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NIB to cut Pensions ...Cont’d




“In 2007, a ministerial directive was implemented without being legally sanctioned and pensioners between July 2007 and October 2010 were granted a 15% increase in Retirement, Invalidity, Disablement and Survivor’s Pensions that they weren’t legally entitled to receive. This pension increase will be reduced by 7.5 percent,” Heartwell said. The adjustment, according to Heartwell, will impact approximately 242 beneficiaries across the islands. Similarly, the NIB said it will also halt the collection of voluntary contributions by non-residents, since that could open the door for what it termed as abuse of the system. According to Heartwell, contributors are qualified for pension payment after ten years paying into the NIB. And knowing this, a number of non-residents who once worked under ten years in the Turks and Caicos

Islands, were still making what are called voluntary contributions with the

aim of qualifying for pensions. “That is not the standard process

of operating in the region. Normally, a person has to live in the country to qualify for making voluntary contributions. So if you work for ten years in the country, you automatically entitled, wherever you live in the world (for pension), and many pensioners that we have are not living here; they are living in other areas. “Those people who have not yet met the minimum requirements to receive a pension, can under the current law, make voluntary contributions to bring their total years of contribution to ten years. We are going to eliminate that loophole for people who are living abroad and didn’t qualify. “So, it is going to be only for those people living in the country, who haven’t made, and then, they can make voluntary contributions to bring their total to 10 years.” According to Heartwell, this group of contributors living overseas has seen some growth over the years, saying that it could pose a potential risk for abuse. He noted that the contributions collected from persons living abroad and not qualified under the new regime, will be used to benefit contributors living in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The United Nations must renew its commitment to ensure that the world’s 16 remaining non-self-governing territories, home collectively to nearly two million people, are able to exercise their right to self-determination, said the Foreign Minister of Malawi said recently. Addressing the final day of the General Assembly’s annual general debate, Malawian Foreign Minister Arthur Peter Mutharika said “the continuation of colonialism in any form is therefore counter-productive to social, economic and cultural development.” While Mr. Mutharika paid tribute to the UN’s decolonization efforts, given that almost 750 million people

lived in non-self-governing territories when the Organization was founded in 1945, he stressed that “there is still a long way to go. Our task is not finished. The many commitments we have made in the past need to be fulfilled.” The 16 territories on the list today are: Western Sahara; Anguilla; Bermuda; British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; Falkland Islands (Malvinas); Montserrat; St. Helena; Turks and Caicos Islands; United States Virgin Islands; Gibraltar; American Samoa; Guam; New Caledonia; Pitcairn; and Tokelau. Mr. Mutharika noted that the start of the Third International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism, which runs from 2011 to 2021, makes the case

for self-determination more urgent than ever. But he also commended administering powers which had provided an opportunity for people in their non-self-governing territories to freely choose their destiny.

The Foreign Minister called on the UN’s Special Committee on Decolonization, also known as the Committee of 24, “to pursue genuine dialogue aimed at finding fresh and more creative ways to eradicate colonialism.”

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Director for the National Insurance Board (NIB) Colin Heartwell

Renewed calls for decolonization at the UN

UK MINISTER ANNOUNCES LOTTERY MONEY FOR UK OVERSEAS TERRITORIES THE HON MR HENRY Bellingham MP, the UK’s Minister for Overseas Territories (OSTs) visited Bermuda on recently and held a press conference in which he said that he is seeking to pass on some of the benefits of Britain’s National Lottery to the Overseas Territories. Some of this money could reach the Falklands. With some £1.5 Billion in the Lottery fund, the Minister indicated that some of the money could be used to promote sport and other activities amongst the UK Overseas Territories’ widespread residents totaling some 280,000. “It seems to me grossly unfair that the citizens of these Territories who have British passports, that they are keen to retain the link with Britain and it seems to me quite wrong and anomalous that they can’t enjoy the benefits of the Lottery.” Serious negotiations between the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, and the Lottery Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund, would be needed to secure the dosh but the Minister said that he viewed this project as a priority. Overseas Territories this would help are: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St Helena and St Helena Dependencies, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, The Turks & Caicos Islands.








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DOMINO tournament


September 30th to October 22nd Compete for the official crown of National Domino Champions!


alifying R u Q s o ic a C le , 2011 North & Midd th 0 3 r e b m Friday, Septe 9:00pm to m p 0 :0 6 KJ Foods, g Round in y lif a u Q s o South Caic th, 2011 7 r e b to c O , Friday 9:00pm to m p 0 :0 6 , s Kisa Service Round g in y lif a u Q Grand Turk 5th, 2011 1 r e b to c O , Saturday to 6:00pm m p 0 :0 2 , h eac Governor’s B ship Round n io p m a h C und and o R g in y lif a u sQ nd, 2011 2 2 r e b Providenciale to c O Saturday, 6:00pm to m p 0 :0 2 , ack’s Horse Eye J

Keep up with all the action on RTC as they broadcast each event live on the radio!


Register for $20 at any Islandcom Retail or Dealer Location. Call 431-0002 for more information.

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New Chief Justice and two female judges appointed

For the first time in history, two women will be sitting as High Court Judges in the Turks and Caicos Islands. They are current Chief Magistrate of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Hon. Joan Joyner and Hon. Margaret Ramsay-Hale, who is presently the Chief Magistrate in the Cayman Islands. They were recently appointed along with new Chief Justice Hon. Edwin Goldsbrough, by Governor Ric Todd. According to a Government statement, the Governor has agreed to the recommendation of the Judicial Services Commission that with the appointment of Hon Justice Richard Williams to the Grand Court of Cayman Islands; the impending retirement of the current Chief Justice in November 2011; and an additional judge being required for the Judiciary to meet workload demands, there is an immediate requirement for the appointment of three new Judges to the Turks and Caicos Supreme Court Bench. The recruitment process has been ongoing over the summer months, and the positions were widely advertised. Applications were received from a large number of well qualified applicants, and, following interviews of the short listed candidates, the Judicial Service Commission has recommended to the Governor that the following appointments are made: Chief Justice Hon Justice Edwin Goldsbrough,

Hon Justice Joan Joyner

Supreme Court Judges Hon Justice Joan Joyner and Hon Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale. Justices Goldsbrough and Ramsay-Hale are expected to take up their respective positions in early November, and Justice Joyner will commence shortly thereafter. Hon Justice Edwin Goldsbrough was born and educated in England. He was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 1980 and obtained a post graduate Diploma in Business Administration in 1988. Having worked in courts administration in England for some years, he worked abroad in various judicial and advisory roles. These included advising on the establishment of the Judicial College of Zimbabwe and the training of newly appointed

Hon Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale

Judges, training officer and Senior Crown Counsel on St Helena, Supreme Court and Appeal Court Judge of the Republic of Vanuatu and, for the last six years, High Court Judge, Head of the Civil Division and acting President of the Court of Appeal of Solomon Islands. He also chaired the National Judiciary IT working group and devised and delivered training on new legislation for judicial officers. Justice Goldsbrough has been acting as a Supreme Court Judge on Providenciales since Justice Richard Williams left to take up his appointment in Cayman Islands. Hon Justice Joan Joyner is well known as the present Chief Magistrate of Turks and Caicos Islands and has also served in this jurisdiction as Senior Crown Counsel and Resident Magistrate. Justice Joyner was called to the Jamaica bar in 1982 having qualified in law from the University of the West Indies and the Norman Manley Law School. She had already obtained a BA in English at the Marquette University, Milwaukee. She has been admitted as an attorney to the Jamaica and Texas bars. After working in various legal roles in Jamaica, Justice Joyner worked in TCI as Senior Crown Counsel followed by Director of Public Prosecutions in St Kitts-Nevis

Hon Justice Edwin Goldsbrough

and Senior Crown Counsel in BVI. After a short period in private practice in Texas, she was appointed Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Dominica before her appointment as Resident Magistrate on Grand Turk. She was appointed Chief Magistrate in 2008 when Justice Richard Williams was made a judge of the Supreme Court. Hon Margaret Ramsay-Hale is from Jamaica where she was educated until attending school in England to take her GCE A-levels. She obtained a BSc in Economics at the London School of Economics and a LLB from the University of the West Indies. Following completing her legal education at the Norman Manley Law School in 1991, she entered private practice in London chambers before returning to the Caribbean in 1994. Justice Ramsay-Hale has been Crown Counsel, Judge of the Family Court and Resident Magistrate in Jamaica before she moved to Cayman Islands as Magistrate in 1998. She was appointed Chief Magistrate in 2008 and has acted a Judge of the Grand Court. She had been guest law lecturer in Cayman Islands and the United States. She is, at present, the Caribbean regional member of the Council of the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association.

Caribbean consider electronic monitoring

The Turks & Caicos Islands, Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, and Virgin Islands are considering the use of electronic monitoring devices to increase supervision of low-risk criminal offenders. Representatives of the four states were in the Cayman Islands last week to get first-hand knowledge of how the system works. Officials in Grand Cayman said the magistrate, police sergeant, prison chief, and chief probation officer were fitted with the devices for 24 hours to assessment the system’s capability. This was part of a three- day factfinding mission sponsored by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, FCO. “This visit to Grand Cayman was an excellent opportunity for officials from other Overseas Territories

to look at the Cayman experience of setting up an offender electronic monitoring system,” said FCO Prison Reform Coordinator for the Overseas Territories, Steve Fradley, who helped coordinate the visit. "All those who came to Cayman have been extremely impressed with everything they have seen and the visit has served to improve links and working relationships between the various agencies in the criminal justice field. Pilot projects on electronic monitoring will now take place in various territories over the next few months.” The electronic monitoring system on the Grand Cayman is run jointly by the Department of Public Safety's Electronic Monitoring Centre and The Security Centre Ltd.

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For all of his years in the spotlight at the helm of Apple, Steve Jobs in many ways remains an inscrutable figure — even in his death. Fiercely private, Jobs concealed most specifics about his personal life, from his curious family life to the details of his battle with pancreatic cancer — a disease that ultimately claimed him on Wednesday, at the age of 56. While the CEO and co-founder of Apple steered most interviews away from the public fascination with his private life, there's plenty we know about Jobs the person, beyond the Mac and the iPhone. If anything, the obscure details of his interior life paint a subtler, more nuanced portrait of how one of the finest technology minds of our time grew into the dynamo that we remember him as today. 1. EARLY LIFE AND CHILDHOOD Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955. He was adopted shortly after his birth and reared near Mountain View, California by a couple named Clara and Paul Jobs. His adoptive father — a term that Jobs openly objected to — was a machinist for a laser company and his mother worked as an accountant. Later in life, Jobs discovered the identities of his estranged parents. His birth mother, Joanne Simpson, was a graduate student at the time and later a speech pathologist; his biological father, Abdulfattah John Jandali, was a Syrian Muslim who left the country at age 18 and reportedly now serves as the vice president of a Reno, Nevada casino. While Jobs reconnected with Simpson in later years, he and his biological father remained estranged. 2. COLLEGE DROPOUT The lead mind behind the most successful company on the planet never graduated from college, in fact, he didn't even get close. After graduating from high school in Cupertino, California — a town now synonymous with 1 Infinite Loop, Apple's headquarters — Jobs enrolled in Reed College in 1972. Jobs stayed at Reed (a liberal arts university in Portland, Oregon) for only one semester, dropping out quickly due to the financial burden the private school's steep tuition placed on his parents. In his famous 2005 commencement speech to Stanford University, Jobs said of his time at Reed: "It wasn't all romantic. I didn't have a dorm room, so I slept on the floor in friends' rooms, I returned coke bottles for the 5 cent deposits to buy food with, and I would walk the seven miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple." 3. FIBBED TO HIS APPLE CO-FOUNDER ABOUT A JOB AT ATARI Jobs is well known for his innovations in personal computing, mobile tech, and software, but he also helped create one of the best known video games of all-time. In 1975, Jobs was tapped by Atari to work on the Pong-like game Breakout. He was reportedly offered $750 for his development work, with the possibility of an extra $100 for each chip eliminated from the game's final design. Jobs recruited Steve Wozniak (later one of Apple's other founders) to help him with the challenge. Wozniak managed to whittle the prototype's design down so much that Atari paid out a $5,000 bonus — but Jobs kept the bonus for himself, and paid his

unsuspecting friend only $375, according to Wozniak's own autobiography. 4. THE WIFE HE LEAVES BEHIND Like the rest of his family life, Jobs kept his marriage out of the public eye. Thinking back on his legacy conjures images of him commanding the stage in his trademark black turtleneck and jeans, and those solo moments are his most iconic. But at home in Palo Alto, Jobs was raising a family with his wife, Laurene, an entrepreneur who attended the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Wharton business school and later received her MBA at Stanford, where she first met her future husband. For all of his single-minded dedication to the company he built from the ground up, Jobs actually skipped a meeting to take Laurene on their first date: "I was in the parking lot with the key in the car, and I thought to myself, 'If this is my last night on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman?' I ran across the parking lot, asked her if she'd have dinner with me. She said yes, we walked into town and we've been together ever since." In 1991, Jobs and Powell were married in the Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite National Park, and the marriage was officiated by Kobin Chino, a Zen Buddhist monk. 5. HIS SISTER IS A FAMOUS AUTHOR Later in his life, Jobs crossed paths with his biological sister while seeking the identity of his birth parents. His sister, Mona Simpson (born Mona Jandali), is the well-known author of Anywhere But Here — a story about a mother and daughter that was later adapted into a film starring Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon. After reuniting, Jobs and Simpson developed a close relationship. Of his sister, he told a New York Times interviewer: "We're family. She's one of my best friends in the world. I call her and talk to her every couple of days.'' Anywhere But Here is dedicated to "my brother Steve." 6. CELEBRITY ROMANCES In The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, an unauthorized biography, a friend from Reed reveals that Jobs had a brief fling with folk singer Joan Baez. Baez confirmed the the two were close "briefly," though her romantic connection with Bob Dylan is much better known (Dylan was the Apple icon's favorite musician). The biography also notes that Jobs went out with actress Diane Keaton briefly. 7. HIS FIRST DAUGHTER When he was 23, Jobs and his high school girlfriend Chris Ann Brennan conceived a daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs. She was born in 1978, just as Apple began picking up steam in the tech world. He and Brennan never married, and Jobs reportedly denied paternity for some time, going as far as stating that he was sterile in court documents. He went on to father three more children with Laurene Powell. After later mending their relationship, Jobs paid for his first daughter's education at Harvard. She graduated in 2000 and now works as a magazine writer. 8. ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE In a few interviews, Jobs hinted at his early

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Senior Editor: Vivian Tyson Web Designer: Patrina Moore-Pierre Graphics Editor: Joleen Grant Office Manager: Dominique Rigby Distribution Manger: Kelano Howell Advertising and Marketing ManagerPatrina Moore-Pierre

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We are committed to excellence in journalism, educating and informing our readers, serving and satisfying our advertisers and assisting in the overall development of the Turks and Caicos Islands. experience with the psychedelic drug LSD. Of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Jobs said: "I wish him the best, I really do. I just think he and Microsoft are a bit narrow. He'd be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger." The connection has enough weight that Albert Hofmann, the Swiss scientist who first synthesized (and took) LSD, appealed to Jobs for funding for research about the drug's therapeutic use. In a book interview, Jobs called his experience with the drug "one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life." As Jobs himself has suggested, LSD may have contributed to the "think different" approach that still puts Apple's designs a head above the competition. Jobs will forever be a visionary, and his personal life also reflects the forward-thinking, alternative approach that vaulted Apple to success. During a trip to India, Jobs visited a well-known ashram and returned to the U.S. as a Zen Buddhist. Jobs was also a pescetarian who didn't consume most animal products, and didn't eat meat other than fish. A strong believer in Eastern medicine, he sought to treat his own cancer through alternative approaches and specialized diets before reluctantly seeking his first surgery for a cancerous tumor in 2004 . 9. HIS FORTUNE As the CEO of the world's most valuable brand, Jobs pulled in a comically low annual salary of just $1. While the gesture isn't unheard of in the corporate world — Google's Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt all pocketed the same 100 penny salary annually — Jobs has kept his salary at $1 since 1997, the year he became Apple's lead executive. Of his salary, Jobs joked in 2007: "I get 50 cents a year for showing up, and the other 50 cents is based on my performance." In early 2011, Jobs owned 5.5 million shares of Apple. After his death, Apple shares were valued at $377.64 — a roughly 43-fold growth in valuation over the last 10 years that shows no signs of slowing down. He may only have taken in a single dollar per year, but Jobs leaves behind a vast fortune. The largest chunk of that wealth is the roughly $7 billion from the sale of Pixar to Disney in 2006. In 2011, with an estimated net worth of $8.3 billion, he was the 110th richest person in the world, according to Forbes. If Jobs hadn't sold his shares upon leaving Apple in 1985 (before returning to the company in 1996), he would be the world's fifth richest individual. While there's no word yet on plans for his estate, Jobs leaves behind three children from his marriage to Laurene Jobs (Reed, Erin, and Eve), as well as his first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

