

To apply, please send your CV together with a cover letter detailing your salary expectations to: or,





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Perhaps it is time to consider the question of denying bail to those accused of gun and violent crimes. The gravity of the situation dictates the response,” he said. Saying that increased police presence on the streets would act as a deterrent to criminal activities, since it would enable the law enforcers to obtain critical information, the PNP leader has indicated that the level of crimes being committed in the Turks and Caicos Islands have begun to pose a treat to its national security. He also called on individuals to cooperate with the police and tell what they know. “Crime is a threat to our national security and our way of life and, each of us must do our part to combat it. We must begin by cooperating with the police. Where w have information that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed, we must move quickly to inform the authorities. This is our civic responsibility; this is our national duty. Crime is everybody’s business,” he added. Greene made it quite clear that such suggestions were his view and not the party’s position, since others within its ranks could have varying opinions on the matter.


110 Lighthouse Road Over Back Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands B.W.I. Phone: 649-242-5038 Email:,


ERJ135, ERJ145/EMB170/75.190/195 REQUIREMENTS:

CAPTAIN: applicants must be suitably qualified with appropriate flying hours that include command and Jet experience;

FIRST OFFICERS: must be fully qualified. With a minimum of 5000 hours, with at least 2000 hours as commander on an international flight

Interested candidates who meet the above requirements, please send your CVs together with a cover letter detailing your salary expectations to: or, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDERS HAVE PRIRORITY OVER RESIDENTS AND WORK PERMIT HOLDERS FOR THIS POSITION.



Responsibilities: The successful applicant will be responsible for the general cleaning of communal areas, sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning of windows and removal of trash. The applicant will also be responsible for any other duties assigned in regards to general cleaning.

Requirements: The successful applicant must be able to work with little to no supervision, should be physically fit, hard working and reliable. Wages: $6.00 per hour

Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by September 13, 2010 at or by fax 649-9465191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview. Belongers preferred.

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Government to buy Stadium land


By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

GOVERNMENT IS SET to purchase the controversial land on which the National Stadium is built, this according to Acting Attorney General Rhondalee Brathwaite-Knowles, who was addressing the issue at the Advisory Council’s news conference on Providenciales on September 2. According to BrathwaiteKnowles, while negotiations were still ongoing, what became clear was that Government would acquire the land from the British West Indies Collegiate-run TCI Education Foundation, which yanked the piece of real estate from the state in early July. The stadium, which many declare, was the symbol of national pride in 2007, when the Turks and Caicos Islands hosted the prestigious decades old Carifta Track and Field Championships – the symbol of regional athletics supremacy. Giving its reasons for seizing the land, the Education Foundation said it was approached by Government which sought permission to construct the stadium on the property, and after a series of negotiations, granted the wish against a slew of understanding, including the agreement that Government could either purchase the land or agree to a joint venture with the



A high level of controversy has surrounded the ownership and proposed privatization of the Turks and Caicos National Stadium

charity organization. At that time of negotiations, the Foundation said the land was not fully transferred from Provident Ltd – the previous owners. But according to the body, following the staging of regional athletics championships, Government paid scant regard to its many requests to come to the table and sort out what course to chart going forward. The body said after issuing correspondence after correspondence without any reply, its patience ran out, and decided on its own to fully acquire the property, earlier this year. It then

Marketing Manager The Marketing Manager is responsible for the development and execution of marketing programs in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He/she is also responsible for identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to increase sales and brand presence. Specific Job Responsibilities • Identify, develop and evaluate marketing strategy, based on company objectives and market intelligence • Use sales forecasting and strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of products and services, analyzing business development and monitoring market trends • Coordinate and participate in promotional activities and trade shows to market products and services • Coordinate the creation of marketing collateral and develop plans for launch of products and services • Deliver timely and accurate reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis • Manage team of Marketing and Retail Sales Associates Required Qualifications & Skills • Bachelors Degree in business, sales or marketing; or equivalent experience • Minimum 3 years experience in sales or marketing to business customers; cell phone sales experience a plus • Excellent written and spoken English language communication skills; other languages a plus • Self-starter with excellent team-work skills • Computer savvy including full command of Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word Belonger applicants preferred. Deadline for submission of applications is September 15th, 2010 Please submit all applications to Human Resource at: Islandcom Telecommunications Ltd. P.O. Box 1122, Graceway House A-108 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Fax: (649) 941-8199 Email:

served notice on Government that it would take over management of the facility until an amicable solution was worked out. However, after interim talks, the Foundation allowed the Sports Commission – the body that Government charged to run the facility – to continue doing so under the understand that Government came up with an acceptable solution. The takeover sparked vociferous protest from a number of persons, including former government ministers, among them former premier

Mike Misick. The protesters stormed the facility on July 22, and staged what could be described as a rally, as dozens of persons took part in the event. Many of the speakers described the move by the Education Foundation as an extension to “the British takeover”, and vowed to step up their protest action if the Interim Administration did nothing to remedy the situation. But at the news conference, Brathwaite-Knowles said negotiations have been advanced to repossess the land on which the facility was built. She said the discussion so far saw both parties reaching an agreement on the property. “The discussions so far have yielded agreement between the negotiating team and the TCI Foundation, that Education Government would acquire the land on which the National Stadium sits. The other terms in relation to that transfer are issues that we would need to seek further clarification instructions on from Government in order to progress further,” Brathwaite-Knowles explained. disclosing them, Without Brathwaite-Knowles said there has been a litany of negotiations on the table as to how Government would acquire the land, which she said became acceptable to the Foundation.

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Planning Department without director and deputy


A NUMBER OF PROJECTS waiting to get clearance from the Physical Planning Department are being stalled, as that department has been left without a director for almost three month and not deputy director for a more than a week. Former director of that department, Clyde Robinson, has been promoted to Under Secretary for Environment and District Administration. Having taken up that position about three months ago, the Physical Planning Department falls under his watch. Since Robinson’s exit the Planning Department was being run by Land Use Planner, Carla Harrison, who was acting in the director capacity. However, she opted not to renew her contract which came to an end at the end of August, and as a result the department has been left without a director. Dainer Lightbourne, the Assistant Director, is based in



Grand Turk, and it is not clear as to what role he would be charged with in the interim. A source at the Physical Planning Department told The SUN that since the departure of the former acting director, a number of projects have been stalled are there was one to sign off on applications submitted. “Things are kind of stalled for the time being, because there is no one to sign applications for projects to commence after a developer made an application, because we do not have a director now, and we don’t know how long the process of choosing one would take,” the source said. The source also indicated that some staff members, whose roles have been defined continued to carry out their duties without hitch, but others, were just reporting to work for reporting to work’s sake, since some of them acted under the guidance of the director.

“People are going about doing what their roles are, so the day to day activities have not been affected much, but the absence of a director or a deputy director for the department has hampered certain progress,” the source pointed out. In the meantime, The SUN understands that five persons are vying to fill the director slot. They are Development Control Engineer, Ogail Awat; Former Planning Board Secretary, Lichelle Hue; Tshora Hyman and; Physical Planning Department architects Bradley Coalbroake and Ian Astwood. This newspaper understands that an interview process was being carried out, but it is not clear as to how protracted such a process would take before someone from someone from the lot is chosen director. It is also unclear as to whether or not anyone else from outside of the five has been interviewed for the position.

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the only 6 star all inclusive property in the Caribbean and its authorized Recruitment Agencies are inviting applications from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions. Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. The Food and Beverage Department requires: Assistant Director of Food and Beverage o 10 years management experience in Food and Beverage o Restaurant experience which comprises of fine dining, buffet and a la carte o Experience in managing over 12 restaurants

The Administrative Department requires: Assistant Night Manager o Assist with the management of the Hotel Operations and staff at Night o Conduct inspections of the Resort at night o Assist with the night audit o Due to the physical layout of the property, applicants should be in good physical condition.

Assistant Executive Manager o 5 years experience as General Manager in a smaller resort or Hotel or Resident manager in a Similar Size Establishment. o Experience in the areas of Rooms Division, Zone, Executive, MOD management and on property revenue generation. o Experience in Budgeting projections and Cost Control. o Due to the physical layout of the property, applicants should be in good physical condition.

Trainee Zone Manager o Experience in the areas of Housekeeping, Front Office, MOD and Night management. o Due to the physical layout of the property, applicants should be in good physical condition.

The Engineering Department requires: Assistant Maintenance Manager o A recognized technical qualification o Specialization in more than once skill (e.g. Electrical, carpentry etc) o Knowledge of elevators and generators o Due to the physical layout of the property, applicants should be in good physical condition

The Entertainment Department requires: Activities and Recreations Manager o 5 years experience working with characters and costumes o 3 years experience in coordinating kids activities o Physically fit o Ability to manager a multi cultural team

The Grounds Department requires: Assistant Manager/ Senior Supervisor o Over 5 years experience in Horticulture o Physically Fit o Ability to manage a diverse team The salary for the positions listed above ranges from $20,000 to $65,000 per annum The Grounds Department requires: Supervisor o Experience in Horticulture o Physically Fit o Ability to manage a diverse team

The Food and Beverage Department requires:

Hostess o 3 years restaurant experience o Ability to direct the flow of service

The Watersports department requires: Boat Captain o Sail, maintain and ensure the safety of the craft o Physically fit o 5 years relevant experience

Life Guard o Physically Fit o Certified in first aid o Ability to swim

Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 9414870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn and

The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road Providenciales and

The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and should reach not later than September 11th 2010. Otherwise, please call anytime for appointment tel # 649-946-8000 ext 4138

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Quarterly Statement and Annual Review from His Excellency Governor Gordon Wetherell


It has now been a year since the Interim Government came to office. To mark this milestone, I want to take the opportunity in this quarterly statement not only to single out some of the developments during the past three months, but also to reflect on the main areas of progress and some of the difficulties during the past year. As in many other countries, the Government’s work during the year has been dominated by three major interlinked challenges: the economy; public finance; and, the public sector. Economy - The ongoing world economic crisis left the US and European economies weak and as a consequence continues to limit significantly the availability of the investment that had hitherto been the main source of revenue and stimulus in the TCI. Between 2001 and 2007 the TCI economy more than doubled in size almost exclusively due to the financing and construction of real estate targeted at foreign investors. Fuelled by a rush of inward investment the construction sector grew in excess of 50% in some years and supply expanded well ahead of demand both for real estate and for accommodation for tourists. As a consequence, when the global bubble in credit and property markets burst in 2008, the unprecedented growth in TCI came to an abrupt halt, output dropped and, critically for Government, income from the economy reduced considerably. Public Finance - Many years of poor fiscal discipline compounded the impact of the economic crisis. Largely due to the lack of an appropriate framework and resources, and often as a result of political interference, excessive overspending and the systemic mismanagement of public money across all Ministries had left the country deeply in debt. Public Sector - The public service and statutory bodies were allowed to grow out of all proportion. Public administration alone accounts for around 10% of the TCI workforce; while public sector wages now account for $72 million each year out of recurrent budget of $182 million - a figure which still exceeds annual revenues (budgeted for $155 million but likely to drop to $140-145 million) adding further to the legacy of national debt. Like many western and regional economies, the TCI has to contend with some tough choices. Demonstrably sound fiscal management will also be key to restoring the confidence of global capital markets in the TCI government and economy.

ECONOMY While the 2001-2007 period saw many benefits for the TCI, economic development was poorly conceived and implemented. It left the country vulnerable and with a damaging legacy: an excess of unsold properties in resorts for sale or rent, a number of failed over-indebted developments, the past failure to support investments in other sectors and to modernise public institutions; difficulties arising from suspected corruption and mismanagement of Crown land; and, a significant public debt despite five years of buoyant public revenues including proceeds from the sale of significant amounts land. Growth, when it returns, is likely to be far more modest than the unsustainable levels witnessed in the middle of the last decade. Nevertheless, some new construction is underway, building homes for TCI families and key workers, and a number of new or rescued resort developments could get underway soon if their developers are able to attract sufficient external capital. Going forward, real-estate sales, tourism and financial services will continue to remain important sectors for the TCI economy, but the focus must now be on growing and diversifying the tourist base to fill up the resorts and for longer stays. No government can guarantee they will come. Competition in the travel market is fierce and



His Excellency Governor Gordon Wetherell

increasing as more destinations open up in the region and around the world. However, the proper role for government is to ensure the economy has the right infrastructure, frameworks and incentives it needs to compete effectively.

INFRASTRUCTURE To support the growth of the tourist industry, steps are being taken to open up the islands to greater visitor numbers all year round, by attracting new airlines and routes and through the building of a modern international gateway on Providenciales. To this end, the biggest and most important building and infrastructure project in the TCI since the completion of the two new hospitals earlier this year got underway this quarter when work on the new longer runway began. In parallel, discussions with JetBlue Airways have been undertaken. JetBlue will begin regular services from New York and Boston to Providenciales early next year.

FRAMEWORK AND INCENTIVES The Government published the Tourism Working Group report this quarter. The report makes recommendations for new legislation to take forward important changes designed to help promote and stimulate tourism, expand target markets and the range of tourism activities. The Government believes the private sector has the right knowledge and incentives to play a much bigger role in these activities. It should work in partnership with the Government, which will set the policy framework, with the aim of exploiting synergies with the wider hospitality industry, encourage broader representation from smaller businesses and the other islands and, overall, ensure better value for money. However, the TCI also needs to consider what other sectors may be able to help generate new jobs and incomes, teach new skills and help reduce the cost of living on these islands. For example, during this quarter the Government agreed to licence a major medical school in the islands contingent on it securing the necessary international accreditation for its curriculum. If successful, the school could attract up to 650 long stay post-graduate medical students and their families into TCI each year as well as visiting staff from distinguished American

universities. The Government’s agreement followed a thorough assessment exercise. Funding has also been made available for the first time in many years to help support private sector investment in agriculture. It will not create vast numbers of new jobs but does have the potential of providing a much needed boost to the local economy of North Caicos and, importantly, providing fresh locally grown produce to displace a number of imported items. REVENUES Early on the Government initiated a review of the TCI’s tax system and options for the future, involving representatives from business and professional groups. Professor Roe’s revenue study, published in February, made a number of recommendations which the Government is taking forward. A key feature of revenue reform is to make sure it balances economic as well as social and environmental concerns. To this end, the Government completed its reform of the stamp duty system introducing fairer rates, principally to help TCI residents and local entrepreneurs who stand to benefit from the lower rates. The Turks and Caicos Real Estate Association report these changes have been well received and there are some early and encouraging signs of recovery in the market. Similarly, during the last quarter the Government has greatly simplified customs tariffs following a comprehensive review and consultation. Accordingly, tariffs have been reduced on many basic foodstuffs and essential items widely used in homes and the community, as well as many materials and equipment vital to many businesses. The need to secure public revenue to pay public sector salaries and fund other public expenditures meant it was inevitable that some rates had to rise, but overall the package of measures should provide relief to those on the lowest incomes. Going forward it is important that the TCI has a tax system that produces a surplus of revenues over costs. It must be effective and efficient in meeting the needs of society, the economy and government. It must be more equitable, administratively efficient, competitive and sustainable: a tax system that is fit for a modern economy in the region. Continued on NEXT PAGE ( 15)

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Quarterly Statement and Annual Review...Cont’d Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE ( 14)

ENCOURAGING ENTERPRISE AND INVESTMENT Work is also in hand to create the right framework to encourage enterprise and investment through the streamlining and, in some cases, removal of controls where it is sensible and appropriate to do so. This quarter the Advisory Council considered and recommended proposals for refocusing TCI Investment Agency as a one-stop-shop for business guidance, licensing and monitoring. This will of course require a robust reorganization of the Agency; and, a more joined-up approach across government departments to support TCInvest in reviewing applications and making recommendations within commercially driven timescales. The Government also announced changes to the Encouragement of Development Ordinance. This will ensure that the decision making criteria and process underpinning the provision of financial support from Government will be evidence based, auditable and consistently applied. The new encouragement of enterprise and economic development policy will focus on providing more limited financial assistance, principally through deferred taxes, in support of investments that clearly demonstrate wider social, environmental and economic benefit. Tax concessions will be the exception rather than the norm and there will be no further exemptions of up to 35 years from speculative future taxes. Such long lived exemptions are fiscally irresponsible and inequitable.