Copper wire theft on the rise in TCI




By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

THE ROYAL TURKS and Caicos Islands Police now have another fight on their hands, that of the stealing of copper wire from pubic and private enterprises, and which some said could be linked to the fledgling scrap metal export trade. A number of other countries in the West Indies have recently been grappling with this problem with three of them having to shut down such industries to make way for proper regulation, due to widespread theft of metals that have were threatening a number of other industries. The local police said the stealing of copper wire has become a new course in the country and ways are being devised to tackle the problem. The nature of the report suggests that the trend has been taking place on more than one island. “The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police have identified an emerging crime trend on our islands as it relates to the theft of copper wire. Although this activity has been ongoing throughout the Caribbean where hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of copper are reported stolen yearly, it has now found its way to the Turks and Caicos Islands,’ the report said. Countries which are placed a ban on the scrap metal export trade are the Bahamas, Jamaica and Guyana. All three countries have reported millions of United States Dollars worth of

The local police said the stealing of copper wire has become a new course in the country

metal, including copper wire has been stolen to by individuals as part of the trade. In some of these countries metal reportedly stolen included railway lines, water pipes, telephone cables, bridges, road signs and gates. Reports are that even handles from exhumed coffins were vandalised by scrap metal thieves to sell to rogue dealers for export. In Jamaica, Government reported that thieves, hoping to cash in on the lucrative international trade in scrap metals, removed more than J$1-billion worth of metals from businesses, private residences as well as state property, in three years, with scant regard for their importance to national

Page 7

safety and commerce. In the countries affected, the entities hardest hit by the scrap metal exports are cable TV operators, landline telephone companies, power companies, the rail service, producers of cement and sugar, as well as bauxite companies. While the Bahamas said the ban on scrap medal would be temporary, a permanent ban has been placed on the export of copper. However, Jamaica and Guyana said an indefinite acrossthe-board ban has been placed on the entire industry until lawmakers arrive at a suitable regulation of the trade. In some of these countries theft of copper wire had resulted in the

interference of service among a number of major industries due to the disruption of their utility supplies. In an effort to ensure that the local scrap metal trade does not get out of hand as to the level of its Caribbean neighbours, the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police are asking the public to exercise vigilance and report any suspicious persons or activities seen on or near their properties. “The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police are asking the public to come forward with any information they may have in relation to this type of activity. Contact can be made by contacting the Police Service directly, calling 911 or utilizing Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-TIPS (8477), or be sending an encrypted web tip on or friend Crime Stoppers Turks & Caicos on Facebook,” the statement said. No reports if arrest in that area were reported by the police.


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NIB to raise benefits

month. Such increase, according However, he said that the NIB pay contributions and are therefore to Heartwell, will benefit roughly has decided that, in an age of equal not covered for Employment Injury Come January 1, 2012, scores of 73 percent of pensioners across the employment opportunities, the Benefit. Under the new regime, qualifying criteria for this benefit they will be required to make a retired and disabled persons are Turks and Caicos Islands. Maternity grant will increase should also be synchronized, and contribution rate of 1.2% of their to their monthly disbursements increased, while others are to get from $400.00 to $500.00 per child. thereby making amending to the weekly wages for coverage. The 6th Triennial Actuarial increased grants in other areas, thanks Funeral grant will increase from eligibility age to 50 for both Widow $800.00 to $1,300.00 for dependants; Review, to arrive at the impending and Widower’s Pensions. to an actuary review commissioned Amendment has also been made increases, was conducted by Derek and its recommendations sanctioned and from $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 for insured persons. to the qualifying criteria for Sickness Osbourne, actuary of Horizonow by Government. Survivors’ Pension according Benefit, Maternity Allowance, Actuarial & Financial Consultants The announcement was made to Heartwell, is currently calculated Invalidity Pension and Funeral Grant. of Nassau, Bahamas and was in during a news conference on solely on the pension entitlement There will also be an extension accordance with the provisions of Thursday (October 6) by Director for of the deceased, adding that as a to Employment Injury Benefit Section 44 of the National Insurance the National Insurance Board (NIB), result, at times, due to the number Coverage to Temporary Residents, Ordinance. Colin Heartwell, and held inside the A copy of the actuary’s report NIB Board Room on Providenciales. of survivors, the pension amounts who, in the past, were excluded and are considerably inadequate, thereby were eligible only for Sickness and and recommendations was delivered According to Heartwell, the to the Governor, in his capacity increases should see Retirement and losing relevance to the beneficiaries. Maternity Benefits. He said such increase will ensure as Minister with responsibility The NIB, according to Invalidity pensionable benefits raised that spouse collect $250 per month Heartwell, has also decided to for National Insurance Board, in by 8 percent, while Maternity and and other dependents pocketing $100 extend Employment Injury Benefit accordance with the Ordinance. Funeral Grants, as well as sickness per month as well. CAPTION: Director for the to persons working beyond the age and survivor benefits should also see Heartwell said the NIB has also Nastional Insurance Board Colin of 65. Currently, insured persons increases. amended the qualifying age to the over the age of 65 are not required to Heartwell. He said also, that the minimum monthly pension disbursement, Widower’s Survivor’s Pension. At which presently stands at $310.50, present, the qualifying conditions for will increase to $335.00 per entitlement to Widow’s Pension is age 50 and 60 for Widower’s Pension. By Vivian Tyson


Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 243-1308


Cairsea Services Limited requires

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No funds stalls Police, Fire Dept Myrtle Rigby relocation

By Vivian Tyson

It appears that efforts to relocate the Providenciales Police Headquarters to the former Myrtle Rigby Clinic facility has crashed into a financial hurdle, as The SUN has learnt that there has not been any present allocation to fund the project. The Providenciales Police Headquarters, which is referred to as the B Division, had its Old Airport Road location shut down by the recentlyinstalled Commissioner of Police Colin Farquar, citing untenable for occupation. The B Division Headquarters is now split in two and is now being housed at the Chalk Sound Police Station and the Five Cays Police Station. The authorities revealed that the Old Airport Road location was condemned in excess of 10 years, but while the building remained a decadeold death trap, in recent time, it also became a

breeding ground for critters and its walls decked with mould. The former Myrtle Rigby Clinic, which gave way to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre, has been cited as the desired spot for the police division, the Fire and Rescue Department as well as the Environmental Health Department. Some time ago, in an interview with The SUN, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Human Services, Judith Robinson, said as soon as the complex was refurbished and sterilized, the departments would move in, but so far that has not been done. When contacted earlier this week, Campbell pointed out that progress on the building has been stalled due to funding. She also told The SUN that her office was uncertain as to when funds would be sourced to carry out the necessary preparation on the complex so that the various departments could occupy it.

“When contacted earlier this week, Robinson indicated that a lack of Government funding was reason for the complex still languishing, saying also that she was unaware whether or not funding has been secured for its completion. In the meantime the police said they are trying to make do with the current situation. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Brad Sullivan said, his department is fully aware that a lack of funding is to be blamed for the police not moving into their new home, but despite the setback, spirit of the men and women in the force has not been dampened. “Myrtle Rigby is still in mind, but we are also looking at some interim accommodations, including the (former) Community College, and that sort of thing. But that is still work in progress. Everything is kind of slowed is kind of slowed right now,” Sullivan said.


Ambergris Cay Facilities Ltd is seeking an employee on a month to month basis to fill a post on Ambergris Cay. The available post is for a


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: -Monitors the performance of all equipment, gauges and charts in the Reverse Osmosis ant Waste Water treatment plant; Records statistical data concerning plant operations;Maintains, operates, repairs and replaces equipment as necessary; Operates, maintains, and repairs malfunctions at the reverse osmosis and wastewater treatment plant; repairs gauges, pumps, filters and other controls and equipment.; Maintains, modifies or repairs instrumentation and control equipment including recorders, flowmeter and other water quality monitoring equipment; Operate and maintain well pumps and pump station; Cleans wet wells and operates pumps and valves to control and adjust flow and treatment process; Perform all necessary laboratory operations to ensure the Plants operates within required standards. Salary: US$45,000 per annum. Email Applications to: . Closing Date for Applications is Friday October 21, 2011.


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The SFS Center for Marine Resource Studies located on South Caicos, seeks an enthusiastic, team-oriented individual to serve as part of a residential team of facility & staff that delivers an interdisciplinary, hands-on learning experience to students spending a semester or summer abroad. The purpose of this part-time, year-round position is to: • Assist in overall site maintenance (including building, grounds, vehicles, boats), • The ability to work with a minimum of direct supervision, multi-task, and prioritize work based on the schools schedule, • Work with maintain and appropriate cultural sensitivity with the international staff and students. The following qualifications are required: • TCI work authorization or ability to obtain, • Ability to speak and understand English, • Ability to lift up to 75 pounds unassisted numerous times per day, • Ability to deal with third-country nationals both socially and professionally, • Assist the Site Manager with procurement of many items used in the day to day operation of the site, • Maintenance and construction experience including but not limited to; painting, rust proofing, electrical & plumbing repair, grounds keeping, masonry, woodworking, portage, safe and proper usage of power tools, roofing. Closing date October 26th 2011 To apply send a CV and cover letter to:

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By Vivian Tyson



Public health clinic for Blue Hills

Government-run primary health care is to return to the island of Providenciales after more than a year of absence, with the construction of a community clinic in Blue Hills. This was made possible through DFID, the UK Department for International Development. The facility is already under construction on the site that once housed the AIDS Hospice, and according to Director for Health and Human Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Rufus Ewing, construction cost is in the region of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. On its opening, the facility will offer a number of basic services including antenatal care, child health services and blood pressure and other checks. When the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre was open last year, public primary care on Providenciales was virtually abolished, and so, patients were forced to attend the InterHealth Canada-run hospital, which is primarily a secondary care facility. Explaining that Government is on a mission to bolster primary health care in the TCI, with the establishment of community clinics, Dr. Ewing said the Blue Hills facility was decided upon to site such operation, since the former Myrtle Rigby Clinic complex would be used to house the Police and the Fire Departments. He said the money being used to construct the

The Blue Hills Clinic now under construction

facility was to have gone to a cholera project in the TCI, but the Ministry of Health engaged that agency to instead channel the funds into constructing the well-needed facility. “The Health Department realizes that we need additional facilities for (primary) health, and what we came up with is an exchange that DFID helping us with - the cholera project - which was going to make available some resources to health facilities in the community whereby you can treat persons, who maybe, affected by cholera. “And it is an opportunity to use those same funds to develop a primary health care complex

in Blue Hills, so as to service persons within the community. So, it is being built by the Ministry of Health, using DFID funds,” Dr. Ewing said. According to Dr. Ewing, the facility should be completed and ready for operation within the next two months. He noted at this time, the Blue Hills Clinic remains the sole primary health care facility that the Ministry will be able to build at this point, citing a lack of government funding. He said though, that construction of a clinic could be on the cards for Middle Caicos and the refurbishment of another in Salt Cay, thanks to the kind courtesy of the Basic Needs Funds through the Caribbean Development Bank.

TCI Tourism product to be well represented at regional World Travel Awards

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By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

WHEN THE CARIBBEAN and America’s leg of the Word Travel Awards is held at the Sandals Royal Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the Turks and Caicos will be well represented in the various categories up for grabs. Aside from the Caribbean’s Leading Beach category of which the Grace Bay Beach was last year’s winner, the TCI will be represented in the following categories: Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel; Caribbean's Leading Boutique Resort; Caribbean's Leading Cruise Destination; Caribbean's Leading Cruise Port; Caribbean's Leading Destination; Caribbean's Leading Family AllInclusive; Caribbean's Leading Honeymoon Destination; Caribbean's Leading Hotel; Caribbean's Leading Hotel & Residences; Caribbean's Leading Resort; Caribbean's Leading Spa Resort; Caribbean's Leading Suite Beachfront; Caribbean's Leading Tourist Board; and Caribbean's Leading Travel Information Website. In the Caribbean's Leading Suite Beachfront Beach Destination, Grace Bay Beach will be pitted against Cane Garden Bay (Tortola, British Virgin Islands), Dawn Beach (St Maarten), Diamond Beach (Martinique), Half Moon Bay (Antigua), Luquillo Beach (Puerto Rico), Negril (Jamaica), Shoal Bay and The Gold Coast (Barbados). The TCI has two entrants in the Caribbean's Leading Boutique Hotel category. They are Parrot Cay, and Point Grace. Both will go up against the likes of Cap Juluca (Anguilla), GoldenEye Hotel and Resort, and Graycliff Hotel (Bahamas), Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel (Puerto Rico), Rockhouse Hotel (Jamaica), Sandals Royal Plantation and Ocho Rios (Jamaica) In the category of the Caribbean's

Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa is in the running for the Caribbean's Leading Family All-Inclusive.

Leading Boutique Resort, The Veranda will be the standard-bearer against Catalonia Bavaro Resort (Punta Cana) Curtain Bluff (Antigua), Hotel Guanahani (Saint Barthélemy), Jakes Hotel, Villa & Spa (Jamaica) and Young Island Resort (St Vincent & The Grenadines) While not nominated for the Cruise Port category, the TCI will be jostling for top honours in the Caribbean's Leading Cruise Port against Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, (Jamaica). The TCI is also pitted against some formidable destinations for the Caribbean's Leading Destination, including Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands Jamaica, St John, US Virgin Islands, St Martin, St. Lucia and Tobago. Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa is in the running for the Caribbean's Leading Family AllInclusive. Among the others are Beaches Negril Resort & Spa (Jamaica), Breezes (Bahamas), Casa

Laundry Attendant

Must have a minimum of 15 years experience in a hotel laundry setting. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in a drycleaning setting. Must demonstrate ability to operate all company equipment. Must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of fabrics/fabric blends and the various chemicals required to clean and de-stain same. Must demonstrate proficiency in CleanSuite and LogMeIn. Must have a valid TCI Drivers Licence. Salary: $6 per hour

Apply in person at Pioneer Cleaners, Central Storage, Industrial Drive, (Bypass Road) BELONGERS ONLY For more information call 441-4402

de Campo (Dominican Republic), Club Med Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) Franklyn D Resort (Jamaica) Hotel RIU Las Morlas (Cuba), and Tamarijn Aruba (Aruba). The TCI will seek pole position in the Caribbean's Leading Honeymoon Destination from Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin, Islands, Grenada, Jamaica, Nevis, St Barts, St Lucia, St Martins and St Vincent & The Grenadines. Parrot Cay and the Somerset Resort are the two entrants from the TCI in the Caribbean's Leading Hotel category. They will go up against 15 other resorts including Blue Haven Hotel (Tobago), Colony Club Hotel (Barbados), Half Moon, Montego Bay ( Jamaica), Hotel Carl Gustaf (Saint Barthelemy), Sandals Grande Emerald Bay, Great Exumas (Bahamas), Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa (Jamaica) and Sandy Lane (Barbados). The Estates at Grace Bay Club and the Veranda Resort and Residences are

made to bear the flag of the TCI in the Caribbean's Leading Hotel & Residences category, going up against Hotel Residence Rainbow Beach Club (St Maartens), Hotel Residence The Reef (Cayman Islands) and The Reef Residences at Atlantis (Bahamas). The TCI is represented in the Caribbean's Leading Resort sector by Grace Bay Club, which is pitted against 23 other resorts from across the region, Antigua, Bahamas and Jamaica. The Regent Palms and Parrot Cay from the TCI will vie for Caribbean's Leading Spa Resort against Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino (Aruba), Carlisle Bay (Antigua), Round Hill Hotel & Villas, (Jamaica), Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort & Offshore Island (Bahamas) and Sandy Lane (Barbados) The Presidential Suite at The Somerset, the Penthouse Three Bedroom Ocean Front at The Regent Palms and Grace Bay Penthouse Suite, Grace Bay Club, will lead the TCI charge in the Caribbean's Leading Suite Beachfront category. In the Caribbean's Leading Tourist Board group, the TCI will compete for top honours against Aruba, Bahamas National Tourist Office, Barbados, Belize Tourism Board Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Tobago. The TCI will also compete in the Caribbean's Leading Travel Information Website. The other competitors are Antigua & Barbuda; Aruba; Bermuda, feel the love; Destination Caribbean Online w w w. d e s t i n a t i o n c a r i b b e a n . n e t ; Jamaica One Love; St Kitts; The British Virgin Islands Nature's Little Secret; and Totally Barbados

UNITED CONSULTANT IMMIGRATION SERVICES ON BEHALF OF CUSTOMERS seeks 1 Waiter- $5.00 per hr 1 Waitress- $5.00 per hr 1 green keeper $5.00 per hr 1 Kitchen helper- $5.00 per hr 1 Cook helper- $5.00 per hr 1 Cashier- $5.00 per hr 1 Live-in Maid- $5 per hour For information email:

A&M CLEANING is seeking

2 CLEANING LADIES Salary $5.00 per hour 2 SALES PERSONS $5.00 per hour 1 Cashier - $5.00 per hour Contact 343-3123


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Come and join our winning team!!!


Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond all inclusive property in the Caribbean and its authorized Recruitment Agencies are inviting applications from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions.

Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview. ACCOUNTS AND COST CONTROL DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Assistant Cost Controller Accounts Receivable Clerk Accounts Payable Clerk Requirements include but are not limited to: • Book keeping or accounting qualification • Experience in cost control or Accounts would be an asset

The rate for the positions listed above is $7.00 to $13.00 an hour. PHOTOSHOP DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Assistant Photoshop Manager/ Supervisor Requirements include but are not limited to: • 2 years experience in field

The salary for the positions listed above is $15,000.00 to $30,000.00 per annum. FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Front Office Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Three years managing two or more Concierge desk • Excellent customer service skills • Ability to multitask and give the guest more than he or she expects The salary for the position listed above ranges from $25,000 to $40,000 per annum AIRPORT REPRESENTATIVE Requirements include but are not limited to: • Physically Fit • Ability to lift 50 lbs. • Excellent Customer service skills

The salary for the position listed above ranges from $25,000 to $40,000 per annum CONCIERGE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Concierge Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Three years managing two or more Concierge desk • Excellent customer service skills • Ability to multitask and give the guest more than he or she expects The salary for the position listed above ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 per annum OFFSITE PROPERTIES REQUIRES:

Administrative Assistant Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in administrating a construction and property a management operation

The rate for the position listed above is $8.00 to $13.00 an hour. The Grounds Department requires: Supervisor • Experience in Horticulture • Physically Fit • Ability to manage a diverse team

The rate for the position listed above is $6.00 to $10.00 an hour. WATERSPORTS DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Lifeguard Requirements include but are not limited to: • Ability to Swim • First aid/ CPR Certification

Deck Hand Requirements include but are not limited to: • Ability to Swim • Knowledge of a boat and its handling operations

The rate for the positions listed above is $7.00 to $10.00 an hour Boat Captain Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience managing a crew over 5 persons • Ability to Swim • Knowledge of a boat and its handling operations

The salary for the position listed above is $20,000.00 to $29,000.00 per annum. SPA DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Assistant Spa Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Knowledge or certification in Dermalogica Brand an assist • Ability to sell service and product • Ability to meet targets and sales quotas

The salary for the position listed above is $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 per annum. Therapist Cosmetologist Hair Braider Attendant Requirements include but are not limited to: • Ability to sell service and product • Ability to meet targets and sales quotas

The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 an hour plus commissions ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Tennis Pro • 2 years’ experience as a pro • Ability to teach skills to guest of all age groups • Willingness to promote and sell tennis classes • Additional skills which allow flexibility to utilized in other areas in Entertainment

The rate for the position listed above ranges from $6.00 to $10.00 an hour. DJ OR DEEJAY: Requirements include but are not limited to: • Knowledge of mixing and scratching • Ability to teach skills indicated above to guest • Willingness to promote and sell the Scratch academy product • Additional skills which allow flexibility to utilized in other areas in Entertainment

SENIOR AV TECHNICIAN/ AV TECHNICIAN Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience Dee Jay with ability to use turntables and digital • Ability to set up and breakdown sound system for an event • For Senior Tech supervise a team, conduct inventory and ensure equipment is maintained in a good working order.

The rate for the positions listed above is $6.00 to $9.00 an hour.


Assistant Laundry Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Physically fit • Previous experience in commercial Laundry an assist

The salary for the position listed above is $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 per annum. Giftshop Department requires: Gift Shop Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience managing more than 4 outlets • Maintain par levels in inventory • Ensure daily, week, monthly and yearly Sales targets are met

The salary for the position listed above is $25,000.00 to $40,000.00 per annum. SUPERVISOR GIFT SHOP Requirements include but are not limited to: • Maintain par levels in inventory • Ensure daily, week, monthly and yearly Sales targets are met The rate for the position listed above is $6.00 to $9.00 an hour. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Painter Sewage Plant Operator Requirements include but are not limited to: • Physically Fit • Ability to carry out labour intensive task

The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $6.00 an hour. HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Housekeeping Supervisor • Supervises and may participate in housekeeping services including cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, sanitizing the floors and other surfaces as well as the refinishing, waxing and polishing of floors, tile work and other various floor and wall surfaces in stairways, hallways, restrooms, offices, laboratories, recreation and locker rooms.

Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 9414870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road and

The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands and should reach not later than October 7th 2011 Otherwise, please call for additional information tel # 649-946-8000 ext 4138

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The somerset resort celebrates new management


THE SOMERSET RESORT located on the award-winning Turks & Caicos Grace Bay Beach has named Ulrich Krauer as Asset Manager effective October 1, 2011. Krauer is a hotel industry veteran and was most recently responsible for repositioning Kona Village Resort located in Kona, Hawaii to a luxury product with emphasis on guest service. He successfully executed day-to-day operations of 125 hale (individual thatched-roof bungalows) on 82 oceanfront acres. His expertise in high end luxury properties in the US and Caribbean has proven to be a great asset to several major resorts such as La Samanna (previously a Rosewood property), other Rosewood Properties, Sonoma Mission Inn and St.Regis Monarch Beach. As Asset Manager, Krauer will oversee the operations and management of The Somerset on Grace Bay for the newly formed management company, The Somerset Resort Management Ltd (SMRL). Comprised of a group of individual condo owners at The Somerset, the management company’s focus is to deliver a sumptuous residential feel for


families and couples wanting a relaxing vacation. SMRL embarked on this new venture to guarantee a successful upscale Turks and Caicos experience. The day to day management of The Somerset is focusing on offering friendly exceptional service, incredible attention to detail, and elegant luxury in its beautiful beach setting. The Somerset is set on the pristine beaches of Grace Bay, on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos. Opened in June 2006, The Somerset has been providing guests with a five-star luxury resort experience since its inception. The Somerset’s 52 exceptionally large suites range from 1,353 to 5,327 square feet and all feature marble baths, gourmet kitchens and delightfully appointed interiors.


MILLS INSTITUTE STUDENTS OF THE MONTH FOR SEPTEMBER In September 2011, Mills Institute launched its student of the month initiative. Student of the month criteria: He/she is chosen based on character, leadership, and citizenship, not necessarily academics. The student of the month must be a diligent student, completing his/her assignments on time, showing strong effort to learn the subjects. The student of the month demonstrates excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, is well-mannered, and respectful to peers and teachers. The student of the month displays excellent citizenship by his/her willingness to help fellow classmates, and demonstrate leadership in integrity. Lastly, the student of the month shows exemplary character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty in creating a positive school environment. Please meet our students of the month for September Students’ Names Classes Kimberly-Ann Williams K2 Kaidan Bobb Grade 1 Tamia Glinton Grade 2 Jamia Handfield Grade 3 Christopher Burton Grade 4 Reanna Jolly Grade 5 Tyrese Pierre Grade 6


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Come and join our winning team!!!

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond all inclusive property in the Caribbean and its authorized Recruitment Agencies are inviting applications from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions.

Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.


Successful candidate will direct all efforts toward guest satisfaction, achievement of Spa standards and profit maximization. The ideal candidate must satisfy the following criteria: • Certification in one or more of the following areas: Massage, Esthetics, Body treatments, Hair services, Tattoos and Nail services. • Must have a friendly and nurturing personality. • Must be sensitive to the needs of the customer. • The ability to communicate in English both verbally and written. • Must be flexible with work schedule supporting the needs of the Spa covering evenings, weekends and Public Holidays. • Must be sales driven with proven customer service skills, upgrading of services/ retail. • Team player • Must lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and have a positive approach to life and work. • Set high standards as it relates to professional grooming and presentation. Remuneration: Bi-weekly base pay plus commission

Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn

The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road


The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

and should reach not later than October 8th 2011 Otherwise, please call for additional information . tel # 649-946-8000 ext 4138

TEE’S Is looking to hire a

SALES PERSON To work 6 days per week Salary $5.50 per hour Contact Management at 649-247-1000

PROVO CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Principal (Elementary) Elementary Teachers

Invites qualified applicants for the following:

SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS MUST: • Be a committed born again Christian • Have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate academic areas • Have degree(s) from a recognized college or university • Have a valid teacher’s certification or diploma in education • Have a background in Computer Science Applications must be made in writing along with full curriculum vitae, a recent colored photograph, current police record, health certificate and name of at least three references, one being that of your church pastor. To: Mrs. Martha Harris Provo Christian School P.O.Box 1007 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Telephone: (649)941-7373 Email: Deadline for applications is October 31, 2011



Is looking for two (2) serious hard working

LABOURERS who have experience in the pest control industry and can work flexible hours including holidays if need be. Contact #231-0195

ANA JOHNSON Is seeking PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER - $250 per week WAITRESS - $200 per week HELPER $180 per week Contact 241-9194


A Supervisor - $6.00 per hour Sales Person - $5.00 per hour 1 Accounts Executive - $6.00 per hour

Please contact 343-3123

Requirements: • Must have previously worked as a pastry chef for a minimum 4 years in a luxury resort • Must be able to produce a la carte plated desserts, buffet line and casual PASTRY CHEF dining desserts • Must have knowledge in sugar and chocolate works, bread, pastries and classic gateaux Duties include: • Assists in creating and developing dishes for the pastry department • Ensures the highest quality of product within cost constraints by participating in the preparation of baked goods, pastries, desserts, ice carvings and show pieces • Assists in creating daily specials and signature desserts • Assists in producing the production of all pastry items, ensuring the right quantity and the highest standards of quality Maintenance of pastry equipment • Requisitions food with necessary approvals according to policy • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Bartender Requirements: • Must have 3 years experience as a bartender in branded luxury resort • Must have advanced knowledge of beverage preparation and service of alcoholic beverages with ability to mix, garnishes and present drinks using standard ingredient recipes.

Duties Include: • Maintain proper and adequate set-up of the bar on a daily basis and cleaning of bar area on closing. • Requisitioning and stocking of all beer, wine, spirits, paper products, etc. and produce based projections from the daily functions sheet. • Maintaining stock, cutting and storing of all fresh fruit and vegetable garnishes, juices and other perishables daily to insure product quality. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Interested applicants should apply to the regent Palms Monday through Fridaynd bring along an updated resumeor email: no later than Friday, October 21, 2011

Signs of a 2012 Election in the TCI


Ryan Garland Contributor

THERE IS STILL a lot of uncertainty throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands as to whether general elections and a return to Ministerial Government will take place in 2012. This is especially the case given the broken promise of 2011 elections and the introduction of ‘milestones’ that need to be met or significantly progressed before the UK sets an election date. All things taken into consideration - I will outline why in the view of this writer elections will happen in 2012. First, it is important as a reader to understand that the UK has centuries of experience running territories a significant distance from its shores such that at its peak, it controlled over 50% of the known world - while being a relatively small island off the European continent. Therefore, all actions taken by the UK are with a purpose. For instance, replacing Mark Capes with Martin Stanley may have had its purpose, but this does not change the agenda. We begin with the now pending reduction of Permanent Secretaries (PSs) in the Civil Service from ten (10) to five (5). This is significant because in the new Constitution there will be a Premier and five Ministers, hence the need to have five Ministries with five PSs to run them. Also important is the fact that the reform process’ completion will coincide with the culmination of the selection and appointment process of five PSs and fifteen Undersecretaries (USs) who will be charged with the implementation of Reform Advisor Stephen Catchpole’s recommendations. I can assure you that a willingness to carry out those



An election is on the Horizon according to contributor Ryan Garland

recommendations will play heavily in the selection of those twenty coveted posts. It is important to note that Martin Stanley’s tenure ends this December 2011 or January of next year. Essentially, this means that it is likely that a Deputy Governor will be appointed to succeed Mr. Stanley. This makes sense for a couple of reasons: Why would you appoint another temporary CEO when you already have one in place? Otherwise the whole theory of elections next year is faulty. This position would be because the Deputy Governor in the new Constitution will have responsibility for the Civil Service and hence no need for a CEO. The appointment of a Deputy Governor sooner rather than later is also key to the UK’s overall plan for the TCI. This, coupled with the

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appointments of the new PSs and USs would give the new senior management team enough time to establish a new culture within the Civil Service which can easily take at least 6-9 months to begin to take hold. Take note that one of the biggest issues the UK had to solve was the ability of Ministers to persuade or pressure Senior Civil Servants into doing their bidding. With the Governor’s increased powers under the new Constitution and assuming things go as planned with a new Senior Management Team in the Civil Service, newly elected Ministers will be squeezed from both top and bottom, effectively limiting their influence on the country’s affair. Moreover, given the level of mistrust for the people of the TCI, it is clear that this UK strategy is being used to ensure that they keep their promise that

the alleged corruption never happens again in the TCI. An additional clue as to whether elections will be called for 2012 is the recent commissioning of 2012 Census exercise set to commence January 2012. This might be the most significant piece of evidence, as the preliminary data from the census will be generated within three (3) to four (4) months of the start date. It is likely that the Electoral Boundary Commission will be appointed shortly thereafter and, with the preliminary data generated from the census, will be in a position to draft the new ten (10) constituencies in line with the new Constitution. The Constituencies can be finalized once the Census data is finalized. What is more, combined with the above observations, giving more credence are the rumors that Helen Garlick has set up an office in Grand Turk, the hiring of a number of judicial personnel, and the allegations that persons from a certain Island sang like canaries in front of SIPT recently. We will see the filing of cases against a number of persons including former Ministers, effectively taking them out of the running to stand for election, further paving the way for a 2012 election. It is assumed that being charged with a serious crime will be sufficient to disqualify a person from standing for public office because all cases or the appeals processes will not be concluded in 2012. Based on the signs, general elections are likely to take place in November or December 2012. However, what Ministerial Government will be able to achieve in this new environment is a whole other story in itself.

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$100,000 in jewelry stolen from Gold Smith


I F YOU PURCHASED jewelry and other items from persons off the street, chances are, you may be buying articles that were stolen from Gold Smith in Grand Turk, which was broken into by hoodlums on the night of August 23, during Hurricane Irene’s passage. According to the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police, the heist amounts to more than $100,000, and comprised various jewelry and other items, including watches, chains, cameras and bracelets.

“The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police are asking the public’s assistance regarding a burglary at Gold Smith Jewelry in Grand Turk which occurred on the night of August 23rd, 2011. This was the same date of Hurricane Irene. “Stolen was Jewelry, watches, chains, cameras, bracelets with an estimated value of approximately $100,000.00. The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police also remind the public of the need to refrain from purchasing any items from



illegitimate sources,” the report said. According to the police, individuals could face prosecution if items found in their possessions are deemed to be those stolen from the jewelry store, and so, if someone offers to sell you those items, to contact the nearest police station and report it. “The police are reiterating its commitment to the continued vigorous investigation of criminal activity in the islands. The public are

urged to assist by providing any information which may be useful to matters currently under investigation,” the police report said. According the police, persons wishing to give information concerning that or any other matter, to contact the police service directly, calling 911 or to utilize Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-TIPS (8477), or be sending an encrypted web tip on or friend Crime Stoppers Turks & Caicos on Facebook

We will have an outbreak of Miracles

Restoration Hope Center hosts Crusade on Airport Road T HE T URKS AND Caicos Islands is in need of a miracle, says Pastor Janet Stubbs, head of the Restoration Hope Center, located in Downtown Providenciales. In her opinion the best way to accomplish this is through a national crusade, scheduled start this Sunday, October 9th, 2011 at 7:30pm and will continue until Friday October 14th. Prophet J. Smith from Seattle, Washington will be the guest Speaker at the event. “We need a Crusade at such a time as this, as the people are despair and frustrated. They need a fresh word from God. This time is crucial because we are already in a new year; we are in 2012 according to the Jewish calendar. This is a time for a new beginning, a time and a season for a shift in the atmosphere. We need to cry out to the Lord in one voice, we need to come together before the Lord”, Pastor Stubbs said. The crusade will be held at the ballroom room in the Turks and Caicos Airport Hotel, located on Airport Road. A location she says is ideal because of its closeness to a


On behalf of its clients: Ricky's Taxi Services, Ricardo Fulford Contracting, Ana Luisa Abreu Godet & Emma Griseha Martinez Restaurant and Cafe, John & Ana Godet (Ana Beauty Salon), Cynthia Jeanne Fulford, Cedar Lodge Cafe & J B S Salon is seeking (1) ONE BABY SISTER, (2) GARDENERS, (2) LABOURER, (2) WAITRESS, (2) BARMAID, (2) COSMETOLOGISTS, (2) SALON HELPER & (2) DOMESTIC WORKERS All applicants must have Two (2) or more years of Exp at these various employment Salary starts at $5:00 per hours Interested candidate must be able to speak a different language in some of these categories Visit the various employers for further details

Pastor Janet Stubbs

port of entry into the Turks and Caicos Islands- the Providenciales International Airport. Stubbs said she expects “a fresh move from God”, and that “the Glory of God will be poured out during these services fulfilling one of God’s promises to us ‘that [He] will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.’” She invites all the people to come to these services and be a part


ONE LABOURER Salary $60.00 3 days per week Contact 231-0770

of what God is doing, and will do. “Churches, Pastors and of course everyone living in this country, I am calling on you to attend and hear the word of The Lord. You are called from different congregations where you are fed and you are strong, but this country needs your gifts and I believe God will bless you with a double anointing and additional gifts to take back to your home church.” She believes the Crusade will be spiritually filling, where the sick can come to be healed, both physically and emotionally. Pastor Stubbs said the Crusade will be just one way she can live up to her church’s Mission Statement: to hear the voice of God and to usher one into the presence of God, by knowing The Mind, Knowing The Will and heart of God. Through preaching the good news, to mend

the broken and bring deliverance to the captives; while rebuilding the ancient ruins, to restore the places long devastated and to replace the old land mark. Scripture references: Isaiah 61:1-4 –Isaiah 58: 12-14. “I believe that there will be signs of wonder and miracles will be experienced in this great move of God. I am tired of the two little prophetic words every now and again. Why do we still have people in wheelchairs, people sick with kidney disease and other ailments? Why are our people still traveling to America to see if they can get to see Benny Hinn?” “Countries have had outbreak of cholera, why can’t we have an outbreak of miracles? I pray that the revival never ends, I pray that it breaks out in Abundant Life, Church of God of Prophecy, Rock of Jesus and all of God houses”.