IMMIGRATION Improving the TCI’s approach to immigration remains a priority. Immigration has a significant bearing on the economy through its impact on the local labour market, and the encouragement of long stay tourism and investment. Inward migration to a small island economy needs to be controlled carefully. A balanced and transparent approach must also recognise the needs of local businesses to attract inward investment and skills not readily available on the island until those skills can be developed locally through improvements in the education system and work-based training. To this end, improvements to the Immigration Service will be important. This quarter the Government has completed a draft report on immigration. The Advisory Council and Consultative Forum have broadly welcomed the report which includes wide ranging recommendations to enhance the delivery of immigration services. Work will now be taken forward by the Permanent Secretary Border Control with the support of a new Immigration Adviser from the UK who will join us this month.

PUBLIC FINANCE Against the background of the global economic recession and falling local revenues, one of the biggest priorities and ongoing challenges faced by the Interim Government since taking office in August last year has been how to deal with the massive accumulated national debt of $135 million we inherited. This has been further compounded by difficulties associated with the culture of poor financial management practices that had been allowed to become widely entrenched across Government for years. As a result more, previously unknown, debts have come to light over the course of the 12 months. The situation has been further exacerbated by the coming on stream of the costly Private Finance Initiative project to design, build and operate the new medical centres in Providenciales and Grand Turk albeit with significant healthcare gains into the bargain. Considerable effort has been made by the Government to reduce the national debt and to put in place improved public financial management measures. Most notable has been securing the

Government’s consolidated loan earlier this year. Although this has enabled the payment of millions of dollars worth of priority debts, particularly to TCI’s small businesses, our lower revenues and the frustrations of more debts being identified even at this late stage, means that TCI’s public finances continue to struggle significantly. Indeed, as I reported in my last statement, the budget remains in deficit and will continue to do so for the short to mid term, despite our extensive measures to reduce public expenditure during the year, including the regrettable but necessary move to cut public sector salaries. As a result of this worsening financial situation, the UK Government announced this quarter that it would provide a temporary package of financial support. This was conditional on the TCI Government strengthening its capacity and systems to manage public finances and to balance the budget within the next three years. It also announced agreement to a short-term loan of up to £10 million to help meet unavoidable commitments between June and August. The UK Government’s conditions underline the importance of the programme of reform the Government has been progressing this year. With the help of Ministry of Finance staff, extensive work is already underway and involves consultation with all Ministries, Departments and Statutory Bodies. This has included the implementation of a Stabilization Plan and a full review of financial management practices; a comprehensive revenue review and the preparation of an improved legislative framework for public financial management. It has also included the requirement for all Ministries to produce service delivery agreements; steps to establish a new internal audit division to focus on the application and suitability of internal controls as well as ensuring Ministries comply with higher standards in financial accounting; steps to strengthen expenditure controls with the introduction of tighter procedures for spending authorisation and enhanced financial reporting; and improved budgetary analysis.

PUBLIC SECTOR ‘RIGHT-SIZING’ But fully embedding modern, rigorous best practice standards for public finance management across all Ministries remains a challenge and will take time to achieve. It will require further effort by the Interim Government and in due course continued commitment from any new elected Government. It depends on increasing the availability of the specialised skills needed by public sector staff to deal with public finances efficiently and accurately. The need to increase the number of appropriately trained, qualified or experienced staff in many areas across Government, whether in Ministries or specialist departments such as the Attorney General’s Chambers, continues to be a challenge. It will be a key consideration for the Government’s plans to ‘right-size’ the public sector: to increase resources in critical areas and to decrease resources in less important areas and ones in which there are inefficiencies. The overall aim is to strengthen the public sector’s capacity and capability to deal with requirements of good governance and the demands of an increasingly sophisticated population, a broader based economy, and the infrastructure needed to underpin the sustainable long-term growth of the TCI. Much foundation work for right-sizing the public sector has taken place this year. Early on the Government completed a major restructuring exercise to improve efficiency and value for money, creating new Ministries such as for Trade, Tourism and Communications, and realigning many responsibilities; for example, streamlining front line services for immigration and customs which now fall under the remit of the new Ministry of Border Control and Labour. Similarly, all departmental and

government support functions previously within the remit of the Premier were reassigned more appropriately across Ministries. We have also this quarter opened a new Government Press Office and appointed the first member of the press office team. To build on this work and increase the capacity of Ministries and departments to support wider objectives of good governance, transparency and sustainable growth in the TCI, the Government has secured the services of a new Public Service Adviser who is expected to arrive in late October to oversee resource allocation across Ministries and departments. GOOD GOVERNANCE

CONSTITUTIONAL AND ELECTORAL REFORM Underpinning all of our governance and public sector reforms, and our effort to ensure that the systemic failures identified by the Commission of Inquiry are not repeated, is the work on constitutional and electoral reform. Ms Kate Sullivan, the constitutional and electoral reform adviser, commenced work in February and has now completed the first two stages of her work. Most importantly, during this quarter, Ms Sullivan published her initial proposals. These have already been the subject of wide discussion and debate. Public meetings on these proposals will be held in September and I hope that they will be well attended. After her September public meetings, Ms Sullivan will refine her proposals and a further opportunity for public comment on a draft constitutional Order in Council will be provided later this year. ATTORNEY GENERAL’S CHAMBERS

A priority for the Government and its ongoing right-sizing plans has been to strengthen the capacity of the AG’s Chambers. Work is in hand to address areas where additional legal expertise is needed. In August I signed the contract for Chambers’ new offices and expect the team to move in September. Improvements in Chambers will be overseen by Mr Huw Shepheard, LLB, MBA who I was pleased to announce had been appointed earlier this quarter as the Attorney General, replacing Mr Kurt Defreitas QC. Mr Shepheard, a barrister from the UK, comes to the TCI with considerable legal experience, including many years working in the financial services industries. Mr Shepheard joins us from the Bermudan Attorney General’s Chambers where he has worked as Crown Counsel and also served as Acting Deputy Solicitor-General.

INTEGRITY COMMISSION The Integrity Commission will be a corner stone of good governance in the TCI. It has the responsibility for supporting integrity in public life through the provision of advice to public bodies, investigation of suspected acts of corruption, and the examination of declarations of income, assets, and liabilities by persons listed in the Integrity Commission Ordinance. The Commission began its work during this quarter when, in accordance with the Ordinance, it initiated the process of declaring and registering the assets of persons in public life.

CROWN LAND During this quarter, the Government published the TCI’s first Crown Land Inventory maps showing the remaining Crown land that could potentially be used for development in the future. The maps graphically show that only limited numbers of Crown land parcels remain on these islands and that the principal heritage asset of the Turks & Caicos Islands is now mostly held in private ownership. The maps are available free of charge from

Continued on NEXT PAGE ( 16)

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Quarterly Statement and Annual Review...Cont’d Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE ( 15)

The maps illustrate why improved, robust governance of Crown land is vital to ensure that the mismanagement of the past is not repeated, and to make the best use of the land that is left. To this end, during this quarter, the draft of a new Crown land policy has been published and a comprehensive public consultation exercise has just been undertaken for each island community. The policy document sets out how the Government proposes to deal with Crown land in the future in a manner consistent with the principles of sustainability and responsible national development. The public consultation exercise has verified that the proposed new policy fairly represents a consensus opinion on the way forward with only minor amendments suggested during open fora on the islands. Final adoption of the policy in the near future will allow the development of a Crown Land Ordinance.

In addition, the Government has also implemented other key Crown land transparency measures. These include a comprehensive, computerised Crown land inventory; and the creation and free publication on the internet of the first editions of the Crown land allocation register that sets out details of Crown land allocated by way of grant or lease to private individuals or corporations. NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT A high-point this quarter was the territory’s first National Youth Parliament which I was particularly pleased to address. It was clear to me that an enormous amount of hard work had been done to prepare for this event, not only by Government officials, and teachers, but also by the students themselves. The Government’s governance reforms will only really have a lasting impact if future generations take an active interest in parliamentary democracy, integrity in public life and a duty to manage the TCI’s public money and its assets responsibly. CRIMINAL AND CIVIL INVESTIGATIONS Two of the most important and sizeable projects being undertaken are the thorough investigation of allegations of corruption by former Ministers as recommended by the Commission of Inquiry report, and the recovery of property and money lost to the TCI public purse through unlawful conduct and breaches of contract. Accordingly, it was an early priority for the Government to appoint a Special Prosecutor and a civil recovery team.

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION AND PROSECUTION TEAM (SIPT) I was delighted that someone of the calibre of Helen Garlick should have accepted the post of Special Prosecutor. She very quickly appointed her senior management team and presented her plan and budget. Once delays over funding had been overcome, she appointed the other staff necessary for a complex investigation. The full team was in place by April and has largely made good earlier delays. It has a permanent presence in Providenciales and productive links have been established with law enforcement agencies in the United States and other jurisdictions. The team have already pursued a number of lines of inquiry and taken steps to ensure that assets believed to be the proceeds of crime are not dissipated. Inevitably, there was high public expectation that there would be early prosecutions. However, as the Special Prosecutor and I have stressed on different occasions, the higher burden of proof required in criminal cases necessitates extensive investigation; and, in any case, under the Commissions of Inquiry Ordinance evidence given by any person before a Commission is not admissible

against them in civil or criminal proceedings. The thorough investigation of over a dozen serious cases of potential corruption and criminal misconduct is well advanced; and other serious matters have been brought to the team’s attention by the TCI public, for which the SIPT have been very grateful. I have been impressed by the team’s progress to meet its agreed timetable, with some investigations due to complete in the first half of next year, and the remainder before the end of 2011. During this last quarter, the SIPT has concentrated on 3 areas of the investigation:

1. The Commission of Inquiry obtained some financial records but it was not in a position to obtain full and complete records directly from banks, using the range of measures that are available under the Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 2007. Furthermore the SIPT is conducting a much wider ranging and more detailed financial investigation than the Commission was able to do. A large number of Orders have been obtained from the Supreme Court and served upon a number of banks and the data that has been gathered is being analysed. This process will continue into the next quarter. 2. Numerous interviews have been held with public servants, and the SIPT is grateful for the co operation it has received. This has been important in order to understand the organisation and working methods of government departments that are central to the investigation.

3. The SIPT is widening its international investigations and it is working closely with law enforcement agencies in a number of jurisdictions in Europe and elsewhere. It is encouraged by the high degree of international co-operation it has received.

CIVIL RECOVERY In the eight months since their appointment as the civil recovery team, the distinguished international law firm Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge (EAPD) have undertaken a considerable amount of work. They have focussed on high profile developments identified in the Commission of Inquiry report, other claims involving land and contracts, and a programme to deal with the very large number of Conditional Purchase Leases which are in arrears or which have expired but where the land has not been returned to the Crown.

During the last quarter, EAPD proceedings against the developer on Salt Cay have continued. Proceedings have now also been issued by Chambers against the developer on Joe Grant Cay. Dellis Cay and Third Turtle Club continue to be looked at closely. EAPD also continue to look very actively at other claims and expect to issue at least one set of proceedings imminently which relate to the 'flipping' of land which was not mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry report. This underlines the fact that, while the Commission's Report was a very useful starting point, the nature of the investigation which is being carried out ranges much more broadly. I am pleased to report that, with respect to the Conditional Purchase Lease recovery programme some recoveries of both money and land have now started, though there is much more to do. POLICE Events during this last quarter have been overshadowed by the senseless murders of Mr Murat, who had chosen to come to these islands to take up employment, and of Mrs Charity HarveyHiggs, a Turks and Caicos Islander and much respected resident of Middle Caicos. I again extend my sympathies to their families, and to that of Mr Gardiner whose equally senseless murder took place

in December last year. The communities of the Turks and Caicos Islands are still largely peaceful, but I do not underestimate the impact which violent crime has on our population, our tourist industry, and the potential investors. That is why security remains a top priority for the Government; why despite, our well documented financial difficulties, the Government allocated an additional $4 million to the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force earlier this year; and why we recruited four very experienced UK police personnel. As a result of this investment, there are now RTCIPF officers deployed, properly trained and equipped to provide an effective and professional response to incidents of violent crime. Community Policing has developed significantly with the Unit increasing to six full time officers, including one of the UK officers. During this quarter the police opened a station at Salt Mills Plaza on Grace Bay; and the Police Tactical Unit, which is at the forefront of efforts to tackle gun crime, has been provided with new equipment and undergone intensive training. The Police have been able to launch a number of overt and covert operations throughout Providenciales reinforcing those already in place to tackle crime and apprehend wanted individuals. Operation Alpha 1, conducted in Providenciales in August, was the largest such operation. As a result, over 100 vehicles operating illegally, some of which police believe are responsible for supporting criminal activities, have been removed from our roads. As a result of this extra investment and policing, arrests have increased, as has the proactive seizure of firearms. But the community also has a role to play in partnership with the police, too. I welcome the support of members of the public and business community who are already working with the police on further measures to keep our islands safe for residents, visitors and investors alike.

TO CONCLUDE This has been an extremely busy but rewarding year. Despite some considerable hurdles of the type that tax far larger Governments, a lot has been achieved and more is in the pipeline. This work would not have been possible without the support, commitment and time given by the Advisory Council, and the Consultative Forum, to whom I once again pay tribute. I am also grateful to all those members of the public service who have continued to work hard under difficult circumstances, with further difficult months ahead. Finally, the end of this first year has been marked by the visit of Andrew Rosindell, MP who is Chairman of the Turks and Caicos All Party Parliamentary Group, and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. We will shortly welcome Henry Bellingham MP, the British Minister responsible for the Overseas Territories, on his first visit to a UK Territory since his appointment. Their visits underline the interest of the new UK Government and Parliament in the Turks and Caicos Islands and their people. Over the course of this year, the Interim Government has had its critics and detractors, many of them very vocal. This is inevitable and where constructively argued, provides a valuable contribution to the process of shaping policy, which I welcome. I have also been encouraged by the supportive and encouraging messages I have received from many people across the island communities. Whether critics or supporters, I continue to enjoy meeting and working with such a warm and friendly people, and having the opportunity to take part in such joyful occasions as the celebration of the 100th birthday of Mrs Ona Glinton.

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Provo Water Company sponsors Kew Town street signs Cora Malcolm, Customer Service Manager Provo Water Company

As you drive through Kew Town you will see that their streets are officially named and signposted thanks to the generous donation of Provo Water Company. PWC is the first company to directly sponsor community street signs as part of the ongoing 911 project. On Saturday morning 28th August a handful of Kew Town residents came out to assist in erecting the signs in their community. These residents were extremely proud to be a part of this exercise especially as other residents drove past and tooted their horns as encouragement and others stopped to ask questions and expressed thanks for their street names. Following a meeting held earlier this year with 911 Programme Manager Juliette Gooding, Utility Companies, Telephone Service Providers and Banks, Provo Water Chief Executive Officer Mr Robert Hall in consultation with his Customer Service Manager Ms Cora Malcolm, agreed that this was a worthwhile project and that his company would take the first step and sponsor the

Javier Castillo, Wellington Robinson, Calvin Williams, Henry Wilson, Charlton Walkin


1 tAilOr 1 pAinter

Residents admiring street sign

signs. Mr Hall and Ms Malcolm not only felt that having an official address would ensure a quick response to emergencies but it assists businesses in finding customer locations in a timely manner. Kew Town was selected by Provo Water since that community’s street names had all been approved and the numbering was almost complete making it urgent to have the signs in place.

Air CrAFt CleAnerS Duties include cleaning the interior and exterior of aircrafts. Must be able to work in confined spaces and lift weight as required. Salary range from $7.00 - $12.00 per hour. Mason’s One Stop laundromat Cleaner/helper required 6 days per week to maintain laundromat in a clean, organized and pristine condition and assist customers generally. Salary @ $5.50 per hour interested parties please call 231 0539

Ms Gooding said that she is extremely appreciative of the generous donation of the signs and the community spirit demonstrated by PWC and hopes that other companies will follow suit and help to complete the street signage around the islands. The 911 street naming project began in April 2008 and continues throughout all the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Sarah’s Café

2 KitChen helper $5.00 per hour Contact 242 0288



to work for the church Salary $8.00 per hour From the hours of 8 to 3pm interested person should contact 242-5459

Executive Unique Cuts

241 5099 / 241 4464 / 344 4474 4 Cosmetologist 2 Domestic Workers 3 Barbers At least 3 years experience in the field Salary based on commission, suitable applications Must be able to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays This position is available asap


Domestic Workers

Salary $5.00 per hour Interested persons should contact 244-1821

Page 18


Dion Ingham seeks


Salar y $5 per hour Contact 242-8509


B & F Variety Store

DomeStic Worker Salary $5 per hour contact 243 4659

PC World

DomestiC Worker neeDeD

salaty $5 per hour four days per week. Contact PC World @ 242 2824 or 241 5467

FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION The Financial Services Commission, a statutory body of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government, is seeking qualified persons for the posts of Expenditure Officer and Receipts Officer.

EXPENDITURE OFFICER The holder of this position will carry out the following duties: Supervise the Receipts officers Be responsible for the Payables and Receivables functions May be required to assist with payroll Prepare schedules and post specified transactions to the General Ledgers Any other duties as set out in the Job Description or as assigned by the Head of Finance and Administration. Preferred qualification is a Diploma in Accounting or similar qualification with at least two (2) years accounting experience. Position is located in Providenciales.

RECEIPTS OFFICER The holder of this position will carry out the following duties: Process receipts Prepare invoices Prepare lodgements Other duties as set out in the Job Description or as assigned. Preferred qualification is 4 CXCs, including Mathematics, English and Accounting. At least one (1) year accounting experience. Position is in Grand Turk. Applications should be received no later than Friday September 10, 2010. Email to or fax to 946-2369/946-1714 8. Responsible for and oversees the entire Food and Beverage Department of Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay.


Turks and Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay is seeking a suitably qualified applicant to fill the post of


Daily tasks will include, but are not limited to:

JOB SUMMARY: Works along with the General Manager to plan, organize and direct the activities of the Food and Beverage Department at Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay to ensure an exceptional level of customer service and patron satisfaction.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Ensures that all members and guests are welcomed upon arrival and treated in a friendly and respectful manner in accordance with the standards of excellence of Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay. 2. Coordinates the activities of the Food and Beverage Department and Employees to maintain exceptional service to members and guests of Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay. 3. Oversees and implement the hiring, training and evaluation of the performance of Food and Beverage employees. Recommends disciplinary actions and promotions. 4. Assists the General Manager in preparing and submitting proposed budgets for the Food and Beverage Department. 5. Provides a continuous review of the service level and offering of the dining facilities and recommends changes to upgrade and improve them. 6. Oversees and works with the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, Executive and Sous Chefs and front of house managers to compile menus and wine lists to be served in the restaurants. 7. Oversees and monitors all orders and supplies of food, beverages, table linens, kitchen equipment and related items.

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Ensures that all members, guests and co-workers are treated in a friendly and respectful manner in accordance with the rules of Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay. 2. Assists in other departments and performs additional related duties as required. 3. Understands and follows policies and procedures of the department and Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Ambergris Cay overall. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management (specializing in food and beverage) preferred or equivalent. 2. Minimum of 5 years experience in food service management, including the supervision of employees and relationships with outside vendors. 3 Excellent wine and food knowledge, (Sommelier certificate is preferred) 4. Excellent oral and written communication skills. 5 Has knowledge of office administration and budget in the food service industry. 6 Computer knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel and general formatting, typing and printing 7 Has knowledge in Point of Sales System programming and operation. 8 Must be able to pass the food and beverage knowledge test REQUIREMENTS - Successful applicant must:

Have a pleasant personality and excellent communication skills Be reliable, hard working and enthusiastic Be able to reside on Big Ambergris Cay Possess a valid TCI Driver’s License Produce a clean Police Record Be physically fit

Salary: $50,000.00 - $60,000.00 per annum. Closing date for all applications is Friday, September 24th 2010. Applications must be addressed to: Ms. Dorothea Malcolm Human Resources Director Turks & Caicos Sporting Club @ Ambergris Cay Unit 66. Salt Mills Plaza, Grace Bay Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands E-mail: Tel: 649-941-3777 Fax: 649-941-3778

More airlines could come to TCI soon


By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

IN ADDITION TO Jet Blue Airways, which has announced that it would start flying to the Turks and Caicos Islands early next year, this country could see more airlines or added airlifts from existing carriers coming here in the very near future, this according to CEO for the Airports Authority, John Smith. Smith, who was addressing the Advisory Council news conference on September 2 in Thursday, Providenciales, said that the Turks and Caicos Islands continues to receive a great deal of interests from other airline companies regarding the possibility of flying to the territory, saying that those negotiations are in the works. “We continue to interface with various consultants, airlines and other bodies to encourage additional lifts within the TCI, and of late, the board of the Airports Authority has endorsed an incentive policy to encourage additional lifts; new entrants into the market, as well as the development of new routes,” Smith said. “As it relates to having any additional interests of increased capacity or airlift to the TCI, yes, we have interests from various carriers. I am not at liberty at this point in time to divulge some of the information, but suffice it to say an announcement is eminent, and we hope that would be



made in the next fourteen days or so. “I think you would be pleased and happy when you hear of the information. It would go a long way in assisting and continue to promote the TCI and improving airlift,” Smith said. JetBlue Airways said it will continue its heavily aggressive expansion into the Caribbean and Latin America within the next few years.


The emergence of TAC Air International Airline with proposed with daily direct jet service to Florida, the Caribbean, South and Central America out of Grand Turk will change the way that people will look at the nations capital, so if you are ambitious, love challenges, and work well with a close knit team, then TAC Air International could be a great opportunity for you as a:


As a ground operations manager, you will be responsible for all aspects of the safe, cost effective, and punctual running of TAC Air International services, and to manage all aspects of ground operations, you will need to show: • A proven track record for managing ground operations. • An understanding of all flight planning, scheduling and dispatch services. • Strong motivation and a commercial mindset • Must have at least three years working with a start up airline.

The successful candidate must be a team player and have an excellent understanding of all aspects of the aviation industry, as well as exceptional communication and organizational skills. • Working closely with the experience executive team will be a golden opportunity for you to take TAC Air International, to new heights.

To apply please send your CV together with a covering letter detailing your salary expectation to.

James Danbury:, or Albert Capron:

Page 19

The carrier is looking into roughly 30 new destinations in both regions combined and should add some new destinations by 2011, having been approached by several destinations including the Turks and Caicos Islands, Belize and Martinique. From 2009-2010, JetBlue has already added Punta Cana, Kingston, Montego Bay, Barbados, Bogota and

San Jose to its Caribbean/Latin America portfolio. In fact, JetBlue recently overtook American Airlines as the largest U.S. carrier in the Dominican Republic. JetBlue, which has its main base at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, currently serves 18 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America.


Maitre D’

Position available from November 1st, 2010. Minimum 4 years experience in a similar position. Language skills an advantage. Candidates with a college degree or professional certifications preferred. Job entails (and is not exclusive to) working closely with the restaurant owners, managing the dining room and assisting in staff training programs. Remuneration based on education level and experience.


Position available from November 1st, 2010. Minimum 3 years previous experience in a similar position. Candidates with Certification in Wine Studies or graduation from a trade College will only be considered. Remuneration based on education level and experience. Both positions require a six day work week including weekends & holidays. Please send resume’s to:

Delicious Dishes Airport Road Elite Sports Bar Complex 941 7995

1 COOK - Salary $8 per hour

Kitchen Helper server- Salary $5 per hour

Page 20




TCMillwork ltd. Architectural woodworking, Cabinetry and Design Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands




DOMESTIC WORKER/ HOUSEKEEPER Salary $5.00 per hour Interested person should contact 2312700

TRULY NOLEN Truly Nolen is looking for Two Labourers and Two Cleaners Interested persons can contact Cell # 231-0195




Supervision of workforce. Prepare and provide work, supplies, drawings to employees. Prepare orders for materials necessary for ongoing millshop opera'ons in a 'mely and prudent manner. Delega'on of work. Quality control. Ensuring the facili'es at the millshop operate safely, efficiently and profitably, and are kept in clean working condi'on. Overseeing produc'on schedules. Liaise with Owners, Purchasers, and consultants, site personnel, staff, employees, subcontractors and suppliers of TCMillwork in a professional and courteous manner. Cer'ficate required: Carpentry-Cabinet making-Joinery Working knowledge of AutoCad High-end technical woodworking skills Must have excellent leadership and communica'on skills, mul'-lingual preferred Professional, disciplined, punctual, reliable and affable Salary at $15.00 per hour Please send applicaons to: contact person: Mario 941-4907

Sam Lightbourne seeks a

LABOURER Salary $5 per hour contact 244 3369 To work in yard maintain yard be able to work weekends & holidays


Must be multi-skilled, with expertise in plumbing, electrical and carpentry. Able to work unsupervised. Should be willing to work weekends and holidays. Salary $7.50 hr. Position available ASAP. Closing date of application September 12, 2010. Contact Basneal Bien-Aime at 231-2763 or


LABOURER Please contact # 231-0802 or 331 - 0802

To assist with daily living Activities for elderly person. Must be willing to relocate to North Caicos. Salary $5.50 per hr Housing and provided. One day off per week Contact Claudette Gibson 231-0008


Plan & develop Hardware/Software System Create inventory /system should be able to track order stock. Make system more efficient, e.g. predict future sales, payroll etc. Keep up with current data processing methods, program languages and machines. Be able to teach the staff $8. an hour. Hours of operations 9am – 5pm


Automobile Maintenance, repair and modification. Must be knowledgeable in working on all parts of a variety car makes or may specialize either in a specific area or in a specific make of car. Main role is to diagnose problems and accurately and quickly. Must be able to use a computer. 5-6yrs experience Be able to fix and operate 1900-2008 model cars/jeeps/boat Salary $7 per hour Hours of operations 9am – 5pm Be willing to work long hours, weekends and holidays


General cleaning and maintenance of the premises, gardening, garbage removal and other duties associated with general labour Clean Police record and valid driver’s license Hours of operations Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm


Sell products and service related to business Must be able to speak English and communicate with customers Must be able to give updates weekly to Managing Diredtor Must be computer literate Salary $6 per hour Hours of operations Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm Clean Police record and valid driver’s license Contact Manage Director Business Solutions P.O. Box 502 Leeward Highway Provo Fax 649 941 5003 Email

Super Cuts Barbershop

Seeks 1 Barber – Salary $5.00 per hour 2 Labourers - $5.00 per hour 3 Cashiers - $6.00 per hour 4 Cleaners - $5.00 per hour Interested persons should contact Alex Higgs at 243-7698

Touch of class beauty Salon

HAIRDRESSER $5 per hour contact 244 0469





The Relentless Pursuit of Progress!

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1ST Payment of your PPC bills can be made online through FirstCaribbean International Bank! As part of ongoing activities to improve customer service and the ease with which PPC does business, PPC is introducing an online payment option for FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB) customers. FCIB customers are invited to make use of this online payment option which will enable customers to pay their bills at a time that is convenient to them. PPC bills can still be paid at PPC’s Customer Service Department, located in the Town Centre Mall Downtown, Providenciales. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:

FirstCaribbean International Bank Call: 946-4007


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Page 22





Tlk. Txt. Transfer money into savings, pay ur credit card, and make sure u have enough in ur account to head out tonight with ur date.

Scotia Mobile Banking is here. USE YOUR INTERNET-ENABLED MOBILE PHONE to do your everyday banking anytime, anywhere. Simply and securely. It’s banking freedom like you’ve never experienced before.

Check it out at

* Trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under licence (where applicable). Data charges by your wireless carrier may apply.

Risky lifestyle behaviours hurting TCI



By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

THE SALT INTAKE of Caribbean people, including the Turks and Caicos Islands, is alarming, as the region is amongst the highest on world-wide hypertension and diabetes ladder, resulting in the respective countries’ resources being rattled up in order to reduce those avoidable ailments. The revelation was made by Dr. Jamillah Berry, Health Planner with the National Planning and Promotion Unit at the Ministry of Health and Human Services. Dr. Berry was addressing a news conference on Monday, September 6, at the office of the National Insurance Board in Grace Bay, to officially launch the slate of activities leading up to Caribbean Wellness Day, celebrated across the Caribbean on Saturday, September 11. “It is very high in comparison to the rest of the world as far as the rates of hypertension and diabetes are concerned. We don’t know the rates for sure for Turks and Caicos compared to the rest of the world, but in many Caribbean countries the rates are higher than in the Americans and other western nations. I believe Jamaica maybe two or three compared to the rest of the world,” Dr. Berry said. According to her there is gross



Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified persons to fill the position of Plant & Fuel Facilities Consultant in our Production and Engineering Department on Providenciales.

Description Responsible for the efficient, effective and safe construction and installation of production assets of Fortis Turks & Caicos. As a member of Management Team, to understand the corporate vision and successfully gain support for the implementation of that vision.

Main Duties • To provide detailed supervision of contractors involved in the construction and installation of large generation assets as determined by and normally under the general direction of the Vice President of Production & Engineering. • Responsible to see that all assigned construction of civil, mechanical and electrical assets at the plant site is completed in a safe, efficient and effective manner. • Responsible to see that assigned projects are brought in on budget and on time. • Responsible to see that the plant site is secure at all times. This includes seeing that the plant and yard is prepared to deal with hurricane season and to develop and implement a plan for recovery of the plant site after a hurricane. • Responsible to see that in all situations all construction activity is performed consistent with best practice concerning safety, environment, quality, budgetary control and reporting standards.

Dr. Daren Hall

overweight and obesity especially amongst children and adolescents, which she said was another major issue that regional countries have been grappling with. “Children and adolescents become obese at early ages; that put them more at risk for developing more chronic diseases at early ages, which will eventually reduce their lifespan and their productivity and put them at risk for disability. These are very serious issues, very important for our adults and our children, that making these simple lifestyle modifications can greatly improve their life expectancy and their fulfillment in life,” Dr. Berry said. For her part, Charlene Higgs, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of • Be familiar with all Company Policies and procedures (including those established by past practice) relating to the position and to observe and enforce compliance with these policies and procedures. • Responsible to see that statistical records required by the company are kept with respect to building projects and building maintenance as well as develop and maintain reports that will keep senior management updated with the progress of construction projects at the plant. • Be responsible for facilities management of PPC assets. • Operate Company vehicles as required. • Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Minimum Requirements • Diploma in (Electrical, Civil or Mechanical) Technology (3 year program), or equivalent. • Extensive experience in Power Plant operation and construction. • This position requires a minimum 20 to 25 years experience in the construction management of power plants and related equipment. • Mid level management experience is required (minimum 10 years). • The Language of work will be English. The ability to write comprehensive reports as well as the ability to make verbal presentations in English is required. • Computer literacy is required (familiarity with Excel, Word, MS Project.) • Health must be good • Must to able to carry out the physical work of the classification. Compensation

• Salary Grade 15: $79,000.00 - $98,750.00 based on qualifications and ability.

PPC offers a competitive compensation package for more information contact Human Resources Director

Deadline for submission of application is September 24th, 2010. Please submit to:-

Ms. Judy V. Missick Director, Human Resources PPC Limited P. O. Box 132, Providenciales Email address: or by fax 941-4304 Website:

Dr. Jamillah Berry

Health and Human Services said that the ministry has been mandated to institute a plan to promote lifestyle changes, and according to her, its Primary Care Department has now been named the Department of Preventative and Wellness. “In this Department, we have nutritionists, who are free for individual counselling and queries that members of the community might have. We are going to focus mainly on childhood hypertension and diabetes; focus mainly in the schools, but just cannot overlook the overall community. “So not because our main focus will be in the schools, we still have to work with persons who are diagnosed with these conditions and help them to

SarawaCK lTd. in the middle of Provo situated in an evergreen garden for

woNdErfUl VillaS for rENT:

2 Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and shared pool - $1500 monthly 1 Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and shared pool - $1800 monthly 1 one bedrooms, two bathrooms and shared pool - $1000 monthly information @ 245 5777

Page 23

LOCAL NEWS control these conditions and reduce the pharmaceuticals that they might use to control these conditions,” Higgs said. In the meantime, Brian Hogan, Chief Executive Officer for the National Health Insurance Board, has indicated that in the past four months that body has processed 14,269 prescription drugs representing about five hundred different kinds of drugs. According to him, the top fifty drugs prescribed – 8,856 – were mainly for diabetes, hypertension and other types of drugs which the first line of defense is usually lifestyle modification. Meanwhile, Dr. Daren Hall, Medical Officer and Acting Director of Health Services said a number of non communicable disease contracted have been lifestyle modification ailments. According to him, if better health practices were administered, a number of theses diseases would have been prevented. Dr. Hall said the observance of Caribbean Wellness day, would be used to propel the Turks and Caicos into having a sustained mechanism to educate the populace on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Schools and work places were asked to participate in activities leading up to Caribbean Well Day. “Take a fruit to work day or school day”, was observed throughout the country on September 7. Providenciales, Grand Turk, North Caicos and Middle Caicos had planned events on Saturday September 11.