Page 17 OCTOBER 7TH - OCTOBER 14TH, 2011



Beaches TCI re-opens with a bang! By Vivian Tyson SUN Senior Editor

THE ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa is still tallying final figures of the total spent to bring back the allinclusive property to tip-top shape after being closed in late August following the passage of Hurricane Irene, which damaged section of the facility. The Resort officially opened with

a bang on Thursday (October 6), and according to management, the transformation from a hurricaneaffected property to what it is now has been phenomenal. General Manager Adrian Whitehead, while indicating that he could not give definitive figures at this time, asserted that the undertaking was a tidy sum. “They are still tallying up the numbers. Not cheap, believe me, with what we had to achieve here, it’s not

cheap at all, but they are still tallying up the numbers, and I am sure that will be released as soon as we have the numbers together. “Much of the furniture and fixtures around the resort have been refreshed, updated, modernized where we need to. We have done a few changes; we always like to open with something new. So we have done some tweaks around the resort just to add some extra dimension,” Whitehead said.

Whitehead said up to Wednesday, there were approximately 600 members of staff working to bring the hotel up to the Beaches standard, saying also that by the weekend, the staff complement should be back up to the approximately one thousand mark, which is its full complement. The hotel opened with occupancy of about 25 percent, but according to Whitehead, by the weekend the occupancy level could be at 100 percent.

Adrian Whitehead

One of the pools on the property

The grill section

A section of the property

The pool bar

Another pool with the man-made waterfall

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LIMEs contribution to The House of Jeritt


THE HOUSE OF Jeritt is home to Jeritt Fashions, a fashion designing company originally from the Turks & Caicos Islands. Fashion Designer Jeritt Jermell Williams’ work has won top awards for three consecutive years at The Miss Turks & Caicos Pageant in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and his work has also been featured in numerous fashion shows and magazines of the Turks & Caicos Islands. LIME has once again demonstrated its commitment to the Turks & Caicos Islands and is always pleased to see the youth of the Turks & Caicos making progress in their lives and will continue to support the educational


and professional development of our nation’s people. As Mr. Williams sets off to exhibit his work in the Bahamas, LIME has endeavored to contribute to his success. He stated that “I will be able to show the world what “The beautiful by nature Turks & Caicos Islands” has to offer.” LIME is a proud sponsor of his awardwinning work. General Manager, Mr. Drexwell Seymour commented, “In supporting Mr. Williams as LIME has supported other ventures in the community, we believe that this gives a boost of confidence in our youth who are striving ambitiously to succeed and LIME believes in


LIME believes that Sports is as important as Education is in the lives of the community and it is in this belief that LIME continues to support sporting activities that enhance the lives of young people. LIME donated some commemorative CARIFTA 2010 jerseys to be used at game time for one of the Turks & Caicos Islands’ local soccer teamsThe Spack Boul Soccer Team. These jerseys will assist as a uniform for their upcoming games. Spack Boul team players are passionate about sports and are determined to take home the winning trophy. The team is preparing for an upcoming series of games to be held and LIME has assisted this local soccer team. A representative of The Spack Boul Soccer team posed with one of the jerseys and said, “Thank you LIME for this. Our team is very grateful for this donation.” The team was overjoyed to accept the jersey shirts from LIME and the company was happy to have been able to support. Mr. Yves Metries stated: “We now have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming soccer games and will ensure that these uniforms will be used for every game”. LIME’s General Manager, Mr. Drexwell Seymour: “LIME has over the years, been very generous in seeking to deliver resources to many organizations in the Turks & Caicos Islands, for the overall betterment of his country.” LIME will continue to aid those in the sports arena whenever we can.


giving whole- heartedly back to the society in order for prosperous change to occur.” LIME is the Caribbean's largest telecommunications company with a proud history in the region, and which is always working to improve life in the Caribbean. LIME delivers the very best communication services to governments, businesses and families in 13 Caribbean countries with one unifying promise— building, connecting and serving communities. LIME is part of Cable & Wireless Communications PLC, one of the world's leading communications companies.

A model from The House of Jerritt


1 Domestic Worker Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 342-7970

PROVO WATER COMPANY LTD. We are currently seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of


REQUIREMENTS: • Minimum of 5 years experience in waterworks and piping networks. • Must be available for emergency maintenance calls on evenings and weekends according to rotational schedule. WORK ENVIRONMENT: • Hot, dusty and wet conditions including open and confined spaces • Active roadways and associated traffic noise levels • Remote locations

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Pipe fitter is responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for water distribution in residential, commercial and industrial connections. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO: 1. Fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks. 2. Reads and follows installation plans and establish the sequence of pipe installations. 3. Measure, cut, thread and bend pipe to required angle, using hand and power tools or machine such as pipe cutters, pipe threading machines and pipe bending machine. 4. Use hand or powered tools to excavate trenches and ditches 5. Cut openings in structures to accommodate pipes and pipe fittings, using hand and power tools. 6. Repair and maintain plumbing, replacing defective washers, replacing or mending broken pipes. 7. Attend Emergency callout when necessary. 8. Carry out all other duties as directed by the Supervisor. Salary Range: US$ 12.00 - $15.00 per hour

All applications must be submitted by October 6th, 2011. Turks & Caicos Islanders need only apply. Office Manager PROVO WATER COMPANY LTD. P.O. Box 39, Grace Bay Road Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Fax: (649) 946-5204 Email:

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Island Routes Caribbean adventure tours sets sails to its sixth Caribbean Destination



Island Routes Caribbean Adventure visitors a new outlet for product Tours, the World's Leading Caribbean offerings," says Campbell A. Rudder, Attraction Company, announced Vice President Marketing USA of the its launch in Barbados, its sixth Barbados Tourism Authority. destination. The Caribbean’s fastest Island Routes Tours experiences growing tour company, Island Routes immerse guests in Bajan culture, Tours now offers more than 200 unique cuisine, and a coastline ringed with tour options for adventure seekers in 70 miles of white sand. On the Turtles Jamaica; Saint Lucia; Antigua; The at Sunset Cruise, luxury catamarans Bahamas; the Turks & Caicos Islands set sail for the Caribbean blue waters and now Barbados. of Barbados inhabited by splendid “Launching in Barbados has been hawksbill turtles, where swimming an exciting and important initiative for with these protected creatures is an Island Routes Tours, as we expand and extraordinary encounter. The Lunch continue to successfully bring ‘Brand Cruise also stops for snorkeling on Caribbean’ to the world,” says David a colorful coral reef teeming with L. Shields, General Manager of Island tropical fish including angel fish, Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours. parrot fish and blue chromis as well “We look forward to expanding on our as sergeant major and snapper and a relationships with our new Certified stop at a powder-soft beach. Partners and the Barbados Tourism A submarine offers another Authority to showcase the best-of-the- kind of look at the many species of best that Barbados offers. Our clientele marine life that call the Freshwater have been eager to experience this Bay Reef home. Divers and nonclassic Caribbean destination which divers alike stay dry on Atlantis by we now so proudly present.” Day as their submarine descends to "Barbados offers so much more visit turtles, trumpet fish, moray eels than sun, sea, and sand, and we are and otherworldly coral that call this delighted that Island Routes Caribbean ancient reef home. At a depth of 150Adventures Tours has established a feet where the fish and coral retreat, base on island that will provide our the hull of a ghostly ship wreck


takes over the viewports before an ascent back to the sun and sand. Guests will be amazed at the difference in the underwater landscape as they explore on Atlantis by Night, the rainbow of colors in the reef are David L. Shields, General Manager of Island Routes Caribbean unveiled by beaming Adventure Tours (left) and Campbell A. Rudder, Vice President spotlights. For those Marketing USA of the Barbados Tourism Authority announce the launch of Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours in special celebrations, Barbados. guests sit up front with the pilot at the large included in the menus for each front viewport as Atlantis VIPs. exhilarating excursion. Favorites Island Routes Tours brings Bajan might include the national dish couculture to life at sea on a custom- cou and flying fish, macaroni pie, fish built floating entertainment centre. cakes and salt bread. It wouldn’t be a Revelers on the Bajan Life Lunch Bajan party in the birthplace of rum Cruise are invited to put on their without the Caribbean’s tastiest rum dancing shoes for a Calypso party, punch. Barbados is known as the and their snorkels and SPF for a beach “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” so break. An on-board Craft Market is an guests should come with an appetite opportunity to browse the creations of and prepare to dig in. For more information about local artisans including jewelry and Island Routes Caribbean Adventure clothing. And by night, the Starlight Dinner Cruise, a romantic sunset sail, Tours or to make a reservation, celebrates the island’s rich history, contact your favorite travel provider, with Calypso dancing and fiery limbo, an Island Specialist toll free at 1-877768-8370 from the U.S. and Canada, colorful costumes and live music. Local Bajan specialties are 1-800-744-1151 toll free in Barbados, or visit

NOTICE OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands: 1. Parcel 60605/136, Norway & Five Cays, Providenciales. Comprising of a single storey residential development, providing four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and spacious general living areas. Located in front, a guest house with accommodations of two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, one ensuite bathroom and one bathroom. Registered Proprietors: Strashun Dakaria Williams 2. Parcel 60505/226, Blue Hills and Stamers Run, Providenciales. Comprising of a single storey development, providing three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining area. Registered Proprietor: Demetria Latoya Simmons. 3. Parcel 10409/51, East Suburbs, Grand Turk. Comprising of a two- storey residential development providing four bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen living and dining area. Registered Proprietor: Warren Alexander Williams 4. Parcel 60003/73, North West and North Central, Providenciales.Comprising of a single storey residential development providing two bedrooms, one bathroom, great room, dining area, kitchen, one bathroom and a covered porch. Registered proprietor: Keisha Andrea Gilbert 5. Parcel 10303/49 Central, Grand Turk. Comprising of a detached single storey residential development providing four bedrooms, three bathrooms, kichen, dining living area, family room, laundry, outdoor garage and a tank. Registered Proprietor: Terrilyn Brendalee Ingham 6. Parcel 60003/08, North West & North Central, Providenciales. Comprising of a single storey development providing three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en-suite), a laundry room, closets and a porch area to the front of the Property. Registered Proprietor: Alan James Percy 7. Parcel 10409/56 East Suburbs, Grand Turk. Comprising of a single storey building providing three main bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living areas as well as an internal garage. Outside land is fenced with overground water catchment system.

Registered Proprietor: Richard Peter Garland 8.Parcel 60716/138, Cheshire Hall Richmond Hill, Providenciales. Comprising of a detached single storey residential development with a gazebo, guest house, swimming pool and outbuildings. The property provides two bedrooms, two full baths, one part bath, a family room, living, dining and kitchen area. Registered Proprietor: Ronald Joseph Burton 9.Parcel 60003/123 North West and North Central Providenciales. Comprising of a single storey residential development providing an open plan living room/kitchen/diner, three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one ensuite), laundry room and closets Registered Proprietors: Nathan Glyndwr Busby and Sarah Jane Edge 10. Parcel 60505/173 Blue Hills and Stamers Run, Providenciales. Comprising of a single storey residential development providing two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living area. Externally, there is a utility house to the rear end of the property. Registered Proprietors: Lenford Cordel Butler and Tamara Olita Munroe 11. Parcel 61113/147, Long Bay Hills, Providenciales Comprising 0.51 acres of an undeveloped inland lot, well elevated and limited ocean views of the southern shores of Providenciales. Registered Proprietor: Darnell Laverne Penn. 12. Parcel 60610/184 Norway and Five Cays Providenciales Comprising of a single storey residential development, two bed rooms, open plan living room, dining room and kitchen. Alongside, there is a new two storey structure which provides a small one bedroom unit on each level. Registered Proprietor: Earl Nathan Tucker 13. Parcel 60502/186 Blue Hills & Stamers Run Providenciales, comprising of .28 acres of land on which a single storey building has been constructed comprising one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen/living area and a screened terrace. Registered Proprietor: Barbara Jean Mills Hamilton The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 21st day of October 2011 A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids. Terms and Conditions of Sale by Auction are available by request from Scotiabank Collections Manager (649) 946-4750.


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HAB Management Limited is seeking a suitably qualified individual to fill the following position. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be considered.

Career OppOrtunities

Veranda is currently seeking qualified candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. Our ideal candidates must love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization.

pM Housekeeping supervisor

responsibilities To coordinate all facets of the housekeeping operations and supervise the staff of the PM shift; ensure the cleanliness cleanliness of guest facilities, which includes vacant rooms, turndown service, laundry service, guest areas, back of the house, department storage and work areas; maintain standards and procedures of the department; inspect and evaluate physical condition of guestrooms and public areas; monitor inventory system for cleaning, linen and guest room supplies; ensure quality services are rendered in meeting guest needs and that guest relations are enhanced; promote a safe work environment; facilitate pre-shift briefings; train, develop and monitor associates performance. Job requirements Previous experience opening luxury condo-resorts a plus. Able to work from 3:00pm - 11:00pm shift; may be required to work a day shift to accommodate days off; able to work weekends, and holidays as well. Must have good oral and written communication skills and be computer literate Must be able to resolve problems in a timely manner and provide exceptional customer service

Laundry Manager

responsibilities To be responsible for the management and operation of the internal laundry facilities of the Resort: maintain linen inventory; evaluate and measure the linen cleaning process; coach Team members on safe and efficient use of equipment and chemicals; Coordinate with the engineering department the preventative and general maintenance of the equipment; training and development of Team Members.

Job requirements Minimum of 5 years experience as a laundry manager or similar role in a luxury resort or comparable setting Prove knowledge of commercial laundry equipment, process and chemicals Proficient computer skills, good oral and written communication skills, strong job stability with a proven record of success

OtHer Line staFF pOsitiOns: puBLiC area attenDant, LaunDrY attenDant, serVers

salary commensurate with qualifications and experience interested persons may contact our Human Resource Manager No later than October 19, 2011 Email: Or hand deliver to our office at Veranda Resort and Residences Princess Dr. Lower Bight, Providenciales


Job Description The Executive Chef will be responsible for all aspects of managing the kitchen and kitchen staff, ensuring the quality preparation and presentation of all food for the restaurant. Main Duties - Responsible for the day to day food and beverage operation of the restaurant. - Develop creative menus and catering packages to assure maximum appeal to customers. - Hire, supervise, schedule, train and develop kitchen staff. - Must maintain a clean and orderly kitchen and conform to all local sanitation standards and regulations. - Oversee the inventory process for food and beverage products. - Prepare the F & B budget and maximize restaurant resources to contribute to the successful achievement of the budget.

Requirements - Must have ten (10) years or more culinary experience from an accredited culinary school or equivalent work experience. - Thorough knowledge of food preparation, purchasing and inventory procedures. - Must be proficient in MS Office application and QuickBooks. - Good organizational and administrative skills required. - Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. - Must be willing to work a variety of day/night and weekend shifts. - Excellent people skills in order to communicate well with guests and staff. The salary for this position will be commensurate with experience, training and education. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by October 21, 2011 at or by fax 649946-5191. Only persons selected for an interview will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.


Description: Comprehensive knowledge in the preparation of financial accounts Understanding and use of financial package software Assertiveness in dealings with high risk clients Ability to work on your own and be self-motivated Professional interaction with high net worth clients Computer proficiency and use of Microsoft Office Applicants should have 5 years experience in the field of Accounting Academic Qualification in Finance or Banking would be an asset

Belongers need only apply. Salary commensurate with job experience and qualification.