Samuel Wilson is seeking a

LABOURER to work Mon – Fri Salary $5 per hour Contact 341 4343

5 Cays Electronics

ElECTriCiaN $30 - $40K per annum Please contact 242 0288

Purilun’s Enterprises ltd. 1 laBoUrEr 2 CaShiEr

Salary @ $6.00 per hour interested parties please call 347 9976

Page 24





Page 25

Page 26











The PPC Team would like to congratulate the above employees on their recent promotions and recruitment with the company. Left to Right: Jason Forbes

: Labourer, Materials Management

Edwin Taylor

: Senior Human Resource Officer

Douglas Ruse

: Manager, Transmission & Distribution Design

Sonia Williams

: Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Francis Oyakhire : Supervisor of Information Technology Services Vincent Riviere

: High Voltage Plant & Substation Electrician

Mervin Forbes

: Site Services Supervisor

Gregory Thomas : Junior High Voltage Plant & Substation Electrician

“Great people are what make great organisations. Simple. PPC’s relentless strategy of internal promotions, training and development investments, and key external recruitments, has dramatically changed the organisation: service reliability and customer satisfaction are at all time highs.”

- Eddinton Powell, President & CEO, PPC Ltd.


The Relentless Pursuit of Progress!

Page 27

Page 28

Piers Morgan is Larry King's CNN replacement





NEW YORK — British tabloid veteran Piers Morgan, hired by CNN to start as Larry King's replacement as a prime-time interviewer in January, promised that he "came here to win." CNN nailed down the final piece of its prime-time makeover on Wednesday, after months where it was clear the "America's Got Talent" panelist was its top choice. King, who announced in June he was leaving "Larry King Live," will have his final show on Dec. 16. Negotiations dragged while CNN worked out a deal that allows Morgan to continue on "America's Got Talent" and his British talk show, "Piers Morgan's Life Stories," on Britain's ITV. "I didn't come here to lose," he said. "I have always spent my life in ferocious ratings or circulation wars. It's what gets me going in the morning, and I want to combine brilliant interviews with great ratings." That would be fine with CNN; King was once cable TV news' top gun but now runs third in his 9 p.m. ET time slot. Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity has averaged 2.27 million viewers this year at that hour, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has 931,000 viewers and King averages 702,000, according to the Nielsen Co. Another prime-time CNN show with former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and columnist Kathleen Parker is starting on Oct. 4. CNN has struggled in prime-time with news viewers more interested in opinionated shows on Fox and MSNBC. Morgan said following King is "like replacing Frank Sinatra at the Sands." He said he considered it the

British tabloid veteran Piers Morgan

biggest interviewer job in the world, and one that he's long had his eye on. CNN U.S. President Jon Klein said Morgan had a "persistent agent." The agent, John Ferriter, e-mailed Klein with links to some of Morgan's interviews earlier this year, before it was known CNN was considering replacements for King. Klein said he "was just blown away by his talent, his ability to hone in on facets of people's personalities you never knew were there." Morgan will be based in New York and also do work in Los Angeles and London. He'll do a mixture of celebrity and news interviews and said he looks forward to contributing on nights when news is breaking. Some of his shows will be live and some, particularly when "America's Got Talent" is on the air in the summer, will be taped. He said he has a "very personal style" of interviewing familiar to British audiences that he hopes will be a pleasant surprise to Americans.

Judge Kara DioGuardi leaves 'American Idol'

Confirming weeks of rumors, FOX announced that Kara DioGuardi is leaving "American Idol" after only 2 seasons. The songwriter and A&R executive joined the program in 2008. She was previously best known for writing hit songs for Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, In a statement released by FOX, DioGuardi said, “I felt like I won the lottery when I joined 'American Idol' two years ago, but I feel like now is the best time to leave 'Idol.' I am very proud to have been associated with [the show] — it has truly been an amazing experience. I am grateful to FOX, FremantleMedia and 19

Entertainment, as well as the cast, crew and contestants, for all they have given to me. I look forward to my next challenge, and want to thank everyone who has supported me. All the best to everyone on Season 10!” "Idol" creator and executive producer Simon Fuller praised DioGuardi, who had been expected to bring more real-life industry critiques to the contestants. “Kara is one of the world’s best songwriters,” Fuller said. “She has been passionate and committed to 'Idol' over the last two seasons. I will miss having her on the show, but I look forward to working with her in

Larry King

"It's a mixture of probing journalistic rigor with a twinkle in the eye and a little bit of mischief, not afraid to have fun where it's appropriate," he said. "(I'm) looking for revelations and candor and want to set the news agenda. That's my idea of why you should interview people. Don't make it boring. The enemy is apathy." Morgan's ascent to American fame has astonished many in Britain, where he is remembered — not always fondly — as a high-flying tabloid newspaper editor whose career was tainted by scandal. Morgan worked on local newspapers in the 1980s, then became showbiz editor of The Sun, Britain's biggest-selling daily tabloid. He was named editor of its Sunday stablemate, the News of the World, in 1994 at age 28, and took over the Daily Mirror the next year. His tenure there was long, but rocky. His coverage of the royal family, in particular, was sometimes

Kara DioGuardi has quit "American Idol," meaning the only judge remaining from the 2010 season is Randy Jackson.

music for many years to come.” With DioGuardi's departure, only Randy Jackson is left from last season's quartet of judges. Simon Cowell announced his move to "XFactor" in January of 2009 and Ellen DeGeneres left on her own accord earlier this summer. Rumored replacements include Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Elton John.

criticized as intrusive. In one famous coup, one of the paper's reporters got a job as a footman at Buckingham Palace and smuggled out pictures of Queen Elizabeth II's breakfast table, royal bedrooms and a rubber duck in the royal bath. Some protested at the invasion of royal privacy, but Morgan said the newspaper had performed a public service by revealing lapses in security. In 2000, a Mirror business column touted a company in which Morgan had just bought shares. The two journalists behind the column were fired, but Morgan stayed, although he was criticized by a professional watchdog. Later, the paper was sued by Naomi Campbell for breach of privacy after it printed photographs showing her leaving a drug counseling meeting. She won, but an unrepentant Morgan greeted the verdict with the observation: "This is a very good day for lying, drugabusing prima donnas who want to have their cake with the media, and the right to then shamelessly guzzle it with their Cristal Champagne." In 2004, he was forced to quit after the Mirror ran pictures of British soldiers allegedly abusing Iraqis. They turned out to have been faked. Since then, he has written a bestselling memoir about his career in tabloids, "The Insider," and built a successful TV career in Britain as well as the U.S. Besides his interview show in Britain, he's also a judge on "Britain's Got Talent." He continues to write weekly columns on sports and on his own life for the Mail newspaper and will also write regular columns for, CNN said.

Will and Jada's daughter makes her record debut

NEW YORK — Call her the Fresh Princess. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's 9year-old daughter, Willow Smith, is making her debut as a recording artist. She has signed a deal with Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation. Her first song was released this week. It's called "Whip My Hair." Jay-Z says it's rare to find an artist with such talent and creativity at Willow's age. Will Smith first gained fame as a rapper, but unlike her father, Willow is singing on her record. Like her father, she's a double threat: Willow appeared in the movie "I Am Legend," with her dad.

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You know I know how To make em stop and stare as I zone out The club can't even handle me right now Watchin you I'm watchin you we go all out The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh) The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh) Hey I own the light and I don't need no help Gotta be the feeling that scarface player Stuntin go wild can't handle this plan Life of the club arrogant like yeah! Top like money all the girls just melt Want to many all know me like Twelve Look like cash and they all just stare Bottles, Models, standin on chairs Fall out coz that's the business All out it's so ridiclous Zone out so much attention Scream out I'm in the building (hey! ) They watchin I know this I'm rockin I'm rolling I'm holding, I know it You know it

You know I know how To make em stop and stare as I zone out The club can't even handle me right now Watchin you I'm watchin you we go all out The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh)

The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh) Hey Still feelin myself I'm like outta control Can't stop now more shots lets go Ten more rounds can I get a Kato Paparazzi trying to make me pose Came to party to I came no more Celebrate coz that's all I know Tip the groupies takin off their clothes Grand finale' like superbowl Go hard run the show That's right wild out got money to blow More light more ice when I walk in the door No hype I do it big all over the globe Yeah! I said it Go tell it Confetti Who ready? I'm ready! You ready! Lets get it!

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You got me watchin now (hey) Got my attention now (hey) Got everybody in the club wanting to know now I am a ladies man Come and be my lady and... We can ball, soo, ahhhhhh Bring ya body here let me switch up the atmosphere Take you up out of this club and in my new limo Fly you all around the world What you want baby girl Are you ready to go now!

You know I know how To make em stop and stare as I zone out The club can't even handle me right now Watchin you watchin me we go all out The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh) (Put your hands up! ) (Put your hands up! ) (Put your hands up! ) The club can't even handle me right now (yeahhhhh) (Put your hands up! ) Lets celebrate now (Put your hands up! ) You know who shut it down!

KFWS • MindGym

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September 6, 2010




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King Features Weekly Service

September 6, 2010

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Personal matters claim a good deal of the Lamb’s time in the early part of the week. But by midweek, pragmatic considerations (work, school, job-seeking, etc.) begin to take priority. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) The seasonal shift ignites the Bovine’s creative aspects. You could do well if you try to combine your penchant for innovation with the more pragmatic demands of the week. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Ideas come easily to you this week. And never mind that some might suggest they’re unworkable and/or impractical. It’s your vision that counts. Work them out and see what turns up. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Personal matters continue to dominate the early part of the week. By midweek, more workaday issues once again begin to emerge. Bal—13— ance your time to give both the attention they need. LEO (July 23 to August 22) A new contact could provide an expanded opportunity. But be sure you get all the facts before you consider signing on. Ask questions, and be wary if you don’t get the right answers. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) An unexpected development could cause some supposedly resolved disagreements to reignite. Deal with the situation before it leads to some really serious problems. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A clash of worklinked viewpoints needs to be discussed openly, honest-


Assume you’re declarer with the South hand at four spades and West leads the queen of clubs. How would you play the hand? When the deal occurred, declarer won the club lead with the ace, cashed the A-K of spades, then finessed the queen of diamonds, losing to the king. East shifted to the jack of hearts, and three tricks later South found himself down one. Declarer was certainly unlucky to find East with the king of diamonds and West with the ace of hearts, but, even so, the fact is that he did not play the hand to best advantage. To virtually assure the contract, he should have allowed West’s queen of clubs to win the

ly and calmly by all concerned before it can impede progress on an ongoing project. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) The Scorpion’s pragmatic side helps you accept the possibility that a change of plans might be the wise thing to do. Be sure to weigh all your considerations carefully. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Some people might not take no for an answer. Never mind. Keep your resolve if you’re sure you don’t want to be involved in a potentially sticky situation. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) All other facts and figures aside, it’s what you learn about potential colleagues that can be most helpful in assessing any decisions you’re likely to make regarding a new project. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) You might want to reconsider some of your outside commitments if they continue to demand more time than you can spare. Be honest with yourself when making a decision. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Pay attention to that inner voice of Piscean wisdom counseling you to remove those rose-colored glasses and take an honest look at any decisions you might face this week. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a penchant for persuasion that would make you a fine candidate for a political career.

• It cholo made observ habit o faster way.” • Tw the na most t prise them, the ot It’s tr take Frenc the w are Fr Pacifi Reuni Africa the C Caled of Au • If would by a one? T both t • Ye The p shoela aglets

© 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

first trick! This play costs nothing in terms of tricks, since declarer still scores both of his club winners. More importantly, though, it ensures that East, the dangerous opponent, will never gain the lead for a potentially killing heart shift before South can score 10 tricks. Let’s say West continues with a club at trick two. South takes the ace, plays the K-A of trumps and discards a diamond on the king of clubs. Declarer then cashes the ace of diamonds and continues with the jack. If East covers with the king, South ruffs, leads a spade to dummy and discards a heart on the diamond ten, thus losing only two hearts and a club to finish with 10 tricks. If East does not cover the diamond jack, South discards a heart and achieves the same result. If West has the king of diamonds, the outcome is no different. After South discards a heart on the diamond jack, West wins but is helpless. He can cash the heart ace at this point, or can wait until later to get it. Either way, declarer loses only a club, a diamond and a heart, but in keeping with his plan from the start, he is certain to wind up with 10 tricks. © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

Texas: A by A. R tograph Malliso (Univer Press, $ Reviewe

When wrote th Texas” decades vinced of hist could no book wa both. Now Stephen thoroug expande lished. designe twice th nal volu tions in history into sha also hav reflect addressi Texas D pendenc ery, the struction boundar tideland What torical A accessib This is n

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King Features Weekly Service

September 6, 2010

—1— —2—

Bahamas drops charges in Travolta extortion case



NASSAU, Bahamas – A judge in the Bahamas dismissed charges Monday against two people accused of trying to extort money from John Travolta after the actor decided he no longer wanted to face the pain of a new trial stemming from the death of his teenage son on the island chain. Prosecutor Neil Braithwaite had submitted a motion to drop the case just as a retrial was about to start for the two defendants. "The Travolta family has said that this matter has caused them unbelievable stress and pain and they wish to put this whole thing behind them," Braithwaite told the court after a jury had been picked to hear the case. Ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne and his attorney, politician Pleasant Bridgewater, were accused of threatening to release private information about the January 2009 death of Travolta's 16-year-old son, Jett, at the family vacation home in Grand Bahama. Lightbourne, who was among the medics who treated Jett, allegedly sought $25 million from the actor with the assistance of Bridgewater, who resigned her seat in the Bahamas Senate after she was charged in the case. A judge declared a mistrial in October after a Bahamian lawmaker suggested the still-deliberating jury had acquitted one of the suspects. Travolta had testified during that trial — describing how he desperately tried to save the life of his seizure-prone son — and his attorneys said in October that he was prepared to return to the

Travolta and Preston leave the court building in Nassau, Bahamas, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009

stand if necessary. But the actor said Monday that the passage of time had changed his mind. "The long-pending status of this matter continued to take a heavy emotional toll on my family, causing us to conclude that it was finally time to put this matter behind us," the actor said in a written statement. "Therefore, after much reflection I concluded that it was in my family's best interest for me not to voluntarily return to The Bahamas to testify a second time at trial." Travolta thanked Bahamian authorities for their work on the case and said his cooperation had come at "great emotional cost to my family." The defendants had mixed reactions to the dismissal. Bridgewater was

THE VALLEY, Anguilla – Chief Minister and Minister of Finance, Hubert Hughes, said his government has borrowed 10 million Eastern Caribbean dollars (US$3.7 million) from Dominica through the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) to pay civil servants’ salaries at the end of August. Hughes said in his weekly media briefing that he found an empty treasury when his administration assumed office following the February 15 general election in that British Overseas Territory. The government planned to use an ECCB line of credit allocated to Dominica, Hughes said, something the previous administration had done to pay public servants. “Dominica has built up a big credit in the (ECCB) in St Kitts because Dominica has prudently managed (its) economy and (its) finances. Anguilla and Antigua had to borrow money from the Dominica credit before we came into office,” Hughes said. Following talks with the Roosevelt Skerrit administration, Dominica agreed to let Anguilla use 10 million EC dollars from its credit to pay wages to public servants for this month, he said. Hughes added that all the members of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank have consented to Anguilla’s request. Hughes’s Anguilla United Movement (AUM) government won four of the seven parliamentary seats in the February election. The AUM’s majority increased further when the lone successful candidate of the opposition Anguilla Progressive Party (APP), Jerome Roberts, crossed the floor of the singlechamber legislature to join the government.

relieved. "I'm just happy to be free and put this all behind me," said said outside court. But Lightbourne said he wanted a trial to prove his innocence. "I'm not totally satisfied," he said. "I wanted to have my name cleared. Jett Travolta suffered a seizure and

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collapsed at the family's home. The actor testified that he performed CPR on the teen after a nanny alerted him and his wife, actress Kelly Preston. John Travolta told the court — apparently for the first time in public — that his 16year-old son was autistic, confirming speculation that had swirled for years. The developmental disorder is frequently accompanied by seizures. Travolta testified that Lightbourne, one of the paramedics who responded to the home on Grand Bahama island, threatened to sell stories to the news media suggesting the movie star was at fault in the death of his 16-year-old son. If he did not pay $25 million, Travolta told the jury, Lightbourne indicated he would use against him a consent document that the actor initially signed refusing to have his son Jett sent to a local hospital. The document cleared Lightbourne of any liability. The actor testified that he signed the document because, after waiting about 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, he intially wanted his son flown to Florida for treatment. In the end, he was taken to a Bahamian hospital.