Applicants may submit their resumes to P.O. Box 270, Providenciales on or before 31/10/2011.

Fr COnstruCtiOn

2 MasOns seeKs

at $7.50 per hour. Must be able to do stone work 2 Carpenters - $8.50 per hour Must be able to do finishing & starter form work Contact 242-2548


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TALK 24/7 FREE! get UNLIMITED islandcom to islandcom calls FREE in the tci!


while supplies last!

Y A D 7

! 9 $4

For more information call 431.0000 or visit

Leeward Highway

Providenciales Windmills Plaza

Offer Expires October 14th, 2011. Prices displayed are for new postpaid activations only. Limited stock is available therefore the offer is valid only while supplies last. Some restrictions may apply. See store for details.

Grand Turk





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BeerFest 201, an event sponsored and organised by the Wine Cellar, was an event not to be missed. With two live bands, a DJ, beer drinking games, food from all over the Turks and Caicos and beer from all around the world, BeerFest was the epitome of a good island time. Things kicked off at 2pm when Lee and the Force took the stage and had everyone grooving to their laid back Caribbean rhythms at the event which was held in the Casa Blanca carpark. Then it was time for the much anticipated beer drinking competition where 4 teams of four people each were tasked to drink 4 cases of beer per team to the last team standing. Team Hartling Group came out victorious and claimed the $1000.00 grand prize. With 15 different types of beer at only $3 each the party was far from over as The Island Boys took the stage and carried things well into the night. Good food, good times and good friends. Oh yeah and Beer too.


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Because life is


insurance when you need it most. p r o p e rt y.


l i a b i l i t y. Re-insured by AAA rated Swiss Re


A member of the BAF Global Group Bahamas • Cayman • Turks & Caicos Islands

BAF0911-395 TCI brand Sun ad.indd 1

9/27/11 10:00 AM





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Few things separate celebrities from the common folk like the tradition of insuring body parts. Like Jennifer Lopez's butt and Heidi Klum's legs before her, Holly Madison has taken the precautionary measure of insuring her parts. In this case, the reality star has taken out a $1 million insurance policy on her breasts. The reality star recently the insurance policy on her breasts with Lloyd's of London insurance company, she confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively. Madison, 31, said she did it to protect herself and others who appear in her Las Vegas production, Peepshow. "I've heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, why not?, because if anything happened to my boobs, I'd be out for a few months and I'd probably be out a million dollars," she said. "I thought I'd cover my assets." Literally. Holly Madison Madison appears topless during segments of the Vegas show, which, in her mind, made the insurance policy necessary. She also comprehends the quirkiness of it all. "I think it's kind of funny. I think they're getting the credit they deserve," she said. "They're my primary money makers right now."

Snoop Dogg gets NBC sitcom deal


He started out as a Long Beach hustler, made his bones as a breakout rap star and has played everything from a loveable stoner to Huggy Bear and an undead gangster in the 2001 horror flick "Bones." But is America ready for Snoop Dogg family sitcom star? According to Deadline Hollywood the d-o-double g's family comedy project has landed at NBC with a script in the works from veteran comedy writer Don Reo ("Blossom," "Everybody Hates Chris," "My Wife and Kids").


Snoop, the family man who has managed to strike a balance between lascivious rhyme dropper and pee-wee football coach, will play a dad in the show, which he will also produce. Snoop has already worked with Reo on the Fox sitcom "Brothers," a show about a former NFL player on which he played the role of cousin Kenny the Lawyer. He's already done a dry run as the man of the house in his E! reality show "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood," which followed his home life with his wife


and three kids over two seasons. Snoop has seesawed between music and movies for years and was recently cast in the title role of the biopic "The Legend of Fillmore Slim," the story of the 1970s San Francisco blues guitarist and pimp who was often referred to as the "West Coast Godfather of the Game." Deadline noted that NBC has had mixed success with rapper sitcoms, ranging from the hit 1990s run by Will Smith in "The Fresh Prince of BelAir" to the notoriously awful 2001

Rich Spanish duchess weds for third time at age 85

SEVILLE, Spain — A wealthy, 85-yearold Spanish duchess considered the world's most title-laden noble married a civil servant 25 years her junior on Wednesday, shrugging off her children's qualms and celebrating by kicking off her shoes and dancing flamenco. A crowd of several hundred clapped and roared its approval as the Duchess of Alba waved, smiled and danced on a red carpet after her wedding to Alfonso Diez at Palacio de las Duenas, her 15th-century residence in the cobblestoned old quarter of Seville. Diez stood close by in a dark suit, smiling and holding an outstretched arm at the ready, as if to catch his bride if she stumbled. The duchess hiked up her dress as she performed a few whirling steps of Spain's quintessential art form in the city perhaps best known for it. With her frizzy white hair, squeaky voice and wildly colorful clothes, the duchess is among Spain's most famous people. Only a few dozen family members and close friends were invited to the ceremony. The twice-widowed duchess wore a salmon, shin-length dress by Spanish designers Victorio y Lucchino on Tuesday. Her full name — take a deep breath — is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva. She goes by simply Cayetana, and is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill. She and Diez, a social security administration employee, are old acquaintances through her second husband, who was a former Jesuit priest, and Diez's brother, an antiques dealer. They bumped into each other about three years ago outside a movie theater in Madrid and eventually started dating. Her six children, all from her first marriage, reportedly balked when the idea of marriage emerged. In July of this year the duchess assigned them and her grandchildren juicy chunks of her vast estate, like mansions and palaces, in an effort to appease them and clear her way to the altar. "I have been alone in this project, and got nothing but negative opinions until they realized what kind of man he is," the duchess told the Spanish news agency Efe this week in a rare interview. Estimates of her wealth range from euro600 million ($800 million) to euro3.5 billion ($4.7 billion). Besides fabulous and

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Rapper Snoop Dogg

pilot starring "Thong Song" star Sisqo and comedy icon Bob Newhart.


Haters to the left, y'all! Or at least that's the message Kelly Clarkson is sending via her new song "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)." Over the past several months, Kelly's been extremely vocal about about a slew of song leaks off her forthcoming album, Stronger, out Oct 24. In a recent Entertainment Weekly interview Kel even likened the song leaks to being personally robbed! Ironically enough, it was yet another leak that prompted Kelly to debut her brand-new (and damn catchy) single three weeks before its scheduled release. Kelly took to her WhoSay page to explain: "Hey ya'll -- I heard that some versions of 'What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)' started showing up online. My new album Stronger is out in 3 weeks (Oct 24), and I want you to hear the real thing! Check it out!" You tell 'em, Kel. And look, at the end of the day we think what they say is true -- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!


Spain's Duchess of Alba Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva (L) and her husband Alfonso Diez wave at the entrance of Las Duenas Palace after their wedding in Seville October 5, 2011.

historic real estate sprinkled around Spain, the family treasure boasts paintings by Goya and Velazquez, a first-edition copy of Cervantes "El Quixote", and letters written by Christopher Columbus. However, although owned by the 500year-old House of Alba, the artwork and some other property is classified as part of Spain's national heritage and cannot be sold without government permission. Diez will be entering a new world, although he has reportedly signed a document renouncing any claim to the House of Alba wealth. As a civil servant in Madrid he earned euro1,500 ($2,000) a month. Now he will live in splendor as a duke, reportedly with plans to take a leave of absence from his day job, although the noble title will pass on to the duchess's eldest son, Carlos, when she dies. Two of the children did not attend the wedding. Her only daughter, Eugenia, was reported to hospitalized in Madrid with chicken pox, while one of her sons, named Jacobo and reportedly unhappy with his slice of the family fortune — was said to be traveling outside Spain. The matriarch's supreme title is Duchess of Alba, but she has more than 40 others — in fact, more than anyone else in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

STOCKHOLM- The 2011 Nobel Prize in literature was awarded on Thursday to Tomas Transtromer of Sweden, whose surrealistic works about the mysteries of the human mind won him wide recognition as the most influential Scandinavian poet of recent decades. Characterized by powerful imagery, Transtromer's poems are often built around his own experiences and infused with his love of music and nature. His later poems are darker, probing existential questions of life, death and Tomas Transtromer disease. Transtomer is considered a master of metaphor, weaving powerful images into his poems without much embellishment. The award citation noted that his collections "are characterized by economy." A psychologist and avid amateur pianist, Transtromer (TRAWNstroh-mur), 80, suffered a stroke in 1990 that left him half-paralyzed and largely unable to speak, but he continued to write, publishing "The Sorrow Gondola" in 1996 and the "The Great Enigma." He has since retired from writing. Transtromer has been a perennial favorite for the Nobel and in recent years Swedish journalists have waited outside Transtromer's apartment in Stockholm on the day the 10 million kronor ($1.5 million) award is announced. Transtromer is the first Swede to receive the literature prize since Eyvind Johnson and Harry Martinson shared it in 1974. Englund has said that the academy is especially cautious about awarding Swedish writers out of fear of being seen as biased. Born in Stockholm in 1931, Transtromer was raised by his mother, a teacher, after she divorced his father — a journalist. He started writing poetry while studying at the Sodra Latin school in Stockholm. His work was published in several journals before he published his first book of poetry, "17 poems," in 1954, winning much acclaim in Sweden. Transtromer's most famous works include the 1966 "Windows and Stones," in which he depicts themes from his many travels, and "Baltics" from 1974.

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Andrew Holness close to becoming new JLP leader and Prime Minister of Jamaica TURKS AND CAICOS SUN

Page 34

Education Minister Andrew Holness, from all indications is now the frontrunner in the race to replace Prime Minister Bruce Golding as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), having received the support of his party’s parliamentary group as well as that of several former aspirants for the leadership post. The announcement of Mr. Holness’ endorsement by members of the party's Parliamentary group was made at a press conference on Wednesday October 5, after several of his colleagues put aside their own ambitions in the interest of party unity. Holness, in accepting the endorsement, thanked his colleagues for putting their personal ambitions aside said he would be focused on making the right decisions in the interest of the country and noting that his leadership focus will be centred around unity and continuity. He noted that he has been preparing for this day for years, and stated that one of the important themes of his leadership would be unity, equity and efficiency. Continuity was also a major theme of the speech delivered by Holness, as he promised to continue the policies,

programmes and anti-corruption stance on which the party was elected in 2007. The party's ratification will pave the way for Holness to become Jamaica’s ninth prime minister as soon as Golding tenders his resignation as Prime Minister to the Governor General, having satisfied himself that a new leader has been chosed for his party. JLP Chairman Mike Henry who was noticeably absent from the press conference, had earlier said the party was not averse to arriving at a negotiated position in deciding on a leader, to avoid any damage to its chances in the next general election. The Jamaican Education Minister who could be installed as Party Leader and Prime Minister as early as next week, told the press conference "We have to build a stable platform on which we can build families and communities on which people can feel confident to invest, in which people can take long term perspectives rather than short term and that is the idea right now to build that stable platform on which all Jamaicans can invest and feel apart of and say ‘this is my country’."

Jamaica’s Education Minister Andrew Holness

He added that he had also moved to assure the country's international partners of the government's continued stance against corruption. "I also want to say to Jamaica that this will be a government of equity but we will also be a government of efficiency. An efficient government is one in which there is no corruption, so we maintain our strong anti-corruption stance. I want to assure our international partners that we are cognizant of our obligations and agreements and we will fulfill (them),"

Haiti’s long wait for Prime Minister ends with 3rd pick

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The long wait for Haiti to find a prime minister ended Tuesday after its Senate approved Garry Conille to run the government, hopefully jump-starting stalled earthquake reconstruction efforts. President Michel Martelly's two previous nominees for the post had been rejected by lawmakers and the absence of a fully functioning government had impeded his ability to govern since taking office in May. Senators voted 17-3 with nine abstentions for Conille, a gynecologist who served as an aide to Bill Clinton in the former U.S. President's role as U.N. envoy to Haiti. Conille had worked for the U.N. since 1999 in countries such as Haiti, Ethiopia, and, for a few months this summer, in Niger. "Congratulations to the senate that

they ratified our choice," Martelly spokesman Lucien Jura told The Associated Press. "There will be a government to implement the Martelly vision that the country needs. The senate made a decision that will improve the lives of the population." A prime minister is needed to install a Cabinet in Haiti and the rejections of Martelly's candidates had accentuated the slow pace of reconstruction efforts following last year's powerful quake. The debate to ratify Conille, which lasted about six hours, centered around questions over his residency qualifications. Government officials in Haiti are required to have spent five consecutive years in Haiti under the constitution but French and Haitian Creole versions of the document don't specify when the residency period


begins. Conille's job had taken him out of Haiti for years. In the end, a group of senators from a majority coalition agreed Conille was eligible. "(We're) going to give Haiti a new prime minister," Jean Joel Joseph, a member of the ruling Unity party, said before the senate voted. In his new job, Conille will help lead reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake and will assume responsibilities as co-chair of a recovery panel with his former boss, Clinton. The panel, the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, has drawn heavy criticism for making little visible progress since the disaster. Conille now will have to present a government plan to both houses of

Mr. Holness stated. With at least 12 of the 32 members of the Parliamentary group so far publicly endorsing Mr. Holness for JLP leader, it is now up to the party's area councils to ratify his selection. The raftification is expected to come during meetings to be scheduled for next week. In the meantime, one of the former top contenders, Deputy JLP Leader, Dr Chris Tufton, also expressed strong and unreserved support for Mr. Holness as the next party leader and Prime Minister. He said he made the decision after prayer and consultations with his colleagues, friends, and family. "I am convinced that Andrew has the support, respect and the political experience and intellectual capacity to make him more than suitable, more than qualified to be leader of our great party and Prime Minister of Jamaica. It should be noted that Mr. Holness has the overwhelming support of his political colleagues and this I think is a very critical ingredient towards building loyalty, support and unity in moving not just the country forward but in moving ad one great party," Dr. Tufton said.

parliament but he can make revisions to it if lawmakers have questions. When reached by phone Tuesday night, Conille declined to comment, saying he had to speak to national television first so as to avoid the impression that he was favoring international media over Haitian media. @yahoonews on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook

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Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham announces gun amnesty for The Bahamas


NASSAU, Bahamas – Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on Monday said he will crack down on gun and drugs crime by introducing tougher penalties, strengthening the police and courts system and applying the death penalty for some categories of murder in an effort to tackle the upsurge in criminal activities in The Bahamas. In an address to the Nation, Ingraham announced a 30-day gun amnesty, and in light of that the Minister of National Security, Tommy Turnquest, yesterday signed an Order under the Firearms (Amnesty) Act 1993, declaring a firearms moratorium period from 5th October 2011 to 3rd November 2011. All citizens and other persons are requested to turn in to the police any and all unlicensed firearms in their possession. “ After the 3rd of November anyone convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm or ammunition will, upon conviction, be imprisoned for a minimum of four years,” adding that the power of magistrates to impose sentences is being increased from five to seven years and that conviction on drug and gun related offences may attract the maximum sentence of seven years. “ I also advise that the penalty for the possession and sales of drugs discovered within one mile of a school will be six years.” He added that two new courts are being established to deal specifically with drugs and gun related activities. Ingraham said that apart from the drug trafficking and the illegal criminal gangs, the country was also facing a gun culture with access to all manner of illegal weapons smuggled into The Bahamas.



Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

In said in order to deal with that situation, there would be more random searches of general imports by Customs. “It is our firm conviction that removal of the unlicensed firearms from our society will substantially reduce the level of crime and pain in our society. Toward this end the Police Force is strengthening and expanding the reach and intensity of action by its special task forces dealing with firearms and drug houses. “ He said there would also be amendments to the Firearms Act and to the Dangerous Drugs Act together with new legislation for the control and regulation of pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers that “will add new teeth to police initiatives to identify and shut down drug houses and to closely regulate pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers so as to stop the sale of stolen property. Ingraham said that the supply and use of illegal drugs have exacted a

terrible toll on the country. “The demand for drugs has grown exponentially in The Bahamas over the past three decades. And, while wellintentioned, our anti-abuse and demand reduction drug initiatives have not been as continuous or sustained as they might have been.” The Prime Minister said there had been an increase in the number of police officers, invested in new technologies; filled all judicial vacancies and will soon expand the number of close circuit television (CCTV) as a means of dealing with the crime situation. He said the government is also moving to tighten the measures under which people could be granted bail. “I note that Parliament is unable to prevent the Supreme Court from granting bail. Parliament may do so in respect of Magistrates Courts, and Parliament will be moved to do so. “ Ingraham also said that amendments will be made to laws relating to the execution of criminals in keeping with the provisions outlined by the London-based Privy Council, the country’s highest court. “The amendment will retain the death penalty as a punishment and will add an alternative penalty of life imprisonment. Where life imprisonment is imposed as an alternative to a death penalty the sentence will be for the remainder of a convicted individual’s natural life.” The Prime Minister said life imprisonment would also be imposed on a convicted person who is not sentenced to death for killing a witness or a party to a civil or criminal action or a member of a jury. “The sentence of death would also

Vybz Kartel, Jamaican Dancehall Star, Charged with Murder

Following an arrest on Friday Sept. 29, Jamaica's Major Investigation Taskforce (MIT) last night charged controversial dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel (born Adidja Palmer) with murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm. MIT detectives made the charges against Kartel last night, following an interrogation of the artist yesterday afternoon in the presence of his attorneys. He is scheduled to appear in Kingston's Half-Way Tree Resident Magistrate's Court today. Police charge that on Monday, July 11, 2011, Kartel along with other men conspired to murder Barrington 'Bossie' Burton, a 27-year-old businessman and music promoter based in the Kingston suburb of Portmore. Burton was murdered while standing with friends along Walkers Avenue in the Gregory Park area of Portmore. Born in Kingston, Kartel also known as Adi or Di Teacha was raised in Portmore; prior to his ascent to island wide stardom in 2003, Kartel enjoyed immense popularity and wielded tremendous influence in Portmore, initially as a party promoter. Kartel was arrested by members of the Flying

Page 35

apply where the victims is a member of the Police Force, Defence Force, Customs, Immigration and the Prison Services, members of the Judiciary, or where the murder occurred in the commission of a robbery, rape, kidnapping or an act of terrorism. “ In other murder cases where a death sentence is not applicable, the penalty will be a term of imprisonment of between 30 and 60 years,” he added. The Prime Minister told citizens that his administration despite its best efforts will not be able to fully address the crime situation, adding “we need as many of you who care about our nation to enlist in this fight. “I am therefore calling you to a new era of national volunteerism. We will launch on November 1, a National Volunteers Register. This register will enable you to sign up to be available to volunteer your time for mentoring our young men and women; assisting in community centres with afterschool programmes; outreaches to urban neighbourhoods to encourage parental and child involvement in school activities; to work with existing youth organizations in their programmes; and a host of social activities that can positively impact upon our society. “ He reminded nationals that poverty is not an excuse for crime. “I too grew up poor. A two-parent family is our ideal. I am the child of a single parent and I was raised by my Grandmother. Many children from twoparent families get caught up in crime while many children from single-parent households are good citizens and fine young people. In the end, it is the quality of parenting, not the quantity that is essential,” he declared.

Avenue in Kingston's Havendale area. That residence was the scene of a fire several weeks ago; a scorched computer hard-drive and several boxes were removed. The entourage then drove to Portmore to a home Squad division of the Jamaica Constabulary purportedly owned by Kartel's Force on Friday, September 30 and charged mother, where a number of with possession of a small quantity of items were similarly marijuana confiscated in a Kingston hotel confiscated. room where he was staying during the Kartel was detained for Vybz Kartel (born Adidja Palmer filming of his reality dating show "Teacha's the weekend allegedly in Pet," which debuted on Jamaica's CVM TV relation to a partially burned, network on September 23rd. The premise of decomposing body found inside the Swallowfield "Teacha's Pet" finds 20 women living in a Kingston Avenue home. Although the artist has been arrested house vying for the artist's affection; the show's several times by Jamaican authorities (he was lascivious content elicited condemnation of its detained for two weeks in July 2010) this is the first sponsor, telecommunications company LIME. time he has been charged with a crime. Those criticisms were heightened with Kartel's Arguably Jamaica's most popular dancehall arrest last week; in light of yesterday's charges, artist, Kartel is also its most controversial. LIME has yet to issue a statement about the show's Repeatedly criticized for the poor example he sets future. for the island's youth--his primary fan base--through After being escorted from the unidentified hotel his X-rated song lyrics and bleached skin, Kartel is on Friday, Kartel was handcuffed and escorted by also commended for the entrepreneurial spirit he police to several premises he regularly frequents, brought to dancehall. His various business while searches were conducted by a team from the Caribbean Search Center. The entourage first visited endeavors, which previously included Vybz Rum Kingston's upscale Norbrook community where the and Daggering Condoms, have employed roughly DJ resides, then went to a property on Swallowfield 40 people.

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Three women share Nobel Peace prize TURKS AND CAICOS SUN

Africa's first democratically elected female president, a Liberian peace activist and a woman who stood up to Yemen's authoritarian regime won the Nobel Peace Prize Friday for their work to secure women's rights, which the prize committee described as fundamental to advancing world peace. The 10 million kronor ($1.5 million) award was split three ways between Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, peace activist Leymah Gbowee, from the same African country, and democracy proponent Tawakkul Karman of Yemen — the first Arab woman to win the prize. "We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society," committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland told reporters. By citing Karman, the committee also appeared to be acknowledging the effects of the Arab Spring, which has challenged authoritarian regimes across the region. Jagland told The Associated Press that Karman's award should be seen as a signal that both women and Islam have important roles to play in the uprisings. "The Arab Spring cannot be successful without including the women in it," Jagland said. "I am very very happy about this prize," said Karman, a 32-year-old mother of three who heads the human rights group Women Journalists without Chains. She has been a leading figure in organizing protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh that began in late January as part of a wave of antiauthoritarian revolts that have convulsed the Arab world. "I give the prize to the youth of revolution in Yemen and the Yemeni people," Karman told The Associated Press.


(Left to right) Democracy proponent Tawakkul Karman of Yemen, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and peace activist Leymah Gbowee, from the same African country.

Jagland noted that Karman's work started before the Arab uprisings. "Many years before the revolutions started she stood up against one of the most authoritarian and autocratic regimes in the world," he told reporters. Yemen is an extremely conservative society but a feature of the Arab Spring uprising there has been a prominent role for women who turned out for protests in large numbers. A resident of Taiz, a city in southern Yemen that is a hotbed of resistance against Saleh's regime, Karman is a journalist and member of Islah, an Islamic party. Her father is a former legal affairs minister under Saleh. On Jan. 23, Karman was arrested at her home for leading anti-Saleh protests. After widespread

protests against her detention — it is rare for Yemeni women to be taken to jail — she was released early the next day. Karman has been dubbed "Iron Woman, "The Mother of Revolution" and "The Spirit of the Yemeni Revolution" by fellow protesters. During a February rally in Sanaa, she told the AP: "We will retain the dignity of the people and their rights by bringing down the regime." Liberia was 'going to hell' Sirleaf, 72, became Africa's first democratically elected female president in 2005. She has a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University and has held top regional jobs at the World Bank, the United Nations and within the Liberian government

Wall Street protest grows as unions swell ranks

NEW YORK - Thousands of antiWall Street demonstrators converged on New York's financial district on Wednesday, their ranks swelled by nurses, transit workers and other union members joining the protest over economic inequality and the power of U.S. financial institutions. The Occupy Wall Street march, estimated at about 5,000 people, was mostly orderly and the largest so far, while smaller protests were staged in cities and on college campuses across the country. A dozen people were arrested in New York, including one who was charged with assault on a police officer who was knocked from his scooter, according to police spokesman Paul Browne. Others who were arrested had tried to break through a police barricade, Browne said. One police officer fired pepper spray as a "group of demonstrators

charged a line of officers" standing at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway, he said. The protesters object to the Wall Street bailout in 2008, which they say left banks to enjoy huge profits while average Americans suffered under high unemployment and job insecurity with little help from the federal government. The movement has surged in less than three weeks from a ragged group in downtown Manhattan to protesters of all ages demonstrating from Seattle to Tampa. "I am a mother. I want a better world for my children," said Lisa Clapier, 46, a producer who lives in Venice, California, who joined protesters in Los Angeles. In Seattle, where protesters had set up an encampment in a city park, about two dozen people were arrested for defying police orders to dismantle their tents. "The cops are doing their job,

Occupy Wall Street protestors and union members stage a protest near Wall Street in New York, Oct 5, 2011.

and we're going to let them do their job. Then we'll come back and occupy the park again," said Michael Trimarco, 39, an unemployed carpenter. Joining the march in New York

were members of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, Communications Workers of America, the Amalgamated Transit Union and National Nurses United.

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Sarah Palin says she will not run for president


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday she will not run for president, leaving little doubt that the eventual Republican nominee will come from the current field of contenders. After months of leaving her fans guessing, Palin said in a statement that she and her husband Todd "devote ourselves to God, family and country." She said her decision maintains that order. Palin sent the statement to supporters. She told conservative radio host Mark Levin that she would not consider a third party candidacy because it would assure President Barack Obama's reelection. In a video posted on YouTube, Palin said, "you don't need an office or a title to make a difference." Sen. John McCain plucked Palin from relative obscurity in 2008 by naming her as his running mate. She electrified Republican activists for a while, delivering a well-received speech at the GOP national convention. But Palin later seemed overwhelmed by the national spotlight, faltering at times in televised interviews even when asked straightforward questions. Palin's announcement Wednesday was much anticipated but not greatly surprising. Her popularity had plummeted in polls lately, even though she remained a darling to many hardcore conservatives. Some Republicans felt she waited and teased too long about a presidential candidacy. Some remained perplexed by her decision to quit her job as governor with more than a year left in her single term. Palin also angered some Americans with a defensive speech shortly after a Democratic congresswoman was gravely wounded in an Arizona shooting in January that killed six people. Palin's announcement came one day after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he would not run.



Republican insiders say the field is set. It includes former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom party insiders see as the strongest contenders. Libertarianleaning Rep. Ron Paul of Texas continues to draw a devoted following and former pizza company executive Herman Cain has gained in recent polls. Voting in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary will start in about three months. Because Palin's star had faded, it's not clear that her decision will have a big impact on the Republican race. Some analysts said Palin might have drawn significant conservative support, especially in Iowa. If so, she might have split that constituency with Perry, Cain, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and others, possibly giving Romney a chance to win the caucus with a

Republican adviser Matt Mackowiak said Romney benefits from Christie's decision, and Perry benefits from Palin's, so it's "a wash." Palin told Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren on Wednesday night: "After making the decision today and making the announcement, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt ... I know that it's the right decision." Palin said she chose to announce her decision in a letter to supporters so she wouldn't draw it out, and she jabbed at Christie for his news conference Tuesday announcing his decision not to run. "I made my announcement today in the format that I did because this was his 7 millionth 'no' and I didn't want to go through all of that, not make a big darned deal about it," she said.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

relatively modest plurality. Others felt Perry benefits from Palin's decision because it helps him portray himself as the best-known conservative alternative to Romney.

BBC to slash 2000 jobs amid budget cuts

The BBC said Thursday it will cut around 2,000 jobs in the most far-reaching change in its history as the world's largest public broadcaster falls prey to government austerity measures. Director General Mark Thompson told staff that the corporation plans annual savings of £670 million pounds over five years but no services would be completely cut. Union leaders warned of strikes and former BBC chiefs condemned the cuts. The "Beeb", as it is affectionately known, must make budget cuts of 20 percent following a freeze in the licence fee, which all British households with a television must pay. "We need to come up with a BBC which is smaller in its size in many ways, employing fewer people, much less property, but really focused on giving the public the things that they want most," Thompson said. "The full portfolio of services survives." In a report following a nine-month consultation with the corporation's more than 22,000 staff, the BBC said saving money would involve "the most far-reaching transformation in our history." "This involves painful choices for the BBC, including significant job losses at every level of the organisation," added the report, titled "Delivering Quality First".

It said there would be an "estimated net loss of around 2,000 posts across the BBC" up to 2017, adding however that they would try to avoid compulsory redundancies. The BBC will also relocate 1,000 staff from London to Salford in northwest England. But Thompson warned that the BBC -- known around the world for both its news and current affairs output as well as its drama and entertainment programmes -- could not maintain its reputation if it had to make any further cuts. "It's my judgment that this is the last time the BBC will be able to make this level of savings without a substantial loss of services or quality or both," he said. Lorraine Heggessey, former controller of BBC One, said the cuts would have a wider effect on the British economy at time when it is struggling with just 0.1 percent growth and the wider ripples from the eurozone crisis. "When the BBC sneezes, the whole creative sector catches a cold," she told BBC Radio. "This is not just going to affect the BBC. It's going to affect hundreds, probably thousands of jobs in the independent production sector. It's going to affect actors, it's going to affect writers, it's going to affect performers, it's going to affect crews."

President Obama says America is not better off today than four years ago

Calling himself an "underdog," President Obama today said the faltering economy is a drag on his presidency and seriously impairing his chances of winning again in 2012. "Absolutely," he said in response to a question from ABC News' George Stephanopoulos about whether the odds were against him come November 2012, given the economy. "I'm used to being the underdog. But at the end of the day people are going to ask -- who's got a vision?" The American people, he conceded, are "not better off" than they were four years ago. "The unemployment rate is way too high," he said of the 9 percent jobless rate, the highest in more than half a century. Obama said his proposed American Jobs Act will put construction workers,

teachers and veterans to work and give "more consumers more confidence." Foreign affairs, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and social issues like gay marriage will all be fodder on the campaign trail, but with the first caucus and primaries less than 100 days away, no issue looms larger for 2012 than the economy and jobs. The latest unemployment figures for the month of September will be released Friday, but the jobless rate is not expected to significantly improve. And next year, leading up to the fall elections, the unemployment rate is expected to climb to its highest level since 1940. Obama's job approval rate is hovering at around 40 percent. Obama would not handicap the 2012 election, but objected to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's comments

that he divided people more than united them. Republicans, he said, have stood in the way of working with him time and again to fix the economy. "At every step of way, I have tried to get the Republican Party to work with me on the biggest crisis of our lifetime. And each time we've gotten 'No,'" he said. Obama called the 2012 race a "contest of values and vision" and a referendum on whether Americans believed the government should invest now in long-term improvements in education and infrastructure. The president has tried, often unsuccessfully, to tread a line between bolstering the financial institutions that underpin the economy and protecting consumers and working people. He has been unable to push a tax hike for wealthy Americans through Congress

and unwilling to call for greater regulation on Wall Street. Responding to a question about Bank of America's recent decision to charge users a $5 fee for using a debit card, Obama said government should get involved and that he had worked to stop banks from charging hidden credit card fees. Obama, who was praised this weekend in the gay community, said his position on gay marriage was "evolving," but refused to say whether he would support gay marriage by Election Day 2012. "I'm still working on it," he said of whether he would move from supporting civil unions for same-sex couples to supporting gay marriage. Days after ordering the killing of U.S. citizen and al Qaeda terror chief Anwar Al-Awlaki, President Obama said the terror network was weakened. "Given the nature of our open society we're always open to the possibility of terror attack," he said. "But a big project with a lot of financing is very difficult for them now." "They're still dangerous, they're still our No 1. enemy," Obama said.

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Italian judge says Amanda Knox may know real truth in case


ROME — An Italian judge who was part of the jury that acquitted Amanda Knox said Wednesday that she and her ex-boyfriend were cleared of murder based on the evidence, but the "real truth" could be different. Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann said in a state TV interview that Knox and Italian Raffaele Sollecito may know what happened in the 2007 slaying of Meredith Kercher, Knox's British roommate. In his first public comments since the appeals court verdict Monday, the judge stressed the ruling was the fruit of the "the truth that was created in the trial." "But the real truth could be different," Pratillo Hellmann added. "They could also be responsible, but the proof isn't there." Pratillo Hellmann, the presiding judge, was one of eight jurors in the case. Knox and Sollecito have vehemently denied wrongdoing in Kercher's murder. Knox flew home to Seattle on Tuesday, her first full day out of jail since she was arrested a few days after the murder. Sollecito was resting at his hometown in southern Italy, his lawyers said. Asked who knew the truth about the slaying, Pratillo Hellmann referred to a


Amanda Knox

third defendant, Rudy Guede, who was convicted of Kercher's murder in a separate trial and is serving a 16-year sentence in Italy. "Certainly Rudy Guede" knows, he said. "I won't say he's the only one to know," the judge added. Referring to Knox and Sollecito, who were both convicted of sexual assault and murder in a lower court trial, the judge said that "maybe the two defendants also know" what really happened. Guede, of the Ivory Coast, has

NATO has no immediate plan to end Libya mission

BRUSSELS – NATO ministers said Thursday that the bombing campaign in Libya, now in its seventh month, will continue until armed resistance to the new pro-Western regime ceases. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta — speaking at a meeting of NATO defense ministers dedicated mainly to Afghanistan and Libya — said a decision to cease bombing will depend on events in the coastal town of Sirte where forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi remain in control, whether Gadhafi's forces continue to threaten civilians, and whether the former strongman retains a command role. Panetta said the ministers agreed that the decision to cease operations also would depend on the ability of the antiGadhafi forces to confront armed resistance. French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet also underlined that the airstrikes will not cease until all remaining pockets of resistance are suppressed and the new government asks for them to end. "Sirte has an extremely symbolic value, but it's not all of Libya," Longuet said as he arrived for the second and final day of the conference. "There is pro-Gadhafi resistance in Bani Walid and dispersed resistance in the south of the country." Other officials echoed their words, leaving open the possibility that the bombing could be extended for a further

Meredith Kercher

denied wrongdoing but has acknowledged being in the house when Kercher was slain. The court in convicting Guede indicated in its ruling that he committed the murder along with someone else. But it never said who that was. The judge described Knox and Sollecito as "two kids barely in their 20s, normal, like so many of today's (youth). Indeed, they were polite, composed, put to the test and matured by this kind of experience." "I felt emotion because they are two

3-month period if pro-Gadhafi forces continue fighting. NATO has carried out more than 9,300 airstrikes since the campaign started in March. The military alliance has been criticized for allegedly overstepping U.N. Security Council resolution that created a no-fly zone and authorized the protection of civilians caught up in the fighting. Military commanders have said they believe the military mission is largely complete, and could begin wrapping up soon. But the public message from Panetta and other leaders suggests the campaign could continue for some time, as long as the fighting continues. NATO said that despite calls for it to intervene in Syria, it has no intention of launching a similar operation there. Almost 3,000 people have been killed in protests against President Bashar Assad's regime in the past six months. "We took on responsibility in Libya because there was a clear U.N. mandate and because we received clear support from countries in the region," SecretaryGeneral Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. "None of these conditions are fulfilled in regards to Syria, and these conditions are essential." On Afghanistan, ministers expressed confidence that the plan to gradually turn over responsibility to Afghan army and police remains on track. The 140,000-strong NATO-led force plans to cease combat operations in 2014.


young people who suffered, justly or unjustly. I repeat, we can never say with certainty," he said. The judge added that Kercher's family has "all my human compassion." "But we cannot assign responsibility (for a crime) with such a high penalty solely to ease the suffering of these parents," he said. The prosecution had sought convictions and life sentences for Knox and Sollecito. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison by the lower court trial, while Sollecito was given 25 years. The appeals court must issue a written explanation of its decision within 90 days. The prosecution can then decide whether to appeal the verdict to Italy's highest court. That tribunal, the Court of Cassation, could either uphold the acquittals or throw out the verdict if it finds some technical error, paving the way for a second appeals trial. Pratillo Hellmann dismissed a suggestion the jury might have been influenced by the "media circus" surrounding the trial. "You have to rely on your own conscience," he said. "If you are at peace with your conscience, the media circus doesn't have the least impact."