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Fidel latest to say Cuba's communism doesn't work


HAVANA – Cuba's communist economic model has come in for criticism from an unlikely source: Fidel Castro. The revolutionary leader told a visiting American journalist and a U.S.-Cuba policy expert that the island's state-dominated system is in need of change, a rare comment on domestic affairs from a man who has taken pains to steer clear of local issues since illness forced him to step down as president four years ago. The fact that things are not working efficiently on this cashstrapped Caribbean island is hardly news. Fidel's brother Raul, the country's president, has said the same thing repeatedly. But the blunt assessment by the father of Cuba's 1959 revolution is sure to raise eyebrows. Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine, asked Castro if Cuba's economic system was still worth exporting to other countries, and Castro replied: "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore," Goldberg wrote Wednesday in a post on his Atlantic blog. The Cuban government had no immediate comment on Goldberg's


Fidel Castro

account. Julia Sweig, a Cuba expert at the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations who accompanied Goldberg on the trip, confirmed the Cuban leader's comment, which he made at a private lunch last week. She told The Associated Press she took the remark to be in line with Raul Castro's call for gradual but widespread reform. "It sounded consistent with the general consensus in the country now,


up to and including his brother's position," Sweig said. In general, she said she found the 84-year-old Castro to be "relaxed, witty, conversational and quite accessible." "He has a new lease on life, and he is taking advantage of it," Sweig said. Castro stepped down temporarily in July 2006 due to a serious illness that nearly killed him. He resigned permanently two years later, but remains head of the Communist Party. After staying almost entirely out of the spotlight for four years, he re-emerged in July and now speaks frequently about international affairs. He has been warning for weeks of the threat of a nuclear war over Iran. But the ex-president has said very little about Cuba and its politics, perhaps to limit the perception he is stepping on his brother's toes. Goldberg, who traveled to Cuba at Castro's invitation last week to discuss a recent Atlantic article he wrote about Iran's nuclear program, also reported on Tuesday that Castro questioned his own actions during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, including his recommendation to Soviet leaders that they use nuclear weapons against the United States.

Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba has clung to its communist system. The state controls well over 90 percent of the economy, paying workers salaries of about $20 a month in return for free health care and education, and nearly free transportation and housing. At least a portion of every citizen's food needs are sold to them through ration books at heavily subsidized prices. Cuba says much of its suffering is caused by the 48-year-old U.S. trade embargo. The economy has also been slammed by the global economic downturn, a drop in nickel prices and the fallout from three devastating hurricanes that hit in quick succession in 2008. Corruption and inefficiency have exacerbated problems. As president, Raul Castro has instituted a series of limited economic reforms, and has warned Cubans that they need to start working harder and expecting less from the government. But the president has also made it clear he has no desire to depart from Cuba's socialist system or embrace capitalism. Fidel Castro's interview with Goldberg is the only one he has given to an American journalist since he left office.

Trinidad Cabinet approves huge salary for top cops

The Trinidad Cabinet has approved the salaries of Canadians Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Ewatski for the posts of commissioner of police (CoP) and deputy commissioner of police respectively. Both men are to assume duties next month, but should they fail to impress and crime continues unabated, they can be terminated even before their three-year contracts expire. Their contracts also state if they feel overwhelmed and cannot deal with the crime situation, they can throw in the towel and head back to Canada. Speaking at a post-Cabinet news conference at the Prime Minister's Office in St Clair, National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy said Cabinet agreed Gibbs will be paid US$205,000 per annum and Ewatski, CAN$200,000 per annum, under a three-year contract. Using the rates posted by First Citizens Bank, this works out to be $1.3 million per annum, with a monthly income of $108,000 per month for Gibbs, and $1.2 million per annum, with a $102,000 income

per month for Ewatski. Sandy said the base salaries for these positions set by the Salaries Review Commission remained intact, but the added amount is an inducement allowance for the men to "uproot their lives in Canada" and come to Trinidad and Tobago to fight crime. "The principal difference in emoluments resides in an inducement allowance that took cognizance of the fact that these gentlemen were asked to uproot themselves and their families from their homes to come to Trinidad and Tobago and bring their expertise and address the spiralling crime problem being experienced in our beloved twin-island state," Sandy said. Questioned by the Express as to the terms and conditions of their contracts, Sandy said: "Yes, they are bound by clauses that suggest or indicate that if their services are not satisfactory, they will be terminated." Sandy also said people are not aware that there

are persons who currently earn more than these men will receive. "The salary for the senior executives at SAUTT (Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago) is in the vicinity of $120,000 per month, and there is also executive housing to the extent of $26,000 per month," he said. He said Gibbs and Ewatski's remuneration packages are synonymous with packages offered to commissioners of police in jurisdictions of Canada and the United States. "The contracts are for three years, during which a system will be put in place to guarantee the transfer of administrative as well as operational techniques during the tenure of these gentlemen," he said. He said their performances will be assessed by the Police Service Commission. Sandy also said he was satisfied with the resumes of both men and added the terms and conditions of their contracts were still being ironed out by the Attorney General.

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Cayman Islands lawmakers debating whether Nannies Bill will hold up


Both opposition and independent lawmakers in the Cayman Islands have questioned whether a plan to exempt certain domestic helpers from that country’s so-called rollover policy would stand up to legal tests. According to the Caymanian Compass, the Legislative Assembly was expected to pass a proposal that would let foreign-born caregivers who nurse sick, elderly or handicapped residents stay in the Islands beyond the Cayman expiration of their final work permits. The domestics can only do so if their employers obtained a certificate from either the Work Permit Board or chief immigration officer that allowed helpers to remain up to five more years. That extension only applies as long as they remained with the same employer. Premier McKeeva Bush said the proposal was needed to ensure the provision of the best possible care and comfort for the country’s most vulnerable residents. “Not only have (these domestic helpers) become particularly attuned to the needs of that person, but the person being cared for has often formed a close bond with that helper,” Mr. Bush told the Legislative Assembly during Wednesday’s debate. “We cannot be so inflexible as to enforce this policy (referring to the rollover) to the detriment of those


who are vulnerable in our community.” Without the special certificate, caregivers who do not obtain key employee or permanent resident status are forced to leave Cayman after seven years of continuous residence here. That seven year term limit applies to all foreign workers in the Cayman Islands who do not work for government or who are not married to a Caymanian. Mr. Bush pointed out that the certificate – known as the Certificate of Specialist Caregivers – would not allow the domestics who hold it to apply for permanent residence under Cayman’s Immigration Law. That could be the problem. “I believe it may be difficult for immigration and the government to deny someone who has been able to work here for 17 years any rights,” said MP Ezzard Miller during his portion of the debate, adding that he counted seven years for the typical term limit policy plus five years for the initial certificate for caregivers and another five years for a certificate renewal. Opposition MP Alden McLaughlin noted that before the implementation of Cayman’s initial term limit policy – in 1 January, 2004 – a number of foreign residents had lived in the Islands for 10, 20, 25 and in some rare cases close to 30 years without citizenship rights or any


HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda government says it will implement a programme next month that will allow offenders to be fitted with electronic ankle bracelets. Attorney General and Justice Minister Kim Wilson told a news conference Monday that the devices would cut the cost of keeping defendants awaiting trial on remand in prison and would also be used to monitor those on parole or subject to probation orders. “This initiative has been introduced to find alternatives to incarceration within Bermuda without compromising the safety of society and to keep track of offenders,” Wilson said. “Technological innovation to monitor offenders electronically has been devised since the 1960s and has since been introduced for correctional use in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and in other nations worldwide in an effort to reduce the prison populations.” She said a judicial video-conferencing system was also being installed “with a view to early implementation”. It will be used in some Supreme Court and Magistrates’ Court trials involving vulnerable witnesses, such as children, as well as for prisoners’ remand hearings.


security of tenure. Mr. McLaughlin said he believed various international human rights conventions, as well as Cayman’s new Bill of Rights, might prevent that same situation from occurring with domestic helpers who hold the extended certificates. He noted that the previous Immigration Review Team noted in 2003 that it was “socially undesirable” and “morally unacceptable” to allow individuals to stay in Cayman for longer than ten years without some form of security of tenure. At the same time, Mr. McLaughlin said members of the opposition party were sympathetic to the situation where “key people that we know are caught by coming to the end of their term limits”. “You rarely see an employer happy about the prospect of losing a good employee,” he said. Debate on the proposal continued Wednesday afternoon. Late in the day, the proposal passed a crucial second reading by majority vote and appeared to be on its way to final approval. Under the provisions of the Immigration (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2010, a caregiver would have to be employed as a nurse, nanny or in another care-giving capacity for at least three years prior to their employer making an application for a Certificate of Specialist Caregivers. The caregiver would also have to

Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush

demonstrate that he or she is in good health. A fee would be payable upon successful application for the caregivers certificate, according to the bill. The certificate can be renewed at the option of the person’s employer, but that application for renewal would not be successful if the caregiver ceases to work for their current employer; or if the person being cared for dies, ceases to be sick or ceases to be handicapped. The Work Permit Board or Chief Immigration Officer would also have some discretion in awarding a certificate renewal. If an application for renewal of the Certificate of Specialist Caregivers is not successful and is not appealed, the caregiver would have to leave the Islands for at least a year – as is standard for all foreign workers whose work permits have expired.

St. Vincent PM accepts High Court ruling on Boundaries Commission report KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent Constituency Boundaries Commission would be – Prime Minister Dr. Ralph guided by the ruling and Gonsalves said that his decide on the way administration had forward. welcomed a High Court Two members of the ruling granting the Elections and Boundaries continuance of an injunction Commission signed the preventing the publication report on July 9, with its of the Constituency recommendation for the Boundaries Report that extension of the seats, but called for the extension of Selwyn Jones, who was electoral constituencies in nominated by the NDP St. Vincent and the refused to sign. Jones, a Grenadines. former supervisor of The injunction had been elections, submitted a brought by the main minority report, instead opposition New Democratic Parliament recently St. Vincent Prime Minister Party (NDP) and last week, approved an amendment Dr. Ralph Gonsalves High Court Gertel Thom allowing for the increase allowed for the extension that Opposition and but the Opposition filed the injunction legal observers say has for the time being seeking to prevent the amendment and also stalled the plans to extend the constituencies stopping the publication of the report of the Elections and Boundaries Commission from 15 to 17. Speaking in Parliament, Gonsalves said (EBC). The opposition is claiming that it is the ruling “provides very helpful and useful immoral for the Ralph Gonsalves information…and there is guidance for all of administration to increase the electoral us. constituencies after the proposal was among “The Judge also held that the the measures defeated in the constitutional Commission has the obligation to publish the referendum in November last year. Order in the Gazette and that unless General elections are constitutionally due publication takes place the work of the in St. Vincent and the Grenadines no later Commission is incomplete. This is also a than March 201 and the NDP is claiming that very important ruling,” he told legislators. the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) is “As I understand it, this ruling means that attempting to increase the constituencies so the work of the Commission is not as to have a better chance of gaining a third complete,” Gonsalves said, adding that the consecutive term in office.

New York finally sees progress at Ground Zero site

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Nine years after the September 11 attacks, visible progress is finally being made toward rebuilding the World Trade Center site known as Ground Zero. Delays from political, security and financing concerns have dominated the public image of the roughly $11 billion project in the absence of a gleaming new skyscraper or memorial to those who died when al Qaeda hijackers destroyed the Twin Towers. But while rapid, visible progress has been made since the last anniversary of the attacks, that has captured little attention. Instead, the debate about Ground Zero has shifted to other concerns, such as the proposed Islamic cultural center to be built two blocks from the site. Two of four planned office towers are heading skyward. The signature One World Trade Center -- formerly called the Freedom Tower -- is nearly 40 stories tall, on its way to 106 with an antenna that will reach 1,776 feet, making it the tallest building in the United States upon completion, expected by 2013. A memorial to the nearly 3,000 killed when al Qaeda hijackers crashed commercial planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C., and a Pennsylvania field is on schedule to open a year from now -- on the 10th anniversary when originally the entire massive complex was to have been completed. From elevated vantage points, the outlines of the two reflecting pools, one marking each footprint of the two



Cranes haul supplies into the building being built at One World Trade Center at the World Trade Center construction site in New York September 8, 2010.

towers, can now be seen. The project is exceedingly complex with a memorial and museum going in alongside four very tall buildings, a transportation hub, and a performing arts center, all being built on top of active subway and commuter rail lines. 'PICK-UP STICKS' "This is one gigantic game of pickup sticks. Every single thing that you see around here touches another part of the project," said Chris Ward, executive director the Port Authority, which is building one of the towers. "The schedules we had early on were almost emotional schedules or political schedules. People wanted to

feel like downtown was going to get rebuilt quickly," Ward told Reuters at Ground Zero, now a teeming construction site. The Port Authority is building One World Trade Center and developer Larry Silverstein is building the other three towers, two of which will only proceed above their bases if there is market demand for office space. "Some of the anxiety and anger over the plan for a mosque near Ground Zero is fueled by the lack of completion of the 9/11 memorial, and to some extent the fact that (al Qaeda leader Osama) bin Laden is still at large," said Richard Shadick, director of counseling

and professor of psychology at New York's Pace University. "A physical memorial in a sacred place where people can honor their losses, I believe, would help quell the pain experienced right now," Shadick said. The imam who is leading the proposed Islamic center to be built near Ground Zero, Feisal Abdul Rauf, told CNN on Wednesday he failed to anticipate the outpouring of protest over the project. "If I knew that this would happen, this would cause this kind of pain, I wouldn't have done it," Rauf said. But he rejected pressure to abandon or move the project, saying it would harm U.S. security. "If we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack," Rauf said. "If we do move, it will strengthen the argument of the radicals to recruit, their ability to recruit, and their increasing aggression, violence, against our country." Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site, promise the memorial plaza -- but not the museum - will be completed by September 11, 2011. "We understand the pressure and the importance of making sure that when the world gathers here on the 10year anniversary this whole plaza will be completed," Ward said.


Nineteen years after his brutal beating by four LA police officers, Rodney King is marrying a juror from the case. Graphic video of King's ordeal was shown around the world in 1991. King sued the City of Los Angeles and won $3.8m (ÂŁ2.5m) compensation. Cynthia Kelley, who helped decide the scale of the damages, met him afterwards and they shared a pizza. Now, reports say, the couple have become engaged and hope to marry soon. Rodney King with his future wife Cynthia Although they eventually started Kelley, one of the jurors who awarded him a up a relationship, the pair later split up. $3.8 million payout following his 1991 beating According to Radar Online, it was by LA Police only when King telephoned Ms Kelley on impulse four months ago that they trial of the four police officers. After they were acquitted, were reunited. rioting broke out in which more than King described his fiancee as "a 50 people died. godsend" and told the magazine he As the violence went into its could not wait to marry her. third day, King went on television He was in his early twenties at the calling for the riots to stop. time of the beating and became an "Can't we all just get along?" he important figure in the subsequent said.


Nepalese teen Khagendra Thapa Magar is just 22 inches (56 centimetres) tall, and he's coming to New York City to see how he measures up to the world's tallest man. Along with a visit to Times Square, 17-year-old Magar will visit the life-size statue of Robert Wadlow, an American man who topped out at 8'11" (2.72 metres).

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Iran says to free one American detainee


Iran will release Saturday one of three detained American citizens accused of espionage, an official told Reuters Thursday. Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal were detained near Iran's border with Iraq at the end of July 2009. Their families say the three were on a mountain hike in northern Iraq at the time. Washington says the spying allegations are unfounded. "One of the three will be released Saturday," said the government official who asked not to be named. Journalists have been invited to attend a ceremony Saturday at the Esteqlal Hotel in Tehran for the release of one of the three. In Washington, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said all three Americans should be freed immediately since they had "committed no crime." He said U.S. officials were in touch with the Swiss government, which represents U.S. interests in Iran, to determine whether the report of a pending release was true. Iran's Intelligence Minister Haidar Moslehi has said Tehran had proof that the three Americans had links to intelligence services. He also said last month that investigations into spying allegations against the three would be



completed soon. Iran had also said the three Americans would be put on trial, without giving a date. They have not been formally charged.

MOTHERS WELCOME REPORT In a joint statement, the mothers of the trio welcomed the report and called for their children's immediate release. "We hope and pray that the reports are true and that this signals the end of all three of our children's long and difficult detention," the mothers said. Washington, which cut diplomatic ties with Iran shortly after its 1979 Islamic revolution, has said the charges against the hikers are false and they should be released. Under Iran's Islamic law, espionage can be punishable by death. Their case has further complicated relations between Tehran and Washington already fraught over Iran's nuclear activity. Western powers suspect Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian atomic energy program. Tehran denies this, saying it needs nuclear technology to generate electricity. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in February that the three U.S. citizens might be swapped for the



Primary objectives of the Job Duties: Utilize Computer Aided Design software to design plant extension and system rebuilds/upgrade projects. Prepare cost estimates for minor and major plant extensions. Activate and trouble shoot nodes, trouble shoot and correct internet system problems, splice and maintain the Fiber Optic system when necessary. Act as the company’s primary liaison with Residential, Commercial and Multi Dwelling Unit construction developers.

Roles and Responsibilities: Understand and follow all company safety standard and practices including but not limited to: vehicles safety, proper placement of traffic signs and cones. Understand and follows accident reporting procedures. Understand and follows applicable Electric Safety Code rules and regulations Have the ability to troubleshoot and maintain head-end equipment (fiber optic lasers, fiber optic splitters, modulators and RF combination network). Supervise and train field technicians Have the ability to read and interpret, organize, update and maintain complete set(s) of system prints Related to repairs to optimize system faults when necessary. Utilize Signal Level Dsam-3600b meters w/voip/Web Browser and path track field view Must be willing and able to handle special projects Perform all job functions with the appropriate safety measures Must be capable of carrying heavy equipment and climbing 32ft ladders Must be able to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays Have a valid driver’s license and the ability to operate large vehicles in a safe manner Liaise with Express High speed internet-TCT to troubleshoot internet problems

Iran will soon free Sarah Shourd, one of three US hikers the Islamic republic detained more than a year ago, an Iranian diplomat announced on Thursday

release of Iranians jailed in the United States. The mothers, who were allowed a brief visit with their children in Tehran in May, had urged the Iranian authorities to make a gesture of goodwill by releasing them. Iran's decision to release one of the Americans could be a display of Islamic clemency on the occasion of the Eid AlFitr when Muslims celebrate the end of

the holy month of Ramadan. Iran has accused the United States and its European allies of trying to topple the clerical establishment by fomenting unrest that jolted the country after last year's disputed presidential election. Washington has backed Iran's proreform opposition which says the vote was rigged to secure Ahmadinejad's reelection. Iranian authorities have denied the accusation.

Inspect, test and repair cable and fiber equipment at WIV various locations. Verify that repairs are made to the satisfaction of the customers’ and meet company’s standards. Determine the serviceability of residences deemed not serviceable according to the company’s billing database. Communicate the status of serviceability to the customer service department. Prepare costs estimates if construction is necessary to service a residence or commercial establishment Responsible for the coordination of design information exchange and timeliness of construction activities between WIV and developers to ensure construction projects are designed and completed within a timely manner and within established cost guidelines. Prepare bill of materials for supplies and materials required for construction related projects Communicate with and assist field technicians with revisions to strand and design maps of existing cable facilities Drive company vehicle and ensure vehicle is properly maintained Perform other duties in keeping with the position Qualifications and requirements: Education: BSc in Electronics or equivalent Experience: Five years experience related experience and /or training Must have experience in general drafting and the ability to use tools, Instruments, and materials normally used in such activities. Must have extensive knowledge of equipment characteristics, capabilities and limitations. Must have the ability to make sketched diagrams accurately. Skills and workings conditions Excellent communications skills with external and internal customers Must be committed to providing exceptional customers service (both external and internal) at all times. Have the Ability to keep to schedule with minimum supervision. Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where on limited to standardization exists. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral diagram, or schedule form. Proficient in CAD Software and preparation of engineering design and costs estimates for new build, rebuild and upgrade projects. Salary: $45, 600.00 - $50,000.00 per annum Plus Benefits not limited to: Health Insurance Cable and Internet discount Company Saving Plan Contact: WIV Cable TV P.O. Box 73 Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands or fax 9462896 No telephone calls please

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Regret, apology not part of BP's oil spill report



NEW ORLEANS – BP's long-awaited internal report on what it believes went wrong when a rig exploded and started the massive Gulf oil spill never mentions the words blame, regret, apology, mistake or pollution. The word fault shows up 20 times, but only once in the same sentence as the company's name. BP took some of the blame, acknowledging among other things that it misinterpreted a key pressure test of the well that blew out and eventually spewed 206 million gallons of oil into the Gulf. But in a possible preview of its legal strategy, it also pointed the finger — and plenty — at its partners on the doomed rig. The highly technical, 193-page report released Wednesday attributes the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history and the deadly rig explosion that set it off to a complex chain of failures both human and mechanical. Some of those problems have been made public over the past 4 1/2 months, such as the failure of the blowout preventer to clamp the well shut. The report is far from the definitive ruling on the cause of the catastrophe. For one thing, government investigators have not yet begun to fully analyze the blowout preventer, which was raised from the bottom of the sea over Labor Day weekend. But it does provide an early look at the company's probable legal strategy — spreading the blame among itself, rig owner Transocean, and cement contractor Halliburton — as it deals with hundreds of lawsuits, billions of dollars in claims and possible criminal charges in the coming months and years. For Billy Nungesser, president of oil-soaked Plaquemines Parish, the report doesn't change the fact that in his mind the time that has passed since the disaster hasn't made offshore drilling safer. "If they believe painting the rigs yellow would make them safer, stop delaying, give us a bucket of paint and let us get started," Nungesser said of those in power. Critics of BP called the report selfserving. "This report is not BP's mea culpa,"

said Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., a member of a congressional panel investigating the spill. "Of their own eight key findings, they only explicitly take responsibility for half of one. BP is happy to slice up blame as long as they get the smallest piece." The disaster began when the Deepwater Horizon exploded off the coast of Louisiana on April 20, killing 11 workers. BP's well spewed oil into the Gulf for three months before a temporary cap stopped it in mid-July. Members of Congress, industry experts and workers who survived the blast have accused BP's engineers of cutting corners to save time and money on a project that was 43 days and more than $20 million behind schedule at the time of the blast. Nearly 24 hours before the explosion, Halliburton was using cement to seal the gap between the well casing and the hole drilled in the seafloor. It was also cementing the bottom of the well shut until the day BP was ready to begin extracting oil and gas from it. In its report, BP said that it was a bad cementing job that contributed to the blowout and that the design of the well was probably not to blame. It also said "more thorough review and testing by Halliburton" and "stronger quality assurance" by BP's well team might


have identified weaknesses in the plan for cementing. "BP blaming others for the Gulf oil disaster is like Bernie Madoff blaming his accountant," said Robert Gordon, an attorney for fishermen, hotels and restaurants affected by the spill. The report acknowledged, as investigators have previously suggested, that BP's engineers and employees of Transocean misinterpreted a pressure test of the well's integrity before the explosion. They also blamed employees on the rig from both companies for failing to respond to other warning signs that the well was in danger of blowing out. "The team did not identify any single action or inaction that caused this accident," the investigators said. "Rather, a complex and interlinked series of mechanical failures, human judgments, engineering design, operational implementation and team interfaces came together to allow the initiation and escalation of the accident." Mark Bly, who as BP's safety chief led the internal investigation, said the report was a reconstruction of what happened on the rig based on the company's data and interviews with mostly BP employees and was not meant to focus on assigning blame. Transocean blasted the report as a self-serving attempt to conceal what it called the real cause of the explosion —

"BP's fatally flawed well design." Halliburton said it found a number of omissions and inaccuracies in the report and is confident the work it completed on the well met BP's specifications. "Contractors do not specify well design or make decisions regarding testing procedures as that responsibility lies with the well owner," the company said. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs noted "there is an active investigation into what went wrong" and said the administration's job is to find out what happened and hold those responsible accountable. Federal prosecutors are among those investigating. In Wednesday trading in New York, BP stock rose $1.18, or 3.2 percent, to close at $38.37. Investigators know the explosion was triggered by a bubble of methane gas that shot up the drill column and ignited. But they don't know exactly how and why the gas escaped. And they don't know for certain why the blowout preventer didn't work. But in its report, BP said the blowout preventer didn't do its job because it was damaged in the explosion and because it had a bad valve and weak batteries. Transocean, which was responsible for maintaining the blowout preventer, has insisted the batteries were in working order.

Pilots who faked resumes back in the air

BEIJING- Chinese pilots who had lied about their flying experience have been allowed to return to work after they took remedial action to make up their hours, according to the country's aviation watchdog. Chinese media reported this month that a probe in 2008 had found about 200 pilots had falsified elements of their resumes. The Civil Aviation Administration of China said they had found 192 pilots whose "flying experience to different degrees did not accord with reality." Some had their licenses revoked, but others were given the chance to retrain and had been allowed to fly once more, the regulator said in a statement on its website ( late on Wednesday. "Those pilots given compulsory retraining were, after a thorough inspection of their qualifications, allowed to

resume their posts," it said, without naming the airlines involved or how many pilots had been allowed back to work. Following the incident, the regulator said it had tightened procedures to ensure the problem would not happen again, and that it would not tolerate such falsification. The official Xinhua news agency said that with the rapid expansion of the aviation sector in China, "airlines turn a blind eye to fake records since they are happy to see more pilots certified by the administrative agency." China's aviation industry was jolted by an accident in the northeast of the country last month in which 42 people died when a Henan Airlines jet crashed short of the runway. Until that crash, there had been no other major accident as a result of stricter safety rules and relatively young fleets of mainly Western-made aircraft.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s father dies in France British Prime Minister David Cameron's father died on Wednesday after falling ill during a holiday in the south of France. Conservative leader Cameron had flown to his 77-year-old father Ian's hospital bedside earlier in the day after the former stockbroker suffered a stroke and heart problems. Cameron's parents were halfway through a holiday in France when his father suddenly fell ill. "It is with deep regret we can confirm that Ian Cameron died earlier this afternoon. He passed away shortly after the prime minister arrived at the hospital in France where he was undergoing treatment," Cameron's office said in

a statement. French President Nicolas Sarkozy provided a helicopter to take Cameron on the last leg of the journey to the hospital near the Mediterranean port of Toulon after he had flown from London to France. Cameron, who took office in May, said his father had been an inspiration to him. Ian Cameron overcame the handicap of being born with both legs deformed and went on to prosper, sending the future prime minister to Eton, an elite fee-paying school. Cameron, 43, said in an ITV interview in March: "My father is a huge hero figure for me. He is an amazingly brave man because he

was born with no heels -- quite a disability. "But the glass with him was half-full, normally with something alcoholic. I think I got my sense of optimism from him," he added. Cameron was forced to miss a prime minister's question and answer session in parliament on Wednesday, his Liberal Democrat coalition partner and deputy Nick Clegg standing in for him. He had only just returned to work after taking time off following the birth of daughter Florence two weeks ago. She was the Camerons' fourth child. However, their first-born, Ivan, who was severely disabled, died last year at the age of six.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron embraces his father Ian during an election rally in Swindon, south west England, in an April 18, 2010, file photograph

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Florida Pastor calls off Quran-burning event


GAINESVILLE, Florida- The imam proposing to build an Islamic center near the World Trade Center denied a Florida pastor's claim that a deal had been struck to move the project. "I am glad that Pastor Jones has decided not to burn any Qurans," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf issued a statement. "However, I have not spoken to Pastor Jones or Imam Musri (of Florida). I am surprised by their announcement. We are not going to toy with our religion or any other. Nor are we going to barter. We are here to extend our hands to build peace and harmony." At a press conference earlier, the Rev. Terry Jones had said a deal was made, and as a result called off his plan to burn Qurans on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks this Saturday. After the imam's denial, however, Jones spoke to reporters a second time, saying he had been "lied to" but still wanted to meet with Rauf on Saturday. At the first press conference, Jones said he had met with Imam Muhammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida and that Musri had told him that officials would guarantee that the mosque would be moved. "I asked him three times, and I have witnesses," Jones said. "If it's not moved, then I think Islam is a very poor example of religion. I think that would be very pitiful. I do not expect that." But after the first press conference Musri said what he offered was a meeting among Jones, the New York imam and himself to talk about moving the mosque. Musri also thanked Jones and his church members "for making the decision today to defuse the situation and bring to a positive end what has become the world over a spectacle that no one would benefit from except extremists and terrorists" who would use it to recruit future radicals. "We are, of course, now against any other group burning Qurans," Jones said during the first news conference. We would right now ask no one to burn



Pakistani protesters shout slogans as they burn the U.S. flag during a protest in Multan on September 9, 2010. About hundred activists gathered on Thursday to protest against plans by Pastor Terry Jones, an obscure U.S. Protestant church leader, to burn the Koran on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Qurans. We are absolutely strong on that. It is not the time to do it." President Barack Obama earlier implored Jones to call off his Quranburning "stunt," saying it would jeopardize U.S. troops abroad. Obama told ABC's "Good Morning America" in an interview aired Thursday that he hopes the Jones listens to "those better angels." "If he's listening, I hope he understands that what he's proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as Americans," the president said. "That this country has been built on the notion of freedom and religious tolerance." "And as a very practical matter, I just want him to understand that this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women who are in uniform," Obama said. Jones, leader of a small church with about 30 members in Gainesville, had been planning to burn copies of the Islamic holy book on Saturday, the

ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. "Look, this is a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaida," Obama said of the planned burning. "You could have serious violence in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan." The president also said Jones' plan, if carried out, could serve as an incentive for terroristminded individuals "to blow themselves up" to kill others. Jones had said that a call from the Pentagon, State Department or White House might make him reconsider his plan. On Thursday, Jones said Pentagon chief Robert Gates had called him to urge he back off. Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell confirmed the call took place between 4 and 4:30 p.m. ET. "They had a very brief conversation during which he expressed to the pastor his grave concern that going forward would put lives at risk, especially in Iraq and

Afghanistan. And he urged him not to proceed with it," Morrell said. The decision for Gates to make the call was a "collective" one, according to Morrell, but he did not elaborate. "If that phone call could potentially save the life of one man or woman in uniform then it is a call worth placing," he said. Obama has gotten caught up in the burgeoning controversy surrounding the practice of Islam in America, saying at one point that he believed that Muslims had a right to build a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 terror attacks in New York City. Earlier, several members of his administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, had denounced the Quran-burning plan. Also, Army Gen. David Petraeus, the ground commander in Afghanistan, has said the act of burning the Quran could endanger troops fighting there. The State Department is cautioning Americans worldwide that there is a "high potential" for violent antiAmerican demonstrations if the church goes through with its plans. Officials noted that demonstrations have already been reported in Afghanistan and Indonesia and they urged Americans abroad to avoid areas where protesters might gather.