EGYPT’S RULER SAYS COUNTRY IN A CRITICAL PHASE CAIRO- Egypt's military ruler said Thursday the country is going through a critical period, particularly on the security and economic fronts, and called for national unity to achieve a democratic state under civilian rule. Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, delivering a televised address to mark the 1973 war against Israel, also said disagreements and mistrust have plagued the period following the uprising that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak in February. Protesters and political groups have widely criticized Tantawi for his reluctance to implement sweeping changes and dismantle elements of the former regime. "Egypt is going through a critical period of its history. It is witnessing a comprehensive transformation of its national course ... as changes and crises loom in the horizon," Tantawi said. "People, despite their different political and nonpolitical orientations, must realize the ramifications and what it takes to get out of that rough road." "Our great people ... will be able to get over this critical and decisive phase of its history by agreeing on national goals, and protecting its unity and seeking a modern civil state based on sound democratic principles," he said. He added that the ruling generals are working to overcome disagreements and mistrust that have plagued the transitional period, and address the looming economic and security problems. Government officials have been sounding alarm bells about worsening economic indicators in Egypt since the revolt that toppled Mubarak on Feb. 11. They point to declining foreign reserves and tourism revenues, as well as a growing trend among local investors to withhold their cash because of uncertainty over the nation's political and economic future. A rise in crime and lawless has raised tensions in Egypt, where security forces have yet to redeploy in full since disappearing from the streets during the mass uprising. Complicating the situation is growing mistrust between Egypt's news political actors and the ruling generals, who took over from Mubarak in February. Activists and political groups are increasingly critical of the generals' management of the transitional period, which they promised it would be a six-month period. Eight months since Mubarak's fall, the military rulers have yet to give a clear timetable of their plan for handing over power. Instead, they have floated a proposal which would hold presidential elections by late next year. This prompted several presidential hopefuls to propose their own demands, asking the military to arrange for presidential elections by April.

China threatens trade war with US


China warned Washington it is adamantly opposed to a proposed U.S. bill aimed at forcing Beijing to let its currency rise, saying its passage could lead to a trade war between the world's top two economies. In a coordinated response, the Chinese central bank and the ministries of commerce and foreign affairs accused Washington of "politicizing" global currency issues. The bill to be debated in the United States this week violates World Trade Organization rules and forcing the yuan to appreciate would weaken joint efforts to revive the global economy , the foreign ministry said. "By using the excuse of a so-called 'currency imbalance', this will escalate the exchange rate issue, adopting a protectionist measure that gravely violates WTO rules and seriously upsets Sino-U.S. trade and economic


relations," foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said in a statement posted on China's official government website on Tuesday. "China expresses its adamant opposition to this." U.S. senators voted on Monday to open a week of debate on the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011, which would allow the U.S. government to slap countervailing duties on products from countries found to be subsidizing their exports by undervaluing their currencies. U.S. lawmakers, eyeing 2012 elections, said the undervaluing of China's currency had cost American jobs and that a fairer exchange rate would help cut an annual trade gap of $250 billion. A top U.S. official said Tuesday the Obama administration has begun discussions with the Senate about

whether a bill aimed at forcing China to let its currency rise is "the right approach." Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank told CNBC that the best solution to what American officials view as an undervalued Chinese currency remains "an open question." "The administration is talking with people in the Senate about whether this bill is the right approach or whether there are other approaches to take," she said. "Those conversations are under way." Supporters of the bill say that the value of the yuan is still as much as 40 percent below what it should be, keeping the prices of Chinese goods artificially low and U.S. products excessively high. They say that's a major factor in a trade deficit with China that hit $273 billion last year.

Microsoft considers bidding for Yahoo

NEW YORK - Microsoft Corp is considering a bid for Yahoo Inc, resurfacing as a potential buyer after a bitter and unsuccessful fight to take over the Internet company in 2008, sources close to the situation said on Wednesday. Microsoft joins a host of other companies looking at Yahoo, which has a market value of about $20 billion and is readying financial pitch books for potential buyers, they said. Those companies include buyout shops Providence Equity Partners, Hellman & Friedman and Silver Lake Partners, as well as Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and Russian technology investment firm DST Global, the sources said. Microsoft may seek a partner to go after Yahoo, one of the sources said, without identifying any parties. No decision has been made and a bid may not materialize as there are internal divisions at the software company on whether it should pursue Yahoo again, a high-ranking Microsoft executive said. One camp inside Microsoft is hot for the deal, believing that it would obliterate AOL Inc as a competitor and create a strong Web portal that can offer better products to audiences, advertisers and end users, the executive said. However, another camp is against the deal, feeling that if Microsoft is going to invest billions of dollars in an acquisition it should be one that has more growth potential. Microsoft last tried buying Yahoo in 2008, offering to pay as much as $47.5 billion, or $33 per share. "Yahoo's value hasn't grown in years, and some executives feel we should buy something that is more forward-looking," said the executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Yahoo, Microsoft and the other potential buyers declined to comment. Any auction process for Yahoo is still in the early stages, and the company's financial advisers -- Goldman Sachs and Allen & Co -- are preparing to send financial information to potential bidders, sources have said previously. Shortly after ousting Carol Bartz as CEO in early September, Yahoo said it was exploring strategic alternatives after receiving "inbound interest" from a number of parties. The once-dominant Internet pioneer is pursuing parallel tracks, sounding out deal options as well as

engaging in a search for a new CEO. Yahoo would be a big bite for any single private equity firm, especially at a time when financing markets for leveraged buyouts have dried up. Industry sources said private equity firms could take over the U.S. operations and sell Yahoo's Asian assets to a buyer such as Alibaba. "There are many reasons why this thing probably makes sense," said Sid Parakh, analyst at fund firm McAdams Wright Ragen. "If you strip out the variety of assets Yahoo owns, you are pretty much paying nothing for the core business." One Wall Street analyst recently valued Yahoo at just over $20 billion, with its core search and display advertising business worth $7.7 billion, its Asian assets worth $9.2 billion, plus $3.2 billion in cash. Yahoo owns about 40 percent of Alibaba as well as about 35 percent of Yahoo Japan. If Microsoft fully combined its Bing Internet search business with Yahoo's, it would give it more than 30 percent of the U.S. search market and make it a credible competitor to Google, said Parakh. Under a 10-year deal struck in 2009, Microsoft's Bing already powers Yahoo search, but it cedes 88 percent of resulting advertising revenue back to Yahoo. Microsoft, with a cash pile of $53 billion, could certainly afford a deal, but some doubted the world's largest software company would actually pursue it, given its previously failed bid and the existing Yahoo agreement. Microsoft's 2007 deal to buy online ad firm aQuantive for $6 billion was a flat-out failure. Its $8.5 billion deal to buy Internet phone service Skype has not yet been completed, so integration efforts have not yet begun. Microsoft is making slow progress in combating Google's dominance in search advertising. According to the latest figures from research firm comScore, Google has 64.8 percent of the U.S. search market, Yahoo has 16.3 pct and Microsoft 14.7 percent. But even with traffic from Yahoo, Microsoft still has not attracted enough advertising dollars and profitability in search is a long way off. Last quarter, Microsoft's online services unit -- which includes Bing and the MSN web portal -- lost $728 million. It has lost almost $6.5 billion over last three fiscal years.

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Gradual reform Ma urged U.S. legislators to "proceed from the broader picture of Sino-U.S. trade and economic cooperation" and "forsake protectionism." He repeated Beijing's position that it will continue to gradually reform its currency policy, "strengthening the flexibility of the renminbi exchange rate." China has routinely denied claims that its policies are responsible for trade imbalances and a high rate of unemployment in the United States, saying that structural problems were to blame. "It is widely understand that the renminbi exchange rate is not the cause of China-U.S. trade imbalances," Ma said. China's central bank said in a statement that the bill failed to address the underlying issues in the U.S. economy.


The final edition of the "News of the World" hits the London news stands with a simple "Thank You and Goodbye" message on the front, in London on July 10, 2011.

LONDON- Rupert Murdoch's News International responded to Britain's new Bribery Act with a hotline for employees to report suspicious behavior, company officials said. The company said it wants to protect employees from legal retaliation if they are mistaken in their complaint about a co-worker, as long as it was an honest complaint made in good faith, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday. British bribery laws were tightened this year after it was discovered the now-defunct News of the World newspaper had paid police for information. The hotline was detailed in a six-page document that warns employees can face bribery accusations over gifts and hospitality presented to government officials. An inquiry into media standards and ethics is being conducted by the British government.

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Apple chief created personal computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone

Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes, has died, Apple said. Jobs was 56. "We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today," read a statement by Apple's board of directors. "Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts." The homepage of Apple's website this evening switched to a full-page image of Jobs with the text, "Steve Jobs 1955-2011." Clicking on the image revealed the additional text: "Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple." Jobs co-founded Apple Computer in 1976 and, with his childhood friend Steve Wozniak, marketed what was considered the world's first personal computer, the Apple II. Shortly after learning of Jobs' death, Wozniak told ABC News, "I'm shocked and disturbed." Industry watchers called him a master innovator -- perhaps on a par with Thomas Edison -- changing the worlds of computing, recorded music and communications. In 2004, he beat back an unusual form of pancreatic cancer, and in 2009 he was forced to get a liver transplant. After several years of failing health, Jobs announced on Aug. 24, 2011 that he was stepping down as Apple's chief executive. "I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let you know," Jobs wrote in his letter of resignation. "Unfortunately, that day has come." One of the world's most famous CEOs, Jobs remained stubbornly private about his personal life, refusing interviews and shielding his wife and their children from public view. "He's never been a media person," said industry analyst Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, after Jobs resigned. "He's granted interviews in the context of product launches, when it benefits Apple, but you never see him talk about himself."

Steve Jobs

The highlights of Jobs's career trajectory are well-known: a prodigy who dropped out of Reed College in Oregon and, at 21, started Apple with Wozniak in his parents' garage. He was a multimillionaire by 25, appeared on the cover of Time magazine at 26, and was ousted at Apple at age 30, in 1984. In the years that followed, he went into other businesses, founding NeXT computers and, in 1986, buying the computer graphics arm of Lucasfilm, Ltd., which became Pixar Animation Studios. He was described as an exacting and sometimes fearsome leader, ordering up and rejecting multiple versions of new products until the final version was just right. He said the design and aesthetics of a device were as important as the hardware and software inside. In 1996, Apple, which had struggled without Jobs, brought him back by buying NeXT. He became CEO in 1997 and put the company on a remarkable upward path. By 2001 the commercial music industry was on its knees because digital recordings, copied and shared online for free, made it unnecessary for millions of people to buy compact discs. Jobs took advantage with the iPod -- essentially a pocket-sized computer hard drive with elegantly simple controls and a set of white earbuds so that one could listen to the hours of music one saved on it. He set up the iTunes online music store, and persuaded major recording labels to sell songs for 99 cents each. No longer did people have to go out and buy a CD if they liked one song from it. They bought a digital file and stored it in their iPod. In 2007, he transformed the cell phone. Apple's iPhone, with its iconic

touch screen, was a handheld computer, music player, messaging device, digital wallet and -- almost incidentally -- cell phone. Major competitors, such as BlackBerry, Nokia and Motorola, struggled after it appeared. By 2010, Apple's new iPad began to cannibalize its original business, the personal computer. The iPad was a sleek tablet computer with a touch screen and almost no physical buttons. It could be used for almost anything software designers could conceive, from watching movies to taking pictures to leafing through a virtual book. PERSONAL LIFE Jobs kept a close cadre of friends, Bajarin said, including John Lasseter of Pixar and Larry Ellison of Oracle, but beyond that, shared very little of his personal life with anyone. But that personal life -- he was given up at birth for adoption, had an illegitimate child, was romantically linked with movie stars -- was full of intrigue for his fan base and Apple consumers. Jobs and his wife, Laurene Powell, were married in a small ceremony in Yosemite National Park in 1991, lived in Woodside, Calif., and had three children: Reed Paul, Erin Sienna and Eve. He admitted that when he was 23, he had a child out of wedlock with his high school girlfriend, Chris Ann Brennan. Their daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs, was born in 1978. He had a biological sister, Mona Simpson, the author of such wellknown books as "Anywhere But Here." But he did not meet Simpson until they were adults and he was seeking out his birth parents. Simpson later wrote a book based on their relationship. She called it "A Regular

Guy." Fortune magazine reported that Jobs denied paternity of Lisa for years, at one point swearing in a court document that he was infertile and could not have children. According to the report, Chris Ann Brennan collected welfare for a time to support the child until Jobs later acknowledged Lisa as his daughter. There were other personal details that emerged over the years, as well. At Reed, Jobs became romantically involved with the singer Joan Baez, according to Elizabeth Holmes, a friend and classmate. In "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs," Holmes tells biographer Alan Deutschman that Jobs broke up with his serious girlfriend to "begin an affair with the charismatic singeractivist." Holmes confirmed the details to ABC News. JOBS' HEALTH AND APPLE'S HEALTH Enigmatic and charismatic, Jobs said little about himself. But then his body began to fail him. In 2004, he was forced to say publicly he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer. In 2009, it was revealed that he had quietly gone to a Memphis hospital for a liver transplant. He took three medical leaves from Apple. He did not share details. In 2009, sources said, members of Apple's board of directors had to persuade him to disclose more about his health as "a fiduciary issue," interwoven with the health of the company. He was listed in March as 109th on the Forbes list of the world's billionaires, with a net worth of about $8.3 billion. After selling Pixar animation studios to The Walt Disney Company in 2006, he became a Disney board member and the company's largest shareholder. Disney is the parent company of ABC News. Analysts said Apple performed well during Jobs' absence, partly because he was available for big decisions and partly because his chief lieutenant, Tim Cook, was the handson manager even when Jobs was there. The company has a history of bouncing back. In January 2009, after he announced his second medical leave, Apple stock dropped to $78.20 per share. But it quickly recovered and became one of the most successful stocks on Wall Street. On one day in the summer of 2011, with the stock hitting the $400 level, Apple briefly passed ExxonMobil as the world's most valuable company.