Salary $5.00 per hour Interested person should contact 245-2459

Iran woman’s stoning suspended after global outcry

Iranian authorities have suspended the execution by stoning of a woman convicted of adultery, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday, after weeks of condemnation from around the world. "The verdict regarding the extramarital affairs has stopped and it's being reviewed," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told Iran's state-run English-language Press TV. The statement came a day after European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso called the stoning sentence against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani "barbaric beyond words," the latest in a string of criticisms by foreign powers. She was convicted of adultery -- a capital crime in the Islamic Republic -- in 2006. She also has been charged with involvement in her husband's murder. In a live telephone interview, Mehmanparast said the murder charge was "being investigated for the final verdict to be issued." Adultery is the only crime which carries the penalty of death by stoning under the sharia law which Iran adopted after the 1979 Islamic revolution, a lawyer said. The death penalty for murder in Iran is by

hanging. The lawyer said Ashtiani might receive 15 years' jail if convicted of being an accomplice to murder. At no point in the interview, which was in the Farsi language but was dubbed over by a simultaneous translation into English, did Mehmanparast mention "stoning," referring merely to Ashtiani's "death sentence." "We think that this is a very normal case," he said. "This dossier looks likes many other dossiers that exist in other countries." Human rights campaigners, intellectuals and politicians in Europe, including French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his singer wife Carla Bruni, have taken up Ashtiani's cause. Karim Lahidji, Paris-based president of the Iranian League for the Defense of Human Rights, told France 24 television: "We are very happy with the result of this campaign ... even though, to this day, no decision has been made in a court. "As long as she is not freed, we really don't know if this case is definitely closed." Mehmanparast blamed the United States for stirring the furor to hurt Iran's international image as it faces sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear program.

"It looks like they are playing a political game," he said. "This lady's case that is being followed ... is in direct connection and relation with the soft war that is being waged against Iran and the aim is to create a rift in relations between Iran, Brazil and Turkey." Both Brazil and Turkey have worked diplomatically to try to solve the impasse over the nuclear program which Iran says is entirely peaceful but which the United States and European countries suspect is aimed at making a bomb. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said Iran may return to talks with global powers after the holy month of Ramadan which ends this week. Human rights campaigners had said they feared Ashtiani's execution could be carried out after Ramadan. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva offered asylum to Ashtiani, prompting an embarrassing public rejection of his offer by Iran which said he was a "humane and sensitive character" but was not in possession of all the facts. According to Amnesty International, Iran is second only to China in the number of people it executes. It put to death at least 346 people in 2008.

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More than 400 US Banks Will Fail: Roubini

Even if the US and European economies manage to avoid a double dip, it will still feel like a recession, while more than half of the 800-plus US banks on the "critical list" are likely to go bust, according to renowned economist Nouriel Roubini of Roubini Global Economics. The second half of the year will remain weak as tailwinds become headwinds, Roubini told CNBC on the shores of Lake Como, Italy at the Ambrosetti Forum economics conference. "In the second half, fiscal policy becomes a headwind, no more cash for clunkers," Roubini said. "The positive scenario is that growth will be below par." Roubini recently said the chance of a double-dip recession in the US was now more than 40 percent. "The big risk is that there will be a downturn in markets that could impact the bond, the equity and the credit markets," he said.


Renowned economist Nouriel Roubini of Roubini Global Economics.

“Job losses have been higher, the US jobs number will show that. There is no private sector jobs growth," he said. "Consumption is weak, exports are weak and housing is weak."


"If there is no final sales and no final demand, companies will not invest," he added. Roubini said he believes hopes of decoupling will be dashed as the slowdown in the US impacts China, Japan and the euro zone. "In Europe, Germany is strong but the rest of the continent is pretty dismal," he said. "The rest of the world cannot cope without the prop of the US consumer. Chinese growth in the second half will be 7 percent." “Get used to it," Roubini said. "Deleveraging has to continue as governments and consumers deleverage in the developed world." We have to expect the new normal," he added. "We do not need a double dip for it to feel like recession." “The biggest banks have been backstopped, but 800-plus small- and medium-sized banks in the US remain on the critical list and half of those will go bust," Roubini said. Roubini said corporate and

consumer debt problems will get worse and that there are more problems ahead in the commercial and residential property market. "Policy makers are running out of bullets, the problem is we need fiscal consolidation, fiscal policy is constrained by the debt problem, monetary policy is becoming ineffectual," he said. Roubini, known as Dr. Doom to most and voted as Roubini the Realist by readers, said further quantitative easing is pointless as interest rates are already low. "We are in a liquidity trap and we have insolvency problems," he said. “What we need is credible spending plans over the medium term on health care, welfare and retirement age," Roubini said. "This will create a fiscal constraint lasting well into next year." "The best growth over the next 18 months will come from the domestically-focused Brazil, which will outgrow China for the first time in 20 years," he added.

Many Gulf fishermen reluctant to try their luck

The leaking oil well is capped, the oil is degrading and the coast is clear for fishermen to resume operations, but shrimper Tommy Verdin is not rushing out to sea. Like many other fishermen on the Gulf coast, he's eyeing the economic tides and worrying. "Throughout the time we were out during this oil spill the price (of shrimp) stayed high," said Verdin. "As soon as they reopened, the price bottomed out." When we first met Verdin on Grand Isle, La., in May, he had been forced to dock his 100-foot trawler "Cherish" amid a massive emergency response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. With fishing waters closed, Verdin later got a job running his boat as a "vessel of opportunity" on BP's payroll. But with the cleanup effort waning and Gulf seafood prices in the tank, Verdin is one of many fishermen facing an uncertain future. Gulf seafood industry promoters want fishermen like Verdin back out on the water for the sake of the whole supply chain. But the market has weakened. Some restaurants and buyers now shun Gulf seafood — despite testing that suggests it is safe — so prices have fallen to the point where many fishermen don't see a profit in going out on the water. "The danger is that Gulf seafood could be sort of deselected by default," said Gavin Gibbons, a spokesman for the National Fisheries Institute, a trade association that represents fishermen, processors, importers and retailers of seafood. "You have a producer or processor trying to sell to a restaurant or retailer. If they can't get enough, the restaurant and retailer would remove it from the menu or their offerings. … Then they would have to fight to get back that spot on the menu." Not surprisingly, numbers provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service show that Gulf commercial fishing declined dramatically in the January-June period compared to previous years. Shrimp production was down by every measure — number of

fishermen, trips and volume of fish caught. But after a brief spike in prices before fishing areas closed, the price of shrimp has fallen ominously low. "If we were catching the same amount we caught last year, prices would be much, much lower at the dock," said Harlon Pearce, chairman of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion Board and owner of a fin fish company. "If we had any more production at all (the price) would be dropping into the 70 (to) 80 cent range because there's no market." Numbers are not yet available for July and August, but Pearce estimated that only about one-third of Louisiana fishermen are back out on the water. For Laura Billiot, who has been shrimping with her husband for 40 years, the last few months have been strange. Her husband, Leonard, has been drawing a salary with BP, running their boat out of Leeville, about 10 miles from their home in Golden Meadow. Normally their shrimp boat is parked on the canal just across the road from their home, deep in the southern Louisiana bayou. "It's our lifestyle," she said. "It's what we love to do." Instead, Leonard is hanging on to the oil cleanup job as long as possible. The money has been good — about $1,700 a day for use of their boat and $300 a day wages for Leonard. But the Billiots expect Leonard to be laid off soon, and they're uncertain if they can make ends meet by shrimping. "Our boat holds 200 gallons, at almost $3 a gallon for fuel," Laura said. "That's right off the top. Then ice is like $11 a block … (for) four every two days. You might spend the money to go out and catch some shrimp and you don't know whether you are going to be able to sell it." A question of trust

To get fishermen back out on the water, the seafood promotion board is calling on BP to pay a premium to fishermen at the dock— say an additional 30 cents for every dollar they get for their fish. Pearce said the "Back to the Docks" program would not only lower the risk to fishermen, but also diminish what BP would need to pay in claims later. That effort is being discussed behind closed doors in talks between the state of Louisiana and BP, as part of a broader effort to repair the tattered Louisiana seafood brand. In an April 29 letter, state officials requested a total of $457 million from BP for a longterm safety testing program and marketing to regain public confidence. BP did not respond to a request for comment, but in August, BP spokesman Mark Proegler confirmed the company had received the request and was "in dialogue with state officials on this matter." Pearce, who has been briefed on the talks, said that the total value being discussed now is down to about $175 million and that BP has so far rebuffed the proposal. "Their mood wasn't good," Pearce said, referring to a meeting with BP officials before Labor Day. "They told us that they didn't think we had a branding problem at all." Though they don't like to talk about it, even some fishermen are leery of eating Gulf seafood. Unprecedented testing of the seafood following the oil spill has shown no contamination. But debate continues in some scientific circles about the methods and transparency of the testing. Rumors fly through the fishing community when tarballs or other residue shows up on the shores. "There is this big discussion over here," said Kirk Cheramie, a public radio station director in Golden Meadow. "What I'm hearing is that people still don't trust that the seafood is safe. They are worried that if they go catch it ... and someone gets sick, they will be liable for it." "It's like, do you want to chance it?" Laura Billiot said of selling the shrimp she and her husband catch. "I don't know what to believe. I know we're not eating it.

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Economists further scale back U.S. growth outlook




Still high unemployment, signs of persistent weakness in housing cited

NEW YORK — Stubbornly high unemployment and signs of persistent weakness in the housing market have prompted economists to further cut their outlook for U.S. growth in the second half of the year, a Reuters poll showed on Wednesday. The September poll marked the third consecutive month economists had scaled back expectations for gross domestic product in the second half, and followed the U.S. government's announcement on Friday that unemployment ticked up to 9.6 percent in August. Lower growth expectations means the U.S. Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise interest rates until the third quarter of 2011, according to the poll, not the second quarter as forecast in a poll a month ago. However, the chances of the world's biggest economy falling back into recession have fallen to 20 percent, from 25 percent a month ago. The median of forecasts in a survey of more than 70 economists puts annualized U.S. GDP growth at 1.8 percent in the third quarter of this

year and 2.1 percent in the fourth quarter. A similar poll conducted in early August forecast third-quarter growth at 2.4 percent and fourth-quarter growth at 2.5 percent. A poll taken in July forecast growth of 2.6 percent and 2.7 percent during the respective quarters. Struggling homes sales, weak consumer confidence and the lofty unemployment levels are prompting economists to rein in growth expectations. "The real risk is sub-par growth for an extended period," said Michelle Girard, senior economist at RBS in Stamford, Connecticut. Overall, GDP is forecast to average 2.7 percent in 2010, down from 2.9 percent in the August poll and 3 percent in the July poll. The median of forecasts in the most recent poll was for average GDP growth of 2.4 percent in 2011, down from an August forecast of 2.7 percent and a July forecast of 2.8 percent. The government said on Friday that U.S. employment fell for a third straight month in August, with 54,000

jobs lost during the month. The drop was less than expected, however, and private hiring increased. Still, the lack of substantial job creation troubled some economists. Jonathan Basile, economist at Credit Suisse in New York, said his bank on Friday reduced its expectations for third-quarter GDP to 2 percent from 2.5 percent, and for the fourth quarter to 2.2 percent from 3.2 percent. "There has been a downshift in private jobs growth, and that is consistent with our new forecast which has just been downgraded," Basile said. Fed on hold The slower growth will probably mean the U.S. Federal Reserve will hold recommended interest rates at their current level near zero until at least the second half of next year, according to the results of the poll. The median of forecasts is for the central bank to increase rates to 0.25 percent in the third quarter of 2011 from the current range of zero to 0.25 percent. In the early August poll, the median called for an initial rate

increase to 0.5 percent in the second quarter of 2011. The Fed is now expected to increase interest rates to 0.75 percent in the fourth quarter of next year, down from an original estimate of a hike to 1.25 percent during the quarter. And while growth is expected to slow, the median of forecasts from economists assigns only a 20 percent chance the U.S. will tip into a doubledip recession, down from a 25 percent chance in an August 27 poll. Inflation was also forecast to remain subdued. The third- and fourthquarter consumer price index was forecast at 1.2 percent and 0.9 percent respectively, which were virtually unchanged from the August poll. The overall CPI index was expected to be 1.6 percent higher for 2010, in line with August's forecast. Core CPI, which does not include food or energy costs, was estimated at 1 percent in the third quarter of this year, up from 0.9 percent in the August poll, while fourth-quarter core CPI was pegged at 0.9 percent, which was unchanged from the previous poll.

U.K. watchdog fines Goldman $27 million

One of biggest ever imposed in Britain, fine related Abacus product

LONDON — Britain's financial watchdog slapped a 17.5 million pounds ($27 million) fine on Goldman Sachs on Thursday for inadequate disclosure of a U.S. probe into the Wall Street powerhouse. The fine — one of the biggest ever imposed in Britain — was related to Goldman's troubled Abacus mortgage-security product, which resulted in the investment bank being investigated by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). In July, Goldman agreed to pay $550 million to settle civil fraud charges over how it marketed the Abacus subprime mortgage product, ending months of negotiations that rattled the bank's clients and investors. The Abacus product was marketed by French banker Fabrice Tourre. Tourre, who had dubbed


NEW YORK — Apple says it will publish the guidelines its uses to determine which programs can be sold in its App Store. Thursday's announcement follows two years of complaints from software developers about Apple Inc. using secret and seemingly capricious rules to block some applications. The store has more than 250,000 applications for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. Apple also said it will lift restrictions imposed earlier this year on using third-party development tools.

himself as "Fabulous Fab", denied allegations that he or the bank had misled investors over the highrisk Abacus product. Britain's Financial Services Authority said on Thursday that Goldman had not adequately informed it of the American investigation into the Abacus affair. "Goldman Sachs International did not set out to hide anything, but its defective systems and controls meant that the level and quality of its communications with the FSA fell far below what we expect of an authorized firm," FSA director Margaret Cole said in a statement. In a seven-word response to the FSA fine, a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman said: "We're pleased the matter is resolved." Tourre had marketed the Abacus product back

in 2007 -- towards the height of a bull market run and just before the onset of the credit crisis which rattled markets and caused a huge slump in the value of many mortgage-related debt products. The FSA said Goldman Sachs had failed to notify it of the fact that the SEC had issued socalled "Wells Notices" to the bank and to Tourre himself containing allegations of violations of U.S. securities laws relating to the Abacus product. A Wells Notice is an indication from the SEC staff that they intend to recommend that the SEC should file an enforcement action against the person or entity to whom the notice is addressed. Goldman Sachs shares closed at $147.54 on Wednesday, giving the bank a market capitalization of roughly $80 billion.


This just in from the "strange but probably true" files. Fisherman Raphael Biagini reeled in what is believed to be a 30-pound koi carp in France, where the fish are quite popular. The fish, a vivid orange, looks a great deal like a giant goldfish. Of course, some people may look at the photo and scream, "Fake!" And, indeed, the Web is full of stories of altered photos. However, from what we can tell, a fish this size and this color is possible. According to Ken Peterson, communications director at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this isn't out of the realm of possibility. If a koi has the right amount of food and enough space to grow, he says, there's no telling how big they can get.


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FIFA fair play day co-ed competition

Football enthusiast and players came out in support of FIFA Fair Play Day in the Turks and Caicos Islands over the weekend. The competition, put on by the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA), saw this year’s games take place at the National Academy in Providenciales on Saturday, September 4th - with five (5) teams vying for the grand trophy. FIFA Fair Play Day featured both male and

female players from TCIFA’s U20 and Girls Academies, along seasoned players in 7-a-side friendly games. Not only were the teams’ co-ed, but players participating also represented different levels of skill and ability. The match-ups were impressive, fast moving and hard hitting; with players playing their hearts out on the pitch. It was so much so that there was a three-way tie for Top Goal scorer – which went



to Sayed Hassan, Navar and Ganas, playing for the Purple Haze, Boca Masters and Police Combined teams respectively. Female MVP went to Tina Hinds of the Police Combined team, with MVP Male goring to James Rene from Purple Haze. For the Cup Final, Boca Masters came first, followed by Purple Haze second. In respect of the Plaque Final, the Police Combined placed first, with Hangover Heads second and Digicel TCI taking third. The generic concept of “fair play” is a fundamental part of the game of football. It represents the positive benefits of playing by the rules, using common sense and respecting fellow players, referees, opponents and fans. Fair Play has a fundamental role in sport and there is a need to apply it to all sporting activities, especially children's activities. Of the event, Mrs Sonia Bien-Aime, Secretary General of the TCIFA said that: “the turn out was great. Everyone that came in support of FIFA Fair Play Day whether in the stands or on the pitch demonstrated true sportsmanship, and had respect for the game and each other.” “I am indeed proud to know that we have individuals who not just love the worlds best sport -football, but those that also support the efforts of the TCIFA. We at the Association encourage fair play not only during FIFA Fair Play Day, but at each and every game football players take to the pitch; and we strongly discouraged from any form of poor sportsmanship.” AWARDS: CUP FINAL 1st Place - Boca Masters 2nd Place - Purple Haze 3rd Place - Digicel TCI PLAQUE FINAL 1st Place - Police Combined 2nd Place - Hangover Heads 3rd Place - Digicel TCI TOP GOAL SCORERS Ganess (Police Combined) Navar (Boca Masters) Syed Hassan (Purple Haze) ALL SCORED 5 GOALS MVP Female - Tina Hinds (Police Combined) MVP Male - James Rene (Purple Haze)

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T&T Sports Ministerwants answers from WICB over Ramdin snub


Trinidad and Tobago’s Sports Minister Anil Roberts has called on the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) to explain why it snubbed wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin for a central retainer contract, contending the move could be a major blow to the player’s confidence. Roberts said he had already written to the T&T Cricket Board five days ago asking it to find out from the WICB the reason why the 25-year-old gloveman had been dumped. Ramdin was one of six players not retained by the WICB for central contracts, with Jerome Taylor, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Travis Dowlin, Dave Bernard and Narsingh Deonarine also axed from the 15-man list. “We are playing with people’s careers here and I am saying that every week go by this thing is getting more


Wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin

and more baffling,” Roberts said. “We need some answers and I have


Olympic and World 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser will not serve the mandatory two-year ban after the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) doping review board agreed with the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association (JAAA) tribunal that her offence did not warrant such a punishment. Key to the deliberations were the fact that the substance, though prohibited by the World Anti-Doing Agency, is not a performance enhancement drug (PED) nor is it a masking agent for PEDs. Fraser reportedly took the substance, a morphine-like painkiller, after complaining about a toothache while competing on the circuit. In a release to the media, the JAAA noted: "The hearing into the adverse analytical finding involving Shelly-Ann Fraser reconvened on Tuesday, September 7, having been suspended in accordance with the IAAF Rule 38.19. Rule 38.19 states: "If, having examined the evidence presented, the relevant tribunal considers that there are circumstances in the athlete's case which may be exceptional/special, if the case involves an international-level athlete, it shall: (a) refer the matter to the doping review board (via the general secretary), together with all material and/or evidence which, in its view, demonstrates the exceptional nature of the circumstances; and (b) invite the athlete and/or his national federation to support the referral of the relevant tribunal or to make independent submissions in support of such referral; and (c) adjourn the hearing of the Athlete's case pending the Doping Review Board's determination on exceptional/special circumstances. The athlete's provisional suspension shall remain in place pending the receipt of the doping review board's determination on exceptional/special circumstances." The release continued: "The tribunal was of the view that there were circumstances in the athlete's case which may be exceptional and special and therefore referred the case to the IAAF's doping review board for determination. The doping board has now replied that they have agreed with the tribunal that special circumstances are met for a reduction of sanction in the athlete's case from two years." It is now up to the local authorities to determine the length or type of punishment that the double champion will be faced with but it is now certain that she will not be sitting out the next two years as some had feared. Fraser was the eighth Jamaican to test positive for illegal substances in the last two years.

gone through the right channels to get an answer, to see what we can do to assist the boys. “Being a coach, I can tell you that this action can only lead to destroying a player’s confidence. I read where they said that they are hoping the players get motivation from this and fight to get back on retainer. “This is absolute stupidness. How can you take away confidence and hope to inspire motivation.” Ramdin has struggled in recent times with the bat, averaging a measly 15 from his last 11 Test innings and also gathering a mere 159 runs from a similar number of innings in One-Day Internationals. In its rationale for overlooking Ramdin, the WICB said the selection committee had considered the Trinidadian’s recent performances “less

Page 43 than favourable”. The board was careful to stress, however, that holding a central retainer contract was not a prerequisite for selection to the West Indies side. But Roberts said the WICB had handled the Ramdin issue badly, noting that earlier attempts should have been made to remedy the player’s game. “Obviously Ramdin’s problem is his batting because he is the best gloveman in the Caribbean,” the government minister said. “If this is his problem, what did the WICB do in terms of extra coaching to have him rectify his problems? They wait until the man reaches a certain point and then discard him from their retainer list. “Also, I would like to know who they are comparing in the region to Ramdin right now. Are they going to compare those regional first class wicketkeepers to Ramdin, when he has been battling with the likes of Brett Lee and Muttiah Muralitharan on the world scene.” Ramdin currently averages 22 from 42 Tests and 19 from 81 ODIs.

Captaincy row brewing again?

It is unclear as to who will captain Jamaica at next month's regional West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) President's Cup one-day tournament, which will be held here from October 12-24. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, West Indies captain, Chris Gayle, has been recommended by the national selection committee for the post. However, despite the recent naming of a 23-member training squad, the board of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) is yet to ratify the recommendation. Gayle, who is one of five specialist openers named in what is a relatively strong squad, was recommended ahead of regular four-day and recently appointed Twenty20 captain, Tamar Lambert. Lambert, who is one of six specialist middle-order batsmean in the squad, led Jamaica to a historic third consecutive hold on the prestigious regional four-day title earlier this year. He was, however, unsuccessful in his pursuit to guide Jamaica to a title success in the inaugural Caribbean Twenty20 tournament held recently in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados, where Jamaica ended a miserable fourth despite boasting a very strong team. The issue of captaincy is somewhat a major concern for the team as, according to JCA president, Paul Campbell, it may have been one of the reasons for Jamaica's showing at the Twenty20 tournament. "That is what I am picking up, that there were some issues around that (captaincy)," Campbell told the media shortly after the tournament. "I could not say that was the main issue, or the only issue, but I have been told by one or two players that there were two teams playing there. That's their interpretation ... that is the players speaking," he added at the time. Nehemiah Perry, former chaiman of the selection committee, had resigned prior to the team's departure for the Twenty20 tournament due to issues relating to the appointment of Lambert for the Twenty20 tournament. The squad, in the meantime, which

includes no major surprises, has Jamaica Defence Force left-arm seamer, Sheldon Cotterell, as its only newcomer. Cotterell, who is one of five specialist fast bowlers in the squad, has been a standout for the soldiers in local competitions in recent years. However, his first call-up to the national squad in July was curtailed by the army men's involvement in the recent Tivoli Gardens incursion. The squad is quite strong, with 12 of the players having represented the West Indies or West Indies 'A' teams. They include Gayle, the current Windies skipper; Xavier Marshall, Brenton Parchment, Donovan Pagon, Marlon Samuels, Wavell Hinds, Brendan Nash, David Bernard Jr, Carlton Baugh Jr, Odean Brown, Andrew Richardson and Andre Russell. The squad also boasts three returnees, two of whom were members of Manchester Lions' victorious two-day Super League team, and one member from Jamaica's Under-19 contingent, which failed to defend the regional double in St Lucia recently. The returnees are batsman Donovan Sinclair and pace bowlers Stephan Patterson and Jason Dawes, while the Under-19 player is West Indies Under-19 all-rounder, Jermaine Blackwood, who also bowls off spin. The squad will start training next week, following which a series of trial matches will be held. It will then be cut to 18, after which the captain will be named. The captain will then form part of the selection panel for the final squad of 14 or 16 players for the tournament.

SQUAD: Christopher Gayle, Tamar Lambert, Xavier Marshall, Brenton Parchment, Danza Hyatt, Donovan Pagon, Marlon Samuels, Wavell Hinds, Brendan Nash, Jermaine Blackwood, David Bernard Jr, Donovan Sinclair, Horace Miller, Carlton Baugh Jr, Bevon Brown, Odean Brown, Andrew Richardson, Stephan Patterson, Jason Dawes, Sheldon Cotterell, Andre Russell, Krishmar Santokie, David Powell.

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Police to question Pakistan bowler Wahab Riaz

Pakistan fast bowler Wahab Riaz will be questioned by police on Tuesday in relation to allegations of corruption. The 25-year-old made his debut in The Oval Test against England and also played in the match at Lord's. Pakistan trio Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir have already given police statements. They have been accused of spot fixing during the Test series but have not been charged by the police and are expected to return to Pakistan. "Since the players have not been charged we have informed Scotland Yard that they will be travelling back to Pakistan within the next few days," said Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt. However, the trio have been


charged and provisionally suspended by the International Cricket Council's AntiCorruption and Security Unit. The allegations first appeared on 29 August in the News of the World newspaper, which accused skipper Salman Butt, Asif and Amir of accepting money in return for bowling deliberate no-balls. Riaz took 5-63 in the first innings of his debut and claimed seven wickets in total in his two Test matches, bowling seven wides and 13 no-balls. "We have arranged for his interview as we will continue to co-operate and we want to get to the bottom of the matter," added Ijaz Butt of Riaz's forthcoming interview. The PCB chief was speaking at a news conference in Lahore, Pakistan,

Jaguar dumps swimmer after anti-gay tweet

Stephanie Rice of Australia

SYDNEY– Luxury car maker Jaguar has cut its sponsorship of star Australia swimmer Stephanie Rice, a triple Olympic gold medalist, after she sent a tweet using an anti-gay slur. Rice, 22, tweeted "Suck on that f--gots" after Australia's rugby union team, the Wallabies, defeated South Africa's Springboks on Saturday. The swimmer, who won both individual medleys at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and was part of Australia's victorious 4x200 freestyle team, later apologized and removed the comment. "I made a comment on Twitter on Saturday night in the excitement of the moment. I did not mean to cause offence and I apologize," she wrote in a blog on her website. But Jaguar Australia general manager Kevin Goult announced that his company has withdrawn its sponsorship. "Jaguar Australia today terminated its relationship with Stephanie Rice, who has been an ambassador for the Jaguar brand in Australia since the start of 2010," he said in a statement released late Monday. A company spokeswoman confirmed the statement but declined to give any further details on the terms of Rice's agreement. Local media reported that Rice would be losing the late-model A$100,000-plus Jaguar that she has been driving since striking the deal. The loss of a sponsor comes after Rice withdrew from the Australian squad for the Delhi Commonwealth Games after pain in her shoulder convinced her to have surgery sooner rather than after the October Games as originally intended. Rice is also sponsored by Sunrice foods and underwear company Davenport which released a statement saying it did not condone Rice's comment but made no announcement about withdrawing its support for her.


but team manager Yawar Saeed revealed on Thursday that he had not been informed about Riaz's forthcoming police interview. Pakistan are scheduled to play England in five one-day international matches, starting at Durham on Friday. "I don't know about this but I am sure they will tell me if it's true," stated Saeed. "Unless he's dropped, he will play. If I'm told 'don't play X, Y, Z', they won't play. If I'm not told, I'll select the best team, but I've not been told anything. Let's wait." Meanwhile, the ICC has informed wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal that he is under investigation in relation to Pakistan's matches at the ICC World Twenty20 tournament, which took place in the West Indies in April and May.

Pakistan fast bowler Wahab Riaz





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BOSTON – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in a two-car accident near his home Thursday morning, but was unhurt and hours later practiced as usual with his team just days before the season opener. The crash at an intersection in Boston's Back Bay area knocked over a light pole and sent a passenger in the other vehicle to the hospital with injuries that were serious but not considered life-threatening, officials said. A witness told The Associated Press that the twotime Super Bowl MVP was approaching the intersection on a green light when his Audi collided with a minivan. No charges have been filed. Patriots coach Bill Belichick told the team about the accident before practice and said Brady might be a bit late, linebacker Tully Banta-Cain said. "I was hoping, obviously, that he was OK, but I saw him walking in. He had a smile on his face, no abrasions, so I think he's fine," Banta-Cain said. The Patriots open their season at home Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Brady remains in talks with the Patriots about a contract extension and is entering the final year of his current contract — a sixyear, $57.3 million deal. "I want to thank the safety personnel for their service, and express our concern and support for the well-being of the occupants of the other vehicle," Brady's agent, Don Yee, said in a statement.

Toronto police turn over Clemens documents


TORONTO – Police searched the offices of the Toronto Blue Jays and turned over documents in connection with the perjury case against seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens. Two officers executed the search in June and assisted the U.S. Justice Department by forwarding the two boxes they obtained, police spokesman Const. Tony Vella said Thursday. Vella called it a U.S. investigation and said the Blue Jays cooperated with the court order. He declined to say if medical records were obtained. Clemens pleaded not guilty last month to charges of lying to Congress about whether he used steroids or human growth hormone. Federal prosecutors didn't believe Clemens' testimony to Congress, and they subsequently charged him with making false statements, perjury and obstruction of Congress. Clemens won Cy Young Awards in Toronto in 1997 and 1998. Most of the accusations against Clemens are based on the word of Brian McNamee, once the Blue Jays' strength and conditioning coach. At Clemens' arraignment last week, government attorney Steven Durham said there was "voluminous" scientific evidence that needed to be reviewed before the trial could start, tentatively in April. That presumably includes the syringes McNamee alleges he used to inject the pitcher with drugs. It might also include information from the documents received from the Blue Jays. "We do not comment about matters pending before courts other than to confirm that it is our policy to comply with all valid legal process," Blue

Caicos Television Holding Ltd


Caicos Television Holdings Ltd dba WIV Cable TV seeks a qualified individual for the position of Technical Director for the Turks and Caicos Islands. This individual shall have at a minimum the following experience and abilities:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: • Ensure that all corporate policy and procedures are adhered to and hold employees accountable • Have ability to convey reports to senior management both oral and written • Ensure systems have adequate processes to so that inventory, quality control, safety, training employee relations administration is ongoing and meets company standards • Previous experience implementing training programs • Previous experience negotiating program content agreements • Develop criteria for effective On the Job training with designated coaches and system trainers and monitors the progress of certified trainers and coaches • Previous experience implementing training programs, while working closely with Human Resources to develop people and provide on-going employment incentives E• vidence of previous forecasting, budgeting and P&L reconciliation responsibilities in similar sized operation


Jays spokesman Jay Stenhouse said. Clemens is facing three counts of making false statements, two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of Congress. The 48-year-old pitcher has promised all along to fight the charges. If convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, though under U.S. sentencing guidelines, he probably would get no more than 15 to 21 months in prison. Any conviction, however, could damage his reputation, future earnings and chances of election to baseball's Hall of Fame. Clemens had come to Congress after being mentioned repeatedly in the Mitchell Report — the damning breakdown of the sport's steroid problem released in 2007. Two months later, in front of a House committee, Clemens said: "Let me be clear. I have never taken steroids or HGH." McNamee testified that the pitcher did, in fact, use steroids and HGH. McNamee also worked with Clemens when he was with the New York Yankees. Former teammate Andy Pettitte also told congressional investigators that Clemens told him he had used HGH. Clemens said Pettitte "misremembers" the conversation. Clemens ranks ninth on the career list with 354 victories and was an 11-time All-Star. During a 23year career that ended in 2007, he played for the Boston Red Sox, the Blue Jays, the Yankees and the Houston Astros. He left Boston and joined Toronto in 1997 after Boston's general manager at the time, Dan Duquette, said the pitcher was in the "twilight" of his career.

• Operating knowledge of AUTO CAD software • Operating knowledge of LODE Data design software • Operating knowledge of Acturna Sweep system • Knowledge of satellite systems operations • Experienced in system proof of performance and certification • Experienced in MDU design and construction • Experienced in Fiber Optic cable design and construction • Operating experience with IPTV platform • Experienced in CMTS operation • Experienced in Fleet management • Protect company assets at all times • Pass company required drug test • International purchasing and shipping experience Qualifications: • Bachelor Degree in Engineering or technical certifications equivalent; or experience of operating a comparable sized systems at a Senior Level in the region (10,000 or more customers) • Minimum of 15 years experience in CATV operations at Senior Level • Minimum 10 years experience in CATV construction project management Salary:

$72,000.00 per annum Plus Benefits not limited to: Health Insurance Cable and Internet Use of company vehicle Contact:

WIV Cable P.O. Box 679 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands or Fax: 649-946-4790


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TCI BANK DECISION BY SEPT. 22 Burnt copies of a document containing amendments which British consultant Kate Sullivan recommended to the Tur...