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Rugby Camp A Success in Grand Turk Junior Rugby Players in Grand Turk

Flowers outscored Pinkettes in close encounter This past Saturday we saw a return of some very committed Junior Girls to the TCIRFU's Meridian Field at Grace Bay. The Girls were eager to improve on their skills and team strategies in readiness for TCIRFU's first ever Junior Female Touch Rugby League to commence on 22nd October 2011. Keith Burant (President) along with TCIRFU veteran sidekick Graham Shaw put the girls through some rigorous drills and then onto the field for 5-a-side touch rugby match. The Flowers, led by Senga Brubaker, opened the match by tearing Edross of the Pinkettes runs with the ball in hand against Vaschnie Jean of the Flowers down the wing for their first try of the day. The Pinkettes, led by Cierra Edross, were desperate to score and with some amazing teamwork from Laura Shaw and Niamh Dempsey was shown but the defensive duo of Stefani Watson and Vaschnie Jean of The Flowers proved too strong for Edross to break through. Great play from Stefani Watson and Vaschnie Jean set Ciara Dempsey charging through the strong midfield defense line of The Pinkettes to score the second try of the match. Laura Shaw, Florenzar Williams, Cierra Edross and newcomer Alina Ayer restructured their game and crushed any further hopes of Brubaker or Dempsey scoring for the remainder of the match. Edross proved to be persistent in reaching the touch line within a foot of scoring but The Flowers defense closed ranks and stopped her from bringing a try to the scoreboard for the The Pinkettes. For all those girls in the community aged between 8yr and 18yrs who are interested in joining this fun and dynamic game of sport for girls in the TCI come on down to the TCIRFU Meridian Field at the Village at Grace Bay every Saturday at 9am. Transport to and from the pitch can be arranged (pick up and drop off for Five Cays, Blue Hills, Kew Town and Leeward areas). For more information call Sandra Shaw on 331 3891. All levels of fitness welcome – come along with a good attitude and the ability to laugh and have fun and meet some new people and at the same time you get a chance to improve your fitness levels and learn a new sport!!

A recent rugby camp undertaken by Sports Commission Officer Winston Quelch has been viewed as a great success for the game in the nation’s capital. Mr Quelch introduced the sport to a number of young players as part of the Sports Commission’s annual summer camp. Having established that a number of players knew a little about the game, the players tested each other to gauge their skill level and level of enthusiasm for the sport. Despite it being new to most of the players, they threw themselves into it with great passion. The first day of the camp finished with kicking practice with players making conversions (the kick after a try is scored) from 10 meters away. The camp continued with a focus on every players favourite part of the game, tackling. After going through the correct tackle techniques they were assisted by Daryl Clarke who spoke to the kids about rugby and helped further improve their tackling. He also introduced the young players to scrums, rucks and mauls, the bread and butter of every rugby player. As the week continued more players attended with 21 boys in all taking part in the final day of training at the Parade Ground. The players began with 5 on 5 and 6 on 6 touch rugby matches before developing into a 10 on 10 match at the end of the week. Mr Quelch said that the players in Grand Turk showed great potential for the sport. TCIRFU Director of Rugby Sean O’Neill said “It’s great to see such a high level of enthusiasm for the sport in Grand Turk. We would like to thank Winston Quelch for including rugby in the Sports Commission’s Summer Camp and we are incredibly pleased that it was such a success. With Winston’s help we look forward to involving more players in the future and making rugby part of the sporting calendar in Grand Turk.”

2011-2012 Provo Amateur Basketball Association league Provo Amateur Basketball Association wish to remind all coaches and teams seeking to compete in the 2011-2012 league to that the deadline for team and players fees is October 15th. The league begins October 22nd and final schedules will be distributed on October 18th. Please submit list of players along with registration forms to. Any of the association executives or contact Mr. Glasgow @ 244 9508 or 3329508.

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LJ Outten surrounded by defenders

Storm Surge past Warriors The Warriors’ Rayjon Valentine and The Storm put the Warriors to the sword in the feature match at the Meridian Field last Saturday. Straughn Swann then made successive breaks In the final weekend before league play begins for the line however the Storm defence refused the Storm attack proved too disciplined for the to give up a try. Following halftime the Storm’s kick Warriors as they ran in 3-1 victors. Martin Rigby opened the scoring for the off was judged not to travel ten metres and Storm when Luis Turbyfield sliced through Warrior Captain Franco Mompremier quickly the Warrior defence and unleashed Rigby who played the ball and counter attacked from the narrowly avoided being stopped by Joshua halfway line. With Storm defenders chasing Swann. Turbyfield appeared to have doubled him down he offloaded to Gino Agenor who the Storm’s lead shortly after however he was scored to level the match. The Storm continued to attack and were judged to have stepped out of play just before soon back in the Warrior half. Fine running grounding the ball.

Andrew Seymour on the attack

from Cadashio Williams set up Leon Renen who dived over the line for the score. The Storm were not to relinquish their lead and were soon camped back on the Warrior line. Turbyfield took advantage of a defensive mismatch and touched down for his sides’ third try. In the days other match the Bears and the Lions squared off. The Lions attack proved too strong for the Bears as LJ Outten ran in three tries with Quinn Higgs sealing the rout with a late try. The Lions won 4-0.

WICB refuses contracts to Gayle, Sarwan, Bravo, Pollard


St. John's (Antigua) - Former captains Chris Gayle, Ramnaresh Sarwan, vice-captain Brendon Nash, all-rounders Dwayne Bravo and Keiron Pollard, and left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn do not figure in the list of retainer contracts the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has offered for next year. It is reliably learnt that Nikita Miller, left-handed batsman Devon Smith and all-rounder Dave Bernard Jr have also been overlooked for retainers which usually range in value from $80,000 to $120,000 annually. Gayle, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard, Sarwan and Simmons were not there in the 18 contracted players last year too, for different reasons. Benn and Miller seem to have fallen out of favour with the selectors, having not been selected for West Indies since returning from the World Cup in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh earlier this year. Form eluded Nash, who was omitted from the Test squad to Bangladesh and has chosen not to play for Jamaica in the WICB Super50 competition.


Lack of form could also be the reason to justify the omission of Smith. He struggled to cope with the Pakistani spinners during the home series earlier this year and subsequently lost his place. Bernard was a surprise choice for the contract last year, but he failed to play in any form of the game for the senior team in the entire year, although he was included in a few A-Team games. Gayle, Bravo, and Pollard turned down retainer contracts last year to pursue other professional playing pursuits, and it is not clear if they were offered contracts again. Simmons has made a successful return to the West Indies side, but he and Sarwan have been subject to a recent arbitration with the WICB concerning unfair treatment in the award of previous retainer contracts. Marlon Samuels and Fidel Edwards returned to the West Indies team during the year, following personal setbacks for contrasting reasons, and they have also been offered the retainers. Samuels returned to the

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Dwayne Bravo

Chris Gayle

international game following a twoyear ban for inappropriate links with an alleged Indian bookie, and Edwards came back from a career-threatening back injury to take his place as the spearhead of the attack. Devendra Bishoo, Kraigg Brathwaite, Shannon Gabriel, Kieran Powell, and Devon Thomas all had development contracts in the past year, but have now been offered retainer contracts.

Other players offered retainers are: current West Indies captain Darren Sammy, Adrian Barath, Carlton Baugh Jr, Darren Bravo, veteran batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Kirk Edwards, Nelon Pascal, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, and offspinner Shane Shillingford, who has overcome problems with his action and is set to return to the international game during the tour of Bangladesh this month.

Usain Bolt not Blazer to quit as CONCACAF general secretary by December 31 interested in NFL Chuck Blazer on Thursday announced that he plans to step down as CONCACAF general secretary at the end of the year. He will leave CONCACAF on Dec. 31. The New York City native said he plans to pursue other career opportunities in international soccer after 21 years with the confederation. “My passion for soccer is undiminished and it is time for me to explore new challenges within this wonderful sport,” Blazer said in a statement that was issue through Rubenstein Associates, Inc. “Running a governing body has been an incredibly fulfilling job, but there are so many other areas of the sport where as a senior executive, I will make a great impact.” There was no immediate announcement as to who Blazer's successor will be. Ted Howard, who has been involved with U.S. domestic and international soccer for more than four decades, is CONCACAF's deputy general secretary. Blazer, the whistle blower on the latest bribery and corruption scandal in FIFA, has been under scrutiny by FBI, according to Andrew Jennings, an investigative reporter who covers FIFA. It was not immediately known whether Blazer resigned due to the investigation. The FBI is examining documents that appear to show confidential payments to offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas to Blazer, according to the Sunday Independent. According to the newspaper, the FBI is investigating evidence that payments have come from the Caribbean Football Union, a regional football organization that is controlled by former CONCACAF president Jack Warner. Blazer also was involved in a major international controversy in which he blew the whistle on Warner and former Asian Football Confederation president

Mohammed bin Hamman with allegations that they tried to bribe CFU officials to vote for the Qatari against incumbent Sepp Blatter in the recent FIFA president election. That created a firestorm in CONCACAF. Lisle Austin of Barbados, a CONCACAF vice president who had been prompted to acting president, claimed he had fired Blazer. Blazer said he was still in charge and Austin was replaced by the confederation’s executive committee as it claimed he had violated CONCACAF statues. Austin recently was suspended by FIFA from all soccer activities for a year. Warner stepped down as FIFA vice president and his CONCACAF post. The 66-year-old Blazer will end a 21-year tenure during which CONCACAF’s revenues increased from $140,000 to $40 million and added several tournaments, including the CONCACAF Gold Cup and Champions League. He has also played a role as a member of the FIFA Executive Committee. He spearheaded a move to bring FIFA’s marketing and television rights in-house and was instrumental in securing the organization’s $425 million deal with Univision and ESPN for rights to the 2010 and 2014 World Cups. Although he will not be a part of CONCACAF, Blazer will retain his seat on the Executive Committee, which he has held since 1997. “Leading this organization during the last two decades of unprecedented growth and accomplishment has been a great honor and a tremendous challenge,” Blazer said. “Now, with CONCACAF’s 50th anniversary year coming to a close, the Champions League well established and the 2011 Gold Cup having exceeded all expectations, the timing will be right to devote myself to other opportunities in this great sport.”

The World's Fastest Man isn't interested in the NFL, no matter how much money they throw his way. Usain Bolt said he's been hearing his name tied to the National Football League for years, but it's not going to happen. "A few people have said they want me," Bolt told Fox Sports Radio. "It would probably be a good thing for me to come and play. But I don't want to do it, man." The Jamaican sprinter said he didn't want to be the next Calvin Johnson or Wes Welker. "I wanted to be a running back, but they said you're way too tall to be a running back. I don't wanna be a wide receiver." Nicknamed the "Lightning Bolt," he stands at 6-5 and weighs 207 pounds. Bolt was asked a hypothetical question about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys calling and offering him a ton of cash, but the three-time Olympic gold medalist at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing told Fox Sports Radio that he wouldn't sign. "I'm not an NFL person," Bolt said. "I see the way the wide receivers get hit. I'm not planning on going out there to get my ass kicked. I'm not into that." While you would expect a fine-tuned world class athlete like Bolt to work out most of the day, he said that couldn't be further from the truth. "For me, I'm pretty much lazy. If I'm not training, I'm just chilling out and playing a video game, which is what I'm doing right now," he said. Bolt has set several world records, including the 100m, 200m and 4x100m at the 2008 Olympics

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NBA to cancel games if no deal is reached

NEW YORK -- The NBA has canceled the remainder of the preseason and will wipe out the first two weeks of the regular season if there is no labor agreement by Monday. Commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement after owners and players met for about four hours Tuesday but came no closer to an agreement -- despite a 50-50 split of basketball-related income being discussed as a way to break the stalemate and save the season. "We were not able to make the progress that we hoped we could make and we were not able to continue the negotiations," Stern said. No further meetings are scheduled. "Today was not the day to get this done. We were not able to get close enough to close the gap," union president Derek Fisher said Tuesday, speaking ahead of Stern. The owners and the players, who


have been locked out since July 1, had hoped to make significant progress and save the 2011-12 NBA season. But the two sides could not close the gap between their financial positions, and Stern said regular-season games are now at imminent risk of being lost. "By Monday, we will have no choice but to cancel the first two weeks of the season," he said. The players, who received 57 percent of basketball-related income in the last year of the expired agreement, said they made a new proposal of 53 percent of BRI on Tuesday -- a concession which they said would have given owners back more than $1 billion over six years. According to the players, the owners countered with 47 percent, a slight increase from the 46 percent they had previously offered. When the owners offered 47 percent, "that pretty much ended (the meeting)," executive director Billy Hunter said.

London now ready to host Olympic Games

London is now ready to host the Olympic Games, a panel of inspectors has been told. On their penultimate check-up before next July's tournament, Boris Johnson told the panel both the venues and Olympic Park are complete. The mayor of London also claimed the city's transport system - the focus of much concern ahead of the Games - is being transformed. This visit runs until Friday and will take in all of the major venues. Inspectors have already listened to a series of presentations and were told ÂŁ6.5bn is being invested in London's transport network. They heard extra capacity is being built on the Jubilee line, the Docklands Light Railway to Woolwich and Stratford International. Mr Johnson said: "Our venues are ready, our park is ready, our transport system is being transformed. "Excitement around London 2012 is already reaching fever pitch and there is no doubt the capital will live up to everyone's expectations but there is still much to do over the coming months." The Olympic Stadium running track was unveiled this week. The stadium itself, Aquatics Centre, Velodrome and handball and basketball arenas and media centre have already been built. The situation is in contrast to both the 2004 Athens Olympics and last year's Commonwealth Games in India. Both events saw builders rushing to finish venues on time. The panel also heard about plans for London boroughs to use ÂŁ50,000 grants to decorate their neighbourhoods with Olympic regalia in 2012. The IOC inspectors followed on the heels of a commission from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) evaluating London's bid for the 2017 athletics world championships.


The two sides, in what Stern called a "very very small group," discussed whether a 50-50 split of basketballrelated income was possible -- and that if so, both sides would go back to their constituencies with that plan. The players countered by asking for 51 percent, which would increase to 53 percent based on those same incentives. The owners rejected that. After making concessions on basketball revenue, the players entered the last several negotiating sessions looking for the owners to do the same. Stern said the owners had removed their demand for a hard salary cap, were no longer insisting on salary rollbacks on current salaries, and would have given players the right to opt out of a 10-year agreement after seven years. But the money split was always going to be the biggest hurdle in these negotiations, with owners insistent on the ability to turn a profit after the league said 22 of its 30 teams lost money last season.

The owners indeed wanted to make a deal to save the start of the season, none more than New York Knicks owner James Dolan, sources told Broussard. Stern said the league is about to take a $200 million hit from missing the preseason. "There's an extraordinary hit coming to the owners and the players," he warned. The players felt they had given enough on economics, with Hunter saying their 53 percent offer would have translated to at least $200 million per season -- a sizable chunk of the $300 million owners said they lost last season. But with that gap remaining, and the sides still divided on the salary cap structure, the NBA is now closer to losing games to a work stoppage for only the second time. And like in 1998-99, when the season was reduced to 50 games, players say they will not accept a bad deal just to get back on the court quicker.

Swiss sports court overturns Olympic doping rule

Olympic champion LaShawn Merritt was cleared to defend his 400-meter title in London next year after the American won his appeal Thursday against an IOC rule banning doping offenders from the games. The Court of Arbitration for Sport annulled the International Olympic Committee rule that bars any athlete who has received a doping suspension of more than six months from competing in the next summer or winter games. The three-man CAS panel said the rule, adopted in 2008, was "invalid and unenforceable" because it amounted to a second sanction and did not comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency code. It said the rule amounted to a "disciplinary sanction" rather than a matter of eligibility. Merritt, the American 400-meter gold medalist in Beijing, had been ineligible under the IOC rule to compete in London even though he completed his doping ban earlier this year after testing positive for a banned substance found in a maleenhancement product. The U.S. Olympic Committee challenged the rule and was backed by several other national Olympic and antidoping bodies. The IOC maintained it had the right to decide who is eligible to take part in its games. The IOC said Thursday it "fully respects" the CAS verdict and will comply with it. However, the IOC said it would push for the rule to be included in a revised WADA code in 2013. The CAS decision means Merritt becomes eligible to compete in London, as do other athletes around the world who have been affected by the rule. "We're obviously happy about that,"

USOC CEO Scott Blackmun told The Associated Press. "LaShawn made an error that he even admitted was a silly error. We're glad he's going to be able to compete." Other athletes affected by the ruling, according to CAS, include Brazilian cyclist Flavia Oliveira, Hungarian wrestler Balazs Kiss, U.S. diver Harrison Jones and U.S. hammer thrower Thomas Freeman. The International Association of Athletics Federations said the decision will impact an estimated 50 track and field athletes hoping to compete in London. "The IOC has a zero tolerance against doping and has shown and continues to show its determination to catch cheats," the committee said in a statement. "We are therefore naturally disappointed since the measure was originally adopted to support the values that underpin the Olympic Movement and to protect the huge majority of athletes who compete fairly. "The rule was in our view an efficient means to advance the fight against doping, and we were somewhat surprised by the judgment since we had taken an advisory opinion from CAS on the rule and been given a positive response." The verdict against the IOC also opens the door for athletes in Britain to challenge a British Olympic Association rule that bans drug offenders for life from the games. Among those affected by the British ban are sprinter Dwain Chambers, a former European 100-meter champion who served a two-year ban in the BALCO scandal, and cyclist David Millar, who also was suspended for two years for use of EPO.





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